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    My Approach to Youth Intake/Development @Timetxu sent me a message with some kind words and also asked for "some short straightforward tips regarding Youth Intake day. What do you look out for? Which attributes do you check? How many of the prospects do you actually keep and how many of them will be given a professional contract over time? After how many years do you start playing these kids?" Those questions could fill a full topic themselves, but I thought I'd share my answers here since I haven't laid out my approach in a single post. For the record, I won't claim this is the single "right" way to do it; ask 3 different players focusing on youth development and you'll get 3 different answers. On a spectrum I probably fall somewhere between the "back of the envelope" @BoxToBox and "detailed obsessed" @Jimbokav1971 with @Jupjamie also in the middle. Again, no right or wrong and those are just a few that could be named. I approach youth intakes and development as roughly three stages. Depending on your club and players, you may skip to the second or third. In Luxembourg we started from the bottom (now we're here, here being maybe waist high depending on how tall you are). Think of these as a progression of shifting priorities. The first stage -- The Starting Line. Low budgets, few clear starters or tutors, bad facilities, and a long way to go. The middle stage -- Keeping The Pace. Moderate budgets, a handful of stand-outs and tutors, improving facilities, and eyeing a long-shot challenge. The last stage -- The Last Mile. Money is no obstacle, few holes in the squad, plentiful tutors, great facilities, and maximizing your chances every year. The Starting Line Probably the most simplistic approach. Quick and dirty. Why? Your goal is to grow the club. Ideally your youth intake is improving every year because of accepted board requests. There's no need to search for a diamond in the rough when he'll probably be recruited over before he has a chance to develop. Here I sign the top of the youth intake (say 3 stars and above), those with various shades of professional personalities (to shape the squad's personality), and any lower player that jumps out at me. I don't spend much time examining every player since I expect a decent amount of year-over-year churn. Nor do I worry too much about training schedules; throw them on one that covers their general role (e.g. Roaming Playmaker for all CMs, Complete Forward for all STs, etc.). Players in this stage will only develop with game time given the awful facilities, and the depths of the intake aren't going to get that opportunity unless they blow me away from the start. I'm cutthroat with game time -- if you have more PPA and are anywhere near the same PCA, you start regardless of age. Personality is also used as a tiebreaker for game time since a better level of professionalism could also be valuable for tutoring (assuming they're still in the team by the time they're 24). Unless there's a danger of relegation, I'm willing to trade the present to expedite the future. The financial burden of contracts (both youth and professional) can also be significant at this stage when you need the cash to upgrade your facilities. Unless there are teams circling my players, I hold off on long contracts until I have a solid idea of a player's ceiling. Keeping The Pace As the club improves financially, facility-wise, and in talent, the calculus changes a bit. I'm willing to cast a slightly wider net with youth intakes, signing more moderate prospects (say down to 2 stars) especially if their attributes fit a particularly role in my tactic and they have a great personality/I have a tutor available in their position. I'm a little less aggressive with pushing youngsters into the starting line-up unless they're close in quality, at least until I know we're not in a position to challenge for anything meaningful. I'm willing to sign the standouts to long term contracts knowing that even if they (relatively) fade they'll be useful as rotation pieces and/or tutors. I pay more attention to keeping a well-rounded squad, i.e. roughly 11 starters, 11 backups, plus a few odds and ends. I'll pay a little more attention to training schedules, but only to fix obvious weaknesses. The goal is still to develop for the future but I keep an eye out for the type of dark horse victories that can accelerate our timeline. If we have an outside chance at the title or European places during the middle of the season, I may push "all-in" to see if we can't sneak it. The money/reputation boost can fast forward things a bit. The Last Mile This may be a bit of a misnomer since the last mile can stretch a long ways before you reach the true heights of football. That said, this stage means your facilities are near peak, you're very competitive domestically and able to make a wave or two in Europe, and you know who your best players are. The squad personality is some version of Professional. You're able to tutor where needed to turn bad personalities in a youth intake around. With a fairly stable set of players, you know how you want to play so you're able to identify the gaps in the squad. I sign the full youth intake here. I don't expect many to be first team material, but I can afford lottery tickets. I'll check every once in a while to see if there is a fast grower or two in the youth squads (lots of green training arrows) because that can indicate there's more room to grow than expected. Young stars still make their way directly into the starting line-up but others play rotation minutes. Ideally we can afford to rotate any decent prospect in for a few games playing time within their first season or two to see if they "pop" to a higher PPA from the exposure. Highest potential gets the first tutor, but I hope to turn most personalities around since it's so crucial to development of those "lottery tickets". Players with "potential" (say 3 stars and above) on their 17th birthday sign a professional contract. Those with massive potential get a long contract on their 18th; the remainders have roughly another year to earn a full contract. That could be on their potential, usefulness in a role we're missing depth, or a decent spread of attributes for a specific task. I'll keep a much closer eye out for players that should be retrained to a different position based on their fit for the roles I'm using. Again, we know roughly what we're looking for tactically. That also drives more interest in training schedules; the best and brightest may be more closely groomed to fit a role instead of thrown on a generic. Every year I'll purge those with the least potential from our youth squad to keep the number of players to a reasonable 18-22 or so. Even on the youth squad, players need playing time to improve. Don't want high CA players stealing time from high PA players, even if it means our youth team struggles more than it should. That was your version of short and straightforward? Uhhh...I may have dug a little deeper than intended. Here's a synopsis plus a few bonus tips: Buy as many lottery tickets as you can afford. Key word being "afford". Maximize chances of future success, not interim progress in the present. Unless your facilities are amazing, playing time is the most valuable commodity for development. Club reputation and youth recruitment are the most important factors for the intake. Once you've found a tactical style that works, develop towards the roles you're using. You'll only ever see Perceived PA (PPA); that can be very different from actual PA so make decisions accordingly. Watch youth for growth, regardless of PPA. Give them a few opportunities and their PPA may jump.
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    His face reminds me of a squirrel eating a nut.
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    I was just kidding! You don't. SI appoint moderators.
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    At the risk of coming off as a condescending *****, a transition is simply when the possession changes from one team to another. Your AMC has the ball, edge of the 18 yard box, attempts to take on his marker and loses out. The ball bounces clear of both players. Pause the game here, then take note of several things; Where are your other players positioned? Where are the opposition players positioned? What better options did your AMC have to pass the ball before he was tackled? Did you have enough players in support, do you have enough to prevent giving up too much space on the counter? There are more, but that's for you to figure out as you get better at analysing the transition. The opposition DM comes and cleans up the loose ball, he takes a touch to his right and looks down field. This is the next phase of the transition, the other team now have possession. You need to pause the game and look again at all the things going on; Has anyone moved to close him down? If so, who? Is anyone not tracking back quickly enough? Are your deeper players pushing forward now to limit time and space on the ball? The DM sprays a long hopeful ball forward to his AMR who is charging down the line trying to meet the pass. Your LB was positioned too high (WB(a)) and hasn't recovered quickly enough. Now, has your left central defender moved to close down this attacking move? Has the right CB moved to cover, bringing the RB with him? Where are all your players now? Your CB managed to get to the ball first, turn and pass back to your keeper, who was aware enough to make himself available. He takes a touch to his right, and passes forward, ahead of your RB who is now moving to collect the ball. We have transitioned again, so start over, look at all the things. Pause the game often, make notes on scratch paper if you have to. These transitions are key, if you are in the right places you will save and score goals, the wrong places and you will give them up.
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    So after someone found and revived last years thread, it seemed like enough interest to post this again and try and generate some fun. For a bit of background, the threads for the last 3 years. The experiment ran a year before that as well, but was not my creation and i think the very first thread might be MIA after the various forum changes. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/419757-FM15-The-community-formation-experiment http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/387570-How-important-is-a-quot-formation-quot-A-community-tactical-experiment (Not sure why 2 of the links paste as normal links, and only the last as an insert / preview.......never mind! ) Background / Premise This is really designed as a bit of fun. A change for people to try something different in tactical terms. It is not a "challenge" as such - there are no points award, not league tables or anything like that. It is an experiment around challenging our ideas of how much a "formation" truley matters. There have been various great threads over the last 2 or 3 years specifically challenging that fact, and this is just taking that concept and adding an element of getting users outside their comfort zone and trying something they might never have tried before. Last year we had more interest than ever, including @Rashidi being kind enough to get involved and feature this in an entire series on his popular youtube channel General Principles Everyone has to use the same database (17.2.1 i think we are on now?) - with no database edits Other add ons are fine - its only important that the starting squads are the same for everyone Past experience the same for everyone - "international experience" for everyone and coaching badge the same (highest level) Everyone has to use the same starting team - We would agree in advance, and if it was popular maybe run 2 versions with different teams Inward transfers limited to 2 permanent signings, one loan signing (a bit arbitrary, but its how i vaguely remember the original thread) No limitations on outward transfers / loans The experiment tends to be about what you can achieve in 1 single season, but there is no reason you cannot continue beyond that, including providing tactical updates in here It is preferable to play this on "full fat" FM, rather than FM touch as, i believe, the later has quite a difference in terms of tactical familiarity. Given that this experiment likely involves quite a bit of tactical maneuvering, it would mean we dont compare apples with apples. That said, it is designed to be fun and not competitive, so if for some reason you really refuse to play the full game and must play the "kids version" ( ) Then i wont stop you taking part. I do however reserve the right to mock you. Updates in this thread are highly encouraged - Obviously with a tactical slant given this is TTF, but give as much detail as you like - Telling / showing us how you took your allocated formation and made it work is what it is all about - Share ideas, give feedback to others, all the things this forum does well in general. Tactics Each user who wants to take part gets given one of the default formations - I use a complex machine (e.g, a bit of basic VB code...) to make sure the picks are random, they are not allocated by me. The formation (that is to say the player slots on the pitch), must not be changed in anyway. So if you get 5 - 4 - 1 you must keep a flat back 5, a flat midfield 4 and a single striker in the central slot. Any other tactical options can be customised - This is the essence of the experiment - using roles, duties, team and player instructions, you can try to take a basic shape and make it function in different ways We have tended to exclude the "most popular" default formations. So 442 flat and 4231, and of course 41221 which is probably the most used). It can be a bit subjective, and you can argue to exclude a few others but that sort of limits the number of people we can involve If we get huge interest, like last year, we can easily start to allocate a second round of formations. No huge issue if we eventually end up with 2 people using the same formation If the interest is sustained, we could run a second iteration with a different team (also relies on me not losing interest in organising!) NEW THIS YEAR - You will see the actual process of the formation being allocated, less there be any suggestions that i manipulate things! (I can just tell how excited you are.....) The Team Ah always the hardest part! We will never get a team that everyone will agree on, but as a general guide: Avoid the EPL, as in general we all know that league so well. There is a nice additional aspect to this being a team that a lot of us will not have managed, or come up against quite as often Generally stick to big Euro leagues - So Italy, Spain, Germany are the obvious ones. Holland / Portugal possible but the squads outside the CL Teams there can be a bit patchwwork Avoid teams who are in the Champions League - The challenge of making your formation work is that little bit more fun if you are not a true top tier team If we can pick a team who are in the Europa, that certainly adds an extra aspect Stick to teams who are probably expected to finish outside the CL spots, but also stick to teams likely to be in the top 8 / 10 to give us balance between making the best of the players we have, and not being too hard by having a terrible squad Try to find a team with a relatively balanced squad, since transfers are limited and the formations will vary a lot. I will do second post detailing the suggested teams shortly and we can get going! If you want to be involved, just post saying so and comment on the team if you like, will aim to start drawing teams tomorrow, unless we agree on a team earlier!
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    I think the amount of threads that get started on a weekly basis about this issue should probably tell SI something
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    His last tactic was, and this one has plug & play in it's name.
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    I think there's a few legitimate issues raised, albeit indirectly, by the OP: - like @Svenc mentioned, teams on lower mentalities with lots of central midfielders find it very easy to just hold on to the ball forever in this ME. This explains why a AI team down to 9 men, in a 4-3-1 formation, can win the possession battle. They'll probably be on defensive or contain, with 4 central midfielders, passing around them for as long as they can get away with it. - perhaps players could be a little more intelligent in finding out where there's space in the pitch rather than sticking so rigidly to the tactical instructions. What i don't agree with, at all, are that "your options of affecting what happens are actually rather limited". I think what happened here is that you don't fully understand what you are instructing your players, and used a couple of bad game plans. Which is not fully your fault, as this comes to the 3rd legitimate issue, a classic one in FM: the tactical instructions are very user-unfriendly as in, you need a deep knowledge of the tactical creator to know what's going on and a lot of things are counter-intuitive. However, the tools to win the game are entirely within our reach! Sometimes we can be a bit unlucky but you can absolutely turn a match around with the right settings. Let's take a look at the first game: To know exactly what went on, we'd need to watch the match and know your full formation, roles and instructions. However, I can see a few bad ideas here. You essentially did almost the opposite of what I think is ideal in this situation: - "retain possession" is not a good idea when you need to go after the match. I believe this reduces through balls, reduces passing risk considerably, and is best suited for when you want to run down a game and hold on to the ball until the clock is out. So potentially you're refraining from playing the final ball when you approach the opposition area. - "work ball into the box" is another shout I don't like using in the current ME. This reduces two things: long shots (good) and crosses (bad). Crosses are generally good in this ME (although it's perfectly possible to build a strong system without relying on crosses, and crossing just for the sake of crossing is a bad idea). Specially when the opposition is gifting you all the space in the wings! If you don't have tall strikers you can just use "low crosses" which can be devastatingly effective. So how are you going to score goals, exactly, if you aren't attempting any through balls, long shots, or crosses? The only options that remain, is that you're going to be playing square balls from side to side and trying to dribble past everyone else.... except they've got a wall of 9 men in the middle. - Then there's "control". I don't know which mentality you use by default, but on my system, when I have to play against a very defensive team, I don't increase mentality, I tone it down one notch from Control to Standard. Control is already a very aggressive mentality. What this change does, among other things, is to draw the opposition out of shape a little more. On Control, compared to Standard, your players will be too keen to rush forward too early, will take overly rushed decisions and not take the time to fully capitalize on the space existing on the pitch. - Finally the one change you did which I think is good is "play wider". However by default Control is already pretty wide and there comes to a point where this could be counterproductive, I personally rarely go Wider than the default setting for Control, and only use this in lower mentalities. Because, for example, this might have set your wingers too wide to show up in good finishing positions. What I would do, but again, this depends on your formation, your system, is: - go down one mentality (unless your starting mentality is pretty negative) to draw the opposition out once you have the ball. - get rid of any useless holding players, you need the numbers higher up as the opposition don't have any strikers, you only need 2 CBs to stay behind at most. If you're playing a DM you can switch him to a support role. - give attacking roles to your fullbacks/wingbacks, ex FB/A, WB/S, WB/A, CWB - play wider and exploit both flanks - use tight marking. And ideally have at least 3 central midfielders to give them absolutely no space to breathe and pass the ball around their 4 central midfielders. Tight marking (essentially man marking) can backfire in a lot of situations, but on this case you have 11 players vs 9, if you mess up any marking there'll always be 2 covering players somewhere on the pitch. Essentially - use the flanks and deeper areas with the ball, hassle them like crazy without the ball, don't leave too many wasted players behind in defence when attacking. This is pretty much the opposite situation. Again, impossible to know without knowing your exact formation/settings and the AI's, but you gave yourself a better platform to retain possession, drew the opposition out, and watched the magic happen. I understand it's counter-intuitive but it can work, and instead of getting concerned with the ME and blaming it for its counter-intuitiveness, you can use this to your advantage by keeping this weapon in your tactical arsenal for an appropriate time. If anything the problem is that your players are sticking too closely to your instructions, and you don't fully realize what are you instructing them. Again, not fully your fault, because there's loads of counter-intuitive things with the tactics.
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    @Sir_LiamThere was some discussion about this a while ago now but I can't find it. I thought it was in either my Partizan or HK threads, but I must have hijacked someone else's thread with my waffle. Basically, I just sign everyone every single youth player promoted from the academy to a Youth contract and then I also sign them to as long a Pro deal as they will agree, (including additional +3 year options), on their 17th Birthday. The benefit of this is threefold. The main thing is that when you are a low rep club, your ability to sign good staff is reduced and as such you have to take the value of any PA rating, (or "perceived PA rating" as is more accurate), with a big pinch of salt. Rather than the staff already having what should be a very detailed knowledge of these players, (because they have been developed at the club in previous seasons), what we have actually got is the opinion of 1 particular staff member on players with which he has just been introduced on that day. So with that in mind, it's about as accurate as signing a new player from outside the club and asking the staff member for his opinion on Day 1. If the Day 1 PA rating you have for the player isn't accurate, then why would you make a decision to release the player based on inaccurate information? The next thing is finances. It's been mentioned by many that they are unable to afford to sign all players from every intake to a Youth contract each season, (never mind about to also sign them to a Pro contract when they turn 17), but while I understand this, I also think that there is some wisdom in the "you have to speculate to accumulate" approach. By signing them all to a Youth contract, and then to a 3 +3 contract, (I have been able to offer 5 + 3 contracts in the past, but I'm pretty sure that the max length of the contract you can offer is directly related to the squad status of the player and altering the squad status of the player just to get another couple of years can create it's own problems that are best avoided. Even at 3+3 years on a players 17th birthday, you are securing the player until he is 23. He can of course leave on a free at that time, however you could sell him for reasonable value with 12 months remaining on his contract aged 22. This allows you to develop the player in question to such a level that they might be able to feature in the Senior squad, (we are not talking about the guys that you throw straight into the starting XI just because they have a very high PA here). It also means that the player has the best chance of reaching his potential. You have the time to tutor him and control his additional focus individual training and then when you are happy that you have developed him to a certain level, you can loan him out to get him developed that last little bit. If you can't get the player to where you want by the time he is 23 years old then something has gone wrong somewhere. I can't remember what the 3rd part of this was going to be...... I think it's a mix of training/personality/PPM's. A lot of people doing these Youth Saves complain about Determination degradation it's almost a self-perpetuating cycle if you are only signing the best few players each season. If you are signing everyone then you at least have more control over tutoring/training/PPM's. I must admit here, (to anyone who doesn't know), that I relax these "Youth only rules" in that I am willing to sign non-playing tutors who can act as tutors for personality or determination issues however will never play a game. In my current HK save, (Iceland), I have a feeling that I signed 1 player specifically to act as a (Det) tutor, but have signed 3, (or 4 possibly) I think, to act as (Pro) tutors. By keeping my own lesser players on the books simply because of their personality and/or determination levels, it allows me to have more control over both areas. The rest of you might be releasing average players on the fringes to save money, but I keep these players with a very clear plan of using them as Tutors after they turn 24. The added bonus is that even before they reach 24, their high determination levels are also influencing the rest of the squad, (or at the very least falsely keeping the squad average high). Thinking just about (Det) here for a moment because I know it's something that is raised again and again, your don't have to get the (Det) levels to 18, 19 or 20, (or even double figures initially). You just want to take the bottom edge off. I think I have 120 players at the club right now for example, and if we are looking at (Det) levels then these are what we have in the squad. 1 (Det) 0 players. 2 (Det) 0 players. 3 (Det) 2 players. (2/2 100% which are under 24 and can still be tutored further). 4 (Det) 9 players. (9/9 100% which are under 24 and can still be tutored further). 5 (Det) 8 players. (7/8) 88% which are under 24 and can still be tutored further). The 1 player aged over 24 who has 5 (Det) is actually a low CA/PA Model Pro non-playing tutor who came through the academy and although he he made early sporadic appearances in the squad, was loaned out between the ages of 19 and 24 and only kept as a (Pro) Tutor after that. My preference for Professionalism outweighs my desire for high (Det) levels so it's a trade-off I'm willing to make in this instance. 6 (Det) 26 players. (16/26 62% which are under 24 and can still be tutored further). This seems quite low to a lot of you I'm guessing, but all I really care about is getting the proper bottom edge off of the scale. Would I like these players to have a higher (Det)? Yes of course I would, but it's really not a priority and will happen slowly as the save progresses. It is very much behind actual ability, and Professionalism in the grand scheme of things. I will admit that the above is quite superficial and very much linked to my (Model Pro) OCD, (or "Personality OCD is probably more accurate). Low Determination Det 2-5, Amb 1-9, Spo 1-17, Pro 5-20 This is the make-up of a (L.Det) player. As soon as I get the (Det) level to pop to 6 then he ceases to be "low determination" at least on a purely cosmetic level. The difference between (Det) level 5 and (Det) level 6 is negligible, but it's enough to stop the player being labelled as such and that's the link to my "Personality OCD". To give you an example of this, (F.Pro) is deemed a perfectly acceptable personality by me, but this is it's make-up. Fairly Professional Pro 15-20, Det 1-14 The (Det) level could be as low as 1, 2, 3 or 4 and that's fine, (it's not actually but go with it for a moment), because the player is not "labelled" as having low determination. By tutoring a players Pro levels to a minimum of 15 means that in terms of personality, (and certainly in my mind), the positive (Pro) level of the player outweighs the negative (Det) levels. Apologies, I have waffled on far longer than intended.
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    paris fc was put in the top league in france, gave myself 100 mill to buy players as I had zero. no world class players, bunch of average ones outside of one striker. in the last 2 seasons with this tactic I have two league titles and a Champions league title. starting my 3rd season now.
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    The Church of San Giovanni sounds like a proper religious sect too. Either that or your Team Rocket's in-house football club.
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    I know exactly what you're asking (although it's now changed slightly to the pitch, which again I very much doubt is achievable also) The id and coding you are trying to take from that panel I'm fairly certain won't be compatible with the team squad tactics panel (or named something like that) Widget ids are often limited to a few panels. These are quite different types of panels in question. Which is why I referred to the Person Properties which lists some of the ids that are present where you want to put it (i.e. Pmor, which is for morale, a common sense approach, looking for what's already there to see what other potential options there are)
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    I'd like to see the option added to be able to speak to a player when a bid comes in, so for example a bid comes for your star player it's a decent bid you don't want to lose him. It would be nice to have an option to speak to the player to gauge what his reaction would be if the bid was rejected. Maybe also an option to ask the Captain how he thinks the squad would react if the bid was rejected. Likewise if the bid is to be accepted you could check with the player if he is OK with leaving, and check with the Captain again how would the squad react to the player leaving.
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    The way it is, it's certainly harder/more challenging, as it's got so many repercussions to think about, however I don't think more challenging is necessarily always a good thing. In this case I think it confuses people for no gain. I just don't think it's even realistic, and this game has always strived for realism over everything else. The examples I always give when I want to exemplify why this is unrealistic, are the sides that play highly compact but highly disciplined (ex Simeone's Atlético Madrid), or not compact at all but super free (ex Scolari's Portugal). This is impossible in the game at the moment. Also footballers will certainly understand the idea of playing with the lines closer together or further apart, real life managers certainly change that midgame, but telling players to go "fluid", "structured"? Ehh, dunno. I'm not even sure it's realistic to change creative freedom midgame. "Right guys, on second half we're all going to be much more expressive, so feel free from now on to disregard all my instructions more!". "Okay guys, on the second half today we're going to forget about all the relaxed free game we usually play, and you better follow my instructions to the letter today!". Discipline/creative freedom tends to be more of a core philosophy thing about the way a manager works, than a tactical weapon. Whereas compactness definitely is a tactical weapon.
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    Some scoreboards I've been working on. For certain reasons only the Sky Sports (Credit to @D_LO_) and BT scoreboards will be in TCS v1.3. This is due to the other scoreboards using code or graphics from other skins and even other games (Credit to PES 6 Kitmaker and Graphics Wizard Daniel__Juve for the UEFA Champions League and Bundesliga Scoreboard graphics) while the Premier League scoreboard was made using FIFA 17's graphic while using the code from @DimitriFromParis's Vitrex scoreboard. This was merely a post to let you know why TCS v1.3 has taken so long, aiming for a release tomorrow.
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    Preston. Original champions. Never played in the Premier league.
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    I've pretty much finished it, just need to get round to releasing it.
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    This tactic is an absolute **** take. I've scored 80 league goals in 25 games! Spanking everyone left right and centre.
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    I´ve already played one game with 1.2b version and the biggest thing i noticed are triangles all over the pitch and number of passes played in midfield. My midfield three all had more than 100 passes each. Will test it further. Oh and i beat my biggest rivals in the league 4-0 away with this version.
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    Unfortunately, you have no control over the backroom in-law staff. The hidden "eccentricity" attribute of a mothers-in-law can be nasty, especially if combined with low sportsmanship and high controversy. And, absent extreme measures, they can tutor your spouse in this modern era even when physically separated. I had a chat with Ms. Keano earlier today and the wife would like to discuss an improved contract to reflect her importance to the team. New feature in FM 17 -- if John Terry is on your staff you can ask him to have a word with the missus.
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    Rule one of football management: Lose graciously.
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    In part, isn't that the beauty of the game? Anyone can play how they want to. It's only when we come into forums like this that the "how" comes into possible question. Depending on what's going on, it may not be anything - changing names being a great example of that. For me, the narrative in my head is what drives this save. I find no joy in playing with Manchester United and winning everything over and over. It's boring. For me. I love the history - of the sport, clubs, etc. Thus, in-game I love smaller/obscure sides that have something interesting about them. In might be a glorious past, long since faded to memory. Maybe I just like the club crest. I love developing youth, but that isn't the focus for me here in this save; hence, less discussion/emphasis. I've also come to love the tactical side of the game, as the ME has grown leaps and bounds over the years; again, not that I'm a genius at it by any means, but I generally can make a tactic work in a way that it should. Ok, I'm just rambling now. My point is that, for me, the narrative in this thread is what matters. Editing/reloading in any way that affects that, would detract from the story, for me. Sure, it was enjoyable to win the CL with Mönchengladbach at the first asking, but I felt the narrative suffered. It wasn't what I wanted our expected when I went there. On the other side of the coin, all that frustration at Fiorentina is what made the save so enjoyable - both at the time and now, looking back. Chronicling the save on here enhances the fun for me, especially when people catch the little things going on. (Lukas Hrubes is an elderly brony, FFS...the one PM I got on that made my day!). So, onward we shall march...
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    I see Lividini already knows the sacred art of knocking the ball past his man and running like hell to go get it
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    In my opinion the best way to achieve that is to close down the opponent. IOW you achieve this with OI not PI. 99% of the time i "always close down" opposition LW/AML & RW/AMR.
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    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what is reputation in the forums? is this some thing i should do if i like a post?
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    Sometimes, it's ok to be nice knowing you don't get something back... jesus, listen to scrooge over here.
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    All good. 1 down, 13169 to go.
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    Only if it's my posts. Otherwise, ignore.
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    I think some simple inbox messages stating something along the lines of "Player X has begun the process of acquiring X nationality through marriage. The final decision will be made by X date," and/or "Player X has now acquired X nationality through marriage. He will no longer count towards the non-EU quota and is now eligible to represent nation X as a player," for example, would do the trick.
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    You need to stop surrounding yourself with yes men. Get staff who can: 1: Count 3: Call you out when you make a mistake
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    I didn't even consider the Trump aspect of that, jesus.....
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    And he's going to make Tre Penne pay for it!
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    So, what's changed from last year? Well, not a whole lot. I still expect this to be an impossible challenge that'll take an absolute age to get anywhere with, but I'm insane enough to try it. There will be a few differences, though, both to the save and the way these posts are written. The only difference (at least the only one that I can think of) with the save is that the in-game editor is going to be turned ON. I'm not editing anything. The only reason the editor is turned on is to look at things under the hood - look, not edit, With Youth Recruitment acting funnily, I want to take a peek at things like reputation and finances for other teams. I'm not going to be looking at anything that will give me an unfair advantage, which means no taking a look at the CA/PA of any of our players (I might take a butchers at some of the other teams in San Marino though). I guess you'll just have to trust me on that one, but after 60 years of constant losing you'll probably realise that, if I am cheating, I'm absolutely rubbish at it Some changes to the posts, potentially: I love the way @ManUtd1 writes his updates, in particular. I'm not going anywhere near that level of craziness (sorry!), but I'm going to try and include some more stuff to immerse you in the game world. We'll have to wait and see what that entails. Bare in mind I like to use NSFW language (although I usually bleep it out), have some wacky ideas and a dark sense of humour - you've been warned! I got lazy with tactics last year. When you're limited to the players at your disposal, you have to absolutely make the most of what you've been given. Expect lots of long rambles about tactics and what we're trying to do. I also think that playing more defensively than last year might be a good idea That also means trying to take advantage of every little thing to give an edge. We need it. I'm going to spend a lot of time on set pieces, in particular. We also got lazy with player development. I'd go on holiday for six months and forget all about tutoring and player development - two vital components of the save. I'm going to try and do a better job in that regard. I think that's everything, although it's probably not. If I remember anything else different, I'll add it here. If I don't forget. Which I will.
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    Hi there, There's been a bit of a pattern over on the FMCU board, in which people doing youth challenges in smaller countries (San Marino, Faroe Islands, Luxembourg etc) are clearly the dominant team in the country - in terms of results, reputation, finances, facilities - pretty much everything Neil listed over in this thread as factors that impact the ability to upgrade Youth Recruitment. Despite that, AI teams in the country have been able to upgrade their Youth Recruitment (often to a pretty significant level), whilst the superior human team is stuck at a lower level. Again, this is despite the human team seemingly being far more suitable for an upgrade. I've uploaded three files to your FTP server that are seeing this pattern for you guys to have a look at. The first one is called jupjamie_Youth_Recruitment_Faroe.fm. In this one, Giza/Hoyvik are the human managed team, and have a far superior reputation, finances and facilities to any other team in the country. Their Youth Recruitment is basic, whilst three AI managed teams have a higher level (and they didn't start off at a higher one) - Vikingur Gota have fairly basic, IF have fairly basic and HB have fairly basic. The human team is far superior in every aspect, but the option to upgrade Youth Recruitment isn't appearing - yet three other, much weaker teams (one of whom are still a Semi-Professional club) have been able to upgrade theirs to a higher level. The next two are FM 16 saves, but should hopefully still be relevant. The second one is called jupjamie_Youth_Recruitment_human.fm. In this one, the human user has made it to 2105, with the option to upgrade Youth Recruitment never once appearing - but five other teams (Cailungo, Cosmos, Faetano, Folgore/Falciano and La Florita) have all managed to upgrade theirs - again, despite having a lower reputation, finances and facilities. The third one is called jupjamie_Youth_Recruitment_AI.fm. I found a copy of the above save that was in 2100, rather than 2105, and decided to resign as a manager and holiday for five years to see what happened to their Youth Recruitment if they were managed by the AI. Over those five years their reputation and finances dropped considerably when compared to the human version of the save - but at the end of the five years, they had been able to upgrade their Youth Recruitment. The AI had done worse than the human manager, but it was the AI, rather than the human that was able to upgrade their Youth Recruitment. There was some more research done in this thread: Neil said that it would be worth raising this as a bug report. It definitely seems like something's not working as it should under the hood. Let me know if you need any other information! Cheers guys.
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    well, after about a quarter of a season I decided to get the updated data set from sortitoutsi, with all the transfers and start a hull save, after losing the one good player they had I figured what better way to test the tatctic, will post what happens but just wanted to show you the first match. the tactic is nowhere near fluid, none of the guys have the pms they need and I had starters hurt and still had this result....
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    Thanks guys! If you need any kits, just tag me in the topics and I'll try get them done @BoxToBox - here's the finished product in a zip with a config file. The away shirt is not completely as their away shirt (found it on their website/facebook), but is as close as I could come with the templates I have. All sponsors are right though! bayonne.zip
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    I aim to be as constructive as possible in this post, if anyone thinks I have said anything unfair, please by all means argue so and call me out on it. I am giving up Football Manager for good. Since FM05 I have played every single version of this game, pouring more time into the game than I should. I appreciate the escapism this game has let me had, and I appreciate some of the great saves I've had with teams as varied as Arsenal, Catanzaro, Cruciuma, Panathinaikos, Rosario Central, Sevilla and more over the years. This being said, this game in the last 2 versions particularly has turned into more work and stress than it has a game for me. The way I see it, there are three issues with this game regarding realism and difficulty. 1) Interpretation of Football. The issue is that understanding how to play Football Manager is entirely dependent on understanding how SI perceive football. Yes, basic football principles apply, but the ME is obviously going to work towards the view of football that people at SI have. I think there is not, and has never beea serious debate about how the ME works, and as such, we are left trying to best understand how SI view football rather than understanding football. I know someone with a UEFA B Licence for example, who can't play FM because he doesn't understand it. Are you going to say he doesn't know football? This becomes even more evident when an ME update ruins your tactic. Or your tactic that worked in FM16 is awful in FM17. Why is this? Isn't football football, or is the ME heavily dependant on how SI have decided to implement their vision? To test this, watch the full game of a FM match in which you are not the manager. In fact, watch several. Tell me, does the style of play resemble an actual football match? It certainly does not look like any football match that I have seen. 2) Learning Curve. The majority of people posting on this forum are committed FMers. However, the majority of the population aren't. Ask someone, a gamer, or a football fan, about Football manager and they will often say it's good game but it confuses them. There is no explanation on how one is supposed to properly learn Football Manager, and unless you pour hundred of hours into the game watching every single moment of every game, I feel it is far too hard to learn how to be successful at this game. Some clear suggestions would be: Your Assistant Manager/a help feature should give you a lot more feedback on what is and is not working in your tactics. The Data Analyst feature was welcome, but it does not go far enough. SI themselves should have more guides on how to create a good tactic and understand the Match Engine There needs to be a difficulty rating or a "Test Tactic" feature so that players can play games and understand the game at their own pace. I can play other games and see a clear learning curve, I might struggle when I start, but I clearly see how I could get better at the game. It's the same with all things in life, be it learning an instrument or a language, it might be tough to start, but there is a clear learning curve and path to getting better. In FM, this simply doesn't exist. I've had 30+ saves in FM17 all of which I get fired within the first season, using different tactics/downloaded tactics. If you want to say I suck at the game, fine. But I don't suck at other games, FM is clearly the exception. And you're kidding yourselves if you think I am the only person who experiences this. 3) Success & Reward. I can imagine that creating a fantastic tactic that works to the style of football you want to implement is extremely rewarding, but how much time do you have to put into the game to get that? I am not 16 anymore and I cannot spend my whole day scouting players and watching every moment of every game. I work, I study, I have family commitments. For me, I have 1 hour of FM a day at most since the start of the year, and I spend almost all of that frustrated at how nothing I do works. If I were to watch the full game to figure out what exactly is going wrong every second of the game, I'd play a maximum of 2 games a day. That's not much fun is it? I feel by addressing the two above points, things would be different. People work, people have commitments, what good is a game if they do not have the time to play it? I expect to get shredded to bits over this post, which is fine. I have already uninstalled Football Manager and do not intend to post on this forum anymore. Truth be told, FM probably brings out some anger in me that no game should, hence why I am quitting. But I thought I'd share my opinion. All the best.
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    Made the home kit.. Not perfect, but it's got the right sponsors and so on.. Will make the away kit tomorrow and make a config file for them
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    No I agree completly. But first this forum uses much less people at least for tactics. This way more people can an will use it. And second those people can test it and tell good and bad sides. The thing is on the other hand on that other forum problem is most people see there tactics that work (3 striker, strikerless) and then only develop those kind of tactics. And I hate those formations.
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    Read what @summatsupeer wrote in the post above yours. There are lots of ways to set up a midfield, but the only loose guideline I'd give you is that in a 4-4-2, your central midfield needs to hold its position (unless you're trying something ambitious). A support and defend duty is absolutely fine. However, you need to look at your personnel. What are their defensive attributes like? Are you telling them to press? I wouldn't, personally, in a 4-4-2, but that doesn't mean you can't. If you're not telling them to press, you want players with good positioning and concentration.
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    ive now used the tactic with Athletico madrid, Leeds, now using Benfica with it and its worked with every team ive used. one thing I will say is you need the correct players, you aren't taking hull with the default squad and winning the EPL, just not going to happen. once you get the right type this tactic is very , very good. plus the PI's. I wanted to test them to see if they mattered so with the teams ive used I played some matches with what they had, then with in game editor I changed the pis to what he suggested in the OP. I cannot tell you how much a difference it made. It was huge
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    I decided to start a new save to try this out. Asked the game to pick a club for me and got Bolton Wanderers so off we go.
  47. 2 points
    ended up playing 2/3rds of a season. its as I said before, very solid tactic and I actually scored more on this then I did on ghost. I am now going to try it on a weaker team with a few additions. I moved leeds up to epl and gave myself 200 mill for transfers but kept the same rep for them. that way I can get some decent players but not anyone crazy. to see how they preform with not as good a squad but still decnt enough to not be a waste of time
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    When a player comes to ask you to be sold, you should have the option to tell them that you are willing to sell them as long as they give up their sell on fee clause.
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    Hi Sherlock. Can't confirm what will and won't be in the update but we're definitely aware of the issue and it's under review for a future update.
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    First attachment, the file hasn't been tested yet so please don't use it as a full release, I need someone to test it out for me E22 - England to Level 22 + FA & League Cups 1.0_419C37C1-1036-4E8D-AAFB-9F965436AA1F.fmf (05/11/16) E22 - England to Level 22 + FA & League Cups 2.0_4107E0C9-46E5-4125-8D5B-CC7FA27B8FF9.fmf (06/11/16) E22 - England to Level 22 + FA & League Cups 3.0_2E93FB76-33F0-4798-96AB-5E6929D3867E.fmf (21/11/16) E22 - England to Level 22 + FA & League Cups 4.0_C2B1F5CB-D1AD-4E0E-B2B9-8E9FFB75AD9F.fmf (25/11/16) E22 - England to Level 22 + FA & League Cups 5.0_E0740A0D-C1CA-4E89-B2C8-89CDD347AE13.fmf (27/11/16) *NEW* E22 - England to Level 22 + FA & League Cups 6.0_7156CEE2-CC8A-4E2D-8D0A-1A033AD614FA.fmf (04/12/16)