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  1. I'm just trialling it now against a defensive 4-1-4-1, here's the setup They combined well in the 9th minute, Hunt with the ball on the inside, passed to the Mezz, tucked into Zimmer who found the DLF for the goal. 7 defending players were pulled to that right hand side leaving the DLF free
  2. @Experienced Defender can you spare some pearls of wisdom? So far in FM19 I've been using the IWB, the RPM, the SS, the Treq, roles I've never been brave enough to use in past editions & love them, I love watching them & seeing the roles link up with others on the pitch. This is all in a 4-2-3-1 of course Another role I've never really used is the Mezzala, mainly because it's a role I don't fully understand, I've only just this week understood the RPM As you touched on back on page one, only the Mezz(S) can realistically be used, I'm thinking the role would link well with an IF(A), Treq(A), AP(S) (on a flank), with those roles roaming & cutting inside & the Mezzela could pull out wide with an IWB(S) supporting the middle of the park Am I thinking along the right tracks here?
  3. Nope, nope, the FB(A)'s only crossing instruction is to cross more often so he'll look to cross whenever he can, deep or at the byline, a WB(A) has the cross from byline instruction
  4. If you weren't happy with your team's passing, have a look through the player stats & see who were the main culprits, was it one player, a few, the whole team? Pick out any on low pass completion %'s & hawk them. Are they being hassled, being given no time on the ball? Do they have options? Are they being too adventurous? Use the analysis tool, watch any terrible passes from different camera angles to give you different perspectives Go back & watch the Fulham highlights were it did work, compare the player stats to the Spurs game
  5. You did get me thinking of how the AI trains their players, I don't think I've ever noticed an AI managed player developing positions, going from a winger to an inside forward over a couple of seasons for example but I've never really looked That's a bloomin' good point though, would be interesting comparing the starting DB to 20 years into the game future, I don't think I've ever seen a wide player under the age of 20 with 18 for crossing in fact, I would've signed him, so no, I haven't
  6. This where training comes in handy A player coming into the game at 14 isn't the same player at 26 So, take a young full back or winger, see what his potential rating's like & train him for a couple or years as a wingback, if he has the versatility he should be become natural in the position Like, I've just signed a 17 year old 6" 7 centre back, he has double digits already in passing, vision & his mentals so I'm going to try & develop him as a defensive central mid. With his height he should be a beast in the middle of the park in a few years if all goes to plan
  7. I figured with my team, if I ever would go full bore it would be now , I've even dabbled with Very Attacking for short periods I've tried to pull my lines back & reduce the mentality, I played around with lower blocks to see if I could tempt the opposition out & they would never take the bait. I tend to use a Balanced mentality & use an AF(A) if my scout report suspects the opposition are coming out Positive Particularly in this FM, I've taken more interest in mentals, no good having a world class player who's not going to put a shift in I'll go & have a look & see if I can find Westychimp's thread
  8. Some good points @Hootieleece, I'll give the CF(S) another try because I clocked on to that set-up quite late last night. I still have the DLF to try too even though I was really pleased with the PF's output Yeah, I found a few pages back in my main tactic that any sort of spearhead really struggles when coming up against packed boxes so I changed the role & player to a creator/scorer in a Treq(A) & he links up well with the other front 4. So I have two attack duties in my front 4 but I'd class a Trequartista as a half Support, half Attack role so 1 and a half Mentality was my big change last season, I was mainly a Positive kind of guy, started the season really well, then 3 straight draws including a 3-3 away in the group stages of the CL against the cannon fodder. So I was like"drawing them out is no good, do I up the tempo, up the passing directness, up the lines, up the pressing ?" I went with all of the above & upped the mentality & WBIB & we were back to winning ways. If the Trequartista struggles I bring out plan B , another 4-2-3-1 with him in the AMC slot, then I want a plan C for this season which includes a Shadow Striker
  9. Wouldn't a RPM(A) be something!? I had a mess about last night for a few hours, in my test save & main save & the most success I got from the SS(A) was the CF(S) setup, with a few changes Basically, in my mad scientist type way I observed the following: he needs lots of support & any other Attack duty in the top-4 would take his shine away (they still score) IF's(S) supply him more often than a W(S) can (I use WBIB into box so figure they're too wide to find him) Playmakers pick up passes the SS(A) could use to drive forward central runners ruin his jive including the IWB(A) I ended up with: PF(S) IF(S) SS(A) IF(S) CM(S) CM(D) FB(S) CD(D) BPD(D) FB(A) SK(S) Team Instructions Attacking Play out of defense Work ball into box Counter-Press More urgent Long throws Player Instructions CM(S): Take more Risks SS(A): Shoot more It looks an odd setup to me, it looks toothless but the IF's & PF will score when given the chance, the SS(A) is involved but his primary job seems to be linking up the midfield & attack with scoring secondary hence I added Shoot more but the main reason is the guy's I want to use for the role have better Long Shot ratings than Finishing so I want them pinging shots from the edge of the box I'll have another tinker tonight, trying a DLF(S) & (A) then push on with my season
  10. I use one up front but it's in a 4-2-3-1 he gets a fair few assists but scores a load more but no reason it wouldn't work in 4-1-2-3. An IF(A) & a midfielder that Get's Further Forward centrally can benefit off him & help him out He'll need to be an exceptional player & as @yellowforever says, closing down & tracking back isn't his thing but the more Work Rate he has, the better
  11. An attack option in your top 3 might help. either the IF on the right, the DLF or even both
  12. I'm struggling to get a 4-2-3-1 functioning as I imagine with a Shadow Striker I tried a set-up in a game last night with SS(A) & DLF(S) & neither of them had a shot at goal, we scored 3 with all 3 of them coming from central midfield (CM(D) & RPM(S) ), so back to the drawing board So I look into the Shadow Striker role, he's got a bit of creativity about him with his risky passes, he presses, he runs with the ball, moves into channels & gets further forward, quite an exciting role Now, the striker role, the options seem to be a DLF(S), a guy who can hold the ball up & play a through ball to the SS. A CF(S) who can hold the ball up, can also drop deep or drift wide to supply the SS, a PF(S) seems to be an option, he'll stay central, also press the backline & holds the ball up for more simple passes to the SS Then the SS(A) needs options to supply, so an IF(A) would make sense but then the IF(A) might be moving into the box around the same time as the SS(A) Then the midfield two, plenty of options here to try & get the SS(A) on the ball, RPM(S), DLP(S), AP(S) or a good old CM(S) or a fellow runner from deep with a BBM(A), or maybe a supply from wide is another option Jotted on my notepad, I have: PF(S) W(A) SS(A) IF(S) RPM(S) CM(D) IWB(S) DC(D) BPD(D) FB(A) DLF(S) W(A) SS(A) APM(S) BBM(S) DLP(D) FB(S) BPB(D) CD(D) IWB(A) CF(S) IF(A) SS(A) APM(S) DLP(S) CM(D) FB(S) CD(D) BPD(D) IWB(A) or something like... T(A) W(S) SS(A) IF(A) CM(D) CM(S) IWB(A) DC(D) BPD(D) FB(S) I've got pre-season coming up so I'll give them a try & see what I think unless anyone wants to chip in & offer some alternative options
  13. I always go for the 3rd or 4th but what @Snorks says is spot on, Dribble Less is another good one, makes a winger think for a second rather than run into that fullback & lose the ball
  14. I might do, it just depends when it comes out, I've still got a season & half until the Johnny Ace stadium opens so if FM20 drops this Friday (it won't) I'd have to hold off
  15. Tweaks I'd go with would be: IF to IF(A) then monitor the PF (A), they should be okay but you don't want them attacking the same space Change to AP(A) to a BBM(S) or CM(A), you've two playmakers in the middle of the park. Another option would be to change the DLP(D) to a DM(D) & have the AP on (A) Change to FB to (A) or use it as an in game option then you could remove the overlaps as you'd have a natural overlap on the right & bring a bit of unpredictability to your team
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