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    I've been playing around a lot this year using the Attacking mentality to help drive a possession based game plan. Which on the face of it sounds quite weird: the Attacking mentality is a high risk strategy, so how is that conducive to a possession based approach? I've taken much inspiration from this article written by @Cleon The Art of Possession Football where he lays out much of the theory. I was actually going to make this post as a reply to that original article but, as you'll see, it started to get a bit large. I'd urge everyone to read that article first however. TL;DR It's important - critical even - to understand what Mentality does not only to the team but also to each individual player. Mentality not only sets a whole bunch of Team Instructions it also changes individual player mentalities. Take a look at my Fullback: in this first comparison I'm using the Attacking mentality with a Fullback (attack duty) at the top against a Fullback (support duty) below:- This next image is exactly the same as above except this time I've switched to the Counter mentality:- This is crucial to help managing the inherent risks involved when using Mentality and player duty. Take a moment to look at those images and understand how the same player role will behave as we vary not only Mentality but also duty. Those examples may be given for the Fullback role, but it's true of any role we pick, so if I went ahead and gave a whole bunch of players an attack duty alongside the Attacking mentality I'm going to have a whole different profile of players in my team. And that's the TL;DR bit - use player duty to help manage the risk of your chosen Mentality. Longer Version I'm not playing as a big club with superstar players. I'm in Italy playing with Monza, who start out as a tier 3 club and I've just got them promoted to Serie A. This is my formation, roles and duties: Lots of support duties with the Attacking mentality right? As I'm in Italy I want to play with 3 at the back, a Sweeper and a Regista. I also want to play with some of the new roles as it's FM18. (Note - I've been doing similar things with other clubs and other formations such as the 4-4-2 and 4-1-2-3DM using the same theory, so this is not just about a particular formation). And my first match in Serie A against Spal, who are at a similar level to Monza (actually slightly better than us): We won 5-2, scoring 4 goals from open play / through balls and one from a corner. And this is my shot profile from the game: Not exactly long range pot shots. The overall plan here is to use the inherent forward thinking profile of the Attacking mentality in combination with appropriate roles and duties to help manage the risk (ref. all those Fullback mentality bar graphs above). I stress "in combination with" because the two are intrinsically linked. It's a partnership. Now ok, I'm not going to expect such results against the Italian giants who are lurking on my not too distant horizon (lets get real), but such results are typical of my time in Serie B. This is from a Serie B match against Verona who were recently relegated from Serie A and have been fighting for promotion (so a decent side by Serie B standards). We won 2-1: Tactical Settings Team Shape - I'm going to spend as much time talking about this as I did deciding what to use. Flexible. Done. Team Instructions - I only use 2 (very occasionally a 3rd) but there is only one really important one: Retain Possession. It reduces passing length and reduces the amount of risky passes (aka through balls). Again, I'm using this to help manage the inherent risk involved when using such a high Mentality. It doesn't eliminate through balls (I score a high proportion of goals from through balls in and around the penalty area) but rather encourages players to pick and choose when to make those telling passes. Quality vs Quantity. Player Roles - picked mainly to try to provide passing options and offensive/defensive support whenever possible. eg., an Inverted Wingback to provide some width but also help boss the midfield; a Fullback on the right rather than a Wingback to provide a little more caution against the forward thinking Mezzala ahead; a roaming and dropping "striker" ahead of a runner from deep at AMC; and so on. Player Instructions - not many and primarily aimed at my two wide defenders to reduce crosses and risky passes. Pressing There can be two sides to the possession coin. Keeping hold of the ball and using it effectively is one thing, but winning possession back when it's lost is something else. And that's where pressing (closing down) comes into play: close down the opposition quickly to try to force a mistake or mis-placed pass to win the ball back. When using gradually riskier mentalities, closing down naturally increases. The Attacking mentality sets a high degree of closing down by default which can then be used to win the ball back quickly. I don't set additional pressing via the TI as I don't really want my central defenders doing more than they need to, but some additional PI settings are useful for more advanced players. At this point, the right type of player becomes important as well. Telling your players to press is one thing - them having the ability to actually do it effectively is something else entirely. They need both the mental and physical capacity to do it, so I value attributes such as Aggression, Determination, Work Rate and Stamina. I look for player attributes to compliment their instructions.
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    I'm looking at getting all league cups done by the end of the week
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    Well if this is the 'final' version of FM18 then I won't be spending any more time on it. I've tried every 'version', from the Beta to the winter update, and each time I've sadly returned to FM17. Unfortunately for SI FM17 is so slick, immersive, and beautifully smooth that FM18 looks, plays, and feels inferior to its predecessor, despite the added features. The match day experience is also a step backwards, as other users have said, with its garish graphics. It's almost as if a third party developer was told to develop an FM17-beater, but they didn't quite have the required skills set to do it. A valiant attempt, but the game doesn't quite deliver. I have been playing since the Amiga days but for the first time ever I am going back to the previous version for good. Maybe the real problem is that FM17 was such a hard act to follow?
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    You're doing this whereas the rest of us are going through our saves like
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    Personally no it isn't. I'm very disappointed with the direction this game is taking . For me it's just got to messy and it's lost its simplicity for having fun . It's really like having another job rather than chilling out and having fun . Even the 3D has got worse . They seem more intent of making new ideas for the game ,which then adds more time , rather than fixing whats broke . So much to do now days in FM18 that the game processing runs slow too even on a high spec machine . Went back to FM15 . Just a cleaner fun game . This is only my opinion of course
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    My first wife had a tendency to punch, and she'd also kick up a storm around the house. It didn't take her long to rush out of the house and seek a divorce. I finally made the right decision, exercised my vision and finished with a gal who had the composure to enjoy watching me with FM.
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    Genuine question. What issues have you logged on the bugs forum? Looking at your post history, I found these 4 UI issues which range between insignificant, solved and not followed up by yourself: An SI tester got back to you on this post, but you never replied. There's this issue, which you received feedback from SI on, and also this one which an SI tester said had been "put forward as a potential Feature Request, therefore it is still under review at the moment". There's also this one, which I believe you understand was due to your assistant handling match preparation. There was this post in the match engine bugs forum, which seems to have been a solved issue, and this post, to which you were asked to make a new dedicated thread, but which I can't seem to see was followed up by you. Now, correct me if I'm wrong (which I'm fully prepared to be), what are the myriad issues posted in the bugs forum by you which haven't been dealt with? There are many things to criticise SI for, but posts such as yours' with no constructive value and which are ill-informed and ill-judged, i.e. moaning for moaning's sake, really get on my wick.
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    I feel like I am in a good position to have a view here. I recently returned to FM, having not played for three years, with FM13 being the last version purchased. So that means I hit the 'five year' thing square on the nose. I suspect there is a bit of a sense of neural adaptation going on. It's a psychology term which means a change over time in the responsiveness of the sensory system to a constant stimulus. It's like when your wife or a close friend that you see all the time gradually puts on weight. Since you see the person everyday, it's hardly noticed. But see someone who's done the same after 6 months, and you're like whoa! Long-time players who never step aside from the game will have more difficulty seeing the changes from a broad picture perspective. They tend to bleed in to one another, particularly for games like FM that put out a new version each and every year. Having skipped FM14 through FM 17, playing FM 18 I have noticed many changes and improvements. As an example, contract and transfer negotiations have improved in a massive way since FM13. I can recall offering contracts back then and if I didn't get it right, after a second try perhaps, the agent would slam the door and want nothing further to do with negotiating. Players seemed to always want to double their wages. In FM 18 it feels a proper negotiation. We don't always find an agreement, but it 'feels' as though both sides are actually looking to do business, to get something done, to compromise, to be professional, not throw toys out the pram. A massive improvement, in my view. One of my least favorite aspects of FM has become quite the opposite. Another example is the medical center. It's brilliant, and for the first time ever in FM I feel like injuries, while not under my control, are at least something I can proactively monitor and attempt to prevent. There will always be a random aspect to injuries, and rightly so. But the medical center has gone some way to eliminating the exasperation I often felt, by giving me the tools to know when a player requires some time off, and when he is good to go. New and/or improved are data analysis, heat maps, new roles, Team Report, Dynamics, and well, I could list many more. Change is there, but it's hard to see when you're looking every day. If you could step away from FM as I did, then it is seen more clearly. You or I might debate the value or usefullness of any of these changes, but I have to disagree that it's simply not there. Then again, some players will be simply jaded, and in need of a rest
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    FM18 was released on 10/11/17, this was 103 days ago. 103*24 = 2472 hours. If you've clocked over 2000 hours in that time I'm not surprised that you're jaded.
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    Building off the back of @Jambo98's annual formation experiment, I thought it might be fun to start a series of tactical challenges. I have a few ideas lined up (and if anyone has any others, please let me know) and thought I'd kick things off fairly easily (I hope!) by setting a challenge centred around a role that seems to be very rarely used - the Poacher. The Challenge Build a (or more than one) successful system*, using a team of your choice, that includes a Poacher as your main goal scorer. The system should be based on sound footballing principles, so no 6 strikers with lots of crazy tactical settings. * By successful, you should aim to at least meet (better yet, exceed) both your start of season media prediction and your Board's expectations. And your Poacher should end the season as your top goal scorer. Before you dive in, what is a Poacher? (which is a question we should perhaps ask ourselves before picking any role). There are two things to understand. 1) The in game description + default player instructions: When I read this, I think of players such as Gary Lineker. I saw him play once against my West Ham team. We lost 3-0 and Lineker scored all 3. He did nothing all match - just little jogs around the half way line usually - but when he got into the final third he came alive, always looking to find that extra half yard of space, anticipating a cross or through ball. Absolute genius. Poachers are not team players - they're employed to score goals and nothing else, which is exactly what Lineker did that day. They just want the ball fed to them in a dangerous area. They're at the top of the pyramid - the rest of the team is there to give them the ball. In modern football they're a bit of a dying breed (if not already extinct) as modern tactics tend to demand more of strikers. You wouldn't label Cavani as an out and out Poacher for example. Sure he may act like a Poacher on occasion but that's not the same thing. 2) The type of player: So which attributes may make a good Poacher? Remember that different players with differing sets of attributes will play the same role in a different way. But here we're looking for something specific - a Poacher. Below I'll link the attributes from two different strikers, both with the same Current Ability (CA). Who would you pick as a Poacher and (importantly) why? I'll include my own thoughts below in a spoiler tab. (BTW the highlighted attributes are not what the game highlights for a Poacher, so ignore). So there's the challenge, hopefully you'll find it enjoyable. I already have a couple of systems in mind which I'll discuss later, in the mean time I hope you have some fun with what can be an incredible addition to your team's line up.
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    If you have FM17 just forget about FM18. Terrible UI and everything else is inferior than FM17. The match engine was actually a little better than FM17 in 18.1 but somehow they managed to made it worse since 18.2+ patch. FM17 is pretty good they should have improve an already good version but instead of focusing on fixing what's not right in FM17 they decided to mess with the UI and keep adding more useless features while introducing more bugs and quirks.
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    Testing ongoing thanks to a couple of subscribers, no problems so far so looking at a release at some point tomorrow!!
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    As you may have guessed, this save has come to an end. 16 months after it began, I've hit the wall. My heart isn't in it. And, of the six remaining sides, I'm really only interested in managing 2 of them (Zulte and Sociedad). This has already lasted far, far longer than I ever would have expected. It is time to go out at a point of my choosing, not linger on until frustration means I simply walk away without closing it properly. For those of you who've been with me since the beginning...you deserve a medal and likely should get your heads examined. Goodness knows there's enough insanity in here to have me civilly committed as a danger to myself and others. All kidding aside, I hope that you've enjoyed this as much as I have. I would not have enjoyed this save without the support and camaraderie of this community. Thank you for helping me continue to love this game. I've played this game for longer than I care to admit, with more saves under my belt that I could begin to count. However, this save has been -- hands down -- my favorite, for too many reasons to even begin counting. There are too many fond moments and memories to even begin listing them off, so I won't bother trying. The low points? Being sacked by Leverkusen and DR Congo...I'll never forgive President Dube. Or the Dikgang. I haven't got a clue where to begin another save, as the scope and duration of this one has been beyond even my wildest dreams back in November 2016. A little break is necessary, but Zulte is undoubtedly going to be calling to me sooner rather than later... So, without further ado, here are the final iterations of the trackers along with the retirement pages for both Hakan and Gunnar.
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    Dan, there is no need to justify yourself! Yes, we're all eager for your file and we're hopint that you'll get it working, but you don't have to act under constraint. Sometimes other things in life are more important und sometimes you aren't interested in FM-things
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    I remember playing some manager games years ago that some management aspects I quite enjoyed, be it setting the ticket prices, building the stadium, selecting the sponsors etc. It can be fun done in the right way. I even remember in Ultimate Soccer Manager way back when you could offer bungs to referees! However saying that, we've always been quite clear in terms of the direction of Football Manager and type of game it is. We see Football Manager as a simulation, therefore those types of thing aren't in our game. They're not within the manager's remit so it's not a realistic part of the simulation. For the full fat Football Manager I wouldn't expect to ever see these types of things implemented.
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    I've been busy with other things recently but the file will be released in the next week.
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    Brilliant idea. In fact, let's take it further... Dirk Gently's Football Manager at the End of the Universe. Where the game is played on the edge of a black hole and time dilation means your 17-year-old reaches full PA the day after you sign him, and because of quantum tunneling, the ball is in the back of the net before it leaves the striker's foot, and gravitational lensing means their defenders take an infinite amount of time to get back into position. Of course, some will still complain that the ME doesn't accurately recreate Proxima Centauri United's style of gegenpressing.
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    And what about 3 striker formations? Anything being changed about that? I feel like SI should just make complete patch notes instead of this. Patch notes are exciting not something that you should just get overwith. Other games that make updates every month has 20 times the amount of patch notes of this. And we waited for so long on this patch.
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    Well some of the best coaches in the game, absorbed different theories and then tried these out over the course of their careers to find out their perfect recipe. I am not suggesting that this should be some random exercise of hitting the right role/duty/shape/PI sugar and butter combination. Instead at some level, to become an overachiever at this game, you should have spent some time finding out the more elusive things, that the game should reward you for being creative at combining different kinds of ideas into the game. To do that, the game should: 1. Make documentation easier, ie. user more accurate terms to reflect intricacies inherent in the game. For example, Counter mentality does not equal counter attacking play 2. That shape and its relationship to decision making should be explained a bit more clearly 3. That there should be some kind of visual indication or clue in the game what your defensive and offensive "shape" of your team should be through the 3 main transitions of the game. ( This is probably the hardest, because its still relative to the formation you play against) 4. Make it easier for users to select different kinds of pressing triggers. Or perhaps introduce, pressing triggers, including the false press. 5. Continue to improve physics engine, and along with that include more animations that reflect frustrations by players when they don't pull off something well, and to have other animations including jostling, harrying, tugging, loss of balance etc. 6. Improve the in game match commentary to include, jostling, harrying tugging, poor control etc.
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    Version 1.2 screenshots. Compatible with 18.3.0 Some bug fixes, additional graphic features (animated container in home screen which switches between the kits and team logo/fixture details), animated container in news overview (switching between news highlights), updated post match screen, line-ups panel, alternative intro screen (source: FMNation.net) and match review screen and lots of other graphic changes. Choice between kits or player faces: Classic 2016-2017 tactics screen (as alternative in version 1.2): Alternative scoreboard (credits to FM Nation) adjusted and enlarged to fit in the Champions League skin, showing the logo selected in the top right corner
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    Well, this was quite simply the greatest career I've seen on this forum. 115 pages (**** ), an absurd amount of top level trophies with an absurd number of teams, insane tactics, an interesting surreal feel to world football with crazy teams on top of it, and an insane narrative that inspired lots of us. The crazy goal of "finishing" the challenge might stay unfulfilled, but it was absolutely mental to come this close in the first place, and it's completely understandable that at some point all of this would wear you down. Well done sir. It was all a bit of a fraud of a career but we just about coped with reading it. I think. The psychological damages committed on the readers are of yet not fully understood, as there's a severe lack of scientific studies on it.
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    Agreed with the above posts The game has regressed badly and the match engine has no resemblence to real football with the same highlights over and over again, AI is dumb and repetitive, UI is unnecessarily clunky and ugly. Very difficult to follow the in game news and subscribe through mailbox. The team talk,press and twitter features are the same for years now.
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    Hi guys. This is the first FM I play, having bought it because my friends recomended it, but so far it has been far from a pleasant experience. Plain and simple, FM is incredibly overwelming. Not because of the countless menus, various managerial chores in-between matches or even the concept of football itself. 1. Massive amount of information that is fed to me and how little use most of it has for me. I've read that the game's explanation on mentalities and shape, which seems to be one of the biggest deals here, is pretty vague, to say the least. I couldn't get the grasp of 'shape' in game, so I tried to read about it online, but with so many opinions from so many people, I can't get a simple ideia of what it is, how can I apply it to my team, advantages and disavantages. That is just one example. 2. Assistant feedback and analyst reports. Starting with assistant reports, do they actually have any use? Most feedback I have from them, when employed, is of very little use when employed. So is it down to bad feedback, not enough tactical knowledge or no point in using his advice at all? As for analyst reports, same as point 1. Huge amount of information fed to me but no help in how to use it and what to use. Match analysis gives so much information that would make a real life manager's delight, but with me not beeing one, how can I translate all of that information to a working plan for current and future matches? What do I use? When? Why? Pre-game tutorials would help, as the game looks like it doesn't take in consideration new players, instead made almost exclusively for an estabilished player base. 3. AI defending. I thought I should start at first with a top European team to try to get my basics right, before moving to more challenging leagues. I can't help to notice, when playing bottom table teams, how often they can hold me off. Most of the teams that pulled off a draw or a narrow win against me playing a defensive had the same thing in common: lower morale than my team, lower mentals and lower physical attributes. And yet they pull of a perfect defensive game against me during 90 minutes, restricting me to watch an almost the entire game without a key situation, with the already usual 1vs1 misses against the opposition goalie. I can accept the casual game where it happens, just not how often it does happen. I'm Portuguese, I'm used to watch a league where more than half the teams sit back against Benfica, Porto and Sporting Lisbon, but they usually break, a lot more often than it's depicted in FM, either because of bookings/penalties (for trying to keep them at bay), not enough defensive/concentration capability despite their numbers or exhaustion. Again, lack of information or accurate feedback from the game on how to deal with situations like this, because on forums everyone has a diferent opinion, it's hard to come up with a simple solution for it. So, as far as I'm aware, AI defending against the human player is overpowered. 4. Scouting and medical centre. I've read some poor reviews on FM18's scouting system, some good, but this beeing my first FM game, with no previous versions to compare it to, I have to say it looks a lot more complicated than it needs to be. What's the diference between the analyst's and scout's report? Why are players rated from a 0-100 system and a star system? What's the diference between them? Why can't I select more than 50 players to scout in one go? I get that scouting more players mean more time to get all of their reports, but why make it such a chore selecting 50 at a time? Especially when the player list glitches the all time. Medical centre is one another example from point 1. Loads of information but little to no use in it, at least not the way it is presented. 5. Media and player interaction. I have a couple of months of FM on me already and I've already found them repetitive after a week. So naturally I was shocked to know that most of these interactions have been around for years, word per word. 6.Player Ratings. As for what I've seen, player rating only goes high if they score/assist a goal or if a team his smashing another so bad that everyone gets a 8+ rating, including the goalie even if he's nothing more than a espectator the whole game. It's rare to see a 7+ rating on strikers who haven't scored/assisted (but contributed well to other areas), midfielders that kept the middle of the pitch tidy (either from completed pass %, take-ons or tackles/interceptions) or defenders with a dominant display in defence (clearances/headers/tackles) if a team draws or narrowly wins a game (or even loses). This detail doen't look like FM's strongest suit, but I would like in the future to see them reflect real life man-of-match performances. Sorry for the long post.
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    That depends, how's her reflexes and handling?
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    Since I discovered FM (or CM as was) I've seen off two wives. The third one has stuck around for 10 years. She loves FM because it means I don't get out to see other women and we save a fortune on booze I don't consume. She also earns more than me and wants me to take early retirement so I have more time for the game. Think you'd call that a keeper!!
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    With only 3 central defender positions available, unfortunately this is not currently possible in the Tactics Creator.
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    REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE-STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Hello, friend. I am Dr. Božidar Bodrožić , the cousin of sWedish Astronaut, Air Force Major Gunnar Vikander. He was the first Swedish man to go space when he made a secret flight to Moon station in 2079. He was on on Panathinaikos team that win everywhere. But President Dube and His Dikgnag stranded Gunnar in Kinshasa, many days before go Madrid now. He is in good humor, but wants to come home to Valencia with his Božidar. In the 23-years since he has leave Valencia, he has accumulated flight pay and interest amounting to almost $ 35,000,000 American Dollars. This is held in a trust at the Belgrade National Savings and Trust Association. If we can obtain access to this money, we can place a down payment with the Serbian International Space Authorities for a flight to bring him back to his Božidar. I am told this will cost $ 3,000,000 American Dollers. In order to access the this trust fund we need your assistance. Consequently, my colleagues and I are willing to transfer the total amount to your account for subsequent disbursement, since we as civil servants are prohibited by the Code of Conduct Bureau (Civil Service Laws) from opening and/ or operating foreign account in our name. Needless to say, the trust reposed on you at this juncture is enormous, like bear mounting tiny stick over stream. In return, we have agreed to offer you 20 percent of the transferred sum, while 10 percent shall be set aside for incidental expenses (internal and external) between the parties in the course of the transaction, including much alcoholing. You will be mandated to remit the balance 70 percent to other accounts in due course. Please signal your "yes" by respond immediate. Sincerely, Capt. Božidar Bodrožić
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    in the player search my customised view keeps on disappearing. unbelievable that this is still an issue as it was fixed in 18.2. seriously SI, this game on all aspects has gone backwards. SI has becomes the new EA. i think the times has come to stop buying this game it seems the developers seem to have lost their passion for FM.
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    Given the nickname refers to something that happened in the 17th century and both places can claim links it's irrelevant which football club happened to be first so this pointless argument in this thread ends here.
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    Having now clocked over 2000 hours, Im finally stopping playing FM18 and maybe FM for the next 3 to 4 years! I appreciate all the time and effort put into the game but we have been sold the same game for the past 5 years or so without any radical changes to gameplay... Defenders are still unresponsive to defensive tactics, Attackers are just playing their own game by the goal post and let's not mention keepers! ... That sense of satisfaction is lost for me and i don't expect FM to get any radical immprovements for the next to 3 to 4 years!
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    2026/27 UEFA Champions League Final 29 May 2027 2000hrs, Camp Nou, Barcelona RKC Waalwijk 3 - 1 Real Madrid C.F UNBELIEVABLE!! OH MY GOD!!!
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    I think, if I'm correct, I only have 1 more league to create.
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    I always thought it'd be a relatively pain-free and excellent feature edition, if you could map where the clubs are (basically along these lines): I say painless, because every club has a city associated with it: and because the location data of all these cities is already in the game: Surely it'd add a level of immersion to know where your team is? Especially when managing in unfamiliar countries. Do you have the big city squad or one out in the Hinterlands? Where are your rivals relative to you? So on and so forth.
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    UPDATE: So I've got the league functioning as it should, albeit MLS with 24 teams. I also have a 40-team USL, 6-team NASL, the NCAA, the USSDA all operating as closely as possible to real life. I have even sorted out the PDL and the NPSL. I solved the issue I had last year with the conference names for the NPSL, and it was so easy I can't believe I didn't just do it last year. I'm testing now, and also cleaning up the database (adding 2016 history, deleting failed database changes, etc). So it should be ready for a release tomorrow. It will likely take a few more days on the logos and kits.
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    Don't be fooled by the graphics, statistically this is only a missed shot
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    Derby fans been giving this poor lad some **** post the Swansea match:
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    Play the demo, decide for yourself. You'll get a far better idea than anyone on here could give you.
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    Whenever I think I'm doing well on my save, I come here to remind myself that I'm a mere mortal
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    I'm now removing posts to avoid the thread being derailed further. But that's tedious and it's far easier to simply remove the poster instead if there's any more nonsense. If you want to engage constructively in a discussion you're welcome to. If you want to act like a prat you'll be treated like one.
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    As mentioned in the OP and quoted here, this isn't about the formation. However you seem to have a problem with the 5-3-2 formation and this one in particular, perhaps if you explained your issues better rather than just saying it's a mess I could help clarify things for you? Please also remember we've talked about your posting style before - constructive discussion and criticism is always welcomed, sarcasm and nonsense is just silly and gives people a poor impression of you.
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    FIFA manager never had a match engine even close to FM. Can't even begin to compare the two on that front. All impressive shine, which you'd expect from EA, but no real substance.
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    I don't understand people like this. Simply play the demo before buying the game. If you then go ahead to buy the game, you've made YOUR decision and should stick with whatever consequences might be on the offing. It really doesn't get much simpler than that. I've not bought the game since FM 2014, as I still have a long-going save going (and to a lesser extent, I feel the FM 14 version is the most balanced of the ME's and Player interactions). And guess what, after what, is it 5 years? I'm happy as a bunny (:
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    Major League Soccer with Inter Miami included: USL expanded to include all incoming clubs: Like Fresno FC: Play as Duke in the Atlantic Coast Conference: ...and qualify for the NCAA tournament without even winning your conference: ...and win the National Championship in the College Cup: Watch a player go from his development days at a USSDA Academy like Juventus Sports Club in California to Clemson: Want to play as your local semi-pro team? The PDL and NPSL are included: LEVELS: Major League Soccer United Soccer League North American Soccer League NCAA College Soccer US Soccer Development Academy Premier Development League National Premier Soccer League ALSO INCLUDED: Lamar Hunt US Open Cup (with all professional teams both default and created included) US Exhibition Tournaments DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6drm7a224k712do/USA_Expansion.fmf Logos/Kits Coming Soon! FUTURE PLANS: I hope to expand to the UPSL and other amatuer leagues. I already have many of the clubs and divisions created in the database. I want to play a few seasons and see how the NPSL and PDL before adding them, however. I also want to include the new cup between the MLS and Liga MX winners. DISCLAIMER: I cannot guarantee this file will work with any other custom databases. I imagine that there will be complications with any database that includes other newly created clubs and competitions. File is open source, you are welcome to modify and redistribute as you wish.
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    Yes, it's that time of year again. After a busy and eventful last few months of my life I have decided to keep myself busy and do this massive database again, maybe with added leagues... these will be listed below with NEW next to them when I get around to adding them Playable leagues so far will be: Level 1 Premier League Level 2 Championship Level 3 League 1 Level 4 League 2 Level 5 Conference Premier Level 6 Conference North Conference South Level 7 Isthmian Premier Southern Premier Northern Premier Level 8 Isthmian Division 1 North Isthmian Division 1 South Southern League Division 1 East Southern League Division 1 West Northern Premier Division 1 North Northern Premier Division 1 South Level 9 Combined Counties League Premier Eastern Counties League Premier Essex Senior League Hellenic League Premier Midland Football League Premier Northern Counties East League Premier Northern League Division One North West Counties League Premier Southern Counties East League Spartan South Midlands League Premier Southern Combination League Premier Division Southern Counties East League Premier United Counties League Premier Wessex League Premier Western League Premier Level 10 Combined Counties League Division One Eastern Counties League Division One East Midlands Counties League Hellenic League Division One East Hellenic League Division One West Midland Football League Division One Northern Counties East League Division One Northern League Division Two North West Counties League Division One South West Peninsula League Premier Division Spartan South Midlands League Division One Southern Combination League Division One Southern Counties East League Division One United Counties League Division One Wessex League Division One Western League Division One West Midlands (Regional) League Premier Division Level 11 Anglian Combination Premier Division Essex Olympian Football League Kent County Football League Premier Division Hampshire Premier League Premier Division Humber Premier League Premier Division Liverpool County Premier League Premier Division Southern Combination League Division Two South West Peninsula League Division One East South West Peninsula League Division One West Surrey Elite Intermediate Football League West Cheshire League Division One Middlesex County Football League Premier Division Manchester Football League Premier Division Leicestershire Senior League Premier Division Cheshire Football League Premier Division West Lancashire Football League Premier Division Northern Football Alliance Premier Division Wearside Football League Midland Football League Division Two Gloucestershire County Football League Bedfordshire County Football League Premier Division Essex & Suffolk Border Football League Premier Division Dorset Premier League Wiltshire Football League *NEW* Lincolnshire Football League *NEW* Nottinghamshire Senior League Premier Division *NEW* Somerset County League Premier Division *NEW* Peterborough & District Football League Premier Division *NEW* Level 12 Mid-Sussex League Premier Division Brighton, Worthing & District Football League Premier Division West Sussex Football League Premier Division East Sussex Football League Premier Division Hampshire Premier League Division One Surrey County Intermediate League (Western) Premier Surrey South Eastern Combination Intermediate Division One Anglian Combination Division One Liverpool County Premier League Division One Middlesex County Football League Division One (Central & East) Middlesex County Football League Division One (West) Manchester Football League Division One Leicestershire Senior League Championship Cheshire Football League Division One West Lancashire Football League First Division Northern Football Alliance First Division Midland Football League Division Three Gloucestershire Northern Senior League Division One Bedfordshire County Football League Division One Essex & Suffolk Border Football League Division One Dorset Football League Senior Division Portsmouth Saturday Football League Premier Division Kent County Football League Division One Central & East Kent County Football League Division One West Devon & Exeter League Premier Division *NEW* Bristol Combination League Premier Division *NEW* Plymouth & West Devon League Premier Division *NEW* Cornwall Combination League *NEW* East Cornwall League Premier Division *NEW* Nottinghamshire Senior League Division One *NEW* Somerset County League Division One East *NEW* Somerset County League Division One West *NEW* Level 13 Mid-Sussex League Championship Brighton, Worthing & District League Division One West Sussex Football League Championship North West Sussex Football League Championship South East Sussex Football League Division One Surrey County Intermediate League (Western) Division One Surrey South Eastern Combination Intermediate Division Two Liverpool County Premier League Division Two Middlesex County Football League Division Two Cheshire Football League Division Two West Lancashire Football League Second Division Northern Football Alliance Second Division Gloucestershire Northern Senior League Division Two Dorset Football League Division One North Leicestershire League Premier Division Portsmouth Saturday Football League Division One Kent County Football League Division Two Central & East Kent County Football League Division Two West Devon & Exeter League Division One *NEW* Bristol Combination League Premier One *NEW* Plymouth & West Devon League Division One *NEW* Trelawny League Premier Division *NEW* East Cornwall League Division One *NEW* Nottinghamshire Senior League Division Two *NEW* Somerset County League Division Two *NEW* Southampton Saturday League Premier Division *NEW* Level 14 Mid-Sussex League Division One Brighton, Worthing & District League Division Two West Sussex Football League Division Two North West Sussex Football League Division Two South East Sussex Football League Division Two Surrey South Eastern Combination Junior Division One Middlesex County Football League Combination North Leicestershire League Division One Kent County Football League Division Three Central & East Kent County Football League Division Three West Devon & Exeter League Division Two *NEW* Plymouth & West Devon League Division Two *NEW* Trelawny League Division One *NEW* Duchy League Premier Division *NEW* Southampton Saturday League Senior Division One *NEW* Bristol & District League Senior Division *NEW* Level 15 Mid-Sussex League Division Two East Sussex Football League Division Three West Sussex Football League Division Three North West Sussex Football League Division Three South Surrey South Eastern Combination Junior Division Two North Leicestershire League Division Two Devon & Exeter League Division Three *NEW* Plymouth & West Devon League Division Three *NEW* Trelawny League Division Two *NEW* Duchy League Division One *NEW* Southampton Saturday League Junior Division One *NEW* Bristol & District League Division One *NEW* Level 16 Mid-Sussex League Division Three East Sussex Football League Division Four West Sussex Football League Division Four North West Sussex Football League Division Four South Surrey South Eastern Combination Junior Division Three Devon & Exeter League Division Four *NEW* Trelawny League Division Three *NEW* Duchy League Division Two *NEW* Level 17 Mid-Sussex League Division Four East Sussex Football League Division Five West Sussex Football League Division Five North West Sussex Football League Division Five South Surrey South Eastern Combination Junior Division Four Devon & Exeter League Division Five *NEW* Duchy League Division Three *NEW* Level 18 Mid-Sussex League Division Five Surrey South Eastern Combination Junior Division Five *NEW* Devon & Exeter League Division Six *NEW* Isles of Scilly Football League *NEW* (Not part of the Pyramid) Level 19 Mid-Sussex League Division Six Devon & Exeter League Division Seven *NEW* Level 20 Mid-Sussex League Division Seven Level 21 Mid-Sussex League Division Eight Level 22 Mid-Sussex League Division Nine LINKS: REUPLOADING SOON
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    Dortmund I'd been considering some teams to start this challenge with. West Ham was my initial thought (that's Hernandez pictured on the left in the screenshot in the OP) but as a West Ham fan I tend to play them to death. Genoa was also a contender due to Lapadula who I found made a great Poacher for my FM17 West Ham save. But I've been playing extensively with Monza recently so need a break from Italy and also low league football. As @NabsKebabs mentions above, I also don't like playing with the winter update database, so I'm starting with Dortmund and Aubameyang. Initial Set Up I'm not reinventing the wheel. I'll adapt my 4-4-2 I wrote about in FM16 and used again in FM17 for FM18, and will probably also use my 4-2-3-1 (with tweaks) I used in FM17. The 4-4-2: As Dortmund, I have no chance to go with a big man / little man "classic" combination, so I'm going with the Poacher / Creator combo. I need to feed my Poacher and to do that I'm mainly looking for through balls and crosses. Through balls will come (hopefully) primarily from my #10, crosses from the wings. I want variety in my team in order to be able to do this, so my wide players have different instructions and - this is a great thing about Dortmund - I have different types of players who can cover the same positions. In my 4-2-3-1 for example (I'll link that later) I may tend to start with Yarmolenko as an IF, but I can easily swap him for, say, Pulisic and even change the role to Winger at the same time. Options and variety. And Bayern found out the hard way not to try mind games in their pre-match press conference: Bit of a freak result, but if you play with a high defensive line against PEA (as Bayern did) you get punished. 3 of PEA's goals came from through balls made from near the half way line for him to run on to; one was a near post header from a short Yarmolenko cross; and the fifth was a diagonal ball from the corner of the area. This is one of the through balls showing Bayern's high line: Gotze makes the through ball for PEA to run to behind the Bayern line. And this is one of the great things I like about the Poacher role - it's ability to run the line of the last defenders - to sit on their shoulder waiting to dart in behind (Anticipation, Off the Ball, Acceleration) always on the lookout for the opportunity. Gotze ended the match with 4 key passes, 3 chances created and 2 assists. BTW, I found the highlights of Lineker's hattrick against us on YouTube. I was standing behind and to the right of the goal (left as you watch the clip) and was watching Lineker's movement for that first goal. Before the ball got to him I knew it was a goal - his Anticipation of where the ball would be delivered and his movement in the box to find the space was incredible. He left his marker for dead. Anyway, this is the shot analysis (Dortmund on the right and just one shot from inside the area for Bayern): And this is just PEA's shots. He had 11, all of which were on target and just one from outside the box. Most were him latching onto the end of through balls, either similar to the one from Gotze I posted above or shorter ones from in and around the area. Exactly what I expect from a well fed Poacher: Overall then 5 goals for my Poacher is a fantastic start, but a long way to go yet.
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    ME changes are like female orgasm. You'll never know.
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    Just the fact that there are tons of pages written about concepts that never existed in football, only in FM, is really saddening. How much better the game could be if all this energy was used to actually talk about football and how to translate that to FM? These things should be kept under the hood and never see the light. The player doesn't need to know how to translate football into FM. The player needs to learn about how football works and the game needs to provide the way to translate that into the ME without the player knowing anything about shape/mentality. Shape in football doesn't mean anything close to what it means in the game. The trouble with the game has always been translating the football knowledge into the game as you don't play football in FM but FM itself. true. However, it isn't so straightforward. The way the offensive phase works atm, it could never cope with proper defensive phase. A proper defensive organization needs to be developed simultaneously with a proper offensive organization. @tacticsdude has a point in that respect. Barca doesn't play anything like themselves. That is one of the goals of FM. Without it, you just play against a generic AI and aren't really a part of football world. The other side of the coin is, does SI really need to address this? The game makes as much money as always, as far as I know, so to the majority of players that isn't an issue. I bet Mourinho wouldn't where to start if he had to set up his tactics. Some things are completely disconnected from football lingo, others give ambiguous descriptions, the TC lacks the basics of football (offensive/defensive phases) I bet it would be a nightmare. However, what I and many others frequently forget, this isn't a game for football managers. It is meant for those two brothers who support ****** team that never wins anything so they can take their team and put it where it rightfully belongs. On the other hand, if that is really true, I wonder why did SI ever try to expand it with the complexity of the TC? At some point, they decided to (tactics wise) create something that resembles the real thing. This, in the end, frustrates people like tacticsdude and myself as the game teases you with an attempt to be something it simply isn't. It isn't a sound simulator of football tactics. @themadsheep2001 Saying they don't know enough to create Guardiola is still insulting it is clear Man City in FM doesn't play as Man City, why would it be insulting to say so? The question isn't does the SI know how Man City plays, but do they know how to transfer it in the game. The answer is obviously "no". Not at this moment, hopefully they get it done.