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  1. We’re delighted to reveal that Football Manager 2021 (PC/Mac) will launch on Steam and the Epic Games Store on November 24th. Fans who pre-order FM21 from a participating digital retailer* will receive a 10% discount and access to the pre-release Early Access version of the game, which will be available approximately two weeks before full release. As in previous years, those who buy the game through Steam (and now Epic Games) will also receive Football Manager 2021 Touch (PC/Mac) for free. Football Manager also returns to Xbox for the first time since 2007 with Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition. The game has been tailored for the best console experience and can also be played on any Windows 10 PC thanks to Microsoft’s Play Anywhere technology. Full release details for Football Manager 2021 Touch (iOS and Android) and Football Manager 2021 Mobile (iOS and Android) are coming soon, while Football Manager 2021 Touch for Nintendo Switch is expected to complete the line-up in December. Check back here for the latest news and follow our social media channels for further updates and feature information for all platforms. * Early Access is available from SEGA approved digital retailers only. Please check to see if the store you’re purchasing from is participating in the offer.
  2. During Covid I bought FM for the first time in 15 years and as a previous addict I was really looking forward to spend time on my guilty pleasure. I am playing Nottingham Forrest and won in the playoffs to get promoted first year. Second year I finished 7th in the Premiership and miraculously won the Carabao Cup . Now in my third season I am maybe going to get a spot in the Europa League. How did I do it? I have no clue as the results seem to come at random. What is even more serious.... I actually didnt have fun. I am so frustrated playing this game that I actually have to remind myself that its all going quite well. I play standard tactics and dont check to much online what works and what doesnt. With the results I have had, you would imagine you would have a sense of achievement.... but instead it just seems like hard work all the time and you never have a sense of what works and what doesnt. It actually does seem like the ME is a step ahead of you at all times and you have never been handed the tools to figure out what is actually happening in a game. It also seems like all games you play are balancing on a knifes edge and the slightest little mistake in the eye of the ME will cost you dearly. I mean its plain and simple mind boggling what you encounter over a season. For the last couple of months I have spent a ridiculous amount of time on this game cause I was too stubborn to give up. I just couldn't believe that there was not a certain something I had totally missed which made this game so extremely frustrating..... and that's when I finally went online to find out that there were so many others that had that same feeling. There are many aspects of the game that are nice but nothing works if the core of a game is thoroughly flawed and it this case the ME brings everything down. As in any field of the entertainment industry a computer game has to be judged on one thing only in the very end. That one thing is if its fun ... if you are having a good time. Too this question I can honestly say that this game has not in any way been fun, far from it actually. It has in fact has been extremely frustrating. Did it get too complicated? Did the programmers want it too realistic? Did nobody focus on "gaming experience". In my opinion the one thing that is certain is that they completely lost the plot on this one. I will certainly not buy FM again... its just not fun. Probably a blessing in disguise that I chose to return to FM in this version as I would be spending way too much time on what was once a great game. Hopefully SI will be able to rectify this, but I wouldnt be at all surprised if they will feel the repercussions of this blunder on the bottom line next year.
  3. Championship Playoffs. May 2051. Look who scored the late winner? Last years intake star (50a) Conway (IRL) (F.Det) *. He's only played 7(3) games this season and started the Playoff Final on the bench, but after coming on at HT he scored the 1st league goal of his career. The assist was provided by our GK. How very apt.
  4. I skipped FM20, the first FM I didn't buy since 2006 or 2007. Why did I finally say no? The features list for FM20 was very disappointing in my opinion. The game is priced like a AAA game, yet there are aspects of it that have needed an overhaul for years, yet they see no reason to do so. If you are just doing yearly database updates, then don't try to price it like a new game. I personally think that FM series suffers from the luxury of having no real competition on this genre, so there is no motive to really push things to the next level when you can just charge people $50 for the only game of its kind that is out there.
  5. Yeah, this highlights one of the most glaring flaws in FM in my opinion. Without exception, at 32 EVERY last player in FM will start to decline. Agility, acceleration and speed are typically the first to go. And it's a very rapid decline as well. An injury will turn it into a right free fall. In the FM world, you can't have players performing at 34-35. Forget having an Ibrahimovic at 39 playing regularly for a top side in Serie A. FM cannot replicate a scenario like that with the current model where every player more or less becomes useless a year or two after the decline. It's just not realistic that at 32, every player in the FM world starts to decline, and it's always the physical attributes that take the toll. Even strength drops by many steps in just a few years. Why? Do players really get that much weaker at 34 compared to 31? It's ridiculous. If I could choose just ONE thing for the SI devs to work on and change, it would be this. Not all players irl are molded in the same shape and a game that calls itself a football simulation and has been around for some thirty years simply needs to replicate this a lot better than it does.
  6. How can I disagree? Man, I can think whatever I want, isn't that logical. Patch notes, copies sold and positive reviews MEAN NOTHING. Than does not mean this is FM is good. Let's for example take something popular. Some idiotic tik tok song for example. Some of those songs have a hundred of milions of views, millions of likes, does that mean that music is good? No, of course. In some cases, numbers/likes/positive reviews mean nothing. You must take in consideration that those positive reviews, may be writen by hardcore fans, who will defend the game no matter what, they may be written by people who win all the time because the game is way too easy so they like it just because they win, veterans of the game who will always give positive review, new players who don't know that previous versions were better, lack of competition and so on. When it comes to FM positive reviews absolutely mean nothing because of that. To me, this FM/Match engine is absolutely bad representation of football, I can't stand to watch the games. I don't hate FM or SI, I grew up on those games, I am just honest. I tried so much to love the game but I could not. On purpose, numerous of times I've created a new save game with Barcelona and then I play a number of friendlies against amateur teams to watch Messi on the pitch. NOT A SINGLE TIME I SAW HIM DRIBBLE OR CUT INSIDE or something that could make you smile and say, hey, this dot really does play like Messi. Hey he really does behave according to his attributes and traits. We had that in 2015. On the pitch, you could clearly see attributes and players traits. On FM 2020, I saw more Messi scoring headers than him doing through balls, his trademark. On FM 2020 I see screamers from full backs, long shot goals from players with <10 attribute for long shots, many header goals from wingers, I don't even know what is the purpose of attributes anymore. Positive reviews, number of copies sold, patch notes, mean nothing to me.
  7. I’ll probably purchase it due to my love of the football management genre rather than loyalty to FM series itself. The match day experience has been an unmitigated disaster for two consecutive releases. The game feels more and more divorced from the sport it simulates. This is a big problem.
  8. After FM 2018, 19, 20 I think I am close not to buy any FM in many coming years. So, because of that, I've installed FM 2015 and started creating all wonderkids from FM2020 to FM 2015 so I have something to play. 14y old Sancho hehe That game is a masterpiece comparing to these new iterations. In 2015 you could clearly see on a pitch difference for example between inside forward who loves to place his shots and inside forward who love to shot with power, you could clearly see the difference between target man and some pacy small striker, you can't see any of that in these new engines. Just look how much better 2015 2D engine looks. Grass, stadium stands, people near the field ad such details, comparing to 2020. We went 15 years back in terms of aesthetics only.
  9. The issues have been gone over time and time again and are well known in the bug forum and feedback thread, you can't expect everyone to come in this thread and repeat it all. Posters have paid good money for the game and are perfectly entitled to their opinion, what you personally think of it is irrelevant.
  10. Long time FM player but not really a regular poster. In light of FM21's arrival in a few months, I just wanted to say a massive thanks to all of you for FM20. IMO it's been one of the best in the FM series and it's certainly helped me get through some tough lonely times in lockdown. Hope everyone involved is taking good care of themselves. Lockdown really drives home the need for work/life balance so I hope you're all striking that balance while trying to develop the best next FM title you can Take care guys! :)
  11. And yet SI have completely blown away all it's previous competition - and that in spite of it's apparently unmodern ME. This whole lack of competition thing making SI "comfortable and playing it safe" is a misnomer. Not only have SI seen off the competition, it's pretty disingenuous to the very hard working people at SI and it also ignores the issue of companies who fail to evolve their product (with or without competition) fail and die. Yet FM sales remain stronger than ever. A lack of competition does not hurt product development. Resting on your laurels hurts product development, which is not something that SI does. If you don't like the ME that's fair enough - pretty much all of us don't like some aspect or another - but that has nothing to do with lack of competition or SI being in a non-existent comfort zone.
  12. Not true. In Economics or even in the course of an individual growth, competition is always necessary for growth. Competition in technological markets has resulted in much better consumer satisfactory. AMD - INTEL - NVIDIA etc. Competition in the marketplace boosts innovation and always benefits consumers. Economic policies are also developed with competition in mind. The modern world and every technological development is a result of competition one way or another. Without competitions and/or rivals, we will still be stroking wood for fire and light. SI not resulting on their laurels & not being in comfort zone is your opinion. I respect it. But i don't agree. My opinion is on the contrary. So far most competitors have been useless that SI have managed to blow out of the water. Which is why i'm advocating the need for a healthy credible competition. Like intel has been for AMD. I always believe, with competition, we would have seen a completely new ME with the latest technological architecture some time back. Only with competition will we see SI grow even stronger. The competition may never usurp SI, SI are likely to be still the best out there, but it will keep spurring SI to innovate and give their best. Competition is absolutely vital for growth. I'll end here. Thank you.
  13. A ‘state of FM’ update from Studio Director, Miles Jacobson It’s a bit of an understatement to say that 2020 has been a difficult year so far, and although we at Sports Interactive have had it easier than many, it’s still been a tough time for the studio. We have enjoyed some advantages, though. Our revenue hasn’t disappeared entirely (as it has done for many businesses) and we’ve been able to do a number of things we otherwise may not have considered. For example, we allowed people to play FM20 for free for a fortnight back in March and took part in a bunch of charity initiatives including the UKIE-managed ‘Games for Carers’ programme and the Humble Black Lives Matter bundle. During this period, we’ve also provided free in-game advertising to a number of mental health charities around the world, which was particularly important to me as I believe that this disruption to everyone’s normal way of living could have serious mental health consequences if we’re not careful. Throughout all of this, though, record numbers of players have chosen to spend their own lockdown with one or more of our games… which is something we’re very grateful for. Something else I’m very grateful for is that, rather than finding ourselves having to lay people off during this crisis, we’ve actually accelerated our hiring programme over the past few months and I’m incredibly proud that we have introduced more than 20 new members to the SI team since lockdown began… and we’re not finished yet (check out the open roles on our recently-refreshed studio website). Most importantly of all, though, we have continued to work on our games throughout this troubled period – and we’ve managed to do this despite not being together in our office since early March. Having a ‘distributed’ workforce isn’t new to us, as some of the team have worked remotely for decades, but moving the entire team to work from home was a huge challenge. Everyone’s personal situation is different, and our main priority as a studio was to ensure that the whole team and their families remained safe, healthy and happy. After that, our priority was to ensure that every team member was able to continue to work effectively (while taking their home situation into account) so that we could continue to create and deliver great games. We’re now in a position where we’re set up to continue to work in this fashion for as long as it takes. None of us know when things will return to ‘normal’, but I would be very surprised if we’re all back in the studio working together until well into next year. It would be great to say that this whole process has been easy, but the truth is that we’ve learned over the course of this bizarre and unprecedented global crisis that it’s a lot easier to make games when the bulk of the team are working in close physical proximity. It’s not just been harder from a production perspective – it doesn’t help that the world of football that we aim to simulate in our games is also in such a world of flux. Some leagues have confirmed their plans, some are still up in the air (although we are very much ‘in the loop’ with many of the possible decisions), the transfer window has moved in England at least, there are new emergency rules that may, or may not, be present next season. And there’s a lot more besides. That all said, the team have done an absolutely incredible job in the circumstances and I couldn’t be prouder of them or prouder to be a part of the team. We’ve been very quiet about future plans throughout this period, but then I never like us to talk about our plans until everything is definitively settled. I know that frustrates some of our fans, but it’s a policy that’s worked well for us in the 25+ years we’ve been making games. What I can confirm today is that, despite all the problems going on in the world, there will be new Football Manager games released later this year. They will be delivered a little later than we’d originally planned, but they’ll have exceptionally strong feature sets… albeit different to those we thought we’d settled on back in January when I completed my ‘dream feature set’. It has taken a monumental effort to make this possible. The flexibility the team have shown through this period has been incredible; we’ve been changing scope, both upwards and downwards, on an almost weekly basis (and often as a result of changes in people’s personal circumstances). I firmly believe you’ll all appreciate the improvements and new features this year – and for us to have created the games that we’re going to deliver later this year during a global pandemic is something else I’m very proud of. Our games will be on more platforms and available on more stores than ever before when they’re released later this year but, with regards to features and release dates, it’s a little too early for us to talk about the specifics right now. Please cut us a little bit of slack and rest assured that we will once again deliver a set of games that provide hundreds of hours of entertainment and remain the best value for money on the market – and something to help you escape from the real world at the moment, at least for a while. We look forward to returning to something approaching normality in the (hopefully) near future, but, for now, we’re doing everything we can to continue keeping you entertained in the manner that only Football Manager can. Stay safe, Miles
  14. With lots of ME bugs not being fixed in FM20 as S.I have announced they’re not doing anymore updates this version will anyone be buying FM21? I personally think it’s scandalous that they can leave a knowingly buggy game broken and then expect us all to pay for it again next year in hope that they’ve finally fixed what we paid for last year. I feel they’re exploiting the loyalty of their customers as it is a game a lot of us love. When people raise the issues of the game not being good enough in its current state the forums threads seem to get closed for replies or moved into the update feedback thread; which in my opinion is just brushing the customer complaints under the carpet. I imagine the same will happen to this thread. Interested to hear other people’s thoughts as I’m personally gutted that the game in my eyes isn’t worth playing.
  15. Originally posted on my blog I have been an avid follower of these forums since FM12 days, but never had the desire to chip in. However, I have lately started to blog about FM and my Hearts side, and I believe that this article about 5-3-2 formation is the least I could to these forums to repay what I have learned from all the people on these forums. (Special shoutout to @Experienced Defender, @Cleon, @Rashidi for sharing their knowledge for so many years, inspiring me to start writing myself!) PS. Excuse any poor grammar, English is my second language. =========================== The 3-5-2, or the '5-3-2 WB' as Football Manager 2020 calls it due to its defensive shape, is a great formation both in attack and in defense. However, it is really difficult to master, and could quickly turn into a disaster if not implemented properly. Jonathan Wilson describes the history of the 3-5-2 in his brilliant article in the Guardian The 5-3-2 is easily my favourite football formation, some way ahead of my second favourite, the 4-4-2. I have decided to restructure my 'Flying Scotsmen' Hearts team to a 3-5-2 after the initial, and successful, 4-4-2 didn't allow me play with ultra attacking wingbacks which I love. Here is a guide on what to keep in mind and expect while fielding a 3-5-2 formation. A word of note, this is MY way of playing a 3-5-2, and not THE way of playing it. Also this is not a downloadable plug-and-play super/exploitative tactic that guarantees you x number of goals or trophies. Instead, this article is intended to share my view on the formation and how I like to play it and how to balance a proper tactic based on these views accordingly. Another thing is that I have been adjusting my team in terms of training and transfers for 3 seasons to reach this level of fluidity. In addition to the tactical tweaks I make during the game to counter specific threats. This applies to any tactic, so please take this into account if you are going to implement a similar tactic. Playstyle Before creating any tactic, I first decide how I want my team to play. It is all a matter of compromise and a balance of risk and reward. For me, the main aspects of the 3-5-2 are a lot like Conte's brilliant Inter side. These main points can be summarized as follows: 1. Uber-attacking wingbacks. They are my only wide players, so I expect them to provide width and stretch the field with aggressive positioning and dribbling. Anything else would easily allow us to be pinned outwide against formations with 2 men on the flanks. I also expect them to bombard the opponents with crosses, and we should score loads from crosses and headers. 2. Libero. I envision the middle centre defender to cover behind the defensive line, be the main outlet of deep buildup play, while dribbling out, and spraying passes, from the back where possible. 3. Target Man partnered with a quick, skilled forward. I always utilize a two man strike partnership, one of which is a target man. A target man in my opinion is a very underrated role, which when used correctly, can be a very potent weapon. Just like what Lukaku brings to the table for Inter, I want my Target Man to be a physical outlet up top, one who can hold the ball and pick up a pass. His partner should ideally be skilled and very pacy. 4. Conservative Midfield. A strong advantage of the 3-5-2 is the ability to attack and defend in numbers. While attacking, I need two midfielders (No. 6 and No. 8) to hold the middle and recycle the ball to the flanks, while the third plays like a classical No. 10, knitting the team together in case the wingbacks are unable to offer the opening. They also need to cover for the wingbacks consistently. 5. Medium Block and Exploiting Counter Attacks. I don't to be passive while defending and afford the opponent lots of space, nor quite aggressive in pressing high, in order to create some space behind the opponent's defence which we could exploit. The shape of the 3-5-2 also makes it an excellent counter attacking shape, especially given the prospect of the Target man, the attacking Wingbacks and the late midfield runner. With this in mind, lets move on the formation and play style. The Tactic This is how I have set my Hearts side to play. Beautiful, isn't it? The back six roles are typically unchanged, unless I change the CWBs to a more conservative role late in a game to protect a lead. The same can be said of the strike partnership too. The real beauty of the formation is the three central midfielders. You can easily make them more attacking, possession based or defensive by changing a couple of roles. The trio in the above screenshot is the defensive one, and the trio I being most matches with. Other combinations I use are: Aggressive trio Possession Oriented trio The reason I use two playmakers in the centre is that I don't want us to be one dimensional. If I only had the DLP on, plays would usually be funneled through him, and to the wingbacks. The Advanced Playmaker, on the other hand, gives us another dimension in attack with his direct running and creative passing. The carrilero is a very important role in the formation. I look for a ball winning midfielder sort of player in this role, who covers the left flank and stays wider to stop balls in behind the LWB. With some off the ball movement and long shots, he also chips in with a few screamers every now and then. I opted for a limited number of team instructions to implement what I need exactly, and allow tinkering during the games. The thinking behind each of the TIs are as follows: 1. Higher LOE, Counter Press, Prevent Short GK Distribution and Counter: These four are intended to work in tandem. The 5-3-2 WB formation is deep by default (8 players behind the halfway line), so I need to push the LOE slightly higher to avoid being passive off the ball. Also, I don't want the team to press more and risk losing formation, so I opted for Counter Press to allow us to be aggressive, yet quickly get back in position if we don't win the ball early. I also want the strikers to press high up the pitch, and force the GK to long balls. Finally counter is selected to exploit counters more often (meh). 2. Pass to Defenders and Fullbacks: We have numbers at the back, along with deep creative roles of the Sweeper Keeper, Libero and the Deep-lying Playmaker. This should allow us to easily play out of the back, while having the Target Man as an outlet in case we are face with intense pressure. Analysis Hearts 1 : Roma 1 The following is an opening goal against Mourinho's Roma side in the UCL group stages. The ball was held by Fruchtl, following a save. He starts by playing the ball to Souttar our CB. The Libero (Dihad) and the 3 central mids combine to form a very strong diamond that is very hard to press against. The wingbacks start very wide, stretching the play and losing their markers. Souttar plays it to the Libero, who quickly lays it to Cochrane, the DLP. He sprays the ball wide to the RWB (Josh McPake), who dribbles and roam from his position to score a lovely goal. Sporting CP 1 : Hearts 4 The following is an opening goal against Sporting CP in the UCL group stages. The same diamond appear during this goalkick, along with the wide positioning of the wingbacks. The goal is quite similar to the one above. The ball is played to the CB to goes to the Carrilero (Reis), who passes to Cochrane (DLP). Cochrane plays his favourite long diagonal pass to the LWB, who puts a sweet cross to the AP (Ferguson), whose attack duty makes him quite aggressive in both his off the ball and on the ball running, who finishes the move sweetly. Rangers 2 : Hearts 3 (aet) The following is the winning goal against the now third best team in Scotland (after Hearts and Celtic) in the cup. The goal is quite similar to the above, which is a recurring pattern of play that I like. The ball is played from the GK which quickly reaches the DLP who plays the LWB. The LWB dribbles and crosses for Wesely the Target Man (c) who lays it to McRorie, to blaze it home past his brother. Cochrane and Wesley, the Target Man, are very crucial in our play. Cochrane had 7 key passes, and Wesley had 4 during this game. Finally, I leave you with some stats from my Hearts save, which I have been using this formation for two seasons now. I am quite happy with how we are playing, scoring and assisting. It is only a matter of proper training, recruitment and managing the tactic during the game as the events unfold. In game changes The beauty of FM is that it is a quite excellent simulation of football, one that allows you to affect the outcome of games with your tactical intervention during the game. Naturally, playing against a deep defensive side, won't be like playing against Liverpool or City. Similarly, when chasing a game you shouldn't play like you are protecting a lead. As shown above, I have started the last 50 matches with the same formation, and generally with the same roles too. Watching games on extended or comprehensive highlights allows me to get a good view of what is happening in the game. My changes are usually substitutes, mentality changes or minor role changes. Different players play out the same role differently, so a playmaker style of player will perform different in the AF role than a quick poacher for example. In this way, I can affect some ways. For example, against deep teams, I usually play a Target Man style of player in the AF role, to give us more physical presence against the opponent's defence. Mentality has always been a big issue for me. It is not until soon that I realized that it is all about risk and reward, and the urgency of pressing and attacking movement. I started changing mentality during several games to avoid counterattack, or chase a game. Against defensive, deep weaker opponents, I usually go on Cautious mentality to avoid taking unnecessary risks that could turn into a counterattacking opportunity against us. The opposite is also true, I may go positive against attacking sides to exploit the spaces they leave behind them. Happy FM'ing.
  16. I am so excited that I won my first game - by a score of 4 - 0 no less. It has taken me watching a ton of soccer strategy videos, and to watch a bunch of football manager videos as well. I even adjusted my strategy during the game to take advantage of a weakness I spotted on their team. Then during the game, I was shouting instructions to my team too. I am really enjoying the game now that I understand it. Of course, there is still a lot more for me to learn about the game. For example, I am still trying to understand scouting and development and youth team management. I am also learning more about how to manage staff. Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome.
  17. Have you not read the feedback thread, hundreds of people giving multiple examples of bugs and problems and most are saying the same thing. Strikers still missing far too many 1v1, wingers/wingbacks/IF's all head for the byeline and shoot at ridiculous angles instead of cutting it back, far too many goals from corners/crosses and far too many from strikes from 25 yd +, players unable to control the ball without dribbling it over the line for a through in/byeline, small 5'6" midfileders outjumping 6'2" defenders, players just randomly standing in a daze while the game goes on around them, defenders unaware the ball has gone over their head until it's too late.
  18. I hope that ME has been a priority. I'm absolutely sure they can do a better job
  19. First time ever for FM I won't be pre-ordering. Far too much wrong with FM20 to be stung again. Will wait for the Demo and try that.
  20. I'd probably wait for Bale's attributes to actually be mediocre in FM21 (they probably won't be) and for Bale to actually perform like a great athlete (tbc) before using it as an 'attributes are flawed' argument...
  21. My answer is no, as I feel disappointed as a customer. I have a feeling, that FM become a hybrid of worst traits of subscription model and buy-once model; I could swallow paying high price year after year, even if the upgrades were cosmetic or there were just pretending to be upgrades (like dev center), but this year I'm fed up. ME is not good enough, the tactical part of the game seems neglected to me, graphical updates besides menus doesn't exist and what makes me fuming, after 9 months of constant, precise feedback about what is broken in ME, there were hardly any updates and attitude of SI towards this is just unacceptable. And now the game is free, what occurs to me like a move to give up on old, paying fanbase, that is making trouble with their discontent and get a new, less 'sunday' clients and it never worked for anyone long-term. So unless FM21 is meaningful revolution in aspects that are salt of this game and not menu graphics for clicking the same meaningless bs over & over again in 'press conference' I will pass and just update squads in my broken FM20, as I can't longer justify model of paying for game more to support developer, than buy an actual product if I'm getting no value or even negative one in return.
  22. This is really disappointing to read. We felt that introducing an opt-in public beta after the game was released allows our players to contribute and feedback in advance of us putting out an update. For us it was seen as a step forward in the process of amplifying our communities voice within the studio. What we didn't necessarily expect was that people would conclude that we're only doing it because we believe the game is in such a bad state. To be clear we see the public beta as a positive thing. If the general consensus is that it's not, we just won't do it any more, which for me would be a great shame.
  23. Why? You should atleast offer reasons why. Saying the bolded parts are the most problematic without offering the 'why' its kind of pointless and not helpful. All the TI's you bolded, it is possible they contribute. But on the other hand, all the TI's you didn't bold could be just as problematic. With the shape he is playing and how aggressive he is with the mentality in the tactic you quoted I'd have suggested that is likely a huge factor above all the bolded ones you added. I also don't agree with the roles you bolded, all those roles will defend naturally when possession is lost and he has the added protection of the DM too which allows you to be more aggressive with the roles in front of him, that's the whole point of the role. As for beating Liverpool it depends really. As you're 4 years into the game they won't be using the same players/set up that they use at the start of the game. It will have evolved somewhat. In both set-ups you've used they don't really differ and they'll both play more or less the same way even with the subtle role/duty changes you made. If I was you I'd be focusing on who in your side are the weaklinks and the tasks they'll have to do against the players in the Liverpool side who will be marking them and picking them up etc. You say player quality isn't that far off, so if that's true then maybe the system you use isn't actually getting the best out of them and their assets in the big games. Maybe focus on that?
  24. After 48 seasons the file is getting a bit too big and pages are loading a bit too slow for my liking so since I've now been sacked by Middlesbrough I will be bringing the save to an end. Thank you everyone for following! My next save will be back to Youth Only, probably in a small country so full fat FM may be needed.
  25. I have no more words to say... The whole mentality system is just a big misunderstanding this year... I did not start this thread to get to know how to break down these systems. All I want to know is how to press these teams upfront to not let a bottom size team play tiki taka against a Champions League side... If I play low block and try to trap them, they will just say thank you, will use the room in their own third to just tiki taka the whole 90 minutes without even attempting an attack. If I press them like hell with very high d-line and LOE they will still outplay me by just playing tiki taka like prime Barca... The whole mentality system is a huge mess this year. No team should be capable of having such high possession rates when its only target is to park the bus and to get a point.
  26. 3rd of 3 Finals. Apr 2053. Arsenal have a Michael Thomas who scored against us and Danny Henry is surely a relation to Thierry, (no he's not), but despite hammering us 5-1, they didn't win the title. Wolves did the double, but I'm not completely sure why their 6-1 obliteration of us was deemed pivotal. Wolves have now won 5 out of the last 7 Premier League titles and have 2 of our Academy products in their ranks. We finished 17th, which means that we are NOT relegated. As Leeds could only draw 2-2 with West Ham. Which means that we have escaped by the skin of our teeth. That was too close for comfort.
  27. I think that is an excellent representation of real world football.
  28. Never in doubt. May 2048. This has been a tough league to get out of. I screwed the pooch a little with my GK selection in the 1st half of last season it seems, because we were a stronger team list season than this, although another year development for our younger players shouldn't be ignored. We scored double the number of goals of everyone else excluding Tranmere.
  29. Introduction I see a lot of discussion on these forums about the chances of having a manager's son generate in a youth intake, but not much about the chances of other family connections. I had a hunch that it was unrealistic how rarely a newgen in FM had a family relationship with another person in the database, so I did some research with transfermarkt, looking at the top youth leagues (U18 or U19) of England, Italy and Germany. The headline is that 1 in every 27.5 players in these leagues has a family connection that I think should be represented in FM. The data I analysed every player in the Transfermarkt database from the U18 Premier League in England, the Campionato Nazionale U18 in Italy, and the U19 Bundesliga North/Northeast, West, and South/Southwest, amounting to a total of 1758 players, on the 7th of July 2020. 1032 came from the U19 Bundesliga, 520 from the U18 Premier League, and 206 from the Campionato Nazionale U18. I looked at every player in these youth teams as a proxy for the youth intake in FM. The youth intake would of course be best represented by those players who were joining the U18/U19 team from a lower youth team in a given year, but this would have been much more complicated data to collect, and I don't think there are likely to be significant differences in proportions of family relations between those in their first year in the U18/U19 team and the rest of the players in that team. If anything, we might expect that there would be more related players at younger ages, as less talented relatives who are products of nepotism are likely to be weeded out over time, and so this analysis likely underestimates the proportions of players in youth intakes who should have a family connection. If a player had a family connection to another person with a Transfermarkt profile, I took note of who this person was and what they do in the world of football. If the family connection was over 18 years old and was not in FM19 as either a player or a staff member, I removed them from the analysis. This left three types of family connections - those who were older than 18 and were in the FM19 database, those who were playing football in the same age group as the players I analysed, and those who were playing youth football in a younger age group. I believe that all three of these types are relevant analogies for family connections that could and should be represented in FM. Older relatives could be represented by newgens being the younger brother, cousin, nephew or son of a person in the database. Relatives in the same age group could be represented by newgens having brothers or cousins generate in the same intake. Relatives in the lower youth teams could be represented by newgens having younger brothers or cousins generate in the years after their older connection. The results Out of 1758 players in these leagues, 64 had at least one relevant relative. Six players had two relevant relatives, meaning that there were a total of 70 relatives. This works out to 1 relevant relative for every 25 players, or 1 player with at least one relevant relative for every 27.5 players. The proportion of players with relevant relations was pretty consistent across leagues: in the U19 Bundesliga it was one in every 29 players, in the U18 Premier League it was one in every 27 players, and in the Campionato Nazionale U18 it was one in every 23 players. Of the relatives, 33 were non-twin brothers, 15 were twin brothers, 12 were fathers, 7 were cousins and 3 were uncles to the players in these leagues. None of the older relatives were the managers of the club that the player was at, though two were in senior roles related to recruitement of players (1 HOYD, 1 DOF). I did notice while collecting the data that many more of the players had started out at the club where a relative of theirs was a member of staff but were no longer at that club, so this should be analysed in more detail. Of the 70 relatives, 31 were senior players, 25 were youth players, and 14 were members of staff. Of the 25 relatives who were youth players, 18 were in the same age group (with 15 of those being twins) and 7 were in a lower age group. Of the 70 relatives, only 28 either played or were employed in the same team as the relevant player, with 14 of those being the twin brothers. However, 52 out of the 70 relatives either played or were employed in the same country as the relevant player. Implications Based on this research, it would be realistic for 1 in every 27.5 newgens in FM to have some form of family relationship with another person in the database, resulting in roughly 1 newgen with a family connection in every 2 youth intakes. There does not seem to be any official information about what the current ratio is, but based on my own experience and anecdotal evidence in these forums, it seems to be nowhere near that number. In FM19 alone I have played through at least 30 intakes with no family relationships appearing, not to mention the countless newgens that I have encountered who did not come through youth intakes in my club and who also had no family relations. Based on this research, the majority of these relationships should be with players or staff in the same country, but not necessarily the same team. As I noted however, my research does not account for where a player started their footballing career and where their relative was at that time. I would suggest that it undercounts the proportion of these relations that would be based in the same club at the time of a youth intake. Of course, I am not suggesting that FM should change this chance based solely on my research. Instead, I am suggesting that my research should be built on to find what is a more realistic chance of a relationship than what is currently used, which certainly seems far too low based on this research. I am aware that my research may be biased by looking at the top youth leagues in three top footballing countries. I did so because I thought there was likely to be the best data available for these. I can see arguments both ways as to the impact of this on the research though. I would tend to think that given the competition in these higher skilled youth leagues, a player would be less likely to be able to stay in the team due to nepotism alone than in the lower leagues, and so the proportion of players with relationships would be even higher in worse youth leagues. Having more family relationships in game due to implementing a more realistic ratio of newgens with these relationships would make the game more immersive and therefore more enjoyable for me and the many others who I have seen discussing this issue here and on reddit. Calls to action If you work at FM, have a look at this research and pass it onto the relevant people. If you want to check my maths or conduct further analysis of my data, download the attached spreadsheet and play around with it. If you're a masochist and want to contribute to changing the FM policy on this, try conducting the same type of analysis for other leagues. FM family spreadsheet.xlsx
  30. On another note, apologies for the lack up recent updates. Work and work-related travel have taken over lately. I have played out the next season but haven't had the chance to write it up and am on a terrible internet connection. Will update when possible
  31. @davidbarros2 Enjoy Part One https://docs.google.com/document/d/15qVq9estRazDwY9T-gtEwj4l-eVmfkEJshu8e8i2-Z0/edit?usp=sharing Part Two https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kh_rPgDgxj0ckcayI67GL6z4wVY3NMJdK0mMls2ibJQ/edit?usp=sharing Part Three https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mxVcZNZxOqBMnUdJREPjzq2hIZby9ecTAHCSfhc8t9s/edit?usp=sharing Part Four https://docs.google.com/document/d/14VRtatKFLaK0AQ5gqtfpesd7s-Yw04k0BBka_9I1Yxc/edit?usp=sharing
  32. First of all, good job . Breaking Bayern's monopoly is no mean feat. However, this in itself does present a risk - if you start changing things too much you may break your successful system. Therefore any changes you do try I'd recommend you use against these "defensive" sides only - and then only during matches where you actually see this type of behaviour starting. Anyway, in terms of how to deal. There is something in football called "the three P's": Possession, Pressing and Position. For FM I'd suggest a 4th: Players. I'm also going to suggest that in my opinion the formation you are using can be a little trickier to set up in FM this year to effectively press the opposition than in previous versions. Not impossible by any means, but a little trickier. So what can you do? Assuming you're using the tactic with the Positive Mentality: 1) Possession. You're not overly bothered about this so I'm not going to cover it. 2) Players. For an effective press you ideally have the right players. Aggression, Determination, Work Rate are 3 attributes I always look for. Stamina is also useful for helping them maintain a press for 90 minutes, as is Natural Fitness to help players recover between matches. Do you have the right players? Further, consider the players in combination with their given roles. For example, is Gomez + AP(A) an effective combination? How is your CM(S) working out? 3) Position. Formation is part of this. In my opinion it is "easier" to set up an effective pressing unit with a different formation (such as the 4231). I'm not suggesting you change formation, however you could consider it as a Plan B if all else fails. Anyway, sticking with Plan A (your current formation), I'd suggest your current combination of mentality, TIs and role selection isn't ideal, which leaves you pressing and cutting off passing channels, but in the wrong area of the pitch. You've reduced mentality to Positive (good, because sometimes it's possible to be overly aggressive with tactical settings) but also reduced your line of engagement further. Upping the LoE to the max should help your players to start the press in a better area of the pitch. Mentality could even be reduced further while keeping the max LoE. I know that may sound contradicting but as I said above, it's possible to be overly aggressive with tactical settings. Also check the positions which your players take up when you lose the ball. Are your Inside Forwards too wide, offering little in the way of pressing support to your lone forward? Are your AP and CM positioned well to press high? If not you could consider a subtle change of role, for example CM change to BWM or AP change to CM(A). Again, these are nothing more than ideas for specific circumstances you find yourself in during a match, not something to be used all the time. 4) Pressing. If 2) and 3) above are right, this should become the natural result. But as mentioned above, it's about pressing in the right areas of the pitch which I feel is missing at the moment. You have a press but in the wrong area and because you are effectively blocking passing lanes the opposition just pass it around at the back, running rings around your lone striker. If you watch matches I'll bet the opposition do try to move the ball forwards, but they'll get pressed in midfield with passing lanes blocked and so end up passing backwards. I appreciate this may sound like a lot of things to consider, perhaps more than should be strictly necessary in what is after all just a computer game, but SI is moving the game more and more into getting us to think for ourselves and adapting on the fly, rather than just plugging away in roughly the same way game after game. It does make things more interesting, but can also be a bit of a pain in the arse. You're not a million miles away, just some subtle tweaks in certain matches is all that's necessary. And if all else fails, have a Plan B.
  33. Whoa, puh!...I just finished my 2nd season with Hertha BSC and CerberV5. This tactic is a blast and gets better with every season. After 1st season 1st place@league and cupfinal won, this year was "ez" in the Bundesliga with 9 points difference to Bayern Munich (2nd). + my last topscorer K. Piatek scored 27x goals@Bundesliga. 83 goals in 34 matches is awesome. The first half of the season was like a dream. The second i kinda struggled because of injuries and idk, it was difficult to score + Champions Leagie, German Cup, National Teams was hard to manage my players. Overall still an superb league result ! This 2nd season i reached the Cup Final, too. But lost vs Bayern Munich@penalites. Atleast i got the equalizer Min87. And then the Champions League Final vs Man City...daaaaaaaaamn what a thrill! Both teams are equal, got chances to score. Start of the 2nd half my central midfielder and huge talent Arne Maier with a brutal foul..red card. shiiiiieeeeeeeeet* BUT.....62. Minute, penalty for my team and i have an awesome penaltyscorer wit Piatek, who scored 7 out of 9 penalites@Bundesliga. MISS! 79. Minute....my must-have-central-defender Torunarigha is injured. RIP I hope, since 40min 1 player less, to reach the overtime somehow. BÄM! 94. Minute GOAL from my left midfielder Dilrosun, 1:0, SHIIIIIIIIIIIIELD WAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAALLLLLL!!!111 30sec later...WINRAR of tha Champignons League. Man...what a wild 2nd season. That`s why i love the Football Manager so much. + with THIS tactics from TFF ♥ it`s even more fun. Thanks alot, stay safe and i`m looking forward to the 3rd season.
  34. Jesus Christ that was tense, but we've only gone and qualified!!!
  35. Is it something linked to the difference between the value to the club (shown on the player screen) and the bid. While the value metric isn't perfect, as shown when a player has a value in the thousands and the club want the tens of millions, and it is linked to the contract length and wage, from the board side there may be something to note. Kendall - £19,250 --> £7m Grainger - £26,500 --> £8m Doing some lazy sums, bid divided by value, the bid for Kendall is 363x value, and for Kendall it is 300x value. I know that usually the money in the bank is worth a lot, but from the board perspective that is a massive bonus. Scaled up it is the equivalent of selling a £1m player for £300m, or a £5m for £1.5B. Not ideal when they are your best players, and you can't buy anyone, but then the game doesn't have a mechanism to judge a youth only save, so the board work on the assumption that the income will be reinvested in either a better player than what was sold, or someone else that can be sold. What would be interesting in terms of game development, would be a board/chairman style that focuses on youth, and therefore provides a minimal transfer budget, but also doesn't intervene in selling players over the head of the manager, because they want the players to stay at the club and develop.
  36. If that was the case then issues that have plagued the ME for years would been fixed. Floaty crosses when I don’t have a tall striker and set crosses to low, strikers dropping deep on the counter, players not following instructions, my bids getting rejected but a much lower transfer fee winning. These are just a few and these issues have been persistent for years. You only need to read through this forum to see it.The issue is FM is in a niche market. 2 million sales is small in the gaming industry but is a headline figure for FM. Name one other viable competitor? There isn’t . So if you have a craving to manage a football team there is literally no other game so I either cough up or don’t play the game. A lack of competition has harmed development. Resting on your laurels does harm development and you rest on your laurels when you don’t have competition . The ME is complex and is needing a full overhaul which is incredibly expensive but if you have no competition people still buy you game as it’s their only option so each year they tack on new modules, tweak bits but never solve the problems at the core. last year was a joke to be charged full price. New “features” were rehash’s of old systems that were repackaged
  37. Hope I won't see these anymore in FM2021 - Every goalkeeper in the game is world class capable of inch-perfect inhuman saves. - Top strikers often miss clear cut chances my 70 years old grandpa can score with his eyes closed. - Players often score 20-30 yard firecracker goals like Roberto Carlos even someone with long shots 5. - Ping pong football, ball hit gk bounced to player A shoot again hit gk again bounced to Player B shoot again hits the goal post bounced to Player C shoot again into the far right corner and gk just did an inhuman save instant jumping from the floor to the top right saving with his fingertips....
  38. Disagree with this. Most complaints I've seen about the game being frustrating are based around the match engine. As far as I'm aware that doesn't change depending on the version you play. For me, FM 20 is the best game I've played for everything outside of the ME- it has the right balance in general of being able to delegate things to other staff members (I never touch training for instance) and I've generally been able to minimise annoying extra stuff much more so than in previous versions. I don't see many others complaining about the game being less fun for reasons outside of the ME either. Switching to touch doesn't change that.
  39. Horrendous last minute own goal gifted me a share of the points.......
  40. Fm is a soccer simulation. Does it approximate soccer exactly? No. No sports game does. In 2K you can green light (100% make) every shot if you’re good enough, in Madden receivers make insane catches or running backs truck 5 guys in one play, in MLB you can smack everything out of the park. In PES every single shot has a good chance of going in and in FIFA every pass works. No game can 100% simulate the sport, it gets as close as it can. When you look at the game you can’t pay attention to every single thing that happens, you need to look at trends and abstracts. When I watch Liverpool and My save trying to emulate Liverpool do they look the exact same? No. Do I get goals in similar ways and exploit defenses the way they do? Yes. If you expect your video game to perfectly emulate a real life sport I’d suggest you try other video games and see how well they emulate it.
  41. Why focus on the rating above what he actually offers the team? Mezzala's are great but they have to fit and have a purpose in the side to bring the best out of them. I've used a Mez for 13 seasons on my Crewe save since League Two. But my system is set up to utilise his running from deep. He scores a lot and creates a lot. And currently this season he's again the heartbeat and driving force of our attacks. He doesn't take set pieces apart from the odd penalty if striker is out injured which you can see. The reason he is so involved is because the team as a whole with the system we use suits him and allows him to be a goal threat. The system isn't anything special, just a logical 4-1-2-2-1
  42. When watching All or Nothing I noticed Mourinho was using a custom tactics stationary pad. It's pretty simple with 4 pitches on an A4 page. So I thought I'd create it with Procreate while I was watching along. Here is the pad in the documentary: (notice how thick that pad is too! lol) Anyways I quickly mocked it up into this: (It's not perfect, the squares are a bit **** as I just used a brush to quickly do it.) As you can see above it just has date and venue boxes, so I added opponent and kick off time (Like a digital clock style digits so you just black out the parts to make the correct time and date as you can see below). Then I thought I'd make it a little less boring, but still very simple. I wanted to add the club name in the official font, which Levy had custom made just for them which is pretty cool. So after a bit of further work I came up with this: I'm always drawing down my team and formation etc. on paper so this make it really nice to do so rather that just blank paper.
  43. I doubt it. Since FM 18, in my opinion, the game has gotten worse. Recently installed FM 16 and it felt better than FM 20. The attackers scored 1v1's, your IF's scored, even your false 9 scored, AND YOUR WINGBACKS DIDN'T SHOOT ALL THE TIME as they do in FM 20..... But this FM is by far the worst, I think. Your worldclass attackers hardly score CCC's, your most creative players act like they play in the lower leagues as you rarely see any opening passes or through balls, and the wingbacks are a joke, they shoot all the time instead of trying a cross or a pass... When you play tiki taka your midfielders only pass it around among themselves, your attacking players hardly make any runs, and when you get an opportunity they either shoot straight at the keeper or blast it 5 metres out side of the post. And Gegenpress is way too op. Seen so many tactics and most of 'em are more or less based on Gengenpress.
  44. Got a son in this years Youth Intake I am like 240 years old! A bit old to be having kids I think..................... (was kind of hoping he was a grandson or something)
  45. Zero frustration, zero regret and zero disappointment from playing thousands of hours worth over the 20 or so years. Are some years better than others? Ofcourse but it still doesn't take away from that year's experience. Every year is different, for better or worse, which is far better than playing the exact same game for the past 5 or 6 years like FIFA. SI have never let me down with an edition so much that I would even think about walking away for a year or two. This years one I can't see being any different.
  46. 2027 Champions League Final Titikaveka are the 2027 OFC Champions League Winners!!!!!!
  47. This is the thing, it's the best "in your opinion" which you are perfectly entitled to. Others have a different opinion, and it's not up to you to state what attitude other people need.
  48. Nah, sadly. For me the most important thing is, is what SI is going to do. They have heard now alot of critics about the ME. Are they going to show they care about them and put alot of effort to balance the ME in 2021 or are they going to show they dont care and only are focused on other content of the game that earns them more money, like the mobile one. Im really curious about it. So im going to see the demo, beta out and then see what the reviews will be about the full game. It is what it is. The ME in FM 20 really sucked the enjoyment out for me and i just could not play further in the way i like to play the game.
  49. - A player (especially forward) must be played on attack duty in order to be your top goal-scorer or at least to pose a serious and regular goal threat; - The more attack duties you use, the more dangerous your team will be when attacking; - The more defend duties you use, the more defensively solid you will be - Team mentality defines your style of play; - A lower team mentality (defensive or cautious) automatically makes you more solid defensively; - If you want to play a defensive-minded style of football, you have to use a low-risk team mentality (cautious or defensive) - Having a player on defend duty in front of your back-line should be enough to secure you against opposition counter-attacks, regardless of how others roles and duties and/or instructions are set up - The main responsibility of a playmaker (role) is to provide direct goal assists and/or play killer through balls splitting opposition defenses - In order to play a counter-attacking style of football, you should use the Cautious team mentality (because it's the "equivalent" of the former Counter mentality) - In order for counter-attacks to happen during a match, you must use the Counter team instruction - Team fluidity (label) in FM19/20 is the same thing that the team shape instruction was in earlier versions of FM - A team or player instruction will (should) automatically make your players behave according to that instruction, even if (the rest of) your tactic is not conducive to such behavior (e.g. work ball into box will/should automatically prevent players from crossing and/or shooting from distance)
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