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  1. Yesterday
  2. We’ve just released Major Update 21.2.2 for Football Manager 2021 Touch on Nintendo Switch, which is now available to download on your Nintendo Switch device. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank anyone who has taken the time to leave us feedback or raise issues to us via our forums and our support team. Please report any issues on our bugs forum and we'd be delighted to hear whether this update resolves any of the issues you previously reported. Major Update 21.2.2 Changelist (includes but not limited to): ------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Is this with an MLS team? I believe there is a licensing reason for not having non-MLS competitions appear on this screen for these teams.
  4. We believe this should now be fixed in the latest update
  5. Indeed, there is a known issue under review currently where midway through stages the substitution rules can change for the European competitions.
  6. Hi, thanks for raising these issues - both of them are known issues under review currently. With regards to the latter issue this is indeed not meant to be able to change registration at this point.
  7. Hi there, if you're still within that season would you be alright to upload that save game to our cloud service please? Thanks
  8. Hi @AD1990 Very sorry for the late reply, We have had some reported issues with connection issues. I've used translation to read the post so i apologise if this is wrong. Your issue is the clients joining your lobby keep disconnecting? Are they getting a crash message? Do they have a screen shot of the error message or any crash dumps? This part of the forum is for online issues so anything match related you will need to write a separate post in the correct section and someone from the match team will get in touch with you. Thanks
  9. Hi @Tonton_Zola We are still looking into the Fantasy Draft issues, as soon as we have more information we will post it here. Are you still experiencing the same crashes as before? Thanks
  10. Hi @rik.4.rosa Sorry you are experiencing this issue, Can you send us you your save please from before the matches so we can have look into this issue? If you could then reply to this thread with then name of the save as well? Thanks
  11. Hello, this is not an issue for this area of the forum. Please post about this here: https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/826-training-medical-and-development-centre/
  12. Hi @Flashman\'s School Days Thanks for raising this, it's not something I've seen before. Do you have a save game from just before one of these players retires and it causes their name to change? If so could you upload it for us to have a look at please.
  13. Hey @Catk17, is this happening consistently whenever you view that screen? We're currently looking into this for you, but struggling to reproduce it internally.
  14. Hi there, I would just like to update that this a known issue we have under review internally currently - though we have as yet been unable to isolate the cause in code. Thank you for the uploading of the save games.
  15. Hi @MightyQuinn89 we released update 12.1.1 which has a fix for the S20 FE issue. Could you update to the latest version and tell us if it's working for you?
  16. 12.1.1 is now live, could you update your game and then tell us if the issue is resolved for you?
  17. Thanks, I'd review. Probably something for the rules more than the db. Regards
  18. Hello, I'm afraid it's a bit too subjective to be taken into account. Not meaning, his PA could be reviewed but I'm not sure that a 154 PA is underrated. This value is strong enough to be first teamer in the teams you mentioned. Thanks for the input, I hope the feedback would help. Regards
  19. Hi guys, the latest update 12.1.1 is now live and includes a fix for the S20 phone series. Could you update your game and then tell us if it's worked for you?
  20. I am expecting the Xbox game to evolve as time goes on and some features will appear in later versions of the game I'm sure HOWEVER please do bear in mind that first and foremost I want the game to be as easy to play on a console as possible - I think it's perfectly usable in its first iteration, but I also feel it can be improved further (some progress in this regard has been in the update somewhat) ... as such this is going to be one of the main areas of attention first and foremost before we try and make its interface more complex by adding in loads more features in the short-term. (so
  21. Do you have the pkm available? - also did that player with 5 make some glaring mistakes? ... the impression I get is that he was at fault for most of your leakages.
  22. Last week
  23. I'll have a think about that - but you are aware that picking purely by star rating is akin to letting someone else pick your team for you ... ask any of the last 'x' England managers tell you how well allowing the tabloid press to pick their squads has worked for them (if they didn't use such methods surely Lamptey would be getting a call up by now? ... not at all biased me )
  24. Lone CF - I've just tweaked how a Complete Forward behaves slightly when played as a lone forward - QA will be looking at how sane the changes are and if all goes well that will be introduced in the January transfer update update.

  25. There are a number of factors - but you're correct that form is one of them, at the moment its across 5 appearances because that is what is displayed for a players form tbh ... I'll have a think about what you've suggested ..
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