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  1. Frankly speaking the pinned guides are all there, there are plenty of sources on the forums that give information, plus I have done a detailed and long video on team instructions and how they interact with roles and duties. If you check the pinned threads you will find excellent articles written by a host of people whose opinions are respected enough even by SI to be considered. We (mods) keep being asked to do this every edition of the game by someone new to the forums. "Explain everything in my thread please since you are a mod". We can't be doing that every single year, since we keep repea
  2. Again not entirely true as well, because deeper players can be influenced into different passing styles by their roles specifically, so a general statement like this makes it sound like a rule than a guide. On attacking mentalities defenders can also take more risks at moving the ball forward quickly because they are willing to take bigger risks with ball distribution.
  3. Mentality is essentially a risk modifier that affects, width, passing directness, tempo, LOE and DL. The higher your mentality the more risk your players are willing to take in these specific areas of the game.
  4. Mentality does not do that, it affects creative freedom that is true, but it does not automatically add roam from position or stick to position. There is also team mentality and individual mentality each of which is affected by other things like specific team instructions and duties.
  5. The only physio recommendation i react to is when a player needs a holiday. I find that if i automatically set it to players physical conditioning, then I hardly ever need to go there unless I am brutally using the same player for every single game across the season. I have 4 saves running concurrently and I have never had to micromanage their individual training intensities
  6. Frankly speaking, we actually went through the effort of creating a standalone application for training, then I ran a lot of benchmark and soak tests. Finding out that...at the end of the day, the best combination in the world is entirely subjective and ultimately depends on how you want your players to develop. This covers every attribute bar 7. stuff like corner taking, free kick etc. It hits all the other attributes + there are 4 sessions that focus on roles, two are exclusive (match practice). Attacking Movement and Defensive Shape work on individual role attributes as well.
  7. Go to Rest there is a bar up top that is used for the automated training intensities. Then when you choose individual intensities for players choose auto. When you do this, it automatically sets it to physio recommendations. The only thing it wont do is give a player a holiday/rest. That you n3eed to do yourself. Mine is fully automated
  8. Thanks I completely forgot that i made a 343Diamond, the halfback is one of my favourite roles for these 'centrally empty' formations. I tend to make things easy for myself when i evaluate chances as well. To be honest it can be overwhelming trying to nail down good xg chances that dont come from crosses etc. The effort you are putting into this is pretty astounding
  9. You can do specific man to man marking the way Bielsa does it. You can come close with position marking on the fullbacks and do a split block press as I alluded to in my video. Unfortunately direct links to videos are not permitted on the forums.
  10. You would players that can pass the ball effectively for one thing. Going wider will also reduce the effectiveness of the counter press as well. Since players are further positioned, when they lose the ball it might get harder to win the ball back as a pack. Counter pressing is really on effective on systems that aren’t very wide. So the furthest I might go with width settings is standard. if you are willing to take that risk then the concept can still work, much like the current 4231 I have been sharing on the latest episode of Creating Tactics on YouTube. The width will allow yo
  11. Set pieces are a different matter altogether. At the moment the set pieces and how they play out are to tied in to the main tactical creator settings. When SI get around to improving the set piece creator, which they will at some point, I am sure we might get better options. At the moment addressing the set pieces themselves could have some big knock-on effects to other aspects of the match engine.
  12. To be honest to replicate Bielsa perfectly you’d need to assign individual man marking specifically for each and every game which is very tedious. The most I’ve ever done is do split block pressing and position marking on the wide players. The idea is to copy the pressing of the leading group while keeping the central midfield relatively loose, but for each game you play you need to assign tight marking or you can use opposition instructions instead for the central players. OIs could be a reasonable compromise.
  13. Not entirely sure what you mean but "such a system" as it implies that there is only one way to play a 4231. And I am sure you didnt mean that. You don't need to ask the fullback to overlap ( he is overlapping naturally atm when the IW moves inside, or if he does) and you can easily play a 4231 with fullbacks who hold their positions in midfield providing support to central midfielders and generally just protecting the flanks. Since the 4231 is top heavy you have more than enough players in the final third to unlock sides with various combinations. The difference in mentality between bal
  14. Bottom heavy systems have more players physically in your half during defensive phases, which helps congest space and make it harder for teams to score. However it will ultimately depend on whether your players can defend crosses as well. Bottom heavy systems can also be more attacking but they may need players such as wingbacks to be more attacking and willing to take risks. So there is a risk reward issue here. While you can defend with numbers you need to think of ways in getting players up the pitch. So considered decisions need to be made for transitions. Example a 532 cou
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