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  1. Rant threads don't deserve attention.
  2. have you tried wresting control of the pitch where the AI is dominating?
  3. You chose a role that will send him dribbling into masses, in fact, into a congested area, the fix is change the duties around in front and perhaps give him sometime else. If you want to play him as a playmaker then play him as one. As an IF he is going to try and shoot and score. When I look at your system 3 dudes running into the same area. place gets congested he has no passing options...(maybe) or depending on the mentality you have chosen he reckons its worth the risk to try a long shot. Makes sense to me, what the AI is doing. And Can is a playmaker???
  4. Thanks I edited the first show already, thel's is in it...I will add yours to the second show
  5. There are certain rules about posting on the forum. Read the rules, then post. Otherwise infractions will follow.
  6. I might be very blind, I don't see it
  7. @AndySummers You just go to the match highlights for the match you want to upload as a pkm, then "Save Highlight". It should be in the folder in C:Documents/Sports Interactive/Matches
  8. Close, everyone will have higher mentality. The mentality sets the starting base, Structured shape splits it so you could see defend duties being far apart from attack duties in terms of risk profile, on fluid they come closer together, and thats how everyone will take more risk. On structured the dudes on attack duty take the most with the attackers likely to be at 20 the maximum, but the spread is more distinct. On fluid the spread is less distinct, and hence my "kumbaya" metaphor.
  9. If you adjust the Mentality without doing anything, you may get a counter attacking system. That means you didn't change PIs and TIs then yes, you may see your side hoof the ball and try to play a style that may resemble Counter attacking football, but Mentality in itself will not create that. The game descriptions aren't 100% correct, and notice what happens when you change mentality..it automatically changes certain sliders so that it will try to "help" you try to achieve what you want. That won't happen unless you choose the right shape/roles and duties. In itself Mentality does nothing to create a style of play. I could very well create a counter attacking system using Overload mentality with the right combination of TIs and PIs, Mentality is a tool to assign risk. This season I actually designed a counterattacking Overload system for Torino as well now that should confuse people even more. Once you accept that Mentality is only a tool for risk and that shape distributes it..boy your game is gonna change big time.
  10. The role works well since the last patch, as long as width comes from others on the same flank, the IWB will work well.
  11. Had some issues with my skin after starting this game, so my save is pretty slow, but we are top in Group E of the Europas, and still undefeated in the league after 4 games, but we do concede a fair few. I am just trying to make this system work with 2 DMs that well, need to go up. With my wing backs giving really good width I can definitely think of a double pronged attack. My only issue is winning the second ball. 4 games in and my striker who has bagged 9 goals in 9 appearances is already attracting interest from Spanish clubs. The lil twat wants to leave! I will do a bit more on the show for the game once I get at least one other pkm from someone. Thanks @thels I have already downloaded it
  12. Thank god for Pol Lirolla, he's versatile
  13. Why no? Taken by itself and without considering all the PIs and other TIs, the counter mentality inherently assigns a lower risk profile to the team and guides them into making guarded decisions when moving the ball up. The aim of the mentality is not to play direct passes. That you do from changing the Team Passing Instruction or modifying PIs. Its the combination of other shouts that will encourage a side to play direct. One could easily play a defensive or a counter attacking game, playing with short and risk free passes from the back.