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  1. If you think strikers have a rough time, have a look at the screenies I posted last night & you'll understand why, at times it was a whole back 5 marking a single striker leaving the likes of Salah in acres of space & fullbacks were having a field day. 2 or 3 CB's watching a striker & having the full backs engage wide is fine but at the moment it's overkill. Please add any PKMs you can where you see this If & when that gets looked it too, hopefully defences will be less horizontally packed & open things up a little
  2. 3rd time I've reported this now Chelsea v Burnley.pkm Aston Villa v Southampton.pkm Everton v Man City.pkm Man City v Watford.pkm Chelsea v Brighton.pkm Norwich v Aston Villa.pkm West Ham v Man City.pkm Norwich v Burnley.pkm Man City v Norwich.pkm Burnley v Leicester.pkm Tottenham v Aston Villa.pkm
  3. Krafth for Newcastle, the marking's shocking Newcastle v Wolves.pkm
  4. Holebas here, 5 defenders marking one striker. 4 FB goals in 5 Premier league games Watford v Leicester.pkm
  5. Bertrand & Valery in one game, against a back 5 Southampton v Newcastle.pkm
  6. Stevens is the LB in a back 5 here, leaves Pereira to score Sheff Utd v Leicester.pkm
  7. Started a fresh holiday save to see how things pan out You see here, Soton playing a back 5, look at where 4 of the back 5 are, leaving TAA in acres to score Liverpool v Southampton.pkm
  8. Similar experience, I like to run a holiday save just too see how things are going & watch out AI games, I ran the first 10 games of the season & Mane was top-scorer with 7 in 10, top striker was Deeney with 5 in 10 I need to restart it as that was the start of the 20/21 season, when I get my mojo back I'll put in some reports on it (did it last year & already done one for this year)
  9. I'm not finding this at all, playing the Johnny Ace Classic 4-2-3-1 , only 5 games in but Muller as AM(S) has 6 in 5 for me, 3 were left footed long rangers which I thought was odd but I'll take that I'm seeing some nice, slick football on this update but I want to get a fair few more games under my FM belt before I start moaning
  10. Only played 3 games last night, initial impressions were a lot better than before. Still seeing penalties being taken low but only saw a handful, will have a look over the weekend if I get chance & upload PKMs if necessary
  11. If he trips, stumbles, fills his pants then fair enough but it could be shown better. I think that's the reason for a lot of complains around here
  12. If in doubt, hoof it out, you don't stand there with the ball at your feet doing nothing
  13. It's either a) a wonky ME moment or b) the 'keeper cocked up & it was poorly represented in the ME
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