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  2. FM17 Performance Benchmarking Thread

    Table and chart has been updated with the latest tests. Barside is talking about the Detail Level settings [FM > Detail Level], which be default only has the league you are managing on Full Detail and various cups on mixed. You have the option to make other club competitions you are not managing in to also do full match detail processing. For FM18 we will have another test save that will enable full match detail for other competitions to compare default settings to custom detail settings for processing comparison.
  3. Real Manager photo

    Would it be impossible to let us have both? A manager photo in the game, and the 3D face on the pitch? As I wrote in the now closed thread in General Discussion: The way SI is approaching this is actually quite weird. It almost makes me believe it's the relative of some SI/SEGA executive that are in charge of the 3D manager face, an no-one dares to question him. I want my profile picture in the game, because in a world of beautiful cut-out faces I am a horrendous cartoon monster (well, me and the equally horrendous regens).
  4. Okay I've had a day to think about it and after going back and forth on whether to end this career, I still don't want to. But I don't want to take over Juventus again. and honestly I'm not feeling Leverkusen (I have actually never coached in Germany in all the careers I've had). At the same time, I'd much rather take a team during the summer than mid-season. I am 63 years old right now. I'm going to keep forwarding and see if the perfect job comes up. Well the "perfect job" doesn't come open as the season approaches, so I wait it out. And on August 2, 2037, this happens... And at age 63, I embark on my final challenge, one that I turned down a few years ago but that I now see as the final frontier, and the opportunity that, if I'm successful, would cement my legacy as the greatest American manager in football history. I am now the head coach of... THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!
  5. It seems Griezmann is already testing too. There may be hope for everybody concernd about one on ones for the past decade. After all, according to Oliver Kahn on TV, after his former club went out to Atletico in the CL, Griezmann finishes at least 90% of his one on ones (and that's totally not made up or anything -- that Kahn quote broadcast to an audience of millions live on television, that is).
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  7. Football Manager TV: Matchday

    Will we have some improved, or updated matchday sounds to go with the improved matchday experience? Or will it be the same old matchday sounds (since FM05) slapped over the newer graphics?
  8. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    I’m planning on getting a Brighton save going. Very interested in posting it in a thread here, haven’t done something like it in ages, any tips?
  9. [Turkey] (Official) Data Issues

    Hello. Maybe it’s little bit late but, I hope Turkish League will have better player values and transfers in FM18. They say AI is improved and let’s see if we are going to see transfers to mid-table clubs like Nasri, Menez, Asamoah Gyan, Adebayor, Clichy etc. at least check the transfer summary you will see what I’m talking about or still are we gonna see some Brazilian and German 2nd league guys you don’t even hear about? It was all the same for previous games. I know it’s not Premier League nor Ligue 1 but still when you compare to European local leagues you can do the math by yourself with just checking the squads. Yeah it’s neither Qatar but still there is a financial power. Eventough there is not clubs figure getting players out somehow. I like playing with other leagues but at the end of the day I start with Turkish League as we see in daily basis on TV if u know what I mean. I hope I made my point clear. Thanks. Have a good one.
  10. Real time scanning in the antivirus programme.
  11. Hello, I must say, it's quite disappointing that nothing has been replied to here. To anyone considering purchasing EHM, know it is a great game in many respects, but also that Sports Interactive has all but abandoned the game. If you think about it...those of us who play in an online league that requires daily participation should be the biggest supporters of the game. Hell...we actively recruit people to join. Yet we get no tech support, no response, nothing. It's just brutal. I get that soccer is more popular but if you are selling a product you should support it too. Thanks
  12. Bittersweet is the only word to describe it. Lukas Hrubes may not know much these days, but he knows that Vikander did not win. Adina rejected him spectacularly, humiliating him n front of millions. The hardest part being that Adina has not returned to the retirement home, and Hrubes knows that he surely will never see her again. Not now. Not since Tereza moved him to her apartment, having forged his signature on a marriage certificate. Hrubes hasn't had contact with the outside world in months. Or seen daylight. Tereza even took his bell away. All he has now is the menagerie of stuffed animals he shares the bed with. He's named the elephant Jimmy, and resents the fact that Jimmy isn't in 4-point restraints like he is. And only urCristiano knows what that wood block is for. Or why there is a sledgehammer leaning against the wall...
  13. The plan had been to celebrate. To start a new chapter. After everything, Adina and I would be reunited. That plan? It's in tatters. I can't even bear to watch the finale. I was such a fool. I chose her over Stana, and two dozen other women. Sure, the process was nonsense. But it was something to build from. The start of a journey. Only, now that Adina is semi-famous in the way that only a reality TV "star" can be, she wants to draw her 15 minutes of fame out as long as she possibly can. I should have realized this when, as we talked over the last few months since filming wrapped, she became more distant. Wanting to talk obsessively about her "brand." About her indie country/hip-hop fusion album. She was just using the show. Using me. I see it all so clearly now, as I watch the early episodes over and over... Her eyes never reflect any true emotion. Or do they? I can't trust my own eyes, my own judgment, anymore. She wouldn't even go on the "after the final rose" love show, unless they would let her "band" perform. I didn't want to be there either, so I was glad when they decided to cancel it. Stana won't stop calling. Ever the opportunist, eh? The only real lesson I can draw from this is that fate is a fickle ****. There's only one thing I can do... Focus my energy on Rennes and the Ivory Coast. Maybe work out the links on that tactical system Stalin and I have been texting about, that my father once tinkered with but never implemented. It's trite to say it, and arguably subject to a trademark claim by Gatorade, but it's true. When life kicks you in the b*llocks, there's only one thing to do. #DareToHakan.
  14. With 7 straight losses of a dominating side, that sounds like a horrible, at least experimental, tactic. One that is guaranteed to make for inconsistency. Unfortunately the AI despite all FM myth, is very limited in exploiting the holes in horrible or experimental systems, and mostly does so by random chance. Whichever tactical traits any AI manager has edited into the db may draw it all bust. Some approaches may expose the holes more, some less, and that may influence such inconsistency. Hopefully one day AI will be more intelligent. The more curios I have ever seen was a player fielding an experimental formation for a 2 legged Cup tie. All over the save, the AI had no clue how to respond to it. THe first leg resulted in a 7-1 win. In the return however, the AI switched to 3 forwards, its attacking formation edited into the db, to at least attempt to get back into the tie. The player's experimental formation resulted into all kinds of gaping holes in his backline. Those 3 forwards wreaked havoc, the AI won that match like 8-1, game over. Generally, as long as matches on this as in football remain to be settled in pitifully key seconds of 90 minutes, never read too much into results alone. You can go onto a good streak despite making a lot of questionably decisions, as the game tries to struck the balance between players and tactics and also squad management. THerefore, even with getting the decisions spot on, the reverse can happen. At some point, your side may have a bad day too, hidden consistency traits etc.. Tactics never "stop working". In particular if they aren't overly one-dimensional and attack purely down the middle, or anything. However, if you don't roughly know what you are targeting, you may never know what is tactical and what isn't. The spoilers are unsurprisingly in the end products on each end of the pitches, which is the nature of the shots. However, you may also find it a struggle to get into the opposition box from play if they simply have the superior players on the day, etc. Which SI do in the above too, mind. [Shameless promotion piece, though that article reads fantastic mind!].
  15. UEFA European Championship Qualifyers

    can you exclude them from fifa?
  16. That has been my experience as well. Because of all the frustrating hard-coding with MLS it takes clubs a while to populate to the point where they can allow young players to occupy the U18 squad.
  17. UEFA European Championship Qualifyers

    The whole competition
  18. [FM17] Out Of His League

    He had been hard on them, but Chance was also being hard on himself. A leader leads, he thought, and he hadn’t found a way to motivate his players. Yes, it was only a friendly and yes, some of the players were switched off but whose job was it to switch them on? You could argue that it was the player’s task, but in the end, the boss has to be the one in charge. He felt he wasn’t that person. Gary Neville had called him after the friendly and reminded him that players have to learn a new manager just like a manager has to learn new players. “Remember why we hired you,” he heard through his earpiece. “Because you wouldn’t react like you’re doing now.” Chance shook his head at that, remembering that he was there because his personality was different from the last peoples’, and calmed down a bit. Four days later, the team played its final friendly against Buckley Town at Globe Way, and it was another match his men were expected to have little trouble winning. It was a chance for the team to rebound from a setback and more importantly it was a chance for Chance to be Chance. The team played little better than it had against Ruthin, but at least it held possession better and made the attempt to appear dangerous in front of goal. This time they weren’t bad, they were simply wasteful. Some of that was to be expected – truly polished players wouldn’t be in this league – but like a lot of games at this level, someone needed to grab it by the scruff of the neck. That someone turned out to be Green, who took Sam Walker’s through ball and lashed home from fifteen yards past Danny Leek in first half added time. That put Salford ahead and given the way Buckley appeared inable to string three passes together, the lead looked fairly safe. Unfortunately, just before Green’s goal, Hine was upended going after a cross and landed hard on his shoulder, his neck bending at an awkward angle. He rolled to a sitting position, tried to get up, found that wasn’t an especially good idea, and sat back down. He was stretchered off with his neck in a brace. He insisted on giving a thumbs-up gesture to the (small) crowd as he was leaving, though, and the physios said the brace was simply a precaution. “He can move everything just fine,” Chance was told. “We’ll get him a scan and see what’s happened in there. Any road, it’s not likely to be anything major.” That was welcome news, but it surely meant time on the training table instead of time in the XI, and that meant allowances had to be made. Buckley didn’t come near the Salford goal in the second half so instead of fuming because his boys had scraped a one-nil win over inferior opposition, he chose to stay positive. “No goals conceded will get us some points,” he said with a smile as the team sat for the post-match team talk. “More of that, please. But we’re out of friendlies – so the next time you do this, it’ll matter a lot more. Shower off and enjoy your evenings.” This time, he let the players clap. There was a good reason for that. Buckley Town 0 Salford City 1 (Green 45+1) H/T: 0-1 A – 113 (41 away), Globe Way, Buckley Man of the Match – George Green, Salford City (MR 8.3) # # #
  19. It's not 100% clear to me what is meant with exceptions in Neil Brock's instructions. Real-time scanning or the firewall? Or both? I use McAfee.
  20. "Everton board has laughed off interest from Welsh legend apparently interested in the vacant managerial position... " Anyone remembers when they too off that feature where you could shamelessly make yourself available for jobs? it seems Giggs' has found it in new version
  21. Yesterday
  22. Cant believe I have been playing this game for 20 years(cm2 96/97) in that time I have been married, had 2 kids - one of whom is at University, moved around the country, made friends, lost friends, lost family, changed jobs, changed careers , my whole life has changed but the game is still there, I think I did so many all nighters during CM 01/02 its a wonder my missus didnt kill me, she would be be in almost every hour "hun its 2am are you coming to bed" ditto 3 am, 4 am, 5am etc and I would be just "yeah just after this next match hun" Then there was FML, really loved that game and the community, I was lucky enough to be a beta tester and then a moderator for the game, was sad it ended. I was initially gutted when Eidos and Sigames split, I really thought that would be the beguinning of the end for the game but Football Manager rose from the flames, I did give Eidos and Champ' man' a go but didnt rate it at all Even now I still get excited by the new release every year and I really enjoyed fm17 and although not many for some have gotten through 1048 hours of gameplay which is the most I have played in a long long time, although probably no where near what i did with the earliest incarnations - I loved the early years, Scott Huckerby, Mike Duff, Cherno Samba, kim Kallstrom et el !!
  23. Been as far as the mid 2030s and have never seen it, though I didn't specifically look for it. Be nice to see newgens eventually have other newgens as idols too.
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