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  1. Depends on the tactic you use. Please post your formation used so we can have more context.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. Do you think I'll be able to create a similar trident to CR7, Rooney, and Tevez with this tactic though??
  3. As a massive Manchester United fan I'm trying to recreate my favorite team of all time, let me know what you guys think. During the 07/08 season, United always featured a back four with two relatively deep central midfield players, namely, Carrick and Scholes. Ferguson generally used an additional midfield player, with a fluid front three of Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, and Carlos Tevez. I will be mostly trying to recreate the asymmetric 4-4-2/4-3-3 that was used by Sir Alex in Europe as shown below. Sources http://www.zonalmarking.net/2010/03/20/teams-of-the-decade-3-manchester-united-2006-09/ https://thebusbybabe.sbnation.com/2012/3/22/2889149/2007-08-manchester-united-european-tactical-template-ferguson https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/sir-alex-ferguson-manchester-united-cristiano-ronaldo-wayne-rooney-greatest-ever-side-a7766771.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zK57GHRd9k The Tactic I'm basing my recreating on: Key tactical points of the tactic: - Similar to Spaletti's Roma 4-6-0 formation of having no true forward, in the attack the trident of Tevez, Rooney, and Ronaldo would often switch positions to confuse the opposition. - Due to the front three's understanding of each other and movement within the penalty area, Ferguson was able to essentially give the trident 'free roles' within the attack. - Carrick would drop deep and screen the defense, often taking the ball off the defenders and playing short balls to Scholes who would initiate the attack with switching balls to the flanks. - The team would often invite pressure knowing they could destroy teams on the break. - Hargreaves was essentially a wide midfielder rather than a winger, whose job was slightly more defensive and to retain possession. - The gameplan was to get the ball wide and whip it into the box, however, when counter-attacks weren't on United would slow the game down through holding the ball with Carrick and Scholes to draw opponents onto them and then to launch long balls out wide. Tactic: I was uncertain with the specific roles to choose for the Attacking trident, went with Shadow Striker as I didn't want a playmaker but rather someone who would focus on goals. I chose an IF-A as I want whoever plays there to emulate CR7, starting off wide but cutting inside towards goals to be a goal threat. The midfield duties are to replicate that of Scholes, Carrick, and Hargreaves. The DLP will dictate the tempo of game emulating Scholes whilst the WM-Su will be there for defensive cover. I still haven't settled on the CB partnership roles as I want them to emulate the Rio and Vidic partnership. I might change to BPD-Co and CD-St and see how that works. With regards to fullback's, I want one attacking and the other to take fewer risks. Players I'm currently using: Not the best squad, but I feel I have the players suited to re-create this devastating counter-attack. Player Instructions GK: none RB: none RCB: Hold Position, Close Down More, Pass it Shorter, Mark Tighter LCB: Mark Tighter LB: None LM: Roam From Position, Cross More Often LCM: More Direct Passes, Mark Tighter RCM: Mark Tighter, Tackle Harder RW: Close Down More, Mark Tighter, Roam From Position CAM: Roam From Position, Close Down More ST: Roam From Position, Close Down More Essential Player Traits: GK: none RB: Runs With Ball Down Right / / Plays One-Twos / Knocks Ball Past Opponent CB: Marks Opponent Tightly / Dives Into Tackles / Runs With Ball Rarely CB: Marks Opponent Tightly / Tries To Play Way Out Of Trouble LB: Runs With Ball Down Left / Gets Forward Whenever Possible / Plays One-Twos / Avoids Using Weaker Foot RW: Gets Into Opposition Area / Cuts Inside From Both Wings / Runs With Ball Often RCM: Tries Long Range Passes / Look For Pass Rather Than Attempting To Score LCM: Dictates Tempo / Shoots With Power / Likes To Switch Ball to Other Flank LM: Gets Into Opposition Area / Shoots From Distance CAM: Attempts Overhead Kicks / Tries First Time Shots ST: Cuts Inside From Both Wings / Runs With Ball Often If you have any suggestions on how I can improve the tactic please let me know.
  4. This is a tactic based on Sir Alex's tactics used in the Champions League, a combination between the 433 and 442. An example of the tactic: The aim of the tactic is similar to that of Sir Alex's and trying to hit teams on the counter and destroy them with my attacking trident of Santos, Wilson, and Eggstein. Any ideas as to how I could improve?
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