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  1. It is joy to read your tactics thinkings. Thanks. Of course, thanks to everyone else too. I've read it all, will explore it, hope ? l'll try to to figure out things with team instructions.
  2. I've had great struggles with this game, and found that perhaps the best set up is gegenpress, all you need is too set up correctly roles. And it gives me pleasure. I can play after work without stress and I know that my results will depend mostly on quality of my players. In the same time, I don't feel as I am playing with other people tactic or cheating in any way. Results are not unreal, that is most important thing. But.. as in many other areas in life, hah, I am still not satisfeid. Because I want to play with other styles too. Maybe, as Manchester in 1999., Milan 2003., Ge
  3. There are many posts, mainly critics about my approach (but I do understand them, you are right mostly). You all said that I need to check out about my weakness and strengths, of course I checked them, I know it and know what my Sporting squad is capable of. But I do not agree that I am randomly trying something new without listening to advices, every change is based on some of advices, point is that I am not trying to understand magical secret, I only want to know the main logic, without it I am going to made same mistakes, and I still didnt understand it. I am trying to implement
  4. Again, you will tell me that I am doing same mistakes. But thing is that I am not doing it on purpose. How is it possible ot have 1 shot???? And what is different approach? I just dont get the term of trying something new, I am in FM's stone age
  5. - it was formation of my your, many teams played like that, and I have AMC and two strikers. and the best tactic is set up like that so that means game like the formation - BPD and CD to have some variations, left back on WB and left WM AT to have width and WM more on centre on pitch, right FB on def to have three at the back and to watch when eight winger goes onto attack. that allows me to have dm on S, and DM only to make it simple. AMC is AM on support because I already have two strikers. And strikers are classic setup... Early crossses beavcuse I dont have many players in centre of
  6. Now you are talking about my life haha but I get the point. But hey, it is hard to do it, to make some new direction if you dont know the thing, the path, dont know how to combine things, when I am starting it, I really believe I am on good track, but it looks I am really not, but it is not on purpose
  7. One more thing, I noticed many people play 44 diamond. I just made this because I am wondering what do you think about my setup (I just quick picked team, so player selection is not important now, point is in roles). Just want to see if I am getting the main logic (three with defence, etc.)
  8. FIrstly, of course, thank you for your reply and explanations. I'm not thinking that it should be done with magical wound. I only want to find out about logic of the game. Like, what to do when losing, or when huge favorite, what to do in different situations. It would all be easier if I knew that, and it seems like that I dont know that. Secondly, you said to me that it is important to play by your strenghts, I see, but.. it seems to me that even thought there are situations that game mechanism likes more, I just dont get it that you can suceed with every system if it is properly done. I
  9. So what you would suggest? I am just going into friendlies so I will see how it would be..
  10. Thank you all for your advices once again. Yes, as you all noticed, I dont know what am I doing :)) But that is main problem, that I am not searching for some special tactic, I only want to figure out the way it is going... to learn logic of the game. I have some questions.. - higher tempo is generaly better than slower one? - games likes more two striker tactics? Ok, I quitted on Sevilla, started with Sporting Lisboa. They are good enough that I can play relaxed, and again without pressure for being better than third place. Want to play faster and wider 442 game, like
  11. WHen I set up it differently it is onyl the worst. And with Arsenal, Roma or Seviila I tried many tactics, altough I was always trying to put it logical, I mean without some extremes...
  12. And I played against mighty Levante. Okay I changed DLP to D and two strikers striker on PFA, but is that single reason to lose again? I am going to sleep, I believe I will quit on Sevilla... Maybe try one more time, everything else is only leading to stress. Why is hard to choose tactic, to know that wide is better than narrow, to know some "common rules" that affect better mechanism and enjoy...
  13. Ok. One more match... It is happening all the time, without concistensy, without anything. And it is through saves with Arsenal, Roma and now Sevilla. So is it possible that in every of this saves I had it wrong? It seems I need to take plug and play and worry about transfers, but in that way I lose interest after two season :/
  14. @trgtoztrk thank you for understanding me. I am sorry Experienced defender really think I should play another game Also, thanks to @Pipster, @Chris2509, @NotSoSpecialOne - for helping me. unfortunately, problem is the same, I am feeling like a child when he closes ayes and hopes for the best when I am tweaking. I truly believe the game itself should've done it better. They had it all, they succeed to ruin it. When I master game I will say that again. CM 01/02 you could manage in three days, but it was never to easy or boring. And you knew what you were doing...
  15. Thank you for your great post, it is so obvious you care... I listened to some of your advices and beat Atletico away, but in next game I lost home to Betis (had all the same like against Atletico only tweaked positive mentallity). And then lost to Eibar, (was losing 4:0) :// I see what you wanted to say to me, but it is still the same issue, but I still dont get it how to play for example quick passing game, or defensive game against bigger sides, or possesion game, or through the middle to feed strikers, or with one striker (433, 4231).... I still dont know anything, dont kn
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