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  1. Oooh will love to try this on my United save. I have the pace to burn and the ball carriers to do it.
  2. Is it a good idea to send my youngsters out on loan to clubs that don't have staff (the leagues aren't loaded) but have good enough training facilities? Or will their attributes not develop enough compared to one with staff.
  3. It sounds like you're having repeated failed attacking transitions where all your players are bunched up in the opposition's half with everyone marked but gotta see your tactics to confirm it
  4. I just started a save with a 4-4-2 feeling a bit sheepish for setting it up so direct with a top tier team. Will be looking forward to how you incorporate pressing into the shape without sacrificing defensive solidity. Can't wait!!
  5. I have at best Lautaro to play the support striker role but I don't know how good he will be as a CF since it takes some aerial prowess to play. Doesn't hurt to try, I guess. This is what I lucked out on trying to tinker around with the settings. My primary play being a wide ball to Chiesa who either dribbles and crosses or passes to the mez who either shoots or crosses. Shooting more often than not so I might actually see if a Carrilero is a better option out there. The striker stays focused on the right channel which creates the overload for Chiesa to move into. Once the de
  6. That's exactly why I made this thread. I need to learn how to go banzai without running into a wall repeatedly.
  7. I shifted to an attacking mentality with a lower block This one has been working great for three matches. In the same vein, I was thinking of something like this Suggestions on this 4-1-2-3 would be great while I test it out.
  8. So it's more like finding a path to goal with the fewest passes, right? What Liverpool does is look for a quick transition and if they don't find it, they pass it to the fullbacks to cross. So I assume I'd need a Plan B if my attack breaks down. The 4-1-4-1 DM Wide one Lots of suggestions in the thread! I will try them out and post here again if I have more questions. Thank you everyone for the input. Lotsa good insights to play around with.
  9. Apologies in advance if I have no idea what I am talking about. I believe that the best way to learn is to ask questions and be corrected. I've spent about 500 hours tinkering with one of the tactics @Experienced Defender suggested with great success. Since I always play Man Utd, right when I hit a good patch of form, teams start lining up defensively against me which I don't really have an issue with since I run a possession-based tactics that relies on overloading to the right before releasing Rashford or Martial on the left. However, I am kinda tired of doing possession based tactics si
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