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  2. Nice. Very interesting to me, because I ran a similar tactic, which took Padova from Serie C up to Serie A (but now, I don't think that I have anywhere near the players to run it in A): IW - sit narrow and sometimes man mark opposition DR; FB - stay wider and run wide w/ball; CM(d) close down more and sometimes tackle harder. Vs better teams, especially those with a strong LB or LW, BBM -> Car, maybe also WB(s) -> FB(s). Obviously, mine is more direct, wing play. With a better DM, it might've worked better with a RPM. A few observations and things I noticed: BWM(
  3. I sent you save file on your email. It is the same save file, so you can exame both problems I reported
  4. Yeah. Well i think this one will be different. One like @hyrule_king had with more original players. Welcome to Karsiyaka
  5. Folkestone Invicta - Season 2030/31 (Season 10) Review - Sky Bet League One (3rd tier) Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances So two straight promotions and no more. We are not that out of our level yet, but we are facing better teams now. We continued the trend of scoring loads of goals, but unfortunately also conceding loads. Still, I'm more than happy about this season, especially considering we lost two of our best defenders before the start. The emerging legend that is Ryan Doyle 23f one again had a great season for us, scoring and assisting lots. Franck Koné 24e is still his part
  6. Hi, I am having the same issue. Did you ever manage to resolve this issue or not?
  7. Macapá is already set as the city of Santos (AP). (I checked both in-game and in the database).
  8. Santos FC (AP) ID301107 should have as city Macapá and not Amapá https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santos_Futebol_Clube_(AP)
  9. luckily I have trained my first 4 season intakes well enough that they are capable of 1st team duties, as my senior (original players) leave. Gutted that this guy wont sign a new contract:
  10. Hey, this is a nice work, now that CONCACAF-CONMEBOL works with CWC i dont know if this "combo" of files work: "UEFA Revival - CONCACAF-CONMEBOL 1A, UEFA Revival - FIFA Club World Cup 1C, UEFA Revival 04" is this ok right? i read the notes file and i think i understand it right?
  11. Can you PM me to send me this save? This might be a database issue vs a game issue.
  12. Thanks for your answer. I understand that you won't say what aspect means more but I was only hoping to have a confirmation from SI if certain have a "direct" impact on performances or not... if we should consider them when we're picking our XI for the next match. From your answer, I can imagine that "form in last matchs" is a thing to consider as well as the "form of the day" (how well a player performed from the beginning of the match). Concerning training, I understand that it's not a very important factor but it seems that many managers think that "you play the weekend as you trained
  13. But it might have been the best two seasons in hockey existence, give Holos a break :). Kidding aside, can you upload the save to the SI Cloud and provide the filename in this thread?
  14. Any chance we see croatian league in FMM 22 ?
  15. If we deliver the infos about the missing cities from the teams they will be added or would be a waste of time to report it?
  16. August 2031 Decent start to the season. Transfers We signed bunch of players and probably the best of the pack is Angga Setyawan, Indonesian national team player, but unfortunately he cant play for the team until the second half of the season.
  17. Hi. I am looking to buy a laptop to run FM and for my wife to do college work on. I am afraid I don't really know a great deal about laptops but I've been playing FM on the same laptop for over 8 years so I think just about anything would be an upgrade. My budget is about £300 Cheers
  18. In my SC Bern save players from my team that plays for Swiss (and Kahun for Germany) are playing for club and NT in same time during Deutschland Cup and other tournament in Swiss (later in the season). They don't have "int" icon next to their name. Interesting enough I have one Sweden NT player, one Russian and one Czech, and they do have "int" icon when they go to NT duty, and I can't use them during their time with NT. I uploaded save "sc bern".
  19. Today
  20. I honestly don't know how they put the club in debt. The budget is £6,001,448 per week and i am spending £8,586,562 per week.
  21. August 2026 A superb start to the season. We've carried on where we left off without missing Dawkins at all. Even more impressive is the fact that Burgess was injured early on against Taunton and it doesn't seem to have stopped us. Add that to a red card and three match ban for Stow-Tricker and we're showing a much greater strength in depth despite not really having it in my opinion! One player making a real impact this year is Hudson, who can't seem to stop scoring from corners. His physicals are now pretty solid for this level, but he hasn't hit these sorts of f
  22. Vaughan Azzurri (20500263) should have Vaughan as city and not North York Woodbridge Sora (145780) should have Woodbridge as city and not North York
  23. Luxembourg National Division Last season, first team gets CL, 2nd to 4th goes to Europa Conference. There is one professional club in Jeunesse Esch and the rest is semi-professional.
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