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  2. I wonder if selecting Extended highlights may help me to win more games. It seems I can see more of the match, and miss out if it's on Key Highlights, but does it really make a difference? How do you choose your highlight level? Any tips are appreciated.
  3. Here is what I did on first test NB as with all editing 0 is the top division and so on[eg EPL is 0, Championship is 1 etc etc] now there are already corporation taxes set up initially in the DB- [there are 4 for England so I removed them and replaced the entries as image 2]
  4. This. Although judging by the reddit, people generally do not know that there are other leagues but English ones.
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  6. Thank you! The rules did go through. But when I load it up on FM, although the file is available, the cup just doesn't appear in the game. Any ideas?
  7. Hi, This bug is still alive in 21.4 version! I have started a very new game, and in the early 3. season, this bug came again! One player had an injury in the match from the opposite team and my Assistant manager offered me to replace him... Replace an injured player from the opposite team!! If I do it and click on take off button, the game will crash at the end of the match and kill the game, over.... So this very serious bug is still not fixed in 21.4! Still in the game! Where are your test engineers to still have this serious bug? It can be still reproduced, really don't understand
  8. That’s more like it! 12 points from 12 available!
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  10. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Yeah I'd definitely be interested to see how it progresses. I didn't really pay attention to this stuff until after I paused the save (FM19 Roma's €300m debt is a lot more manageable than FM18 Benfica's appears to have been, and I made over €1bn in player sales so never needed to concern myself). When I look now in the save the only commercial affiliates I have are with a bunch of minor U.S. teams and one Australian one, yours are theoretically much better for the purpose. I'm not far from your levels of success so a comparison would be interesting. I've just notice
  11. Grenoble Foot 38 August 2032 : Regular Season "Kick start my heart" Gerard went away to do some serious thinking.....after the decent Preseason and getting the France Bomb at the end of the Preseason was unexpected. His time spent in the arms and legs of a beauty in Ibiza reinvigorated his spirit. The team had Four Fixtures all of which were winnable if the team played to potential. Gerard was expecting at least 8 points and a chance at 12! Schedule Highlights Hamdani a youngster who thought he was better than he was and sent on loan last season
  12. Excellent work, removing precise knowledge about attributes and potential is such a good idea that in my opinion it should become a standard option in the vanilla game. However, is there any way to get the functionality of this feature without unrelated skin changes, like player faces showing up on the tactics screen? I'd love to get the added realism and difficulty while still otherwise keeping the vanilla look. Can I just delete some things in the settings without screwing everything else up?
  13. OK, Guys This thread has been open for 4 and a half months and has been slowly going round in circles for some time now and veering well off topic. Please therefore keep it tightly on topic or the thread will be closed and we can all move on.
  14. Thanks! I've actually found that doing this write up has made me think those kinds of things in much more depth. If I'm being honest, my worst savescumming was when I would regret signing/not signing or selling/not selling a player. Doing this write up as I went along really helped me work through everything! Time will tell, of course, if Verdi found the right balance...
  15. was told to post here by @Experienced Defender since its an "alleged bug" and won't explain the closing down. i believe the marking is more of an ME flaw than a bug but the closing down is probably a bug. 1. tight marking OI on #9 - marking flaw: LCM arnold initially tracks RW but as #9 (tight marking OI) comes into his vicinity, LCM leaves RW, the more immediate and logical player, and marks #9 instead. and by @Experienced Defender and the ME's logic whoever is in the vicinity has to be marking #9 since hes got an OI, then why didn't LCB stick with throughout? 2. RCM seeger decide
  16. Lot's of people forget this, quite a few clubs have done this.
  17. I have validated your file in the required teams in europe also put the number of teams in the max number of teams.
  18. Thanks cleiria for responding. I'm at a loss because I'm not sure. As far as I'm aware this doesn't happen in the real life leagues. Could it be something with to do with counting promoted teams?
  19. One issue with squad rotation which is sometimes overlooked is the squad status of your first team squad. If you have a lot of star players and regular starters then it is difficult to use a lot of squad rotation as they are all wanting lots of game time. Get a lot of squad players in and it can be a lot easier to rotate without getting player unhappiness.
  20. They will fully apply even if there is no league structure. One other note on this topic would be having a transfer rule for junior clubs that play in professional leagues (ex: EVZ Academy playing in Swiss League (NLB). We would need transfer rules per club UID that would set min/max ages for those clubs or just better logic in the game to treat junior clubs in Domestic League competitions differently.
  21. In corners, the defense very often returns the ball to the feet of the player who took the corner. It’s a senseless ping pong fest. On throw-ins, the throwers often sends the ball directly to the opponent’s feet (as if in a gentleman’s return). Set pieces has been broken for many editions now, but it’s getting worse in FM21. Can you please fix it?
  22. As i can see in testing the rules, in the 1st season your comp is ok, but in the 2nd season the game find 131 teams in the comp. Maybe some of the comps where you are piking the teams have a different number of teams in the 2nd season.
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