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  1. Sure, if you get Model Citizen. But half the time you're not getting very much revealed at all (ie. The Determined description, which sounds great but basically says an attribute you can already see is good, and others probably aren't)
  2. The importance of personality labels is greatly overrated for the reasons you mention. You can be a Model Professional and be weak under pressure, disloyal and not determined or ambitious enough to develop particularly quickly. You can be "Unsporting" and be pretty good at everything else Determined is a particularly useless label since all it tells you is an attribute you can already see is good, plus not perfect professionalism etc..
  3. enigmatic


    Oh, England were eminently capable of ****ing it up with even the most sympathetic of refereeing and Wales were much smarter less stupid at the breakdown as well as taking all their chances. The most frustrating thing of all was England got level after those decisions, then threw it away, and the manner in which they threw it away was entirely familiar But we shouldn't pretend that it was good refereeing any more than we should pretend England's discipline isn't a bigger issue
  4. enigmatic


    Because he's reached out behind him. Pretty much impossible to knock it backwards onto a thigh from here Even Rees Zammit couldn't see how it wasn't given the other way!
  5. enigmatic


    Was he playing up to the English audience on S4C too? And no, "contentious" is pretty much every breakdown or scrum penalty that could in theory be given either way, egregious is watching a slow motion replay of someone knocking a ball forwards and saying you can't see any reason to change your decision. Last example I can think of a rugby match officials missing something that obvious was a Jonny Wilkinson foot in touch in 2007!
  6. Best stay away from the continuity Corbyn groups then Think @Coulthard's Jaw makes a good point about them also being left off the Wikipedia list though. I mean, easy to overlook the bacon sandwich guy's background, but Disraeli actually playing *up* his roots and being the leading political figure of *that* age was amazing
  7. enigmatic


    Defending Gauzere is like defending England's discipline. There is no defence (a bit like the third try really ). Definition of a knockon. Only place it's changed is inside Gauzere's head When a player loses possession of the ball and it goes forward, or when a player hits the ball forward with the hand or arm, or when the ball hits the hand or arm and goes forward, and the ball touches the ground or another player before the original player can catch it Whole point of the bolded bit is that the direction of the contact matters as well as where the ball ends up afte
  8. Still trying to get my head around the idea that Paul Embery's take on this isn't Labour Needs To Realise True Working Class People Want To Hang The Dirty Foreigner.
  9. Never quite figured out how they estimate those for the politicians. If they're using the actual test, you have to assume Labour politicians believed things like "noone can feel naturally homosexual" and "abstract art isn't really art" which is obviously not the case for Blair (or Raab!) never mind Ed
  10. It'd take a heart of stone not to laugh if that happens and backfires
  11. Wait till you see Root take ten wickets in the second innings...
  12. Joe Root's made right mugs of all the commentators insisting it's a perfectly normal pitch that anyone who's half decent against spin should be able to read then
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