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  2. Defensive Line

    That makes sense. What would I use to control where my centrebacks physically line up in possession/without possession, then?
  3. yeah that's is correct and I understand the difference, but don't you think that the stats should be kept from one year to another? amateur, professional, dev teams..
  4. Defensive Line

    If I'm not mistaken, defensive line is more an invisible line that tells the players when they have to start closing down. So when you play with a very high defensive line they will start to press earlier than when you play with a low one. Eventually, when your team isn't able to get the back quickly, they will retreat back into their defensive position. This is the formation that is in your tactic screen.
  5. Have a search of this forum, @michaeltmurrayuk has advised not too long ago on this if I remember correctly.
  6. So I made a league and set it to Micronesia (since there's no established league there), but when I went to add nation rules to Micronesia, the dropdown for choosing a division competition is greyed out. Why is that?
  7. Allow players to get better

    Ohh really ? I thought positioning was a players general positioning throughout the game. Thanks for clarifying. I still believe CA/PA should allow the players to get better before it halts their progress though.
  8. Allow players to get better

    With all due respect, that's not a great example. 'Positioning' is a defensive attribute, based on how well a player positions himself to deal with an opposition attack. Are you trying to suggest that Messi and Ronaldo are particularly good at that? The attacking equivalent is 'Off The Ball', which is based on how well a player moves or positions himself to receive a pass or to create space. That's where those two excel.
  9. Franjo: A Journeyman Story

    Oops sorry Mark, will do!
  10. Star rating factors?

    If he looks good but your squad isn't world class then it perhaps suggests he has a lower CA but the points have been used more effectively when converted to attributes. I would guess he is probably heavily one footed and he can only play one position for a start.
  11. Just a quick suggestion if it hasn't already been suggested. I would like it if the CA/PA allowed the players to get better than what they currently do. For example, in my current game, Messi has a positioning of 5 and a concentration of 13. Ronaldo is in the same situation with a positioning of 5 and composure of 13. These are simply wrong in my opinion and it could be due to the CA/PA system simply not allowing players to become that good in the first place which is outrageous considering these two are arguably the greatest players ever. I think players should be allowed to get better before the game stops them developing further.
  12. ok ive put some family members in that save how can i transfer them instead of having to re do them again
  13. Have you added lower leagues to "competitions" list under "Ireland" nation section?
  14. this file is probably made for FM16 - you have 15-20k of failed changes. Game and editor cant read that changes and you have problem - probably lot more problems than this. My advice - leave that file
  15. A one club Journeyman...huh?

    Awful start Tough CL group, will be between you and AC Milan for 2nd spot
  16. but i havnt messed with that league its a database i downloaded the england 22leagues one
  17. Protecting the back 4 in a 4-2-3-1

    You could try changing team shape! I'm using the same formation, same central midfield, only differences are a winger on support, attacking midfielder on support, and an attacking fullback behind the inside forward. Have no problems in defense. Of course, it also depends on the players you have at your disposal. You need fast players with a high defensive line. My attacking midfielder will probably help out in defence a bit more and I'm using a structured team-shape which makes my defensive players less attacking. Overall, your team will less inclined to deviate from given instructions and play a simpler game. Now, you're using Fluid - lots of creative freedom - with the instructions to be more expressive. Players are basically allowed to do whatever they want on the field.
  18. Hi Knap! Thank you for your all great works. You've made many tactics so far but still goodbye 3-4-3-0 and WOF are the best tactics for you right? Your new 3-5-2 and 4-4-1-1 tactics are only for differentiate the shape or are they have better performance from the old ones? Your total points after every season so close to each other (from 100 to 107). If we consider every single decision effects the results while testing the tactics total point differences are acceptable. Therefore, the question is which tactic gave you more CCC and better defensive results. . Thank you!
  19. How do coaches reach their PA?

    It depends greatly on the player. Typically players develop at the fastest rate somewhere between 18 and 23, but there are plenty of exceptions to that, for example Physical attributes develop (and decline) earlier than Mental attributes, some players may peak by 21, some may not reach their potential until 29, and so on.
  20. Star rating factors?

    No, first choice defender! I play HSV, if that matters. And the player is called Ondrej Mazuch. Interestingly, a Cb I sold, was held in higher regard, star-wise, despite having poorer mentals.
  21. It's 128, 557. They seem to average around 108,000, which is by far the highest in the league: Arsenal's new ground was built 15 years ago and they could probably do with an expansion, with Man City, Chelsea, Sunderland, West Ham, Liverpool, Newcastle and Villa all in a decent position to expand if they wanted to or had the funds to do so. Man City's 81,250 was only built 7 years ago so seems unlikely for them, whilst Chelsea are actually just in an expanded Stamford Bridge so they could possibly be likely for a new ground at some point in the near future.
  22. I have always struggled to decide which roles to use in centre midfield and always seem to revert to the dlp role for some reason, I will give the more aggressive roles a try as you suggest. My original thought for the 343 was to try to get the IFs to play as additional strikers who just start out wider. Thinking Thierry Henry when drifting out to the left. I dont even know if that is possible to do. They eventually stopped producing so thats why I reverted to the second tactic to try to get more out of a 3 man forward line.
  23. [FM15] Dexter to the rescue!

    Nuneaton Town August - October 2019/20 Transfers I've only managed the 2 so far but improvements on what we had at least so it's a start I am still looking fr another CB, AMC and FB's but it's not proving as easy a task as i'd have liked I'm not sure what to make of our position at the minute, we've lost and drawn a few stupid games mainly thanks to going down to 10 men at vital times of the game the Wycombe game was probably the worst as we battered them with 11 apart from a goal and then went down to 10 with 30 mins left and they picked us off in the last 10, I believe we's have won that with 11, that said i'd probably have taken this position at the start of the season so I can't complain too much I guess. I'm hoping for a little run in the FA cup, we have Canvey Island who are 21st in the Southern Conference so we should be looking to get in the 2nd round really and hope for another conference level side in round 2, probably won't work that way but that's the hope for now
  24. I want my team to have a very high defensive line when I'm in possession but to withdraw and be compact when we are defending. Is that possible? I've always been confused at which (both?) the "defensive line" TI controls.
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