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    15 years ago, we were being talked about as a team that shouldn't even be in qualifiers. 5 years ago we barely dared to dream about achieving more than being in the discussion for half a group stage. Today we had every chance to reach the knock out stages of the World Cup. We have done the unimaginable. The unthinkable was just out of reach. This time...
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    Germany eh. Just can’t get a result on Russian soil, Clive.
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    SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!! My team had 79% possession (91% pass completion), 24 shots (9 on target), 5 fouls. The AI had 21% possession (71% pass completion), 7 shots (1 on target), 19 fouls. The game finished 1-1 and my team LOST ON PENALTIES! HOW IS THAT EVEN ******* POSSIBLE?????? Is my FM save broken or does the AI cheat? It's nothing to do with my tactics because I'm very good at tactics. I almost managed Oviedo to the Spanish second division playoffs last year. Thank you in advance, Fernando
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    (For reference: Challenge #1 Challenge #2) The Challenge Using any team you like (create your own club if you want to) create a successful* tactical system which does not use a "striker" ie., nobody placed at either the STC, STCL or SCTR positions in the Tactics Creator. * By successful, you should aim to at least meet (ideally exceed) both your start of season media prediction and your Board's expectations. The Purpose It's something a little different and helps to think about tactical systems outside of the box. Something away from the "norm" and can demonstrate how flexible and powerful the Tactic Creator can be. It may also help with seeing how players move when combining attacking runs and the knock on effect of moving opponents out of position. ie., to help you watch how players drag their markers out of position. Not using a "striker" can exaggerate players dropping deep, players running beyond the "not-striker" and causing confusion in opposition defences. An Example I'm playing as Plymouth Argyle. Promoted to League 1 at the end of the 16/17 season and expected to go straight back down in the 17/18 season. This is how I line up: I've actually taken a little inspiration from Roma's famous strikerless 4-6-0 system of 2007 (or was it 2008). At first glance it appears I'm basically using two teams - the front 5 to attack, the back 5 to defend, and in a way I am. I want to promote counter attacking football (hence the deep formation) and I'm using the Defensive mentality (which relaxes the counter attacking "rules" in the ME to encourage counters). But I'm also pushing up and closing down more than the default mentality settings allow as I don't want to (or like) playing too passively. And this is what else the Defensive mentality does: This shows the difference in Mentality for my CM(A) between using the Defensive mentality (top) and the Attacking mentality (bottom). This is repeated for all players, so my front 5 aren't quite so gung ho as they may seem. And remember, this is how they'll play when we are not counter attacking. Example Plays These 3 videos are from my very first match of the season, away at Peterborough. Video #1: Cleon bangs on about this all of the time - watch the first few minutes of the match in full detail before you switch to a highlights mode. This can help you see if your players are actually doing what you expect. Not what Mentality is doing, or Team Shape, or complicated stuff like that - what your players are doing. This is straight from kick off. What do I expect my players to do? I expect: My Trequartista (Carey) to drop deep; My 2 central midfielders to put in runs from deep, ahead of my TQ on occasion; And my two wide players to get forward down the flanks but also come inside on occasion. And this is what happens (there is no sound btw): Carey (TQ) drops deep; Sarcevic (CM-A) runs ahead of Carey; My wide players are involved; Diagouraga (Mez-A) runs from deep and out wide; Carey and Wylde (left WM-A) get into the box; Sarcevic and Jervis (right WM-A) arrive later into the box. OK the ball goes out for a throw, but that's just the first 20 seconds of the match and my players are doing exactly what I hope they will do. Now replay the video and this time watch the Peterborough defenders. They haven't got a clue who to pick up. Pause it 16 seconds into the video (match time 00:19) - we've actually got a 4v3 overload momentarily there because the defenders don't know who to pick up and I have lots of players running at them. Video 2: Our first goal. We lose the ball deep in the Peterborough half. Pause it at 5 seconds in (match time 18:06). This could be tricky for us, but I still have 5 players covering at the back. Peterborough try to counter attack me, but my BWM covers. We've now caught Peterborough flat footed: Carey (the TQ) comes deep, feeds the ball to the on rushing Sarcevic (CM-A) who's in the channel between the fullback and central defender, goal. Video 3: Our 3rd goal. (Our 2nd was from a corner). Bradley takes a free kick deep in our own half and gives the ball away (good one ). Diagouraga immediately presses Maddison near the half way line (so now I know my TI to press more is working ok) who rushes his forward pass, which is easily picked off by my defender. Look how deep Carey comes to collect the ball before spraying it out wide (the TQ role is a playmaker role after all). Both my central midfielders run ahead of Carey, with Carey in hot pursuit. Already the Peterborough back line are struggling to keep any sort of form or shape. The cross comes in to the completely unmarked Jervis at the back post. I made no tactical changes at all during that match. There was no need to. Breaking things down into this type of simple analysis by comparing how I expect players to behave with how they actually do behave is how I play the game. Pause and rewind during live matches can also be very useful. Anyway, your turn! Lets see your strikerless systems .
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    **** it All the other teams - They're all ****! England are going to win World Cup Football is ****ing coming home. We've seen the rest, they're rubbish! Let's do this! English optimism here, we're going to do this! This thread is going HOF 3 LIONS ON A SHIRT... The 'they didn't know it was coming home' Wall of Shame Westchump (the life loser) Andrew_ (the spanner) Cedrik (salty tool) Russel10 (Stefan Kuntz) Haiku (wet lettuce) GunmaN1905 PMLF Makwa Baptista_8 RedNomad (?) TheJagster (and I got a new hair dryer)
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    Defending "When are SI going to get strikers helping out in their own half when defending?" is something we read fairly regularly on the forums, usually followed by a classic Atletico Madrid picture such as: And yes, when using "strikers" in the STC position, there can be a point. But what if I showed you something like this: That's a "strikerless" 4-4-2. Nothing fancy with Mentality or Team Shape - it took me less than a minute to throw together the system - just strikers in the AMC rather than the STC position. And that's what I'd like to highlight (and a particular soapbox of mine):- labels. Football Manager is full of labels. What do I mean by labels? They're names given to a collection of things which can often lead us down a path to make us think they're something they're not. Clear? Yeh, me neither . Examples are probably the best way of demonstrating what I'm talking about: 1) Individual player training. We can give our players individual training instructions. Tell our midfielders to train as a Central Midfielder or a Deep Lying Playmaker; tell our fullbacks to train as a Complete Wingback or a Fullback; tell our strikers to train as a Target Man or a Poacher; and so on. You get the picture. But we're not actually training any of that. We're not training a DLP or a CWB or a TM or whatever - we're training the attributes. The role names here are just "labels" which are attached to a selection of attributes to help us pick things faster. Labels. 2) Mentality. Yes Mentality is essentially a risk profile, but it also acts as a "label" which changes default Team Instructions. The Defensive mentality has vastly different default TIs compared to the Attacking mentality for example. We use the mentality selection to help us quickly select a bunch of TIs. It's a label. 3) Roles and Positions (now we're getting to the laboured point). What is a "striker"? It's just (usually) the player furthest forward and thus one of the players most likely to take shots at goal. According to FM's "labels", those players should be in the striker position. ie., in the STC position of the Tactic Creator. Because of that and a player's "favoured position" (yet another label) in their player profile, FM's player base broadly associates "strikers" with the "STC" position. So many labels. But if we think outside the box for a moment without getting so bogged down and railroaded by all of these labels, so many more possibilities present themselves. Despite this thread's title, there is actually no such thing imo as a "strikerless" tactic. My 4-6-0 in the OP uses a striker. That 4-4-2 above uses 2 strikers. They're just not in the STC position, that's all. They still get into the box; they still create goals for others, they still score themselves (all of which is the very definition of a striker) and - here's the killer - they come deep to help defend. Just by putting them in the AMC rather than the STC position. So, if you want strikers to come deep into your own half when defending and pretend you've gone all Simeone, the simplest solution is don't use the STC position. On the other hand if you want a striker to stay further forward when defending, do use the STC position. Are there other ways of doing it? Yes, but I like simplicity and to my mind that's a simple solution.
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    Look at all the Koreans, sunk to their knees in exhaustion and a realization they'll never, ever have to pay for a beer in Mexico again
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    Get a grip @Haiku you wet lettuce. Have you read any of the posts in here? We're having fun while it lasts and give zero ***** who we've played. It's actually enjoyable embracing a couple of good wins and some snippets of good football. Try it some time.
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    **** a 48 team World Cup if we have to watch more of this.
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    How many do we need to let Belgium score, Gareth? Good man.
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    Rashford by far the MOTM tonight, the way he majestically kept smashing that ball round the post to save victory was knighthood worthy
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    *Braces for people thinking having Sane would single handedly changed everything about German team.*
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    I should have recognised him! I thought he was an ambulance chaser looking to take a case, but he was a bloody football manager, Hakan Telleus himself, doing big things in Europe. They say he may be the new Marcelo Bielsa, as his tactics and habits are starting to get a tad odd to say the least, looks more like a Swedish Jared Leto if you ask me, and I saw Suicide Squad about a thousand times! Still, not only a great manager, he had a bizarre level of obscure law knowledge, "The Lad Clause", how the hell did he know a law that applies exclusively to the Irish, and has only been utilized three times in history, once during the famine! Why was he in Mexico, no god-damn idea, said something about grapefruit, and box-wine box suppliers, still, I'll not complain as he's sprung me out on a technicality, and I'm free to go. Assets frozen, though, so back to the start, luckily I had hid a few notes here and there when things were looking dodgy, and I had enough for a plane flight to Europe, and a few months rent. I need to hide, for now, from some dangerous people, and rebuild my reputation, not much work for a football manager knee deep in gangland drug and murder stories. Hakan suggested France before we parted ways, mentioned an academy he opened, a fair number of graduates, all running through the French lower leagues. Not for me though, whole thing sounded a bit too pyramid scheme, or some kind of national level fraud... So here we are, Etrople, Bulgaria, PFC Chavdar, an amateur side, known for developing some notable national team players, but in hard times. Far enough away from the big leagues, but a path to get there, and perhaps do it the right way. [Tapping out on French Fraud for a while, kind of bored after the surprised title repeated, and looked on course for a third...] So, what's the story here, managing Chavdar Etrople, with a few limitations, we're only allowed sign players from Eastern Bloc nations, and only allowed two from each country in the senior squad at a time, though over time that could easily drift to Bulgarian only or intakes only, even. Also, I'm not sure I'll post much narrative(though I'll try) as I'm not great at it, but I thought it'd make for a nice wee intro.
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