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  1. I've just ordered me FM18 to see me through to the next beta update. I'm enjoying my Bayern save in 19 but I'm thinking it'll be a whole load better with the next lot of ME changes. Just from messing around in the demo, I can already see more or what I expect
  2. That's the thing, through ball assists weren't previously an issue, like you've shown. As I said earlier, in 19.2 for my last 50 league games, I've had 5 goals assisted by through balls & conceded 1
  3. It's going to take patience but I do hope the issues are smoothed out Don't forget the deep AMC's too
  4. Where pal? Had a quick look & couldn't see any? Were they on ME 19.2?
  5. These through ball goals stats being posted, are they on the current patch? In the last 50 league games, I've scored 5 & conceded 1 via through balls, this was in the beta & now the current ME On the last ME I could score a fair few with the ball over the top
  6. Johnny Ace

    Update 19.2.0 question

    The database hasn't changed
  7. Where's that from? They made 700 in the Man U game & 640 in the Chelsea game? Seems an awfully low average
  8. Johnny Ace

    Re-Group Option

    Sounds right to me @edhdurham, Counter Press with a deep line would be the risky option & Regroup would be the safe option
  9. Ditto, I love a DLP(D) in the DM slot, when you're camped in your opponent's box he's an awesome deep option, when he receives the ball defenders rush out to close him down & he can ping a ball into the space
  10. I'd have a read of the Pairs & Combinations guide, it's something I've gone back to time & time again when something isn't working. It's from FM15 but still holds up today, it's not a set in stone guide but it's a good starting point
  11. Yes you do!! Has already caught me snoozing a couple of times
  12. This, for every penalty you get, it tells you who's taking it in the top left corner & you can click it to change the taker
  13. Post up a pkm then @kingking in the bugs board, with timed examples. The more we submit, the more SI have to work with & look at