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  1. The central defender does not bring the ball out of defence it’s not baked into his role. The BPD is, so if you want someone to bring the ball out and advance into space you should play a BPD. Wide centrebacks can and will underlap aggressively if you set them up correctly.
  2. I did a video on the match engine changes as well but baked a lot of stuff into 11Mins including a short segment on pressing, for the majority of that match I was on low tempo too. My team controlled possession shut down passing lanes and pressed appropriately.
  3. Well I am sure there will be videos by content creators coming out like me, but usually SI dont reveal the changelist cos its a long list and even then its a selected list that they put out
  4. I have done my annual contribution to the thread, now my kids want me, @JustifiedI can neither deny nor confirm that.
  5. I just cant wait to stop creating sessions to train the weaker foot cos it was
  6. I need to go and sleep and see how this turns out tomorrow
  7. It’s a very natural thing for developers to do. At some point in the alpha cycle external people are Invited to give their feedback. During this time a lot can change too. Not too long ago SI weren’t even doing this and they are people out there who want to see aspects of the game that might be covered by these content creators. One thing to note though, they are playing an alpha build which means it’s not even the beta release version, the beta release version will have a match engine that is closer to the release version. And that should be out very soon. Plus if the content creators have had a look in then we could be very close to a release version. I still remember the years when we had no news and the release date was actually pulled back
  8. Which is why I for one have never called or accepted the fact that Football Manager simulates football realistically. Its at its core a game, that tries to simulate the job of a football manager by immersing him in an experience that tries to be as realistic as possible. Whenever SI say realistic numbers I cringe, because in order for one to simulate the results first you have to simulate the movement on and off the ball perfectly. We need to get the rotating fluid diamonds of Atalanta, or the interchanging roles and positional play of City, and the various intricate zonal marking styles of different teams or even the strict man marking of Leeds. I stopped thinking of realistic simulated results a long time ago. I know they will try and get the numbers close to reality, they have to cos they marketed the game that way. So they will need to run loads of internal tests and then look back at all the numbers but at the end of the day, to get that kind of realism, we all need to run around with own quantum computers in our house playing the game. That ain't happening. So I have learnt to live with whatever small replication I can achieve in the game. To be honest I even cringe at myself when I say I am replicating a formation. Its not possible to do anything with a 100% accuracy. SI does it best with the technology we all have to play with and hopefully one day they stop saying this simulates real football, but simulates the life of a football manager.
  9. To be fair they managed Sheff United, who aren't exactly a struggling team in the championship. They should be considered one of the favourites to finish in promotion spots. Generally better teams will try and impose themselves so it would make more sense to me that they press aggressively. Is it overpowered? Its still too early to say. There were several points they were making throughout the stream of which one stood out, they had depth. If a team has depth and has the players to rotate you could use gegenpressing for the majority of a game. However to do that 3 games on the trot in the championship where matches come thick and fast would be almost impossible. Plus I can't quite recall whether they were into the winter period either, that also factors in. Even from watching that I was asking myself why some of the players weren't exhausted at the end of the first half? I do think that at this point in time, SI haven't finalised everything yet, and may well feel that players still have a bit in their tank for sprint capacity. They could adjust it before release. Even if they adjusted the severity of the sprint model, I think there will always be ways to get around it. You could create a custom shout and use it with 20 minutes to go or whenever to reduce the intensity of your tactic, and then switch gegen pressing on for bursts. Or you could just bring on players to take over. Not every single position will feel the effect of gegenpressing and it will depend on the tactic as well. So plug and play tactics won't be dead. People will just need more depth and know which areas need strengthening. A 4312 gegen pressing tactic will simply have 4 equally good wingbacks.
  10. Now that is a nice looking system that can be played on standard or short passing. Short to keep possession, standard or direct for counters, its nice I would just leave him as a CM(A) and let the attributes do teh talking, he's very good at unlocking defences, but there is no need to set that role to an AP.
  11. I have one set piece routine that serves as a collection and I only use that, i am solid in most cases apart from those throw ins where the wide player on attack duty comes in unmarked on throw ins, I would suggest a simple set up. For corners for example, you can use 1 of 2 approaches since FM18. Defending you make sure you have two on near and two on far, one at edge of area and one MT. You can opt to have one on counter or if you have someone really fast, put him on edge of area. Having eveyrone back can also work, if the one at edge of area is as fast as mbappe
  12. This is what I think of the setpiece creator..**leaves room for everyones imagination** Your best options : Dont use it leave it on default, if you do then do just one thing, fullbacks default to taking every throw in, so make sure you if you want them staying back, make sure another player joins them. Just pick from one of the GFs Option B: NEVER create multiple routines, this is the big bugbear I have. When you create multiple routines for a corner for example, it can cause all kinds of headaches. You suddenly see set piece takers you never appointed having instructions you cant remove. So Just create one for each side and leave it at that. Now export that as a collection and use it all the time. I have done the export all and load all routines as a collection, it works best when you have no assigned takers in which case, short corners are the best routine for corners all the time.
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