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  1. I have the feeling that the way to go with any team against any oponent is "postive/pressing/higher" It gives me good/overachieving results with almost any team. But when I want to take a more realistic approach, when I'm a smaller team or playing against very good team away as a good team myself and try to apply what I've learned through reading a lot of tactic topics it seems I always do worse than the "postive/pressing/higher" way. I'm talking about: sitting a bit deeper, taking a bit less risks, playing more direct, play with a DM instead of a CAM
  2. Ratings are still broken, even after the latest patch, such a shame. Specifically passing / playmaker types are impacted according to my feeling
  3. Thanks for this, I thought the latest patch fixed all player ratings issue, but apparantly stats & ratings are still not 100% correct
  4. I've been trying this 433 DM formation with an Advanced Playmaker on attack. I've tried this with a few teams (and tested a few seasons) and came up with the same result, the avg rating of the AP(A) is very low Leicester with Tielemans in the AP(A) slot Club Brugge with Vanaken in the AP(A) slot The team performs well (we overachieve) and the AP (A) is in the top 3 of both Assists and goals. However he is by far the lowest rated starting player on my squad (averaging 6.80) When I look at what may be causing this is that a lot of matches the AP gets a 6.0 to 6.3 rati
  5. For me I think the game is easy to win domestic leagues (a few presets of gegenpress & vertical tiki taka let you achieve that without any modification). But it's those 2 or 3 difficult away games in the later stages of the Champions League that are difficult, where even the "super-tactics" fail, because they aren't tailored for CL knockout, they are aggressive to give you the most points over a season with a single tactic. The domestic leagues are forgiving for those few away games that you might lose because it's all about the total points scores... but the champions league knockou
  6. But do you changed your tactic a lot, like home or away against much netter oppoition, and how do you handle the mentality slider? Do you sometimes changed it pre game or during games? That's really exactly what i want, have a good decent tactic that let's the team perform normally (expected position) and focus on squad building
  7. I'm looking to find a way for myself to enjoy the game without putting to much effort into tactics and not downloading an ubertactic that gives me 8-3, 6-0 results all the time. Let me just explain a bit what "enjoy the game" means for me: If I play with a top club like liverpool, i'd like to challenge for the title, not struggle 4th/5th and sometimes have 3th position in sight if I play with a club like West Brom, I don't expect to challenge for Europe, but comfortably having sight on position 17 or higher So in short, I'd like having realistic results according to the team'
  8. Looks like half of my players are suddenly wanted by Wuhan or another chinese club... (maybe after yesterday's update?)
  9. As the tilte says, I've upated the game this morning, progressed to december 2nd now, and half of my team is wanted by Wuhan, Shenzen or both... savegame (fm touch file): https://davystorageaccount.blob.core.windows.net/pcmstoryblobcontainer/Davy Depuydt - Club Brugge.fmv
  10. I do effectively enjoy the game, and other years I don't have that much issues with "game-breaking" bugs, but this year, because player ratings are one of the most core & pivotal parts of FM, I don't enjoy it until that's fixed.... I never said I want a game perfectly tailored for me... I want the ratings to be meaningful, like they always were... same way of thinking goes for a lot of the "people who complain"...
  11. I don't think people want a date... they would be happy to know if SI will just stick to what happened over the past few years, a patch end of february... or if they are actively trying to bring in a patch earlier because they acknowledge that some issues 'deserve' a fix within a faster timeframe For people it can make the difference to wait a few days / week or two, or if they know "nothing will probably come within the next 2 months", than they can make up their mind to still try to enjoy the current game or go back to something else or an older edition... but don't go and check th
  12. Agree with the fm touch thing. The player ratings are even more important in FM Touch because: People play faster don't have time to analyse, use instant result, so you use the player ratings as one of the most important indicators
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