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  2. Tenthreeleader - Like you wouldn't believe sir April 21st: Barrow (H) (46/46) A poor start saw us go a goal down on the 6th minute as Alex Ray Harvey fired in from outside the area after beating my team to a simple loose ball. Ten minutes later they had another chance with some poor defending costing us but luckily for the outfield players Panpardus was on hand to save the day. On the half hour we came close to going two nil down as Barrow broke through the defence and fired towards goal but their effort was as poor as our team play and the ball went well wide of the post. During the half time interval I gave you lot a quick reminder that Wembley places were up for grabs and that you needed to give the fans something to shout for before the presentation of the Blue Square Bet Premier trophy. The second half was much better and twelve minutes minutes into the half we had our first chance of the game as Terk ran through the defence but his final effort went wide of the post. On the 67th minute we came close to getting the equaliser as Manxie_Ash smashed the ball against the crossbar from twenty yards. Five minutes later we got the equaliser as Chesterfan played a one two with CFuller and fired under the onrushing keeper. We were controlling the ball better than Barrow and with five minutes remaining in the game we grabbed the winner as Salkster jinked through the defence and slipped the ball past the keeper FMS Rejects 2-1 Barrow Chesterfan 72, Salkster 85 / Alex Ray Harvey 6 Panpardus, Edtheguy, EvilDave, Balthazars, JDoyle, Manxie_Ash, Gavrenwick (capt), Mark Wilson, Salkster (CFuller), Chesterfan, BenArsenal (Terk) Booked: Balthazars, Salkster, Mark Wilson With the end of the League season we now have the little matter of the FA Trophy Final on the 10th May. I told my players they could have a couple of days off but I want them back and ready for training. April 30th: Some bad news of the injury front as Salkster will miss the FA Trophy Final after injuring his chest during training, he will be out for around a month
  3. September 18th: Airbus UK (A) (5/32) Six minutes into the game we came close to opening the scoring with a low effort from L.Elford-Alliyu but the Airbus keeper managed to tip it round the post. On the 15th minute it was Airbus who grabbed the opener as T.Matthews diverted a R.Parry effort past his own keeper for an own goal. Twelve minutes later we had another effort as A.Edwards rose above the defence and headed a C.Marriott cross just wide of the post. Just before the break we had another effort with a thunderous shot from S.Quigley which was well saved by the keeper. The second half was much of the same with a some dominant play by my side and on the 64th minute C.Marriott fed the ball to the feet of W.Fletcher who lashed the ball just over the crossbar. Ten minutes later C.Seargeant had the chance to score but yet again the Airbus keeper was on hand to block the effort. With four minutes remaining in the game we finally grabbed the killer goal as W.Fletcher rose above the defence and headed in a R.Parry cross. Airbus UK 0-2 TNS T.Matthews og 15, W.Fletcher 86 P.Harrison (capt), S.Spender, A.Evans, R.Pryce (S.Saunders), C.Marriott, C.Seargeant, N.Craig (R.Brobbel), A.Edwards, R.Parry, S.Quigley, L.Elford-Alliyu (W.Fletcher) September 21st: The draw for the Nathaniel MG Cup Semi Final has taken place and we will face Berriew at home if we beat Holywell later on today.
  4. Hi FrazT and thanks for getting back so quickly. The full game version is given as 14.3.1 487696 (m.e V1454) As I recall the installation process was initiated from the start menu on the CD disk and was facilitated and completed using the Steam client.
  5. Would it therefore be fair to say, that you're making adjustments to how your system can be effective by changing how the midfield 3 operate in terms of roles and duties, whilst leaving the back 5 and front 3 pretty much alone?
  6. Hello, I have a problem on fm touch. I have unlocked the no work permits un-lockable, however, in the store, it says I have to buy it to apply it in the game. And when I try to apply it straight from the inbox when it tells me i have unlocked it, it says I have to pay for it still. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  7. Sadly I've messed up my knee yesterday and can hardly walk today so not sure standing for 90 minutes is a smart move - I'm still really tempted though! Might just have to hope they win tonight so I can go to their playoff final like a really glory hunter
  8. He does looks useful, doesn't he? The jobs I've applied for have both been in Germany, but I'd be interested in something else, too.
  9. I'm enjoying reading this and am glad you're moving around the different states, and not just sticking to Russia, even if it does mean taking a less challenging role like Astana. I had actually heard of Bunyodkor, because they were one of the clubs Rivaldo played for on his end of career world tour. I also managed the Uzbek national team on FM years ago with a veteran Maxim Shatskikh up front.
  10. I've also had this issue a couple of times as well in the Checkatrade trophy a penalty shootout and basically the play button vanished and I cannot continue Penalty Shootout, I'm stuck as I can not progress the game. I also play in windowed and standard size and no custom skin or graphics. This does not happen all the time and I've had penalty shoots out before and been fine and I don't believe I did anything different to previous.
  11. @mikcheck 1) If you are trying to play counter attacking football, the tactical settings you apply will be used when you are not counter attacking. 2) The basic premise of counter attacking is to drop deep, let the opposition come onto you before winning the ball back and breaking forwards quickly and in numbers to overload the fragile opposition defence. A very high defensive line may not fit in with that. 3) You are using two playmakers in the centre of the pitch. This could slow down your swift counter attacks as rather than breaking forwards quickly, your players may still look to play the ball via your 2 playmakers. Check the counter attacking thread linked in the stickied guides at the top of the forum for more detail. @westy8chimp Why so conservative in central midfield? With 3 x MCs + a DM you can afford a bit more adventure. As far as your wingbacks go, an attack duty will indeed bring them further forward, but you also have up to 3 ball magnets in the centre - a TM, a TQ and a DLP. A DLP in the centre of the park can be great for spraying balls around to all corners of the pitch, but with a TM / TQ ahead that's where his passing focus will be.
  12. Ireland for sure, but you can't beat Romania on my watch :))
  13. Examples? Haven´t seen one (in my 30 years watching football), all games you see always have at least one man up front in the line-up - The case of using ´strikerless´ (in the way it is done) is just a exploiting way of trying to beat the ME - It has nothing to do with football in my book.
  14. Yeah, I remember; Fabregas played as a false 9 for them - Such a role exists for strikers (use it then).
  15. Yes of course they are, as you well know. I have no idea why SI didn't respond to your other threads (I've also raised threads which went without response, as have many others), all I'd say is don't let it stop you raising issues.
  16. Did you advanced to the next season after the affiliation has been cancelled, and see if the restriction is in play after? Could be it's set in stone at season start, so cancelling doesn't reset until following season
  17. We were poor in April, and because of the abject performance and result in the first leg of the Europa League, I let my Ass Man take the second leg. Thankfully he dug me out and we face a battle for a top 5 spot from here
  18. I've not wandered into this thread before as I'm not a big fan of playing in Asia, but I'm quite surprised at the amount of progress you've managed to make over the years here. Your players are not quite as horrendous as I would've expected. What the hell is up with all those cups, Asia seems to love having a ton of competitions per season. When are you aiming to win the Asian CL, within the next 10 years?
  19. Think you should be able to organise options when you win trophies. For instance when certain teams win the league that aren't expected to the team could have an open bus tour with big media presence etc, yet if your at a top team and regularly win the league you could take the players out for a meal/night on the town, or if you fancy collect all the medals in a bag stick them in the bin and say that was last season, lets focus on the next.
  20. I suggest you cast your memory back to Euro 2012. Spain won the tournament doing just this. I'm sure you'll find other examples from more recent times. I've very rarely used strikerless formations, but I see no reason why nobody should be able to use one if they so wish. I certainly wouldn't say that they exploit the match engine or are disrespectful to the sport.
  21. There are plenty of real life example where manages have sent out a team in a strikerless formation so they have a place in FM. How the AI managers cope when they come up against such a formation what should be the focus of the ME dev's.
  22. It's just our top scorer and the guy with most assists, but I might've overstated how much trouble we're in, due to other things that have happened.
  23. That CL draw. Unsurprisingly strong first season in Denmark.
  24. Today
  25. I'm trying to add the 3rd tier of Slovenia. 2nd tier will expand from 10 teams in the 2016/2017 season to 16 teams the seasons thereafter. What I've done so far: Have separate rules for 2016 & 2017 and further for both 2nd tier as 3rd tier. 2016 3rd tier gives 8 promotion spots divided over 4 different regional leagues. 2016 2nd tier gives 2 relegation spots. Number of extra lower division teams to be promoted: 6. Those 6 spots also mentioned at 3rd tier. From 2017 on there are 4 promotion spots in 3rd tier and 4 relegation spots in 2dn tier. However I keep on getting the error: "Promoted and relegated teams do not match up for Slovenian Second League (2 relegated) and Slovenian Third League (8 promoted) (extra teams requested = 0) Any clue on what I might be missing? Slovenia 2_297F3C8F-E2BA-4A68-9EE6-010E454B24F0.fmf
  26. Hi SI, First of all, I´ve been wanting for some time now to congratulate you on a GREAT version of FM (The greatest to date, IMO). It´s match engine, player decisions, running patterns (especially those of the strikers) etc. has been made so much better than previous versions, it´s really a great experience - Keep up that good direction you´re heading in, and THANK YOU for all that hard work you put into the game Now, there´s an issue I really hope could be taken care of in future versions; I´m really getting tired of going around forums, and hearing from some of my friends online, that they employ a ´strikerless formation´ in order to "crack the ME" and win matches that way. The case was the same in previous versions, but now I think it´s time to do something about it. No teams IRL-football employ a strikerless formation, NO teams! I therefore propose that the tactics screen is set up, so that in any given tactic at least ONE striker (regardless of role) is required in the tactic. Currently speaking, I´m playing with Malaga in La Liga, dueling for the championship with my 4-1-3-2 against Barcelona and R.Madrid, each season doing really well (and perhaps, someday winning the title). Meanwhile, a friend of mine is in 1st place, 8 points ahead of Barcelona in the last half of the season - ...with Rayo Vallecano, employing a strikerless formation (Wins all the time, no fun in my opinion and basically unrealistic and in my book, it´s cheating). He beat Barcelona in the league 7-1... At Camp Nou(!) To be honest, I think it´s somewhat disrespectful to the game of football, and the history of how football has evolved and the manner in which managers have created and thought out the tactics and formations, that we see IRL today. And for us gaming managers, that creates or practices ´normal looking´-formations, it´s a little (actually, very) irritating to be playing the game ´realistically and honest´, while others don´t. - It´s obviously no secret that there´s somewhat a little competition going on among one another, so when ones friends cheat, the odds for success aren´t fair. I´ve been playing the game, ever since the first Championship Manager arrived and love the game - Therefore, it´s also important to me that the game is met with equal respect, realism and competitiveness. I hope you´ll look into making the changes as proposed for future releases. Thank you beforehand for any reply! - (PS. Hope my English is okay, I´m from Denmark ) Toonrock
  27. Congratulations on the Bundesliga title. Ja! The World Cup is shaping up real nicely too. Very good chance you either come out of that with some silverware and/or a new side to manage. Preferably both. Shame your Greek side might very well be on route to cut off a couple of those teams in the top end of the draw - you'll be catching one out of Ukraine, Ireland, Wales and Switzerland on the semi-finals. If you make it that far, that is. My preference would be a Greece-Croatia finale, had some very good times managing Croatia in the past.
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