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    With FM17 we attempted to do something that we’d wanted to do for years – and that was to put in place an “early bird loyalty scheme”, just like you have with season tickets at football clubs, so that if you owned our last 4 titles, you got a 20% discount from your pre-order from our friends at Steam. It was very experimental – not something that others devs had managed in the past in the way we did it, and we’re very grateful to Steam for putting the technology in place not just for you, but also for other studios and publishers who wanted to use it in the future. It was hugely successful and appreciated by a very large group of people – our pre-orders had never been higher. But we also saw quite a bit of negativity on social media for varying reasons, but mainly because people didn’t understand it, or thought we were doing it only in advance of announcing any features, the latter of which wasn’t true. So we spent some time with Steam and SEGA working out how we could simplify the offering to make it easier to understand, whilst utilising the technology that Steam have available to them. And, of course, get them to agree to give a discount to their customers, as they are the retailer, not us. Therefore, those who pre-order Football Manager 2018 via Steam (or the SEGA store), and who own Football Manager 2017, will get 25% off up until October 9th. Because it’s only for people who own FM17, we’re not calling it a loyalty scheme anymore, as it’s one game not 4. So it’s now a signing on bonus for those extending their contracts. Gotta love using football terminology for these things J By the time the promotion ends, the key new features will already have been trailed (those are due to be announced late September as Brocky mentions above) and we may have even released 1 or 2 full feature videos by then – can’t confirm the latter yet, as we don’t yet know what dates those will be released, or even how many feature videos we’re doing in total as yet. But you’ll have the headline feature news already, so all good! For those that don't already have it, our friends at Steam are offering a whopping 80% discount on FM2017 for 48 hours from the time of this posting too... http://store.steampowered.com/app/482730/Football_Manager_2017/
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    Commentary would be a waste of investment and would multiply if you include languages Chants - legal reasons Crowd noises / clapping / cheering / booing - this for me is the way to ago. Some suggestions Derby / Rival matches - increased noise, more booing / clapping etc Big Games such as finals etc = more noise. Big attendances = more noise Subbed players with performance rating above x.x gets clapped when coming off Clubs favourite players when coming on get cheered extra / or clapping Variation in crowed noises from shots hitting woodwork, near misses, bad tackles, yellow and red cards, players hated by other clubs More noise for home side scoring, slightly subdued noise for away side scoring These in my opinion are small enhancements to the existing sounds so minimal time/effort investment but with enhanced game play experience. Accepting those that switch off the sound continue to do so those that dont like myself find it adds to the game but it does need some work. Evolution instead of revolution is often the way to go
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    And people wonder why this part of the forum is especially quiet. Ozil is one of the, if not the best tactical contributor around on the forums and he's raised a legitimate issue (with evidence) which has allowed people to discuss these issues. If people think the 4-4-2 is unplayable, let them discuss that. If people want to discuss tactics to beat the system, let them do that. Don't go around locking threads because A: you disagree with their point of view or B: it doesn't suit the attitude of posters who think the ME is great.
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    right, but we don't have control over horizontal compactness of the team in defensive phase as somebody explained earlier. This means players are as wide as they are coded. We didn't discuss vertical compactness but I guess that is somewhat regulated by duty. So, during the defensive phase, players on attacking duty will be higher up the pitch than players on support duty. Now, if you look at the screenshot above, the "clueless" player isn't really high up the pitch, he is in blue defensive third so hardly on attacking duty. Both yellow players on his side drift inside but he stays wide, and if you look at the video, you will see he actually moves even wider. This seems to me like hard coded behaviour as it has zero sense from real football tactics perspective. Here's the first goal in 13th minute. I doubt blue team is on attacking mentality away from home so early in the match and they are still in their original 4-2-3-1 formation. Yellow team does what they did whole game, they move wide players centrally and overload the middle. Look the distance between the blue right winger and two central midfielders. There's a huge gap used by yellow team to create 3v2 overload. There are two problems here; 1) The blue winger is completely out of position, on the outside of his man, mind you 2) Two central midfielders on the blue team are so narrow and deep they can't control the middle even with the help of AM. Normally, this wouldn't be such problem within the ME. However, as both players on the yellow team left side are instructed to cut inside, the AI defensive logic can't cope and allows an overload in half space which results with a goal. If all you want to see is good judgement on your part fine, but to me, it seems the defensive AI doesn't live up to "simulation" label FM likes to pride itself with. the problem is the AI suffers same problem as Ozil since some things are hard coded in the ME. It isn't about you and how you can destroy the AI but about AI being poorly coded to unpredicted situations it comes up from a human player. That is why I took your examples. They show the basic AI logic doesn't work against human. It doesn't work because the offensive AI follows real football tactics (to an extent) while the defensive AI doesn't. indeed, you can't defend whole pitch but you can defend most dangerous zones. but flanks aren't those while according to ME, they are.
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    "Ahh, good. Matteo! Come in! Sit down!" "What's up, boss?" "Billy and I just wanted to see how you're feeling about being around the international setup for the first time. Settling in okay?" "Ahh yeah, no worries boss. Enjoying the experience." "Glad to hear. Can I offer you a cup of tea?" "Errr.. sure?" "Excellent! Put the kettle on, Billy." *Two minutes later* "Here you go pal." "WAIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Matteo looked confused. "I'm... drinking my tea?" The boss and Billy looked at each other and sighed. "You haven't put any sugar in yet?" "Err.. no. I don't tend to take it with sugar, so..." "Nonsense, boy. Billy here just got an incredible tasting sugar just delivered from Columbia! You have to try some. I insist." "In that case... sure?" "Let's go into the kitchen. You can see the sugar freshly laid out on the silver tray for yourself. It's delightful." "See, Matteo, put a couple of spoonfuls in." "Are you not going to have any sugar, boss?" "Oh, Matteo. Trust me. I'm going to have some sugar. I can't get enough of the stuff. But Billy and I prefer to take our sugar a different way. We've re-defined the very concept of tea." "Yeah... sure you have, boss. Chee.." "Before you drink, Matteo. You have to try the tea our way. I insist." "If it's all the same to you, boss, I think I'll drink it the normal way..." "It's not all the same. Matteo, I actually called you in here to tell you that you're going to be given your international debut tonight. But if you don't want to do things our way, maybe I can't trust you enough..." "I'll do things your way! However you want me to drink this tea, I'll do it. I promise, boss. You can trust me!" "Excellent. Well, what we prefer to do with this... sugar... is we like to drink our tea, and then snort the sugar right into our noses. It gives you a real kick, and the flavours combine wonderfully." "Err.... I'm not sure..." "Matteo. Do you trust me? There's no better way to drink your tea in the world. I'm 97, I've tried them all!" "Okay, boss. I trust you." "Superb. Billy, why don't you put the sugar into a neat line for Matteo to... drink. I've got big things planned for this boy, you know!"
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    Eh, so this OP became very, very long. The short version is - I'm back at Celtic using a custom league set up. Last time, I allowed myself to sign players born within 30 miles of Celtic Park - this time, we're only using players from our own youth academy. The rest of this OP will go into some detail about the background and setup of this save, so if you're interested please keep reading! If not, skip this first bit Project Brave... If that doesn't make you cringe, I'm not sure what will. For those of you who don't know, Project Brave is the latest 'radical solution' designed to save Scottish football from it's current state of pretty pish-ness. It's been in the pipeline for over a year, instigated by former Manchester United forward and Director of Youth Academy, Brian McClair. McClair left United to succeed Mark Wotte as National Performance Director for the SFA, but left the role in July 2016. When it came to his replacement, well, the Scottish Football Association have truly outdone themselves - a perfect storm of nae'bdy wanting the job (Northern Ireland assistant Austin McPhee turned it down to join Ian Cathro's team at Hearts instead) and nae'bdy else willing to give him a job led to the appointment in December 2016 of... Ach well, at least he looks as bemused as the rest of us. Let's.. eh... skip assessing his credentials for the role and instead look at what the proposals mean for Scottish football. Among several other proposals, we've got: - The reduction of the number of elite academies from the current 29 to a maximum of 16, earlier reported as 8. - The possible introduction of SPFL colt teams into the pyramid system. - Scrapping the current Development League (U20s) in favour of a Reserve League system. - Relaxing the current rules to encourage the increased use of development loans for 17-21 year olds. So! For this save, I've set about putting in place some of these changes in the editor. In terms of the reduction of academies, we have added the Forth Valley Football Academy and the Fife Elite Football Academy which IRL serve Falkirk, Stenhousemuir, Stirling Uni, East Stirlingshire (Forth Valley) and Cowdenbeath, East Fife, Dunfermline, Raith Rovers (Fife Elite). These two teams have a maximum age of 18, and will participate in the U18s in place of their affiliates' youth teams. The remaining 14 slots will be made up of remaining U18 teams from the Scottish Premiership, Championship and League One. Rangers, Dumbarton, Brechin City, Peterhead, and Arbroath are however ineligible for the league. Rangers have pulled out of next seasons Development League in favour of friendlies against top teams; Dumbarton have announced they are scrapping their youth academy; Brechin, Peterhead and Arbroath don't participate in the Development League. Zero over-18 players are permitted to play in the U18s league. This year, the SPFL clubs were allowed to submit proposals for entering colt teams into the Scottish pyramid system, and the likely contenders are of course the Old Firm with Hibernian and Aberdeen also reportedly seriously considering the plan. While it would be open to all 42 clubs, the financial impact would mean that these 4 teams are likely to be the only clubs able to support 2 teams in the senior leagues. The requirements mean that they would start at the Highland/Lowland leagues level, would not be able to rise higher than League One, and would not be able to participate in the Scottish Cup or League Cup. They also have to compete at a stadium of minimum League Two Bronze standard - Celtic have reportedly already been in contact with Greenock Morton about the use of Cappielow. Aberdeen's development squad have been using Brechin City's Glebe Park, while Hibernian have likewise been using Spartan's Ainslie Park. Rangers, while mostly using Auchenhowie or Ibrox, have historically also used Broadwood Stadium in Cumbernauld for Reserve matches, and they'll play their home games there. Teams would not be able to field more than two over-21 players. In a nod to history, I've also given Celtic and Rangers' colt teams their historical names, and Rangers their historic reserve kit of black and red vertical stripes. Therefore, we have: Aberdeen Colts, Glebe Park - Highland Football League Celtic Crusaders, Cappielow Park - Lowland Football League Hibernian Colts, Ainslie Park - Lowland Football League Rangers Swifts, Broadwood Stadium - Lowland Football League In search of a way forward, we're going twenty years back (Brilliant! Where do they come up with this stuff!?) with the reintroduction of the Scottish Reserves League. In the top tier we have Reserve teams from the Premiership and Championship, however the above Colt teams do not participate. Annan and Stranraer Reserves who compete in the South of Scotland League, and Stirling University Reserves who compete in the East of Scotland League are also ineligible if they reach either of the top 2 divisions, along with Brechin, Dumbarton, Arbroath, East Fife, Montrose, Peterhead, and Stenhousemuir. The rest of the Reserve Leagues are made of tiers 3-5 in regional divisions. A maximum of five over-21 players can compete. In terms of the loan rules, I've stuck with the loan rules already existing in Scotland in terms of numbers. The difference is that while before there were limits on total players moving on loan at one time, in one season, those limits are now only for players aged over 21. Clubs are not able to sign more than two over-23 players on loan from one club. Phew... Almost there. All League and Cup histories are as accurate as possible thanks to http://www.scottish-football-historical-archive.co.uk LEAGUES As we have Reserve teams competing in the Pyramid System, I've added the Highland and Lowland Leagues into the setup, and the East of Scotland and South of Scotland Leagues below that. The pyramid system is exactly the same as in real life - so, we have the Premiership, Championship, Leagues One and Two. From League Two there is no automatic relegation to the 5th tier, however the winners of the Highland and Lowland League compete in a playoff, with the winner then facing off against the team in last place in League Two in a promotion/relegation playoff. Below the Lowland League, we have the East/South of Scotland Leagues and promotion/relegation follows this exact same system. Annan, Stranraer and Stirling Uni Reserves are not permitted promotion from tier 6, while Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen and Hibs Reserves are not permitted promotion from tier 3. Completing the Scottish senior setup is the North Caledonian League. It sits under the Highland League, at the same level as the East/South Leagues, but there is no promotion or relegation at all from this division. Golspie Sutherland however are full SFA members and therefore compete in the Scottish Cup. CUPS Scottish Cup - 92 teams made up of all 42 from the top 4 tiers + Banks O'Dee, Linlithgow Rose, Golspie Sutherland, Glasgow University, Girvan. The remaining teams are taken from tiers five and six. Scottish League Cup - All 42 SPFL teams + winners of tier 5. Reserve teams are not permitted to compete (although lets see if that actually works out in my file - I'm not fussed if they end up competing in this competition). IRN-BRU Cup - All teams from Tiers 2-4 and four best teams from Highland/Lowland, twelve Reserve teams of the Scottish Premiership, two best teams from Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales. N.B. In the updated version, the teams from Ireland have been corrected so that it is the 5th and 6th place teams instead (i.e. teams not in Europe). Highland, Lowland, East and South of Scotland League Cups - League Cups for their associated Leagues. South Challenge Cup - All teams from Lowland, East and South of Scotland Football Leagues. Southern Counties Cup - All South of Scotland teams + Queen of the South, Dalbeattie Star and Edusport Academy. Southern Counties Alba Cup - Lochar Thistle, Mid Annandale, Creetown, Upper Annandale, Lochmaben, Heston Rovers, Bonnyton Thistle, Abbey Vale, Nithsdale Wanderers, Dumfries YMCA ONLY if these teams are in Tier 6. Promotion excludes them from the competition. Alex Jack Cup - Tweedmouth Rangers, Heriot-Watt Uni, Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale, Ormiston, Tynecastle, Eyemouth United, Peebles Rovers, Leith Athletic ONLY if these teams are in Tier 6. South-East Scotland Cup-Winner's Shield - Super Cup for Winners of the Southern Counties Alba Cup and Alex Jack Cup. North Caledonian Cup - Mainland teams from North Caledonian League + Nairn County U20s and Elgin City U20s. I've decided to keep the U20s sides of these two teams as they only compete in North Caley FA Cup competitions. Mainland teams only, so Orkney don't qualify. Football Times Cup, and Jock Mackay Memorial Cup - North Caledonian League teams + Shetland, Lewis and Harris Select, Nairn U20 and Elgin U20. Tommy Ross Memorial Cup - Mainland teams from the North Caledonian League only. Tweedie, Potts, and Cree Lodge Cups - South of Scotland League teams only. King Cup - All East of Scotland FA teams below the 4th tier. Berwick Rangers, Edinburgh City, Hearts, Hibs and Livingston are all eligible if they fall below the 4th tier. (Livingston have actually withdrawn from the EoSFA IRL, but I'm a sucker for history). East of Scotland Qualifying Cup - Again open to all EoSFA teams below the 4th tier. Hearts, Hibs, Edinburgh City and Berwick Rangers are not eligible. East of Scotland (City) Cup - Finalists from the EoS Qualifying Cup + Edinburgh City and Berwick Rangers. North of Scotland Cup - Nairn, Brora, Clachnacuddin, Wick Academy, Invergordon, Golspie, Elgin, Forres Mechanics, Fort William, Lossiemouth, Rothes and Strathspey Thistle split East/West with the top 2 from each section qualifying for the Semi Final. Aberdeenshire Cup and Shield - Aberdeen University (Shield only), Inverurie Locos, Turriff Utd, Formartine, Banks O'Dee, Cove Rangers, Deveronvale, Huntly, Fraserburgh, Keith and Buckie Thistle. Last but not least, all transfers are accurate to the present day (26.7.17) and all clubs are in their correct divisions for the 2017/18 season. Without further ado, let's get started!
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    @D_LO_ I've been hovering over the lock thread button, but while rashidi's been fielding questions and making observations I've been happy to let it continue. For my part, there is an issue with wide and central midfielder positioning, SI have acknowledged this and I don't see anybody denying this. However, the part that is often overlooked is the 4-4-2 (and derivatives) can indeed remain as being perfectly playable (SI have also stated that). You need look no further than AI managers that use very effective 4-4-2s to demonstrate that. Personally I just won La Liga with Sevilla using the exact same 4-4-2 as I used in FM16 without issue or feeling the need to do something about the midfield positioning. It simply didn't cause me defensive problems. But having said that I also understand that for some the 4-4-2 has become unusable. Seeing such gaps appear put people off using the formation and don't like how (in some instances) their own or AI positioning manifests itself. Some of that could perhaps be fixed with tactical changes, but that may in turn lead those people further away from the style in which they want to play, and thus becomes unacceptable for them. I have no problem with that at all and can sympathise with those sentiments. Hopefully FM18 will change that for them. Where I draw the line is people making wide sweeping statements such as "4-4-2 is broken and unplayable" or "you're in denial and defending the ME" or people coming into the discussion just to have a moan.
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    "YOU'RE A F***ING DEADMAN SEWELL!" "Ah. Yes. Hello Matteo." "WHAT THE F*** HAVE YOU DONE?!?!" "Listen. I'm afraid we may have accidentally... made a mistake wit..." "I KNEW THAT WASN'T SUGAR! WASN'T IT!!!" "Well, okay, no. It wasn't, but..." "I'M GOING TO F***ING KILL YOU" *Matteo reaches under the desk in Sewell's office and pulls out a conveniently placed steel chair, exactly like you'd see in Wrestling.* "AHHH! S***! MATTEO STOP! WE CAN WORK THIS OU ARHHHHHHHHHHHH F***ING HELL" *At this point, Billy walks into the room. He strides over to the desk and reaches under it, pulling out a steel chair of his own. He opens it up and sits down on it with a bucket of popcorn and a little bag of white powder, ready to enjoy the main event." "A LITTLE HELP HERE, BILLY?" "Oh, of course! Sorry!" *Billy throws the bag at Sewell, but it hits the floor and spills everywhere.* "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" *Billy dives onto the metal floor to rescue the powder. Can't let it go to waste! He'd busted his nose in the dive, so as the powder went in, blood was going out. Billy was happy with that trade off.* "You two. Your drug bulls*** has ruined my life. They've banned me from playing football for two years! I'll be blacklisted by every team in the country. I'll have to move to somewhere like f***ing Columbia if I ever want to play football again." *Sewell sees Billy about to open his mouth.* "Not now, Billy. Look, Matteo. It's bad. I know that. I'm sorry. But we can fix this." "You can get me unsuspended?" "What? No. You took drugs. They'll never overturn tha AHHHHHHH F*** I'M SORRY STOP HITTING ME" "Then how the f*** are you going to make this right? I WANT AN ANSWER OR I'M SWINGING" "I didn't know you were into that," Billy quipped. Matteo shot him a thunderous glance, and Billy went back to bleeding on the floor. "Look, Matteo. You can't play football, but you can still work in football. I pitched to the FA some lies about how motivational and inspirational it would be to have an ex-international, reformed drug addict around the place, and..." "REFORMED DRUG ADDICT? YOU GAVE ME THE F***ING POWDER!" "Yes, well, accidents will happen. Anyway, they've given the green light for you to come in here and work as a coach with us. We'll pay you twice as much as you were earning as a player, to make up for the... inconvenience." *Matteo stared down the manager for what felt like an eternity, before slowly reaching out his hand.* "You're lucky I've always wanted to get into coaching and that I need the money, or you'd be bleeding twice as bad as your stupid f***ing mate on the floor. I accept, you absolute *****." "Excellent! Billy, put the kettl - actually, on second thoughts, I think we should probably leave it."
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    "We're live from Lennoxtown as Celtic's Under-18s prepare for their UEFA Youth League tie against Sporting CP this Wednesday, and we're here to catch up with our poster-boy Ally Andrew YP2a. Andrew has recently declared his intentions to represent Ireland at international level over the country of his birth, but the big news today is that the former 120kg man has slashed his weight even further to 58kg, an incredible 48% of his starting weight! What a huge inspiration for our hordes of couch potatoes looking to get off of Football Manager, and onto the pitch this year! Andrew, do you have some words for us?" "It hurts us... precious..."
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    Weight loss experts hate him, he went from 120 to 63kg in 4 months
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    Thank you for your valuable contribution!! Come back soon
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    Regarding the subject of this thread, anecdotically, Atlético IRL focus on defending these half spaces with their "Interiores" (Wide mids) and always forcing the opposition wide to press them in wide areas. Atlético (with arguably the best defence in European football in recent years) dispel the myth that 4-4-2 is vulnerable to formations like eg. 4-5-1 because of the central midfield numbers superiority. Villarreal use similar concept in their 4-4-2. Unlike in FM defensive positioning IRL is not about choosing some static formation but it is more about specific positioning of players depending on where the ball is. FM totally lacks this aspect.
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    Had a big six pointer against Bologna a few days after a cup game with Milan, so I chucked out the backups and hoped they'd keep the score down... They didn't. Milan didn't see fit to play their senior players either.... but the squad they sent out should have easily handled us.
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    If you've ever read the FAQs section at the top of this forum (shame on you if you haven't ) or seen people ask & answer questions about players' Determination attribute, the message has pretty much always been that Determination doesn't have a direct impact on Training and player development. It's an attribute that we've usually only associated with in match performance. However I can now update and correct that position. @Seb Wassell (works for SI and is one of the areas of the game he's specifically responsible for) has confirmed that for FM17 changes were made to how the progression calculation is derived. "Determination, along with a large number of other factors, is part of the progression calculation and directly impacts how well a player will train for that month" (Seb's exact words). It should also be reiterated that Determination has always been a factor in player progression, so if you're playing FM16 or earlier it's something useful to have there as well. To clarify - the way the overall under the hood progression module works is what has changed. So there we have it. We can now safely say that Determination has a direct impact on how well a player trains. I'll be updating the FAQs accordingly. Thanks Seb.
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    Yes we did this. We also staged the moon landings and we are collectively bigfoot. In other words, OP I'm sorry but that's just nonsense.
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    Hey, everyone. Seen as we're into the dying months of FM2017 I've decided to go outside of my very fluid and expansive football comfort zone and have a crack at a compact, disciplined defensive system but am hitting unexpected issues with the match engine. The examples I am about to give are from a game against Real Madrid at the Bernabeau in the first season. In fact, just a couple of months in. Slight changes to the usual system countering the strengths of Real Madrid: Fullbacks are in Support roles rather than Attacking (with overlap) to counter the threat of Bale and Ronaldo. Wide Playmakers are in Support roles rather than Attack to maintain compactness. Saul has moved wide from MCL to ML with Fernandez coming in for additional stability on the flank. Griezmann has moved from Shadow Striker to Advanced Forward (Attack) to bypass Casemiro and get in behind Madrid's high defensive line. Pratto takes a Defensive Forward (Defend) role - rather than Deeplying Forward (Support) - to press Casemiro now Griezmann is up front. The plan is simple. Defensive and highly structured. Two deep, narrow, compact banks of four. Wide Playmakers, Griezmann and set-pieces are the main goalscoring threats. What is actually happening? Sometimes the defensive shape is working according to plan. Very solid, compact and narrow defensive shape. Very happy with this. Extremely difficult to break down. The key word here is sometimes. More often than not, our central midfielders are pulling in extremely narrow and playing right on top of each other, whilst the Wide Playmakers remain wide. Exhibit A Real Madrid are attacking through the centre. Solid positioning from the back four. My two central midfielders are holding hands. The wrong central midfielder is pressing. My wide playmakers remain out in no-man's-land. Massive holes in the half-spaces. Central midfielders should simply be wider and the wide playmakers narrower. Exhibit B Again, Real Madrid building up through the middle. Copy & paste the issues above. Exhibit C Ok, it seems Madrid's build up play is always going through the middle.. This time Saul is in a decent position, covering Bale. Other issues are still present. Overall Defensive Shape "Half-Spaces" seems like an understatement! Additional notes.. Wide Playmakers automatically have sit narrower as a PI. Defensive mentality sets the base width to Narrow. Saul & Koke have 16, 17, 15 and 15, 17, 15 respectively for Anticipation, Concentration and Positioning. My Diagnosis Appears to me that this is a match-engine issue that 'width' is only effecting the central midfielders. When the central midfielders come in - too narrow - and the wide midfielders stay wide it opens up huge half-spaces. Having one midfielder pressing more than the other can mean the wrong midfielder presses. Possible solution? If I am correct, using a TI to increase the width should have the central midfielders take up correct position. Selecting the same role for the two holding midfield players - either Central Midfielder or Ball Winning Midfielder - should hopefully eliminate the pressing confusion. I am reluctant to use a TI to increase the width to resolve the issue with midfield positioning. It does not fit with how I want to play, overall. It is just papering over - what appears to be - an issue with the Match Engine. Discuss! What do you think? Has anyone else experienced the same thing? Does this seem like a realistic interpretation of a highly structured, defensive 4-4-2? Is there a work around? Can we get it sorted out? Only kidding, of course not!
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    ..ok, so playing Devil's Advocate here and trying to get this discussion back on track. As mentioned above I have moved on from trying to defend deep and gone back to what I know, a high-intensity pressing game. One of the systems we are using is a very simple 4-2-3-1. Here is a screenshot of the defensive shape. Much happier with the defensive positioning from the two holding midfielders. Please note, both are - once again - holding midfielders (I fail to see why one must be Support just for the sake of it). Here's another screenshot, this time pressing higher. Highly aggressive 4-2-4 shape pressing the opposition but look at the solid midfield cover. Here, we press wide. The double pivot has shifted across nicely and the AM has dropped back to cover the opposition holding midfielder. Finally, even a borderline nuts "full-court press" (don't ask how Alaves ended up in that position! :D). How has my very fluid, attacking 4-2-3-1 got a significantly more solid defensive set-up than my highly structured, defensive 4-4-2. My thoughts: I do believe it is a ME flaw. Logically, a deep 4-4-2 should work. ..so should and - I believe - does a defensively minded double-pivot in midfield. Could it be individual mentality of the midfield pivot? -> Defensive, Highly Structured + MC(D) is a bloody defensive mentality. -> Attacking, Very Fluid + MC(D) is neutral. Are they so risk averse they literally need to hold hands when the opposition run at them?? Could it be - similar to the DCs w/ Half-Back - we need to push the wide players forward to get correct positioning? -> I would again question the tactical logic of a Defensive, Highly Structured 4-2-2-2 with 4 players in the AM/ST strata but it may be worth a test.
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    It's online again here https://santosfm.co.uk/the-art-of-counter-attacking-football
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    I agree, its easy to beat. And the reason why I like this thread. It's all about how to control the halfspaces both offensively and defensively I just played a game against the AI that was using this against my 442, I call this the halfspace exploiter. This tactic is brutal at drawing players around the halfspaces because it compresses as many as 5 into a narrow area when attacking, which makes it hard to win the ball during the midfield phase in transition, which is where the 442 is at its weakest. I am not here to debate the merits of the engine but to try and understand how it works so that I can beat tactics using the 442. To understand how defensive width works, we need to accept that defensive width is affected by mentality, your choice of roles and duties and the formation you are playing against. Your formation will need to play against another formation, so players are likely to take up positions defensively with respect to that. Now we need to break up the 3 main phases of play Defense/Midfield and Attack. In each phase your system has a different width setting. When you are without the ball, your team will look different in all 3 phases. If the AI has the ball in their half, you will look wide, this is where most people have an issue with wide area positoning. Players sometimes look too wide or the 2 central players are too narrow. To fix this, check roles and duties for the central players. For the wider players the issue is whether they are standing inside or outside. ie. Which side are they showing the opposing player? Sometimes you will see them showing the inside and sometimes the opposing player is tucked inside. When the ball enters the midfield phase here, roles and duties kick in to affect closing down and narrowness. If you are using a winger on attack, he probably won't track nearly as well as a WM on support. If he has low attributes then these will kick in too. Finally the ball enters your half, this is where it gets interesting. On lower mentalities your team will be narrower on higher mentalities it will be wider. On flexible or very fluid they will appear more condensed. With an offside trap and a high defensive line you can also achieve compression. On a lower mentality, the FBs are more likely to tuck inside on a higher mentality those FBs are more likely to close down the flanks and half spaces. This is where i work hard to spot how my halfspaces are being exploited. The halfspace exploiter I linked earlier is notorious against my 442. So what are my defensive options to keep narrow and condensed? 1. I use the offside trap to get vertical compression 2. I use OIs to put pressure on their backline 3. I set hard tackling on opposing FBs because I don't want them to have an easy time This will encourage my frontliners to help out in defense. If I want them to help out even more I may tackle hard and close down the central mids only, and this is where it gets dangerous. Here I have to be aware of their attributes as I don't want my central mids to get yellow carded So I have sorted out my defensive third. I still have the issue of trying to win the ball in midfield and not allowing them to gain easy inroads to my defensive third. This is where it gets a bit more challenging. The 442 really only has 2 players in midfield vs their 5. So its easy to understand why we won't win the ball as it is. So I either give up the midfield and then hope to God we can defend well with deep diagonal counter attacks. Or I use a different set of roles and duties to allow me to keep the ball more effectively. Here I could use the IWBs instead and give up defending the flank area during the midfield transition so that I can keep the ball a bit more effectively, when we lose the ball, there is a chance that my crowding of midfield could match theirs. Another option that someone has rightly pointed out which can be used is specific man marking, which is a level of micro-management that can get quite annoying, it can still work. So both options are viable but they require me to crack my noggin. While I can understand this may not be the way many people want to play and they just want the 442 to default into defending half spaces effectively. The fact is historically that was its weakness. I still do think Si can improve it by making the engine realise that we are playing a 442, and that with certain roles they should just automatically tuck in a bit more during the midfield phase. The challenge as always is balance. Its that phase between midfield to attack transition where the ball moves from midfield into our half that causes most people issues with the 442.
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    I'm fed up of all the other teams stealing our best players, so it's time for a taste of their own medicine, and we went to sign every 5* PA player we could find. We're rubbish, so there were quite a lot of them...
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    Don't really know why you keep posting your 4-4-2 in offensive shape. Nobody argues that doesn't work. However, the game has a problem with the defensive organization due to overloading central area. Your video is actually useful as it shows it isn't only the 4-4-2 that has this issue but the ME itself. The second goal in your video the blue team changes their formation from 4-2-3-1 to 3-4-3. Guess it is late in the game and they want to equalize desperately. But look how they react in the defensive phase. It is enough for a human player to use an inverted wing back (wide midfielder cutting inside and an overlapping FB make the same effect) to completely throw the defensive unit off balance. Just cramming the central zone with players puts defensive AI into problems that make the game too easy and zero challenge. Not to mention that both goals scored in this match are a direct result of the flawed positioning of wide players in a narrow sense and a direct result of lack of proper defensive organization if you take a look how teams defend as a unit.
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    Problem is that that the tactical side of FM is a bit archaic, negected and does not reflect modern tactical trends. Instead of improvement we see every year pointless features being introduced by SI that do not add much to the "game core". Well, specifically the 4-4-2 that is played by Atlético is a totally different beast that what we can create in FM. 1) In FM selecting 4-4-2 means playing 4-4-2 all the time but Atlético do not play like that. They start defending more as 4-2-2-2 and morph into 4-4-2 (two flat banks) gradually closer to their goal. Not possible to recreate in FM at all as the defending formation is static. Bring back wibble/wobble!! 2) The positioning of Atlético players when defending is quite different than the positioning of players in FM. In Atlético the wingbacks defend wider whereas the midfield is very narrow (sometimes it looks like 4 central midfielders). Again, impossible to recreate. Below is roughly how Atlético defends. and we can continue like this...
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    FADE IN UEFA Headquarters, a non-descript conference room. Morning. Gunnar Vikander sits patiently at one of three tables facing a raised dais at the front of the room. Partizan Chairman, Radjko "Scoop" Mulitinovic sits bedside him, chomping on a cigar and occasionally blowing smoke rings at the Italian lawyers seated at another table. An oppressive silence hangs ominously in the air It is a silence of three parts. The cigar smoke lingering in the air is foul. The tension, palpable. An old-fashioned analog clock ticks away the seconds ominously. Dimitri Ulevic, Vikander's sycophantic personal assistant, enters the room, and whispers to Vikander. Vikander nods and conveys the message to Mulitinovic. Partizan's attorney, Gerhard Notte, waltzes into the room, carrying a large case. 10 minutes late. He's the only one who knows it, but the case is empty save for the banana he plans to eat for both lunch and dinner. It's all he can afford. Business is not good at his firm, Young & Notte Legal PLLC, which he recently founded with a law school friend. They assume that the lack of clients relates to their relative inexperience, notwithstanding heavy traffic on the firm's website. The last to arrive? Irish referee Billy "The Fish" Foulkes, who ran the middle for the highly-controversial Partizan-Inter Champions League match last week that has set social media and the pundits afire. Battle lines have been drawn. And everyone in the room knows it. Except for Billy, who wonders if his performance at this review hearing will impress Mulitinovic and thus, indirectly, win his daughter's favor. A bell rings in the near distance. Voices begin to sing out in unison, muffled by the large double-doors behind the dais. The doors swing open, and The UEFA Herald approaches, resplendently clad in Grecian robes and golden Crocs. "They come, they come," he intones. "Arise, and pay homage." Vikander stifles a laugh, and rises. Mulitinovic slowly rises, his prodigious girth filling a disproportionate amount of the room. Billy appears confused. The Italian lawyers, eager. Awaiting the justice they believe to be imminent. The chorus of voices grows louder, as a layer of smoke begins to cover the floor. Suddenly, the lights go out, as the voices hit a crescendo. The lights return almost as suddenly, and three UEFA officials now sit on the dias, having appeared as if from nowhere. The double doors close slowly. The smoke continues to swirl in the room. Ominously, the chorus begins to sing Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries. Billy begins to sweat, glancing nervously at Mulitinovic. One of the UEFA officials twirls his necklace as he eyes Billy up and down, the olive pit clearly identifying him as a urCristian, to the extent that wasn't readily-apparent by virtue of his loincloth and oiled, naked torso. His Telleusian panelists are more modestly dressed, if not equally-recognizable by their flowing locks and 'ombre highlights. What meaning can be inferred from the composition of the panel? Only time will tell. The Herald dramatically rings a large gong, officially openning the proceedings. The choral accompaniment continues, setting an auspicious tone, as The Herald reads the charges. The Italian lawyers nod vigorously as Billy's malfeasance is detailed, with the allegations of collusion coming towards the end. Before the Herald can finish, however, Billy tentatively raises his hand. The Herald is startled, and begins to object to the breach of decorum. The urCristian panelist is bemused, interrupting the Herald. "I'll allow it," he intones. Billy stammers, and whispers inaudibly. "Louder, my son," says the urCristian, offering Billy support and offering his colleagues a plate of olives, cured meats and cheeses. "Thank you, sir...?" "Your Excellency, if you please. I surrendered my Earthly name upon my Ascension to the Prelature of urCristiano." The Telleusian panelists snort in derision. They remember when "Your Excellency" was a reserve fullback for Dumbarton. The Italian lawyers begin to look nervous, their earlier confidence beginning to fray around the edges. Billy, on the other hand, is gaining confidence by the minute. Billy continues, and pulling a short piece of lumber, hammer and nails from his briefcase. As he speaks, he hammers the nails into the lumber, one by one, the ringing noise punctuating his statement awkwardly. "I... I invoke the LAD clause, under the Anglo-Irish Treaty of...uhhh...and all rights and appurtenances owed to me as a...a... Leprechaun trying to make my way though this modern world. This anti-Irish bias shall not stand!" Vikander winces, knowing that this once-straightforward proceeding will now take a bizarre, if comical, turn. If it hasn't already. The Italians throw up their hands in frustration, shaking their heads and muttering under their breath. They know the precedent. This will not end well for Inter. The burden of proof has shifted. Irrevocably. Gazing into Billy's eyes, the urCristian nods. "His rights having been invoked, the panel will sit in recess until such time that the Petitioner brings forth clear and convincing evidence of Mr. Foulkes' non-leprechaun...ness." The chorus begins to sing louder, as the Italians stare daggers at poor Billy, who clenches his fists in triumph, nodding to Notte who has earned his fee. The smoke rises to waist height, as the double doors open slowly. The lights dim, and when they return the UEFA panel has disappeared behind the now-closing doors. Mulitinovic chuckles, chomping on his cigar and patting Vikander on the back. "What is this that I was telling to the you, yes? Do not worry, my boy. Do not worry." FADE OUT
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    Because I have a mental issue, I just can't give up with this stupid San Giovanni thing, so we're trying it again. There's two main changes from the last one: 1: We can sign other Sammarinese U21 players. On the last save the other teams were actually producing some decent potential players, but they'd never develop. This should help out the NT. 2, and the main one: We're using the ingame editor to sort out Youth Recruitment. It's starting at the default value, but once we dominate domestically we'll keep manually upgrading it to stay in line as the joint best in the country. This is probably going to be a shorter save than the other one(s). I want to actually make progress now we have those two rules in to help us out. We need to win. No excuses.
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    I read a lot of great tactics and articles posted by a lot of people on this forum. They have been immeasurably valuable to assisting me in developing and understanding this game. It is my hope that I can add a little to collective knowledge and maybe offer a different perspective. I also promised some people via pm that I would post this and explain the system. As background, I am an American with almost zero soccer experience. Prior to picking up FM16, I had never seen a club match in my life and had only watched a few US mens and womens national team games. Aside from a short stint on a soccer-based MMO, I had no experience with soccer videogames. I had no idea what a holding midfielder was or anything much about formations and tactics. I still don't know how to properly kick a soccer ball. I only discovered FM by accident looking for a similarly designed game for American NFL Football. I bring literally no soccer background or knowledge (or biases) into this, but I like team building games and the FM franchise was well reviewed so I gave it a shot. I'm now hooked. Not knowing what I was doing in the game, I started a quick 1 season save to get familiar with the interfaces and understand the depth of the game. The goal was to then resurrect the Michigan-Carolina Wildlings from the MMO and take them to the top of the footballing world from the bottom of the English pyramid. But I wanted to do it playing American Football. As of posting this, we just completed our 6th season as Champions of Skybet League 1 after starting in the National South. 4 promotions in 6 seasons and the worst I have ever finished is 10th. I'm not there yet, but I'm doing a lot better than I expected and I'm confident that I'm going to be able to get there eventually. But this post isn't about my results. I only mention them to lend some creditability to the system. I want is to discuss the system I am developing and share some of my methods with the forum. I think new players may benefit from seeing how I built the system from the ground up and maybe encourage them in developing or refining their own tactics. Believe me, if I can do it, so can you. As for the vets, I think they may find this interesting as it's, at least as far as I can tell, a rather unique tactical approach to the game and may offer new ideas and perspective to spruce up the game. As a quick summary of the system, I run 3 TI setups which are universally applied to 9 different formations. I also have a few alternate PI/role setups for certain players to alter the formations as needed in game. The end result is an American Football style playbook with dozens of options giving me tons of versatility and adaptability to expose and exploit weaknesses in my opponents tactics. Its fun to play, engaging to watch, and I'm excited to share it with with y'all. I hope you'll enjoy yourself some American Football. Special note: Navigating the posts Most of the content is behind spoiler tags to better facilitate scrolling and loading as this ended up being way more content than I originally intended. If you are trying to find the tactics and instructions I use, they are in the "Building the System" posts. If you have no idea what I mean when talking about "gaps" and "zones", there is a description in the Terminology post. Finally if you want to see what kind of results the system is producing, they are all grouped in the Stats section. If you have any questions or can't find something, don't hesitate to ask.
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    The spreadsheet has moved on a lot since the original version. I have the mentality value on one pitch to the left that I discussed with you and the positional dots the other. Helps to easily spot gaps for inadvertently popping attacking players on the wrong side. It could do with some shifting about a bit. I don't use it as much these days, but every now and again I'll bring it out again just to validate some assumptions. Included an example of my current system as it is for control/fluid against a control highly structured version so you can see how this works now.
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    no need to get snappy, we are all on the same side. Indeed the topic is about Ozil not being able to defend, however, not the wings but the central area. What I am trying to say is that the ME forces wide players wide to defend wings when there is no need for that. As a result of this, the central area gets overloaded and a team on the ball can dominate the zone when there is no football logic for it. Second goal in video you have posted is really good example. It shows the problem doesn't only occur with a human player but with the AI as well. It also shows it isn't only the 4-4-2 formation that is affected but basically any formation that has less than three central players in the midfield. It also shows how clueless the AI is as the right winger in blue team stays wide although your whole left flank cuts inside. So, while Ozil has problems defending, he has those problems not because he made poor choices, but because the defending AI is poorly coded (in relation to real world tactics). This isn't only affecting the defensive phase but attacking as well since you win/lose games without merit but due to poor defensive AI.
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    I am suggesting the game doesn't use common sense to defend the central zone and it is obvious with example of the AI in video you've shared.
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    @Duncan Greenwood - Duncan scoring goals is a bug. Get it reported.
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    So the main idea I had when 17 got released was to replicate Marcelino type of play with Villarreal in a lower league setting. To do this I first tried to get the 4-4-2 right with Villarreal itself. I can confirm this has been an issue since the release of the game. Now let me track back a little and tell you about my experiences and some idea's for SI to implement in the future. Also here are some threads from early on in release that confirm the same issue, not just with 4-4-2 structured, but with the wide positioning (and the central midfielder positioning) in general, regardless of instruction. This is not something that has been in this game from the last patch or recently at all. This has been here since launch. From my own experience trying the 4-4-2 out I noticed that generally when the ball was in central midfield (exhibit A and B) this issue would occur. Then gradually when the balls goes forward there seems to be an areal trigger that causes everyone to suddenly move narrow and find their correct positioning, which is seen by the picture that shows the correct positioning, the ball clearly is more forward than ex A and B. But this is not the only problem I have encountered trying to implement as though what I call the spanish 4-4-2. A general nuance of the 4-4-2 that Villarreal played under Marcelino and how they defend is the dynamicness of pressing of the wide midfielders, it is stuff like this that make the 4-4-2 relevant in modern football again. From the matches I analysed from Villarreals real life play I noticed a trend of forcing the long ball from the opponent. After that generally the wide midfielders would help swarm the central midfield to fight for the long ball with the central midfielders. Often causing a 3v2 or 3v1 situation in midfield. This was the biggest thing I noticed from them in defence. There seems to be an overlap of zones in defence in their play that sees some zones as higher priorities than others. Partially due to the positioning 'bug' (or design decision to deal with the crosses in 16), which causes wide midfielders to be extremely static in their defensive positioning and the general limitness of pressing that FM currently has (you either press more or you press less), it is virtually impossible to deliberatly force a press that is more ball oriented or more man oriented. Actively forcing the closing down of passing lanes is not in the current game; you can sometimes kinda force it, but not deliberatly, let alone giving general preference to certain area's of the pitch per player. this is something that is vital in the modern day defence in football. With Villarreal wide midfielders actively abandon their wide man and press inside because that is what they see as the main danger. I think this is something SI should improve on in the future. There are so many different ways of pressing right now. The current match engine is extremely limited on how you can impact the general defensive organization. Now I understand that correctly implementing every single tactical nuance is impossible. But these are nuances that define the defensive play of certain teams, and therefore should get a priority in the engine. Also let me suggest another big thing that I think could really improve the game in the long run. A test server that runs the match engine during the release of the game. I understand that every single small thing can't be discovered by SI till release, therefore let us help you guys by trying out some stuff. The information that a test server can give SI could be vital. This way you will get information about different systems playing your game aswell as match engine issues, I think the lack of a test server is hurting you guys more than it is doing good right now. It could give a bit of transparancy towards the consumer. I could go on about issues in the match engine, for example the half back role which Özil has mentioned in a thread before, but I see the limitless of defensive organization and the major issue of wide players as the biggest issue that the engine currently has. also the TI of width doesn't impact your defensive shape, it just impacts shape in possession. As a result you will be slightly wider in defence, when you have it on 'wider' and you lose the ball, but that shape resolves when the ball gets played more forward.
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    Tutoring needs to match up with all the following criteria: - Tutors must be over 23, with the exception of the captain who can be under. - Players can be tutored up until the age of 24. - Tutees cannot be an established member of the first team (practically speaking this means he's played no more than 75 senior matches). - Tutor and tutee must share similar positions. - The tutor must have a higher World Reputation than the tutee. - Once tutoring has finished, either running its natural course or through being cancelled, there is a "cooling off period" in which the tutor cannot undertake any further tutoring. This is up to about 7 months. - The tutor must be of at least "Backup" squad status, the tutee must be of "Rotation" or below and have a lower status than the tutor. - Neither can be injured when tutoring commences. - Neither can be learning a PPM. - Players can only Tutor (or be Tutored by) one player at a time. Remember as well that the whole idea of Tutoring is to pass on favourable personality traits (or PPMs) to help players become more likely to achieve their potential. So if you want to do that the Tutor needs to have favourable traits in the first place. This does of course mean that if you use a Tutor with an unfavourable personality, that can also get passed on to the Tutee - so choose wisely. So if these free players you've found match up to all of this there's nothing to stop you bringing them in if that's how you want to manage things, so long as you're happy to foot the bill and manage their happiness.
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    "Just going to make a cup of tea, boss. You want one?" "Not right now, Billy. I'm sorting out the rest of our staff. There's a few decent names that I reckon we could snag." "Suit yourself." *Ten minutes later...* "Err... Billy, did you happen to make your tea with sugar?" "YEAH BOSS I DID I REALLY LIKE SUGAR IN MY TEA IT MAKES IT SO MUCH SWEETER I LIKE SWEET THINGS" "Billy... did you ****ing take the 'sugar' from that tray in the kitchen?" "YEAH BOSS I REALLY LIKE THAT TRAY IT'S SILVER I LIKE SILVER ITS MY FAVOURITE COLOUR AND IT'S REALLY SHINY AND..." "Billy... that wasn't sugar..." "OH NO BOSS I THINK I MADE A MISTAKE I JUST WANTED SOME SUGAR I PROMISE BOSS I REALLY DID" "...." "WELL **** YOU BILLY THAT WAS MY ****ING STASH OF SUGAR!" (Thanks to @Keano16for this particular piece of madness).
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    As football clubs across the globe are busy making their final signings of the summer, there’s one addition that every football fan needs in their squad… and we’re delighted to reveal that Football Manager 2018 will be ready for action on Friday, November 10th. Anyone who pre-purchases Football Manager 2018 (for PC, Mac or Linux) through a SEGA approved digital retailer* will be given access to a fully-playable Beta version two weeks before the official release date. As in previous years, single player careers started in the Beta can be continued on in the full game. In addition, fans who pre-purchase Football Manager 2018 (before Monday, October 9th) and have Football Manager 2017 in their Steam Library will receive a 'Contract Extension Bonus' discount of 25% off their purchase via Steam or the SEGA Store. The first details of new features and updates in Football Manager 2018 will be revealed in late September through the Football Manager website, the official FM social media channels (including Twitter & Facebook) and here on the official SI Forums. Also this year for the first time, all three versions of the game – Football Manager 2018 (PC, Mac and Linux), Football Manager Touch 2018 (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android) and Football Manager Mobile 2018 (iOS and Android) will be released on the same day. *Pre-release Beta is available from SEGA approved digital retailers only; please check here for an exhaustive list of digital retailers and more details as to what constitutes a SEGA approved retailer.
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    Throw in for West Ham, deep in Partizan territory. This has to be the last chance saloon. In to Echevarria, who takes a touch and smashes an optimistic shot from an impossible angle, launching the ball into Row Zed at a blistering pace. Surely, that's the last...YES, IT IS!!! IT’S ALL OVER!!! PARTIZAN 1, WEST HAM NIL! IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN BELGRADE, AND VIKANDER’S MEN ARE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE! HE TRULY IS HIS FATHER’S SON! AND THERE'S NO DOUBT THAT HE'LL BE TASTING THE BEAN TONIGHT!!!
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    CRNO-BELI DIRECT Broadcast, April 15, 2065 -- RUSH TRANSCRIPT Metallica's Master of Puppets (remastered, 2056) plays over a video montage, showing glorious triumphs from FK Partizan Beograd's past, featuring highlights from the recent European campaigns. Gratuitous footage of Ultras' leader and former child actor Božidar Bodrožić chugging plum brandy while riding a tiger also features prominently. The footage fades to black, and then to Bodrožić sitting, shirtless, on a gilded throne, the tiger at his feet and a Capuchin monkey perched on his shoulder. The monkey appears to be chain smoking clove cigarettes. As the camera pulls back, it appears that Bodrožić's throne sits on a hill, overlooking Ilic Park. BOŽIDAR (enthusiastically): Yes, yes, it is the welcome to you. Welcome again to the nightly Crno-beli direct broadcast, brought to you by the good, manly men at Jelly Belly. Have a Jelly Belly with the Crno-beli, yes?! At the mention of what sponsors hope will become a new catchphrase for Partizan supporters, a look of disgust passes over Božidar's face, which turns a deep red. He takes a deep breath, visibly counts to 8 (he can't count to ten), and continues, tapping his fingers in time with the music. Master of Puppets continue to blare loudly. BOŽIDAR (getting excited): What is this that I am saying? All you know, you know very well. We have yet another win tonight, over those prancing Portugeezy ponies, who appear to have spent their pre-game waxing their chestses instead of practicing the kicking, yes? Hahahaha, we are the weeeners, once again, with the blood of Telleus flowing through our veins. The camera pans back to show a thronging mass of Partizan Ultras and Serbian beauties, drinking. Carousing. Basking in the glory of Partizan's win over Porto tonight. No one pays any attention to Božidar. Which angers him. BOŽIDAR (angry): Who are all of you? Where is Nemanja? Hey, Nemanja! Get over here! A slender, heavily-scarred man approaches warily. The nightly broadcast appears to be taking its usual, depressing turn right on cue. BOŽIDAR (sad, yet angry): You, Nemanja. You are my only friend. You are a master of karate and friendship to everyone! Yes! Nemanja nods, scanning the room for potential threats. BOŽIDAR (getting excited again, distracted): What is that noise? Yes?! Jasna, turn down that music!! We havv the win tonight. That tiny Irish refereeeee, he loves the Crno-beli. All black we wear, all black they wear...hah! Who can tell! The Fish, he shall never tell...before game, I tell him, I will eat your babies, *****. He did the pee-pee on himself! Then I drank more of the Šljivovica from the bottle of the sunscreen, because then no one is the knowing. No, Nemanja, I was not drinking sunscreen! Yuu shuult your feelthy, lying mouth! Let's go to Portuuugallll!!! Božidar has begun to slur even more noticeably than before, and shout excessive profanities at the other Ultras, who have begun to jump around with renewed vigor. The women are not impressed. Drunken demands to play "Johnny Appleseed" will surely follow, as Božidar perpetually confuses the American folk hero with William Tell. He confuses many things, and has since his teenage years when he suffered a head-injury on the set of American Pie XVI, in his critically-acclaimed (in Serbia) role as "Awkward Exchange Student #4." The chorus of Master of Puppets begins as the camera fades to black.
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    I know, I was raging. Miles busted in last night with a mask on and demanded my money. I was shocked. I tried to tell him that it was my choice what I did with my money, but he just put a boxed copy of FM17 in a sock and went all Scum on me. Country's gone to the dogs. At least there's white knights like you keeping the faith against these nasty, nasty developers. I'm very, very sure you're the only one doing this.
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    Current sound outputs in my opinion are poor. Pending any module overhaul I wonder if some simple enhancements could be coonsidered Some suggestions Derby / Rival matches - increased noise, more booing / clapping etc Big Games such as finals etc = more noise. Big attendances = more noise Subbed players with performance rating above x.x gets clapped when coming off Clubs favourite players when coming on get cheered extra / or clapping Variation in crowed noises from shots hitting woodwork, near misses, bad tackles, yellow and red cards, players hated by other clubs More noise for home side scoring, slightly subdued noise for away side scoring These in my opinion are small enhancements to the existing sounds so minimal time/effort investment but with enhanced game play experience. Accepting those that switch off the sound continue to do so those that dont switch off the sound but prefer it on like myself find it adds to the game but it does need some work. Evolution instead of revolution is often the way to go
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    Der Klassiker: Chapter Zwei Bundesliga Week Three- The Post-Game Now that is more like it! A ravishing performance against FC Hollywood led to a signature 3-1 win at the Signal Iduna. The game was highlighted by a defensive shutdown of Bayern, as their only highlight all game was their goal. After an uneventful first half, the heat was turned up in the second half, with Kagawa scoring our first goal on 47 after being set up with a beautiful backheel assist from Auba. Vidal's goal shouldn't have happened, as Burki was caught out of position and three of our defenders tried to mark the same guy, allowing for an easy finish. Substitute Matthias Ginter would fire us back into the lead with a scorching volley that Neuer couldn't quite keep out. After that, Auba would finish off the victory with a lovely individual goal. Wonderful scenes on Cancer Awareness Night, and the win was enough to leapfrog Bayern in the table! Bayern Munich manager Carlo Ancelotti was visibly incensed by the performance of his club and the result, as seen by his incessant kicking of water bottles, profane shouts at his players, and- at least as it appeared on camera- ripping out parts of his own hair. As Dortmund manager Hans Kaiser said after the match, "That's one way to do it." Surprisingly to most, but unsurprisingly to Kaiser, quite a few men in the Ruhr made visits to their barber the next Monday...
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    I have the easiest job in the world? F*** you Alessandro, all your mum does is stand on the street corner, that's way easier...
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    Having qualified for the next round, I decided the lads should have a night off. I'm not sure that was the wisest choice, but... All's well that ends well. No one got hurt. No one got arrested... Even if it was a close call. I mean, come on. When Miley Cyrus strips naked and licks a hammer while riding a giant wrecking ball, it's "art." But when Stalin does it, he's "banned from Home Depot." The double standard is outrageous.
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    Hola, everyone. Decided to have a go as Athletic Bilbao. The Basque-only policy makes it an interesting save and the squad has lots of different options tactically. Made a couple of minor additions to the squad but overall it's largely the same. The legacy of Bielsa lives on in that we have the second hardest working squad in the league. Will certainly be taking advantage of this, playing a high-intensity pressing game. Over the course of the pre-season I have settled on 3 different options - depending on the situation. 4-3-3 4-2-3-1 3-3-1-3 The objective here is to be able to maintain a +1 advantage in defence over the opposition attack and to mirror the opposition formation, particularly in midfield. Our playing style - for all 3 systems - reflects this. High intensity press Direct attacking game Fluid attacking movement The challenge is going to be the fitness to maintain this intensity for 90 minutes so we have a more pragmatic - yet still very positive - Plan B aimed at controlling the game more. The pressing remains the same maximum effort closing down however being more reserved in possession and holding on to the ball a more effectively should reduce the running dramatically i.e increasing possession from 50% to 60% whilst maintaining the same pressing still means 20% less time spent pressing. Pre-season has been solid so morale is high. Now, the real season begins and we have a reasonably favourable start. Before heading into a very tough patch in November!
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    I do not think the debate should be where the wingers should be positioned by default when defending. The debate should be what tools to introduce for FM players so that we ourselves can decide where our players should be positioned when defending. Eg. Atlético has narrow midfield but this is compensated elsewhere (wider positioning of wingbacks, horizontal compactness with strikers coming very deep etc.)). What I want to say is that real life defensive concepts are quite complex and having one universal 4-4-2 with hard coded default positions of players will not satisfy FMers that enjoy emulation of real life concepts.
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    choosing roles and duties (in FM sense) to achieve compactness is not how the defensive unit is organized in real football. there's no doubt one can have solid defence in FM even within 4-4-2. The problem is that the, by default, the game has certain triggers that override whatever you do and push that wide player wide instead of tucking him inside. It isn't only a problem with 4-4-2 it is an overall behaviour of the ME. Have you seen your second goal in that video? blue team plays 3-4-3, the ball is in the center and the right wide man in blue team is triggered to stay wide although whole your left side is tuck inside. that is completely wrong behaviour. And the same thing applies to your first goal. A wide man stays wide allowing an overload in the halfspace that results in goal. you keep saying you need certain type of players, certain instructions and i do agree completely. but before all that, you need sound defensive logic. Could you share your view what contributed to those two goals?
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    Thanks to @Seb Wassell for linking me to this thread. He thought I would be the best one to answer and help. I agree with D_LO_ that these are good questions. I am glad that you are using the mentality bar of the players to judge yourself, as this will help you further understand how attacking/defensive/supportive the role is. 1) Yes, there are a number of different roles that with a few extra instructions can be made to look similar to another role. Giving a role a few more instructions can make it play similar to another role, this is true. However, there will still be some slight differences as each role will have a certain amount of AI attached to it. The description of the role will help identify this, along with the mentality bar. This is how it is described to the user. You're example that you give regarding the Wing Back (Attack) cannot work as you describe, as you cannot give a "Roam from Position" PI to that role. This is why you need the Complete Wing Back. The roles act as presets for both the AI and the Human user to use to get their players to play in a realistic manner. So, to sum up your question. They will play similar, but with slight differences in the AI, which can mean starting position as well. So, for example, the Advanced Playmaker - Deep Lying Playmaker that you describe above, the hint is in the name 2) Yes, the roles will play differently depending on your team shape and the overall mentality of the team, as well as TI's. In regards to your question about roles and changing them, there isn't a PI to fully change Mentality as you have described other than Mentality itself. Every role will play slightly different depending on the Mentality of the Team, which is communicated by the descriptions of the mentality overall and in the same way as your first question, the mentality bar and the role description. Again, the answer is the same as above, that the roles will be similar but not fully the same, as there are certain slight differences in the AI of each role to make them play like that role. I hope this helps you and other users. Cheers, Nic
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    This match engine problem is precisely why I uninstalled FM17 many months ago as such a glaring tactical issue made the game unplayable for me personally. Looking forward to trying FM18 in a few months, when hopefully this flaw will be fixed. To be honest, though, I'll be trying the official Demo/Beta first, before making an actual purchase of the new game. If the defensive positioning hasn't improved significantly, it's unlikely I'll follow through and buy the game. That would mark the first ever full version of CM/FM that I won't have bought - just to highlight how significant of an issue this is for me.
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    Of course it's valid. Players asked to dribble often will do just that. The animations may not be very fancy, but they still run at defenders. Watch the end especially at how Wesley runs with the ball, fakes a defender, dribbles past another and finishes. It's the only one I have to show since I'm not at the game, but it happens a lot.
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    "I had to choose between an honest arrogance and a hypercritical humility..." The conference was packed, full of reporters sniffing for the mere scent of a story, little did they know they were about to be thrown one of the juiciest of the year. “Questions?” Antonia asked, motioning towards the SkySports Reporter as Price relaxed in his chair, the epitome of composure. “Scott Truesdale here. Jason, Slavia weren’t expected to get out of the Group Stages this year or the year before. You now find yourself back here once again in the quarter finals after a spectacular run last year that ended against Barcelona. What are your ambitions tomorrow when you walk onto Stamford Bridge?” “Win? What else would we be here for?” Price replied. “At the very least we’ll want to be walking out tomorrow with a result we can turn around at home.” “But given the sheer disparity of wealth between yourself and Chelsea, how do you expect to overcome a team with the sheer amount of resources Chelsea possess?” “Wealth doesn’t indicate Quality.” The Slavia Manager stressed before he shrugged. “It’s not like Chelsea uses that money well anyway. We can match them man for man and then some.” Antonia did her best to hide her internal panic, meanwhile the reporters were desperately raising their hands, begging for her to pick them. She gestured at the man in front of her, her hands shaking as her body was reduced to nought but a nervous wreck. “Riley Polotrus here, Freelance.” The man said. “I have two questions, the first is can you comment on rumours linking you once again to the Brazilian Job?” “They made an offer, I refused. I’m more interested in staying on with the Bulgarian National Team.” The man jotted his notes down and then looked around at the room. “And to ask the question I’m sure everyone in the room is after, what are your thoughts on the current Chelsea squad?” Antonia hissed something in his ear, but whatever it was didn’t register, his mouth moving before he could listen. “Old, Over-rated and ripe for the picking.” Is it arrogant when it's true? Onto a real challenge... So yeah, the average age of the Chelsea squad was 30, of that at least 5 of the starters were 32+. Our tactic was to run them into the ground and youthful verve ultimately triumphed over old hands... PSG though are going be an insanely difficult opponent, I'll run through their squad later.