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  1. A 2 year contract for an £100m signing looks like one for the bug reports tbh
  2. These are... not convincing examples. Final day drama is a normal thing in football leagues. In both cases you had an outside chance of winning if two results went in your favour but only one of them did. The results that went in your favour look more surprising than the ones that didn't, frankly We all know that if you had won no SI conspiracies would have been invoked and it would have been all down to your skill! How many other leagues have played out in FM where the title was won before the end of the season?
  3. He's rated by your coaches as first team fringe standard (apparently at least Championship standard) and he's playing u18 football against players who will mostly have CAs around 50 . Bet some of his teammates are too good for the league too.
  4. --- (unfortunately great as those sort of calculators are, they aren't always accurate. tbf the absolute basket case would be "Temperamental" if he was a newgen unless you raised his Temperament to 7)
  5. Yes I am aware of this. Hence my point that a "Determined" attribute which tells you the one you can see is good (as you can already see) and the two you can't are nothing special and might actually be low is not very helpful. 14/14/14 (which could be a "negative" personality type) is much better than 18/6/7 for development and tutoring). Professional with a high Determination as well gives you two out of three and slightly reduce other attributes' tendency to make them argue with you all the time, but there are plenty of other personality issues it can hide (especially if you're tutoring othe
  6. Sure, if you get Model Citizen. But half the time you're not getting very much revealed at all (ie. The Determined description, which sounds great but basically says an attribute you can already see is good, and others probably aren't)
  7. The importance of personality labels is greatly overrated for the reasons you mention. You can be a Model Professional and be weak under pressure, disloyal and not determined or ambitious enough to develop particularly quickly. You can be "Unsporting" and be pretty good at everything else Determined is a particularly useless label since all it tells you is an attribute you can already see is good, plus not perfect professionalism etc..
  8. The expanded World Cup requirements might be part of the reason the game seems to have some logic to occasionally build random new stadiums not needed by any team (sticking expensive stadiums on a team that can't afford to run them can ruin their finances...). In theory, the government could build a stadium for athletics or another sport in Stoke, though I agree they probably won't do. They have built two athletics stadiums and generously given them to Premier League clubs in the past couple of decades Scotland also has Murrayfield and both the club stadiums in Wales p
  9. I've never managed during a transition, but I've had players on amateur contracts at semi pro clubs, so I can't see why the contract change would be automatic
  10. Lucas Royes, a goalkeeper at CFA-2 Thonon Evian Grand Genève thinks he is missing from the game. Google suggests he was born on 13 Nov 1996 and previously played at AS Fabrègues
  11. He's hoping that one day you'll notice his moderately good tackling, sound decision making and excellent natural fitness and will give him the B team contract he deserves!
  12. Restrict your transfers and tactics. Only sign players the scout recommends (the same restriction the AI operates under, which means fewer players to choose from and ignoring some bargains), or for a bigger challenge still, rely on the DoF for transfers like a real club. If you like a long game, youth only challenges work too. Use a defensive mentality base tactic,. This can work and play nice football too, but the most straightforward way humans overachieve is to start games with positive/attacking tactics designed to create lots of chances even against bigger teams where the AI wou
  13. FTFY I'd be very happy with a keeper with 19 dirtiness and a PA of 198, but would consider cashing in on a defender in that category. - More generally there are a lot of individual situations in football where a "tactical foul" can be useful, and so a player doing that might help the team in that instance. But giving the opposition more free kicks and getting sent off more in general are a bad thing overall. For tactics, I'd rather have clean players it's easier to trust to tackle sensibly with 'hard tackling' on.
  14. Nowhere have I said that Dolan is a bad player or had no future in football. In fact I've repeatedly hinted that the dice roll landing on a CA of 128 allowing him a chance of Premier League football if things go well might actually be about right. Contrary to your insistence otherwise, that's more than enough to have a great future at Blackburn. Good enough for Preston too obviously, but not good enough to be a sure bet to rescue the financial future of the club. What I have suggested is that it's extremely disingenuous on your part to assume that the verdict he probably doesn't have "all
  15. How many English young players have a potential ability higher than 148? Well the answer will be slightly different each time as most young players (including Dolan) have a semi-random potential. Semi-random because whilst a bit of variation is good, it's probably better that researchers don't assume the player Liverpool gave a debut to and the player Preston decided wasn't worth keeping turn out about the same on average. But in the game I opened up it's only six young right wingers, two of whom are already England internationals and only one who hasn't already played top flight footbal
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