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  1. I am getting this message, not even the option to start offline, any solutions ? https://gyazo.com/80701fb9f0ec461a317cb02268e79fae Obviously internet connection is OK since i can write here from the same PC.
  2. Thank you for this nice skin, it is the only one i was able to find with condition and match sharpness in % instead of that heart icon. Keep up the good work.
  3. Do you know if there is a mod or if it's possible to add "players' role" in the oppositions instructions screen during a match ?
  4. Any update on this ? It 'd be great if we had an option to select between the new and the old style.
  5. Pause the match, and while in 3D press Ctrl and right click all the players you want. I know it's not the solution you want but it can do the job.
  6. There was no TV coverage for the 3rd season of the league. I received the TV revenue for the year but not a single game of any team had coverage.
  7. You need a skin or a mod to remove the dugout. Check the skinning section of the forum.
  8. Which 'staff role' is responsible to identify the roles of the opposition team during a match ? Are there any other things taking into consideration apart the attributes of the above staff member ? I am asking because it takes longer time now to receive information about opposition roles, in the picture below it's 25th minute and they havent appeared yet (Indepediente formation).
  9. The interesting part of managing an Argentinian team is that you have to sell players in order to keep the club alive. Finally after 2 years of developing players and going into 13mil in debt (without buying any players) i managed to sell players for a good fee to European clubs. That Sarmiento who went to Norwich is a wonderkid and IRL Manchester City is looking at him.
  10. It's in every single of my 3 saves, doesn't look related to a specific save game.
  11. I constantly have shot positions in xGoals outside the pitch or in wrong positions, i am using 100% zoom. xG and "old Shots" visuals are different, i am managing the red team. If xG shots are so mistaken then xGoals value should be quite wrong and misleading.
  12. Back in FM16 i made a save with Chivas, they have a rule for Mexicans only. I think there is a Turkish team too with turkish players only rule but not sure.
  13. There is a French-Basque club Aviron Bayonnais FC, there are higher chances to find a basque newgen there.
  14. I have constantly shot positions outside the pitch like this one: My zoom is in 100%, is it a bug or am i missing something in the interface options ?
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