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  1. I've created one based on one of Knap's tactics, check bottom of page 99, or 2 comments above this, someone quoted my post
  2. @Lloydey I haven't uploaded or requested testing on FM-Base, it was just a tactic I made based on Knap's TIME tactic and I wanted to share it in this topic because atm I find that no other 433DM is really worth using. I've run about 5 holiday season tests myself to made sure it wasn't trash before I uploaded it here. If someone feels it's worthy to be uploaded on fm-base and be tested, feel free to do so, but keep in mind to mention knap as well, I've only done the tweaks. about changing to IF instead of wingers, at real madrid I run a test where hazard was IF-S instead of W-A , and I changed the other flank from W-S to W-A and the tactic did work perfectly to (Won la liga and CL in a holiday season on FMT with real madrid)
  3. Nothing changed, I'll look at the goals against tomorrow, don't have access to my laptop now. It was just another test to verify it works for LLM
  4. I'm running an extra test with my 433 and in January I'm third with Leyton orient, predicted bottom in England 4th tier
  5. @rammalc I've tested tons of "plug & play" tactics from other creators with man city that would see me finish 2nd or 3rd... or finish first but really struggled until the last game. So first of all, when I test a tactic, I want to see that it easily wins the league with teams that really need to win it. and only than I test it if it works nicely in LLM, because I don't want to go up the ranks with a lower league team, to only find out that the tactic isn't outperforming when I'm actually at a top team or changed my lower league side into a much better team. That said, I also test in lower league with the worst team of that league (because I play LLM myself and I want the tactic to work as well in lower league, and play beautiful and not leak goals), so as you pointed out, that'sthat Belgium 3rd division test.
  6. I've created a traditional 433 tweak based on the TIME tactic. (4-1-2-3 DM Wide, lone striker formation) The reason i used the TIME tactic as a base is because it uses (almost) no PI's, and uses very usefull roles already that can stay the same in a 433 dm wide, so I knew that most of the things knap got working very well in the TIME tactic would still work in a 433. I was very succesfull: Won league with man city, best in clean sheets and topscorer aguero, and best average Won league with PSG, best in clean sheets, best average list filled with almost all my players won the league in belgian 3rd division (2nd in league but won promotion playoff) with team predicted dead last and had best clean sheet stats lone striker is scoring a lot and uses the AF role, which is a quite common role for most top strikers playmaker like de bruyne shines in his natural role Standard def line, so your not getting caught by balls over the top Frequently winning the possession battle (51-54% on average with the three teams I've tested, so both good and bad teams keep possession) No "tackle harder" or "get stuck in", so this avoids tons of yellows & reds All results were holidayed in FMT with 'use current match tactics' and OI set to manager so no OI's were used. I didn't select the team, so results would be even better when human manager make selection every weak and applies rotation when needed I'm not saying it's as good as knap's tactics, but it's the first traditional 433 DM wide that got me this good results at so much different levels (so for me it's really plug & play). So I would recommend it for people who want a more tradional 433 instead of all the 422 variants and don't care if it might not be the record-scoring nr 1 tactic of FM20 All credits to Knap offcourse, I just shifted some positions, roles an TI's 433_Davautje_BasedOnTIME_AF.fmf
  7. Knap in a 2 striker system, would you prefer 2 fast strikers, or can 1 be of the Target striker kind? (and would that Target striker be the AF or PF in the sympathy tactic)
  8. Ok so what you are saying is, just look if they can play in that position, and take the best player for that position, and ignore the role suitability?
  9. @knap I'm playing with Sympathy v1 and really enjoying it. just had a questions, would I need to look for the best players in the position/role that is selected for the tactic? or should I look for other players, because the players play different than the selected role because of the PI's that are set? So will good segundo volantes do best in the DM segundo volante slot, or do I need another type of player? (I know TFF for his tactics mostly recommends other type of players than the role that is selected in the tactic, which makes it kinda hard & confusing)
  10. It's the one I've attached in this post FM20SympathyforthedevilKnapZaipLeipzig.fmf
  11. I've done 3 different holiday seasons. I'm getting better results with SypathyLeipzigKnap v1 than with the mafia424 (in my chelsea test and my belgian third division weakest team test). Liverpool test is about the same. One of the better tactics I've tried, but with my holidaying tests, SypathyLeipzigKnap v1 still is the best for me
  12. Ok, finally I found my tactic.... Knap Sympathy Leipzig v1. I think i did about 40 holiday seasons in FMT with different tactic different teams and I always struggled to see the same results as the tactic creator or other people posting succesfull screenshots (I had "use current match tactics" ticked and made sure OI responsibility was with me and not the ass man). Some tactics did well in Belgian 3th division, team predicted last, others with liverpool, but than they sucked for subtop like chelsea/leicester... (not only knap's tactics but also Zeus from TFF had this issue) But now with Knap sympathy for the devil v1 I had 99 points with liverpool (the highest I ever managed in a holiday season), got 3rd with Chelsea (best with all other tactics was 6th...) and I'm leading the league in belgian 3th division with team predicted last (only ever managed this with sicilian). Most allround tactic for me that works at all levels. (sicilian works well to, but struggled with subtop chelsea/leicester in my holiday seasons)
  13. Thanks @themario for your ACMilan tactic tweak. I'm getting good results, first tactic that makes Chelsea overperform in a holiday season I'm testing... all other tactics didn't had this... looks like this will be my preferred tactic.
  14. @Totalfootballfan V4 is again with Inverted Wingers I see? (probably the change log is not correct for V4?) And if I'm really having difficulty to find the correct strong footed players, can I change IW to W without to much impact? or does it break the whole tactic? and another question, is holidaying in FMT with "Use current match tactics" different than just watching the game? Because I always tend to get slightly worse results when I'm holidaying a full season in FMT comparing to the screenshots the tactic creator and others show (like 100pts + with Liverpool has never happend to me in a holiday season on FMT). I make sure I am in control of the Opp. Instr. so that doesn't influence anything
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