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  1. You can do it by editing it in full fat and copy the xml files related to colour generated in %appdata%\sports interactive\football manager 2020\settings\[version name] (or something) to the fm touch 2020 preferences folder. (If you sort the folder by date modified you easily find them)
  2. You cannot change an existing line, this is a bug in the flow screen for a few editions now. You need to completely remove the entry and add it again, and it has to be configured correctly from the first try, otherwise it won't work (and you have to delete the line again and enter it correctly)
  3. Hi @GavinG, Still love your work, I'm using the dark skin for now... were you ever able to fix those things I mentioned about the light skin? Just curious because I'm thinking about switching back to it. No worries if you didn't have the time to look at it.
  4. I had the opposite, cerber v3 and 4 gave me good results in different test holiday seasons with teams of different level while annihilator was more difficult to get working...
  5. Wow, Cerber v4 is a beast, by far the best tactic I've used at different levels.
  6. I'm struggling to get good results with a team like Leicester. With both Annihilator & Figther I'm always ending around my team prediction (6th,7th,8th). When I use FMRTE to freeze condition and morale I highly overperform, I even won the league . My question is why am I not able to do a bit better without freezing (like being 4th, 5th...) Am I selecting the wrong people, should I only play players with high condition? ...
  7. Hi RDF, thanks for these tactics and detailed explanation. When do you use the BIG HOME tactic? And what's different compared to normal home
  8. Hi @Totalfootballfan I don't know if this is a variable you've tested with, but I've noticed that the Manager reputation has quite some influence on the results. I'm testing a lot of tactics in FMT by holidaying seasons, and I've noticed that even with the best tactics and teams I'm not getting the same results (sometimes not even close) as to the results provided by tactic creator and other people. When I do the same test (so reload the same save so it has the same schedule) with a manager who has the highest rep possible I'm getting much better results. I don't know if this is a fluke or not, but it's something I've noticed during numerous of my holidaying tests in FMT. That would also explain to some extend while some people struggle to get results, it can be because there manager doesn't have the appropriate reputation. (and you always have the RNG offcourse...)
  9. In both tactics players should be strong in the foot of that side, ML strong LEFT , MR strong RIGHT
  10. Ttf has the tactic been added for testing on fm-arena? Really curious if it would beat cerber. Another thing: if you are lacking in AMC players, is it more likely to retrain an MC than an ST into to AMC position?
  11. If you look in the tactic screen to do your team selection the assistant tends to give the most stars to the most complete player (highest CA) and just slightly takes into account the key and preferred attributes for the selected role. So if you have a winger who has great pace, great dribbling, great crossing but is very bad at a bunch "unimportant" attributes your assistant will give him let's say 2 stars as a winger. But another guy who is average dribbling, average pace, average crossing, but is also average in all other unimportant attributes will get 3 stars as winger from you're assistant (because for an assistant total CA & position suitability is more important than key attributes). => But in Cerber, the first one will perform much better than the second one
  12. I've had significant improvements since I look myself what players are the best in terms of key attributes for each position... Before I relied on my assistant manager, but they value total CA and position familiarity much more than is actually needed... key/preferred attributes are not weighted enough when showing the stars for a certain role/position. Since I'm doing this myself I'm overperforming so much more
  13. Hi @PAFC_Dugout, for those heavy away games did you only switch to cautious? or did you do extra things like tick regroup / hold shape?
  14. Hi @Totalfootballfan (fyi @lipebtavares) See the screenshot of the 2 players I was talking about, my assistent thinks the older guy, Paulussen (with higher CA) is better for the Winger - Attack role on the right by a whole star, while I think it might actually be my lower CA, Siebe Paesen who is the better one...) Both are natural in de MR position
  15. @Totalfootballfan do you care about position familiarity, or do you just care if he has the stats to play that role? And what about this: I have a 25 year old winger who my assistant gives 3.5 stars in the winger position, and a young guy who has much lower CA, gets only 2 stars from my assistant, but he is better in all key attributes and at least equal or better in preferred attributes than the other guy... would you play the 2 star young guy with better stats distribution than the 3.5 higher CA guy?
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