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  1. enigmatic

    "Underachieving" - bug?

    Whilst there might be a case for mentally weaker players to have "slight concerns" about whether they can win the games in hand, nobody should think the club is underachieving and board and fans should judge based on an implied position based on points per game
  2. enigmatic

    The VAR Thread

    I meant situations like the Neymar dive where the ref actually reversed the decison because after watching from multiple angles he concluded it was a dive and still didn't book him. But in general VAR should make it easier to book players going down in the box when a ref is only fairly sure there isn't any real contact, because he can always be called back if the TV officials think it was a possible penalty I think it's pretty clear the low card count was what they were going for
  3. enigmatic

    The VAR Thread

    Don't think the issues with retrospective VAR-recommended cards during play/half-time would be that bad. The only case where there's a major issue is if the player's picked up a yellow for something else in between, and in that case I think you just have to waive it (but maybe add to their accumulated cards after the match) VAR would have reduced diving by a lot more at this world cup if some idiot hadn't decided to quietly suggest to refs that they shouldn't be giving out cards for it
  4. enigmatic

    The VAR Thread

    Much easier just to book divers, including after play has restarted if need be. Uinlike penalties or red cards, most free kicks aren't that much of an advantage if defended properly.
  5. enigmatic

    In your opinion, handball or not?

    Matuidi's trying to get the finest possible glance on it, and Perisic's arm and leg both move towards the ball when he doesn't. It's obviously not a perfectly controlled and planned action, but I'd be very surprised he wasn't thinking about trying to block the cross as it came in...
  6. enigmatic

    In your opinion, handball or not?

    How about those competitive international beach volleyball tournaments he's played in on the side? Don't think you need even need reflexes that good to handle a ball when you've been watching where the cross is going all the way and it ends up roughly where you'd expect it. The general assumption is if the ball's travelled that far, you should have been able to decide whether to move your arm away from where it's likely to end up or towards it, and the sharp movement at the end is towards it. I mean, he could theoretically have actually have intended to jerk his arm out the way instead, but if he did, he ****ed up... - If 50% of people think it's a penalty and everybody thinks the original reason it wasn't awarded is wrong it's not a "corner decision"
  7. enigmatic

    In your opinion, handball or not?

    It's unequivocal fact that the original decision that Perisic had not made contact with the ball with any part of his body was incorrect, probably because the ref had Arsene Wenger's view of the incident. VAR didn't overturn a 50/50 ball-to-hand call (which could easily have been left unchallenged and probably would have been under the current system), it overturned a clearly mistaken "nothing happened" call in a potentially major situation.
  8. enigmatic

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Much as I'm too old to dab, I really don't see how people can get that annoyed by it. Its not like the signature celebrations is really an Instagram-era thing: even in the 90s we had Roger Milla, Klinsmann dives, Ravanelli baring his belly and Shearer literally trademarking a celebration as dull as his punditry. Also, Griezmann looked as miserable as anything until he sees Pogba. At least Pogba looks like he's actually won the bloody thing
  9. Even Arsenal don't have parades for finishing fourth
  10. enigmatic

    In your opinion, handball or not?

    Because if the referee sees it, he either awards a corner or a penalty. Ergo he clearly didn't see it. Can't think of any handball shouts where it's happened this World Cup (and I've had the TV on for most of it) and can't think of any where the ref decided a player won the ball when he didn't that got reviewed (a couple where the ref has correctly seen the player didn't get the ball and debatably decided the contact wasn't a foul as the player going down wasn't getting the ball and so milked the challenge, but allowing those dubious decisions when he's obviously seen the incident clearly to stand is what the "clear and obvious" guideline is for) It's fairly natural looking because your arms do move down in an aerial challenge, but that left arm moves down a lot faster than the right, especially when Matuidi misses it. I'm not convinced it moves down quite so sharply if Matuidi gets a flick on it; possibly it even reflexively stretches out in another direction... Matuidi's arm is moving speedily away from the ball whether he heads it or not. And he almost certainly gets penalised if the cross lands on his arm there anyway, which nobody would object to. I am going to avoid voting on this now purely to upset you.
  11. enigmatic

    In your opinion, handball or not?

    This is another case for ref mikes, of course. For all we know, not only was he going back only because he'd been told there was another angle, but also all the VAR officials had originally told him that in their consensus view it was a clear handball but wanted him to make the final decision. Frankly, even if he went back because he wanted one more look because he was a bit uncertain about making a very big call, I think it's nonsense to argue his original "decision" shouldn't have been overturned. If he didn't see anything in real time, it was a clear error, not a "decision". Marc's GIF angle angle shows two things. One, that even elite footballers don't always have perfect timing and control, because Matuidi clearly intends to get a flick on it. And two, that they have sharp reflexive control over movements they've already started to make, because Perisic's hand which is moving fairly naturally towards the original trajectory of the ball seems to accelerates when it doesn't deviate Think he could have got his arm away from the ball's trajectory earlier if he'd really wanted to though, and even in this World Cup he'd have been unlikely to have been penalised if it deflected off Matuidi instead unless he'd raised it to a very strange position. As a keeper, I'd be making a conscious decision to handle that, but I'd definitely expect above all to have my arm in position to be able to react to Matuidi not heading it as the ball came in. Then again, I'd also have my arm more unnaturally extended than Perisic's and flap like a wet seal with the other hand, so go figure Wow, someone's taken over Westy's job of saying something deliberately outspoken
  12. enigmatic

    In your opinion, handball or not?

    I think it's an area where FIFA could and should clear up the wording of the relevant law to clarify if they regard reflexes as deliberate (though I think they'll end up agreeing the referee's interpretation) especially now we've got VAR to allow ref's to make split second interpretations. Especially since there are already unwritten interpretations which all top refs follow regarding what is and isn't a natural position. I don't think there's any premeditated intent to block the ball with his arm, the initial movements are all natural, the arm isn't tensed like a keeper, there isn't a certain goal to be denied and he doesn't bring the ball under control, but his hand does [continue to] move down towards the ball when he could have [instinctively] moved it away instead.
  13. enigmatic

    The hot girls and guys thread!

    Surely Lallana is the unconventional pick there. Especially when you've got smiley, smiley Loftus Cheek in his place instead.
  14. enigmatic

    Okay. Would Big Sam have brought it home?

    Weirdly, I think we'd have been worse at set pieces under Big Sam...
  15. Arsene Wenger, Yerry Mina, Westychimp, the People Who Complained About VAR, random jocular Jocks, Set Piece Truthers, People Who Thought We Should Start Welbz* Can you hear me Westy? Westy YOUR BOYS TOOK A HELLUVA BEATING! YOUR BOYS TOOK A HELLUVA BEATING! *these people may not have existed