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  1. Had this posted in general discussion but I'll ask here as well. I'm playing in the Belgian third division and cannot score for love nor money. Using a formation that worked in England's League 1 and 2 including getting a bang average team promoted with a +38 goal difference. Basically, I know it works for goals. In this new save (and saves I've started with Villa, Parma and Burnley), I can't score a goal. For example, in 35 games as those teams I've managed 8 goals. I mean, that's almost funny isn't it? Here's what's annoying: My number 1 striker is the best in the league by a mile. Yet given a chance anywhere in the box, he'll miss. A lot of the time, the keeper will suddenly turn into De Gea/Derren Brown and go soaring across to the corner to save it despite the shot coming from 6 yards out and screaming into the top corner. Sometimes he'll hit the post from 6 yards out when it seems impossible. Sometimes he shanks it out for a throw. This is true for all teams I have used with strikers like Kodjia for Villa. And the keepers in the Belgian third league are dreadful. So how is this happening? Before anyone asks... yes I'm creating lots of clear cut chances and lots of shots in good areas in the box. Quite a few are from within 10 yards completely unmarked and they still miss. Then to add insult to injury, despite having 70% possession, 25 shots, 14 on target, I'll concede a 90th minute counter attack goal where their right footed winger with absolutely no left foot finds himself with two defenders on him in the box and somehow fires a left footed shot into the corner of the goal. Yet my 5 star striker can't hit a barn door with a banjo. While I accept that in football, a dominant team will sometimes lose to a team that has 1 shot, I refuse to accept that this happens like I've described time and time again. How do I fix this please?
  2. Yeah I'll give it a go. Cheers
  3. I'll give it a go. Generally I stick with them for three or four games. It's just bizarre that they can't hit the target. I'll persevere and see what happens. Thanks for the tips.
  4. It sounds like I'm being really ungrateful for your suggestions and I promise I'm not. It just gets frustrating when time and time again I'm missing easy chances to score.
  5. Most are inside the box when my players are unmarked and they somehow hit the post or the keeper reads him like Derren Brown and flies towards where the ball is going to miraculously keep it out. Or on the odd occasion a 6 yard open goal turns into an opposition throw in. But my keeper suddenly turns into Stevie Wonder when the opposition has their one shot on goal.
  6. It's not just him though. I've tried it with numerous teams and loads of strikers and every single one can't score. On the last four saves I've tried, I've scored the grand total of 8 goals in 35 games. How is that even possible?
  7. Oh and also, worth mentioning that this formation got me promoted with a +38 goal difference with a relatively worse team against relatively better teams and with a 3 star striker. Riddle me that.
  8. Follow up from my "lost all motivation" thread. Found a bit more form with my formation. Dominating possession and creating bags of chances. But I can't score. Why? The opposition keepers appear to be on steroids. Or at least are outplaying the likes of De Gea. I'm in the Belgian third division. I've had shots screaming into the top corner from 6 yards out and the keeper is already there to tip it over. Secondly, I've hit the post more times in eight games than I've had hot dinners. Thirdly, despite the glorious chances my midfielders are giving my strikers, they can't seem to do anything with them. One of my strikers is the best (attribute wise) striker in the entire division. His finishing is 15!! And he can't beat a keeper who probably doubles as a greengrocer. And that's if he hits the target at all and doesn't suddenly look like he's had his brain removed and smash it out for a throw in despite being offered an open goal. Then to add insult to injury, the opposition score with their only chance and I lose 1-0. Now, if I wasn't creating chances and/or conceding goals for fun then I'd accept losing or at least not scoring. But can someone explain to me why my 5 star striker isn't scoring? Because I'm past the point where anything makes sense.
  9. I had a great save going with Orient. Set up a really effective 3 centre back system (which worked across the board on test saves with Chelsea, Juve, Derby and Eastleigh) and managed to get to the Championship in 5 seasons. I was doing ok in my first season in the division when all of a sudden, no amount of tweaking would get me a point let alone a win. After much frustration, I decided to take a break from that save. I guessed that the AI on that save had kind of sussed me out and maybe starting a new save would bring my motivation back. Alas, no. I've wasted my time on countless saves now (Villa, Burnley, Parma amongst others) and I haven't won a single game. On my Parma save, they have players which fit the three centre back formation that worked so well for Orient so I tried it. Apparently it doesn't work anymore. Now I can accept that on an individual save, the AI will work it out and counteract it. However, on a different save, how can a tactic that worked so well for a bunch of no hopers not have any effect with a good squad? It can't have been worked out already on a new save surely? Has there been an update which has affected this? Now I have absolutely no motivation to start a new save because of how badly I'm doing. Any suggestions on the tactic or a potential new save would be welcomed.
  10. Sorry for the delay. My game is now running with no lag but it's still telling me that my laptop has 0.5 star graphics capability and I'm having to run the graphics on very low. I'll try updating the graphics driver and see what happens. Thanks again for the advice.
  11. Haven't changed my setup, still running on Windows 8 as Windows 10 was an absolute disaster for my laptop and FM when it tried updating to that about a year ago. Ive already tried the suggestions you've listed and if anything it's slower than before. When I started the game up today it said my computer performance was 4 stars and my graphics capabilities was 3.5. Now both are 0.5. How on earth can they have both dropped that significantly?
  12. Thanks for the advice. I've tried all of it including downloading an add-on to my anti-virus software which is supposed to optimise my laptop and it's made no difference. I'm so confused as the problem came out of nowhere.
  13. Before I start, my laptop is fine. More than powerful enough, graphics capabilities are high and I've not had an issue thus far. I'm in the 2020/21 season and started a game when it begun looking like I was watching a series of slides instead of a smooth visual. I managed to get through the game thinking it might just be the 3D match engine but it's doing it on the normal interface as well. I've not changed the skin at all as I know that's often something that gets asked. Anti-virus software has never caused an issue before either. i've just tried changing the graphics quality from high to low and it's still really slow and laggy. Any suggestions?
  14. Thanks mate. I'm hopeful he sells up asap but he's mental so wouldn't surprise me if he hung around. Lots of new grounds to visit though!
  15. I've made more changes now and I'm genuinely pretty happy with it. Like I said before, I'm playing as Orient so the quality of players is poor but it seems to work fairly well with them. I'm yet to give it a go with the likes of Chelsea. I've changed the CD stopper for a CD cover and it seemed to click a bit more. Also changing the Inside Forwards to Advanced Playmakers made a huge difference. I'm quite busy with work at the minute but will post screenshots ASAP.