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  1. Hi guys, I'm currently 2nd in my championship with a top 5 side, but I've got the feeling that I struggle a bit. I have trouble creating opportunities and I'm not as solid defensively as I wish I was. I win games with only one goal lead and in pain and I don't perform in big matches. I like to think that most of my roles are well distributed and suit my players, I just don't really know about my duties. Is there a guide about how to set up duties? And also, my striker, who is supposed to be one of my best player, struggle to score and finish games with 6.5 or less mostly. I've tried 2 roles : AF and PF(a) (considering his attributes and trait) but it doesn't seem to work. Maybe the combination with my AMC is not optimal?
  2. Thank you, in that case perhaps a carrilero is relevant to cover this attacking side?
  3. Does the « stay wider » player instruction for a central defender is useful to cover a wing back on the same side as a midfielder on support, in a 4231 with no dm?
  4. Hi there, As you could have seen I'm beginning in tactic creation. With the help of Carrerra in particular, I managed to make a tactic that worked very well for one season but I finally struggled a bit to score despite my high xG and I conceded a lot of goal whereas I didn't concede many xG. So finally, I decided to test another "version" of this tactic in a new save with the same team with "counter press" and "counter" unticked and other few changes in the instructions. I don't play this save seriously : I go on holiday between each matches and use the same XI. After 9 games I currently sit in the first place (1 defeat against PSG and 8 W), but I'm wondering if this following tactic is really viable and consistent? As you can see I have 0 in transition instructions, no additional pressing (not even split block). I'm aware that if things work I don't have to change anything but I also know that morale is very important, so it may play a big part of my recents results despite the fact that I have some errors in my tactic. I'm also wondering if, when I play against a deep defense, a higher tempo and/or the WBiBox instruction is relevant or not for the style of play I want to implement.
  5. Given that Positive mentality + attack duty = very offensive, combined with a high tempo, is it not too « agressive » ? I dit that kind of tactic but I had a lot of shots, a very high xG but very few real opportunities and goals (managing a top 5 team)
  6. And last question, is there a difference between a AP(s) and a AM(s) with the same player instructions?
  7. Is the « work ball into box » instruction relevant in a tactic based on quick transitions? I have a PF(a), AP(s) and 2 IW(A) and sometimes against deeper defenses, they tend to shot on the defenders when it’s not useful, and in the end I have a high number of shots but not all of them are dangerous
  8. Given that general mentality affects individual mentality, does that mean that the higher the mentality, the less attack duties must be distributed ? Or am I completely wrong
  9. Well I'm a fan of this team, and with Christophe Galtier since 2018/2019, we like to play with quick transitions, we don't look for possession. We just have possession again weaker team because they sit deep (and that is against these teams that we are struggling). We have very fast players up front, and very low defenders with Botman and Fonte, that's why I wanted to let the opponent come and then use the spaces. As I said I managed to do this because I finished 2nd, no far from PSG. In my first tactic, I played with low block + low line of engagement in a positive mentality + 2 DLP in the middle (André in defend and Sanches in support). Fonte decided to leave the club so I replaced him with Sutalo who is much faster, but quite good at jumping and heading so I just increase the DL back to standard. Also, I put Andre as a CM-d in order not to have 2 same roles in the middle. I also removed the "run at defense" TI, to take less risk with my CMs, and the "pass into space" TI (this one only against teams that sit deep), just not to lose the ball too easily when there is less space. And then, I've been struggling against weaker teams, but also against teams like OM or OL, I had very few shots. I like to defend quite aggressevily, but not very high on the pitch because I want to use the acceleration and pace of my front 4 (all of them have min 16). I'm not interested in the possession although I can undestand I will have the ball against weaker teams. That's why I used a positive mentality but with a lower line of engagement (with the counter-press TI ticked) I just don't understand why it doesn't work anymore, because I don't think my changes were irrelevant, and my reputation hasn't changed : I was a top side during the first season as well
  10. Well I think this game is not for me anymore lol. I used to create my own tactics and always play with a possession-based style of play with the same kind of teams again and again and it worked pretty well, even if I was struggling in away games sometimes. But I got tired of this style and I tried to make a counter-attack tactic with a low block with Lille, worked well because I finished 2nd in Ligue 1 during the first season. The thing is I wanted to get more knowledge about tactics so I went here to read some advices and guides to set up a tactic and I found out my tactic was pretty consistent but there was room for improvements. Only, all the guides were confusing to me because of all that mentality and LOE & DL stuff and since then, I've been struggling to put a tactic in place, even with few instructions. I'm quite sure my roles and duties are good though. And now, after reading the guides, I can't help to think my former tactic doesn't make sense, and with some tweaks that I was sure it was right, it doesn't work anymore. For example, I don't know anymore what mentality I should use, just as my DL and LOE
  11. Ok thank you man, so it's obliged to play a more possession-based style of play against weaker sides? Because when I play against teams with the "control possession" style, even if it's a weaker opponent, I thought my first tactic would work anyway
  12. After a few matches, I noticed that we didn't have many shots. I have trouble creating chances, against weaker sides it's a boring match and against stronger sides, I tend to suffer more but I don't create opportunies either. I don't know if it coul be useful to change an inverted winger to an inside forward in order to have more runs into the box
  13. Thank you for your answers, and yes I also wanted to put the CM-d on the side of the attacking full back, the thing is my wingers are in their right tasks, as my full backs, and Sanches prefers to play in the left hand side
  14. Hi guys, I just started to make my own tactic and I was wondering if it made sense, and if there was any tips to make it better. Due to my front 4 great acceleration and pace (best in the league), I wanted to play a football with quick transitions and give them space. Thanks in advance
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