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  1. Interesting tactic. Do you use those sneaky throw-ins or corners, which seem to be a glitch?
  2. Do you have a SUS with three at the back?
  3. Sorry for bothering you, but I don't know where to find the VOLANTE SUS. Could you show me where to find? Thanks!
  4. What SUS-tactic would you recommend using when this is the main tactic?
  5. Are you still working on that? I can't wait to play a possession-based knaptactic
  6. Okay, thanks for your quick reply. I think you are correct, but my inner Monk sometimes make my don't wanna use a tactic, if it is not perfectly symmetrical Well, I am playing in german 4th division, media prediction was 16 (out of 18) and I started to use the tactic in the second half of the season. First half of the season (using another tactic) wasn't very good, but if I get good results, I will definitely post it here.
  7. Hey knap, first of all thank you very much for your excellent tactics! I have one small question about your midsommer 103 p tactic. I noticed, that your left wm has the option "runs with ball often", while your left wm is missing this. Would it change the outcome of the tactic if I try to make it symmetrical?
  8. Yes, unfortunately the downloadlink doesn't work. Can anybody reupload it please?
  9. According to the huge tactic test (https://forum.mrltactics.com/tactics), this tactic might be very good with a strong team. I took over BVB in 2022 and might try using it.
  10. Hey guys, I hope you can help me. I want to change these colours: Obviously these are the club colours, but this combination hurts my eyes. So is there a possibility to change these?
  11. Is this tactic using the corner-cheat? To be honest, I don't know how the corner-cheat is set up. But I recognized my central striker to score 2 goals in one game per cornerkick. and he is not that good at heading (van persie)
  12. Can you explain your tactic a bit more? Some information about the team instructions oder specific player instructions? I am trying to implement this kind of tactic, but I am struggling. Sorry for my bad english
  13. Hey Zico10, I'm going to test your tactic. Do you use it in every match? or do you make changes if you are winning/loosing?
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