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  1. I often see the opposition commit 15-20 fouls a game and not get any bookings but this seemed a tad ridiculous!! The opposition committed 27!!! fouls and not no yellow cards, i committed 10 and got 3 yellow cards One player committed 6 fouls, another 5 fouls - surely consistent fouling is a thing!! I have attached the pkm, i can send more if required as i have a bunch of them FK Oleksandriya v Man Utd.pkm
  2. Do not some youngsters have no gold stars CA but have silvers stars instead?
  3. Just a quick question regarding scouting a region, i am sure we were able to do this in previous FM versions but cannot see a way at the moment (first time i have tried this in FM17) Trying to scount a region and i have to specify a minimum CA of 1/2 gold star - i am not interested in CA at all and am focusing on PA. Is there a way to ignore CA and just scout on PA? Thanks
  4. I used to play in this league a few years back for Lindfield, played Keymar and Hassocks a few times Will be following.
  5. Thanks for the offer but i don't want any changes made to the save via an editor.
  6. Nope and don't want to use it either, just going to have to get a replacement for Jones and hope that Januzaj realises that Arsenal are no where in time for me to renew his contract.
  7. I am about to lose Phil Jones for free due to weird player interactions (raised in bugs forum but they want a save before he first got annoyed!!!) First season with Man Utd, get to January and both Jones and Januzaj both got annoyed because they wanted to join Arsenal to play in the CL, fair enough i thought but at this stage i was top of the league and Arsenal were about 8th and looked like no chance of getting in next year. I checked the transfer tab for both players and it didn't say Arsenal were interested at all so not sure where it came from. Fast forward 12 months so Jan of second season, they are both still annoyed. Arsenal finished 6th and didn't qualify for the CL and are currently mid table and have no chance of getting into the CL this season either. I finished 1st and am in the CL this year and finished top of my group, i am also 12 points clear of 2nd in the league and looking like i will have to have a major meltdown to not win the league this year. Jones has 6 months to run on his contract and i have been trying for 12 months to get him to renew it but he won't discuss it because he has wanted to join Arsenal to play in the CL, recently that has changed to just join Arsenal, they are currently 12th in the league!! Januzaj still wants to leave to play for Arsenal in the CL!!. I already know that i am going to lose Jones at the end of his contract but at this rate i am going to lose Januzaj as well all because he hasn't been able to recognise that Arsenal are not in the CL and are not going to be in the CL for at least another season.
  8. The host has created one in the network game bugs forum as it hasn't happened in single player so we thought it was a network game issue
  9. He has every right to be annoyed, i have played the beta for 2 weeks with no issue at all and then today 3 of us started a network game and have had 7 (yes 7) crash dumps in 6 hours and all we are doing is playing the game. We are getting fed up massively with it and have not been able to get through pre season yet
  10. I work in software development so am more aware of most how hard it is to make bug free software. Maybe not everyone would see the same issue but the number of people that reported the same problem on release day last year with regards to transfers/scouts etc and then SI reporting straight away that they could reproduce it without having to ask for machine specs etc, means that it was pretty easy to reproduce and should have been caught in testing and they were very apologetic about it. The main issue that i have playing a network game is that it always seems to be an afterthought with the game and there was a big buildup last year about how network games would be better and special attention had been paid to them and then on release game we were unable to play because only the host could buy players. I know the term "unplayable" is banded about far too easily but for us it was "unplayable" as we couldn't buy players at all and therefore could not play very far into the game. They could have gotten around the issue by releasing the beta with network games playable so that all the issues could have been found pre release, hopefully something that will be done this year.
  11. He's not talking about there being no bugs in the software, we all no that is impossible. However, on release day last year (not beta release but actual release day) we played and only the host was able to buy players. Now i know some bugs fall through unfortunately but being able to buy players on a network game is a pretty big issue and something that should not have. Also 2 other major issues on release day (once again not beta release but actual release as you couldn't play a network game on beta release), were not being able to get into the finances screen and not being able to set up scout assignments. We all except that there are going to be bugs but the 3 things i have mentioned are all major parts of playing the game and how they got through testing, apparently they had a clan doing the testing, is hard to fathom did they just play games without actually doing things that all players do. Just want to check the level of testing this year on the network game as last year it was lacking in a lot of areas.
  12. One point to make is that in football does a player that has 2 goals always take the penalty, i seem to remember at least 2 instances last season when a player that could complete their hat trick did not take the penalty, in FM it always happens so therefore FM is wrong. I also remember a manager making sure that the normal penalty taker took the penalty rather than a player on a hattrick, Swansea in the carling cup final i think. Maybe it should come done to how selfish the player is or maybe there is something the manager could do from the sideline to indicate whether the normal penalty taker should take it or not. I would not miss this if it wasn't included as in football a player on a hatttick does not always take the penalty in FM they do.
  13. Didn't think this would cause such a discussion but thought i would give a few more details about the game. I had a man sent off after 4 minutes so had to adjust my tactics so that rather than playing very attacking i changed to play counter and try to catch them on the break. It worked really well and i scored after 13, 24 and 25 minutes to go 3-0 ahead. Valencia pulled one back after 55 minutes to make it 3-1 on the night and then 4-2 on aggregate, i then had a penalty on 82 minutes, which was missed and Valencia went straight up the other end and got a penalty of their own when one of my wingers had managed to track their striker and dived in 2 footed. They then went all out attack and before any of my tactical changes could take effect they scored again (1 1/2 minutes later) to draw 3-3. If my penalty was scored or my striker took it and missed Smalling would have been back in position and my winger would not have had to make to challenge and given them a penalty. I have seen plenty of occurrences in real life when the manager had indicated from the sidelines that the normal penalty taker should take the penalty not someone else that has scored twice. As a manager it is up to me to set things up and the board blames me for failing to meet their expectations not some CB that put himself above the team, there should be a way to indicate to the players that you want your normal penalty taker to take the penalty not the player that has scored 2
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