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  1. I thought the following problem has to do with GFN and asked for support by them, but they adviced me to check from another device if I can get access to my save game. So I have two laptops at home and installed on the second one FM19 and pressed play but getting the same warning that steam is unable to sync .... So the warning is not only in GFN it is on every device I Install FM19 on.
  2. Hi, GFN = GeForceNow Im trying to play my save game for FM19 on GFN , but Im getting a warning when I start FM19 on GFN. I saved my game on the cloud from my local computer. In Steam I can see that my save is stored in the cloud, but when I open the game from GFN Im getting a warning that the save isnt synced. How can I repair this and play the game, because the save is very important for me. Proof:
  3. Can you break down your defensive corner setup pls? I've created my own setup for the attacking based on your approach thanks for that.
  4. I am looking for a tactic that I can use when I'm dominating the game and the opponent get lucky 1-0 ahead. I want to go brute force against them. for example a 4-2-4. A tactic that I can use for the last 15-20 min.
  5. These are the two tactics I'm using for my Galatasaray: Home: Away: These are the setup that are working for me, I invested many years to get the right players to suit my formation. Just a few notes: - you need very fast defenders, because of the high defensive line - the spine of this formation are the two cm , they need great physcial attributes + tackling - my winger on the right has cut inside ppm, so the wingback can overlap him - your wingers need to be fast acc(min 15+) This formation does not work when you have slow wingers , middfielders with bad physical attributes, and slow defenders. Bu taktigi tam haline getirmek icin 5 sene ugrastim. 5i senemde final oynadim kaybettim sampiyonlar liginde ama 6inci ve 7inci sezonda pes pese aldim. turkce konusacaksan ozelden yaz bana.
  6. 4-2-3-1 but different approaches when im playing home or away. Home more direct and agressive approach and away little cautious. Just won Champions League twice in a row.
  7. I'm also managing Galatasaray and in my last season i've only conceded 8 goals in the league:
  8. Here is an example of one of my youth cm player and look at his physical stats: This is how his training looks like, look at the amount of phyicall attributes being trained as a BBM:
  9. For the youth I let my Ass Man creates the schedule, but for individual training I choose the role with the most Physicall Attributes. For example for a potential CM player I train him when he is the age 15-17 as a BBM middfielder, because it has the most physical attributes. - it is important that you have good coaches for u19 squad - max your training and youth facilities
  10. Wow this drop is insane, did the maffia blackmailed him?
  11. Look at my regens, I call them: The Beasts: The Defence: The New Ronaldo or Messi? Striker:
  12. My Schedules are based on physical stats first, Mental aspect grows automatically over the years. The more they play the game, the more they understand. For example like this fella, he became a monster after couple of years. Only thing he do right now is eating strikers for dinner.
  13. Can someone clear my mind and say if Im thinking the good or the wrong way. If I play a defensive mentality against a stronger opponent, is it better to have more players with attack duty? What if I play with attacking mentality , is it better to have most players with support duty. Logic behind this what I think is when you play a defensive mentality with more support players will be not dangerous against a stronger opponent. They will press you agressively so you dont even get the chance to move forward. But when you have more attaking minded players they will maybe have a chance to break the opponent. Or is this incorrect?
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