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  1. Hi everyone! Okay so i have been playing my save with Arsenal doing quite well for a novice like me :D. I won the league in the first season, and i am in a 3 horse race for the title this season. I have managed to make a quite succesful tactic which looks like this. My tactic currently is relying on my high pressing working out. I have throughout using this tactic managed to keep any opposition playing a 4-back at bay. My troubles start when i play an opposition who uses a 3-back. I have found that since they have more passing options deep, my high pressing does not work as well. This is what it looks like when a 3-back defence gets a goalkick. As you can see my wingers go very deep, and my Striker and my attacking midfielder are alone up front. This then made it difficult for us to press high because of their numerical advantage. So basically i want to ask do you guys have any tips to press a 3-back opposition, or do you think i would be better off sitting deeper and more compact. Thanks in advance