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  1. Thank you I'll try the changes you suggested & see how it goes, on the Xmas tree would you change the mez & car out for something else? Or normal cm's with so PI's? I have used a trequartista instead of sometimes to get more movement think that would be ok? I will try AP in support as well as you suggested. My aim is to control games but still having a counter attacking threat when I win the ball back.
  2. Hello, long time lurker who could do with some advice, I've inherited a squad with no good wingers but alot of centre mids & AM's its not the kind of squad i usually use (im normally a 433 or 4231) and im struggling to get consistent results with my xmas tree i dont concede many but im struggling to score and keep possession, the same thing happens when I use a diamond as well. Am i missing something obvious or just need to go back to drawing board? Thanks in advance
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