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  1. 20.2.4SympathyforthedevilKnapZaipP103FACC (third season, Bundesliga, media prediction 9th) first game in CL Take this, Pep
  2. 20.2.4SympathyforthedevilKnapZaipP103FACC Great, realistic but still overachieving tactic! Started a new save unemployed and took over 1. FC Köln in February of 2020. They were 16th when I joined them. We ended 13th (lots of bad moral and stuff). Second season, media prediction was 17th (out of 18). Board wanted me to not get relegated. Finished second!
  3. Honestly, I have never had real success with your tactics and you guys talking about how it is not possible to overachieve brought me the idea of testing the tactic first before investing time in a new save. So I simulated a whole Bundesliga season with 1. FC Köln (the team I am planning to start the new save with). This is with the beta-version, using Destroyer v3. Only thing I did was plugging the tactic in and then simulate the whole season. No transfers or other stuff. Media prediction was 14th.
  4. I am pretty much the best team in the league, next to Bayern. Is the only difference the DL?
  5. Hey Mr U Rosler, I use your training schedules. How could we improve the development week for those weeks, when players are off to national duties? If saturday I don't schedule a friendly (which I don't, because too many players are not available), there are two days free for everyone. Seems to be a bit too much... any suggestions?
  6. Well, thanks for the comeback. Edit: if you are looking for a striker scoring tactic, then you should use this one. In 4 out of 9 games one of my strikers scored a hattrick.
  7. Interesting tactic. Do you use those sneaky throw-ins or corners, which seem to be a glitch?
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