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  1. Introduction Hello good people!! Long time no see eh?! I wouldn’t call this a return as such, more I was bored and thought I’d write a massive project for all you beautiful people. I’ve been kind of shut off from the FM Community for quite some time now but I’ve still read the odd article here and there and visited the forum and looked around. It seems that nothing has changed much. Some people are still struggling with tactics and creating or maintaining them. So I thought why not write something but start at the very beginning. Over the years I’ve written about creating a tactic and all the various ways this can be achieved. I want to revisit some of the old stuff and rewrite/update it. My idea is to combine all the relevant topics I've done in the past and make a really in depth series which focuses on every single aspect of tactical creation. Many years ago myself, Buxton, SFrazer, WWFan, Millie and many more had the idea of creating a tactics bible, which we did in some form. I don’t believe the pieces we did still exist, so this is an extension of this and almost like a Wiki. This is a giant task though and will likely take a long time for it to be complete. Some of the stuff I’ve written needs a complete rewrite and others just little changes. I think this would become an invaluable resource for the FM community. I will only release pieces though when I am 75% done with the project and know it will be completed. If I was to guess at what percentage is currently completed I’d say it was around 50% ish. There are all the parts currently completed. This isn’t the order they’ll be in though as there will be lots more added and depending on where I think the pieces fit, will dramatically change the order. Before we start Idea Design based on player attributes Real life example None real life example Translating to FM Seeing if it works Modifying it Maintaining it That's a snippet of how the first article starts. But my main reason for posting is because I want ideas from you before I start doing more stuff. I don't want ideas about topics to cover or what subjects to write about. What I need is for you to post below and in a few short words, explain what aspects of creating a tactic you struggle with. That way I can make sure its comprehensive and represents every single aspect I can think of, if I haven't already. So if you struggle with deciding how to play, I want to know what it is that you struggle with specifically about that. Is it that you have too many ideas in your head or maybe no ideas at all. You might be flustered with all the options you have available and so on. The feedback doesn't have to be strictly about the tactic itself, I'm ideally looking for 'steps' you struggle with instead if that makes sense. As I want this project to be a step by step process without skipping a single step. This makes the project complicated because obviously some steps will have multiple ways of doing things and I want to include everything. So if you have anything you struggle with, please post below.
  2. Overcome the odds and earn your success in Football Manager 2022, launching Tuesday, 9th November on PC/Mac. Following an incredibly successful campaign on Xbox last year, Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition also debuts on 9th November. For the first time in the history of our series, FM22 and FM22 Xbox will be available with Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC from launch. More information on FM22 Xbox and what playing on Game Pass means for you is available in our dedicated Game Pass announcement. New Features and Game Upgrades Starting with FM22 on PC/Mac, new features and licensing updates will begin to be released from late September onwards across our social media channels. Join the FMFC squad to get feature details and member exclusives direct to your inbox before anyone else. Game upgrades and a host of exciting additions across all platforms will be also be revealed from early October across our website and social media, so get following to get ahead of the game. Get Early Access to FM22 Managers pre-purchasing FM22 (Steam/Epic/Windows) before launch from a participating digital retailer* will net a 10% discount and the Early Access version of the game, which is typically available two weeks before the street release date.** Handheld titles return for the new season FM22 Mobile (iOS/Android) also steps out onto the pitch on November 9th. FM22 Mobile should be available for pre-order on the App Store and pre-registration on Google Play from early October. By pre-ordering FM22 Mobile on iOS, you’ll own the game and be able to play immediately upon release. For Android users, FM22 Mobile pre-registration means you’ll get notified when the game is ready for download. Full release details for FM22 Touch, including our return to Nintendo Switch™, are coming soon. Earn it for the fans Big dreams realised through craft and skill is what Football Manager is all about. Powered by new, progressive ways to impart your footballing philosophy, it's time to earn the success that the fans of your club have been dreaming of and for you to take place your place amongst the managerial greats. *Early Access is available from SEGA-approved digital retailers only. Please check to see if the store you’re purchasing from is participating in the offer. **Please note – The Early Access version of the game may go live at different times on different platforms.
  3. In 2014 this American, when it came to football, was your average middle aged American. I had played a couple of games when I was 12 and only ever watched or paid attention to anything football when the US was in the World Cup. I couldn't tell one tactic from another and had no idea of what positions on the field were or what team was what. To me it was soccer and American Football was my sport of choice. Then, in 2014, I wanted a good sports simulation game (I have always been far more interested in using my brain then my hand-eye coordination). I had heard about Championship Manager-Football manager, but always left it alone since I knew so little about the sport. In 2014 I decided to give it a go and bought the game. I played for around 50 hours, was completely lost, and turned it off. In 2015 I picked it back up and dedicated myself to learning the game. My 2015 has over 500 hours. I have bought the game every year ever since and will continue to do so. My 2021 game has over 1000 hours and I play little else. (How can I play some other game when that STC is about ready to transfer in leading my to promotion?) I am actually a dedicated Premier League watcher now, still looking for a team to call my own, and have even started watching my local MLS team (Sporting Kansas City). I find that after years of being a dedicated American Football fan I refer it it as American Football and the sport I have learned to love as Football. In fact, I prefer Football to American Football now. This weekend I was in heaven watching the first games of the Premier League. I would have not understood it, I would have missed it, if not for Sports Interactive and Football Manager. Thank you for introducing me to the best sport in the world. A fan for life.
  4. “Hey babe, for our anniversary I got you a nice spa day. I appreciate you and how you put up with my antics, so have some alone time to relax and get treated like the queen you are.”
  5. Oh what a night! Done Bayer 04 over two legs to make it into the EURO CUP II quarter finals! Would you Adam and Eve it? We've drawn domestic giants AEK Athens in the quarter finals. This season's record against them reads PL3, W0, D0, L3. Eep. The result doesn't matter - we have far exceeded both my and the board's European expectations and we are relatively rolling in money as a result of our run. Domestically there is little to play for, we are secure enough in 5th place (Euro Cup II football for next season) but 19 points behind 4th place. With 8 games remining we are going to devote all our energy into our European adventure! AEK, on the other hand, are still in a battle for the domestic title, offering some hope for an upset. By the second leg on 17.04.2036 AEK will be playing their 4th game in 11 days. Although the same will apply to us, I will be fielding a full second XI for the league fixture prior to the second leg in the hope that vitality and energy will be enough to see us through the two legged tie. More to follow.... Updated 10.04.2036: Solid performance away from home. Just need fixture congestion to scupper AEK's player's conditioning. Updated 17.04.2036: Absolutely stormed them! Could have been 3 or 4. Take that AEK! What a time to face 10 men AND make the most of it. Not an unwinnable semi either!!! Updated 08.05.2036: OMG, another sensational victory over two legs. It's all about the runners from deep! Ooh, Lazio in the final. Show me the money!! Updated: 28th May 2039. Lazio turn up playing a 4411. We are set up to deal with this, let's do it... Phew. Had to make to dinner etc. for family. What a 90 mins! We are actually looking more likely to break the deadlock. Going to pens! I hope my two weeks of penalty training will pay dividends. GK looks positive, always a good sign. Surely we cannot lose!!!! The crowds going wild, there's people on the pitch. They think it's all over, it is now. We are the champions, my friends!!!!!!!! My 18yo CB secures the PK win! What a result! I will take as much credit as I can for the PK victory, heavily implementing the Set Piece training in the two weeks prior to kick off. In addition, I had the savvy to pull off three players whom were U18 after 90mins, replaced by three of my more senior players, two of whom, scored the PK's (that's how you do it Southgate!). This cup win bodes really well for any future run at the Champions League. Whilst the transition to an new tactical approach has proved a mixed bag in the league, on the European front, the success is unequivocal. Season review to follow....
  6. Good day fellow FM'ers! With the "re-emergence" of Cleon I was inspired to open up my own thread about how I approach FM with the aim that I could help/support anyone playing the game and getting as much enjoyment out of it as possible. I don't claim to be half as good as any of the guru's on the forum however I have grabbed as much knowledge over the years as possible and this thread will sort of be a strategy guide but also a bit of a dedication to the users that have given their time over the years. This guide will use AS Roma as an example. Why? No not because Mourinho is there now but because on a personal level I always look out for their results in Serie A ever since the days of that Millennium squad of Totti, Batistuta, Montella, Cafu, Aldair, Walter Samuel etc etc. It was a formidable squad and a team I enjoyed watching back in the day. Ever since I always have a dabble save with them but on this years version I have not yet so I thought I'd make a guide on how I tackle the various aspects of the game. Table of Content: Set Up Day 1 Scouting System Tactics + Tactics 2.0 Training With training I will admit I leave it mostly to the AM but I do tweak it slightly to suit my preference. I find this the most happy medium for myself but I'll cover it a bit later on. Lastly, before I start off adding to the thread, I wanted to do some shout out's on the TT&S forum as a thanks to their contribution and time they've put into tips and tricks for the game. You guys have supported my enjoyment of the game (and forums) immensely. @Rashidi @Cleon @Experienced Defender @herne79 @sporadicsmiles @llama3 @wwfan @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! @crusadertsar Also a shout out to the late @SFraser who was immense back in the day too. May you be resting in peace. If you haven't already then you should really read the topics that these guys have created over the years. Even the old stuff is still relevant now.
  7. No worries. I have something planned for all the old content I have done in the coming months. There should be a place to read it all again.
  8. Hi, this is an issue with the match engine that I would like to discuss. In real life, when teams are defending deeper, you reguarly see something like this (from a quick google search) Whatever the formation, it's common for the team to line up in reguarly spaced horizontal lines. However, if you want to do this in FM, you limit yourself greatly in the attacking sense. There's a really good thread i read a while ago on the tactics forum that explains these limitations. But basically, it says that if you want to defend in a 442 like in the above picture, you have to: Play two supporting / defensive strikers Play two supporting midfielders So you can't really have anyone playing on the shoulder or up against the defensive line, and you also can't have a midfielder holding position in attack to recycle possession and stop counters. What happens currently in game if you play with more offensive strikers is this: As you can see, numbers 9 and 14 from the purple team are hanging out on the half way line, right next to the opposition centrebacks. This means that They offer absolutely zero support in a defensive sense. They offer zero support on either the counter, or in the event of keeping the ball when being counter pressed. Even if you go long to try and find the strikers on a counter attack, they will likely lose out to the bigger and stronger centrebacks. Any successful counterattacks will either be the result of an opposition centreback mistake, or by having far superior strikers physically. A system with a defensive centre midfielder will look like this: number 44 in the purple team has completely vacated the midfield 4, and left a gaping hole in the defensive structure. This also blurs the lines between having defensive midfielders and central midfielders. IMO to have a 4th defensive line like this should only happen if you select a DM. I'm not suggesting a huge overhaul of having both defensive and offensive shapes, as I think FM should remain as simple as possible, but having all players remain roughly in their position that is shown in the formation screen in defence, as well as having attacking strikers that can assisst the defending team in any sort of way (blocking passing lanes / taking good positions for a counter attack / tracking back past the halfway line) should make the game much more realistic, enjoyable and successful for any team that is looking not to play a high press. Cheers.
  9. 4141 / 433 Formations in reality are actually very fluid. Teams can change shape whether they are with / without the ball, or depending on certain triggers. In FM, though, this is quite tough to do, unless you want to spend all day watching full matches and rotating through various saved tactics. The placement of a player in a certain strata as well, regardless of role, can lead to maybe unexpected behaviours in attack despite fulfilling what is needed in defence, vice versa. This means that some formations, regardless of how well your squad matches the required positions, may actually be a poor fit. 433 --> A 433 formation in FM is actually fairly limited in terms of what attacking and defensive shapes you can achieve with it, and is mostly used for a team aiming to dominate. Wide forwards in the AM strata start wide as expected, but always come narrow in the attacking third, even if they are set as a winger. This isn't an issue with the ME, in fact, it's how a wide forward should be expected to play, as they are expected to contribute more with goals and combine with the striker, as opposed to a winger in a standard 442 who will stay wider and provide crosses. This provides the knock on effect of needing good enough fullbacks to be able to dominate the whole flank with less support from a standard winger in front of them. Your fullbacks now need to be capable of playing as wingbacks, instead of pure fullbacks. The main difference between wingbacks and fullbacks on the same duty (D/S/A) is not that the WB's get further forward, it's that they are told to stay wider, dribble more and cross more often. They essentially become both the fullback and the pure winger of your team in one player. Because of the need for attacking fullbacks in the system, a DM who holds their position is important to provide cover for the back 4, while your 2 CM's then have the job of supporting the attacking players by controlling the ball, making progressive passes / dribbles, and covering for the front 5 when needed. The striker in this formation can really be anyone. They are unlikely to get isolated, since that the wide forwards will provide close support. What's more important is that the front 3 link up well. You could go the Liverpool 19/20 route with a supporting forward (F9 / DLF) and goalscoring wingers (IF / RMD), or you could go the Barcelona 14/15 route, with a pure No.9 (AF / TM / P) and more supporting wingers (IW / AP / W). The best form of defence for this formation is truly to attack, I would rarely use this formation if I'm not planning on playing on the front foot and using a high press + counter pressing. the reason for this is due to both the attacking and defensive shape. Once you lose the ball in your attacking shape, you will have lots of bodies forward, and across the whole width of the pitch, meaning that a counter press would be relatively easy. If you choose to regroup, your fullbacks will have to run even more by tracking back in line with the back 4 more than they may need to, and your wide forwards, who may even be ahead of your striker, will have to track opposition fullbacks all the way back to their own goaline, or risk leaving 2v1's on the flanks. In the settled defensive shape as well, it makes a lot of sense to press high and aggressviely. The front 3 can pressure the width of opposition buildup easily, while the CM's can drift froward to block passing lanes. If you choose not to press high, or your high press gets beaten, the wide forwards will track back to sit in an almost 4141 shape, but in my opinion, it is not very solid. Not only does it cause these players to have to work much harder, I realise that they frequently lose the player that they need to mark, as well as step up to press players far too early, leaving space infront of the fullback. In these situations in real life, it's common for teams to either defend in an extremely narrow 433, to block out the middle, or to switch temporarily to a 442, with one of the wide forwards joining the striker, and the other joining the midfielders. In conclusion, a 433 is good for: Teams that want to dominate the ball High energy players that can press high for 90 minutes Very attacking fullbacks Wingers that can play in the half spaces 4141 --> A 4141 is much more flexible than a 433. It can be both relatively attacking or very defensive depending on roles and player selection. With more conservative CM's, this formation can easily get 10 men behind the ball very quickly, and gain defensive solidity at the expense of a quite isloated striker. On the other hand, it can enable you to select two natural no.10's in central midfield, and push all midfielders high. The main difference between the 4141 and 433 is the position of the wide players. In the 4141, we have more traditional wingers that stay wider for longer, even if they invert when on the ball. This means that your fullbacks no longer have to be effective when on their own. Their main job now is to provide cover and only overlap the wingers when necessary, or they can even invert and join the midfield if crossing isn't your game. Without wingers already occupying the halfspaces, and without needing to cover for attacking wingbacks, the two CM's can afford to be very attacking players who have more of a license to take risks and link up with the lone striker. Although a pair of MEZ(a) might leave your shape looking a bit like a donut, which is why I typically only really use one attacking CM and another supporting. In an attacking 4141, the striker can really be anything, although a supporting striker might leave you looking quite blunt without any other players who's job is to attack the box and score. In a more defensive 4141 however, you really need someone who can deal with getting isloated. Physical and technical attributes such as strength + pace + jumping reach + first touch become quite important. Defensive formations in FM are more forgiving when asked to press high and attack than the other way around. This is because positions such as CM's and FB's can both be very defensive and very attacking, like the CMa vs CMd. But wide forwards and CAM's can only ever really be attacking. Also, any high pressing system will see players pushed further forward and leaving their positions early to close down, whereas a low pressing system won't cause forwards to track back any deeper. This means that a 4141 can pull off pretty much any pressing system. However, if you have packed your midfield full of attacking players, it is probably still worth attempting to dominate the ball and press high, since you don't want them being exposed by defending most of the game. In conclusion, a 4141 is good for: More traditional wingers who can cross and rely on pace and dribbling Fullbacks who may be limited in an attacking sense Teams packed with attacking central midfielders
  10. The Hybrid CB/FB I have mentioned how this role is increasing becoming popular in the modern game and how a myriad of modern forward thinking managers are using it these days and this is a key role in Vojvodas system. The Hybrid in a back three: You can see in both pics how we line up during opposition goalkicks. We retain a back three as we would see in any traditional back three set-up. The Hybrid out wide: Straight from the first attack against Leganes (who happen to be one of the big favorites for promotion back to La Liga) you can see the level of risk we are willing to take. Sutalo our CB is dribbling forward with the ball, Vigary(The hybrid) is wide here in support and you can see the huge gaping hole where the RCB normally is. Sutalo eventually lays it off to Vigary and starts moving back in to defence and Vigary moves in to the FB phase of his role ready to take the opposition player on. In a different game here the opposition goalie kicks the ball long and straight towards Lasure who is filling in this hybrid role now. Lasure cushions a header to Adrian. Five passes later and look where Lasure is and how much space he has. Adrian however probably makes the right decision (considering Lasure is in an offside position) albeit with some poor execution. There are three attackers onsides and goalside of their markers and if he puts a better ball in to the box it's a tap in. As it happened he just missed Carbonells run. In another example Vigary moves to intercept the ball clearance from the CB position, you can see the absolute huge amount of space for him to exploit Which is exactly where Vigary attacks and he manages to put this low hard cross in which can cause chaos for opposition defenders. The Hybrid in midfield: In this pic Lasure has moved narrow in to the midfield and formed that midfield diamond we see in my opening post. He's in possesion of the ball and Gamez the winger is actualy the one providing the width this time. This is where the tempo changes can be so deadly. This is all set to be a slower build up but Lasure and Gamez spot the opportunity, inexplicably the opposition left back is not only showing Gamez on to the inside he's left a rather huge channel of space to expoit. Which is exactly whatt Lasure and Gamez take advantage of, unfortunately this ended up off the post but it's very much exactly the kind of opportunity based tempo change I want to see from the team. Here we have Frances, my Hybrid CB of the future picking the ball up from a clearance, he's actually done something I didn't expect and brought the ball inside. By bringing the ball inside he has drawn Leganes number 22 out which gives us a 5vs4 overload against their back line and Frances passes the ball to James who is in the playmaker role. The bit I was absolutley delighted with is that James realises this isn't an optimal situation to play the ball through so decides to sit on the ball. He's held on to the ball because although we are overloading the defensive line the players are offsides and there isn't enough of a seam to play the ball through. That brief pause allows Lopez and Chavarria to move wider taking two markers and creating enough of a seam to thread a through ball to the very open Bermejo who can literally pick his spot. The 5 v 4 overload means that their number 15 defender has to pick one of two attackers which in this case was Cucho allowing Bermejo to be open. You get a little taste of how this role can impact things offensively in different areas of the pitch and I Intend to go a bit more in depth with exactly the type of player I am looking for when searching for someone to play this role, I will also update as the season progresses with both clips and pics of just how much it adds to the tactic.
  11. Just to reassure people Football Manager Touch isn't going anywhere
  12. As someone who has probably spent more time testing and saving and testing again hundreds of different scenarios against different variables to check for bugs, do QA and check the long-term state of the game world than I have playing it (which is a lot) I really hope for the below. I just really hope that they manage to retain the good features from FM21 such as: - Players actually being able to have seasons like Ronaldo scoring over a goal per game at varying levels and divisions. It's rare, but it's now possible compared to previous editions. - As with above the odd random newgen banging them in at a non-league level getting poached by a CH/L1/L2 club. - ME really happy with it this year. And this is coming from someone who has really disliked each one since FM13. You get more variety this year compared to previous in play, and can see your tactical changes taking effect, I think a lot if down to the split second splicing and players being able to change their minds. I still stand by my opinion that FM13 was great because players had personallity and you could tell who was on the ball without even seeing their names and the odd mad run. But I have really enjoyed the ME this year. (I still think a huge issue in recent years has been the animations. The animations do not represent visually what the ME is trying to do. This wasn't an issue when there were less animations and using the previous ME software, sure players glided a bit but it was similar to 2D where you got to use your imagination and you were able to. With all the poorly represented animations nowadays you feel yourself having to ''pretend'' you didn't just see that player hit it with the wrong foot/do a crazy turn/let someone run past etc and THEN having to ''imagine'' he did something else or something else occured. So 2D often prevails. and fix some of the bad things such as: - Human manager rep. Absolutely ridiculous this year. Too easy. For example, if you were managing say Bradford Park Avenue and finished bottom of the conference north... you'd be sacked and the media would be asking you about the Benfica job. Not a problem right as it's just media. However, the longer you stay unemployed the crazier the unrealistic offers come in. After about 6 months you will start to be asked to interview by L1/L2 clubs... On top of this a huge factor is coaching badges which has been overpowered and bugged. With the above scenario, if you manage to get a couple of coaching badges in (or even one) you've suddenly got Championship and L1 clubs coming in for you after you've just finished 24th in the Conference North. You can have the worlds worst record, or next to no record, but if you have a coaching badge or spend a decent time unemployed you will get jobs you shouldn't. Not just by a little degree, by a lot. - Constant board takeovers not happening. It's all of the social feed. - The simple stuff like when finishing 1st in the relegation phase of the Danish Superliga, the media will congratulate you on winning the title and act as if you've won the superliga... - For the love of god, get rid of the new match UI. It is so unfriendly and makes it incredibly hard to get data from and ascertain what is happening in the match unless you watch it on full. The possession bar for the last 5 minutes is a must as well as the moveable widgets and players listed in the centre with ratings for them. Just go back to what is was on FM20. It is so so so hard to get a feel of the match and how players are doing/which direction it's going in as the presentation is awful. Do not even get me started on the dressing room screens with players dotted everywhere with the tiniest ratings. If we wanted luxury graphics we'd get a ps5 and fifa. We love FM for it's detail, it's data and for the fact it is a spreadsheet game. Why plague that with unfriendly UI that looks like it's been bought from the mystery box at Jack Fultons for £1? Give us the lists of players back and match stats. The match day experience has no immersion. - As above, please fix all the reported bugs in stats. The game revolves around stats, it's the whole point. - Leg breaks etc are far too rare. Up the injury rate, it's a simulation not a game as SI often point out a lot to people. So stop running at 60% ofreal life injuries and stop caring for the people who complain about injury crisis and rage quit cos they can't handle it. It's part of the game, it's part of life. Accept the challenge. The dynamic of all the different things that can happen in FM is what makes it so great and gives it longevity. - Stop making it too easy for teams to get money. We need to see more Stockports, Boltons etc. Teams should be allowed to freefall after entering administration. It's an exciting challenge. After 10/15 years finances, wages and values become incredibly bloated. Daveincd's mods for realism have worked wonders for me and others, get him hired - Add the ability to see goalscorers and attendances on the league results page rather than just the score so we can be more informed about the league rather than having to click on each game. We used to have the option of a simple view or detailed? I know it doesn't sound like it, but I have really enjoyed this years edition. But I always get nervous ahead of the new releases... Bring the when is the beta thread out, on!
  13. 1.This is a tactical discussion forum not the tactics download forum where I say trust me this works here are my results off you go. If people ask me questions I will answer them, I have already answered a question and said that the Hybrid is a IWB on defend with no PIs. Sure I could have released the whole thing in a months time but my wife, kids and I have all had Covid and so through sheer boredom and through a complete lack of any fresh tactcial plans etc decided to start this now and work through each phase. Perhaps I will leave it then till I am able to post the whle thing. 2. The tactic is still a work in progress but I wanted to show people exactly why tactics don't need to be ripped up and started again, but through peoples own eyeball analysis and freeze framing and slowly rewinding and fast forwarding transitions(something I learnt from Cleon) they can spot issues with their tactics and change roles or instructions to improve their own tactics. Also I wanted people to realise that tacttical issues aren't aways tactical but can very much be personnel related and although that might seem obvious to some it isn't obvious to others. You're out of order with regards to Cleon and responses like yours are the reason why we lose so many brilliant people on this forum and it's turned in to a ghost town version of a subforum. I will however take on board that perhaps it's best left till I have the tactic 100% where I want it and then release all the info I have then.
  14. 2059 and we finally get out of the Champions League group stage!!
  15. I wrote about this topic extensively a fair few years ago. The images are missing in the thread though. But worry not as I still have them on my hard drive. So if you want to read my thoughts on the system, you can do so in the following link (all images included) Part One https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o36GcU81BHmtY88DC9SnEetWJ7aXaBiCntOCJ8AGZOE/edit?usp=sharing Part Two https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GT64VjEj53M3E64Yw2eFQSfLOSiJY42jL0N-2BDLyIM/edit?usp=sharing Part Three https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P4vvDtXSyYkO2F8d8rdm0B3FC50hH-NG8kltkchB7-8/edit?usp=sharing Part Four https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b4wMBJWixYOjp2NWglCNzepQ5DkZ9FdelziYwbCOB7c/edit?usp=sharing It's a lot to take in and a lot of reading but I cover both the normal and deep version in depth. You'll not find a better comprehensive guide to the 4231 in general in my opinion.
  16. November 9th, my wedding anniversary. Not sure this was the present the mrs was after 🤦⚽️⚽️⚽️🥇🥇🥇 I have to make sure I do a good job of pretending the anniversary will be the most important milestone event on the day, or I may not get another anniversary at all 😂😂😂
  17. Telling that that's the edited post. Deary me. 1) It might shock you, but *gasp* women actually play this game 2) Prepare for another shock, but maybe some men might be interested in using this, just like some women might not be. It's almost like there's no real link there, outside of really outdated stereotypes. 3) It's not one thing or the other with development. Them doing this in no way blocks them from fixing bugs. So all in all, an impressive amount wrong in so few words.
  18. 2049/50 - Season 29 Premier League Season Summary A good, solid season but didn't really push on from last season League - a good enough season really, but beset a little by inconsistency. We beat league leaders Man City 4-1 one week only to lose 3-0 at Villa the next. But we were always in contention for the champions league again, just needing to better Wolves' result on the last day to get in again. We didn't, and finished 5th. Champions League - This was the big one! Our first foray into the Champions League. The draw was not kind, placing us in the same group as Real Madrid and PSG, bt we fancied our chances anyway, because why not? Results were pretty good! The only blip was that second Real Madrid result, which I felt very hard done by! 6-1 was way harsh, Tye! The first round was really close and Barcelone weren't any better than us really. Both ties could have gone either way. So, we proved we can compete at CL level, which was nice FA Cup - another 4th round exit. To Wolves. Players So, we have a decent first XI now. There's still a few positions I'd like to upgrade if I could. Kenny Skipp isn't getting any better than Championship level, and the defence seems to get stuck on Championship level as well. john Francis 41B made his England debut, becoming our first ever England international! He played twice and was then dropped from the squad for the World Cup. His place being taken by my reserve keeper Richard Frederick 42A, who spent the second half of the season being mediocre in the championship with Reading. I'm not sure what the England management team are seeing that I'm missing..... he's way worse than Francis! The problem is that I don't have any prospects that can step in and try and improve the side. My best prospects at the minute look like this:- Nobody around 18-21 that could step up with any confidence! Youth A nice preview The intake was........ poor, really. I only signed 4 Jay robertson is best prospect. He looks ok Career
  19. Folkestone Invicta - Season 2039/40 (Season 19) Review - Premier League Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances The Premier League is quite hard, isn't it? The season started amazing and we actually lead the league for quite a while. January, however, was hard for us, as we had a bit of an injury crisis. We lost 4 matches in a row, and the season somewhat fell apart at that point. We did manage to bring in a few wins as the season headed to a close, but in the end we finished in 6th. I had hoped we could snatch a CL spot this season, but the poor run stopped us. At least we qualified for another season in Europe. I've started to include our new left back into the team. Kian Robinson 38c is a really exciting, and I think he might be first choice next season. Ethan O'Driscoll 31d has been our first choice for a while, but he might settle for a backup spot soon. We do have another Wonderkid in right winger Kieron Higgins 36c. He got the starting spot at the end of last season, but has developed amazingly this season. Also, don't worry about his contract, he has signed a new one already, just at the end of the season to have to as long as possible! In the FA Cup we beat Stoke before we lost to Wolves in the 4th round. In the EFL Cup we beat Burton Albion before we lost on pens to Manchester United in the 4th round. We had our first attempt in Europe ever this season! I thought we were going to the Europa Conference League, but I must have misunderstood, since we joined the Europa League and entered into the group stage. We drew Inter of Italy, Olympiakos of Greece, and Wolfsberger of Austria. We did very well, especially against poor Wolfsberger who were out of their league. We beat them 9-0 and 13-0(!), but they also lost 0-7 and 0-6 to Inter, so they really had a tough time conceding 37(!) goals in 6 games. We finished 2nd, just behind Inter and went into the knockout rounds. In the 1st knockout round we had a very tough draw as we got French side PSG! We actually beat them 3-2 in France, but we lost 1-3 at home and got knocked out. Still not accepted a new stadium, but we continue to make a lot of money, so that's all good. I also want a U23 team, but haven't gotten it accepted either. Youth A pretty good intake, even if the personalities are not top notch. , Magnus Lakin 40a is a very promising left winger, and that's a position I need to get in a great 2nd choice. Excellent player to get in. U18 team: In the U18 Premier League they finished 2nd in the Southern division again. In the FA Youth Cup they beat Swindon Town and Fulham before they lost to West Brom in the 5th round. Statistics: Trophy cabinet: Sky Bet Championship - 2037/38 Sky Bet League Two - 2029/30 Vanarama National League - 2028/29 Vanarama National League South - 2026/27 (U18) Professional Development League - 2036/37, 2037/38 (U18) Youth Alliance League South-East - 2030/31, 2031/32, 2032/33, 2033/34, 2034/35 EFL Trophy - 2030/31 FA Trophy - 2028/29
  20. I have edited my heat of the moment post.........this forum can be an incredibly toxic place and when someone opens with "no ofense" and then proceeds to be incredibly rude to not one but two seperate complete strangers that's not conducive to people wanting to engage or actually present any form of discussion on here. Posting the stats which were literally not even close to half a seasons worth weren't meant to be me patting myself on the back it's meant to be a this is where we are now but that could entirely change during the remainder of the season. People can be critical of other peoples motives or methodology without being insulting, especially to Cleon of all people who has helped so many people on here.The big issue with a lot of people who read Cleons stuff is they want to be spoon fed everything rather than use the methodology he espouses and learn for themselves. Which is why I was doing this in parts because it's in no way the complete article and receiving constructive criticsim along the way is exactly the sort of discussion I wanted to have.
  21. You need to learn the context of the match and what is actually happening. You could be 2-0 up but not playing that great. Highlights will be all skewed for just the best bits and the stats don't tell you the story of how the match is going. Equally you could be 2-0 down and playing brilliant. So ideally you need to learn how to use everything available to read how the game is actually going. This is important because imo there are mainly two types of managers. 1 - The one who panics and changes things as soon as they go a goal behind. This is knee jerk. 2 - The one that leaves it too late to impact things and change the result/game around back into your favour. You should be somewhere between the middle of those, if not then its tricky. I wrote about this in a bit more detail but the images don't work in the thread which I posted on here. But I still have the piece on my drive, which I can link. It gives you an insight into how I think about the game and try and understand the context. Ignore the result but rather focus on the 'Do I panic or do I wait' message. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Fvtb_IBsrfoiaO3Z44DueRIIaHCnXnHv-IfVspbtDSs/edit?usp=sharing
  22. 2048/49 - Season 28 Premier League - 4th Season Summary League - Wow! We started fairly ordinarily but from around October/november we were amzing. At one point we went on a 12 match unbeaten run, winning 7 on the bounce. We were never in with a chance of the title but constantly battling for European spots. Somehow, mainly due to Brighton imploding, we managed to steal 4th and a champions league spot! It's a really low points total for fourth spot, we were pretty lucky tbh Manchester City are a different level. They pummelled us whenever we played them FA Cup - In the middle of my best run of the season I had a 3rd round tie away at mid-table championship side Stoke. I played my best team, they won 4-0! Players We started slowly partly because Pierce Considine 43A was pulling a Harry Kane on us. Once he stopped sulking and signed a ridiculous new 5 year contract with us (145k basic a week!) he was a lot happier and was the catalyst to our ridiclous form. Most of the first half of the season was spent trying to find a good third wheel for him and Skipp 42E up front. Buckle and Barcham-Driver were poor and will likely now be sold - they're championship level at best. 20 year old Swiss reserve striker Basil Affolter 45A was the one who made the most of his chance. 4 star potential but no wonderkid, sadly. Best XI Considine scored 7 in one match for England U21s this season! Wonderkids Still only two - Considine 43A and Boga 43B Youth I quite liked the look of the green writing, even if there was slightly too much yellow for my liking The intake? On first glance I was disapppointed but you never know, there may be 4 wonderkids hiding behind that initially disappointing preview I guess Amberg is the pick of the bunch. I like his personality and determination already. Work rate will be easy to get up and physicals are good for a 15 year old. Finances and Upgrades We are stupidly rich now, and about to get richer! I'm using it to tie down my best players to long contracts. Facilities maxxed out too (almost) New stadium next? edit: apparently yes! Max Ryan is cool and all, but surely the Libby Shuss Stadium has a better ring to it? Career I got offered an interview for the Manchester United job! I took the interview, just so I could laugh in their stupid faces when I turned it down, only for them to decide I wasn't the right man for the job! Hoisted on my own petard....
  23. Tactics So here comes the part which I'm sure more people are interested in seeing. I have settled on a way of playing the game which suits myself and is no way plug and play but I actually prefer being able to be in control of what I'm doing on the pitch. I have friends and also know people online that prefer plugging in a tactic and just pressing play. I honestly don't judge, each to their own. The only problem I have with PnP tactics is I don't feel like I'm in control and often those kind of tactics are just an overkill of instructions. I'm a bit more minimalistic and have gathered thoughts and theorem's from all over the place and below is the sort of tactic and formation I like to play with. Again I refer to the shoutout's again but big thanks to the Guru's on the forum! There are some PI's under the hood as well which I will go through but the thing I like most about this tactic and roles is that it is very tweakable without having to loose too much familiarity. Bare in mind this is a tactic which is to be played when I know I can force my style over the opponent. I will share a slightly more tweaked version for matches where maybe I'm not favourite but can still play a more direct version without too much tweaking. I'll also share some tweaks you can do to open up those stubborn defences if you come across parked buses. Just don't be mad if it doesn't work If I was to draw inspiration I would definitely say Klopp at Liverpool but also baring in mind that this is a game/simulator so sometimes you just have to go with what works. In Possession: Play Out Of Defence + Higher Tempo - Here I feel confident that we can get the ball from back to front using a short passing build up and also at pace once it goes into midfield things become more Direct and Fast. In Transition: Counter + Counter Press - This is where the Klopp inspiration comes into play. Press when loosing the ball and counter whilst the opposition is in transition. Out of Possession: Higher Defensive Live + Higher Line Of Engagement - To counter press successfully we need to sit higher up the field and the 4-1-2-3 formation allows us a little less compactness successfully. GK - Pau Lopez - Sweeper Keeper (Defend) : The SKde fulfils our philosophy of Counter football in transition and although he'll be more cautious he'll still play counter-attacking balls if they're on. Potentially with a better keeper you could have him on Support however with High Tempo + Counter + Positive Mentality he'll pretty much do what I want anyways. In a more "defensive" version of the tactic I'd always have him on Defend duty because he could be wasting possession by having too much freedom with his passing. DR - Rick Karsdorp - Full Back (Support) : "Support midfield with extra width and will look for crosses and through-balls when the opportunity arises" is the description of a FBsu which fits my tactic well. On support he'll have the same mentality as the team mentality (Positive) which is fine. You can also take the decision if you'd prefer an IWBsu here as there will be space in CM and MR for him to go into with no issues but that obviously is dependant on your player's skillset. Rick on the other hand likes to go down the right so he can stay as an FBsu. Regardless of what role you go for he'll fill many functions for you. When needing to be more defensive he'll change duty to Defend and when you need to overload in attack he'll go to Attack. CD - Gianluca Mancini + Chris Smalling - Central Defenders (Defend) : I keep them bog-standard. Their distribution is always going to depend on how we play. In this tactic they pass their way out of trouble at pace. In a more defensive setup they'll be asked to go a bit longer. If you really want a BPD then I don't see the issue but I actually prefer to train a CDde to hit long passes if he has good vision and passing because it gives you the cautious nature of the CD but with the added bonus that he'll ping a ball if it's on. With a BPD you force him to always hit a risky ball. DL - Leonardo Spinazzola - Wing-Back (Support) : Role never changes here. We have enough cover for this player to get forward and support the attack wide whilst the attacking player in front attacks the box. He'll cross the ball if on or lean on his PPM's to decide what to do. DM - Amadou Diawara - Defensive Midfielder (Defend) : Recycles possession from his deep position on the pitch. Against inferior teams he'll go to a Support duty so he steps into midfield. What will happen is he'll form a double pivot with the DLPsu in attack and fall into the DMC slot in defence. When you have a team that doesn't attack you and just sits in then it makes a big difference to have almost a second playmaker in midfield. CM - Lorenzo Pellegrini - Central Midfielder (Attack) : Here's where things start getting customized. I need the CMat to act like a deep shadow striker/advanced playmaker without being a ball magnet. I've added Take More Risks + Dribble More + Shoot Less Often + Moves Into Channels + Close Down More. When in possession I need him to find space vertically to draw players out of position and when he has the ball I need him to either dribble or take risks. Coupled with his Very Attacking mentality this guy will do everything in attack to unlock the defence. Against packed defences I'll untick Shoot Less because sometimes you need to let him off the leash in that regard. Also against packed defences I'll switch him to a MEZat because there will be less space for him to operate in. The only time I wouldn't would be if we're playing with an IWB because you overload the defence in a slightly different way with that role. CM - Jordan Veretout - Deep Lying Playmaker (Support) : Another role that doesn't change due to the way the tactic is set with the different roles. If you choose to play with an APsu then other roles around him would have to change as he goes from holding to a more mobile role in midfield. In this Positive tactic you do get higher ratings as his own mentality will be the same and he'll take even more risks. I've seen some insane balls pinged behind defences on this mentality. If you don't have a playmaker type in the team then I've actually had a standard Central Midfielder on Support with no PI's here and follow the attributes recommended for the role. AMR - Pedro - Inverted Winger (Support) : Before you say anything, he has modified PI's. He's asked to stay Wider to stretch play when the team has the ball, Close Down More and Take More Risks. Basically he'll act like a winger off the ball but on the ball instead of going on the outside he'll go on the inside. Or cross if he deems it the best option. IF you have a winger type player then switch it to a Winger role and select Close Down More. The only thing that changes is the way the player acts when he gets the ball and if you have a winger it makes more sense asking him to go on the outside and cross in. However at Roma I have Pedro and Perez who both like to cut inside so not really suitable. AML - Henrikh Mkhitaryan - Inside Forward (Attack) : Only PI added is Close Down More. You have two options here (or even three). I prefer an Inside Forward as they tend to be my highest scorers if they are good and with Mkhitaryan I was split whether to have him as an IFat or IWat but I can judge in pre-season which is best. I actually think he'll suit the IF role well as he is really good on the ball. I would go with IWat if I was relying more on my striker scoring because the IW has more freedom to cross then a IFat does but an IWat could easily end up as a top goalscorer too. When I mentioned "three" roles there is one I haven't trialled enough which is Raumdeuter role. It doesn't really fit the ethos of the overall philosophy (if you will) but if he is hardworking anyway and not really a good dribbler then why not try? STC - Edin Dzeko - Deep Lying Forward (Attack) : Again, only PI added is Close Down More. There are two roles I like here and that's the DLFat and PFat and they are dependant on the player but I'm not afraid to play either type in this system. Both roles pin back the defence but neither get isolated from the team. If they do then you've overestimated how much you can force your playing style on the opponent. But don't worry, in a more Cautious version they'll stay on the same roles so again it's not too much for them to switch. So how does a more conservative way of playing look like without changing too much? In Possession: Slightly More Direct Passing + Higher Tempo - Now we don't try and play out of the back but instead lure the opposition in and get the ball forward when they try to press. In Transition: Counter + Distribute to Centre-backs/Full-Backs - Keep the Counter on and the Distribution to defenders is how we lure the opposition. Out of Possession: None - Sit in more of a mid-block rather then trying to Counter-Press. In terms of PI's Karsdorp has gone to Defend Duty which you can do if you feel that you need three back when you attack. It does leave the AMR "alone" but this is the decision you need to make regarding the opposition. Also changing Karsdorp to Defend does change the Fluidity to Structured which means less creative freedom but in a more cautious system you might want your players not to take matters into their hands. You can keep him on Support if you feel like you'll be ok (or if you're just using the more Balanced style to wind down a match). Only other change is that I remove Close Down More from the CMat because I'd rather he fall back into shape then try and press the opponents high up the pitch (no more Counter-Press anyways). If you're really going to be up against it you can have a third tactic in the tactic slot which is the same as above but Cautious Mentality and lower Line of Engagement by one notch. It will allow you to be more compact and solid but just accept that sometimes you do loose because the team just isn't good enough. I would say though if you feel that you're going to have to resort to a more Cautious mentality a lot over a season (for example, you're a newly promoted side) then I'd train the above tactic and have the Cautious mentality tactic as your 2nd slot. Reason is you're probably then not good enough to use the Positive version but once both tactics are full familiarity you could train the Positive version in the 3rd slot for the season after when you have a better team. Here you have the changes I do to break down those stubborn buses. Diawara goes to Support, Karsdorp to Attack and Pellegrini as a MEZat (and untick Shoot Less Often). Like I mentioned earlier, if you're playing with an IWB at RB then you don't have to change the CMat role after going with IWBat as the overload will be different. If you really need to throw more bodies forward I usually move the DLPsu to the DMC spot (with the same role) sub on another CM (who has been training as a CMat anyways) and change to a simple CMsu in midfield. You can even go Attacking mentality if you're really desperate but I never really have to. It's usually enough with the overload but those are little tips you can do if you need to. Again, like I mentioned earlier, it's all about have some sense of control for me and feeling like, as a manager, I make a difference when I'm changing things. At some point I can also add some info about 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 that I use whenever I might not have the players I need to perform this way but it still acts as 4-3-3 of sorts. Let me know if there are any Q's
  24. 2051/52 - Season 31 Premier League - 5th Season Summary More of the same really, but with the added bonus of a few youth prospects coming through to the first team League - pretty good performance in the league but again beset by inconsistencies that would drive the pope to drink. We beat Manchester City 4-1 at home one week only to lose 3-0 away to Newcastle the next. A good run in January and February put us comfortably top 4. March saw 4 games, two against 19th and 20th, two against teams just above the relegation spots. We lost 2 and drew 2 and suddenly slipped to 5th. We could have still taken 4th had we won on the last day but we didn't, losing 2-1 to Arsenal. Still, 5th and european qualification in what I'd written off as a transition season has to be a success FA Cup - another frustrating season, but my fault. We beat Reading, Preston and Mansfield all really easily to make the quarter finals, where we had a home game against Burnley. A great chance for our first ever semi-final! So, I got cocky, made some changes to give youth players a chance and lost it 1-0. D'oh. Champions League - The reward for our Europa League success last season! We were seeded first in the draw as well, which was nice. We made a bit of a struggle of it but got through. Finishing second meant a tough draw for the next round - Bayern Munich. We played well but drew 1-1 at home and lost 2-1 away to go out. But again, we weren't disgraced or outclassed so with a bit of luck - who knows? Players Our best XI this season:- Still a young side but I have a lot of faith they'll be a real force in 2 or 3 seasons. The potential is there! Pierce Considine 43A is still the star. Top scorer again and winner of the golden boot for the fourth time. In fact, he had a pretty good season all round! 41 goals and 10 assists in 51 games is pretty, pretty good! Look at his awards! Leonard Amberg 49A - oh yeah! My first ever golden boy! he had such an aazing season last season it would have been unfair of me to expect more of the same but he pretty much delivered again. He's still only 18 but I'm not getting too carried away. Remember how good Rooney was at 18? 18 goals and 7 assists in 34 starts is still pretty awesome for an 18 year old Wonderkids So, two new regular starters in the best XI this season and two brand new wonderkids! That's four come through now, along with Considine 43A and Braga 43B. Four wonderkids in the same XI now, if the new ones turn out half as good as Considine and Braga I'll be laughing Weirdly, those two are nowhere near the best prospects in terms of potential ability so I've got high hopes there's at least one or two more potential wondekids hiding in there. Adrian Turcsik 50B maybe the best shout - he was capped by Hungary this season at 18. He got a good few starts this season and will definitely get more next season. Most of the rest look like they have a chance so will definitely be getting some game time over the next couple of years. Finances and Upgrades European football means we are swimming in cash, so when we were notified that recent advancements had reduced our youth and training facilities I just shrugged and made the board upgrade them straight away. Which they did. I also set up a couple of new affiliates in Poland and Colombia, so hopefully some Colombian youth prospects will start appearing soon! Career
  25. Survival! I was optimistic for this season, and then we had a mass exodus at the start of the season. Too many people were transfer listed by the previous management, and them being on non-contract meant I couldn't change that, so they all decided to leave. Add that to other players who rejected contract offers and left upon expiry, and our starting XI was looking more like a starting VI. It showed early on in our season, as we amassed an amazing 8 points in the first half of the season. It wasn't looking good. Luckily things fell into place and we scrapped together some points here and there, finishing on 16 points and in a playoff game against Lecco. We beat them comfortably 4-0 over two legs, and so we'll be here next season. Youth Intake Francesco Alberio 1A - Emanuel Zonta 1B - Roberto Pierobon 1C Probably the typical first year intake, everyone is signed. I will now take over the U20 side as well to try and develop these guys according to my philosophy. Best XI Daniele Santoro - Gabriele Bardini - Antonio Lukanovic As expected, we dropped a little bit in quality as everyone left, but not by as much as I thought. Record Breakers Plenty of records tumble! Managed to convince the board after the season. Transfers Progress
  26. Excellent first half of the season. We may not be able to catch PAOK, but we are in the mix with the big boys for a CL spot AND we are looking good to progress from our EURO League group with an away fixture against FC Nantes of France remaining. It is good to see some goals arriving from the lone striker as well as the supporting cast running from deep: Updated: 11th December 2036. That's how you make it out of the group - in style. First time we've plundered 6 goals and the LM - Inverted Winger Attack was constant thorn in the opposition's side with his penetrating runs(Little).
  27. 2050/51 - season 30 Premier League Season Summary A really up and down season! League - we started well enough and were top 4 in October but then November and December hit, where we had a run of 8 games without a win. It dropped us to mid-table and we never recovered, having a losing streak of 5 at the back end of the season where it mattered most. So, a disappointing season compared to our last two FA Cup - Our league form suffered but for once we put together a half decent run in the cup! Victories against Norwich, Bristol Rovers and West Ham meant we were through to the quarter finals for the first time! we were away at league leaders Chelsea, who battered us Europa League - Our 5th place finish last season dropped us out the Champions League and into the Europa. The group draw gave us a tough one but three victories in our first three games saw us through. I played reserves/youth prospects in the last two games as we were already through so we finished second when really we should have been first. The first knockout round gave us a tricky tie against Porto. We were away first leg and got a brilliant result. From then on in we were brilliant and I started to prioritise Europe over the league. We'd go to Europe, get a great result, then have a disappointing league result a few days later. We got past Midtjyland in the semi-final to set up a final against Spurs. They were doing better than us in the league and were gabourites but again we were fantastic and won 3-1! And brilliantly, it means we're back in the Champions League next year!!! Players So, my problem now is I have too many established players who have reached their maximum potential and just aren't good enough for us to go on to the next level. I have a lot of really promising prospects who potentially could reach there, so I've decided to have a big clear out and focus on blooding those prospects over the next couple of seasons. It might mean resuls suffer for 2/3 years but hopefully it will pay off down the line. Kenny Skipp 42E was the first casualty of my new plan. Valued at 20m, first team player for 5 seasons now and still only 24 but he's maxxed out and not quite good enough for where I want to be, being a more a Jay Rodriguez or Charlie Austin than a Harry Kane, so I eased him out and played different youth prospects in his place. To varyign degrees of success! Best XI looks like this now. Defence is mostly Championship standard. Leonard Alberg 49A is obvious stand out. By far the most successful of the Skipp replacements he ended up being undroppable. Only 17 but stupidly high determination already, and his work reate is also not bad. 17 goals and 14 assissts in 31 games is a crazy return at that age. Only 3.5* potential at the minute though, but that could change..... Basil Affolter 45A had a real breakthrough season as well. He's starting to look the real deal and could be hugely important for us in a couple of seasons if he keeps improving. My backroom staff assure me he's premier league quality now and can still improve! Currently, my best prospects look like this. Still a bit on the young side but I'm going to focus on them for the next couple of seasons and see where that takes me. I love it when I have a plan! Wonderkids See, this is my problem. Considine and Boga are the only two I've had! I need more! Hopefully there's a couple lurking in amongst those 4 star prospects..... Youth So this years preview promised another striker. Yay! I'm desperate for midifelders..... Kyle Cook 44E is a striker forced to play midfield! he is good though The intake was ok I guess, one 4 star prospect is better than none I guess Career So long as I'm making progress and can see improvements coming I'll keep plugging away. We're a long way from winning the league or CL but we have some good potential!
  28. Outstanding season to - date. Our form did not dip, only Olympiakos' picked up. 10 games against the other 5 in the top six. Top 2 get champions league, 3rd place gets EURO Cup. I'd be happy either way. Ended up using the low risk 4231 DM variant for pretty much the entire second half of the season; the patient approach suited us as teams looked to play low risk, counter attacking football against us. In addition, the double pivot provided solid insulation versus the top teams who looked to press high in a standard 4231: The RM position is proving to be the ace in the hole, contributing with late runs into the box and occupying the opponent full back, allowing the RWB to overlap and find my AM or LW WPM, both of whom are six feet plus! This is even more promising since my two fist choice RM's are by far my worst players (my top player was poached in pre -season). 10 games to go and European football effectively guaranteed - I'm glad to say I have 6 or 7 youth prospects ready for first team football that I can bring into the fold next season. Updated 19th May 2035. We have been clinging on to 2nd place and we might just make it by the skin of our teeth. Our form in the play off group has been delightfully consistent, yielding our largest points tally in the play - off stage to - date: In the defeat to PAOK we missed a penalty and the 2 - 0 defeat to Olympiakos was via two direct FK's. Really encouraging stuff. Now, to the last game: We have a home fixture against Panathinaikos whom we have beaten in two out of three games this season. Our rivals for second place, PAOK, are facing an away day to crowned Champions Olympiakos who have a home record of P17, W15 D2 L0. A draw or win could see us into a Champions League spot! irregardless, we have EURO Cup football for the first time. Squeaky bum time..... Updated 21st May 2035. Well, we bottled it and PAOK won to rub it in. Still fantastic season, with EURO Cup Qualification (via Play off) in the bag. Time to blood some youngsters pre - season!!!
  29. I agree with this on feedback, especially as a new player or one coming to 'modern' FM after years away. I'd like more qualitative feedback from your staff based on the data/metrics - things like your data analyst telling you that your three attacking midfielders are often taking up very similar positions or the opposition are regularly finding space down the left flank, for instance, so that you as the manager can then decide what to do with that information. IMHO, there's currently stacks of data but very little information, much of which is either useless or a red herring, so often the only way to really understand what's happening in a game or with a tactic is to watch it playing out in real time, which is too time-consuming for many of us.
  30. 2047/48 - Season 27 Premier League - 16th Season Summary Really disappointing season to be honest, after our lofty position last season. League - I went into the league with crazy confidence, what with our form at then end of last season and the way we performed in pre-season. I mean, look at our results! Lovely stuff! so I was very excited to get going. The first three league games were against Leeds, West Ham and Brighton - 3 mid-table teams who we need to be beating if we're going to get to the next level. We lost all three of them and found ourselves bottom of the table. The next five games saw us get some results at last and start climbing the table but then winter hit us hard. We only won 2 out of 17 league games and saw us drawn into a relegation battle. I got really worried in February when we had a run of games against the three teams in the relegation spots. WBA first, which we won. Arsenal away, which we lost, and then Derby, bottom of the league, at home. Which we lost. By a lot. Suddenly the table looked a lot worse and we were fighting for our lives We scraped a couple of results together, perfromed brilliantly to beat Liverpool 3-0 at home, and then found ourselves going into the final game of the season needing a result. We were away at 2nd placed Wolved, Brighton had WBA at home and Arsenal away to mid-table Leeds. We only needed a point and we got it, with a 1-1 draw. In the end we didn't need it as Brighton only drew and Arsenal lost, but still a lot closer than I'd have liked at this stage FA Cup - yeah, a fourth round exit again! Players Trouble is, too many of the team are still only Championship quality according to my assman. Only 4 are really premier league quality, which isn't enough really My best XI this season:- Pierce Considine 43A - the obvious star. He was magnificent and is gonna be a superstar. He's started complaining about wanting continental football already so it'll be a battle to hold on to him. Golden boot winner too and you can see why. look at this goal - like a young Robbie Fowler! Hitchin 3-2 Arsenal - Match Highlights.webm John Francis 41B - My superstar keeper just got called up to the England squad for the Euros! still not made his debut but only a matter of time, surely! Jayden Buckle 37E - was poor. Lucky to play as many games as he did, he stunk the place out a lot Claudio Barcham-Driver - gotta feel sorry for the lad. Lost his place at the start of the season, won it back again, was playing brilliantly and then broke his leg and was out for 8 months. Only managed 11 games. Christopher Agyemang 36A - time to say goodbye to the legend that is Agyemang. After scoring for us in the National league, league 2, league 1, the Championship and the premier league he's found the step-up to top flight football a bridge too far. So he's off to Greece. He's still only 27! He's leaving us with 311 goals in 407 games. The last 3 seasons brought his ratio right down though. If I have my way there'll be a statue to the lad outside our new stadium - he dragged us up through the leagues! Wonderkids Still the two - Considine 43A and Boga 43B. Both 21 and easily our best two players now Youth So, finally a preview with more green text than yellow text! just! The intake was ok, but it looks better than it is. The personalities and determination aren't great, and neither are the physical and mental attributes. Theere's a lot of potential, but also a lot of work needed to bring any through Finances and Upgrades Almost maxxed out all facilities - training ground should be done in September. The board are also talking about building another new stadium already! The next step is getting our reputation up and that needs European football Career
  31. Yes! European football here we come! A much stronger showing in the Championship Play off group. We cemented the 5th place we had worked all season to earn due to achieving my goals I set out at the start of the season. My last attempt in the Championship Play - off group showed a ten game performance of P10, W1, L9. This is what we have produced this season: P10. W3, D3, L4. Crucially, we beat our main rivals, Aris, home and away (that 6 - 1battering was particularly satisfying), in line with my tactical ambition outlined in pre-season, ultimately cementing our position in 5th place. Conclusion and Analysis Upon review, the success looks to be largely tactically based, as I lost my two best players for big money right before the start of the season - I wouldn't be surprised if the current ability of my squad is at the exact same level as last year. Whilst I was watching the final ten games back, I noticed an alarming number of goals were conceded from set - pieces. I did a little digging and analysed all goals conceded in those final ten games. The results were shocking: Paok 3-0 Aigaleo. Throw in, PK, 30 yard Direct FK. Aigaleo 1 - 1 Olympiakos. PK . Panathinaikos 3 - 1 Aigaleo. IFK, Open Play, Throw In. Aigaleo 1 - 2 PAOK. 2 x Throw In. Olympiakos 5 - 0 Aigaleo. CK, IFK, 2 x PK and Direct FK. AEK 2 - 2 Aigaleo. Throw In, Open Play. Aigaleo 6 - 1 Aris. Open Play. Totals: Open Play: 3 Penalty: 4 Throw - in: 5 Direct Free Kick: 2 Indirect free Kick: 2 Corner Kick: 1 So, from 17 goals conceded in the 10 championship play - off group, only 3 were from open play! 14 Bloody goals from 17 were conceded from set pieces! All 5 throw - in goals conceded were taken short and crossed early to the back post where my Full Backs (both culpable) were either beaten in the air or nipped in front of by the opposing wide player. What is then to be done? I have spent the night setting up a Flat 442 with a balanced, an attacking and a defensive variant hoping to make progress towards the top four in the upcoming season. I took a long hard look at my defensive set piece routines and addressed what I perceive to be the flaws. I had Zonal Marking in place for the majority of the routines, but as part of creating a pressing trap on the left hand side of the pitch, I had implemented quite a few PI's to 'Mark Tighter'. This contradiction was breaking the defensive solidity of the zonal system as the PI to 'mark tighter' was dragging players away from their zonal duties. In addition, due to quite a few recent tactical shifts, I had no player marking the center of the box when defensing Wide and Deep FK's. I have reacted accordingly and hope to prevent such a dramatic leaking of goals. I have also shifted the throw-in zonal marking to offer double coverage at the back post. To prevent giving away so many set - pieces and penalties, I have reduced the pressing intensity to standard in my low risk tactic to be used against the big boys; my players are more positionally aware than athletic and should cope better with less onus to close - down players that, for the most part, are far superior in terms of pure attribute based ability. Here then is the battle plan for next season. The first tactic will be my primary starter for most games. The second will be used home and away against the big teams and to see out tight games: I need my two rotating Advanced Forwards to progress dramatically in the next six months. They are the thrust upon which my system will rely and without quality movement and penetration, the WP role will be wasted. Here are my two prospects, both with potential, but just lacking Superleague quality right now: As can be seen, they've performed admirably with limited current ability. If either of these two hit a burst of development, they could return some hefty numbers in the coming seasons (if I can keep hold of them- bloody PSG and AC Milan are sniffing around). If they can develop, then these tow Wide Playmakers should have no problem picking them out: Here we go lads, bring the thunder!
  32. 2045/46 - Season 25 Premier League - 14th Season Summary We did it! We survived! it looked for a long time like we wouldn't as well League - So, saturday 5th August was a momentous day for Hitchin Town. First competitive match in our brand new stadium and our first match in the Premier league. We were playing Burnley, were magnificent, played them off the park and won easily 3-0. Happy days! Our next league win didn't come until 25th November! Then we had a run of 7 games where we lost 6 and won 1. We were adrift in the bottom 3, 8 points from safety with only Burnley below us. But the new year saw us start scraping some draws and getting some unlikely wins. 5-1 away at Newcastle, 3-0 away at West Ham. February and March saw us only lose 1 in 6 and the final game of March, a storming 5-4 win away at Sheffield United, saw the league table like this:- I had been resigned to relegation at christmas but suddenly, here we were with our head above water and our fate in our own hands! We promptly lost our next two but then got a good win away at Brighton. Then we lost to Arsenal. But we were still out of the relegation spots. Worryingly though, all the teams around us were playing each other so there were plenty of points to be won and lost down there. Those last 3 games saw us playing WBA, the in form team, title chasing Man U away and a home game against Leicester on the final day. I knew we had to get results in those final 2 home games. The WBA game saw us battle to a 1-1 draw. Every point being precious, I was happy to take it. So, to Old Trafford we went..... I couldn't believe it! We FM'd them as well! And results around us meant that we were guaranteed survival. We did it, by winning at Old Trafford! We then went and beat Leicester on the final day for good measure! FA Cup - a foruth round exit to the eventual league champions Wolves, who beat us 4-3 at home Players So, I was guilty before christmas of ejecting the old guard and playing promising youngsters, who on paper were better already. But, they lacked experience and were poor. To be fair, the old guard were also poor, but I figured at christmas that experience > potential. Turns out I was right. I think a few of those yougnsters might have to go on loan next season. they're too good for U23 football but lack the experience I need. So the best XI Kenny Skipp 42E - the obvious breakout star and one of only two youngsters to cement their spot in the first team. Was once heralded as the 'new Michael Owen', which he really isn't, but he performed really well and can hopefully push on next season Abdoul Boga 43B - my most promising youngster by a long shot, and hopefully my first ever wonderkid! he shows all the signs, if not the description yet. Improving with leaps and bounds Chrsitopher Agyemang 36A - It's a sad day, but he's just not premier league quality. But he can at least say he scored for us in the top 5 divisions! He'll be a handy squad player/impact sub though so I'll keep him around but there's no room for sentiment in this challenge! saying that, I did play him far too much this season, just to see if the old magic could spark. It didn't really. Claudio Barcham_Driver 40A - for our best striker this was a hugel disappointing season. In his first 26 games he only scored 6 and was generally rubbish. In the last chance saloon, next season better be better! Youth A good midielder was promised, which was nice, as it's the area I'm shortest But the intake itself was hugely disappointing A lot of complete useless rubbish. I signed about 5, fully expect all but one to disappear without trace. Bolt? cool name, but he'll need a lot of work to make it:- Finances and Upgrades Ha ha, the money in the premier league is just insane. you get 88m just for being in it! so we really don't have any financial worries any more. I spent a load as well. Look! Plus, the board announced extension to the new stadium already! Which is fine and all but I cannot beleive where they've made us play while its being developed. I am going to cry every home game for the next season... I'd have been happier playing in Shrek's swamp! Oh, and we made it to Youth level 1! Top youth intakes coming!!! Goal of the Season A rocket from our left back Kenny Seymour 41C, assis from Kenny Skipp 42E Career
  33. Blog by Miles Jacobson on the multi-year project coming to a future version of Football Manager Whenever I mention women’s football on social media, people inevitably respond by asking when we’re going to release a women’s football version of Football Manager. Up until now, I’ve always replied with vague answers such as “When we do it, we’ll do it properly”. What I haven’t said, because we tend to keep our plans under wraps, is that we’ve been working on women’s football in the background for some time now. A few people inside football are aware of this, as we’ve been talking to them about it behind the scenes, but now I believe that the time is right to go public with our plans. Before I get into the detail, though, I would like to make one thing incredibly clear… we have NO interest whatsoever in making a standalone women’s football version of FM. What we are doing is adding women’s football to FM... one sport, one game. FM players will be able to move seamlessly from managing a men’s team to a women’s team and back again. Women’s football will be a part of the living, breathing world that constitutes every one of your FM saves; that world will just be whole lot bigger and a little more varied. We also know that adding women’s football to Football Manager is going to cost millions and that the short-term return it delivers will be minimal. But that’s not the point. There’s no hiding that there’s currently a glass ceiling for women’s football and we want to do what we can to help smash through it. We believe in equality for all and we want to be part of the solution. We want to be a part of the process that puts women’s football on an equal footing with the men’s game. We know that we’re not alone in this – the historic TV deal that Sky and the BBC recently agreed with WSL in England is proof of that – but we intend to do everything we can to get women’s football to where it deserves to be. We know that our voice is very powerful and we want to use it for good. Longer term, as the women’s game grows in popularity, the financial rewards may come, but at the moment we’re embarking on this journey because we know it’s the right thing to do. So let’s dig a little into the details... One request we’ve had over the years is to release a women’s database that works with the existing FM. This simply wouldn’t work, as there’s a lot more to adding women’s football to FM than simply replacing the male players with female players, but the question of women’s data is an interesting one, so let’s start there. First of all, it’s going to take some time to build a comprehensive global database of women’s football. Our existing database has taken 28 years to build (so far) and there’s a lot of info in there that we need to research when adding just one team, let alone multiple leagues. To get our women’s database right we will have to examine every single in-game attribute and define exactly how we judge the data; attributes such as pace, acceleration and agility will likely stay with the same range, but some attributes may need a different scale. These attributes also feed into our match engine of course, and work done in this area (for example, looking at height of players and how that may affect how they play – such as aiming shots higher if a goalkeeper is smaller) will be of benefit for the match engine overall. And data, of course, is just one of many elements that are going to need careful consideration. For example, we already have female character models in the game, but these currently only represent staff members – and our in-game staff models are relatively basic and require a limited number of animations. We have thousands of ‘motion captured’ animations for our male footballers and when you apply many of these animations onto female bodies… well… they kind of move like cowboys. Women’s body shapes are different to men’s and so is their bone structure, so we have no choice but to go back to the beginning and recreate all of our existing motion captured animation data using female players. That’s not just a case of going into a motion capture studio for a couple of days either – it takes months to clean up and perfect the data generated by each motion capture session and get it looking right in the match engine. Our in-game female 3D models, historically, are also not as advanced as the male versions and women’s football kits are also different (once again due to those different body shapes) so there’s more work to be done there too. Our art and animation teams have been growing over the last couple of years with this extra work in mind. It doesn’t stop there either… the transfer system in women’s football is also different to the men’s, as are the financial and wage structures. We will also have to accommodate the unique rules of many of the women’s leagues. Then there are other questions that we have to ask ourselves, such as how detailed should we go initially? There is a lot of existing literature available about the impact of the menstrual cycle on training and injuries, but how do we incorporate this without it having a major effect on gameplay? And what about pregnancy? If we have pregnant players and staff in game, do we need different 3D models for the different stages? And then there’s the in-game text and translation to be considered. You can already play the game as a male or female manager, so most staff ‘strings’ (the term used for phrases in game that refer to a character, whether playable or otherwise) are already in place for both male and female characters. However, as all of the current in-game footballers are male, all of the strings relating to them are gender specific. This leaves us with more than 100,000 strings to rewrite… and then translate into 19 languages (which works out to be approximately 3,000,000 words). This is a simpler task for some languages than it is for others; Danish, for example, has no adjectival agreement or other gender-specific grammar considerations, so we should in theory be able to batch translate ‘he’ to ‘she’ (for example) and then go through each string via the ‘localisation QA’ process to see what was missed. With many other languages (including French and German) that’s simply not possible and each string will have to be retranslated from scratch. That process is going to take up a lot of time, as well as generating the bulk of the cost. As I mentioned at the beginning of this piece, we’ve been working on this project for quite some time already. I’ve had many, many conversations with people who work in all areas of women’s football and have built up relationships with some amazing people in the sport who will be helping us realise this dream. In terms of practical steps, we’ve already completed our first two motion capture sessions with the London-based twin professionals, Rosie and Mollie Kmita. Given the restrictions applied to motion capture during a pandemic it was essential that we were able to work with two people who shared a ‘bubble’ and Rosie and Mollie provided the perfect solution, as well as being fantastic footballers. This, of course, is just the start of the ‘mocap’ process and there will be plenty more sessions carried out over the coming months, including specific goalkeeper sessions. One member of the SI team who is already deeply engrossed in this project is our newly-appointed head of research for women’s football, Tina Keech. Tina, a qualified coach and former head of research and analysis at Smartodds, has already started the process of building our women’s database. Our design team is about to start work on taking the information we’ve gathered to date and turning that into specific tasks and a full design document. As with most of FM’s features, that document will give us a multi-year roadmap for engineering tasks. Nothing in FM is ever finished – there is always more we can add – and the same will be the case with women’s football. It won’t be a case of just adding it, then forgetting about it, but it will continue to grow along with the rest of the world that we create for you to manage in. Of course, many of the tasks mentioned so far can run simultaneously, which will shorten the timeline, but we are realistic that bringing women’s football to FM is going to be a multi-year project. At this stage we don’t know exactly how long the process will take so we can’t say exactly which version of FM will see women’s football make its debut, but rest assured that our plan is to make this happen as soon as we possibly can, whilst ensuring that you are still getting all the features you’d expect from new versions of FM by adding resources to the existing team. I mentioned earlier in the blog that the cost of this project will be substantial. To help offset some of those costs we have already started conversations with some potential commercial partners who share our vision and who will be able to offer financial help in return for a wide integration of their brand into FM. But we’re also committed to being a commercial partner for women’s football. We have ongoing partnerships with AFC Wimbledon Ladies & Girls and Watford Women as part of our deals with their men’s teams. But that’s not enough. So, today I’m also proud to announce that we’ve signed a commercial partnership agreement for the 2021/22 season with Leicester City Women, which will see FM branding feature on the dugout and interview boards for the club. I’d like to finish by saying that I hope these blogs can become a semi-regular feature. We know that last year’s piece which explained how COVID 19 was going to be handled in FM21 was very popular and many of you appreciated the transparency, so we’ll look to ‘pull back the curtain’ a little more in the future. Thanks for reading – I hope you all join in with us on what is going to be a fascinating journey. Cheers, Miles
  34. Belgium Division 1A 2028/29 - Season 8 Season Summary Well, our first season in the top tier and it was a pretty successdul one. We survived! League - We started quite well with 3 early wins which immediately got us clear of the relegation spots. Those bottom two were really awful and we were never going to be in any danger of being drawn in. We went through a little sticky patch around christmas where I started to get the feeling we wouldn't win again this season but we soon got over that with a 7-1 win over Kortrik. We also beat Euppen 6-5 away, which was fun. It was a nice season, bobbing around mid-table. In the end a run of 3 wins in our last 6 actually proppelled us into a top ten finish! 9th!!! Cup, we were rubbish again. Back to normal Players So the main question for me was could I hold on to Ramadhan Kwizera 25A, our saviour last season. turns out the answer was no, but I was ok with that in the end. It's not that he was bad, he was fine, but when Inter and Porto came sniffing in the January transfer window I could really do with the money, and managed to get 5.5m for him. In our position, it's huge money. So, our best XI is still young and still changing. The weirdest thing is seeing Van Den Broeke 22J back in the first team, after 18 months in my unwanted list. My regular right winger got himself injured, after only 1 goal in 24 games. Van Den Broeke came in and scored 9 in 13! Alessandro Coppini 24A - Nice to see he stood up to the rigours of Division 1 football! Only problem is his stupid agent keeps insisting on release clasue fees only just over his actual value. really frustrating but I could potentially lose him for only 2m. Youth This years youth preview was really promsing but I was still shocked by the actual intake. They might actually be a golden generation! Six 4 star potnentials at this stage is amazing. None of them look obviously stars but all of them have pretty nice starting attributes and their personlaities are positive as well. Possibly the best youth intake I've had while in the top division! Best prospects list in now bonkers. I'm not entirely sure how to manage so many potential first teamers. I'm really struggling to find anyone to take any loans, so I've had to get an affiliate in Luxembourg just for the purpose! Finances and Upgrades Those 5.5m pounds that Inter gave me were put to good use! lots of improvements requested - all in all I'm very pleased with that sale! The board also announced a new stadium is being looked at. We're currently playing home games in Antwerp and they want to take us home to Hoogstraten. Which is fair enough. Career
  35. Brief Season Summary Aigaelo 2038/2039. Superb end to the season where we clinched the title with one match remaining. This was not assisted, however, by the departure of our top performing DM in the winter transfer window. Whilst Meletiou's replacement, Kottaras, performed competently, he never scaled the heights of his predecessor and we were without the quality needed to turn over top quality opposition towards the end of the season. Here is a quick comparison: Meletiou's Ability and performance: Kottaras: Solid without the spectacular. Going into next season we may find it more difficult to stage a title challenge without such a grandiose performer in the First XI. You can see how we struggled in the championship group compared to how we took apart the top teams earlier in the season. Meletiou left on 28.01.2039: 10 mins later..... Before posting ,I just played the final league game against Olympiakos which was a dead rubber (title already secured). 4 - 0 victory (great), with an injury to, guess who, Kottaras (not so great), my replacement for my departed superstar! Next season is looking tougher by the moment! For posterity, here is the final league table:
  36. Intro | S1 | S2 | S3 | S4 | S5 Rot-Weiss Essen - Season 6 Review - 2026-2027 - Bundesliga - A final and a semi final... Squad | Transfers | Finances | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 What a great season, started with 0 points after two games, but then just went up. Also in the cup and in Europe it was a great campaign. Domestically it started badly, but afterwards a lot of victories and clean sheets followed. The matches against top teams such as Dortmund, Bayern, Leipzig and Hertha have also been less of a struggle than in previous seasons. On the last matchday we won at Hoffenheim and secured ourselves a direct Europa League ticket (last season it would have been Champions League but Germany lost one ticket). Not sure if we can do this again in the next season(s) but i would be happy with an European spot challenge in the next seasons. in the DFB-Pokal we reached the semi finals and had a great game against giants Bayern . They won it again. In our first European adventure we won the group stage in the Conference League. We beated Nantes in the second knock out, a great Real Sociedad with Oyarzabal, Merino, Dalot, Eriksen,Mané, Partey, Lafont .. and Sparta from Holland in the semi final to reach the final against giants Ac Milan. Gamberini 25 scored a screamer to win our first mayor trophy. We played against a team full of players with value 30/40/50m. Our second team didn't play in any league system and our U19 finished the A-Junioren-Bundesliga West on the 3th place Key Players Again Golz (16 clean sheets), Pronichev (34 goals in all competitions) and Weber with the best average ratings. Academy graduate with most Appearances (This season) Huber 22 played most minutes this season as our first choice DC. Youth Intake 2027 Average wise a very very good intake with two or three certain first team players. Signed 14 players. Could Spencer 27 be a player from my recently added affiliate with Adelaide UTD ? Only missing Antarctica Academy graduates promoted to the first team (Next Season) Radcliffe 26 could be a great option for DR or AMR. Flosmann 25 could challenge for a DC backup spot. Vural 24 gives me a lot of options for the MC positions. and with Zimmermann 24 i have another one , he could our new B2B player. Calogero 24 could be an AMC or SC contender. Miscellaneous Almost reaching the maximum facilty . Two new affiliates in Australia and Denmark with Adelaide Utd and Esbjerg fB Lost our Ass. Manager during the season for almost 1m compensation. Replaced him with De Condé . Season Facts
  37. Belgium 2023/24 - Season 3 Eerste Nationale (3rd tier) Season Summary I am loving how quickly you can play a season in lower league Belgium! They race by! League - the toughest thing for me in this challenge is getting the balance right between your experienced players and you youth prospects and I think I managed to get it just right this year. We started brilliantly, going 12 unbeaten, and went top. We were miles ahead up until the last 5 games of the season where we lost 3. We still managed to finish top but it cut our lead for the promotion play-off right down So we went into the play-off mini league on 26 points, 4 points ahead of our nearest rivals. We quickly threw that advantage away by losing the first two games but we rallied to finish unbeaten in the last 4 games to take the title on goals scored. Couldn't be closer! Players Trouble is that the new season will see me having to rely on youth a lot more and they're just not ready in the main. A couple of real breakthroughs this season though Joren Van den Broeck 22J is the real breakout star. He's a striker that can also play on the wing and is also very quick so I stuck him out there. He scored far better than my striker, so I'm thinking of moving Broeck into the striker role, even though he'll be only 18. It's a tricky choice! He did score 89 goals in 65 youth games last season, so he knows where the goal is. Mbacke 22G has made some huge improvements but unfortunately was rubbish whenever he played. But he looks worth perservering with so we'll see what happens next season Youth My first promise of a golden generation! Lots of green writing as well, which is very nice! The intake was great as well, with lots of 4 star potentials, which is lovely. six of them! I was so excited I forgot to take a screenshot, but here they are in my prospects list. My best prospects are now looking really good. They still need a lot of work, and most of them whinge at me when i fine them, but it's looking good for the next few seasons. I'm especially excited by Coppini 24A Finances and Upgrades Worrying. We were losing money hand over fist and really not spending that much. No idea where we're going to get mony from to stop us going bust at this rate, particularly as promotion has brought extra problems Which is all well and good but an extra 1250 seats isn't going to save us! Career
  38. Belgium 2021/22 - Season 1 Eerste Nationale (3rd tier) Season Summary A good solid first season, definitely something to build on anyway League - It's a tiny league, only 15 teams so it's over before you know it. Much more preferable than the slogs I went through in Brazil and England. Anyway, we started good, had a blip, found a tactic that suited us went on a really good run and almost squeaked into the play-offs! The winners were Brugge B team. They have million pound plus players in their team, it's not fair! Cup - Had me worried. Before the league even started we had to play an under-9 girls team in the fourth round and got beat. I was really worried I'd be looking at a 28 game losing league season but then I remembered that for some reason I just can't get anywhere in cups in this challenge. Annoying, as I could do with the money a game against someone big could bring in Players So, it was a relatively small squad I took over. only about 15 players, but 6 of them were strikers. A narrow 4-3-3 seemed the obvious choice but I was sick to death of it after that Hitchin save. I was stuck with it for years! So I experimented with both a 4231 and a 433DMwide as I'd been missing my wingers. They were both ok, but the 4231 seemed to work a lot better so I went with that. The only issue came with injuries or suspension. Whatever the position, a striker had to play there. Youth Being short of a few players I needed a nice intake to fill out the squad. Luckily the facilities were pretty good to start with so I just had to find a HoYD that was half decent. I found one with fairly proffesional personality, which was a bonus! So, the first preview looked ok. No golden generation but that really doesn't mean much anyway and the intake? Those 4 stars look nice but realistically they'll be a couple of seasons off starting. Look at my best prospects and you'll see how low their work rate and determination is. Lots of fining to do! Looking at my sandals? that's a fine! Finances and Upgrades So here's the main issue. I'm losing loads of money despite my wage bill being half of what the board have allowed. They won't improve anything, not even a coaching course for me! So I need money from somewhere! Career
  39. Attention all!!! Tired of your youth prospects wanting to leave before they become half - decent? Cannot offer a contract to a player as your squad is 'not strong enough to match their ambitions? Fear not! Toshimitzou1 has managed to operate a work around. Phase 1: View Squad Reports Screen Showing Current Ability: Phase 2: Move all low ability players (in my squad, each player from Stelios Daras up to Theofanis Konstantinidis) to the U19, Reserve Squad or similar variant. Just ensure they are not in the senior squad. Phase 3: Advance 1 day. Phase 4: Attempt again to offer the player in question a contract renewal: HEY PRESTO!! What has happened here is that by removing players with lower current ability from the fist team squad, the overall ability of the squad is higher. There are a few caveats to consider here: Do not remove so many players as to leave the player to be offered a contract to be questioning positional squad depth. The players you move to the lesser squads may complain. DO NOT move them back until the player you are trying to renew has not only agreed to terms, but has also confirmed the contract renewal in your inbox. The expectations of the player may be so high that you can not adjust your squad roster to fit his expectations. I hope this can help others keep one or two young stars before the big boys take them away.
  40. 2052/53 - Season 32 Premier League - 13th Season Summary Felt like a real step backwards after the last few seasons.... League - well, if I wanted to know how important Pierce Considine 43A was to our team I found out this season. He broke his ankle in the 3rd game of the season and was out for 4 months. By mid-December, when he returned, we were 18th. I wasn't too worried though, as for the first time ever our actual goals were way below our xG when it's usually the other way round and I knew Considine would rectify that. He did, and we started to pull away but he struggled a bit and couldn't quite hit the heights of previous seasons and we finished frutratingly mid-table FA Cup - we got Wolves at home in the third round. At the minute, wolves are awesome, always challenging for the title. They beat us 3-1 Europa League - last time we finished mid-table the Europa League was our backdoor into the champions league. Could we do it again? Well, we breezed thr group stage easy peasy We then beat PSV, FC Kobenhavn and Benfica to reach our second final in three years. Only Arsenal stood between us and Champions League football again. Could we do it? Players So, a disappointing season all round really. Our best XI Not all bad, some signs for optimism. Adrian Turcsik looks like he could be real deal, 7 caps for Hungary already, and Abdoul Boga 43B had our best season yet for us. At 26 though he's coming into his prime years and I need to get back into Europe to get the best from him Basil Affolter 45A is on borrowed time. He lost his place to Jose Fernandez 49C and only got it back towads the end of the season. He's really versatile though, his future may be in midfield if not up front. For a wonderkid Jonathan Clark 49E didn't really show the improvements I was hoping for and worryingly I'm already getting the playing at close to his full potential message. The saddest story though is my Golden boy winner Leonard Alberg 49A. He was abysmal, so much so I sent him out on loan in January where he continued to underperorm and flatter to decieve in the championship for Middlesbrough. He's still only 19 as well! My best prospects Richard Warde 51B looks like he could be good, he'll be getting a few more games next season. Jose Fernandez 49C was ridiculously good in his first few games then faded. But he's definitely one for the future and may even start ahead of Affolter next season Youth Exciting preview! my first Colombian as a result of my affilliation with Envigado FC! The intake looked ok, if not brilliant. Really I'd love 6 or 7 4 star prospects but at this stage I'm lucky to get just 1 Looks like I might have another reason to hate Manchester United! Career
  41. Intro | S1 | S2 | S3 | S4 Rot-Weiss Essen - Season 5 Review - 2025-2026 - Bundesliga - Qualified for Europe Squad | Transfers | Finances | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 I had hoped to finish a few places higher but at the start of the season I really couldn't say which teams we would leave behind. We were even in 4th place for a while, but after a difficult program we started the last match day in 7th place (European qualification). At home against Bielefeld we had to succeed and a win could even bring us up to place 5, a loss up to place 9. With a 1 1 score we got a red card. Still half an hour to play and I was virtually 7th, if I would lose we would end up 9th. In injury time, our reserve winger scored the 2 1 and we qualified for European football. Frankfurt finally won at Bayern (otherwise we would have been 6th) and so Dortmund is champion which is also very punishing. European football is fine, still I want another quiet season next year , our squad is not ready for more yet. We ended in the quarter final this time and lost in extra time at M'Gladbach in the DFB-Pokal. Our second team didn't play in any league system and our U19 finished the A-Junioren-Bundesliga West on the 4th place. Key Players Same three as last season. Golz confirmed that he is our first choice goalkeeper. Pronichev scored 24 bundesliga goals (last season 23) and finished again second in the topscorer list behind Moukoko. Weber is a key player from the first season till now. Academy graduate with most Appearances (This season) Golley 22 claims this spot for the first time. He is our first choice at the AMC spot. Youth Intake 2026 A very good intake, our best till now. A lot of good personalities and three or four players that could be promoted next season. The only thing that i didn't get in five intakes is a striker. I sign everyone but not the striker .. If have to show two players this time. Radcliffe 26 has potential but Lunow 26 is our best youth intake player , he will be our future AMR. Academy graduates promoted to the first team (Next Season) I will promote 7 players, i could have promoted 10/11 but i think that above seven are ready to play a part in the first team. i'll have to transferlist some of the real senior players but it is time for the next step. Weber 24 will be retrained into a DC. Fofana 23 could challenge for the DL spot, Gabrielli 25 and Gamberini 25 are our new MC potential stars. Albust 24 could be a good AMC candidate and with Lunow 26 and Dold 25 i have two really good wingers. Miscellaneous Getting our final upgrade for Youth facilities to State of the Art. And our Training facilities to great . Season Facts
  42. Morpeth Town FC (England) Season 11 - 2031/32 Solid season in League One. Moreover, in the winter transfer window, as I have posted already, Crystal Palace offered 5.1M £ plus 50% of next transfer fee for our striker Joseph Obi - 28A. This radically changed our challenged finances and allowed us to maximize the intake facilities and start improving the training and youth training facilities as well. This will help us immensely in the long run. League (Results 1, Results 2, Results 3, Cups, League Chart) - After the first ten games or so, I switched from my solid, but quite boring 4-4-2 to a high-pressing 4-3-3, that I have used with success in a recent Man Utd save. The formation turned out to be succesfull in League One as well, and we were very strong in the remainder of the season, losing only a few matches. Unfortunately, we lost our composure in the last match of the season against Carlisle in 23rd place. But even though we missed the play-offs, we still finished in a very respectable 8th place. In the FA Cup, we made it to the third round where we lost to West Bromwich and in the Carabao Cup we were knocked out expectedly in the second round by Norwich. Team (Details) - We have a solid and strong squad now at League One level. As promised, I will go through our main players and some future prospects. It is added in the bottom of the post. Facilities - The transfer fee from Joseph Obi - 28A meant, that we could maximise Youth Recruitment which are now Exceptional. Moreover, I managed to get the board to agree to improve both Training Facilities and Youth Facilities. This will help us in the long run and take us to the next level. Good times. Finances - Decent finances. But we are still losing money each month, and I would like to improve Training and Youth Training Facilities again, so it probably will not last. Moreover, I need to extend contracts for my most important players. Youth Intake - I was a bit disappointed to be honest. Freddie Meechan looks like the stand-out player. Darren Gallagher also looks decent. No Transfers in. Goal for next season: Keep hold of our talents, continue to improve facilities and hopefully get another top half finish. Players: First team Brandon Corbett - 29A - GK - Very strong and improving young goalkeeper. He took over when I sold Geslin Mbayo - 24C to Aberdeen. I hope he can be my goalkeeper for years to come. Jake Clements - 26E - DR/DC - Solid defender who can play both on the right or as a central defender. I haven't figured out where to use him yet. Danny Denholm - 25D - DC - Another solid defender. Has been a mainstay. I think however, that he has reached his upper limit in League 1. But a good player. Omar Jobe - 27A - DC/DR - One of my best players. Can play both right and center in defense. But as a Gambian-capped player he is beginning to murmur about moving to a bigger club. He might be hard to keep in the team. David Berry - 30A - DC/DR - He is on the path to become really good, and could take over from Omar Jobe. Already a fantastic player for this level. Osian Doidge - 29B - DL - First choice on left back from the day he came through the youth intake. What a player. Glenn Goddard - 28C - DM/MC - After the formation change to 4-3-3 with a DM, he has played quite a lot. Not one I expected too much of. But he has done a decent job, and has plenty of room for improvement. Lee Stewart - 22C - MC/STC - Captain Fantastic! He came through in our first intake and has played in midfield ever since. 409 matches. He might be a league above his actual level, but he is still first man in the team. Daniel Thompson - 25A - ML/AML - One of the brightest talents when he came through. Has been a regular starter on left wing, but has been overtaken by Glen Salkeld in the last couple of season. Phil Campbell - 26A - MR/AMR - One of the best players in the club. Has been a regular starter on right wing ever since coming through the youth intake. I have really had a fight to keep him at the club. Trevor Deagle - 28B - MC - Took over in midfield when we sold Marc Coghlan - 24A. Has done a terrific job, and is getting better and better. Yael Brea - 24B - STC/AMR - A beast from the start, and my main striker for years. In the last couple of years though his development has stalled a bit, and he is not scoring as much. But still a fantastic striker. Kevin Reay - 27B - STC - Another fantastic striker. Has taken over from Joseph Obi - 28A. Glen Salkeld - 27F - STC/AML - Good striker who can also play on left wing. Hasn't developed quite as much as I had hoped, but still a solid player. Future prospects No individual descriptions, but the players I am hoping for, for the future. Antonio Montelibano, Lee Griffiths, Emanuel Madu, Dominic Senior, Vincent Hakizimana, Matt Ferguson, Lee Burdett, Nicky Lacey, Andreas Konstantinou, Freddie Meechan
  43. Rimini Calcio FC Season Summary 2030 - 2031 Strong first Serie A season Very long time since my last post, but finally got some FM motivation back! Hope to complete the challenge before FM22, and after a two month break I headed straight into the first Serie A season with Rimini. We were tipped to finish last in the league, but we managed to beat the expectations and finished in a very strong 13th place! 39 points to finish 13th is really low and in most previous years we would have been much more involved in the relegation battle than we were this year. This tells me that next season can get really tough! In our first 9 games we managed to pick up four wins and a draw. A decent start was really important and I think overall we played decent. In general this season we have played really well at home against low and mid table teams, while at the same time struggling massively away and especially against the top teams. I might have to take a very close look at the tactics before the new season, especially our counter tactic.. I am pretty happy with the squad and we dont really have any big weak links, maybe except for the goalkeeper. Our striker, Gabriele Praino, finished joint top scorer, but he isn't really that good and he only really scores against weak opponents. We do have a couple of extremely talented players, but their contracts are soon coming to an end and they have no intention of renewing... The board has decided to build a new stadium and our training/youth facilities have gotten an upgrade this year. As soon as those upgrades were completed the board agreed to start even more upgrades, so thats good. Next season the goal will be to survive, simple as that. Season Summary Key Players Key Talents
  44. December 2036 - Analysis tool I was just looking at some statistics for Stefan Milosevic but I thought that I'd go one further and share my actual Excel document that I use to do this. I'll probably post this in another part of the forum at some point and it's only a very quick draft but there is a hope someone else may have some interest in using/improving it. Firstly, you're going to need the view, below, that contains the majority of the /90 minute stats. I have attached that and it needs to go in the Sports Interactive > FM21 > Views folder. If you then CTRL+A and CTRL+P, you will have selected all and printed it. Select to a web page and save it somewhere. Mine then open up in Chrome, like so: You will then need the Excel document, attached. CTRL+A again in Chrome and paste that into the first tab (called COPY) of the Excel document. There is a note here - you are limited to 500 players to compare but that should be enough for the data that you want to use. Any more - ask if you're not sure of where to change! You will also need to delete the text from the first tab when you want to replace it and do a quick Find and Replace to change the - to 0: The rest then, should, automate and you are the drop down box to select any of the players for a live updated percentile score, as seen below. You can also use the the filters on the raw data - here is an example of all Servette players who are under 21 and have appeared in the Super League this year: ---- Feel free to use and abuse this, make it better or just have a play around with it! It's a tool that I used to find Milosevic initially and one that, in my opinion, matches up a lot with how real life statistics are being presented to us football fans at the moment. Statistic View for EXCEL.fmf Statistics.xlsx
  45. FM21: TCS3 The final skin release, TCS3 is a skin mainly developed with inspiration from others. @FMEnhanced, @Wozzie's amazing Tato skin and the excellent CFM skin that has served as inspiration for many years all became key inspirations for the skin. I didn't plan to release the skin, which is why a large portion of it is borrowed from other skins, which isn't something I like to do typically. I built the majority of the skin, turning the key screens, the player, club and manager home screen into tab switchers, aiming to provide the bulk of the information through that, and removing the need to be clicking back and forth. I'd built the bulk of the skin myself with various bits added in by other creators, before teaming up with Jack ( @WorkTheSpace ) and adding some finishing touches. Links: Mediafire | GDrive | Mega
  46. Vikeologist's 2056/57 Folkestone Season Report Like the last 4 seasons, it came down to the final match of the regular season, but this time, instead of contending for a playoff place (which we failed to obtain all 4 seasons in case you’ve missed my tales of woe), we were fighting for automatic promotion, and indeed for the title. With one match to go, these were the standings. Norwich 93 points Folkestone 91 Crystal Palace 89 However, we have by far the toughest final match against Notts Forest in 5th place. On the other hand, our goal difference means we only need a point. Surely we can’t cock it up again. So, in a dramatic final match… At the start of the season, with the aforementioned 4 successive failures on the last day to even make the playoffs, I knew I had to change something. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result and all that. I’d basically used two tactics for this entire save. Tactic 1 had seen us stay in the VNL South for the first 16 seasons of the save. Tactic 2 had secured 3 successive promotions and allowed us one season in the Premier League. I honestly didn’t think my tactics were really the problem, but instead were doing a good job compensating for the failings of my players. However I adopted a tactic that is a mixture of tactics 1 and 2, which to be fair are very similar anyway. And less attacking, which is ironic because we scored slightly more goals than usual. And it worked. I mean, I was terrified the whole season as my previous tactic had also worked, until near the end when our form plummeted off a cliff every single season. I dare say the tactics did work, but also, a couple of our players have really improved. We have our first wonderkid, and after a few promising goalies who broke their promise, we finally had someone good between the sticks again. Will we survive in the Premier League this time. I think we will. We are much better than the season we reached the top through the playoffs. The only worry is that 4 of my first team will be over 30 when next season starts and they’re 3 of my best players. It really was a golden generation. However, below them is an ocean of promising youngsters. Apart from one crap central defender, the next oldest first teamer is 23. The next golden generation looks to be in place. Top Goalscorer – Dominic Riley 29a – 32 We finally had a player score over 30 goals again. We used to regularly have both our starters achieve this, but I never appreciated what I had, Veteran striker Dave Jackson 21b scored 26 despite being injured for much of the season. His starting spot is under threat though. I have only one promising young striker, who did very well in Jackson’s injury absence, so I kind of need to give him playing time to ensure he develops. Jackson is 31 now, and will doubtless decline soon. Highest Average Rating (minimum 10 matches played) – Dominic Riley 29a – 7.26 Man of The Match – Dominic Riley 29a – 11 Most Valuable Player– Mohamed Kargbo 33a Hell, no, it’s not Riley. Kargbo is by a mile the best player to ever come through the ranks, and my first and only wonderkid. Still only 18 years old, I am a little worried that someone will stump up for his £32.5 million release clause. If we get relegated from the Premier League, the clause goes down to 19.5, and he’d almost certainly be gone then. Immediately after promotion, he said he wants to leave, so now I have an unhappy wonderkid on my hands. Most Appearances (Regens) – Jason ‘Nepotism’ Ramsay 1a – 719 34 year-old central defender Pete Larkin 18d is now on 668. He’s one of three central defenders who are equally bad, but I have a very promising youngster immediately behind them, and my plan at the moment is to put Larkin out to pasture next season. He’s in steep decline now. He has 3 years left on his contract, and hopefully he’ll stick around for all of them because he’s a Model Pro and useful as a mentor. I don’t think any of the earlier golden generation mentioned above will make it. Most Goals (Regens) – Michael Morgan 9a – 463 Dave Jackson at 31 is on 376. Another record that will probably never be broken. Barry Ramsay 29k (Son) Update There’s just nothing to say. I kept him at the club this season rather than sending him out on loan to Halifax again. Nobody else wants him on loan. Nobody has expressed an interest in buying him outright. Tried to send him on loan to a new Czech affiliate club, but he didn’t want to go. He’s 23 now, and maybe I need to consider trying to sell him. I’ve promoted him to the first team to try to improve his unambitious personality. He’s the one player I’d actually like to be ambitious. Get the fork out of my house and find a new job, you lazy sod. Season Division Position Notes MVP 21/22 VNL South 18th Steered clear of relegaton thanks to good start. Callum Davies 22/23 VNL South 16th Only 2 places better, but a lot more points. Henry Newcombe 23/24 VNL South 18th Big step backwards in points. David Smith 24/25 VNL South 15th Consistently mediocre. David Smith 25/26 VNL South 14th Just outside playoffs for most of the season. David Smith 26/27 VNL South 16th Otherwise known as the year 1AD (After Discipline) Ellis Andrews 2c 27/28 VNL South 19th Narrowly avoided relegation places all season David Smith 28/29 VNL South 15th Tried different tactics. Didn't find a magic bean. David Smith 29/30 VNL South 7th Lost playoff semifinal, but a great improvement. Ellis Andrews 2c 30/31 VNL South 12th Second half slump into mid-table disappointment David Smith 31/32 VNL South 7th Lost in S/F of playoff Ellis Andrews 2c 32/33 VNL South 9th Didn't threaten playoffs Ellis Drake 10a 33/34 VNL South 2nd Lost last 2 matches of season and 1st playoff game. Michael Morgan 9a 34/35 VNL South 4th Knocked out Playoffs 1st round on penalties Michael Morgan 9a 35/36 VNL South 6th Knocked out in Playoff semifinal Michael Morgan 9a 36/37 VNL South 5th Knocked out in Playoff semifinal Giorgos Kragiopoulos 11a 37/38 VNL South 1st Won the league by a mile. 17th time lucky. Michael Morgan 9a 38/39 VNL National 1st Back to back comfortable promotions Jack Collett 13a 39/40 League 2 2nd Won last 5 matches securing automatic promotion. Jack Collett 13a 40/41 League 1 11th Pushing for promotion most of the season Jack Collett 13a 41/42 League 1 5th Lost in playoffs semifinal Michael Morgan 9a 42/43 League 1 8th Losing streak, winning streak and then injuries Kevin Spencer 17d 43/44 League 1 7th One place outside playoffs. Kevin Spencer 17d 44/45 League 1 12th Outside playoffs all season. New stadium. Pete Larkin 18d 45/46 League 1 2nd Promoted last day of the season. Dave Jackson 21b 46/47 Championship 20th Plummetted near to relegation zone Dave Jackson 21b 47/48 Championship 15th Terrible start but mid table safety after that. Steven 'Shamrock' Larkin 21d 48/49 Championship 14th Good start but dropped away from playoffs. Liam Carter 25d 49/50 Championship 15th Boring & disappointing season Dave Jackson 21b 50/51 Championship 4th Promoted through playoffs. Ross Gethins 22c 51/52 Premier League 20th Won once in 2nd half of season and relegated. Dave Jackson 21b 52/53 Championship 8th Typical second half of the season collapse. Dave Jackson 21b 53/54 Championship 7th Missed out on playoffs in final match injury time Dan Jones 27e 54/55 Championship 7th Missed playoffs on final day for 3rd season in a row. Dave Jackson 21b 55/56 Championship 7th Missed playoffs on final day for 4th season in a row. Alex Taylor 21e 56/57 Championship 2nd Promoted on final day of the season. Mohamed Kargbo 33a
  47. 2046/47 - Season 26 Premier League - 8th Season Summary A really good second season! League - Didn't start so well. two 5-2 defeats in our first 3 games and only one win in the first five! But we did enough to keep our heads above water until christmas, when 3 wins and a draw out of 5 saw us nicely mid-table. February was a blip, 2 defeats and a draw, and our first game of March saw us heading back to Old traffod, scene of our amazing survival victory last season. Man U got their revenge by beating us 7-0. Suddenly, we were 16th and in questionable form, and I started to get a little worried about being dragged into a relegation battle. Instead, we wont the next 7 on the bounce and found ourselves 7th and in a European spot instead! we couldn't maintain it, we lost the last 3 games and slipped out, but 8th is an amazing finish from us from last season so I can't complain! Cup - another poor showing. I never do well in cup competitions in young only saves. I don't know why. West Ham beat us 2-0 in the fourth round this time. Players So, I decided to prioritise experience over youth for this season and try and stick to a first choice XI. It meant sending a couple of the more promising young players out on loan, but I figured they'd develop better/quicker with far more regular first team football under their belt. By and large, it worked really well, with a smaller squad being much easier to work with and far less temptation to mess around with players/formations which can be my undoing sometimes. The best XI:- So, the obvious disappointement was Claudio Barcham-Driver 40A. Second season in a row he's underperformed. He's a fickle beggar as well. I'm temped to move him on this summer, I have a few promising youngsters in the reserves who could take his place Jayden Buckle 37E is a weird one. On paper he's fairly poor, with relatively low attributes across the board. But he consistently performs above and beyond what he should do. He's much better than he should be, really! 21 goals and 15 assists from him is astonishly good really. He's never been a favourite of mine, the fact that he's still hanging on to a first team place is a testament to how consistent he is Kenny Skipp 42E continues to improve. Not a wonderkid though, which I thought he might be. Ah well. But nevermind because I now have Wonderkids Abdul Boga 43B. I predicted that he would be last season and I was right. Only problem is he's already whinging about us not matching his ambition. Contract until 2050 though so suck it Abdul, you're staying here for now! Pierce Considine 43A - Once I realised Boga 43B was a bone fide wonderkid, it got me thinking. I only rated him B - who was 43A, that I thought was a better prospect? it was Pierce! To be fair, he did look good at the time. I gave him a few games last season as an 18 year old but he was appalling. 14 games, 3 goals, average rating of 6.49. But he had amazing potential, so I made the decision to send him out on loan and he went to Forest, in the Championship. Checking up on him I as pleasantly surprised to find he too was a wonderkid! I'm thinking next season he'll be starting in the middle alongside Skipp and Buckley, Barcham -Driver can sulk in the reserves. I can see now, I put him in too soon at 18! Youth Another preview that was short on the green, heavy on the yellow but promising a golden generation. yeah, heard that before (although it was spot on for 2043 by the looks of it!) The intake was.... better than the last two seasons, anyway, but nobody really jumps out as a future star. I signed up about 10, mainly to flesh the squads out. Plus, i have had 2 star prospects be labelled wonderkids when they hit 20 in the past so I'm Southgate is the obvious candidate for future stardom He looks ok for now, I'll leave him in the youth team for a few seasons and check on him later. Finances and Upgrades So, we have over 100m in the bank now and almost maxxed out all facilities. The big news is our new stadium is finisehd so we can stop playing in the public urinal we've had to call a stadium for the last season but the bigger new is a new takeover! I'm a bit upset. They're buying me players! and Same Bell, my old chariman, was great. He said yes to everything and loved bringing up youth players and made it a priority. We'll see how this swift fella treats me.... I've had other offers! Lol at Ben White being a future England manager. But why not? I'd have lolled at Gareth Southgate being a future England manager in 1996. Career
  48. As stated, made it to the championship play off group. This, is how big the gulf in class is between my team and the top clubs: Whilst losing game after game after a successful season was morally deflating IRL and for my digital players, there is still hope. Aris and Panathinaikos are the two teams directly finishing above me in the past two seasons and my performances against them were not pitiful. In fact, if we had managed to beat them home and away, we would have been tied for 5th place. So, for next season, I intend to maintain the current 'mini league' mentality, where I am not even trying to adjust my game plans against the top teams. However, I will endeavour to produce a NEW tactic that can continue to beat the teams that are finishing below me, but can be relied upon to snatch points in games against Aris, Panathinaikos and AEK. Based on the clear disparity between PAOK, Olympiakos and the rest, I will still be accepting heavy losses in these games as justification for persisting with what I hope will prove to be a successful tactical adjustment. In intend to build my new tactic around this talent: I deployed him as as an AP in the AM strata through the season and for one so young he performed well. I have been retraining him as a WP and this is where he will be deployed next season. I'm gonna chuck a Secundo Volante next to him, an Advance Forward ahead of him and an overlapping WB. With regards to the deploying an Advanced Forward I have had no such luck in unearthing any Pacey strikers in any youth intakes until this year: He is still far too raw for the first team and I don't want to cripple such young promise with such a heavy burden at a young age. As such, I am retaining two existing players to step up until he is ready. It's funny how I deem these two to be ready, despite both being only 17 yo. Pour moi, in a youth challenge save, that is indeed quite mature!!! These two themselves are not quite superleague level yet, but I will make do as I must.
  49. Folkestone Invicta - Season 2037/38 (Season 17) Review - Sky Bet Championship Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We bounced back and did so quite convincingly as we won it with a nice margin. From the get go, we had a good season and we continued throughout. I made the decision to kick out the older central defenders who were rated as lower Championship quality, and decided to toss in the two new talents as first choices to bloody them. Both Jamie Somerville 35a and Ethan Foyle 36b had good seasons and it turned out they could handle the Championship at the very least. Hopefully, they can also handle the Premier League next season. Up front we also had the emergence of Cameron Taylor 33b who had a great season and scored loads of goals. In the FA Cup we beat Charlton, Swansea, and Stoke before we lost on pens to Newcastle in the quarter final. In the EFL Cup we lost to Crawley Town with a rotated side in the 2nd round. Still have loads of money, and we are working towards getting the best facilities and we are not far off. The stadium expansion has been completed and we now have a capacity of 26,617. We will see if we fill it next season and perhaps continue something there. We also had a takeover and we got floated on the stock exchange. Not much change yet, so we will see what the future brings. Youth Well, this was quite poor. At least one good player, but loads of dross! , Joseph Maire 38a is a promising and versatile player I think we can good use for. U18 team: In the U18 Professional Development League they won their group before becoming champions after the playoffs. In the FA Youth Cup they beat Blackburn, Swansea, Derby County, and Tottenham before losing to Fulham in the semi final. Statistics: Trophy cabinet: Sky Bet Championship - 2037/38 Sky Bet League Two - 2029/30 Vanarama National League - 2028/29 Vanarama National League South - 2026/27 (U18) Professional Development League - 2036/37, 2037/38 (U18) Youth Alliance League South-East - 2030/31, 2031/32, 2032/33, 2033/34, 2034/35 EFL Trophy - 2030/31 FA Trophy - 2028/29
  50. Only really started in earnest this week; first bastardising some fabulous work by others, before starting over to create a more gentle light skin with hidden attributes/stars. As I've left it a little late in the game cycle, I'm hoping things don't change too significantly for FM22! (Not going to be released - very much a personal project - e.g. it will only work on 2560x1440 resolution, there are a number of pages/screens I'm not doing anything with because I rarely use them, there are no selector panels, etc...)
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