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  2. cant see any of the tactics that have a download option?
  3. Season Review 2022/23 Unfortunately, domestically, it's all been a bit too routine in the 2nd half of this season. Our only slip up from the January window to the end of the season is a final day 2-0 defeat at Ibrox. We won every other game, securing the Scottish Cup thanks to a Hearts' own goal, and stormed to the league title with 5 games to play. So much for last years' hopes of a challenge brewing here in Scotland. It is hard to deny though that the presence of 4 Scottish clubs in group stage European football, and 2 in the knockout stages, is a huge improvement on where we were at at the beginning of this save. This season, St. Mirren and Dumbarton face relegation, while Ayr and Motherwell are promoted back to the top flight. In terms of awards, the only one we miss out on is Goal of the Season. Jai Quitongo picks up the player of year awards, while Christopher Norris YP5a picks up both Young Player awards and the Top Scorer Award. Thankfully his new contract seems to be keeping the dogs at bay for now. And our best performer across all competitions this season was our hero from our very first intake, Jon MacNeil YP1a. End of Season Departures Player: Neil Halsman YP4d; John Collins YP4c - released Staff: Phil Cannon - retires Top 5 Young Players of the Season (Players 21 and under at the beginning of the season) Keith Miller SP2a - Age 22, Appearances: 37(2); Goals: 1; Assists: 8; Av. Rating: 7.52 Christopher Norris YP5a - Age 18, Appearances: 19(20); Goals: 29; Assists: 6; Av. Rating: 7.51 Mo McLaren YP4a - Age 19, Appearances: 23(2); Goals: 1; Assists: 2; Av. Rating: 7.41 James Duncan SP5d - Age 21, Appearances: 6(1); Goals: 5; Assists: 1; Av. Rating: 7.31 James Angus SP7c - Age 20, Appearances: 21(9); Goals: 6; Assists: 10; Av. Rating: 7.25 Notable Mentions Darren Duncan SP3a Bob Grant YP6a Brian Kane SP4c Elvis Lala YP2c Scott McKay YP2b
  4. Tosetti (46H) won't be around for that tie, however! He'd dropped to 1.5 stars as a backup so it was time to make room for the next generation. Harsh on him as I really like his attribute spread and the offer is hardly gargantuan. In other personnel news, I let our stalwart Klapp (37A) walk despite having an option for another year. He's been brilliant throughout his career but age has decimated his quickness and agility. He's always been a tiny weakling, however he used to be able to run away from defenders. Klapp (37A) could probably be salvaged as some kind of poacher given his other abilities; doesn't fit with our tactics though and I'm loathe to create a system just to extend his shelf life. Fare thee well, little man! At the end of the season I mean. Now this is awkward. I already said goodbye and we're walking the same direction for another 6 months.
  5. It IS China.....
  6. Apologies for the crooked picture. Fat fingered the cropping and too lazy at the moment to take another screenshot . Anyway, back to the matter at hand... we got the results we wanted here while being much, much more competitive with Napoli and Barca than I expected. Napoli away was 2-1 until the 89th. Barca home saw a 1-1 draw crack when we dropped to 10 men due to injury in the 77th minute and then sink to goals in the 81st and 84th before we pulled back a consolation penalty. At Barca we held them scoreless until the 75th. Napoli home was similar to the reverse. All-in-all, we've progress to the point where we could fluke a win against these types of sides. Far from expecting, but it's an actual possibility these days. A moral victory! And of course I'd be amiss if I didn't mention that we drop to Europa League knockout rounds, an actual victory of sorts. Roughly a third of our possible opponents look appealing. So who do we draw? Suffice it to say, the reigning Champions League winners were not in that 1/3. We'll face a familiar coach for whatever that's worth? Nothing. It's worth nothing.
  7. Ozcan wanted to go so didn't have any choice. Wiedwald is going to anywhere i can send him and the reserve would be the a youngster wich name i can't remember right now. Volland sometimes smash it like he was Hulk in previous versions but that's it. He only steals oxygen from the rest.
  8. Please post your own threAd if you have issues. For the record, anti virus software is known to do this so that could be a factor in your case. Hope that helps but please make sure you post your own thread for an issue if you need assistance. Thanks.
  9. What thread can I read to understand what things I need to look during a match in order to understand what is going on and find mistakes in my tactic?
  10. Boom. Llorente signed on a permanent deal from Sevilla. Bierhoff, on loan from Leverkusen:
  11. It seems that First Vienna 1894 is dominant in the league, but not in the Europa League. Now, reaching 2022, it's World Cup time and I also look out the winners of the Champions and Europa League. I expected Austria didn't qualify, but it would be lucky to them in the second place.
  12. I thought Dives Into Tackles meant that the player was more likely to go to ground, rather than trying to stay on his feet and win the ball. Going to ground and tackling more forcefully are related, to be sure, but they're not necessarily the same thing--you see plenty of rough challenges in which the player doesn't go to ground.
  13. Well an F9 seems to favour my system as it seems to get the best out of the wide midfielders drifting in. Had looked at Belotti but I'll check Guidetti as well. Looked at Max Kruse but he is a bit old and not sure if Zach Clough is good enough. Not sure how Brexit affects FMT. Might be a learning curve as I never usually go past two seasons!!!
  14. In retrospect, that does explain several of the goals he scored -- jumping on loose back passes and scoring "garbage" goals, in the best sense of the word. Time for more tactical tinkering then! That reasoning makes sense. Playing a DF with Hold Up Ball sounds like what I want him to do. I'll have to try both (s) and (d) to see how they work. Cheers for the advice!
  15. He'd go right in my team, absolutely!
  16. I am experiencing the same issue now. Also running on mac, also have never cleared the cache from Finder. I have had this problem with a save in FM16, and now also my first save in FM17. From reading other similar experiences, I understand it isn't possible to recover history from the current save. Is anyone aware of a way I can prevent this happening in future saves?
  17. Must just be down to adaptability. Elphick has a professional personality and i think when they have this they have a good temperament too. Cant see it being ambition thats just to do with what the player wants to achieve in his career- or rather how much i should say. I've noticed in the feedback for Elphick that he needs more time to blend in the squad, could indicate quite poor adaptability.
  18. Time for another update of my challenge XI as the last one was from before I joined both Tigres and Brazil. Goalkeeper- Prince Motsoeneng (Tigres) A South African wonderkid who was solid between the sticks throughout the quintuple winning season of '30/31 at Tigres. Left back- Maurice Sery (Royal Eagles, Ivory Coast and Genk) very talented fullback from Mali who i've coached in 3 teams now. He provided his best performances in the KRC Genk shirt especially in my final double-winning season. Centre Back- Lee Jong-Soo (Jeonbuk) A rock at the centre of defence in the treble winning Jeonbuk side of '28 Centre Back- Ricardo Osorio (Tigres) My first signing with Tigres and we have since won 8 trophies together and counting. He has won plenty of caps for Argentina as well. Right Back- Ayoub El-Khaliqi (Royal Eagles). Moroccan fullback who was at the core of the defence for ages providing loads of assists every season. Right Midfield- Henrikh Mkhitaryan (Genk) The Armenian veteran was absolutely superb when brought into my Genk team, fitting my formation perfectly. Central Midfield- Hans Stevens (Genk). Supremely talented youngster who was ever present in the league-winning Genk sides. An eventual world cup winner with Belgium. Central Midfield- Francisco Sole (Tigres) The Captain and valiant leader of the quintuple-winning Tigres side. Contributed with goals, assists and much more as he mastered the box-to-box midfielder role. Left Midfield- Patrick Roberts (Molde). He usually plays on the right but can cover both sides. Previously a Man City flop who was brought to Molde to play out wide and provided heaps of asissts and goals in a great season. Player of the season winner for both Molde and the Norwegian Premier league. Striker- Park Hong-Sun (Jeonbuk) Absolutely lethal scoring 71 goals in the time I was at Jeonbuk and helped us win 4 trophies in a season and a half. Striker- Richard Acuna (Tigres) Topped the charts in the quintuple winning season in nearly every category and won countless awards. He has scored 88 goals under my management already. subs- Muhammad Nashnoush (Royal Eagles GK), Keanu Cupido (Royal Eagles CB), Lorenzo Pellegrini (Saint Etienne CM), Francisco Matute (Tigres LM) Patrick Garba (Genk ST) Exequiel Hoyos (Tigres ST)
  19. Whoa! Armenia went down without breaking a sweat! Aruba will be beautiful.
  20. Today
  21. 06.10.2019 Nottingham forest- West ham missed penalty on 36'th minute. None have scored, l had some penalties that took other players from the squad but in those games Hakan didn't play, those games were in English cups and Europa league. Any suggestions on the matter? l'll play him in all of my games from now on and see what happens, then l'll provide you with report at the end of the season.
  22. He's going to be my libero. Straight into the side. Things are coming together, even if I'm having to sign older players than I'd prefer.
  23. 23 minutes: A very nice opportunity shows up, by way of a through ball from Bonaventura to Perez. But Perez can't put enough power on it, Mignolet stops it. 0-0 Half-time, and we're defending well, passing well, but the attacking plays are nowhere to be found. They have several shots, but all long range, low chance shots. 50 minutes: Hurling the ball upfield through a quick two passes, Sadio Mane gets the ball, our defenders not doing well with their offside trap. He's onside, and sprints with all he has. Donnarumma isn't paying attention, and finally lunges for the block once the ball is over the line. 0-1! Thankfully, nothing more after that, Donnarumma keeps their goals to only 1. This is not looking good. Belotti has said he will stay on with us, but his heart is not in it like it was. He is still thinking about playing in a better league, in the back of his mind. Goals are few, his performances continuously sub-par. Transfer window is shut, and we are stuck...
  24. I changed the match full window.xml, this is the code I've used. <widget class="match_titlebar_panel" id="MHDr" file="match/match title bar score Bundesliga" height="50"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="top" inset="23" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="right" inset="50" /> </widget>
  25. Bwahaha...remember Bierhoff, the brilliant young forward at Leverkusen? Got him on a loan, with a $9M optional fee. And he likes me, thanks to watching him play, etc...I've got 5 months to convince him to sign on a permanent deal. My precious...
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