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  1. Are you still looking to play possession football? To be fair, there's not a lot wrong with that, as a tactic, maybe I'd want more of a spearhead striker, one that's going to force the backline back & be a focal point for the team rather than deep dropping & look to hold the ball up type. Like, I can't see who he's going to be looking for? The CM A maybe but who else?
  2. Wasn't sure where to post this but this seems the best place I was pottering around with my striker's role last night & found there wasn't really a role I wanted to play, either an instruction was hard-coded or unselectable for the role Other "generic" roles on the pitch are quite customisable to tweak as you wish but I was really struggling. The best I could come up with was either an Advanced Forward, where I couldn't add the instructions I wanted or a Complete Forward where I couldn't remove the instructions I didn't want An generic Number 9 role would be handy where you can select the instructions as you wish
  3. I evolved mine over the preseason & with the Bayern board not wanting to ditch possession football, it's turned into this I mainly ditched the wing back for one less runner of the ball & the use of a play maker to reserve for when needed First game of the season & they gave Dusseldorf a pumping, 3 goals from corners but 4 great in play goals Wouter Berger was an important preseason signing as all off my centre mids were creative, runners or both. I needed the water carrier & that was him at £22 mill, 27 years old & just got his first Holland call-up. Kokou Sibabi-Djobo is vital to the team, he came through in my first youth intake & I've had to fend off Barca & Man City to keep him .He's just won best player in Europe & is such a threat out there on the right hand side
  4. If you're really tearing your hair out with this game, I'd recommend giving the Guide to FM website a read https://www.guidetofm.com/ particularly the FM 2019 guides Even reading the FM 18 guides are interesting but they're very in-depth & the FM 19 guides just simplify it all a bit You're not going to create the perfect tactic with it, but get a pen & paper out or just punch it into excel & it'll help you put a base tactic together & it even suggests some player roles for what system you want to play. Watch the games in as much detail as you can & have a look at what's working, what's not, is X player up to the job, are you leaving space where you don't want to, are you creating space, are you making the most of it, do PPMs detract a player from his role etc It really helped me see the shortcomings of my tactics & give me a different perspective when creating tactics
  5. Cheers pal, just felt a little odd to me, it's not a combo you see used very often, but I really wasn't happy with my previous pairing. I don't like playing more than one playmaker & the BBM was leaving me light down the right hand side
  6. Quick question based on the 4-2-3-1, would a CM-D & CM-S combo in midfield be sufficient? They have an AP-S in front on them so I don't want to use another playmaker role in centre midfield. It just feels too simplistic to me managing the best team in Europe, it feels like a combination I'd use in the lower leagues. I mean, it's logical with the rest of my team & I wasn't comfortable with my usual DLP-D, BBM-S pairing
  7. Does anyone know what the "Play out of defense" instruction actually effects? I know it'll reduce the backline's passing length but I'm thinking it wether or not it'll reduce width & tempo too. Visually, I think it does but would like to know for sure
  8. That's the one fella, thank you very much
  9. I think I'm nearly there, I just need the last bit of guidance I've followed your posts, found the "tactics icon basic horizontal info panel", extracted it with the Resource Archiver to somewhere out of the way, opened it with Notepad, deleted "rodu" & saved it. Then this is part I'm not 100% on, where to put the file I found it in C:/ Program Files (x86)/ Steam/ steam apps/ common/ Football Manager 2019/ data/ game First I tried just putting it in the game folder, that didn't work, so I created a panels folder inside the game folder & moved it there, that didn't work either I've done something wrong somewhere, I'm just not sure where I only use the default Football Manager skin for the record
  10. Libero (A) is the most offensive DC role, I don't know how involved he'd get with a Very Attacking team mentality but that's probably the most offensive you'll get The only logical FM way would be to throw him upfront as an extra striker with a TM(S) role
  11. Probably a stupid question that's been answered plenty of time before but..... How do PPMs, TI's & PI's work together? Do they stack? Like is a player with a runs with the ball PPM, dribble more PI & TI, going to be running with the ball at every given chance? or is in a priority order? Like PPM > PI > TI? or just something completely different?
  12. McBurnie: Off the ball rating: 2 No, seriously, lets have a look at him
  13. Something I meant to mention the other day, nothing major, just seemed a little out of the norm Pre-season 2027/28 & Liverpool have a testimonial for Mane for 11 years service & invite two of my players to play being ex-Liverpool Cool I thought, I couldn't watch the match as I had a game the same day but I checked the post match screen. Neither of my players made the bench, Mane didn't either & Liverpool just put out a bunch of kids & lost. Seems Liverpool played it as a low priority rather than a tribute to a solid servant of the club
  14. Not sure I can add much here, but I'm into season 9 with Bayern I started off with a 4-2-3-1 like you want but switched to a 4-1-2-2-1 (or 4-1-2-3 if you like) after half a season, the James loan ends after the first season so it was an easy switch I persisted with Muller as a RMD, as he's the ultimate in that role & the role really interested me but I could never get the best of him, though he did have a random season storming it with 20 goals. I retrained him as a DLP in his later years & he's retired since. Playing Coman out on the left as W(S) & Muller out on the right as RMD(A) is the way to go, duel "Inside Forwards" (the RMD cuts inside) with an AM I found just causes huge central congestion , a supportive winger out wide really helps with the crossing to the far post for the RMD
  15. Bundesliga, Bayern Munich, scored 4 of my 7 goals in 3 games from just outside the area. It just struck me a little as a CM who'd scored twice in 2 seasons got 3 in 2 games. I'll get some game time over the weekend so I'll keep it monitored
  16. I've scored a fair few screamers from midfield so far but I've only played 2 full games, 12 minutes into my 3rd & I'm 4-0 up with two 20 yard strikes from my CMs
  17. I think the others are for top goal scorer & top assists, you can hover the cursor over them
  18. Looks a decent setup to me but we could really do with at least the squad list to have a look at at least. Do you have the players to fit the roles? Does your backline have the qualities to hold a high line? etc
  19. Have him at Bayern, £15 mill release clause is a snip, had a great first season for me
  20. On the topic of lack of movement from strikers, I played a couple of games last night with a strikerless 4-1-2-3 , with Thomas Muller as a Shadow Striker, he got 5 goals in those 2 goals
  21. Just noticed, in your penalty taker list, there's a tick box at the bottom to prevent a player on 2 goals taking a pen for his hattrick
  22. What exactly does the PPM "tries to play their way out of trouble" actually mean? I know what it is in RL footy but no idea how it translates to the ME or how I'd even notice it
  23. Yep OP, I do little TI changes rather than the whole team mentality shift. Changing mentalities changes a lot of things so if I'm doing well & want to keep a little, I'll slow it down, pass shorter or ask the team to dribble less
  24. You might wanna ditch the WB's, they ain't gonna Sarri-Ball, they're going to be picking up the ball & looking to run with it & cross
  25. I always thought that this was when the players waved their arms about just before a booking, it doesn't say anything in commentary though
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