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  1. Привет! Спасибо што прочитал. Я как раз делаю некоторую большую модификацию в тактике. Я поставлю ей на моей сайте www.dictatethegame.com после настройки. Будет намного лучше с последним пачем. Посмотри там через неделю или две.
  2. @jjjkkk fair enough. I see your point. He should make his width more balanced or even slightly tight to make it work better
  3. No using inverted wingbacks in combination with wide wingers is supposed to work. Just look at Guardiolas's tactics at Bayern and Man City. He used inverted wingbacks to draw the opponents away from the wings in order to allow his wingers to get more 1on1s and cross more successfully. Tactically, it should work rather well actually. It worked really well in fm18, don't know why it doesn't work with this version
  4. People will keep defending it, but in its current state the engine is more broken than working. It is not just the imbalance in defense, if you are top team most teams in the league will be more defensive against you but also the defenders get a boost. It is just frustrating to have most of your crosses blocked even when you use worldclass wingers. It is not just wingplay that is broken. I gave up my 4-4-2 narrow diamond since I just couldn't create any plays down the middle despite having a team made for it. Worldclass strikers do not score beautiful varied goals like in reality, now most you see is from set pieces and long shots. To give an example Aguerro only scored 9 goals for me all season and I used a premade vertical tiki taka tactic. He was simply stifled by all the parked buses. You can check out "Aguerro 200" to see the variety of goals that he scores in real life. In another save, Pogba was top scorer despite Man United having plenty of talented forwards.
  5. crusadertsar

    Passing Options

    Yes, many times. Just look at threads in bugs forum. But knowing how things progressed before, we probably won't see anything until March update. I cant even remember last goal I scored that wasn't from a set piece or long shot. Short passing Tiki Take style tactics dont really work in this version
  6. crusadertsar

    Passing Options

    Its simple wait for a new patch, and hope they fix the ME. Right now you will only get more frustrated
  7. I'm tired of having all my crosses blocked by the opponent's 5 men defence congregating around the net I'm tired of all the crosses resulting in more corners than open play goal chances in the match. Even then most of those are blocked by the opponent's superdefenders I'm tired of all the opponent's long shots that go in despite our best efforts to stop them I'm tired of then losing 1-0 despite having 40 shots to their 2 long shots I'm tired of not seeing my creative supporting central strikers drop back as they should I'm tired of not having any kind of build up through the middle in my 4-4-2 narrow diamond even though the tactic I'm using is the vertical tiki taka preset that comes with the game. And technically should work with the players on the team that uses this formation in real life I'm tired of facing parked bus after parked bus, and seeing all the 5 in the back formations (and with 2 Defensive Midfielders for good measure) I'm tired of playing as Man City and have Aguerro score 9 goals in the whole season; 4 of which are penalties, 3 freekicks and 2 long shots from 25 yards out. I'm tired of browsing the net for hours, researching that perfect tactic, then spending more hours drawing it up on paper, and testing for months in-game. And still not having it work in the match engine as you think it should or as it does in reality. How far back do I need to go to see some beautiful football? FM18, FM17 or FM14
  8. New article in the Dynamo Project Sagas is now on Dictatethegame.com https://dictatethegame.com/2019/01/11/dynamo-project-fm19-the-golden-generation-youth-development/
  9. crusadertsar

    American Football Returns

    It is too bad there is no American Football Manager Sim because I think you would boss it
  10. crusadertsar

    Am I doing overloads right?

    I would switch the left back to inverted one and then put the striker closer to left side in order to attract even more opponents there
  11. crusadertsar

    Am I doing overloads right?

    @Rashidi How do you find overloads on this year's version? I've been trying to integrate it into a 4-3-3 formation with advanced playmaker and inverted wingback on one side and inside forward and attacking wingback on the side that I want to exploit. Haven't been getting very good results despite using the tips I found in this thread. Do I have too many players on the wingback side?
  12. crusadertsar

    My guide to hoofball

    What do people think of using Wide Targetman in hoofball? Does it work?
  13. @bianconeri96 I think to optimize the talent at the start, 4-1-4-1 or maybe 4-3-3 is probably ideal. Dynamo is rich with midfield talent and those formations probably will get the best out of them. I know I chose a 4-2-3-1 DM due to its high pressing advantages, for my save but in retrospect those 2 formations are also great for pressing and dominating the midfield. @CrazyTacooo Funny that you mention it, Shaparenko is such a great versatile player, I should probably do a highlight post just on him. Plays a secondary striker for me and scored quite a few in second season already. Great guy in real life too.
  14. For those interested, Part 5 of Dynamo Project FM19 can be found here. There I talk about my end of season results, plan for next season, and show off some amazing Ukrainian regens. Drop any questions here you want to discuss and enjoy: Dynamo Project Part 5
  15. One way that I started to have success with breaking down stubborn defences especially when playing as the top team in the league is through tactical us of overloads. By overloading one side of the pitch by drawing more opponents to it and leaving the other side less defended so one or two players there can exploit the gaps. For this you don't need to use asymmetry, just smart use of roles. For example putting advanced playmaker (on wing) and mezzala and inverted wingback on one side with striker above them, will unlock the other side where you have attacking wingback and your more aggressive striker waiting to drive into the opponent’s defence like hot knife into butter. Try it