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  2. That's not true. The pitch effects are dynamic during the match. It's not just a simple texture anymore.
  3. I'll be honest, I've read a few good stories here on FMS, but this feels like it could be written into an actual novel that people would buy. It's that good. Keep going mate. You're doing fantastic.
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  5. Thanks mate, I simply raised the issue because having played with your database before, my friends and I noticed a ridiculous level of aggression among forwards and strikers, that's all. Something else we noticed as well is that a lot of physically powerful players have high balance attribute but not as much strength. KUTGW. I'm really looking forward to FM20 database.
  6. Thank you for the skin, lovely in game & very fresh looking.
  7. This is not the first edition we have had in recent years. I can't recall the year but Everton have had their own edition and for a year (before the partnership began), Watford had the edition too. It is not anything new. It is good that we went up slowly from big to bigger team.
  8. Will you be wanting to use it for other games, or just for FM and general internet stuff?
  9. He was asking what he could do to make it faster than it is currently though. The answer to that (given I just looked it up, and you can't change the processor in a Macbook Pro) is to buy a new laptop.
  10. I think the game favours defensive formations more. You see most exploit tactics being with attacking mentality but it's mostly due more bruteforcing chances. Very difficult to break defensive sides down without some major gymnastics. I easily won the UCL with the counter or park the bus presets as underdog.
  11. What do you recommend £1000 limit and want to be able to run a few countries for a large DB. Where is good to get a new laptop?
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  13. The processor requirments on the Mac Os are a little lower - so it should be fine.
  14. I'll be adding the Europa League 2 again but as the UEFA Conference League. Got some ideas for some more stuff but nothing set in stone yet. It's going to depend on whether or not the editor bugs are fixed and if any new features added.
  15. My Argyle side went through March unbeaten, so it's now more than 2 months, and 10 games unbeaten since we last tasted defeat Which leaves us in the playoffs with 6 games to go, 5 points ahead of QPR who are the other side of the dotted line, and astonishingly, just 6 points behind Fulham in 2nd. We couldn't, could we?
  16. I wouldn't be too concerned about the mere number of CCCs in terms of (nominal) game statistics. For two reasons. First, you are essentially more likely to create more CCCs when you play counter-attacking football against a team that is attacking you than the other way around; simply because there is more space behind the opposition back-line that can be exploited to create one-on-one situations with their GK (which is the most common example of a CCC, albeit not the only). Secondly, the methodology the game uses to define what a good chance is - either CCC or HC - is not quite clear and hence can sometimes be misleading IMHO. So I wouldn't rely exclusively on the match stats. Instead, you better pay attention to how dangerous your team generally look in the final third. Do your players give the opposition defense some reason for concern or they seem to defend routinely against you - that's what matters most. Now let's take a look at your (newest) tactic: If you are afraid to five the RB attack duty (because the IF is also on attack), then at least consider playing him as a WB on support, so that he could offer more support higher up the pitch not only to the IF but also DLP. Because this setup - albeit generally decent - is a bit too conservative for a top team that is expected to encounter very defensive opposition in most of its matches (at least in the domestic league). Another thing is, you play Tadic - who is left-footed - as an IF on support duty on the left. If you want to play him as an IF on support, then AMR would make more sense than AML. And if you play him in AML, then I would rather opt for IF (or winger) on attack duty. In which case, the mezzala's duty should be changed to support, as well as that of the AMR. Btw, are you sure that Haland is the right choice for a DLF role? Dolberg clearly is, but Haland with his poor passing, first touch and tecnique...
  17. The Vertical Tiki Taka preset also by default has a Regista, which is the most direct DM playmaker. Whereas a DLP mostly looks to recycle possession (both Su and De have Hold Position selected) the Regista has Take More Risks among his instructions which encourages forwards play - although a Su duty on Balanced mentality with Play Through The Middle is ultimately only slightly forwards-thinking, so he’ll still play it to the CBs if needed.
  18. Thanks for coming back to me. I believe is has a Intel UHD 610 graphics. I only every load one league, so my expectations are never high. I used to have a Toshiba satellite laptop that only cost me £299 new and that ran FM fine. I know these gaming laptops will obviously run faster, but are they really necessary u think? Hard to justify £600+ for just one game, as I wouldn't be playing any other games at all.
  19. Here are the teams which ended in a comfortable England win, despite a missed penalty
  20. March saw England return to action in a friendly against Uruguay at Wembley. Here is the squad
  21. I can't guarantee that laptop would run the game (the processor is only just over minimum specs, and no info on what sort of graphics card/chip it uses is included). Those sorts of laptops are really only for word processing, Netflix, etc, not running processor-intensive games. You won't find much that'll run FM well for under approx £600, unless you find something in a sale. Cheaper examples that would run the full game well are: https://www.argos.co.uk/product/1690000 This one would run it decently enough too, though the first one is better: https://www.argos.co.uk/product/9174243
  22. Processors nowadays have multiple cores, each of which can work independently for running a program or together to run it more efficiently. FM mainly uses a single core to run, and so it is single core speed that is the most important. Your i7 processor is over 7 years old, and runs (from what you said) at 2.3GHz. The minimum requirements for FM now are a 2.2GHz processor, so your processor only just meets the requirements. This means that it will not run FM very quickly, as FM is a very processor-intensive game (due to all the calculations and data the game carries out), and it is difficult to replace the processor of a laptop at the best of times, and Apple computers can be very picky over what hardware is compatible with their systems. As your older Macbook will likely not support more modern, and usually faster, processors, your only option would be to replace the Macbook with a newer one, if you wanted to run the game faster.
  23. Serie D acr messina cool stadium watched a neat little documentary on them.
  24. mate your keeper got his arse whooped by the ugly trees strongest branch
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