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  1. Personally I am surprised to read xG even made it into the game. For quite a while I thought there was some serious doubts as to its inclusion into the game. I am glad its in, and I do remember quite a number of people making detailed requests and thorough explanations on how this could help them evaluate their tactics better. There are several ways we can approach xG and speculating at this point is worthless until we see it. The fact that they partnered with a reputable data provider spells hope, I for one am very very interested in the algorithm. For a long time many of us including m
  2. No worries, I was perhaps too flippant with my reaction, for which I do apologise. Liberos are like playmakers, the issue is they are really deep, and whenever we start using playmakers ahead of them then during transitions the ball can gravitate towards the playmakers in midfield. You did most of the right things like playing narrow, but once the ball gets to the wingbacks their natural reaction will be to look inside which is where the two playmakers are. So the libero gets sidelined. In your system the only way perhaps for the Libero to push forward is to get him to take even more risks
  3. Its fine the, attack duties are on the side of where the BWM(D) is playing here. I am more inclined to play the DLP(D) and the BWM(S), reason being your right fullback is on attack duty, so if for any reason he isnt around the DLP can drop, and still be dangerous from a deeper area. On the left flank since you have a W(A) a BWM(S) will be able to support him more since he is further forward when you are transitioning to defence or attack.
  4. I tend to agree with everyone here, in your first tactic you could run into serious issues trying to get others up in time. With the higher line of engagement and higher defensive line, they will support midfield, and then it slows down when the AP gets a hold of the ball. Then things get tough for him, since the AF is so far forward. That striking option could get isolated. The pass into space won't really work because no one is drawing players away except in the middle. Personally I would change the role of the striker maybe change the role/duty of one of the wider AMs as well. O
  5. It not as if OP has never been directed there before, on other questions. He's not a stranger there either, but if he hasn't tried to search for the information on the forums, should moderators just go in and give them the answer. Yes perhaps redirecting him would have been the better option, but there are even days like this when mods like me lose their tops needlessly https://community.sigames.com/search/?&q=Libero &type=forums_topic&nodes=19&search_and_or=and&sortby=relevancy
  6. Over the top? This is a question for the training and tactics sub forum and this has been dealt there before on threads. Some lads even went on to turn Ozil into a libero when they figured out how after reading a few threads there No one is shouting, but if people want to throw up one tactic! And then, test it with a different team and then go the role is broke?! How is anyone supposed to take that seriously. Perhaps using a search function would help? Or starting a thread there. If people want to make a sweeping generalisation, then be prepared for a response.
  7. Like I said your testing wasn’t good enough. And I am not going to explain this again. I’ve done it loads of times when I stream. And I am not going to explain it here either. If you expect the Libero to be so far ahead then you haven’t been paying any attention to how I have explained it before. There is something obviously wrong with your setup. There is NO WAY he is stepping up.
  8. That's where my Libero moved to so i guess you were doing something wrong with your setup
  9. There is a whole bunch of people with me on Baldur's Gate's EA and Ashes of Creations alpa, who can't run both games on the super high spec machines that some of us have. Secondly thats a beta video, its not uncommon to see such things. You should have seen some of the artifacts on the BG gameplay video that I was getting. Promos of some of these games include cutscenes that are produced and rendered a lot earlier. Gameplay footage is different. This gets improved over time, because lighting effects for one thing can sometimes reproduce differently on different cards. The new RTX 3080 cards,
  10. I can't speak on his behalf, but there have been plenty of internal discussions on how to engage with the community. Still though at the end of the day, developers don't have something in their job description that says come here and answer questions. They do that if they feel a concrete discussion is actually happening. We now have a tab up top that hotlinks the latest developer posts. At this moment, their main focus is to get the game ready. As far as engaging the community goes, you will find them being very forthcoming in other sub forums. Here though, its like coming into a monster truc
  11. I am so hurt, i got a whole bunch of friends playing a simple 442 with a tall/fast combination up top with a middle block and they are having smashing fun.
  12. The 2nd feature was really interesting. I for one have been complaining about the mundanity of press interactions, This has been one aspect of the game that’s hardly moved forward and I for one am looking forward to the new interactions. There are plenty of nice touches and I was actually happy to see the new match day screen, there could be a quality of life change with one small addition that I spotted. Other than that for immersion value the streamlined scouting meetings are definitely a step up from the Scouting Centre Reports This could be a major fail for me if the recom
  13. Yeah its most likely only Leicester's logo if the Premier League isn't fully licensed.
  14. I am surprised that very few mentioned the most obvious thing FM 21 seems to have in its preview - Licensed logos, it appears for a split second. I do have one slight concern which could turn into a major concern but i am waiting for the 2nd sneak peek to make a comment.
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