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  2. And Lewis Holly-Tully's career with us, a goal almost every other game!
  3. michaeltmurrayuk

    [FM18][MOD] Match In-Between Highlights Mod

    @stuart1976 Its the main match in between highlights xml file you need to edit, the code is down near the bottom of the file so it will be easier to find it if you scroll up from the bottom, then just adjust the 380 value until you are happy. (lower value will shrink that panel).
  4. FrazT

    Unhappy status

    If you downgrade any player's status or drop them to the reserves on a permanent basis, they will be unhappy. Making them available for the reserves till they are fit, will not affect them. Withdrawing a player from 1 friendly will not affect them- withdrawing them from more than one, will have an effect
  5. @ChainsXV If you haven't edited anything then first try reloading your skin to refresh the cache files or try manually deleting your cache files, as when the cache gets corrupted the game can sometimes stop recolouring stuff as it should. If you have been editing the files (or if someone else wants to know as the location is fairly well hidden) then by default they are controlled by a couple of locations. First by default they are controlled by the xml files found with the button graphics, these are located in the \graphics\buttons\custom\tactics\pitch switch\ folder for the skin you are using, inside that will be several subfolders and inside each of them will be various xml files - these control each bit of the button and each state, inside each of these files should be the following code: <record id="primary_icon_properties" red_replacement="white" /> <record id="secondary_icon_properties" red_replacement="white"/> If the code isn't present then just paste it into the file above the </properties> code at the bottom of the file. To change the colour just change the colour name to another colour. The other place the colours might be controlled (especially if the skinner removed the colours from the above files) is in the pitch with tactics xml file found in the panels/widgets folder for your skin. In that file will be three sets of code that look like this; <widget class="radio_button" show_button_appearance="true" appearance="buttons/custom/tactics/pitch switch/left/button" icon="" icon_alignment="right" secondary_icon_enabled="true" secondary_icon="icons/custom/tactics/pitch switch/role" secondary_icon_alignment="centre" id="rldt" height="30" width="35" click_event="RLDT"> <translation id="hint" translation_id="383639" type="use" value="Show Role and Duty[COMMENT: hint for a radio button to toggle showing role and duty on the tactics pitch]" /> </widget> You should then just be able to add an extra line to recolour the icons; <widget class="radio_button" show_button_appearance="true" appearance="buttons/custom/tactics/pitch switch/left/button" icon="" icon_alignment="right" secondary_icon_enabled="true" secondary_icon="icons/custom/tactics/pitch switch/role" secondary_icon_alignment="centre" id="rldt" height="30" width="35" click_event="RLDT"> <translation id="hint" translation_id="383639" type="use" value="Show Role and Duty[COMMENT: hint for a radio button to toggle showing role and duty on the tactics pitch]" /> <record id="secondary_icon_properties" red_replacement="green a400" /> </widget> Again changing the colour to what you want also the code for each is slightly different, so don't copy/paste the code, just paste in the additional highlighted line. Also the code in this file takes priority over the colour set in the button files, so I'd say it's better to set the colour here (if you are editing a skin on purpose) as it's an easier thing to find later. (Though it may just be me that hates having the colours declared in the graphic folders ). If none of that works then check with the person who made the skin as they have likely changed something else.
  6. turnip

    [FM18] Fire by Trial

    Season 14, Part 1: Summer Transfer Window HNK Hajduk, Croatian First League We lost our Mozambican DR, selling him to Club Brugge for £1.7m and our Bulgarian ST moved to Germany for £3.9m taking his 19-Long-Shots-and-Shoots-From-Distance-PPM-but-never-actually-took-any-long-shots talents with him. Our previous first-choice ML was sold and after promoting the backup to the first team, our new Backup ML - a Croatian kid who'd been out on loan last season - was the subject of interest and started throwing hissy fits until I sold him on deadline day for £3.5m + future fees and 35% of next fee to Inter. Coming in were a Wonderkid Brazilian MC for ~£6.5m, a slow Peruvian DC for £1m, a Uruguayan MR (with a Spanish passport - bonus) for just under £1m and a Portuguese ST for £3m. Replacing our ML are a Czech kid (£2.2m), a Czech DC we used to have at Gent and a San Marinese ST I signed while I was at Gent. All in all, this is actually a rare season where - so far - we've got a net transfer spend.
  7. New update available! Updated download links and information on the first post! OR directly go to: https://fminside.net/fminside-fm18-data-update-august/
  8. The only nation ranked worse than us now is San Marino...
  9. A retirement that I didn't notice!
  10. Oh Arsenal, why couldn't you be the first 'big' club to get relegated?

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Yeah tis slighly out of my price range. Are these the right specifications?
  12. JR866Gunner

    Player profile attribute analyser addition

    Worked perfectly, thank you ever so much for your trouble!
  13. 2052/53 End of Season Review Well we almost cocked that one up, if Yeovil had beaten us then we'd be back in League Two despite scoring almost 100 goals. Overall Best XI 2052/53 Best XI Dan Viveash (YP16b) Roy Winsor (YP25i) - Ashley Head (YP17c) - Cameron Howell-Iles (YP25b) Paul Vernon (YP32a) Thomas Brewer (YP34a) Jake Taylor (YP20d) - Craig Perkins (YP24h) Lee Harding (YP30b) - Frank Babangida (YP25a) - Cameron Frith (YP33b)
  14. JR866Gunner

    Player profile attribute analyser addition

    You sir are a star, I shall give this a go and update you once I have tested!
  15. League Table ~ Domestic Cups ~ Facilities ~ Finances On the face of it it looks like a poor season compared to last season, however I'm happy as we're still overachieving. Some of our key players are aging (indeed some retired already) so we were always going to start struggling, it's just as well we've finally opened our academy. We looked a long way from European football, but finishing top of the bottom half gave us a chance in the playoffs and we managed to beat Glentoran and Coleraine to steal the last spot in Europe. We've managed to improve our youth facilities once, which cost us £80k, and we've had 3 JC and 2 YR upgrades since opening the academy. It's clear to see our favoured 11, perhaps with exception to up front where Arthurs was injured for a while and McKay and Arbuthnot rotated. I'm going to give Agnew and Lamont plenty of game time next season to help get them ready to replace the old guard. Oh and apologies for no mid-season update, I was too busy racing through the season!
  16. TerminalPortugal

    Club Legend

  17. michaeltmurrayuk

    Player profile attribute analyser addition

    @JR866Gunner What coding have you used? You should just have to take the below code from the player overview big selector panel xml file found in the panels/player folder: <widget file="player/player attribute analyser panel" id="paAn" class="client_object_viewer_xml_panel" late_loading="true"> <translation id="title" translation_id="334971" type="use" value="Attribute Analysis[COMMENT: player overview; title for a panel showing an attribute analyisis diagram]" /> </widget> And paste it into the player overview popup selector panel xml file found in the panels/player folder, you can just paste the code into the file at the bottom but above the </panel> code right at the bottom as the game sorts the order alphabetically. Then save the file, and reload your skin with the skin cache off and the option should appear like below: Actually I may as well upload this in case anyone else wants it adding (only adds it to the popup as shown in the screenshot), to install extract the file and you should have a folder called player place this in the panels folder for the skin you are using, reload the skin and it should now be an option; playerpopupanalyser.zip
  18. TerminalPortugal

    Club Legend

  19. TerminalPortugal

    Club Legend

  20. TerminalPortugal

    Club Legend

  21. TerminalPortugal

    Club Legend

  22. Thanks a lot @theBlackPrince! I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far!
  23. Wow, what a story!! Catching up has taken a while but the up and down and back and forth from the leagues, what a joy!! Keep up the cracking effort!!
  24. stuart1976

    [FM18][MOD] Match In-Between Highlights Mod

    Thanks for replying Michael im useless when it comes to stuff like this My understanding is you need to open the relative xml file with notepad and look for And the height of the bottom part is controlled by this code: <!-- RIGHT - BOTTOM ADJUST DEFAULT_HEIGHT VALUE TO RESIZE--> <container class="bordered_box" minimum_height="1" priority="4" default_height="380"> this is what I have which xml with I find what im looking sorry thanks for your patience shouldn't really do it as a novice but its been my pet hate for a while best regards
  25. Today
  26. The way new stadiums are named could be improved IMO. There is at least a pair of things that could be done to make it better: 1) Stadium naming conventions per country or region Right now, new stadiums are all named with the same standards no matter where in the world they are; furthermore, they are often named in the game's current language instead of the country's language (or in english). This leads to some... strange names depending on where the stadium is located. For example, River Plate from Argentina would never name a new stadium as "Ramón Díaz Stadium" or "Ramón Díaz Arena"; they'd name it "Estadio Ramón Díaz" or simply "Ramón Díaz". Similarly, a team in an italian-speaking country like San Giovanni wouldn't name their stadium as "San Giovanni Stadium", it instead being named to the likes of "Stadio San Giovanni". On another hand, I've never seen stadiums being named after where the team is located. The "City of Manchester" stadium is a great example of this. These conventions could be set in the editor. 2) Renaming stadiums There are times where the board cannot think of a legend to name the new stadium after and pick the incredibly bland "<name of club> Stadium" name. Now, if for some reason you wanted to see the stadium have another name, you'd have to wait until the board decided to build a new stadium. Under no circumnstances, no matter how great of a club legend has formed after the new stadium was built, the name won't be changed. Now, I understand stadium renaming is very uncommon IRL (Argentine team Newell's Old Boys renamed their stadium after Marcelo Bielsa some years ago) but it can indeed happen. Stadium renaming could become a more interesting feature if (fictional) sponsors were added to the game instead of just being told they are there. Say, a team renaming their stadium after a sponsor to increase income (Barcelona being rumored to be going to do this is a fine example).
  27. ToMexico!!

    Zeljeznicar Sport - Youth Only

    2020 Youth Intake Another "Golden Generation". Some better determinations in there and decent personalities for the four 5* potential players. My choice as best from the intake, we have a decent keeper but having this home grown back up option we set us for a few years to come. Needs to work on Anticipation, positioning and his distribution but a solid option. Next best, good finishing and heading along with some good mentals, needs work on his physicals for sure. Probably about 4th best striker in the club already. A deep-lying playmaker with great passing already, needs some work on the rest of his technical stats.
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