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    I'm getting too old for this ****, just give me a bunch of screens to look at instead of having to sit through ~4 minutes of youtube "experts" just to watch 10 seconds of game footage
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    Disappointing. No defensive width settings, no vertical compactness settings, no extra pressing settings, no clear distinction between zonal marking and man marking. Still no extra options to tweak creative freedom. I sincerely hope that a defensive forward now will be tracking back like an attacking midfielder, to achieve vertical compactness. I was hoping that we could set out how a wide midfielder in a midfield 4 would defend (tuck in centrally, very narrow, or stay wide). Underwhelming.
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    Let's break down these videos. SI have not done something this big to the game since the tactical creator was introduced. So this counts as an evolution of the game. SI have had a long term blueprint and its beginning to show. They have added modules which allow them to further enhance the playability and give them options for the future. And I think overall its a good move. Now let me break down what I have seen thus far. Dynamics - I have to admit, this module is the one I am looking forward to the most, cos it has the potential to bust a few games wide open. And I can foresee that players who over achieve with big squads in lower league management are going to find it very hard to balance things around their low reputation. This module will have a big impact across a few other modules, and it adds another dimension to the game. This is certainly going to make it harder for me to do another Gloucester run to European domination in consecutive seasons. Hooray. Scouting - Its apparent from the video that this is an entirely new approach, will it be possible for players like me to invite 500 trialists down to join me non league club? I doubt it. Tactics - Here we get into something interesting. The first time I saw the tactical screen, my reaction was huh? I mean its the same right? The guy who wrote the script made me laugh, he mentioned that there are 2 panels, one for the squad and one for tactics, and made it sound like it was new. We have had those two panels since 2012. So that video definitely didn't get off to a good start with me. I ignored what he was saying and started staring at the screen, and then it struck me. That grid on the right which we can open up now shows us a LOT of information at a glance: Tactic Vulnerabilities Partnerships Team Instructions Tactical Familiarity Tactical Intensity There might be more, I'm sure of it, based on SI's track record for reveals. For me thats a big win. For the last few seasons, we haven't had a graphical representation of which areas of the pitch are vulnerable and what may cause it. And it seems to me like this serves to address that. A couple of new roles and enhancements to certain roles were also mentioned. And this is a good change for players and for the AI. For players it makes them use roles that I have been customising for years like the Inverted Winger and the MidRaumdeuter, both these were created after looking for the perfect mix of attributes, player instructions and team instructions. When a player like me makes these kind of roles, its a disadvantage for the AI. So allowing for more roles allows the AI to use them too, which has a knock on effect of helping them build squads. With the changes to scouting this can only be a good thing. Naturally its early days yet, but I am glad these new roles esp. the carrilero are coming, because it allows newer players the chance to use roles that they may not have otherwise thought of making for themselves. The only think I can hope for is that the AI starts using these roles more actively instead of just using mentality and shape shifts. For old school managers like me its a big shift. Thing is whenever SI decide to go for evolution, its always a testing period for some players. Some of us may not be comfortable being torn out of our comfort zones, but I reckon that regardless of how this turns out, I reckon SI have provided themselves with a solid platform for the future. Now bring out the beta so we can satiate our appetites :-)
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    Newgen faces play a big role in immersing myself in long-term saves. If done well, newgens can feel as ‘human’ - for want of a better word - as real-life players, and I can relate to them more. If done badly, the in-game universe feels like a horrible sci-fi programme where all the footballers are gradually replaced by what David Icke would call the Lizard Illuminati. The newgen faces in FM13 were great, even if they did get samey after a while. The newgen faces in FM15 and FM16 weren’t perfect, but they were steps in the right direction. In FM17, though... dear God, where do I begin? I didn’t have the devil eyes other users complained about. What I did have, though, were enormous foreheads, youth teams full of recuperating drug addicts, and players who started suffering from male pattern baldness as soon as they began secondary school. Complete hair loss in 16-year-olds? I can accept that in a world where Jonjo Shelvey exists. What truly breaks the immersion for me is seeing goodness knows how many teenagers who resemble Bobby Charlton, Alan Cork or my old school headmaster. Adding a third-party hairpack helps, but it’s not foolproof. Players can often switch between very different hairstyles, seemingly based on their morale. I’ve got one player who sometimes has a glorious 19th-century handlebar moustache and sometimes has barely any hair. Another usually has a full head of hair, but every now and then, he turns into this guy (minus the glasses, of course). As trivial as they may seem to some, the newgen faces were the only aspect of FM17 I really did not like. If this has not been improved in FM18, then it’s just another reason for me to consider skipping the latest version.
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    Just to clarify around the word 'Dynamics' that has been reported to be heard around FM18 HQ in recent weeks. Diane Namics is my Mum and the new head cook of the FM canteen she has caused quite a buzz with her new menu and would like it known she has no imput into any gameplay decisions! Master Namics
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    Thoughts as I go. - Pre-match panel is decent but nothing new. Custom skins have been doing this, and doing it better, for a while now. - Don't love the idea of prematch tactic talks. Think they'll get extremely repetitive. - Cutscenes and improved team talks are nice but again I feel people will eventually end up delegating this to the assistant/clicking through quickly. - ...and more clicking with pre-match interviews. - Refined scoreboard is fine but again, custom skins have done this for a while and made much more impressive panels. - The "analysis" displayed doesn't really tell us anything useful, pretty much just volume stats over small samples. Would have been nice to see things like xG implemented. - In-match tactics panel looks extremely cluttered and intrusive to me. - Not sold on shouts having any place in FM. - Not doubting the new graphics engine but it looks nearly identical to me. - Post-match data options and maps look nice. Not trying to be overly critical, but nothing here excites me tbh. Just refined features that are tedious/poorly implemented to begin with and improved interface options that are inferior to what the skinning community has been producing for years. Hope the actual match engine is much improved but I have my doubts considering it's hardly been mentioned.
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    I think it would be encouraging for the numerous contributors in this forum if SI were to offer some periodic feedback in terms of (for example) how many community suggestions are being considered or even how many are making it into development. This is a pretty active forum so even just a semi-regular quick update from SI along the lines of "hey thanks for all the suggestions, we currently have 25 under discussion and 3 being developed - keep them coming" would be very welcome, rather than the current stony silence.
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    There are numerous very promising new additions, however i still feel let down. Almost every single thread in the tactics subforum for the last year ended with the agreement that the defensive side of the game must be overhauled, most importantly defensive width settings and pressing options. Sometimes I wonder if someone from SI even reads these threads. Although I can see that they put a lot of effort into these new features (which are pretty good to be honest), but it's still underwhelming how the most basic problems within the tactical side of the game are still being ignored after so many time.
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    Speculation about the new features set to be included in Football Manager 2018 has been mounting since the game was announced in August. A report has now surfaced on the Football Manager YouTube channel that manages to separate the fake news from the truth with a host of inside information from the Sports Interactive studio. For the full story and an exclusive first look at some of the features going in to Football Manager 2018 watch the video below. Football Manager 2018 will be released on November 10th. Subscribe to the Football Manager YouTube channel for more feature information in the lead-up to that date.
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    For me the most boring and repetitive part of the game is Team Talks, Press Conference, Briefings and so on… and when it’s possible I always ask my assistant manager to handle it because that part is extremely boring due it stupidity and repetitiveness and the only what it does is make you to produce a ton of clicks… and for me it’s shocking to see that SI adds more of that boring stuff into the game and speaks about it as one of the main features of the game. Also, it’s ridiculous to hear when the guy in the videos says: “We moved that panel at the left side and that panel at the right and that’s why you should buy FM18” … I just can’t stop laughing every time I hear something like that… So far I’ve learnt from the videos that we should buy FM18 because: - you moved some panels from the left to the right side - you put different team talks(that everyone hate and skip) whenever you could put it - now FM supports DX11 (that should be done many years ago) but the graphics still looks almost the same And I’ve also learnt that there are no changes for the most important areas such as Tactics and the ME… all that is kind of shocking to me… It looks like the guys from SI live in some parallels universe and it’s very different from the universe where all FM fans live…
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    Does this mean we'll now have to successfully negotiate 3 click button tests without saying something wrong which would render our shiny new tactic useless? Press Conference, Pre Match Tactics talk, Team Talk? Love it when my unbeaten run comes to an end against the team bottom of the table seemingly because I showed their manager support at a press conference.
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    Looks like a reskin of what's already an overly complicated system with too many hidden knock-on effects and preset roles. Can't say I'm interested in pre-match tactical talks which will surely get tedious without providing much value. No mention of the issues of horizontal compactness when defending or CB's failing to split wide in build-up despite numerous threads giving countless examples. How about more control of pressing and counter-pressing triggers and responsibilities? Feels like the game sees less of a focus on what's happening on the pitch with every new version, unfortunately.
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    This is actually a good post to raise a Kotaku article I read a couple of days ago - Game Designer Says Developers Would Be More Candid If Gamer Culture Wasn't So Toxic Now that's more talking about the really toxic element that games like No Man's Sky received, including death threats and such hilarity. Luckily we haven't gotten to that stage, and hopefully never will, but the furore that will get kicked up makes it obvious to see why the vast majority of SI staff stay well away from the forums. It's essentially the mods - not SI employees - on here, and then Miles on twitter (who does a marvelous job with putting people in their place). It's oh so predictable how the release is going to go, particularly around everyone desperate to solve Miles' riddles. The feature video will come, and it'll contain a lot of pretty cool things. Plenty of people will say "but what about x?" and "it's terrible you haven't concentrated on y". There'll be a lot of histrionics before we've even seen a sniff of getting to play for ourselves. Then the game will come out, and we'll find hundreds more little quality of play improvements, because they're often the bits that go overlooked unfairly, and the vast majority will see it as not a revolutionary improvement over FM17, but a solid one. This forum will, on the other hand, be a carnival of idiocy with people all over the place. People will get accused of being fanboys and others will get banned for "just speaking their mind". Calls of SI rigging matches, suggesting they haven't tested the game. Questioning their capabilities as developers. The whole routine. Bottom line will be that the game will be an improvement on FM17 with some good and some bad. And the forums will be horrendous.
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    Good Moaning! Yep, the time has come again, and I can't believe we're on year 8 Most of you know how it works but we always have a few people (and even have an award for it) who are experiencing the joys of FMCU awards season for the first time. Here is last year's award thread for a taster/reminder, though the pictures are all messed up because of photobucket. The rules are as follows... you have to speak for a minute on a subject that I give you without hesitation, repet... oh hang on, wrong card. There are 9 award categories... Best FMCU Newcomer For the best.... newcomer. As in someone who hadn't posted a thread on here before this year, and you can see a people's thread starting history on their profile. There are a few out there to choose from. Best FMCU Team For your favourite side that someone has had. Best FMCU Journeyman Career For be best journeyman career, were people travel around taking charge of multiple sides. Best FMCU Poster An individual award for posting activity Best FMCU Fountain of Youth For youth only careers, which means not signing any players at all. Yes some people struggle with that concept. Best FMCU Retro Career The best career on an older version. Anything before FM17 counts. Best FMCU Thread Name This should be pretty obvious FMCU Manager of the Year Returning after a successful debut last year. Best FMCU Thread For the best thread of any type, one-club, journeyman, youth-only (which are always one-club anyway)... Rules 1. PM all votes to me. 2. You're not allowed to vote for yourself, your thread or anything from your thread. No one tries but I still check and it's worth repeating every year. 3. You can only make one vote in each category. 4. Try and vote in every category if you can. 5. Only threads started in the past year are eligible, with the exception of the 'Retro' category which can be older. Awards night will be held at 6pm on Saturday October 14th, so the voting deadline will be 7am that morning. Good luck everyone, I look forward to seeing your votes
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    I'm totally with you on this. Only interested in the match engine and tactics/training - i.e. the stuff that actually relates to football. In the last 10 years, the football world has really moved on in terms of pressing and marking schemes but SI has been stuck firmly in the past with just "zonal", "tight" or "specific man", completely ignoring recent innovations or just letting them fly right by them without really noticing. There needs to be dramatic improvement in these areas or SI risks the game being a simulation that doesn't reflect modern football, but instead a 1990's brand of EPL defending that doesn't really exist anymore, all the while trying to squeeze modern roles into an outdated defensive tactical framework that causes offenses and certain individual roles to be way too overpowered in the attacking phase. It's too easy to score goals and exploit holes in the opponents' defence and this needs major work in order to be fully addressed. So far, I haven't seen enough to pre-order so happy enough to continue my FM17 saves with Ajax & Rangers using a new 3-5-2-0 formation that I'm quite enjoying (although my offense, while great to watch, shouldn't be this good in reality). Anyway, I reckon SI are waiting for Catalonia to declare independence on Monday before announcing their next feature...😥
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    WHAT ARE TRANSITIONS? A transition is an event in a game of football, the term itself was only recently used in football over the last 15 years. The word itself means "changeover". In basketball, it's sometimes called a turnover. It's an event in a game where something significant happens, i.e, someone loses possession of the ball or you could suddenly go from defending into launching a blistering attack. It's important to understand them and learn how to identify them in a game. If you can't identify a transitional event then chances are you will not even know something is wrong in the game. PHASES IN PLAY Football typically has various phases in play and I like to break these up in conjunction with the way duties work in the game. Duties in football manager have 3 settings, Support, Defend and Attack. Each duty kicks in at various points in a transition. In order for us to line these up with the phases in a game, let's break the phases down so they work closely with duties. Defence to Midfield Transition This transition involves working the ball from your goalkeeper/defenders to your midfield players. Its typically a short transition that involves simple passes from the back to midfield. Shouts like Play out of Defence affect this transition and player instructions like the Goalkeepers passing instructions and the passing instructions of the defenders can also affect this transition. If you were to play short simple passes and tell the backline not to play risky passes, this could see the players play the ball from the back. Bear in mind though, that mentality here plays a significant role in how these passes are set up. Higher mentalities could see more direct passes from the back and lower mentalities could either see simple short passes or hoofed clearances if the defenders are under pressure. Midfield Transition - Midfield Consolidation and Midfield Penetration I like to break this phase into two parts : Consolidation and Penetration. During the consolidation phase the ball has moved from the defenders to one of the central midfielders. Now the team can go through a phases where supporting duties on the flanks start to move up to support the passing moves. Players in attacking midfield could drop deeper if they have the player trait : "Likes to drop deeper". This phase is typified by movement as players with good off the ball make themselves available for the pass. I have seen plenty of pkms from users over the years to suggest that this is the main area where people have issues with. If a team cannot consolidate possession in midfield at this point, its usually down to several factors: a. Aggressive press by opposition played with a high defensive line b. Poor attributes of the user's team showing a lack of "off the ball" attributes in key support duties c. Wrong duty selection leaving few players available for the right kind of pass. For a midfield consolidation phase to work well, we need to have players with good off the ball to make themselves available for the pass, players with decent first touch to take control of the ball. Playmakers need decent balance, composure to keep hold of the ball under pressure. And they also need to have decent decision making and passing to make the right kind of passes. This phase is so important that it's significance cannot be understated. There are factors like Shape that influence this phase. A structured shape could see players positioned slightly further apart, demanding that the ball carrier and the receivers be good at holding up the ball, making the pass and doing the run. The manager needs to focus on this phase squarely, any failure of his players to find the pass/make the pass should be studied and possible tweaks to roles and duties should be made. The Midfield Penetration phase is the point in the game where your team has consolidated its control of midfield and is now getting its support duties into attacking moves. Here you will frequently see full backs on support making attacking runs or any support duty suddenly making darting runs. Forwards will also begin testing defensive lines at this point, and its a good indication of whether they are attacking the channels between defenders and fullbacks and between defenders. The Attacking transition is usually the shortest phase typically lasting less than 12 seconds. This is the point where an attacking pass is made either to unlock the defence or a diagonal ball is played out to the flanks where a fullback is readying to cross the ball in. A good attacking transition involves the exploitation of space and is an indication of a successful midfield penetration phase. If your attacking transitions are failing, its a good bet that the problem lies in failing to drag the team around well during the penetration phase. There are other transitions in the game like the: Defence to Attack transition - e.g. Counter attack from defending a corner to attacking the AI Attack to defence transition - Going from attack to suddenly defending against the AI. BREAKING THE AI'S TRANSITIONS The goal of the user has to be creating a seamless transition through all the phases resulting in a chance at goal. Once you have achieved this, then you can begin to look at adjusting roles and duties to tweak it further to give yourself better goal scoring chances. The reverse needs to be done to the opposition, your goal has to be shutting the AI's transitions down and preventing from having a seamless one. Common strategies to use to have this done: a. Opposition instructions - Closing down and hard tackling the backline to force them to play hurried passes. This requires you to use a suitable formation. b. Overloading - By choosing the right combination of support duties and attacking duties you can overload a specific side of the pitch and use talented players to unlock the other flank with good diagonals c. Man Marking - Targeting a specific player in the opposition to reduce their influence Generally speaking, you need to understand how to identify transitions before you can even begin to understand why your tactic isn't working. I believe that if you can master this aspect of the game, then the rest actually becomes very easy. I have also attached a video where I can explain this in a short 5 minute guide.
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    Greetings from Dallas! I'd like to thank my players, my coaching staff... Seriously, thanks to all who have been following along with my thread. I've enjoyed it immensely.
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    For FM18 I'll be managing Sheffield United initially, this is until I get bored of England which doesn't normally take long. The main reason for this is I fancy something a bit different this year but have no idea who to be or where to start. So I'll start as the Blades and see what the game landscape is like after a few seasons before moving on with a new side. I'll be writing about the save and the teams I manage etc but it won't be like a seasonal update type of thing. In fact I'm hoping the series will be a cross between the Ajax stuff I did and the Art of Series, so it'll cover a wide range of things. However what I want to know from you all, is what type of stuff do you want to see written about? Obviously it'll be tactical and relates to training but what kind of articles do you want? I don't want to rehash stuff that's already been written and cover old ground, I want to write new refreshing stuff and put a spin on the usual type of articles we are used to see, to make it all different to what we've seen before. I have some ideas of my own of what I'll be doing but wondered what you'd like to see. So far some of my ideas include; Developing players for specific roles but these players wouldn't be your typical choice for the role. If you remember the article I did a few year about about turning a leftback into a striker who couldn't stop scoring then it'll be along these lines. However it'll be focused on developing a different type of player for the role. For example lets say I use a deep-lying forward, then I'll have someone who can play the role. Then I'll show the different kind of players I have for these roles. So I might have 3 different type of players, one will be your normal stereo typical deep-lying forward then I might have someone else who is more focused on being a physical type of player for the role, someone who would initially be more suited to being a DMC maybe rather than a striker. Then the other might be someone who is more poacher based rather than being physical or any type of creative player. Then I'd do another series of articles showcasing why I developed them that way but this time focus on how/why in terms of the match engine and show how they play the role differently and what happens. I find people get hung up on players not being able to play a certain role because they might not have the more traditional attributes for the role. So a series like this would allow me to show a different side of things and thinking outside of the box and showing that you can decide what attributes you need for the role rather than the role deciding what you should have. Following along the lines of the two examples above, I'd show how I use these type of players to change games from the bench and alter my style of play with a substitution rather than doing a role/PI/TI change. As people believe I change settings constantly to achieve the success I do, when the reality is, I change very little outside of substitutions. This is what wins me games and gets results, so will be good to show people this side of things. Getting to the actual tactics I'll be using, I'll be starting with a 352 or a 3232 wingbacks in game terms I think. What I'll do is focus on the link up play and show how all the roles I use fit together. While also exploring what happens if I change a role or setting and show how it changes everything. This would also allow me to show everything about the tactic and highlight how movement is made, who makes the most of it and explain exactly why it happens this way. Not enough people use the analysis tab to see how their tactic plays, this would focus on these aspects and give you a real in-depth insight into all the passing options, which players pass to who and the frequency of how it happens. I've got a lot more planned too but don't want to list everything. I do however want to hear your own thought on the types of things you'd like me to cover as well so I can make this the most in-depth resource guide ever seen. All I ask is, if you do make a suggestion please ensure its something that we haven't really seen covered before. After all the idea is to produce a new era of articles that explore the game from a different angle to what we are used to seeing
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    And this my friend is probably why FM18 will be the first ever CM/FM I don't own. It's endemic of the process in recent years. Instead of fixing the myriad annoyances such as player ratings, AI squad building, stagnant tactical choices, lack of player individuality etc We get new half arsed features. This looks just as woeful as Social Media with it's pro/con nonsense that doesn't fit together. The whole dynamic feature fills me with dread rather than excitement. Similar to your screen shot here... the example they provided of squad hierarchy was Holebas being friends with Zarate because they are similar age and nationality (3 years between them, one is German-Greek the other is Argentinian). I'm hugely sceptical of the partnership bonds as well... if two average players have a good bond are they going to perform like worldys? Does it then become more about just keeping an average squad for long period of time and managing the dynamic screen? Or will it have very little effect in the ME, rendering it fairly pointless? Will it make two world class players look like Titus Bramble until they form the bond?
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    End of Season 2048/49 We did it. We actually did it. 15 years in this godforsaken league and we're finally out of it. Now we have to make sure we stay out of it. Overall Best XI 2048/49 Best XI Jack Clelland (YP29c) Liam Watt (YP23g) - Sam Thomson (YP28a) - David Harvey (YP31a) Derek Munro (YP20a) Lewis Ross (YP24c) Ally Cunningham (YP22f) - Jim Grierson (YP30a) Scott Johnston (YP30j) - Barry Allan (YP31g) - Callum Macrae (YP28b)
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    Still gonna play 2D and use 3D for replays only. Saves time.
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    It's that time again! Here I am for the 3rd year in a row, so clearly you guys can't think of anyone better This year's awards will be held at my local pub, since I spent most of the afternoon there anyway and it was just easier that way. It also means I've managed to agree a special discount for FMCU members at the bar, which I hope I don't regret OK Claire, what's the red carpet gossip?
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    Hi guys, i love playing FM especially when it's in the future (e.g. 7-10 years from original database) where the regens/newgens are beginning to take the football world, the reason i like this type of game is because i love developing those hideous looking kids into some WC players if they have the talents needed, or in this case, sufficient Potential Ability. But somehow until FM 17, the "template" (i don't know how to call it) used to generate all the random numbers so the regens have their related attributes when they're appearing on the youth intake day so they can be perceived on their natural position, well the "template" is kinda obsolete and does not represent/recreate the original database and (it's always been like this since past FM). Here are the problems i found that need to be addressed: 1. Lack of Natural Inside Forwards (well, "lack" is a bit understated, maybe "rare" is the correct term): 9 of 10 AMR/AML regens is a Classic Winger, the right footed on the right and vice versa with their Classic Winger stats as well (RUN, CROSS, RUN) so the chance that they can be retrained to the opposite flank is not so good because they can't shoot the ball, it's better to retrain some fast strikers to Inside Forward role, i mean, most of the teams in the world no longer/rarely use the Classic Winger on their attack, we all know 2 of the GOAT right now are Inside forwards and other WC players like Hazard, Neymar, Alexis, so please do update on this AMR/AML newgens because i feel a bit annoyed if i found a WC potential AML/AMR regens who's only good at crossing and running but ***** at direct penetrating. 2. Lack of Natural Wing Backs: Still related to No. 1, because of the Classic Winger role is considered as not-so modern role, the duty of winger to cross the ball from wide is now become the usual work of the full backs (on the Wing Back role in the game), so the IF will cuts inside, then the Fullback bombs forward to provide width and anticipate to cross the ball from out wide, the problem is the full back regens generated in the game are MOSTLY a Classic Full Back, most of them have ridiculously low attributes on dribbling, crossing, quickness because they are born to be classic full back who always stays at the back and try to clear the ball, and if somehow a FB regens who have potential to be WC player then it's absolutely disappointing since they'll eventually have only fairly decent attributes of a modern wing back and will never be a great attacking full back like Marcelo or Dani Alves. 3. Lack of Central Defenders who can pass: The central defenders are no longer an ultra defensive unit in the team, right now the central defenders considered as a first line in the build up play, but in the game, it's more of the same like issue number 2, most of the CD regens is a Classic CD who have very low attributes on passing, first touch, and even lower on technique, THAT is NOT how modern defender play, they need to be all-rounded, not just tall and strong. 4. Too many player who has great potential gonna choke on big games): This is the issue that make me realize that i have to play god by using FMRTE because of the Important Matches Attributes are frustratingly low on some great regens, and this is painfully disturbing because if you have some Messi-esque regen who regularly bang goals in the league but he'll never score or have low match rating when he is playing a derby or some final stages, i get it that not all player can handle pressure of a derby day, but come on, i've seen in the FMRTE that way too many players who have potential ability above 160 only have 5-7 important match attribute, and you should know that this attributes is fixed and won't improve. 5. Too many Inconsistent but somehow talented players. 6. All Regens only have 1 natural positions. Maybe you're thinking that i'm just don't understand the basic principle of statistics, the normal curve or stuff, but when i said too many, then it's true, that "too many" is another form of "It shouldn't be too many". And go find yourself about this issues, use FMRTE or Genie Scout, i know that i'm not alone in this because i've read the few same threads on the bugs forum but never got the proper attention. Heck, even there were a guy who do statistical research on that low important matches attributes and he compared the regen on his database with the original database and find out that the "template" needs to be revamped. And yeah, i know that Training in the game can change one or two things above, but it won't help much, i assure you that. So that's all what i've found, and i get it that not every player is the same, but i just want the regens to be accurately depicts the real-life modern football, and i believe that most of the FM players doesn't want to have a team full of great players but can only do 1990-ish playing style.
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    I'll dedicate my first post to say that after following this for a number of weeks, my entire afternoon's mood relies on this.
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    Introduction Something I love about FM is the way there are many different ways to be successful, just like in real life football. For example you can mainly focus on tactics, scouting or youth development. You can tweak tactics game by game, analysing the smallest details. You can concentrate on improving your squad year on year, built around one main system. You can develop your own players from your academy, or completely ignore it and sign players rejected by other clubs. On FM16 I took Merthyr Tydfil from non-league to the Premier League. My aim was to do it playing passing football. After several seasons without progress in I settled on a short passing, very fluid 4-4-1-1 and eventually reached my goal with only minor tweaks as time went on. Going into FM17 I wanted to try something similar - but instead of passing football, a dull, defensive long ball game. I started with Edinburgh City in Scotland's League Two. I eventually abandoned that style of football after failing to make it work. Having made it to the Scottish Premier after around 9 seasons I wanted to try out the hoofball idea again and see if I could win games, in more of a test save than a serious career. The Club For this save I picked a club with history of this style of play - AFC Wimbledon. As a club in the English third tier this gave a nice balance for a test save between trying it out at the highest level - where squads aren't typically built for the style, and it may take more effort to implement, and non-league, where players are a lot less well rounded with fewer strengths and bigger weaknesses. Wimbledon were ideal with a number of hard working players and importantly, two target men in Tom Elliott and Tyrone Barnett. I signed England legend Emile Heskey to ensure we always had a target man available. I started off pre-season initially playing 4-4-2, getting a draw against Slough before 3-0 defeats to both Watford and QPR. After a break from the save I gave it another go, this time trying a 5-3-2. We went on to beat Wycombe and Oxford City 2-0, either side of a 1-1 draw with Bath. These were reasonable results so I took the same plan into competitive games. To cut a long story short we finished 3rd, narrowly missing out on 2nd before losing to Sheff Utd in the play-off final. Had I taken things a little more seriously we may have got the two extra points required for automatic promotion. However, promotion was never something I was aiming for, it was more an experiment to see if I could compete, and perhaps overachieve, while playing an ugly route one style. The Formation As explained above I settled on 5-3-2. Playing direct style one requirement of mine was to use a target man. Being an immobile role the player needs plenty of support. One way to do that is to give them a strike partner, someone quicker who can run in behind is one option - the classic big man/little man combo. One issue with 4-4-2 is the lack of numbers centrally against other formations, particularly 4-5-1 variants such as 4-2-3-1. Rather than adapt a 4-4-2 game by game I went with two MCs and a DM. A DM gives the two MCs more freedom to support the target man. Every formation leaves gaps which the opposition can potentially exploit. Playing 3 DCs and wing backs means that space is out wide, where opponents playing two wide players on each side could make it difficult for a lone wing back. However as a physical, defensive side, the idea was that our 3 CBs and DM could deal with crosses, while a bottom heavy formation would make it difficult for teams to attack through the middle. Team Instructions This can be summed up much like Cleon's section on TIs in his art of possession article. There are a number of instructions that could be selected for hoofball but use too many and the style of play will be so specific and limited that it's unlikely to be successful. I kept it fairly simple with just six, sometimes using others depending on the situation at the time within a match. Mentality - Standard The obvious thing to do here is to pick defensive or counter - sit deep and grind out results. Alternatively control or attacking would make the team push higher up the pitch, attempting to press the opposition to stop them from passing the ball out from the back. I went for standard to give a balance. Too deep and the long balls won't get high enough up the pitch. Too high and the lack of possession such a style creates will leave us vulnerable to balls over the top. Team Shape - Highly Structured Reading threads and articles on tactics sometimes people can overcomplicate this. The main reason for this choice is simple. I want to my players to focus on specific jobs. The defenders and more defensive players need to avoid taking risks. When a long ball attempt inevitably falls to the opposition, as it regularly will, this keeps them deep and in position, ready to deal with an opposition attack. Meanwhile our attacking players need to aggressively attack to support the target man or find space, especially in behind the opposition. Using a standard mentality the support players find a balance between the two. Go Route One Along with a target man a key part of the style. It doesn't mean every ball will be long and hopeful - once the ball is in the opposition half players will still link up with shorter passes. Pass Into Space With route one passing we're not going to keep possession. Whenever space opens up we want to use it. With our team shape our defensive players are less willing to take risks, this encourages them to look for passes into space, as well as the rest of the team. Hit Early Crosses Much like "go route one" and "pass into space" this encourages the team to look for the killer ball as soon as possible. Most crosses will come from our two wing backs, this help to avoid them trying to beat players with dribbling and instead get the cross into the box at the earliest opportunity. Exploit the Right/Left Flank With our formation and team shape, plus wing backs on support roles (more on that later) this makes their mentality slightly more aggressive. If we can't attack quickly through the middle I want the team to keep the ball high up the pitch and if required get it out wide before looking for a cross. Higher Tempo Going route one decreases the tempo. I increased it slightly to avoid players dwelling on the ball for too long. Take too long and a crossing or through ball opportunity could be missed. As a further note I used "get stuck in" during games rather than a standard instruction. This should naturally come from using aggressive, determined and hard working players. Using it constantly is likely to result in a lot more cards, suspensions and maybe even injuries for my own players. Player Roles and Instructions Goalkeeper - defend Keeping it simple here with three instructions to support the style - take long kicks, distribute to target man and distribute quickly. DCR and DCL - central defender stopper Two CD Stoppers. The idea being that they can press opponents but still have plenty of support around them, given the formation. I tried this initially and found no reason to change it. It may be that other duties could work better, it's not something I tried. DC - central defender defend A simple central defender on defend. I did start the season re-training Tom Soares to be a ball-playing defender, to give the team a DC that was more ambitious in starting attacks. I was winning games but didn't stick with it, though it's something to consider. DM - defensive midfielder support With three CBs I didn't want a DM standing on their toes. I also wanted the DM closer to the MCs to help win second balls. The PIs hold position, dribble less and shoot less often helps remove any temptation for the player to take an unnecessary risk. WBR and WBL - wing back support The support duty ensures they do their bit defensively. I avoided attacking duties as the PIs encourage the player to run with the ball and cross from the byline, the complete opposite of what I want to see. I added cross often, cross from deep and cross aim centre (where players are more likely to score from) to their PIs. MCR - box to box midfielder support Roam from position plus moves into channels (and shoots less often) encourages plenty of movement but the support duty stops this being too aggressive. Perfect alongside the MCL... MCL - central midfielder attack This player has the same instructions as the MCR but the attack duty means they'll get forward more often, helping to provide the target man with close support. STR - poacher attack The main goal threat in the side. I purposely avoid adding roam from positions or move into channels here to keep the poacher as close as possible to the target man. The pass into space TI balances out the fewer risky passes default PI here. Although I expect the poacher to be greedy if an obvious through ball is on he should go for it. I added close down much more to encourage the poacher to press the opposition and found no reason to remove it. STL - target man support/attack The main man. Like the poacher I added close down much more, and additionally I included shoot less often to cut down on hopeful long shots. I mainly used a support role to begin with, and later found attack could also be effective. There are arguments for both, the way to go is to probably adjust game by game if necessary, or depending on the player you have and what works best. Opposition Instructions A key part to the tactic. Basically we never tight mark wide or defensive players. We're happy for them to get the ball. Deeper players are unlikely to create or score a goal, wide players are encouraged to cross into our crowded penalty area, filled with big strong players that dominate in the air. The show onto foot instructions encourage the ball to be moved out wide. Before each game I tended to check the weaker foot of MCs, AMs and STs, sometimes adding show onto weaker foot, closing down and/or hard tackling instructions. Summary Statistics From the League One detailed season statistics after the season ended: · We won the most headers in the league. · We had the highest ratio of winning headers. · We completed the 4th most crosses. · We had the worst average possession and worst pass completion ratio. · We had the 10th best defence and scored the 6th most goals. · We won the most tackles, but only had the 19th highest tackles won ratio. · We gave away the most penalties. · Poacher Lyle Taylor was the 2nd highest league goalscorer with 26. · Target man Tom Elliot had the 3rd highest average rating and the most key passes. · Defensive midfielder Nadjim Abdou had the 10th highest average rating. A great signing from Millwall for £50k. · We had three of the top four players for highest distance covered. · We had the top four players for most mistakes, but only one player featured in the list for mistakes leading to goals. Individual games often showed the opposition put in a lot of crosses, with the majority not being completed. Long shots were more mixed, but there were a number of games in which opponents were regularly shooting from range and these rarely resulted in a goal. (match stat screenshots to be added) Pitch Size I went with the smallest possible simply to restrict the space the opposition have. We won 15 home league games, drew none and lost 8. Given our season expectations of 20th this was a success. A bigger pitch may help us score goals but is likely to make it easier for opponents to find space themselves. Improving the System If I were to continue playing, or for anyone looking to play such a style: · We took too many long shots. If players have more and better support this should be cut down. There are various ways this could be done - there is only so much the PI can do if players are left without any choice but to shoot from range. · Set pieces - I didn't make the most of these, it was definitely an area with room for improvement. · Sign a long throw specialist - fits alongside the above. · Adapting to opposition - our form dropped off in the second half of the season. Sometimes I found playing more defensive helped. After such a good start we were often favourites to win, meaning teams wouldn't leave as much space in behind, something we had been very good at taking advantage of. · It would be interesting to develop similar style that's equally succesful using a 4-4-2. A key point to remember is that you're ideally trying to consistently grind out results. Due to that the small margins in football are even more important than usual. A poor tactical choice could be the difference between a narrow win and a narrow defeat. Managers like Pulis and Allardyce don't just tell 11 powerful players to kick it long and tackle hard, they look for any advantage they can through exploiting weaknesses in opponents and finding ways to make the most of the players they have. Other Reading Various articles on long ball, Wimbledon, Tony Pulis, Sam Allardyce and Graham Taylor's style of play: http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11698/10803578/is-tony-pulis-so-called-pulisball-the-most-effective-way-for-west-brom https://www.fourfourtwo.com/us/features/hilarious-hijinks-and-hoofball-real-story-wimbledons-crazy-gang https://www.shortlist.com/entertainment/sport/the-story-of-wimbledons-crazy-gang/74137 https://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/mar/09/premier-league-football-clubs-computer-analysts-managers-data-winning https://www.fourfourtwo.com/us/performance/tactics/graham-taylor-playing-long-ball http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/news-and-comment/graham-taylor-dead-flourish-watford-aston-villa-legacy-live-longest-england-manager-a7524671.html http://www.squawka.com/news/graham-taylor-how-englands-first-great-pragmatist-influenced-football-tactics/876173
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    Don't forget the part about how we're all unpaid beta testers, doing SI's job for them.
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    I know it's still early amidst a few feature reveals, but has anyone seen or heard any evidence to suggest that FM18 will have sorted out the generated faces of regens from last year? In previous years, regens were never really a problem. However, with virtually every regen entering the game with orange eyes or a massive forehead, it just made the game unplayable in the long-run. I never understood why SI thought there was a need to meddle with the graphics for regens and then never bother to correct the issue through a patch. I've read that one of the FM community's biggest graphical contributors will stop creating various graphics for the forthcoming release if the likes of regen faces are not corrected this year. Therefore, I sincerely hope FM18 is not loaded with the same graphical rubbish for regens. I also hope we are able to upload our own personal manager photo once more and that female regens can have faces, one way or another.
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    Meh, can't say the 3D looks any better than last year tbh. I'm sure there are loads of little improvements but hardly looks any different overall. Certainly not "HUGE" changes as the presenter states and the defending in the sequence between 6:45 to 6:51 fills me with dread over any actual ME improvement . I do, however, really like the stadiums and a big plus for adding customisable cameras Doesn't appear to be any significant change to team talks, still all very scripted All the "new" stuff he seems to talk about (talking to your defenders/individuals) you can do already? Given the amount of space available, it would have been nice to have more than what is shown in the video in terms of scouting of the other team. Not sure how my opposition's weakness of conceding the 2nd most goals in the league is supposed to help me. Not sure I like the idea of a "tactics meeting" - the video shows one option to pick - what's the point in that? "Useful commentary from the pundits" - actual commentary or written on-screen? This could be interesting and if it's audio, I hope there is sufficient variety. The half time summary looks nice and appears to provide some useful info on performance. I also like the new way of making in-game tactical changes - being able to see the pitch behind the tactics icons is nice. Hopefully the AM's advice is better this year, although I note he is telling you to implement every crossing type due to winning a fair share of headers - would be nice to know where the headers are being won before implementing his advice, for example. Overall, not particularly impressed tbh. Some nice cosmetic changes but if the players regularly behave like the do in the sequence above, I'll be sticking with PES this year.
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    Every time someone asks, Miles puts another hour on the meter.
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    After some consideration from what people have said, I think I will do a standalone article (as it doesn't fit with what I'll be doing) sometime after FM18 is released that discusses the 4-2-3-1. Too many people struggle with this formation and I always get lots of requests to write about it but I find it a boring formation. However I will write about it but it'll be separate to what I've mentioned in this thread. In fact I'll kill two birds with one stone with the stand alone article, I'll discuss the 4-2-3-1 and make it about an attacking possession tactic. Best of both worlds then. No time scale on it, but it'll be not that long after FM18 is released.
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    This. Is. My finest FM moment. Pass the champagne!!!!!!
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    I think that's one of the best ideas I've ever heard. When you get a mo, raise it in the Feature Requests Forum .
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    I wouldn't really call that a tactical revamp just some new roles/instructions and some reskin. Disappointed
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    The pre-match team talks and negotiations look exciting, but they must be implemented far more effectively than the imposed bi-annual team talks in FM17. Invariably when we're on the cusp of promotion and morale is high, I'm forced to give a team talk, somehow say the wrong thing and send out a squad of morose suicidals.
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    I think we all know what we're getting by now and can pre-order with confidence. This constant pressure for new features just encourages more 'fluff' to be added to the game which equates to more mouse clicks between each fixture which is a bad thing in my opinion. The best announcement I could hear is there are no new features this year, we're just polishing what we already have. Can't see it ever happening though.....
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    They need to take brexit out all together, it is a football management sim not a political management sim, and until we know the outcome IRL it should be removed.
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    In every version of the game I'm always surprised how english based players are rated and especially overrated I just can't understand why a player like Leighton Baines has top player attributes for years in every version of the game for example Same goes for a lot of EPL ans Championship teams and players, year after year I can perfectly understand that SI core fans might be found in the Uk, but it sounds quite unfair to me regarding others top League in Europe
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    Atrocious way to announce features. Annoyed that it took so long, and even more annoyed that it was in a video so bad I simply don't want to watch it. That said, the features do sound good, especially the match engine overhaul. Of course if it wasn't for The Telegraph I wouldn't even know what the new features were... so thanks for nothing si.
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    It's almost like people want different things to other people, and SI can't cater to them all... Some people love the new stuff, some don't, and some don't care. That's forever the way things will be.
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    Atlético kept Real Madrid to a draw and we won, not comfortably but we won!! Champions!!!
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    Agreed, the game will live or die by the ME & match animations. All the announced features could be absolutely perfect out of the box but if the ME has many of the same issues that have plagued it over recent years I for one will be unhappy & if there's any hint of a persistent flaw such as the crossing issue from 16 or wide defending from 17 then all these new outside of match features could be utterly pointless. No pressure Paul.
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    I think a lot of credit has to go to the people showing interest and commenting on other people's threads as well. I mean, there are only so few post/view ratio warriors out there and, a lot of the momentum is provided through interest in the thread and the way people interact with the thread author. Personally I have threads for my own interest, but the interest makes me happy and have an even better time. I couldn't have had this much fun without the people who commented in my thread, or started other threads that I liked and commented in. Brilliant season and year. Let's have another one next time!
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    Mate, if I had one of them trying to tackle me, I'ld just give him the ball. They're terrifying.
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    This for me is how teams generally should defend. This is from Holland v Sweden this week which Holland won 2-0. Sweden have their whole team, including strikers under the ball and the whole defensive shape shifting to the area where they are needed. Just with this still image you can see that building through the middle especially with slow tempo is impossible as the attacking side is always going to be shorthanded there and by tight marking forced to try difficult passes with short passes. So more often than not teams just from this kind of situation shift the ball back to an area where losing possession is not that likely and try to find another solution. While on FM the 'compact' defensive unit more often than not looks like this. This is a capture from a random BustTheNet video and from a beginning of a highlight which leads to one of those most common FM goals that basically never could happen IRL. Strikers staying high up the pitch, wingers not shifting to the areas where they are needed in terms of defending and even the man marking being quite a bit of so and so. Defending the middle areas of the pitch have been pain to watch for years on FM and retaining possession super easy but the wide players' defensive positioning even further damaged this area.
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    Medical centre - seems a quick easy win for SI as a feature. The information was already presented to us on a player by player basis. It's nice aesthetically but fairly certain I will not get a tangible benefit from it...you have to be fairly simple minded not to know, by now, that a player just returning from a long lay off is a risk. If common sense is lacking it's presented to us via match fitness and condition already. Dynamics - a lot of positive comments here but the hierarchy and social grouping looks incredibly arbitrary. Simply a combination of age, nationality time at club and personality. The example they had already raises eyebrows... a trio of friends who are best mates because they are the same age and Greek; Zarate (30 Argentinian), Holebas (33 German born Greek), Karnezis (32 Greek). It's not inspiring ... and again seems a simple win, it was already there behind the scenes to calculate who would be unhappy when you try and sell one of your players (or ignore their demands). I'm not sure the actual interactions will change. i.e. "holebas wants more first team football" ... ignored... squad unhappy with treatment of Holebas... go to screen and it's just Karnezis and Zarate unhappy "if I play Holebas more then someone else is losing out" ... Zarate and Karnezis happy with that I was intrigued by the yellow lines connecting players on the tactic screen. If it is based on dynamics (time spent playing alongside a player... or good interaction between players) then it is good If it is something we the manager have control of (a role-partnership tactical choice such as when one of you is covering the other should be stopping [rather than having to specify one defender is cover duty the other is stopper]) then it is an excellent addition
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    I for a long time decided not to pre-order any games, due to how the gaming industry is treating gamers in general terms, with their half finish games (to be fair, this not a rant, but look how many games had so much problems on release, not to mention the exclusives stuff with DLC and Season Passes). We gamers end up paying more for gamers then a couple of years ago. I was undecided if I pre-order FM18 this year, as it goes against this decision not to pre-order games. After seeing this video, I'm yet to be convinced. I will wait for further videos, even if it means i loose the opportunity to get a discount. Probably not going to get the discount anyway since FM Editor related news is normally the last bits of features to be announced and normally is about by the game is release. I will wait for them for a decision.
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    Taking preorders without any details and now this corny video leads me to believe there are no real improvements this year, the same as the last two years. Stop wasting money on corny videos and make something useful, IE whats in the product.
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    And moving on to... Best FMCU Thread Name by Makoto Nakamura because he had so many including 4 nominations so I thought he deserved his own category (catchy title) Enter Title in the Space Provided Having a bite to eat at the Concacafe and the food tastes like Conmebollocks Ron Swanson, holding a potato. America (That was an odd one) Yer oot yer face if yer think Shetland plays fitba. They all got a single vote each, which wouldn't have been enough combined to win anyway, but since this isn't an official award I'm going for Yer oot yer face if yer think Shetland plays fitba!
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    Why calling it negativity instead of feedback? we all have the same comon desire, to improve the game experience. we are customers and we have the right to raise our concern (if we have) on the product, and by doing that, we really want SI to improve (or atleast consider improving) the areas that many others here, in this forums, and even outside raised as an issue fron previous releases. So if someone disagree with some of SI move, you "catagorize" him as a "negativity wave"?