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  1. I found the best way to recreate those kinds of tactics in current FM ME is with a single CB told to hold position with two FB(s) or even IWB(d). All three players have to be very good, technical and fast however. Especially the fullbacks who should be more in the mold of tall box-box midfielders (who can also cross). The AI can't really deal with one CB tactics like that. And with a very good team it could almost become an exploit. But it has to be the kind of tactic where you are looking to outscore the opposition in the first half and then switch to something more defensive. The kind
  2. I think you should probably look at your instructions and cut some down. Your tactic is really much too focused on possesion for the sake of possesion. Combined with the roles it's no wonder you don't have much luck breaking defensive sides down. Even if you are dominating them. Play out of defence, Slow tempo, and work ball all into space (if I'm reading French correctly) are too much of an overkill all together. I would just play out of defense and get rid off the others. Slow tempo especially is giving too much time for your opponent to organize their defences.
  3. Thanks! I think this is exactly what I was looking for! And you just confirmed it for me. Same with Drops Deeper. I don't think I'll need it since I am looking to implement more of a less progressive double pivot in midfield. So I will definitely need my AP(a) to be the creator in the final third. Nice the theoretical conception for this tactic is really coming together. Hopefully I can present my final breakdown and squad analysis soon And again, thanks for your valuable insights and input mate.
  4. You are right about the risk of the tactic becoming too gung-ho. Thats what I am also worried about. And I also agree on the more progressive fullback. Don't think attack duty is the way to go. And what I was actually considering for AMC role was either Treq or AP(A) to ensure that they are willing to take more creative risks. Not sure whether positive individual mentality would work as well. I find it might be a bit too conservative for what I am looking for. So I was thinking maybe recreating Sneijder via Treq or AP(A) role with some special PPMs like "come deeper to the ball" or "prefe
  5. Thank you for this beautiful study of Mourinho's style It gave me even more food for thought. I am actually still torn between using Attacking team mentality with maybe just 1-2 strategically-placed attack duties. And relying on wingers (on support) higher positioning to help with the transition play. Or switch to Positive team mentality and 2-3 attack duties - principally AMC, central striker and one of the fullbacks. Will have to test both I guess 🤔 As I mentioned before I am not trying so much to just recreate any particular Mourinho tactic. But more to create a style that is best suit
  6. Part 8: Mourinho's Wingers and Finding The Right Mentality I will probably get crucified for this. But I actually prefer to use higher, Attacking Team Mentality when creating a more defensively solid, pragmatic tactic in the style of Mourinho's Inter or Real Socied. Please bear with me. And let me give a long-winded explanation of why I do this. As always mentality is key to everything in FM tactic creation. And It's always the first thing I set up when creating a tactic. If you are looking to play football that defends in compressed low to mid block and attacks fluidly,
  7. 2) Second element of "Mourinhoism" that I want to include in my tactics, is his obsessive focus on maintaining a very strong midblock defence inspite of the fast attacking transitions. If anything, even at Real Madrid, his attack was always built on the basis of even stronger defence. But In FM people tend to think in terms of absolutes and "one or other" approach. That is if you want to score a lot of goals, then your tactic has to be more weighed towards the offensive side at the expense of defesive solidity. This misguided approach leads many people to pile on the attack duties and agg
  8. Okay then I think that unfortunate sidetrack (the posts have been deleted for those just reading now and confused) actually inspired me to get back into this discussion and throw some more fuel into the tactical fire. Hopefully it will become more productive this time around. Also it's a good time for a reset. And maybe even a time to start a fresh save to walk you guys through my thought process in creating a tactical system. But first of all what exactly am I trying to achieve with all of my tactical musings in this thread? It was never meant to be a faithful recreation of Mo
  9. Wow. Why don't you enlighten us why his is such a perfect tactic that makes my thread redundant and stops further need of Mourinho tactic recreations? Would save us a lot of time rather than posting on here needlessly.
  10. Okay you posted the pictures of some tactics you found. Great. But how does that help us? Or improve the thread? Care to analyze those tactics for us or post explanations for why he chose the specific roles and instructions that he did? Or how it's supposed to be a Mourinho recreation? See that's what I mean by "tactical" discussion. Otherwise it's just a screenshot with little context.
  11. I know very well who BustTheNet is. But it doesn't change the fact that you are discussing YouTube streamer content. And this is not the place for that. You can check with the mods if you want.
  12. I know very well the subject haha. This is the thread i created afterall. If you check the first page . I just don't want to discuss YouTube streamer videos on here. It's for tactical discussion only.
  13. Please don't sidetrack the thread with promotion of FM fan-made youtube content. I believe that goes against a rule on this tactical part of the forum. You could share YouTube content like that in another part of the forum I think.
  14. You will have to show us screenshot of your tactic to get any concrete help.
  15. Another bit of advice for you. Never go with AI coach recommendations for anything. Just as you should never use Preset tactics. If you do that then you usually end up with the tactic like the one you showed. If those instructions are what AI suggested to you then they make no sense to me. There are a lot of contradictions too. In Possession they are completely overkill to the point where you will be getting possession just for the sake of possesion. Also your build-up will probably be so slow as to have no chance penetrating most park the bus sides. Which you will probably face
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