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  1. I was reading here and there in the forum ... And in my various tests, I have drawn conclusions, I don't know if completely correct. Assuming that I am mentally bound to the fact that when I want to create a tactic, I also want to create alternatives in the other 2 slots, with different instructions so that in the game if I change some instructions, the team would not be affected. Well, let's get to the point. In the tests done I have compiled which team instructions affect tactical familiarity if you tap / click. Here is the list of "clicks" that affect familiarity: M
  2. i am trying to reproduce an atalanta / leipzig style of play. So pressing high on the field (I have all 3 central defenders on marking - BPD,CB,BPD, they work very well and I did not believe) but once I regained the ball I did not want to push directly forward, also because I already have high lines and therefore I would already be in the opposing half of the field . So the style reproduced is a high pressing and a fairly patient attack, but not too much tiki taka style (I use offensive mentality). Regarding the roles in midfield, is it indifferent on which side to play them? @
  3. HI guys... I've a question, i play with 5-2-1-2, with AM on support behind two strikers; DLP-su and BWM-su in middle of the pitch. For you, it's better the combo TM-att and P-att or DLF-att with P-att? i know that depends of my type of players, but, in general which are your preferences? And in the middle, the DLP is better on the right (the side of Poacher) and BWM on the left (side of TM or DLF)?? or is not important? thaks for your considerations
  4. thanks for the replies. I would say that you went very specific, pointing out the skils in specific situations!
  5. Guys! Is it right to have this follow attributes to make a DNA Club for high pressing-high intensity (similar to Gasperini with Atalanta style): Technical: for me, no attributes are fondamental for this style Mental: Aggress, Bravery, Determination, Anticipation, Team work, work rate Physical: Natural fitness, Stamina, Acceleration Is there any fondamentals attributes to make this DNA? This is my TI:
  6. Sorry you're right, even Bielsa has a well-defined tactical style but uses different formations ... I think I orient myself towards this choice: tactic 1: ok the usual one tactic 2: with 4 defenders, so as to face formations against only 1 attacker tactic 3: sit lower to restart quickly
  7. Thanks for the reply... I am exactly undecided whether to maintain the tactical core (it is very similar to LIpsia now that you make me think about the style I use: offensive and intense pressing) and modify only LOE and DL or whether to model, keeping the tactical style as mentioned before but change formation and also LOE and DL ... Example: If I created a 4-2M-2-2 it could be used with low LOE and DL for counterattacks and play on the flanks with cross Or A 4-2-3-1 with very high LOE and DL but with a balanced or prudent mentality so as not to blanch too much and try t
  8. è possibile ... dici che crea un rischio di giocatori infelici allora? excellent intervention! Thanks Jack! In these 3 years I have built the team with certain player values and based on this style of play (atalanta: high pressing, intense, playing wide, etc.) So the best solution would be to adopt 3 different formations ... What do you say if I do this: Tactic 1: the basic tactic used for 3 years (5-2-1-2 high pressure and high LOE and the basic team instructions of the positive / offensive minded style) tactic 2: 5-3 (midfield in line) -2 (high bloo
  9. great question! maybe it definitely helps me in the final choice! If, as in my case, I have structured a team with high physical and mental values, at the expense of technical values, it comes to think that you have to use the same tactical style, or I should find other 4/5 players who would be used for the other styles tactics possibly to be added ... correct?
  10. Good evening guys, I am in my 3rd year in Serie A TIM with SPAL, taken at the start of the save when he was in Serie B and hours between the top 10-12 of the championship. I'm happy with what I see on the pitch, atalanta style, high pressure, defenders who mark and play high, speed on transitions and domination of the game. But I wanted to evolve my game. I have always used only one tactical slot, where I use a 5-2-1-2 WB Offensive; I wanted to create 2 more tactics to insert into the slots and already have different tactics schedules so that I could be ready to change duri
  11. I already watch season 1 and 2... i think that is better than “all or nothing- Man City or all or nothing - Tottenham”... beatiuful series...!! And your answers is very very nice🙃
  12. Guys!! i need your help.. i want to start a new career, but i don’t know who... Sunderland have a new owner, no debit and beautiful structures (Corporate Facilities: Good; Training Facilities: Superb; Youth Facilities: Excellent; Youth Level: 1) Nottm Forest have a big squad, i think that is possible to try to get promoted at the first season in Premier League, but have some debit, and the structures are not like that Sunderland. can you advise me which career to start? perhaps with reasons pleeeeeese thanksssss
  13. @Experienced Defenderafter 2 month, this is the situaztion.. not bad results.. ok.. but!! we create a lot of chances, gol chances.. but often we shot in the middle of crowd, often we have a 55/58% of possession and 10/15 shots total and 6/8 on target.. but so much often we waste the gol chances.. like 0-0 witch Atalanta or Napoli.. i try to change mentality (reduce), i try to change the duty of offensive roole, i try to play more wide and more slow.. try to open the defensive line of the opponent.. but... i'm not happy for the rapport xG - Gol... Any suggestions?
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