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  1. Rashidi

    FM difficulty...

    classic humorless forum poster
  2. Rashidi

    Training in FM19

    Seems fine, really depends on the schedules you have set Ideally it should be about building player fitness up quickly before going on to stuff that builds cohesion and getting them ready for the season. Training and Tactics are more inter-related as they should be I would look at the colors oddly enough...that's me but everyone has their way. I know some here are triggered by the icons and want less colors lol. I am glad that a lot of the training is coming in line with reality, which is something many have asked for and some of us have even tried to do with some limited success over the years. What you are looking depends on what you are hoping to achieve. Team Cohesion, Match Sharpness, Attribute development, tactical familiarity, match preparation or all of the above. We now have to make a conscious decision. Nothing is free anymore. So it depends on how you want your club to develop. If two activities target the same ability then yes they will both help. Each schedule has different impacts on different things, etc. condition, sharpness etc. You need to make that decision.
  3. Rashidi

    Player progression

    There are no magic formulae anymore, you need to be savvy now. How do you think real managers train their players? Training is a lot more organic and there is always going to be a luck factor. You need to get a handle on everything you can and cannot control and you need to come up with a plan within a tactical system. And then, you got to make sure your players can execute the plan, ie their roles and duties. Finally you need to find a way to strengthen that plan with the right combination of training schedules. Along the way you need to look at their development, map out a plan for them that includes specific training programs and then playing them at the right time. On top of that you need to look at your coaches. Can they actually bring the best out of him? As a manager can you get the best out of him on the pitch during a match? Just look at Ozil now, and Ozil last season? Emery changed the system and the entire tactical and training plan, to get the best out of him. Your mission @evilpimp972, is to craft a plan for the club and team, plan a long term strategy of mentoring, find the right coaches and ensure your facilities are always up to scratch. Should you fail this mission, we shall disavow you, and deny any association. This message will self destruct in 5 seconds.."5, 4, 3, 2, 1" cue theme song
  4. Rashidi

    FM difficulty...

    Or we could be enjoying the match engine or the last version of it before SI's very own "Big Blue" shows up, and everyone begs for the old engine back. Only fully licensed and current real world managers with actual experience will be playing the game, and former internationals will be doing commentary of FM matches at regional and international levels. The world of football replaced by the mighty bot.
  5. Your logic is flawed because you have assumed you made the right settings. As others have indicated in the same thread, Now if one person says that, maybe.. if two say it...then....its your system.
  6. Its not easy, it takes a lot of effort, and i doubt it will stay like that for long.
  7. @twitch.com/bustthenet. Will start the stream in like 3hrs. Need to put the babies to sleep first
  8. Well that's not my only save, as I do mess around with things on the stream to make a point. I have been playing with very narrow systems in fact I've found more success with narrow systems that can run at defences and still deliver crosses. I am gonna try different things on another stream later in a few hrs
  9. Defensive with, full backs will tuck in more, as your centre gets more congested. When you defend wide you leave more space open in front of the box. Ideally your decision depends on how your own team stacks up. Say you have poor players in the box to deal with crosses, then playing narrow could be a bad move cos of the space you are ceding, and vice versa
  10. Could be peculiar to yours, cos he's scored 17 in 24 in mine and Luis Suarez is on 15 but he is out for 3 weeks, and so far Messi has only picked up one slight knock.
  11. We all do, but i will share with you one of my best examples. I once had a striker who was in the club till he was 19 and showed low levels of improvement, but he was a 5 star potential, went to my first team and hardly performed. So I got fed up, cos i was keeping him and coddling him like a baby. I then told him that it was time for him to go on loan, and make a statement and hopefully when he got back he would be good enough for the first team. Two seasons later he came back and he was unbelievably good. It was perfect cos the main striker was getting older, and the one on loan was ripe to start. Sometimes coddling isn't the right thing to do even with those you think are top players. If you can't play them loan them out. They need the game time otherwise you are actually retarding their development. U23 is my retirement squad or purgatory zone. And one other thing, you need to manage the U23 schedule too, sometimes they hardly play enough games as it is. The only squad I care about is the U19 and senior side.
  12. This is interesting, personally my U23 squad is made of players who never made it and no one wants them. If a player is 18 years old he is either out on loan, or in the first team squad. If he is poor then he is in the U23 waiting to go on loan or to be sold off.
  13. Coaches workload increase, and the quality of training suffers. Its a cost that you will need to pay, hence the need to be qualitative about your selection instead of being quantitative. SI based these on their need for realism after discussions with real clubs and coaches. And they found that this would be the ideal setup. I like it because there is less chance of it being abusive. Interesting point, cos thats exactly what i am doing. I am adding only 3-4 top players i think are worthy of being tracked and not the whole team and then i make these same players available for U-19 matches. The issue you are trying to point out is that you conceivably want all of them exposed to mentoring. I do think that would somehow reduce the quality of sessions. And tbh there is nothing to stop you from doing it in preseason. You can put all of them in the first team if you want and make all of them available to the U19s. You just need to think of the coaches workload and how you are going to solve that issue. If a player is already 18 years old and he is still at the club he needs to be in my first team already. If he is not good enough for the first team, why is he even in the club? He needs competitive matches cos at that age, game time starts becoming very important.
  14. It's not them sitting together singing songs at a campfire :-) More like them being in the same training squad and picking up habits. So you could do both, its entirely up to you. The best rule of thumb is not making the group too big
  15. Rashidi

    Training in FM19

    A good way to start is just to ask the assman to handle your training if you find it too overwhelming. Personally I use the calendar view to set up my training very quickly. As long as we understand what the colours mean its very easy. The blue colour refers to general training like : Outfield. It took me some time to get used to it too.