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  1. Well I'm a fan of this team, and with Christophe Galtier since 2018/2019, we like to play with quick transitions, we don't look for possession. We just have possession again weaker team because they sit deep (and that is against these teams that we are struggling). We have very fast players up front, and very low defenders with Botman and Fonte, that's why I wanted to let the opponent come and then use the spaces. As I said I managed to do this because I finished 2nd, no far from PSG. In my first tactic, I played with low block + low line of engagement in a positive mentality + 2 DLP i
  2. Well I think this game is not for me anymore lol. I used to create my own tactics and always play with a possession-based style of play with the same kind of teams again and again and it worked pretty well, even if I was struggling in away games sometimes. But I got tired of this style and I tried to make a counter-attack tactic with a low block with Lille, worked well because I finished 2nd in Ligue 1 during the first season. The thing is I wanted to get more knowledge about tactics so I went here to read some advices and guides to set up a tactic and I found out my tactic was pret
  3. Ok thank you man, so it's obliged to play a more possession-based style of play against weaker sides? Because when I play against teams with the "control possession" style, even if it's a weaker opponent, I thought my first tactic would work anyway
  4. After a few matches, I noticed that we didn't have many shots. I have trouble creating chances, against weaker sides it's a boring match and against stronger sides, I tend to suffer more but I don't create opportunies either. I don't know if it coul be useful to change an inverted winger to an inside forward in order to have more runs into the box
  5. Thank you for your answers, and yes I also wanted to put the CM-d on the side of the attacking full back, the thing is my wingers are in their right tasks, as my full backs, and Sanches prefers to play in the left hand side
  6. Hi guys, I just started to make my own tactic and I was wondering if it made sense, and if there was any tips to make it better. Due to my front 4 great acceleration and pace (best in the league), I wanted to play a football with quick transitions and give them space. Thanks in advance
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