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  1. How usefull are the tactic-presets? I am getting tired of using download tactics, but building something from scratch is way out of my league. Is using (for example) one of the gegenpressing preset tactic a good idea? And then using this for some time and maybe change some things on the fly?
  2. What's the difference between this one and fire and water 366p?
  3. This one combined with MR L Test BEOWULF 442 P354 (197-157) could be a good combination for a midfield club in Bundesliga, right?
  4. Thank you for your service! FM20.4.1Fire_and_WaterVOL24321OXP103EC (If anyone wants to know if the striker scores...)
  5. I wouldn't try this one with a team that is still struggeling in league. I have had great experience with Beowulf 442, but maybe you could mix it up with some sicilian tactic? The formations are pretty similar, if your mcs are able to play in dm strata and if one of your strikers could play as amc.
  6. I just finished my thrid season with Fortuna Köln. Back to back promotions from Regionalliga (4th tier) to Bundesliga. Look at the wage overview !!FM20.3.0BEOWULF442WAFKnap(P107))P105ECCC
  7. Now in 3rd League, still going strong. In my opinion the best 442.
  8. After i got 2 promotions with Eintracht Bamberg in 3 seasons I left the club for Fortuna Köln (4th league in Germany). What a season. !!FM20.3.0BEOWULF442WAFKnap(P107))P105ECCC
  9. Would you mind proving the miracle? what have you changed? what are the results? etc...
  10. Thanks for the great read. I will try to implement this, because I have been trouble creating something successful myself!
  11. Every season I have one league match like this. Pretty random. I scored 7 goals with my first 8 shots. My opponent had two additional offside goals. !!FM20.3.0BEOWULF442WAFKnap(P107))P105ECCC
  12. I like this tactic too, brought me two consecutive promotions with my former german 4th tier team.
  13. Beowulf 107 is this one? !!!!FM20.4.0BEOWULF442WAFKnap(P107))P105ECFA
  14. Well, that has been a quite successful month. !!!!FM20.4.0BEOWULF442WAFKnap(P107))P105ECFA
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