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  1. It could but you need really good mentals at the back...when you play such a system you need to be absolutely good at spotting when things change. I have played 4231's with attacking wingbacks, but I always make sure I have at least 3 world class players staying back. And the two in the middle, they have to have the right kind of mentals to cover every blade of grass. The desire for most sides to day to switch to 4231 is understandable, its all about overloads, but at the risk of leaving yourself vulnerable, and the only way you can avoid that is by having superb mentals, and I don't mean 13-15, I am talking about 15 and higher. The challenge with playing double attacking flanks is that you need to have players who can win the ball if it goes over the top, which I tell you will happen. And any system that plays with AMs or even a 424, or a 442 could rout you if your defenders are less than superb. @FMWolf And don't forget with his Bilbao side of 2012, if I remember right, didnt use a 4231, his system looked like a 3313, or even a 523, at most he had 2 central mids. Artenetxe and Iraola reminded me of midfield shuttlers, they would drop as deep as wingbacks and support the 2 in midfield, with Martinez, San Jose and Gurpegi forming a 3, and he had a MC in I can't remember his name now and Herrera as the AM, two wide players and 1 striker. So it looked like a 3313 or a 523 in defence. The fact is he didn't use out and out fullback attack patterns Artenetxe and Iraola from what I remember were expected to support the defensive group, which is why I recall people talking about his system as a 523. I am sure you can find a lot of written stuff about it. People who insist that 4231s work with all out attacking patterns played on pushed up defensive lines or who advise others to do this, obviously play with superb teams. Give that to any average side and you will be exploited, esp if you are playing a Human vs Human match or against a half decent AI playing a 442.
  2. Its no wonder he's been coaching in countries like the UAE.
  3. Overall the tactic looks ok...you could change the AM to a support duty and maybe there is an argument to do the same to a CM. However, at its basic level, that tactic should do ok....the change in the AM may help, but I reckon this could be about poor player selection
  4. Naturally your defence is leaking goals from the flanks, you just told the flanks to focus on attacking, and you play with a pushed up defensive line. To make things worse, if they lose the ball while you try and work ball into box, you have left them the whole country to explore down the flanks. In fact your left flank doesn't even believe in defending, everyone's attitude there is..."We have 2 defenders and a dm right? It's their job to defend, the rest of us .....Banzai, Into the breach we go...!!!!" - Change cm to a support duty, pick some support duties, decide who can do it with the right attributes, watch a video or two on the internet or read about how others set up solid 4231s. I have done a 4231 video, its just one way of playing it, not suggesting you use the same settings, nor am I even hinting that its a good tactic, but I do try to make it defensively solid and still give attacking threat. There are so many variations of the 4231 that you don't even really need attacking duties in the final third...they will attack automatically...cos they are staring at a keeper who is shaking in his pants. So use the duties wisely to get players back to support your defence. At the moment you have more holes in your defence than Swiss cheese. The only way you could make it worse, is if you told the FBs to go complete CWB(A)
  5. You have congestion in the final third, as most of your players attack the same spaces + you are using way too many shouts. My advice, think about width in the final third without the need for 2 flying wingbacks. It'd be pretty easy to score against you. With your pushed up defensive line, plus all those shouts, an average side would get decimated using your system. There are plenty of guides on the forum, plus videos I have done about the 4231. Good sides will always punish you. Remove all the shouts, reduce one CWB to a FB or even a WB on support, add width using one of the IFs. Think about how you are using the halfspaces. At the moment all you are doing is congesting the half spaces. Observe, use the shout, observe again, if it helps. It won't matter if you have the world's best players with an unlimited reservoir of funds, you will still ship loads of goals.
  6. Between CA/PA and personality...I feel that personality is the bigger bugbear for me. How is it even remotely possible to say that a 16 or 17 year old can be a model professional much less be tutored to have his personality change within a year?
  7. I was about to write something then I realised I have no idea what your system is like. If you pop a screenshot of your tactic people may be able to advise you better.
  8. This may seem obvious enough, but did you strengthen your team after entering the premiership? You mentioned that you sauntered your way through the Championship. It would be unrealistic to expect one to do the same in the premiership. There are a lot of different pieces of advice flying around in this thread, what you need to understand is the impact shape has and how you can use it to your benefit. And I feel you may not understand it entirely enough. You play pushed up, and this understandably leaves gaps that can be exploited ,which better sides will. You have a fairly attacking left flank, which is perfectly fine, provided they get support. I see shouts being used that I would hesitate to combine, like push up higher, tighter marking and closing down. The combination of all 3 shouts will result in what you are facing, a better defence will happen if you choose the right players to play and if you understand the impact the use of the defensive line does in your game. You createdthis situation with the combination of those shouts. We can play contain very fluid and still win matches, and we can play overload very fluid and also win matches. The key thing people need to understand is what these do in a game. I have explained this many times in the past, but nothing beats trying these out yourself and observing them in the game. Remember to look at your left flank.
  9. Have you actually tried it? Cos I disagree with you. And I am not about to go and detail exactly what the role does how it moves and interacts with other roles, this game is dynamic. You need to think about the tactic in general, and how each role interacts with another. You are trying to do so much by messing with the PIs that you aren't actually seeing each role play out generically. So instead of PI-ing the life out of them, use them without PIs first to understand them. You sound like someone who walked into a candy store, and instead of picking one candy, with your limited budget, you are trying to get a small piece of every candy and the storeowner keeps saying its not possible. you are not sure about the role, so you are hitting all your arrows at the target hoping one sticks. Learn how to shoot one well first.
  10. This part piqued my interest, why would you choose to play someone as a CF(S) when his attributes clearly show that he can't perform the role? This is the role with the most PIs locked in. Why not use other roles he may be more suited for. This is where you as the manager need to determine what kind of roles suit your players. Imagine this would you stick a driver into an F1 car and expect him to drive it like an F1 driver if he can only drive trucks? If he can only drive trucks then find him roles that make the best of what he can do. There are so many roles in the striker specialisations that it boggles my mind that someone would intentionally choose the most demanding role for a player and then elect to use one who is not suitable for that role, expecting him to perform it in a simple manner. Remember that other roles and duties work with each other too. The challenge for people is that at the end of the day, most of these tactics work out of the box, even if you use the TC to go make one without loading up PIs, you won't overachieve, but you will still do ok. If you want to overachieve, that demands a certain amount of skill. I have always used Poachers for striking roles when I don't want them to do anything extraordinary. Since that role has no risky passes, it suits most of my systems which use 2 strikers. If I want to play a game where I only need a lone striker then I ask what kind of system I need him to play in. Is he supposed to hold the ball up and bring others into play or is he supposed to bust through defensive lines? If its the former I choose from one of the support duties, look at the PIs and determine what fits my system the most. I don't even need to change PIs. If I want him to take the defensive lines on and attack the goal by beating the offside trap, then its simple..AF, if he needs to keep it simple and if I think he can't handle too much then its either DF if he needs to drop deep or Poacher if he needs to stay further up. My recommendation for anyone who struggles with customisation of roles is not to even try. I customise the bejesus out of them because I am very comfortable with watching transitions and figuring them out. If you are going to customise, start simple. Don't pick the most complicated attacking role in the game and make it harder for yourself by trying to tweak it using TIs, no one does that. No one who is overachieving consistently that is. Don't take this the wrong way, when I see someone clearly going down the wrong track, I may sound curt in trying to steer him the right way, before he makes things really hard for himself.
  11. You can't because you are not willing to try something different, its not the game's fault, its yours for being so resistant.
  12. Please check his PIs properly.
  13. Sounds like a bad plan to me..just PI him or choose a different role, why overcomplicate an otherwise simple game?
  14. As far as I can tell it still holds, but I only use this shout for like 10 mins, in a game. Its one of the shouts I rarely use unless I need to hold down a lead and not commit to going forward, basically just pass the ball safely looking for openings. My approach to the game has been the same for many years, the only things that have changed since 2012, is my approach to mentality and how I use the IWB. In this years edition, maybe even how I use contain with very fluid.
  15. Yes duty is the biggest factor that affects positioning. You wouldn't put them on the same mentality, you would put them on the same duty. Their ppms will also affect positioning, some ppms tell players to get forward and others to stay back