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  1. The lines on the team of the week pitch go off the pitch and on to the message. I've tried attaching an image... please let me know if you can't see it.
  2. [ENGLAND] (Official) Leyton Orient Data Issues

    I don't think Charlie Lee should have an injury to start the game. The game starts at the beginning of July but Lee didn't get injured until well after the season started. He should be fit and healthy to reflect how he started in real life.
  3. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    I'll definitely be going with Orient and trying to get them back into the Football League. An almost entirely new squad and a new chairman will prove interesting. I might try the Fergie Challenge at some point or an unemployed save.
  4. I always play with a Cover centre back as my middle CB in a back three and it works a treat. He's there to sweep up any mistakes your other two centre backs make. Other than that, what the other two said basically.
  5. Hello fellow O!! Obviously I've done my fair share of Orient saves over the years and this is how I used to use Cox and will probably use Dayton. To start with I went for the Wide Playmaker role but he didn't score enough. Changed to Wide Midfielder on Attack duty. Used the PIs: Cut Inside, Cross More Often all the time. Sometimes would add in Cross from Deep (I think that's available on WM(a)) and possibly More Risky Passes and maybe Roam from Position depending on who I'm playing. It's not perfect but it's the closest I could get to it. As FM is essentially a glorified spreadsheet it's not going to ever be spot on but it's effective. Particularly with an attacking full back bombing on beyond him.
  6. Troubling away form

    Not much more to add other than maybe consider removing almost all of your TIs (maybe do this on an extra save to test it or on FM Classic as you get full tactical familiarity all the time). Then add one or two in if you feel like you need them. If you want to play more direct/shorter than your players are then add it. If it's fine then leave it be. I would recommend doing this using at least Extended highlights otherwise you won't really see a lot. One thing I will add is it's a gamble having two playmakers next to each other on the pitch (bit of a gamble having two in your team full stop to in my opinion). Both will go looking for the ball leaving your midfield non-existent. They're also not going to do a lot defensively. Also, the fact that your front three are all on Attack then they're a little isolated from the players that are supposed to be feeding them the ball. I'd have at least one of them on Support to fill the line between the midfield and attack. Maybe try Pogba on Box to Box to utilise his physical skills and goalscoring ability as he's unlikely to hit the back of the net often as a playmaker.
  7. Tactic Issue

    I would say that to stop them stepping out of line you need to either remove the Attack duty or play more structured. Attacking wing backs are going to "step out of line" otherwise they're not really attacking. I'd maybe go with Wing Back Support so they sit a bit deeper or go Full Back Support and use the PI Get Further Forward. Also, yes I would push the defensive line to at least a normal line so there's not a huge gap between them and the midfield. As Herne said, having a CM Attack means your DLP is massively isolated. Consider changing the CMs duty or even change him to a BBM. Still gets forward but also gets back.
  8. National Team tactical familiarity

    I guess the saving grace is that the AI teams have the same issue.
  9. Is it constantly low or is it maxed out?
  10. I quite enjoy managing National Teams on the game and would like to see the option to talk to players who have dual-eligibility. I always have a Jamaica save on the go (don't ask!) and obviously there's a number of English players who have Jamaican heritage. Most of them have no chance of playing for England (I'm looking at you Rolando Aarons and Dwight Gayle) but they reject call-ups all the time. Sometimes after numerous seasons of trying I might get lucky and they accept. My suggestion is to be able to have a conversation with these players to convince them to choose my nation instead of the other one. They're clearly never going to be England internationals but turn down international football elsewhere. Look at Zaha for instance. He was convinced by the Ivory Coast manager and FA to go with them over England because he would be a key player for them as opposed to a fringe player for England.
  11. Can't find a thread about this anywhere but I could be wrong. Something I've often wondered is why there isn't an interview process for international jobs. Surely an interview is MORE important for a national team? Just takes away a little bit of the realism when you can't argue your corner and instead just get flat out rejected or offered the job.
  12. Had this posted in general discussion but I'll ask here as well. I'm playing in the Belgian third division and cannot score for love nor money. Using a formation that worked in England's League 1 and 2 including getting a bang average team promoted with a +38 goal difference. Basically, I know it works for goals. In this new save (and saves I've started with Villa, Parma and Burnley), I can't score a goal. For example, in 35 games as those teams I've managed 8 goals. I mean, that's almost funny isn't it? Here's what's annoying: My number 1 striker is the best in the league by a mile. Yet given a chance anywhere in the box, he'll miss. A lot of the time, the keeper will suddenly turn into De Gea/Derren Brown and go soaring across to the corner to save it despite the shot coming from 6 yards out and screaming into the top corner. Sometimes he'll hit the post from 6 yards out when it seems impossible. Sometimes he shanks it out for a throw. This is true for all teams I have used with strikers like Kodjia for Villa. And the keepers in the Belgian third league are dreadful. So how is this happening? Before anyone asks... yes I'm creating lots of clear cut chances and lots of shots in good areas in the box. Quite a few are from within 10 yards completely unmarked and they still miss. Then to add insult to injury, despite having 70% possession, 25 shots, 14 on target, I'll concede a 90th minute counter attack goal where their right footed winger with absolutely no left foot finds himself with two defenders on him in the box and somehow fires a left footed shot into the corner of the goal. Yet my 5 star striker can't hit a barn door with a banjo. While I accept that in football, a dominant team will sometimes lose to a team that has 1 shot, I refuse to accept that this happens like I've described time and time again. How do I fix this please?
  13. Why can I now not score any goals

    Yeah I'll give it a go. Cheers
  14. Why can I now not score any goals

    I'll give it a go. Generally I stick with them for three or four games. It's just bizarre that they can't hit the target. I'll persevere and see what happens. Thanks for the tips.
  15. Why can I now not score any goals

    It sounds like I'm being really ungrateful for your suggestions and I promise I'm not. It just gets frustrating when time and time again I'm missing easy chances to score.