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  2. Out of interest, did you look for them as a free agent? If they couldn't fit into your squad, maybe they were automatically released and are floating around without a club and maybe you can sign them back (once you've cleared some space, assuming that was the problem). Might be work looking for them.
  3. Pile that pressure on . As for me, I'm back to my annual attempt to get Darlington back up through the leagues. I had a dabble with the Swedes* but it didn't click, so it's time for a non-league adventure. *As the immortal Eric Morecame would have said, they can't touch you for it!
  4. Just because you have an isolated instance where a single squad in a human-controlled league has a good number of players above a 7.0 doesn't mean there isn't a global ratings issue or a ratings discrepancy between leagues you manage in vs. other leagues using the QME. I would encourage everybody to look at the threads in the bug forums to fully understand the issue.
  5. @Federico There are huge discrepancies between the ratings for players in the league you manage in vs. other leagues in the game that are using the QME making it difficult to scout, players to get global awards, and compare stats. Ratings are also generally down across the board compared to past FM versions making it harder, like others mentioned, to understand if a player is playing well, developing well, etc.
  6. Might be a one season wonder, but Alessio Canessa has some decent stats for lower leagues and he was fantastic for me in the third tier of italian football. He starts at Livorno and has a contract expiring in the end of the first season.
  7. @bluestillidie00 Any reason why the match display has changed from 1.0 to 1.1? My only concern is that the sidebar no longer includes the recent events section in 1.1 which makes it harder to follow which players have scored and picked up cards at a glance. Any intent to bring this back for a version 1.2? Thanks for all your hard work; I'm enjoying the skin immensely. Just my one concern. I've attached some screenshots for clarification.
  8. The Mezzala and Carrilero both have stay wider instruction to play in the half spaces. One is just more conservative. You can probably add focus play right and left to exaggerate the effect even more. Cruyff never had Ferrer and Munoz or any of his side backs overlap though. Koeman was actually the Libero who was allowed to bring the ball from the back and play deep diagonal passes (mostly to Stoichkov). The side midfielders from the diamond were responsible defensively for the opponents' wide midfielders. Van Gaal did the same at Ajax as well in the mid 90s. Therefore for me Cruyf
  9. Suspect someone else may have picked up on this previously, but Klaus Gjasula is incorrectly set as having 5 international appearances for Germany.
  10. The editor this year is stuffed . Im waiting for the update . So many issues
  11. February Not a great month but we've been plagued by injuries uptop and it's like a revolving door who's able to play. We didn't turn up against Kerrerting and even though Grant was rated 6.3 in net, there was nothing he could do about the brace Decarrey Sheriff scored again him. We were't great against Bradford either and a draw was a fair result. Happy we managed to get a win vs Boston, they made a mistake at the back and Redshaw put it 'cause he was our only striker and we had to play with a AMC. Curzon Ashton won through a 90th minute penalty, we didn't play well again and
  12. Excuse me. I'm not very good at English. And I don't always get the context. Did you make a file but it doesn't show up? Drop the file here. And the file in psd. I need to check what you did there
  13. Today
  14. July 23... We actually beat Bodo/Glimt for the first time in a long long time! Maybe the tide is turning. We predictably got beaten by the Champs and didn't look good in that game all. However then going on to win 5 straight was great We now take up a clear first place in the league, scoring goals is not a problem at all, we have found our killer touch in front of goal.. Transfers... Well I knew it would happen, there was too much interested and he was in too good of form The money clears our debt, still in the red slightly but we start EC2 games so
  15. i dont know if anyone else has noticed it but if you try to get some players via loan with buy clause instead of transfer you get asking prices much lower. fo example if you want to buy brenner, the asking price is between 11 and 18M euros, if you do the loan thing you can get a option to buy of 1.8M. the only thing is the montlhy fee, that can get the transfer to like 10M. but if you choose the loan to have only 6months it goes to half wich means a really lower value than the asked for the transfer. And then if you block the ''playing monthly fee'' in a small value , they will ask more
  16. Some transparency would be nice. Rather frustrating when you take your time to send bug reports and you don't get a response. At least give people an update, it would maybe prevent the same topics being brought up over and over again.
  17. Ouch... that's a tough result - I'm guessing your worst result of the season, and in the biggest game. Onwards and upwards
  18. I would imagine players who have high aggression but poor anticipation and positioning might yield more cards (in conjunction with some of the tactical instructions already mentioned). At least in theory, you'd think a player who is aggressive about challenging the opposition but is bad at reading the game and positioning himself in these challenges would lead to more fouls.
  19. We made hard work of Serbia in Dublin in the first half, but put them to the sword in the end and that sees us top of the group, although Italy have a game in hand on us, but we have a game in hand on Northern Ireland and Serbia. Next up for us in September is a must win game at home to Latvia, followed by the away game against the Italians the same month.
  20. Another big bid. Jan 2046. It seems like we are really starting to make progress now. All the same, he's not being sold while he still has 3 years on his contract.
  21. They should be set by the settings file - grey role boxes are set by the line bits (defender_line, goalkeeper_line etc) and duty colours by the duty lines underneath them listed in the special colours section. The player box should be controlled by player_tactics_box but it's status will also be controlled by the various picking player... colours depending on the player status. Names should be controlled by the various tactics player name... colours - different ones for different status. @BenW. IGE is a logged issue, for the match screens overwriting the skin files with t
  22. Well I just assumed this was the problem so I cracked on with my save, but yea maybe could consider adding features alerting that the teams are full and we get to move players around before accepting the intake again. Also, I looked everywhere including my first team and they were no where to be found
  23. Summary: Gold Cup bug Description of Issue: several players are considered travelling when the Gold Cup starts. For instance, Canada has only 18 players ready for playing instead of 23. The missing player in my save are Milan Borjan (Red Star Belgrade), Samuel Piette and Liam Millar (Montreal Impact), Jonathan Osorio and Richie Laryea (Toronto FC). Steps to Reproduce: N/A Files Uploaded : Aubibeen - Gold Cup Trj EDIT: impossible to open the cloud... I will try again later.
  24. It should work but you'll need to change a couple of colours in the match score area panel file as they are set to custom colours - change match_primary_button to bg accent and match_primary_text to white to get the default colours that should work with other skins. Though there will be a stand-alone version released next week when I get a chance.
  25. January Brilliant month. We lost Redshaw but it didn't seem to bother the team as Bunn, Cassidy and Potts all scored against Guiseley. I decided to bring in the loan striker Tyreece Simpson from Ipswich and he came off the bench to score on his debut against Alfreton. Potts, Wollerton got the other two. Wollerton again gave us the lead against Spennymoor with Cassidy scoring from the spot and Wright getting the other. Redshaw came back and got a hat-trick vs Farsley with Simpson giving us the first goal and Bale, Redshaw and Brown gave us 3 goals in 3 minutes away at Gloucester. We'
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