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  1. Bundesliga, Bayern Munich, scored 4 of my 7 goals in 3 games from just outside the area. It just struck me a little as a CM who'd scored twice in 2 seasons got 3 in 2 games. I'll get some game time over the weekend so I'll keep it monitored
  2. I've scored a fair few screamers from midfield so far but I've only played 2 full games, 12 minutes into my 3rd & I'm 4-0 up with two 20 yard strikes from my CMs
  3. I think the others are for top goal scorer & top assists, you can hover the cursor over them
  4. Looks a decent setup to me but we could really do with at least the squad list to have a look at at least. Do you have the players to fit the roles? Does your backline have the qualities to hold a high line? etc
  5. Have him at Bayern, £15 mill release clause is a snip, had a great first season for me
  6. On the topic of lack of movement from strikers, I played a couple of games last night with a strikerless 4-1-2-3 , with Thomas Muller as a Shadow Striker, he got 5 goals in those 2 goals
  7. Just noticed, in your penalty taker list, there's a tick box at the bottom to prevent a player on 2 goals taking a pen for his hattrick
  8. What exactly does the PPM "tries to play their way out of trouble" actually mean? I know what it is in RL footy but no idea how it translates to the ME or how I'd even notice it
  9. Yep OP, I do little TI changes rather than the whole team mentality shift. Changing mentalities changes a lot of things so if I'm doing well & want to keep a little, I'll slow it down, pass shorter or ask the team to dribble less
  10. You might wanna ditch the WB's, they ain't gonna Sarri-Ball, they're going to be picking up the ball & looking to run with it & cross
  11. I always thought that this was when the players waved their arms about just before a booking, it doesn't say anything in commentary though
  12. Just thought you might want to have a look at this: Save uploaded: Bayern Bakayoko Johnny Ace As the manager of Bayern Munich, I loaned Tiemoue Bakayako in the 2020/21 season from Chelsea, he had a decent enough season with me so come the end of the season, I made an enquiry to Chelsea for how much they wanted for him, they told me £72 million so I dropped it as his in game value was £36 million, this was 1/7/2020 A week later he signs for PSG for £36 million, 8/7/2020. On the 09/08/2020, PSG transfer list him because they don't believe he's good enough for them The save I've uploaded is a backup save with an ingame date of 08/08/2020
  13. Ah, okay, I didn't know that, I'll go & have a look for the thread, I only have a save for after these events though so I can't replicate the Traore chat. I can't remember the first chat option I selected but the second set of answers, there were about 8 to choose & none of them where assuring toward him Actually, I'll check the auto save & see where it saved
  14. No complaining but I had a couple of funny ones last night I had Bakayoko on loan from Chelsea for the season, signed him as a squad player & he proved pretty useful. He was worth 42M, come the end of the season so I ask Chelsea what they want for him, they want 72 mill so I left it. A week later, he goes to PSG for 36 mill who immediately decide he's not good enough for them & list him 87 mill I lost Comon to Real, the Real players talked him up for 6 months & he wanted to go so I sold him for 77 mill. I needed a replacement as he was key out on the right wing so brought in Ousmane Dembele from Man City for 144 Mill. Bertrand Troare comes to be moaning about the signing, feeling he's being pushed out. I ended up annoying him because none of the answers I could give him would explain the situation. They were all, you must play better, you must score more, you must improve in training to stay ahead of him in the team. All I wanted to say was "He's not here to replace you, you both are going to play completely different roles & are both important players"
  15. Predicted top of the league & Cautious mentality don't seem to mix well, if other teams are playing similar mentalities, it'll be a struggle I'd maybe look to swap around the CM roles too, IF will look to be running into the same area as what the BBM will look to run into, you 'd open things up a little by having the RPM on the same side of the IF . Then on the other side of your midfield, you'd have the BBM running centrally with the Winger on the flank
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