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  1. Any Love for Serie A

    One of the best leagues to play imho, I absolutely loved my Torino save.
  2. 1. No 2. Because either they are bad at what they are supposed to do or you may be playing the wrong mentality/defensive line 3. No 4. He doesn't like you ? 5. Never used a target man, I like options. 6. Never happens to me, it must be you. 7. Of course, unless you are unhappy, then may I suggest a good alternative monitor? 8. Stroke him, gently. Play him a lot, and make sure he's well compensated for the effort. 9. Why not? I do it all the time, I usually make them feel the raw power of expectations in meaningless league cup matches. 10. You're speaking for yourself I assume? I actually managed a hat trick of goals from a corner :-) 11. It isn't complicated, simple solution. Create a tactic, hire Bobby Mimms. Ask him to manage your side. He will choose default roles and a default formation with minimal TIs. The only thing that will screw him over is if you are horrendous at buying players. Its the easiest mode to play. Does it require you to tweak no. It does give me too much time on the coffee machine. It is the easiest mode in the game. Mimms is my holiday man, I always pick him for long term career saves when I am more serious about my coffee than the game.
  3. How does this help with counter pressing?
  4. I did a short guide on set pieces.
  5. The central defender and the fullback have fantastic mentals. I may change the FB to support if I face a side that's better like Manchester City or the top sides. In some matches I may release the fb on the other flank.
  6. Can't create chances

    Ok here's a suggestion, go get a good assman, someone like Bobby Mimms. And don't laugh, if he can take Wolves to the title without any interference from me, just take my role and make player decisions on the day, then he's the bomb. Yes, I did an experiment and left him to do everything, came back we won the title. Then I got him a bunch of decent players went back holidayed and he managed to keep us in the premiership with my 433. So what can you do? There is an option in the game to ask your assman to choose the roles and duties of your tactic. So see what he recommends, and try learning from there. Over the years, SI have asked some of us to check whether the recommendation of players fits the roles and in some cases, they are pretty good with choosing the right role for the right players. Most times, unless you are OCD like me and Cleon. Not saying its perfect, its a start. .
  7. My 442 which i have been playing with, depending on the players i have that BWM(D) role can change, and so can the FB(A) role, other than that this is my version of the 442, notice the similarities. I like the variety i get out of attack
  8. Can't create chances

    There are so many good guides already posted up. Doing another guide where we speak specifically about each role and how it works in conjunction with other roles would be a really long effort. It can be done, but these are already done within the context of those threads linked. Is there some trial and error involved in choosing roles, yes. Can we minimise that? Yes we can. For example, if someone were to ask me whats inherently risky, its obvious that sticking two roaming roles on the same flank could be risky, is this a bad move, maybe. It all depends on how you set the overall tactic up to absorb that risk. When you play with a CF and a TQ, is it bad? It will all depend on whether you can get any support up to them. It looks like there is only one player in midfield? Will this work? It could work with my team and flop with yours, because our teams have different player attributes. This is where you need to look at you own sides transitions, how they build play up and how they work their chances, and finally how they defend. I usually ask people this question: If you can't visualise how your goal highlights are going to look like then you're probably not sure how your combinations are going to play out. So i suggest trying these out, on the face of it, I would not use a TQ combined with a CF, these are two roles in the game that demand a certain level of current ability before they can be pulled off successfully. With my GCFC side I sometimes stick to roles that are simple cos I know I don't have anyone nearly as good.
  9. Can't create chances

    An attacking setup comes from your choice or roles and duties. So if you wanted a team to be more aggressive in attack, you'd look at choosing the right roles for the job. Up top you have a Trequartista and a CF(A) on attack. The combination of these two roles means that you are probably going to see a lot of isolation, regardless of shape. The CF(A) has roam and so does the TQ, how are they going to work together. A common mistake most people make is ignoring the combination of roles and duties to make things work. Here your only link play comes from the CM(A). I am more inclined to think of roles working together to unlock a side regardless of mentality or shape. Mentality acts to set the risk up and other things like how they close down, how they move on and off the ball, and shape works in setting up how a team works together. You have plenty of roles on the flanks which are support, which suggest they won't look at bombing forward until you take control of midfield Taking control of midfield becomes an issue when you don't really know how the 2 frontmen can help. Personally I always suggest people start on a flexible shape instead of going to fluid or very fluid. The latter shapes while they bring a team together in terms of mentality, it also means that your team will most likely not be able to take advantage of wide open spaces on the counter. Your fullbacks are on support, so they won't really give you width unless you take control of midfield. You need to reconsider the role of the DM, and the two front men, and think of how you are going to add width when you are defending deep and need to launch counters. At least one WB can be on attack duty.
  10. The TI tighter marking tells players to mark a player closely in defensive situations. Your team still does zonal marking, but in defensive situations they will sit a bit more tightly on a player who enters their zone. Its useful against sides you don't want to give too much time on the ball. The downside of using this instruction is when you opt to use it against a team that has better acceleration than your players. If your players are slower than the opposition player, getting them to mark tight could see them get turned too easily. It really will depend on the formation you are playing against and the kind of players you have at your disposal. You also have the option to use Tight marking from opposition instructions as well. Players like Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale, are notoriously difficult to tight mark, their acceleration and good balance and agility allow them to beat players on the turn. So use this TI carefully.
  11. one of my fav systems is now the 442, but I don't understand what you mean by this. There are some formations that play better on certain shapes, now why are you specifically saying that you need to change and tweak? Why are you asking the CM(S) to get further forward? Why not use a role that achieves that? Why not use different roles to get different styles to adapt within the one system? When it comes to adapting I am frequently surprised by people who don't try and make simple changes to roles to take control, in fact you mention a string of TIs as a cure for aggressive opponents which make no sense to me at all. Why not look at what the AI is doing and then disrupt it at the source. I played a 442 for an entire season with GCFC where all I did was make role and duty changes to adapt. True, I made some mentality changes too, but I stayed within a certain shape to optimise the number of players who are involved in transitions. I understand that I have also done threads where I change mentality and shape around a lot, but thats for entirely different reasons, and not for adapting to an AI who is being very aggressive. When I change mentality and shape, I recognise the effect it can have on opening myself up to risk. For me my mentality and shape choices both dictate my risk, my style of play comes from how I have chosen different roles and duties in my side. Anyone who suggests a combination of TIs to combat specific styles of play does not know how the match engine works with roles and duties. To combat a specific style of play you need to look at how your own roles and duties do in controlling space in vital areas. Your right flank, the way you describe how it will play out and the roles and duties there do not gel for me. Tbh the attack appears to be one dimensional as well, showing no control of either your defensive third or the attacking third. To counter this I would use a more attacking minded CM to work closely with the deep dropping forward and have someone on his flank lending support with an attack duty overlapping. That way I can control possession on the side where the CM on attack duty is yet provide him with extra support so that he has passing options. At the moment it does not look possible, and would explain why your system struggles against aggressive systems. If you are an average side playing a 442, then good sides will always be able to rip a 442 apart, its just the way the game is, so how do you curb that? You have options. The 442 isn't the best defensively because it has no DM or AM. Playing on defensive mentalities leaves your flanks open, and you need solid mentals with your central defenders. If you choose to go fluid then you have to accept the risk that the side may be too compressed, here your choice of playing the right kind of defensive line and offside trap enters the equation, which is why for many people the easiest shape to start with is usually flexible. You have options to overload but this will require you to have solid ball winners in midfield and players who are good at ball distribution. This means you will be looking at transitions carefully to see where things are breaking down. You can't afford to have a transition that cannot develop from defence to attack. Certain roles can be used to help with ball retention, but these need to control tracts of the pitch. If you choose to use IWBs in the 442 then you will also need to adapt to systems that overload naturally in the middle with DMs and CMs like the 4132. So there will be times when you want the width and at other times you want to compress the middle. The 442 is not the easiest to play with but it is easily the most rewarding mentally in the game at the moment, mastering it demands that you be comfortable with roles and duties
  12. Play the tactic with Barcelona, or another very good team, and see how they fare with the tactic and do it on FM Touch.
  13. Llm slow team need help.

    I would just play a 4231Narrow DM system. You are guaranteed to have 6 defending, and all you do is hoof the ball up to a narrow configuration who are well placed to knock the ball to each other to find chances. You don't need space and as you get better and faster players this system gets progressively harder to beat.
  14. IF and Raumdeuters work as wide forwards, there are so many variations of the 433 atm that have 3 wide forwards, and it works. Tis how you want to score the goals and where you build up play thats more important