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  1. Maybe. I feel it could have been made more realistic if he was homesick and missed his family, or something simular, but it was just "resent off-field events". Might have a gambling problem, or been sitting all night loosing on FM19....
  2. Hi, has anyone experienced a drop in determination from 15 to 5 in less than 12 months? This is a regen i picked up, and he's not doing good as you can see from the screenshots.
  3. Got this right back first season with Ajax.
  4. Why does one of my players disappear from the set piece screen when I change tactics? I've saved my set pieces to the different tactics, but if I change tactics during a match they're all over the place, and as I said, one of them's gone missing...
  5. Does anyone know if the size of a mentoring group is important, can you have too many in 1 group? I currently have a save where I've put 13 players in a groupwhere one has significant influence, som have average and most of them have light. They seem to develop fine, but I was just wondering if anyone has experience that shows small groups being better. Thx.
  6. 153 centimeters and 44 kg, won't win many headers.
  7. I see, thanks for your for the reply.
  8. Is it possible to lower a players dirtiness through mentoring or fines/warnings? I'm thinking of the scout label "Has a competitive streak".
  9. Hi, I like to have my assman do the training for me, but what I would have liked is to still be able to influence a bit more than for 1 month at a time on induvidual training. For instance, if you have few players and need retraining, or just want all you players trained in spesific positions, it would be cool if you could set that for the next six months, or even the next season. Every time I change position/role/duty-training for 1 month, the assman changes it back 30 days later if he's in charge. Just a thought and a change I would have liked to see.
  10. In FM players usually see a decline in their physical abilities when they hit their early 30'ties, but is that "up to date"? Juve and Bayern have players in their mid thirties playing full ninety minutes and holding up well even at 35+, like Ribery. Maybe I'm wrong, but I fell the quality of the clubs sports sience department should be important for how long a player keeps physical attributes after he hits 30, like it is in real life. I think development in sports science has made it possible for athletes too keep it going longer, and maybe that should be more reflected in FM? I don't mean that there should be no decline, but now I think it's a bit dramatic. Just an opinion.
  11. No, it's fixed to short passing.
  12. But on midfielders you can choose between "short passing" and "more direct passing", thought that should be an option for defenders as well. If you have a Leonardo Bonucci in defence, you'd think "more direct passing" would be a tactical option?
  13. Hi, on earlier versions of FM you could adjust the passing length for all positions, but now it seems like it's stuck on short for defenders and def.mid roles (except the "no noncence" defender roles). Is it supposed to be like this?
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