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  2. this is whats causing my fm17 to freeze
  3. Not sure how i can post screenshots on here. In game, do i select print page and then select web page? or another way? i would happily have him till the end of the season his attributes and traits are perfect for CM-Attack.
  4. From delighted to enraged. They scored off a penalty, a deep free kick floated into a crowd in the box that gets poked home, and a mess off a terrible corner. Oh, and we had a player wrongfully sent off for last man. !@#$%$%^&*. There goes Europe for another year.
  5. I'm confusing myself here! Team is predicted 4th with above average technicals and work rate. Defence is solid and one CB aside averagely quick. I want us to play possession football with some urgency in the final third. So from the keeper up to Fleck or even higher slow, controlled, risk free. Then we try to open teams up which we're not going to do if we're just passing sideways. I think what I need to do then is use a mentality with lower risk - either standard or counter. TI play out of defence (with GK PI). Looking at my roles (and the fact that most teams should sit deep) that should see lots of safe possession? I said I wanted some urgency in the final third, some players aiming to take the game to the opponents. Therefore is the best way to do this to add more attacking duties or do I have enough? I know I only have one but an inside forward is fairly offensive and wingers run at defences on support too. Then I have Carruthers acting like a second striker (I think) and Fleck fairly close too. I don't want to get done on the counter. Speaking of getting done on the counter, low risk mentality plus those defensive 6 (with Fleck) should see us in a good shape in the transitions. Another reason as to putting Carruthers on attack and leaving the wide players on support is to have them tuck back in quickly. I think I can leave shape on flexible because I need a bit of creativity but not too much for my possession aim, and fluid may be too much but at the same time structured may see my front four stuck up the pitch in transitions. So to clarify I've talked myself into adding: counter mentality, play out of defence TI, and GK distribution PI. What does anyone think? TI under consideration: Short passing + work ball into box - but I'd like to think they are intelligent enough to do this anyway. Push higher up + Close down - I quite like the idea of a solid defensive base yet these would help possession stats and controlling the game. I think I just needed a place to write down my thoughts? Am I talking jibberish?
  6. That's completely untrue on every level, so don't worry about that one. It could be any number of things happening such as: not adapting enough to different opponents and/or during matches; player complacency/morale/over confidence; tactical choices; injuries/suspensions to key players; the opposition changing how they play as you become more successful; some/all of the above. However, it's impossible to offer specific advice without knowing how you are playing. Probably a good starting point would be for you to head over to the Tactics forum, read the Asking for Help sticky and open a new thread there.
  7. It's definitely not set in stone. I've got a youngster who had it improve from 12 to 14 in little over a year.
  8. If you have a quick question, please use this thread. In game shouts aren't pointless, although their effects are relatively small and short term (10-15 mins). They provide a boost to relevant attributes or morale. I've never seen a guide that explains them all.
  9. There's a pun in here somewhere...Glentoran Galacticos Gazump Glenavon for the League!
  10. Yep i set up all my set pieces though i have rarely tinkered with throw ins. As for training i have just been looking at it and i'm confused. My head of youth development is running general training for youth squads which should mean both U18's and U23's but seems as though that only refers to the U18's as it states when i look at U18's training that he is in control but not for the U23's. I have myself selected to run general training for senior squads....squads? so the U23's is classed as a senior squad? how can that be? and so it seems that whatever general training is set for my senior team my U23's have the same. Also i have individual training set for my HOYD to carry out but when i go into my U18's individual training i can tweak it myself. Where as in general training for U18's i cant....strange.
  11. Tosça from Steaua Bucharest is a quality CB. I'd throw money at him, you'll be guaranteed a profit. Deivid is also a good CB.
  12. Cheers, yeah i noticed although the HB did nothing like it says on the tin, the system defensively did not suffer really. Was a small sample size but probably will stick with that. Thus far, defending is not the problem........The attacking game is not translating at all as i had hoped. Our striker is too far advanced, we have masses of possession but no penetration (that is somewhat a problem i expected, given my desire to play quick passes, there is always the issue of an end product) and, of course, we are addicted to long shots Some thought and analysis needed on the attacking side. Need to give more thought to how we break teams down, since our "pass and move" lots of bodies does not seem to work as i hoped thus far.
  13. December We got a very tough draw against Long Eaton in the Northern League Challenge Cup, but to my surprise we actually managed to beat them, albeit after 30 minutes of unneeded extra-time. This puts us through to the Quarter Final and having beaten the favorites you have to say we have a decent chance at winning it now. 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss this month - not the worst form by any means, but not up to the level we need to win the league really. The loss at Workington was frustrating, but soon forgotten when we won our next 4 games on the bounce. The highlight of the month was the late winner at home to Congleton, especially as at the time they were top of the table so it felt like a really good win. I was disappointed we couldn't win against Nantwich and Whickham though, especially with Whickham who spent the entire 2nd half with 10 men after having a man sent off for a horror tackle on the 44th minute. We're in 2nd place and doing well, but Long Eaton are 4 points ahead of us and still have 2 games in hand. I think it will probably be too much to catch them now as they're looking very strong - all we can do is keep winning games and hope they drop points at some point.
  14. A TQ can work with pretty much anything, although personally I tend to play mine in the AM position where they can be devastating as both the main playmaker and a goal scoring threat. Yes, it's part of the individual goalkeeper training for either the Goalkeeper or Sweeper Keeper roles. However, there is no specific focus training for 1v1s.
  15. thanks a lot mate it's this one
  16. For @Dave. and @LUFCspeni, and perhaps others I'm forgetting offhand (my apologies!):
  17. Today
  18. We're going to have lengthy pre-season, don't you think?
  19. Hey Jambo don't rule out the halfback completely. I've been using it ahead of a back 4 for quite a few seasons in my regular career. Sure it doesn't work like intended, by not splitting the CBs, which makes it less than ideal to build up patiently from the back, but it does still provide a 3rd man at the back to cover for attacking fullbacks. Most of the time the AI are terrible at exploiting the space we give out at the wings anyway. You might find that most time the 3 men at the back (2 DCs + halfback), despite not being in ideal positions, are still enough to cover counter-attacks. If needed extra cover, you can tell one of the other fullbacks to stay behind (although I can see why this would be annoying with a wingerless system in which you need attacking fullbacks at all times). Admitedly this perhaps isn't all too different from the behavior of an anchorman... I need to try to switch my HB/D to a A/D to see if I notice any difference. edit... here's an image of how my HB looks like just ahead of the CBs.. this isn't Sassuolo, but might give out some ideas:
  20. Beat that Blackburn!! (vs Newcastle)
  21. @Parri - 4231 DM wide (there is possibly an argument that this is too "common" - if you think so let me know and i will redo for you exlcuding this one)
  22. Preferences - preferences - interface.. down there under processing it has an option for fewer stops in play by increasing the duration of each break.
  23. that would be awesome even if they did a one off for the march feb update with the results starting jan would be good constantly might be a bit much to ask but yea solid idea
  24. On the championship rules page under loans, it states that loan rules are a "maximum of zero players allowed on short term loans in a season" You are correct though, a short term loan was anything up to 93 days (3 months) but that Was banned irl at the start of this season anyway, so on that basis a rest of the season loan would be classed as a long term loan.
  25. August LG1: Tranmere Rovers 0-2 Notts County An excellent result to begin the season with, although our performance was pretty average. Winger Alan Judge slotted us in front after 25 minutes, and a Lee Hughes header 5 minutes into the second half ensured we took the points back to Nottingham. League Cup 1st Round: Notts County 0-1 Derby County The League Cup always comes around so quickly, and within the blink of an eye, our campaign is over. Not really the draw I wanted, and it became even harder just 15 minutes in when Eric Lichaj was sent off. We managed to hold out until 20 minutes from time, but the goal was almost inevitable. We finished the game with 9 men too, as Chris Birchall was sent off for a two footed lunge in stoppage time. LG1: Notts County 2-0 Hartlepool Again, we didn't play especially well, but two Lee Hughes goals in the last 10 minutes were enough for the points. LG1: Bury 0-2 Notts County A theme is emerging here, as once again we didn't play that well, but we had enough about us to get the victory. Nick Blackman scored his first goals for the club, but he should have had a hat-trick as he missed a penalty in stoppage time. Still, I'll take it. LG1: Notts County 1-0 Stevenage This was our most convincing performance to date, even if we only managed the one goal. Nick Blackman got it, slotting home from the edge of the box on the stroke of half time. LG1: Scunthorpe United 1-3 Notts County We saved the best til the end of the month, or at least the first half of this game. We were three up after half an hour after goals from Birchall, Blackman and Judge, and although we took our foot off the pedal afterwards, the game was done by that stage. The fixture computer has been very kind to us this month, but it's nice to end August at the top of the table.
  26. Thank you. Meanwhile: This is great! This is not! Screw you auditors!
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