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  1. I have given up on this tbf mate 🤣 complete shambles
  2. Still no SI answer to this? This isnt great support...
  3. Playing Newcastle away first game of the full season, Scored 3 times, game finished 1-1. So weird, no mention of goals being disallowed and one of them was a direct free kick too. Just watched the highlights back and it shows me scoring 3 but the game finished 1-1. Tried to check the old match report text to see if they were disallowed but it doesn't look like that function is on FM21. PKM attached. What happened here please? Newcastle v Arsenal.pkm
  4. This drives me mad! I need two to cover and they stand right next to each other instead of spreading out.
  5. Beat Liverpool 2-0 in the Community Shield I cant believe its working!
  6. Does anyone give full rest days? I have been trying to give one every week.
  7. Thank you mate, that is also helpful. My starting squad is as the picture above but need a RCB. 2nd XI is: GK TBC Will have Ryan as 3rd choice I think, Runarsson to the glue factory RB Cedric LB TBC CBR Holding CBL Mari MCR TBC MCL Ceballos AMC Smith-Rowe AMR Pepe AML Nelson CF Lacazette Going to sell Elneny, Chambers and Luiz. Will listen to offers for Laca, Xhaka and Bellerin if the price is right. Forgot to add Saka is being played as IW not IF, not sure if that changes a lot?
  8. Cheers mate, thats very helpful. I used to make 3 different tactics for different situations so I would have a 451 for countering and a 424 for chasing a game, this time I am making tweaks to that 4231 for those situations to get familiarity up quicker.
  9. Cheers. Going to keep Mari, wanted to sell Chambers, Elneny I can sell for nearly 20m so that is a big sell even though he is decent. Will look at mendes ta. Tactic look ok in principle? Thanks
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