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  1. In some positions the footedness matters because of what it can bring to the role. For example. Say you aree playing a WB (L) and he is on the right flank. Then this player is likely to favour cutting inside. So it gives you options like IWBs who cut inside and stay inside.
  2. Narrow helps you keep possession. However thats because players are closer together. You can also play wider if your players are technically good with standard passing and still keep the ball. It depends on your players
  3. The underlap is a good call because the Fb or any player holding up the ball on the flanks will look for inside runs
  4. I like 442 diamonds they work well. I see one issue though. You are using an anchorman but they isn’t much creativity in your centre. I would change the car to a Mez on the right flank and have a striker on the same flank on support duty. The cm(s) will be driven by attributes and traits. Otherwise just use a DLP on support. Since that role holds position you can be more aggressive with the fullback there.
  5. I doubt it’s a function of your players attributes. When you are counter attacking you mostly only have one outlet. Perhaps a winger on support instead of a WM(S). With the focus play I would even play a WP(S) and have the Fullback on attack so he overlaps naturally. At least then you might have a few more options who trigger the counter
  6. I usually don’t even bother, I have left players on a specific individual training for years. Ultimately you are the manager you decide, if managers irl had to pander to each whimsical desire of players they’d hardly get anywhere with their plans for the squad.
  7. The issue is the AF is the focal point of your attacks while those IF(S) really only kick in when you are camping. So you don't have very many options in transition. Personally I would e turn one IF(S) to an attack duty, and begin from there. That way you can have more options. If you find that the AF is always running to issues with space, drop your line of engagement to higher so that your try and win the ball near or just in front of central midfield.
  8. I do a challenge on my Discord every season its called the Hot Potato Challenge where people are challenged to change tactics every game month, making sure that no two identical formations are ever used. Tactical Familiarity is over rated in the game. You can change tactics and it isn't a bad thing to do. Yes there are tradeoffs, but it isn't altogether a bad thing, especially if you are having a bad run. The best to thing to be able to master in the game is the ability to morph a system, for example. A 442 can always play as a 424, that change won't disrupt your tactic so much, or a 4231
  9. I agree with everyone else there are way too many attacking duties with that line of engagement, I would either have a support duty on one or two of them. The AF can be changed to a CF(S), a PF(S) or a DLF(S), even an F9 if you still want to maintain the two attacking roles on the flanks.
  10. Those are very detailed questions, unfortunately, the only people who can answer that question in detail are the devs. All things being equal your pitch size is defined by you at the beginning of the season. The dimensions are up to you, and it depends on which country you play in. IN some countries the width sizes can be quite strange, some almost square looking, which imply these pitches aren't very deep. So here width becomes a function of the actual width of the pitch. When you set your formation to maximum width settings you are telling your players to stand as far apart as possible fr
  11. This preset and the vertical tiki taka presets are very strong but they aren't OP because they have some flaws which are easily remedied.
  12. I am looking at this tactic and scratching my head. Now while it looks ok, its still very predictable. Lucas Moura is pretty average as a winger, I am not sure what his acceleration is in your game but in mine its around 14, he is very good at dribbling with the ball. I for one would be more inclined to play him as an IW. He is so average as a regular winger who has suboptimal crossing numbers. The DLF all he does is play the ball back to either the W or the WB, so why is the attack pattern so one dimensional? The issue you are having isn't one about the basics, its really more about get
  13. Yes they work and can work incredibly well. Last season I streamed 532s playing with all kinds of players in the libero position. The libero is like a playmaker and I actually like playing him as the lone creative influence in some tactics. That way my libero tends to dictate play from deeper positions. You could for example make a very potent 3421 with a libero, and there are multiple ways of doing this. The libero can be the sole creator or you can pair him with a DLP(S). Since the DLP is on support he will still hold position, if the DLP is closed down he could play the ball
  14. Just go check the individual mentality of the given player. It tells you what his mentality is. Balanced individual mentality just means that his risk profile indicates that he is willing to treat both attacking and defending with equal importance. However thats an oversimplification because different roles behave differently too. A wingback is more aggressive than a fullback, so a wingback may tend to push higher up. I normally take mentality and shove it to the side when I am making tactics. I ask myself what i want to see in transition. If i want my backline to support my attacks a
  15. I don't think i uploaded the tactic, if i had wanted to upload tactics I would have done it in the tactics sub forum. The idea being this thread was to make sure people understand there are many ways to play a 4231 and that you can get some interesting variations from roles. I just played against someone who played a 4231 with 3 trequartistas, so it was fun to watch it in transition
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