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  1. This is just my opinion based on my limited observation and experience with bug reporting: I find the whole bug reporting process not rewarding, mainly because reporting a bug and providing pkm's takes time and effort, but once you do it, it feels like throwing a rock into a lake. After the first ripple effect (initial reaction from SI saying 'received, under review', or worse 'provide save game, more pkm's etc') the rock goes to the bottom of the lake and joins the other thousands of rocks, and you have no idea what happens to it. Is it being worked on? Has it been made a priority? More importantly, any progress update? No. It is really a one way street, a black hole. Instead, what I like is when sometimes SI actually takes initiative and asks for examples of a specific situation, because at that point you know that they made it a top priority, and there is a higher chance that the time you spent on that may actually help improve the game. SI likes creating those posts at the top of each section in the forum, so how about they create another one where they show a list of items that they are currently tackling? Otherwise it is really a huge waste of time, at no cost to SI.
  2. Hope we'll see a patch fairly soon rather than the usual one in March or whenever. Really in the mood to play fm but even 5 minutes watching the ME takes that all away
  3. I would suggest a large portion of FM players are casual. They pick a team, download a tactic without understanding anything about it, lookup all the version wonderkids to buy (Haaland anyone?), delegate most things to their staff and rush through using instant results or at the most, key highlights. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that but they miss out a lot of things that long-time players notice. The kind of people that tend to hang about in these threads and spend time submitting bug reports are the more hardcore players that are interested in the mechanics, the details, the spreadsheets, the finer points the majority may not pick up on. A lot of the points raised in here are perfectly valid and it would be wrong to dismiss them. Sales are not the best judge of quality.
  4. There is probably a reason for that, and that reasons are stated here, raised at the public beta subforum (lack of goals, lack of central play, too effective defending and bus parking, tripping over the ball, high number of tackles, card problems, repetitive ME, unbalance of attributes), and most people that took their time to actually post feedback stopped playing fm because of these things, including me. So instead of playing the game, i've collected real world data about who and against who is scoring how much, highlighted the problem in the public beta and compared it to fm stats, and i wasn't the only one to do that, so it's not a singular problem. It shouldn't take a lot to sim one season, see the scorers and acknowledge the problem, see that these things are systematic problems and that are connected with teams sitting deep effective regardless of quality. I can't do much other than that, nor do i have the resources, and there isn't even a mark on that thread that it is under review, or that it needs more info. Blaming the customers for obvious things that have been reported not only on fm20 beta, not only on fm20, and that don't have the resources and are volunteering, doing SI job that should have been done in november is not a good move. If SI need any info, they can also ask for data, make their own threads, asking people to submit their data, but no, that isn't happening.
  5. Me too. Never ever i will buy the game before the Final patch. I've lost trust in the words of SI and in Miles words.
  6. Well I've really tried to enjoy this game with the current match engine but I can no longer put up with it. I really hope things improve in patch 20.3. If it doesn't then I'm afraid you've just lost a loyal customer (bought every game since Championship Manager 01/02). No longer buying the game until things improve drastically. I'm done for now.
  7. @FrazT Hi! I think a person that bought the game, spent money, spent his time to play the game has at least the right to some harsh opinion. It is very annoying to see you paid for a product that makes your head hurt while using it. I know that there is a huge amount of work behind the game, but still the fact is if SI knew there are some issues ....at least when releasing the game they should specify there are some problems that will be fixed in the future, right? This way people could have had the possibility not to buy the game immediately. Or maybe the game should have not been released. It is not users fault that there are issues, so at least do not be so hard on them and threaten to, i do not know warn them or something else. As long as someone does not use cursed words and paid for the game at least it should not be banned for expressing his frustrations. Anyway all of us who are annoyed by the obvious issues in the game we will still play it....so...i do not see any reason for you (SI, moderators) to be upset....
  8. I've refrained from adding anything to these "whinge" posts but I am equally frustrated. I waited until full release before purchasing the game, so I paid full price, and I have paid for a faulty product. Surely the whole point of the beta release is for issues like all of these to be tested and rectified, ready for full release? The fact that nowhere on this forum can I see even so much as an apology from SI makes it even more frustrating. I generally like to drink in all the info in the tactics forum, but what's the point currently? Doesn't matter how you setup, both teams are going to get an exorbitant amount of one v ones and it's a coin toss as to who wins. I'm extremely disappointed and looking into ways to get my money back via an ombudsman here in Australia, this is an extreme step for me and not a path I would normally go down. No doubt this thread will soon be locked and/or deleted as paying customers are only allowed to vent about a product that doesn't work in an acceptable forum. Please someone at SI take some responsibility for this faulty product, I have lost all faith
  9. I think my main issue is that I feel there is zero connection between my tactics and the events on the pitch. Whether I win, lose or draw, score or concede, it all feels the same - I’ve not had any input into the game. For example I have a tactic where I play Cautious/Pass Short/Work the ball into the box, and my team just hits balls over the top for my striker to miss simple 1v1s. There’s no connection to my tactics. I don’t think I’ve seen my team once actually work the balk into the box. The instruction is meaningless. When I’m losing and I go more attacking the very next scenes show the other team attacking. There’s no acknowledgement that I’ve switched to a more attacking formation. When I set my players to man mark a player they leave him free. I know man marking doesn’t always work in real life but come on. Just a simple acknowledgment that that is the tactic would be nice. I don’t even expect the tactic to work. But have the other player that I left free score. Punish me for taking the risk of man marking one player (Bonucci) and leaving another (De Ligt) free. But instead Bonucci scores. It’s boring and incredibly unfulfilling and, you’re right, I should probably just give up. I will. Thank you for convincing me......
  10. Started my 2nd skin for the year based on FM06. The panel itself has taken 4/5 days. Considering how long one panel has taken I have my doubts it'll be finished for FM20. FM06 was built when resolutions didn't have the same clarity so I might go back and modernise it a bit after doing a few more panels but for now...
  11. When the board gives you the option to select your own affiliate club, it would be very useful if the selection screen had more suitable columns for selection. i.e. when choosing an affiliate 'with a club with good youth recruitment' then the selection screen should show you the club's youth training facilities, youth recruitment and junior coaching; when choosing a club to loan players to it should show you the club's training facilities, maybe league reputation, media prediction for league finish, manager's preferred formation and playing style etc. With the current view, there's a lot of clicking back and forth through clubs' facilities screens.
  12. Well this is nice to see. My defender with 17 acc 16 pace on cover duty actually reacting to and sweeping up a ball over the top.
  13. As a Palace fan, we look for the following: High injury proneness; A head shaped like a 50p to add that real magic and intrigue every time they go to head the ball, so you really never know where it's going to go; A player trait of 'Attempts to shoot at goal and puts the ball out for a throw in'; Ridiculously high wages; Finally, scouting reports that have the following recommendation - Currently operating at a League Two level. Has the potential to break the record for the longest period without scoring a goal.
  14. FM20 Adboard Patch Full Pack Download Update from Last FM19 Pack Download - PC Download - MAC The newest version of the FM Adboard patch has now been released over at sortitoutsi, the patch includes adboard for every playable club competition with video ads for some of the major competitions and all 20 English Premier League teams. Features Generic video ads for English Premiership, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A & Spanish Liga Santander Adjusted all club ads to display properly with FM20 stadium models Updated video ads for all English Premiership ads Preview's Video Installation Guide I will periodically look in on this thread and provide updates to new packs, please direct any questions to the thread on Sorititoutsi which will also contain previews of any up and coming content. https://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/51987/fm20-adboard-patch-coming-soon?page=1 I have dedicated 1000's of hours, making and coding adbaords for Football Manager since 2008. These adbaord patches have attracted over 100,000 downloads and remain the only real way to inject some personality into the Football Manager match engine. While this is a free patch if you wish to donate as way of thanking me for my time you can do so by the link below
  15. You need the instruction ‘Waits for update’ on all players
  16. You started this cicle for new lap. I didn't buy FM20 after FM19 which I never enjoyed really, but I checked demo FM20 ME v2021. Despite some members were unhappy I found this version pretty good and bought FM20 in sure that all mistakes of FM19 were taken into account and next update will be only better or the same at least. V2026 released some time later and it brokes any pleasure from this game for me. I never would have bought v2026. So only one way for me in future - dont buy FM and dont use demo until last patch will be released. If it exaclty about patience you said - ok you're right, it will be a lesson for me
  17. Enough is enough! After giving this years version numerous chances and forcing myself to play it, I'm saddened to say that you lost another customer. Having to wait for a decent game till March, for a game that came out in November is just plain stupid. Next year for the love of God please don't emphasize new features in the game because we already have a good amount, but please work on the ME as much as you can because for 2020 this match and graphics engine is laughable. And not making the same mistake of pre-ordering the game in October that's for sure!
  18. Retail Version Tactics The tactics below are ranked by efficiency: 1) RAPTOR V4 2) PREDATOR V4 RAPTOR V4 Download - RAPTOR V4 IMPORTANT INFORMATION -- ML : Right Foot – Very Strong -- MR : Left Foot - Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong PREDATOR V4 Download - PREDATOR V4 IMPORTANT INFORMATION: -- AML : Right Foot – Very Strong -- AMR : Left Foot - Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong INDIVIDUAL TRAINING FOCUS STCL / STCR – Complete Forward ( Attack ) AML / AMR – Inverted Winger ( Support ) ML / MR – Inverted Winger ( Support ) MCL / MCR – Box To Box Midfielder ( Support ) DL / DR - Wing-Back ( Support ) DCL / DCR - Ball Playing Defender ( Defend ) GK – Sweeper Keeper ( Support ) Public Beta Tactics The tactics below are ranked by efficiency: 1) DESTROYER V3 2) CONQUEROR V3 Learn more - https://community.sigames.com/topic/511298-football-manager-2020-public-beta-including-match-engine-changes-out-now/ DESTROYER V3 Download - DESTROYER V3 IMPORTANT INFORMATION -- ML : Right Foot – Very Strong -- MR : Left Foot - Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong "Comes Deep To Get Ball" is a negative PPM for MCL position CONQUEROR V3 Download - CONQUEROR V3 IMPORTANT INFORMATION -- AML : Right Foot – Very Strong -- AMR : Left Foot - Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong "Comes Deep To Get Ball" is a negative PPM for MCL position INDIVIDUAL TRAINING FOCUS STCL / STCR – Complete Forward ( Attack ) AML / AMR – Inverted Winger ( Support ) ML / MR – Inverted Winger ( Support ) MCL / MCR – Box To Box Midfielder ( Support ) DL / DR - Inverted Wing-Back ( Support ) DCL / DCR - Ball Playing Defender ( Defend ) GK – Sweeper Keeper ( Support ) TIME WASTING TACTIC Download Retail Game Version - https://www.mediafire.com/file/4d3pr8b87r4twq4/(FM20)_Time_Wasting_Tactic_V2_by_TFF.fmf/file Download Public Beta Game Version - https://www.mediafire.com/file/66oiqkhe2io1ryd/(FM20_-_Public_Beta)_Time_Wasting_Tactic_V1_by_TFF.fmf/file Use this tactic when you need to protect your lead and "kill" the game. Please notice that this tactic doesn't give you 100% guaranty that you don't concede it only greatly reduces the probability of it so if you start using this tactic too early, for example, when you've got a shaky lead by 1 goal then it might backfire and you might concede a fluke goal at the last minute and give away a win so you should use this tactic it wisely. CORNERS : - AMR / MR should take the right corners - AML / ML should take the left corners THROW-INS: - DL should take the left throw-ins - DR should take the right throw-ins OPPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS I suggest not setting any Opposition Instructions and not letting your assistant manager to do that YELLOW AND RED CARDS Please notice that all positions in the tactic have “Tackle Harder” PI which means that you need to control your players’ tackling aggression during matches in order to avoid getting a man sent off so if during a match you see that someone of your players gets booked then go to the tactic menu and add "Easy Off Tackles" PI to this players or otherwise there’s a high risk that this player gets a second yellow card/red card. FILTERS DOWNLOAD FILTERS ( RAPTOR & REAVER ) --> https://www.mediafire.com/file/birc4vzw1s9mpiy/(FM20)_FILTERS_-_Raptor_and_Reaver_by_TFF.fmf/file DOWNLOAD FILTERS ( PREDATOR & STALKER ) --> https://www.mediafire.com/file/kdxty75vlpcy78k/(FM20)_FILTERS_-_Predator_and_Stalker_by_TFF.fmf/file First of all, if you are going to use the filters then you should turn OFF the "Attributes Masking" setting when you start a new save otherwise the filters will be useless. Also, you need to understand that when starting a new save the more nations you load and the larger database you set, the more players appear in the filters. Here's a screenshot with an information how you can turn it OFF when you start a new: The more expensive "package" you have, the more players appear in “Player Search” menu. In order to have all players in game appearing in “Player Search” menu you need to have the best possible package “World”. Please notice that the default settings of the filters are very tough and it's supposed to show the best 10-30 players in the world for the positions in the tactic and only the top clubs from the major European football nation can afford such players and it's obvious if you manage a small club then you can't afford to have such player and you need to "easy" the matching condition one by one until you find someone that you can afford to buy but you need to be very careful when you "easy the matching conditions" because some important attributes might be missed by much and you always should check and see what attributes are missing and by how much amount: ATTRIBUTES STCL / STCR ( Suarez | Roberto Firmino | Harry Kane | Mo. Salah | Messi | Neymar) -- High Importance Attributes -- Acceleration, Agility, Pace Finishing, Dribbling, First Touch Technique, Anticipation, Off The Ball Composure, Decisions -- Moderate Importance Attributes -- Strength, Work Rate, Passing Vision, Teamwork, Stamina Heading, Long Shots, Determination ML / MR ( Messi | Neymar | Mo. Salah ) -- High Importance Attributes -- Acceleration, Agility, Pace Flair, Dribbling, First Touch Technique, Off The Ball, Anticipation Decisions, Composure -- Moderate Importance Attributes -- Crossing, Finishing, Long Shots Passing, Vision, Teamwork Work Rate, Stamina, Determination MCL / MCR ( Sergio Busquets | Arturo Vidal | Casemiro | Fernandinho | Rakitic) -- High Importance Attributes -- Work Rate, Teamwork, Positioning Marking, Tackling, Anticipation Strength, Pace, Determination Passing, Technique, First Touch Vision, Decisions, Composure -- Moderate Importance Attributes -- Acceleration, Off The Ball, Dribbling DL / DR ( Alexander-Arnold | Robertson |Dani Carvajal | Alex Sandro | Mendy ) -- High Importance Attributes -- Acceleation, Pace, Work Rate Positioning, Tackling, Marking Anticipation, Stamina, Strength Determination, Aggression, Bravery -- Moderate Importance Attributes -- Technique, Passing, First Touch Vision, Composure, Off The Ball Decisions, Teamwork, Dribbling DCL / DCR ( Virgil Van Dijk | Sergio Ramos ) -- High Importance Attributes -- Strength, Jumping Reach, Acceleration Pace, Anticipation, Positioning Concentration, Marking, Tackling Work Rate, Bravery, Determination Aggression -- Moderate Importance Attributes -- Composure, Technique, Passing First Touch, Vision GK ( Alisson Becker | Ederson ) -- High Importance Attributes -- Reflexes, Handling, One On Ones Aerial Reach, Command of Area, Communication, Agility, Concentration, Anticipation Determination -- Moderate Importance Attributes -- Positioning, Rushing Out, Acceleration Composure, Vision, Passing
  19. This thing of that defence in middle was rubbish was the reason for central play giving impression of realistic skill or decision making is nonsense. basically fm17 had decision making coded better. if you create a dodgy set up to give even more space through the middle in fm19 and fm20 that defence won't be exposed properly the way it was in fm17...essentially pass decision making and movement to expose that was vastly superior in fm17 to the last two years...any other suggestion is factually incorrect. in fm17 weakness was attacked and exposed with better fundamental passing and movement than last couple of years. any other conclusion is absolute folly...if you don't believe that to be the case control two teams in fm19 and fm20 and remove all the players from central positions and see how that plays out. it's remarkably revealing...and not in a good way lol it is correct to say defending through the middle in fm17 was weaker relatively but completely incorrect to suggest central attacking decision making was because of that. central play pass decision making in fm17 was easily better than last two versions. that is beyond contestation. people may conclude otherwise but they'd be very simply wrong lol. its very easy to see for oneself with a quick test. people may posit that is because of enhancements to defending and the enhancements are there for sure but central pass decision making and movement is simply inferior in the last two versions of fm regardless of better defending. again same exercise definitively proves that. for purposes of the thread...fm19 and fm20 have severely limited on the ball decision making and limited movement. they are more pushed towards wide play and longer passes/long shots/set pieces. They're more directed at an interpretation of football the match engine produces and directs you down rather than the user being able to produce a style of their own choice for example if you want slower creative possession based central quality especially. you just won't get that in last two years and the goals and success you may earn feels less rewarding and you're not getting rewarded for fundamentally sound reasons more what the match engine regurgitates to give you a result. unless you like attritional football in fm19 and fm20 so far more either long balls over the top or set pieces or long shots don't go there. Depends on your footballing tastes basically. i'm gonna go back and go for fm17...fm18 is decent as well to be fair
  20. Agree- but it's not just fitness but also uniform levels discipline and tactical awareness as well. It should take a lot longer to design and implement a true gegenpress tactic really. Every team in the world wants to play this way, but it takes the right players and months/years of training to make it successful. If you've just taken over a non-league side, switching on 'Gegenpress' should result in a mix of messy team shape, certain players ignoring it entirely, and the rest gassed after 30 minutes. To properly implement it you should be reliant on first getting in the right players with high work-rate/teamwork, slowly building tactical familiarity through training and match-time, and only then should it come together and resemble an effective tactic. At the moment it doesn't seem relevant whether your Dulwich Hamlet or Liverpool. That's my main problem with FM at the moment, I don't feel player attributes and tactical decisions correlate enough to what actually happens on the pitch. Visibly being able to see the difference between different playing styles would be much more immersive and rewarding. In my currently Bromley team I've got a highly technical CM with good vision/passing, and an absolute clogger with huge work-ethic but Sunday league technical ability. Without the player names/numbers in the ME I honestly don't think I could distinguish them in terms of passing range and ability. It limits the number of tactical decisions or substitutes. I know all my CMs can play cross-field 60 yard balls, so why buy a good passer? I know all my AMs are liable to smash in a long-shot from 30 yards, so why invest in one with good long-shots? I know all strikers will struggle to convert clear-cut chances, so let's ignore finishing/composure when scouting. Obviously there's degrees of effectiveness between all players, but it's not clear-cut. The biggest markers are physicality, number of mistakes (decisions/concentration), and how likely they are to react to the ball. (anticipation) Overall I get the sense the match engine is 'restrained' to give realistic results/statistics at the expense of any team or player individuality. I see very little difference in terms of ability or playing styles, and it's just the same patterns of play with varying levels of effectiveness. Yes, the better more cohesive team will more likely win, but it's in the exact same manner up and down the pyramid with no distinguishable features. Just makes the game feel a bit dull and lifeless in comparison to the older ones.
  21. Yeah to expand slightly on what HUNT3R has said here, the ME plays out in its entirety during the 'warming up' phase using all the factors available - so tactics, team selection, weather etc. Everything that happens during the match (so every pass, cross, tackle etc) is played out with calculation and actions using all the numerous factors (player attributes, weather, pitch condition, luck - everything). Then each time the user or AI makes a tactical change, it recalculates the match again. So as an example, it may be that the 'initial' match finishes 2-0 to the AI on the first run-through, but after a user tactical change the score will change when it's 'played through again' from the point of the change and finish 1-1. Then following a team talk that inspires the right player in the right way, the user wins 2-1. Every change will recalculate the match. Not every change will make any difference to the result! And to make this extremely clear, the AI manager has no idea what the final score will be and makes its decisions based on real-time events. So if they're losing they'll make attacking changes, if they're winning maybe go more defensive etc.
  22. This is the problem though. Yes, anything can happen, but what people are pointing out as 'bugs' here sometimes are actually 'trends' in the ME, not exceptions/mistakes, such as apparently the biggest issue right now which is 'finishing from set pieces or long shots being more powerful than finishing from open play'. That is something that can/should be truly fixed, the trend. Not the exceptions, or even how frequently exceptions happen.
  23. I'm not really sure how you can break forum rules, but if you just write some apology you might not even mean, it's okay? Would have to say you're setting a strange precedent. You've just told everybody that having multiple accounts at SI is okay, as long as you apologize if you get caught it's not really a concern. Will you release the evidence for transparency as FM-Base did? TFF has cheated and swindled people for many years, and may have contributed to peoples game experience worsening, maybe tactic creators stopping, and who knows what else. This is SI's customers. What is the point of having mods here then? If tricking people for many years doesn't get you banned, then what will? Weird.
  24. I respect Neil coming on here but honestly if the team move onto FM21 whilst leaving the game in the state that it is there is no way I will buy FM21 even if it is on sale. This is more than just a few random opinions, worst FM ever released and at £39.99 daylight robbery.
  25. There's a number of reasons for selectivity with regards specifically to the match engine forums, so I'll try my best to explain. Nearly everyone who replies to threads within our bugs forum is part of our QA team - occasionally you'll get a developer replying, but by and large it's QA. This means that the majority of their time is spent looking at the game, logging issues which they find themselves, logging issues raised within the community, then re-checking issues when something has been marked as fixed by a developer. In some areas checking a fix is relatively simple. Say as an example, there's a button that doesn't work on a screen (so a User Interface issue) it's quite black and white with regards to whether it works or doesn't, so can be regressed (checked and marked as fixed) easily. In some other areas, such as say the match engine and transfers and contracts, these areas can be a lot more grey. It's not as simple as saying something works or doesn't, it needs a lot more time to test and a lot more feedback. This means that often our QA teams in these areas are extremely busy, both in regards to looking for issues and checking things have been improved. This is where prioritisation comes in and how they best utilise their time. Our testers will have to look at things like the match engine forums and look at things with an eye to priority. In a lot of instances anything reported will already be known internally and enough information has already been gathered, so in an ideal world responding to the thread just to say that would be ideal, however it isn't the best use of their time in regards to making the game as good as it can be. In some instances someone may raise in issue in regards to something which we've already put large changes in for internally, so unfortunately whilst that post was valid, now the information and pkm are no longer of use. Again would be ideal if the member of QA informed you of that, but with their limited time it makes more sense to concentrate on work which benefits the overall improvement of that area of the game. There's a real balance to be had here. The match engine in the full retail version of FM20 is now running significantly behind both the public beta and the internal version we're still working on. The reality is that now for issues raised from that version in the Bugs Forum the vast majority are no longer going to be of use because of various changes. However, in some specific instances, they might be - when regarding an issue in a match engine area which hasn't changed much (perhaps refereeing decisions, team talks etc) or highlighting an issue still present in a later match engine that we weren't already aware of. Due to this we're not really in a position to shut the forum down and say everything here is no longer of use. We do absolutely need to work on how best to communicate this to people who take the time to raise issues for us - which is absolutely invaluable - so they, like us can best utilise their time. We've having a lot of internal conversations on how best to do this moving forward, be it for FM20 or for future versions of the game. Realistically specifically for the match the very best time to raise issues is just after a new version comes out (be that on a Public Beta or a full Update). Likewise keep an eye out within the match engine forums for when our match team is asking for specific examples of events happening in the match engine. Hope that makes things a little bit clearer from our perspective.
  26. Better 3D Balls Enjoy a ball better than the default. Download currently contains balls for: Champions League Europa League Bundesliga Eredivisie Ligue 1 Liga MX Champions' League - Europa League - Ligue 1 - Bundesliga - DOWNLOAD: 3D Match Balls for FM20.zip How To Use: Choose only one ball. Extract ball's folder containing "mesh" folder to Documents/Sport Interactive/Football Manager 2020. Open FM20 - click 'Preferences' > 'Interface' > untick 'Use caching to decrease page loading times & tick 'Reload skin when confirming changes' > click 'Reload Skin'. Restart the game. Note: I was not able to determine how to make the balls any colors other than shades of blue, or black or white. I tried editing all the files, trying many colors, changing balls completely one color(like hot pink), and nothing worked. It's quite time consuming as every time you want to test a change, you have to close the game, restart it, reload a save and load a match...So I eventually gave up. If anyone has any ideas...then I could look into making the Premier League and other balls that have different colors.
  27. There's a whole host of issues with the ME which have caused me to stop playing. I would go back to FM19 but find it too hard to motivate myself to play a game I'd expected to replace. Most of my concerns have already been pointed out, but thought I'd list some of them anyway as this is a feedback thread: One on ones/balls over the top - far too many one-on-ones which kills any enjoyment for me. Seems to be a combination of defensive lines being in ridiculous positions, and CB's failing to react in any way which can be considered even remotely realistic Chance conversion - whilst I don't have any statistics to back this up, it appears to me that there's far too many chances that look simple being missed. Strikers completely miss the target when one-on-one (which as above could be anywhere between once and 456 times a game), and tap ins from a yard or two out are regularly placed carefully into the goalkeeper's hands by the striker. Throw ins - Defenders, in particular full backs, seem to constantly mark the wrong player, leaving the winger free to run down the wing and receive the throw in Players keep the ball in play and then start signing autographs for the crowd allowing the opposition to swoop in and nick the ball
  28. Well my save is ruined for me No technically, its gameplay unreasoble to continue. I like club vision and management in FM20. Improved, better, deeper, more realistic. I can't say ME is bad, I guess I like this too, in general. But what is my problem? I played simple tactic without any exploits, avoid attacking mentality which I dont like and dont use. Real Madrid, Atletico, Valencia lose a lot of points by ME issues. Yes, any team could play low in part of season or full season even. But there are almost all teams can't win ME. Real Madrid lose ~15 points by ME issue, Atletico lose ~25 points. I just disable offside trap option and my team stopped to give empty space for opposite and use space for us. My striker score 31 goal in 35 games. Best 4.6mln euro ever. I bought him just because he scored in Zaragoza, but it was second division. In general my team is second by goals after Barca and 5 by defense. For now I have squad for midtable is best chance. The real place is 15-18. In fact we will play in Champions League. We will win later or Universe will find a sence, I lose any interest for this save. I want to improve team season by season, step by step. And I even not tried for extra results, but already SECOND, in first season in La Liga No reason to continue because no rival. It not depends my tactic (balanced but simple) and no reason about my team (I analyze every player and every transfer but I don't check CA/PA and I have limited club's reputation). I can win or can lose just... just because it happens, just because ME. No any exploits, I repeat it again. I specially play relaxed for long development. Really hope for fix balance in 20.3 and that this patch will release in next 8-10 weeks at the worst. I dont say ' this is bad game', but no sence to play for me in this scenario. Sad because I really enjoyed until this issue came. P.S. Happy New Year for all!
  29. Bought the game for Christmas after playing the demo for a month and it is NOT the same game. I'm playing Danish 2nd division as opposed to English League 2 so I'm expecting the quality to be a bit worse but Oh my Christ are my team hopeless. I don't see that many through balls compared to what some people are reporting but it's usually 2 or 3 each team per game and they never get scored. The goals I mostly seem to see are scrambles following corners/free kicks, penalties, and snap shots from the edge of the box. I've lost count of the times players head the ball 10 yards over the bar from the edge of the 6 yard box; it's ridiculous. Again I know my players aren't the best but I really want to be seeing my players do something and think, "cool, I told them to do that and it worked!". This just seems like I set the players up in different parts of the pitch and they just go off and do what they want. Why do players chase the ball to the touchline, stop it right on the line but over run it so an opponent can just go off with it?! I had it earlier when one of my defenders chased the ball back to the byline at the edge of the 6 yard box and kept it in for the striker behind him; luckily he was so bad he just kicked it against the post. Also I have given up watching on the second most detailed behind full game highlights (I forget the name) because 25% of the 'highlights' are just someone driving the ball forward to a clearly offside player, or, worst of all, a player takes a throw in and gets it back to be caught offside. That is not a highlight. It's a shame because it seems good apart from this. Well apart from the fact my squad called a team meeting to discuss my handling of the team and the poor atmosphere in the dressing room. Before I'd even played a game! I keep playing this thinking I'm bound to start enjoying it soon. I so want to enjoy it but hey-ho, back to work on Thursday and that's not looking so bad now...
  30. I had suspected this for a bit, but because there is no easy way in analysis to check types of crosses I didn't want to go back and watch every cross highlight. As I suspected, the instruction to play low crosses has no effect, as only one cross by my players in this match is a low cross. What is the point of including an instruction that we cannot use? As well, for the Chelsea goal, the ball goes directly through the chest of my player. I know this is probably just an animation bug, but dear lord did it **** me off. Chelsea v Norwich.pkm
  31. In my opinion, part of the frustration specially for the old timers is that we get different messages about the ME development cycle that are contradictory. - In one hand, we are told after the March patch, that there won't be more patches as the ME team needs to work on next year ME, like if we were going to get a redesigned one. - On the other hand, a year/version later, we get basically an evolution of the last year ME, with some improvements, but with several of the same bugs/issues from past year, that looks more a patched version than a new one. So if the team is not working on a new ME but improving/patching current one all the time until the new release, why can't they just share the improvements as are they are done with new patches? In the past it used to be that way, with ME patches all year long, not until March only. Probably I have over simplified the development cycle, but it's the perception that some of us are getting, and that frustrates us a lot as the only explanation I can find is the one that disappoints the loyal fans, that is that if the ME is being fixed all the time, you can't announce it in the new version as brand new.
  32. Lightyears is a complete exaggeration, only difference I see is a lot less clear cut chances and wingers actually crossing 2 times out of 10 attempts instead of 1 time out of 10 attempts. Oh and almost forgot that they have completely destroyed Attacking Central Midfield position. Just for reference sake in case you think I haven't given the beta a chance, I played a full season with Bayern Leverkusen and won the league on goal difference.
  33. SI need to start doing one thing game developers do more often now. "Developer Diary". Tell us whats going on and where youre at. Transparency is key in this modern consumer environment we live in, so we dont escalate frustrations into potentially incorrect assumptions/opinions. For a long running game series such as this there should be more back and forth between community and developers. Right now, it feels like a lot of back and no forth. Also, the typical response to what i just said would be to imply that delays can occur in the patching/development process and that some updates in specific areas may get pushed back or cancelled entirely, therefore it would unwise to create a "Developer Diary" that could have negative effect on the games image. For me though, IT IS OK to inform the player base about potential changes and then they dont actually get implemented due to unforeseen issues after said "Developer Diary" was released. YOU WILL NOT loose sales over this, I am still going to buy the latest version of the game even if I know that the following year there is a planned big feature/ME inclusion/update. The point is, I firmly believe the current player base interaction strategy is completely outdated from SI Games.
  34. By the same coin, you are potentially missing out on clients who would otherwise buy if the game showed improved graphics, mechanics, AI and so on (features dictated by computing power in one way or another). I am not aware of how Google Stadia is working out at the moment for FM but Cloud Gaming is getting closer, resources will no longer be an issue to that degree. While FM is not something you play for graphics, it is frustrating watching that kind of graphics in 2020. The match engine can only be taken so far in it's current iteration. We are already very close to it's limits. We are seeing them every year. Sure, the engine is updated each year, but the updates are far from anything spectacular, rather just fine tuning from one edition to the other. We are already seeing the limits in defending, in certain animations, in certain reactions of players. Every iteration is an engine with SLIGHTLY better graphics (some redone textures, some extra animations, again slightly), but in itself and how it plays out mechanic-wise it's just a rehashing of the prior version with hopes that this year's will be better. We have older versions of FM with a match engine closer to reality and more balanced than some newer versions. There rarely is a clear improvement in how the match engine plays out from yearly version to yearly version. Release day match engine is generally average at best and disastrous at worst. It's rather just a rehashing, hoping it gets closer to what it should be and by version .3 maybe better than last years. This has been the trend for the past years. If year by year, the match engine at the release day is far from what it should be, there must be some process going wrong in Production. If not enough testers are available, going beta sooner and making it available for anybody not just buyers may be a solution. Problems have to be recognized and taken responsability for, only then a solution can be thought of and implemented.
  35. November 2032. A bleak November afternoon in Belgrade, although the sun is breaking through the clouds when a group of people emerge from the front door of what appears to be a nightclub. The neon sign out front reads "The Itchy Kitty," decorated by a crudely-drawn cartoon Siamese cat, with a smaller sign below advertising "Ladies Night" in the CockPit Lounge, every Friday. An odd site for the location of what might be the most important theological summit in nearly 1,000 years. Then again, the fresh coat of paint recently added gives the 1980's-era nightclub a veneer of class, if you squint. The huddled masses outside reflect the entirety of Christendom. Waiting for days now, watching religious figures come and go for these high-stakes talks, punctuated by the occasional celebrity sighting. Reverent in their devotion, the anticipation has been building all day on the back of whispers that the discussions have born fruit. Now, the masses wait for the signs that were promised. The fog machines usually arrayed around the Itchy Kitty's main stage have been re-purposed, surrounding a path which leads to a stage erected beneath the Itchy Kitty sign. Black fog, to signal disagreement. White fog, to signal consensus. The group quickly disperse, one man heading to speak with the DJ, as another hurriedly checks the fog machines. The crowd can sense it. Something has happened inside. The end of their watch is nigh. Feedback suddenly echoes through the parking lot, reverberating off the cracked pavement. The DJ adjusts a few knobs and smiles to himself, the reverb fading. The unmistakable refrain of the Kidz Bop version of Europe's "The Final Countdown" strikes like a bolt of lightning from a clear sky. Yes, something has happened inside. The crowd surges forward in anticipation, straining against the barricades in place. The fog machines whir to life as the first chorus begins. White fog bursts forth, accompanied by shouts of joy. The masses embrace. Tears flow like sweet red wine. They are become joy. The front of the Kitty is now shrouded in white fog, pierced by lasers shooting into the sky. The leather-studded double doors open, as Zlatan Ibrahimovic strides forth, hand in hand with Pope Juan I and His All Holiness, Photios III. You recognize Pope Juan I from his days as a rampaging wingback for Deportivo Cali in the late 1980s, when he was known by his free-flowing mullet and his given name, Stalin Pinzon. Photios III is nothing less than the living embodiment of a Nordic God, 6'4", his uncut beard flowing in the light breeze. Others follow behind them, but the cameras follow the trio as they approach the stage. The crowd roars with unbridled joy as they mount the stage, prompting Zlatan to take the lead solo on air-guitar while gesturing to Pope Juan and Patriarch Photios to join him on air-bass and air-drums. They politely demure. As the solo ends, Zlatan takes the microphone. His words are inaudible, even amplified. What words can truly be said? The Great Schism has been mended. The white fog spilling forth carries more weight than any words could, as nearly 1,000 years of religious quarrel dissipate like the setting sun. Zlatan raises a hand, calling for quiet. Pope Juan and Patriarch Photios involuntarily flinch, pulling away from Zlatan before rearranging their garb, calming themselves. The shouts of joy continue, unabated. Zlatan again gestures for quiet, and the crowd settles down enough for his amplified voice to be heard. The Pope and Patriarch step forward, arm in arm, and invite a man standing behind them in a toga to step forward. At first, the fog and lasers reflecting off of his well-oiled physique and visage obscure his identity. But once he speaks, all recognize the voice as that of none other than Cristiano Ronaldo, the legendary footballer who now manages Augsburg, and whose presence in Belgrade has been rumored all week. "A reading," Cristiano intones, "from the Book of Zlatan." A hush falls over the crowd, their attention focused on the Portuguese legend, who reads slowly. Enunciating each words as one might savor a lover's first kiss. "Guardiola went up to Manchester. As he was walking along the road, some boys came out of the town and jeered at him. “Get out of here, Baldy!” they said. “Get out of here, Baldy!” He turned around, looked at them and called down a curse on them in the name of the Zlatan. Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the boys. Amen." The crowd responds, enraptured. "Amen." Cristiano turns and embraces Zlatan. As he pulls away, you notice spots of oil staining Zlatan's elegant four-piece suit. They stand arm in arm, surveying the crowd and all that they have accomplished. The Pope and Patriarch embrace. The crowd cheers in ecstasy, as the Kidz Bop version of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" begins to play. Someone props the doors of the Itchy Kitty, as word begins to spread -- it's an open bar tonight. All night.
  36. This should be a sticky quote... Or a banner on the top of the GD page... FFS, if your side is at CL level, it means your average starter will be in the 150-170CA bracket, with a few backups/youngsters a bit lower and the odd World Class player a bit higher. If your youth intake has 2.5*/3* PA players, it means their PA is something >140... How many future starters at ELITE LEVEL do you expect your academy to churn out? And, for reference, how many Elite players do top-level academies produce IRL? Even the best and most expensive youth setups don't produce more than a handful of decent (ie. rotation/backup) players per year, with a top talent every few years. For reference, look at Man Utd's "Jimmy Murphy" winners... For every Giggs, they got a Ronnie Wallwork, for every Scholes a Bojan Djordjic, for every Rashford a plethora of Macheda, Tunnicliffe or Will Keane. And those are the BEST of the lot... I guess the teammates of those "flops" (who still have gone on to have respectable professional careers) are long lost into the mists of LL football and amateur leagues...
  37. I noticed that the shot count goes crazy in some AI vs. AI matches too when one side is much stronger. Seems like if one side plays with very attacking mentality, they just keep shooting regardless of the quality of the chances that they are creating. I think this is something that SI managed to balance several times in the past, so hopefully they can do it again in the next patch.
  38. Do tactics play any role in this game? I have set up all my deep free kicks so have all my defenders back and for the free kicks to be taken short but I don’t think I’ve seen a single short free kick. I’ve set up my team to play Cautious, Short Passes, with Work the Ball into the box and yet my team constantly hits balls over the top for my strikers to miss 1v1s. Throw ins are set for quick ones and I take long ones. As for Team Talks: “don’t get complacent“ means “get complacent”; and “they might be down to ten men but don’t let your levels drop” means “hit the post 3 times and concede a last minute goal” (Are they sponsored by Apple? Do they want me to smash my computer against the wall?).
  39. The game is technically playable, your right but, its not enjoyable far from it. People act like errors are the end of the world because of their passion for FM and because people are fed up with the same ME problems such as the lack on central play which is a whole element of football completely missing from the ME since FM18. As much as I love FM its not good enough in my books! I was convinced SI would of sorted out the lack of central play for FM20 especially when they were talking about improved striker movement prior to release but here we are.
  40. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the the Beta ME. I had essentially given up with the previous ME as it was very one dimensional and the frequently cited issue of one-on-ones was truly awful. However, the Beta ME has saved FM20 for me. It is so much more exciting to watch. Some crazy goalmouth scrambles, and players seem to be doing more of what you ask of them. This especially applies to support or deep-lying strikers. I was very frustrated previously, but am now enjoying it much more. Well done.
  41. I left the room after my CF missed 6 clear opportunities twitter_20200113_160736.mp4
  42. What do you want to debate here? You are posting minimum specs for a game that doesn't acquire a high-end system and never will. Even comparing it with Skyrim (???). You do realize that most people who completed that survey are hardcore gamers with a high-end system, right? FM doesn't belong in that category. also btw: most people who play FM play it on a laptop instead of desktop. Start a poll, you will see for yourself.
  43. NK Zadar Season Summary 2029-2030 Season Summary After finishing 2nd last season I had high hopes that one more year of experience for our young team could give us a title push. And boy did we come close! The league went down to the final day and it was HNK Rijeka that grabbed the title. Dinamo Zagreb had won it the last six seasons so this was a huge blow for them. We beat Dinamo Zagreb 2-1 in the second last round of the season, substitute Vedran Kulusic grabbing a 2-1 winner in stoppage time! This gave us a great chance, but even though we won our last game we lost out in the title by the smallest margin possible: Results between teams.. Gutted, but we have to be happy with the way we performed. We won our Europa League group which automatically put us in the 2nd Knockout Leg. We drew TSG Hoffenheim and managed to win on away goals, beating them 2-1 in Germany and losing 0-1 at home. Next up was Tottenham and that meant a brutal exit for us! We lost 5-0 in England, in fairness it could easily have been by a bigger margin. A respectable 0-2 loss at home meant the Europa League adventure was over with a bang. But we really can't complain, Spurs is just miles ahead of us! Going forward We have a very exciting team at the moment and even though I could have highlighted some of our other top performers (Gribic, Perisic etc.) or posted U-19 players I will post screenshots of the six players in the starting eleven who are 20 or younger. These are players that I hope will be the foundation of this team in years to come, but I also fear that it can all come crashing down this summer. Drazen Surbek, our best player by far, have on a number of occasions turned down top clubs, but will he stay another year? Without him we will go all in on a U-19 striker named Roko Jaksic, but that will mean no title challenge. The gap in quality between the players are just too big. Surbek has scored 28 goals in 53 games (all competitions) this year, as well as providing 9 assists. I'd be lucky to get 10 out of Jaksic, or any other striker in the team. Our other young key players (screenshots below) are all wanted by top clubs (Arsenal, Juventus, PSG etc.), and if we can't hold onto them there are no real alternatives in the academy. We also have terrible right full back, but a pretty decent prospect in our U19. I am considering to think long-term and just have him as the regular starter for next year, as our right side is like a interstate highway at times.. Players 20 years old or younger in the starting 11 Drazen Surbek (20): striker. 36 league games, 18 goals/4 assists. Avg. rating: 6,98 Stipe Roguljic (20): AMR. 35 league games, 9 goals/6 assists. Avg. rating: 7,04 Matko Dukadjin (19): AMC. 36 league games, 10 goals/11 assists. Avg. rating: 7,33 Fran Gabrijelic (18): AML. 33 league games, 9 goals/9 assists. Avg. rating: 6,98 Ivica Keran (20): CM (d). 32 league games, pass. acc. 87%, tackles won: 81%, Avg. rating 6,68 Marijo Loncar (20): CB. 34 league games, tackles won 87%, Avg. rating 6,96 Season | League | Position | League Cup | Europe | Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 | Druga Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 1st | Semi-final | N/A | Promotion to top division first year 2021/22 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 7th | 2nd round | N/A | Stayed in the league. Good first half of the season 2022/23 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 7th | Semi-final | N/A | No improvement on last year, only worse finances 2023/24 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 7th | Qtr-final | N/A | Another 7th place finish 2024/25 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 5th | Qtr-final | N/A | Decent progress, finished just outside a European spot 2025/26 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 3rd | Qtr-final | N/A | Great season, bronze medal and European spot 2026/27 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 6th | 3rd round |1 KO-stage Euro Cup II | Good European season, average league performance 2027/28 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 5th | Qtr-final | N/A | Qualified for Europe, facilities upgraded 2028/29 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 2nd | Qtr-final |1 KO-stage Euro Cup II | Runner up in the league 2029/30 | MaxTV Hrvatska Nogotemna Liga | 2nd | Qtr-final | EL 2nd Knockout Stage | Runner up in the league, second year in a row
  44. My advice is dont buy it I did and I regret it.. I play it everyday cuz I love the series but I am near mental breakdown non stop.. For example I am on a 10th game unbeaten run fighting for top 4 in my 6th season.. I host Norwich I am missing my 6th CCS . Some absolute sitters like pass across the goal and he just pass it to the GK ( he has shoot with power trait..In past this is 50000% Goal). Then his GK long goal kick.. Ball bounces around my CB and over him goes to his striker bam 0:1.. I make it 1:1 then long through ball and my defender refuses to turn and just acts stupid... I lost the game finished with 8/9 ccs... Problem is you get way too much CCS!.. I mean almost every Key moment is CCS so the engine has to keep scores low and let you win 2-3-0 max so you end up missing ridiclous ammouth of chances. That usually leads you to hating your striker. Mine has 50 goals in EPL in 3 seasons and I want to sell him asap cuz I hate him... Because all you see him miss you think every player you got is awful and you want to replace and replace and replace them..
  45. UPDATE: 46,000 database changes so far, just over halfway through Level 11, it's getting there
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