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  1. It's a weird question. There are no such thing as best PPMs for a striker. It really depends on what kind of striker and tactic you have. For a highly technical striker like Aguero it's probably placing shots. For a very strong beast like Haaland it's shoots with power and likes to beat the offside trap because of his great off the ball movement. It's very case specific.
  2. They are definitely gone. Unless you saved an instance of the site on your computer. Like Wayback machine style.
  3. Yeah but I'm pretty sure the tactic pictures don't work anymore since his site went down.
  4. https://fmdataba.com/squad/ I like to use this site to create squads and it gives basic analysis on how attacking or defensive the squad is. It's very bare bones though.
  5. No problem! You can tell certain positions to swap in tactics screen. If you can find players tab. The one that shows mini pic of tactic with the players represented as dots. Select one of the dots and then there is drop down menu with all possible swapping options. Roam from Position won't tell them to specifically swap but to go into areas where their role is not usually meant to. Like inverted wingbacks going wide and high like a regular wingback.
  6. @DJ Sir Matthew Don't worry about enganche. In low league any decent playmaker should work. Remember that the standard for the rest of the league is lower. The slow defenders in high defensive line tactic I would worry about. Because even in Vanarama league pacy strikers can catch you on a break. So I would as El Loco would Find fast midfielders with decent jumping, positioning and tackling and play them as CBs. Good luck!
  7. That is a really impressive run! Especially because you only conceded once in 13 games.
  8. Great point! I think I probably missed out on him as it's already spring 2021 in my save. But for my future saves I'll definitely keep an eye on him. Ozil too probably if Arsenal don't resign him. But his contract is longer.
  9. Its funny you mention it. I had a very similar set up in my second version of the tactic (as I show in the article) with regista and mezzala on attack and bwm But then I changed it to the final third version because I could not really see Mata playing as regista well. Also I really wanted to recreate enganche type role which I just couldnt convince myself regista could be. Regista role is too much about dynamic movement IMO. It intrigued me though. Maybe I will still go back to that tactic in the future. Particularly seeing how Garner is developing into a really great regista (except for his low off the ball). Although you are right, Oyarzabal would be a sweet regista too
  10. I don't think as its own article, no. I mean it's pretty self-explanatory. I don't think I'll have enough for a whole article. But I might touch upon in any future youth development updates.
  11. Oh yes! Ozil will slot in perfectly into that role. I use Mata there afterall and he is doing well. Ozil is better in almost every attribute. And he is even decent in defence.
  12. That right wing of Pepe and Bellerin is downright lethal! Exactly the pairing I would look when looking for a combination for unlocking the side after a successful overload. As Man Utd Pepe is somewhat of a bogie player for me, as he just always manages to break through and get into a scoring opportunity. It's almost got to the point where when I see him with the ball during a highlight, I start holding my breath in dread haha
  13. Thank you friend! I just updated the original article with the tactic download at the end. Just need to reload it.
  14. So this is something that I thought of recently what if I create a team where all my attacking players have among the best balance, strength and work rate attributes in the league and then tell those players to press the opposition more. A Split Block of sorts. It's my take on Bielsa-ball. So far I had a lot of success with Man United using this tactic. It's not quite game breaking but then I haven't really tested with a team that has super physical forwatds. What do you guys think?
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