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  1. Threads up top or you head for Cleon's site or my youtube channel, which has guides that cover basics and more detailed approaches like playing low blocks, building different tactics or even understanding how to use specific roles. The next game changer episode has one where I analyse someone else's game and evaluate why their attacking transitions failed.
  2. Rashidi

    Defensive Football Untenable?

    I did a whole video on Defending like Burnley, by playing a low block. It is doable and on my Ajax diaries for a time we did play the low block which felt so alien. Its not hard to do, its just hard to sit back and see wave after wave of attacks. You need the right kind of players to make it work. Here's a link to the video, the Ajax Diaries have titles when I use the low block.
  3. There are many ways to approach this. And it really begins by you knowing your own players. To say there is one foolproof approach is wrong. I now people who play on contain/fluid, even I have done it, here we know that we won't be taking so many chances, so the whole team is behind the ball. Then what kind of attributes do we need to play that kind of game. What do we need players to do when they have the ball? Here we will need players with good first touch, composure, off the ball, decisions to work the ball around the pitch. Yes teams will attack you, but if I have better positionally-aware players I can just put up a wall, and relax. It just bounces back, and when we have the ball, we hardly give it away. For that to work, you need to know your players. Sometimes I go all Banzai, with my systems. I start on Overload and play 90 mins on overload, I just don't let the other team out, and when I finally decide to sit back to defend a lead, by going contain or defensive, then I forget why I was playing overload in the first place. My team wasn't good enough, so rather than just sit back and soak, I decided to take it to them from the off. Anyone who has seen me on Twitch or my YT channel, will probably find that funny. 85 mins on overload, leading, I decide to defend and concede. Go back to overload get the winner...maybe. Then finally you can just play a game of attrition, where for 90 mins you force the other team into a specific style of play where you close them down to force them to play in a certain direction. You control the pitch and then use overloads. If you can control possession for 80 minutes and have a 1 goal lead what do you do? Look at your own team, and decide based on what the AI is doing. If I am playing with flying fullbacks and the AI decides to go all 433 on me, I just make sure my fullbacks close down less, I drop my defensive line and play structured. Here again, will it work? It may work for some people and not for everyone. If my team is willing to change roles of the WBs to FBs, then I need to know if they have good positioning, cos that is actually pointless if they have poor positioning and the opposing team is loading up with Ferraris down the flank. I may as well tell them to just tackle those Ferraris hard. There isn't a specific formulae it really depends on your own team. You can play a low block, you can play a high block, you can play shepherd their attacks, which is currently my favourite way of playing, where I pressurise their AMs or Wingers into releasing the ball early, otherwise they break a leg. So if you want to defend a lead, then it really depends on who you play and what you have. You can attack, defend or control the game. It's your choice.
  4. @craiigmanAsk the FB(S) to sit narrow so he supports volante more than trying to get forward. SK(D) is pointless perhaps consider SK on support, he can help recycle possession. I like the DF role he will ensure that he gets the players behind him into play, this is where the VOL role becomes important, he might need to be on Attack
  5. Playing by numbers never ends well. Actually i had written a long explanation, but i deleted the whole thing cos I remember saying the same thing at least once a year for the last 20 years. It never works, but people persist, and when the spreadsheet doesn't work, then it usually ends badly,
  6. Here I am going to step in- Role Combinations in isolation are pointless. I get asked this question a lot, "If I want to use a Mezzala, what do the other roles around him need to be". That is a symptom of whats happening. If there are people going around saying there is an optimum role combination, I would avoid them cos they know buggerall. For example a TQ and an AF are a fantastic attacking pair, under the right conditions. Everything in this game is about the conditions, but people who go around touting a combination of roles are just making themselves look like they know something about the game by making it look complicated. All one needs to do is ask themselves a series of questions, and then build a system around what they have. This means just understand what the roles themselves do. The simplest way is to think of roles as : defensive roles, creative roles, scoring roles and support roles. Ok next step isolate what you want to do. And this is the most dynamic part of the whole system. In 2016, I defined these as creator, destroyer, support and scorer. Its really simple. Now go to your system look at it. How do you want it to play. Ask yourself this question: Who should score? Who should be the main creators? Where should the play be built around? Who is going to have to stay back to defend all the time? Now who has the 50-50 job of helping to get the ball to midfield so we can control it, now who can I use to bust up play if needed? You can't think of roles in isolation, that's the reason why people fail at the game. Don't overcomplicate the game just think of it in simple terms. If you can see a football match and identify these 4 groups I guarantee you that you will start spotting them in your own game.
  7. What are Croatia eating? They had 2 extra times and are playing like they have Red Bull coursing through their veins.
  8. He saw Hendo's poor decision and lost the plot
  9. Rashidi

    ME loophole

    Its very strong in FM with the right players, the question is will it be very strong with average players or players without acceleration. I am not suggesting its not overpowered, but for me personally to call it an exploit, is a bit strong.
  10. I've only really noticed it now, cos my stupid network provider doesn't know how to balance natural sound very well with the commentator streams
  11. My Man of the Match was the stadium announcer controller, cos he playing "It's coming home" after the 2nd goal was scored, and then again at the final whistle.
  12. Let's get with the program.
  13. Rashidi

    Round of 16: Colombia v England (19:00 BST ITV1)

    Wth even the match officials want the game over... 8 mins at least.
  14. Rashidi

    Round of 16: Colombia v England (19:00 BST ITV1)

    Come on Colombia score..this game is becoming entertaining
  15. Rashidi

    Round of 16: Colombia v England (19:00 BST ITV1)

    Already made a FR for the Conga Line, wish I had pictures.