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  1. same here. preordered it, and didnt play waiting a new patch. maybe today... it is friday...
  2. always the same. invest in 3d, invest in sporadic things and ignore the main thing we all love this game - playingness. and it is like this from 01/02 edition. okay, evolution implies itself, and game in general is better every year. but always same things happen. it is inadmissible to go one step forward and two step backwards. full back issue, ratings, transfers... it is not serious. last year it eas other things, 2012. edition it was morale... invest in playingness, bulid up AI team strength - that is important, leave this sporadic "fifa-pes" things alone, it is not important.
  3. English is not my native language so sorry for some potential things that I will explain in complicated manner. I always played on classic mode, it brings me more feeling that I control things, etc. But now, I have so many obstacles in FM 2013 (my team always play very nice in term of result, in 25 seasons with hajduk/man.utd/real I won like 22 leagues but style of play is awful) so I decided to switch to TC (I know it is the same thing, but I just wanna be like everyone else and maybe it is easier to set up it this way). And now I have one question... .... if I change something, for example put width on low or tempo on quick, than on every strategy it will stay on it. So, why is better to play on TC when that setting will stay forever until I change it manually. And it is same for every player that I change something. If someone can explain it to me why than TC is so better when it isnt helping you? Every change is pointless, but if you dont change it your game will be crap beacuse some presets on TC just dont goalong well. ps Are "ingame shouts" important? Like, most important thing in game? If I dont touch player/team settings because, as I said it, it will make thing worthwile there is little thing I can do when on TC so is it possible that shout make difference? sorry for confusing writing
  4. Yes indeed, but it is not that simple. It is transfers, AI, tactics, 3D is just not perfect and it shows flaws but I'm okay with it. But we can agree that all problem comes from 3D, so - main question is, why SI abandoned idea from before (and it was making everyone happy) and try to implement 3d, and persistently putting all efforts in it? It just could not be perfect, ever, but it can be semi glamour for all new customers raised on Fifa and things like Fifa. But it is not a same game that raised me from '98. Things are paradoxaly sad, they are trying to make it real and they are making it arcade patch from patch, then they release final patch, and it is relatively okay, but it is far from the game with head and tail, because decisions they make in patches are so random. There is no order, no fundament, one year full back are ineffective, other year too effective, etc. Game need to have focal point, with this approach it will never be good like before. You have realism and arcade as two opposite. For me, ME ( 3D) can be arcade, it can be here only for fun purpose (like LMA before 15 years ), but core of the game needs to be real, needs to be simulation. But, they are making ARCADE from inside (transfers, game system, interactions), and are trying 3D to be real (and making it arcade, apart from 2011 edtion), and they put all efforts to make 3D real, but in the end, 3D doesnt even matter. This, together with change of tactics paradigm is killing this game. But hey, we are only old school fans, probably they are earning now more than before. tts0 - spot on.
  5. You know what is the main problem with this game? It is missing fundament, some comfort zone on which SI can build further. CM series had it, and it was enjoying with that ME, many transfers, you could play for 50 years 01/02 edition. Fun part of the game (not arcade!) was the fundament there. 2D generations had it (FM 2008 best game to date imo), it was game based on tactics, you could be the best in the first season with good tactic, you could be shameful with best team if tactic was lame. It was based on your abillity, and only on your abillity, micro managament, media, etc, was there only sporadic, only for little amusement, the main thing was tactic engine, and it had its fundament, they had starting zone. 3D generations? It seems that everything is in not on the right places, fundament is missing, that is the reason that every patch is so different. Evidentely, through the years SI wanted to avoid dependence to tactics (because, many unexperienced players would drag from game = less money, and they wanted to avoid diablo tactics). Now it is so random, every team you choose, every tactic you choose - you will struggle first season, and till 3rd season you'll got world class team (and then all the fun goes), and so little is based on tactics, with some tactical adjustments you can adapt it any style particularly. Now, main focus is on micro managament, interactions with players, media... It is so hillarious to read tactic sharing center, people are offering there tactics like it would work in different conditions, but truth is - every tactic works after some time! And I salute this move, in some way it is good that diablo tactics are broken, but DO IT only if you can keep free flowing game like before, DON' DO IT if it is path to 'always the same', you made the pattern with this approach, every save game is very similiar, before you could get fired in the first season or won CL in first season. And now player dont see the tree (tactic) because of the wood (micromanagament interactions) Make it by not ruining the playness and the fact is - this was funnier game before, so why you wanted to change whole fundament? (this change is only top of the problem, there is so many other things - slower game because of the steam, unambitious AI, transfers ruined...) Like they want to develop perfect ME at the expense of playness, this paridigm is the reason why I dont play any other sports games. Search for physic realism, for perfect graphics is celebration of human knowledge and progress, it is enjoyment to watch Melo's crossover in 2K series, but it ruins the games because, for the god sake, they are PC games, they never can be real life, and in the process, playness is broken (PES was better game before 5 years, etc.). And it seems like SI is making same mistake, they are stripsearching themselves and they want to develop perfect players move, perfect ME, but in the bigger picture, it is only cosmetics - FM should be about something else. I know this whole world is based on cosmetics, you can attract those gangnam style fans to play game only by putting effort to cosmetics of the game, but what is with us, old scool players? It is more important to have many transfers, smart AI, etc. than to have free kick taken with realism and attraction, and it is like SI dont have time for this because of the search for perfect realism ( and that never can be done). This search for different paradigm breaks identity and consitence, search for simplicity turn away old school players for gangnam players , now they dont have starting focal point where they can build it up, and, imo, lack of identity (no more tactics as fundament) is particular reason why this game so vary from patch to patch. Sorry, if I overly criticize you, you guys are really the best. I admire your effort in interaction with fans, your effort to make this game better, but I just wanted to say my opinion... And, I want you, and all mates on this forum, Merry Christmass!
  6. Agree. It was for me very hard when trying to build my team. But, once i cracked it up I dont need to change my tactics ever. Dont know what is it about than, maybe the thing I'm Italin club and teams from Seriea A develops slower so my competition is not so good, dunno. But hope that this pattern will not be when I pick some other team. Thanks for feedback guys.
  7. 1. Hardness + tactics This games is too easy. FM12 has its own flaws, but one thing was very positive, the thing you got to change your approach to the tactic from time to time. Result of this was strong AI and it was hard to dominate and more interesting to play. Though, it was based on wrong principle - much nicer approach would be if AI were stronger by buying players (like in CM 01/02) and not by the effect of ME and thing that you, as a manager, would lose points before setting new tactic up. In FM 2013, once you establish good team and good tactic you dont need to tweak much more after it, you just play on auto pilot and win very much of entered competition. I guess, i's very good for newbies and not so hardcore fans of the series, but it's not intereseting for us who play this game from middle of the 90's. This 00's are very strange years - everything is cheaper, everything is lower quality and destined to last one year (for example - before cell phone were lasting for 5 years, now situation is so much different, same for clothes and so on). We are living in the instant world of cheap entertainment, stupid internet funny pictures and videos, lousy humour, reallity show world, and everything lack real quality and soul. FM were my last resort, last serious game that had its own world within it. Now, I'm afraid, it fades away, like your aim is just for those who try to find easy picked up fun, and because of that you dont need full packed game. Why bother? Everything lasts one year in general, why bother making full package game when next year is new chance to find new customers. I hope I'm wrong. 2. Transfers Clubs want to much money for little above average players. It shouldnt be like this. Of course that well recognised talents and superstars should cost a lot of money. But that much money for Gino Peruzzi and similiar players? Every FM had cheap players, this change is not so neccesary. 3. Regens Lack of it. I couldnt find good full back for two years now. Dunno what it is, but joy is missing from the game. And also, so lot Lyon wonderkids, please sort it out, it is not very real. Thank you for the great game, I just wanted to say something about this things, sorry for my english. Cheers.
  8. me too, i got cavani who scored 27 in 43 apps. but, i struggle with my tactic (although I'm in battle for title), it is not working smoothly. it would be te best thing if it is related with tactic, and that is the main chaallenge - bulid up one which can create many goals for strker. but if it is related to the ME (like fm 2009) than it is very, very bad thing. there is nothing worse when you know that you cant score a lot with your stiker, when it is a struggle all way..
  9. just wondering what is amount of goal your striker score on fm13, you can write it for your best ever record, and for your average/regular amount in this department. I got a feeling that in this years's edition is very hard to manage your striker to have goals/apps near even, so I'm just wondering if there is such a possibility (when your tactic suits in every way) thanks.
  10. this whole series is awesome, best game ever, and changes to ME, director of football, etc. are good but not so important, IMO. most important thing is to keep AI strong after few years (usually after our team starts to dominate AI got worse because they dont buy like in real life). so I'm wondering - does AI buys players and improve themselves after some time in fm13? IMO, most important thing in this game. thank you, cherrs
  11. In quest for realism game failed on "fun moment" with these morale issue. IMO. It was so struggling to play, like it is coded that every game is struggling. Oh, back to FM 2011.
  12. Please someone! I didnt play this game frome december because of the moral issue, someone takes it with no problems, but for me it was so unplayable. So, I wanna know is this thing is settled in new patch? I'm okay with no changing of ME, this ME is good, great, but I really cant take morale system from 12.1.1., so please if someone may answer me if now things are more similiar to the 11.3. or 12.04. Thanks in advance.
  13. vu duc tu, why you dont play fm on 10.3? i really wanna know because i dont like it and want to know if i'm the only one... p.s.great tactic, i'll ty it
  14. hello to all of you i want to share my experiences with all of you in this great, studyous thread.. i play 4231 but with narrow AM players (because i got nasri, buonanotte, van deer vart, totti) last season was god.. when i tweaked a little i got 9 win in 9 games.. my MCR is central midfielder on attack MCL is central midfielder on defensive AM CR is att.midfielder on support AM CL is att.midfielder on support AMC on inside forward on attack SC on complete forward on support and that works fine but when i want to put an SC to attack AMCR and AM CL to inside forward and AMC to att.midfielder my game plan crashes it0s not so affective and i dont see why it's only a couple of chhanges if someone can hel me, advise me what are ideal settings to my 3 att.midfielders and SC to have a great amount of goals and few questions when i set my player on creator (put them roles) do i need to tweak them on advance instructions??? very important question to me because when i get it on roles i want to change something like creative freedom for mine CB's, long shots to attacking players and so on second do you think that variations of 4231 can really work on FM 2010?? it seems that this game can give you chance to suceed with every approach if you do it properly is really affective to put you AM C an inside forwrad role.. because i thjought that it is for side players but it works to me cheers folks!
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