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  1. I actually think @kingking is correct on both points: liberos are intentionally a bit wary of opposition strikers to avoid marking issues and a libero(attack) is much more aggressive than one on support
  2. One of the simplest fixes would be simply making players on lower condition press a lot less, especially in non-critical situations...
  3. It's a percentage averaged out across the season. Here are the raw per game figures From here, which is a really useful site for sanity checking loads of other random stuff people bug you with https://www.sofascore.com/player/trent-alexander-arnold/795064 (you'll need to change the competition dropdown above to last season's PL to match my figures) As you'd expect more long and chipped passes than most fullbacks and a really impressive number of key passes completed, but those completion rates aren't great even considering he plays more difficult passes than most. For
  4. Strikerless. Three shadow strikers which opposition defences don't mark properly but will also help you out defensively. Behind that, a back threes with wingbacks, but a back four with a DM is nearly as good. Set your full/wingbacks to sit narrow or even invert, so you have even more numbers in the middle of the park Tell players not to bother with long shots or crosses as both are total waste of time, turn passing to short and start winning
  5. Was it though? My abiding memory of FM17 low tempo final third play was how tedious it was: unmarked player passes to player with back to goal who returns it, all without any pressure on the ball, until a marker gets a bit sloppy and leaves a gap. There was far less dribbling and fewer skill moves apart from way too many backheels, and I didn't think there was anything at all clever about either the low risk passes to unmarked players or the tiny amount of movement - less than FM20 for sure - players needed to be unmarked. The counter attacks were nice and varied, but counters look nice on vir
  6. RE: Trent, his pass completion rate in the league last season was 78% and just 62% in the opposition half, so even though he definitely can pull off amazing long passes and is very ambitious with them, 18 might be a little too high (Bruno's is 15, as a point of comparison with similar stats from playing an unusual number of risky passes). I'd also give him either Tries Long Passes or Likes To Switch Ball to the other Flank so for better and for worse he tries more diagonals in the first place. Don't think it's surprising he's rated more highly than Carvajal in many dimensions though
  7. People are perfectly entitled - encouraged, even - to disagree with me, but I can't help but think if I was actually wrong about why people found it played through the middle better than any other version I'd be seeing arguments in favour of FM17s unique interpretation of defending rather than assertions that I'm stunting the conversation Crosses were massively toned down compared with most versions, but if your fullbacks/wingbacks sat narrow and arrived late in the box (usually with opposition wide players still marking the touchline...) then cutbacks were pretty useful. FM16
  8. FM17 was the game where the wide players were so busy marking the touchline and defending so passive even an AI-managed lower division AI side with 3 men in the middle of the park could keep the ball for minutes on end against superior opponents with two. You could get truckloads of goals from shadow strikers too, but I think a lot of the people who argue about how brilliant the ME was didn't do that, they're just convinced that inadvertently exploiting a permanent man advantage in central midfield against passive opponents was the ME perfectly interpreting their possession football dream
  9. That's literally the most popular feature request. Usually with a proposal which amounts to fixing player's growth in a more deterministic and less tractable manner...
  10. I get what you're saying and in theory telling players your expectations in more detail at transfer time is a realism improvement for other reasons, but the reality is this sort of interaction is nearly always buggy (honestly, SI would be better off deleting half the promises than trying to make them work more consistently) and its a lot of potentially game-breaking interactions to introduce to stop the handful of players that both stockpile talent and wish stockpiling talent didn't work. The repercussion for signing a player you don't need is that he complains and may demand a transfer, in li
  11. But it's not remedied if the game is changed so that players you're trying to sign pay more attention to positions you already have in your team than your squad status offer, as the poster I was replying to suggested
  12. Very easy for an attempted implementation to screw up perfectly reasonable transfers though. The extra defender you want to switch to a back three refusing to sign because you already have two first choice defenders. The AMR you want to rejig your forward line refusing to sign because two star forwards you want to shift positions currently play AMR. The 17 year old you want as a long term replacement for a player you'll definitely be forced to sell within a season or two refusing to sign because you haven't sold him yet. The keeper you want to sign because your current one makes too many mista
  13. Why wouldn't they if they still have the best teams, high levels of support from squad and board and still play Klopp and Guardiola's style of play? It's not like Judging Ability 1 is going to make Klopp suddenly drop Salah, or like Jordan Henderson won't turn up for games if he doesn't have a perfect motivator or a hardcore disciplinarian, or like attributes such as Coaching Goalkeepers and Adaptability are even supposed to affect management...
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