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    American Football Returns to FM 19 I am happy to introduce y’all to my revamped American Football system for FM 19 where I show you how to play real football with a soccer ball. If you have no idea what I’m talking about and want a bit of background of what I mean, you can check out my American Football system from FM 16. And for everybody else, strap on your helmets, because an American who still knows next to nothing about soccer is about to tell you how to play your sport. Alright, joking aside, I am super excited about what I’ve got going over here because this year’s tactical system combined with the new roles from the last couple years have allowed me to create what I honestly fell short of in the previous system: a true playbook. And although this is still a work in progress, I’ve got enough here already and done enough concept testing to say that this is as close to the real deal as I’m ever going to be able to do. But before I get too far ahead of myself, a quick explanation of what I am doing: I apply American Football concepts to soccer to create a dynamic and entirely different way to approach to tactics and gameplay. And true to my inspiration, I am now able to do it with different personnel packages, formations, alignments, and an actual playbook in a manner that works almost like the real deal. Now be forewarned. The original system was a lot to take in and this new version dwarfs the previous. It’s truly a monster. So like before, I’m going to hide as much as possible behind spoiler tags to help keep it navigable and reduce scroll and load times. Also, because this is a work in progress, I will link useful posts later in the thread in the final post so that they are more easily located. Also if/when there are significant permanent changes to the system, instructions, etc, I will try to update them in the top posts so that it stays current. Terminology Just to ensure clarity I am going to take a moment to explain a few terms that you will see me use throughout this thread. Most are football terms converted for use in my system. Also note before we get started: Typically, when I say football, I mean “football” sport of the American variety with the oblong ball. When I mean the sport where one must use their foot to kick the round ball, I will refer to it as soccer. Packages, Formations, Alignments, and Plays Describing Space: Line of Scrimmage, Gaps, and Passing Zones Types of Matchups and Mismatches Leading edge, offensive screen, and playing between the lines My System Objectives It’s of paramount importance to set forth the objectives and goals before you begin designing elements. For this system I have most of the same high level goals as the previous system. On Defense: “Bend but don’t break” On Offense: “Run to Daylight” Shape. Shape. Shape.
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    I'm usually quite sympathetic towards people struggling due to FM's quirky behaviour, but here you just signed the Who's Who of inconsistent and unreliable pseudo-top-players... Balotelli, Nasri, Draxler, the injury-prone Rafinha, Calhanoglu... Great players going by their visible attributes, too bad they likely play 2 or 3 matches per season at the top of their game, while the rest ranges from average to infuriatingly useless. The key to improve a mid/low-table side is to sign CONSISTENT players, not top clubs' rejects or aging former wonderkids.
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    I agree - there seems to be something fundamentally wrong with the ME in many situations. From strange positioning (both defending and attacking), weird choice of passes/crosses, poor/not working team instructions (e.g. work ball into box which never seems to have any effect), horrible finishing (e.g. one-on-one's and shooting from *very* narrow angles instead of passing to a team mate in a better position) to incredibly strange refereeing, including VAR. It's a bit of a mess.
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    uh huh... Aside from that laughable comment, it sounds like you're just signing as many players as possible and hoping that that'll fix things for you. Signing too many players in a short space of time has devastating effects on squad cohesion, which will destroy performances on the pitch. I'd also like to know how playing at Newcastle, you had the budget to sign Benassi, Willian, jose, Cutrone, Tierney, Hakan Canaloghu, Nasri and Balotelli in your first season, followed by Shaqiri, Bruno Fernandes, Julian Draxler, Djibril Sidibe, Rafinha, and Michael Keane in your second season? That's not realistic at all, either financially or from a squad dynamics point of view.
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    Lots of people find this and it's always the game's fault . Alternatively you could try posting your detailed tactical set up and the types of issues you are seeing when watching matches (assuming you are watching them?) and someone may be able to offer some ideas or suggestions. I'm going out on a limb here but I don't think your systems are anywhere near "perfect" . ok I'm joking (sorry) but do you see the point? If things that were once working no longer work then change what you are doing. The game is adapting to you so you need to adapt accordingly. Carrying on in the same manner isn't going to work:
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    Actually, I kind of expect them to catch these bugs before the game is released. This has been one of the most bug-ridden versions of FM in the last ten years. It's actually quite mind numbing how they have not caught onto these issues during QA. Waiting for the customers to discover bugs is a poor piece of business. Imagine if a car manufacturer did that. 'I'm not sure the brakes are functioning correctly, but let's hear what the customers say' ..
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    This file displays all 183 leagues that make up the dutch league pyramid. All teams should start in the right leagues, given the number of approximately 2600 teams I however cannot guarantee for that. FC Lienden and HVV Hollandia, who have withdrawn from their respective league midway through the season, start with a 25 point deduction. The defunct Oranje Zwart Helmond don't feature in this file. No Periodekampioenen and Nacompetities, as I could not find a way to create them using the basic editor only. Unlike in real life,there is promotion from the Tweede Divisie into the Keuken Kampioen Divisie. Hope you enjoy, http://www.mediafire.com/file/oeanuabolewq7tn/N+E+D+E+R+L+A+N+D+++C+O+M+P+L+E+T+E.fmf
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    It has under the hood behaviour, similar to how BBM is more than just CM-Su with "Roam From Position". Look at the attributes. He's accomplished in the position and has the right attributes. The contrast with him and Kanté works well in that Pogba excels in the more offensive aspects of the role and Kanté in the defensive, but neither are outright terrible at the parts they're not good at, if that makes sense.
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    I hate to be predictable, but given you finished 17th in the first season, 15 in the second and things haven't started well in the third, you may want to look at things from a tactical perspective. (Aka "it;s your tactics") You can't just sign better players and expect to win loads of games if your tactic is flawed or leaving huge gaps for the opposition to exploit. May be worth checking out the tactics forum for some advice. Good luck!
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    The opposition is programmed to score the moment your partner enters the room you're playing FM in.
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