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  1. I'm keen to see what the AMC role's like in FM21, I find it pretty frustrating to watch in FM20 Just playing a friendly & I'm 9-0 up, so the opposition are pretty poor, just keeping my eye of the front four The IF(S) has scored 5, the striker 2, the W(S) 1 & the AM(S) has one, a penalty & an assist because he's the corner taker He's not the best, there are some fantastic AMC's in this save but I'm not paying £100 million plus for one because I don't have that sort of cash There are two things that frustrate me watching him: 1) The amount of times I see him
  2. Change the IF(A) to Support, if you want him supplying your striker. Maybe work ball into box with his weak Jumping Reach
  3. You finished 3rd in the league playing with that tactic? I'm impressed The other posts pretty much have you covered An attacking duty in the CM slot should be 4-2-3-1 footballing suicide, I'm surprised you didn't have trouble shipping goals
  4. Are you winning though? Personally I couldn't give a rats ass about possession, FM doesn't work like how it does in real life & defensive teams like to chain passes between the GK & back-line which wracks up the possession counter whilst they do nothing with the ball If you want to counter that, get more bodies forward. 4-3-3's bottom's heavy Is that a 4-4-2 diamond?
  5. Your front 3 set up looks sound to me I'd keep the Advanced playmaker & change the DM DLP to something simple like a DM(D) then I'd simplify the CM DLP into just a CM(S) FB & Wingback both to Support The Cover duty on Laporte, I'd just change to Defend AF(A) W(A) IF(S) AP(S) CM(S) DM(D) FB(S) CD(D) CD(D) WB(S) SK(S) Just something simple
  6. It's overkill pal 3 playmakers in the middle of the park, why? All 3 attract the ball & play risky passes A BPD behind them also playing risky passes then an Inside Forward playing risky passes with the TI of play more risky passes on top Two attack duties down the left flank with an AP offering no cover for them 2 out of the 3 midfield roles are static High lines & prevent GK distribution to clog up play nicely Wingback on Defend on the right hand side with Silva cutting in so there's barely any right wing coverage To be honest, it looks like you
  7. Playing the older FMs you do miss the newer features & appreciate them more
  8. IF(A) & AF(A) isn't a great combo, IF(A) & Mezz(A) isn't a great combo BPD & DLP has two players in close proximately playing risky passes FB(A) is bit risky Distribute to CBs & FBs isn't needed with Play out of defence
  9. You're the white team wanting to get the ball off the team in red? Move your DMC into MC or AMC, move your lines up, press more urgently, man mark the playmaker?
  10. You've two decent numbers 10's there, you could use either as an Attacking Midfielder (S) With Yann, you could ask him to run on the ball more often with his acceleration, dribbling, balance & agility & play risky passes with his passing , vision & anticipation With George you could ask to play risky passes & shoot more often, his long shots & technique are great Both have PPIs that will cover some of those but with your Poacher being fairly stationery you could ask both to roam from position or move into channels. Both have good finishing & composure so
  11. The flanks are sorted then Who do you have playing the treq? Can you post up a pic of his profile if possible? The AM(S) is a great role with it's options, the only thing it's missing is the playmaker in-game "note" to focus play toward that player IMO
  12. Ah, fair play I'd missed the flank combos, like ED just said, I prefer a WB on the flank of the IF & a FB on the flank of the Winger. The Fullback will sit behind the winger, he'll support & cover. The wingback will look to support on the flank when the IF has cut inside, then I have the CM(D) on that side to cover for the WB going forward I might do a write up on here of my favorite FM20 4-2-3-1, to keep the 4-2-3-1 ball rolling, it's incredibly simple & effective
  13. I like it @isignedupfornorealreason, role wise, it's pretty similar to what I'm using in a long-term save What mentality are you using? Positive or Attacking at a guess The number 10 is tricky, I've complained about it plenty but you will pretty much need a Cantona there if you want him to shine. You really need high level mentals (Anticipation, Decisions, Vision, Composure, Off-the-ball, Flair, Technique) as well as everything else you want for role. Having two DMs on him most games won't help his performance but at least he's be occupying them & allowing your other players sp
  14. If you're not making that much money in the Championship, make it from players sales, scout the free agents under 21, get them in on trial & sign any with decent potential on long contracts. If any club comes in for one of your first teamers, negotiate an extra 25% on top With how well you've done, you should have some stroke with the board so push for a stadium expansion, it's will most likely lead to a loan on your balance sheet but over the long-term it's worth it Premiership money is insane, first season in the Premiership we made about £70 million but that was most
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