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  2. Vikeologist's 2023 Mexico Gold Cup Report So no sooner have I finished one international tournament than it’s straight on to the next one. This one has bigger stakes though. If we don’t win this, I’ll be gutted, even though USA are ranked higher than us. Not only do I not have any international landmarks so far in this challenge save, I’ve got only one to show for the last 3 or so years of FM. FM16 – 11 seasons played, 5 international tournaments, 0 international trophies FM17 (attempt 1) - 28 seasons, 10 tournaments, 1 trophy, 1 game ending Copa Libertadores bug FM17 (att 2) – 10 seasons, 3 tournaments, 0 trophies And now FM18 – 7 seasons, 2 tournaments and many botched qualifying campaigns, 0 trophies. Minor international trophies of course. I have a couple of meaningless baubles this save alone. But no landmarks other than that solitary Asian Cup early in FM17. Of course, I’m pretty damn confident, but I haven’t forgotten the Gold Cup in FM15 where I was taken to penalties by Ja-bloody-maica, and I haven’t forgiven either. Group Stage Quarter Final (if applicable) Semi Final (if applicable) 3rd Place Playoff (if applicable) Final (if applicable) After The Tournament
  3. @darren1983 Congrats on the league. Just one landmark away from the leader board, which I dare say is the prospect which gets you out of bed in the morning. (I wrote that in jest but with regard to me, it's not that far off the mark). Did you do a lot of stuff in the transfer market, or just make do with what you had? @XaW Good result there against Inter. Hope the 8 goals was enough for the second leg. @pug 407 Congrats on your S African double. Wonder if you'll get your third Ultimate completion before I get my second. @blackdevil So you and @XaW are both managing Lyon. Hope you manage to depose PSG, (or get the job there).
  4. La Liga - round 38 of 38 Welcome to the final day of the 2033/2034 season of La Liga. We will be following Numancia-Valencia, also with regular updates from Málaga-Real Madrid. As it stands Valencia are due to win our first title in 30 years (last was in 2004), but we need to beat Numancia to be sure of it. On paper our opponents are modest but I am afraid of complacency! Minute 9: GOAL FOR VALENCIA! 1-0! We insist on a corner and Marcelo Hernández scores it after a pass by loanee Edson Fränkel! ... but that's not all the good news as we receive the notice that IT'S A GOAL FOR MÁLAGA! 1-0 in their match! Paco Ardura puts the home team ahead, further diminishing Real's title chances. Minute 31: Injury to right-back Arán, I switch him for Dario Suarez. Suarez is on loan from Real Madrid - he's gonna party as champions either way it goes tonight. Minute 38: More great news coming in!! GOAL FOR MÁLAGA! 2-0! Scored by Ignacio Portilla. Half-time: We've not been exactly thrilling, but all seems set for our title. Numancia hasn't even attempted to shoot at goal. Málaga beating Real by 2 goals. Surely this will be ours? Minute 54: More news on the radio, this time not as good. GOAL FOR REAL MADRID! 2-1! Weverton reduces for the side from the capital. Minute 54: Yet on the same minute it's a GOAL FOR VALENCIA!! 2-0!! Winger-to-winger as it's a fine through ball played by Nilson Cardoso onto a run by Rodrigo Durán!! Minute 58: Saúl Lara crosses from very deep and Raúl González's header HITS THE BAR!! Full time: VALENCIA ARE SPANISH CHAMPIONS!!!
  5. I have two suggestions for you. First, @Rashidion his youtube channel BTN, and his site bustthenet.com. Tons of stuff, there is something for you. The other one is @Cleonhe have a blog, tea and busquets. He is the master of training and he also have a ton of stuff on roles/duties, shouts, TC inner workings, etc... They are also very active on this forums too. The is a lot more but those two are the first ones that come ine my mind. Hope it helps
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  7. La Liga - round 37 of 38 It's a midweek round on Wednesday and Thursday. Exactly what we don't need, a cramped calendar at the end which doesn't suit my very non-rotated squad (something unusual for me as I usually rotate like crazy, but I've been doing it this season due to the few competitions we're in, and the somewhat clear standout best 11). We're the first to play. Away to Villarreal, a very tricky tie. Minute 45: GOAL FOR VALENCIA! 1-0! Both wingers combine with Rodrigo Durán crossing low for Nílson Cardoso to tap in! It's a very fortunate goal right before half-time, we've been utterly outplayed by Villarreal so far. Half-time: 1-0 up, but we don't deserve it. I should change things but I'm at a bit of a loss at what to do. They're camping around our area, I'm playing attacking mentality ffs, how can that happen. Minute 48: GOAL FOR VILLARREAL!! 1-1! Well they don't waste any time setting the result right. Sergi is the scorer. Minute 81: PENALTY FOR VALENCIA!! Marcelo was clear on goal but was hacked down!!! Raúl will take it... he's missed a few this season... .... SAVED BY DAVID RUIZ!! Raúl misses again!! Full time: It's a draw. I'm almost happy with it - Villarreal had so many more chances all match long, that salvaging a point feels like a good result. We did miss that late penalty. But crucially we know that if we beat Numancia the last match we are champions. We MUST beat them though. But let's see what our opponents do first. Next to play are Real, with a tricky tie away to Sevilla. Not so tricky - the goals arrive late but it's a clear 3-0 win. Onto Barça the next day on the Thursday - also in Seville, playing against Betis who are having a storming season. It's a Betis win!! This means Barça are out of the title race. As it stands into the last round: We're away to last placed, long relegated Numancia. Real also away to Málaga. If we match or better Real's result we're champions. If not, Real clinch their 5th title in a row.
  8. [FM15] Lysi To Kill - A Cypriot Adventure

    I'm really following this save, because I'm finding it hard to improve my squad for European competitions while trying to develop Cypriots at the same time. So I have gone for the lazy approach and buy foreign talent and just make sure I have 10 Cypriots to meet the league requirement. I feel like the quality of intakes makes things hard, but it seems that you are focusing more on a long term thing, so this should be fun.
  9. FM18 - San Marino Challenge

    We've all seen it and we have all heard about it one of the hardest challenges in Football Manager history is the San Marino challenge.Today Bobby G has been appointed as San Marino Calcio manager and in doing so has laid out a 30 year plan for San Marino football to take them from laughing stock to world cup winners.San Marino CalicoYears 1 - 5 - Move from Serie D to Serie AYears 6 - 10 - Solidify San Marino football in the top flight while investing in youth facilities, recruitment & coachingYears 11 - 15 - Win Serie A & qualify for the champions leagueYears 16+ Win the champions league & become the biggest team in europeSan Marino National TeamYears 1 - 5 - Win the first competitive football match in San Marino historyYears 6 - 10 - Don't finish bottom of qualification for either the World Cup or European ChampionshipsYears 11 - 15 - Qualify for either the World Cup or European ChampionshipsYears 16 - 20 - Make it through the group stage of either the World Cup or European ChampionshipsYears 21 - 25 - Make it to the Semi Final of either the World Cup or European ChampionshipsYears 26 - 30 - Win either the World Cup or European ChampionshipsThe Goal - To Win The World Cup with International Minnows San MarinoSeason 1 in Serie D is predicted to be a decent one with a chance of promotion at our first go to Serie C. Quick movement between the lower divisions will be key to survival with regards to finances.The team haven't jelled well in pre season & we go into the first game with match cohesion at an all time low. I will be working on this predominantly on the training ground to get everyone on the same page.The finances at the club are good but we're haemorrhaging money right from the get go. A plan to release all non essential plays is critical to the longevity of the club.The transfer market has been slow but we have 3 key capture coming into the club to start the season.Alessio Codromaz is our best central defenderMattia Spezzani is a very good advanced central midfielderFilippo Artioli is a nice free loan signing who will get the nod down the leftWe will start the season out like we do each save in Mike Bassett style playing 4 - 4 - F**()& - 2, looking to play wide counter attacking football.I will be updating the post each half season with updates as well as running parrallel videos on my youtube channel.Bobby G Gaming Youtube PageI can't wait to get stuck into this one and see just how far we can go!UP THE MARINO!
  10. The "work the ball into box" shout was definitely hindering crosses into the box. Thanks for the advice. Do you know of any resources here or elsewhere that give a bit of depth to each of the shouts?
  11. La Liga - round 36 of 38 3 rounds to go. Barça and Real play first on the Saturday, whilst we host Málaga on the Sunday. First to play are Real.... Down to 10 men from early on, but still done it. Onto Barça later on the Saturday... Nope, no mistakes. All the pressure on us as we temporarily drop to 3rd on the league table. Onto Sunday and our match.... Minute 11: GOAL FOR VALENCIA! 1-0! The 2 forwards combine to give us the lead, Marcelo robs the ball from a sleeping defender and gives it to Raúl! Minute 36: GOAL FOR VALENCIA! 2-0! An amazing run by Rodrigo Durán down the left makes it an easy tap-in for Raúl to get his 2nd. Half-time: we're 2-0 up but hardly convincing, Málaga have been dangerous. They're giving us good space to counter, though. Minute 58: GOAL FOR MÁLAGA! 2-1! Uh oh. A lightning quick counter ends with a goal for the away side, by Paco Ardura. Minute 74: GOAL FOR VALENCIA! 3-1! It's centerback Ancor Melián in a corner! Better now! Full-time: We did our part here. We remain top, but the final 2 rounds are away from home. We cannot afford one slip in neither.
  12. Hans Kaiser- Baldness Über Alles!

    Borussia Dortmund March 2020 Good month, but I would have loved to have gotten maximum points from that last match. We started out with another big win over Wolfsburg, who we are now 8/8 against on this save. We did start poorly though, as on 3', Vincenzo Grifo pounced on a Yunus Malli ball and fired in the goal on a half-volley. We got our equalizer ten minutes later, Alex Isak stinging one into the bottom right from OusCrane's assist. We then got the lead in the second half, Andreas Lerche finishing a snapshot from another OusCrane assist. On 70', Isak hit the bar with his wide-open effort, but Sebastian Rode was there to put in the rebound on the volley to make it 3-0. The midfielder then got another on 87', driving home a low finish from outside the area, albeit courtesy of some shoddy goalkeeping work from Lukas Hradecky. He actually got sent off as well in the late goings, but his two goals erased that blemish as we cruised to victory. We followed that up with a solid away win over Braunschweig, in the first of what I hope is many acts of revenge against relegation-threatened sides who have humiliated us this season. OusCrane got us started on just 4', taking a delivery from Isak and applying a deft touch to beat the keeper. Just three minutes later, we got our second from the most unlikely of sources. After two of our shots had been blocked by their defense, third string right back Lukas Piszczek, who was actually playing at left back due to an injury crisis, banged in a half volley to claim his first goal on this save in any competition. What a moment for him! Andre Schurrle got our third on 31', exploiting some weak marking at the back post to stick one in from close range. An off-the-ball tackle from Bjorn Engels inside the box gave Braunschweig the opportunity to soil our clean sheet on 63', which Salih Ozcan indeed converted. There were no other hiccups defensively, however, and we left Lower Saxony with all three points. Defensively, we got pretty damn unlucky at home against Mainz. Thankfully, Nadiem Amiri was on fire on the offensive end. He opened the scoring for us on 20', blasting home a beautiful finish from the right wing into the left-hand side of the net. Yet we conceded on 37', as a controversial penalty call against Sokratis allowed Mainz's Jonathan Burkardt to slot home from the spot. Amiri got us our lead back shortly after the second half restart with a cool close range finish. We looked set to claim another victory, but it was our former man Shinji Kagawa (and ironically, Amiri) who relegated us to a draw late on, as the Japanese international's shot deflected off of Amiri's head, throwing Predrag Rajkovic off and dropping into the back of the net. We couldn't find a winner afterwards. Really rough luck here, but a draw is better than nothing. Table Great news, we've gone top this month! I haven't been atop the league past the winter break at all on this save, so I'm very happy to be here. However, the league is mind-bendingly tight, especially since Leipzig have now joined the title race. Two points separate first from fourth with seven games to play... yikes! Elsewhere in the table, Schalke have caught up with Hertha and Hoffenheim in the race for the final EL place, Hamburg have propelled themselves out of the relegation conversation for now, and Nurnberg have risen into the playoff place, sending Koln further down. Right now, we're just going to have to take things one match at a time, but April is going to be a very tough month. We have Leverkusen and Hoffenheim away from home, and then Leipzig at home. Now's the time to toughen up and put everything on the line for victory. Los! Los! Los!
  13. I played 5 seasons smoothy with sync fast. I reached the premier league.With crowded stadiums. Problem come back again. Esoecially in the freekicks and corners run laggy. And ehile dribbling along the throw in line. Ridicilious
  14. What exactly does it take to "achieve" this promise to a player? I made a promise, strangely enough, to one of my younger players (22). We had four players aged 19-22 (not counting the player in question) that saw significant time. We finished 2nd in the league, were runner up in the Community Shield (after finishing 2nd the year before in the league) and are in the finals of both the FA Cup and the Champions Cup (both for the second consecutive season). I think he needs to sort his stuff out. But anyway, back to the original query. How do you actually achieve this goal? Had I played any more kids we likely finish mid table (or worse).
  15. Yeah, I've always struggled with form if I bring in more than two or three players per window. Seems to take ages to get team cohesion up but if your players aren't good enough, they're not good enough and changes have to be made. Struggling with the same issue in my Wolves save, although we're holding on to a top eight position in the Prem. Horribly inconsistent though... which seems fair!
  16. Nothing new, mate - I've averaged around that amount for the past three seasons. Although that might explain why we've been struggling for consistency...
  17. Good start! But that's a lot of changes - hope you can keep it going.
  18. So, an early season update for the 2020-21 season... We've had a very promising start: Obviously it's only three games, but the point is that the three games were difficult ones... United at home, a 3-2 win and our first win against them, Chelsea away, 1-1 and our first point against them and Leicester away, a 1-0 win where my whole back line got 7+ ratings, which never, ever happens unless we win by several goals and don't concede stupid goals, which is rare enough in itself. Hopefully we can keep going, although Liverpool away is just one game away so I'm not optimistic about going on any sort of extended unbeaten run. Our two consecutive seasons of avoiding relegation have gone to the chairman's head, as he's now expecting a mid table finish. I have the players to do it though, maybe go a bit further and finish in the top half or even challenge for the Europa places but we need to be much more consistent than we've been last two seasons, particularly in defence. Transfers: Our first proper Brazilian wonderkid! That name sounds like royalty. Are you royalty? His adaptability is apparently very low, but he's started well enough and I'm hoping our Portuguese-speaking contingent of Geraldes, Braganca, Carbina and my assistant Filipe Pedro are enough to keep him happy. An 18-year old striker pretty much on par with my first choice striker for just 14,25 million (his release clause) was far too good to pass up on. So, lots of movement again, but I'm happy with our business. Managed to sign a few good (and surprisingly cheap) English players to help with the post-Brexit quotas, a few 18-year olds with high potential and a couple of quality freebies in Grujic and Keko. The only loss I'm annoyed with was captain Diop, but it was always a losing battle when Monaco became interested.
  19. If this really your main goal, there's a couple of things I think you should change: 1) Remove "Work The Ball Into The Box" as, I believe, it's a TI that reduces the number of crosses your team makes; 2) Trade one of your wide players for a Winger. I mean, there's no better role to achieve what you want and you don't have none; Just my two cents
  20. April 2034 Trouble here. We kicked off the month beating Levante, but a poor 0-0 at home with Betis, and a loss away to Atlético suddenly threw a bit of uncertainty into our title bid. However, we are hardly the only ones messing it up - Barça and Real also drop points, so as we beat Espanyol (saved by 3 late goals!!) and Sevilla, we're back to a 3 point lead again. Of course April was also the month we lost the cup, but all will be forgotten if we can win this league. 3 matches remain, Málaga (H), Villarreal (A), Numancia (A). We cannot afford to lose one - if we finish level on points with either Real or Barça (or both), we lose due to bad results against these teams earlier in the season. It's gonna be very, very tight. Can we hold on just this little longer?
  21. January 2030 Poor again, 2 defeats to Street and just 6 points from 18 in the league but we managed to climb a place in the league thanks to the games in hand. Iraklis' record has finally been broken!
  22. I am looking for a bit of help. I have been a coach in the real world, at youth levels, and have been a fantasy manager on this game for the past 10 years. I have never been able to replicate the systems I want to play in this game, and it has frustrated me to the point I am going to make this post in search of guidance from people that know MUCH more than I do and probably ever will know about the match engine. I have in my own opinion good theories and idea's on how I want to play. I should probably let you all be the judge of that, but below I outline my philosophy, and my tactic. I would highly appreciate constructive critiscm on how I can improve my skill in this game. After 8-10 years of playing Football Manager, I have always downloaded tactics, and been more into the squad building and finances than tactics because it has always frustrated me beyond belief how unsuccessful I am :). It's time now that I look to improve my thought processes and implementation of those thoughts in the game. The Philosophy 1) As with any tactic I start at the very basics. However, I always have an end goal in mind as to where I want my team to end up. That begins in defense. How do I want my teams to defend? A low block. I want two banks; a shield of four midfielders, able to close down the flanks, and a compact four of defenders set up to block shots, and intercept bad passing. We can see real world examples of this work at Atheltico Madrid under Diego Simeone - and Sean Dyche at Burnley. We have multiple formations we can use to play this type of defensive system: 4-4-2, 4-1-4-1. 4-4-1-1 etc... The goal of my teams philosophy should always be, we defend first, and look to score second. 2) Part of defending is not being irresponsible with the ball. This does not mean, we have to play tiki-taka or need possession numbers in the 60-70's. It does mean, we need to make good DECISIONS when in possession. That may mean a long ball to the forward, or it may mean a back pass to the keeper. However, we do not want to needlessly put ourselves under pressure for 90 mins, especially playing so close to goal in a low block set up. 3) We want to play with a big striker up top. We want him to be an outlet (holding the ball up) for our team to push back up the pitch and support. In a low block we will be in a deeper defensive line, that means it's critical we have an outlet to get our players into transition. As we plan to play with a big guy up top we want to support him with crosses into the box on attack from wide areas. I see two ways of doing this. 1, we use wingers, 2, we use overlapping runs of our full backs 3, we could use a combination of both. So now that I've outlined a few of my personal visions you have an idea as to what I would like to do and possibly have a better understanding of how we can set this type of system up in FM 18.3.3. The Tactic I've attached a tactic that can be viewed below. Starting in defense I have a left inverted wing back. I use an inverted wing back because this gives me an extra number in midfield and as per my 2nd point above we want to be responsible with the ball. This may or may not help with that. In theory, I have a Wide Midfielder on support, with an attacking Mezzalla in front. The attacking Mez will vacate the space that our inverted wing back should be moving into. the Wide midfielder should have 2-3 passing options which is ideal in keeping possession of the ball, and transitioning from defense to attack. The IWB has PI of (Tackle Harder). We play with two central defenders on defend duty, and set to hard tackling. Next we have an attacking wing back PI set to hard tackling. The idea is that he is going to provide us width, and crossing options to our strikers. We've already touched on the Wide midfielder, and mezzalla on attack. Than we have a DLP on defend duty. this is to help cover for our right flank and be a ball retention specialist. He should in theory be there to provide support to the inverted winger on support. There may be an issue here or there might not be. The inverted winger and DLP could be trying to take up the same spaces. My issue with this is whether or not the wing back on attack will have options and not run into walls. Up top I am torn between the combinations. I don't necessarily like the Target Man duty in this game. I feel like my teams make back decisions to try and get him the ball unnecessarily. But in theory again, I want 1 or 2 big guys up there to head balls into the net from wide areas on the pitch. As far as mentality and shape. Shape I went with structured, because again I want two banks of four. Whether or not this helps with that I do not know the answer to that. For mentality, this changes based on opponent. If I am against a big team I will play defensive. If playing against an average team I may for attacking. I have messed around with the 4-1-4-1 which is a formation I love. All to very limited, if not 0 success. So for all of the said, I can not get a system of wide players getting crosses into the box of a big man. If you have idea's or advice I would very much appreciate you. P.S - Liverpool to the CL final (hopefully)
  23. copyright runs out after 20 years no?
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