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  1. Yesterday
  2. May be related, we'll have to check it out. Again appreciate you raising it here.
  3. Quite often in real-life you'll hear about recovering Premiership players getting a run-out in the U23/Reserve team as they get back to fitness - these matches aren't as competitive and its easier to assess a players fitness in such situations than throwing them back into the first team. (sadly as in real-life, sometimes players do break down from an old injury during recovery) PS - We're looking into the protection issue.
  4. Thanks for this extra info, our QA team are investigating
  5. He is set as Player/Manager (u23 team) and has a secondary job as coach (first team) which seems to cover all the areas you mentioned. However, that secondary job does not appear to be in game - that must be a bug as it is set in the data. There must be a bug relating to a secondary job for someone with a player/non-player first job. It's been logged, though that will (of course) be for next year. He was also rated (by Current Ability) as Grimsby's 22nd-best player, so it's not as if he is rated as essential and someone that must be selected. That all said, it is probably 5 CA points too
  6. Last week
  7. As Michael has said above, it's not something we've been able to reproduce internally, which means we're not in a position to investigate it any further. As he's asked, are you able to provide any additional information that may help us reproduce, such as the club you are currently managing, in game date, how many Tactic pre-sets you have, is the Assistant Manager the original AM or a new appointment, Is this in a regular or online career. As much of that as possible would enable us to try and narrow down the cause of this. Thanks.
  8. Join the board will prevent your sacking (both from national and club jobs) - there is another unlockable which will allow you to select a national team to manage at the start of the game during setup (but within the game you'll have to apply for jobs I'm afraid). PS - The 'start at national team' purchasable can also be unlocked through gameplay (as with most of our iAP).
  9. If you're watching using the 'enhanced' 2d match then it should be possible - if its using the OME then it won't be as visible I'm afraid (it is operating but because the OME maps onto a 2d it doesn't display it as well).
  10. Would be good if you provided the save game just in case it's something specific to that. Details on how to upload here - https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/538431-how-to-upload-files-to-us/ Thanks.
  11. Thanks for these, I've passed them onto our QA team who will investigate. If we need anything further or have any info we'll let you know.
  12. "Contextual Action" refers to shortcuts you can make during the game, e.g. "Y" to Finalise A Deal or "X" to Walk Away during contract negotiations. We do appreciate and take on board the feedback you're making regarding this, and I'm sorry that the changes from previous versions have upset you. It's something we'll need to rework (or look at moving the information from the Context Menu into a more prominent place) for any potential future versions.
  13. This would be a more global fix, we will think about it
  14. 我相信大家在《FM》都见证过很多次一个射门属性只有10的前锋在每一个赛季都能打进无数进球的情况。我们也无法得知其中的奥妙。 抢断属性11的后卫每一次都能在91分钟从你的前锋脚下做出关键拦截,并意味着你无法打进致胜一球。 到底为什么呢?这与运气和状态有关吗?更重要的是,如果我们阵容中有这种能够常常做到‘超常发挥’的球员,那我们该如何在挑选首发阵容时识别他们,并让我们的比赛阵容得到最好的发挥呢? 今天,FM Stag专程来《Byline》为大家介绍一下,在《FM21》中,如何运用属性之外的信息,让大家对自己的队伍有最好的了解。 仔细观察 首先,就等我们研究一下有关相对低的射门属性但高产前锋的案例。我们需要知道一个进球关乎了许多种因素,而成为一名优质前锋的因素就更多。 剧透:射门能力仅是其中一个因素而已。 在FM21中,当你点击一个球员,你可以借助《FM》来帮助你高亮显示球员位置与你的战术的关键属性。你可以在 "属性 "界面上通过点击右上角的球员位置下拉框,或者在“资料”界面上通过点击中间靠左的“高亮”下拉框,来实现这一点。 以沃特福德(Watford)的安德里·格雷(Andre Gray)为例。假设你想在你的沃特
  15. Earlier
  16. A managers contract in terms of the game wouldn't add that much to the gameplay in my opinion which is why I've never put it into FMM, simply put you WANT to be at the club you're at - that is why you chose to manage them in the game. If you had to negotiate a contract with a wage then it would have a negligible effect on the game as the clubs budget manager wage separately to their player salaries and whenever I play FM PC I simply negotiate my salary down and maximize its length so that I don't have the hassle of having to do it again for a while. If we ever add in a lifestyle elem
  17. You can already improve the youth prospects coming into your team by upgrading your youth facilities. In addition to this you can influence the style of players coming through by the type of coaches you sign - if you have attacking coaches you'll get more attacking youth prospects etc. PS - Scouting for youth prospects is something I'll consider moving forward. The problem is that in most countries a club can't 'legally' tie a player down to a contract before a certain age (and in many countries influencing them to join a junior team is prohibited if they don't live within a certain
  18. Hi @MCES Imuhan No problem, just send us your save file and we will remove this coach for you. If you could reply to this thread with the name of the save too. Thanks
  19. Sorry, missed this at the time. This is a gameplay issue, but I think it is already known about.
  20. I have noted it down to get the Scotland head researcher to provide us with full information as to how we should be determining teams for the Scottish Cup before the next edition of FM.
  21. This is not an issue for this forum. This would be a transfers & contracts issue.
  22. We can't give time frames I'm afraid. Once we have logged it in the system (which includes determining the relative priority, which in this case hopefully you can appreciate is low, all things considered) there isn't much more we can do.
  23. Challenge your friends to an online game across Epic, Steam and Xbox Game Pass with in-game achievements and leaderboards cross-synced between platforms too. The latest FM21 update on Epic and Steam is to maintain cross-play compatibility across PC platforms. For more information on the differences between our titles, dive into our Compare Games page.
  24. There are no plans for any further updates for FM21, but as stated elsewhere, all threads and posts on these bugs forums are checked and will be used to help us plan for future versions. Thanks.
  25. These won't appear in FM21 due to the game start date unless I have misunderstood what you mean.
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