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  1. Looks good, I'd just switch the two CM roles CM(D) on the left to cover the the left FB(A) & the BBM(S) on the right so he can get forward inside the right W(A) & not get in the way of the IF(S) & has the more conservative FB on his side of the pitch
  2. It's really not though, that's the point, it's the low risk option, players will take less risk on the ball. It's all the TI's it affects that have you playing in your own half
  3. They honestly need to ditch the terms for mentality & just label it risk, very low risk to very high risk & everything in between Going Cautious doesn't mean your team will park the bus & become impenetrable the same going Very attacking doesn't mean you'll go & score 3 in the final 10 minutes of a game, TI's & roles are way more important In fact, I'd sod it all off together & let us choose the exact TIs & player mentalities we want than have mentalities
  4. Absolutely!! One thing I noticed with FB's in FM20 was they were all sub 6 foot, I'm not long enough into an FM21 save to notice but I guess it's not changed much so your 6"1 striker will have a field day I'm not even sure if the AI retrain their players, I've never noticed, I'm sure they do be maybe not enough
  5. Very good post @WelshMourinho! On the above, I completely agree!! It's something I've picked up on in bug reports 1) the lazer guided passes out wide, then 2) Useless to average in the air wide players being able to beat defenders in the air to score. It happens in real life, it's acceptable, sure, it's just too frequent of a way of scoring in the ME. For example,I ran a season with Barca & I've never seen Messi score so many headed goals. It been like it a while now On the regens positions, I think the idea is to retrain the players young to play a more suitable position, like I'm
  6. Now I am confused In my doss about save, watching the full match, we've scored twice & won a couple of corners, my FOA shows nothing. Spurs win a corner & their FOA registers for winning a corner on the right? The Spurs FOA graphic is showing down the left too? ETA: Ah okay, with a bit of searching, this is a bug , that doesn't help things
  7. After this talk of XG yesterday, I've just conceded to a 0XG chance, wasn't quite as comical as an oggy but wasn't far off
  8. Cheers @herne79 I've just checked the Focus of Attacks from the games last night & it's pretty obvious, a good swing of 5-10% of the focus, that's pretty cool
  9. I'll try something later on @Crazy_Ivan. Teams will generally attack from the flanks more than the centre in a given tactic that's not what I'm getting at, I could post a dozen examples of where we've attacked down the flanks without any use of focus, I want to see if they attack more using the focus down a certain area of the pitch than without it. I want to see how it affects the player's decisions on the pitch, because so far it doesn't. I know the tactic, the oppos' tactic, which way the wind's blowing etc will affect it ETA: I'm not rebutting you either, I'm genuinely interested i
  10. There's an in game mechanic for playing out from the back, it does something in the ME, your defenders & midfield line up to play out from the back, defenders hoofing the ball & what not doesn't mean playing out from the back does nothing You can overload a flank just fine through roles (like I've now mentioned 3 times) absolutely fine, been able to do that in game for years, possibly decades. If you play 3 playmakers in the middle of the park with inside forwards you'd expect plenty of play in the middle of the pitch, absolutely etc But what I'm saying is using the focus, does
  11. I'm not on about overloads, if players are supposed to gravitate to a certain area of the pitch with the Focus Play, their average positions on the ball would show that surely? I'd expect more than 10 seconds of play over a game else it's pointless, unless I'm expecting too much? Do you know exactly what the Focus of Attacks map is showing you? I don't exactly, I think it's from the direction of the ball into the box & as far as I can tell it includes corners & freekicks so that skews it I'll have a look from those games later on but I really doubt there'll be any significan
  12. Yeah, Rashidi says in one of videos, I've already mentioned it, I don't find what he said to be the case at all, focusing on the centre doesn't bring players closer to the centre of the pitch or look for central options more. Looks at the average positions above
  13. They do in a way though, you can select any other TI & see what it actually does on the pitch. You can play a Playmaker with an overlapping fullback on the right & have an attacking role wide left, whether you ask you team to focus down the right or not, they'll focus down the right. If you tick focus down the left, the playmaker sees no less of the ball, that's what I'm trying to get at
  14. Yeah @Crazy_Ivanoverloads are awesome as said earlier in the thread with overlaps & playmakers, idea of the thread is to see what the TI, Focus Play actually does & no one's come up with an actual explanation yet All I've found is it makes zero difference to a tactic
  15. Excellent!! Don't let me put you off, it's just what I've found playing the game Can you post up a screenie of your striker? If he's fast he should excel in a counter system
  16. I've just played the same game 4 times, bland tactic, no PPMs on the players to see if I could tell what Focus play did. At times I thought I could, maybe once or twice a game but that could've just been how the match played out. I didn't see the players move any differently, I didn't see the focus of play gravitate to a certain area & the affect of runs wasn't any different Here's the average position on the ball of all the players, I played the same 11 for the whole 90 in each game I won't say which is which, just see if anyone can tell any difference because I ca
  17. Dual IWs can work just, I wouldn't have them both on attack, in your 4-3-3 you could try the left hand one on Support or even both. An AF can struggle in that system too as he has the potential to get cut off from the rest of the team In the 4-2-3-1 he's the only player out of the top 4 on support, you could easily have both wide players on Support Dual wingers on attack in a flat 4 will support better than if they're in the AML/R strata Can't say I've dabbled on Cautious too much except for in possession systems but with the higher mentalities I'll use the Counter & th
  18. Ignoring the TI's you're not making your AF the main goal scoring threat with your roles Cautious most definitely doesn't = Counter attack either
  19. Yeah, they were playing for the draw in the second half, you were getting balls in behind them in the first & they just stopped that after a they had a guy sent off
  20. @dolph11I had a look pal, you were hard done by Your man, Pawel, had 3 cracking chances, 2 at 0.30 & one at 0.21 because I think the defender was hassling him Then Bruk had pretty much the same, a 0.30, 0.29 & 0.21 chances, they weren't put through into space like yours but they were shots in the box, in space all the same You're right on the second half too, it was a snooze fest
  21. Good one @zabylI might do the same & start a save try it out later on, see if I can see anything for myself
  22. Alright mate, sound thanks, I'll have a watch later & see if anything's wonky
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