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  1. Wits University - Season 2025/26 Transfers I + Transfers II + Released // Media Prediction Upgrades/Downgrades TF Good > Average CAF Super Cup Started the season with the victory of the CAF Super Cup again. League Cup & MNT Cup Results // KO Tree Next up was the MTN cup, which complete the set of silverware in RSA. Results // KO Tree Didnt really care about the league cup. National Cup Results // KO Tree Once again, didnt care. I played a rotated team.
  2. A Simple Build, Evolution Leading to Success, Back Three Special In this topic I plan to cover my tactical journey which seen me build some simple tactics to help me utilise the tools at my disposal. Squad building then took place allowing the systems to grow and the reap the rewards. Winning 4 domestic titles back-to-back and breaking record point totals. A flavour is overloads, Set Pieces and varied blocks. The First Build I usually take a real-life concept or specific teams tactics and translate it into FM, this takes time finding the right players but ultimately it really he
  3. Sannois SG 2045-2046 In the Trophee des Champions, we set the tone for the year with a 5-1 hammering of Lyon. Smashed the league. Our first Ligue 1 title. At one point, we went 19 games unbeaten before games stacked up toward the end. First part of the challenge complete! In the French Cup, we made it all the way to the final but AS Monaco were the better team on the day and beat us 3-1 We made easy work of the group stage of the Champions League. In the knockout stages, we beat Rangers, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund to set up a final v
  4. Then you probably on minority on this one. And if you think that these clubs are interested in making more elite level football to be player on regular basis, you are in for a very, very, unpleasant surprise. This competition is utter ****. All of these clubs should at this very moment should be heavily fined and points taken out and even relegated, to cut out money of them. I think it is the time for the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, UEFA and FIFA to man up and face these clubs head on, as the clubs have shown they do not honor their supporters, the leagues they played in or the country they pl
  5. Having sunk **checks Steam** 1000 hours into FM21, I think I'm in a position to offer some final thoughts. I've really enjoyed this year's release. I can forgive Si for the bugs and match day UI because major improvements to the ME outweighs everything else on the satisfaction scale. I personally find it just about the right level of challenge. I can meet my objectives; although previously used formulas to sweep the AI aside do not work half as well as they used to (at least how I play the game). I remain extremely inconsistent, even with 'elite' players, but am okay with that. I wanted t
  6. The Heroes of Sannois SG What's next? Well, that one season in Italy still haunts me. Think I am going to go back and have another go
  7. The problem here is not, that defensive / low block tactics don’t work on FM its all about how you think they translate into the match engine and how they really translate into the match engine. Lets talk about Defensive line for example: What you may think sounds logical when looking for a defensive style is to pick a rather defensive mentality and add a lower defensive line because you want to defend with a low block. What you may NOT see is, that defensive mentality already implements a low block and then additionally lowering the DL may simply be too much and opening up space right in
  8. I really have some unfinished business here... This is the closest club to me in real life, I've seen them a few times, but they are way down the leagues. Some years ago they had a few quick stints in the 2nd tier here in Norway, and even made the Norwegian cup final (they lost) beating a lot of big teams like Rosenborg in their journey there. So it was a bit of a media hype around them at the time, but they have struggled with finances since and are down on their luck. The club were created in 2000 as a way to have a "big" local team, since there were only small amateur teams around
  9. FC Novokuznetsk - Season 2034/35 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Finally! Every good things come after the 12th time! We are promoted to the 2nd tier of Russian football! This season was a very good one, and we needed that after being close for a few seasons now. I'm not sure we will be able to stay up, but I really hope this will help with the finances, since we are really in a pickle now! In the Kubok Rossii we beat Dnepr Smolensk and SKA Rostov to reach the 4th round. We finished 3rd behind Zvezda Perm and Akhmat and got knocked out. Youth Another good l
  10. SEASON 34 - 2055 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - PLAYER STATS - TEAM STATS - COMPETITION REVIEW - SQUAD 1 2 MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS LEAGUE CUP When we are still in Europe, the players aren't on pre-season for this (which helps :-))! As a result, we steamrolled our way through, winning every game and beating FH in the final 4-2. Our 6th triumph in the competition. EUROPA CONFERENCE (CARRIED OVER)
  11. The Second Coming After the first league title was in the bag, I was under no illusion that a second would follow easily. I was aware I would need to improve and adapt so at the end of every season I dedicate time to look at the stats and analysis and see what I can Improve on along with taking some natural tactical growth. Natural tactical growth is my way of saying I know teams will set deeper even park the bus, so I needed to be ready for that. This post will have more depth than the first as I start to unlock more potential from a shift in system. Clear cut chances 2022 The
  12. Supposedly the bane of FM21, The Art of Defensive Football has bamboozled football managers the world over. Led astray by a counterintuitive tactics creator, many managers have been left scratching their heads, as their attempts to establish a low block have been met by repeated heavy, soul-draining defeats. It's not easy. Especially not in a game where high gegenpressing is undoubtedly king. Over the course of my Blackburn save, I came to dread fixtures vs Liverpool and Man City away, as no matter how strong my team was, no matter how high up the table, I would come away with disgusting
  13. BFC Dynamo End of season 2028/2029 review League table | Competitions overview | Finances |Facilities | Club Overview | Transfers | Youth intake Champions League, here we come !!!!! Unbelievable, what a performance. This was one of the best, at least one of the most satisfying, seasons I've had on Football Manager. We are best of the rest, behind FC Bayern, Borussia Dortmund and Hertha BSC. These three clubs are just too good at this moment. But we are just behind them, BFC Dynamo, a minor club from East-Berlin with only own academy players. It's only our second season at the to
  14. Chengfeng Season 40/41 Review Table - Squad - U23Squad - U19Squad - Transfers - Finances Again a good Season, finishing 7th. A very solid defense helped us throughout the season and Bai Ran finding his scoring touch again, in what might be the last season in which he is our starting striker, with Zhao Ke improving alot during his loan spell in the Jia League. But the key I think, is that we have no real holes in our team right now. In every Position we have at least one decent player, even tho we could use some depth. The board behaved this year and I was able to keep the players I w
  15. Sannois SG 2042-2043 An epic collapse down the stretch dropped us from 3rd to 7th with eight games to go. I was certain we would be in the Champions League but injuries near the end of the year took its toll. We lost in the Tenth Round of the French Cup for the fourth year in a row. Muhammet Yilmaz 33c top scored with just 18 with Eric Lefebvre 36b providing eight assists. Louis Dumortier 35b was once again one of our best performers and Yacoub Vasquez-Garcia 39a is easily our best player. Club captain and midfield enforcer Matteo L
  16. So I took a simple logical approach for my next match, deciding to play on cautious mentality. The timing of this thread was perfect. I want to play defensive football, so I set up a lower line of engagement, but I also want a higher defensive line, the idea here is to create a compressed block. I add tight marking, but I have no intention of playing narrow. That's inviting the opposition too deep against my Forest side who are new to the premiership. I set my mentality up as cautious because I don't like the idea of everyone just hoofing up the ball. However I do know that the right choice
  17. What you fail to understand, is that Mentality does not define your playing style. One can create a perfectly sound defensive tactic on Standard, Positive or even Attacking Mentality, but by your definition, that wouldn't be a "proper defensive tactic", because you seem to only care about Mentality. Mentality is a risk modifier. Nothing less, nothing more. Imagine they were named differently: Very Defensive = Extremely low-risk Defensive = Very low-risk Cautious = Low-risk Balanced = Balanced Positive = High-risk Attacking = Very high-risk Ve
  18. Widzew Lodz (FM20) Season 14 (2033-34) - Review UCL Runner-up On the pitch Starting 11 Domestic: We won the league. Legia continue to spend their owners money and sack their managers. Jaga pushed us hard until the last few weeks of the season. Europe: UEFA Champions League runner-up. Massive achievement and one that saw us move from 52 highest reputation team in Europe to 32. Off the pitch Youth intake Players SUMMARY
  19. So, we made it to our first European final... and it was the big one. I was going to post last night but thought that might jinx it (turns out keeping quiet didn't help). Can't see us making another final again for a while but that's ok.
  20. Sannois SG 2043-2044 I changed tactical approach for the first time in over twenty seasons and what a year. We sat in third for pretty much all season. Club records set in points, goals scored and goals conceded. We can never seem to make any headway in the French Cup. This time we lose to AS Saint-Etienne, 2-1 at home in the Tenth Round In the Euro Cup II, we went all the way, beating Sevilla 2-1 in the final, setting records for goals scored along the way. Our first European trophy. Lucas Perez 35e was on fire all year. 48 goals is outstanding. Mohamed El
  21. Sannois SG 2041-2042 A season full of ups and downs. Strange results, too many draws, not enough goals scored. We never seem to make any headway in the French Cup. We are knocked out in the Tenth Round, losing 2-1 away to Paris SG An fantastic first season in Europe for our boys. We were so close to the Euro Cup Final but it wasn't to be. Lucas Perez 35e stepped up this year with 20 overall but we struggled for consistency from our strikers. Eric Lefebvre 36b topped the assist chart with 15. Louis Dumortier was consistent between the sticks and our best
  22. Sorry for taking over today. I really do need to post when the season finishes, I just can't wait to get on with the next one. I've got a couple more seasons to update, then I can get back to the game :-)
  23. My two cents as someone who's a real life football coach and a CM/FM player for 20 years now: the whole 'attacking/defensive' debate is pointless. There's a defensive phase, an attacking phase, there are two transition phases and there are multiple sorts of set pieces. Even a passive side has to attack and can be quite spectacular in their direct attacks. So called 'attacking teams' with lots of possession and slow, short passes in their attacking phase use that as a defensive tool, "resting with the ball", as José Mourinho called it 15 years ago. Defending in a low block doesn't make you a 'd
  24. Follo FK - Season 2022 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances The season flew away, but it was a very good one! I knew the squad, and I have a lot of good players for this level, but it still blew me away that we won the whole league in the first season. I stayed with my usual 4-4-2, and set up Ernest Rzepecki as my main goalscorer, and did he ever deliver! 30 goals in 27 matches is just plain crazy, really. So we head into the 2nd tier next season, and now we will face professional teams and I expect we will struggle more. In Norgesmesterskapet we lost to Kjelsås in the 1s
  25. FC Novokuznetsk - Season 2040/41 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Another season of inching our way up the table, and I'm still very happy with the progress. We are in a process now of replacing a few of the older players who have been with us for many seasons, mostly due to the influx of better players in the recent intakes. So players such as 28 year old Andrey Voronov 28c (294 league games), Alexey Tarakanov 31d (188 league games), and Murat Tsygankov 31e (231 league games) are looking to get replaced by players such as Andrey Pushkarev 39a (17 year old), Madi Karimov 3
  26. FC Novokuznetsk - Season 2038/39 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We survived once again, and this time we even managed to avoid the playoff spots! So this was our best season yet here in the top tier. However, we have a major issue in the defensive side! We conceded a whole 100 goals this season, and in only 30 league matches, so we clearly have a lot of work to do. I really do struggle to create a defensive solidly tactic, so I'm unsure if I want to try to create something better, or stick with what I know have kept us up for a few seasons. I'll see during the off-season
  27. Vikeologist's 2045/46 Folkestone Season Report We missed out on our first final (Papa John Trophy) on penalties. We missed out on an FA Cup quarterfinal conceding a last minute goal. I thought we’d secured promotion with 2 matches to go (albeit mathematically with a 25 goal difference advantage) only to realise before the final match that I must have missed a team who had a game in hand and we still needed a draw. We then went a goal down, and I just felt sick. Then we scored twice and were about to win the division until conceding a last second equaliser. So Folkestone!!!
  28. Manager of the year! Season 8 review We lost our 2 best players before a ball was even kicked due to release clauses being met. It was completely my fault and I've learned from the mistake. A best ever points total, games won and goals scored saw us finish in our highest ever top flight position in a very respectable 6th place. We were miles behind the top 2 but a very strong end to the season gives me the belief we’ll be competing for trophies very soon. We qualified for the Copa Libertadores and I won my first manager of the year award. Sao Paulo S
  29. Season 2025/2026 So After the usual winter struggles and some injuries it's come down to this. We lost both ties with Bordeaux so reaching them was going to be a near impossible task but maybe, just maybe, second place was still possible.. It wasn't ...but promotion was our dream all along, we all knew such lofty ambitions was winning were for other people, right lads? ...lads? Maybe We'd have to go through the playoffs if we were to do it at all First came Le Havre, having drawn both times we've faced them this season I wasn't overly confide
  30. No, it's a fantasy db. Theese players started their career after the career: - Messi does an Internship at the Spanish tax authorities - Ronaldo is going to be a Hotel-Manager at Madeira - Luis Suarez is a Dentist - Raheem Sterling opens a childcare - Marcus Rashford is now a FIFA-Pro-Gamer - Salah is officialy announced to be the next Pharaoh in Egypt - Mason Mount sells cars - Donnaruma is a Pizzaiolo - Lukaku is an actor - Heung Min Song plays piano - Aubameyang is a musician - Hazard is a doctor specialized on muscle injuries
  31. BFC Dynamo End of season review 2027/2028 League Table | Finances |Facilities | Youth intake | Transfers | Competitions Overview Our first season in the Bundesliga, and what a season it was. We were never in danger of relegation. With a bit of more luck we could have qualified for Europe! But to be honest: we overachieved. We got some nice players, but when I compare our squad with other squads in the Bundesliga, then we are the weakest team of the league. By miles. I think every team underestimate us, and that that is a big factor that we won a lot of our matches. But I will not compla
  32. Wits University - Season 2024/25 Some spoilers. Transfers I + Transfers II // Media Prediction Upgrades Cont A Licence CAF Super Cup We started the season we our 2nd continental title. League Cup & MNT Cup Results // KO Tree Got into the final this season, but we lost to the Chiefs. Results // KO Tree But we won the league cup, due to a pretty easy path to the final. Premiership Results I + Results II Mamelodi was just to consistent this year in the league.
  33. Except it’s not a rendered game of football. It’s a rendered game of FM. so you’re watching something that isn’t happening naturally. I really don’t believe FM is scripted but I’m concerned there are more comments like this than FMs peak a few years ago. As they try to balance things more and more (which is fair enough) they’re creating artificial scenarios to creat that balance. Eg strikers who can’t score so that a team doesn’t win by 10. all this betrays a problem in the ME. I think SI are finding it really difficult to limit the dominance of the best teams in each match so find sticking
  34. Hi all! It's way overdue but better late than never. The UEFA Revival project is finally back for FM21 and I'm planning to make this one bigger than ever. As always there are tons of options currently available, as well as more ideas that I have planned but haven't been able to implement yet. More files will be coming soon. INTRODUCTION This is a project dating back to Football Manager 2013. It originally started out solely as a throwback to the 1999-2003 format of the UEFA Champions League, which contained 2 group stages, and has since progressed into a fully customized structure wh
  35. Aachen FC Season 3 Review I managed to get promotion through the play offs beating SV Sandhausen 5-0 on agg with a 3-0 home win and a 2-0 away win. Final League Table Squad Overview We done much better on the goal front with 2 players getting 10 goals or more with Muja Arifi getting 14 goals and being my top goalscorer. Muja Arifi Transfers
  36. Just had a BEAST appear! (This joke is really funny for Scandinavians since Bjørn means Bear)
  37. The Third Amendment In this section I would like to cover my in-game tweaks and game plans that vary from opponent to opponent. Ill discuss how I analyse opponents to devise plans, the season is however over and silly me has lost the screenshots of scouting reports so ill try my best without them. I will centre in on the bigger results of the season where small changes helped turn the game. I will keep it all nice and trim leading it on nicely to the final episode. The Results Final League table 2024 Third league title in a row. Rosenborg matched us as we broke the le
  38. Boom! 4,096 travelling non-League FC United of Manchester fans celebrate a last minute winner over League 1 Coventry at the Ricoh Arena, coming from a goal behind in the 4th Round of the FA Cup. This unassuming goal set up the biggest mismatch I have ever been involved with. The story so far.. Enjoying underdog status, FC United of Manchester are comfortably out performing their predicted 19th place finish and expectation to avoid relegation in the Vanarama National League North. I think I may be using a dodgy update as Yeovil are suspiciusly in the Vanara
  39. Widzew Lodz (FM20) Season 15 (2034-35) - Review On the pitch Starting 11 Domestic: We managed a league and cup double. Legia sacked another manager and saw their form slump, so will no doubt be on the hunt for a new manager again soon. Europe: We followed up our defeat in the UCL final last season (to Atletico) with a run to the semi-final this season (failing to defeat Atletico again). Off the pitch Youth intake Players SUMMARY
  40. I'm one of those that preach that less is more when it comes to instructions. But no one approach is absolutely right. It really depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you are trying to recreate a specific historical tactic then you might have no choice but to use many team instructions. Or if like me you just want to create a BALANCED system that is both good in attack and defence, and you are not overly obsessed with possession, then a minimalist approach could work better. That is because at baseline you don't need a lot of instructions for tactical balance. The selection of roles an
  41. PART 5: Power, Playmaking and Panache - Creating the Perfect Attacking Trident Continuing with the theme of the Swiss Knife, I look at the versatility offered by my forwards. By now I hope you are starting to see the pattern present in the two previous strata of my tactic. Both defence and midfield are made up of perfectly complimentary roles. Like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that interlock together. It makes it easy to choose the roles that fit the strengths of your players. Viewed as a whole my midfield players are able to do everything: create. attack and defend. Just as we saw with th
  42. After the release of the 21.4 update I did a full season test of Full Match Engine Stats versus Quick Match Engine stats. There were improvements in several areas but significant differences still remained for certain stats which undermine scouting/search comparisons. My test gave 70% penalty success rate over full season for FME with 77% for QME - 20/21 season actual in Premier League was 83%. The 70% success rate in my detailed test was below the 75-80% SI soak tests indicated by @FrazT, inless the soak test was based upon QME.... Fll details of my stat tests were:
  43. Full update tomorrow but I've finally won some silverware
  44. Sannois SG 2044-2045 3rd place again which is great. Lyon were on top most of the year and we were never really close. Paris SG had an awful year. We finally overachieved in the French Cup, going all the way and winning comfortably 3-0 against Brest in the final. A decent first showing in the Champions League. We finished 3rd in the group of death and qualified for the Euro Cup. We did great in the Euro Cup and came one game away from a final place but Man Utd taught us a lesson in the away leg. Lucas Perez 35e was once again top scorer with
  45. CLUB ESPORTIU EUROPA - SEASON 11 (31/32) Salvation was the aim of the season, and (against most odds) salvation has been. We were in a hard fight during the first half of the season, and then a bad run with 7 straight loses put us in real danger. But after that bad run came a good one, and with 12 matches without a lose (6W, 6D) we sealed our salvation with 2 matches to go. Performance in Copa Del Rey was poor, losing in second round against CD Badajoz, a lower division team. Three players from last intake went almost straight to the first team: Joan Sanz 1
  46. Chengfeng Season 39/40 Review Table - Squad - U23Squad - U19 Squad - Finances - Transfers Fantastic Season for us, finishing 4th. We had luck from start to finish and with every win, it seemed like we could use the confidence. Alot of lucky wins and draws. This is just one example, how we fm'd FM all season long Was an eventful season all around with our board going absolutely bonkers and selling our three best players from the 39 Intake (Wang Yupeng,Jiao and Guadong Cui Hongjung). At least we got 16 Mill out of it, so investments in the facilities are made. But the f
  47. Farnborough 2034-35 Season Review Fixtures 1, 2, 3: We still struggle with fixture congestion. I'm going to take a new approach to training next season and see if that solves some of the problems. We have quality players but the congestion just kills our form and we need a stretch of one game per week to play a consistent lineup to get us out of the funk. League Table - The lack of a consistent offense and squad depth held us back all season. Our leading goalscorer had just nine goals. The defense was our strength. We conceded 48 goals which was 5th best in the league wher
  48. 2031/2032 review Manager profile | Squad | U18 squad | Matches 1/2 | Top scorer (Paesch 30A) | Hot prospect (Sambo 32A) | Youth intake | Table Another highly successful year for Kozakken Boys. Last year's debut season in the Eredivisie was followed by an impressive 6th place and play-off matches for European participation. AZ, however, knocked us out in the semifinals 4-3, but that does not spoil the impression of a club in rapid progress. In addition to the results on the field, it was also the year in which we sold two large profiles for record amounts in the January window. O
  49. Chengfeng Season 37/38 Review Table - Squad - U19 Squad - Finances - Transfers Back to reality this season with barely surviving in the CSL. But its ok, because every season we survive is a good season. In the Cup, it was also back to reality, as we got knocked out in the QF. Our first ever appearance in the Asian Champions League was good. We survived the Group Stage before beeing knocked out in the second round. Our attendance is rising which is good, with 17000 we actually have a nice income every home game. Our Finances are looking very good with nearly 5 Millions in the bank, bu
  50. The idea that you cant go lower than balanced to win a game is fundamentally not true The idea that you cannot score goals and achieve something on lower than balanced is also fundamentally not true I think the biggest problem here is there's such a narrow view on things
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