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  2. I am confused by the constant harping by my players to play "first team" football - here's why: I play a 4-2-3-1 formation in the EPL, usually with one replacement for each position, for a total of 22 players. Then I usually add a backup or hot prospect for the leftover positions to max out my squad at 25. However, I've been managing a team for 10 years and still can not for the life of me understand why my players are complaining to me about a lack of first-team football. First of all, NONE of the players have a contract above "Rotation." Their agents didn't like it, and they charged more for that (which is their job, I understand), but ultimately, it is the player who agrees to the contract. Also, for the majority of the team, playing half of the season (or more, due to injuries) should certainly justify their "rotation" status - let alone "Backup," or "Hot Prospect!" (How many "Backup" goalkeepers do we see in a season?) I feel that this is a VERY undefined area of the game that has neither been addressed adequately in the manual, or in the game as far as player or manager expectations go. As managers, we should not be getting complaints from players that acknowledge they are backups or hot prospects, period. The prospect of signing for us may be less attractive (hence the higher salaries required to entice them - fair enough) but they should "know" what they signed up for. Comments and feedback welcome, naturally. Saethdar
  3. I simmed the first year then created a new manager and took over United. I brought kessie in...and i wish i could lie and say i didnt pay him, but i did. I was afraid my team would all hate me and i had plemty of wages available. Side note...fosu-mensah came to me twice in a week saying real madrid are interested in him and Arsenal. Got pissed both times when i said it was ridiculous as their wasnt an offer. A few days after that he wanted a new contract because he got his 1st cap for holland...upset again when i said no
  4. Go for it! Belgium won the 2052 Euros, and were runners up in 2024. Beyond that, they've got a 2031 Runners-Up medal in the Nations League.
  5. Any reason that you are not using the latest game version- are you using steam?
  6. Did you update your graphics card driver as suggested?
  7. Great custom league, i really wanted a league pack who include all teams from every continent. Thank you very much. I just saw a few mistakes in the Lega 6 Money rewards, the 4th, 5th and 6th win more money than the top 3. That is it, now i am gonna start it right away. thx again
  8. I have a problem when I tried to save or upload a highlight it was saved and uploaded but not working.. you may see how it is played in the link below.. kindly advise..
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  10. Yeah- the problem is almost certainly the simming for the first year, so you will need to start from scratch to earn your squad's respect and that can be a long process, especially if your starting reputation is not high.
  11. Hello all, Is it possible to get chosen for a national team if I started fm 17 with just a club? Did people get offered national coach jobs this way?
  12. Any more screenshots then please ask. Hee is a rundown of a few regens developed at Celtic:
  13. did you actually pay him 300k?! i find if you buckle to one demand, it opens the flood gates and they ALL expect it. If you stand your ground, the first one that complains gets over it in a few months, and the others accept it after that without to much fuss another problem will be that you havent done anything for a year at the club, so they really shouldnt respect anything you say or do. if your boss got paid to go on holiday for a year and just walked back in would you respect his decisions straight away...
  14. "Well left by Morelli......fed by Berardi, back to Morelli from Berardi...... fantastic goal by San Giovanni!!" Oh yes, THE FUTURE IS NOW
  15. Now for where I am now: Sevilla finished 12th last season. My aim for to push for the top 4 with finances set at a Europa League place for ~6th. We look to be ahead of schedule, even suprising myself with various results. i've found alot of my prosepcts at Celtic ending up all over the top teams including Barca. Hopefully we can keep up the form and get close to a top place finish.
  16. If its any consolation, there won't be many users on here who haven't lost a save for one reason or another without having a recent backup, but we all live and learn.
  17. Hi all. You join me in my 5th season. A brief summary below of what's happened in my first game in FM 2017 which has lasted more than 2 seasons: I started with Celtic I'm in my 5th Season I'm on my second club. I started with a Semi pro reputation. I only have 1 database edit in that "Brexit_does_not_happen.fmf" which can found on FM Scout or wherever. I haven't played FM 2016. I played FM 2015 very breifly. I tend to stick to one formation with slight tweaks depending on the opponent/importance of the match. I intend this save to be simply to get as much fun as possible out of one club before moving on whether it be liited by trophies, promotion, finances etc. I left celtic as I felt I could not attarct any mkore quality players other than regens reccommeded by the scouts. After half a season with Sevilla I already have an itch for a lower league game. Also forgot to mention the leagues loaded: England Premiershp to League 1 France Ligue 1 and 2 Germany Bundesliga 1 and 2 Holland Eridivise and Juniper League Italy Serie A and Serie B Portugal Primeria and Liga II Scotland SPL and Championship Spain La Liga and La Liga 123 See below for a summary of the years gone past in terms of trophies.
  18. Olympic Games - Cape Town 2028 - Semi-finals We did it! This was a great performance but also a very weird feeling match. At the beginning it looked as if every half-chance was getting into the back of the net, and this gave us an early advantage that we rested on all match. We had lots more possession, but looked more dangerous on the counter, and Brazil looked more dangerous when with possession. Italy played a crazy extra-time which is good news - our players are so tired we might as well play in wheelchairs, so our only chance is to have our opponents be completely knackered as well. This is a familiar position - 4 years ago I was about to face Italy in the Olympics final with Ivory Coast. That time I lost, can I now avenge that defeat and take the gold medal for my country?
  19. If you mean two editor data files, then yes. -Open the editor and "Load Database" as usual. -Select "Load Editor Data" and choose the first editor data. -Select "File->Merge Editor Data (Database Changes Only)..." and choose the second editor data that you want to be merged with the first. -Done. Two editor data files merged to one. You can do that with as many editor data files as you like.
  20. 2044 Youth Day. This is a pretty poor intake at 1st glance, but does have the benefit of the "Kriss" being Brazilian, and also having a Swede and a Sammarinese/Italian in the ranks. The Pro levels look excellent if I'm honest and we've got 5 x Pro's, (some of whom might actually be (M.Pro already), 2x (F.Pro) and a (Res). 8 from 16 is pretty good. The main negative is that as mentioned the overall quality is pretty low, but we have to remember that there could be a significant difference between the PPA (perceived PA) and APA, (actual PA). If we want to test how often the Ass Man is wrong in terms ofhow good players are then it's actually quite easy to take a snapshot. If we toggle all players at the club and tyen rank them by PA, then what we should find is lots of A's and B's with a few C's and hopefully not many D's. That's exactly what we've got. abaabababadabebc Of the players with the highest PPA at the club, 13 of the 16 were either designated a or b as the 1st or 2nd best player to come through the intake and we have 3 who were rated as 3rd, 4th and 5th best. That brief snap-shot suggests that the Ass Man is reasonably on the money. "Kriss" (44a) Diego (BRA) (Pro) (2044). Call me old-fashioned, but if I want to get a (BRA) through the ranks then I want him to be an striker, or at the very least an attacking midfielder. At a push I might even have accepted a rampaging full-back, but a centre-half.... Really? On the plus side, at least he has't got David Luiz hair. He actually looks pretty good in terms of attribute balance and I would expect that even though he might only be a 3.0 player, he still might be god enough to make an impact. It will be interesting to see how his stars change over the 1st 12 months. I'm obviously hoping that he is better than 3.0
  21. Olympic Games - Cape Town 2028 - Quarter-finals A largely dominant performance. Iran didn't attack much, but the rare few times they did, they gave us a couple minor scares. I'm not optimistic about this. Our performance has been superb so far, but we've not faced a proper good team up until now. And I've had a look at Brazil - they've got at least some 7 or 8 truly world class players. They're a level above us in quality tbh, even with the likes of Renato Sanches and Danilo Varela playing for us.
  22. Huddersfield Town have signed Belgium striker Laurent Depoitre from Porto for an undisclosed club-record fee.He has signed a contract running until the summer of 2019, with the club having the option of a further year’s extension. Plymouth Argyle have signed Joel Grant from local rivals Exeter City. Barnsley have completed the signing of Cameron McGeehan from Luton Town on a three-year deal. Abdoul Camara has signed for French top-flight side Guingamp, a day after parting company with Derby County. Rochdale have signed Brad Inman on a season-long loan fromPeterborough. Dundee United have confirmed the signing of winger Paul McMullen on a two-year contract. Grimsby have confirmed the signing of Nathan Clarke on a one-year deal. Southampton have appointed Mauricio Pellegrino as their new manager.The former Alaves boss has agreed a three-year contract at St Mary’s, replacing Claude Puel. Northampton - We are delighted to announce the arrival of Dean Bowditch on a 2 year contract. More details Bradford have signed Peterborough striker Paul Taylor on a one-year deal. Former Sunderland striker Victor Anichebe has moved to China to join Beijing Enterprises.
  23. fm game: fm17 career type: online career age: 26 years time zone: CDT (houston texas) steam name: oladojaabiose
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