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  1. Any chance your wingers have the instruction to man mark a specific player/position ?
  2. Another option is to try an asymmetric midfield like this one:
  3. I am testing from MR/L position the WM-At role heavily modified with PIs to emulate WP and IW or Winger roles. So far i am happy with how narrow the y stand leaving space for the wing backs to overlap and defensive compactness in the midfield. Here are the semi-WP: And the semi-winger:
  4. The trequartista tends to move wider than other roles. Another option, that i am using, is to ask one of the strikers to man mark the fullback in his side (person not position).
  5. This is the facepack https://fierrofacepacks.blogspot.com/2019/08/project-2020.html?m=1
  6. Quite poor, no player with higher of 3 stars has come out of the academy, hoping now that i am investing to youth coaches with higher reputation to get some better prospects. I had to pay 10M euros to Chievo Verona to a 16 years old midfielder who looks amazing so this is the closest i have to a homegrown so far. And this is the article that inspired me to make the save and eventually form the current philosophy: https://statsbomb.com/2020/02/the-best-serie-a-team-that-you-probably-dont-know-are-hellas-verona/ Almost to forget it... the team's DNA are these attributes: Bravery, work
  7. Don't do it with both shadow strikers you need at least one to be close to your target man otherwise he will get isolated and have nobody to link edit: I don't know if you guys know this young italian defender but he looks promising and decent already, i bought him from Cittadella.. he may become my next libero.
  8. This is the basic tactic of the 5th season: Just keep in mind that i tweak the defensive line depth depending on the opposition and i have my wingbacks to cross early and BBMs to tackle harder. Sometimes i like to have the left SS (Milico in the picture) to man mark opposition right back in order to create a different attacking transition since the shadow will behave like a more aggressive inverted winger. The target man is very important for this tactic since everyone is looking for him and he is also creating for others due to lack of playmakers, this tall guy used to be my primar
  9. Here is Gaetano, i had him 2 seasons on loan before signing him Now i am teaching him the trait to "Try tricks". I don't know if it is the right section for tactics but my philosophy is to play counterattacking football, i dont want to press high but i want to lure opposition to come out of their comfort zone and then try to steal the ball and counter with long ball towards the target man. In order to achieve fast transitions i am not using any playmaker roles but midfielders who will roam and run forward with and without the ball. I am using opposition instructions to force tight
  10. Quite happy so far in the league, managed to win SerieA in the fourth season plus Europa League and Super Cup in 2022.
  11. I think i had Dimarco on loan during the first season but i wasn't happy with his performances (too many mistakes) so i am using Tripaldelli and Pezzella as his backup.
  12. I 'd like to share the formation and starting 11 of my Hellas Verona https://gyazo.com/6ce9b6f818a3043fec7525e341a09f56 Lots of Italians, i think 8.5 out of 11 (Kumbulla is half italian) is unique for modern football
  13. I am about to start the 5th season with Hellas Verona, Italian football is so fun teaching you how to break very defensive tactics. Of course i am using a 3-man defensive block with a libero just like the golden era of serieA. I am even making stat tables to improve the basic tactic and recruit the right players
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