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  1. fast attack... hmm how little I know about tactics... :/
  2. Thank you. But, please, is there pattern to make it little bit more balanced?
  3. Ok, but how to adapt.. by changing formation or changing width? Thanks
  4. Ok. It is only term. Please if you, or someone else can explain to me what to do when this happens. In which direction is best to edit tactic. Thanks
  5. I am playing with Marseiile. I won league for three times in a row, have really great team, but AI figured out my tactic. It is always same story (with Hajduk, Milan, Cagliari, Valencia, i posted it but moderators deleted it because I was angry ...). Ok, in real life it is the same, opponents adapt. But, in FM everything I do is wrong, like i said it before - I feel like I need to hit jackpot. Originally, I won everything in France with 4231, than I change it to 424 (again with some success, but cant keep it that way). I want to know what I am doing wrong with 4231? How to chan
  6. It seems that in this game you need to tweak something after run of good results, good season. And than AI gets on your level and you need to tweak something. I was playing with Valencia,first few seasons I was building my team, than had four years of excellence (4 La ligas and one Chammpions league). In every of that seasons I needed to tweak something. Per example, one season played with Pass into space, other with Work ball into box, third wider, etc. Last season couldnt find the "jack pot" (yeah, I had discussion here about tactics and jack pot)... Am I right about this concept?
  7. Thanks. Something else.. most goals are from edge of the box or via crosses. Is that graphic things of ME or I can make it with passes through the middle?
  8. Ok, I am glad because of this progress, it seems your advices were very good to me. But... is this really that much better than before versions.... rethoric question. B ut I have real questions, not because I want to win but because I want to know better the logic of the game. - premise is that now AI will catch me. How do you guys are hanging with that, with what tweaks? - related to this, what would be next step to be even better? - How to close games, go into defense mode? I am doing it by going on defense mentality, more narrow width, standard defensive line, and I am
  9. I mean when I am defending against Barcelona away... Ofc I am going do defend mentallity but than again must change player roles... Yeah, now is better, but it is only begging. Now need to figure how to conquer everythind :))
  10. When I am going to defense mode, ofc I need than to adjust other player roles and team instructions?
  11. It will stop. Feeling I have is so fragile, that one tweak will destroy it. In which direction you would make changes?
  12. Ok. I started from begining with Valencia. Struggled in friendly matches, and after tweaking and tweaking have three nice victories. You think this set up is ok? How to maintain it, make it better?
  13. More like.. Milan 2004? Germany 2010? So... shorter passing and possesion but in the same time not boring tiki taka style :). I can see than in some way you guys believe that the point is on player roles, that is much more important thant general team instructions?
  14. @Justified While I am writing this post there is game going oin with this set up of yours with few team instructions. (2:2, edit) @Experienced Defender 442 beacuse I believe I have players made for this tactis... maybe it could be wide 433... Want to play fast, short passing game, with through ball to my AFA. Everyone else - thans for feedback, for advices I truly believe that this is not only some particular help that I win few games, that this is more for everyones eho want to understand paradigm of the game
  15. Sorry guys. I was walking near the sea. I am not here because i am not winning. I would come here even though i am winning because I want to know the game logic...
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