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  1. It is meant to be a simulation of football and not an arcade or even purely tactical (like Football, Tactics and Glory game for instance) game where the human player has perfect agency. That is because there are plenty of hidden psychological factors like complacency and moral that are accounted into your performance. There is also you know the factor of the other team that is trying their best to ruin your game day. And because of those reasons the game is called Football MANAGER and not FIFA. You just have to learn to deal with such set backs and try to find ways to improve for the next ma
  2. Exactly. Especially if you want to replicate Guardiola's Free 8s. Both CMs need to be dynamic roles. Like BBMs and Mezzalas.
  3. @Cult of Football ManagerYou used a Poacher as central striker in 4-3-3 possession tactic? With no support from AMC position or partner striker? Wow sometimes I am really surprised by what works and why it does in this game. Still great achievement and congrats. Just makes no sense to me tactically
  4. @Mitja To me tempo is a very much contextual instruction in any possession-focused formation like 4-3-3. That is I will always start the match with tempo at default and then adjust according to opposition. So if I am playing a superior or equal side that is pressing me hard then I will increase tempo one notch to reduce the chance of them stealing the ball. Simply because my players will spend less time with it before passing. On the other hand if opposition is sitting back and not closing down my ball-carriers aggressively then I will lower the tempo one notch in hopes of getting that perfec
  5. Exactly. Agreed. it's not a problem. That's the reason why carrilero was added to the game. To add a role with this unique behavior. No other way to recreate it.
  6. SMALL UPDATE, PART 7C: Trying It Out In FM21 Firstly, I am going to make a disclosure that the following is by no means meant to be an exact recreation of a specific Mourinho tactic. So please don't go after me if you believe that a role I used does not replicate how Xabi Alonso played, ect. Rather I took my inspiration from a lot of Mourinho's tactics over the years. As a tactical amalgam I took little bits from various teams that the Special One managed. The primary inspiration were Chelsea and Real Madrid but there is some Porto in there too. In general, I liked how Mourinho put the pr
  7. I wouldn't use anything other than Trequartista in AMC role. But make sure it's a player with very good workrate and teamwork to link better with the rest of the midfield and not just drift around as defined by the role's default instructions. But if you use a Treq you definitely cannot have both wide players cutting inside.
  8. I don't know how but this thread slowly turned into a celebration of Jose Mourinho's tactics. So rather than trying to force it back into it's original 4-5-1 shape, I'll try to roll along with the new direction. Thus I renamed the thread to better reflect this. Luckily the objective still remains largely the same: creating balanced defence-minded tactics. As well as tactics that are versatile and can easily be changed (with 1-2 role changes) to better counter the opposition (Mourinho would be proud ).
  9. I greatly admire Mourinho's commitment to sticking to his principles (despite prevailing football trends and unfair criticism from pundits and fans) and creating well-balanced tactical systems. To say the least, he inspired my own tactics as a virtual manager. Actually something I've been working on recently in my Swiss Knife thread on this forum. But speaking of helpful videos, here is another one that has inspired my own tactical ideas Enjoy!
  10. Well that's where I'm going with this. Just be a bit patient I'll try to post some of my tactical musings on here soon.
  11. PART 7B: To The Dark Side - Mourinho's Pragmatic Football I want to get this out of the way first. This update won’t be about my usual subject, Total Football. Instead I will be joining the Dark Side and discussing Pragmatic Football. And at the same time probably offering praise to Pragmatic Football’s grand master and high priest, Jose Mourinho. In that light another possible title for this could have been “Understanding The Misunderstood Genius of Jose Mourinho”. My long-delayed tribute to the Special One. Maybe it’s a normal thing that accompanies aging. I don’t know but d
  12. Thanks for the feedback! Always great to hear from another fellow Sociedad fan The 5-3-2 is one my least favourite formations to face as it can be rather dangerous on the counter due to its two forwards and yet it can really park the bus with its back 5. I would try to hit them hard with an aggressive 4-1-2-3 early in the match and then once you scored a goal or two switch to a more balanced 4-5-1 maybe. Also I have been experimenting with a 4-4-1-1 (which is essentially 4-2-4 in attack that might work well against such defensive sides.
  13. I think he would be perfect as a Trequartista with Raumdeuter and Winger on attack or support duty on the other flank. But then make sure that you have a central striker that drops deeper
  14. In a 4-2-3-1 like yours I would want to give a creative pivot like your Joao as much space as possible to operate in. So there are two things that interfere with that in your current tactic. 1) you have both wide players coming inside (unless you have stay wider PI on one of them that you didn't tell us about). This is further aggravated by your play narrower (correction) team instruction 2) BBM making runs forward into AMC's space. That's another problem in my opinion actually. In this formation I recommend using a proper double pivot in central midfield. That means two roles with hold p
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