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  1. Ignore team shape in the game, all we need to remember is that generally as a team becomes more attacking it has more creative freedom. This in itself isn't a risky thing as you are already trying riskier things out on higher mentalities. My suggestion to use the Be More Expressive instruction is meant to simplify the way I play. When i want players to try things out of the box I will be more expressive. Here one needs to remember there are other team instructions and attributes that one needs to consider. For example, lets say you are trying to break down a team and you are playing short, high tempo on positive mentality. The opposing team is playing a 442DM and doesn't want to come out, whats your options I sometimes like to go direct, wider, lower tempo and be more expressive. Why? Direct to make use of the fact that my players are going to try harder and longer passes, wider because i want to position my players wider. A lower tempo because i don't want them to rush round instead I use direct passing to move the ball around quickly when my players are in position and then be more expressive for them to exercise more creativity. As you can see isolating CF from the equation is just one factor. Try doing this by ONLY adjusting CF and not changing the rest, and you will probably get frustrated.
  2. I agree with @summatsupeer as well, your attack is fairly isolated. You have a winger looking to create chances but there is an IF(S) who doesn't attack space early. You also have a player who is on the shoulder of the defence applying pressure. On top of that you are passing relatively short. At least one of these two roles needs to be on attack. The Winger is naturally a good idea, he could bomb down the flanks, but this means that you are only going to create chances on the break. Another alternative is an IW(S) and an IF(A) or a W(S) and an IF, with a PF either on support or a CF(S). Now we have players who will drop off against defensive teams offering movement. The MCR needs traits to be more effective or a slightly different role. A higher defensive line will bring the backline up and support your transitions more effectively. How you decide to use your striker depends on the kind of attacking movements you are after, roles that drop off could create chances for others and in the case of summat's suggestion you could also do one with width attacks off a winger and have role that attack the lines.
  3. The video is done if you click on that link in the post I just linked it will take you to the community fansite section where the video is
  4. I need to wait for a few questions to pop up before I answer them :-) And you can find the link for the video where I answer these questions here. Unfortunately I will not be answering questions related to issues you may be having with downloaded tactics. For answers to those questions you need to take it up with the creator of that tactic.
  5. So this is the latest video which serves to answer questions that people have posed for me on the forums.
  6. Thanks @Zemahh glad you enjoyed the fun I was having with Neymar :-)
  7. It should be like this a % chance to and not a guaranteed thing
  8. It doesn't speed things up, There is nothing in the game from what I understand that speeds mentoring up. Its a %chance thing
  9. A good thread, and don't feel like you need your system tested. The testing regimes aren't perfect and you will frequently find people making exceptions to the rule. If it works for you and it starts becoming predictable then you are certainly off to the right stuff. Some of the information that you have listed is in common with some of the best tactical threads created on the forums. It's a good beginning.
  10. I've had a few requests on Twitch and on YouTube to answer some questions from the forums. The nature of the forums is such that these kind of questions can get lost in threads and sometimes we keep on asking the same questions. With that in mind, I am starting a thread here in the hopes that I can help as many of you as I can. If you want your questions answered, please be as descriptive as possible, and I will do my best to answer these questions, where possible. Once the video is done I will link it back to my thread in the Community Section, oh yeah and ask away in this thread -), forgot to add that final bit.
  11. WIMBO is not coming back people should stop asking.
  12. I detest almost every single offside being shown. What i would like to see more of in extended highlights are events that lead to direct and wide freekicks.
  13. Basically what I would like to see is a defending and attacking screen on the tactics page. So that with certain roles/duty combinations you could with shaded colours see which zones will be controlled. So after you set up your DL/LOE and choose those team/player instructions that affect positioning, (Overlap/Underlap/Get Further Forward/ Sit Narrow/Stay Wider), we should see shaded areas of the pitch showing which parts of the pitch we control and try and defend and which zones we control when we have possession of the ball. That is pretty challenging now, but ... I think that little moving graphic indication in the tactical creator which shows dots moving around the pitch for different styles; now that can be incorporated for this. So once the tactic is created with all the necessary roles and duties it could show with its movement how we would look in attack and how we would look in defence.
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