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  1. Steve Bould is still at Arsenal as a First Team Assistant Head Coach
  2. Just trying one of these myself with Arsenal. Went for 4123 dm. Counter, fluid. No team instructions yet. GK/D RB - FB/S RCB - BPD/D LCB - BPD/D LB - FB/S DM - DLP/D RCM - BBM/S LCM - APM/S AMR - WGR/A AML - RAM/A CF - CF/S Just played 1 friendly against weak oppo. Looks decent so far. Won 3-0. 2 goals from crosses to cf, 1 was an og from an indirect fk. I had 17 shots to their 12. 5 on target to their 3. Defensively only one real chance from opposition. Came from a switch of play then a through ball from their amr behind my rb. The rest of their efforts were shots from outside the box. Concerns are cm's not being aggressive enough in the tackle, rb asleep for their big chance, amr sometimes a bit far forward and my cf taking a few too many long shots. Would like to see a few more through balls into space but its the first game and the oppo played a defensive 343. Will keep you updated on how it goes
  3. I find myself really wanting looping to crack it
  4. Just my opinion but I didnt see anything wrong with that vid. Your defenders tracked back forcing him to shoot harmlessly from distance. I would be more worried that you only had one attacker in the box when your rw crossed and lost the ball. Have you tried using oi to close down their striker?
  5. Looping i remember your last thread. I got a lot of useful info out of it myself. This is what I did, it might be wrong but I found it helped me: Picked 3 shapes, 442, 41221, 4141 Set the first 2 shapes to standard, structured. 3rd was counter structured. No TI or PI at all. I then had about 10 pre season games in total and played 3 games for each system on full match and I watched every bit carefully. Was every player where I want them to be? Where are they on transitions? Are they shooting too often? Etc. I then wrote notes like: 442 - lb crossing poor Cf shoots too often Bwm good, cbs good 41221 Cf not linking with anyone Apm too deep Etc etc. I also tried to visualise how i wanted to play on paper first. After each game i added a TI or PI one or changed a role once at a time to make the changes i wanted and carefully watched if that worked or not. It really helped me see the whole picture
  6. This thread has been a brilliant read from start to finish. Kudos to all the people who helped and its a shame looper gave up as he seemed to be grasping it.
  7. Pr0 when is the next update out please? Thanks for all of your hard work ?
  8. I know its not the right thread but i cant find the relevant one and have asked in the club thread already, apologies. Does anyone have problems selling players? I cant sell players for their value. Walcott and Giroud valued at around 28m but when i try to sell them i only get offers around 14m. I have had the chat and told them i no longer need them and they say they want to go but the offers are still way below their value. Can anyone help with this please? Thx
  9. Anyone have trouble selling players? I have Walcott and Giroud valued circa 28m, best offer i get is around 14m. Any ideas please?
  10. I use Cazorla as a DLP and Ozil as an APM and have them swap positions with each other. Works well for me so far.
  11. I have 100% familiarity on my 3 tactics, what shall I change my match training to now and should I reduce the intensity from 50%? Thanks
  12. Anyone had any luck with Giroud as a Target Man (support)? If not, which role do you give him?
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