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  1. Sit narrower cut inside with ball, and tell your players to play with lower width and exploit the middle? That's what I do when I don't want crossing. Depends on whether you have attacking roles punching through the middle to work. And I don't even understand the point of this thread. The tactic is blatantly focused on going down the flanks..and thats it.
  2. To be honest when I was managing teams in the conference, scouting opposition was a luxury I could not afford.
  3. Tactics save roles?

    You can personalise each role for any player. Just go to the tab player on the next screen choose the player name, and then hit personalise. Then change the role and do whatever you want. Provided you play the same tactic each time you sub him on or even if the AI were to manage the team with your tactics, the moment a sub is made, they play the role the way you have specified it. I did a video on this on my channel if you need more information. This along with swapping players and getting them to play specific roles each time they swap are a feature that's escaped a lot of people. I will begin doing playthroughs soon and focus on tactics where I do these swaps and personalised instructions more.
  4. I have never trained match cohesion once, in fact I never bother too, I am in preseason still and my match cohesion is already good, because the players have improved their understanding in there player positioning, over time their ability to read the game will improve.
  5. I still have to scout next opposition, I stick to that and my preseason and end of season scouting. I do no scouting in between
  6. If I do LLM I hardly ever scout. Instead I invite them to trial, pay attention to good clubs that release players then sign them on frees on ask them to come on trial. There is absolutely no reason for people to have issues with Scouting in Lower leagues, the only people who do have issues are those that insist on 100% knowledge. it makes no sense to me that LLM clubs can scout like 100 players in like 2 months. It’s an exploit and it should rightly have an expensive cost. In fact as a lower league club if I can scout i only do it at a specific time, then I zero budget and wait till end of season. By then I should know my squad better.
  7. 4-3-3 dead in FM18?

    My Columbus Crew project uses a 433, I don’t really have issues along with City and Liverpool both of which use different versions of it. I usually play different kinds of games within one match sometimes. If I find them sitting back but I have good strong players who are strong in the air, I focus on creating good quality crosses. If I find it’s too congested I may go structured and wide or I could drop a bit deeper to let them onto me.
  8. When I see poor shot quality I look at simple things. Do I get the breakaways I want : open space, backs charging down the lines free of attention to cross. Forwards moving between channels to get on goal?
  9. Yeah you’ve been here long enough to know how we feel. When I was younger, younger than today, I never thought I never needed anybody’s help in anyway. So I set about doing detailed super detailed breakdowns looking at a formulaic approach. After realising that things are actually a lot easier when you take simple logical steps I abandoned it. Today I feel that if people think about what they want they can get it. It’s these big concepts like Shape, Combinations and Transitions that get a people undone. So I am hoping that we can tackle these subjects and keep them so simple that it’s easier to digest. And thanks for the feedback, input like that will help us chart the course of the show. Time now to get by son to sing O Bla di with me.
  10. I have yet to play with a top side the whole season yet, but I am getting around 50%SOT I do feel there are a lot of long shots, but I have also noticed games where the AI gets inside very easily, so I am pretty sure there’s more to this
  11. Its specific to my players and the way I want to attack, in the way I designed this system and for the players in my team. Here the right sided one is on the side with the less attacking striker, so he is the one I'd rather hold back. Flipping this to a 4312 is relatively simple. Essentially turn the. central MC to an AMC and the DM to a DLP, but I would more than likely only use one WB on attack
  12. Go wider should encourage my boys to take it down the flanks, if you notice the focus is on the wide players to deliver the threats. Nope I wouldn't use a mezzala in this system its too risky. The primary goal creators are the 2 wbs and the Central CM the rest are support. WBIB is there when we don't generate automatic counters in which case I don't want my players to always strike from far, which happens to be the primary issue in FM18 I wouldn't try out higher closing down in camping systems because my players will loose shape too easily, if I wanted to sit deep, I'd even ask my front strikers to close down less. Float crosses are good when you have target men. Otherwise I'd go for whipped or low, the choice depends on the kind of strikers you have in the box. If chasing a game I would stick to the same, push defensive line and adopt a more fluid shape.
  13. [FM18][MOD] Match In-Between Highlights Mod

    Thanks for all the hard work
  14. Seriously? 880 is high? If you were a non league club and you asked your scout to go down the road and take a look at one player maybe its fair. However if you asked your scout to go down the road bring a cameraman to record the training sessions for say a month until you gained full knowledge of the player then shouldn't his per diems be paid? Thats meals for him on the road, petrol costs for his vehicle? . Say thats 4 trips in a month? I think its an issue if people take it to full knowledge. The debate I feel that is more relevant is : If you pay for a scouting package, should all the players in that package be unlocked? Then you get only their attributes fine. However any assessment of the players personality or confirmation of his traits should be done by an onsite visit, and that should ideally entail a cost since that trip is outside the scope of the scouting package. There are different kinds of scouting packages in the world, some are extremely detailed and some aren't. We can't expect all scouting packages to be detailed. I have been playing LLM football and I time my scouting. Once its done, its done. I am focused about who my targets are. No more sending scouts out to get detailed reports on players. What I am now wondering is what to do with all the scouts I have in top tier clubs. Since I can't scout like I used to in previous versions of FM. What I am more worried about is auto scouting. There shoudl be a please stop scouting or give me more money button