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    People complaining should cast an eye at FIFA 20. £50 and theyve not even updated the squads for the new season, they've not updated the European Competitions for the new season, if you try and sign a player but dont complete it before you're next game he just stands in the centre circle for the whole match. The big teams in the league are randomly playing full teams of reserves, and a huge majority of players are seeing Liverpool or Man City being relegated in the first season. Be thankful SI dont obsess over lootboxes and ignore the majority of their customer base.
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    Personally speaking from what i have gathered from the headline features and the smaller reveals thus far, i am impressed for several reasons. Firstly SI are using the FM community of creators at large to publicise these reveals, this is a good sign and bodes well for the future. I haven't seen something like this by any developer in a long time. Initially i was disappointed by Stadia, not because i think its useless, but because in my country its not available. I can see its benefits especially when one considers the fact that i have a 100' screen just itching to play FM at home without a PC. So eyes with envy made me rage. Regardless of what others might think of Stadia, its the future of gaming and streaming. FM19 was a big step forward, what it lacked is being made up with by a host of QOL changes that I am looking forward to. Code of Conduct for one, managing player development via these pathways, being able to manage their expectations in ways that felt limited in FM19. Playing time pathways could make hoarding of high potential players an issue for clubs which is nice, it also opens up the potential along with Club Vision for better youth development in the long run. This has long been one of my hopes for the game. While it may not happen immediately, the building blocks are there which bodes well for the future. There are plenty of smaller reveals like player statuses, the new role which definitely leads me to believe changes are coming for the match engine. Frankly they make changes to the code each year. I see QOL changes everywhere, while it may not be exciting for some, for a person who averages 3k hours per season, anything that adds to QOL improvement is an added bonus. It's too early to venture a guess about the match engine, but the lads are not the sort to be happy with any version of engine they release. They are continuously looking to improve and upgrade it and are willing to listen to people who make reasoned arguments for why certain elements of the game should be improved. Case in point the sheer number of blocked crosses for some people in FM19 and the lack of final third movement. I doubt the game will make everyone happy, I for one have already ordered my game, because the QOL improvements alone suggest that they are taking FM19 and enhancing the quality of my experience playing the game. And if i can play both narrow and wide systems in FM20 equally as well, then I am not going to regret it.
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    When you look at the announced features all i can say is this year is an utter joke. Ive looked at their website a broken it down and when you do they are pulling the wool over your eyes to try and justify its £40 price tag. This is also based on information that was available at the time but i highly doubt that with a relates date being set that any other major features will be added. Club vision By the looks of it, this is just updated from our current system of board confidence. Could someone explain how this is different or a "feature". It just seems like its more at the forefront of the game by getting emails and more granular gradings. Per the FM features page. "For instance, if you’ve honed a particularly attacking style of football at a club, you’ll be known for this around the world which could make you more appealing to a board..." I can already see that in FM19 and it already effects the game. Every screenshot on the page i cane find mostly on my manager page on FM19 but now its in an email and I'm graded A-F. Yeah great, big feature there. Playing pathway Yes i would say this is an improvement which i welcome but as a headline feature?! Its a very welcome addition and give more control but again this is just a update on an old system. Backroom staff Is this anything more the quality of life updates? They are trying to claim having a new staff member like the loan manager which tells me to send players out on loan is significant! I also don't care for my staff opinions about team formation or personal so any improvements to this is worthless. I put this update in the same category as the social media stuff. Pointless Development centre This is the only thing that looks like a proper feature. Previously development of youth products has been difficult monitor and implement and my favourite parts of FM was taking a wondkid and trying to make him a star so this is very welcome. I think this year i will be forgoing buying FM20. This is DLC being sold as a fully fledge instalment. IM not asking for them to rebuild everything or have ps4 standard graphics. I want exactly the same things that everyone else has asked for years. I want a more in depth tactical system with pressing triggers, better transfer AI (How many times have i tried to sell a decent player and for pennies and no one comes in or they come in for my best player with tiny bids) Most of all i want a ME that is half decent. There is so much wrong with it. Defenders all running to the same player, players not listening to instructions constantly , no one twos that you constantly see in real games. Issue is FM doesn't have a competitor and because of that they never have to worry about pushing the game forward. Getting a bit tired of it because of love the concept and have put in many hours into it. Personally think its time Miles moved on. Completely out of touch of what the games needs and spends too many resources on things like in game social media
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    Gotta be honest, i'm astounded by all the positive comments regards regens. Firstly, I don't think they're that great. Secondly, I can't think of something i'd be less interested in than regens.
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    I'm really not a fan of how dismissive Miles is when responding to people requesting adding U23/reserve team management and I don't agree with his reasoning. "No media (I assume he means press conferences) for U23 managers"? That's a non-issue given how many of the game's players say they hate press conferences anyway and just leave it to their assman. "No tactics because it's dictated by the first team" The manager in this game already can do things delegated to other roles so I don't understand at all why he brings this up. The manager can choose whether to have their U23/U19 teams follow the first team tactics, or leave it entirely to the U23/U19 manager instead so it isn't as if it's too much of a stretch to give the user tactical control of the team. "No transfers" This is the only thing I agree with. Yes, not being able to sign Peruvian wonderkids might get old quickly, but go into the Career blogs subforum and you'll see plenty of Academy-only challenges where the user disallows themselves from signing players from other clubs. It wouldn't be entirely different for U23 team management. "There's too little to do" Some people just like the barebones experience of managing the matches and leaving the rest to their backroom staff. If he thinks this strongly about not having enough to do in the game then why has international management not been expanded? Now there are other downsides, such as having no control over which players graduate to the first team and when (e.g. midseason callups during an injury crisis), and having to play the out-of-favour or not-match-fit first teamers at the senior manager's discretion, but these limitations can also be attractive to some players (see academy-only challenge) for a new experience or to start their managerial career as they cut their teeth before a lower league team would consider appointing them their first team manager, or graduating from B-team to A-team with the same club like Guardiola. For some players, developing their Golden Generation of newgens is their favourite part of the game, and U23 management would provide a closer attachment to them as they grow from 0.5 star CA 16 year olds into a first-team calibre footballer. Of course it won't be for everyone, but I think it's foolhardy to try and make the FM userbase's opinion up for them.
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    Stopped following him years ago. Some people have bright minds but they are not that bright in personal relations, which is ok. I take any day a bad humoured doctor who can save my life than a nice one who let me die. Then I use my liberty to interact / not interact, follow / not follow whoever I want, and from Miles I want to play his game (and pay for it) but I don't want anything else to do with him.
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    I only care about the ME at this point. Nice little add-ons but I'll play an older version if the ME is similar to 19.
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    Yeah we run thousands upon thousands of seasons to work out the average (across multiple leagues as well, as each league has slightly different tendencies) then compare those with real life figures. That's not just goals per game, that's as many stats as you can imagine. Pass completion, shots off woodwork, yellow cards, fouls, tackles - nearly everything. We want to make the ME as accurate as possible from a statistical perspective whilst also making the type of action which appears in game as realistic as real life. Obviously if we had the correct number of shots and goals per game, but all the shots were from exactly the same place then it'd be a very poor ME! As you can imagine it's a huge balancing act but as I've said on this forums a number of times, we're all massive fans of football and the game itself, so we're all as invested as you are. Many late nights and analysis which would fill a thousand chalkboards during development. We always feel like we're taking steps forward with each match engine and we've got some great people within that team working on it. Always blows my mind thinking about how difficult it would be to recreate a perfect football match where every defender, attacker and keeper always makes the right choice with the right technique - then essentially have it so mistakes happen as decided by so many variants like attributes, weather conditions and the like. But I know some of the logic and changes which have gone in 'under the hood' over the years and it really has come forward so much. It's just frustrating when the balance is almost perfect from a statistical basis but there are noticeable anomalies in how the match actually plays. So we keep working and striving to iron them out. And we're hopeful you'll be able to see it all for yourself soon of course.
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    "We're back everyone!" "Welcome to the FMCU Awards Show X. I'm your host @Deisler26 and this being the celebration of 10 years of these awards, I was asked to host them as I did the very first one back in the day. And what better place to hold these awards than at our first ever venue? Right. We have a packed show tonight and a a number of big awards. Will hot favourite @Makoto Nakamura sweep the awards as expected? The bookies have suspended all bets on his Croatia Berlin save so far, but dark horse @Jimbokav1971 is quietly gaining traction amongst the more folically challenged FM fans. Does this all sound a little fradulent? Well keep an eye on this thread and we should see who will come out on top and who is going to be sentenced to be Hakan's toliet cleaner."
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    I consider it more realistic to have attribute masking on, so I always have it on. I'm a slow player though. I don't race through seasons, I load most or all of the leagues etc, so I try and make my gameworld as realistic as possible.
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    Another year of making us click more times to see the same info.
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    I've added all the feature tweets which have come from the FM social channel here for easy reference - https://community.sigames.com/topic/494725-football-manager-2020-feature-round-up/ These don't include those also tweeted by Miles as there's loads
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    Thanks! I’ve read your posts for years now and whilst people like Rashidi or Cleon has taken the spotlight as the FM gurus, your style has certainly something that the other two lack - maybe simplicity? You make things look so easy and flawless in a world of overcomplicated theories and concepts. And that’s a huge quality, at least in my opinion. Keep it up man! Hope you stick around the FM community and maybe you’ll give FM20 a chance.
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    But in reality the strength/weakness of a formation depends mostly on: a) how it compliments the players' skills (no use to play a cross-based game if your strikers are 5"6, or to play tiki-taka with banana-footed defensive midfielders) b) how it works against the opposition's tactics and players Some formations and styles are more "popular" than others, but no modern formation is inherently weaker or stronger than another by itself. It may become so in context but not by design and by default. I agree that some styles are more straightforward to adopt. Which is why top-level managers are sought after and you don't see Joe Bloggs from Bumfluff Rovers taking over at Man United despite his no-nonsense 1980s 4-5-1 working wonders in tier 9. And which is also why some attractive attacking tactics are good for entertainment but not for winning silverware. But that's not what happens in FM... There we have a couple of setups that objectively work better/easier in the game compared to others. Or that, at the very least, seem to require much less hassle. But I wasn't even talking about winning! I'd be happy to get my ass kicked in a 2-4 thriller if it means my team is playing Zeman's 4-3-3 the way it's supposed to be, instead of ending up a weird and disjointed hybrid with way too much tiki-taka or wing-play because apparently the ME favours it even when the TC's instructions don't seem to hint at such outcome. Performing well or winning are secondary IMO in this debate. What I want is consistency in the input/output process. And, why not, a chance to develop an unfancy system that does what I want it to do. Even if it means I'm losing games every week because it's simply not a viable tactic. I was like Level 60 when I found out Sneak and Bows were all the rage in Skyrim and I wasn't suddenly a very skilled marksman Had I decided to play as a pure Mage, it'd have been much more frustrating and I'd have probably given up much earlier. It's an unbalance and the fact "it's common in most games" doesn't excuse it happening in a game where "realism" and accuracy are key selling points. Because there's not a valid reason for it not to work! Pep could wake up tomorrow and decide to play Sacchi or Mourinho's brand football and it'd be feasible. Maybe not a successful choice for many reasons, but there isn't a "match engine" that prevents him from trying. Not being able to do so in FM is annoying because it's limiting. It's like "want to play Direct Counter? Yeah, too bad, this year it's all about Gegenpress... Enjoy months of awful football vaguely resembling your idea. And remember, Gegenpress works... give it a try!" If my squad is tailor-made for, say, Counter 3-5-2, why should I switch to Tiki-Taka 4-2-3-1 AMCs because the latter works better or is easier to get to an acceptable level of fidelity? Yeah, ignorance is bliss. But what if you picked a "dud" formation? You'd felt like an idiot, would have lost to your brother and would have stopped playing in the end. Real life is "random", FM is a game with code and numbers. So if something doesn't work, there IS a reason for that. And knowing it can be helpful.
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    Actually more than what I expected. All of that will be useless unless there are major improvements made to the match engine though.
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    Hardly an announcement, but Miles did say it wasn't going to be feature related. It's not really nonsense if it's a good thing for the world we (including you) live in, is it?
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    Feel your pain on custom views. Never quite sits right. Not usually one for headline features, but these feel like big quality of life improvements for me and that's the kind of feature I like.
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    And that was the exact point I brought in, I also don't have a insane rig, not even close, but with stadia and some other cloud services in the door,maybe, just maybe the community will start to transition to it. The problem is that most of the players find kits, players faces and other things like this so important that they are already refusing to go there, and this put SI in a worrible position, where they can upgrade the game because they got the tecnology, but they can't upgrade the game because the players don't have the harware to support it. Then they need to stop the statment that they have a simulation game and sey they just have a management game. SImulations doesn't care if you know what you are doing or not, they just give you the game and say "do your thing''. See racing simulation games, if you don't know how to properly race and just go as fast as you can, you will lose hard. I remember some guys saying forza (i guess?) was boring because the cars didn't drift, and were heavy, but that was a simulation of a proper car. SI really needs to know who they want to please, because on one hand mods say that if the game was equal to RL management, no one would play because would be ultra difficult, and then in the other hand they come in and SI "FM is a simulation". It is contraditory. I am here because I want this game to be harder, to be frustating, but not with AI knowing hidden things, or something like that, but the game being realistic, with AI fighting hard for that wonderkid, with a epic tactical battle in final, decided by a mistake that real players would do. While I want more of a simulation instead of fun, I know I am the minority here.
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    Fairly underwhelmed by this annoucement I guess. Club visions make sense to add to the game for sure but don't necessarily make me excited, and I could see it also being another frustrating part of the game if it isn't implemented very well right off the bat. Development center is nice but it's a lot of quality of life improvements although I really appreciate being able to see youth intakes early. The overview screen is useful but I've personally never had an issue tracking this part of the game. The loan screen looks good but there was already a list of players on loan in older FMs which you could use to track basically all the things shown in that picture, just in a less aesthetically pleasing way I suppose. Playing time pathway, again, makes sense. But managing player complaints and such is already something a number of people on these forums find difficult and it wouldn't shock me at all if this also lead to more frustrations - how much playing time is an "important player"? New backroom staff is barely exciting to me. We got the likes of the sports scientist which you literally just trawl through newgen staff sorting by the highest sport scientist stat. Nothing really immersive and fun about that, and that's how the vast majority of staff in the game work. There's a bunch of attributes being shown but how much does it actually affect the game? What does, for example, man management actually do? When searching for coaches does anybody do anything besides look for the highest level of discipline, determination and motivation and then the necessary stats? For me I can't tell you I've noticed much of a difference in that case whether or not their ambition is 1 or 20, their man management is 1 or 20, etc. I really hope a lot of work is done here so I'm not just signing the exact same staff in every save because they get 4+ stars in training, disregarding literally everything else about them. Additional tactical advice is nice but it has to be a mile improved from older versions telling your possession based, tiki taka preset team it's a good idea they play with direct passes and much higher tempo. Seeing an automatic role in one of the recommended lineups bothers and worries me though. I think there's a bit of a disconnect with how the game tries to "teach" you how to play tactically, and how the majority of popular, successful posters on this forum approach things. The automatic duty shouldn't even exist, a lot of people don't even understand how it works and experienced users just "abuse" it to have a role with completely customizable instructions and I don't think they're compatible with the preset concept either.The Gegenpress preset with three attacking duties in a front 3 and all pressing instructions to the max would've been pretty rightfully criticized on these very forums if a user was looking for advice, and it disappointingly looks like it'll be set up more or less the same in FM20. There's no use in adding more advice if it's just going to still continue to confuse players and then they come on here to be told their tactic is all wrong when it's literally just a preset one with 0 changes. The presets are all far too extreme in 19, and then come match day your assistant tells you to change your positive mentality to a defensive one anyways disregarding literally everything about your side.
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    So nothing logo, kit and face packs can't sort then. Fair enough.
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    Well put, I've mentioned before on the forums that I have spent thousands on Laptops, PC's and upgrades and a windows tablet to play just this game and it's worth every penny in my eyes. Maybe it's because i'm a little older than some other players I don't know, but I think the game was near perfect a good few years back so all of the little features that are added year on year are just icing on the cake in my mind. I won't be quibbling over £35 As an aside I remember being really surprised when they decided to bring out the 2D and then 3D engine as it seemed obvious to me that it would be really difficult to graphically represent the thousands of calculations going on in the background. It has sadly invited a lot of the "it looks like FIFA 97" type comments that we see now. Still that's the price of progress I suppose
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    3rd of May & Haaland is now happy. I've still been playing him & he's playing well, we're doing well & everyone's happy
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    Can confirm that I do not own a Ferrari. Our profit is invested back into the game and expanding the team. The latter is something we've been doing for a while. When I joined I think there was probably about 40-50 staff, we're now up to somewhere close to 140 now I believe. And we're trying to recruit even more - at least 7 people just on the dev said of FM - https://www.sigames.com/careers
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    For learning about the game and improving your tactics/training you can't beat BusttheNet. Tried multiple gameplay YouTubers and I personally just don't think the game makes particularly enjoyable watching.
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    Don't know what this obsession is with realism or simulation. Yes we want it to mirror the real world but at the same time...do managers REALLY deal with contracts and transfer fees anymore? The more football has become a business the less responsibility a manager has had with these financial aspects. But if we were to completely take it out of the game we'd lose such a massive part of what FM is about. I do not see what's wrong with adding in a proper DoF 'mode', particularly to clubs where a DoF model is totally apparent irl. It doesn't take away realism from the game, merely adds a challenge. Of course it's easy in FM to take over Man Utd and fix them, making them a force once again. But realistically, any manager is going into that job with little say over transfers and have to do the best with what they've got. Turn off DoF models if need be in preferences, but I think it's high time this modern aspect of football management was properly implemented.
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    I couldn't agree more. Just tell us whats new in the game Miles instead of this Twitter poll nonsense. Jeez
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    It's my opinion, and I'm perfectly entitled to it. You don't have to like that opinion. They wouldn't get away with "headline features" like this is they had genuine competition.
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    I'm a bit underwhelmed if I'm being honest. The success or failure of the features that have been announced so far will hang on how well the AI can utilize them. Club Vision Okay, I can see where this could be useful although I don't see how it adds anything much to what is already there except explicitly defining things in a more user friendly interface. There doesn't appear to be very much in the way of a board philosophy which is a shame. Additionally, there doesn't appear to be any information on how the board will help the manager achieve the objectives they set. It seems the onus is all on the manager to develop the club rather than the board when in reality, it is the other way around. I also don't think the ambition of a board should be set in stone as it's something which really depends on the circumstances. Development Centre This again appears to be a rearranging of screens and is more of a quality of life improvement which I think is a stretch to define as a 'big' feature. It's strange that in some screenshots the U18s and U23s are visible in the sidebar and in others they aren't. I'm hoping that it's possible to keep them visible as if the whole idea was to streamline things then adding additional clicks in order to access the same information defeats the point. Playing Time Pathway If the consequence of this change is that AI managers become more competent in developing young talent then the results could be spectacular. If on the other hand it just adds busy work for the human manager then that would be a waste. I can envision a scenario where you plot the course for a talented youngster making him promises of his route into the first team only for him to suffer a serious injury which sets back his development only to be stuck with having to fulfill those promises with no ability to change them without negotiating a new contract leading to a disgruntled player. Promises as it stands are a real pain to deal with as they are often vague. It needs to be made more explicit what the new player statuses mean for playing time. When you leave things open to interpretation that's where confusion tends to kick in followed by frustration. It is also important to have context, if you sign a player for a position which is significantly better than your current first team options altering your youth players prospects of breaking through will you then be allowed to re-negotiate that pathway? Once again though, this feature is something which could already be done in previous iterations of the series except less explicitly. Backroom Staff The advice given by staff has for a long time been of little value which I've largely ignored while playing the game. Hopefully, the overhaul will change this and lead to more sensible and coherent advice. I'd be interested to see what all the new staff roles are and hoping that they are more impactful than previous additions. I'd also like to see a massive improvement on the preset tactical styles which are filled with contradictory TIs that aren't fit to be used straight out of the box. Graphic Improvements Some may disagree but I think this is the most significant change they've announced so far. Anything which is done to improve the level of immersion and quality of the matchday experience is welcome and it's nice to see the return of weather . I'm hoping that the changes to pitch condition aren't purely cosmetic and do have an impact on play. It'd be great to see windy conditions which affect the flight of the ball in the air or humid and hot conditions that tire players out more quickly which would add a whole new dimension to tactics and game management although that's probably asking for a bit too much. Hopefully, the announcements to come are a bit more exciting. I'm not overly optimistic that there have been any major changes to the ME but who knows maybe they have something up their sleeve so I'll just have to wait and see. Best Regards
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    2040-41 Review One night in Serraville - well, not actually Serraville, instead Catanzaro, some 882km from the the largest city in San Marino, was home to a moment that the eleven players on the right of the screenshot would never forget. Seven academy graduates, all Sammarinese, combined with four South Americans and one (very small) nation, have witnessed a great achievement. Not twenty years have passed since their scrape with survival in Serie C and now they sit atop the Italian pyramid, replacing the likes of Juventus, Roma, Lazio, Milan and Napoli. Below is the squad that made it happen: Goals coming from the defensive midfield slot, the king of assists at right back, the left winger having a part in 36 goals - these are the kind of things that are needed for a team to compete at the top level. Zavoli had a really good season - twenty goals just over one every two games but the lack of support elsewhere has been what has held us back. We have also rode our luck with injuries - our rotational options, Colombini, Cervellini, Canti, Rech and Lazzari have barely featured due to us being able to put our strongest team out. I reckon this save has a year left in it - and we're going to do it all over again!
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    That's not the point! I don't want a "challenge" because 3-4-3 is a nightmare to implement even in a half-decent way, while my grandmother could probably set a decent 4-4-2 up! I want a challenge because EVERY formation and style has its pros and cons and an acceptable version of every formation can be reasonably easy to create and the ME will play it out decently (then, if I pick the wrong players for that type of tactics, or choose it against the wrong opponent, I MUST get my ass handed to me because of that...). But the core of the matter should be: is this formation/style a good fit for my team, status and league? Not: is this one of the formations/styles the ME can replicate? Your scenario is predicated on people looking for advice or for P&P tactics because they want to win. More often than not, it's people looking for advice when a formation should result in X, Y and Z on the pitch, but the ME returns A, B and C because of "things"... About "discovering it yourself", imagine you're playing a RPG and after hours upon hours of frustrating struggles and deaths against sewer rats or low-level goblins, it turns out your race/class/weapon of choice isn't really working out because the game's dynamics favour, say, ranged attacks instead of melee weapons, or half-elves rogues instead of human paladins. Whether you decide to soldier on or to start over with the more favourable setup, it's still a huge DISSERVICE and a crappy situation. The game should be challenging but fair based on INFORMED CHOICES, not on random quirks or coded bias. I accept I may struggle to set up a very specific and/or complex formation (say, Zeman's 4-3-3) as opposed to something more straightforward. I can't accept the game can't handle one style while others work so smoothly even a noob may feel like he's Rashidi...
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    No no no no and no... We're not talking about "quirks" here, but about a long-lasting trend that hasn't been fixed yet or even mitigated. Every. Single. Year. we've been having one or two insta-win formations that worked too well almost regardless of the quality of the players and at times in spite of questionable roles/duties/instructions. in FM19 it's plain old flat 4-4-2, in FM18 it was the 4-3-3 "Fishermen", in 17 it was 4-3-2-1 Wide, in 16 it was the strikerless one, before that it was Pep's 4-2-3-1 (both wide and narrow) and 4-4-2 Diamond narrow. As @coolestrock said, all you need is to find out which "plug and play" tactics works fine, let your team get familiar with it and you're set. It may be by accident (it happens to be your favourite formation, or the one best suited for your players) or it may be a conscious decision because you don't feel like tinkering for weeks with an apparently "straightforward" tactics that, unfortunately, isn't gonna get any better because it doesn't "gel" with the current ME build. So you either wait and hope for the next patch, or you give up and go for the path of least resistence. So no, it's not "a few quirks"... The quirks we may or may not like are players having inconsistent reactions to conversations and problems. Or journalist asking delightfully inconsequent questions. The execution of the TC/ME interaction being a crapshoot more often than not is a huge flaw and not some minor negligible problem. We can get excited about all the new features, but it'll be all for nothing if in 6 months we'll be talking about 3-4-3 being the go-to tactic to win easy while others will be banging their head against the wall trying to get a basic 4-4-2 working because, say, wingers just don't stay wide and/or the two strikers are always in eachother's way...
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    To be honest i dont think ive bothered with most of the things they added last year , the training was appalling so i leave it t the assistant , the medical screen offers nothing that adding a couple of things to the squad views cant do better , my love is for the actual immersion for the game , when CM4 dropped it was huge , it was the best thing ever, it offered the biggest overhaul in immersion in FM history imo, but after all those years the game is looking and feeling tired. i hate to say it but after 20 odd years of playing FM , i'm kind of running out of faith in what we get each year , its just the same game but papering over the cracks with slightly different names for stuff , new roles just doesnt excite me at all , and the screenshots havent changed from the last few years , Club Vision looks interesting and its this stuff we need more of , i want more immersion from the game , i want the press to make it special when you win the league , in real life its spoken about for ages , in the game as soon as you finish the match it says you have won , you click continue and thats that , the game forgets , nothing more is written , the whole press stuff needs a huge shake up and improving , there needs more TV punitry where you can interact with them like in real life. The 2D bit of the game is still the best thing after all these years , i would have been content with just having that than have the 3D option tbh, the 2D graphics have more realism to them than the 3D ones imo , tactics arent great either, every year now there have been different formations that give instant success , this year it was 4-4-2 and 4-1-4-1 , and if you didnt use those formations it was a struggle to get your favourite ones to work with the same success, i test a lot of tactics over the years and all the talk of there are no plug and play tactics is BS , as long as you find the formation that the AI struggles with then you can create a tactic , go on holiday for a season and win pretty much everything , i know ive tested tactics for hour and hours , this goes back to FM 2016 i think it was where strikerless tactics became the power tactic , then it was 4-3-3 , sadly because of the AI it meant some formations were more overpowered than others , i love 4-2-3-1 and whilst you could get success it meant you were starting on the back foot when it came to a 4-4-2 or a 4-1-4-1 tactic , and i had so much hope with the new way the tactics were made this year , but it made no difference to the AI. I don't want the game harder , i just want an even playing field when to comes to formations i make , like it was when it was sliders. Personally i would give SI £10 for an official transfer update in October and carry on with FM 2019 , rather than see another game that hasnt changed very much,People are begging for a new ME so just come back in a couple of years time with a game that has been overhauled like we had with CM4 and i would be happy , even if it had bugs to start with and needed patching i wouldnt mind , CM4 started out needing huge patches but for the next 10 plus years it was fantastic, and nothing can be as bad as FM 2019 , which needed patching every other week at one stage , there has even been one this week , its September and it still needs patching , i think that has to be a first in FM history.
  37. 5 points
  38. 4 points
    How can you be dis-satisfied with a product that's not even out yet?
  39. 4 points
    I have never asked for - New big features - FIFA level graphics - Youth management - The ability to spend my in game salary I have called for polish in the game above all else. Focus on the ME have that as the headline feature. So please before anyone responds to me actually read what i have written - I get annoyed when im playing the game and if my team breaks , my 18 speed stat striker dropping off and ends up in at AM position and over taken by the player with the ball rather than leading the line which results in the ball carrier being the most advance player. - I get annoyed when multiple players press the same player when there is no need - I get annoyed when some wins a side tackle in or around the box it ends up with the opposition striker - the ball doesn't have enough of its own physics (Alibeit this has improved from previous iterations ) - I get annoyed when i have set my instructions to low crosses but it constantly floated in - If i 6 offers for a player i don't want 6 of the same offers. Theres such a rudimental system in place - If RM come in for anthony martial who has 18 G+A in 30 apps i want them to go over the £60 value of the player instead of being capped by it and then walking away for negotiations but spending £45m on a left back they don't need when they already have two potentially starting LB. There seems to be no AI management of prioritising players. I bring it back to real life, is harry maguire worth £80m or is it that there was a need for him. I have never had a bidding war for a player. - i Want pressing triggers - i Want passing formations - i just want more in depth tactics and better AI. Thats the core product which has had upgrades, particularly last year the fact we haven't seen ME footage or there been any mention of it so far, so i feel like its gonna be tweaks. These have been issues for years which have only been incrementally upgraded. Im asking for a year when the ME is the focus, how many years have we been running the same basic engine? Also Miles twitter - Upload a photo for your manager (Removing FM17 and adding it back in is not a feature) - Board send you a message if you win an award -yawn - Players release from clubs are more likely to join local teams - Multiple Buyback clauses These are the "features" you're so buzzed about? All of these could be done in a winter or summer update but yet we are being asked to fork out £40 YEs i don't have to buy it but like i mentioned before, there isn't a substitute so what do i do? I want the game to improve and we as consumers shouldn't be satisfied with this edition with what they have announced thus far. Personally a tick tock system should be in place - Tick - Big new upgrade £50, tock - small upgrade like this years £30 or less because lets be frank what is being delivered this year is nothing more than DLC
  40. 4 points
    But are we not at a stage now with FM, like with iPhones, where there's very little 'big' features they can add that aren't already included. It's already a phenomenal game, what more can they do to make it even better besides continually adding smaller features? The match engine will never look like FIFA, I think we all know and accept that. So besides that I'm unsure as to how they really make this game any more realistic as a football management sim than it already is. It seems to me like SI are now focusing on adding smaller, realistic features to the already fantastic game in order to fine tune it. It may just be my opinion but for me it's a brilliant game and I'm just not quite sure what huge features they could possibly add that would really improve the game. Maybe SI have some brilliant ideas for future releases that I haven't thought of. We know for a fact they read the feature requests on this forum and discuss/make a decision on putting them in the game. As long as they continue to do that, and add in others that they've come up with themselves, I'm happy for the smaller features to keep coming. You only have to look at the numbers that Miles is mentioning in his Twitter polls just to see how many new features there actually are. For me, at the price we pay, FM is great value for money. As long as they keep adding useful and realistic features and not removing anything, I'll continue to buy it
  41. 4 points
    I am aware that the spec level have to match the user base, but there are games out there with much better graphics for the same specs. As i pointed out it is my opinion that the graphics were better before, but it is an opinion shared by significant others.
  42. 4 points
    At the end of the day, and this is the bottom lime, FOOTBALL MANAGER decided to introduce graphics and 3D models. How some users can then moan at other users for justifiably criticising the awful graphics we still have after all these years is mind boggling. PC specs is not an excuse. FM introduced this system so it’s on them to continuously improve the system, something they haven’t done.
  43. 4 points
    I get your frustration. You wrote a lot of good ideas there. For me its a bit frustrating too. I love the FM in general, i buy it every year and play it a lot with friends. But after all those years i think every year that i hope for a bigger step. This ones seems to be even smaller then the last one. Match Engine is a back and forward every year, last one was not that good. You cant say it has a good ME when the best players of this planet (Ronaldo & Messi) Scoring mostly not over 10-15 goals over a season. thats so far away from being realism. 5 Years plan is the biggest and best thing i see for the new fm. But the rest is nothing special and this is sad. My biggest hope for now is that they made big steps at the ME and at the AI in general but i doubt it.
  44. 4 points
    There have been quite a few sizeable improvements announced for FM20, and there might even be a few pleasant surprises that haven't been announced yet. Of course, though, what might be a game-changing feature to one FMer might mean absolutely nothing to another. So, my question is: what possible new feature, in your opinion, WOULD have been a big enough change to FM19? As for complaining about how FM treat their fanbase, how about I gently remind you that you are NOT obliged to buy the game every year? It's the same with FIFA. If you don't feel that you can justify paying ~£35 on FM20 because it's too similar to FM19, that's fair enough. Contrary to popular belief, Miles Jacobson won't come round to your house demanding you hand over your dog and first-born child in exchange for the game.
  45. 4 points
    2025/26 the overhaul continues.. Transfer revenue has now comfortably exceeded £1bn over the past 2 seasons, whilst the wages have halved. The biggest transfer news of the summer - by a long way - was the decision of João Felix and Thiago Dantas both to stay with the club. By the end of last season it looked extremely like both would be moving on and I had a succession plan in place. However when it came to the crunch, potential suiters failed to make a serious bid. The major exits were Lautaro Martinez, Florentino Luis and Gedson Fernandes. Martinez injury last year probably knocked £100m off the sale price but it was time to move him on. Lots of movement at the back means we're going to see a very new looking defensive line, which may make or break the season. The most exciting element is that - after quite a lot of debuts last season - we have a squad which could well be capable of competing on all fronts. Tactically, I liked the 4-4-2 structure last season but missed our more expansive style so we're keeping the structure but reverting to the all-out-attack style. The most striking element is the lack of a traditional striker. Looking at the players, you'll see it's a 4-6-0. Thiago Almada has been with the club for years as a loyal understudy to Dantas and Felix but is now a fully established Argentina international in his own right and it's time to use him or move him on. Almada is extremely intelligent, as well as hard working and technically excellent. The idea is that Almada will act as a focal point for an extremely fluid front 4. Behind Almada, we had João Felix in his lethal Ponta de Lança role and fellow Argentinian enigma Lucas Aragon. Aragon is now rated as the most talented player in the squad but has yet to show this consistently on the field. Flashes of absolute genius but yet to set the world alight. Last season I compared Batista with the attribute profile of Atleti's Koke and interestingly Braganca is starting to look a bit reminiscent of Saul. Braganca will be playing an expansive Volante role, creating a skewed midfield diamond of Dantas-Braganca-Batista-Felix to circulate possession. At the back, Mosquera remains the rock at the heart of defence: Alongside him, find of the season last year, Federico Sousa. In earlier posts I talked about players who perhaps aren't rated as the most talented but the distribution of their attribute profile makes them extremely effective (Goncalo Oliveira, Pedro Alvaro and Pedro Rodrigues) and now we have another, also from the original academy, in Luis Pinheiro. All build on the rock solid foundation of - soon to be Argentina centurion - goalkeeper Geronimo Rulli.. On the tactics front, I'll probably post in more detail in the later stages of the Champions League when it's tested under pressure. Continuing the discussion on mentality, the structure is: 16 17 17 17 17 15 17 15 15 17 15 We're now aggressive and compact. We're doing to press high and play high tempo, expansive football. Given the obvious demands of such a style, I do have a much simpler 4-3-3 for times when we have to rotate as I am not expecting new academy products to be able to play this immediately. Extremely simple dutch 4-3-3. The squad is now filled with a lot more newgens some of whom look to have serious potential. Are people interested in the development of these newgens? I know that it's a lot more difficult to relate to in-game players. Personally I've never liked the, "look I turned this newgen into Maradona" because it's not at all replicable and so many random factors. Please let me know
  46. 4 points
    Simple solution for a costumer: Do not buy it once again as long as you are not happy with the product. Try the demo in November and make your decision. SI owes you nothing.
  47. 4 points
    Gotta love the "everything's fine, and if it's not, either pretend it is or if you can't bring yourself to do so, walk away and STFU" answer... Don't worry, I'm still playing and enjoying FM19 for what it is, with and despite all its quirks, flaws and long-standing issues. Actually I've stopped chasing tactical pipe-dreams and red herrings and I'm now playing the game the way it's "supposed" to be: buckling under the TC/ME "Strategy of the Year" (which I did discover by chance months ago, without having looked around the net). Indeed my time and energy are better spent on other things than on banging my head on the desk wondering why my Direct 4-4-2 Diamond Narrow still craps out crosses and wide play. Or why strikers don't seem to be able to move correctly inside the 6-yards box no matter what... Is it Gegenpress 4-4-2 I'm expected to play [because Klopp is the new Pep. And 4-4-2 somehow works great with that style]? So be it... And if I'm feeling really really lazy but fancy a different tactic, I'll bloody download one and goodnight, let's see how unbalanced/overpowered it is... Is it cheating? Who cares... P.S. I don't think I'm ranting... I'm merely stating rather obvious things in the most factual way I can (while I'm also passionate about FM). Hopefully we'll come to a point where the ME will be able to give all tactics/styles a fair and equal chance, instead of having a couple of go-to easy solutions. Most Top-Club saves suffer already from people signing the same players and the same wonderkids (seriously, look at the lineups people post to brag about their success, and even to ask about their failures), we'd have at least see different formations and tactics.
  48. 4 points
    Didn't 2019s version hit record sales though?
  49. 4 points
    It's all personal choice but imo largely irrelevant because we still need to scout players properly in order to get a feel for their hidden attributes, which are every bit as important as the visible ones but remain hidden even with attribute masking off. Attribute masking on or off doesn't tell us how professional a player might be, how consistent he is, injury proneness, whether he'll wilt under pressure, what his potential might be and so on. The only way we can find those things out is through scouting, so if they have to be scouted anyway attribute masking becomes kind of irrelevant.
  50. 4 points
    Me at half time : Boys, we really need a goal in the second half ! Them : No problem boss
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