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  1. kevaggel

    Player postions in black in Tactical Screen

    Top corner of the pitch screen you will find three icons... click the first one (circle).
  2. kevaggel

    [FM 2012] B'Logos

    Which league would you like ?
  3. kevaggel

    [FM 2012] B'Logos

    Small update for Brazil, 1043 teams 57 competitions Same link with OP, no need to update it http://www.4shared.com/archive/9L7TmWB1/brazil.html
  4. kevaggel

    [FM 2012] B'Logos

    You don't have to register, just click the "Download Now" button then you have to wait a few seconds (there is a timer) and a "download file now" will appear.
  5. kevaggel

    altering stadium names

    Ask in editing section since it has nothing to do with graphics.
  6. kevaggel

    [FM 2012] B'Logos

    Try this one: http://wakaba.c3.cx/s/apps/unarchiver.html or: http://www.entropyapp.com/
  7. kevaggel

    Staff attributes dissapeared

    Try to use some other skin and see if you still have this problem. If no then it has to be a skikn's bug and you have to post it in Steklo's thread
  8. kevaggel

    Kit Pack

    Check this too http://forum.fm-view.com/topic/13861-ss11-12-real-kits-download-area-for-fm11-12-only/
  9. kevaggel

    [FM 2012] B'Logos

    Here you are, 340 teams http://www.4shared.com/file/0V7y4HBp/Serbia.html
  10. kevaggel

    OPZ Beam4 v. 2012 skin

    Right click and pick the ones that you want
  11. I don't like "steam" and i am not going to use it.
  12. kevaggel

    FM Pitch Help

    The only thing that i was able to edit is the colour of the lines of tactic's pitch. I wasn't able to edit the pitch itself.
  13. That's the part of the code from the players' position screen that makes the preferred moves to appear. As you can see the string is "pref" but the widget class is "table". <!-- preferred moves table --> <widget class="table" id="pref" mode="fill_rows, stripe_rows" layout="-1" stretch_to_fit_rows="true" auto_size_rows="false" fixed_size_rows="true" row_height="20"> <list id="headings"> <record text="Preferred Moves" alignment="left,centre_y" /> </list> <list id="column_properties"> <record index="0" alignment="left,centre_y" spec="text" auto_size="vertical" /> </list> <list id="column_display_properties"> <record indx="0" left="4" top="2" bottom="2" sort_disabled="true" /> </list> </widget>
  14. I think that the string for preferred move is "pref" have you tried to use it ?
  15. kevaggel

    Stat Mod

    You have to create "custom views"