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  1. ? I'm sorry can you write your questions in English? I don't understand Spanish.
  2. I don't know why. But they show up on the original article if you use the link at the top
  3. I posted this first over at Dictatethegame.com So if you wish to view it in its original format then please check it out at https://dictatethegame.com/2019/10/14/fm20-story-prologue-new-fm-new-tactic-new-club/ I'm including it here because I would love to generate a discussion about one of my favourite managers and your ideas on translating his tactics into FM20. Also kong series will hopefully satisfy those who love a good youth development save. Or just like the drama of Premier League football. I'm planning this to be my longest series ever, lasting from the full launch until the end of FM20. It is that time again! The next release of our favourite football manager is around the corner. Time when many football fans start thinking about new saves, tactics and challenges. For me its a been a time of tactical introspection and tying up old saves. Looking back at what I achieved last year, I have to say that I mostly enjoyed FM19. It had its share of challenges and triumphs. Although I did not get a taste of success until the end of its cycle. My enjoyment stemmed mostly from the journey of tactical discovery along the way. Now as I set out for another management journey with FM20, I look to integrate what I learned in FM19. So starting with this FM20 Prologue will hopefully show you how to combine FM-tested real football ideas into a new FM20 tactic with a new club. El Loco I will introduce the new tactic, before introducing the new club. So first things first. I need to be completely honest, it is not a very original tactic. I will be emulating Bielsa. Incidentally, Marcelo "El Loco" Bielsa is one of my favourites of the current manager crop. And it is not only because I enjoy watching how well Leeds is playing under his direction. But also because I like a manager who is not afraid to think big with a small club. Especially because Bielsa believes in the importance of a fast-paced attacking system. This is rather remarkable as most modern managers are interested in winning through careful possession and statistical superiority. However, with Lille and Leeds, Bielsa found a way to combine aggressive attack with careful possession. Those who followed my Running with The Wolves Roma series won't be surprised by my choice. In a nutshell, Bielsa favours direct, attacking football. At the same time, he likes his teams to play at fast pace while retaining possession. Other features of his tactics include building from the back, use of width and constant player movement (position switching). So naturally, creating overloads is very important. Some of these strategies I already tried in FM19. Now in FM20 I intend to use them with a distinct Bielsa flavour. New Tactic Please keep in mind the following. I do not intend this to be a pure replication of any specific Bielsa tactic. It is rather a tactic that was inspired by his ideas. This is the 3-3-1-3 system that I intend to use. The halfback hopefully will double as a thirst central defender by dropping back when defensive wingers move up the field. As you can see above, I decided to go with the 3-3-1-3 formation. One that Bielsa keeps coming back to over the years. Although on paper Leeds starts in 4-1-4-1, during possession they transition into 3-3-1-3 with the wingbacks aggressively pushing up and the defensive midfielder dropping down to help the central defenders. The front three attackers is the classic element in any Bielsa tactic. With all his teams, Bielsa prefers to use one central striker flanked by advanced wingers. This allows him to stretch the opposition fullbacks and defenders. And with both wingbacks pushing high up, overloads are possible on both flanks. At the same time central space is opened to the striker and enganche to exploit. The enganche playmaker is another aspect of the tactic that I intend to recreate as a tribute to Bielsa. Most teams managed by him feature a player in this iconic Argentinian role. It turns out that you can take a manager out of Argentina but you cannot take Argentina out of the manager. It is essentially a pure playmaker who acts as a creative pivot or hook that the rest of the formation moves around. A complete heartbeat of the team. Enganche's defensive responsibilities are limited while his passing and creativity are turned up to the max. As a comparison, think of how aging David Silva is played under Pep Guardiola. Another feature that defines Bielsa tactics is how much he demands from his wingbacks. When watching Lille play it was often difficult to distinguish between wingers and wingbacks. Bielsa's instructs his wingbacks to push very far up the field. As a result the distinction between them and the more advanced wide midfielders is often blurred. It is a very demanding role that basically requires the player to perform two distinct jobs. And as I discovered in FM19, you will need a very special player like "Energizer Bunny" José Luis Gayà. He will need to cover defensively like a fullback as well as aid in attack with forward runs and crosses. Gayà would be Bielsa's perfect player - one that blurs the distinction between a wingback and a winger. New Club I always wondered how well Bielsa would do, had he a truly world-class team, at his disposal. What I find fascinating about his approach is in how he tends to take an average squad without any real stars and fashions something greater than the sum of its parts. When Marcelo Bielsa's tactics work they are superb to watch. Also, sides coached by him quickly become adept at fast possession-oriented attacking football. But this does demand great amount of technical and physical skill from his players. The two qualities that tend to be in short supply on mid-level clubs that Bielsa favours. But what if he wasn't limited in players and budget? Without further ado I present the club I chose for my Bielsa experiment. Need I say more? It was a hard choice between United and Real Madrid but in the end Manchester won out as I think it will be more of a fun challenge. And because in my opinion Premier League is a much more competitive league. My main aims for this Red Devil long-term experiment are to: 1) Maximize Goal-scoring from the central striker. So far this season Manchester were able to score only 9 times in 8 Premier League games. Which is a rather pathetic record for a club of their stature. To this effect Bielsa's philosophy as discussed above will be used to improve upon this. 2) Use Bielsa's tactical philisophy to develop an attack-oriented tactic. In short, to play direct and vertical football while trying to get the ball up to our striker as fast as possible. In typical Bielsa fashion this needs to be done through possession, pressing and passing on the run. And definitely not by kicking the ball up the field ala Tony Pulis. Also, cannot forget about stretching the wings with our fullbacks and wide attacker to create overloads and valuable space for our striker. 3) Develop our "young devils", teenage wonderkids! The first team squad needs a much needed injection of youth. Young players have been languishing far too long under Mourinho's watch. And even Ole has been too cautious and hesitant in giving youth a chance. It has been my experience in Football Manager that young players with potential will develop best when given opportunities to play at higher level. That is exactly what I intend. Greenwood, Gomes, Garner and Chong will be my subs on the bench and starters for cups. In future articles I will show how to use the new playing time pathways feature to plan and monitor their game-time and development. 4) Enforce a 5 Year Plan of Winning Silverware. The aim being to win at least one of each: Champions League Cup, League Title and Domestic Cup within the span of 5 years. Domestically, I expect the competition to be fierce as we will be up against Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham. It does not help that we have not won the Premier League since 2012-2013 season. While it has been almost a dozen years without a UEFA Champions trophy. On both counts it's been far too long for a club with a cabinet of 20 League titles and 3 Champions League trophies. Five years is more than enough time to improve this record. My task is to revitalize the culture of winning at Old Trafford through careful use of tactics and youth development. I will be expounding more on how I plan to achieve all these goals in future entries of what I hope will be a long series. For now stay tuned for the next part where I will be giving a proper introduction to my squad and their roles. Feel free to follow and like us @ Dictate The Game’s Facebook and Dictate The Game’s Twitter . El Loco approves!
  4. Why don't you post a screen of your tactic with instructions so maybe we can find what the issue is?
  5. Thats an interesting set up! I especially like how you interpretted the wide roles. But do you think that short passing and work into box would still be effective with a Targetman upfront? I really wanted to put Dzeko in a classic TM role to reflect Boller but thought that it would take away from our possession play.
  6. Exactly! Kluivert wasnt meant to be there at all. I think he was put there when I changed from my secondary tactic. Incidentally I'm having some trouble getting him to play well. He just seems to be average and not really excel at anything. Might cash in on him while value is high.
  7. I think my main rationale for using inverted wingback on that side is to make Rabiot play closer to the middle and use his superior passing and defensive skill to help out with possession. To make two sides less predictable as I already use a more traditional wingback on the right side. It's an idea I wish to explore more in future tactics
  8. Okay so if you check on the original article, the video has been updated to the correct one featuring the games from Euro 2004. Thanks again for catching it. A rookie mistake
  9. I posted this article on Dictatethegame.com. So if you prefer to read it in its original layout and with high quality pictures then you can go here Here I posted it in hopes of getting a discussion going not only about this tactical experiment but also to hear your favourite National Football moments and teams. Nedved (attacking midfileder) and Baros and Koller (strikers) - the catalysts of Czech's 2004 success. This article is dedicated to that amazing team from 2004 which was able to take Czech Republic national football to heights it never experienced since. I believe that modern managers can learn something from the Czechs tactic. Recreating this 4-1-3-2 Velvet Blitzkrieg Tactic, as I like to call it, will be the focus of this article. It will be my last tactical experiment in Football Manager 2019. It is also my attempt to get back to the essence of what makes attacking football so great. That is playing for the love of the game with its eternal goal; scoring more goals than the opposition. So get your game on and read on! View of Prague, Czech Republic from Vlatava River I recently visited Czech Republic and its beautiful capital of Prague. The trip was actually planned before I had the idea for this article. But quite coincidentally it solidified my keen interest and respect for the football culture in this small Eastern European nation. Being a country with a very turbulent history, Czech football went through its share of triumphs and losses. The 2004 Euros in Portugal, were definitely a time of its greatest success. I might not have had a chance to interview the real star, but at least I glimpsed his wax effigy, forever immortalized in Prague, Czech Republic. Team of the Decade Czech Stars: #9 Jan Koller, #11 Pavel Nedved, #10 Rosicky, #15 Milan Baros. And of course one cannot forgot #1 Petr Cech - probably the best goalkeeper in the World at the time. Czech Republic's team from 2004 Euro tournament was not just my favourite team of that tournament but my top football team of all time (both professionally and nationally). It was a team that was not afraid to improvise and take risks, and at the time was the most exciting offensive team to watch. Due to their wealth of world-class attacking talent, in Nedved, Poborsky, Rosicky, Grygera, Koller and Baros, Czechs were able to play with a lot of panache and technical mastery. This made them almost impossible to defend against, as both Netherlands and Germany discovered the hard way. The Czechs blitzkrieged past the two football giants before coming up against Greece in the Final. In their run they took the concept of attack as the best defence to a whole new level. Before ironically getting stopped in their tracks by the "boring" parked bus of the eventual winner Greece. My intention going into this tactical experiment will be to create a tactic not only effective in FM19 but in any future variations of the game engine, including the upcoming FM20. Thus the concepts I use here are intuitive and general with least amount of instructions. In a way, I tried to make it as simple of a tactic as I ever made. I used the Czech Blitzkrieg inspiration to set 3 general waves of attack. The front five consists of 2 strikers, 1 attacking midfield and 2 mezzalas to spear head our attack. This is to reflect the unstoppable power of Koller, Baros, Nedved, Rosicky and Poborsky. Behind this front spearhead, we have the defensive midfielder and inverted wingbacks. Their job is to take advantage of the chaos caused by the front 5 and pounce on any loose balls or tackle the opposition players who got away and are trying to start a counterattack. Pavel Nedved - was the Ballon d'Or Winner and the heartbeat of the team. So while my formation might not reflect the exact shape of Czech Euro tactic, it is strongly evocative of its style. I believe the reason why the Czechs were so hard to play against was due the shear amount of players moving into space behind the two strikers. They were exceptional in their off the ball running and high pressing. The midfield core of Nedved, Rosicky and Poborsky were extremely hard working and intelligent players. With so much talent concentrated in the midfield the Czechs could not be outnumbered there. Despite playing in very attacking, risky formation, they were able to maintain control over their opponent. It was truly an example of creating superior defence through "balls to the wall" offence. Their Greatest Match Ever And there is nothing more ballsy than fielding two strikers and three attacking midfielders against a side like Holland. Arguably, it was the greatest match of the 2004 Euro and the decade. Holland desperately needed a win, while Czechs only needed a draw to advance. Remarkably Czech manager Bruckner still decided to put all their guns out and beat the stalwart Dutch side 3-2. At one point in the game, Bruckner had three natural strikers, four attacking midfielders and a winger (as a wingback) playing a weird 4-1-3-2 or 2-3-3-2! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yq7MlLcFDCo After Baros' equalizer, Bruckner refused to settle for a draw. The new formation switch overloaded the Dutch in the midfield and the Czechs continued to attack. The winning goal came two minutes from end time, as Poborsky masterfully set up Smicer for a simple tap in. The Czechs had qualified from that competition’s Group of Death with a game to spare! In the final game of Group D, Bruckner's gamble paid off again to shock the German side. Then they breezed past Denmark in the quarter-final, before coming up against Greece. And, of course, that was where it all went wrong. Injury to Nedved, forcing him to leave the game after only 40 minutes, and the Greeks insistence on playing their brand of ultra-negative football, both extinguished the Czech dream that day. In the end, it was one of those games where anything could have happened. Pavel Nedved was the beating heart of the team's midfield core. One might argue that with him present for the full 90 minutes, a victory was within reach. But nothing is a sure thing in football. The Greece went on to win Euro that year and cemented their own legendary status as one of the greatest teams of the decade and shining example of an underdog success story. But that is a story for another time. Football Manager Recreation How does all this translate into Football Manager you may ask? Actually quite simple. Its a little similar to my Porto Recreation, with a few key differences. So if you already have a team familiar with that tactic, then it should be easy to implement Velvet Blitzkrieg. Naturally it has to be a narrow formation with all the talent that Czechs had in the midfield. The best instruction to emulate their style is in my opinion to play attacking, possession-focused football. This includes high pressing, short passing, building attacks from the back, and most importantly lots of smart off the ball movement. So make sure that your front five are very good in this attribute, as well as Anticipation. One key aspect I want to recreate is the speed of Czech attack. Even-though I tell my team to start out with patient build up, I want the ball to be moved faster and more direct as it moves closer to opposite goal. To help with this I instructed my midfielders to pass more directly as well as favour players with essential PPMs like Tries killer balls often, Plays One-Twos, and Likes to Switch the Ball to the Other Side. The better Off the Ball attribute of your strikers and midfielders the more likely they will pull these moves off and penetrate the opposition defence. I cannot stress the importance of Off the Ball enough. The higher it is the better. To be completely fair I need to state an important caveat. This is probably not a tactic that you can download and plug into your Bolton side and expect instant results. Or even to expect it to win more games than your usual tactic. For it to work as intended you need a very good midfield. Also essential are a pair of strong, technically well-rounded strikers capable of holding up the ball. It helps if one striker is tall and strong. The Czech "gentle giant" Jan Koller was so essential to their control of the ball. Nedved, one of the best midfielders of his generation and a Juve legend, where he was given the nickname Furia Ceca ("Czech Fury"). Most importantly, you need a Pavel Nedved "fantasista" type player (read this if you are not sure what that means). Luckily I have my current "Next Totti" candidate Zaniolo who I think is more than good enough to fill Nedved's role. Just like "Furia Ceca", Nicolo has the shooting ability, strength, pace, and determination. Couple that with exemplary defensive and offensive work-rate and you get an atypical complete midfielder capable of playing anywhere in the midfield. With still room to develop, Nicolo's technique, dribbling and passing are only bound to improve, to make him into a true fantasista for this team. Nicolo Zaniolo, Roma's fantasista, as he looks in my 3rd season with Roma (2020 in-game) In conclusion, the results started coming in and it is looking rather good, although its only been half a season of using the new tactic. By the middle of December we are in firm position to defend our Scudetto from last season. The highlights so far have been beating Napoli 5-3, Fiorentina 6-1, Inter 4-0 and 6-1 againt Udinese. It definitely has the potential to be a high-scoring tactic, given the right players and time. But then we also lost against Juventus and Cagliari (surprisingly a title contender this season). Both were games where we controlled much of the ball but barely saw any good chances. So there is still plenty of work to be done with this tactic. You are welcome to try it out for yourself and let me know what you think. All suggestions and improvements are welcome. Feel free to post them @ Dictate The Game’s Facebook and Dictate The Game’s Twitter
  10. Dzeko is a beast. He deserves a champions league trophy. The guy got over 50 goals in 3 of the top 5 leagues. Cant think of anyone other than Ronaldo who has achieved that. Major props
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