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  1. I think this is just the manager profile being buggy, but I didn't had route one when playing with this one, although that is some time ago already.... took a bit of time off from the game
  2. As I said in the opening post, there is nothing fancy about the players, the roles, the instructions (PI's) so they all play natural to the role selected in the tactic. So whatever the game highlights as the Key attributes for each role/position are the main attributes you should look for.
  3. You could do that, But I tried that and both offense and defense were a bit weaker in that case, using an IF also made my AF less important in terms of scoring and I like that one to be the main goal scorer. It will not ruin the tactic, but as far as plug&play goes, I would say it would be weaker than the original tactic
  4. I would never change to lower mentality with this tactic, not even when you are barely hanging on to a lead. Only thing i would do is go attacking or very attacking when you really really need a goal (to win on aggregate fe) but 99.9% of the time positive is the best choice
  5. You can, but even with bad defenders in lower leagues or bad defenders in higher leagues i got a bit better results with the bpd than with the cd
  6. They won the champions league as well if I remember correctly, and semi final or so in FA cup... but it was some time ago.. anyway, retesting with other top teams show that youwin champions leagues/cups & other competitions as well but not every year
  7. Hi I don't do anything fancy, I look for the player with the highest star rating for the role they play in. (since there are almost no player instructions, they play very true to what the role actually is) Same for training, I just train them in the role/duty that they will play in the tactic. Glad you are enjoying the tactic
  8. @ChrisStreet I find this very strange, as you can see I tested with so many different teams and different leagues and all of them, without exception did better than expected (or as expected if a top 3 was mentioned). So something must be really different in your save. Are u sure that your AM doesn't give opposition instructions? did you start using this at the start of the season? If you started using this halfway through a season, or after a rough patch with another tactic, bad form can stay with any tactic, that's not the tactic's fault, but the atmosphere and morale in
  9. Ratings are so inconsistent this year, so hard depending on the player and role combination, that you cannot really use Them like in the past... A good AP can get 6.8, while someone Else in the same position and tactic can get a 7.4 with less goals and assists, but behind the scenes Does 3% better in his dribbles and gave 2 better passes because he takes less risks... And sigames rates that more now
  10. @gooders11 you can always try, it can never screw up the tactic as a whole if you just change from W to IW. But on the other hand, I believe 2 wingers would impact the tactic less than 2 Inverted wingers if you would go for the same role on both flanks... But if the quality of your IW is so much higher than your first choice Winger, it's certainly worth giving it a try
  11. The subtitle beneath the "Excellent" says Tired, his Fatigue is also low as well... Can someone explain me what is going on here? how can everything be called excellent, low Fatigue, but still have him marked as "Tired" (the player doesn't have the RST status badge that tells you he is in need of rest either). Apart from hovering the fitness Icon there is also no way (that I know of) to add a column in the squad view that would show this tired status... I've noticed it because my assistent didn't "quick pick" him and I investigated why that was... but this is really "so far" hid
  12. Just a screen from my personal save, season 2026, Anderlecht, media prediction: 6th, season preview 2nd. After 15 games we are leading the league
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