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  1. Watching back parts of matches to see why players aren't performing & trying to put together bug reports. Putting in timed examples takes a lot of time, the anaylis helps find the clips you're looking for Is there any possibiity of this being fixed for this edition?
  2. I've not even bothered starting a career yet, I was waiting for the final patch, like I did last season, but I'm trying to put together a bug report, it's a slow process as it is but with things like heat maps & passes recieved being pretty much uselss, it makes it even harder. This is how passes received looks to me, I can't watch anything back I do hope it gets sorted, the geek in me enjoys this stuff
  3. Maybe it's Lenglet's fault!? I've not looked but I bet he's not as good as Pique? Honestly, I'd just try & up the tempo, tempo is just getting the ball up the field quicker which sounds like what you want, the Barca squad should be able to handle it (if they can't, who can?) & try out a FB
  4. I've read bit & bobs about analysis but this is my keeper's heat map: He spent more time on the right wing than he did in the 6 yard box Is any of this stuff safe to trust?
  5. What's the problem again? You're doing well!! Shipping too many goals, counters down the flanks, right? The wingbacks are risky, could always change them to Fullbacks on Support so they're less likely to try & bomb down the flanks on the ball & give you a bit more stability I don't understand the Overlap on the right, not sure that needed tbh, it's going to nerf Messi a bit. If you keep Alba as a Wingback it'll create a natural overlap on the left & you'll have De Jong protecting that side of the pitch Much Lower Tempo & Tika-Taka? I thought Tiki-Taka was f
  6. Interesting thread this, love a good old 4-4-2 How do you find your front two's movement? TM & Poacher is a classic pairing but can be a little static. The TM will drop off the frontline a little but the idea is he gets on the end of the long passes & crosses to supply the poacher or receive the ball to feet, hold off a defender & find the Poacher. If the TM isn't a big, strong guy to win headers & hold off defenders, it'll fail, if the Poacher doesn't have the intelligence to lose a defender, it'll fail You could try a DLF(S) & PF(A) combo. A TM type striker can
  7. Not that I've seen, players on an Attack duty in the AMC/L/R strata will still track back very deep
  8. I'm not sure to be honest, you'd have to have a look through the bug boards to see what's been acknowledged
  9. I just set something similar vs my U-21's where they had no central midfield & 6 players on the flank & still the majority of play went wide. Once I've finished some more testing, I'll probably put in a report. It's improved on last year for sure but it's still no where realistic
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