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  1. I took the two most downloaded (arguably most popular - From baden powell site) knap tactics, both 4-2-3-1. Echoes 4231 P111 Parisienne SS IF TH P93 I assigned one to real madrid, the other one to barcelona and went on holiday for 12 seasons All tasks were delegated except 'Makes Team Selection' and 'Provides Opposition Instructions' No freezing of attributes/morale/... Normal holiday in full fat It's amazing how close the results were after twelve seasons.... After twelve seasons, both teams look quite familiar in tactic score, my FM Lineup Tool rates R. Madrid with Echoes a 95.2 and FC Barcelona a 94.5 with Parisienne, Which shows to me that it was a good test to compare both tactics, as both teams are very even in quality over all those years Real Madrid in Season 12 with Echoes tac Barca in Season 12, with Parisienne tac:
  2. @knap with next version I actually meant next release of my tool, not really FM22. (So your top 10 downloaded FM21 tactics would be included in the tool)
  3. If someone has "Reasonable" as opposite foot for an "Inverted/Inside" positions, is that enough to play him there? or are his performances still largely impacted.
  4. Hi @knap, I'm the guy who made the FM Lineup Tool (which is exclusive available @ baden powell site), would you mind if in the next version I pack your top 10 tactics in the tool as preconfigured tactic (it's a txt file of the tactic definition, not the tactic file itself). So people who use one of those can easily select it in my FM Lineup Tool.
  5. Completely agree with this... it could be such a great feature, but to many really annoying things that make it impossible to use for long-term way of playing
  6. I'm playing same formation as you and have a lot of success getting him to score... I have setup my tactic in a way that the striker will "always" be the leading goal scorer. Halfway first season: The Tactic: Squad view:
  7. Interesting tweak for the 433,so you switched the AM to a DM, and what role/duty did you gave him?
  8. Ratings are really "flawed" this version, they revised how they do ratings, but clearly something is off (and probably won't be fixed because SI doesn't want to see there's an issue anymore). You can have a world class AP playing in the AP role, lot's of assists & goals and have really bad ratings because his pass percentage is off a bit, and than you have a "nobody" doing 12 simple passes and don't contribute much, but he will get good ratings
  9. There is only one version, no tweaks no extra versions and it's in the opening post mate. Cheers, hope you enjoy it
  10. Yes, you can do that, but my preferred option in that case would be to play with wingers on both sides
  11. If you are talking about this thread specific, there is only one tactic, no different versions, no tweaks
  12. I'm afraid that's not how it works... you can make this a 4-4-2 and have most of the roles the same.... but it probably won't work out as plug&play as the original tactic. Maybe you will be better defensively, maybe not... you would have to try and tweak...
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