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  1. Then I can’t really agree with you. I have been playing the 4312, and I wanted to play it in multiple styles. It took a while with my side who are really the worst side to try it with, but the numbers in my game show that more than half of my goals are created by moves in the middle. These could be throughballs played by my playmakers or passes to release my strikers for cutbacks. It took me a while , first few versions produced football that was too direct and risky for my liking. I think it took me nearly half a season before I settled on a system that allowed me to punch through the middle or go down a flank. Is it very good, no. I did see a move that reminded me of something I achieved with good otb running in FM17, which was the one touch passing that goes through the middle for a goal. Good movement, poor finish. I even had a FB play a through ball instead of a cross. There is still some final third movement I would like to see, but I fear that this would be done at the expense of good defending. I doubt anyone wants to see the overpowered attacking trident or the splitting central defence.
  2. I was specifically referring to that cos of the discussion that led up to my point. Someone mentioned not seeing enough through ball assists.
  3. You did better than City this season, out of 74 goals scored this season only 2% of those assists came from a through ball. https://www.whoscored.com/Regions/252/Tournaments/2/Seasons/7361/Stages/16368/TeamStatistics/England-Premier-League-2018-2019 Chelsea have been outstanding with 20% of all assists being through ball, i think theirs is the best in Europe at the moment.
  4. That's fine, match fatigue goes up when they play a lot of games and there is an intensive schedule. Just monitor those with high injury risk
  5. No, different people refer to them in different ways. Some refer to them interchangeably others use half space to describe the location physically independently of any players inside them. You can refer to the linked article for one such example. When i describe my own tactic without referring to any other system, and speak about halfspaces, or anyone else does, they talk about movement into specific zones of play. (I did a half space video a while back). So a 4231 would use the half space on the pitch in a different way from a 4132 for example. When either system plays against another system, then we are dealing with the channels. These are the dynamic spaces between players. Every system you play against will have a different kind of channel. A 343 could have a bigger channel created between the ML and the CD, if the ML was a Defensive Winger. And the channel would be different if you were playing against a 442. There the channel is formed between the FB and the closest CD. Channels are dynamic spaces that can change, they are merely the spaces between players.
  6. This is an article i guest wrote for @Cleon's blog. I plan to do an extensive look at movement in a few short articles as well as related videos. Eventually we will feature links here. Basically le the clarify your query. What you are asking about is whether multiple players with MIC will all either converge or split. This will depend on where the ball is during the transition and what roles are playing there. Some roles are hardcoded to play in the half spaces where the channels will be. The channels themselves are all fluid and change with formations. Now if you wanted to say create a split to some extent that is possible, but the effects of last season and the Red Sea effect from Scramjet and Diablo don't exist anymore. Fisherman to a lesser extent. That was the effect we would see in FM18 when AF's would move into the channels and with the Stay Wider instruction either start wide and drift in or without go wide. This would split defences up. Roles work differently in FM19. There have been significant changes to how they operate. Sometimes when you want to do a split, and in order to avoid exploits, a player may attack the middle because you are in the attacking transition and someone has to be in the box. Can two players converge into the same space. Yes. The AP and the Mezzala could end up converging and the Mez and the IF. This can happen in a a wide configuration of an attacking 3 behind a Mezzala-led midfield. You can check out more by referring to the start of the articles i am writing for Cleon's Blog I hope that helped clarify the questions you asked.
  7. Can work, but you need incredibly hardworking, fast wingbacks who have good natural fitness, and 4 of them :-)
  8. Arrigo Saachi? Shallow from front to back. So a low line of engagement, since you are using a DM a standard one can also work, but a low to lower one will draw them out. With a higher defensive line, you reduce playable area, thus choking the game. The challenge for you is the flanks. Since you are playing a narrow diamond, you will still run the risk of gifting the flanks, what you want is to draw them towards the middle, so a wider defensive shape could be the way to go. This means your wider roles like the two mids there need to work their socks off. Work rate, aggression, stamina, bravery, positioning, anticipation, concentration become vital. The DM is debatable, different roles will give you different effects. If you use a HB he is more aggressive, drops deep allowing you to draw the AI further out if you played with a SK/BPD/CD combo with play out of defence. Here your attack can launch attacks from deep. Ideally like that you want a TM at least up top, since its a static role without MIC. You could develop 6 second attacking moves that only involve a few players. You can also choke the midfield with your FBs, here though you want to think about how the overlap instruction can help to do that while keeping your backs "safe". The WB and the CWB can be very aggressive. The CWB is an interesting role because of roam so he could venture centrally. Both roles however tend to eschew defensive responsibilities. So here a FB with an overlap could be a really interesting option. Since the overlap increases his mentality this increases his starting position. And that also helps to keep the 2 MCs in check. This depends on where the overlap is applied. Now you get a FB whose starting postion is higher, and this forces some teams into more defensive postures. In defence you are using a BPD/DLP combo, now the BPD is going to try long range pings at times, but the DLP is not a very effective screen if you want to bomb down the flanks. Here you need to consider several things. The HB is aggressive gives you deeper attacking options, the Anchor man helps to protect you from long shots but doesnt' venture too far to the flanks in support. So having a BBM up top while its a nice role, having a DLP behind isn't so safe. I would think the DLP in midfield would be better. If you expect the DLP to perform like it did in FM18 its not going to work. The DLP isn't as effective unless you have a player with a battery of traits like comes deep, switch ball to other flank or runs with ball. Here you need to ask yourself what you want this player to do, cos the DLP will run into the channels most of the time. Personally the best role for the link play atm in my honest opinion is the TM in FM19 and probably the Poacher, since neither one has MIC locked. So that link player will help lay off passes for the FB(A), on the other flank I don't really see the need to have a WB playing off a defend duty MC, cos he is going to be very isolated. Having the left flank with such a role with a deeper striker and a wandering role can give you more chances to create nice overlapping supporting attacks on the left flank, and penetration overlapping runs on the right flank. Once again you can elect to play with a FB with the get further forward trait, or you can opt for the WB option. There are other creative roles that can play in midfield, the mezzala is deadly in FM19, the carrilero can surprise if he has good traits like. getting into the box late. Alternatively you can stick with your setup and go DLP(D) in DM, BBM/BWM(S) or BBM/Carr or Mezz/Carr. If you use a DLP instead of a HB you don't get the wide split of CD's to push your backs wider. So you have plenty of options and ways of achieving the choking effect.
  9. Exactly. If you look at the number of roles in that tier with MIC, you begin to understand why we made such a fuss about the F9. The thing here is that some roles are expected to work in a certain way when their team has the ball, but the player in question doesn't. So for example you would expect some roles to drop deeper, others to move forward, some to go wide, or even move into the channels. What we see typically is the hardcoded facet of the role working in one way and the MIC sometimes behaving less clearly. The MIC PI is supposed to be effective even when the team doesn't have the ball. In FM18 I used that very effectively with the Red Pharaoh system to get one specific player to score 60 goals in a season, all through moving players into these channels. FM19 sees some fundamental changes made to roles, and some of their PIs have been tweaked. Now we see the specific player who has the ball with MIC running into the channel, and we also need to pay attention to how a role performs. Some roles naturally operate in the half spaces this has the effect of drawing defenders away too, but others who are given MIC may not start their move early. It will all depend on where the ball is. If the ball is on one side of the flank, it affects those on that side, the ones further away from the ball, have less calculations behind made under the hood, so to some extent, they may got wide and take the half space. So if the ball is on the left, the AF on the right flank isn't going to go wider into the half space, simply cos he has the MIC, he will go towards the box because he needs to be closer to the box to receive a potential cross. I still feel strongly that MIC while it worked in one way in previous editions of FM, in FM19 its behaving differently as it seems to have affected some of the roles differently in the final strata. I can understand why it was done, in FM18 I was abusing the hell out of it. The 3 striker fisherman systems were abusing it, now its not nearly as easy anymore, because some roles are now different under the hood and defensive shape was introduced. Is it working perfectly? no. Is it better than FM18, for defensive sides its happy days. That is my personal opinion of course, and naturally there will be people who may disagree.
  10. So to help people understand this, basically in football we have two channels the horizontal and the vertical. Move into Channels isn't perfect in FM cos the game really deals mostly with the vertical aspect. The channels are essentially the space between the fullback and the nearest defender. Where you are playing against a 343 or a 352, it will be the space between the wide mid and the closest central defender. The goal here when using MIC is for the attacking player to occupy the attention of the central defender so that he is drawn AWAY from the centre. This effectively works to open up space, but it is only effective if: a: The player with MIC has got good first touch, off the ball, anticipation. Depending on the role, and what you want him to do, the requirements can get more demanding. In a 4231, the Raumdeuter and the WTM are the two roles that can be told to specifically target the channels from wider AM slots. These are more common for the AMC slot and the forward slots where more roles have the option. b. Players in deeper areas may need to support the MIC player because if he is on his own, he can also be isolated if he is not good enough. For example, a WTM on attack duty could become isolated if he has players who will run off him to take advantage of the ball. c. In central attacking patterns the MIC instruction if used inefficiently could see every player in an attacking trident attack the channel. An example in a 4312, the DLF and the AF is a popular option but both players have MIC, if you opted to added a Trequartista as an AMC then you would have 3 roles who are going to run away from the centre of the box. Likewise in a 442 when someone opts to use a DLF/AF combo upfront with a DLP/BBM/Winger/Winger combo in midfield. Here the issue is midfield as there is no one there who would be attacking the vacant space created by the MIC-running of the DLF/AF. In an ideal world you would want to set up the attack of these channels specifically against a formation. The 4231 really emerged as a formation once the 442 started dropping the 8 into midfield to act as a deeper holding creative player. These gave the MC more time to string out passes. Some teams started deploying a 442 diamond to counter this, and eventually systems morphed into fluid 433's like the one Barca used when they had Busquets playing. Here the goal in these systems is to get players to move fluidly within the horizontal channels in an attempt to control areas of the pitch more effectively. Currently the big drawback in FM is the lack of horizontal movement in the channels. MIC is not perfect and SI know this, hence their admission of the issue with attacking movement. Eventually I hope to see better movement of players like diagonal running to attacking blind through balls. Here you would be playing a through ball into space where there is apparently no player until you see someone running diagonally onto a through ball. This kind of movement is getting better, but there is scope for improvement You can have a trio of player and even midfielders with MIC on them, what we need to remember is giving players this instruction, encourages them to move away from goal. This is just part of the bigger piece in creating good movement. The other part is actually getting players to attack the space. Understanding how MIC works will allow people to effectively create overloads and attacking patterns that score great goal THE VERTICAL CHANNELS Players with MIC and how we would expect them to attack the channels. I will try and provide an actual example, which is going to be part of an upcoming guide I am doing for movement in general, where I deal with all the attacking and midfield roles too. In the first image the ball is played out from our goalkeeper to our defender, we are playing against a 343 and we are using a 4312. I want to specifically target the left flank, where their defender has lower decision making and lower positioning as an attribute. We set our tactic up to play against a narrow 343. Here we want to attack the channel that exists between the MR and their closest central defender. In a 343 this can be a big channel. Here our Mezzala moves into channels so I expect him to make a forward movement which will create an issue for the central defender and their MR, as a TM is also occupying the middle. The ball is played by our defender who likes to try long range passes and is a BPD. Our intended goal scorer/assist generator is meant to be the FB(A). The ball makes its way to the TM, the ball then gets knocked down for the APM in the next image. By now the Mezzala is already becoming a problem he is running away to the channel. This is a double jeopardy move. The MR now has to worry about two targets the FB and the Mezzala, the central defender has to contend with the Mezzala and the TM, so either way their positioning, anticipation, and decision making is going to be tested. The Mezzala pulls the attention of the defender, leaving space for a perfect through ball. In real time, it took six seconds for the ball to move from our defender to the FB to score the goal. And the FB scored two goals just like this in the game. When choosing to use MIC, thinking about how the different roles can work together vs a specific formation you are playing against has huge payoffs. We are a championship side that is newly promoted playing against a premiership side. My 4312 was deliberately modified to play against their 343. I hope this helped clarify any questions about MIC and if you want a more detailed explanation, its coming soon in the form of a video.
  11. It has everything to do with the match engine, look I am tired of this back and forth argument, some of the roles esp two of them were not performing well because of the specific use of MIC hardcoded, its a fact that was verified by the devs. If you want to make assertions that this and that are broken, etc etc, I will throw nonsense your way too.
  12. Those farrows you alluded to from the good ol days? They were not MIC instructions but forward runs
  13. You don't know how MIC works, and to you everything is broken. I know this is one area SI has targeted for future improvement, because as it currently stands its not working good enough. Currently "move around" as you put it can be achieved with specific roles and the way they play. Its not a role per se we need to look at, its how they all work together. Targetting roles specifically or PIs and saying they are broken is not helpful. For you everything is broken, from mentality down to Player Instructions. :-)
  14. Imagine a narrow configuration with an AM and two strikers and all of them have move into channels. Good luck finding them with a pass, you will need very good movement, decisions, passing vision and SPACE, it's an issue a lot of people are facing with stacked defenses.
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