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  2. that’ll be your issue. the skin is built for a 1080p resolution
  3. On to season 35/36 on FM18 and still loving it. Does miss some of the nice features of FM20 but much prefer the ME - the long shots hitting corner flags aren't fun (long shots in generally are quite poor) but it's very enjoyable
  4. Not sure the pass decision making was that good in FM17 tbh. Certainly it was vastly inferior to recent versions and not remotely resembling real life football in building out the back, and the final third passing wasn't exactly sophisticated: most of the passing movements my teams put together were all about the totally unmarked DLP calmly exchanging passes with teammates ahead with their back to goal until someone ahead of the DLP managed to be totally unmarked, usually an extra player making a forward run in a straight line without being tracked. Nothing about cleverness in passing and moving and tempo changes and all about no pressure on the ball and extra numbers getting forward. The only intricate passes I saw a lot of were the [excessive amount of] backheels. The counters were nice, but counters look nice when they're pulled off in most versions, including this one.
  5. Your tactic doesn't look too bad and is well balanced. But are you sure your players are up for it? Possession with a purpose is a very demanding system that often is best used by a very good top 6 team. Make sure your players have good levels of technique, passing, first touch, composure, teamwork, decisions and balance among other attributes. Also the attackers need to have great off the ball and anticipation to find open space better because the nature of the system will push high and compress available space.
  6. Can someone clear this up. Does the players preferred side have an affect on their performance? I've asked before but does someone have proof that it doesn't matter? For example Pogba prefers to play on the left, Bruno prefers the right. Does it matter if I use Pogba on the right and Bruno on the left?
  7. Yeah it was very annoying. I was managing Dortmund. In the prior season, the reserves earned promotion to the Liga 3, a fully professional league. So it was a huge pain to manage (kinda) two professional clubs without that calendar. I still have a few saves right after it happened. Though I never uploaded them. If there isn't a response soon, I'll upload one so SI have multiple saves to review.
  8. You know, I haven't even tried to get him in on loan, because even when I rotate the whole squad we don't have a problem finding the net. The problem is more keeping them out at the other end. Having said that, I might have a cheeky little bid and see what I can do. If not with him, then maybe some of the others who have left and aren't playing.
  9. August 2032 Unbeaten month! With Sangare currently the top scorer... and Norwich in the top 4? What? Awards
  10. Yh it hurts a lot. My defence just isnt the same this season. Im now being careful now to not put release clauses into contracts cos while the money is nice we arent particularly in need of it as the money in the league is actually quite decent especially as wages are low on our team.
  11. Hurts to lose those guys but the cash can sometimes be more useful in the long term is the way I try (and often fail) to look at it.
  12. How do you all get through the seasons so quick? Do you watch games on extended or even less?
  13. Not really they are pretty random as far as i can tell.
  14. Think Part Two was too good! Whereas Burnley were exactly like the weaker sides in the AI; just sat very deep and frustrated teams but on a good day that was enough to pick up a point or three.
  15. Hi Sigames and team, I am a life-long player of CM/FM games and only took a break due to work/family commitments. Please can you look into the 2 following areas: 1. Managers contracts. ....Please can you help the FM game to recognise, adapt and incorporate a managers achievements, manager stats, skill-sets etc. At the moment a full immersed player is often dis-heartened very quickly when terrible, un-realistic job interviews, contract offers and /or contract re-newals happen. This is true for club and national contracts / job positions. There is no real room for negotiations and things are un-realistic. The idea of getting what you deserve is non-existent and that is demoralising. There is no fair pay for a fair days work (or what you have achieved, rep in the game etc..) 2. Players having you as their favoured personnel. .... Thus far, on both FM16 and FM20 (the last 2 FMs i have played) i have yet to see any real benefit to a player saying you are one of his favoured people within the world of football. Its nice to look at and see but when your offer is accepted for a player who says you are one of the guys he really likes, there can at least be a nice 'thanks, but no thanks' conversation as oppose to blank rejection. I can give more information if you would like and more examples but i hope the above explains well enough what i would like changed. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
  16. hey some fair points there especially people will like engines that can enable a style of play better and obviously one they prefer will bias their opinion favourably and fm17 enabled better passing through the middle with passive defending and the wide players thing but thats a small picture view of pass decision simulating real world football as fm17 in the whole simulated pass decision making much better than fm20. as well fairish to suggest biases are there targeted towards high pressing but the bigger point of how that is enabled in fm20 misses the overall point of how its happening. With the dearth of quality pass decision making/movement overall and in the top third and from quality creative players pressing can't really be played around with fm engine so its relative success is not enabled or unfolding for the right reasons. Then throw in then poor stamina/fitness decline effect within matches/periods/seasons/by player standard and fitness wise then the implementation of pressing is a poor simulation compared to real world to enable improper success within FM added to poor pass decision making then you actually have more quirks enabling an easy to beat and for the more wrong reasons within FM. It shouldn't be a linear pressing = success without factoring other elements which Fm happens to not simulate to get to result of making pressing more effective which is the case. Also playing out of defence is to retain possession at times and move opposition around the pitch to move the ball into positions to play threaded passes up in the top third so again having cosmetically good passing out from the back is ultimately futile unless the passing decision making (and obviously complementary movement) further up the pitch will engender a better outcome for why the passing out from the back is utilised in the first place. so really whilst there's passing out from the back and much improved pressing to be fair the success and use of both is misleading because of lack of fundamental football aspects being simulated to firstly make full use of passing from the back and secondly to ensure people garnering success from pressing have a false sense of achievement from using same. So really your points about fm17 apply to fm20 for the reasons you uphold fm20 as being good lol just from different aspects of football. As for the balanced angle FM20 cannot be at all deemed to be well balanced with the absence of proper pass decision making...at times it resembles the opposite of football in passages of play. The simulation of pass decision making to not value space adequately in the top third and in tight spaces and often to overvalue space out wide and over a higher line deem this engine a failure as a simulation of simple basic entry level passing which even playground football would see. Add in the need for improved movement then FM20 really falls down heavily in the basic fundamentals of football which have been prevalent since football began. The basics of football within FM should be to have passing and movement simulated as well as they can be. After that comes team structure/defensive shape/pressing and all the other things which would ultimately make fm more challenging and realistic but without the proper simulation of those basics of pass/move then you're really just haven't simulated real world football at all well. Without those basics you'll have incessant and circular balancing exercises where you squeeze one air bubble to just move that air further around the tube causing air bubbles elsewhere. FM19 and FM20 have unfortunately been weak that way...the basics of football aren't up to scratch. Everyone also likes match engines where the latest shiny object appears within the simulation and satiates their need to have that 'hit' from having the latest thing lol
  17. Gone back to my Toulouse save on FM19. My primary target is to make sure my striker completes what is left of an amazing career. He turns 33 at the start of next season but still looks in great shape. Praying he can avoid injury for just 1 more year as he chases 500 Ligue 1 goals.
  18. I prefer the pitch where the grass is cut in circles for some reason and wondered if there was a way of assigning that pitch type to your club and stadium. If so how do you do this, would it be in the ingame editor, the other editor or another way
  19. Once again, I ask for your tactical support. I have just started my third season with AGF in the Danish Superliga. I have worked towards a possession based tactics via training and matches, and buying players who fit into this way of play. I have so far managed expectations sort of, but something feels off, so I ask for your guidance. I have played like this for the first two seasons. PI's: Close down more applied to ST, AMR, AML and MCR Occasional tweaks: -Wider attacking width (this seemed to take my AMR and AML out of the game) -Counter (applied when I had a late lead) -Waste time more (same as above) I don't score a lot of goals, and often my ST, AML and to a lesser extent the MCR has been very inefficient/anonymous. No matter who I played there. So, I have considered tweaking the setup a bit. What I have considered: -Changing the MEZ A to CM A -Adding the sit narrower PI to the AML -Removing "Be more expressive" and "Work ball into box" Obviously not all of them at once. My teams stats are like this: What kind of tweaks would you guys suggest, keeping in mind, that I would like to play a possession with purpose type of game. The transfer window is still open, so please suggest role changes as well.
  20. October 2031 Four games remain and we are shockingly close to promotion!
  21. Brian Howard Clough was an English footballer player and manager. Initially he played for Middlesbrough before he joined Sunderland. In 1963 his career was ended when he got injured and ended his career with 251 goals in 274 games. He played just twice for England in 1959 not scoring. Clough then took over at Hartlepools (now named Hartlepool) where he lead them above re-election every year with Peter Taylor as his assistant. He then resigned after Taylor was sacked but was soon rehired before he left for good a few years later, joining Derby County. The year after he left Hartlepool got promoted for the first ever time in their history. At Derby Clough began by signing numerous talented players and actually finishing lower than he did the year before. Promotion came soon and two years after that Derby and Clough's first league title. Then he and Taylor resigned after falling out with Sam Longson the Derby owner. The fans protested but Clough wasn't rehired. He then had unsuccessful spells with Brighton and Leeds before taking Forest. For Forest I'm just going to reference what he won as well as the fact that Trevor Francis was the first £1m player. He won the first division once, the league cup 4 times, the charity shield once, the European cup twice and the european super cup once. Brian Clough sadly passed away in 2004. The challenge: Buy a player at your first club and carry them with you like John McGovern Start at a EFL League Two club before joining an available bottom half side of the EFL Championship Then move again after winning the prem to your second bottom and attempt to win the UCL
  22. I've signed everyone down to Çaglar,It's not that I don't rate them,I just think it's harder to judge on where we are going to be in two seasons when they are able to play.If we are at this level in two season then could make a good backup player.If we are in the second tier then we may have higher quality players which push the other star ratings down.
  23. So I've decided to delete my save and start over again. I wasn't happy with how things went, don't get me wrong, it was nice to win the title in the 1st season but we should have kicked on after that, but instead we went backwards. As weird as it sounds, I didn't really want to win the league in the 1st season, I want to build up to it. Also, I think I signed too many players in the summer window of season 2 and want to be a little more sensible this time.
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