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  1. I can see the right side beeing too conservative, and another thing I have been wondering is if the B2B ends up in the space where the IWS is supposed to operate. So maybe set the winger to attack, switch to FBs and swap the B2B with a ballwinning midfielder on supprt, or just a CMS? What I like is to create som space on the left side for Alaba and Cutinho, who will play there for the most part, but I'm not very certain of how, I don't know if TI "focus play down the right side" will make that happen. Grateful for indepth inputs.
  2. Hello, I'm having trouble breaking down 442 formations where they use 2 DM as in the attached screenshot. My current tactic is the other one. Should I have LOE, and or lower DL, or should I try and push them through their own net? Help is greatly appreciated.
  3. How can you make him better than M'Bappe, they have a set potential, right? I think M'bappes' potential is a bit higher than Cerkis'
  4. I currently have 1,9 mill to go on my wage budget, sold Pogba and Lindelöf too Barca for 253 mill., so a lot of wages left with them.
  5. I'm in my 4th season with Man United and I have bucket loads in my transfer budget, 433 million £ to be precise. Is it worth splashing out 180mill. pluss to secure his signature? The deal also includes Martial going the other way, so there's a lot of money involved. He also expects 325-450 000 £ a week....
  6. How important is it that you use the wingers as corner takers, is it a strucurtal reason? I have players with 17 and more in other positions I'd like to use.
  7. Would you consider Ruben Diaz and Declan Rice as good enough?
  8. Is there a contradiction in using team instruction "play out of defence" and using ballplaying defenders at the same time? I see a tendencies of "ball hoofing" from the back. Should I change them to CD?
  9. I think the fault was all mine, I let my physio set recommended work load, and he sent them all on holiday
  10. I'm in my second season with United and have to play the Club World Championship, just to find all my players on holiday. So a lot of generated players show up to do the job, I asked assman to pick and went on holiday, still won the match, but a little dissatisfying. Anyone else experienced this?
  11. Well, I fell at least composure should be part of it, but I'm sure they have an explanation for it.
  12. I might have missed something, but when you put a player on individual penalty training, it seems he's trained in penalties and technique, shouldn't composure be in there as well, and maybe finishing?
  13. Ok, I play with one striker, and even if I tell him to lurk on the far post he comes short. I find that annoying at best.
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