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  2. andrewslartibartfast

    Asking how I will replace vital back up player

    Have uploaded file Atlanta United (v03).fm but unfortunately I progressed 3 months in game from the incident.
  3. andrewslartibartfast

    Transfer notification not going away

    Have uploaded file Atlanta United (v03).fm but unfortunately I progressed 3 months in game from the incident.
  4. No, why would it leave the CMa alone? BtBM is on support duty and covers a lot of space, so he is a perfect role to combine with the other CM (regardless of his duty) in 442 IMO. Of course, it does not have to be a BtBM, a DLP on support should also be a good match for CMa. But you need to take into account your entire formation and tactic, not just the two CMs. What do you mean by "wing play" in this context? Your wide midfielders are given a winger role, or your fullbacks are wingbacks (role-wise)? Or both? Or perhaps all your wide players (fullbacks and WMs) are on attack duty?
  5. It would be useful if this screen showed not just the quantity of attempts, but also the attempts/conversion ratio.
  6. shadster

    [Portugal] Data Issues

    Luisão from Benfica had his retirement set for 29th September. Now I'm on 30th September, he is still on the team, available to play, I got no message saying he was not retiring, and on his information page says he is retired from professional football.
  7. Asterionas13

    Game setup doen't work.

    Exactly. I am able to save my game, save my approximate player count, tactics , training programs everything but not "game set up".
  8. Zaharra

    [Finland] Data Issues

    Some changes to HIFK, HIFK/2 and HIFK U20: HIFK: Chairman - Christoffer Perret Director of football - Mika Lönnström General manager - Petteri Jutila (In the game he is Chairman) (Not sure if the General manager is the right title in English (joukkueenjohtaja in Finnish). I've seen 'joukkueenjohtaja' translated as 'team manager', but in the the game there isn't such a title so...) Coach - Ari Rantamaa Doctor - Aapo Haavisto (In the game he is Head Physio) Doctor - Jammu Öunap Doctor - Tuomas Naalisvaara Following persons aren't in the club anymore: Rene Österman (Chairman), Mikko Eskelinen (Assistant Manager, he is in PKKU now), Ville Anttonen (Goalkeeping Coach, he is in PKKU now), Ville Rapeli (Fitness Coach), Kirsi Korpi (Doctor), Toni Kneip (Physio), Mika Järvinen (Chief Scout), Risto Gröhn (Scout). HIFK/2: General manager - Joona Haavisto (In the game he is Director of football in HIFK) Coach - Olli Harmainen Coach - Timo Kinnunen HIFK U20: Coach - Otto Jahn (In the game he is HIFK/2 coach)
  9. drogbanasri63

    [France] Data Issues

    Hello Remy Descamps contract in PSG is until 2021 not 2019 he extended befre going to Clermont on loan https://www.transfermarkt.fr/remy-descamps/profil/spieler/282028
  10. Think I saw SI saying it’s only a GUI issue and that your player is being trained in your specified role
  11. Spurs08

    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    Could I suggest that Tom Glover (Tottenham) appears slightly overrated? Always hard with youth players but he's seldom featured for our youth sides over the last couple of years, not seeming to have progressed much if at all since his move from Australia. In game he's clearly the club's 4th best goalie and appears to have the potential to be a backup for us which he's shown no sign of with the consensus among youth watchers being that he's likely to be released next summer. The club's 4th-choice, who has been on pre-season tours and featured on the senior bench in competitive games a few times when Vorm and Lloris have been injured/suspended/hungover, is Alfie Whiteman who I think deserves a slight all-round boost (about halfway between his and Glover's current attributes, with a negative PA that gives him an outside chance of having the potential to be a backup but more likely to end up in the Championship or League One)
  12. Tsaca

    [Switzerland] Data Issues

    Hello, There is two times Dany Da Silva (GK - Lausanne-Sport). Thank you in advance,
  13. In my Ajax save, I played a match against Heracles. Somewhere in the first half, I brought in Kaj Sierhuis to replace the injured Huntelaar. For some strange reason however, Huntelaar stayed on the pitch. At first, I thought this was due to the fact that the ball didn't go out of play but this issue stayed there for the remainder of the first half which was about 20 minutes. I "solved" the issue by performing the exact same substitution during half time. Any idea how this can happen?
  14. crossej

    Board Block departure

    I signed a new coach for my team, Christoph Begle. He is signed until 2021. I am at the limit of coaches and cannot hire any others. I have received several ( 3 or more ) messages indicating that the board have blocked the release of this coach as he just joined the club. I have not tried to sack him nor replace him. As I haven't attempted to get rid of the coach, I am not sure how to replicate the issue. I have tried to search the Inbox for "departure", but it only shows 1 instance of this message on August 25, 2018. I am uploading save file to the cloud: Eric Cross - SpVgg Greuther Fürth.fm
  15. A few surprises - Poland into the final, Ireland and Denmark in the Semis and Albania made it out the groups ahead of Croatia.
  16. Stephatos

    2D split view

    How do you add split view? I haven't figured it out yet
  17. Maybe, but my schedule is packed with rest and recuperation days, I send them all on rests for days at a time, I am juggling three totally different tactics... And I just had to ragequit cause my winger got taken off with an injury, then my striker, then a midfielder... all in the first half! I have 7 players out injured as it is... Time to park this game for tonight lest I injure myself!!
  18. I'm already playing FM19, at my own pace. I've had FM19 open for 17 hours and have only played six matches in Serie A so far. I was almost nine hours in before I even played my first friendly. It's been very enjoyable so far, major issues with the light skin notwithstanding. I'm also submitting bug reports when I can.
  19. Sharpy1975

    Game froze in "Processing"

    I will start a new game and reset to default, although, it's happened twice now. The quick fix doesn't work for me.
  20. Me too! It just came together so well, especially the run in the new year. Dealing with League and European football will be a real challenge for us. In the last two seasons we've gone out in the 2nd round of the cup, meaning we only had 36 games in total each season allowing us to keep our team fit, bar injuries.
  21. Gripper

    [ENGLAND] Sunderland Data Issues

    Thanks RobR. I have set the black shorts to be the first choice and red to be the alternate, in the database, now.
  22. Stephatos

    skin very bad

    These are your opinions, I love the purple.
  23. Are you going to store the disc next to your vhs recorder and mini disk collection On a serious note I didn’t think people still brought physical copies of pc games anymore.
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