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    Good day folks, As the forum is official, I decided to write a critique about the development of the game as I am a gamer since 01/02 years. Also, I will not purchase and play the game again. Since from the change in 14, I gave chance to the game; but it seems, it is not developing; conversely, it is decaying. The issue is not about loosing matches or sthg. I still get good results and achieve things. The issue is, developers forcing the gamers to think the football in the terms of "developers". I will mention a little bit about this below with two issues under one topic. There are more things can be said; but I believe this is the fundamental reason of why the game is decaying. Tactical System Change -Player Roles I do not know whose idea this was, but it was absolutely ridiculous idea. Basic reason is quite simple: no manager in the world tell his players to play as "deep lying forward" or "wing back" etc. In short, they do not use terms to their players as "role". These are the CONCEPTS, we people use to define a certain PLAYER who tended to play in a particular STYLE or TENDENCY. Managers give INSTRUCTIONS to the players, and, what players DO as a result of these INSTRUCTIONS, in addition to their STYLE or TENDENCY, makes us to use CONCEPTS. CONCEPTS that managers or fans use does not make players to DO things. Whether in-match or in training, managers try to utilize the strengths of their players; as well as, develop their weak points. Let me give an example from the game. Assume that you realized your team allowing spaces to the opposition at your right back due to the role you gave to your right back as "full back - attack". You can change it to "support" or "defend" role; yet, it will prevent you to choose particular individual instructions such as "cross from byline", despite you give instructions to "dribble more". This is nonsense. A back can stay in deep and can cross the ball from byline while chance occured. You can change it to the "wing back - support" role; yet, this will create the same problem; as they are tended to play higher on the pitch. I remember in previous versions we are able to give "hold the ball" instruction to any player; yet we are not able to do it since 14. Especially, DM role is important regarding this instruction; but neither a role has this instruction; nor we can give to a player. For instance, "Move Into Channels - Hug the Touchline - Cut Inside With the Ball" removed from strikers. We were able to give these instructions to the central forwards; and these were allowing us to create or use the space of opposition defence. Now, only SC,AMC and MC positions are allowed to "move into channels" and wingers(depending on the role of course) are allowed to "cut inside" or "run wide". These examples can be increased, but I think I made my point: The game restricting gamers and moving into a direction that force the gamers to think in the CONCEPTS of the developers; rather than allowing gamers to use their "imagination" taking inspiration from the football. There is no such a thing as "player role" in MANAGEMENT INSTRUCTIONS. As I said, these are just CONCEPTS we use to define tendecies, sytles etc. of a player. -Tactical System I really understand this change. The basic idea was making the game more "convenient" while changing the approach of the team to the match. Yet, familiarity factor added. The team must be familiar to the tactic depending on several factors such as creative freedom, shape, width etc. These are reasonable factors, however, the "scale" is open to question. But I will not discuss this. My point is regarding the basic argument: "This is more easier". Well, this is absolutely not true. Why? Assume that you change your mentality from "Standart" to "Control". What are the things that changed? Only the "mentality"? Absolutely not. Tempo, width, defensive line, creative freedom... Basically, everything changes... Plus, some "invisible" factors are added such as overlapping backs etc. Who knows what else changes. So, it is simpler to click and change one thing; but in terms of "penetration"; it makes the game unplayable. Because, you must consider a large number of "things" changed just by changing one thing. In addition, you change whole structure of your team just by changing one thing (it can be whether mentality or team shape). However, in real football (and in previous FM games), the "success" comes with simple, small changes in terms of tactic. I will not elaborate and write anymore. I believe, I made my points as clear as I can. The game is going into a direction that is completely irrelevant to football; and creating it's own conceptual world which does not take inspiration from real management. Good bye football manager and thanks for all these good times.
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    Welcome to the latest instalment in a series of Football Manager tactical recreations based on some of the most entertaining football teams of all-time. Sitting in Barcelona as I type, it is impossible to ignore the the football culture and history associated with the iconic FC Barcelona. After last week's result in Paris and Pep Guardiola's stop-start season at Manchester City, this is perhaps not the most fashionable subject but - to me - Pep Guardiola's Barcelona team was certainly the best I have witnessed and arguably the best of all-time. Their iconic playing style and the best player of all-time - Thierry Henry [/sarcasm] - combined with the supporting cast of Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Alves, Busquets, Pique, Puyol etc., etc. makes them an interesting prospect for this type of discussion. If you have yet to read previous discussions, I recommend starting starting with the previous threads in order to fully understand the concepts I am talking about: Johan Cruyff's 3-4-3 Diamond Arrigo Sacchi's 4-4-2 Arsene Wenger's Invincibles Brazil's Jogo Bonito style Cult Heroes: Wales at Euro 2016 Whilst Barcelona may not be the biggest challenge - and I am aware many have asked about lower-quality sides - Guardiola's tactics offer us the chance to discuss areas we have not yet covered comprehensively. Mentality - Team Mentality v Team Shape v Player Duty. Specialist Roles - famously the Half-back and the False 9. Multiple Playmakers and how to differentiate between them. Retraining Players, including Player Traits. In addition, Messi - in my opinion the best player of all-time - in the prime of his career. Let's enjoy his ability whilst he's here. I think it may be quite a few iterations of FM before we see another player like him. Resources on Pep Guardiola's Barcelona GPS - Analysis: Pep Guardiola's Barcelona Tom Payne Football: Analysis of Guardiola's Barcelona (2 parts) Zonal Marking Team's of the Decade: Barcelona 2008/09 Spielverlagerung - 2011 CL Final: FC Barcelona v Manchester United Zonal Marking: Barcelona 3 - 1 Manchester United Sky Sports: Pep Documentary Theory Once again - using the excellent analysis from Spielverlagerung - this is the shape we are trying to create. In case you have been living in a cave, this is the starting line-up from the 2011 Champions League Final where Barcelona faced Manchester United. Barcelona winning 3-1 and Sir Alex Ferguson describing Barca's passing as a "carousel" in a game widely regarded as one of the defining games of Guardiola's Barcelona. Lined up in a 4-3-3 or 2-3-2-3 formation - defence, midfield and attack highly integrated with each other. Playing style clearly inspired by Dutch Total Football and Cruyff's influence at the club. Guardiola once said, "Cruyff build the cathedral. It is up to us to maintain it". Highly creative, free-flowing football. Focus on intelligent, technically gifted players. Thierry Henry describes Pep Guardiola's playing style as 3 Ps: Position - Juego de Posición. Team is structured into triangles with players between the lines, giving the player in possession options. Busquets drops deep, central defenders spread wide and the wing backs push forward to create numerical superiority building up from the back in what's known as la Salida Lavolpiana. Messi also drops deep, linking up with Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets creating a diamond in midfield. Wide Forwards stay wide during build up, stretching opposition defence and creating space for creative players in midfield then given licence to cut inside when the ball hits the final 3rd. Possession - don't say tiki-taka. Controlling possession and moving the opposition, to create weaknesses elsewhere. One of the most technically gifted teams in history. Dual playmakers in central midfield - Xavi acting as the heartbeat of the team playing deeper and recycling possession, whilst Iniesta is more advanced, creating chances and linking with the attack. Pressure. Attackers leading the pressing. Pressing as a unit. High block defensive line controlling space. In Football Manager 2017 There are a lot of rather sophisticated - and potentially complicated - tactical concepts here, but we actually don't need to deviate too far from the playing style we have already discussed. Last time out we discussed the concept of Playing Style and Structure. Let's now apply that concept, to the points we outline above. Playing Style Playing style is going to be more evolution than revolution. We have already mentioned that Guardiola's style is heavily influenced by Cruyff and the Dutch school of Total Football. We can use playing style to create: Highly creative, free slowing football. Team working together, attacking and defending as a unit. Possession orientated game-plan, short but positive passing. Higher Defensive Line & Pressing. Team Shape: Very Fluid Surprise, surprise. Hello, old friend. If you've read previous threads, this will not be a surprise. Very fluid gives us the creative, free-flowing football and ensures the entire team attacks and defends as a unit. Mentality: Control The main evolution to playing style. Moving from Standard to a Control mentality offers several benefits: Higher collective mentality. Quicker tempo. More width. Higher defensive line. More aggressive closing down. With a just a handful of Team Instructions we are able to create the playing style we want. Team Instructions: More Closing Down - has the knock on effect of increasing tempo and defensive line. Play Out of Defence - shortens the individual passing instructions for my defensive players. Shorter Passes - shortens passing across the team and lowers tempo. Retain Possession* - further shortens passing. Can further decrease tempo but doesn't when combined with More Closing Down. Getting pretty minimal now, which I am very happy with. As outlined above Team Instructions usually have knock on effects and I think this causes a lot of problems. You can easily add loads and lose track of what you've changed. Keep it simple until you know what your doing, and even then keep it simple. * Retain possession is a controversial subject. Team Structure The most important thing about Playing Style and Team Structure is that they complement each other. In addition, we can use Team Structure to re-create: Team structured into triangles with players between the lines, giving the player in possession options. Busquets dropping deep, central defenders spread wide and the wing backs push forward to create numerical superiority building up from the back in what's known as la Salida Lavolpiana. Messi also dropping deep, linking up with Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets creating a diamond in midfield. Wide Forwards stay wide during build up, stretching opposition defence and creating space for creative players in midfield then given licence to cut inside when the ball hits the final 3rd. Dual playmakers in central midfield - Xavi acting as the heartbeat of the team playing deeper and recycling possession, whilst Iniesta is more advanced, creating chances and linking with the attack. In previous threads we have discussed how Very Fluid team shape means that individual mentalities will deviate minimally from team mentality - if you attack, everyone attacks. If you defend, everyone defends. Control is a reasonably aggressive mentality - more aggressive then Standard, but less aggressive than Attack or Overload - so my Team Structure must balance that. A second consideration is that in order to have Busquets dropping back and my centre backs spread wide, firstly he must be in the Half-Back role but also - due to a glitch in the match engine - my fullbacks must be in the wingback strata, otherwise my central defenders won't spread wide. This means that we have two important challenges which we need to balance out: We have increased mentality across the team. Our hand is forced into an aggressive Formation. Mentality is probably up there with Team Shape as the cause of the most confusion for a lot of people, but - in my opinion - it is actually incredibly simple. ========================================================================================== What is mentality? Mentality is mentality. Mentality describes perfectly what it does. It's probably safe to assume that most people reading this have - at some point - played football or some kind of sport. Now, think about your mentality when playing and how you act differently. If you're an attacking player, you're more likely to be passing the ball forward, more directly towards goal, take up more advanced positioning and make more attacking runs. As a defensive player, you're more likely to take up a conservative position on the field and your passing, movement and general play will effect that. Then of course there is everything in between, and extremes at both ends - all out attack or holding on to a 1-goal lead in the last minute of the Cup Final. In Football Manager a player's mentality is reflected in a hugely-informative[/sarcasm] green bar, tucked away in the player instruction screen. If you're numerically minded - like me - @GreenTriangle put a helpful spreadsheet together of the 'under the hood' values, reminiscent of the old, slider systems. Mentality is determined by: Team Mentality - increases or decreases mentality across the board. Team Shape - determines how far individual mentalities deviate from the team. Player Duty - specifically duty, not player role. Position Player Duty is relative primarily to Team Mentality, but also Team Shape. Team Mentality determines whether your team is attacking, defensive, somewhere in-between or either extreme. A player's Duty, determines whether their responsibility is to attack, defend or support within that team mentality. Then Team Shape determines how far a player's Duty will make their individual Mentality deviate from the Team Mentality. Structured systems have more deviation, whereas more Fluid systems are more of a unit. For example, not all MC(A)s are created equal - in fact, differences can be large. In an Structured, Attacking system the MC(A) mentality is 17 / 20 where as in a Very Fluid / Defensive system that mentality is reduced to 8 / 20. In real football terms that's the difference between, "we're going to play an attacking system, everyone's got their own roles but you're the spearhead" and "we need to defend as a unit, attack when you can but be very careful". The challenge of going from a Standard mentality to a Control mentality is that - across the entire team - mentalities increase by 20-30%. This is a horrendous interface for analysing this, but given the centre of the bar is Neutral mentality at a basic level we can see that in a Control mentality with Very Fluid shape, Duties take the following effect: Defend duty: Slightly below neutral - if neutral is 50-50, they're 55-45 in favour of being conservative. In real football terms, players with a Defend duty will be slightly more conservative than neutral, but only just and higher than a typical defender. They'll be involved with build up, playing pro-active football but remain reasonably conservative. Support duty: Slightly above neutral - if neutral is 50-50, they're 60-40 in favour of being positive. In real football terms, players with a Support duty will be slightly more positive than neutral. They'll be playing positive football, more inclined to more the ball forwards as opposed to side-ways and support attacks yet remain reasonably sensible. Attack duty: Pretty comprehensively attacking. Looks like 75-25 in favour of attacking. In real football terms, players with an Attack duty mean business. They'll be strongly inclined to attack - not quite at all costs, but pretty heavily - the ball will be going forwards at goal and they'll be looking to score. ========================================================================================== Formation, Player Roles and Duties: If I was to be 100% accurate, I would perhaps skew my wing backs roles to create the Abidal / Alves roles to something along these lines, however I just do not have a player for the Abidal role at the moment. Not sure this represents anything overly groundbreaking here. Only one falling off his chair at this point is probably @Guimy at the sight of my first Strikerless system - of which I'll explain more detail shortly - otherwise, I'd be fairly surprise if anyone had not seen or thought of similar systems before. In comparison to previous systems we are using a lot more Support roles and fewer - but more potent - Attack roles. The wide players are the main difference between this and my last 4-3-3, moving from Attack to Support. For both Wing Backs and Inside Forwards - outside of mentality - the changes are negligible. IF(A) is hard coded to Get Forward More. IF(S) doesn't automatically Get Forward More, but has the option to. IF(S) will also automatically play More Risky Passes. WB(A) automatically Gets Forward More, Run Wide With Ball, Dribble More, Cross More & from Byline. WB(S) automatically Gets Forward More & everything else is optional. Complete Wing Back (Support) has the mentality of the WB(S) but the instructions of the WB(A) plus Roam From Position (which apparently = Complete, to SI). Player Instructions: GK: Sweeper Keeper (Support): Distribute to Centre BacksDCR: Ball-Playing Defender (Defend): N/ADCL: Ball-Playing Defender (Defend): N/AWBR: Complete Wing Back Right (Attack / Support): N/ADMC: Half-Back Defend (Defend): N/A WBL: Wing Back Left (Defend / Support): N/AMCR: Deep-Lying Playmaker (Support): N/AMCL: Advanced Playmaker (Attack): Roam from PositionAMR: Inside Forward Right (Support): Get Further Forward & Stay WiderAMC: Shadow Striker (Attack): Roam From PositionAML: Inside Forward Left (Support): Get Further Forward & Stay Wider Lionel Messi & the False 9 role The first of my joker cards In the Football Manager Tactics Creator we are spoilt with a number of remarkably similar Roles for Strikers / Attacking Midfielders. Let me begin by saying that - to me - the Role is entirely plastic. The most important things are: Position - DMC, MC, MCR, AMC etc. Duty - Defend, Support, Attack. Are they a playmaker? Movement - hold position, get forward, roaming, wide, cutting in etc. Other PIs - crossing, shooting, hold up the ball etc. Lionel Messi is probably the best player I have seen since Ray Parlour and he is famous for the False 9 role. In Football Manager, the False 9 role is represented as: Key points: Striker position. Support role. Move into Channels, Risky Passes and Dribbling all hard coded. Option to Roam from Position. However I opted to go for the Shadow Striker role, which is represented as: The roles are similar. Lots of movement, dribbling, creative, but we can see there is a key difference: The False 9 starts in the striker position and moves away from the goal, creating space for others. The Shadow Striker starts deeper in the AMC position, but aggressively attacks the space ahead of him. The role you chose will depend on the way you see Messi and we probably all see things slightly differently. To me, Messi is way more the latter - he's deep, he links with midfield, draws defenders towards him and attacks the space. Looking at his goal record and watching some of his goals I would be advocating an Attacking mentality all day long. Squad Development & Player Profiles There is a reason I left the tactics screen above without a team selected. Whilst our Team Structure and Playing Style may have been reasonably vanilla in comparison after previous threads. Squad development is an area we can throw in a couple more joker cards and hopefully make it worthwhile reading. A common misconception is that particular tactics will instantly turn no-hopers into world beaters. Unfortunately - whilst there are always tactics which will optimise what you have - until SI implement a "Play Like Messi" instruction, sticking Per Mertesacker up front and calling him a False 9 is not going to make him play like Messi (but maybe Peter Crouch?). Whilst many are admirably grafting away, gradually turning their lower league team into world-beaters I have been having a whale of a time taking one of the best squads on the game and throwing £280m at it whilst shipping out £230m of dead-wood or mis-fits. Squad - 2017/18 Season Best squad I've ever had. Bar none. Couple more joker cards. Starting XI Couple of points of interest here: Messi, Iniesta, Neymar, Coutinho, Dybala and Suarez all in the same starting XI. 6 players playing in retrained positions. Apologies for the confusion of: Neymar in the Messi role. Messi in the Iniesta role. Iniesta in the Xavi role. Yes, that's Philippe Coutinho at right wing back. Xavi & Iniesta: Let's talk about Playmakers Last time out we looked at the differences between our options for Player Roles - Regista, Roaming Playmaker, Deep-Lying Playmaker, etc. This time let's think about the player performing the role. To me - regardless of role - world-class playmakers must be strong in two key areas: Technical ability - Technique, First Touch, Passing. Intelligence - Vision, Decisions, Anticipation, Composure. Plugging these attributes into a Player Search Filter with a 17 minimum, for elite level performers gives us: The original triumvirate - Messi, Iniesta & Xavi - plus Özil, Pirlo and Totti. Average age is very high - only Özil and Messi below 30, 3 players over-35. Players with widely differing styles - Pirlo to Xavi to Özil - have remarkably similar core attributes. When building a new team, my instinct is always to find a young player with potential and a reasonable attribute profile, tutor, give game time and let them grow into the role. In keeping with Barcelona's ideology, I attempted the same with Samper and Aleña but they are limited from reaching elite-level by their potential. Xavi and Iniesta are both legendary midfielders, absolutely at the top of their game. Not only their intelligence and technical ability, but also their experience allowing them to exhibit total control over games. This is why I opted for experience. Addressing the second point - how do we differentiate playmakers from each other with such similar attributes? Player role and how they are utilised tactically. Auxiliary playmaker attributes - particularly Team Work & Flair. Team work determining how likely they are to create chances for themselves vs team mates. High across the board but lowest in Messi, who happens to have the best goalscoring record of the group. Flair being the ability to create a moment of magic and do the unexpected. High for all but Xavi who was famous for his simple approach. Non-Playmaking specific strengths - dribbling, set pieces, finishing, strength, work rate etc. Inherent characteristics - preferred foot, (to an extent) size). Player Traits. Moving Iniesta into the Xavi role Xavi was undoubtedly one of the most intelligent and technically gifted midfielders of all-time and the heart-beat of Pep Guardiola's Barcelona. Xavi's role as a playmaker was more that of a conductor - controlling and recycling possession, switching play, connecting the entire team. Representing Xavi's role in Football Manager Either Deep-lying Playmaker (Support) or Roaming Playmaker (Support) depending on whether you're able to hold control of the midfield or need to move to find space. Incredible intelligence and technical ability. Xavi's traits: Comes Deep to Get Ball. Plays One-Twos. Dictates Tempo. Avoids Weaker Foot. Right Footed. In comparison, here is Iniesta at the beginning of the game: We can see, he's already got the intelligence and the technical ability but his traits are very direct. As a result, playing in the deeper role, he's going to try to directly create chances from deep rather than perform the controlling role we are looking for. Profile after 2-seasons moulding his traits by: Stop playing killer balls. Start dropping deeper to get the ball. Start playing one-twos. Physical stats have began to decline sharply but by maintaining his high level of ability by carefully managing his game-time and training he has become more intelligent and further improved his technical ability. Moving Messi into the Iniesta role Iniesta's role in Guardiola's Barcelona was that of a more advances playmaker, linking midfield with attack and creating chances. Representing Iniesta's role in Football Manager: Advanced Playmaker (Attack). Incredible technical ability and intelligence. Iniesta's traits: Tries Killer Balls Often. Dictates Tempo. Switches Ball to Other Flank. Looks for pass rather than attempting to score. Either footed. Messi has a phenomenal profile. He would be the best in the World in most attacking roles. In this case, development was simply: Retrain as a Central Midfielder. Tried but failed to Develop Weaker Foot - I believe due to maxing out his CA vs PA. The idea of Messi playing in midfield, coming deep to get the ball and then moving forward aggressively with 3 world-class attacking options ahead of him or going himself is - quite frankly - devastating. Neymar playing the Messi role In the 2016/17 season, my attack was structured like this: My scouts rating Neymar as a similar level of ability to Messi by the end of the season and - whilst performing very well - not quite reaching full-potential on the field playing wide right. Like Messi under Guardiola, Neymar moved central - initially as an experiment - and absolutely exploded. Messi dropped deeper into the midfield playmaker role and Cesc moved on to PSG for a modest profit after a very successful yet brief 3rd stint at the club. Coutinho playing the Dani Alves role Dani Alves is a special player. Wonderful Brazilian style attacking wing back. All round football ability - people have even called to see him in midfield. Solid defensive ability, which developed over time. Flair, work rate and fitness are inherent to his overall game. Ahead of the 2016/17 season I had a big decision to make. I had the option to sign Özil - as we have already identified, one of the few elite level playmakers capable of the Iniesta role perfectly - or Coutinho. But I couldn't sign them both due to financial constraints. Coutinho edged it for a few of reasons: Time required to retrain Coutinho meant I wanted him early, whereas maybe I could get Özil later. Scarcity of players with flair, work rate, fitness, a good right foot and the attacking ability to play right wing back. Availability of Cesc Fabregas as a cheaper alternative to Özil. Coutinho's progress has been gradual. It took the entire first season to reach Accomplished at right wing back and has not reached natural after two seasons. Attacking threat, technical ability, all-round footballing ability, fitness and intelligence come ready made whilst defensive ability is improving gradually. ========================================================================================== Match Analysis You join me for the 2018 Champions League Final - the ultimate El Clásico. Having beaten Real Madrid - once again - to La Liga and put two big scores on them in the League, they were out for revenge. Zinidine Zidane is still in charge has actually had two very strong campaigns despite losing out on the trophies. Perhaps under pressure for his job if it doesn't go his way. 4-1-4-1 is a bit of a surprise as Real Madrid have heavily - and successfully - used 4-1-2-3 all season. The big money acquisition of Eden Hazard has pushed Karim Benzema onto the bench, moving Ronaldo centrally. Ronaldo has thrived centrally in the 4-1-2-3 - hitting just under 30 league goals - but I'll be looking to ask questions of him with less support in the 4-1-4-1, trying to cut off supply and isolate him. 4-1-4-1 offers brilliant defensive coverage but the challenge is supporting the striker. You'll notice that in my 4-1-4-1 my striker is on Support and midfield runners rush forward. In Hazard, Kroos, Kovacic and Bale, Real Madrid have runners, but I'd imagine Ronaldo in an attack duty and his traits will drive him further forward - will we be able to isolate him and then exploit the space left by the midfield runners? Analysis Without the Ball Key Instructions / Attributes: Very Fluid - attacking and defending as a unit, forwards mentality is closer to team mentality meaning they will lead the press. Control - pushes defensive line, closing down and mentality - across the board - higher. Support duties - ensures my Inside Forwards and Wing Backs are track back and mitigate their aggressive starting positions. Work rate, determination, stamina, team work. Real Madrid attempting to build up play from deep. De Vrij advancing with the ball after a Real goal kick. Pressing structure I've been using for a few years now: Front 3 lead the press, hassling the opposition back 4, disrupting building up play and - ideally - forcing a long ball. A midfield wall consisting of WB - MC - MC - WB pressuring the opposition midfield and shielding the defence. Defensive triangle DC - DMC - DC outnumbering opposition attack. 'Busquets zone' protecting the centre of the field. Thinner dashed lines show the distances between the WB and the centre back behind and the wide forward ahead - a particular concern building this tactic. Note: in a standard mentality we use more pressing TIs - Higher Line, Close Much More, Tight Marking, etc. Using Control, we simply use Close Down More and notice how advanced we are. Already a risk, any higher would be overkill. Ideally the "Sweeper" Keeper would "sweep" more, but I can't make that happen. Real Madrid handicapping themselves by dropping Casemiro at DM into the defensive line (to aid build up) but failing to spread the defenders. Look at how close Casemiro is to Varane. Effectively taken himself out of the game, allowing us an extra man advantage - see Busquets. Low Block Real Madrid in a more advanced position, attempting to build an attack. Pressure on both the player making and receiving the pass. Wing backs and wide forwards have both adopted deeper, defensive positions creating a compact 4-1-4-1. We have a 4-man defensive line of WB - DC - DC - WB with Coutinho advancing to put pressure on Hazard. Busquets is shielding, again holding that vital position ahead of the defence and cutting out any passing option to Ronaldo. Alba is tucking in. Bale does have quite a lot of space, but with the ball on the other side of the field it'll take a while to reach him. Alba is well positioned to track a dangerous run at the far post. Wide forwards replace wing backs in a 4-man midfield screen. Neymar tracking way back creating a 3v3 on the opposition midfield, leaving Busquets free again. Real Madrid playing conservatively, neither their full backs or central midfielders making a run leaving Hazard, Ronaldo and Bale outnumbered. Analysis in-Possession Deep Build Up Play: Salida Lavolpiana Starting from a goal-kick, Barcelona attempt to build an attack from deep. La Salida Lavolpiana Busquets drops deep, between Pique and Romagnoli. Pique and Romagnoli spread wide - in this case, Pique draws Ronaldo with him. Wing backs push forward, creating a 3-4-3 shape. Messi and Iniesta drop deeper to offer passing options - in this instance, Iniesta is marked but Messi is open. Busquets is unchallenged and can progress with the ball, drawing out a defender to create more space for Iniesta and Messi to play through the middle. Suarez and Dybala retain their width, stretching the opposition defence. Neymar free to roam from position to create a diamond with Iniesta, Messi and Busquets, find a pocket of space and/or make an attacking run. Neymar is pulling the Real Madrid defence forward leaving lots of space behind. We have technical players with space and time to play a pass. We have very dangerous attacking runners in Dybala, Suarez and Neymar. Iniesta pulling the strings - Heartbeat of the Team Not normally one for the stats - as @Cleon pointed out in his Art of Possession thread, stats are often calculated differently - but Iniesta set some hit some stand-out achievements pulling the strings in his new role. 92% pass completion over the course of the season. Averaged nearly 75 passes per game. Completed 125 passes against Real Madrid in the Champions League final. Watch highlights: Messi - the Playmaker Over the course of his career, Messi has been a winger, an inside forward, False 9 and a playmaker. As the best footballer of his generation, he would be the best in the world in almost any attacking role. There are a couple of advantages of playing him in midfield. More involvement, receiving the ball earlier. More time and space. Passing options ahead of him, rather than behind. Receiving the ball from Iniesta and Busquets deep, Messi turns and runs at the defence. Almost anything could happen here. As we hit the final 3rd, the wide forwards - Suarez and Dybala - have cut inside. Wing backs drive forward providing width. Neymar has options for different attacking runs and space in behind the defence to attack. Devastating. The concern with Messi in midfield is his work-rate but he actually covered more ground than anyone in the league. Neymar - the new Attacking Spearhead Messi dropping deeper to take on a midfield playmaker role opened a space at the top as the spearhead of the team. Neymar - like Messi many years before him - moved inside from his wing taking up the "False 9" role, and never looked back. Watch highlights: Achievements Won the La Liga, Copa del Rey, Champions League treble. Completed an unbeaten season in all competitions. Broke the La Liga goalscoring and point scoring record with 143 goals and 102 points. Played beautiful football. Thank you & GoFundMe contributions So far the response to these threads and discussions generated have been absolutely phenomenal so once again I wanted to thank everyone for contributing as I have really enjoyed it. A couple of people have suggested they'd like to contribute financially to support the series so I have set up a GoFundMe page - Football Manager Analysis. I'd like to be 100% clear that these articles are completely free and will always continue to be. Contributions are simply supporting the work that's been done so far, if you've enjoyed them. As I am sure you can appreciate - whilst I love writing them - a lot of time & effort goes into these. Any contributions are very much appreciated. If we reach the conservative goal of £100m I am going to sign Nicklas Bendtner. I am going to finish by saying that - for those who have read a long so far - I think we have now talked through pretty much all of the tools you'd need to build your own system, if you have a different inspiration - for example Bielsa, Klopp, Pochettino. Please shout if there is anything you feel lacking and I will include in future threads. Enjoy
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    FM isn't "decaying", but there's clearly a few issues with the current tactical instructions and tactical UI - it is both limited for those of us who want extra freedom, and unclear/confusing for those who are starting out and are unfamiliar with the history of the game. I completely disagree with the idea roles should be scrapped. Roles exist to allow us to assign a bunch of instructions to a player at once, which is hugely convenient. There's too many things hardcoded into the current roles which aren't customizable enough, but I sure as hell don't want to go back to give every single instruction one-by-one to every single of my players. Scrapping roles is not the solution. The UI confusion is rooted in other things. @MBarbaric raised a much more important issue: there's a disconnect between the idea that the positions are the defensive formation, and how real life football works. In real life, most of the players that play in the AM and ST strata, defend much deeper like they do in FM when the ball is on their half. You can better mimick real defensive structures by fielding attacking midfielders in the midfield strata, and strikers in the AM strata, but then you will lose out on the roles intended for them (ie, having to modify wide midfielder roles to mimick inside forwards or raumdeuters; or having to use things like shadow striker instead of the variety of striker roles). And you will lose out on the position familiarity set for these real life players in the DB. This is just plain wrong and one my key issues with the current system. ------------------------------------ To summarize, this is what I would want to be changed in tactics: 1. The formation on screen should stop being the defensive formation, and become the "average" formation between both defensive and attacking formations. The defensive formation would then be set through roles/duties and through new specific, defensive instructions such as "defend deeper/stay higher without ball" (for AMs and STs) or "defend wider/narrower" (for wide players). Two new cosmetical panels would be added in the tactics screen, as a "preview" of both defensive and attacking formations so everything becomes clearer to the user. 2. Team shape should stop affecting creative freedom and be exclusively about the spread of mentality. Perhaps give it a new name other than "shape" and "Fluid/Structured". Scrap the "be more expressive/disciplined" TI and create a new modifier for creative freedom next to team shape. This would not only give us more freedom to reproduce systems that are difficult at the moment (ex compact defensive systems), also allow us to use compactness and expressiveness as two different things, like they are in real life. It would simplify massively this convoluted setting which is so hard to explain. 3. Roles should be far more changeable. I think SI has gone a bit too paranoid about tactical exploits on this, a lot of hardcoded stuff is simply far too much. Why can't we no longer tell a CM/D to "hold position"? Why can't we create a central winger anymore? Why can't we make a slightly different hybrid of striker roles, by making a complete forward a little less complete by switching off an instruction or two; or making a defensive forward or a target man a bit more adventurous? Why can't I tell a playmaker to shoot from long too if he can also do it? Why must an inverted wingback have EVERY dribbling/passing instruction set up to the max? Etc, etc. We've gone from a system in which we had a absurd unrealistic level of freedom (sliders), to the current one in which we are limited to SI's vision and must use convoluted workarounds if we want to reproduce other alternative visions. Surely there's a happier middle ground somewhere? 4. Review all existent TIs and scrap those that are redundant. Some are just plain mistifying. Here's what I'd do: - Scrap "work ball into box" and replace it by two new ones: "cross less" and "don't shoot from distance". Most users don't know that work ball into box reduces crossing. Taking it away and making it its own TI would clarify it. - Scrap "retain possession" which nobody knows exactly what it does, other than some mystical combination of effects. Re-add "pass into feet", or rename it "pass sideways" or "don't pass into space" instead - this TI was a hell of a lot clearer. Add "dribble less" too as the opposite of "dribble more". Essentially TIs would stop being these wacky cummulations of effects, and go back to basics, like we used to have for players: - shoot more / shoot less - cross more / cross less - pass into space more / pass into space less - dribble more / dribble less This might be a bit blunt but it is clear and simple and not any harder to use. 5. Introduce extra defensive instructions. This is a field FM severely lacks, although I'm a little afraid adding too many new instructions might make tactics overly complex for beginner users, or those not as interested in tactics. But our current system of defend higher/lower, press more/less, mark tighter/not tighter (zonal/man) is just not good enough. Ideally I'd want: - TI and PI for "block passing lanes" (to focus on blocking passing lanes, instead of directly targetting the closest player) - TI for "press opponents facing backwards" (pressing trigger, make everyone rush forward whenever the opposing player with the ball is looking backwards) - TI for "press immediately after losing ball" (pressing trigger, make everyone rush for 5 seconds whenever ball is lost, then return to normal) - TI for "retreat into shape in own half" (when together with things like "close down much more", would allow for hectic pressing in the opponent's half, then retreating into soaking-the-pressure mode in own half) - TI for "defend narrower" (when together with very wide width settings, would allow for a narrow shape with ball and wide without ball) I haven't organized these ideas well enough on defensive settings yet, but these are the key things we're missing. I suspect most top level teams would just check most of these TIs, but they could be suicidal against highly technical opponents and/or when deployed by low workrate, low aggression, low stamina players. ------------------------------------ I think this is probably enough ideas for a revamp for now. I would post this on the features request forum, but I need some time to do some drawings, and therefore create a more visual representation of my ideas.
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    Hey guys, A couple of weeks back thiagotietze posted a tip on the forum about how to make FM run faster. This gave me the idea to merge all the little tips and tricks I've found over time into one post. Employing these things allows me to Play a game and exit it Browse the internet for a minute The game has processed and is ready for the next game to be played I posted it to Twitter the other day and got a great reaction so thought you guys might like it as well. For betting formating, screenshots etc. the tips can also be read here. # 1. Change rendering mode This is the simple and most important step for speeding up FM and will make your game run much faster. What it does, is that it will make the screen load faster every time you click on something. It does so by disabling some animations, but there really is no difference in how the game looks. The way to get the game to run faster is the following: Go to preferences and then the interface tab In rendering mode, it should read “GPU assisted” Change this to “software” Click confirm and you are ready to enjoy the game even more This is really easy to do and it makes the game much more enjoyable on low-end computers The tip is so good I really think it should have been the default setting and it puzzles me why it isn’t… anyway, on to the next tip! # 2. Change detail level One of the things FM spends the most time on is simulating all the games in which you do not play. While you cannot speed up the simulation time of a game, you can decrease the amount of games that are simulated. To do so you have to: Click the FM icon Click detail level This will take you to the detail level Here you can change “set international competition level" and "set club competition details levels to". I recommend changing these from default to minimum. # 3. Decrease number of leagues / use smaller database One of the easiest ways to increase the speed of the game is to reduce the number of leagues or use a smaller database. This is naturally something you select when you start the game. To ensure the game runs smooth you want to aim for +4 star in estimated game speed. My recommendation on a slow computer is to load the league you want to play in, and if you want to go good old journeyman on your FM game later, you can always add the league you want to play in. # 4. Switch off 3d graphics By default, FM will show matches in 3d. On slower computers, it can take a long time to load the 3d engine and you can significantly improve performance by switching it off. The way to do this is to head to: Preferences and then the match tab Untick the box “View matches in 3D” Click confirm I for one am old-school so I also prefer to watch the games in 2D. However, if you enjoy the 3D graphics and want to keep these you can improve performance by unchecking non-game effects where especially the stadium effects take a toll on your computer. # 5. Only watch key highlights By default in FM, the highlight mode will be set to extended. This means that games can quickly take 10 minutes. One of the first things I do on any Football Manager save is to go to preferences and change this. Go to preferences and then the match tab Under Highlight Mode change to “Key” Click confirm This will make the game show less highlights and only show the ones where there is a goal or it was close. # 6. Send your assistant to press conferences I for one am about as happy with the press in FM as Jose Mourinho is in real life. So, to avoid these, I just send my assistant. Instead of doing this every single time, you can send your assistant by default: Go to staff and responsibilities Set you assistant to go to press conferences **A word of caution:** This does have a gameplay effect and you should only send someone, who knows how to handle it (being media-friendly helps!). With that said, I rarely find press conferences to have a large effect and I have been very successful without handling any press conferences myself. # 7. Learn shortcuts This is actually the only tip in this post, where you have to do something by yourself. And that is to learn some shortcuts, which will dramatically increase the speed of the game. You can go to: Preferences and then click shortcuts to see an overview of the shortcuts. But from that it’s kinda hard to figure out what’s important so I’ll give you the top 10 FM shortcuts here (for the English language version of the game) Space bar: Clicks continue for you Ctrl+s: Saves the game Middle mouse scroll wheel click: Go to home screen Backspace or left arrow or back click: Go to previous screen Ctrl+f: Search F3: Go to squad screen F4: Go to inbox F7: Go to scouting F10: Go to schedule F11: Go to club information Ctrl+t: Go to tactics Learn these 10 bad boys, and you’ll speed up your game navigation dramatically. # 8. Use caching to decrease page loading times This is something that works in the background and will make FM run faster in general. And by default, it will be checked, however, if you have loaded skins you might have unchecked it. What you want to do is the following: Go to preferences and then the interface tab In the bottom left corner you have “appearance Make sure the box “use caching to decrease page loading times” is ticked Click confirm # 9. Delete or rename inbox file - Should now be fixed after the latest update Ever noticed your inbox in FM getting incredibly slow? The reason for this is that the game is loading a large file. To dramatically increase your inbox speed do the following: a) Shut down FM b) Go the the location below >On PC: C:Users[Username]AppDataLocalSports InteractiveFootball Manager 2017Preferencesversion 3 >On Mac:~/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/Preferences/version 3/ c) Delete or rename the file inbox_scrollbar_state.xml What you want to do is to to rename the file “inbox_scrollbar_state.xml”. I ususally rename it to “inbox_scrollbar_state_old1.xml” and the next one “old2” and so forth. This ensures if the game doesn’t work properly you can rename it to its original name again. d) Reload FM and enjoy your fast inbox Thank you to thiagotietze on the SI forums for discovering this tip. # 10. Enable Continue Game Timeout I saved one of the best for last. And especially if you play in windowed mode and browse reddit while FM processes, this trick will do wonders for your game. Originally developed for network games, this will make you go from one game to the next without stopping in between. Continue game timeout basically clicks continue for you. And if you enable it, the game automatically goes forward, unless you must make a decision. The way to enable it is this: Go to preferences and then the interface tab Under processing it says continue game timeout By default, it will say disabled. I have it set at 2 seconds, but you can also set instant, 5 seconds and 10 seconds Click confirm and you are ready to enjoy the game even more I can’t state how much of a difference this makes as it will basically take you from one game to the next. **A word of caution on continue game timeout** I do not use it when the transfer window is open. And the reason is very simple. If there is a week between two games, the game will likely simulate until it reaches a decision point. The most common decision point is the line-up before a game. So, if another team bids for a player you might want to buy, you will not see this until you have to play the next game and he might already be transferred to another team… … which I don’t want to happen. So to sum up... How to make Football Manager run faster: 1. Change rendering mode 2. Change detail level 3. Decrease number of leagues 4. Switch off 3d graphics 5. Only watch key highlights 6. Send your assistant to press conferences 7. Learn shortcuts 8. Use caching to decrease page loading times 9. Delete or rename inbox 10. Enable continue game timeout Hope you guys liked it and if you did, please leave a comment below. Or maybe you have a tip that I've missed? Either way, please leave a comment below. For me tips, trick and guides you can follow me on Twitter
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    Just wanted to make these posts more visible again. I don't know how relevant they are to FM17 but SFraser's posts were about Football and how to apply that to FM; his posts always opened new ways to play and think about football and FM. He passed away over 5 years ago before FM12 was released but if you scroll down his memorial thread you will find a list of threads that he created that get me excited about trying something new in FM. https://community.sigames.com/topic/219413-the-sfraser-memorial-thread-links-to-all-the-discussions-and-guides/
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    Thanks a lot Barside. I definitely think it's interesting discussion at least in the context of this thread. And of course it is also obvious that a lot of the reviews ARE in fact idiotic rants, but like you're getting at, that doesn't necessarily mean they are worthless. I think we have to accept people's feelings regardless of whether we agree with their reasons. It's a very tricky trick of life that we make associations very quickly and easily, sometimes imo in a way that hinders our own judgement. For example when people describe the ME as fixed against the human - that's very obviously a ludicrous and incorrect statement, and I think most of us would tend to then associate the rest of the opinion as being something that comes from an idiot. On one hand they are wrong - the ME isn't fixed against the human, so that's the end of the story. But on the other hand there is what might be the more important issue, especially to SI, of WHY that person believes that. If the game isn't fixed against the human AND isn't designed to appear fixed against the human, then surely SI don't want people to believe that. So to me it then becomes interesting WHY the person believes that. In my opinion one cause of this belief is not understanding the game and not feeling that you can have an impact tactically. This is especially evident in one of the sub-arguments of a fixed ME, specifically the number of chances needed to score by human vs AI. On the one hand, the AI DOESN'T need less chances to score, so the complainants are wrong, which could be the end of the story. But on the other hand you could ask WHY this person or these people believe that. Just because they are wrong/rude/swearing etc doesn't mean that their feelings aren't legitimate. Obviously it's up to the individual to phrase what they are saying in a way that isn't offensive, but if I were SI I genuinely wouldn't care whether the feedback was constructive or not. I know that's easy for me to say because my it isn't my hard work and intentions that are being questioned, but ultimately their goal is to continue creating the best game ever, not to avoid having a bruised ego. I've played hundreds of games in my lifetime, and I'm only a member on two forums: this one, and the GDS forums where I have less than 5 posts. When I play a **** game I quit and play something else. When someone comes on here and says "the game is ****, I'm never playing again," then that's an EVEN BIGGER COMPLIMENT than someone praising the game, because if the game was really ****, and they were really never going to play again, then they would be playing something else already, right? It's like a frustrated fan throwing their season ticket on to the pitch at the end of the last game of the season; it's a gesture from someone who is annoyed but cares too much to leave. If the "I hate FM now!" posts were turned into song form they wouldn't be by Eminem they would be by Adele. People misconstrue them as bitterness and anger when really they are just the twisted tale of a passionate but broken love, so powerful that every moment spent deliberating a departure is nothing more than another step closer to the abyss. I think there is nothing to be lost and everything to be gained by taking the most furious people as the most interesting cases, because if they haven't enjoyed the game, but are still here to say so, then the truth is the love the game really. Maybe too much. I think SI should usher in a new wave of companionship and camaraderie by coming out in the open once again and singing and dancing a merry tune with us all once more. Dear Miles, I repped you but you still aint talkin’ I left my cell, my pager and my home phone at the bottom, I sent two ideas back in autumn, you must not have got 'em There probably was a problem with the post button, or somethin' Sometimes I scribble a concept too lofty when I jot 'em but anyways, **** it, what's been up man how's Ov Collyer? My in-game girlfriend’s pregnant too, I’m bout to be a father If I have a daughter, guess what I’ma call her? I’ma name her Reload. I read about the Brexit implode, too, I’m sorry. I had a friend lose his job over some Nige who didn’t want him I know you probably hear this every day, but I’m your biggest fan I even got the underground legal version of FM Hand’ I got a room full of your posters and your pictures man, I like the quiz you did with Eidos, too, that quiz was phat Anyways, I hope you get this man, hit me back, Just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan This is Stan Stan
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    Are you sure of what you say? Now I make a list of all the things that aren't good in this game, let's see if it is all right or are unimportant things: 1) CCCs problem, as reported here and was not only noticed by me: 2) The goalkeeper's choices, as reported here are very often wrong and don't follow the instructions. Isn't important that the goalkeeper follows our directions? 3) Defensive corner and free kick routines are completely random as reported here: isn't it a major bug see the completely random behavior by your players in free kicks situations? 4) The average of km run per game, I don't think it's normal to see your full-backs to run 15 km or more, it seems they chose the wrong sport... 5) The inconsistencies in closing down, as shown here: Indeed there was a report last year on one of the points that I reported, but everything has remained the same, why? 6) The number of turnovers / balls recovered is completely unreal, as demonstrated here: To make this game as realistic as possible need to follow the actual data. I don't ask absolute perfection, but at least that the game data aren't 5 times the data of reality. 7) The same applies to the total number of the crosses, totally unrealistic: Why do you pretend not to see? It would have to change the total number of crosses not the percentage of completed crosses. And we continue to see a low crosses and the goalkeeper that don't keep the ball and put the ball in the corner, why? 8) The throw-ins are often random, as you will see in the video... Points 4, 5, 6, and 7 are more difficult to solve and I understand it well, it takes a long time and many trials. But the other problems in my opinion should have been fixed with this patch. I always see the same things in every match, but there was nothing to fix, is a perfect game, enjoy!
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    FOOTBALL MANAGER 2017 -- WINTER TRANSFER WINDOW UPDATE 17.3.0 ============================================================== DATABASE - Official 17.3.0 Update Database added - including winter transfer window data STABILITY & PERFORMANCE - Fixed rare crash related to qualification play-offs for European competitions in May - Fixed rare crash when selecting home or away venue preference for Peruvian playoff - Fixed rare crash during processing - Fixed divergence warning appearing during a match - Fixed lag in inbox COMPETITIONS - Fixed some players being incorrectly denied English work permit - Fixed user not being credited with Uruguayan First Division win after winning both Opening and Closing stages - Fixed incorrect teams being selected for Dutch Cup - Fixed team not being entered for Portuguese Cup if they had been promoted the previous season - Fixed Chinese Cup squad registration rules - Fixed rare issue of first team going on Holiday too early in Holland - Fixed Nordic nations not having correct time for second nationality in Iceland - Fixed rare European playoff scheduling issue in certain leagues - Fixed Slovakian Cup draw issue - Fixed postponement of matches due to international call ups in France - Fixed incorrect Belgian clubs qualifying for the Champions League - Fixed incorrect nations qualifying for the 2019 Asian Cup GAMEPLAY - Fixed issue where Scouting Knowledge on players was gained too quickly - Improved job opportunities for users starting game at high profile clubs but with low coaching badges & past playing experience - Fixed loan deals in Scotland not being completed correctly when the Mandatory future fee clause was included in the deal - Fixed issue in some Brexit scenarios where UK based players nearing the end of their contracts could not be signed on pre-contracts - Fixed issue where players were given different star ratings on different pages for the same position - Fixed World Footballer of the Year award - Fixed 2nd/3rd places not showing for World Golden Ball award - Allowed user to apply for international job they have previously rejected - Fixed incorrect triggering of former staff narrative - Fixed user incorrectly asked about failure to win a game after multiple woodwork hits in a 2-leg match - Adjusted youth recruitment upgrades - Adjusted Northern Irish wage budgets - Fixed issue of a user being reported to have completed a language course - Fixed rare issue where the board would ask you if you'd like to buy the stadium when a stadium purchase was already in progress - Fixed incorrect competition being referenced in player promise extension inbox item - Tweaked player responses to ‘What will it take to keep you here?’ conversation options in unhappiness chats - Clarified player response in unhappiness chats when specific wage demands are made mid-chat - Fixed issues with buying/expanding of stadiums UI - Fixes for a number of kit clashes - Fixed Body Language and Performance match widgets going missing - Fixed user being unable to drag players from the bench into their formation by their shirt icons PRE GAME EDITOR - Fixed individual crashes for various user submitted files - Fixed errors on several user submitted files - Further improvements to validation process
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    Okay, this is my ideal Team Instructions screen. Once I've got the PI screen figured out I'll add it as a feature request thread. It's got more options than at the moment, but I don't believe it would be horribly overcomplicated.
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    to be anything like real life this game needs to introduce on the ball/off the ball phases. as @Kcinnay rightly spots, team defend and attack with different shapes and roles. currently in game we have a hybrid system that doesn't really convey how things work in real. I.E. if you put CM in defensive duty within 442, when your team is defending he will be slightly behind the rest of the line (if other players are on support duty). This creates a lot of prblems for defending team as the other CM will have more space to cover often moving into the CMd's zone. This will essentially put one player on top of the other in the middle of the pitch. This, naturally creates huge space in center of the field. completely nullifying the role of CMd and whole defensive unit. Defending as a whole is a huge problem within the game and this basic positioning of players in relation to the ball-goal-oppostion-teammate is off compared to real in many instances. More advanced concepts as defending from front, gegen pressing or pressing in general, can not work at all until this basic positioning within the defensive unit is resolved. Mantra about "selected formation is your defensive formation" is really not valid as nobody in whole world defends in 4231. To be more precise, plenty of teams might, but they will do it when they play high pressing game where the team is high up the pitch and tries to win the ball in opposition half. Then, 4-2-3-1 (or any combination with lot of players in advanced positions) might work as those players in attacking third will partly man mark in order to cut passing lanes and partly chase the opposition on the ball. However, once the pressing is evaded, every team will drop into basic defensive shape where wingers get deeper in line with central midfielders. This of course, won't be true for specific situations when the team needs a goal late in game, but normally, nobody leaves 3 players in attack while defending. Whatever the defensive shape is, you wil seldom see more than one player at the time going about without defensive instructions. Even in lower levels of football.
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    I can just picture managers going to the pitch with a tablet, telling the players I want you to play one notch higher.. "Joe I want you to be on Mentality 5, Stephen you're on mentality 4. Now Joe you are on Normal and and Stephen you're on defensive." Joe and Stephen walk off. Stephen:."How in the world are you Normal? I mean you're just one notch higher than me", Joe: "Dude at least he didn't give you 18 for creative freedom, I don't know what to do now" The two strikers walk off dumbfounded.
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    When FM 17 was released, I looked forward starting my first game. Then I found out they have removed the feature to add your own manager picture. The skinning community found a workaround, and I could really enjoy the game again. And then came the 17.3 patch, and the option to add a picture was removed, once again. Like many other I use external facepacks, logopacks and kitpacks. It allows me, the manager to blend in with the rest of the players and staff in the game. So my question is, why is the option to add a manager picture removed? I know there already are threads about the issue, but I can't find any answers related to my question. Regards, MrRobot
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    For me, one of the biggest flaws in FM is the dogma that the formation is the defensive set-up, which isn't in accordance with the implemented player roles and the stratas where those player roles are located (the in-game logics) nor with the way people refer to real life football formations (football logics). In game, there are some roles that are exclusively destined for the AM strata, like the enganche, the raumdeuter, the inside forward... Popular roles when you play the very popular 4-2-3-1 formation. But when people tend to struggle with their 4-2-3-1, the first advice they are given here, is: "Remember that your formation is your defensive formation. Try a 4-4-1-1 and mimic the AML/AMR roles by tweaking the wide midfielder role." There's almost literally no real life team that defends in a 4-2-3-1 formation with 3 AM's, but still, there are plenty of teams that are referred to as a team playing a 4-2-3-1. José Mourinho's Man Utd is such a team. They defend as a 4-4-1-1, but they are referred to as a 4-2-3-1. Simeone's Atlético often defends as a 4-4-2-0, but are referred to as a 4-4-2. In game, to mimic the positioning of Griezmann or Gameiro, you need to play them as an AM, which mimics their defensive behaviour, but makes them play too low when in possession. It's just plain wrong and contradictory. It's in fashion to make strikers defend very deeply, but there's simply no way to make them zonally do that in FM. I've been forced to play strikerless for that reason, but my most advanced players aren't positioned high enough in possession, and, even more annoying, in game, my strikers are referred to as (attacking) midfielders. If the game wants to use the logic of team screen = defensive formation, then they should make it able to use striker roles in the AM strata (and treat them as strikers in match commentary and post match analysis), to use AM roles in the M strata, and so on. Just in that way, a simple game like PES feels much more natural, where you can set-up your basic kick-off formation, your defensive formation and your offensive formation, where the basic formation is the formation shown in the pre-match. You can be a team referred to as playing a 4-2-3-1 but actually defending like a 4-2DM-2-1-1. I liked the earlier FM's more in those aspects, where the formations with the arrows allowed you to create a hybrid. The screen showed the basic formation. If you wanted to push someone up in possession, you needed to give him an arrow forward. If you wanted someone track back when out of possession, you gave him an arrow backwards. Just like on a real tactical board. You played a 4-2-3-1 (for example), you defended like a 4-4-1-1, attacked like a 2-4-1-3. Simple.
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    Thanks for all the feedback. All taken on board and all appreciated. I have an update brewing and it's gone fantastically well during testing but would like some feedback before I replace the current version. If you are using HUSTLER 1.2c, the changes you need to make are........... 1. Remove 'get stuck in' team instruction. 2. Add 'tackle harder' player instruction for all 4 defenders and 3 central midfielders. 3. Remove 'ease off tackles' player instruction from the shadow striker and both forwards. 4. Do NOT use any opposition instructions. I've found that since making these changes, my players don't get skinned any more due to the fact they've stopped diving into tackles. It helps especially when up against pacy/tricky wingers. In one of my test games playing against Chelsea, my wing back Jose Gaya used to get rinsed by Martins Gelson but now that happens very rarely so I'm able to protect the flanks better. The players still go in hard due to the 'tackle harder' PI but not recklessly so. It means we win the ball back much cleaner and this has made a significant difference from a defensive viewpoint. Less fouls committed and better protection of flanks without any downside so we're now conceding less goals than before....... I'd appreciate feedback on the above changes... thanks in advance
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    Watch Man Utd vs Bournemouth from the weekend... Rooney, Ibra, Pogba, the Ref all need reprogramming. So many bad shots, passes, decisions... Man Utd shouldn't enter the league next year ... give them more time to iron out all the issues
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    Ah, I thought I had accidentally posted it here Here are some examples... Some of these are so scary, I can't play the game in front of my kids!
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    I'm kinda happy there's no ME changes because I'm not finding any particularly annoying bugs this year (unlike last year tbh - the wing play imbalances were driving me mad), and most of all because I'm doing well and this means I don't have to touch my tactics. It's a really rather fun ME, FM17's. I think we've finally got something that is both more fun and more balanced than FM12 and I don't say that lightly. I've spent the last 5 years moaning really.
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    I don't think people are angry that they are added, I think they are angry (or other negative feelings) about the feature being added a) in terms of HOW it was implemented, and b) in terms of whether it lives up to what was promised. And perhaps also c) in terms of things that WEREN'T added. Social Media is a great example. In that other poll on the subject, less than 25% of the voters actively want the social media feature removed. The majority of people don't want it removed, but think the way it has been implemented isn't great. The Optimist/Pessimist/Nihilist template is so annoying, what justification is there for that being how it works? It makes no sense. When I look at the social media I don't think any attempt has been made to draw on real life when creating it. Players should be able to tweet - about an injury, about an upcoming game, about a match they just watched on tv, about manager job speculation, about dressing room issues (or lack of them.) For newgens, professionalism and controversy attributes could cause a social media storm and upset the board and/or sponsors. Things should TREND - I should be able to see the top 5 football related topics at any given time. It could be a player, a specific match, a competition for example the World Cup, or a more specific thing like a manager who may about to be sacked or rumoured dressing room problems at a club etc. When these topics overlap with people I am subscribed to then I would see those tweets in more detail. More neutral fans - who aren't interested my club directly but after a TV match might have taken a liking to a certain one of my players, or my tactics, or me as manager. Maybe I get smashed 5-0 after saying it would be an easy game, and people on Social Media are laughing at me? Maybe some other fans want their manager sacked, and there is a growing wave of enthusiasm about me getting the job. There could be fan clubs for specific players, for example Ibrahimovic, and follower counts for these fan clubs. Tweets from the fan clubs would always be biased towards the player. Or how about a tweet by FMScout - "FM22 must-buy wonderkids - (list of 5 players)." Celebrity fans tweeting - I'm sure some of the celebrities who play FM might allow themselves to be in the game, tweeting on their RL favourite club. Some celebrities just seem to be willing to do anything, so perhaps it would be worth finding out who Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Bacon might support. The Official FM account tweeting - For example if I win a match 1-0 having had only 1 shot compared to 20 by the opposition, then it would be a really funny 4th wall-y type humour to have a tweet come up by the official FM account, referencing my match and saying something like "Didn't someone say matches like this don't happen in real life?" Non-Football fans tweeting! - What if my young newgen Peter Peters scores a hat-trick in a World Cup final? There should be a tweet come up with something like "I guess I'm going to have to find out who the hell Peter Peters is. God I hate football." or "I never cared about football until today, Peter Peters is my new hero!" Or how about a tweet with a picture of a newgen baby with the tweet saying "Named after a true hero, we're delighted to introduce the world to our new daughter, "Peter-Peters Sarah Wilkes."" My fans - if they understand that a particular sale was made above my head, then who are they angry at? It would be funny if the board sells a popular player above your head then the fans start ranting about the board on social media. If their hatred for the board gets large enough then at some point I might see tweets from the fan club about a demonstration before the match, or a planned walkout at 60 minutes (with the stands actually emptying at this time.) Also my fans should be thinking things are going on even when they aren't, for example maybe there is an "ITK" who seems to have his finger on the pulse when it comes to inquiries and offers I make. Or maybe they could tweet something about a player following our club on social media, or be talking about an apparent photo of a player at an airport. (even better if it comes with a picture of a newgen at an airport.) All I want is to feel like there is some impact of what I do. Currently with Social Media I never have the opportunity to feel like I have actually done something (good or bad) because the reactions just sum to neutral every time. I know this is all for the features forum but you got me started, hahaha. These could all very well be terrible ideas, but at least some of this contributes a feeling of events having importance in the world. SI could probably come up with much better ideas than the above, and perhaps they already have but it would be too difficult to implement. But I think the decision to incorporate social media as it has been really should be scrutinised behind the scenes, because it's been really poorly done, in my humble opinion. It's about HOW the features are implemented. What makes people angry (and other similar things) is that once you play the game it quickly becomes obvious that a particular feature doesn't really do much. Chief Data Analyst? Sports Scientist? There is nothing to these. I was excited about the director of football because the element of not having control over the transfer policy seemed like a fun challenge. This isn't there, so the main thing that make a Dof interesting in real life isn't actually in the game. He's just yet another tool of convenience that doesn't add depth. Even if I promise to retain the Dof I don't have to use him. So when I am asked in a press conference "What do you think of X choosing to work with a Director of football," I want to say "Well it has no impact on the game. Goodbye." Tones - just so I can be told how I usually address my players and the media. Press conferences - well there is no overriding objective such as maintaining the perception of your club in the media, and the effects are way too isolated. It feels like a waste of time because it is one. Who cares if a player has a dark green 'PR' icon for a day or two? It just doesn't mean anything. As for adding something fundamental, my humble opinion would be that the first step is to stop adding things altogether until the things that are already in the game have enough depth to make them fun and compelling, and the things which have no fun and compelling development possibilities have been taken out.
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    2015-16 Minimal Expectation: Avoid Relegation The board's minimal expectation was that you avoid relegation from the English Premier Division. The board are ecstatic that you won the English Premier Division. Job Security: Untouchable 2016-17 Minimal Expectation: Top-Half Finish The board's minimal expectation is that you achieve a top-half finish in the English Premier Divison. The board are very disappointed that the team is only on course to avoid relegation this season. Job Security: Precarious Inbox (1) Board request meeting to discuss manager's future *Press Continue* Inbox (1) Claudio Ranieri sacked as manager of Leicester City
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    Is there a particular reason why the manager picture was removed from this years edition? Is it to make room for the 3D portrait? Is it a bug? I am just wondering. Regards, MrRobot
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    Hi All, Being relatively new to FM, I've been looking for some tools/ideas to help me track player development. Now, either my search-fu has failed me, or there really isn't a lot out there. I myself am more of a visual type of person, but then that only works if you remember to go and look every so often to see whats changed amongst your players attributes. Yes, a colored arrow moving up or down is nice, but it's not to detailed, And while this is a nice presntation of information: trying to use it to track one player at a time is annoying. Luckily, there's Excel. Here's what I do. First, you set up an 'Attributes' view in squad. Like this: Then under the FM menu, you're going to select "Print Screen", and save as a webpage. I have a reminder set up for the first of each month, so I save the file as 'MonthYear', ie 'May2023' Open excel, drag the recently exported html file in, and after a little editing, you will get something like this: NOTE: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE ATTRIBUTE COLUMNS IN YOUR SPREADSHEET REMAIN IN THE SAME ORDER FROM TAB TO TAB. Why yes, I did learn this the hard way. So, the above is a screenshot of my roster from May, 2021. This a screenshot of my roster from May, 2023: Take a look at the guy at the very bottom, Zeca Gomes. In May of 2021 he was a 16 year old D(L). Some tutoring and first team playing time later, he's really improved. I can tell by the amount and gradations of green, and lack of orange and red. The key to this is Conditional Formatting. First, you highlight your attribute data. I usually go a few lines more because you can add or lose players, and your roster size will always change. In my case, I go from C2:AL98 Once highlighted, you go to Home ->Conditional Formatting -> New Rule. This equation is the basis for all your formatting: =C2<(VLOOKUP($A2,'May2023'!$A$2:$AL$82,COLUMN(),0)-1) What this is saying, in laymans terms, is look at the value of the cell in C2. If the value of the cell in C2 associated with the name in A2 (on the sheet names May 2023 in the data contained within A2:AL82, and while your at it also compare all the other values in the columns associated with the name in A2 as well), minus 1, is less than the value in C2, format the cell in this color. It should look like this: You use the formatting option to choose your color/fill/font schema. The rest of the changes are just variation on the first formula. =C2<VLOOKUP($A2,'May2023'!$A$2:$AL$82,COLUMN(),0) will return results that are 1 less than the number being looked at. =C2>VLOOKUP($A2,'May2023'!$A$2:$AL$82,COLUMN(),0) will return results that are 1 more than the number being looked at. =C2>(VLOOKUP($A2,'May2023'!$A$2:$AL$82,COLUMN(),0)+1) will return results that are 2 more than the number being looked at. The only other thing I do is make sure the formulas are in the following order: So, going back to the above, if you look at Zeca Gomes, in two years his Cor, Cro, Dri, Fin, Fre and Hea have all gone up by +1, while his Lon has gone up by +2 And the nice thing is about this formatting is that if a persons name isn't found, it's not going to screw anything up. If I were to remove Zeca Gomes from my May2021 tab, in May 2023 he would have no color changes. I've found this handy in that if I am training a specific attribute, once it raises by +1 or even +2, I can immediately stop training it and move onto a different attribute. It also let me know that if after three months of training a particular attribute, if it doesn't change it probably won't, so don't waste any more time training on it. You can add as many columns to the right as you want, i'm looking at adding the training columns and a column for tutoring myself, in addition to personality. If you think this is something you can use, I've attached a basic version of the spreadsheet. Play around with it, use it, add to it if you have improvements. If you've got a method you use, by all means lets share. Thanks for looking and commenting, Jellico73 SquadAttributesTestSheets.xlsx
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    I really dont understand why you replaced this option and leave us only with the regen photo of ourselves. Bring back the option so we can put our photo instead.
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    I'm pretty sure what happens in the vast majority of peoples saves isn't whats going to happen in football, so why even play the game? A team might not get that much sponsorship money next year, a team might not sell a player for that much in January. Why is any of it possible if we don't know its going to happen? The "F" is for Football, not Future. If you're expecting a Future Management Sim you need to be looking elsewhere, I wouldn't try a game like Civ though. That game has you mastering space exploration possibly before 2050 and that's not at all realistic. It's worth remembering that all games require on your behalf a slight degree of suspension of disbelief. I don't believe that there's a vampire called Kain wandering the earth scorned by events with Raziel. I don't think some of Call of Duty's recent titles have been about wars due to start kicking off any time now. If your justification for something not being in the game is "you don't know that's going to happen" then the whole of the game needs sacking off and it needs to become a game where you wait an actual week, at 2pm or when teams are announced you get that team picked for your side, and then the FM match engine does its best to recreate the game. You just have to make sure you press the spacebar once per day to keep up with the real world.
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    No. What are you going to do if 'Hard Brexit' occurs in real life? Stop buying FM?!
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    @marcolmo: no, sorry @Bashar: Thanks, I fixed. (See changelist below) Changes to 11/03/2017 (FINAL Pack!) - New International competition: Central American & Caribbean Games (for U21) - Updating all countries in Africa and adding Egypt 2nd division. - Update France (with only French Cup rebuilding): for winners of specific competitions on updates of Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Tahiti, New-Caledonia... are qualified for the 7th round of the French Cup, like IRL! - Fix minors bugs to Taiwan and Canada - Adjustment of Georgian leagues with the 2017 teams and formats and update Georgia Cup format. - Transfer window updated for Africa...etc This is the final pack for FM17. I will not change this updates (except if a big bug is reported) and I will not do other updates! Cheers
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    No, of course not. If they were serious questions you need to grow up and get out more.
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    I've always found odd how the new direction of the game is presented as "noob-friendly", despite it having just masked/hidden the more complicated stuff, without it having either been removed or toned down in the ME. I mean: the sliders were overkill, unrealistic and relatively easy to exploit (BTW, kudos to whomever had enough desire and time to test outlandish combinations in the attempt to spot a potential game-breaking setup) but all that hasn't really been streamlined, hasn't it? The 5 Mentalities are basically the old Mentality slider being set at 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20, it's just we don't see it anymore... Same goes for all the PIs... So, while the presentation is more realistic and apparently easier to use (despite most role-definitions being rather peculiar or following ME's quirky take on actual football), there's no actual simplification of the game mechanics. Honestly I'd have no issues with that, if the in-game feedback was helpful and the tactical setup wasn't more a matter of "find out what works with this year's ME" instead of "I want my side to play like this or like that". It's not a secret some tactics have been working much better than others, and some real-life formations/styles being impossible (or almost impossible) to implement properly due to the inner workings of the ME. It's not even a matter of wanting things "spoon-fed" or a "press Continue to win the EPL with your newly promoted side and a 38-0-0 record"... As many others I don't mind struggling, but it must be a fair struggle, striving to get our "vision" to work... Possibly with constructive feedback from our AssMan and without having to work around the ME's flaws while trying to get our tactic to look vaguely like we'd imagine it.
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    No idea about Inter. All I'm saying is that in the FM ME, when a counter attack starts the AI takes over and makes your team ultra attack minded for the duration of the counter. Thus any tactical settings you define will be used when you are not counter attacking.
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    Questions about these in match Touchline Team Talks get raised now and again, and I've never seen a definitive guide about what they do. Until (hopefully!) now that is. So thanks to @Nic Madden for patiently answering my questions and help clear up some of the grey areas about what these in match Team Talks do. I'll also be putting a section into the FAQs sticky at the top of the forum about this, but thought it would help to create a thread as well. First a disclaimer (groan) - this is not a guide that is designed to tell you when and under what circumstances you should or shouldn't use each of these Touchline Team Talks. Similar to the pre-match, half time and post-match Team Talks, these in match talks can affect players moods but will be influenced by players own personalities, your personality and tone of voice used. Thus what may work for one player may not for another. It's up to us as Managers to understand our own players and use such talks accordingly. So this "guide" will merely outline what the talks are intended for and what they affect. So, with that out of the way, the first thing to understand about Touchline Team Talks is that none of them alter any tactical settings. I've seen articles written before that talk about changing team/player instructions, mentality and so on. This is not the case. Touchline Team Talks affect player morale and body language, not tactical settings. Next, these talks have a short term impact only. Use a yard stick of around 10 mins or so effect. Once all of this is understood, most Touchline Team Talks become fairly self-explanatory. I'll list each of them along with their in game description and further guidance, but will save 3 until last to discuss (and you'll see why I said "most" then): Note - it's useful to have the in match widget open that shows you player morale and body language if planning to use these Touchline Team Talks. Encourage - Offer encouragement to your players and boost their morale. Check the morale widget and try to inspire players if they look low on morale. Calm Down - Instruct your players to calm down in an effort to avoid yellow and red cards. Attempts to pacify players showing Aggressive body language. Concentrate - Remind your players to stay switched on and focused on the task at hand. Try to refocus players looking uninterested or complacent. Show Some Passion - Insist your players show some passion and put their bodies on the line for the shirt. Remind players what's on the line and there's no room for laziness. No Pressure - Encourage your players to relax in the hope that they play without fear. Players can feel the pressure of important matches or even important moments during matches. This can help them stay calm and handle the pressure better. ok last 3. I'll list them with their in game descriptions then discuss all 3 together at the bottom. Get Creative - Give your players more creative freedom in the hope they can fashion goalscoring opportunities. Tighten Up - Shift your player focus towards defending. Push Forward - Shift your players focus towards attacking. Remember - none of these (or any of the others) alter tactical settings. They appear to be more closely linked to types of pressure your players may be feeling at various stages of a match and quite contextual in relation to this. For example, are your players confident they can see out a tight match in the dying stages? Perhaps the opposite may be true and you're searching for that vital equaliser or winner with injury time looming? Is there a growing frustration when they keep bouncing off the parked bus? So whilst the "No Pressure" Touchline Talk above can help players handle general types of pressure situations, these final 3 may help players that find themselves in more specific pressure situations. In closing then, I'm sure this may generate questions but my advice would be to try things out, experiment. I said at the top this is not a guide designed to say do this under that circumstance, or something else under a different circumstance. It's all contextual and dependant on how a match is going, how your players are feeling, and their personalities.
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    Right, here's my "walking back in with my tail between my legs" post... Basically, I'll admit that I bit off way more than I could chew with this. I had grand plans with this, as you can see. What ended up starting the thread was actually a pared down version of what I wanted. My original plan was to change the world wholesale, replace every nation on Earth with something so that the real world was well and truly gone. I relented slightly, changing just two continents, thinking that was the way to go. Unfortunately once I started, I realised the way I was wanting to update was just going to be way too time-consuming. Tracking all those nations was going to take a long time, and I felt like not tracking them would've been worse. What would be the point in having created this huge world if I wasn't going to talk about it? So I was at a bit of an impasse. BUT...I talked previously about working on version 2. I won't bore you with the intricate details, but basically the way I generated all the data was a bit flaky. A 20Mb spreadsheet drove the majority of it, with sheets that sometimes even I couldn't read, and I was the one that wrote them! So I started again, trying to make the spreadsheet more like you'd enter it in the editor itself. Then changed the code that read it to be a bit cleaner and more scalable. It's not got quite as many features as previously, but it's getting there. But obviously just changing how I generate won't help, it's changing the data itself that will. So I thought smaller. It's nice to have enough nations so you can have a big international tournament, but as I've already said, it gets way too big. Instead, I'm going back to how this whole thing started when I initially started planning the world, with just North and South Azura. I'll do a full run-down of what that will entail once the database is ready, but we'll have 512 clubs across the two nations, all playing in the same league system. That means a long, long league system (14 tiers I believe) and instead of having a watching brief and updating everything that happens, I'm going to create a basement club in great detail, start them on the bottom rung, and document their rise to the top of Azuri football. Stay tuned. EDIT: Oh and all those custom teams you provided earlier, they will still be making an appearance.
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    Never said I disagreed that if possible it is wise to save the sub for later. That was not what I was disagreeing with. If you read his post again you see that there is no room for context in it. Its just using all your sub before extra time is not smart. Period. It's the sweeping generalization of his post I feel is nonsense because sometimes the game changes in a way that necessitates a change even if you want to or not. Using my example. We were well in control of the game. Tottenham didn't produce anything, but then they made a change and started getting decent chances that resulted in their equalizer. I could of course make the same changes I did without making that last sub, but that would mean that I was stuck with a slow player to perform one of the most important roles in the tactic. A role that has pace and acceleration as the most important attribute. I am very aware that I took a risk, but sometimes you have to take risks in order to gain something. The risk paid of in a way because the sub that came on ended up scoring the 2-1 goal for me. As I said going down to 10 men was not that bad. If it had stayed at 10 vs. 11 I am pretty sure that I would have won because they could not penetrate the great wall of Wolfsburg and Bonjardim was a constant threat down the left flank.
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    I find it amusing that your thread was closed for ranting, so you decide to create another to rant about something else. If you have an issue, sort it out by either contacting Herne so he can give you further clarification or if you have an issue with the moderating team, there's a Contact Us link at the bottom of the forum pages. FWIW, the tactics forum has done very well over the years to mature to a level where tactics can be discussed, instead of a forum full of juvenile nonsense and rants that doesn't benefit the OP or anyone reading it. Criticism is fine. It needs to be at least constructive though - see the forum rules. Otherwise, again, it's just pointless and helps no one. Thread closed. Follow the advice given, please.
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    I have a fully integrated, user-customized plug-in that I use. Wait. Nope. Post-It Notes. I use Post-It Notes.
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    Ask a stupid and demeaning question, get put in your place. Simple enough, and his job as a mod.
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    Here is a final result. It takes a lot of time but... it was worth imho.
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    The nation's youth rating is the big driver. I've done a lot of testing with the smaller countries using the in game editor on FM15, and in one test I pushed with San Marino youth rating up to 200, but started a save with Virtus and their starting facilities. After 10 season, I'd got Training and Youth facilities rated at 4, junior coaching 20 and Youth Rec at 3. These were obviously still higher than the other teams in the league, but even with the awful youth rec, because of the high nation youth rating set against a very low nation population (I think it's 25,000), San Marino can only produce 1 or 2 stars a year. My facilities being the best but still dire meant almost every season the 1 star came through my academy, leaving my starting 11's PA's (all from my intakes) at the below.. GK - PA 160 RB - PA 142 CB's - PA 99 and 140 LB - PA 123 RM - PA 161 CM's- PA 165 and 138 LM - PA 126 AM - PA 181 ST - PA 96 (there's a bug on FM15 where it's nigh on impossible to produce good strikers through your own intakes) I did a similar experiment in Russia due to the huge population, pushing the nations youth rating up to 200. Here, facilities made a huge difference because although there were plenty of high PA players churned out every year due to high youth rating and population, they largely went to the bigger teams with better youth rec with the odd exceptions. It was only when I got into the top division and could match their facilities I started producing the stars. Apologies for waffling, and for a shorter break down i'll put the key points below. The main driver for PA is Nation Youth Rating Population determines the number of high PA players a nation can produce annually, even with a youth rating 200. Once you have the best JC and YR in your country, no matter how many you increase them after that the PA of the intakes won't get any higher. It's a shame nation youth rating isn't more dynamic to be honest, but I've spent nearly 2 years extensively testing this, and barring a tactical miracle, the only realistic way to win the Champions League with a team from a low rated nation using only academy players is to manually edit the nation's youth rating as you improve. Even then, due to the low pop you need to get very lucky with the position spread to have enough stars in the team at once as you'll likely only have 10 high PA players as a max at any one time, and also retrain an AMC with a good stat spread to a striker as I've never seen a striker come through any player controlled academy with a PA higher than 115 in nearly 2 years of playing youth only.
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    Why should I bother or why should SI bother? I think it's relevant just because this is a thread about the Steam rating for FM17 and the associated reviews. Another user mentioned the Metacritic reviews and pointed out the ways in which they were worthless. I'm just offering another perspective in which I'm saying that actually, even if they are largely worthless for one reason or another, there is still a very clear trend towards certain points of view and frustrations, which I think are the interesting points of discussion. I'm just trying to point out that yes, there has been a wave of angry Chinese fans, and probably a lot of bitter losers reviewing the game, but that it's important not to dismiss their relevance totally because there are some good if well-laboured points buried within the vitriol. I just don't agree with the general idea that the poor user scores aren't a reflection of the quality of the game in one way or another, so I was just including parts from the most helpful reviews that might indicate issues that aren't caused by angry Chinese fans. Like you're saying, a lot of those points have been raised on here, but historically they haven't been received well (which is also an interesting recurring comment in the reviews.) I mean, suppose I were to agree with you that all that can be taken from that guy's posts is "take people's claims that they don't think the updates are worth paying for with a pinch of salt because they say the same thing every year and keep buying it and almost certainly play it a lot more than they're admitting." Then what? That just sounds like a way of ignoring that there could be anything wrong with the game. I'll happily admit to you that I've managed hundreds of hours on FM17, and that I think it's very disappointing progress in the context of the series. What would be your point here? That I've played hundreds of hours and so the game doesn't need to be improved? The guy in the review is also quite open about the fact that he will buy every version of FM that comes out, so I really don't see what you're getting at. It comes across as though you think that because he has bought the game and has played the game a lot, and will buy next year's game that that makes his complaints redundant? This is kind of why I'm quoting the reviews, because everyone should stop trying to find an excuse as to why the negative opinions given aren't important, and instead just isolate the complaint and judge it as it's own idea and see if it has merit. So maybe I should just ask you directly, outside of the context of that review I quoted, what are your opinions on some of the things I suggested were ongoing themes? Do you find the tactics hard to understand and manipulate? Do you think the FM series lacks innovation in recent years? Do you think that features get added to the game and then not updated even though they may lack depth or substance? Do you think that many of the new features have a particularly large impact on how you play the game? Do you think that your experience of playing the game and experiencing the new features matches up to the hype and promotion before the game is out? Do you ever feel as though you are paying for very little change? Would you ever consider not buying the game? The reviews are just one extra opinion, I just think that some of the points could translate into a better assessment of the weaknesses and strengths of FM, as long as people are willing to entertain the comments. They don't have any extra significance, it's just a discussion point.
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    Nowadays, review scores are pretty much useless. Professional reviews can be bought by the bigger publishers, so you can't always trust what they say in all cases. If it's a particularly niche game too, you can't always trust any score, no matter now positive or negative. In FM's case, though, I think the critic reviews are largely accurate. They've always hovered around the 7-8 out of 10 range, which is probably spot on. There's room for improvement in most areas, but to say it's terrible, as always, is hyperbole. So no issues really with critic reviews, even though they have far less impact than they used to. But that's a problem, because in today's age of entitlement and empowerment, user reviews have taken up the slack. And they've ballsed it up completely to the point where they're absolutely useless for determining ANYTHING about the game. There are good reviews - and by good, I mean balanced and actually useful, not generally positive - but they're far outweighed by absolute nonsense reviews. I pay no attention to Steam reviews (the fact you can mark how "funny" one is says it all really) but metacritic is always a brilliant place to have a weep at the state of the world. The "most helpful" review on metacritic at time of writing basically reads like an amalgamation of every tin-foil hat wearing poster who has stretched the truth on this forum. There's a few brief points in there, but most of it is just wild opinion. The next one reviews the game by saying that any criticism on these forums gets locked. Not one thing about the game itself. One said that SI should "hand the game over to someone else". I mean, what's really the point in dribbling out anything like that in a review? Basically (and Dave has just pretty much said this while I was posting) we're now in an age of entitlement and absolutes. People love to moan, and even more odd, they seem to like to actively seek out things that will upset them, just so they can say how upset they are. If I hated something as much as some of them seem to, I'd probably just move on to something else.
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    Next youth intake I may test a little more. I'm pondering more frequently whether it's possible to put together the level of players needed to win a Champions League in Luxembourg, especially with FM15's limitations (much harder to get youth feeder clubs, slower club/league improvements, etc.). Hard to identify just how much a low youth rating can be counteracted by improving club reputation, youth recruitment, and such. I finally broke down and checked Omerovic (53A)'s PA. He's the 5 star to which everyone at the club is compared, so he's a fair barometer. I was confident he had peaked so no worries about ruining any surprise development. He's 120 on the dot; the best we've produced, with one or two youth that could push that mark. That's about 10-20 less than I had guessed. I also checked Thom (50D) since he's also peaked and would give an idea what our 4 stars look like. He's exactly 100, making my estimate similarly off by 10-20. For reference, Klapp and Joubert from a decade ago were roughly 110. That's not a lot of growth in the PAs we're producing, although much our improvements have been more recent. We are producing more depth in the ~100 PA range. Is that enough to win a Champions League? I lean towards no. I think we need a starting 11 at least between 120-140 plus a little luck. Is that doable from our academy if the club rep keeps growing and the board lets us upgrade youth recruitment a couple times? I have no idea . If it does become clearly unfeasible, I'm not sure how I'd approach the rest of the save. I suppose I could tweak the youth rating to be more in line with similar leagues, I could buy players (albeit with heavy restrictions), end the save, or a number of other options I'm probably not thinking of at the moment. Suppose I'll cross that bridge if/when I get there! Cheers! Aggression and natural fitness are the biggest concerns for me. I have plenty of tutors and DCs tend to grow a lot in strength, but not much I can do if he ends up exhausted/crocked and refuses to put in a tackle. Jumping could be an issue as well if he plays at DC for us, but in that case he'd just slot in at CM(d) instead.
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    It's a symptom of the developers/company/whoeverisincharge failing to acknowledge valid criticisms from it's customers. It's come back to bite them. Also typical of the <snip> attitude on this forum for years - maybe it's an endemic attitude - of trying to silence those that do anything but evangelise the product. Anyway... been going downhill for years in my view. Not sure how you can justify producing (and expecting people to pay for) the same product yearly and showing little more than aesthetic change. Pity there isn't more competition within the genre.
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    A staff member's CA can improve over time due to various factors. CA is limited by PA. In the case of the scout his CA can improve over time up to but not exceeding his PA. When CA improves it is distributed into attribute improvements. For a scout the most crucial of these would be Judging Player Ability and Judging Player Potential. A scout with a higher attribute in either of these areas will provide more accurate reports on players, i.e. less margin of error on the star ratings and a more in-depth report sooner. Speaking specifically for scouts their CA improves over time as they gain experience. Hope that helps, Seb.
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    Deep-Lying Playmaker (Support) is not a great option for a midfield runner. Always look at the Player Instructions screen to see what the role actually does. As you can see, the DLP(S) Holds Position and Forward Runs are not available. Essentially, the DLP(S) will hold a deep, central position in midfield but the Support mentality means he will play a more positive passing game, relative to his team mates. Roaming Playmaker (Support) sounds more like what you're looking for.
  44. 2 points
    So go on then, the floor is yours. What should be added? All you've really ventured is "more options to be able to click on", which is obviously pretty vague.
  45. 2 points
    I have reported the Brazilian Cup issue to the game coders, so hopefully it will be fixed. Yes, we take care of South American competitions, although any of the others can point out if there is something wrong. By the way, thanks for your comments, many times mistakes are easier to spot from outside than from inside the research, so your comments are very useful even if those mistakes might seem obvious ones. We have a Portuguese language research forum too: https://www.fmanager.com.br/forum/43-pesquisa-oficial/
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    Really like this post, there's been a core 6/7 of us mods who linger around the tactical forums who have been pushing these very concepts since FM14. Whether it's evolution or revolution, it's a much needed step forward
  47. 2 points
    A lack of caring is not something that should ever be levelled against SI, one thing I can testify to is they care about the product. What I do not agree with is the idea of adding superficial features, these still take time & I'd much rather have the production focused on really improving what is already in the game, did the Social Media feature really add anything of note to make the FM17 media expereicne better than FM16? Personally along with the usual improvements to the ME I'd invest heavily in the exiting transfer, interaction & media systems, no new back of the box features but simply spend an entire dev cycle to improve what is already there to enhance the gameworld experience. The only area I'd be looking to bring in new ideas is the training system as it doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the game & is increasngly lookig more in tune with outdated principles & game mechanics.
  48. 2 points
    But again, it's one of those things you "find out" either by accident or with slow and tedious trial-and-error. AFAICT, nowhere in the game you're told whether the tactic you set up is used when in possession or when not in possession, which, in turns, leads to the most basic tactical misunderstanding, unbalance and then defeats and frustration. And that's only one of the many instances where the game's total lack of information is almost a gamebreaking deal. Not to mention the discrepancies between real-life football concepts, their meaning in FM-speak, and their actual implementation in FM's Match Engine... So what "we" (I, you, a casual gamer, a guy from a different cultural/football background) may thing a "Deep Lying Playmaker" should do is NOT what FM says it does, which may even be different than what it actually does in the ME! For such a complex game, FM has as little tutorial and feedback as your random mindless FPS... You're basically thrown to the wolves with pointless feedback from the AssMan, minimal information about the basics roles (which may or may not reflect what actually happens in the ME), so basically you have to figure it all yourself. Frankly, keeping on denying the lack of clarity in FM, both in terms of how the informations are presented and of how the game translates the tactical setups in the ME, is quite silly. If a game requires a player to read a BOOK worth of explainations by experts, often even based on personal opinions and anecdotal evidence, the devs should really take a step backwards and re-evaluate the whole thing. P.S. Sure, the more stramlined the game looks, the more it appeals the guys who play 5 seasons with Man City or Real, win every competition and then move on to the next game... But long-term gamers or LL managers deserve better...
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    FM already has a defensive/offensive formation mechanism, I have developed a 4-4-1-1 formation that is clearly that when defending but with the selected roles it becomes a 4-2-3-1 when attacking & a 5-4-1 that becomes a 3-2-1-3-1 in attack. What I feel needs more work are the instructions we can give the team & individual players when not in possession & during the initial stages of transition between with & without possession as I find the current system to be more focused on & responsive to instructions that cover behaviour when in possession.
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    I feel really passionately in agreement with the OP about his overall point. The two main issues being that the TC doesn't really represent how a manager would approach tactical instructions and also that the instructions are grouped together in a way that obscures their real effect and prevents the user from fully understanding what they are instructing their players to do. This makes it a much more confusing experience than it needs to be, which imo also translates into a less fun experience. The reason that I feel so strongly about this is that this has been a major concern to me for almost 4 years now. For context, the following is what I said on these forums the moment I fully understood the changes due in FM14. This is from October 13th 2013, which is before the game is out and before the demo has even been released: There are two fundamental problems with how the game is designed with regards tactics - it's not realistic and it's not easy to understand. OK I appreciate that it is an immensely difficult job to address these two factors in a way that is possible, but in my humble opinion there needs to be a total change of philosophy going forward - real life should dictate what the game is, not the other way around as currently.