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  1. To the opening post. Defend mentality isn't a switch you just flick, and voila clean sheets. Duties and the individual mentalities they give you in conjunction with the team's mentality is what's key.
  2. Carrilero role is well described I think. They play between attacking midfield and defensive midfield with some lateral movement. Simple to picture.
  3. On top of the above I'm not sure why you've added be more expressive? Maybe another question is why play a 4411 against defensive teams especially if you're a big side? Its not exactly a formation that screams we're coming to get you.
  4. I'd play the striker on a support duty and try to make him more involved in a group of attacking players. As a side note I doubt 'pass into space' will do much for you as you progress. Once teams start defending harder against you, any space you see currently will start to disappear, if it hasn't already.
  5. I think your contributions have been second to none over the last 3 or 4 years. What I have always liked the most is both the way you engage with people and make your posts both generally, plus the messages within, so clear. I can't recall an incident where your tone ever appeared condescending or it seemed as if you were talking in riddles. Well played; hat off to you fella. Carry on as long as you like.
  6. The opening post is excellent. A lot of effort, some great concepts, plenty of detail. I bet you are having a great save @SixPointer as a result of all you've invested.
  7. Its a good point made in the opening and it has been a problem within the game for a few versions now. I don't want to bash FM or SI, it's a great product. I also think you have had some excellent and very helpful replies that are useful whatever the circumstances. But I do think it's okay to say (only every now again) that this is a small problem that I would like to see makers of FM improve a little.
  8. If you sign him you'll probably get a readjusted star rating of 4 stars.
  9. In possession the whole thing just looks too centralised. A no.9 down the middle, two wide forward cutting in, a central midfielder attacking up the middle and you have narrowed your attacking formation. It just seems to me that if the opposition defends a little deep, narrow and compact - a habit the AI often has - then your lack of variety will become a frustration. i realise you have released one full back forward but alone I'm not sure he will be enough. If you change the that midfielder to a playmaker you may prevent both players in the same zones but you are still going to be overly reliant on central play. Thats just my take.
  10. If you literally put arrows on players (like you once could) aren't the right winger and the attacking central mid both headed for the same space? And a question for you, Why have you chosen to attack narrow and defend wide? Plus why have you dropped the line of engagement?
  11. Some solid fundamental contained in the OP. Good to see someone looking closely at mentality impact on individuals. Nice job.
  12. I really like this thread. I prefer topics that look to deepen everyone's understanding of the game and it's mechanics. For example, it has made me think, if space is at a premium when we have the ball - and the opposition is disciplined and shutting us down - it is imperative to react quickly and decisively to exploit that space before the opening is gone. Think of all those threads you've seen about possession, endlessly recycling the ball whilst windows of space open and then disappear.
  13. I might be completely wrong but I don't think you actually want counter-attacking football. I reckon you just want attacking football. Play with an Attack mentality. Sometimes with Man Utd you should just overwhelm teams. On other occasions it will seem more end-to-end like a basketball match. You will get that on Attack mentality. When it does play like that (back and forth) I think you will see the type of football you are after. It will seem like counterattacking. p.s. Please do not play as Man United with a target man unless you are Sam Allardyce in disguise
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