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  2. The silence is getting to be quite contemptuous now
  3. March 2026 We're picking up form again although we should've beaten Stoke, who are our closest challengers for 6th. We remain there in 6th, in very much the same circumstances as before - with a buffer to the top 5 and a buffer to the teams chasing us. I'm slightly confused by the Europa League places regarding the cups, so I don't know if we finish 6th, does that get us to Europe or not. Chelsea beat Southampton on the League Cup final, I think this means the 6th place gets into Europe and not the losing finalists Southampton. But let's see.
  4. A Spanish Career

    Last day of the league Atletico cant win the title because from the games vs Real M has disadvantage. We can win the title only if we win ,and Real don't win (if we finish with the same points we have advantage)
  5. My editor was working fine and then all of a sudden it wasn't there. I've checked preferences and the relevant box is still ticked. Can anybody help?
  6. In first half of the season I use Sicario Possession Counter & Attack but second half of the season i switch to IWB versions because in first half of the season my defense was too leaky, conceding too many goals. My best bet is to go with IWB version as it is more solid in defense.
  7. Defending

    Unfortunately I dont have the tactics. Bizarrely my keeper conceded 9 goals and still got a 7
  8. Problem for me is, and I talked about it on another thread, I started, as always, a save with Benfica. As I wanted to play with a player at AM, to explore good players and prospects Benfica has on that position, I played a 4231 formation. My vision was to have to IF that would play inside, opening space for wing backs to help on attack, as I had one excellent player to do that, Grimaldo. Played for months, and never was able to do that. But the results were good, so was not a major problem. I started recently a save with Man United, and to try someting different, tried a 433 formation. I almost never use that one, as I like to play with attacking wingers. But my 433 formation, with 3 strikers started to play right away like I wanted my 4231 formation to play. So, I don't know for sure if it is intirely my fault, as I aknowledge my limitations and perhaps my lack of patience to learn the game as I should. But the ME surely has those trends and limitations you talk, and has a lot of room to improve, as well the ability to implement a more personal style of game. For me it would be the major step that's missing, the ability to built up a tactic and a style of play, setting up attack and defence on separate screens and then transitions, etc... easier to speak than do and implement it, I know.
  9. A Spanish Career

    But Real won , and now she has the advantage
  10. A Spanish Career

    And now are hopes are to Villareal , Villareal -RealM
  11. So, finally first season done. You may remember, I've taken on Kettering with the added challenge of a "Youth Only" save. Well, Ouch. The season started pretty badly If I'm honest, struggling to get any form of result. Only when I switched to a much deeper defensive line and more direct football did I get anywhere. It all started to go well, including a 9 game streak of wins in all competitions. Come Christmas I was sitting at the top of the table, however... With a pretty bare squad and no way of recruiting there were a couple of alarming weaknesses. The main one was, CB's with an average age of 35 (hence the deep d-line) hitting some poor form, the other, a single outstanding player on the right of midfield and realistically, no cover. During the festive period, my star man got injured. This turned games where I'd be scrapping to tactically "mastermind" wins into games where I'd be scrapping to draw. To cut a long story short, injuries killed the second half of the season and I ended up 11th. Not bad from being predicted relegation but, oh, what could have been! On the infrastructure side there is some good news. Training facilities are Adequate, Youth are Below Average, You Level is 4, Junior Coaching is Adequate and Youth Recruitment is now Above Average. As for the intake, not too bad considering. Bags of potential, all PA 3.5* or above. Two 3* CA (a LB and CM) and one 2*CA (an AMR Winger) I just need to figure out how to build the talent into a cohesive team over the next few seasons and see if I can claw my way out of National League North. All in all, some things to be excited about but lots of work to be done in pre-season to pull this lot together. Cheers. Barnet.
  12. Iv had this happen 4 times now ! Go to exit a game and it comes up teams warming up and u can’t exit the screen
  13. A Spanish Career

    United may have dreams , no problem , Stubbs not for sale
  14. How often do you change between versions ? which one is the one you are using in Huddesfield ?
  15. Come on our EVV, blue-white magpies from the South!! Shame you're finishing 2nd again this year.
  16. Geographical Draw

    You're a genius @KUBI works a charm
  17. Has anybody done regional leagues this year as in Yorkshire, London, Midlands etc ?? Im sure somebody did it on last years ??
  18. Not sure if this is the right place to post it but since i play with "create your own club" i'll go for it so... My issue is i created a team in the swedish division 2, got my self to the highest league Allsvenskan. And when i got there my u19 just stopped entering u19 leagues, my u21 still plays a u21 league. When i check the other "computer" teams in Allsvenskan, they all play in a u19 league, how can i fix this? And no i don't get a question about it in the pre-season/end-season
  19. A Spanish Career

    Courtois made the save of the century
  20. Tried to get someone to change his mind but that didn't work.
  21. A Spanish Career

  22. By the way I also like this guy (although he's not as good), after I signed him he turned into a "promising centre-back":
  23. I had the power cut a few seconds later, the game had been completely saved. Please retrieve my saved game
  24. A Spanish Career

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