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  1. Beta is open to more players than the Alpha, so if things seem buggy as a Beta player, please do report them on the tracker as now is the time before full release because I imagine the players on full release will thinking the same about the beta players
  2. It'll be worth noting some periods of prime Barca type play, reporting it & uploading the pkm for SI to have a look at
  3. Not sure how you mean, the WCB can't be used in a flat back 4. But yeah, they work all the same with or without FBs/WBs
  4. Probably best off with an AP(S) if you want them to be a primary playmaker, if you want them to be a bit more mobile on the ball an IW with Take more risks is a good pick too
  5. You might be best off posting this in the database thread for the Championship
  6. Not sure if it'll be "fixed" for this FM because it's historical but it's being looked into
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