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  2. very interesting concept great detailed OP too well done mate I have been interested in the Scottish system but put off for the reasons mentioned in the SPL(too many games v same teams) I may well give this a go when I get round to starting a save many thanks by the way
  3. That is a possibility. Luckily I have a backup save from December 2022, so I checked what the squad looked like (using FMRTE). Not a single newgen player in the squad and all their highest CA is 153. Interestingly enough, they also won the African Nations Cup in 2021. They were ranked 62nd before the African Nations Cup, 36th before the World Cup and 14th after winning the World Cup. So they're not really a one hit wonder as they also managed to win the African Nations Cup. I'm now in 2039 and they stayed around 12-16th for quite some time, but now they have dropped again to 35th. They have also won the African Nations Cup again in 2033, and runners-up in 2023 and 2029. They got to the third round in the WC in 2030 and didn't get past the group stage in 2034. Their current team's CA/PA is very similar to the squad that won the World Cup.
  4. David Neres had caused all kinds of grief first being annoyed at not playing then stating that he was going to see his contract out. Since he was not part of the first team we decided it was better we at least get something for him so he moves to Newcastle United for £3.75m. In fairness that is an absolute bargain for Newcastle United as he could join any club in the summer and would probably go elsewhere then, but we at least get something for the guy. I actually don't think we need to replace him, at least not now as we have plenty of players that can cover.
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  6. Borussia Dortmund (December 2024) We have been excellent this month as we manage to win all five league fixtures. We won the Revier derby to start the month an easy 3-0 win over Schalke, before we welcomed on form RB Leipzig and beat them pretty easily in the end 3-0. Mainz have been in great form this season and so beating them 3-1 at home was nice. We ended with games against two sides I expected to beat although the away game in Frankfurt could always bring issues, but we negotiated it all fantastically and are really kicking on. What once before was a three horse race, had quickly become a two horse race as RB Leipzig have struggled to keep on ourselves and Bayern Munich's heels. It looks as we approach the half way point it will be shoot out between us from here. We both have 45 points so far this season and are neck and neck, at the moment the deciding factor is our superior goal difference, but over half of a season that is certainly catchable, so we need to keep our wits about us and continue our sterling form and hope at some point Bayern Munich will go through a dip in form. I am sure Bayern will be hoping the same happens to us.
  7. The work on Fm 2018 will have stopped some time ago so realistically it will not really matter which game version it was.
  8. Seems like most clubs from unplayable nations do not sign managers at all. I obviously haven't checked all of them, but it is happening in Spain, England, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and Scotland. Only the absolute top teams from those nations sign new managers. Barça, Atletico, Real, Juve, Napoli, Milan, Inter, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, ManC and ManU all do, for example, but all other teams from those nations didn't. Celtic, Galatasaray and Basel did not, and all other teams from those leagues didn't sign managers. Moreover, some haven't had an IA manager from the start of the game and did not every since. When checking playable nations, like for example Holland, Germany and Romania, they all change their managers as should. Is this a problem people at SI are aware of? Files I am using as part of my savegame: Claassen's, Susie's
  9. Borussia Dortmund (November 2024) We are having a lot more issues on the road than at home where we seem almost invincible. The two away 1-1 draws while credible have set us back a little in the league, we need to win as many games as possible, but not losing games is also very commendable and I am happy at the moment that we not losing those games and still picking up points. Bayern Munich will go top with a win in their game in hand. It is still very tight at the top of the league between ourselves, Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig and game is beginning to form to 4th place Mainz now. I think it is likely that the gap is just going to get bigger between the top three and the rest of the league.
  10. I did read somewhere that the star rating on this was broken and to generally ignore it. Are you having performance issues with the graphics?
  11. I don’t see it that often. Happens enough to be realistic.
  12. I see that I have posted this topic in the FM touch part of this site. It's happening on FM18 full though.
  13. I haven't seen this reported for FM 19, so perhaps it was resolved in the new version. Thanks for reporting it.
  14. Which of the 2 graphics cards is set as default for the game? What is the full game version?
  15. We sign a new contract at Borussia Dortmund to stay for another 3 years.
  16. como se juega la liga llamada TSUBASA, como hago para usar esos equipos?
  17. There are different region codes, so it is advisable to check with any digital seller that the correct code is available to you
  18. It is the weekend, so please be patient and the SI staff will get to this on Monday when they return to work.
  19. Well he's only on £25k a week more than Sanchez is so. And yes I still have Sanchez in 2022
  20. December was a bit of a nightmare for you in the league. Hope you get better results for the rest of the season.
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