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  1. Yea probably not completely replicable, but could maybe do something with a IWB-d. What i think is very interesting aswell would be to replicate how Mæhle plays as a LWB, kind like a withdrawn winger waiting to get the ball wide isolated to take on a defender in a 1v1, kind like how pep sets up situations for his wingers
  2. @jeerinho Don't think you have watched Denmark closely if thats your assessment of how our shape has been. Against Belgium we did indeed use a 3-back, but against Russia the majority of the game was played in 4-3-3 with AC pushed into the holding midfield role, after the 3-back not proving too good. And against Wales the switch from 3-back to 4-3-3 came even faster than against Russia, only the last 15 mins or so was defending in the 3-back but AC still pushed into midfield when we had the ball
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