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  2. What is the average age of your squad? - morale issues and having issues turning it around is generally a LOT worse with a very young squad. If this is the case then I find having an older head in there helps at times (especially if you make them captain). With regards to the keeper, long-balls are fine so long as you win them in midfield/attack (as you're finding out) ... but if they come straight back at you then it's basically just giving the opposition posession, for this I used mixed or short distribution generally. Long-shots - they're the bane of everyone, both in the game and irl imho .. some shots you just don't stop.
  3. I'd be surprised if its always 94 points exactly required ... but the requirements are quite harsh in real-life these are the points totals from the winners for the last few seasons: 2015-16 Leicester City 81 2016-17 Chelsea 93 2017-18 Manchester City 100 2018-19 Manchester City 98 So the only season where substantially less than that was needed was the 'freak' season when Leicester won .. PS - The fewest points to ever win the Premiership was 1996/7 Man Utd with 75 points, I'd expect high 80's at least to be required most seasons. If you're interested in real-life, the points totals for second placed teams can be found here - https://talksport.com/football/73920/top-10-premier-league-runners-clubs-won-plenty-points-not-title-160508194963/
  4. Touch isn't harder or easier - it's slightly different but as in real-life you'll find each season is different ... sometimes you'll find other teams pace you, another season you might end up well clear and on some occasions you'll feel you did enough to lift the title only for another large club to pip you to it. Football is unpredictable ..
  5. I've further tuned this for this the 2022 release, to give people an idea of how things work though ... Each player has a unique 'peak' age after which they will potentially begin declining - the peak age is determined by position (goalies last longer than strikers for instance), professionalism (more professional players will play longer), natural fitness (naturally fit players will play longer) ... Once this age is passed they will generally decline slightly over time HOWEVER this decline is a LOT slower if they remain active, if someone isn't playing for instance then their physical attributes will generally drop down, however if they are playing regularly then they'll drop far slower and probably only down to 14-15 rather than lower unless they're REALLY old. What often happens is that people drop a player and leave him to rot on the bench, then over the course of a season or two he'll end up losing his edge ... that same player if he'd kept playing may well have played on for a season or two extra at a competitive level.
  6. Last week
  7. Out of interest - those of you who are struggling would you mind telling me which teams and style of play you're using ... also by all means send me save games so I can look at how you're playing.
  8. Thanks for the spot on Hadzibegic, I will review it for the next iteration of FM. FYI, we never contact players/clubs directly to get infos for FM and you shouldn't. I can't find info for a second nationality for Healey, I believe it was just a mistake done for this cycle as he didn't have it previously, which now would be fixed in the next FM. I appreciate you want helping, but as an advice best I tell you not to contact a player directly. Regards
  9. Hello @vourtsio, Indeed, they are definitely different teams. We don't support level 8 research, mainly because it's 5 levels under the lowest playable division in FM, and our time/ team size is limited. It would require too much work for something that is not manageable (regarding the number of teams in those divisions/ how unlikely it would be to have infos/ how often clubs turn to extinct or merge.). In the db, level 7 is not represented either, we added the structure of level 6 2 years ago, but we won't go further I'm afraid. I hope the feeddback would help. Contact the creator of this update please, so he can fix that issue. Regards
  10. 很抱歉这么晚才回复。 有关你的两条问题,我在下面回复一下: 1. 请问这种情况只出现在某一个球员身上吗?我们需要在其球员的训练分数,突然降到7分以下前的存档,这样我们才能帮你检查一下减低分数的原因。有存档的话,那就请您把存档上传至SI云并告诉我存档的名称。 2. 球员在受伤后可能需要一段时间才能百分百恢复原本的状态,你可能可以尝试降低他的训练强度,慢慢给他调整一下他的状态。 谢谢。
  11. I responded and explained my response so saying we are ignoring or dismissing these posts is neither true nor fair. I'll repeat what I said and try and add an extra layer of explanation. - We do have code in the game which will not, unless in essential circumstances, allow the scheduling of games with just a one day gap. If there are examples of fixtures being scheduled at the beginning of a season with just a one day gap, this is a bug and we will be very grateful of reports of this so we can make alterations. This is why we have this section of the forums. - Obviously in game, and also in multiple examples in real life, if, due to teams unexpectedly reaching the latter stages of cup competitions, or previous fixture postponements, there will be occasions where there is a fixture pile up towards the end of a season which nothing can be done about due to lack of available space for the fixtures to happen. - This is even more of a problem in game than in real life - as in real life it is far easier to respond to unique or unprecedented situations. But even in real life we have seen examples in the English Premier League in recent seasons of Man City, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, Man Utd and probably others all being forced to play two fixtures in three days due to there being no sensible way to reschedule the fixtures. This is unfortunate, and I believe in every case the manager was upset by the situation, but it was an unavoidable situation and they had to deal with it. I'm sorry you are upset by the situation and I hope this goes some way to explaining? As I say above, if anyone experiences in FM22 initial scheduling at the beginning of the season where there are fixtures with just a one day gap, then please report this and we will look into it. If you experience fixture pile up as the season goes on due to success in cup competitions and/or fixture postponements, then we are doing our best to mitigate these situations, but there will unfortunately be situations in game where there is fixture congestion. This is inevitable in certain cases and also happens in real life.
  12. I could be wrong - it's possible that it's allowed to be disabled after being enabled now (if so then it's something that Rich snuck in without me noticing - I'll have to check), however if that is the case then the AI may take a while to 'adjust' to it because of how the shortlisting is done in the game (ie. it's likely that during the current season its enabled that the other clubs won't be quite as aggressive at transfers as they could be).
  13. A blog from Miles looking at some of the challenges and changes in working practices we've seen for FM22:
  14. 大概去年这时候,当我在写一篇关于Sports Interactive和《足球经理》是如何受到新冠疫情影响的博客的时候,我本以为这一切很快就会过去。但一年后的今天,新冠疫情依然在全球肆虐。尽管在科学技术的帮助下,我们有了可以拯救生命、可以让人们更好地对抗病毒的疫苗,但全球各地的病例数依然居高不下,因此这一切还远没有过去。 引用我过去18个月中多次提到过的一句话“做游戏很难,在疫情之下做游戏更难。”这也是为什么那么多我们等了很久的游戏还是会跳票,因为那些开发人员不得不和同事分开工作,同时还要面对许多因为新工作场景和个人情况而导致的积极和负面的生产效率问题 尽管我们希望大部分团队成员可以在今年回到工作室参与到主要的开发周期中去,但实际上他们的健康和安全才是头等大事。虽然英国的某些行业已经强制要求重返工作岗位,但我们认为这不是一个正确的选择,因此没有强制员工回到工作室。同时,我们的招聘工作也在继续进行,SI团队现在已经拥有超过230名员工了,并且也有了一个全新的、更大的办公室(可以登录https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emfaz_oVvII浏览)。但是出于健康和安全考虑,我们目前依然把每天到岗员工上限设为22人,主要针对那些实在无法在家办公的同事。 即便未来在英国,我们会回归“正常”的生活节奏,但很多事情不会再回到疫情之前的模样。尽管我们已经适应了员工远程办公的情况,有10%的全职员工在伦敦以外(甚至有一些不在英国国内)参与工作室工作,但我们团队的一项调查显示如果工作室恢复正常,只有少部分员工选择一周五天在办公室工作。大部分员工选择一周在办公室2-3天,即使员工越来越多,依然有相当大的比例在大半部分时间里会在家办公——我们在这方面的灵活度(工作室一直都是灵活工作制)也让我们可以招聘到来自全球各地的人才。 回看过去的这段日子,《足球经理2021》的发售对SI的许多人来说十分困难。我们曾经踌躇满志可以在计划日期的几周内发布这款游戏,一些团队成员也因此给了自己极大的压力。但后来我们不得已做出的一些决策打乱了这一准备。尽管我们也尽了最大的努力投入额外的资源,但依然不足以解决某些关键层面的问题。 这也给工作室在如何开发游戏上带来了许多改变来确保类似的问题不再发生,无论我们是否在工作室工作。这些改变意味着《足球经理2022》相比《足球经理2021》(2020年11月末)会稍稍提前发售,但依然比我理想中的10月末发售日期晚了几周(说实话,之所以说是我理想中的发售日期,是因为我希望可以在11月初庆祝生日,而不是被工作压力压得喘不过气。) 在《足球经理2020》开发的后半段以及《足球经理2021》的整个开发过程中,我们与一个单独的开发部门进行了合作,而不是我们以往一位工程师和一位美术负责某一功能的开发模式。尽管这对我们来说一个进步,但是我部署的相关开发流程并没有起到很好的效果,并且给所有涉及到的人员带来了更多的压力。于是我们开始研究有哪些地方可以改进,最终对我们的游戏开发流程带来了巨大的变动。 在过去大概20年的时间里,我们所采用的是一种“瀑布”式开发流程,不同的团队成员在项目一开始会有许多任务要完成(有几年这份列表会到开发流程中期才确定)。而在《足球经理2022》上,项目中比较大块的部分开始用“敏捷”开发来进行。 这一新流程意味着我们现在开始采用被称作“特性舱”(Feature pods)的开发方式。“特性舱”会把负责某个功能的工程师和美术放在一起,然后会有一位策划团队的成员加入作为“拥有者”(一般会来自产品团队)来负责组织。这个舱的工作随后会被分解成每周的节点,持续接受审核。 在这一过程中,策划/设计需要比之前的周期更加完整。每年,我们的团队都会开发许许多多的特性,因此我们需要扩大策划部门的规模:《足球经理2021》有一位职责是“策划/设计师”的成员,而现在已经有了三位(还有两位即将在后面的几周加入,并且还有几位在面试。) 尽管新冠疫情仍在肆虐,但是得益于产品和设计团队在落实新流程方面的大力支持以及开发团队对新事物的开放态度,这一新流程比以往都更加有效了。我们很高兴能提早并且以更高的质量达成里程碑。当然,在特性舱流程之外,随着我们不断在每次游戏迭代中开发新特性、完善已有特性以及添加游戏体验改进,还会有一些比较小的独立功能。 和所有公司一样,新冠疫情也对我们造成了直接的影响,有些团队成员和他们的家人感染了新冠,甚至有些成员因此失去了朋友和家人。不仅如此,这场全球疫情也对我们造成了精神压力。所有的这些情况都需要在制定规划时考虑进来。因此,整个团队为了确保游戏顺利上市,投入了巨大的精力和努力 – 更不用说多个项目在多个平台上的第二次全面发售。 能和这样一支不可思议的团队一起工作,努力为那么多玩家提供一个现实以外的世界,我感到非常骄傲和自豪。我对每一位团队成员付出的努力表示感谢,希望各位也是如此。 在《足球经理》和SI之外,新冠疫情还在持续影响着足球世界。全世界依然有球员被感染,导致他们无法上场(有些球员很长一段时间内无法踢球)并且在某些地区,隔离也是一个因素。尽管很高兴看到观众们开始回归大部分联赛,但依然没有达到疫情前的水平 —— 无论是因为法律法规还是在某些情况下,观众本身还没有做好回归的准备。 就像我们在当前的转会窗口看到的那样,大部分俱乐部的经济状况都遭到了打击,导致了一些在正常情况下不会发生的转会和签约。我很高兴我们在《足球经理2021》中预见到了这些情况,并且我们也加入了一些改动来确保游戏中的转会系统相对于现实世界的经济状况是足够灵活的,但我们还是遇到了一些意想不到的问题。 因此,我们在《足球经理2022》的转会系统中加入了更多的改动,来确保尽可能的准确。许多的俱乐部在游戏开始的时候,预算会相对更少甚至需要卖球员(就像现实世界中一样)。剩下的俱乐部则需要绞尽脑汁削减规模和工资。 但有一件事是不会变的——我们的游戏必须是玩家脱离现实世界的途径。因此再说明一下,我们在游戏里不会加入新冠疫情。球员不会因为新冠疫情错过比赛、球员不会在假期结束后被隔离,并且在游戏里也绝对不会出现因为部分球员没有遵守当地的隔离规定而导致卫生官员来到球场取消整场友谊赛。 游戏里的赛场会像疫情前那样塞满观众,并且俱乐部的经济状况会逐渐恢复正常——并且就像去年各位投票的那样,游戏里可以正常握手。 另外,我们还将继续为全球范围内选定的心理健康慈善机构提供免费广告(远超《足球经理2021》中的1亿规模)。任何有需要的玩家只需要轻轻一点即可得到帮助。 尽管这场疫情不会在短时间内结束,但在《足球经理2022》里,疫情早已过去。只是请不要期待在游戏中会看到俱乐部在第一年就有充裕的转会预算,因为我们希望游戏中的经济状况尽量和现实生活接近…… 感谢各位。 Miles
  15. A blog giving an FM22 development update from Studio Director, Miles Jacobson. At about this time last year, when I sat down to write a blog about how Sports Interactive and Football Manager were affected by the Covid pandemic, I thought that was going to be a ‘one-off’. But here we are, one year later and Covid is still dominating the global conversation. Thanks to the wonders of science we do have vaccines, which are saving lives and making it easier for people to fight the virus, but there are still far too many cases around the world and it most certainly hasn’t gone away. To reuse a line I’ve used a lot over the last 18 months… making games is hard, but making games during a pandemic is harder. This is why so many games that we are all waiting to play are still delayed as people try to adjust to working separately from their colleagues, while simultaneously dealing with the multiple productivity issues (both positive and negative) that have arisen from the new way of working and people’s individual circumstances. While we had hoped that the majority of our team would be back in the studio for much of this year’s game cycle, the reality is that their health and safety has been our priority. While some UK businesses are mandating a return to their offices, we have not enforced this as we believe it to be the wrong thing to do. We have also continued hiring, to the point where the SI team now numbers more than 230, and we have a nice new and much larger office (which you can see for yourself at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emfaz_oVvII). However, for health and safety reasons, we currently only have capacity in the studio for 22 people per day, with priority going to those who struggle to work from home. Even if we get to a stage in the UK where life returns to ‘normal’, things are not going to be the same as they were before the pandemic. We’re used to having people working offsite as a studio, typically having 10% of our full-time team working from outside of London (and some from outside the UK entirely), but our team surveys tell us that only a small minority plan on being in the office five days a week once we do decide to reopen. The majority plan to be in two or three days a week, but even with our increased size, a higher percentage will be working from home for the majority of their time – and our flexibility with this (we have always had flexible working in the studio) has led to us being able to add some fantastic members to the team from many countries and regions. Looking back, getting FM21 out of the door was painful for many of us at SI. We were so determined to release within a couple of weeks of our originally planned date that some of our team put too much pressure on themselves. That was confounded by some format decisions which had to be made late in the day. And despite our best efforts with bringing in extra resource, it still wasn’t enough in some key areas. So that has led to a lot of changes to how we make games at the studio to ensure that those problems don’t arise again, whether we’re back in the office or not. Those changes mean that we will release FM22 slightly earlier than FM21 (which was quite late in November), but still a couple of weeks later than my ideal end of October release date (which, to be frank, is only ideal because at some point I want to be able to celebrate my birthday in early November rather than it being a time when I’m getting stressed about work). During the latter stages of FM20 and for the whole of FM21 we worked with a separate design department, rather than our previous model where each engineer and artist working on a feature would be responsible for its design. While this was a step forward, the production processes that I put in place around it weren’t working well, and just caused more stress for those of us that were involved. So we looked into ways where we could improve, and ended up making major changes to how we make games. For the last 20 years or so we used a version of the ‘waterfall’ production practise, where different team members had lots of tasks to work on at the start of the project (or, in some years, the list was only finalised halfway through the cycle). With FM22, we’ve switched to large chunks of the project being worked on in an ‘agile’ format. This new process means we now make use of what are known as ‘feature pods’. Feature pods involve grouping the engineers and artists that will be working on a specific feature with someone from the design team and an ‘owner’ (normally from the production team) who acts as the organiser. This team’s work is then split into weekly ‘sprints’ which are continuously reviewed. For this to work, the designs have to be more fully formed than they have been in previous cycles. With the team working on so many features each year, we have had to increase the size of our design department; for FM21 there was one person with ‘designer’ in their job title while there are now three (with two more due to join in the coming weeks and further interviews in progress). This new process is working much better than previously, despite the fact that the pandemic is still raging, and big props to the production and design teams for putting the new processes in place, and for the dev team to their openness to trying something new. It’s been great to see us hitting our milestones earlier… and with better quality. There are some smaller, individual features that live outside of the feature pod process too, as we continue to aim to deliver as new features, improve existing features and introduce ‘quality of life’ improvements with each iteration of the game. We have, as all companies have, been hit directly by Covid, with some team members and their families catching Covid and some even losing friends and family to the virus. We’ve all also suffered from the mental strains that a global pandemic brings. That has all had to be taken into account in the schedule too. It’s been a huge effort by the whole team to be in a position to deliver a game at all in these circumstances – let alone a second full release of multiple titles, on multiple platforms. I’m proud to work with such an incredible team who are so determined to provide an escape from the real world to so many of you. I thank each and every member of the team for their work. And hope you do too. Outside of FM and SI, Covid also continues to cause issues in the world of football. The virus is still hitting players around the world, making them unavailable to play (some for long periods) and isolation is still a factor in some territories. Crowds are back in most leagues, which is great to see, but we’re still far from capacity – either because of regulations or, in some cases, because fans don’t feel ready to go back to being part of a crowd. As we’ve seen in the current transfer window, finances of the majority of clubs have been decimated by the circumstances, which has led to some deals which simply wouldn’t have happened under normal circumstances. I’m very happy with the way we predicted much of this with FM21 and the changes we made to ensure that the transfer system in game was more flexible according to the amount of money available in the real world, but some of it even caught us by surprise. As a result, we’ve made more changes to the transfer system in FM22 to try and make that area as accurate as possible. Many more clubs than normal will start the game with much smaller budgets available or still being in the position of having to try to sell players (as they still find themselves in real life). Others will be struggling to reduce their squad sizes and wage bills. But one thing that won’t change – our games MUST be an escape from the real world. So, once again, we will NOT have Covid in the game. Players will not miss matches because of Covid, players will not need to isolate when returning from holiday and, no, we will not have health officials coming onto the pitch to call off friendlies because some players haven’t followed the local isolation rules. Crowds will fill stadiums to pre-pandemic levels and club finances will, over time, return to normal – and handshakes are still there too, as you voted for last year. We will also continue to serve free adverts for selected mental health charities around the world (well over 100m of these were served in FM21) so that people who need help can get it from one button click. So the pandemic may not be going away any time soon. But in FM22, it’s as over as it can be. Just don’t expect big transfer budgets year one, as we’re aiming to have the financial start point in game as close as we can to real life… Cheers Miles
  16. If you've got a save just before the point of the player signing the contract we'll be able to to take a look. Details on how to upload the save here and remember to come back and let us know the file name - https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/538431-how-to-upload-files-to-us/ Thanks.
  17. Previously injuries in game was around 80% of real life figures - this was partly due to the fact the balance of the types of injuries wasn't as accurate as we'd like and partly due to player feedback. So for instance you'd have close to the right number of injuries, just the balance in how severe they were could mean you'd suffer more long-term injuries, which gave the impressions injuries were too high. Now the overall balance is much more in line with real life in terms of the types of injuries seen in game, but we do tend to find people still commonly raise them as a problem (be it too many or too few). Part of the reason why the Medical Centre went in was so people could better manage their players and know when they were being pushed to breaking point. Reality is that sometimes you'll do everything right and get unlucky and sometimes get everything wrong and be lucky. It's just about managing it in such a way that it gives you the best possible chance.
  18. As mentioned via PM - this isn't a minor change and would require code changes and QA, as such I'll look into it during the update phase as currently we're all loaded up and trying to get things ready for this years release.
  19. Just specifically on this point - if you have a save game example of where this is happening please do upload the save game to us and let us know the file name so we can investigate further. Details on how to upload a save to us here - https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/538431-how-to-upload-files-to-us/ The reputation system is quite complex. Realistically in-game a manager should always be able to get a job, but yes, if they've done extremely poorly that pool should be very limited and only the very weakest teams playable in game. Saying that, if the manager starts the game with an very high reputation (so all the coaching badges and ex-international for instance) even after a poor experience at a club, they will still be able to get higher profile roles. Thanks.
  20. Once disabled the transfer windows can't later be enabled - this is simply because the Ai once adjusted would freak out if you enabled it again. (while reasonably clever the AI was programmed by a limited human ... ie. me)
  21. Thanks for that. Can confirm it's an issue that's logged within our system and is being reviewed. There aren't any plans for any future updates for FM21, but will be looked at for future FMs. If we can provide any feedback on what exactly is going on in-game for your specific save we'll try to do so as well.
  22. Thanks for this - can you confirm which club you're managing in the save? We get a few 'last save overwrite backup.fm' files uploaded, so just want to be 100% sure which one yours is. Cheers.
  23. Earlier
  24. If you have a save game prior to you making a request where nothing happens (so the option is available) upload it and let us know the file name so the team can investigate further. Details on how to upload here - https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/538431-how-to-upload-files-to-us/ Thanks.
  25. Miles said previously that the number of people purchasing the game for Linux didn't even cover the QA costs. let alone any additional development costs, so as said above as things stand it's unlikely at least for the foreseeable.
  26. If should be for the entire game - however their ability and the style of the opposition players role might affect their behavior (as might their own role). For instance to give one example - you have a No-Nonsense DC set to man-mark Ronaldo, your mentality is defensive and you're playing long-ball style with low pressing. The opposition sensibly is playing counter attacking and trying to suck your team forward so they can hit them on the break quickly. Their Striker is set as a deep-lying-forward and so drops back into midfield trying to lure your defender with him, unfortunately for him while your defender follows man-marking somewhat, he won't do it 100% of the time because he's sensible enough to not want to leave a huge hole in the back 4 ... he's not perfect and they are exploiting your setup because he will wander up the pitch somewhat with the opposition striker ... but he won't just wander off and leave a massive hole (in a similar manner the players will compensate for other issues, so if you have a DC sent off and leave him unreplaced, the other defenders will try and cover the hole not just look at it and shrug ... you'll still be weaker because of the flaw (in a similar manner to how I described with the defender marking) ... but the players are professionals, they won't leave you absolutely hung out to dry.
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