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  1. I'm wondering, If I'm now buying Stadia Premier (that is 3 months pro, and access to google stadia already this year, from the release in november) Next I buy FM20 when it releases on stadia.... and after 3 months I decide not to continue my stadia pro, but continue stadia free... will FM still be available? The disclaimer of google stadia is not really conclusive... but it seems like I would lose all access to FM20 because it was bought within the pro subscription. So I don't know if it will be like that or not but if FM20 costs as much in pro as in stadia free, it would be really unbelievable that I would lose access even though I paid for the game the same amount as those next year with stadia free. And even if the price is not the same, they probably don't offer something like "I'll now pay the difference in game price so I can continue playing in stadia free" So if I'm buying Stadia Premier now and FM20 next month, will I only be able to play FM20 when I continue to pay for the pro account on stadia? If I'm sure I don't want to pay for google stadia more than a few months (which I'm actually prepared to do since I'm not against paying premier but stopping after the 3 months), but want to play FM20 longer, I can only do this if I buy FM20 with a stadia free account, so as a direct consequence can only do this if I wait until next year to buy it? In an ideal world I want to buy it on stadia this year (so go for premier) but in the end I don't want to pay forever for stadia pro but still be able to access FM20
  2. I'm thinking about buying FM Mobile for tablet, but it looks like all the screenshots and youtube video's show phone footage/screens. Does the game render more on screen on the tablet resolutions? or is it just a stretched view of the phone?
  3. What he's saying is true, the OP has been answered, but 99% of topics where the OP has been answered stay open... So maybe they don't like people advertising the older FM versions as "being better than FM18 & 19" ? Although there's a lot more posts in other topics that are a lot harder for the recent game(s) than what was said in the closed thread.
  4. I just can't get it why they think in FM19 their color scheme, font type and general UI is an improvement and is actually up to the standard you expect from such a game. For me, FM17 gives me so much better user experience (without even talking about features, just looking and browsing in the game menu's)
  5. In the competition -> player stats the clean sheet stat is not available. This was the case in previous FM touch versions as well, but there you could fix it with a custom skin, but now even that doesn't work anymore, the data for the stat value isn't available to show on screen. Clean sheet is (in my opinion) the most important keeper stat at the moment in game and there's no where in the touch version to see which keeper is doing the best job in the league. I don't believe this should be "works as designed", the clean sheet stat should be added and available in the player stats screen of each competition.
  6. For a lone striker I mostly see the advice: "use a support role unless there's enough support from an AMC otherwise he gets isolated" Should that AMC have an attack or support role to be the best link with a lone striker on attack duty? Looking at the ingame description it seems that attack would be the way to go (at least for the normal Attacking Midfielder role) however you would guess that "support" role would give you the best support for the striker Would most support roles in the AMC slot still leave the lone striker on attack to isolated?
  7. It's the other way around for me, what a relieve it was to see the 2D/3D and pitches in FM17.... seeing a match in FM19 gives me quite a depressed feeling... it has a "dark" feeling written all over it
  8. Fix/Improve the DoF make him aware about what players you'll need and don't let him buy 8 players in a position you don't use and don't buy a GK when you only have 1... and/or have more input 'you can do transfers for me, but please only look for a GK and WBR When adding a transfer target: Fix the feedback (more details in email if there is one - because sometimes even no feedback is given) or give more feedback to why a transfer doesn't succeed (because sometimes when you try it yourself the player is so easy to transfer). Fix/Improve GK ratings. don't favour Sweeper keepers and high passing percentage because 'distribute short' TI/PI is on, make sure best GK performance gets highest rating, so you can compare goalkeepers in same division how they did. fe by adding Shots stopped % as important factor for match rating
  9. About the goalkeeper rating part, I've submitted a suggestion yesterday: I don't care if they get high or low ratings compared to outfield players, but now they just get a rating that doesn't tell anything at the moment, and the keeper with the highest rating is not (or almost never) the best performing keeper:
  10. Might be worth posting this in the bugs forum, looks like rep / manager movements can use some tweaking
  11. Current Issue Passing percentage & keeper role influences the GK rating a lot now, Sweeper keeper and keepers who need to distribute short are easily getting higher rating than those who don't, when their actual keeper performance isn't better than those who don't. The GK rating is pretty useless for me now, since it doesn't tell anything about how good he was really playing. Solution I would add something as "Shots Stopped %" and use that as one of the main factors to rate a GK's match/season. (the stat is already available in the Form -> Report screen, but isn't used/visible anywhere else). Doing this: keepers who don't play as sweeper keeper or distribute short can get a correct rating, keepers at a lower team in the division can get good ratings (because now they get penalised to much for not getting clean sheets, while they might in fact have been a better shot stopper than a keeper at a top team in the division who easily gets more clean sheets because he doesn't face any shots but when he does, lets in 1 in 3 fe. Addendum / Why It's also important that I don't want the "Shots stopped %" more visible as a seperate stat, but that it really influences the match rating, because that's what AI teams/manager/scouts take into account and most awards use to determine "how good they are" and whose the winner of the award. Because now I can also look up the shots stopped % for all keepers in my division, with some tricks, or by exporting to html... and see myself whose been the "better performing" keeper (and mostly it doesn't even resemblance the list if you would rank them by avg. rating). But I want that the AI / the awards / everything in game knows who has been the actual better performing keeper, and that can only be fixed if the GK match rating is calculated differently than now
  12. I went back to FM17... and couldn't believe how much fun it was.... I got a smile on my face from the moment my savegame was loaded.... that nice UI, everything so smooth... it brought back everything I love about FM.... If I wouldn't know any better I would've thought FM17 was the newest game in the series and "a big step forward in terms of user experience".... I'm always on the side of "Buy the latest version, it's the best version, people have been working on it for almost a year..." but this time, I find myself caught and enjoying an older version much more than the 2 recent ones... (and not because of nostalgic feeling, because FM17 only had 15 hours playing time before I got back to it just a few weeks ago)
  13. FM17, I think the UI is 100 times better than FM19 and the 3D actually looks 100 times better to me as well.
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