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  1. The 4231 is one of FM's 'trap' systems. Its a trap because you very quickly lose space when its set up as a positive/attacking system. Lots of threads on here that will support that statement. Now I'm not saying you don't play positive/attacking when using it but if you do you must tone down the roles and duties otherwise you can get trapped in against defensive teams and picked off by better sides. You have to be thinking about space with a 4231. Something I don't like in your particular system is the attack role AM and attack role striker. They are not going to get a lot of separation and will easily get nullified by a deep and narrow opponent. Draw those roles apart, have one of them playing aggressively high and attacking and have the other dropping much deeper. Two attacking roles in a 4231 may be enough.
  2. Ok cheers. Couple of things to try either separately or together:- You may need to refrain from lowering your line of engagement You might need your no.10 to positionally operate in the attacking midfield strata
  3. @hawks27 What are your 'out of possession' instructions?
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I'm imagining Dele Ali as the Mez? He'd lap that up.
  5. Below is half season of 2021/22. Wouldn't normally play as Utd although a fan but I had a little go when Mourinho was doing so badly irl and then changed to a Solsjkaer replica tactic shortly into last season and kept it going as I was interested in how it would perform. Last season Pogba scored 19 league goals in 27 games. This season it's Martial's turn, in all games to date he has scored 20 from 29 games, plus 14 assists. Our goal difference (56), above, is made from 68 scored and 12 conceded. In this particular tactic there are no PIs or OIs and I have played with it regardless of home or away etc.
  6. @zlatanera about a season and a half. It won the Champions League. Pogba from Mez got bucket loads, so too Martial from IF and Rashford up top. Lingard from the right the main provider of assists. Put in your own set pieces and it's a pretty strong FM tactic, at least with a big side. Also fairly Solsjkaer style.
  7. p.s. I have used the Solsjkaer tactic I posted above and with Utd it works very well indeed.
  8. In other words something like this (ignore a couple of names in the lineup e.g. Mata not Lingard). Also I'm aware most people prefer a Mez underlapping a Winger but for me it was the roles used in that game.
  9. I think things stylistically are becoming a bit clearer under Ole and it's a sea-change really in comparison to Mourinho's time at the club. One of the more obvious things yesterday against Fulham is that the strikers (Martial, Lukaku & Mata) didn't really track back at all. They let their men go and stayed high up the pitch awaiting for a turnover in possession and a counter attack opportunity. In FM terms that probably all three using an "attack" role. Attack roles as part of a positive/attack system. Clearly under Jose, and I think part of Martial almost sulking or not playing under him, the wide forwards were made to track back and double up defending on the flanks. They were being given support roles in a defensive/counter system. The response in the players to this contrast in style is fascinating just as it is when applying such things to FM. Other things that Utd are doing which fit an Attack Mentality are tempo, speed of transition to attack, risk and looking for chances rather than just holding possession. Fulham submitted to this approach pretty quickly which hasn't happened to Utd a great deal in quite a while. The interesting thing as we all know is to see whether the same approach is viable against the better teams starting with PSG. Fulham match was something like: GK defend WB support x 2 CD defend x 2 Defensive mid defend Box to Box support Mez attack Advanced PM attack Inside Fwd attack Advanced Fwd attack Team Mentality - Attack.
  10. Might be nothing but check your time wasting. See if lowering it helps.
  11. Also there have been a lot of similar beat the parked bus topics started since FM19. Worth a quick search around the forum.
  12. Its hard to comment on a match or a snapshot. I guess it says you have the ball a lot without either creating or finishing chances. I think the role you use, DLF (sup) is a 2nd striker role personally. I'd be more inclined for a complete fwd if you want to play a lone striker on support. You are also bit safe I'd guess in terms of a measured build up from the back on that mentality. Maybe something a bit less safe and more adventurous required for a M'Boro at home. Still say that being a mid table side is difficult as there are times to be attacking and other situations when you need to be more cautious and there are always some teams that are just better no matter what. Its a frustrating time as a FM manager, you get tactic tweak happy and doubt yourself a lot. Probably end up ruining a good approach as your patience runs thin. Get to the end of this season, get the PL money, and try to spend it on some proven talent that actually upgrades the team. Limit 'wonderkid' shopping a little bit. Look to improve 3-5 league places a season at a time.
  13. I think you are doing well. The premier league is hard outside of the big six on this version, and you're....well you're Shrewsbury, 3rd season at that level. I bet if you compare your team to City's, hardly any of your team matches up man for man. Don't be too harsh on yourself. On your tactic. Counter pressing can be quite aggressive and open holes in your set up. I know Herne79 splits his team into pressing groups with use of PI's but I'm not wholly sold on that. Pressing is a collective. You are playing a winger and an inside forward but instructing the team to dribble less. Dribbling is something both roles should do, against City you might need some individual dribbling brilliance to score on the counterattack and not expect to just pass them off the field. You can make arguments for and against what you're doing tactically. However I still bet you don't have the level of players yet. Get into the Europa League, reputation improves and better targets become available. Its just around the corner.
  14. Little upvote from me. Great to see some thinking and strategy. Congrats also on the mentality masterplan.
  15. @faith7777 the main thing that jumps out of me is lack of attacking duties. The RMD can be tricky one to get the most from and he's the only role I can see that's constantly trying to get in behind and finish moves. The rest of the tactic doesn't look too bad. Don't think it needs many tweaks. If you make the centre forward an attack role it may help him pin back the two central defenders and that might help you, good luck.
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