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  2. jakes1991

    Brexit - Is this right?

    I've replied in your bug report thread too but I'll say it here as well. In my saves at least, Loanee players who get work permit issues are still able to play for you. They will appear red when selected and auto-pick will ignore them. Pre-match: Post match, Alena played 90 mins: Player profile:
  3. Does anyone know how to sort this problem out? I have looked at all the leagues at level 8 and cant see the problem.
  4. dbn1875

    Morale Not Changing

    This is now working.
  5. Experienced Defender

    Heartbreak - Need Some Advice.

    In principle yes. The mentality affects all instructions to some extent, and given that it's balanced, it will allow you to experiment with (i.e. make needed adjustments to) your tactical settings with less risk than if it was attacking or positive. So it's important to watch the matches and make slight tweaks accordingly. Because different teams will play differently against you, so you need to understand how tactics work in order to be able to react in the right way when things aren't going the way you expected. I definitely don't wait for it to pass, but I don't change the tactic completely either. My approach is to create my basic (primary) tactic based on strengths and weaknesses of my team, and then just make slight adjustments both between and during matches. I analyze each next opponent very thoroughly, but also each single match we've played. Whether I am happy or disappointed with our performance, I always analyze how we played to see what we were doing well and where we made mistakes, trying to learn as much as possible from any kind of experience, no matter good or bad. Sometimes I am not happy with the performance even if we won the game. Or vice versa, I may be pleased with how we played even if we lost. And while some people are unhappy just because they aren't overachieving (even if they aren't underachieving either), I am happy when I meet the expectations. So it's also a question of how much one is realistic in his/her approach to the game.
  6. Yeah I am currently enjoying a save with Red Star Belgrade and Serbia manager, but once I get bored of it I will give this a go. I think the best chances of winning the Euro Champions League would be a team in Russia, Turkey or Belgium No idea on best league to win the Asian Champions League but maybe Iraq or Uzbekistan. African Champions League I am thinking either a team in Mali or Senegal. North America is probably going to be Canada or Jamaica South America is probably Peru That is the route I will probably be going hopefully. I am keen to see how you and others get on with this.
  7. Chapman7

    [FM19] Manchester United

    If your smart in your negotiations you may manage one or two at a push! Savic will be more of the second season likely taking more or all your budget. Skirinar will be the same with him being young and playing at a high standard already his club don't want to let him go
  8. Drejer

    [Denmark] (Official) League Specific Issues

    How can Brøndby use this many subs? Is it some rule, or is it a bug in my save?
  9. greenz81

    Crash dump at any time

    just a quick update: what i missed out is normally i play fm19 streaming from my main computer to a laptop (using Steam of course). The crashes happen on my main computer just to make this clear. But i did recently update Teamviewer to 14 recently and when i was looking at the history this is when the issues started (4 days after the update from 13 - 14). I did play FM19 on my main pc after and still expereinced crashes. I have have now uninstalled Teamviewer 14 and will you an update if the crashes continue
  10. jakes1991

    Brexit & 2 year loan

    I have encountered this in two saves, both in the full game and FMT. I'll provide details and the name of the saves I uploaded below. I've left both of the saves right before a match with the player in question in the first team. You can play the match with the red work permit players in the team, but pressing auto pick will take them out. Save 1: File name: Work Permit Issue - Alena - Middlesbrough.fm Player: Carles Alena at Middlesbrough. Brexit type :All non-UK players require a work permit, players already at the club are exempt, a contract over £8k p/w grants a permit no questions asked. Loaned Alena pre-Brexit, extended loan for next season around the time Brexit took place. He had a WP sign by his name and would not be selected when using auto-pick. However, I could manually put him in the team with no issue. I made sure my wage contributions for him were greater than £8k per week. Still says he needs a work permit. I have posted screenshots of this save in a thread in the General Discussion forum here. Save 2 (FMT): File name: Work Permit Issue - Isak- Hull.fmv Player: Aleksander Isak at Hull. Brexit type: All non-uk players require a work permit, granted by percentage of recent internationals played etc. Loaned Isak pre-Brexit, extended his loan stay for another season just before the Brexit rules were enforced. Again, the game says he needs a work permit and auto-pick won't choose him for the squad, but I am allowed to field him if I put him in the team. I have not extended/changed his contract since the issue began.
  11. steveyisatard

    2018 Skin

    Not without editing several panels first.
  12. My first topic, about Manchster City of Pep Guardiola, is very succesful, we've got a lot of comments and useful tips there. Now, i hope, Bayern fans will help me, to recreate the strongest Bayern of all time, and that Bayern is Bayern of Jupp Henckes from season 2012/2013. In this topic I would to recreate their very ofensive high tempo pure gegenpress. So, at the beginning, how do they defended?: I didn't see them pressing really high, they just dropped on own half and defend with low block, and waiting for counterattack. Something like Atletico. "Heynckes' Bayern play a different style of pressing, one that is more balanced and based on containment. Defending in their own half is somewhat more of a risk in that it does put the opponents closer to their goal, but Bayern are rather comfortable keeping their opponents out of shooting range while in their attacking half. Bayern defend in a more classic sense, and it's rare that opponents get between the back line and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. What makes Heynckes' system so special is how every player defends. If an opponent tries to run up the flank, he will have a full-back and winger to take on, and often striker Mario Mandzukic as well. If he tries a move in the center, the entire Bayern team descends upon him, swarming to win the ball back." Mentality: I think their power came from diffrent settings. I think they used control and ofensive mentality against weak teams, and standard against strong or "equal" (for example Juve or Arsenal). In my opinion, they used defensive in famous semifinal against Barca. More: Also I think they used diffrent tempo's and passes (short/ more direct/ standard). Very narrow defence pitch and very wide/wide in attacking, as they attacked focusing on flanks than middle. Play out of defence and overlaps are also considered as a part of Jupp's tactic. Crosses should be mixed, but i set low crosses because of my short strikers. "Heynckes' attacking system is altogether different from that of Guardiola. Whereas Pep's Barcelona typically operated through the center, Bayern spread the ball from the middle to the wide areas, and then they bring it back to the interior again. In fact, five of the seven goals Bayern scored against Barca in their recent tie followed play from out wide. In addition to using the full width of the pitch, Heynckes' Bayern use a wider variety of attacking methods than did Guardiola's Barca. The fact that their defense plays deeper means that Bayern can counterattack more and they can play out wide and through the center, using dribbling, through balls and crosses both high and low." 4-2-3-1 from Template is ok, with IF(A) on left (Ribery), AM (S) in center (it could be also Shadow Striker as MUller, but let's set AM as Kroos), IF(S) on right (Robben), PF(A) Mandżukić, B2B in midfield (DLP(S) for Schweinsteiger probably fits better), and BWM (Martinez; about his role I am not convinced, let me know what role is the best for him). Fullbacks (Alaba and Lahm) are CWB(S), and CD (Dante and Boateng) are BPD(C). Neuer is attacking goalkeeper of course :). Here is my proposition: What would you change?
  13. siregaheriet

    Online matches show different scores

    Same for us.
  14. Up at the 2nd time of asking, destroying the league (which had 2 more teams in this year). Modena pushed me all the way until about the last 4-5 games. The Serie D Poule was glitchy in that 2 of the teams I played had gone on VAC so I played greys (winning 12-0 and 15-0 respectively, and even putting my goalie up top to get a goal, which he did). Won Serie D GrD, Serie D Cup and the Poule thing....so a lower league treble. 103 points, 99 goals scored and +73 GD. Did it with a few loaners from Cesena, a load of guys on non-contract (as we have no cash). Only downside is I'm losing my star newgen from start up (Luca Mereu), as he joins Napoli this summer. He never wanted to discuss a deal at any point in the save, so I got to enjoy him for 2 seasons and now he's gone for nothing.
  15. LASK Linz win the Europa League!
  16. Yep- half the time you are still thinking- what's happening, why is the referee standing 50 yards away from play pointing, what was that for?
  17. HELP ! If I create something on the data editor-19.1.1 will I be able to load both to 19.1.4, or 19.1.5 or 19.2.0 etc ????
  18. Yes you do!! Has already caught me snoozing a couple of times
  19. Season 56 - 2073/74 End of Season Review Azeri Cup winners and we finish 2nd in the league! 2073/74 Best XI Vlado Stojanovski Miodrag Saranov - Milivoje Nikic - Lazar Nikancevski - Dragan Stojanovski Suad Husic - Dragan Sincek Mohammed Al-Dossari Stivi Ramadani Dragoljub Damjanovic - Pepi Ibrahimi
  20. swansongs

    [ENGLAND] Brentford Data Issues

    Maupay's Temperament and Sportsmanship too high. Dirtiness too low. Full range of the 1-20 scale needs using. Filthy little stamper who has the gall to accuse a player of diving after he's left half his studs in him. Repeat offender now. Romaine Sawyers guilty of cynical trips off the ball. Dirtiness 7 far too low. Sportsmanship 12 too high. Dalsgaard lost his head completely trying to cope with Roberts & Dyer so 14 Sportsmanship and Temperament too high there as well. Get that the team as a whole is going through a tough time but those lads stood out as cooking under the pressure.
  21. So if I start unemployed and get a job, go to settings, toggle the sugar daddy to off, and confirm, go back and turn it on and confirm again, it works. It’ll work any number of times. Is this a known bug?
  22. Hi everybody I'm trying to update an old DB with a new created nation that works fine in last FM editions. I read a lot of threads in this forum , and I achieved so many progresses, but the only thing I didn't got is to play european competitions with this nation. Now, I'm remaking UEFA Nations League system including this country and changing Kazakhstan to Asia (I think that's the thing that should make this work), but I couldn't make this compatible my other DB, because I don't know how to merge two different league structures. Anybody knows a way to solve it?
  23. Hi, I've just installed FM19 and when setting up the season, I noticed that it's giving me a 4* performance rating on a large database. Normally I'd select load all players in top leagues from Europe and South America which is around 68k players but has 1.5* performance. The large database gives you 38k. If I manage Manchester United, then how much of a difference is there in the database sizes? I'm not going to miss out on signing anyone major am I as United would typically be looking for more established players (even youngsters) who should be included in the large database right? Presumably having all players loaded would benefit a smaller team looking for a greater range of bargains? Is that right? Thanks
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