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    Beta comes out, feedback thread full of people demanding the German Third Division sayings it's a disgrace it's been taken out. SI involved in a huge, costly, legal battle to get the Third Division available but unlicensed. Full game comes out with German Third Division in it. Thread full of people complaining they've worked so hard to get it in. They can't win, can they. I wouldn't be stunned at all if the Stadium Editor is in the works, I doubt it's something they can hand over to the public without major testing though, so it'll take more than a year for them to develop it then release it. Some features have taken five years to go from request to reality. Maybe best to just forget about how unrealistic the stadium looks when you're managing Man City as a 27yo with no managerial experience..
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    Hello @Dagenham_Dave could you, for once, make a constructive post and tell me how to put you on ignore list?
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    This has to be the wrongest thing anyone has ever posted on here. And that's up against some pretty stiff opposition.
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    Go manage a crap team if you want something more difficult.
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    New feature: Moves into nightclubs. Cannot be de-selected. Your player will randomly stay out late, go missing for days at a time, announce he is taking up rapping, etc. You have to use player interaction to persuade him to sort his life out.
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    I love your dedication to this issue, to the point i hope they never fix it, just so i can see you ask for it in as many threads as possible every october #nojusticefortony
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    After being busy for the past week I was hoping to get some skinning done today, but instead its been wasted dealing with idiots. This is actually what I came here to post; As I am slowly making progress on my skin, though still pretty much WIP with various other screens a bit broken at the moment and still tweaking the above screens - turns out there is a lot of hard-coded white text this year. And whilst I'm here is there anything anyone would like adding to the Player screen as I have one empty column at the moment and will likely remove the stars as they aren't working correctly (for some reason the game doesn't like the ids used on the other panel so they don't always line up with the stars in the summary).
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    "Are we stuck with Brexit?" Yes, if Westminster gets its way. You know there won't be an option next year, it'll be hard wired into the game because that's how it will be in real life. So if you don't like Brexit in FM then the best use of your time is to get campaigning for a second referendum, in real life.
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