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  1. Is it possible to increase the width of all scrollbars? I'm playing FMT on a windows surface pro, and the way you need to scroll in FM with your fingers is not very intuitive, you need to move 2 fingers like you zoom in & out on a photo to scroll up & down, where in other applications you can just scroll through grids by moving just one finger up or down in the grid. So I prefer to use the scrollbars and move those up & down, but they are so tiny that it's often a "hit & miss" a couple of times before your finger really snaps the scrollbar. I'd would be good if I could change a general setting to increase the width of the scrollbars, anyone knows if this is possible?
  2. The screen flow indeed works a lot more like "most people" want when using Stop "no" even do they want the game to stop.... They did their best to overcomplicate this screen and how to configure it.
  3. You just click "Play" in the upper right corner when you're in the match screen. You are probably looking at the dropdown that just gives you "goals - comprehensive - extended - key" but to watch the full match you need to click the play button in the upper right corner
  4. There are ton of options, it also depends on the whole system and what you want to achieve and how you want your players to play. I would use a normal hardworking CM role
  5. He will normally get more passes from his teammates, so more chance to make an impact on the game (either good or bad)
  6. both an AP and a DLP will attract the ball, you're RCM will probably be more and easier available to get the ball, hence why he will get most of the balls. Try working out a system with only one playmaker (your CAM in your case)
  7. Yeah it seems this might break the feature; Belgian second division club here (or 1st division B like it's called now ) and my DoF keeps siging and signing players, agreed they don't cost a lot of money, but he signs to much. I'm really looking for a feature where using the DoF for your contracts/transfers will be the same as how the AI teams do their transfers and contracts. It seems that now using a DoF is different then how the AI manages that area of the game, which is a shame.
  8. Am I right that such thing does not exist in touch? In full fat, before every reserve match the assistant tells you who he thinks should be made available for the reserves and with one click you can include them all. In FM Touch, you need to asses your team yourself, and multi-select or one-by-one select who is available for reserves, and you need to do this every match and you need to keep an eye on when the reserve match is that it hasn't passed before you've assigned the players You would expect that FM Touch would be the easier of the 2 versions, which is not the case here. It's very easy in FM touch that the assistant gives you a list with players lacking fitness and you can choose to make them available for the reserves so easily.
  9. Does "automatic" mean that the DoF will asses and decide how much he wants to offer? Why is this in so many cases just the player value, and he fails to have his bid accepted. Even if the scout report shows high recommendation for that player, and the asking price is in green presented because the scout thinks it's not to much and within limits of your available budget.
  10. The DoF will in most cases just bid the player value, which is not enough offcourse... (the system is quite flawed, it's there to help people who don't want to do the transfers, but in fact it needs as much care and configuration to be succesful that you can almost do the transfers yourself) To have a succesful bid from the DoF you need to fill in the maximum allowed transfer value (this will encourage the DoF to bid higher then the player value like he mostly does) and also fill in the role you want to offer for the player, otherwise he can make bad decisions on how much he wants to offer a player in wage.
  11. I just tried clearing cache and reloading skins, but same result... Checked my version is as well...
  12. I have the latest version of YACS and since I've updated to the beta version of the game I have on all player profiles the "Scouting in progress" text... (I don't know if I had it before I opted in the beta branch)
  13. @Neil Brock any update on this? (homegrown status in belgian league)
  14. In the scouting center click on preferences (and you can go to advanced settings as well) and there you can select what you want to see in the scouting center, what you want to see in your inbox, and what you don't want to see at all
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