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  1. Football Manager General Discussion Forums

    1. Football Manager General Discussion

      This forum is for the discussion of Football Manager on PC and Mac.

      RIP Kriss

    2. FM Console Edition and FM Touch General Discussion

      A forum for all users of Football Manager Console Edition across Playstation/Xbox and Football Manager Touch available on Apple Arcade and Nintendo Switch to come and discuss the game!

    3. Football Manager Mobile General Discussion

      This forum is for the discussion of Football Manager Mobile on Android and iDevices.

  2. Football Manager Technical Help and Bugs Forum

    1. Football Manager 2023 Bug Tracker   (12,124 visits to this link)

      Have an issue on Football Manager 2023 PC/Mac? Take a look in our Bug Tracker to raise it with us or see if it's already been logged.

    2. Football Manager 2023 Console Bug Tracker   (7,080 visits to this link)

      Encountered an issue with Football Manager 2023 Console for Playstation 5 or Xbox? Please visit our Tracker to raise any issues or see if it's something we're already aware of. 

    3. Football Manager 2023 Touch Bug Tracker   (2,348 visits to this link)

      Encountered an issue with Football Manager 2023 Touch for Apple Arcade? Our Tracker allows you to raise issues directly with our team and keeps you informed of anything raised by other players. 

    4. Football Manager 2023 Mobile Bug Tracker   (7,865 visits to this link)

      Have an issue when playing Football Manager Mobile on Android? Please visit our Bug Tracker for more information and the option to raise it directly with our team. 

    5. 8.8k
  3. Football Manager - Help Us Make FM Even Better

    1. Football Manager Feature Requests

      Have an idea to improve a current or add an entirely new feature for a future version of Football Manager, Football Manager Touch or Football Manager Mobile? Suggest or discuss it here. 

    2. Football Manager Research and Scouting

      Want to join our Research and Scouting team? This is the place to do so, with a full list of available roles for various clubs, leagues and countries around the world and details on how to get involved. 

  4. Football Manager Game Help Forums

    1. Tactics, Training & Strategies Discussion

      A section filled with useful hints and tips on how to get the best of out your Football Manager team, be it tactically, with player development or with any other strategic discussion.

    2. Good Player & Team Guide

      Uncovered a rough diamond, think you've found an excellent player, have you built your dream XI, are you looking for some advice on building a successful team or do you need tips on the best players or staff for your team? No matter which it is, this is the place for you.

    3. Editors Hideaway

      Are you creating or looking for an unofficial transfer update, new league, custom league or expansion pack? Are you looking for an in game editor or scout? Do you need help with the official Football Manager Editor or do you simply have a question you're dying to ask? This is the forum for you!

    4. Skinning Hideout

      Do you have an interest in creating skins or customising your Football Manager experience? Have you made a skin that you want to share with the community? Do you have any ideas for the future of the graphical side of Football Manager? The Graphics and Skinning Hideout is your new home.

  5. Football Manager Specific Playing Styles

    1. FM Career Updates

      This forum is for users to let others know how they are getting on in their own games with regular updates throughout their seasons

    2. Challenges, Sign-Ups & Experiments

      This forum is for challenges, sign-ups and experiments.

    3. FM Online Careers and Game Modes

      FM Online Careers and Game Modes is to discuss and organise games within the various Football Manager and Football Manager Touch online modes - Career, Fantasy Draft and Versus.

    4. FM Stories

      FMS - the Internet's oldest and foremost forum for Football Manager fan fiction.

  6. Football Manager Local Language Forums

    1. Football Manager Chinese Language Discussion

      For Football Manager fans who wish to discuss the game in Simplified Chinese. 

    2. Football Manager French Language Discussion

      A forum to discuss Football Manager in French

    3. Football Manager German Language Discussion

      For Football Manager fans who want to discuss the game in German.

    4. Football Manager Korean Language Discussion

      For Football Manager fans who wish to discuss the game in Korean.

  7. Eastside Hockey Manager

    1. General Questions for Eastside Hockey Manager

      Want to discuss Eastside Hockey Manager? This forum is the place to do it.

    2. Eastside Hockey Manager Bugs Forum

      Found a bug or are having an issue with Eastside Hockey Manager? Please raise it here where our support team will get back to you.

    3. Eastside Hockey Manager FAQ and Knowledgebase

      This section contains the FAQ and Knowledgebase posts for Eastside Hockey Manager

  8. The Community

    1. Football Manager Channels, Streams and Community Links

      Got a website, Twitch Stream or YouTube channel dedicated to Football Manager? Perhaps you need some help getting it up and running or gaining followers? This is the place for you to show off and promote your Football Manager webspace.

  9. Non SI/Football Manager Related

    1. Off Topic Forum

      Use this forum to discuss topics that aren't connected to Sports Interactive, or our games. Complete drivel or abuse of the rules is not tolerated. Mods have the final say on what's allowed. Members who enter here do so at their own risk. And remember, Serpico will always be watching.

      RIP Jim.

    2. Football Forum

      Discuss the beautiful game in here

  10. Hall of Fame

    1. Hall of Fame

      A selection of some of the best threads ever!

    2. 667.3k
  11. House Rules and Forum Guidelines

    1. House Rules & Forum Guidelines

      When signing up to our forums you agree to adhere to the forum House Rules and Guidelines. Please read about them in detail within this Read Only Forum.

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