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  2. Hi @dcu223 Thanks for raising the issue, have you tried swapping the host to see if the issue is still happening? Did this only start happening after the 10th season and all previous seasons were fine? If that is the case can you send us your save so we can have a look at this? If you could also reply to this thread with the name of the save too. Thanks
  3. Hi @Mägge With the player limit being over this could cause issues for either the host or client hence why there is a recommendation message saying the limit. Could you try a new save under the limit to see if this issue is still happening for the client or if the issue happens for the host? Also are all the graphic drivers updated on the clients machine? Thanks
  4. Hi @Andymufc1991 On gamepass have you enabled crossplay? To do this you need to open the xbox app, click on settings, click on manage privacy settings, your browser will open and then you need to log in with your account. once logged in click Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Safety and it's the first option in the list. Set this to allow then try your online game again. Thanks
  5. As said it's an issue the development team are aware of and investigating. Newgens will still be coming through in game, however will be primarily based in active nations, so the leagues you've loaded at the start of the game.
  6. Olá, você vê o editor no menu de opções ao configurar um novo jogo? Hello, do you see the editor on the options menu when setting up a new game?
  7. 球员潜力(Potental Ability)不会提升的。在某些稀罕情况下,如果球员受重伤,他们的潜力会降低。
  8. Sorry, but this is an irrelevant rant that isn't for a league specific forum or even bug specific area of the forum. Yes of course there are some situations with fixture congestion in rare situations - much rarer than "99% of users" as you say - where there has to be multiple fixtures played in a short space of time in FM. We've seen that this week in real life with Man Utd. What I meant was, in situations where there isn't an essential need to squeeze fixtures in, the game won't allow situations of two games in two or three days, the code will attempt to move the fixtures. There wou
  9. Can you let me know which device you're using to run the game and which store you purchased it through please.
  10. Hi - the games use the same source database, but how that data is interpreted and shown differs slightly between the different game engines. FMT/Full-Fat FM use the same game engine largely which is why the values look the same. Football Manager Mobile collates some stats for display due to lack of screen space, so Pace as shown is actually a combination of Pace and Acceleration in the background for instance (same with some other stats). The player values in FMM differ from FM because its an entirely different game engine and aim of the valuations shown. The values in FMM are g
  11. National teams only - ok, have added it to my list of things to 'sneak into the game' when I have 5 minutes ...
  12. To elaborate on Alari's answer - a 45 minute match would be unsatisfying from a users perspective because you'd have a huge increase in the number of low scoring games, ie. 0-0, 0-1 and this would make things frustrating to the user. If you want to play through seasons more quickly then I would suggest turning details down and the game speed up - if you play commentary only on very fast then you can whizz through matches really quickly.
  13. They don't really (at least in the major leagues) - simple as that. This kind of feature would be far more appropriate if we created a 'player management' game where you were the player - in something like that I could see you purchasing items and bling to show off with and attract advertisers etc. .... within a standard 'football manager' product I think there are a lot more features which have more visible/vital effects that can be implemented before we start thinking about this sort of thing tbh.
  14. If you have a save game that shows the issue would you be able to upload the save game to our cloud service. Cheers, Ben
  15. Thanks for the feedback. If you have a save game from just before the offer from Madrid came in then would you be able to upload the save game to our cloud service.
  16. As an English club you are only able to offer a contract to an English based player when they are in the final month of their contract. Was Christie in the final month of his contract when you were trying to offer the contract to the player? Were the other clubs offering the player a contract English clubs? If you still have a save game which shows the issue then could you please upload the save game to our cloud service. Details on how to upload can be found below.
  17. There are no plans to add an editor for FM Touch at this time. The request has been made and heard by us, so can be considered for future versions of the game internally, We don't tend to discuss feature requests which haven't been confirmed as being in future versions, so there isn't really much else for us to say on this matter so I'll close the thread. Thanks for raising all your thoughts here.
  18. 相信你在现实生活中看过俱乐部因为关键球员的受伤或转会,再加上后备水平不足够而陷入困境。在《足球经理》中,这种情况也同样会发生,你来到了赛季的关键时期,但却遭受了伤病危机的耻辱,这可能会完全破坏队中的良好状态,以及更糟糕的是,整个赛季的期盼,特别是当转会窗口关闭和/或你没有能力引进类似的替代球员时。 今天,MaddFM来到了《Byline》为我们谈论一下在《FM21》中,重新培训球员的位置的价值,并解释如何优化你的招聘策略以及在长档中球员的整体发展。 探讨不同的选择和方法将意味着你可以发挥每个球员的最大影响力。这也将确保你的阵容有足够的深度,从首发球员到青训球员都能提供轮换作用。 招聘策略 首先,我们必须打破围绕球员发展和招募的两个的错误理解。 一,球员必须踢他们的‘如鱼得水’或者‘游刃有余’位置才能踢得好。 二,当使用球员搜索功能时,找到合适候选球员的最佳方法是过滤你试图引入的确切位置。 试问一下你自己 – 你在预备收购特定位置的球员时,第一件你会做的事情是什么呢?大部分人都应该首先会前往球员搜索界面,并过滤该球员位置。为了让玩家可以更容易做到这一点,Sports Interactive工作室添加了快速搜索功能以及高级过滤中的位置图。
  19. 在《FM21》中,我们设计了俱乐部AI只会自动招聘足够数量的职员(并不是容许的最大数量),所以这是正常的。我建议你在Steam免费下载我们的《FM21》Demo(试用版),之后才决定要不要购买完整版。https://store.steampowered.com/app/1263850/Football_Manager_2021/
  20. Technique also reflects how cleanly a player strikes the ball - for instance at the club I support (Southend) one of our wingers is a great dribbler, can play ok short passes but simply can't strike anything further than about 10 yards well.
  21. This isn't something that we'd be likely to put in our games unfortunately - hard to be fair in terms of Home/Away plus it would also likely not sit well with our licensing agreements for licensed leagues.
  22. Hi there, could you let us know where you have seen this promotion please? There is a full list of licensed teams/leagues across the FM Family here - there are a few of these that aren't playable in FM Mobile: https://www.footballmanager.com/news/football-manager-2021-licences
  23. I can't answer that definitively. I think that this is purely an issue to do with the information displayed and that having spent his entire career in Germany he should count as an EU player in Italy. So in that sense I don't think there is anything wrong happening. However, I do appreciate there is an issue with this not being clear and I don't know the exact reason why. So I will look into this further. Would it be possible to provide us a save game please? https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015264418-How-to-upload-files-for-support#text
  24. There is a time limit involved in unlocking some areas - I expect you haven't hit the limit with that one and will find it unlocks within a season or so ..
  25. Hi @Mägge We've taken a look at the save and unfortunately as the player count is well above the recommend limit. Running over the recommended limit is unsupported and there is a potential that issues like this could well occur. We would very much suggest starting a new game within the limit and seeing if you encounter the same issue. Thanks for taking the time to upload the save and provide all the information you have.
  26. In fairness those promises were put into the game based on conversations we'd had with a number of people within the football industry - so whilst it may seem unrealistic that a young player would make that kind of demand, it's always funny to actually hear what goes on behind closed doors! If you can remove promises then it's one less thing to keep, but sometimes they can be a great way of encouraging a player to join (or even reduce their wage demands) if they're having doubts.
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