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  1. Thanks for that... You mention about having too many attack duties which will make it a top heavy system. How many is too many exactly? In terms of defensive line and loe I was thinking a standard defensive line and lower loe so that when my team wins the ball back they can counter and hit balls over the top to afobe to run onto is this a good way of thinking?
  2. Thanks I was thinking positive mentality. Why would you play the treq on the wing rather than down the middle?
  3. Yea what i meant was Advanced play-maker in the AMR strata. I have attached Afobes player profile
  4. Ok I think I got it. If I wanted to play a lone striker, does he need to be on a support duty to link up play with the rest of the team? I'm thinking of playing a possession based system. 4-2-3-1. Something like this : Fb s. Winger a CD d. BWM S Gk treq a. AF A CD d. Dlp D Fb a. WP s The reason I ask is afobes best position is advanced forward so would make sense to play your best attacking player in his best role?
  5. Cracking read. One thing that did stand out is that you play with a support duty and attack duty in midfieleld. I imagine this must leave massive holes between your defence and midfield, especially when teams are on the break. Have you ever though about playing someone on defend and one on support?
  6. Thanks for that Cleon. I had the same understanding of scwiffy. It would be good for future fm versions to make it more clearer.
  7. Interesting read, any more updates on this?
  8. The reason I set it to wide is so that it benefits my wingers, i guess three a cross the midfield leaves big gaps? Higher tempo and direct passing go hand in hand right?, and LOE and counter press so that we can hit teams on the break fast
  9. Hi all, Currently started a new game on FM19 with my beloved Stoke city. The aim is to get them promoted to the premiership, we are odds on favorites to do so and with a team like stoke which has some premiership quality players shouldn't be a problem. However I am 6 games in and struggling to score/make chances for my forwards. Below is my tactic and some stats from matches, if anyone could shed some light see if anything is obviously wrong with it that would be a great help/advice to me. I am trying to ping through balls into afobe to latch onto and score...But also want to revolve the play around Bojan as i believe he is one of the most technically gifted players I have.
  10. Hey, Just need some help with my AC Milan tactic I'm playing a 4-2-4 formation as below :- The problem is my front two and my midfield two feel like they are disjointed, am i best changing the DLP to a AP and a forward to a support role??
  11. llama3 - would just like to thank you for threads and posts to this forum. (which i am sure takes alot of time and effort to do) Your threads and posts have certainly helped me enjoy the game alot more and will look forward to the next part of this guide. Thank you again
  12. If i had 5 outfield players with a flair of 1 and 5 outfield players with a flair of 20. what kind of creative freedom do i give? would it be the default setting as it would be a balanced team? I.e average flair of 10.
  13. Does anyone know where i can get a skin where it has numbers on the tactical sliders?
  14. maybe alittle off topic here but...the Price for FM 2012 on steam is £29.99.....the price on play.com is £29.99 - the same. Surely if im purchasing the game through steam i should expect to pay less, after all there will be no packaging, no disc, no user manual - All this additional cost which SI will not have to pay for, meaning more profit per game sold on Steam. My question is will you be making the game cheaper on steam?, say £19.99 that would be a fair price IMO. Thank you
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