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  1. I think eventually I'll write about it in my main Everything Total Football thread. Simply because it's not a tactic with one CB anymore.
  2. Nothing more for now. I feel like I got as much as I could from this tactic. When it works well, it can be really devastating. But unfortunately, Its still has its limitations. One of them is probably the need for very specific players. Especially in attack. I feel like my current Real Sociedad side is good but not really good enough to make this tactic shine. We can maintain superior possession but many times our finishing is our undoing. To test this properly you probably need a team like Liverpool or Man City with truly world-class technical attackers like Salah or Sterling. Then it might t
  3. Nothing special really. Except for close down more on the 4 forwards to replicate the split block. I just want to see how the tactic does with the default roles for now.
  4. Its totally possible. BUT you need to make some changes. You cannot just copy paste the FM18 tactic and play with all Support duties. That won't work anymore. You need to think in terms of logical role pairs and combinations. For instance I am able to achieve 3-1-6 shape consistently with Sporting while playing this Brazilian-influenced 4-2-4. I am currently experimenting with a wide playmaker role on the right to create even stronger overload there. But even without that we can get 5-6 players close to opposition box. The trick is having very strong double pivot pair in midfield to hold
  5. Exactly, I didn't mean the duty specifically but just in general sense. "Attack-minded" is the word I should have used. As WB(s) or CWB(s) can still be very attacking in relation to other roles around them. Or with overlap instructions. It more about the relationship between individual mentalities. And speaking of using a holding double pivot. It allows the creation of some great attacking movements while still being solid in defence. For example, this is my current Brazilian-inspired tactical experiment. It plays as well as it looks. In fact its been working EVEN BETTER since the up
  6. You could totally play with two attacking fullbacks. But then you cannot have adventurous midfielders. You will need to use a double pivot in midfield. So something like DLP(support) and CM (defend). Two roles that hold position.
  7. @busngabb Unfortunately you couldn't be more wrong. Going even more attacking and aggressive against a defensive side is the last thing you want to do. It will just compress whatever little space you have as they huddle around their goal. It will just lead to a to of blocked crosses and blocks by their goalie. That's when you see people posting frustrated messages about being FMed as they went 50 shots to 2. And then lost by 0-1. You really want to do the opposite and go more patient with slower tempo and lower risk to control the ball, and break these sides down due to your superior pla
  8. Well let's see your tactic then? Most problems arise when people don't follow the concept of pairs and combinations or use an overkill of team instructions. Not saying that's a problem with yours. But in my experience when update "breaks" something it's due to suboptimal roles, or duty distribution. Or instructions.
  9. Again most "plug and play" exploit tactics dont do well after updates. On the other hand if you develop a well balanced logical system it won't really affect it.
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