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  1. I can foresee people who don’t want to upgrade PCs in the near future who prefer the Stadia option. I just hope the Asian rollout doesn’t take 3 years.
  2. Personally speaking from what i have gathered from the headline features and the smaller reveals thus far, i am impressed for several reasons. Firstly SI are using the FM community of creators at large to publicise these reveals, this is a good sign and bodes well for the future. I haven't seen something like this by any developer in a long time. Initially i was disappointed by Stadia, not because i think its useless, but because in my country its not available. I can see its benefits especially when one considers the fact that i have a 100' screen just itching to play FM at home without a PC. So eyes with envy made me rage. Regardless of what others might think of Stadia, its the future of gaming and streaming. FM19 was a big step forward, what it lacked is being made up with by a host of QOL changes that I am looking forward to. Code of Conduct for one, managing player development via these pathways, being able to manage their expectations in ways that felt limited in FM19. Playing time pathways could make hoarding of high potential players an issue for clubs which is nice, it also opens up the potential along with Club Vision for better youth development in the long run. This has long been one of my hopes for the game. While it may not happen immediately, the building blocks are there which bodes well for the future. There are plenty of smaller reveals like player statuses, the new role which definitely leads me to believe changes are coming for the match engine. Frankly they make changes to the code each year. I see QOL changes everywhere, while it may not be exciting for some, for a person who averages 3k hours per season, anything that adds to QOL improvement is an added bonus. It's too early to venture a guess about the match engine, but the lads are not the sort to be happy with any version of engine they release. They are continuously looking to improve and upgrade it and are willing to listen to people who make reasoned arguments for why certain elements of the game should be improved. Case in point the sheer number of blocked crosses for some people in FM19 and the lack of final third movement. I doubt the game will make everyone happy, I for one have already ordered my game, because the QOL improvements alone suggest that they are taking FM19 and enhancing the quality of my experience playing the game. And if i can play both narrow and wide systems in FM20 equally as well, then I am not going to regret it.
  3. Tbh I am looking forward to most of the features that have been revealed. Was disappointed with Stadia since my country isn’t on the list of nations that will have access, but the list of small features revealed have me quite eager to play.
  4. I think everyone will agree that there are way too many blocked crosses in the game. Can crossing work? Yes it can but most people aren't going to like being told they have to swap out a winger for a wide midfielder or play two support duties on one flank with them on overlap, making sure you make it easier by sticking a good target man in attack. That may just be too much information to wrap their heads around. What people may just want is.. That is a sentiment i think many people share, and while there are some of us who are just breezing through the game, its understandably frustrating to watch someone else do it easily while one struggles. This reminds me of the time we didn't have overlaps instructions in the game, and people werel screaming that it should be easier to overlap. And we had people like me going its easy, just do a + b = overlap. The thing is not everyone is going to see it that way. The more FM develops into a role based event simulation, the more its going to be important for people to select their roles wisely. You want to increase the chances of crosses being made, then choose the right roles. A winger will only be a good crosser of the ball if he is a lot faster than opposition players and you have to set up a system which overloads the flanks allowing him to attack the space. The challenge is a lot higher because of his role which necessitates the trigger to happen in your own half. In other words the pass has to occur in your own half for the winger to get away into space. This means that the system itself has to be well thought out. So how are you going to get the triggers to hit all together. Thats a combination of roles/duties/defensive line/ line of engagement. What's easier in the game is choosing a safer crossing option with a WB/WM in combination in a 442 where the WB can make crosses easily.. The WB and WM work the chance to cross between themselves. You can even make it more interesting by opting to go overlap. Now the WB on support will use the chance to play the ball inside and then run out wide to be a crossing option. In Fm20 we will see a new role emerge and that is the IW, so chances are high the challenge to make him work will be even harder, because he specifically works in overloads. So people might pick the IW and then scream its not working, but those who are successful could be the ones whose brains are hard-wired to think of overloads (pure conjecture at this point ,but its only logical considering how the existing roles are playing). So while its not impossible to get crossing working in the game, it is currently a challenge. The solutions may not be perfect for everyone but I am sure that given time many of you are going to be creatively coming up with your own crossing games.
  5. That is the principle reason why. Chances are most teams are becoming more defensive, as a top side now your competition is now champions league. You need to compare how you do against top sides there now.
  6. I like what you have done. Let me explain what's happened in your game. The mentality you have chosen along with the overlap instruction has kinda reduced the WM(S) inclination now to take risks. The low LOE will drop you into a compact block, when you have possession of the ball you are also a compact block. The overlapping runs won't be too aggressive since you are on a balanced mentality, but just enough when the ball traverses into the opponents half, which is when you will see the FBs shine. You have also created more than one route to goal, there is space up front and you have a BPD/NCB combo that hurls balls forward given the opportunity, and you also have a DLP that can do the same. When you lose the ball, your team will drop back immediately to its defensive position first as a result of regroup and will look to counter when good chances present themselves and you have enough roles in the right tiers to take advantage of them. A DM is fine if you are worried that your defenders need more help, but when used in a low block like you have set up its kinda wasteful. Since the low block already compresses the space. If you want to use a DM you probably can afford to play on a standard line of engagement and open up the tiers so that the DM can exert an influence, when you play a static defence like that. I like calling it static when its a holding role cause he doesn't venture forward, you generally are doing this because you feel that your players cannot handle inside running. However,. when you play with some more 'less risky" roles in midfield that is actually much harder to pull off. The reason why you looked out of sorts playing on higher mentalities is because you are now more fluid, since you have more players reacting to the same events in transition. On higher mentalities you need to look at your own defensive line and how they get back into position. The risk on higher mentalities is that your players are willing to do more, and that risk can go up. So you do it only when you are reasonably confident of handling it. This was a lot more well thought out as a counter attacking system.
  7. Why not? Mourinho's blocks like the one you are specifically referring to is the low block, the one he set up against Barcelona with Milan. He had Pandev drop into a midfield 3 when they had to defend, and he also needed the players to do disciplined pressing, When they attacked he wanted a quick fire one two with around 4 in attack and he didn't care about the ball possession. You can do this on positive or attacking mentality, Your low block will come from the LOE. Finally you need to look at the players themselves, they need high work rate, determination and team work. So there is plenty at play here, and finally their duty...its going to be support only.
  8. No, not on Stadia. You will need the retail version of FM to do that.
  9. Basically if i go direct, the whole team is going to try that, if i go short the whole team goes short, but the ones most likely to try something different are: BPD, NCB and RPM. And thats what i wanted, not aimless hoofing, but intelligent hoofing, planned around specifically players.
  10. You are free to play the presets, they are set up in a way that is safe for most people. Most people ask me about overachieving and that's different, thats when you are extracting maximum value and being as creative as possible. And that I am sorry you won't find detailed guides to overachieve in any game that happen in any game. The presets work for general use, you won't overachieve gloriously, but if you want to there's more to it, and a simple 100page manual is not going to cover it. Have you read the ingame manual by any chance?
  11. Thats where you got the mix right. When you want to create sound defensive systems you think about the LOE working with the DL. It may seem like dumb luck but what you just told your team is wait for the oppositon to come to the middle third before pressing them. And you also told the defenders not to push up too high when they have the ball
  12. True, to a point. The game uses a risk assessment model to decide what players do under certain circumstances. Should I run with the ball, should i play a risky pass, should i dive in to tackle, should i take a chance and dive in on the tackle. That is mentality loosely. Its been that way since the days of notches and sliders. What SI did in FM18 was make it easier for people to create styles of play. The old nomenclature stuck, they may have made some adjustments but the style of creating a system didnt change. A 4231 on a defensive mentality and a 541 on a defensive mentality will not play the same. The formation, and the roles and duties guide the system's attacking or defensive side. Today the Line of engagement is the easiest way for people to create defensive systems, but they still need to understand how the roles and duties will be affected by the defensive line for example. Like in a lot of games, the developer isn't expected to give you all the information, they don't need to. I have yet to come across a game apart from flight simulations that are so in depth. Most games expect you to find the best way there. And while defensive systems do benefit from mentality, ie. its naturally better to play a counter attacking system on a lower mentality as opposed to playing one on a higher mentality because your players will take less risks with the ball. One still needs to think about how the roles and duties work within the defensive line to get that done. The OP didnt even explain his use of LOE, then he used a narrow system that invited pressure on a lower mentality. So naturally the bulk of his players stayed behind the ball. I am not suggesting that people should play counter attacking systems on higher mentalities, I am suggesting that people understand all the elements at play here.
  13. Ok you obviously don't get anything I have been trying to say. Hannover has 8 players either on support or defend and only two attack duties played in a TM/PF config where we keep a compressed defence and hit over the top balls as quickly as we can. We are playing on an attacking mentality because i am willing to go for that kind of risky over the top passing. Possession isn't even something i am interested in. To be counter attacking we do something else. And its patently obvious to me that you don't know what I am doing to achieve that. The team defends in compressed banks and we use mentality to risk the out ball. I am willing to throw more bodies into a counter hence overlapping and defensive line. With the Hannover Diaries i am not interested in playing possession football, aiming to carve sides open like good sides do, we are only interested in using the few chances we get aggressively, but the overall system includes compressed narrow banks that move quickly to defend. You are still thinking of defensive low block systems as mentality and formation driven when there are other more important elements. This is a risky counter attacking strategy that has big payouts
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