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  1. Today
  2. I believe the transfer of Costa is already agreed at game start. As a result the £15M transfer fee will already have been added to your clubs finances at game start. Cheers, Ben
  3. Thanks for the save game. This has now been passed on to the development team to look into the issue. There are no plans to release further updates for FM 20. This looks to be a rare issue though so if you wanted to carry on your save game I would suggest cancelling the transfer and attempting to sell the player again. Cheers, Ben
  4. Hi @Cid Thanks for this, as you said this doesn't sound right. Do you have a save from any earlier? Before you get sacked would be a great help Cheers Russell
  5. No problem, it's raised some interesting points as well so thank you! I do agree with you on the wording of the Plizzari inbox item, it's something I've noted and will have a look in to. The main problem here is the way the AI (Man City) dropped it's interest - that seems to have confused the AI thinking when it comes to the unhappiness & contract demands. The thing is, when you accept an AI offer the player takes that as a sign you want to sell him - so he won't talk to you whilst that deal is taking place because he thinks you 'want' to get rid of him. If it was a min fee that triggered it, he'd have talked to you then because it's something you've not 'actioned' (but he would have made much bigger demands because you're competing against another club for his signature). You've raised some interesting points around the flow and behavior though, it's certainly something we'll take a look in to. Cheers Russell
  6. Great stuff, thank you -taking a look at all these!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Scouting agency is driven by CA/PA, reputation and form as a combination of factors ..
  9. Thanks for feedback. If you have a save game from just before the deal is completed then could you upload it to our cloud service and we will take a further look.
  10. The Attacking and Defending Coaching attributes are for coaching as opposed to tactics. Most things in game however do have a large number of factors go into them, some with only a light influence, and not all of them will be covered by me/us on here or in game as we can't give away too much! However, the manual does seem to be contradictory in part there - one that @Neil Brock may be able to shed a little more light on.
  11. Tactical Knowledge and Judging Player Ability I believe. @Jack Joyce may be able or willing to shed some further light.
  12. 100m? which currency are you using? You've actually raised an interesting point there with the 'just below min fee' point, Man City should probably be paying the extra 1m to avoid that happening. Without going to 'under the hood' there are a number of factors that influence players interest in moves and contract demands. Essentially his first concern was moving to bigger club/higher rep because that would also lead to higher wages & CL football. When that deal falls through, and there's no other interest, he comes to you wanting more money because, fundamentally, he's happy to stay at the club but also knows he can get/deserves more wages. (did you negotiate his contract down or just accept what he wanted straight away? His demands will usually drop when there's no other clubs interested in him.) Essentially the 'Man City being interested then not being interested' factor is having a massive impact on him and his requests - I think Man City dropping out (when really they should just then activate his clause) is causing some issues, as noted above I'll take a look at this. When the first bid comes in from Man City you've got the agent feedback box in the top left of the 'bid made' news item - that indicates to you the player wants to leave and will be unhappy if you reject the bid (giving you the option to discuss the offer with him - this is where you have the CL football talk). When you spoke to Plizzari (before rejecting/negotiating the first bid), the option on the 'bid inbox item' then changes from 'he will be unhappy' and the option to talk to him to 'it's his preferred destination', thus giving you the option to reject the bid without the player becoming unhappy (but he still has the 'pre-concern'). I do appreciate It could be worded slightly better as he's not totally removed the unhappiness, he's just made it so that the player won't get unhappy rejecting that specific bid. The reason given for leaving will be one of the reasons he was interested in talking to Man City, so in this case it was a mix of european football, more money and a higher rep club and it's taken the 'financially better off' reason because that's true. Russell
  13. Had a look into this - essentially Plizzari has just pushed his unhappiness back a bit, he is still slightly unhappy (as you can see on his dynamics page with his pre-concern) but not pushing for a transfer yet (as he is 'considering' leaving for a bigger club) that's why he won't discuss a new deal with you. If you'd interacted with him (via 'persuade to stay - what will it take to keep you') you'd have had to have promised him you'd qualify for CL (or he'd leave the chat unhappy & wanting to leave). When I've gone through your save, City always offer the min fee on the 5th. As Tevez does have some interest in renewing he will then talk to you about a new deal - making really high demands and so far (in 5 attempts) he's always joined City as they make him a 'star player'. Russell
  14. Hi @JamesH1993 Have you got a save that you could upload so I can take a look in to this for you? Details on how to upload saves in the link below Cheers Russell
  15. Hi @Weston Sorry for the delay, I'll take a look in this for you now Russell
  16. 在这个系列中,我们一直在对一些德国足球甲级联赛的俱乐部进行各方面的详尽介绍、分析以及在《足球经理2020》中接管他们的原因。这次我们将注意力转向沃尔夫斯堡(VfL Wolfsburg)。 最初,‘狼堡’是一支由大众汽車的工人组成的球队,在二十世纪大部分的时间里,他们都一直在德国的低组别联赛中度过,但从1997年开始,他们成为了德甲的坚固球队之一。首次升上德甲时,很多人都预计他们很快就会降级,但是他们反而踢的愈来愈好,并经常获得欧战席位,还有赢得了2008/09赛季的德甲联赛。也就是说沃尔夫斯堡是最后一家除了拜仁和多特蒙德以外赢得德甲的俱乐部。 此后,沃尔夫斯堡一直都在联赛前列位置作战,2015年一定是他们十年以来最丰盛的一年,他们分别获得了德甲第二名、夺取德国足协杯以及在2015/16赛季中赢了德国超级杯。 沃尔夫斯堡是唯一一家来自下萨克森州,并有能力挑战传统劲旅的足球俱乐部,我们相信这是一个真正的《足球经理》任务。下面是您在前往大众汽车球场之前不得不知的信息。 俱乐部愿景 媒体预测排名:第9名 董事会要求:取得欧罗巴联赛参赛资格 您将面对的首要任务是在第一个赛季中取得欧罗巴联赛参赛资格,这也代表需要至少获得联赛第六名的成绩。虽然第六名已经超越了媒体对您的期望,但是这只不过是2018/19赛季的成绩而已。 相反,董事会对您的期望将会以三个赛事来进行评估,他们分别是 – 德甲、德国足协杯和欧罗巴联赛。两个杯赛的最低要求是打入四分之一决赛,如果您想达到目标的话,您最好有作出轮换球员的准备。杯赛看起来不是多么的重要,但是请记得要重视与认真对待每一场杯赛比赛,因为德国足协杯的冠军可获得欧罗巴联赛资格。联赛第七名也有可能获得欧罗巴联赛资格,但前提是在已经获得欧冠资格的俱乐部中,有俱乐部赢得了该届的欧冠。 董事会对财政方面也有要求。他们希望您不会超过工资预算,并且为常规球员提出新的四年合约;沃尔夫斯堡是一家有远见的俱乐部哦。第二和第三个赛季中,您需要开始尝试挑战前四席位(有可能排第五名),之后真正获得前四的排名。稳中求进才是培养球员的最佳环境。 阵容 当研究沃尔夫斯堡的阵容时,您首先会注意到的是阵容可以有不同变数。整体而言,阵容完全适合高位压迫的打法,不论您选择用四人防线还是使用正在慢慢流行的三人防线,后者您可以从罗宾·克诺赫(Robin Knoche)、约翰·布鲁克斯(John Brooks)、约苏哈·吉拉沃吉(Josuha Guilavogui)、马塞尔·蒂塞兰德(Marcel Tisserand)和马兰·博格拉西奇(Marin Pongracic)中选择您的中后卫,来配合凯温·穆巴杜(Kevin Mbabu)和圣热罗姆·鲁西永(Jerome Roussillon)这两名进攻型边后卫。 中场的创造力和对抗力球员也有一个不错的平衡。对抗力是指伊格纳西奥·卡马乔(Ignacio Camacho)这位抢球专家,而创造力是指奥地利人沙维尔·施拉格尔(Xaver Schlager)和更有经验的德国前场组织核心马克西米兰·阿诺德(Maximilian Arnold),这两位是可以为队友穿针引线的创造型球员。 边路的选择也很丰富,分别有雷纳托·斯特芬(Renato Steffen)、伊斯梅尔·亚扎乌(Ismail Azzaoui)、费利克斯·克劳斯(Felix Klaus)、阿德米尔·穆罕默迪(Admir Mehmedi)、若昂·维克托(Joao Victor)以及具有天赋的约瑟普·布雷卡洛(Josip Brekalo)。每位球员都有独特的强项并担当了在球场上不同的角色,这意味着您可以在不同的情况下做出相应的对策。 您唯一可能会受到限制的位置是前锋,丹尼尔·金茨克(Daniel Ginczek)和沃特·维格霍斯特(Wout Weghorst)是您的唯一两名纯正前锋。好处是他们都是同类型的前锋,所以不论谁上场也不需要在整体战术上做出变动。如果您想踢双前锋的话,阿德米尔·穆罕默迪(Admir Mehmedi)也可以勉强使用于前锋位置。 重要球员 约苏哈·吉拉沃吉 这名经验丰富的法国人吉拉沃吉是每支球队都需要的领袖。沃尔夫斯堡队长是一名可以司职中后卫、后腰和中场的身体型球员。这种万金油类型的球员能帮助您在赛季中多线作战。此外,他的领导能力使他成为新加盟的马兰·博格拉西奇(Marin Pongracic)和在第一个赛季中被租借至奥格斯堡(FC Augsburg)的费利克斯·乌多赫(Felix Uduokhai)的最佳导师。 约瑟普·布雷卡洛 2016年加盟至沃尔夫斯堡的克罗地亚人,约瑟普·布雷卡洛,他在最近两年才开始有出色的表现。这名21岁的边前卫速度很快,经常会使用花式动作来过人,并且在找到空间之后为自己或者队友制造机会。能够舒适的出任左右两翼和拥有16的盘球、16的爆发力、17的灵活以及17的才华的他使任何经理都会心跳加速。拥有最高潜力的布雷卡洛,他的创造能力对您的成功会有很大的影响,但是您还需要确保他有最好的发展,从而充分激发他的潜力。 沃特·维格霍斯特 维格霍斯特是一个完美的站桩式中锋。18的弹跳、17的强壮、16的射门和16的工作投入也确切地说明了这位荷兰人给球队带来了什么。他有惊人的制空能力,并且在沃尔夫斯堡处女赛季中打进了17球。 维格霍斯特还有一个经常被忽视且重要的特点,那就是带动球场气氛。带有这种热情和动力的球员可以在激烈的比赛中起到决定性作用 – 也就是说他可以主宰您能否获得欧罗巴联赛参赛的资格。 希望之星 现实中,‘狼堡’有成功的提拔了几名青训球员至一线队的经历。除了介绍过的布雷卡洛和乌多赫,施拉格尔也是一个非常有潜力的年轻球员,这名21岁的中场有可能成为您阵容未来的灵魂人物。 另一位已经有一线队经验的是右攻击型边后卫,凯温·穆巴杜,此外,约翰·耶博阿(John Yeboah)是青训中最出色的一位。这位德国新星是一个具有爆发力和意外性的盘球高手。他也将会是您的未来计划中的重要棋子之一。 总结 沃尔夫斯堡可以为玩家提供长期和短期的挑战。一开始您需要专注在稳定的发展并进行多线作战。董事会知道成功不是在一天发生的,所以会给您充分的时间来测试与培养现有的年轻球员们。几个赛季后,您将会成为一支具有实力来再次挑战德甲皇位的球队,也有可能荣获更多奖项也说不定呢。
  17. Last week
  18. It is not, and as I said the file is unused and shouldn't be there. Please post any bugs as individual issues in the bugs forum: https://community.sigames.com/forum/726-football-manager-2020-bugs-forum/ There are instructions on how you can upload your save.
  19. We are not owned by Tencent, that file shouldn't be there actually it is a mistake. (and it isn't used)
  20. We support cloud saving on iOS, Google's cloud save wouldn't support the size of our save game files last time I checked - if this changes then we might support it in the future.
  21. Thanks for taking the time to raise the issue here. Given this is something a person has choice over whether they want to do in-game, much like save/reloading, using the in-game editor or taking over a second club in a save with the purpose of making unrealistic transfers, we don't see it as an issue which requires an immediate update, although we will address it for any future version. As said, appreciate you raising it through these channels.
  22. Well having the skin cache on potential helps if you'd had that turned off
  23. 这次我们要介绍的德国足球甲级联赛的足球俱乐部是一家在2000年后频频出席洲际比赛的勒沃库森(Bayer 04 Leverkusen)。 俱乐部是由在拜耳制药公司的员工于1904年建立的,直到今天,俱乐部都没有忘记他们的过去,并昵称自己为‘工厂十一人’(Die Werkself)。虽然俱乐部有着长久的历史,但他们从来没有赢过德甲冠军。 自1980年,勒沃库森已经成为了德甲的稳固球队之一。除了有几次差一点降级以外,他们都是一支属于上游位置的球队。从本土比赛来看,他们的最大成就是在1993年获得了德甲第五名,以及在德国足协杯决赛中击败了已经在本系列中介绍过的柏林赫塔(Hertha Berlin)而获得了冠军。 勒沃库森在欧洲赛事中获得了不错的成绩。在1988年欧洲联盟杯中的第一回合0-3落后的情况下在第二回合追回比分3-3,并以点球3-2夺取了该赛季的冠军。此外,他们于2002年成为了第一家在没有赢过联赛冠军的情况下打进了欧洲冠军联赛决赛的俱乐部,可惜他们在该决赛中以2-1输了。 最近,俱乐部开始专注改变形象,把自己变成了一家家庭友好型的足球俱乐部。一家带有良好的社区责任,以及有机会带领着一众希望之星的阵容来夺得俱乐部的首次联赛冠军是足球经理的完美搭配。下面是您在前往北莱茵-威斯特法伦州之前不得不知的一些的信息。 俱乐部愿景 媒体预测排名:第3名 董事会要求:取得欧洲冠军联赛参赛资格 媒体和董事会两者对勒沃库森的期望是一样的 – 他们都一致认为您的阵容有足够实力在赛季中夺取前四和欧冠席位。他们对其他比赛的期望也是相当严苛的。当您正在挑战欧冠的小组赛的同时,您要至少打进德国足协杯的四强。要同时多线作战,并且保持竞争性,您需要懂得运用不同的战术以及有球员轮换的意识和管理头脑。 在第二和第三个赛季,您需要稳固着前四,并且开始挑战第一名的席位。但是,随着穆萨·迪亚比(Moussa Diaby)、凯·哈瓦茨(Kai Havertz)和埃德蒙德·塔普索巴(Edmond Tapsoba)的发展,您应该很有可能超越这个目标的。 其中一个勒沃库森与本系列之前提过的俱乐部不一样的是董事会有他们偏好的足球风格 – 也就是踢出有观赏性的足球。但说实话,您所拥有的球员很难不踢出激动人心和亢奋的足球。 但您和董事会开始谈论到转会的时候,您会发现董事会会更希望您签入的是德国籍或者在德国踢球以及U23的一线水准球员。这一切都是为了保持持续出产一定数量的年轻球员,从而起到对俱乐部的上升轨迹至关重要的作用。 阵容 小编不是卖花赞花香,但是对众多的FM玩家,勒沃库森是他们的天堂。这就是一个希望之星的中心。 您的阵容包含了之前介绍过的哈瓦茨、迪亚比和塔普索巴,利昂·贝利(Leon Bailey)、保罗·恩里克(Paulinho),以及备受追捧的阿根廷中场,埃塞基耶尔·帕拉西奥斯(Exequiel Palacios)。至于防守方面,您有日渐成熟的若纳唐·塔(Jonathan Tah)和将会在第二个赛季归队的帕纳约蒂斯·雷特索斯(Panagiotis Retsos)。 即便是那些已经脱离了‘希望之星’标签,20多岁的球员们,他们也已经开始接近他们的巅峰期了。文德尔(Wendell)和戴利·辛克格雷温(Daley Sinkgraven)两名边后卫刚好处于收成期。而卢卡斯·艾拉里欧(Lucas Alario)和凯文·沃兰德(Kevin Volland)将会继续从顶级足球中获益良多。 最重要的是您的阵容中有几位经验十足的老练球员,他们更可以为年轻球员进行辅导。拉斯·本德尔(Lars Bender)和斯文·本德尔(Sven Bender)这对兄弟很有领导才能。卢卡斯·赫拉德奇(Lukas Hradecky)是球队中的定海神针,以及胡利安·鲍姆加特林格(Julian Baumgartlinger)是一位不知疲倦的中场机器。 重要球员 拉斯·本德尔 当您走进拜耳竞技场(BayArena),第一个和您会面的应该是队中的队长,拉斯·本德尔。他已经为‘药厂’效力了10年,并且从中收益了不少的经验和领导知识。他的最佳位置是右边后卫,但也能司职中场位置。虽然速度与创造能力不是本德尔的强项,但是他的技能组合和经验才是他的无价之宝,所以他在这支年轻球队中担任了一个重要的角色。 凯·哈瓦茨 我们知道这个可能不是什么另类的建议,但是我们不能不提哈瓦茨。他确实是一位十年难得一见的神童。 如果您有看过哈瓦茨在现实中的数据统计和被他打破的纪录的话,相信您已经明白为什么所有俱乐部都渴望他的加盟了。他是德甲历史上最年轻出场100次的球员。上个月,面对弗赖堡(SC Freiburg)的他的进球除了为球队带来3分之外,哈弗茨也成为了德甲进球最多的21岁球员。 他在FM20中的属性数值也反映出他现实中的才华。他有16的无球跑动、17的停球以及17的视野。带有出众的走位,精准的传球和致命的射术,把他留下将会是艰难的任务,但万一您成功的话,他一定会成为您未来十年的进攻核心,中途也许能夺取最高荣誉的个人奖项。 凯文·沃兰德 凯文·沃兰德自2016年从霍芬海姆(1899 Hoffenheim)加盟勒沃库森以来,不论作为前锋或者边锋的他都有出色的表现。2019年,他参与球队进球超过了21次,有一段时期,他的数据比蒂莫·维尔纳(Timo Werner)、马尔科·罗伊斯(Marco Reus)以及泽格·格纳布里(Serge Gnabry)还优秀。 沃兰德18的工作投入属性数值除了反映出他对球队的无私奉献,他也是紧逼型前锋的完美人选,这角色与阵容中的边锋小摩打完美对接。 希望之星 上面已经谈论过勒沃库森这个球星工厂。塔普索巴、哈瓦茨、贝利、保罗·恩里克和迪亚比等虽然已经在一线队中,但他们还是希望之星,所以请您记住需要定期查看他们的培养报告,并与你的教练团队商讨计划,以确保他们的发展。 粗略地看了一下培养中心,您就会发现青训队中有更多值得关注的年轻球员,包括了中后卫,凯文·布库苏(Kevin Bukusu)、波兰中场,阿德里安·斯塔尼列维奇(Adrian Stanilewicz)以及两名德国兵,马尔科·沃尔夫(Marco Wolf)和弗洛里安·沃茨(Florian Wirtz)。 总结 很多经理就算在球员培养计划中部署了多么的仔细,他们也不会有勒沃库森那么多的希望之星,这也是为什么他们在FM20中是那么厉害的俱乐部。您的首要目标是确保欧洲足球的资格,之后争夺杯赛的冠军,最后夺取第一座德甲王冠。加油哦。
  24. I came across this bug myself testing something internally and I have fixed it or certainly improved it massively for the next release
  25. I've got the code, I'm telling you it doesn't make a difference!
  26. Nope all it does is restrict who you can add a manager is (primarily for network games)
  27. This section is for FMdB, for FM19 support please contact our support team here - https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/requests/new Thanks.
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