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    @Northernpilgrim has gone from wanting to mimic Sir Alex to more being his son Darren Ferguson but now doing very well with Celtic and needs just another Scottish Cup win before moving back to England if I remember correctly. @shaunvamos did well in Andorra but has just started a San Marino Serie D save, @dj clark boy had a 7 season save before he had another virus. @Dexter_Morgan is having a really good career in Cyprus, even though it went tits up first time, this time round the AI is actually doing really well in getting to the Quarter Finals in both the Champions League and Europa League. Lithuania seems to be the hipster choice of the hour with both @Sheriff7 and @rodesirethere at the moment, @deltablue harshly got sacked from a side in Mexico, not long after being sacked from Gillingham, @Jupjamie had a slight bout of split personality disorder and was briefly the artist formerly known as @Vaulks4 but is back to himself now, @yatesiboi37 is having great success in Grenada as well as qualifying for the World Cup as Kenya manager. @ToMexico!! is having a great save with AC London and recently faced Everton in the FA Cup 3rd round whilst being a non-league side, don't mention the score though! @dafuge is being screwed over with international callups in Brazil (back-to-back 10-0 losses) but is still winning everything in sight. @Jimbokav1971 has gone from Iceland to France to Chelsea and has a 2nd save where he's managing Sunderland in League 2, I think that's most of them. @ManUtd1 finally brought his mammoth career to an end in the early 2090's and has since managed Zulte Waregem as his first FM18 side, @BoxToBox does what he does and wins everything with every side he manages, @noikeee has just won the Spanish league after being close to the relegation zone early in the season. @oriole01 has created one hell of an in-depth read with his Dortmund save, @Fer Fuchs Ake won the Champions League with West Ham, @santy001 and @oliscott have created a great Premier League giant rivalry...between Harrogate and Salford. @MarcxD won everything as Amsterdamsche manager and then managed Tenerife's 1st team, B Team and C Team in the same career and I think won promotion every single season before now managing in Portugal and breaking the top 3/4 sides and is now winning probably at least a double every season. @withnail316 is in Scotland and is trying to topple Celtic and is managing to get closer and closer each season. @IL Luce is following Mircea Lucescu's career from Brescia to Besiktas and now Shakhtar Donetsk. ...And I've probably only had 4 or 5 careers since you were last here. We also appointed Andreas Vogel as the FM God. Sorry if I've forgotten anyone!
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    I keep on reading people criticizing the OP for "not wanting to improve his knowledge" etc... which would be all and good had he been struggling to win a single game... However, all he asked was "how come my (ugly and unsatisfying) winning streak ended with an absolutely unrealistic 0-7 thrashing, while my team can't play anything close to what I envisioned?". We can make all the excuses in the world, we can criticize the OP for having too many Defensive duties, fractured formation etc, but there's NO VALID REASON for FM not being able to replicate a very very basic and "neutral" 4-4-2 without requiring the player to learn a couple of basic "tricks" about how TC lingo translates into ME language, and how much those differ from general real-life football speak. From a very very basic standpoint, I'd pick a 4-4-2 if I want: * My backline to defend rather safely, with the FBs being defensive-minded to avoid being caught off-guard * My wide midfielders to pump in cross after cross, and dribbling their way past a defender if they are good enough to succeed. * My CM combo to win balls and to have a modicum of creativity once possession is ours again * The strikers must work together to score goals, usually with a Tall-Fast or Creative-Goalscorer combination To do so in FM would probably lead to several wrong choices, first and foremost Mentality/Shape (two horribly alien concepts that should disappear and never see the light of day ASAP, and it'll still be tto late), then the Defensive duty for the FBs, then the minefield of CM roles/duties. Also, Wingers on Attack will probably unbalance the midfield, meaning the team could be completely exposed on the flanks (high Wingers + low FBs = acres of space for the opposition to exploit) and outnombered in midfield (2 or even only 1 poor CM covering the whole central area of the pitch). Oh and the defenders will still fail to mark and cover properly, so they'll get mauled by a "powerplay", or annihilated by the usual Long Ball/Long cross behind the backline. And I'm talking about what is and should be one of the most basic formations in football... I wonder why things get even worse when users try to get fancier...
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    I always thought it'd be a relatively pain-free and excellent feature edition, if you could map where the clubs are (basically along these lines): I say painless, because every club has a city associated with it: and because the location data of all these cities is already in the game: Surely it'd add a level of immersion to know where your team is? Especially when managing in unfamiliar countries. Do you have the big city squad or one out in the Hinterlands? Where are your rivals relative to you? So on and so forth.
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    Hi there, I've never signed up to this forum despite checking regularly.. But I've become so enraged in how bad this game is now. I'll start it off by the usual I've been playing since cm92. I Love this game... Until I guess the last 4/5 years where for me the match engine just ruins it. Watching the same awful, horrible goals go in everytime. Cross... Goal Cross.. Winger to winger.. Goal Ball over the top and watching Apperently top class defenders move like zombies.. Goal I swear the engine ftom about 2011 was way more varied than this. This isn't just a rant either because I'm struggling. I mean this even when I'm winning and seeing my own team score. It's just horrible to watch. Now the tactics. I find it almost impossible to create a team/ tactic that's hard to break down. I actually would love to just see a boring realistic match of few chances and a won 1-0 but that hardly ever happens. I can setop defensively.. Drop off... Highly structured.. And still the opposition will have 35shots in a 3-2 thriller. Because my zombie defenders are just cringing to watch. It feels the only way to get any success in this game is it be as attacking as possible and hopefully you score more goals than them with each team having over 20 chances each Also its ridiculous how many variations there are of positions! Honestly.. 10 different versions of a fullback!!? Seriously?? Which one do I choose! I mean I know in my head what I want him to do but after going through every single one they're so contradicting I just don't know! What's the difference between a central midfielder on auto And a box to box midfielder? What's the difference between a attacking full back and a defensive wing back!!? I could use a hundred of these examples but you see my point I hope?? Anyway.. Anyone else feel my pain????
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    I'll leave my 2 cents on this since I recently returned to the game to give it another go. I wanted to give Barcelona a go, which I probably shouldn't have done, but I've been wanting to do a save with them for a while. Ive seen Messi, the best player in the world, far too often shoot from inside the box, only to have this shot be closer to the corner flag than the goal. Time and time again. Or make a simple straight line dribble right into 3 defenders and lose the ball. Or make a wide run to the corner flag and cross the ball over the goal line. ive seen Iniesta, one of he most technically gifted, intelligent midfielders of all time pass a ball into the heels of his teammates. Or pass the ball right to the other team. Or make a pass to a teammate but not see a defender right in his passing lane. Ive seen Suarez pick up the ball in midfield and turn and run straight into 4 defenders and shoot half way to the corner flag when he had options joining the attack behind him on multiple mentalities and shapes. when the best players in the world play like absolute morons, what incentive do I have to keep playing this game? I want to do a LL save in England, but why should I when apparently the top of the mountain is to play like this? What incentive do I have to develop a club and increase their academy to be one of the best in the world, when the outcome is to develop world class players that play like they belong in the lower leagues? Now on to the TC. You mean to tell me that I need to go do research on outside sources to tell me that when I select a counter mentality that it doesn't actually make my team play on the counter? Or when I select control, that it doesn't make my team play a posession based attacking football? I mean, the description says it right here, my team will aim to move the ball around the park and patiently probe the final third. You mean to say I need to go do research from outside parties to find out that is totally wrong? or that work ball into box doesn't mean my team will patiently probe the final third waiting for an opening, but really means we will cross less often? These descriptions would take SI all of five seconds to rewrite them and would save so many people countless hours of frustration, yet they remain as they are for how many years now? I don't even want to begin on team shape. I mean, fluid says high creativity and structured says less creative freedom, but is that a description like control and counter that is totally wrong, or is that one actually true? What is high creative freedom? What is take more risks? If someone predominately watches SerieA their definition of takes more risks is going to be very different from someone who watches LaLiga. What is the SI definition of takes more risks? The game will tell you none of these. Football is a simple game. We've all heard that right. So what about the TC is simple? FM is taking a simple game and requiring you to obtain a PhD in football management simulator to be successful. The problem to me with the TC is that you can create a tactic that is totally perfectly correct and still struggle, and at the same time create a tactic that is totally at odds within itself and still get enough good results that leads you to think it's not me it's the game.
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    Maybe he was and maybe he wasn't. However, the manner in which Cleon pointed out his mistake/interpretation was far from constructive. Maybe there's some previous that I'm missing, but taking it at face value, it wasn't a reply which encourages others to learn and improve; in fact it was downright mean-spirited and I think we can all do a bit better.
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    If the OP would like an idea of what a typical youth intake from a so-called top Premier League team might look like 5 years down the line, he should look at my club Arsenal's Under-18s from the 2012/2013 season - and where they are now. Only one player - Alex Iwobi - can currently be considered an Arsenal first-team regular. Ryan Huddart, Dejan Iliev and Gedion Zelalem are also still contracted to the club but have thus far had little to no first-team action, and are either in the Under-23s squad or out on loan. As for the rest: Josh Vickers - Lincoln City Leander Siemann - 1.FC Köln reserves Tom Dallison - Brighton & Hove Albion U23s Arinse Uade - Ashford United Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill - Helmond Sport Tafari Moore - Wycombe Wanderers Zac Fagan - Bishop's Stortford Glen Kamara - Dundee Jack Jebb - Welling United Jon Toral - Hull City Tarum Dawkins - Hendon Austin Lipman - London Lions Harley Willard - Hässleholms IF Jordan Brown - Hannover 96 reserves A few others are unattached (or possibly retired). So you've got one very good player, a handful of decent ones, a few lower-league journeymen, and quite a lot of "rubbish". I'd say that's roughly what you can expect from an average intake at a club with a very strong youth set-up.
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    This is without question the most bizarre and ill-fitting comparison I've seen all day.
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    My point is that Shape is one of the factors, yes I say if you want fast transitions you should use structured, but at the end of the day its irrelevant if you have the wrong duties chosen. Actually I use structured shapes with Liverpool not cause of the transitions, but because I don't want everyone involved in transitions, with so many on attack. I should know, I chose that shape specifically for that reason, and I don't want people to think that the overriding reason to achieve Klopp's system was the shape. The overriding factors in that system aren't the shape. Its actually the aggressive use of PIs and how I employ them to effectively make the transitions work from defence, using PIs like "Sit Narrower". It's amazing that we are talking about my system here and I have to keep clarifying the same point over and over again. In my videos I have always said transitions are a function of a lot of things..not merely the shape. It is certainly a weapon, but useless without the right roles and duties. It's like talking about a car, without the driver. Shape is a necessary condition but not a sufficient one. Its like setting a fire, you need oxygen and a spark. The oxygen is the necessary condition, but without the spark you won't have fire. So fire here is the fast transitions. You need the roles and duties, shape in itself is useless without them. I have been saying since day one : MENTALITY/SHAPE/ROLES AND DUTIES...you need to mix them all up to get a style. And people are talking about me as if I wasn't here...I am just gonna ignore this thread if people are cherry picking what I have been saying over the years, and at 2:45 in the video, I explain how mentality roles and duties all play a part with shape. When I speak about divergence, its a result of the roles and duties you have selected. Either quote me correctly or stop quoting me at all. Shape defines them, but it's dependant on your roles and duties.
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    Convoluted? You improve your facilities, and you get a better chance of getting better players through. Emphasis on chance. All you're doing is buying more tickets for the lottery. If you think that's convoluted, how do you tie your shoes? Nope, wrong again. It's weighted in a number of factors. Mainly your facilities and what kind of competition you have in your area. If you come out favourably in that, you have a better chance.
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    Most of the stats for Arnautovic bear my work. He is not the best finisher nor the most composed player, he's hardly been a 1 chance, 1 goal man throughout his career. He keeps fashioning chances, keeps getting past his man with the ball or into the box and goals can follow. But I worked hard on making Arnautovic something of an enigma, I've said it before but there's 3 approaches that best fit Arnautovic and representing him in FM. An incredibly consistent but low ability (besides a couple high technicals and physicals) player in the 120-ish range. Doesn't really suit him. A 140-150CA player (which he was when he departed for West Ham, and remember that's a good rating) which gives greater freedom to represent what Arnautovic is as he peaks and troughs through his career. A 170+CA player (which I would argue there is definitely merits for) but with lesser consistency, and being a little more critical on his mental attributes. It's incredibly difficult to hit this sweet spot without Arnautovic becoming either a massive flop you can never get anything out of or being a godly player everyone will try to pick up as West Ham would be easier for the bigger clubs to get to agree to sell. Arnautovic hasn't actually been changed that much on the surface in FM down the last 4-5 years, but while I can't speak for the West Ham researcher, what I did as he improved was to improve the hidden mental attributes. Come the winter update period, he wasn't actually in the best of form. He'd had a tough start to his time at West Ham and was starting to come good but it did look a lot like he had been a bit of a waste for West Ham coming into the Christmas period.
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    Team Shape. It's been with us for years and is still causing discussion / confusion / arguments. I don't think there is any other tactical instruction that gets so misinterpreted by so many people and this thread is a great example of that. imho it should be binned (just use Flexible until it is) but that's a whole different debate.
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    Having now clocked over 2000 hours, Im finally stopping playing FM18 and maybe FM for the next 3 to 4 years! I appreciate all the time and effort put into the game but we have been sold the same game for the past 5 years or so without any radical changes to gameplay... Defenders are still unresponsive to defensive tactics, Attackers are just playing their own game by the goal post and let's not mention keepers! ... That sense of satisfaction is lost for me and i don't expect FM to get any radical immprovements for the next to 3 to 4 years!
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    Sorry I agree with above... these 4 don't really go together and IRL Leicester certainly didn't play out from the back or work the ball into the box. I'd drop both. Okazaki was the deeper more defensive forward. Maybe FM has warped your memory because they recommend Vardy as a defensive forward... but he definitely ran the channels/played off the shoulder whilst Okazaki did more of the 'dog-after-a-bone' play. I'd have Vardy as AF Okazaki as DF
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    Ironically enough, lower league football is surprisingly good in FM... But I agree, the level of mistakes seen at world-class level is quite jarring. Not that the likes of Messi don't fluff thier lines every now and then, but in FM it happens way too often, especially when it's situations where top players wouldn't even make the wrong choice that leads to the embarrassign miss. It's a mystery to me too... There are two separate issues at play here. 1. Football isn't really as "simple", but at its core it should be, provided you're not trying to go for an overly specific and intertwined system. I've said it countless times: a somewhat conservative 4-4-2 based on crosses and headers shouldn't require the aforementioned PhD in Football Manager Studies. 2. The TC doesn't offer enough clear feedback on the tactic. At first glance, a completely flawed tactic can still look fine, while a terrible one can still be very effective. Too many choices, too many overcomplicated pieces that will require an insane amount of micromanangement to "work", or, best-case scenario, not to screw things up completely. I maintain the "dumbing down" had more to do with the UI and the presentation than with the actual instructions. Unless I'm completely mistaken and SI have indeed turned the whole game inside out after they introduced the TC, the revamping was all about removing the sliders but retaining the core principles behind them. Maybe just toned down in terms of actual choices. Instead of 20 positions, we now get like 5 choices, so "Normal width" equals to "slider in position 10" of old... At first glance, it's much more user-friendly, but the deep-rooted flaws are still there in all their glory. This I don't understand. At all. It's a fair suggestion to those who are really struggling to achieve even a modicum of success (which, IMO, takes a lot of "ability" in itself, seeing how easily the AI can be played, even without a full understanding of the tactical side) and are frustrated by it. But others who are doing fine but aren't happy with how the game is presented and with how it plays, or those who don't have time to go through the usual trial-and-error process to test an apparently easy strategy, shouldn't be fed this solution or the "that's how FM works, either live with it or become a Rashidi or a WWFan" one.
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    People come here looking for help and to improve their understanding of game mechanics. If the only answer they get is "ignore em" it's not helpful and explains nothing. Now, "all of them" did not complain, that's pure exaggeration and is again unhelpful. Some probably did complain but clearly not enough or with such severity that it affected your results to any great extent. Anyway, this thread is about player training, not results, and if you ignore your player's complaints about training you improve your chances of them not reaching their potential. So, choose to ignore them if you like - it's your game and totally up to you how you play it - but if you offer poor advice to others, especially when made in such a brief manner, expect to be picked up on it.
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    Hi, Back for Football Manager 2018 ! All leagues and cups will be redone with their format and rules 2017/2018 (then their new format if they change (ex Bolivia from 2018)), and there will be small improvements and adjustments in most my updates, compared to FM17 Year after year, it's better All my updates are made with the advanced editor, to give you the updates + realistic as possible in all competitions! All leagues are with initial tv money and final rankings money depending their initial reputation and continent! MEGAPACK 263 UPDATES: https://files.manageronline.fr/claassen/FM18/megapack-leagues-fm18-by-claassen.rar Changes to 20/05/2018: LAST update! - New format for the CFU Championship: in 2 tiers like IRL from 2018. - Addition: Copa Paraguay (new from 2018) and Uzbekistan 3rd division - Updated many other competition formats that changed in 2018 (continuation and end): Armenia, Latvia, Moldova, Venezuela D2, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Dominican Republic, Sudan, Zambia, New-Caledonia and 4-5 other minors.. Changes to 15/05/2018 - All updates are compatible with patch 18.3.3 - Updated many competition formats that changed in 2018. - Removal of duplicates on African clubs (which were created with database 18.3) Tested until 2038 without bugs or crash. AFRICA: 57 updates Algeria: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Angola: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Benin: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (with 20 clubs, from season 2018) Botswana: 1st division, Top8 Cup, FA Challenge Cup Burkina Faso: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Burundi: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Cameroon: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Cape Verde: 1st division, Cup, Independence Cup, Super Cup Central African Republic: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Chad: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Comoros: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Congo: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Djibouti: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup DR Congo: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (with new format, from season 2018/19) Egypt: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Equatorial Guinea: 1st division, President Cup, Super Cup Eritrea: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Ethiopia: 1st division, Cup, League Cup, Super Cup Gabon: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Gambia: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Ghana: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Guinea: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Guinea-Bissau: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (with 14 clubs, from season 18/19) Ivory Coast: 1st division, Cup, League cup, Super Cup Kenya: 1st division, President Cup, Top 8 Cup, Super Cup Lesotho: 1st division, Cup (with 14 clubs, from season 18/19) Liberia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Libya: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Madagascar: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Malawi: 1st division, Cup, League Cup, Super Cup Mali: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Mauritania: 1st division, Cup, League Cup, Super Cup Mauritius: 1st division, MFA Cup, Republic Cup, Super Cup Mayotte: 1st division, Cup, French Cup, League Cup Morocco: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Mozambique: 1st division, Cup, League Cup, Super Cup Namibia: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Niger: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Nigeria: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Reunion: 1st division, Cup, French Cup Rwanda: 1st division, Cup Sao Tome & Principe: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (Sao Tomé Islands + Principe Islands) Senegal: 1st division, Cup, League Cup, Super Cup Seychelles: 1st division, FA Cup, Airtel Magic Cup, Super Cup Sierra Leone: 1st division, FA Cup, Super Cup (with 14 clubs, from season 2018) Somalia: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup South Sudan: 1st division, Cup South Africa: 3rd division activated Sudan: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Swaziland: 1st division, Bank Cup, Castle Premier Chalenge, Ingwenyama Cup, Super Cup Tanzania: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Togo: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Tunisia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Uganda: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Zambia: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Zanzibar: 1st division, Cup Zimbabwe: 1st division, Cup, Independence Trophy, Super Cup ASIA: 47 updates Afghanistan: 1st division Australia: 2nd division activated (8 NPL leagues) Bahrain: 1st and 2nd division, King's Cup, FA Cup, Super Cup Bangladesh: 1st and 2nd division, Federation Cup, Independence Cup, Super Cup Bhutan: 1st divisions then National League Brunei: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 10 teams by division, from 2018) Cambodia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 10 teams in 2nd division, from 2018) China: 3rd division activated (with 2 groups of 14 teams, from season 2018) DPR North Korea: 1st division, Cup East Timor: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 14 teams in 2nd division, from season 2018) Guam: 1st division, Cup Hong-Kong: 2nd, 3rd and 4th division activated (with new formats, from season 18/19) India: Hero Indian Super League and 2nd division activated Indonesia: 3rd division activated (with new formats, from season 2018, for 2nd and 3rd division) Iran: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup Iraq: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Japan: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th division, Emperor's Cup, League Cup, Super Cup, Suruga Bank Cup Jordan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Shield Cup, Super Cup Kuwait: 1st and 2nd division, Emir Cup, Crown Prince Cup, Federation Cup, Super Cup Kyrgyzstan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 8 clubs in 1st division, from 2018) Laos: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (with 14 teams, from season 2018) Lebanon: 1st and 2nd division, FA Cup, Elite Cup, Super Cup Macau: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, FA Cup, President's Cup Malaysia: 3rd division activated (with 2 groups of 8 teams, from season 2018) Maldives: 1st division, Cup, President's Cup, Super Cup Mongolia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Myanmar: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 12 teams in 2nd division, from 2018) Nepal: 1st division, Aaha Gold Cup, Budha Subba Gold Cup, Birat Gold Cup Northern Marianas Islands: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Oman: 1st and 2nd division, Sultan Cup, Federation Cup, Super Cup Pakistan: 1st division, Cup Palestine: 1st and 2nd division (West Bank and Gaza), Palestine Cup, West Bank Cup, Gaza Cup, West Bank Super Cup, Gaza Super Cup Philippines: 1st division (PFL) Qatar: 1st and 2nd division, Emir Cup, Crown Prince Cup, Stars Cup, Sheikh Qassim Cup Saudi Arabia: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, King's Cup, Super Cup Singapore: 2nd and 3rd division activated South Korea: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated Sri Lanka: 1st division, Cup Syria: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Taiwan: 1st division Tajikistan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, FFT Cup, Super Cup Thailand: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, League cup, Super Cup (with 16 teams by group to 3rd division, from season 2018) Turkmenistan: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (with 10 teams + 1 relegation, from season 2018) United Arab Emirates: 1st and 2nd division, President's cup, Emirates Cup, Super Cup Uzbekistan: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup Vietnam: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 10 teams in 2nd division, from season 2018) Yemen: 1st and 2nd division, Cup and Super Cup EUROPE: 48 updates Albania: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Andorra: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Armenia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Azerbaijan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 14 teams in 2nd division, from 2018/19) Belarus: 3rd division activated + Points deductions Belgium: 4th and 5th division activated Bosnia-Herzegovina: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Bulgaria: 3rd division activated Crimea: 1st division, Cup Croatia: 3rd division activated Cyprus: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup Czech Republic: 3rd and 4th division activated Denmark: 4th division activated Estonia: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup Faroe Islands: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Finland: 3rd division activated France: 4th and 5th division activated FYROM: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Georgia: 1st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th division, Cup, Super Cup Gibraltar: 1st and 2nd division, Cups, Super Cup Greece: 3rd division activated (with new formats, from season 2018/19) Hungary: 3rd division activated Iceland: 3rd and 4th division activated + League Cup B Ireland: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated Israel: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated + Cups of 4th and 5th division Kazakhstan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 10 teams in 2nd division, from 2018) Kosovo: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Latvia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, League Cup (with new formats, from season 2018) Lithuania: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Luxembourg: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Malta: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th division, Cup, Super Cup Moldova: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup (with new formats and dates, from season 2018) Montenegro: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Netherlands: 3rd and 4th division activated Northern Ireland: 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th division activated Norway: 4th division activated Poland: 3rd and 4th division activated Romania: 3rd division activated (with new format, from season 2018/19) Russia: 3rd division activated San Marino: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Scotland: 5th and 6th division activated Serbia: 3rd division activated Slovenia: 3rd division activated Sweden: 5th division activated Switzerland: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated Turkey: 4th and 5th division activated Ukraine: 3rd division activated (with 12 teams to GroupA, from season 2018/19) Wales: 2nd, 3rd and 4th division activated NORTH AMERICA: 42 updates Anguilla: 1st division, Cup, President's Cup Antigua and Barbuda: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Aruba: 1st division, Cup Bahamas: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Barbados: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Belize: 1st division Bermuda: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Friendship Trophy, Super Cup Bonaire: 1st division, Cup British Virgin Islands: 1st division, Williams Cup, Terry Evans Cup Canada: Canadian Soccer League, League1 Ontario, PLSQ, PCSL, Ontario Cup, PLSQ Cup Cayman Islands: 1st division, Cup, President's Cup, Super Cup Costa Rica: 1st and 2nd division Cuba: 1st division Curacao: 1st division Dominica: 1st division, Cup Dominican Republic: 1st division, Cup El Salvador: 1st and 2nd division, Cup French Guiana: 1st division, Cup, French Cup, UNAF Cup (with 12 clubs, from season 18/19) Grenada: 1st division, Cup (with 10 teams, from season 2018) Guadeloupe: 1st division, Cup, French Cup, Trophee des clubs champions Guatemala: 1st and 2nd division Guyana: 1st division, Mayors Cup, Kashif & Shanghai Knockout Tournament (with 12 clubs, from season 18/19) Haiti: 1st division, Trophee des Champions Honduras: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Jamaica: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Martinique: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, French Cup, Super Cup Mexico: 3rd and 4th division activated Montserrat: 1st division Nicaragua: 1st and 2nd division Panama: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Puerto Rico: 1st and 2nd division Saint Kitts and Nevis: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Saint Lucia: 1st division, Cup Saint-Martin (FR): 1st division, Cup Saint Pierre & Miquelon: 1st division, Cup Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: 1st division Sint-Maarten (NL): 1st division Suriname: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (with 14 teams, from season 18/19) Trinidad & Tobago: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, FA Trophy, Pro Bowl, League Cup, Toyota Classic Cup, Goal Shield, Charity Shield Turks and 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    This forum is something else. Everyone is so ****ing sensitive because people don't sugar coat stuff. How do you all survive in the real world being so sensitive and all that. I wasn't abusive, I wasn't disrespectful and I didn't attack you. I even spent time making sure my replies were informative and detailed too.
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    The problem with the "it's a game" argument is that the very successful selling point has always been that it's a relatively realistic simulation of football. I know that if I play FIFA it's designed to produce goals in a very short period of time and so rewards naive constant attacking that only really resembles highlights of stupidly open games, I know if I play Europa Universalis it won't remotely resemble actually running an empire and I'll need to read the guide to know what any of the buttons mean, but if I'm playing the management sim that prides itself on most resembling the widely-understood game of football, I reasonably expect that the best results are to be achieved by picking a lineup and basic tactical approach that would work really well in real life football, and not learning imaginary distinctions between registas and deep lying playmakers, how much inverted fullbacks and flat forward threes can massively overachieve in a particular incarnation of the match engine and eventually cracking getting the defence and midfield to stand closer together by clicking a button which claims to be all about creative freedom... Whether it's feasible for match engines not to have exploitable quirks and where the balance between depth and intuitiveness should lie are complicated questions, but that doesn't mean one can't question whether that balance is wrong at the moment
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    In terms of tactic ... a striker is a striker... if I play Andy Carroll as my striker he will naturally be different than if I play Javier Hernandez. You should have to pick the right players (attributes and traits) and sensible PI/TI If you say to me 'DM' I just see the position on the pitch tactically -> between my defence and central midfield. A DLP is just a DM that likes to pass the ball...so if you want DLP behaviour sign someone with good passing, technique, vision and PPM 'likes to dictate play' or 'likes to play out'...If you want a DM who just wins the ball and lays it off then go for a player with ppm 'plays simple passes' Using the RB again as it fits the narrative perfectly... how can you have a WB role in a flat line with the defence. That is a full back! Trequarista doesn't work at all imo... if you look at heat map they roam vertically as much as anything. They are supposed to maraud the third quarter. Again just an AM with 'free role' or a PI with a split for vertical movement or horizontal (would cover off the Carilerro issue too).
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    Wow so many people tagged me :-) almost feel compelled to respond which of course is my pleasure to do. A structured shape creates distinctions but these distinctions depend on the roles and duties you use and how you opt to create space for them. Only then will you see them attacking space, its a result of various things and is not caused by the shape. On fluid shapes once again roles and duties are important, because the mentalities are closer together, you will find players upfront on a lower mentality. One caveat, the only reason why I play my Klopp style is because of the roles and duties and the overloads I have created, which allows me to have those quick transitions, which in large part are created by the right players with passing instructions. It's very interesting, cos I have seen people use the same tactic I have deployed and then struggle to mimic the same kind of attacking patterns. And that's cos of the final factor the individual attributes of the players and their traits. Fluid Shapes do not = Hold up ball. Its not the shape per se, its how Mentality/Shape/Roles and Duties work together. It's the whole mix. A tactic on a low mentality with the right roles and duties in a fluid setup can still generate fantastic transitions. But its not just about Shape. To say Shape causes it is wrong. Let me illustrate: Say you play a 442, with support duties everywhere and a defend duty and a support duty in attack. And you play this on Structured. Your mentality guides the risk, but your transitional movement and passes won't be fast, because you haven't created or thought of how these individual players are playing against another system. Say you are playing against a 451, then you won't get fast transitions period. Lets say that 451 has two CWB on attacking duty, you may get fast transitions if you win the ball on a failed transition by the AI in midfield, but you are not likely to create anything fast when you play the ball out from deep cos the AI is already in a defensive shape. So when we are talking about transitions, it's more than shape. Its about how we use roles and duties FIRST to create or work the spaces, then SHAPE, can help influence the roles and duties you have chosen to attack that space. On a fluid shape you could involve more players in transitions but ultimately who attacks which space is a function of how you have set your system up against another. SHAPE in itself is useless if you have not thought that through. The most important video I ever did to illustrate this point was the one about creating Overloads, which is a necessary component in creating successful 2v1 situations in football. @Cleon's point that roles and duties being pivotal cannot be understated. Remember how I use to do lightning fast transitions with fluid shapes? I would literally create a stampede of players attacking the box. You can create fast transitions with structured and fluid, its how you choose the mentality, roles and duties. To say one factor alone is at play here, isn't how the developers wanted the TC to work, not since FM17 anyway. Prior to FM15 yes to some extent we didn't even need to worry about balancing all the components, but that has stopped since FM16.
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    Good post, I’m a FM fantatic but I do feel it needs either competition, or an overhaul of a few things: Press Conferences, Interaction - as AI improves over time, I would like to see them be able to develop a more personalised capability to answer questions and get a more immersive human feel to the social feeds, conversations and interviews as well as your own responses. Unresponsive player AI - eventually the unrealistic behaviour by goalkeepers, defenders and attackers has to go. Poor team instructions does not equal below pub league incompetent behaviour in any circumstance. Poor instructions leading to 50 yard pot shots is not an excuse, real players in real life sometimes ignore instructions but that doesn’t lead to stupidity. Transfers and negotiations - It is very suspect that you can go 300 days with no interest in one player, and upon offering him for a cut price £2.5m you get 3 identical offers for £1.3m + instalments and the exact same wage contribution from 3 different private bids. Contract negotiations have improved but not in the sense of the game being relatively the same for 10 years. Staff - scouts don’t feel intuitive and like they are giving £2k a week input. Horrendous lack of people with the tactical knowledge attribute in the game also. Sports Scientists, DOF and HOYD feel like rushed and poorly implemented inclusions into the game and are still inneffective or unclear, are of far less helpfulness than scouts and coaches. Staff attributes are as a majority horrendous. DOF and HOYD can not be trusted to sign or approach decent players despite being paid thousands show little common sense to justify their positions. Youth Recruitment - The most broken dated part of the game, HOYD poorly implemented, Youth are not selected IRL based on one persons personality and certainly not based on one persons footballing outlook over the manager or the clubs. The current Intake setup is a series of random spawns leading to the database bloating with a lot of 0.5-2* players better suited to keeping their day jobs. This needs an overhaul so that over the course of the year a HOYD identifies 15-20 candidates that you yourself meet or have a look at, and have to pursuade to join your club and not a rivals. - The alternative is that’s you are basically paying someone £2-10k a week for one nights work that even then they often mess up. Tactics - Have improved since the sliders, but could be refined. There is an abundance of misleading titles, descriptions on different settings that accidentally mislead a user and will inevitably lead to frustration for people new to the game. Some player roles should be explained better and scrapped off pretentious foreign names. Like in Pro Ev, the ability to break down instructions to when in position or out of possession would be good. Greater control over vertical and horizontal width between defence, attack and midfield. Again, based on in or out of possession is desireable. Passing into space is a tactic better suited per player rather than a blanket team instruction. Applying tactics should yellow warning tactics that will definitely or may cause contradictions or problems based on the opposition being narrow/wide or other reasons. A defensive, rigid tactic should effectively grey out any or nearly all individual instructions on players. After 5 years at the club, learning from you, your assistant manager should not suggest that you play direct and pump the ball into the box if that’s something that you guys have never ever done. - advice needs to be far more meaningful. The ability to have a meaningful conversation at half time or from the touch line and ask a player “Why are you not picking out X’s runs and laying the ball off to him faster or at all?”
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    This post should be stickied and shown to anyone who comes on and complains about Johnny Bloggs having 15 for finishing when really he should have 16 because he scored a good goal once. A good researcher will put a hell of a lot of thought into why a player is rated like he is, and I don't think a lot of people appreciate what goes into it.
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    One other thing to factor in - he's comparing his club vs everybody else, and each time he reloads it's likely to be different teams who get the better players. So one reload his newgens get compared to Everton/Leicester/West Ham, the next reload he's comparing to Stoke/Bournemouth/Palace. Therefore there's a perception bias that he's always getting poor newgens in comparison when actually everyone are getting poor newgens and the good ones get shared around each reload - including to himself btw when he gets his 4 star ones. And lets not forget he's still only York City with nowhere near the best reputation. And reputation counts for quite a lot - if you have two clubs in the same league with exactly the same youth set up, the one with the higher rep is more likely to get the better newgens.