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  1. No worries @Jemal Wiseman but as you can see from the screenies, in most cases they're high, wide unmarked
  2. Yeah, I feel for you Tiger, I'm doing no more either, just to gather a few PKMs, watching clips, rewatching clips, doing timestamps & a write up can take up to two hours of free time, I'm done I holidayed up to the new year with the Premier league in full detail yesterday, just looking at the player statistics, league table & watching goals from games & it just breaks the immersion for me. I did see some slick football & great goals but that accounted for about 5% of the goals being scored I'm just hoping we get one final patch
  3. That looks so much better I've never been their, I wasn't aware of the facilities around the actual stadium, I just thought that was cool looking screenie
  4. Would be fantastic for an updated version, still use the old guide for reference
  5. Goals from open play so far this season: Man City 78% Liverpool 59% Leicester 63% Chelsea 66% Man U 61% I've no idea how that compares to FM
  6. I looked a couple of months back with the stats from Whoscored & Man City were scoring 70% of their league goals from open play
  7. Yes, crosses were a big source of my goals, cross to the CF or opposite flank to slot home, or cross gets headed out to the AMC who scores from long range. Then that game were my CD scored 4 headers from corners
  8. I've not had a huge amount of time to play to be honest, have played about half a dozen games of my main save & watched a load of AI game highlights, I did see central play & all of that, my striker got 5 in 6 plus missed a penalty, funnily enough my AMC got 6 in 6 with a least half of those being long range rockets on his weaker foot I need to find a couple of hours to see how throw-ins are working, for the life of me I could never get my striker to not come short for them when taken up the pitch
  9. I hadn't noticed the over reliance of set-pieces for goals but I did find it odd beating a team 6-0 with Niklas Sule scoring 4 of them
  10. If you think strikers have a rough time, have a look at the screenies I posted last night & you'll understand why, at times it was a whole back 5 marking a single striker leaving the likes of Salah in acres of space & fullbacks were having a field day. 2 or 3 CB's watching a striker & having the full backs engage wide is fine but at the moment it's overkill. Please add any PKMs you can where you see this If & when that gets looked it too, hopefully defences will be less horizontally packed & open things up a little
  11. 3rd time I've reported this now Chelsea v Burnley.pkm Aston Villa v Southampton.pkm Everton v Man City.pkm Man City v Watford.pkm Chelsea v Brighton.pkm Norwich v Aston Villa.pkm West Ham v Man City.pkm Norwich v Burnley.pkm Man City v Norwich.pkm Burnley v Leicester.pkm Tottenham v Aston Villa.pkm
  12. Krafth for Newcastle, the marking's shocking Newcastle v Wolves.pkm
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