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  1. And another tip is in the advanced options of your "power plan" on windows... set the max cpu percentage to 99% instead of 100% (and make sure the min cpu usage is not 100% but 99 or less). This deactivates the Intel Power Boost technology and keeps your CPU at it's core speed. The power boost let's your (fe.) 2.4GHZ CPU work at 4GHZ during short periods of time / as long as the system doesn't throttle. But it does generate a lot of heat and is a huge cause of issues when gaming on tablets
  2. Just another tip, throttling on tablets because of hight temperature can also be shown in the tool as "power throttling" instead of "heat throttling". This is because some tablets (like the surface) have a secundary heat sensor that measures how hot the tablet cover is. If that is to high it "Power Throttles" instead of "Heat throttles" (when the cpu core is to hot). Undervolting will also improve/solve this issue.
  3. If you have an intel cpu you may look at a tool called "Xtreme Tuning Utility" (there's also a tool called Throttlestop, but it's more for the advanced user). You can undervolt your CPU & Graphic card (if it's an on board one) to prevent throttling due to heat. (undervolting cannot damage your system, it's not like overclocking and it's completely safe). Google a bit and you'll find very easy to use how-to. I've been able to run the game on my surface pro tablet on higher graphic settings then before with less heat (and less throttling) the tool is also good to monitor how much your cpu throttles (how frequent and how low it goes)
  4. You can holiday "until the next game", it's an option for holiday mode
  5. Do you have any issues? slow processing you don't expect? or does the game slow down after a while when the computer is running? It might be that your cpu speed is being throttled due to thermal issues, in that case you can go and undervolt your cpu. Do you run with laptop plugged in? for best performance select the "high performance" power scheme in windows
  6. I'm managing a team in french League 1, my reserve team plays in National 2, which I have not chosen to be playable. Players in my reserve team get generated appearances for matches they play in National 2 and have match fitness accordingly. However my strategy with my first team is to make those that don't play much "'available for the next reserve game" from time to time. But in this situation this does not seem to work, it seems that they don't get any games and gain match fitness unless for real playable games (friendlies). Is this a bug? or a chosen design limitation? I was hoping that they would get these fake generated appearances and gain match fitness just like those who actually are in the reserve squad.
  7. I think Committed spending is the wage expenses that you are sure to have next season (players who will still be under contract next year, and new signings that are already done for next season)
  8. I'm not saying training facilities is for newgens... I say it's the rate/speed at which CA improves (so obviously this is squad players, since the starting point is the newgen's original CA when he comes into your squad) And I'm just trying to give an explanation CA/PA wise to the concept of junoir coaching, youth recruitment and youth facilities...
  9. @herne79 I'm basing what I said on something Neil Brock said in this post last year:
  10. Btw, as far as I know it's like this: Recruitment = Newgen PA Junior Coaching = Newgen CA Youth Facilities = Newgen Both CA & PA Training facilities = Rate of CA improvement So saying coaching is more important than recruitment would not make much sense since they impact different aspects of the young players. Saying Youth Facilities are the most important one is certainly a valid point to defend since you can say 'it impacts both CA and PA, and the two others impact only CA or PA' And possibly in code youth facilities impact CA or PA more then junior coaching impacts CA or recruitment impacts PA but that's something that only si can confirm or deny
  11. They won't go down that road, they will not a make a game just for the tactical elite. They want to balance difficulty to make the game appealing to as large as public as possible. And I think that they are quite happy with how the game is balanced and to be honest, it's the right strategy for a game designer, and for a title with such a name. It would make no sense to add difficulty to please a smaller percentage that adds frustration for the large part of people who play this game
  12. SI can know this for sure, but I think that just a very small percentage of people play multiplayer. I don't see a lot of value in a multiplayer version myself... I think it's just a small few that have multiplayer games going over a longer period of time ....
  13. You need to load your savegame, then go to Preferences, and on the interface page select the "Screen flow" tab. there you select the international competition you like, screen "fixtures and results" - "on matchdays" - "Stop game: no" Make sure you have it right, if you save it and change something after that it doesn't work, you need to remove the entire line and add it again with the values you like
  14. No I think he wants to simulate a match that will happen within the next day/week IRL and have the teams in the lineup they will play IRL. Sort of to predict the result with FM and compare it with real life result afterwards
  15. What I've noticed in this edition, if you previously added an entry that was not like you wanted and you change it, it stops working all together (like changing the screen from "standings" to "fixtures and results"). You need to remove the entire line and add it again with the values you like
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