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  1. I am not trying to be rude, but i am quite sure gegenpressing is just the german way of saying counterpressing. So i am not really sure what you would see as the change and what you are asking.
  2. I have played FM for a 4 years now, and the part of the game I enjoy the most is tactics. Thorughout my saves i have been able to make several tactics which has brought me succes, but i have never gotten a fuller understanding of why my tactic works, and whether, it is down to my squad building, that has led to a so good team that its difficult to lose, or I have actualy been able to make solid tactics. So now i will be starting a thread, where i write my thoughts about a tactic i will be trying to make, and hopefully you guys can help me if you see anything you find to be wrong. Or has any ideas that might help me improve the tactic. So first of i will be using Arsenal for this, as it is the club I support and I think I have a quite good understanding of the players' abilities. As you can see I have chosen the narrow 4-2-3-1. I have chosen this because I believe it suits my players the most. I will be explaining my choice of roles and PIs. GK: Sweeper Keeper(Defend) Here i am looking for a keeper who is willing to pass it short to the defenders, but otherwise not take any unneccesary risks. Might use a basic goalkeeper role, but i will use this to start with. PIs: RB: Wing Back(Attack) In this position I am looking to exploit Bellerins pace, by having him aggresive and hopefully help stretch the opposition. No PIs right now RCB: Ball Playing Defender(Defend) This position I want to have a player who can help transitions from deep. I dont want my DLP dropping really deep, so hopefully this defender can help us get out from the back. No PIs LCB: Central Defender(Defend) This guy just needs to be a basic centre back, defends and passes the ball short to one of the more creative players around him. No PIs LB: Wing Back(Support) Here i am looking for this guy to stretch the opposition, but more so be an open passing option for my DLP and my AP. No PIs(Probably will add some if i dont like his attacking position) RCM: Central Midfielder(Defend) Im looking to have a holder in midfield, to protect the back 4, and cover for the onrushing Right Back. I want him to have ball as little as possible, and pass it short to the more creative players around him. PIs: LCM: Deep Lying Playmaker(Support) I am looking for this guy to get the ball forward from deep in transitions, and when attacking being available for a pass, and try some more risky passes for the players beyond him. PIs: RAM: Attacking Midfielder(Attack) This guy I am looking to be somewhat a central Raumdeuter, he is not supposed to have the ball much, or dribble much. He is only supposed to look for spaces to attack and threaten the opposition. PIs: CAM: Attacking Midfielder(Support) While Mesut Özil is a playmaker in many people's eyes, I don't see him as a playmaker in terms of FM. I find that he is most effective when he does not have the, when he can search for small pockets to get the ball, and make killer passes to the players moving around him. So what i have tried to do is to have this role somewhat like a Treq without the ball attraction a playmaker has (at least i think Treq attracts the ball more, please say if I am wrong). PIs: LAM: Advanced Playmaker(Attack) This player is supposed to be Alexis Sanchez, who i believe opposit of Özil, is more effective with the ball, and taking players on, hence i have made him a playmaker to attract the ball. I want him to pick up the ball around the left half space, and run at defenders, or try to put one of the other attacking players through. No PIs for now, probably will add some if i don't like his movement. Striker: Complete Forward Here i am looking to have a player who holds up the ball for players to run beyond him, and who is not afraid of playing a through ball, also i want him to move around, and hopefully occupy the opposition Defenders. No PIs for now. What i want from this tactic is to pass it out from the back short, and get it safely to the advanced players, and when we get to the advanced players, i want them to play to get the goal, make runs and risky passes, and hopefully be too much for the opposition defence to handle. As I play this save i will make updates, and hopefully find some things to improve in my tactics, and improve my understanding. If any of my spelling and writing is completely off, please say so, english is my second language. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone! Okay so i have been playing my save with Arsenal doing quite well for a novice like me :D. I won the league in the first season, and i am in a 3 horse race for the title this season. I have managed to make a quite succesful tactic which looks like this. My tactic currently is relying on my high pressing working out. I have throughout using this tactic managed to keep any opposition playing a 4-back at bay. My troubles start when i play an opposition who uses a 3-back. I have found that since they have more passing options deep, my high pressing does not work as well. This is what it looks like when a 3-back defence gets a goalkick. As you can see my wingers go very deep, and my Striker and my attacking midfielder are alone up front. This then made it difficult for us to press high because of their numerical advantage. So basically i want to ask do you guys have any tips to press a 3-back opposition, or do you think i would be better off sitting deeper and more compact. Thanks in advance