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  1. Understanding and analysing your team is all about knowing how different attributes affect different match events in the game. There's a basic understanding that you can derive just understanding which attributes are important for phases like, quick counter attack transitions - both defending and attacking. Or how good your defenders are at dealing with crosses, which is one of the most important components because this will influence whether you can play with different defensive widths. When people ask the question "help me analyse my squad" it generally means that perhaps you aren't sure which attributes are key for different phases. There are plenty of sticky threads linked up top where people talk about setting up their teams, using specific DNAs to analyse them and then determine what kind of systems they should use. The fundamentals of football are simple to understand, and within the game things haven't changed so much that different attributes are now more important. The attributes that were. important in 2015 are still important today. So I suggest reading the stickies. A good starting point - Can my team play with narrow defensive width? What does this mean? You will be dealing with crosses. So your defenders need good jumping reach, positioning and anticipation. Can they play wide? This means that your fullbacks and your side midfielders need bravery, tackling and depending on your Defensive line and LOE - acceleration. So the more important question you should be asking is: What kind of players do I need for different styles of football? If I want to play a joga bonito style of football, even that is possible, it might take a really good team to pull it off. Then the second part is understanding what attributes will be vital for different units in your team and finally then you can begin analysing your squad. I typically analyse different squads on my twitch stream in under 10 minutes and then proceed to make tactics for them. And I do this every week with a different team so people understand that each team can play in different ways. There are also stickied threads you can refer to.
  2. Sounds like me a few years ago, now I am a very lazy person, but this is so important. It's a pity as I get older I want to finish a season in a day, but this is a good reminder for me not to be lazy
  3. Basically the game has changed in fundamental ways if you want to compare 17 to 20. Roles and duties started being completely reworked in 19 and have continued on into 20. For example, in 17 you could not get your central defenders running up the field down the flanks to drop in a cross, you can do that in FM20 if you choose the right role and choose the right team instructions and mentality. In FM17 there was an invisible wall, no matter how you would try the furthest they would go is just inside the final third and they would pass forward and get back. In FM20 you also see how some roles even on the same mentality are playing to the role. Its hard to explain, just think of it this way - you choose a winger so you are looking at him to create chances so you would expect him to actually start driving when there are options in the box. If you choose an IF then you expect him to take players on whether or not he has support. He is expected to use his decisions and attributes to make that decision. In FM17 frequently a lot of roles would play similar to each other, there was very little difference in them. It was also the edition where playing on overload for 90 minutes was possible and in some cases even desirable since the AI simply had no clue on defending spaces. It had one way of coming back into a game. FM17 was probably the only edition in the game since 03/04 where I could set the assistant manager to a tactic and holiday mode the whole season without having to play, knowing that certain tactics simply overpowered the AI. In FM20, unlike FM19, changing one role within a tactic can make a massive change to your performance. The AI now doesn't really need to switch to a 424 to win anymore, it just needs to change a few roles and duties and game becomes very different. There are some valid concerns about FM20, but there are also valid concerns for FM17. They are both very different games and are playing very differently, so you unfortunately are in a very difficult place. Perhaps a 2nd Christmas present or an early birthday present is what you need, so you can get both :-)
  4. I would just play the position to the duty you need in your system. And choose the specific role for the job. I think SI are doing the right thing by making roles more distinctive now with the way they play its a really big change in FM20
  5. In a nutshell the IF takes players and space on and is primarily a goal threat an IW’s priority is to force overloads and is primarily a creator. Whether they do this in your game depends on the roles and duties you have selected. If you don’t see them behaving this way then chances are you need to take a look at your role/duty distribution.
  6. Check your corner routines i did a post somewhere on this forums where someone asked for help with corners. There is a strategy to corners, and if you set them right, you should be hard to score against unless ur defenders are poor.
  7. I agree with what the other 2 have posted, the first two tactics aren't good at all. the last one looks balanced, but the question needs to be asked why are you playing cautious? Whats the reason you have chosen that mentality and specifically when you create these tactics how do you visualise the football is going to look and where the goals are coming from. Generally for most of the people here, they tend to have a working idea in their head, they visualise the kind of movement they expect to see and they make small changes to roles and duties to get there.
  8. It shouldn't happen AT ALL. If the wingbacks are assigned and they are on the pitch then you should see them take the throw ins. You could try doing first choice, 2nd choice etc, but it shouldn't happen unless.....those central defenders have some good throw in attributes. Ah and we are all talking about FM20, I thought you were on 20. The tactic should still work the same, and i don't recall that being an issue at all, but I would raise it as a bug if it keeps happening in spite of you setting takers up.
  9. The halfback would have given you an aggressive defence, he could also leave you vulnerable if he ends up too far away. I tend to favour HBs and BWM when i want more aggressive coverage.The DLP/AP combination, helps keep the ball and allows you to work the ball. Defensively you could also notice that he is closer to your backline but not nearly as aggressive as the HB. Its very similar to a system I am using for FM20 and should do well. The DLP could easily be changed to a DM without too much loss. For some games you could drop your defensive line to Standard if you feel that your attacks are committing too many players. Other than that there is nothing wrong with it, it looks almost similar to something I am using with just a few different roles. If you want more goals to come from the striker consider changing him to a DLF(A), then you have a role who will drop deep and still bust a gut to get inside the box, where he could be a twin terror along with the IF(A) should the IWB or the AP get a chance to do a cross or diagonal.
  10. I find that when you set crossing to "Low" you get more cut backs. You also want to make sure there is a good chance for them to do these. Quite a few of my systems employ low crosses to encourage cutbacks. You also want to make sure that the roles help with this. Sometimes when there is enough support for the winger or the wingback, they can work themselves into good positions to do cutbacks. So its going to be a combination of crossing instructions and roles and duties. Limiting yourself to low crossing can also limit the kind of crosses you may see, so its a good idea to consider why you choose a specific instruction. There are times when i just depend on the roles and duties, because i do not want to limit myself to a specific crossing style because I may a tall striker in the box who could benefit from floated crosses or a fast striker who could do with whipped crosses against a slow defence. Safe bet - Mixed with the right combination of roles and duties. Interestingly i avoid using WBIB against stacked defences, because there is usually next to no space and I tend to play with high lines, and yet we do cutbacks. FM20 should be easier for most people if they think about the roles and duties carefully, it really is very easy. Yesterday I did a stream using AC Milan with viewer submitted tactics. We played a different tactic for each game on the way to a league and cup double. Most times tactics don't need much tweaking, they generally just need a bit of role/duty optimisation.
  11. There are now special glasses too that help you read thing easily on the computer. I just had mine changed :-)
  12. Can people please stay on topic, trolling or making pointless statements isn't helping. This is a feedback thread, if you don't like the game, you've said your piece and it would be good if other people's feedback can be gathered as well. However when people start posting 5 word comments that mean nothing, it clogs up the thread. And, this has the potential of drowning up some constructive feedback. If you want the game to improve making it easier for the devs to get the information from a multitude of sources can only be good. But if the same people keep clogging this thread up then it just doesn't help.
  13. For me the biggest issue with FM20 is the lack of reference for freekicks and sometimes even yellow cards. A player can get a yellow card and I can miss it on extended highlights. Direct freekicks are something that's annoyed me for a long time. We need to see why free kicks in dangerous positions are awarded, these are always a sign of underlying issues with your system. No side likes to give up free kicks in front of goal and will do things to avoid it. I do enjoy playing the game, but its these two niggling things that affect me the most. I noticed something in one of my games to day, I was playing against a team that was playing with a CWB on one flank behind two attacking duties in front. We scored in that area and immediately the AI manager changed it to a FB(S). Initially I thought it was a brilliant change, because that flank was so vulnerable and then I looked at the other flank which had 3 attack duties and held my hands up. The AI was just gifting my side chances to bomb down their flanks without pressure. While the AI has certainly shown some improvements, these set ups are just going to make it really easy to exploit them down the flanks. It was still early in the game so I am still wondering if this was ideal. It's good to see it doesn't now always switch to a 424 when it wants to chase a game. The defensive side of the game is weak, its still too easy to get around lot of teams and create too many chances on goal. Initially I thought all penalty kicks look the same then i had one where he scored one in the top right corner, so I am chalking lack of variety off. I think many have pointed out that defensive headers need some work, I find that its too easy now setting traps up to take advantage of how defenders clear headers.
  14. Why worry about it? Try it first see whether it fits your vision of how you want to play before deciding any further. I was had a game with Two Trequartistas and a shadow striker.
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