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  1. Work rate is pretty important but Team Work less so if you're wanting him as a goal getter
  2. Start out using the simple roles, so FB, WB, CD, DM, CM etc Roles are just a tag for a bunch of instructions, so they're not the be all and end all Once you get to know your players and what they are capable of, then start looking to add the more interesting roles
  3. Something like how you've set yours, looks fine that Then AM(S)/ AP(S) and AM(A)/ SS(A) with a AF(A)/ P(A) and a DLF(S)/CF(S)
  4. I like it! You could also try out a 2 AM - 2 STR box formation with the two wingbacks providing the width
  5. I'm not sure how far they go back on Steam, but may be worth checking out a few demos I always like FM17, I think FM15 was pretty decent too. They feel dated going back and playing those games now though
  6. I do love a 4-4-2 and always found out in FM, that simpler is better so be following with interest How did no one mention all the whiskey?
  7. I was thinking more long the lines of a 4-2-2-2 Box or a 4-4-2 Diamond, anything without wide attackers
  8. With a 4-2-3-1 DM, I find in FM that play will naturally go down the wings with the wide attackers and wingbacks. With both your both attackers on attack it will emphasise this I know you don't want to, but changing to a narrow shape can help
  9. Hmmm, try it out and see, I can't see it having any effect on centre backs and goal keepers
  10. Look for high Aggression in your AMC too, you may even need to retrain a natural BWM at AMC
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