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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but... Is there a setting under the hood that can be changed to prevent having a game literally 1 day after another game? For example, managing in the premier league: THURSDAY -----> Europa League Match FRIDAY -------> REST DAY SATURDAY ------> Premier league match Surely there's literally no reason why the Europa League match can't be moved to Wednesday? Or even have the Premier League game pushed to Sunday?
  2. Unfortunately I was using the default set up. I've changed it just now, and I will report back my findings.
  3. Hello, Curious to know, is anyone else experiencing this issue in FM21? I noticed it in FM20 but, I guess it's been a while and I don't remember it being nearly as bad as it appears to be this year. For clarity's sake, here's what I mean... (and I am NOT talking about "long throws") Either the opposition, or my team is awarded a throw in inside the attacking third, say halfway between the box and the midway line. The throw will go short (sometimes slightly longer, but not more than a few yards really), and the defense is just completely oblivious to what's happening, allowing
  4. Hello, Having trouble with opposition scouting reports. They're often times incomplete, and the menus don't seem to go to the right place. Playing in La Liga with Real Sociedad (so it's not like I'm a non-professional team without scouts and etc.) Inbox -----> Wednesday November 24th, 2021 - 3rd item down "Granada Opposition report" When you click on that email, you get the report from the HPA on the right side. When you go to click "full opposition report" (towards the bottom) it just brings you back to your club. There's also no scouting report available
  5. I have to agree with the people here who are disappointed. Everyone knows that the interactions between the manager and his players are structured in a way that provides for one or two ideal choices, whereas the rest will impact negatively. Adding something like body language makes no difference to that. How is it any different than choosing the tone of voice to speak in? It's the same thing.. The same thing applies to the media. You respond a certain way to questions, and the players get pissed off. Respond a different way, or just remain evasive, and you won't be punished. It's n
  6. Sorry I'm getting to this late! The thing to look for when trying to "see" how a tactic functions is what happens during transitions, in particular. That's super important. And obviously, you want to look for things like: who is coming back to help defend? who is making forward runs? who is open for a pass? Etc. But it always comes back to this... how are you trying to play? As for the adjustments I made, I was speaking about my save with Napoli. I used the Perugia example to help illustrate the direction I would go in and how its tied to your team's defensive abilitie
  7. It's true that you CAN over-achieve more easily by being aggressive. But that doesn't mean it's the only way. There's a ton of people who don't play the game that way and do just fine. Well Smokedsalmon... let's do the math shall we? 1 center back with 17 heading 3 center backs with 12 heading 17 + 12 + 12 + 12 = 53 53 total attribute points / 4 total players = 13.25 average heading rating. You're telling me honestly, that isn't representative of your squad? As for players with low ratings banging in long shots, it's true that used
  8. The point of the post is quite literally in the title... The match engine isn't perfect, but to say it's "categorically" tailored towards playing aggressively is just wrong. It's misleading. As for the screen showing average ratings, of course it's helpful. It compares your team's average attribute ratings to those of your domestic league opponents. How is that NOT helpful?
  9. The thing about the 4-2-3-1 is that it's so easy to apply an immense amount of pressure. So, that's why you'll see the AI man city (or any other big club) destroying teams if they use this shape and their manager likes to press high. It's really difficult because there's basically 4 dudes closing down ASAP in your own third, and then two more guys behind them that can break up your passing angles. Add in the 2 wide defenders coming towards you, and it's an onslaught. The best thing to do, IMHO, is to make sure your team is not giving away the ball too easily, and find a way to get
  10. I mean, if your striker is the top scorer in the league, I'd say you're doing great. You can sure up your defending if you change that AML into support (it will help!). Also you could try a role for the Box To Box which doesn't roam, so maybe the carrilero?
  11. I'm not sure - it really depends on what you're trying to do with your tactic. It APPEARS to me you're trying to play an extremely fast-paced possession style. That's going to be difficult to maintain with Brentford. Are you struggling to keep the ball? Is your only issue the AML not scoring?
  12. What I see right away is that your left flank is quite exposed with two attack duties + the box to box left sided center mid. Is it worth it? Are you getting enough contribution from that side to where it's acceptable? Your team report comparison of average attributes is a comparison against the teams in your domestic league. I don't know a whole bunch about Brentford but from the team report image, I can see that your defense is rated poorly compared to the rest of the Championship. You do however have a very quick defense, which can be a distinct advantage. As
  13. Quick Intro Something I've learned over the years from playing FM and reading this forum (as well as the guides from some awesome players like Rashidi + cleon + thehandofgod) is that you need to focus on getting your defending right FIRST. I think it's really easy to fall into a trap of creating a system based on how you want to attack, and assuming that you can defend properly sort of on autopilot. What I mean by that is, not paying enough attention to how your defending style impacts your attack. And it's understandable right? Because thinking of how your team is going to defend isn'
  14. So I'm a bit OCD when it comes to this game, and in life too.. I've read hundreds of articles and threads on FM tactics, (and real life tactics) and watched countless videos. (Much love to Rashidi for his "bustthenet" youtube channel, it's very helpful!) Because of all of that reading and watching, it's easy to develop certain thought patterns, which then are solidified as you play the game. For example, you're starting out with a new save and you're trying to figure out your tactics. You're drawing from past experience, current knowledge, and maybe a bunch of things you've read or hea
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