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  2. One thing I have struggled with a bit with Bolton is Staff. I brought in David Platt & Geraldo, then Tony? Colbert for fitness, which is all good ; but my HOYD Phillips is rubbish I think. Because money is tight, should I replace asap [ in Jan 20 atm ] but may have to pay off ; & with who?. Any good staff who will come to Bolton?, thanks
  3. Hey everyone! Using the English ten league tier, I've just been hired by Malton & Tipree in the BetVictor Premier Division South (league below Vanarama North/South) and as I've joined the club is in serious financial damage. I was wondering if anyone else has had this scenario before and if so any tips to reduce the debt. Cheers
  4. Coventry City: 2022/23 Mid-Season Report After a very pleasing pre-season, albeit short, we headed into the league campaign on the back of winning four out of four in our friendly matches and on the back of a good end to last season. Confidence and hopes were high, and we hit the ground running, picking up a very pleasing 2-2 draw away to Bristol City on the opening day. A 94th minute equaliser from Ashley Hunter (in due to injury to Rhian Brewster) completing a brace. We followed that up with a very surprising victory at home to newly relegated Crystal Palace. Jordan Rossiter and Jordy Hiwula had given us a comfortable 2-0 lead early, and despite a late goal from Gabriel Barbosa (no idea how they've kept hold of him in the Championship) we held on. This became back-to back wins three days later, as we comfortably saw off Rotherham to make it three unbeaten at the start of the league season. Injuries then began to hurt us, Rhian Brewster the most notable. The absence of his goals and creative link up hurt us and 0-0 draws against Huddersfield Town and Hull City halted our early progress. Defensively we were looking solid, and we were still rolling along unbeaten. That run did however come to an end in our next fixture, as we were rather unlucky in a 0-1 defeat to Brentford Town. That could've started a slip down the table, but thankfully it didn't. The return of Rhian Brewster saw us fly through September with victories over Millwall (2-1 away), Wigan Athletic (3-0 at home) and then Middlesbrough (2-1 away). Next up we showed sensational character to fight back late for a 2-2 draw against leaders West Brom, and sat third in the table and just a point off of the automatic promotion spots. We finished the month with a Rhian Brewster goal beating Birmingham 1-0 and in second place, having enjoyed a near fairy tale start to the campaign. October was a heavy month, with the league breaking for the World Cup at its conclusion. Unfortunately the wheels came off, and we did indeed begin to slide down the league table. We did start the month excitingly enough though, as Sezgin Aleksiev scored an early goal to give us the lead at home to Norwich City. Within thirty minutes of his strike though, the game had turned around. An Adam Idah hat-trick helping the canaries to thump us 1-5 and begin a pretty dismal month. Sheffield Wednesday saw us off three days later, before a Rhian Brewster goal gave us a 1-0 win over Swansea to halt the rot. Defeats to Sheffield United, Reading and Aston Villa in the space of a week hurt us, before we claimed a first point in four, with a hard fought 0-0 draw against Fulham. A turnaround 2-1 win over Luton Town gave us hope, but we finished this portion of the season with a heart breaking late 2-3 defeat away to Portsmouth. That poor form has hurt our progress, and after a bright start we've dropped down to mid-table. We're comfortably clear of the drop zone, but now eight points adrift of the play-off places. Injuries have hit our small squad hard, and at times goals have been hard to come by. Joel Latibeaudiere has been sensational at the back though, and in goal Mile Svilar has six clean sheets already, as many as he got in the whole of last season. Even youngster Jakub Ojrzynski conceded only three in three at the start of the season, when Svilar was injured. Unsurprisingly Rhian Brewster is our top scorer with six, despite missing large chunks of the season through injury. Ashley Hunter has also missed a fair few games, but he's also managed to score five league goals so far. Young summer recruit Alan Currie has also performed well when needed, and he's picked up three Coventry goals so far. The biggest disappointment has been Sezgin Aleksiev though. Last season he scored 13 league goals and created a further 9, but he's struggled this season so far and is floating in and out of the starting line up, with just two league strikes to his name. The League Cup is a competition we see to do fairly well in, and this season was no different. A much changed side stuttered, but managed to get past League Two side Exeter City on penalties after a 0-0 draw at the Ricoh Arena. The Second Round was fractionally better, with another 0-0 draw and penalty win, this time against Championship leaders West Brom. After making changes in both of those rounds, we made even more in dispatching Colchester United 4-2 in round three. Andrija Vidovic the star man with a hat-trick, pushing his way into my first team thoughts in the process. We eventually fell short, one round shy of the Quarter Finals. A stronger side took a shock early lead against Premier League Watford, as Sebastian Picco headed home from a corner. The hosts showed their superiority though in turning it around before half time, and we left with a far from embarrassing 1-2 exit from the competition. The FA Cup hasn't reached us yet, but we will play host to fellow Championship side Sheffield United in the Third Round. The second half of this season is going to be tough, with plenty of games and a lot to play for. If we can get a good start to the new year then it'll give us some play-off aspirations, but more importantly a bad one could see us dragged down, and embroiled in another relegation battle. That's something i'm very keen for us to avoid. The transfer window could see us active, as we need a couple of bodies to add some depth. Injuries have hurt our bright start, and we've got a number of players out of contract in the summer too. Jordy Hiwula and Erwann David will almost certainly get new deals, but Duncan Watmore, Gaetano Berardi, Liam Kelly and Wayne Hennessey are more than likely to be shown the door. Marko Marosi is also out of contract, but with interest already i'll probably look to save on his wages and get rid of him in January. My achievements with this team are beginning to get noticed too. I can see myself forming quite a long term managerial career on the back of this club. I attended an interview with Aston Villa over their managerial vacancy, but was overlooked in the end. I've turned down a few interviews with sides similar to ours too, and was very tempted by the managerial vacancy at Nottingham Forest. They went up to the Premier League having won this division last year, and I was linked with them sat in 14th in the top flight. Finally we've managed to complete deals for a couple of promising prospects from Portugal. Neither will walk straight into our side, but i'll be keeping them in the first team and keeping an eye on their progression. If I feel they would be better off with regular game time, then i'll look to pack them out on loan next season. Joao Vasques cost us just £80,000 from Rio Ave in the Portuguese top flight, and Dario Miranda cost just £20,000 from Benfica. Our scouting department believe both possess very good potential to improve, and it'll be interesting to see if we can get the best out of them whilst their with us here.
  5. I try send it later today on pc. Maybe it works better.
  6. Unbeaten in September, but bitterly disappointing and we are only just in the top four We really need to win at home to Lazio in our next Champions League match
  7. I love taking a lower league side and concentrating on the business of football by turning my team into a player sales factory. With that being said, I always pick a formation at the start that I want to explore or find a way to make it work regardless of the players because if you aren’t a club in the top leagues of football, it’s relativeky easy to just sign players on free who not only fit the new formation but are probably better than your original players anyway. also the formation I use is generally pretty vanilla with very few if any instructions to start so I don’t ask a lot early on, JUST WIN!
  8. ok.So what if I transfer all cities,clubs,competitions,people to Serbia after I rename it Yugoslavia.But in clubs if I leave the continental cup competition to the country they belong and change only the rest would that affect the clubs and nations competitions? I mean that the competition could still choose a team from Croatia.Also I will like to make new nation rules and put all competitions from 7 countries into one.Will all that work?
  9. Hello, The problem I have with scouting is, that when i request a scouting report, either on the players profile or via right click, the game automatically also requests an analyst report. It's pretty annoying because I only have one data analyst and I scout alot of young players. I know that I can cancel the requested analyst reports manually but doing that all the time is very annoying. I reinstalled the game twice already but the problem is still there. I hope you can help me with my problem.
  10. @dabest The original tactic request was for 20.2.3, this is same tactic tweaked into a diamond.
  11. As if by magic, it is now loading! The load screen started as if the game had just been installed but my saves were still available. Not sure what changed? I didn’t notice a steam update?
  12. I've found that it can vary - but most of the time the agent pops up in the scouting screen saying they're willing to enter into negotiations again - this might only happen if the player is very interested though
  13. I switched to the beta, same problem. When I switched back there was a small update to FM20 and when I started the game it took me further in the start up but before it got to the load game screen it just had a spinning wheel. Ive contacted Sega but I’ll contact Steam too. I only have the FM games playable on steam at the moment.
  14. @Totalfootballfan how do i get the closing down setting on players. when I load your tactic i do not see this on player instructions.
  15. I'm currently managing in the Welsh Premier League and currently looking for anyone with around an 8 or more in at least five areas which areas they are I do not care.
  16. We found this to be an issue we were already aware of but your save has been very useful, thanks!
  17. Gonna recommend a niche choice Macarthur FC The most interesting thing about these guys? They don't have a first team. Like the MLS clubs a few years ago they won't play in Year One. I'd suggest whoever takes first gets both windows to make a team for us and then we play with that. Makes an interesting challenge as Dynamics will be godawful due to the mass influx of players, let's us go to places outside Europe and the A-League has some restrictions that make it very challenging but rewarding once you start nailing it Also happy to start first with it.
  18. Introduction I want to start by giving you a little bit of background on the way I play FM, my views on creating tactics and the way I like to set up tactics. I play the game by watching the games, and my tactics are set up to play like this. It may just be superstition on my part but I believe that an instant result function, holiday mode, and tactic testing leagues cannot replicate playing the game, I am not saying they cannot be a good indicator but I've lost count of the amount of times I have downloaded a tactic topping every testing league known to man only to be let down by it in game. I would even go as far to say, that if I was building a tactic to perform well in a test or to use with Instant result I may build it differently. I am open to people testing the tactic in any way they see fit but the tactic was built to play the game with SO Firstly I set up a tactic to be hard to beat, I don't want to concede. I achieved this, my first season with Milan and we kept 25 clean sheets and conceded 15 goals in the league. As you can see from the league table I only lost one game, at home to Parma of all teams. Early on in the season I was performing great defensively but I picked up 9 draws in the first half, including six results at 0-0. I needed to score more goals and finish teams off, I could nullify teams attacking threats but it was coming at the cost of my own attacking prowess. I made some tweaks around January and we became more potent in front of goal while keeping our solid defence. The second half I conceded a few more goals but we drew fewer games and finished teams off more efficiently so the end justified the means. The tactic looks like this Finally I believe a good indicator for a successful tactic is how it performs with the youngsters. The U20s and U18s both won their respective leagues. The U20s went undefeated. I am going to start my second season with Milan and I believe now I have the tactic settled with no more tinkering required I will achieve even better results. Download the tactic, play the game, see how you get on Stardust Beta Beater.fmf
  19. My prediction is...they will stay down there. I haven’t given up on this save. My living room is being redecorated at the moment and I have no time at all. (fingers crossed I’m not first in the joint save!).
  20. 'Hey SI, I really like your product, but I think you should make your product do something completely different to what it does now because I want more' I'd compare this to somebody reading a book or watching a film/series, and then complaining that the author ended it in a way the reader/watcher didn't like.
  21. Just going to give this tactic a go on my Nottingham Forest save, just got a couple of questions: 1) Do you do opposition instructions or leave to your assistant manager? 2) Touchline shouts do you use these or again leave to your assistant manager? 3) Training wise you say heavy on set pieces training but what other training would you recommend? Thanks
  22. Haha go on Nobby you know you want 2! I’m going to get a list of everybody who has said they are interested tomorrow. Anybody who is interested give me a team they would start with if they are randomly picked first and that’s how we will start.
  23. Would you be able to try again? The file is not showing. Apologies, appreciate you taking the time to help us.
  24. Today
  25. Thanks for the feedback. Please report to FM Touch forum with the link I provided above. Regards
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