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  1. Hi Cleon, I remember you writing this article for an older version of FM. Is this still relevant to FM21? I tend to avoid old guides mainly because of the changes to the match engine over time.
  2. @Rashidi Will Si be introducing the high and low values on the comparison page in FM21 or will this new addition be on FM22? It's very frustrating not knowing the high and low values, and I would imagine it will be fairly straight forward to allow the game to show these values.
  3. I would say the problem is your fullbacks are on defend duty and your wingers are on attack duty, this will create a massive gap between the winger and the fullback. I'd suggest if you want to keep attacking wingers to change the fullbacks to support, or change wingers to support and keep the fullbacks on defend.
  4. Thank you for the advice, its really an honour to have a response from a youtube start, I'm a big fan of the game changer series. I will let you know how I get on with the tweaks. That makes sense. Just one more question, I am playing out of defence and using the counter instruction, surely this is conflict of instructions? One instruction is asking the team to pass it out the back and the other is asking the team to launch a counter attack as soon as possession has been won?
  5. Thanks for the reply, I'm curious as to why you say the AMC would be better on attack, would he not get in the way of the forward? . I read your article on useful hints on roles and duties in a 4-2-3-1 and noticed you say don't use the AMC and the ST on the same duty at the same time? I have tested the tactic in the first half of the season and we leaked far to many goals, and so after reading Cleon' s thread on the 4-2-3-1 explained decided to drop the central midfielders into the DM positions, using a DLP (Defend) and Segundo Volante (Support) - The first season we came 11th place and the media predicted 6th place. Overall a very disappointing season we just didn't score enough. Our second season however was much improved, with very few transfer signing we won the league and went unbeaten for 26 league games. Here's how we setup in the 2nd season and now I'm about to go into the 3rd season (first season in the premiership) The downside I noticed with this setup is that we are very solid in defence (hard to breakdown) but we do struggle to break teams down.
  6. Hi, Can anyone see anything wrong with this tactic? Im trying to create a tactic with multiple areas of attacking play, so the winger is bombing down the left flank, the right back is overlapping the advanced play maker and my forward is trying to get on the end of any crosses. @Experienced Defender can you give me your opinion please.
  7. Hi all, need some help my tactic is lacking the killer instinct, cant seem to create any chances. Some screenshots below please help!!
  8. Basically 4-2-3-1 is already a top heavy formation. Think of it this way, all four players (Striker, AMC, AML, AMR) are all so high up the pitch already that giving them an attack duty would make it even worse, all players will be condensed in the final third of the pitch leaving them no space to attack, also the only player that will link up with them effectively is the Box to Box Midfielder on support and on occasions the fullbacks. If it was me I would give no more than two players an attack duty to the front four, I'd also look at adding an attack duty to a fullback. One other thing your two players in the center are both going to roam from there positions, ideally you want at least one player who will sit and be holding player to cover defensively. Id maybe also change to Flexible rather than structured and I wouldn't take much notice to what your assistant manager says. Also to mention mentality is controlled, which would instruct the team to hold onto the ball more often to control possession, if you want to score goals try balanced, with a view to changing it to Positive or Attacking (depending on the opposition). Here is a good thread from @Experienced Defender about some basic rules to follow when implementing the 4-2-3-1, even though it was created for FM19, the same principles should work in FM17.
  9. Well first tactic, all front four players on attack, thats a problem in a top heavy formation like a 4-2-3-1. Second tactic you have one player on attack, who will be completely isolated from the rest of the team, not only that but you will also have massive gaps between your fullbacks and inside forwards. Basically both tactics are unbalanced and there is no variation in attacks, I suggest you read through Pairs and Combinations.
  10. Wim De Rycke looks very average at best for a player in the premier league, I can only assume if he is your best player your squad is in trouble bearing that in mind maybe Balanced is too aggressive? Maybe Cautious would be a better mentality. Also your winger and forwards are quite pacey, maybe direct passing and lower line of engagement would better to encourage balls over the top for your forwards to run onto. You want to counter every team you play against as they will be all pushed high up into your half.
  11. Well, I started the season well with the 4-4-2, but after 4 games we started struggling again, we are lacking at creating chances we have had games where we have had 60% possession but have created one half chance. Am I best off introducing another attacking role into my 4-4-2?
  12. Thanks, I made those changes we looked fairly solid, but we only created 3 half chances but despite this we ended up winning 1-0 against Sheffield Wednesday at home, after that I got sacked. Looking at the media prediction we were predicted to finish 5th in the league and we were 13 points off this with about 8 games left. So with me being sacked, iv started the season again, I will let you know how I get on. As for not doing tight marking and offside trap is this because my defenders are relatively slow?. Both have acceleration of 10 and pace of about 10. I want to play patient build up play and play the odd ball over the top for Afobe to run onto, I want to create a well-balanced tactic, that will create chances from through-balls and crosses, I don't want to be one-dimensional. What would your wide 4-1-3-2 look like? I'm also interested in what you do when you are losing 1-0 at home with 60 minutes gone by and you haven't created any good chances... what would you do to create more of a goal threat? Would you up the mentality or maybe change some of the duties from support to attack?
  13. I get what your saying, but this is a very solid squad in my opinion, this was the squad that were in the premiership so there are some good players in it I feel its just about getting it out of them.
  14. I have been a lurker mostly on this forum, during the last 2-3 versions of FM, and have tried to take what people post on the forum to my game and put it into practice but I am failing miserably. I am currently 8th in the championship with just 10 games left, I am seriously struggling to win games and make chances, on my Stoke City save. I am still on FM19, and I am reluctant to buy FM20 until I have mastered this version. Can anyone provide any advice? I currently playing a 4-4-2. My current setup is ; AFa TMs Wa BtBsu DLPd IWs FBsu BPCDde CDde WBsu GKde Starting 11 ; GK – Jack Butland DL – Josh Tymon DR – Moritz Bauer DCL – Bruno Martins Indi DCR – Ryan Shawcross MCL – Joe Allen MCR – Ryan Woods ML – James McClean MR - Thibaud Verlinden STR - Sam Vokes STL - Benik Afobe One thing I have noticed is both of my center midfielders have preferred moves as 'plays short simple passes' which i know isn't good, as I would prefer them to distribute the ball around the whole pitch. Mentality is Positive, sometimes I change it to attacking to try and get a goal back. In possession – shorter passing, play out of defence, high tempo. In transition – counter, roll it out, distribute to CBs and FBs (and counter-press against weak sides) Out of possession – standard d-line, standard LOE, use tighter marking, use offside trap Any help would be much appreciated.
  15. why are you going? Its just a forum, you can post on now and again.
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