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  1. Thank you all for the advice. I did initially set up with a higher LOE but just kept getting beaten by the long ball which is why I dropped it lower. I'll persevere with the higher lines and make a few tweaks to my player roles. Thanks for the guidance!
  2. I’m predicted to finish mid table, but I think I’ve actually got a pretty decent squad. EFL League 2 but most of my squad are relatively adept technically.
  3. Is there anything glaringly wrong with how I’ve set up? It’s working okay but my striker gets a bit lost at times, however the two strikers I have in my squad that I started with are both very similar - short, 12 pace, decent finishers, good off the ball, not amazing work rate. Not really adept at dropping off and linking the play, hence the role I’ve opted for at the moment. P(a) IF(a) AM(s) IF(s) DLP(s) BWM(d) WB(s) CD(d) CD(d) WB(a)
  4. That’s what I thought. Would a more static CM make more sense? I worry about using a DLP purely because I don’t want him to become a ball magnet. A lot of my success comes from balls over the top into the channel.
  5. If I was to use inverted wingers on both sides of a 4-4-2, one on attack and one on support, would it be necessary to have a box to box midfielder in the middle for extra support going through the middle? I’m attempting to play a counter attacking system, relatively direct. So far it’s working quite well but my BBM is the only member of my midfield not really impacting the game, and I wonder if it’s because he’s not really necessary. I’m playing a full back on support behind the inverted winger on attack duty on the side I’ve got the BBM. The left side of my team is fine (IW(s), BWM(
  6. I’ve recently started a save with Orient using the Ranieri Leicester system as inspiration. Still early stages but it seems to be working okay. PF(d) PF(a) IW(s) BBM(s) BWM(d) IW(a) WB(s) CD(d) CD(d) FB(s) GK(d) Mentality: Cautious TIs: More Direct Passing, Higher Tempo, Be More Disciplined Regroup, Counter, GK Distribute Quickly Lower DL, Lower LOE, extremely urgent pressing PIs: None, other than having my right winger on Roam from Position I’ve tried the d
  7. On the back of this, I have a question. I've just started a new save on FM21 where I'm using Claudio Ranieri's style at Leicester as inspiration. I'm using an Inverted Winger on Attack duty on the right and have my Full Back on Support duty. I figured that would make more sense seeing as my IW will be driving at the box and not doing any defensive duties so I would need a more conservative full back (like Mahrez with Danny Simpson behind him. Simpson would sit much deeper and cross from there if the ball ever broke back to him). On the left I have an IW on Support duty and behind him a Wing Ba
  8. Forgive me for probably missing this at various points but I would like to clarify this. Is a Lower defensive line on Cautious mentality essentially the same (or very similar) as a Standard defensive line on Defensive mentality? I appreciate it’s probably not that simple but is that roughly how it is in layman’s terms?
  9. I would say it’s to do with what options are available to him. Does he have anyone to actually aim at?
  10. Surely you shouldn’t need the game to give you that feedback though? You should look at the preset PIs when setting your roles up, in order to understand what you’re actually doing. With regards to why he’s hammering it to no one, my response to that would be this: are there any easy outlets for him, or is smashing it forward to nobody in particular his only option? What Team Instructions are you using? Where are your other players positioned? What roles do they have? Again, this isn’t something you should need feedback for from your assistant necessarily. More that you should be a
  11. Well if you look at the preset Player Instructions of a Ball Playing Defender, you’ll see that they’re set to make more risky passes. A BPD is more of a David Luiz who will try 50/60 yard passes, so that’ll be why he’s trying to play long passes. You’re better setting your defenders to a standard Central Defender role if you want to play out of defence. There you go... I’ve given you some tactical advice that you must have been unaware of.
  12. For me (and I appreciate that others have different ways of playing the game and setting up their team), the left side of your team would be a bit of a worry. Your wide target man is going to be tucking inside and getting into the box to make himself a nuisance. As such, your left wing going forward will be completely vacant as your left full back is on Defend duty, so won’t be filling that space. Because of this, your TI of Focus Play Down The Left doesn’t make much sense; there isn’t anyone on the left to give the ball to. I’d be inclined to take that instruction off because those
  13. I’ve found this too, with full backs and wing backs. It doesn’t matter what they do with the ball, if they miss a tackle or a header then their rating drops hugely. I’ve just started ignoring it and watching the game to see what they do. My two wing backs on my main save are amongst my highest assist makers, as well as being part of a defence that has kept the second most clean sheets in the league. But they’re averaging 6.5 and 6.8. I take it with a pinch of salt.
  14. With regards to the LOE, I’m not sure what you really mean. The LOE is to do with how your players act OUT of possession. So a higher LOE with a standard defensive line stretches your team out way too far when you don’t have the ball. Which is what ED is saying. The opposition will find it much easier to find pockets of space between your lines. Usually with underdog teams, I find it more effective to have the LOE set one notch lower than the defensive line (so if my defensive line is on standard then I’ll have my LOE on Lower). This means my team is more compact as a unit and so the oppositio
  15. This is where I started for inspiration. The more adventurous systems they’ve spoken about on this thread haven’t really worked for me but I don’t want to hijack that thread with my own bang-my-head-against-a-wall tactical issues. It’s mainly for a change of pace. Something that can put a team on the back foot rather than only digging in and playing conservatively. I guess this is the evolution of my system but I’m struggling to implement it.
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