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  2. It's up there with "You've signed a number of new players for the team" Well, yeah. I've been there for 31 years...
  3. i jump between FM15 and FM19. i generally play with the same style and formation but the difference is night and day between player's tendencies to cross or take long shots especially against smaller sides, in FM19 they rush to cross or take long shots. one of the main problems with the newer FMs is that lower rep teams pack the center and turtle up inside their own penalty area and force your players to either play passes out wide or go for a longshot. every ball that ends up with a wide player on the flanks is crossed almost right away. players simply lack patience. how is someone supposed t
  4. February 2032 We only draw against Gladbach but we were missing both our star wingers - Raya & Bachi. We will be missing Bachi for way longer than that. Lets see how will the team cope with that. Slavia & Slovácko are both doing fantastic jobs to be honest. Sparta's out of relegation fights. Transfers: New record fee as I paid the release clause of this guy. He will not be starting this year yet though I think.
  5. Ah, okay. I personally never use a DOF so mine will likely still be the HOYD.
  6. Just wanted to get it out there, so there's no confusion. I'm doing much better this season. I've added pace in WB's position, and I've got a new first choice DLP, who's a significant improvement over the previous one who's now a backup. Old one New one The Colombian is a big improvement, especially in flair (4 -> 11) and is playing great. My DLPs tend to get high ratings consistently, which may have lulled me into a false sense of security.
  7. It does not seem that bad actually. I'm usually pretty suspect of things like this, but this one seems to talk some sense. I plugged in my own tactic and what it told me is pretty much correct in terms of what I designed and what I see. I'm not sure how much use I would find it personally, but I guess people who want to check if their roles and duties have a glaring fault could use it. It is quite interesting though.
  8. Thanks kevhamster my budget is around £1k. ideally I wanted a touchscreen laptop which is around 14 inch. From what I’ve seen so far though there isn’t much choice out there
  9. It differs. Most of the time it's the HOYD, but sometimes it's the DOF. Right now I'm managing Fenerbahce, and the DOF seems to be in charge, even though I have an outstanding HOYD.
  10. Look forward to talking to you about it when the beta is out. I’ll be very interested in having a long term save in Canada.
  11. Hi community is it possible to figure out which player got the most Champions League titles after 100-200 years? Thank you
  12. No problem! Always happy to share whatever insights I have about the game. I remember when I was in a similar position to you, trying to work out how things are working.
  13. Today
  14. I just turned 35 - been playing since CM03/04 I think. Agreed that the forums attract the more experienced/ older players, and probably better for it!
  15. is it worth putting a notice on the steam forums linking this page @BeardyMcFace to try and get a few more people in? Or perhaps some other forums? Just an idea. Although if you put in your source for the assignment that your audience is for people on this forum then perhaps you have enough. I am guessing that would be enough to meet the requirements?
  16. @Totalfootballfan Will you be creating new tactics for FM21?
  17. I was a massive fan of international management when I first started playing FM back in 2007. First couple editions I only managed Northern Ireland and then around FM11 I experimented with lower nations. (San Marino, Malta, Estonia) I also managed England on an older FM (can't remember what one) but I only used players who had England caps but hadn't played in real life for years. My strikers were Teddy Sherrington and Robbie Fowler and I lost to Andorra.
  18. I’m still clinging onto the 25-29 section for dear life
  19. If you are seeing too many attempted crosses go out for corners it usually is a sign that something needs to be looked at. When you use a role like a wingback on an attack duty, you could find that he is more aggressive at trying to get past a player and sometimes this could leave him short of options. When that happens he could end up playing for the corner or his crosses could be blocked I created a crossing happy 442 on twitch with the use of a wb and a wm combination, it worked brilliantly because each time someone closed down the wb he had the wm to pass to, they closed him down
  20. and that's the main issue for me most people (like some in this thread) are married to the idea that 170CA+ is required to be somewhat competitive, when it isn't the case at all I still remember a 108CA winger (this was back in something like FM12) tearing up trees for my CL-winning side, even though my assistant rated him at "decent league 1 level player" despite only having 108CA, he was slower than molasses, but was beasty over a dead ball, and knew how to whip crosses in "but their CA is too low" isn't a valid argument - I've had Matt Miazga go from NewYor
  21. November 2020 Another five games in November and it’s a little bit surprising that we play all five games at home! No travelling for a full month - that’s a rare treat. However, we have some tough games in those five, especially the Champions League fixtures against Valencia and Juventus. 03.11.2020 - AFC Ajax - CF Valencia 2:0 (Champions League Group C) - 68. Lassina Traore, 90. Antony We haven’t been too poor in our first three games, but we have only one point to show from those games, so we really needed a win and no matter what the opposition. I hoped we could do bet
  22. "iTs YoUr TaCtiCs BrO" but yea the ME is flawed in terms of it artificially trying to keep the stats like IRL on paper. same thing with 1v1s and easy chances.
  23. Why does the game highlight JPA/JPP as the key attributes then? Just to F with us?
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