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  1. Is it deliberat that the shouts "berate" and "demand more" are put right next to "praise" for easy slip ups? It would be nice if they were sorted in a positive and a negative section, it's not like you as a manager, when your team is up 3-0, suddenly get's a "brain fart" and berates his team instead of praising them. That's an easy thing to do when they're put together like they are now. A plummet in moral isn't very nice beacause of a simple mistake like that in the heat of the moment. Either move them apart or give the optin to cancel like on instructions seem more fair.
  2. Well, it's now January 2021, so I don't think they've looked at it yet.
  3. I can't seem to find the option to get the trainers to develop a players weaker foot under "new traits", is this removed?
  4. Off course that could be a factor, but other players who have played in the same position with the same instructions don't tend to get booked as often.
  5. I've tried to "untrain" the dive into tackles trait, but he could'nt unlearn it, so ease of tackles is the second option.
  6. If you have a player like Nicolo Barella who has 19 in aggression and the trait "dives into tackles" gets a lot of yellow and red cards, like 17 yellow cars in 33 matches with two reds to boot. So what I'm wondering is if I give him the player instruction ease off tackles, will he just igonre it, or can lower the times he goes bananas and get a card to match the move?
  7. Anyone else noticed this? Is'nt analyzing data supposed to be a key attribute for Loan Manager, or is it a bug? Everey LM available has under 10 in this attribute.
  8. Would it be an idea that you could put in a match plan where you have individual instructions to automatically set a player to "ease off tackles" when they recieve a yellow card?
  9. I have had several goals against my team because of mistakes from defensive free kicks, and I know, these things can happen, but the way it happens seems a little bugish. I haven't mastered recording so I'll upload the whole match, it's the equaliser for Udinese that bugs me. Udinese v Inter.pkm
  10. How much does a taget man "attract" the ball. Will defenders and midfielders always look for him, let's say if you have the TI "play out of defence" ticked?
  11. In the staff search the attribute "Analyzing data" is listed as a key attribute for Loan manager. In a Barcelona save I started there is not a single Loan manager with that attribute higher than 9-nine. Is'nt that a little odd?
  12. Can someone please tell me the pie charts for player role suitability? A player like Frenkie De jong is great as a playmaker, but the game rates him poorly for the role as a standard CM-support. His attributes are 12+ for all key attributes needed for CM-support, and most of them very high at 16+. Should think he'd do an excellent job.
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