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  1. But on the upside, we finally have a False 9 on a higher mentality than "Balanced". In my current formation with False 9 the role is playing wonderfully because he is on "Attacking" individual mentality. I rather they not change that. It was so frustrating never being able to get him to any mentality higher than balanced and the role suffered as a result. But I agree seeing AMC (S) on very attacking individual mentality kind of goes against the point of the role.
  2. WCB(S) flanking a Libero(S) are working very well for me. All on "Positive" individual mentality! BUT you need a really good technical team for such defending. Defending on the Edge!
  3. I would limit the longpassing PPMs. I rather have all three of my CBs with bring out of defence trait. But limit the amount of those Hollywood passes to the attackers. Although sometimes it's pays off to have one defender with longpass ability. Especially for the occasional highlight reel counter goal. But build up from the back is my goal with Total Football.
  4. Trying it out with Porto Five games in. Will have some nice things to report on them over the weekend.
  5. All good suggestions! But I think i narrowed it down to three candidates. At least for beta. And if I really like the save then maybe will continue into the full release as well. Can't really decide between the three. Porto, Ajax (obvious reasons) and Spartak Moscow. All three have the things that I love in my FM clubs. 1) Very good youth intake and facilities to develop homegrown talent. 2) Squads that are somewhat suitable to my tactic from the start (although Spartak might need a bit more development, recruitment) ... AND most importantly 3) B team in a lower league to give my youngsters more experience. Since I don't like loaning them out and don't believe they develop as well unless playing real minutes in a dedicated B team in a competitive league.
  6. Surely hope so. Although can't know how this role will behave until the beta is out. I'm hoping that it take a nice middle ground between a centreback and fullback. A real hybrid role.
  7. Expect a revamp of this thread for FM22 soon. Given the announcement of the new Wide Centreback role, 3-4-3 diamond will probably be my only go to tactic for FM22. Still have to decide on the club though Ajax should already have an interesting squad to recreate Total Football. Or should give a less predictable club a chance?
  8. I am really excited about this role. Probably like no other FM role before. Mostly because I could finally attempt a more realistic recreation of Cruyff's 3-4-3 Diamond tactic. Eventhough my previous tries in FM21 went pretty well, having a dedicated Wide CB (whom you could set to Attack duty!) would make for an interesting tactical situation.
  9. I found the best way to recreate those kinds of tactics in current FM ME is with a single CB told to hold position with two FB(s) or even IWB(d). All three players have to be very good, technical and fast however. Especially the fullbacks who should be more in the mold of tall box-box midfielders (who can also cross). The AI can't really deal with one CB tactics like that. And with a very good team it could almost become an exploit. But it has to be the kind of tactic where you are looking to outscore the opposition in the first half and then switch to something more defensive. The kind of movement you generate is much better than with 3 CBs which tend to be much too stale for a realistic 3-4-3 recreation.
  10. I think you should probably look at your instructions and cut some down. Your tactic is really much too focused on possesion for the sake of possesion. Combined with the roles it's no wonder you don't have much luck breaking defensive sides down. Even if you are dominating them. Play out of defence, Slow tempo, and work ball all into space (if I'm reading French correctly) are too much of an overkill all together. I would just play out of defense and get rid off the others. Slow tempo especially is giving too much time for your opponent to organize their defences.
  11. Thanks! I think this is exactly what I was looking for! And you just confirmed it for me. Same with Drops Deeper. I don't think I'll need it since I am looking to implement more of a less progressive double pivot in midfield. So I will definitely need my AP(a) to be the creator in the final third. Nice the theoretical conception for this tactic is really coming together. Hopefully I can present my final breakdown and squad analysis soon And again, thanks for your valuable insights and input mate.
  12. You are right about the risk of the tactic becoming too gung-ho. Thats what I am also worried about. And I also agree on the more progressive fullback. Don't think attack duty is the way to go. And what I was actually considering for AMC role was either Treq or AP(A) to ensure that they are willing to take more creative risks. Not sure whether positive individual mentality would work as well. I find it might be a bit too conservative for what I am looking for. So I was thinking maybe recreating Sneijder via Treq or AP(A) role with some special PPMs like "come deeper to the ball" or "prefers to pass rather than shoot". What do you think?
  13. Thank you for this beautiful study of Mourinho's style It gave me even more food for thought. I am actually still torn between using Attacking team mentality with maybe just 1-2 strategically-placed attack duties. And relying on wingers (on support) higher positioning to help with the transition play. Or switch to Positive team mentality and 2-3 attack duties - principally AMC, central striker and one of the fullbacks. Will have to test both I guess 🤔 As I mentioned before I am not trying so much to just recreate any particular Mourinho tactic. But more to create a style that is best suited to achieve the quick transition plays that we saw with a team like Real Madrid. And it also has to be a tactic that can work with a top tier club, like Arsenal or Chelsea.
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