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  2. Will there be any changes to the transfers as well? For example quincy promes, in the version you will release tomorrow?
  3. I can see their grip only strengthening, assisted by England becoming more insular and nationalistic (helped by their prompting)
  4. End of Season Review Season 2022/23 FC United of Manchester Season Summary A tremendous season where we dominated in the league from start to finish to secure promotion to the Football League. A poor F. A. Cup run was disappointing, though Season Details League Table - At the start of the season we went off like a train and never really slowed down, winning the league title and promotion to the Football League with six games remaining. League Fixtures 1, 2 & 3 - We were very consistent throughout the year with no real struggles. F. A. Cup - Ve
  5. Grenoble Foot 38 September 2027 : Regular Season "September Swoon?" After the great start Gerard had visions of Champions League dancing in his head...he looked forward to the September schedule that Four fixtures and an International Break. The Fixtures were a step up in difficulty as FC Nantes was the Preseason #2 and for some reason the team never played well against the Rennais.....maybe the team is intimidated by Bretons.... To keep up the European Place Gerard was looking for 8 points from the four matches but would actually be happy with 6. Schedule
  6. You say that there are some small unavoidable bugs. Which bugs do you mean and does it include J1 teams being transferred to the university leagues? Thank you very much for the amazing work.
  7. But Meghan was just making it all up, don't know what the problem is tbh?
  8. Hey @Alzraum Strange one, visual glitches like that benefit from clearing out your cache and preferences, I've included steps to do so at the following link, definitely worth a try: https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015199257-How-to-remove-my-Preferences-and-or-Caches-Folder
  9. Does anyone know how to get my players names to show up when im playing a match currently its only the player in possesion of the ball but would like to get all my players names showing any help many thanks
  10. Bloody love the Kates. Their cooking program is fantastic
  11. Yeah and unfortunately I don't see it ever changing.
  12. Is there a Blackburn researcher who can advise why the members of the |Blackburn U23 team are rated so low in both current CA and in PA? They are 2nd only to Man City in the Premier League 2 Division 1 table Scott Wharton was one of the stand out players for the first team and was picked above Ayala (when he was fit) before his injury Hayden Carter has gone on loan to Burton where he is one of their best players and has helped turn their season around Tyler Magloire has done similar at Motherwell Dan Pike is a stand out performer at right back for the U23 sid
  13. Not happening - this isn't even his ****test take this year. Rightly or wrongly his behaviour draws viewers, and that is the primary interest of a commercially run TV business.
  14. Yup. It shows just who runs the country - a handful of billionaire media barons. It stinks.
  15. Hey guys. I'm looking to change the colour of this text, from white to secondary - but can't seem to find the right place. Anyone knows where this can be done?
  16. Piers Morgan getting sacked by ITV over this (doubt they will) would be the best thing to ever happen to his career from a business perspective. He can play the sacked by the woke media card and get a blockbuster show on GB News on more money than he’s on now.
  17. Euro Cup Group Stage An away point in Moscow was followed up by a home thumping of Lech. An amazing comeback from 4-1 down to 4-4 away at Everton. They thumped us back at home before a 1-1 draw with CSKA meant we needed to beat Lech in the last game to confirm qualification. We did that in style with another 4-0 win! A great first season in Europe as we qualify for the knockout stage! Where we will face.... It is a big ask for us to go through here but we need to start challenging ourselves against these types of teams!
  18. This isn't exactly news is it? It's always been common knowledge that the Royals and the media have a "special" relationship.
  19. And if something comes up last minute - that we wouldn't be privy to anyway - those "historical reference points" mean nothing. It'll drop when it's ready, any other speculation is literally pointless.
  20. Could you post a screenshot of Gravenberch? Intrerested in him and curious how good can he be, thanks
  21. Became all to aware of how uncultured my friends are when I made a Minnesota Fats joke whilst playing pool and they stared back at me with blank expressions
  22. Victoria Derbyshire is interviewing someone from the Society of Editors at the moment, who is a proper slimeball. God, our tabloid press is so institutionally ****ed.
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