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  1. Good point. It's all about context of course. Depending on how opposition plays. I just figured if you have both wingbacks bombing up and providing the only width. You would want your BPDs to go wider to cover better.
  2. Awesome advise! So regarding using 3 CB backline with two BPD Stoppers by correct width you mean using defend wider instruction?
  3. Really fascinating combination that! Something I would love to try with FM21. Would having specific sets of PPMs be essential for such a partnership to work in your opinion? Thanks
  4. @Rashidi Any plans on updating your Book of Roles guide? I found it was an excellent guide to which roles to use
  5. Wow. What blows me away is why these community fixes haven't been integrated into the official patches. It actually improves the game! Fixing many of the issues people have been complaining about on the ME bug forum for months before it was closed.
  6. I would not use Rate my tactic.com. it actually does more bad than good for new players. I noticed that it ignores some of the most effective role combination in the game. For example it suggests that combos like fullback and winger on the flank or DLP (S) and CM on defend duty are not effective. So any advice you get from it I would take with a grain of salt. Also it does not take into effect all the factors like PPMs and some team instructions.
  7. I think the main lesson to learn here is that you need pretty specific set of players to achieve Tiki Taka style. So if you need to adapt your possession tactic so much (so focused on crossing) that it doesn't resemble a Tiki Taka any more than it's a clear sign that you majorly need to restructure your team. Or if that's too much work, then look for a more suitable team with players that fit the patient pass and build up style.
  8. Why play for set pieces then? Makes absolutely no sense in the style you are supposedly trying to achieve
  9. Makes sense now. I never control my reserve or youth teams so that's probably why I see them playing with my main tactic. Good to know the actual reason why.
  10. Then I'm really not sure how to help you. That option should do what it says it does. Or at least it does for me. Something weird is happening in your game.
  11. Just wondering why would they be getting lots of cards? But probably a better idea to have a more defesive midfielder on the side of the more attacking fullback.
  12. Well that's weird. Because in every single one of my saves my B team and First Team tactics are always same. However, I always tick the option for b team to use first team tactics when setting up which things to delegate to my assistants. It's rather simple. Maybe you missed that part?
  13. All I know is that when I try all the tactical tricks that are supposed to break these sides down, such as playing wider or with more tempo, it doesn't work in FM20 ( and it did in FM19, which makes no sense to me). But obviously you know more than me. Anyway I'll end it at that, so as not to sidetrack this topic.
  14. I don't see what was wrong with IW on Attack. You could also go with Inside Forward on support (actually has attacking mentality) to get a bit more penetration on the left side. But again it depends what sides you are facing. If you are going up against FM20's parked buses then you might as well throw the tactical book out of the window.
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