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  1. Yeah, Germany prevents really young players, but on the plus side you can sign players from just about anywhere (except in third tier), loan as many players as you like, and the number of Germans you need to have in your squad is purely theoretical (you just leave some spaces in a massive squad allowance). Money is good and fairly shared (and pretty good in the second tier too if you like starting at a similar level to the top tier in Scotland and building a better side) and you'll be an attractive destination for players from most other countries. I guess proper B teams are handy for the sides that have them too, though if you don't having U19s as your only reserve side is sometimes annoying.
  2. Good money to find the next David Antwi, I guess. Reckon Everton might let him back on a cheap or free loan?
  3. The keeper diving in when he sees a ball running towards him in the box even though it's under control of his teammate looks much more like a decision making issue to me. The other player's taken two touches and the ball's practically attached to his foot. Assume it's been uploaded to the bugs forum though...
  4. He isn't "partially right" at all, and the point of a tactics forum is to fix people's tactics, not to indulge the conspiracy theories of people who are making excuses for being totally inept at playing the game.
  5. Pretty impressed by the way the ball's down by the thrower's feet and then he appears to just flick it up into his hands Someone call him up for Iran
  6. Avoids using stronger foot Comes deep to give away the ball Plays with back to ball Knocks ball past teammate Likes to switch ball to opponent Gets forward whenever inconvenient Does not even attempt tackles Marks opponent rarely (FWIW I think this has been done before, but it's still funny)
  7. I've won penalty shootouts 7-6 and 5-4 since the patch, and I have terrible penalty takers...
  8. Pellegri is likely to improve more. At the stage you're showing them, Jovic is a fair bit more clinical and better at finding space in a packed penalty area, but Pellegri is a bit quicker in behind and will give defenders more trouble in the air. Usually I prefer the latter with strikers but it does depend a bit on how you play, and how opponents defend against you.
  9. Does rather depend on which season and what happened before then. If he's just sold Milinkovic Savic, the least the board can do is give him the money back... The one area where they're definitely not generous is coaching badges. I've had the board refuse the few hundred quid due to the "club's financial situation" when I've got a wage bill in the millions, they upgraded other stuff earlier in the season and I'm due £15m when the TV money comes in at the end of the season...
  10. tbf, if I was a 17 year old with massive potential I'd want silly wages to consider ruining my career by spending the next six years of it on loan to whoever Chelsea could extract the most money from
  11. But a claim that the vast majority of professional footballers who do not continually improve throughout their twenties either do not have the correct training and attitude or are having their bodies prematurely declining is the sort of extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence... Gary "one of the most professional and hardworking trainers" Neville, for example, peaked pretty early and never really learned to dribble or score goals. Was he lazier than, say, young fullback Gareth Bale? Or was he just never capable of learning to shred defences or score absolute pearlers in the first place?
  12. 4-2-4 is, whilst more feasible in FM than real life, a pretty extreme attacking tactic. Opponents tend to play less defensively at home (as well as tending to play slightly better). If they're not trying particularly hard to score your extra men in the penalty area can help batter them. If they put some serious effort into getting the ball to their forwards, 4-2-4 leaves its fair share of gaps in behind...
  13. I had Hertha BSC playing a flat three with an ageing Solomon Kalou as a target man all game against me! Was one of the easiest opponents I had to play against all season, even though they were on paper massively better than me. Think it's difficult to think of any examples of real life sides playing a flat three the way the ME interprets it (i.e. none of the strikers ever track back)...
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