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  1. Just wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the incredible generosity and kindness shown by a number of members within the OTF section of the SI Community Forums. Now for those of you who aren't aware, OTF (Off-Topic Forum) has been a part of the Sports Interactive community as long as there's been an SI community. It's a space where members have discussed pretty much anything, from random hobbies and Dad Jokes to dealing with huge life events and experiences. One such life experience has now led to a number of OTF's finest coming together to donate hundreds of pounds for a very
  2. Been here for a long time now, longer than I've been using this current account as my old one got wiped when the boards where moved years back. It's taken me a lot longer to get here than other users have but I barely posted for the first few years and when I did stop lurking I only ever posted in the Sheffield Wednesday thread and very occasionally GD. Don't normally pay attention to my post count so I've missed all my other landmarks but happened to catch this one getting close last night. Got me thinking how much time I actually spend here. This is by a mile my most visited site on the
  3. The Main Winter Update for Football Manager 2021 is available now, with this first part including updated squads following the January transfer window. A Final Winter Update will follow in a few weeks, covering the latest deals from transfer windows that closed in February, including the Chinese and Russian leagues, MLS, free transfers in the EFL and more. More than 3.7m database changes feature in the Main Winter Update and among them are tweaks to player data to reflect their real-world performances so far this season. This first update also includes a number of fixes and imp
  4. Obviously it goes without saying, thank you from the bottom of heart, ( or is that the heart of my bottom!) for every single penny anyone has donated, it really does make a difference, and although I hope and pray none of you have to discover first hand, Oakhaven truly is a magical place and they do some wonderfully amazing things for a lot of very poorly people THANK YOU ALL
  5. I’ve apologised to Weezer in private for hijacking his thread and without inadvertently doing it again I’d like to say thank you to all of you who donated last night and today, I wasn’t really fishing for donations but it all turned out rather wonderfully. So thank you, @Weezer, @The Guy From The Sunny Place, @Harryseaess, @Sons FC, @Bliss Seeker, @DeafParrot, @darren1983, @Muzzza, @Dave Vessey, @Pukey, @Gazza D, @MavReck, @Smallen, @Semi Skilled Milk, @mark1985 and if I missed anyone or you donated anonymously thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Truly wonderful gestures by all of
  6. I really hope someone from SI addresses the concerns of us players in the thread because honestly their lack of action on this stuff has only added to everyone’s frustration. It really feels like we are being mistreated and left in limbo because we can’t fully commit to playing the game without these issues being addressed. At the very least, knowing the issues WON’T be fixed would give me a place to start and commit to a long term save in spite of the glaring issues. Instead, I can’t even commit to a long term save because who knows what SI will decide to fix and leave broken with each patch.
  7. Nope! You have to use the bogus xG they implemented without much care for anything else. They've completely screwed everything else in stats and analysis just to be able to give you a meaningless statistic that means absolutely nothing as presented in game. Who needs heat maps, passing networks, P/90 stats, and all that fancy stuff? It's pretty obvious the goal for this release was get xG in over anything else and because of that we've all been left to bear the brunt of this while still paying full price but we won't be offered anything in return for our patience. Instead, the mods will
  8. I understand that FM definitions will not align exactly with their real world equivalents but they should be at least broadly in line for both the FME and QME. It is important that FME and QME give similar results so that scouting/search comparisons are not rendered useless. I ran a full season Premier League using Full Match Engine and again using the Quick Match Engine. I then extracted full season stats for each team and compared the FME results with the QME and 19/20 Premier League "equivalent" stats: A few summary observations from the same FME Vs QME saves used above regarding
  9. My saddest yet most profoundly uplifting moment on OTF was Serpicos death. To me he was "just" my friend yet too so many he was the a figure head of OTF and the response to his death was, to me, quite deeply moving and shows what this community really is to those of us who use it. Retro once dismissed this place as just a bunch of saddo's on the internet, I think he missed what many of us feel about this place, for many of us its a place where we feel home and where we can express ourselves like nowhere else, unlike in the flesh where many of us either can't or at best struggle to
  10. I’ve had a further update from Oakhaven, I’m not ashamed to tell you it’s brought tears to my eyes. As of 1030 this morning you rather phenomenal bunch of internet dweebs have donated .......... £835.58 I can’t begin to tell you how proud am I of all of you
  11. Still waiting on the patch. For a game that came out months ago, with a number of bugs and errors, thats pretty bad tbh.
  12. I'm going to make an analogy too Let's imagine we have a nice neighborhood bakery in a small town The locals buy the bread daily because it is of quality and good, the baker has a very good relationship with the customer One day that town, thanks to (insert reason here) became touristy The baker has to sell more loaves and because of that the quality of his bread decreases The baker is happy to receive his money and to please the new customers, but loyal consumers notice a decrease in the quality of the bread. Loyal consumers ask him why the bread is worse than be
  13. Embarrassing, they could hide it or something but going into the passmap and seeing this is just embarrassing.
  14. As I am sure you are all aware, it is our beloved @MavReck30th birthday today. Ever since my brother Recky_D stopped posting here, I have sort of adopted Mav as my own brother. So it would mean a lot to me if you could send him your well wishes on this special day!
  15. Afraid I don't meet that quota. Am out as a trans man now and use he/him pronouns.
  16. Season Review 2098/99 Well, what a dreadful league season, which I think the tone was set in the first game of the season, going 3-0 up vs Man City then losing 3-4. I know it sounds crazy but it just seemed to set the tone for the season. Nothing changed in the squad regarding players leaving or morale etc. Just an awful season. As you can see from the posts above, I was very close to the sack but from April onward only lost 2 out of the last 8 BUT We have only gone on won the Euro Cup, going the whole competition unbeaten, beating FC Midtylland in the Final 4-1!
  17. Hey there, I have been a long time lurker here. Only had 1 phase of posting somewhat regularly back in 05-07 or thereabouts, but it wasn’t a memorable or significant contribution. Managed though to rack up a decent post count back when the number of posts you had was displayed under your username along with the accompanying tag. I remember being really happy finally upgrading from being an amateur! Anyway my most vivid memory is something that no one else will recall because it involved only me directly really. I randomly entered the best user award during one of my more regular po
  18. I've been getting emails for months from Photobucket saying my account has too many images, I haven't used it for years but used to upload everything on there. I need to delete like 400 images so never bothered, but was bored and wanted to see what was on there. Loads of stuff I can't post from back on Gregg's old wrestling forum :D, but did find this
  19. Blocked crosses are impossible to improve? It's an issue at least since FM20, people are reporting, uploading matches etc., you say it's under review and now you say that you will not do anything with it? Reporting any bugs is waste of time.
  20. Season 2028/29: Benfica last won the Champions League two years ago in 2025/26 playing and extremely high-intensity 4-2-4/3-1-6 shape, full of academy graduates who went on to become club legends. That summer, the sale of Gedson Fernandes unwittingly initiated a 2-year period of transition which has seen 6 members of that starting 11 leave for various European superpowers for no less than £476m. Gedson Fernandes to Manchester United for £68m in summer 2026 Florentino Luis to Real Madrid for £72m in summer 2027 Jota to Manchester City for £96m in winter 202
  21. De Treffers - Season 2027/28 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We had another strong season and were very close to promotion. The season started with a bit of a downer though, as we lost our best player and youth prospect Joris van Barneveld 25a. He wanted to leave and when we got a bid of close to a million and 50% of next sale, I just had to take it. I will add to this the fact that he didn't even feature once for Emmen, and the side just about avoided relegation from the Eresdivisie. So I do think his development would have benefited from staying with us for another seas
  22. I’ve only met one person on here IRL to my knowledge and it’s quite a fun story which Ricky likes telling but I don’t think he’s as active on here these days so I’ll tell it instead I noticed in one of the wrestling threads back in 2013 that Ricky Button had “Southend” in his location on one of his posts, so rather than being normal and popping up and saying “oh you alright mate, who do you know etc?” I decided to Facebook stalk him to see if we had any mutuals. To my surprise we actually did have about 10 mutuals and I noticed he frequented the Friday alternative night that I’d r
  23. Yeah, made the papers locally to her, was bigger than that though, more like a medicine ball, in weight and size. I drove from Southampton to Kirkcaldy on a Friday night because I thought she was going to kill herself
  24. More than a month without playing FM21. The game has been out for 3 months and is still broken. Now they say that until March nothing (and we'll see how the new patch works). If we see the useful life that this game has is 6 months for 50e ... Next year I wait for epic games to release it for free in September and I will have the game patched and free. I really don't care about the new transfers or IF THEY HAVE PUT A NEW WINDOW WHERE I CAN KISS MY PLAYER. From a management game I value that the statistics work and that the AI does not have mental retardation and that this i
  25. I would like to be in please Mr @Weezer but if I was lucky enough to win I'd like you to donate my prize to The Oakhaven Trust please, it's a local hospice that cared for Mrs SCR and it's funded totally on donations and literally every penny makes a difference
  26. 3. A look at Positional football and Pep's Roles/Positions Here we're going to look at Manchester City V Everton this year ( 2021 ) and what it means to be a player in a position on the team sheet, and what "role" you are playing at any particular moment. We will also look at how even with all the complexity in the build up and position football these patterns as described before still appear time and time again. I won't touch too much on the Inverted Wing back and the specifics of that, this game or getting City 2020/2021 specific just yet, I'll leave that for the last chapter
  27. So we've gone from Liverpool averaging 4 goals a game with the only CCC being a penalty, to this, where apparently we created 10 CCC and it still wasn't enough to score a single goal. Is this game still been marketed at adults?
  28. He was talking/boasting in the Singles Thread about his girlfriend Vicky who was 19-years-old. Now iirc, I think it was Cleon, had his doubts that this was true, and managed to find her from his "following" list on Twitter, and through a bit of digging realised that actually, Vicky isn't TomTuck's gf, but TomTuck actually had obsession with this girl, and had manufactured this whole relationship with her in his head. He then proceeded to deleted all of his social media accounts and was never to be heard of again. Netflix should look in to turning this in to a 4-part documentary seri
  29. When I talk about creating tactics in FM, I actually prefer to use the term "tactical systems". Indeed, a successful tactic in the game is not simply about the formation shape, the collection of roles and team instructions. The pure tactical elements are definitely part of it. But only one of three important pillars in tactic creation. For an effective Total Football tactical system, or any tactic style for that matter, you'll need three key aspects. The Tactical, Player Recruitment, and Psychological. All three can contribute by varying degree to winning or losing a match. This guide will try
  30. And shame. I was raped and sexually assaulted from 13-14 and even now I still feel ashamed by my actions back then and will until I die no matter what anyone says. It took me 9 years to tell anyone, my best friend when we were smashed (which unknowingly helped my case in the later criminal case decades later) and 35 years to report it to the police (who were brilliant tbf, far better than was expecting/hoping). I was dreading court, it would have gone to crown court, because my shame would have been x100 in front of a court. The guy is an old man now and long moved to another part of the c
  31. And wiener number one is..... @decapitated Congratulations, as per the user's wishes a donation has been made in their honour to Oakhaven Hospice
  32. What was the point of the beta exactly si? People reported issues and you flagged them. Now we're half way through February and still no fixes for so many problems in the ME, some being reported back in FM 2020 and still being present. For a full price 50 euro game, this is unacceptable to me.
  33. https://www.oakhavenhospice.co.uk/ This place? I'll chuck some money their way.
  34. The change from before and after the latest patch is what I mean, if it was unclear. I couldn't disagree more about the quality of the ME. The ME is the best it's been ever, in my opinion. I see varied types of goals, solid defensive plays, and that my tactical changes (good and bad!) really is reflected in how my team reacts.
  35. this is fine only if the fixes we need come in a later iteration of fm21, BUT if all those fixes are postponed for fm22 it would be a huge disappointment having the features and fixes locked behind a paywall. what is not working and has been reported previously by me? attacking throw ins instructions for set pieces are not used, it does not matter what instruction u setup, the majority of the times the throw in goes to waste because the ball gets dumped to the opposite defending line even when u setup short instructions to keep the ball and building up. match plans has been b
  36. Real performance not the issue for me, just my inability to stay out of trouble. Spending all day looking forward to racing and getting destroyed on the track constantly. Sunday was the first time it made me feel emotionally negative and took it out on Monty, which felt a suffocating a pensioner with a pillow - thrilling but ultimately wrong.
  37. Changed payment method? So hes now paying for Netflix on your account? Sounds a terrible hacker
  38. Vikeologist's 2037/8 Folkestone Season Report Last season I overhauled my first team, because of a pre-season injury to our star striker, and even though my team for this season was the same, the investment in the youngsters paid off. We lost out first match to Eastleigh, who turned out to be our main rivals for the title, but once we beat them in the return fixture to commence the second half of the season we were on our way. We won with 4 matches to spare, enabling me to throw some of my latest intake straight in. They did quite well, which is a pity, because some
  39. If ever further proof was needed that SCR is a top bloke...
  40. End of Season Review Season 2044/45 SV Babberich League Table - In our ninth season at this level, we finally won the league and secured promotion to the second tier. League Fixtures 1 & 2 - We were very consistent throughout the campaign and went on long unbeaten runs. TOTO KNVB Beker - A missed opportunity. We made it through to the first round before losing on penalties away to fourth tier side SteDeCo. Pre Season Friendlies - We played seven games though only won two of these matches, so it was not ideal. Squad - I worry we are not strong enough
  41. I’ve had a further update from Oakhaven, I’m not ashamed to tell you it’s brought tears to my eyes. As of 1030 this morning you rather phenomenal bunch of internet dweebs have donated .......... £835.58 I can’t begin to tell you how proud am I of all of you
  42. Season Review 2097/98 Another highest finish, 5th Gutted to miss out on top 4 by ONE point. Had a dip in form in January with loads of injuries, at one point 5 first team players were out at the same time. Will be interesting how we get on in Euro Cup, in the past (FM20), massively impacted league form as players are knackered.
  43. One of the biggest problems is that wide players - even those with stand out attributes and in a role / system that should produce these - seldom attempt first time crosses. This is particularly frustrating when you see your DLP play a great diagonal pass to a wide player during a counter attack, and said wide player slows down and punts it in to the defender's legs for a corner (I swear half my highlights start with corners - but if I get started on set pieces now, I'll start ranting). To see how far this has regressed, all you have to do is load up a save from an older FM iteration and you
  44. And you're 2nd wiener is.... @Deisler26 Deisler26 has generously asked for his winnings to be donated to Princess Alice Hospice in honour of @darren1983's mum
  45. Pontek!! Pontek!! Pontek!! HeReallyWasHillariousAndIWonderWhereHeIsNowTek
  46. There's a limit to how much insight we can offer, but there are some general things that stand out and could at least play a part. Keep in mind that moderators don't work for SI and we're not informed as to their internal procedures. Most of it is a common sense approach though, interspersed with my own understandings from having worked in industries that utilise NDA's. First of all: To the best of my knowledge, SI staff have been working remotely since around the initial UK lockdown in early 2020. This naturally has some impacts upon overall structures and normal workflows. SI will
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