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  2. Gutted. We were champions for eight minutes with PSG on level terms in Nancy and Li Ting scoring a penalty to put us ahead. But PSG pulled it over the finish line when Declan Rice scored their winner in the 94th minute. Big writeup will probably follow tomorrow, when I'm through the disappointment phase. Either way, we have a lot of work on our plate because the last ten games were really, really bad. We had a fantastic season but we're not at the same level as PSG, by far. Central defense remains an issue, with Dufour being a very weak link. The left wing is also problematic because Roche and M'Barga are not of the required level.
  3. Prior to Sir Thomas’ praises being rightfully recognized, I switched to 3 at back almost exclusively. My initial draw to it was having too many short center back options through intake. I use them tactically similar to what we are seeing in real like with Chelsea. Basically a mix of really good defending in space with good ball playing and carrying ability.
  4. S6 - March - April 2026 National Our form has dropped a bit. 9 points from last 6 games is not a lot. Luckily our rivals for promotion also are dropping points. We have 2 games left where we play 2 teams in bottom half, so potentially we can get a promotion and win the league, but also we can drop out of playoffs if we finish 4th. Finances are looking better from month to month, which is good. We do have few games that are in TV so always some extra money.
  5. @13th Man What? You mean I shouldn’t blame the ME for every loss? Next you’re going to be saying I need to take responsibility for my own actions!!! I always blame the AI not the ME.......it is always the AI is some Relegation fodder that looks like "Chelsea" against me while having (insert greatest gk of the moment) between the sticks! Like @SixPointer said the ME works fine.....I just think the AI cheats.....lol! It is never my tactics that I make subtle tweaks to.....that work great for other forum users (SixPointer, Rashidi, and others)!
  6. Hi guys I created a regional competition of nations in South America that takes place in a host nation. The format is 1 group with 4 teams, 3 games each, the first two advancing to the final. In the group stage, it takes place in the stadiums of the host nation, as it should be, but the final always takes place in the stadium of the nation that finished second. Does anyone know how to solve? I created using advanced rules.
  7. Scotland when we play Tierney at LCB when Robertson is playing at LB/LWB
  8. This is all I have to say: "Don't Stop Believin'" Journey (1981) Just a small-town girl Livin' in a lonely world She took the midnight train goin' anywhere Just a city boy Born and raised in South Detroit He took the midnight train goin' anywhere A singer in a smokey room The smell of wine and cheap perfume For a smile they can share the night It goes on and on, and on, and on Strangers waiting Up and down the boulevard Their shadows searching in the night Streetlights people Livin' just to find emotion Hidin' somewhere in the night Workin' hard to get my fill Everybody wants a thrill Payin' anything to roll the dice just one more time Some will win, some will lose Some were born to sing the blues Oh, the movie never ends It goes on and on, and on, and on Strangers waiting Up and down the boulevard Their shadows searching in the night Streetlights people Livin' just to find emotion Hidin' somewhere in the night Don't stop believin' Hold on to that feelin' Streetlight people Don't stop believin' Hold on Streetlight people Don't stop believin' Hold on to that feelin' Streetlight people
  9. Spoiler alert! One game to go. We need to a) put eight more goals past Nice than PSG will against Nancy, or b) need to get a better result away at Nice than PSG does away at Nancy. It's not going to happen.
  10. We have tried to purchase San Mames twice and failed twice. A new stadium has been part of of the five year plan for three years so who knows if it will ever happen.
  11. Pre-season 2029/30 A lot has happened during this pre-season, perhaps more so than any other off season so far. Firstly, we've secured a number of players signing on free transfers. I really felt I needed another DLF and DLP, while a CB was also a must. The one on here that I didn't need was Pennell who is an AML who needs retraining as he's right footed. I'd planned on playing Toomer there, with Camara and Tierney decent backup while we also have youth prospect Harrop. However, you'll shortly see why I've brought him in as an option to help future proof both wings... Ransom joins as an experienced head at CB. He's rated at 3 stars now he's at the club, and his attribute score is 69.32 so he's our best CB in that regard. I'll probably use him on the right hand side as first choice, with Tallack rotating for plenty of game time and Hudson providing backup. Powell comes in as a young'un released from the prem, but he'll likely go straight into the first team ahead of Knill as his passing range is what we've been missing in midfield. He scores 74 on the attributes, so is a solid option and definitely improves a weak area of the squad in terms of depth. Kalantari is poorly rated, but his technical and mental attributes suggest a very capable DLF. I wonder if he'll be able to cut the mustard with his physicals, but we needed an option to supplement Toomer so I'm hopeful he can be it. He rates 73.72 on the attribute score, so is our best DLF technically speaking. Pennell I've signed because he has pace, can cross and dribble and has potential plus will eventually be able to play on both wings. I kind of regret his transfer now as he isn't going to get immediate game time, but it's done so I'll just have to live with it! Finally, we've brought in a loan midfielder who can play DLP or BWM. We are paying him a lot of money, but we can certainly afford it now... My transfer strategy has definitely changed. When I started I said I wouldn't sign anyone below the living wage except for one transfer a season to allow for migration to Jersey that may take place. I've changed that this season for a few reasons. Firstly, we're getting close to what I would deem a suitable startup wage for a young player. Kalantari could end up earning £30k this season, which seems 'liveable'. Secondly, we're an established National League team and I think players would be willing to come to us considering our promotion record. Thirdly, I have had to deal with some sales and felt that without transfers, the team is likely to slide down the table in the next couple of years. Now on to those sales and why we can afford to bring in loan signings on £50k a year. Stow-Tricker and Toomer leave. The offers came in higher and higher for both, and I decided to pull the trigger each time before the board intervene. We've got 50% next sale fees, friendlies and loan backs of 12 months. We also secured a fantastic deal from one of our other clauses. There's no way in hell Burgess is going anywhere for close to £1.6 million! I snapped up the £827k immediately! All told, we bring in £3 million in the transfer window! The chairman has turned down requests for new training and youth facilities though Mindful of losing extra players, we have secured a few key contracts for Fitton, Robbins and Knill amongst other younger players. Most are now secured until 2032 at least. We should be fine for a while! Great news if we get promoted anytime soon as we will have no problems paying full time wages! After our squad in's and out's, this is what the bookies make of our chances: I do feel we've strengthened CB, CM, upfront and added extra depth on the wings. The one thing I'd like is another LB, but perhaps I'll blood another youngster after bringing in a few non-Jersey born players.
  12. I hope so, because they would be worse than last year and it was already bad (fm21 for me was literally saved by the improved performance)
  13. Beta I'll choose my real life team Bristol City. But when it's released I plan on doing a UK unemployed no badges no experience sort of thing. Did a similar save on FM21 starting with Stranraer and moving on to Morton, Willem II & Bristol City.
  14. This can only mean that we're still in the race with two games to go.
  15. If I saw right this ones are missing by now. Would be great to have them then also in the FM22 Malaysia Cyberlynx FC Malaysian Division Three League Group A https://www.facebook.com/cyberlynxfc/ Malaysia BRM FC Malaysian Division Three League Group A https://www.facebook.com/brmfc08/ Malaysia Kijang Rangers Malaysian Division Three League Group A https://www.facebook.com/Kijang-Rangers-FC-100304092082055/ Malaysia MNY FC Malaysian Division Three League Group A https://www.facebook.com/mnyfootballclub/ | https://mnyfc.com/ Malaysia Kinabalu Jaguars Malaysian Division Three League Group B https://www.facebook.com/Kinabalujaguarfc/ | https://kinabalujaguarfc.com/ Malaysia Kuala Kangsar FC Malaysian Division Three League Group B https://www.facebook.com/kualakangsarfc/
  16. No "big features" have been announced. We have had an update blog and a teaser trailer. There's a build up here.
  17. Week 6 Saturday 25 September 2021 Chelsea 2-1 Man City 12:30 Man Utd 2-0 Aston Villa 12:30 Everton 1-1 Norwich 15:00 Leeds 1-2 West Ham 15:00 Leicester 2-0 Burnley 15:00 Watford 1-0 Newcastle 15:00 Brentford 0-2 Liverpool 17:30 Sunday 26 September 2021 Southampton 1-1 Wolves 14:00 Arsenal 0-1 Spurs 16:30 Monday 27 September 2021 Crystal Palace 1-2 Brighton 20:00
  18. If those are all the "big" features this is a fat joke. I've been waiting years for a transfer system rework, international management rework, etc... and the big features are a big fat nothing again like last year? I think i'll keep my pocket close for a while.
  19. Just finished the 2029-30 season. It has been a bit of slow hard slog in many ways. It's taken weeks to get through. We led until mid-April only to be held by Real, lose to Espanyol and draw with Elche and suddenly we were behind Real before they lost to Barca and dropped two unexpected points at home to Sevilla. This was the tightest race in years and quite frankly we were not as good as we have been. We really struggled for injuries and couldn't field a full bench for a significant portion of the season. I even brought back Inigo Cordoba on loan to help plug some gaps for the second half of the season. We are particularly weak at the back with 35 year old Yeray is on his last legs. His contract runs out at the end of the month and it is unclear whether we will extend it. After the slightly disjointed performances throughout the middle of the season we ended on a real high. Manchester City walked into one of the best performances of the season in the Champions League final. There were no real standout performers and everyone had patchy form but this was not helped by the volume of niggly injuries in the middle of the season. The B team also had a good season winning the second division title. There will be a couple of players that we look to bring through into the first team squad to bolster numbers further to guard against the injury problems.
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  21. This was only an experiment save with Marseille and worked well because they are one of the top teams in France. They outplayed all teams except PSG because I didn't change anything and used it as plug & play. Deleted that save because that's just a replication experiment. Most assists came from WBs & F9, most goals from AFa and F9, IWa, Wa, CMa contributed to goal numbers really good.The only two thing that created an issue for this tactic are CMa and WBs were tired too early. That is acceptable because they must run back more than others to help defence when the ball is lost.
  22. DIdn't originally get any response to this, but for what it's worth I'm still bitter. It's now 2032, I'm still in charge at Sheffield Wednesday and in the last 3 seasons have finished 8th, 8th and 7th (qualifying for Euro Cup for the first time since 1992) - predicted 20th, 19th and 19th - and been "overachiever of the season" on two of those occasions. I have the lowest wage bill by far in the league, and have earned the club millions, becoming profitable year on year. My captain (who I signed) has just left on a free after 8 years, and has left as a "Club Legend" My old striker who played for me for 4 years, had one semi-decent season in the championship and then didn't score a goal in 2 seasons (as backup) before I finally managed to ship him off to Germany (for a profit) is still "Favoured Personnel" Me? I'm nowhere to be seen on the list of favoured personnel, icons on legends. This upsets me greatly. What is the criteria for this? Do I literally have to win a trophy to even get a chance of getting any respect?
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