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  1. Sunderlands third goal in the 76th minute I have a corner and the ball gets cleared to my left side, the defender on the half way line runs back towards the goal the Sunderland player runs from his box and in the end a tracking player catches him. Surely the defender on the half way line should go and collect the ball Defender ignore ball from corner.pkm
  2. This has happened quite a few times now both for and against and i have decided to raise it. -On 42 a break from Man City gets broken up and the tackle goes straight to my goalkeeper -When he reaches the ball there is no one within the 18 yard box and he rushes it and shanks his clearance to casimero who just hits it into an empty net. There is no need for the goal keeper to rush it at all. Man Utd v Man City goaljkeeping error.pkm
  3. Excellent news Not much of an issue as we do not tend to do many transfers between human managers, just means negotiation will have to happen outside of FM for the time being. Hopefully a fix will be included in the next patch.
  4. Hi @Calum Steel, I have managed to get hold of the save game and have uploaded it to /fm/game-save - it is called "Transfer issue between human players.fm" To recreate 1) Open the save game, you will be logged in as the Man Utd manager 2) You will see Martial has a 10 mill value set 3) Change to the Arsenal manager and make an offer of £20mill for Martial 4) Change to the Man Utd manager and negotiate the offer to £30mill 5) Change back to the Arsenal manager and look at the negotiated offer - you will see at the top that it says negotiated to £30 mill but the offer is £10mill We also saw another issue on Friday as well. 1) The Newcastle manager was trying to loan Callum WIlson from the Arsenal manager, Callum Wilson had a value of £20mill 2) He put in an offer of 0 for everything and then the Arsenal manager negotiated the Playing wage and unused wage to 20% 3) The Newcastle manager saw the negotiated offer with a monthly playing fee of £20mill 4) You can reproduce this in the same save game. Set Callum WIlson's value to £20 mill and then go through the above steps. Any other help you need let me know
  5. Hi @Calum Steel, Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. I am not the host unfortuantely and we haven't played for a few weeks but we are playing tonight so i will grab the save game of him then and then upload over the weekend. I will make sure i can reproduce as well and then list the exact steps taken. It was £65m straight up, there was no addons or clauses at all.
  6. Hi @Calum Steel, It is a bit confusing so will try to explain it again, hopefully clearer this time!!! 1. You need 2 human players, we had one in charge of Man Utd and one in charge of Arsenal 2. I set Martials value on the transfer status screen to £10 mill 3. Arsenal manager bid £60 mill for him 4. I negotiated to £65 mill 5. Arsenal manager saw negotiated bid of £10 mill If that is not clear i will try to get some screenshots this weekend.
  7. I see this has been moved, i thought it was a network game issue as it only occurs between 2 human players
  8. There seems to be an issue when negotiating a contract between 2 human players, we have just finished the first season and the negotiation was happening towards the end of August. 3 of us play an online game and on Friday my mate put in a bid of £40 mill for Martial and i negotiated to £80 mill, he came back with £60 mill and i negotiated to £75 mill. He saw a negotiated bid of £80 mill. We then tried something else, i set Martials transfer value to £10 mill, he offered about £60 mill and i negotiated to £70 mill and the bid he saw was £10 mill. We have some screen shots and can provide a save game if required but looks like it might be very easy to reproduce. 1) Set transfer value to something on a player for player1 2) Player2 offers a value 3) Player1 negotiates to something that is not his transfer value 3) Player2 sees negotiated offer of transfer value set on transfer status screen If you need anything just let me know.
  9. This has happened quite a few times now and it is getting really annoying, this time it has cost me a champions league final place So what happens, Juventus 3rd goal in 84 minute. Referee gives a free kick just in my half and calls Jones to him to have a word (thought it was going to be another yellow for him but no just a talking to). He has a long chat with him and allows all the other players to get towards the edge of my box. At this stage Juventus have gone 3 up top to try to get an leveller. The ref then lets jones go back towards his position but as he gets about half way back and Higuain takes the free kick and lofts it towards Dybala who happens to be completly unmarked as he is standing where Jones should be. Surely either the ref has to wait until Jones is back in position as he has called him out of position in the first place, or someone sits in. If the ref had given a free kick and Juventus had taken it quickly fair enough but Dybala is free because the ref has called Jones to him to talk to him and then given Juventus a massive advantage. Going to keep an eye out for this now as i know i have seen it at least 5 times in 3 seasons and will add any more examples to this thread. Man Utd v Juventus.pkm
  10. Thanks for the response @Nic Madden The whole idea of what i try to do at home is win the ball back higher up the pitch and create opportunites to score, this does mean that i do tend to get a large number of shots on goal at home. i don't have an issue with the number of shots as such it is more about the decision making of the players in and around the box. The 2 Herrera shots, the first one especially, I think he takes on the shot too early and seems rushed so hits it straight at the keeper. He could easily take a touch and then advance on the keeper before finishing. The point i was trying to make was that players seem in a rush to shoot, the examples i posted above the players seem desperate to shoot even when other options are available. This could be because of the way i have set up my tactic. With regards to player traits, the likes of Pogba and Depay have the shoot from distance PPM i think so would expect them to shoot, i am not sure about the traits of Martial or Herrera so will have a look when i next load the game up and see. I will not get a chance tonight but will have a play around with the fluidity tomorrow and see if i can see a difference, will also look at the players and see if anything stands out. Will report back in here any findings that i see.
  11. I am not sure how much of what i am about to post is a bug or if it is tactical or what but i thought i would raise a post with a few questions In the PKM attached, Man Utd at home against Schalke in the CL, 5th game of group stage Standard Mentality, Very Fluid, Pass into Space|Play out of Defence|User tighter marking|Much higher defensive line|Close down much more| Prevent short GK distribution 38 seconds: Herrera gets played in and is 18 yards out with a clear run at goal and decides to shoot - whay not take a touch and advance on the keeper before trying to beat him? 14:29 - Martial gest the ball played to him about 20 yards out and attempts a first time shot nd it is not close - this seems to happen a lot 24:29 - Herrera again makes a good run and gets played in and once again shoots first time rather than taking a touch and setting himself (maybe more understandable as closer in) 49:10 - Martial again with a first time shot from 20 yards 64:56 - Lewandowski 20 yards out turns and shoots 81:51 - Lewandowski again shoots from over 20 yards out whilst being shut down. Match details: 23 shots 14 On target 3 CCC 9 Long shots The point i am trying to make is that attacking players seem to stike the ball first time a lot, which means my shot count is very high due to the 9 long shots. There always seems to be a rush to shoot rather than recycle the ball. As i said, not sure they are bugs as such but is looks like decision making seems off to me. Man Utd v Gelsenkirchen.pkm
  12. Scouting question

    Do not some youngsters have no gold stars CA but have silvers stars instead?
  13. Just a quick question regarding scouting a region, i am sure we were able to do this in previous FM versions but cannot see a way at the moment (first time i have tried this in FM17) Trying to scount a region and i have to specify a minimum CA of 1/2 gold star - i am not interested in CA at all and am focusing on PA. Is there a way to ignore CA and just scout on PA? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the reply @Nic Madden I'm glad that the first issue is getting looked at. With regards to the second one, i get that Smalling is trying to engage the striker and gets caught out by the movement, what i was alluding to, although not very well!!, is that i would like to see happen is as there is only 1 striker, smalling covers the near post to try to block the cross, ignoring the striker, and Jones (who has a better view of the striker) attempts to mark him and the FB then covers across to pick up the back post. Is this even possible?, and should i bring this question to the tactics forum or is it because the striker is within Smallings view that he attempts to mark him? Not sure if that was entirely clear but after some advice as to what i was seeing rather than reporting a bug as such? Thanks
  15. A weird one here, 73rd minute goal from Drinkwater. It looks like Herrera hits the ball at Drinkwater and then the ball deflects into the 18 yard box, De Gea comes charging out (not sure why) and then just misses the ball!!! Not sure if it is just a mistake but looks really odd. A different issue, not really sure if it is a bug or just poor tactics but i see a fair number of goals like this. 79th minute goal the ball comes in from the right - why does the nearest center back not go to cover the near post and instead runs backwards. In reality in that situation - Smalling would cover the near post and Jones would cover the striker - as i said not sure if a defending intelligence needs to b improved or just poor representation of what is going on. Leicester v Man Utd.pkm