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  1. What are people's thoughts on this? If I was to start a save in a European league that is quite small and hasn’t really had any success in continental competitions, where should I be looking?
  2. I’m with @Experienced Defender on this one. I’ll always try to set up when playing two strikers with my more Attack minded striker in the same slot as his footedness, for very similar reasons. To the point where if a striker looks like an excellent Advanced Forward but is left footed, I’ll disregard them as a signing. Usually I use a DLF or a TM and I feel like it makes sense in my head to have that role who is coming deeper and playing with their back to goal sometimes to play with their stronger foot on the inside because I want them to turn inside and release the other striker. My Advanced Forward often ends up in the channels and so (like ED said above) I’d rather he was on his stronger foot to cut the ball back or clip a cross in as opposed to having to cut back on to his favoured foot and do something. I’m sure in some systems it works fine to have the stronger foot on the inside but I’ve never really found it works for me in the systems I like to use.
  3. I’m sure you can do this. Just go to the squad screen, hover over the players menu and click Registration. Then flip from League Registration to Training Camp Registration and add them in.
  4. I very much doubt it. I remember Miles Jacobson tweeting a while back that they wanted FM to be an escape from the real world. I guess, ultimately, what’s the point in a football manager game where you can’t actually football manage?
  5. Just because you haven’t seen a tactic with a role in a certain position, it doesn’t mean someone isn’t using it. If one person is using it then it’s worth having in the game. Not everyone posts their tactics on here or other forums and sites. Someone (a mod or someone who works on the game) may correct me here because I could be wrong, but I always thought thay each position acts differently “under the hood”. So you say that you can make a CM behave like a Carrilero by using instructions but I always thought that there were things, like the default positioning of a role amongst other things, under the hood that are hard coded in that make each role behave differently.
  6. I feel like you’ve kind of ignored their point of “I’ve reported this before and nothing has been done”. I get that they’ve reported it as a bug rather than a request but this is a really big issue that should be addressed.
  7. On my Orient save, I’m currently in the Championship in the 26/27 season and I’ve had that message four times out of the seven and a half seasons I’ve been in charge. I’ve had some decent players come through but it’s relative to the ability of your squad. I’d say I’ve had five or six players in total who are good enough to play in the second tier and possibly move up to the Premier League.
  8. I usually lower the tempo, increase time wasting and take off counter, so maybe adding in hold shape might be useful. I might set up a tactic that’s even more defensive specifically to see games out because I’ve only got two tactics set up at the moment.
  9. Ideally a tall bloke who can win a significant number of headers. I’ve tried it with a strength based Target Man (the Akinfenwa type) but it doesn’t work as well because I get a lot of crosses in and I need someone who can really challenge for the ball aerially. In League 1, Charlie Wyke was a monster. In the Championship, Kieffer Moore was my guy. I usually look for players who are 6’3” and above, which can be very hard to come by which is why for this season I’ve changed to a DLF on Attack duty. It’s not my long term vision. I find that if you instruct the team to play out of defence and keep the passing short then they very rarely lump it forwards. I still usually have over 50% of the possession and finish seasons in the top 5 for passes completed. On the rare occasion that my defenders can’t find a short pass out from the back then having a big man up front is a useful outlet. Predominantly though, he’s a threat from crosses
  10. I’m into October on a Port Vale save and I’m under a bit of pressure to save my job. My tactic was very similar to @johnnyyakuza78anyway but I switched to Defensive Wingers and things picked up a bit. Went on a six game unbeaten run up to 12th but since then nothing is going my way. In my last two games, I’ve been 2-0 up and defended stoutly all game, only to concede three goals in the last 10 minutes which prompted me to save and exit to give myself a breather! The conceding of these goals are frustrating me because, on the Match Engine at least, it looks like stupid errors that are costing me. I’m forcing the opposition wide but my defenders aren’t challenging the crosses or heading the ball away. My wingers haven’t achieved a rating higher than 6.6 all season. My full backs are the same. I’m creating chances and defending well generally but I can’t seem to hang on to a result at the moment. Down in 19th and second favourite in the league for the sack. I fear I may not get to next summer to bring in the players I actually want.
  11. Thanks for this. I’ll give this a go and see what happens. I’ve got the players for the roles so I’m hopeful.
  12. Defensive Winger is something that I’m considering switching to. I’ve got mine on Winger Support at the moment and they’re really not doing well generally. I’m thinking getting them involved in the defensive side of the game might help somehow.
  13. Just to add to this thread again, if I’m using three centre backs on Central Defender with Defend duty, is a necessity to play with a central midfielder with Defend duty when on Positive mentality and looking to control the game in the opposition’s half? Is that overkill? I can’t seem to find a balance between covering the defence from counter attacks and getting enough players forward to support my strikers and so inevitably neither thing happens and they just float about in the middle of the park. The other issue I’ve got is that I can only seem to get goals now with a DLF and AF both on Attack duty but my wing backs only really play well on Attack duty too and I’m conscious of overdoing it. Tactics are in my opening post... I’ve tried with an Advanced Playmaker/Roaming Playmaker instead of a DLP, a Mezzala instead of a BBM and or the BWM. I’ve tried dropping a midfielder into the DM strata but on Support duty in an attempt to cover the defence but it feels like there’s not enough going forward.
  14. I’ve not tried it yet but will do later and maybe someone else has tried already, but I’m hoping that by putting the instruction of Hold Shape on with Standard Closing Down then there’s enough pressing happening that you’re not completely passive but it’s really rigid and disciplined. I guess the ultimate aim is to push all the play out wide for your horrible centre halves to head or boot clear. The ratings my full backs and entire midfield are getting are horrifying but then I guess they’re not really getting the ball so it’s hard to influence the game.
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