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  1. I'm playing it, but mostly to setup up my preferences and checking out a few things in a test save. Will start my real career save once the final version is out
  2. DavyDepuydt1

    Mentoring groups?

    Well I don't believe that IRL 28 year old Bob will spend time with 16 year old Pete who he doesn't know, never sees in training since it's a different squad... Older players will tutor younger players when they are promising talents that come and train with the 1st team. It was just wrong in previous FM's that you could take your older, professional guy and have him tutor any young guy in your team, IRL that would not happen
  3. DavyDepuydt1

    Mentoring groups?

    Players need to spend time together to be mentored, if they are in two seperate squads they would see eachother rarely and it would not be realistic if mentoring was possible. The old system was just not realistic, and this one is far more realistic. Purely from a point where the player likes tools to improve his young players it feels like something is taken away, but it's for the better, the old system was more of a 'game feature' than a representation of reality. So you shouldn't see the new system as something negative because it makes it a bit harder to tutor the young guys, but see it as a step to make the game more realistic
  4. I'm also in doubt whether the advise has been updated now that the tactical screen has changed. You choose a certain style of football now, and it's like the feedback you get in your inbox before every match isn't aware of that. it feels a bit like this now You choose a style in tactic screen -> game suggest formations and roles -> just before match you get email in your inbox 'your duties and mentality are way of'
  5. Maybe I worded it a bit wrong, I'm aware that it's wrong looking at one individual stat and that you need to look at a set of attributes depending on how you will use the player. But I often see in youtube saves for example people going to the search player screen and setting a filter: "min 15 for this, this and this". My question was more how do you determine that for their league and team that min value is "15". I'm now fairly familiar with what set of attributes are important for the positions/roles in my team, but I'm finding it difficult to rate the player myself by looking at his attributes, and I would like to improve on that since it gives more information then the star ratings I now go by.
  6. DavyDepuydt1

    VAR In Premier League?

    This should really not be in the Match Engine bug reports forum
  7. DavyDepuydt1

    RIP Dark Skin Theme?

    I actually love the Dark Skin in this edition
  8. I'm always struggling to use the individual attributes to understand how good a certain player is. I always use the star rating, and the comparison with one of my team player's to have an idea of how good someone is. when I look at individual stats I can say: "Oh nice, he has 17 finishing, that's good", but I struggle to have a good idea of how good the player is compared with my team and the current league by just looking at his stats A lot of people know by heart "if you're managing in premier league, an average rating of xx in main stats is needed". But I don't have this kind of knowledge, and I don't always manage in the well known leagues: How do you familiarize yourself with a new league and how do you know what on average good ratings should be for main stats? Do you open all your own player profiles first and try and remember as much as possible of their own stats, and open profile of some of the leagues best players to have an idea what stat values are needed to be among the best? In short I'm looking for a way to use player attributes, that by looking at a player profile I can understand how good (on paper) a certain player is within the league and team I'm managing.
  9. It's best to report your findings in the bugs forum, the fastest way to get it fixed
  10. DavyDepuydt1

    Unable to attend matches.

    Yes it's mentioned under network games (the only section I did not read since I'm not playing network games). but isn't it the case with single player as well?
  11. DavyDepuydt1

    My pointscorelist dosent exist?

    and to be a bit more constructive, SI stated that all beta issues can be posted here: https://community.sigames.com/forum/616-football-manager-2019-pre-release-beta-bugs-forum/ (if this is FM19 beta you are talking about)
  12. DavyDepuydt1

    My pointscorelist dosent exist?

    Maybe open a 3rd thread and see if it works
  13. DavyDepuydt1

    Unable to attend matches.

    Is it a bug that we should report? or is it done on purpose (but why?)?