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  2. Leverkusen match your German team description. Obviously if managing in Scotland it has to be Hearts, although I may be biased
  3. It's the end of August already, and we're motoring on just nicely at the start of my third spell in charge. Amkar on the opening day must have been a shock for the newly-promoted side, and a thumping win put us on top of the day one table. We then hosted CSKA - the fixture computer loves an early game between us two - and a Kostenko double turned things around against our fierce rivals to give us an early advantage in the title race. A comfortable win in Novosibirsk was followed by Super Cup revenge against Krasnodar, before we rounded the month out with a tricky trip to St Petersburg and Zenit. Frustratingly we were unable to hold on to our lead despite scoring late on, and we were forced to share the points with our rivals. Gazdiev didn't great a great reception from the home support either. For reasons I'm not entirely sure of - I can only assume a perfect storm of qualifying sides - we dropped to fourth seeds in the Champions League, despite reaching the semis last time round. That resulted in a genuine 'group of death,' in which all four of us could either win the group or find ourselves out of Europe entirely. On the one hand we'll be the underdogs of the quartet, but on the other we've had Juventus' number so far and knocked City out last year. Lyon are more of an unknown quantity for us, but I'm sure they'll be fierce competition. Still, to be the best you have to beat the best... Once again a strong start results in an early lead, and once again CSKA's only blip came against us - their goal difference exceeds our own despite the defeat. Zenit's indifferent start suggests we should perhaps be more disappointed with leaving points in Petersburg, while Armavir are the other team to get off to a flyer. Plenty of football to be played at this stage though.
  4. My players are trespassed, don't move or, even worse, they move away from opponents. Why they don't tackle? How am I supposed to find out? No retorics here, how am I actually supposed to know what's going on if all that happens is my players not making a movement? My shots are from angled positions, impossiblle shots, when there is no reason to do so. Why they don't cross like they used to do during 2 seasons? Why they stopped crossing? Why are they now shoting?
  5. I'm going to have a bit of a think about it and come back with another career thread in a few days. Thanks for all the comments, likes and support, and hope you enjoyed the career, despite the disappointing ending
  6. This sounds more like an overly negative view of your play born from frustration rather than a nuanced assessment of the problem. When things aren't going our way it's easy to take shots in the dark that don't even tackle the problem in the first place. Players get better and worse and sometimes a good signing just doesn't fit in the system. start with simple things, where are you taking shots from? if they are from far away the opponents area then you lack penetration. if you barely shoot look where and how you lost the ball, there is a problem with supplies and transition. If your defense is leaky play with a low block and see how the opponents score, do they cross from wide? win the ball high up the pitch? overload an area of the field?
  7. I am truly shocked that Liverpool is a good team in Football Manager and that De Ligt improves their back line...
  8. Hi, My savegame using custom databases crashes on 15th May everytime. I have verified cache, and removed custom logos to no effect. I've also installed the public beta version but still experiencing the same crash. Savegame is called Adam Jones - Bournemouth on cloud service. Thanks FM 2019 v19.3.5.1216823 (2019.04.21 20.40.22).dmp
  9. I think 1 week.... I am searching.. eventually duplicate and creating missing nations players....
  10. Accolades. Jun 2042. (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * wins Star of the Season. (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * was selected in the Ligue 1 Stars Team of the Season (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * named as Ligue 1 Player of the Season. You already know that (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * won Ligue 1 Top Goalscorer Award. How on Earth did this goal win Ligue 1 Goal of the Season? Even we scored better goals. Actually, considering we scored 6 other goals in that match, I bet it wasn't even the best goal of the match. It does tick off another one though. Because the French are from France, the Ligue 1 Stars Team of the Season is not the same as the Ligue 1 Team of the Season and I've noticed quite a difference in previous years. It doesn;t matter this year though as (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * is in both of them.
  11. Football is a fighting sport, if you if you can't stand the beating go play ludo! I guess it's about time to do a sort of proper update again? "Yes boss, good idea, boss!" Thanks Mumbu, can always count on you. 22nd March, 2025 So, I only just realized that the Italian Cup has two games for their semi-finals, so we still have a chance of going through as the second game is at our home in about 1.5 months! And we've had our intake of the year! Lots of good stuff. The intake Looking very good! Judge for yourself, but Paccagnella (love that name) and Francioso are my favorites right off the bat! Matches We've had our share of ups and downs during this season. Coming off the back of those two superb victories we are sitting 13th with potential to move further up. Luckily we seem to be safe from relegation as well! Salernitana with 0 wins after 28 games.. ouch. I also noticed, that Empoli ruined their entire seaso - either due to a clause or just sheer stupidity. They sold Valeriano, if any of you remember that guy. This guy: Inter bought him for 16.5M (21.5M) and since then, they've only won 1 game, and never scored more than 1 per game. Would hate to be in their shoes now. Our own players performances are looking much better:
  12. This is taken from my site https://djsmileysawordp.wordpress.com/ I received a call from the president of Rayo Vallecano for a meeting in Madrid Spain in a neighbourhood of Vallecas. I accepted it even though I had never travelled overseas in my entire life but at the same time this was not an opportunity I would turn down. Next stop I was at O.R Tambo international airport boarding a plane from South Africa Johannesburg to Madrid Spain and I was so looking forward to the meeting. I had this dictionary with me that I used to translate Spanish words into my beloved English language obviously that's the one language am sure I can speak and write besides the other languages spoken in my country. Then I figured the only language I speak fondly is football so might as well learn one or two words of football in Spanish. I believe the below words will atleast make me stand out while having meeting with Rayo Vallecano President and yes I started doing a bit of work on knowing them... Gol – Goal Fuera de juego – Offside Centrocampista – Midfield Delantero – Striker Defensa – Defender Capitán – Captain Árbitro – Referee Tanda de penaltis – Penalty shoot-out Tiempo añadido – Extra time Tiro libre (falta) – Free kick Saque de esquina – Corner kick. I got to the president Office and am welcomed by a very beautiful lady and she tells me Mr President will be with you in no time while offering me a seat at the reception. After a few minutes the lady calls me and says ' please follow me Mr President is ready to meet with you're am like God help me speak Spanish I need this job. We get to the President office and the lady opens the door for me and she says in English 'Please feel at home' and she closes the door after I went in and two men in their black suits are waiting for me seated next on couch. We shake hands and one of the men says in spanish, Hola Smiley bienvenido a madrid and the other one translate it into english saying ' Hi Smiley and welcome to Madrid' and in my heart am like thank you God for answering my prayers so soon indeed you are a star God. The translator says Mr Smiley we've been following your profile since you retired from playing football and some of the work you have done on coaching side of football at your home country has been brilliant that's one of the reasons we called you for this meeting so we can discuss the possibility of you taking over at our club as its first team manager. As they say the rest is history. A bit about Rayo, Rayo Vallecano de Madrid, S.A.D. (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈraʝo βaʎeˈkano ðe maˈðɾið]),[a]often abbreviated to Rayo, is a Spanish football team based in Madrid, in the neighbourhood of Vallecas. Rayo was founded on 29 May 1924, and currently compete in La Liga following promotion from the Segunda División. Home games are held at the 14,708-seater Campo de Fútbol de Vallecas stadium. It's 28 June 2018 and am inside my office at the club's training ground and am going through the clubs playing staff presented to me by my technical team and I see preseason will only start on the 16 July. So we've got 25 players registered as first team. Now I start analysing the squad one by one according to the information provided by my coaching team. From the 25 players we only have 1 left back and after checking our Best team and youth team we got only useless players that will atleast for now not be considered for first team, so the only option for us is to go and buy and which by the look of it will only be done on the next transfer window which will only be around January and again our team just got promoted from the Segunda B so we are still broke. While still checking the playing staff, I acme across 31 year old Mario Suarez who isiby nature a defensive midfielder and I thought to myself ok this guy here will be my left back and I checked his contract...am like Sh#*t so this guy is on 125K pounds a week for a team which will is expected to be battling it out at the wrong end of the table... Holy me that's bull. On a positive side his contract runs till end of the season so for now am gonna get him to work as my left back actually for the whole season but I still need a back so I will have to retrain someone. So I started planning how am I gonna take this team forward, which philosophy am gonna instill at this club. How am gonna play, what about training, how hard am gonna work the players although if there's one thing that I learnt about life in general hard work pays. It's second day at my office and I got there early in the morning around 7am I was looking at our training facilities with my coaching staff, according to what I see we have fairly basic corporate facilities, good training facilities and good youth facilities. On to my decision on how I want to play before I can even plan training I need to figure out how I want to play, so Spain is characterised by hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. So from that now I understand why most Spanish teams likes to play with a low tempo because it's hot. Basically no end staff direct football in Spain like in England where everything is rushed because of the whether, come to think of it probably that's why most of South Americans prefer to play in Spain rather that England where it's cold. That's what I came up with for our tactic, we will pass it shorter in a low tempo and play narrow since we don't want to go wider beacuse I believe we don't have great passers to use the whole width so rather be compact and pass closer to the nearest colleague. Our team is expected to be relegated so defending to me will be priority number 1 and I want us to be hard to be broken down which if we are hard to break down and get a couple of clean sheets then that will help us a lot to play in this division again next season. In attack I have gone for a Pressing forward with an attack duty cause I don't want the opposition defenders getting too comfortable, in the middle of the park I've gone for a BWM - Support and a MEZZALA - Attack because both roles are told to do their their defending higher up the pitch and help out the Pressing forward to disrupt the opposition building from the back, actually this two role can end up causing us to defend in a 4-4-2 formation depending on which of the two roles goes up to help the striker. I cross my fingers they don't go up at the same time to close down, behind the BWM I've gone for FB - Support because if the BWM goes havoc and go close down God knows where atleast they will be someone behind to sweep up. I don't expect too much from the FB to be honest but 2 attributes are of importance which is 1. Positioning and 2. Anticipation since I need him to always know how to position himself so those attributes are very important for him. Behind the MEZZALA I went for Suarez to play the Invented Wingback role in a defend duty so as to protect that side of the pitch when the MEZZALA goes forward. It's a day before the players comes back for preseason and I have a meeting with my coaching team to plan training and we decided that for preseason we gonna work the players very hard so on our training program we added Endurance, Resistance, Physical and Quickness for the first two weeks because we had 5 weeks of preseason. From the third week we started working on our tactical requirements so we can speed up tactical fluidity before the start of the first game of the season. 16 July 2018 at the training ground the players have gathered around waiting to meet their new manager. I start by introducing myself and telling that they good to be worrying about relegation and most of them agreed to what I was saying but one guy said if you want to succeed here you need toind what comes out of your mouth and didn't answer him and told the to start training. So we played 4 friendlies before our first game of the league and I was happy that we won all of the games. What made me happy the most is we kept clean sheets in all of them. Before we wrap up the first chapter of my adventures in Spain I want us to have a look of some of the things I was looking out of to see if my players are actually doing what they've been told to do, so the first game of preseason we played Besiktas with the always trusted Loris Karius of Liverpool in goal lol, if you remember the final of champions league between Liverpool vs Real Madrid here https://www.skysports.com/football/r-madrid-vs-liverpool/389182 We won the match 2-0 but the score is not that important If we take a look at the above picture the circled challenging the player on the ball is our BWM closing down the player on the ball and next to him is our MEZZALA and PRESSING FORWARD and if we look at three of them the BWM is closing down the ball carrier and the MEZZALA will pounce once the ball carrier passes the ball to the player next to our MEZZALA and our PRESSING FORWARD is checking the two centre backs in case the ball carrier tries to pass the ball to one of them. Our ANCHOR MAN is keeping check on Kagawa the opposition number 10 and our RIGHT WINGER is in between the opposition Left back and Winger while that man circled at the far right is our RIGHT BACK which by those attributes I mentioned earlier on his doing exactly how I want him to do... brilliant. Our midfield consolidation doesn't cause too many eyebrows as well since if you look at the player on the ball which is our RIGHT WINGER he's not actually isolated because close to him he's got ous right back, anchor manand he can still play a long ball to our Invented Wingback since he's not marked, what am trying to emphasize here is the fact that even if we loose the ball are gonna be in danger of considing a goal on a counter, out of 100% I would say no because if you look at the above picture carefully you can see that we actually have about five players behind the ball so it's not if we are in danger even if we loose the ball and remember we using BALANCED mentality. That man BWM is still closing down the ball carrier and behind him the right back is holding his position without panic incase BWM is beaten then we still safe. Our BWM has just won the ball and now we transitioning from defence to attack and our RIGHT WINGER on attack duty is the second in line hit of to join our striker, A little later on the same move our Ballwining Midfielder losses the ball in midfield and the opposition survive but take a look at our WINGER on Attack duty the free space around him if only we didn't lose the ball and played a diagonal ball to him just check the acres space he find himself in... brilliant. We actually played the first real game of the season against Espanyol and won 3-0. Thanks a lot for getting this far reading everything much appreciated and please look out for chapter 2 of my adventures in Spain as we look to build on our brilliant preseason...cheers for now #FM19. *Reserved
  13. Continental Competitions I only have Ghana loaded with England/Spain/Germany as view only. Champions League English teams and PSG dominated. A surprise win for Napoli in the middle there. Europa League More mixed across the big leagues. Runners-up spots for Hull, Bristol City and Ipswich. Copa Libertadores Annoyingly not got the name file so not sure who some of the Brazilian teams are. Only Brazilian/Argentinian teams in the final it seems. Copa Sudamericana A little splash of variety with Guarani and Liga de Quito winning from elsewhere. Asian Champions League Chinese dominated winners with Saudi Arabian teams runners up. North American Champions League Atlanta United and America (Mexico) dominate the winners list.
  14. I fixed the 2022 schedule. Please download the file again. About the Asian Games. It's a bug. SI has not fixed the bug from the past. Asian Games and East Asian Cup are not national A matches. In reality the club can refuse. But in the FM world, clubs can not refuse. I can not fix it.
  15. Game date: 29 August 2019 Derby County will visit League One Rotherham United in the 3rd Round of the Carabao Cup on Tuesday 24 September 2019.
  16. He will be interested eventually....we've all signed him. There are definitely some Sociedad players you can never sign in my experience - Zaldua, Elustondo. But Zubeldia is usually gettable. And Pardo usually gets listed but you might have to sign him from the next club he goes to. Sociedad produce loads of great youths, some of whom you can tap up.
  17. Good shout, thanks. I've never really operated in this way but good time to start. We are massively outperforming them. We've finished 2nd & 3rd and they've finished 14th and 16th so he ought to be interested in that sense at least. I'll look out for if he says that and pounce!
  18. Hello everybody. Since last week I returned to my MacBook Pro and I faced problem with lag on the game. The lag is coming everywhere. I saw that you are working on a minor update. When you are planning to release it.
  19. Anybody have any experience with Richarlison? Today's game got me interested. If you do, What sort of winger is he? I'm going for Sancho and Chiesa. Wanted Sancho and someone experienced like Douglas Costa, but he's 80m,and I like to sign wingers capable on both sides for versatility, so I always have cover. But yeah, Richarlison?
  20. With last season's triumphs firmly behind us, we are back and ready for my third year in charge of Spartak. Our preseason schedule saw us take on three bigger sides rather than two - and we enjoyed fairly emphatic wins over AIK, Standard and Juventus, who must be sick of us by now - before we breezed to just as many comfortable wins over local Moscow clubs. Unfortunately, as per last year, we then finished our preparations by conceding defeat in the Super Cup. Unlike last year, I'm not taking the defeat to Krasnodar - with the goal scored by a player I've had my eye on for some time - to mean anything in particular. I gave plenty of youngsters and fringe players a chance in this one, and if anything it highlights our depth that we could run them so close. No cause for concern. Of course, the main business in any club over the summer comes in the transfer market, and the arrivals you see on the left are, with one exception, signings for the future from around the former USSR, some of whom will make it and others who won't. The one man likely to be in and around the first team is attacking midfielder Gazdiev, who arrives after running down his Zenit contract. That alone makes him a controversial signing coming from one of our rivals, but the chance to pick up a Russian international for nothing doesn't come along every day, and we'd have been mad not to take it. Leaving us are a number of players, largely on loan, and it many ways the year ahead is 'make or break' for those who no longer have youth as an excuse. Saralidze, Kozhemyakin and Popov leave from the first-team squad - the latter replaced by Gazdiev - but the likes of Galkin, Fedorov, Litvinov and Romanov all need to kick on in their temporary homes or risk being shown the door on their return. One to watch is goalkeeper Polyakov, who despite making only a handful of senior appearances attracted the attentions of Leverkusen. His development in Germany will be interesting to see. Otherwise, it's a settled squad looking to make it three titles in a row, and to see if we can build on our remarkable run to the last four of the Champions League. To win the competition with Shakhtar was incredible. To do it with my boyhood club? I'm not sure I'd ever come back down.
  21. Game date: Wednesday 28 August 2019 Pre-match v Brighton and Hove Albion (H) - Carabao Cup 2nd Round Match Preview RamsFanzine: Normally the Carabao Cup gives you a break from the league but, having lost all three league matches so far, is that the case tonight? Stuniverse: At the moment we can't really separate the competitions. We need to stop losing football matches and preferably with some wins. RamsFanzine: In that respect, is it a blessing or a curse to be playing Brighton in the Carabao Cup who, like you, have lost all three of their Premier League matches so far. Stuniverse: It won't be easy, because Brighton are an established Premier League club, but we see this as a winnable game and we'll be working hard to make it through to the next round. Team Selection RamsFanzine: Only three changes, all in defence. Don't you normally make more changes than that for a cup match? Stuniverse: When things are going well, the cup's an opportunity to give other squad players playing time but, as you've said, we've played three, lost three so we need consistency and look to build momentum and get some confidence into the team. Gustavo Gomez returns after his suspension with Curtis Davies missing out. Max Lowe (LB) and Jayden Bogle (RB) are both very young, and still learning, so I decided to freshen the back-four up with Scott Malone (LB) and Max Aarons (RB). RamsFanzine: Any of the injured players close to a return? Stuniverse: Martyn Waghorn (groin) is on the bench tonight. Amato Ciciretti (groin) is still out. Andre Wisdom (abdominal) could maybe gives us an hour off the bench and Harry Wilson (calf) possibly 45 minutes, but I don't want to rush them back. Post-match: Derby County (2) 3-2 (0) Brighton and Hove Albion Stuniverse: I'm relieved that we've finally won a football match because the players have worked hard during a very difficult start to the season and deserve this win. I won't lie though, I'd swap it for three league points. Martyn Waghorn came on for the very unfortunate Mason Bennett and scored two great goals for us. RamsFanzine: What's the news on Bennett? Stuniverse: It's bad I'm afraid. Mason's broken his ankle. RamsFanzine: Brighton came back at you in the closing minutes. How concerned were you? Stuniverse: I thought we were good value tonight and, when Jack Marriott added to Waggy's brace to give us a 3-0 lead, you'd like to think we could manage the game out from there. But Brighton came back at us as you say. They put us under some sustained pressure and pulled it back to 3-2. It was a long five added on minutes at the end, but we did it. We won the match. Clearly there's a lesson here for the players that we can't afford to ease off even one per cent in the closing stages of matches.
  22. Thanks once again. The issue of the player maker was addressed in my previous response. I think that AF is the way to with Wilson based upon what both of you are saying. Mobility is really the key to his game and he often stays to the left half space looking for the ball. I will post an update of the tactic shortly.
  23. Sell on clauses paying Dividends Whilst he was here, Jospeh Gueye (was a bit part player who came off the bench mainly but did contribute 51 goals in all competitions. He was unhappy with playing second fiddle to another foreigner in Ndiaga Diouf (who has since left) so was sold for just 675k to Genoa to help free up a foreign player slot. 133 goals later and the 30 year was sold for a huge £44m to Guangzhou in China. Unfortunately we only had a 20% sell on as the negotiations were set and non-negotiable by Genoa. But that 20% gives us £8.8m overall from the clause. Something else I noticed is whilst he was part of the Genoa strike force they finished runners up in the Europa League which see me do an update on continental competitions.
  24. Thanks for your input. My concern with the Shadow Striker are the changes which have been made how he behaves in FM19 (ie: reduced penetration). That's why I went with the F9 as King strength is at making runs from deep both with and without the ball. I would have considered going with a Pressing Forward, but they tend to be more static in attack from what I have heard. Whatever role King is in, he biases to the right with Wilson to the left. I understand that the counterattack in FM19 is different than it has been in the past, but I also think that Bournemouth try to be quite quick with the ball in the final third under any circumstance. One observation which I have made is that while attacks generally narrow in the final third, they begin wide in the middle third with balls played to Fraser, Brooks or one of the forwards dropping into a half space. I know that you said that Brooks sits narrower, but I don't think that I'd agree with that asI've seen him hug the touchline and once he gets the ball dribble directly across and into the open space as neither central midfielder seems in a hurry to get there. So IW(s) seems right for him. For me, Fraser goes down the touchline too often to be an IW, so I'll stick with WM(a) there. Yes, I can see where Cook would in fact be a DLP. Per Football365, that's why he starts less often than Gosling, who is mores of tackler/runner (I'm being kind here), and less of a passer. Based upon the feedback that I have gotten, the only two remaining in possession instructions are "work the ball into the box" and "slightly higher tempo." I am tempted to add "Play Wider" but I'm going to leave it as is for now. A question that I have is regarding the Transition instructions. Should I keep "Distribute Quickly?" I'm not sure if this is accurate.
  25. Well the CF roams from position so you want a more static position. DLF on support would do the job, or even a PF on support. You could have one IF on attack and one on support to it up a bit to get an out and out scorer. Having both on attack could see you a bit stale in attack.
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