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  1. I just tried clearing cache and reloading skins, but same result... Checked my version is as well...
  2. I have the latest version of YACS and since I've updated to the beta version of the game I have on all player profiles the "Scouting in progress" text... (I don't know if I had it before I opted in the beta branch)
  3. @Neil Brock any update on this? (homegrown status in belgian league)
  4. In the scouting center click on preferences (and you can go to advanced settings as well) and there you can select what you want to see in the scouting center, what you want to see in your inbox, and what you don't want to see at all
  5. I know it's an opinion and stars don't say everything (far from), that's not what I'm after. My question is pure technical, if you sort the column ability, does it sort them by the values the stars represent: 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5 or does it sort them by a hidden "assman opinion rating" where a 3.5 star can mean "3.44 or 3.56" so the one shown higher in the list is regarded as the better player by your assman
  6. This is one of the large flaws in FM for me, there's not many things I find disturbing in game, I don't even have a single ME remark... but the goalkeeper ratings are one of the top things I would like to see adressed
  7. If you sort your squad view by "current ability star rating" how are the ones with the same number of stars ranked? are they ranked by how good the assistant manager thinks they are? so the first one shown with 3 stars is better than the 5th one with 3 stars (according to your assistant)? Or are they ranked random and the 5th one isn't necessarily seen as less good than the 1st one by your coaches.
  8. I believe you and others are like that, and the reports in the beta forum show that quite some people try to make the game better and report bugs, more than with any other game I believe. But I think the truth is also that most of those 1000 people just subscribe with a mindset "we get the patches earlier" and just hope that the issues they have are resolved in their game, but don't subscribe to the beta with the nobel idea of "This is a beta, and I'll report bugs when I find them", but on the contrary, they are even mad if a beta patch doesn't work as expected.
  9. Can you confirm this is still being looked at... apart from saying "oh it was logged i just forgot to answer" (which is maybe not even a good thing since nothing happened I had hoped it was not logged and there would be a swift solution once logged) there is zero feedback about an issue that can't have widespread unwanted knock-on effects when fixed, is very clear where the problem is situated at, and has a huge impact on gameplay for people playing the Belgian league. far more complex issues in less-known leagues have been fixed already ...
  10. @bossland, great work again, I really love this skin ! Just a minor question, how do I make the panel "Recent form" in player overview screen also available for players from other teams? (the panel where you see rating from his last 5 matches)
  11. I'm using the "Search players" function and sort on recommendation score first and next on value descending. By doing this I first get the most recommended players, but also see the highest valued players who might be interested in joining me but who I don't have scouted. I base my decision on who I want to try and buy on the estimated asking price and recommendation score. and might decide to scout some extra players from the non-scouted ones but high valued and possibly interested. But that scouting information you see in the grid (scout report info) doesn't stay accurate forever offcourse, do reports at some point dissapear when they are likely to be highly out of date? Because I rather have the information to be gone, than to see outdated information. Do scouts (chief scout is in charge of everyting) automatically rescout and update scout reports? I know some might say, "add a filter 'where scout report is max xxx days old'" but I don't want that, like I said above, I have a mixture of scouted and non-scouted players, and I would like the scouted players, with outdated scout info to show in the grid like they were not scouted, so at that point, if they are in my list (interested and high value) I can decide to scout them again.
  12. only works on FM19, it was announced as a feature, so it's not something on steam's side, but on the game's side
  13. In theory what KUBI said should do what you want, I've noticed that in previous versions that didn't always work and adding only one line with 'Stop Game - No' for 'fixtures and results' - 'On matchdays' showed me the games in the morning, and showed the results in the evening... (I know it's not logical, but that's what I've experienced, so if the advise from @KUBI does not work you can try this)
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