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  1. @Experienced Defender this where the PI in question is not an absolute condition, like eases of tackles and tackle harder. That PI only has two states. Other PIs, notably those that have an intensity which usually are described with "sometimes" then the PI has an effect on it the counterbalancing instruction, though, "evenly counterbalances" makes it seem like there is a specific value, where it should be more " a tendency to". So say you use the TI Run at defence, which increases dribbling and a player has dribble less on it. Then the Run at defence still affects the player with th
  2. Basically it boils down to your keepers aerial reach, handling and command of area, because this will determine if you he needs help in the central area of the box(6C). There are 3 main ways all 3 have their strengths and weaknesses. You can go full zonal, full man marking or you can do a mix of both. Both full zonal and man marking need a really commanding keeper to take control of the area. The full man marking one will need you to set which players are marking tall. You can only assign 2 players here, the rest of the team can be set to man mark, and its a lottery who they pick.
  3. This is one OI I hardly ever play, I don't see the need to since most players seem to be decent with both feet. Instead whenever I OI there is a simple logic to them. OI fullbacks and defenders if I am doing a Tuchel kind of press. Show wrong foot to players who have a great long shot Show wrong foot to creative flank players. For some players its obvious, you see them trying to whip in crosses by trying to play with the outside of the foot. Sometimes I do homework. Tight marking on creative players and hard tackling them to give them less time on the ball. There is probably more,
  4. I stream exclusively on youtube now.
  5. @nugattiBasically they should. You should consider things like: In a compressed block tight marking could work better, because you mitigate against faster opponents by playing in a more compressed area. This makes defensive styles better. So a Standard DL and a lower or much lower line of engagement creates a compressed block that only seeks to win the ball within your own third. Once you think of defending as basically considering what your DL/LOE zone looks like then it becomes easier. And don't forget OIs are super underrated this year. I showed a match on Youtube recently whe
  6. Like others have said he needs players running off him, so perhaps upload a screenshot of a tactic and maybe people can help you a bit more
  7. From what I can see you are tracking a player over 6 months and his attribute development is actually quite decent, there are quite a few attributes that have increased by a factor of 1.
  8. I am so happy at my first club, we managed to win the European Conference League in our 2nd season and the Turkish Cup in the 3rd season eventually building enough reputation to become a top half side.
  9. So I took a simple logical approach for my next match, deciding to play on cautious mentality. The timing of this thread was perfect. I want to play defensive football, so I set up a lower line of engagement, but I also want a higher defensive line, the idea here is to create a compressed block. I add tight marking, but I have no intention of playing narrow. That's inviting the opposition too deep against my Forest side who are new to the premiership. I set my mentality up as cautious because I don't like the idea of everyone just hoofing up the ball. However I do know that the right choice
  10. Yes easily done in the game. You need to play with deep compression, tight marking and use opposition instructions effectively. Chances are you will not create as many chances of your own but you will create high quality chances on the break. I did a video explaining compression and another one explaining how to create these kind of low block systems. Personally speaking they can be fun, but you will need to be "Johnny on the Spot" with OIs recognizing potential dangers.
  11. I am sorry I've been away from the forums for 6 weeks. Was in quarantine for 4 weeks as I travelled between two countries to settle my mothers last rites. Mentality is purely risk, so one can play on balanced and higher, simply because you are willing to take more chances. And you are right, you counterbalance more aggressive mentalities with careful choice of duties and roles looking to make sure that you don't leave yourself too exposed. I wouldn't say that one is rewarded more for playing on higher mentalities. One is rewarded only if they have done everything right. For example, I fr
  12. To reiterate the challenge is : Win a league title in four different countries Win the European Cup in 2 different countries The challenge should be done in stages. You can only progress to the second stage after you have won a domestic trophy in your first league. Then from that point onwards you are free to move leagues, but these are all between 3-3.5 leagues. Once you have won a title in at least 3 leagues and if you have won the European Cup in at least one can you finally move to a reputation 4 league and finish the challenge which includes 2 league titles and another domest
  13. Ok I am in quarantine and while there I can continue my save which started on youtube with Kasimpasa in Turkey. We managed to finish in ECL spots in the Turkish league in our first season. In our second season we won the European Conference League and finished 5th. In our third season we managed to win the top domestic cup in the country. Now with our 3rd season ending we are very tempted to move leagues. Turkey is incredibly challenging because of their youth rules. You ALWAYS have to play with a U21 player who is HGC which makes it a really interesting challenge. Was offered t
  14. Both of you are arriving at the same destination in different buses. The LOE definitely sets where your team begins its defensive actions, however, your mentality and choice of roles and duties will still impact this. So while LOE simplistically does influence midfield to drop deeper. More needs to be done. For example the roles chosen like wingers could be a bit more aggressive as roles, but this depends entirely how you want to set up counter attacks. One could set up a WM/FB(A) combo on one side and an IW(A)/WB(S) combo on the other side. Then with a defend duty in central midfield you
  15. Even the AI gets punished, I don't understand your point. The AI uses the same match engine humans do. So whatever the AI can do, the human manager can do. Just because some of you can't just points to the fact that you don't know how to.
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