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  1. Robson 07

    Team Shape? - FM19

    No doubt best baton down the hatches lad.
  2. Robson 07

    Team Shape? - FM19

    @herne79, @Rashidi I could maybe open it up especially off the reply above but there has probably been enough Shape talk and no doubt more or similar to come at some point and I get the sense its best to leave it. Thanks for the replies anyway - appreciated.
  3. Robson 07

    Defensive width

    If you were very narrow in defence and very wide in attack would the transition from one to the other be slower than for example, wide to wide? Answering a question with a question really as I don't know if it works that way.
  4. Robson 07

    Team Shape? - FM19

    @herne79 so no variable mentality frameworks (TT&F) etc under the hood? Presumably at least one framework exists? Therefore how are individual player mentalities being distributed? Is it the end of the series for every users even longer term nemesis, 'creative freedom'?
  5. @Experienced Defender I really didn't need to be quoted or corrected. If a tactic is mainly concerned with preventing the opposition’s time in possession, defend higher up the pitch, in an attempt to avoid conceding free kicks in more dangerous areas.
  6. Don't be afraid to tackle harder with an aggressive mentality and high line. More of the fouls you'll commit should be high the pitch, safer fouls if you like, perhaps even tactical fouls. The opposite i.e. a deep line and diving in is just asking for trouble.
  7. Robson 07

    Team Shape? - FM19

    Its always the way fella, just get to grips and then...
  8. Robson 07

    Defensive Football Untenable?

    @MBarbaric btw mate, you've got to be impressed with this dude right? What are the chances this lad was banging in a couple of goals whilst we're having some banter?
  9. Robson 07

    Defensive Football Untenable?

    Hey I'm sure its a good drill for technique and my remark was fairly flippant tbh. I suppose it just looks like the lad in possession isn't actually being delayed much at all. In fact the player in possession looks like he's left-footed to me and is primarily being shown on to his strong foot which is why he's able to travel so well and freely with the ball. Being shown to his strong side may be beneficial to channel play down the line but it open play....look I dunno. Anyway its minor stuff.
  10. Robson 07

    Defensive Football Untenable?

    Am I the only one that has just watched that video and seen the kid on offence move the ball 30 yards forward without a challenge and still be in possession? 10 more seconds and he'll be in the back of the defence's net . Not knocking the lads but as someone that played in defence/midfield it's pretty funny.
  11. Actually a quick question on overloads. First let me refer to the support side that draws the oppo in as the strong side and the more attacking side as the blindside or weak side. In 1 or 2 of the examples people are using exploit the flank to enforce the overload. The exploit side typically being the blindside. However shouldn't exploit the flank be on the strong side to reinforce the misdirection aspect?
  12. Apologies for the resurrection. Just want to say I love this thread. Real gem.
  13. Your post is quite long and that may have held off replies. A lot going on, so fix or build things one at a time for now. Putting congestion and tiredness aside for a moment decide your plan. I've highlighted where you reckon your wide players are great so maybe start there? Are they really wingers or inside forwards? That perhaps decides the next part as to whether you'll play direct down the flanks or a more complex central based strategy. If that's the way your comfortable approaching this, then confirm that plan to the forum, and I'm sure you will get lots of help.
  14. When you make changes do them gradually. Its harder to understand what improved or went wrong if you make wholesale changes. You will also reap the benefits of familiarity more quickly if you build in that manner. Good luck.
  15. Hi @HUNT3R would you mind extending that line of thought out with a more detailed explanation please? Even be so kind as to demonstrate with examples or screenshots to back it up and make it clear? Thanks forward.