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  1. Can we all just appreciate what a man Simon Kjaer is, no captain is prepared for this but what a way to stand up. I’m sharing these images to show the amazing response, don’t want to go all Bbc.
  2. I think some England fans need their heads examined. You beat the world cup finalists comfortably in the opening game of the Euros. Good displays from some inexperienced players, solid look to the team. You have no right to expect to roll over a side like Croatia. Should be a celebratory occasion. From a neutral perspective, it wasn't a great watch. But if I was an England fan, I'd be happy to get the most difficult group game done without much hassle.
  3. Widzew Lodz (FM20) Season 18 (2037-38) - Review Domestic: We enjoyed another successful league campaign, helped by Jaga's form falling off a cliff in the last few games of the season. We lost out in the second round of the cup. Europe: What a season. Other bits:
  4. How is anyone on a football manager forum but never heard of Kevin Volland?
  5. Should bring on Grealish for Pickford imo and really go for the jugular. Cowardly from Southgate
  6. @Pompeyboyz, @trueblue.85, @JJ72, @Muttley84, @av3ry, @CFuller, @Carambau, @GunmaN1905, @Darius1998, @DJ, @Rebs, @decapitated, @Reddiablo, @Wolf_pd, @YouReds, @craigcwwe, @Lucas, @VP., @bestbrother, @SouthCoastRed, @The Amazing Dale Watkins, @oche balboa, @Razzler, @Orzelek, @HOORAY HENRIK, @Scott1892, @Whoopy D, @Hazzaj, @AM99, @Timma, @BoroPhil, @DanielM_90, @Constantine, @Rob1981, @The_jagster, @phnompenhandy, @oriole01, @The Golden boy, Good morning everyone. I know we are all exhausted by the football-fest that has been laid before us like Bellini's Feast of the Gods and gorged ours
  7. @Pompeyboyz, @trueblue.85, @JJ72, @Muttley84, @av3ry, @CFuller, @Carambau, @GunmaN1905, @Darius1998, @DJ, @Rebs, @decapitated, @Reddiablo, @Wolf_pd, @YouReds, @craigcwwe, @Lucas, @VP., @bestbrother, @SouthCoastRed, @The Amazing Dale Watkins, @oche balboa, @Razzler, @Orzelek, @HOORAY HENRIK, @Scott1892, @Whoopy D, @Hazzaj, @AM99, @Timma, @BoroPhil, @DanielM_90, @Constantine, @Rob1981, @The_jagster, @phnompenhandy, @oriole01, @The Golden boy Hi everyone. As we collapse exhausted and debilitated, desperately seeking the assistance of Fessona and Somnus while struggling to stay awake thr
  8. Can we all agree Ally McCoist is by far the best commentator?
  9. Honestly I've gone from wanting Grealish in the side to hoping he doesn't get on the pitch this tournament If that was an Italian performance, we'd be talking about how they controlled the game, didn't allow Croatia a stiff and it being a masterful tournament game of football, but not in here, we can't even enjoy winning an opening game without it being full of moaning ****ers I didn't agree with the starting XI, but those who played did really well today
  10. Again, massive shout out to his team mates for their quick and selfless thinking
  11. Just finished working on my own match and seen this. Firstly horrific news, and glad to hear he's been stabilised. Secondly, the broadcasting of it was an absolute disgrace, as someone who works in sports broadcasting, they broke almost every cardinal rule. Inexcusable, in a lot of places that would be the end of your career, should never have happened
  12. Absolutely astonished at the tv match director. Vile. Close of the the unconcious face, cut away, cut back again, all the CPR, crying wife. Absolutely disgusting disaster porn. Too many incidents to just be a slow reaction to initial incident. Absolutely disgusting.
  13. Academy challenge, over and out. Ashton United, champions of Europe, 2035/2036.
  14. Sections Prologue How teams in real life defend using 442 Implementing the compact 442 in FM 1. Prologue A mid-block 442 is my favourite defensive shape. I have had great successes in FM using 442 formations, most of the time using an Advanced Forward. But despite the good results, I was never fully satisfied, because our defensive shape was not as compact and as organized as I imagined, it was not how teams using 442 defended in real life. Diego Simeone and Marcelino are the masters of 442, but sometimes even Guardiola’s Man City uses a 442 defensive shape, more ofte
  15. How the BBC should have spent our licence fee
  16. This is in interesting topic. My approach to FM is always to relate it as much as possible to real-life football tactics, strategies and general football common sense. From that perspective I've always viewed the DM strata as the #6 position and the CM strata as the #8 position (note: I mean position here, not role). In a typical 4-3-3 you have 1xDM and 2xCMs and from a real-life football language this means 1x#6 and 2x#8. Hence the talk of a single pivot formation (same goes for the 3-1-4-2, for example). Similarly, in a typical 4-2-3-1 we talk about 2xDMs and 1xAM, hence the talk of tw
  17. Vikeologist's 2050/51 Folkestone Season Report Let a few mainstays / backups go this season. The big decision was to let my (mercenary) starting goalie go early in the season. He no longer had a release clause, but he was the highest earner at the club by a mile. He was good, but I have at least one other young goalie that should be able to get to his level soon. Plus the transfer money and savings on wages will help us improve the facilities. The worry was that, having started well, selling him would cost us promotion, but you can’t base decisions on what might be.
  18. Ever since people actually sympathised with Uefa and rallied around them over the whole Super League debacle, they've stumbled from PR disaster to PR disaster like Sideshow Bob in a field of rakes.
  19. Tempted to add Grea***h to auto moderated words in a post so we can stop talking about this boring s**t
  20. I know this is mostly an UK based forum so might not fit very well in here, but just wandering why so many complains: complain about the team, the commentators, the spectators, the booing... are any of you actually happy to watch the game and see what happens?
  21. Building a successful international side is tough and while club form is important it shouldn't be your go to. You gotta find that balance between club form and international form. Plenty of successful international sides ignore club form. Giroud at France. Klose for Germany. You don't have time to build up relationships and patterns of play like clubs do. This isn't aimed at you Baptista at all but too many people don't follow England between tournaments and turn up during the summer and expect Henderson to start over Pickford for example. Or moan why aren't we playing this formation an
  22. I think you'll find The Sun already is on the far right
  23. I wonder whose performance had more impact on the callup, White's or Mings'...
  24. Look at my central defender, I should make him captain, right??
  25. Good to see UEFA putting such a serious matter into the same punishment tier as abuse and racism. The threat and sheer fear of fines as we all know, completely eliminates any further incidents occurring ever again and is a fully effective deterrent.
  26. France are such a complete team. They can play football, they can play on the counter by hitting towards Mbappé, and they can play a defensive game and just keep teams out. Can engage in any type of game they or the other team want to play.
  27. Alright lads, I'm going to call it. @Yuko is your average EURO draft winner. Congrats! @Scott1892 gets the second place. Thanks to everyone for participating, was really fun and hopefully challenging. All I know is that I'm not organizing any more of these, way more entertaining to play. Shame about the low number of votes as the tournament progressed, but what can you do. @Darius1998@Barry Cartman@Jorg@bestbrother@Baptista_8@Hazzaj@grff@Marius_R@PaulHartman71@Kawee@The Golden boy@Butts@Haguey@Citizen Kane@Yuko @sjg11@adhikapp@managerdude_66@SRL88@Sano@trueblu
  28. In the meanwhile, lots of people in Germany, including the city council of Munich, are pressuring for the Allianz Arena to look like this when Germany play Hungary: As a protest against Hungary passing anti-LGBT+ laws this week. I hope it will happen
  29. We're not joint favourites. We always have the shortest odds for tournaments in the UK because everyone puts money on England to win for fun which drives our odds down. You'll find the same in every major footballing nations where their own nation has lower odds. Betting odds are based on markets and bookies mitigating the amount of bets put on not probability.
  30. That's cool. You have the same percentage DNA as they've had possesion
  31. Euro 1960 (France): Euro 1964 (Spain): Euro 1968 (Italy): Euro 1972 (Belgium): Euro 1976 (Yugoslavia): Euro 1980 (Italy): Euro 1984 (France): Euro 1988 (West-Germany): Euro 1992 (Sweden): Euro 1996 (England): Euro 2000 (Belgium/Netherlands): Euro 2004 (Portugal): Euro 2008 (Austria/Switzerland): Euro 2012 (Po
  32. We've actually got to the point where we will boo an England player because our favourite club player isn't in the squad? **** me some football fans proving if there was ever a doubt that they are some of the thickest people in society.
  33. To My Narod Slaski First of all I want to give my thanks to a certain few people who helped create this save. @Bigpole for his fantastic polish league database, without this the save simply couldn't happen. Great work and greatly appreciated. Michael Itner @Michael Itner Aka Riddler on steam. I'm sure this is his identity. for all of his fantastic databases which allowed me to create a vast eastern European database for the save. @Rikulec for answering my one million questions about Polish, football and running by my countless attempts to find the
  34. Also, the people in here that clearly hate Southgate are genuinely pathetic I HATE that our "easy" run in the WC is used against him. In the tournament before Southgate arrived we lose to ****ing Iceland. Southgate played a huge part in getting England to be a place where players actually want to be, whereas before England was a place where footballers went to be miserable. It's fine to think that maybe he's not good enough now but it's not hard to show some respect towards him. Instead of telling him to **** off because he's not started your favourite player or not gone all out att
  35. MSK Zilina Africa 2021/22 Profile | Facilities | Finances | Squad | Transfers Acceptable first season in Ghana, we achieved promotion in the last games. But the economic problems don't allow to improve the facilities. Youth Intake Preview | Ekow Osei | Kofi Latiff | Salifu Owusu A good group of youth considering the poor facilities and not having a head of youth development yet. Summary
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