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    Hi DamianJMcGrath I know you don't want this to drag on much longer but I followed your thread on this topic in GD with interest (though other people already said a lot of what I would have) and feel I should finally chip in on this. Presumably you now understand that you can't just go into people's career threads and challenge them in the manner you've been doing. You may not like how other people play the game but that's their choice to make and it's not your place to judge them for it. Some people on here instant result or holiday through matches and that's something I'd never consider doing as I wouldn't feel I'd be experiencing the game in a way I'd find fulfilling but I can still respect that other people do it without attacking or questioning them. It doesn't help that this has always been a friendly and harmonious part of the forums, where even people who sometimes get caught up in controversy on other forums are able to avoid getting involved in any trouble, so that made your approach particularly out of place. You may have not intended to rock the boat as much as you did, but some of your comments were never going to be taken any other way, especially as career threads are in many ways someone's personal artistic space (well that's how I see it anyway) and not to be violated in such a manner. I'm usually a very mild-mannered person but I wouldn't have reacted well if you'd posted such things on my thread, that's for sure. You also seem to take an irrational 'all crimes are equal' approach to any violation of what you see as the 'proper' way of playing the game. Last autumn we had someone on here who edited the hell out of the database for his Liverpool save, clearly boosting Salah in particular, trying to edit his screenshots (poorly) to try and hide the unrealistic amount of goals scored and 3-figure goal difference, while claiming to have found newgens who were already world class at 16, going way beyond anything you're accusing anyone on here of. He was repeatedly mocked and attacked for it with a lot of justification as someone who had broken the spirit of the forums in a very big way. As you can see there are standards and we do deal with them on the rare occasions they crop up, so we're not some sort of 'anything goes, we don't care' community. Nor are we all 'at it'. I have used 3 forwards but long ago (7 years ago was the last time I think, before I started contributing on here) and as something that fitted my squad. Even having known about it as an 'exploit' for a while I certainly wouldn't switch to it on that basis. My tactic is very much my own and always has been on here, sticking to 2 up front (which I'm a firm believer in) and modified based on what I feel I need to do, not downloaded or taking advantage of anything I happen to know about as an exploit, 3 up front or otherwise. No doubt most people on here are also aware of such things but many people are capable of not using them. I've never run a career save (documented or otherwise) with any sort of edits either. You're perfectly welcome to do your own career and thread in any way you wish, but you have to respect that the rest of us do our careers according to our own preferences, not yours or anyone elses, and certainly not judge whether they're being done 'properly' or not. After all career threads are clearly a lot more enjoyable when the people doing them are feeling satisfied and motivated with how things are going, which isn't the same thing as being successful. It's just a matter of what approach they feel suits them.
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    I tried to start a career before but the AI went to 3 striker 3-4-3 when chasing a goal so I had to delete the save there and then because they were cheating.
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    No direct attacking here, that requires 3 strikers.
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    This thread reminds me of the time I was walking to the pub with my missus. We were coming up to a newsagents on the other side of the road, where it seemed that a few of the staff were protesting the crap conditions they were working under. On our side, coming towards us, were two mothers pushing dual prams, taking up the whole pavement. The missus nudged me and said we should move. I said “Why? I’m not crossing to three strikers!”
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    There's plenty of careers here played in all sorts of different ways, including what you would consider "proper", and both having wild success, wild struggles, and anything in between. Indeed I'd say most people here use their own tactics, without "exploits", without edits. You could easily find this by just browsing around until you found a career you enjoyed reading, instead of coming here and basically directly attacking people. Unless the whole point was to go on a wind-up, in which case, congrats, it's working.
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    Fair play. I had to uninstall the game recently because I found that three of my players were in the box at the same time. It was just too close to having three strikers.
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    Nope. Not a single one. We're a collective hive mind who all play three striker formations.
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    I think virtual Mourinho needs to have a chat with the real one.
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    In order to keep individual threads going instead of clogging other topics such as the one that fostered this whole thing, I've opted to start a series of topics focusing on different concepts, tactics, formations and systems that inspire me to put in action on FM. For this first one I'll just copy the messages I already posted on the Challenge thread and go from there, probably with a couple or three more updates before closing it and move onto another thing. Hope you enjoy and of course, I look forward to discuss anything you want as that is the main point of the series in order to make them the most valuable and interesting to everyone as possible, and think and learn together. * * * I've just finished reading The Mixer, and oh boy are there some references to get inspired. But for now, I'm sticking with Ancelotti's approach at Chelsea and this passage from the book, which references the match/formation depicted at the right. Basically, I didn't remember watching this but liked how Cox wrote about the whole idea behind the forward trio deployed by Ancelotti. So what I got inspired by was the concept of playing one striker upfront (who in my mind would ideally be some Striker/AM hybrid) and two attack-minded players behind him also with the ability to be dangerous both on the build-up and in front of the net. This way, the system I'd try to create would be based around a trio of forwards and the challenge would be mostly how to recreate the movement highlighted by the arrows in the diagram, getting the side-players to cover from the midfield sidelines to inside the area and the leading striker to drop and link with the midfield and interchange position with the other two, thus making the team playing a hybrid 2-1/1-2 forward line while attacking. First thought is to also use attacking full-backs/wing-backs to provide width and make the two AMs narrower and avoid them kissing the sideline, something I wouldn't really like and I'm not looking to get from this. Let's see how this goes! * * * First update regarding my inspiration around Ancelotti's forward-trio. I chose Celtic as my team and turned it into an all-Scottish side, although that is not really important here; only saying it to provide some context. Also, I play FM Touch so the team doesn't need to learn new tactics, changes to the formation, etc to make the system work from the get go, as would happen with the "full" version of the game. After playing to the end of September we have disputed a total of 20 games. Not gonna go through the first ones, basically the three friendlies, but those were more than enough to get the final system set up after watching the games in full match mode to see how the team was working and what changes needed to be made. I started with a 2AM/F9 approach through the center of the pitch, thus making it look like an actual Xmax tree formation, but soon realized that that wasn't going to cut it as the AMs were not going to the sides of the pitch and widening the shape as much as I'd like too, plus they weren't actually interchanging positions with the striker. So, the changes I made had to do with moving the two AMs to the wings. The problem was to find the correct role and the horizontal distance between them playing on the touchline and the lone forward. After some trials and failures and much tinkering, I got to the final shape and system, which is displayed next: As you can see, the concepts from the original post all seem to be there and the tactic is pretty much a replication of what Carlo did back in the day (which again, I don't really know to great extent and I'm much imagining and building an image of in my mind more than just copying or trying to actually emulate what happened with Chelsea in real life––that was never the point of this. I settled for a strikerless formation with a SS and two Trequartistas, the three of them with attack duties. The addition of two attacking WBs combined with the TI of overlapping makes for the two wings being occupied by the WBs on attack, making the Trequartistas go into narrower and inside positions, getting closer to the SS. The fact of deploying two CMs on automatic duties and avoiding any kind of "special" or "fancy" role, such as a playmaker, makes the team play as a unit without focusing on one sole creator and builder. Just win the ball, and play it forward via whoever is available. That also makes the SS link with the two CMs by dropping a little to receive passes and then open to the sides (either to the Trequartistas or the WBs overlapping). Once in possession or looking to receive a pass/cross, the Trequartistas and the SS always look forward and clog the opposition's area quite nicely. It doesn't perfectly replicate the kind of movement I had in mind first, but it is close enough imo. Anyways I'll try to keep moving towards what I had imagined before starting. As far as the TIs, I'm keeping them fairly basic. Just overlap to make the Trequartistas go inside and have the WBs as the main attacking thread allowing to opening the field and crossing to our forward-trio. Play narrow with the same thought in mind (Ts getting inside, WBs overlapping to counter the "narrowing" effect, CMs playing close to each other and having the WBs as lateral options). And close down more just to try and gain the ball as quickly as possible taking advantage of the strikerless shape to build quick attacks and score on the counter. The only PIs I have set have to do with the Trequartistas and are quite obvious: Sit narrower and Cut inside with the ball (again, same reasoning as I've already explained). Just as a last comment regarding the results, you can see they're quite encouraging. We lost two games while qualifying for the UCL (the one against Qarabag was given away really, as I fielded a rather bad team and used the instant result option). Anyways, I had been thinking that the team was smashing minnows but would suffer against actual good teams. Effectively, we dropped two points against a some sort of "strong" Ross County side (3rd in the league) that played compacted and defensively, although we dominated the game. The Old Firm was the real test and we were basically completely broken. I opted not to change the system but it proved quite offensive and not that intelligent in terms of defending given the whole offensive mentality of everybody. We improved as the minutes passed but still couldn't amount for the comeback. What has actually making me think that was a just flaw is the fact that we played tremendously well against Real Madrid in the last UCL clash. They almost created no clear chances (Ronaldo scored on a counter after Bale recovered a bad pass from one of our CDs, so I'm not too concerned about it) while we crushed them on multiple counters (which is basically how the team functions every game) and we just missed the net. Will provide more updates and hopefully get some match images to highlight how the system works. * * * Quick follow-up with a few annotated images. Here we can see the team's shape prior to the rival's GK putting the ball in play. For this match I was using an Attacking mentality with a Fluid team shape. Simply put and after much trial-and-error and reading, we can say that mentality is meant to represent "how high" the team plays, so here I was telling my players to go almost as high as possible (Attacking). In the case of team shape, it can be explained as how tight the team plays its lines (defense-midfield-forwards). Again, I went for the second-highest option here with Fluid, so I expect my players to be close to each other. Paired, Attacking and Fluid would ideally make for a team with the lines pushed higher up the pitch and as close as possible, so defenders would go up (more than usual) and forwards would still try and keep close to the bunch while on defense. As far as what I was trying to do with my "inspiration", these two images show how the team is built for attacking phases. While focusing on the forward-trio (2Ts+1SS), I still had to build a full formation and opted to go all-in. The CB pair must be really good and fast backtracking because the tactic is quite offense-minded, and that is a real danger and the glaring warning to anyone attempting to recreate this due to the WBs going truly up the pitch. To solidify the defense a little I play a BWM on the DM strata, along two CMs on Automatic to have them collaborating both on defensive and offensive duties. The idea of having two players covering the wings and playing as a deep-lying forwards plays well to a certain extent by fielding two wing-based Trequartistas along a Shadow Striker meant to drop and link with the midfielders. It is not perfect, or at least not what a 2-1-to-1-2 may play in your (my) mind, but I like the outcome as both Ts tend to get in forward positions quite nicely while the SS drops enough to link play and it is not hard to see him arrive at the area after both Ts are already there coming from the sides, making room for the WBs. Just in case anyone cares, this is by no means a magic tactic and while it works nicely and it is neither a bad system at least I see it, it gives you good and bad results mostly due to the need of two great CBs which I don't have (not at least to the point in which they're needed against some fast-paced teams throwing long balls and looking for passes to the hole or over the defense). Also, I have conceded some corner goals due to ****** aerial performances by my team. Gets to my nerves. Plus the Hibernian and Hearts loses were "quick-resulted" so I don't put so much weight on them as the formation seems to not work when simming matches instead of playing/watching/managing them for some reason. Also, I recorded a quick video showing how the Shadow Striker (#14) drops to link with the midfield in the build-up, while both Trequartistas (#49 and #13) go from the wings to inside positions turning the original 1-2 into a 2-1. I'm really pleased with how I was able to develop the system over the matches. Quite nice challenge for everyone to try, honestly. Must admit tho that I love this kind of short saves in which I focus on doing something tactically and nothing else. * * * So we reached the first knockout round of the UCL by finishing second behind Real Madrid. We kinda dropped the second game against the Spanish side with the qualification already guaranteed and the need of cutting distance with Rangers, and drew Chelsea on the first round, against who I've just played the first leg. Here is the scouting report prior to the game. Without going into further detail, I quickly realized some things just from the next screen. Presence of Inside Forwards, which I expect to go inside easing our defensive duties (remember that we basically cover with just 2CD-1DM, so we're covered in the middle but are vulnerable on the sides if the WBs don't get back in time) Presence of a CWB and a "classic" WB, from which I understand they'll try and exploit the left flank more than the right one, even more having Hazard (best player) on that side too. So, I added a TI to exploit their left side and it worked wonders. (Another quick note: Hazard was doubtful given that he was coming off an injury but ultimately made the starting XI, although on a low fitness status, which was even greater for us) Presence of a BPD, which I understood was going to be their first player building the play from the back. This has one clear response in my mind: cover him and force the other two CDs to put the ball in play with their lower ability to do so, therefore making the other side less dangerous and forcing more mistakes. Counter + Structured. Their team will be a little deeper in the pitch, with lines stretched over the field and not overly packed back. Not bad given that we press high-up the field so that would in principle benefit our approach. We'll go Standard+Structured though, as we're clearly inferior on paper and I don't want to take too many risks facing the offensive qualities of Chelsea's players. The game played out as expected, so I was glad my breakdown turned out to be perfectly on point and I felt in total control of the game from start to finish, knowing beforehand what to do in case something happened that altered those original ideas. Here is the annotated sequence of the 2-0, which perfectly highlights how we exploited Chelsea's defense by using our 2-1-to-1-2 approach with the Trequartistas and SS, plus the heavy contributions of the WBs and midfield players (again, remember we keep a triangle of 2CDs and a BWM always covering under the midfield line, thus defending the center of the pitch in case we lost the ball). That already commented, here are a few videos showing both that goal in action, the 1-0 and another clear chance we had showing the same principles. Finally, this was the tally, with Chelsea's chances basically coming from corners and set pieces (actually I don't think even watching the Comprehensive Highlights they had more than one or two plays finished in a shot on goal, to be honest, so it was quite a nice played out game in which, again, I felt we had total control and domination). I hope everything is clear and understandable, and of course I'll gladly answer any question and discuss any comment you have about this whole thing.
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    That's not the way it seems in the comments you leave in other people's threads (I've seen at least a couple of them). I can understand you are not into the 3 striker or exploits, but why would someone say ''another useless thread" to someone? It's a game, and therefore we are all free to play as we like it, so for me all the careers are "proper" cause they all played in Football Manager. So relax and play it your way, but don't disrepect others for playing it their way also. Cheers!
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    @DamianJMcGrath If you want to join in a community perhaps it's not the best idea to have a pop at them first?
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    Intro Following the somewhat unexpected (and good) response to my first tactical thread here (which came from a challenge originally posted by @herne79 and was heavily inspired by @westy8chimp and @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! work), here is the second instalment of the series that I plan to keep writing about for some time, or at least in those moments time allows me to. As I already said in the first topic and Concept thread, what I'm trying to do here is only to build formations or work on concepts I've read or watched somewhere that, even not fully knowing about them, inspired something that I want to achieve on FM. The first thread focused on the creation of a trio of forwards in a strikerless tactic, in which that partnership was expected to start the game (every play, actually) in a 2-1 shape of two TQs and one SS to then turn into a 1-2 shape formed by one AM (the SS dropping deeper) and two Fs (TQs getting inside to central forward positions). I was quite pleased with the process and the fact that the system ended working, both around that idea and the full formation as a whole. Past Inspiring Concepts' Threads - Celtic's Strikerless 1-2-to-2-1 * * * Context For the 1-2-to-2-1 challenge I used an all-Scots Celtic side and although it wasn't something I had planned, given that I had loaded both the Scottish and English first-level divisions I ultimately thought about keeping the same save alive while taking on other challenges and inspirations, just to play on an evolving world and force myself to adapt to diverse and unexpected squads, losing potential preconceptions. Even with that, the idea is to move places every season (the original plan was to start a save for each challenge, so it's kind of the same after all). And at the end of the 2017/18 campaign, after reigning in all Scottish competitions, two teams emerged as possible destinations given their subpar seasons in England: Manchester City and Liverpool. Ultimately, Guardiola's side defeated Manchester United in a derby for the UCL title and kept the Spaniard as their coach, while Klopp was sacked after finishing 6th and only achieve Europa League qualification with Liverpool. So, for this next challenge, I'll Never Walk Alone. * * * The Idea I'm not sure if the thread's title has make anything clear, although I guess it hasn't – not at least completely. The second challenge and concept I've been thinking on taking on is based around a few ideas rather than just one, although there is a prime element to the whole formation to build and work in. And that, is the creation of the unavailable role of the Central Winger. The inspiration for this, I must acknowledge doesn't come from a single article or image or anything I saw that turned on the bulb. I can't actually point to a single piece it comes from. It is more about all I've been reading lately, which has mostly been related to the Barçajax school of football, and the Dutch history. We all know about the "hipster" roles that have been heavily featured and used during the last few years. False 9s, Raumdeuters, Inverted Full-Backs, this and that. On top of that, for lots of people Spain created the now-renowed "Tiki-taka", which was a wrongly named "Juego de Posicion", etc etc. Don't want to bore with terms and definitions here, but I'm open to delve into all that if you want to ask for it in the thread and there is interest. So, back to the idea to develop, I have been thinking about new stuff to do in-game and also probably influenced by my Celtic side of last season, I wanted to go into a different direction taking into consideration the things I learnt thanks to that year of tinkering. That brought me basically to the next points: Avoid the use of overlapping WBs after using them heavily on Inspiring Concepts (IC) #1 Try to better defend the sides, which was something I paid not attention at all during IC#1 Build another fluid system, with smooth changes of positions in place Focus on the midfield, overloading it by employing IWBs getting inside from the back IWBs push CMs forward, which in turn push Wingers, which in turn affect the Forward(s) position too To some it may sound like Guardiola's system at Bayern, and I won't deny it. I'm not trying to emulate that (nor the formation, shape, style of game, or anything) but it could very well be what inspired this given my late readings. I think the thought process could be described as: I want to use and build through IWBs If the IWBs get to CM positions then CMs will need to move forward If CMs go forward then Wingers/AMs have to make room for them and thus their position will change The Wingers/AMs move will also affect the way the Forward(s) play From this I envisioned the idea of the Central Winger role, which doesn't exist on FM. Wait, what? Central Wingers. I had not read of them previously but somehow I thought someone must have had that thought before me. And yes, indeed someone had. And I'm totally cool with it. I already had the role and its functions clear in my mind prior to finding that article and reading more about it, so I'll keep going for it, and given FM's evolution during the past couple of editions I also had thought about how to "create" the role in game. It is still early tho, because I have not put time on building the tactic in game, but the ideas are already in my mind. Here are the stupid doodles that would lay the foundation of the thread. I won't explain anything about them and just leave them in here for now, just to see if some of you have questions or could say something about how I want or how you would expect the thing to turn out by having read the prior paragraphs and now watching at the formations and notes (click to enlarge). Hopefully we can get the discussion going before I update with some in-game developments. Further Reading Using the Central Winger How to use Inverted Full-Backs Tactical Philosophy of Eusebio di Francesco
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    I deleted my 20 year save after my winger finally aimed at corner at the back post. It was clearly too close to the old "attack the back post" exploit.
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    2055/56 End of Season Review WE'RE GOING UP TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Overall Best XI 2055/56 Best XI Arthur Waldon-Bliss (YP35a) Roy Winsor (YP25i) - Rhys Haughton (YP30g) - Cameron Howell-Iles (YP25b) Andre Allen (YP33d) Brighton Sithole (YP36a) Jake Taylor (YP20d) - Craig Perkins (YP24h) Lee Harding (YP30b) - Frank Babangida (YP25a) - Ben Jenkins (YP35d) For the first time in god knows how long, probably decades, we finish the season with a positive balance!! Income: Expenditure
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    I am the James Patterson of this forum for FM18, firing out distinctly average stories one after another... but I hope they are still easy reading and moderately entertaining or even useful. In season 14 I'm facing up to my demons of FM17... the Wide Target Man. I simply could not get this role to work, and haven't tried again since. I'm thinking this season will be slightly different to the past 10 or so, I will 1) probably need to tweak more 2) actively need some help from the forum! @Cleon I think you've had some ideas or success with the WTM? @Rashidi have you tried this year? I know when I asked last year you hadn't really had experience with WTM. Last years thread, though there wasn't much detail or success with it... https://community.sigames.com/topic/405883-wide-target-man/?tab=comments#comment-10885778 The Wide Target Man I'm going to approach my initial setup the way I approached the second half of my 'False 9 Season', with what I theoretically think the orthodox use of a WTM should be. I've made previous mention and example that all of my tactics begin at work, on paper, with a planning stage. I made some very quick notes a week or so ago when I was half way through Season 13; Stage 1 - what are the key attributes? Primary; Work Rate - target men are should be the main outlet for the team, so they need to work hard constantly Strength - whether to feet or head, the WTM is asked to hold the ball up for the team. He's going to be in his fair share of physical battles Teamwork - target men are a role I associate with creating space for others and using knock downs etc. has to be able to, and actively want to, feed in his teammates Heading - I don't buy into the school of thought that target man = hoof it, but I do expect a) a mixture of supply b) him to create mismatch at the back post on crosses, for both, he needs to be able to head the ball Secondary; First Touch - again the focus of a lot of supply, needs to be able to control the ball (possibly should be a primary) Passing - looking for him to create for his team mates Off the ball & anticipation & concentration - ties in with work rate too, as the main outlet he is going to have to be constantly aware that he could be the target for a pass jumping - to beat his marker for the high ball (less important the taller the player is, but equally, naturally higher anyway the taller the player is) balance - will be in physical battles, can't just be nudged off the ball by his marker/presser I've also noted the obvious, it would be advantageous if the player had physical presence (over 6ft) Stage 2 - what is the roles function and what should I compliment it with? The WTM is a role that creates space for team mates. He will look to either hold the ball up and play in team mates, or make first time knock downs. Therefore I need players up there in support of him. This could be achieved either by locating players next to him, or giving players roles that make runs into the space he creates. AF/CF/Poacher - the AF and CF are my natural instinct for a striker role. They will make runs into the channels for his knock downs and passes. Poacher is a role that worked brilliantly with a normal TM... perhaps too isolated with a WTM SS/AM - offset or central? AM on support could be handy to get close to the WTM... SS on attack would look to aggressively feed off the WTM, but may put more burden on the passing/vision/technique of the WTM. Winger - I'm pretty much 100% going to have a winger on the opposite flank. Attack or support? Attack more inclined to cross from the byline, giving more time for the WTM to occupy the back stick. BBM/MEZ/CM(a) or CM(s) 'get further forward' - midfielders that will run into space ahead of them. BBM/CM could make direct runs forward, Mez could be more useful on the same flank as the WTM to get really close in support. DM(s) 'Get further forward/SV - runs from very deep? Maybe work in tandem with some of the other roles above to give a varied option. WB/CWB - aggressive option from defence running outside the WTM - could take away the marker or create an overload, direct passing option or a distraction? FB(a)/WB - slightly safer option from a back 4, same idea as above. SK/DCB/BPD - do I want one or two of these roles inclined to play more direct passes forward? Or stick with CB and let the natural course take action. Roles that I wont consider? I don't want an advanced playmaker, TQ, ENG - when we enter the opponents half, to utilise the TM, I don't want a playmaker magnet. I could consider a DLP, especially if they like to play long passes or switch flank. Stage 3 - Possible TI/PI? If I use a CM/AM/BBM in any capacity I will probably want to tailor them to either get further forward or move into channels In terms of TI, I'm considering exploit flank and/or play wider. Pass into space? High D-line and pressing? Deep line and play structured? Fluid to encourage players around the WTM? not really sure or decisive with these, which is why I think i'll be tweaking more than usual Finding the right player I'm in season 14 and one of the most reputable clubs in world football. I really thought finding a WTM with 14-15ish in all my required attributes would be a piece of cake.... I was wrong. Search 1 was quite ambitious and resulted in no players found I reduced most of the requirements to look for 13 instead of 15 - still no players I then reduced my attributes but back to 15, again zero results! Eventually I got a handful of players with search 4, only 2 of which were under the age of 34. Pellegri and Neiva Pellegri ticked nearly all the boxes. But is 29 and id recently let him go for £80m, 2 seasons after signing him for £99m. I didn't really want to go back down that route Neiva - and this is the issue with reducing the attributes and values... he really didn't fit the bill at all ------------------ Luckily, I'd thought about the WTM thread halfway through my S.13. And I made a purchase in January window and found one player, albeit rough round the edges, that could do a job especially being 6'7! And Kayombo was particularly good last year. He has physicals and is 6'0 ... he's by no means ideal but I think the two of them give me enough Tactics I then created my first knock up of tactics. 4123, 4231. I intend on using the 4123 first. DM - get further forward BBM - get further forward/shoot less ------- Mez should get close on the inside, FB should support behind and on the outside. Winger attack will attack the byline, allowing the WTM to attack the back post. BBM and DM both getting further forward should progress up field for passes/crosses from the flanks. AF will push the line and run the channels. I wanted to start standard, flex with few TI... my first changes, based on outcomes, will probably be a shift to fluid and the addition of play wide or exploit flanks. Very quick mock up... here I have added the play wider instruction (otherwise the central 3, especially with DLP, will see majority of the ball. Same ideas, but AM offers another body close to the WTM. ---------------- On pitch size, I've gone for minimum... was a snap decision, but I was thinking if I'm not exploiting pace, I don't need a great deal of open space to play in. I want simple plan of get it to the WTM... feed the runners. Transfer window The other big signing was Apruzesse... not perfect for any role, but gives me a bit more than Alena/Havertz (who were out and out playmakers in their 30s) He will be my Mez but can easily play CM/BBM/AM or any playmaker role. Bye bye Havertz... he was the last of the originals! Great player. ----------------- Hopefully I can start the season this weekend and do some early analysis of the WTM. Any advice welcome as I have my doubts how to use the role, or if it is effective in FM.
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    Ah yes. A perfect thread for talking about Brøndby, the love of my life (don't tell Jessy!). This season has been going up and down. At first it seemed like a great summer, as German keeper Marvin Schwäbe (who's previously in his career been compared a lot to Neuer even touted as the new Neuer) was bought to replace Frederik Rønnow, a bit talent. Teemu Pukki left on a free for Norwich.. but Ante Erceg was bought as a very promising replacement. But then it happened. Was it Hany Mukhtar getting sold? Nope, he stayed. Simon Tibbling? Nein. Christian Nørgaard. ****. A fan favorite, slowly but surely growing towards a potential legend status for the fans. Sold to Fiorentina. Out of nowhere it seemed. That hit hard. And ever since it's been tricky to really find traction for Brøndby as the commanding midfielder has shown more than just a little difficult to replace. Latest news is the re-acquisition of Besar Halimi, who was with Brøndby last season on a loan from Mainz. He could go into the midfield and help carry some of the attacking duties that seemingly have troubled Hany Mukhtar so far this season as all focus on the defensive side is thrown at him. The window closes in a matter of hours. Will Brøndby acquire some assistance for their not-overly sturdy defence? Will they sign an offensive player more to add to a strikeforce that might not be complete? We'll see.
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    Terrible thread, wouldn't read again, 1/10. Also, This is going to continue a terrible thread until you win the UEFA Champions League with Bath FC, IMO.
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    Currently, certain clubs start with B teams and they continue to retain them long after the clubs have seized to be relevant. Meanwhile new powerhouse clubs, naturally under the control of the player, have no opportunity to enjoy such privileges. A possibility to request of the board a creation of a B team starting at the lowest league in the country would alleviate this disparity.
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    Tactics, not my strong point, but after many moons of reading threads on here and watching videos from the likes of Rashidi, I generally would class myself as an enthusiastic amateur. So I'm going to hopefully add something to the debate around 3 forward tactics today. Straight to the matter at hand, here is what I've come to believe over the last 2 years and 2200 hours of FM: Three striker tactics do not inherently exploit a weakness in the ME. - - - The Meaty Filling It sounds pretty stupid, because its so clearly overwhelms the opposition. Indeed, even I myself, with nothing more than a simple 3-4-3 with the forwards set to run wide with the ball got a striker to score over 100 goals last season. The match engine is a brilliant thing, but as a researcher, as I see these topics coming back up time and time again my mind always goes back to a point where Peter Crouch was scoring 30+ goals for fun. There was nothing in the match engine that inherently made big players good, there was nothing inherently in the Stoke squad at the time that suited Crouch (I put him in the Barca team and he was scoring 60+ for fun) but there were some issues that the height of Peter Crouch, plus his spread of attributes were producing something altogether unforeseen. Many researchers helped contribute, and eventually the goalscoring beast that was Peter Crouch returned back to being a 5-10 goals a season man. Anyway, context provided and coming back into what I want to discuss. When you start and FM save, there is only 1 defender in the game truly suited to playing in a defence that would counter the 3 forwards. Eric Bailly. My "tier one" as it were for these players is 15 in each of anticipation, positioning, acceleration, agility, balance and pace. My "tier two" is the same but dropped to 13. There are 36 players in total. Bailly has anticipation of 18, positioning of 15, acceleration of 15, agility of 15, balance of 17 and pace of 16. In addition his tackling, marking, bravery and work rate are all solid, but a bit irrelevant. There's no one else immediately available, and Rojo is on the next tier down (perhaps why some struggle against Man Utd) Those first 6 are essentially a cheat-sheet of the attributes required to defend against the 3 forwards. There's a simple reason for this, the 3 forward tactics aren't built on something in the match engine, they're built on specific types of players. Spoilered for any who don't want to see the list of forwards and just to save space. What attributes are around these really help cement it, and determine who you play in the middle. But these are attributes that develop in abundance across the ML/AML/MR/AMR/AMC/ST roles. This means these players replenish far faster in the game, and perhaps, even greater specialists appear over time. Now to bring it back home, here's the striker who scored 103 goals last season in a front 3. The main 6 attributes once more: 19 anticipation, 17 off the ball, 17 acceleration, 20 agility, 19 balance, 18 pace. In the starting game there is no one that matches this guy, doing a filter search of those 6 attributes the only point you get a match is at 2/6. I don't have the IGE to check, but I'd say its safe to say he's above 190CA. But in the game he's in the 3 striker formations have generally died out, the reason is that just at baseline - the ideal gold standard I used for Bailly pulls up 12 results. When I drop it down to "tier two" there are 143 results. An enormous part of it is down to chance, that's just the way football has gone in my game. On the whole though, it broke the 3 forward formations. If you take a good team and play some of the most popular 3-4-3 formations in my save now, they flounder because the AI teams have players capable of defending. Most of the "big" success 3 forward formations with a team roughly on par with the teams that dominate at the start of the game will only get a 4th-8th placed finish with adequate defenders around. As I said, its been 2 years of poking, prodding and playing around with stuff to get to this point. There is an exploit at play here, but its not the match engine. It very much looks that way but it's coming down to mental/physical mismatches. Even at a certain level the raw CA is playing a part because the majority of the best defenders at the start fall into the 150-170CA bracket, but the best attackers are in the 160-200CA bracket. In fact, an awful lot of players look down on attackers or bemoan the lack of ability for attacking rated players who are below 170CA. - - - So What am I Saying? Ultimately it means the data of the game is skewed in favour of 3 forward attacks. While there can be times where it draws a blank, there are no defenders who can man for man compete with the forwards in the game. This means when the AI decides to pull its 3 forwards out as well its often equally as successful, because there are no players for the human or AI to buy with regularity that can defend it. The very nature of 3 forwards is that it prevents the opposition from ever realistically doubling up on a forward, if the opposition are playing a back 4 it means usually there's 1 free or even 2 attackers occupying 1 defender. It's actually very unlikely there is a solution that can be implemented in the match engine without decimating "normal" build-up play tactics. If you want to guarantee 6 men centrally (and also catering for wing backs pushing up) you would need a defensive line up that has 2x anchor man at DM, 3x central defenders, 2x fullbacks and 1x sweeper. That can't ever happen, its absurd. It's essentially an 8-X-X formation, and it would come with a whole host of other defensive issues. I have come to the conclusion there may be a flaw in how players are rated, I'm fully aware its essentially nothing more than 2 years of anecdotal situations built up in my head but there is no real testing bed environment to sim it in a fair/controlled manner. While an individual attribute plays little to no part in the grand scheme of the game, a small cluster of attributes that build a positive loop that enhance and accentuate each other can be very potent. And this is ultimately what the 3 forwards formations are drawing upon, a positive loop of the positive loop by triple stacking this.
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    Man, I've done things I'm not proud of, sometimes needs must. I was just a young girl trying to pay her way through college. No need to broadcast it on the forum though....
  23. 8 points
    Yours if you would like to write one. I'd follow.
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    I have to say, @Rashidi and @Cleon are great tactical minds and understand the mechanics of the game to an expert level, however threads like these take away some of the ‘game’ aspect and makes you look at things with a football brain rather than trying to beat a game which is a lot more fun than trawling through pages and pages of guides trying to figure out the effect of changing a certain TI or PI. The best contributor on these forums since SFraser, I’m sure these threads inspire people just as much as his did back in the day! Thank you @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!
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    The vice captain situation is soap opera quality
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