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  1. I have used playmakers before, and its all relative to the league, having said that, you still need to find the right player to do it. So he still needs some passing/decisions and first touch to pull it off. He doesn't need to be as good as Eden Hazard, he just needs to be as good as the rest in his league. Once he comes up against players in a better league however he will struggle. And that's the reason why my players never last more than a season. Once we get promoted I show them the door, which is cruel. This is what we need to understand, its not the roles per se, its the PIs within the roles you need to look at. APM has a few PIs that may be hard to find in LLM like good dribbling, first touch, composure, vision, flair. So when I end up in such a situation, its either I tweak his PIs or I go generic. If you look at a lot of my videos, I have used both types of roles. Another example. I don't like using the DM in LLM football cos he has hard tackling coded in, I then turn to the DLP tell him to play less risky/and short passes, increase his closing down, and I get the DM without the hard tackling.
  2. I would also favour RMD's in a strikerless systems as I'd avoid having to PI them aggressively, though a few PPMs are ideal.
  3. I agree, I think allowing people to see the roles/duties would be a good way for them to learn what certain role combinations can look like. It should be an option though cos it would make the game easier for a lot of people.
  4. I stopped using the onscreen tactical grid to tell me what my overall shape is. Instead I use the with and without ball screens, which is a lot more accurate and shows the effects of PI/TI and ppms. I think there are tools already in the game that gives you the information we need. We just need to use it.
  5. In that case you are going for an AI generated counter as a bonus to playing safe which sounds like a decent strategy
  6. Erm RMDs stay wide, so they give width. That is why the IWB tracks inside
  7. I like this, there is no need to overcomplicate a system with too many PIs, if you can find the right player for the right role, then the logic of your system is the only reason why your tactic won't do well.
  8. Remove all your TIs and see how your team plays without them before adding them to get an effect.
  9. I just spent an hour talking to someone in SI who is going to be a guest on my new show called Glory Glory England, and what's surprising me more and more about this game, is that there are so many ways to approach this game. Cleon is a big fan of changing a role and duty here or there, I am very "Pepish" in the amount of micromanaging I do, and then my guest had another approach which was " let the roles do the talking", and now we have a thread here with yet another approach. I will have to do a video that broadly talks about the different ways people can approach the game and I am very pleased that this forum is beginning to show a maturity that typifies the myriad ways of approaching the game. I will also add to this thread eventually once you have laid the basics by listing out what shout combinations I use for different things. What you have done is observed what the TIs are doing, keep it simple and used them in conjunction with the PIs you deem vital. Thats good. My SI guest had no PIs and no TIs either, that was another approach. Fact is in both cases, the ultimate decision just lies in choosing the right combination of roles and duties in your team to achieve what you are going for, and ultimately that can only be done effectively by people if they know what attributes are important.
  10. 1. When you start doing well, other teams start doing badly. When other teams start doing badly, depending on their managers they could change formations. If other teams are under pressure they could do more. And the AI may even copy what you are doing and throw it back at you. 2. When you start doing poorly, it usually means the AI has changed the way it plays against you so you need to consider one of several things. What has changed? Have you noticed the AI playing differently against you? Have you done anything to combat that? There is always a way.8
  11. The only thing wrong with this thread is that I don't have "Hut Hut Hut"...and you telling a group of players that we are doing the Blitz play at the start of the second half, and if that doesn't work we will go to Hail Mary in the last 10 minutes. :-) Jokes aside this is a very good thread. I will be following this closely cos I love the idea of different approaches to the game. I hope you deal with shout combinations as a strategy too, cos I tend to have my group of shout combinations, basically my own "Blitz and Hail Mary"
  12. Give your boys more of a chance. The first thing you should do is: a. Consider the roles the players can play b. Then think of how they can support one another to get the job done. If you are playing such a system you could play in different ways depending on the types of players you have. Say for example the IWB its a technically demanding role, wouldn't you be better served playing a simpler kind of game with those players. Now I know I always create videos that show me micromanaging each aspect of the game. There are certainly other ways to play like minimising the use of shouts and PIs so that you can understand what kind of football they can play. The 433 that you have shown is technically a tough system, because it requires moments of brilliance from some players. What if you were to play simpler..? Say Winger, AP combination on the flanks with a Centreforward on Support or a DLF(S), with someone acting more in a roaming role in midfield to support them Alternatively you could use winger, IF on the flanks with an AF with a hardworking midfield to hit teams on the break, here you could ask your team to play a more disciplined game. I know there are a lot of fantastic threads on the forum listing out the various ways people can play and that's credit to the contributors because there is no one single way to play. You can have people managing a side without any shouts/PIs, depending wholly on the player roles to do all the work, or you could have people going all "Pep" and demanding to micro manage each role to the Nth degree. It's great that you want to try these things out, but I would recommend that you have a game save loaded with a really good side on FMTouch where you can try different things out to learn and try out these different approaches. I have seen way too many people get enamoured by others doing seemingly crazy impossible stuff with poor teams and then go off trying to do the same only for them to succumb to "monitor smashing". There are many ways to skin this cat. The reason why I ask you to try this out with a great team is so that you can see what works there and with great players, then you can analyse why. While its heartening that you want to experiment, which in all honesty is the best way to master the game, I worry that it can lead to frustration.
  13. Basically we have two kinds of managers in the world, we have the Sir Alex Fergies who adapt based on a need and the Pep's who play one way and force others to play their game. Back when United were storming in the premiership, they'd play the 442 with slight tweaks but it was still a 442, but when they went to Europe they were forced to adapt. Eventually United started playing variations of the 451. Pep gets the players he wants to play the way he wants, and sometimes it doesn't work they way he hoped. With Barca and Bayern he had the best in the league to play his system. He didn't have such a good time at Manchester City. It's a bit easier in a sense to set the AI to play like the latter, but playing like the former, is going to be a big challenge. And that's a tough rope to walk on for any of the devs
  14. This also includes human manager tactics if I am not mistaken?
  15. If the opposition sits back you are forced to draw them out. So you will need to go deeper, which is a. challenge if you don't have strong mentally good defenders