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  1. you dont care to respond... deleted
  2. Find a few players that score many goals and identify the common high valued attributes, don't forget the traits.
  3. The important thing is to enjoy the game, no matter how you play or the tactics that you are using.
  4. Who said that football manager is realistic ?
  5. Try set the crowd in matches in off setting, it helps.
  6. This is something that i tried but it's not completely about tactics, it's about training. Here are two seasons of a player that i was using mostly as a forward in pressing striker role. The change is that for the 2nd season he was trained to "go round the GK" trait. He was also able to score an extra 8 goals in UCL during the second season. Zero penalties for both seasons. I believe that trait and team training helped him to convert more 1vs1 during the second season. The tactical aspect is about what was the role of his partner, i used a Target Man for the 2nd season but i am not sure that it helped him to score more goals.
  7. I dont know if this is a skin related or "game UI" problem. I created a view with statistics to compare players and decide how useful they are (i know that statistics in football are in medieval stage compared to other sports) and decide who to keep. The problem is that 'separators' are not anchored in their position and it's hard to read the numbers, here are 2 images of what i am talking about. Is it a skin bug or should i report it in the UI bugs section ?
  8. How accurate are these numbers, because i don't remember not even a single from that range.
  9. I am having way too many low&wide shots (7+5)=12%. The players are reasonably good in Athletic Club. Is it a game problem or of my tactic, anyone else having similar numbers ?
  10. Not sure but check this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020\data\simatch\tactics
  11. Real Sociedad A.I. just tried to 'cheat'... by using AML in DLF role and AMC in RMD. Unless my data analyst is bad... but i don't think so.
  12. The first thing i do is to change the "tactical style", i have a couple of them saved in order to avoid too many "clicks". Here is one example: The main concept is to keep the ball as long as it is possible while the players are holding their positions. I like to have 3 DCs but when it is not possible i select some 442 or 451 without using strikers.
  13. In training schedule add 'game review' after a match, 'team bonding' is also helping.
  14. @Tetsuro P12 @frukox @Nozzer @Rashidi Thank you for the answers i was hoping to find a "solid" explanation because when i was reviewing my chances after creating a tactic i wasn't able place CCCs under a rule. Is it just the position or a combination of position and execution ? The origin was a "feeling" that some stats do not correspond to the 3D events i was watching, so i went to check some CCCs, offsides, interceptions. Now about tactics i am "quality against quantity" of chances. My philosophy is that pressing-interception-steal can create a better quality of chance than the best playmaker of the world.
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