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  1. Rashidi

    Re-Group Option

    yes you could regroup and hold shape, or regroup and counter.
  2. The only way I managed to get the libero in scoring positions is down to player type and control. With poor sides like Stalybridge, mostly assists generator, but from the ones I tried with porto and even Arsenal ;-) ( Ozil is a surprisingly good Libero) its definitely one of the most interesting roles to perfect in FM19, systems like what the OP is going for cannot be attempted by poor sides they will just get torn apart.
  3. 34 is my Libero and he is about to move towards the penalty area, he doesn't go in but he definitely gets within shooting range.
  4. I have got the libero to score from long shots and play the killer pass from inside the opponents half. To get them to play like that you can't have playmakers in front of them.
  5. With a back 4, play with a halfback, wb(S) with overlap, assign the forward players to sit narrower or use an IF(S) With a back 5, set the central dc to a libero, in midfield do not use playmakers. WB(S) set to overlap to exaggerate their mentality but also force the initial positioning to be higher, wide AMs set to sit narrower. Preferably using players who have cut inside. This can be achieved on FM19 using both methods. Potential issues: If you use a Libero in a back 5 configuration you are essentially playing a 5221, here you want the Libero to be on attack so he pushes up high. I did this on FM19 with 3 teams and its a sweet system. However the demands placed on the 2 CDs are high, since the forward moving libero can sometimes yield spaces for OTT balls to exploit If you use a DM, you will probably need to play him on support, here you could be tempted to use a double Mez combination in midfield, which is what I would do or at least one Mez and another customised CM(S) which is something I did in FM18. Here you don't need to use a HB to force the WBs up higher, just tell em to overlap, but play them on support. Overlap here is simply for the higher mentality. The inverted 343 is quite some fun to play. If you want more aggressive play by the WB(S) in both systems, just play them on attack duty, it does get harder defending with a flat 4 because of the aggressive wb play If you want DL to move into the DM slot then you will be playing both of them as IWB, without the overlap, which makes it play the way you want.
  6. I would daresay that football intelligence is more important than speed. Everyone still makes mistakes so acceleration helps players recover, but when you are playing with a high line that can usually lead to cards. So overall, football intelligence, isn't just important its paramount.
  7. I can't agree with this, why should the game be made easier so that defending becomes harder to achieve? You constantly see how good sides struggle against teams that park the bus. That happens in real life, and not all good teams can break these sides down. Yes its hard to get that through pass working to perfection, but when it comes its so gratifying. So far it seems easier to do it when we are hitting teams on the break and much. much more harder when we are camping. If we are camping then the other side is back defending as well, so we need some really good movement to unlock the side. It's a tough line for SI to balance, and I rather they take their time to get it right. Is it impossible to achieve right now? definitely not. Its hard but central movement by false nines bringing the ball out from deep to unlock sides is definitely doable. Will it be made easier in the future to generate more effective central attacking play. I have no doubt. For now I am going to enjoy how hard it is now, and appreciate the through passes I am generating now. >edit: And before someone asks for another example of a through pass, I will just pick one.
  8. Please try and understand, everyone is busy. So assume they may think it’s important enough for pkm or a save game and upload it. Your posting history doesn’t encourage me for example to take you seriously, cos there is no pkm for me to take a look at. Its a pity though what if something were to happen to you which could be a rare instance. People like me may read your post and go “maybe he got the duties messed up” and I would leave it at that. With a pkm and a listed time where the incident happened, I could easily zip into it and take a look. I do that for some people on YouTube to analyse their saves. They are very busy at this time.
  9. you don't have options at RB and LB really only has one decent player. If either one gets injured, you will struggle. You can't even rotate them cos the rest are so bad
  10. yeah and please loan two fullbacks and rethink how you want to play cos that system with what you put out on the pitch will never work
  11. Fair point, if the winger can do it on his own, then yes. Sometimes I do that. Or if I want to play a sit back and hit one over the top counter system, I will do the same as you. However there are also times when the lack of ability in midfield forces us to get more players up in support, this can be done in various ways. 1. Choose a more attacking role, eg wingback over fullback - not always ideal cos this means you need to use a solid defender to cover. It can be done, but there are risks. However you are guaranteed to get better support for midfield 2. Choose an attacking duty, this positions the player further up the pitch, but it still gets him to prioritise the attacking phases which means during transitions you may be caught out 3. Use overlap and use a fullback and tell him to play on support or even defend. Now we are using a conservative role but using the overlap shout to force a higher mentality in the back 4. Ask the back to sit narrower, here he lends more support to midfield during transitions 5. Use a role that supports midfield more than attacks the flanks - Inverted Wingback There are many ways to get support up.
  12. I just did a cursory look at your team, and you are getting the basics all wrong. You need to look at your players and understand what they can and can't do first.
  13. I may do a How to Make a Tactic show and use this club as an example. But that will essentially be someone else doing it for you. What you need to do is step back and like some of the others have said : Define your identity Step 1 - Analyse your squad It's one thing wanting to play in a certain way its another thing when you are faced with a squad that can't do it. So take a look at your squad first and understand what they can and can't do. Step 2- Craft a Plan Here depending on your side you will come up with a broad plan. - Can my side defend against crosses. That will give you more options. You can play narrow, deep draw sides in, win headers in the box and launch counters - Can I launch counters. Do I have crafty players who can make the pass? Do I have players who can get on the end of them? - Do I have players who can control midfield? - What kind of physical attributes do my players have? Can they last the match? Do they have the drive to come back from a goal down? - Do I have any strengths? Targetmen, pacey strikers, dribbly wingers? This will give you a broad understanding of your own team. And based on this you will draw up a plan. You may want to play attractive possession football, but can your side actually do so? The others are all giving you advice on the macro side of things, which is what you need to address before going into a tactic. So start from there. Forget the tactic tell us about your own team. You are showing basic issues with not even understanding what your side is capable of. Let me explain: Season preview lists you as a midtable side Your defenders are the worst in the air, or nearly the worst in the air in the whole league, they are also one of the slowest in the league. With an average jumping reach of 12.27, they won't be able to handle most of the strikers in the league. Millwall for example, 14.20 in jumping reach. This has big implications on set pieces and even how you defend from corners., but from that screenshot you are starting with two players who can't even deal with crosses. You have Pelupssey playing on support so you clearly need him to control the ball and do something with it in midfield, however he has poor composure, so when under pressure against systems that are applying a middle press which is the most common press, you will have issues. You are using Bannan as a CM(D) when he is clearly the better lockpicker between the two, but you are handicapping his ability by against him only to focus on defensive tasks as a central midfielder on defend. You want to play Penny as an W, but he can't even get away from anyone. Stick a U18 player next to him and he will still get caught. He is never gonna get you a decent cross on attack duty cos he will ALWAYS be marked. Reach is slightly better, but he clearly has a better left than right foot, and he loves to get forward, so most times he is going to be isolated, perhaps once in a while he may be able to do soemthing, but cos he is on his wrong foot, he will tend to cut inside or turn his body to make a cross, and that will cost your side.
  14. Thanks for supporting me, but I don't think that support roles are good and attack roles are bad. What we need to do is simple, know who is expected to attack and who is expected to defend. Now figure out who should do both. This is where everyone gets it wrong. The support duties are important in as far as your overall mentality is concerned. So if you have a system with a lot of support duties and you are playing defensively (mentality) then most of your support duties will have a lower mentality. This makes them risk averse. So when creating any kind of tactic start simple. Just go and make a simple 442, then go from there. Sometimes people try too much and then fail spectacularly. I see you have gone and created your tactic. Why did you go clean slate if you don't understand what everything means. Pick a style and work from there. At least that gives you a starting point. Second you chose balanced, that means all yoru players on the pitch have a 50-50 outset, with no tactical instrructions per se, you will be depending a lot on decision making and good attributes. Yes you went into this with no tactical instructions, lets think things out slowly. You have a system with 2 DMs sitting deep, both are on support, you are playing balanced, with two wingbacks on support who will do both attack and defend. There is a gap so someone needs to bring the ball up. When you do get the ball up in midfield you have a DLF(S) dropping deep to play through balls, but no one is attacksing the space. So the only way that will work is if you camp. So possession goes up, but really who is creating any of the chances otherwise. You have 2 DMs who are going to play a simple game, overall your tactic does lack a clear plan. If you are frustrated just take a step back and come up with your own plan. Tell us what you want to do and slowly people can guide you. What you have mentioned is the obvious, the wingbacks to give you width while the forwards combine well. Now the forwards are only wingers who will be on support. Here wingers will either go down the flanks or attack the box. What kind of attacking movements are you looking for? Do you at any point want those wingbacks to defend and protect the flanks. Or are you prepared to defend the crosses? Do you have defenders who can win the ball in the air? Do you plan on trying to launch balls from deep at any point to catch teams on the counter? Do you expect a playmaker or sorts to string passes together? Do you want the midfielders to control possession and move a side around? When you can clearly spell out what you want then you will be able to craft your own systems. The issue with some people is that this articulation is a challenge, which is why the tactical presets are there as a starting point.
  15. Rashidi


    you misunderstood the video. He didn't use it specifically for the IFs. I saw the same video