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  1. Interesting. I've tried the 4-4-2 and just couldn't get it working the way I wanted it. I'm quite stubborn though and if the players don't get my system then I get annoyed! My Conte system is working fairly well. Sitting in 9th at the minute which is the best I've done with Orient on this years game.
  2. What does your tactic look like?
  3. I'm currently attempting to kind of re-create Conte's 3-4-3 /5-4-1 which I would argue is counter-based. I've got my defenders basically in a wall but they're quick enough to bomb forward when the opposition inevitably over-commit. I think it's funny how the AI seem to see 3 at the back as license to try and overload me. My defenders are solid enough to win it back and knock it forward to a wide player who is basically on his own. I owe a lot to Cleon and Herne on this thread!
  4. Nice to hear @luke4387 ! I've also got an Orient save on the go (about the seventh I've started because I've really struggled with them this year). Tried my usually effective 4-4-2 to no avail, as well as a wide 4-3-3 and a 4-2-3-1. Now onto Conte's 3-4-3/5-4-1 system which is a challenge because I don't really have the players for it and there's no money to bring anyone in. Currently three games in, lost 1 drawn 1 and won 1. Lost to Cheltenham first game out 1-0 despite then having a man sent off. Got caught with a ball over the top late on. Beat Coventry in the cup 1-0 thanks to a solid defensive effort and just drew with Newport 1-1. Conceded a late equaliser from another ball over the top so I'm thinking even Normal is too high for my defensive line! I've brought in Haamelainen from QPR on loan as well as Bradley Fewster from Boro and Lauri Dalla Valle on a free transfer. Shipped McCallum out because he's too lazy for the system and Moore has gone to Crawley. I'm currently re-training most of my attackers to be defensive forwards, inside forwards or advanced playmakers in a desperate attempt for them to fit my system by Christmas. My one major concern is that Becchetti is obviously a nutter so could sack me at any point but if a takeover happens, I might be replaced by the new guy (that's what happened on all my previous attempts). Still plugging away with the 3-4-3. It think I've got the defensive shape right, it's just going forward and creating/scoring that I still need to get right. With regards to some of the Orient players, quite a lot of the kids are underrated in my opinion. Alzate in particular is well below where he should be (no criticism aimed at Stu the researcher though because Alzate only really came through after the data lock). Clark and Happe also a little low and Ochieng possibly too. I also think the youth facilities and recruitment and junior coaching is a little on the low side considering the players we've brought through recently and I've raised that with Stu to possibly be changed next year.
  5. I like going into a team with a system and style and fitting the players to it. I'm a big fan of the 4-4-2 but I've struggled to really implement it successfully on this years game. I like the wide 4-3-3 as well but I'm currently obsessed with Conte's 3-4-3/5-4-1. I've got an Orient save going at the minute where I'm trying to make that the DNA of the club. It's been a struggle making League 2 players play like a Prem team but I'm feel like I'm nearly there with the system. I'm an advocate of the "build from the back" policy. All of my successes on FM year in year out are because I concede less than everyone else. Not always exciting but effective! I also prefer trying to bring my own youngsters through and will always give one of my own a go over ringing a new signing in.
  6. If I'm charging my laptop and playing at the same time (which is frequent because FM drains the battery) then I could cook a three course meal on it. Not sure if that helps!
  7. I think I'm pretty close with the shape. I've gone for a flat back 5 with wing backs either side on attack. Then two centre mids, two inside forwards and a defensive forward. This gives me the defensive shape of 5-4-1 but a 3-4-3 going forwards into attack. Still tweaking the team instructions but it's definitely effective defensively. I'll try and post screenshots of the average positions of my players at some point tomorrow or the weekend.
  8. See I used to think this was the case so I started logging it from a few months into playing FM16 (sad I know but it was irritating me). Its happened 87% of the time! And that's not counting individual defeats. That's 87% of the time I lose more than one game in a row after loading the game back up. I mean, that's insane.
  9. So I'm pretty much 100% sure this is a conincidence but thought I'd see if anyone else finds this. I'm very reluctant to save and quit my game when I'm on a good run because every time I go back on it I start losing. Not some of the time, not most of the time... EVERY time. Frustratingly, if I'm on a bad run when I save and quit the opposite isn't true. I still carry on losing. Does anyone else find this happens to them?
  10. I always have an Orient save on the go. Only just started it this time round. I think every year I've had the game I've managed to get us into the Prem within 10 seasons. This time it's proving to be a lot harder which is nice as clearly that reflects real life. I've also got an Edinburgh City save which I've been dipping in and out of. It's mega tough as the players are dreadful and there's no money. I'm currently out of love with it as I'm 9 games without a win!
  11. I think I'm quite close to cracking a Conte-inspired 3-4-3. It's not perfect (mainly because I'm doing it with Leyton Orient so the talent isn't really there) but it's effective and works in a similar manner. I don't have screenshots at the moment (will try to upload some later), but it looks something like this: Flexible/Fluid Counter/Control (obviously dependent on who you are playing) Shorter passing, play out of defence, play narrower, slightly higher defensive line GK(d) - Distribute to centre backs CB(d) x2 CB(st) WBR(a) - shoot less often, stay wider WBL(s) - shoot less often, stay wider BBM(s) - shoot less often, close down more CM(s) - shoot less often, dribble less IFR(s) IFL(a) - sometimes I use roam on him but not always DLF(a) The theory is that the middle centre back comes out to meet players, almost like a very deep defensive midfielder. The centre mids cover lots of ground in the middle of the park. Playing narrower means my inside forwards tuck in a lot more. I changed it to this because my striker was left isolated too often. He comes in deep to create space but still gets himself into scoring opportunities. The wing backs need to stay wide and create the width. Like I said, it's not exact but it's working for me and is a good base to build from. If I've missed anything you want to know then just ask.
  12. Sorry if there's a specific thread for this. I looked but couldn't find it. I'm looking to start a new save slightly out of my comfort zone of the English lower leagues. I've got a few ideas of teams (which I'll list) and I'll start a save with whichever is the most popular choice. Equally, if you have a different idea of a team to pick then feel free to suggest it. The teams I'm considering are: Edinburgh City One of the new MLS clubs One of the weaker Chinese Super League clubs Parma As I said, any other suggestions are welcome but I like the look of these four. Thanks in advance.
  13. This happens fairly frequently in real life I think but isn't really an option at the moment for EFL teams on the game. The first time I became aware of it was when Darren Anderton played for Bournemouth on a pay-as-you-play deal. A recent example would be Michael Collins at Leyton Orient who joined in October on a 3 month "prove yourself" contract which was then extended in January until the end of the season. This would be a really nice addition as I pretty much exclusively play as EFL teams and get really frustrated when I have to sign a free agent until the end of the season. If a player has been injured long-term, is in the twilight of his career or has been unattached for a prolonged period of time then I don't want to commit to more than three months just in case it doesn't pan out.
  14. I'm sure it's also to do with the contract a team has with the manufacturer as well. I'd imagine the manufacturer would want the team to wear the home kit in all home games during the season and have an agreement in place for that to happen.
  15. Cool nice one. Great work on the realism by the way. Started a new save the other day and it's dead hard now. I'm absolutely dreadful at the minute so bang on for how close it is to real life!