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  1. Not 100 percent, I mean not that I used SI preset, but main idea is there - narrow width, normal passing, counter, counter-press... Thank you all for answers. As I said it, wanted to see do you agree that "gegen" approach is ideal one, okay - you guys said it doesnt need to be. But I still havent figured it out how to to id differently
  2. Nope. Only wondering is this proof that gegenpress style cant be outmatched if context is right (good players, etc.)
  3. I normally asked, based on my impressions some things about tactics in general, about fast and quick approach, I havent said that I am unsatisfied or something.
  4. Ok, before few days I posted one narrow and fast tactic (433) on one Facebook group and many people told me not to play fast and narrow in combination. And I agreed. But I answered that I know that but also saying that game loves this gegen way of tactics. This is not super tactic. I mean, game is specific. It is clear that it wouldn't be like this in 1st season and it wouldn't be like this with some other team, this game reacts differently because of context, but again there are some rule, like in my opinion - fast and narrow. Is there possibility to be this
  5. As most of you know, I made thread about developing 343 with wingbacks and attacking wingers. For me this formation got it all... Stability at the back with three centre backs, wide coverage like tactics with 4 at the back (only full backs here are wing backs), centre midfield presence, attacker who's got wingers who helps him... So in 2nd season I won the league. With Valencia! Great stuff" But I am not satisfied with something, as ultimate goal for me always is to understand. I mean I am confused. FIrst of all, it was never pure dominance. it was mostly 2:1, 3:1... I am not pe
  6. Thank for great advices. But particularly I am interested about this. You think this only because about my tactic or in general? Because I noticed many tactics work better with higher tempo. And about midfield- I was playing with two WB-S and DLP with BWM. It was much struggling. After I tweaked it into this on screenshot it was much better altough I know too that mezzala is not ideal for this role. So now I tweaked it again... This is first season, ideal for experimenting. You think narrow width is fine?
  7. I have never played with three at the back. It was always too old fashioned to me. But, now I see it is really avant-garde formation. In particular, this one is very attractive to me. You have defensive stability, you have wing backs and wingers (very important to have double cover there IMO), two midfielders, and one striker to combine with those wingers. In love with this formation, I truly believe it brings everything. And want to play, well, like Bayern. Because it is attractive for me in real life, and I know the "game" loves that style (I know - many of you will te
  8. And what do you guys think about mine team instructions?
  9. How to involve him? I mean, tactic is 4231, he is in the central position... Thanks fot other advices. I will set it up as DLP and BWM?
  10. I am playing with Hajduk. It is year 2027. I won two titles in a row (three in five years), last year I lost in knockout phase of Champions league on away goals, have good regens... But... It is mostly with narrow systems. Gegenpress with some tweaks. I want to play more wider. Can you help me set it up? Every time I try it, there are huge drop down in every aspect of the game. This screenshot shows you my understanding of it. But obviously something is wrong. What else is alternative to gegen style? Ixcept wider system, in which other way to try? Because mostly I
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