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  1. I think it's bad news for the English game WELCOME You've obviously heard there is a football match on this weekend. So here we are, one of the most fun international tournaments I can remember reaches its conclusion and England, yes England, are taking part in it. Buckle up... HISTORY I mean, the English history bit here is very short. This is our first Euros final, and only our second major tournament final. 1966 you know all about this. But maybe we can take inspiration from other English sporting heroes who have reached the places of major sporting
  2. 2nd place in a major tournament is still a massive achievement. Especially when you consider where Phillips was 12 months ago. They can wear them with pride. Better than immediately ripping them off like petulant children.
  3. ffs bg every post I see from you has the word gammon in it, can you give it a rest, this isn't the north east labour facebook group, know your audience.
  4. Brora Rangers 2048/49 Champions League Group Stage | Champions League KO Stage Fantastic season by all means! Althought we have not won any domestic cups, we managed to clinch the title and most importantly, we won the Champions League! Unachievable was achieved and now it's time to move forward. We also played in Club World Championship but were missing key players due to internationals and lost to PSG in quarterfinals. This tournament also makes it impossible for me to deliver all the usual screenshots as it progressed to new season Key players were the same. We were playing
  6. Football came home. Don’t give a **** about tactics etc. I have a 5 and 4 year old daughter and this was the first interest they ever showed in football. Football came home. Well done lads. Let’s try again, stronger, next year
  7. The penultimate match thread my friends, the penultimate match... HISTORY England in major tournament* semi finals are rare events. It's only happened four times... 1966 England 2-1 Portugal - By all accounts, England were lucky to get through this match. 1990 England 1-1p Germany - You know what happened. 1996 England 1-1p Germany - Yeah yeah I did this for the England Germany match thread 2018 England 1-2 Croatia - England take an early lead, Kane bottles a sitter (after refusing to pass), and we know the rest
  8. FC Mirassol - Brazil season 24 - 2045 Serie A - 4th Season Summary What a season for what was supposed to be a transition season! The headline news is... CHALLENGE COMPLETED! How did we do it? All we needed was the Copa Libertadores, and here's how it went! Copa Libertadores - An easy group saw us go through without any problems at all. The second round draw was just as nice, putting us against , who we beat 7-0 on aggregate. The quarter-final saw us against our old nemesis Internacional. We scraped the home leg 1-0 which meant we just needed to avoid defeat
  9. Two balls on the pitch Gunman won't stop bleating fifty years of hurt solved by Sterling cheating
  10. Champions League Final OAKA Spyros Louis 29th May 2049 21:00 Welcome to OAKA Spyros Louis Stadium in Athens! 87 292 fans found the way to the stadium today as Real Madrid face surprising finalist Brora Rangers for Champions League title! Real Madrid: Ikechukwu - Morales, Terzi, Lopez, Leandro - Moreira, Dude, Soares, James - Davey, Aleksic Brora Rangers: Fox - Milne, Chaoui, Maclean, McWilliams - McMahon, Gibb, Wilson, Smith - Thomson, Doig 4th, Maclean gets a yellow card for tackle on pacey Davey. 10th, another yellow card for Brora Rangers, Gibb
  11. @Pompeyboyz, @trueblue.85, @JJ72, @Muttley84, @av3ry, @CFuller, @Carambau, @GunmaN1905, @Darius1998, @DJ, @Rebs, @decapitated, @Reddiablo, @Wolf_pd, @YouReds, @craigcwwe, @Lucas, @VP., @bestbrother, @SouthCoastRed, @The Amazing Dale Watkins, @oche balboa, @Razzler, @Orzelek, @HOORAY HENRIK, @Scott1892, @Whoopy D, @Hazzaj, @AM99, @Timma, @BoroPhil, @DanielM_90, @Constantine, @Rob1981, @The_jagster, @phnompenhandy, @oriole01, @The Golden boy Well, that's that. Congratulazioni Italia. Probably the best team in the tournament and well deserved winners. Poor old England - beaten but
  12. I've been following this thread all year and the FM19 and FM20 equivalents as well. One thing that never seems to happen, and I think would help SI make the game better (which is what we all want), is for us as a community to reach some sort of consensus. At the risk of being shot down, can we perhaps have a go at doing this and then tag in someone from SI - who can then perhaps review and ask any questions and even give us some feedback? So, trying to summarise the 5,800+ posts to the thread: 1) This is the toughest one to grasp. Some say the game is too easy - others it's too ha
  13. FC United of Manchester ; season 2047/48 League Table ; Squad ; Starting 11 ; Transfers ; Youth Candidates Challenge Complete !!! The season brought a runner up finish in the league (3rd consecutive finish in the top two) and retaining the FA Cup. However, lifting the Champions League was the holy grail and we achieved it with a 2-0 final win over Spurs to make it a European and Cup double winning season. 100% focus on the Champions League really hampered our defence of the league title due to resting the entire starting 11 before and after European matches. But
  14. There’s no hiding that there’s currently a glass ceiling for women’s football and we want to do what we can to help smash through it. We believe in equality for all and we want to be part of the solution. We want to be a part of the process that puts women’s football on an equal footing with the men’s game.
  15. Absolutely not having this OP for a semi final @Coulthard's Jaw show them how its done
  16. Love this squad, seeing Foden and Rashford running down the touchline to celebrate both goals, both could just be sulking they're not on the pitch, as players would be in past squads Seems like so many players are contributing and all together in this, no ****** rivalries or anything
  17. Blog by Miles Jacobson on the multi-year project coming to a future version of Football Manager Whenever I mention women’s football on social media, people inevitably respond by asking when we’re going to release a women’s football version of Football Manager. Up until now, I’ve always replied with vague answers such as “When we do it, we’ll do it properly”. What I haven’t said, because we tend to keep our plans under wraps, is that we’ve been working on women’s football in the background for some time now. A few people inside football are aware of this, as we’ve been talking to them
  18. Hello you lovely people I'M BACK!!!!!! Hyde United this time Just a little update that I didn't stop after the devastating Witton sacking back in mid March It has taken me 51 seasons to get to the point where I am now (plus this actual save) Plenty to update on but will post updates over the coming days to catch up to where we actually are
  19. Obviously, his service to the entire world is invaluable. Saved us from English fans being insufferable for at least a decade.
  20. Season 52 - 2072/73 First season back in VN. CHAMPIONS! Back to back promotions and finally into the Football League Also defended FA Trophy Small stadium expansion by 1,500 seats to 5,750
  21. 2025/26 - season 5 National League North - 20th Season Summary Almost snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! We ran the gamut of emotions from chuffed to gutted throughout this season league - we started pretty poorly. We won the first game of the season, then went on a run of 9 without a win. But after losing on September 2nd we didn't lsoe again until December. We were brilliant, surging up the table to mid-table respectability. I was feeling happy - finally, we turned it round! But then came January, and February, and March. In the end, we drew 2 and lost 8 of our fi
  22. Since the tournament has started, I hoped to post something like this. I wasn't that confident we could go that far, but after seeing how Vially hugged Mancini in the Austria game, I don't know but some good feeling grown up in me. You have some unfinished business in Wembley. Gianluca, you have a battle far more tougher to fight... but I hope tonight's game will give you the strenght to fight even harder. Good luck guys. And to english fans: I can imagine how it feels to live for the first time in your life this kind of experience. Enjoy the game, it's g
  23. Follo Fotballklubb - Season 2032 (Season 11) Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Well, this was some season! In the league we continued to fight along the best teams in what was an extremely exciting season for a lot of teams. The fight was quite even between Molde, Vålerenga, Stabæk, Rosenborg, and ourselves. And with 5 matches left, the title could end up at any of us. Before the final game, we had in our hands, and a win would give us the title. However, we only managed a 2-2 draw away to Ranheim, but luckily for us, Vålerenga also drew and that gave us the title on the fi
  24. The whole mod team preparing for Sunday if Italy win and gunman decides to come on here for vengeance
  25. Laporte looks gutted, he's dreamed of reaching a final for Spain since about 6 weeks ago
  26. Genuinely feel there's a significant portion of the hard 'anti-woke' Tory lot that would be secretly be fuming if England won the title, imply because their success would go against their narrative of what England should be in their eyes. The idea of an England team that knelt for a 'Marxist' cause, wearing rainbow armbands, publicly defending openly gay fans, led by a soft-spoken, thoughtful and sensitive manager who regularly espouses progressive values... not to mention that it includes Raheem Sterling of all people as one of its heroes... it might just make some of their tiny heads ex
  28. This really. People were calling the Hungary team "nazis" last night ffs, and on multiple occasions. And why? Because of a minority of idiots that create trouble everywhere they go. They're 26 players representing their country, not Orban, not the Hungarian governement. They didn't come out with shirts supporting Orban or the recently passed anti-LGBT law, to have people rip into them, they, I say again, represented ther country in a European Championship. And as someone that has spent his entire lifetime living together with Hungarian ethnics, I can tell you they were damn proud of doing
  29. ORIGINALLY POSTED ON MY BLOG ============================================= Note: This is my first article following a five month hitaus from the game, partly due to covid infection, coupled with being bored with FM21 and of course, a hectic schedule. However, such a long period away from FM made me yearn for all new ideas to try out. I apologize for not replying to everyone during that last period. ============================================= Welcome to the third part of this series of articles aimed at simplifying and explaining the process of creating Football Manager ta
  30. Follo Fotballklubb - Season 2033 (Season 12) Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances First things first. At the end of the last season we were still in the Europa Conference League knockout rounds after going past the group stage. In the 2nd knockout round we drew Fiorentina of Italy, and while we managed a good 0-0 away we lost 0-1 at home and got knocked out. Before the season started we played in a Community Shield-like competition called Mesterfinalen, here we beat Rosenborg hard and claimed the trophy. The league went as well as I could have hoped. We dominate the
  31. Well...Im on vacation for atleast 3 weeks with unstable internet but with many time. So here we go again. We are off to Cyprus. God help me with the names, there will be a lot of nicknames. We got this little gem at the start. And with absolut no striker in our team (minus the one with 7 finishing), we play strikerless.
  32. Brora Rangers 2043/44 Europa League Group Stage | Europa League KO Stage What an amazing season once more... We were playing around top three for the entire season but in my wildest dreams I did not imagine us actually lifting the trophy. What really helps us is that Celtic got substantially worse so all we have to do is fight Rangers, although Aberdeen had a great season aswell. Almost no changes to our team from last season as we are still getting carried by the Fox - Thomson - Miller trifecta supported with Mike Fyffe who scored 17 goals from CB and Sean Wilson who broke
  33. Well it's a world leading producer of salt so that does make sense.
  34. Pray for those who won't watch on Sunday because the players will be kneeling btw.
  35. Season 18 - 2038/39 We have done it, Champions of VNN with a massive 110 points! Was top pretty much all season Leighton Durnin scoring a brilliant 64 goals in 51 games Second takeover cleared the debt
  36. @Pompeyboyz, @trueblue.85, @JJ72, @Muttley84, @av3ry, @CFuller, @Carambau, @GunmaN1905, @Darius1998, @DJ, @Rebs, @decapitated, @Reddiablo, @Wolf_pd, @YouReds, @craigcwwe, @Lucas, @VP., @bestbrother, @SouthCoastRed, @The Amazing Dale Watkins, @oche balboa, @Razzler, @Orzelek, @HOORAY HENRIK, @Scott1892, @Whoopy D, @Hazzaj, @AM99, @Timma, @BoroPhil, @DanielM_90, @Constantine, @Rob1981, @The_jagster, @phnompenhandy, @oriole01, @The Golden boy So to the final gladiatorial munera, that triumphant procession to the last 16 for some, that crowning glory to the memories of past wins and present v
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