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  1. I agree the game is not very realistic, and this is both accidental (bugs) and intentional (coding)... The game needs to make you feel more good than bad, otherwise sales may suffer...
  2. Quick update that may help your dev team: Jaggedness completely disappears when I have the Window mode on Windowed. And this is with Very High graphic quality! Jaggedness reappears when Window mode is on Full Screen (1920x1080), even when graphic quality is on Medium...
  3. I'm looking for ways to improve data view during matches. I'd like to replicate LokiDoki's view between highlights (see image), but don't know how to do it. Can someone please how to set it up so it looks like Loki's? Thank you.
  4. Study the Finances page, it's straightforward: check your main Income sources (TV, players sold, prizes, sponsorships, gate receipts, season tickets, merch) and the main Expenditure sources (transfer, player salaries, staff salaries, ground maintenance, etc.). I suggest focusing on managing the top 2 or 3 income and top 2 or 3 expenditure sources. You can have a dramatic impact on club financial health, by closely monitoring and controlling the payroll and transfers for a couple of seasons.
  5. 4-4 tie Everton vs Aston Villa. I was down 2-0 in end of FH. Then tied 2-2, then went down again 4-2. Then scored 2 goals in the last 5 minutes to tie 4-4.
  6. I used to mask attributes, but nowadays I think it is realistic *not* to mask attributes. (In the Internet Age, it makes sense to assume that all professional players information are available online or very easily accessible across clubs). Scouts still have a role to play though, in recommending players and estimating their requests and costs...
  7. Hi. I see those replays when the ball went to the goal line, or when goals are disallowed due to a potential offside. Then I see those replays... But can I do anything to trigger or demand it?... Is there any button to click I'm not aware of?... I never saw a referee changing his mind following such replays. Only once, he ran to check the TV monitor outside the field to grant me a penalty... Is this how it's supposed to work?
  8. I need some help not to fail on Financial Fair Player regulation in the Premier League. Per image below, my club will fail restrictions on player payroll expenditure, with a $2.98 million negative over allowed. However, I'm spending 103M with payroll out of a 111M allowed (which I set on the Transfer slider). What should I do to avoid failing in FFP?... Thanks for your advice.
  9. Is it OK to not have any Key Players in my squad? That's the situation I currently noticed. Over time, I've downgraded all Key Players to First Team, and it seems to be working... But I read somewhere that a squad should have a good mix of player status: 3 or 4 key Players, 5 to 6 First Team, 5 to 6 Rotation, etc. What are the pros and cons in having or *not* having Key Player(s)?... (I kinda recall that the status mix helps in payroll budget allocation... How?...). Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  10. This point of succeeding with smaller clubs but failing with bigger ones is intriguing to me. Do you think that your personality/preferences/style as a coach have better chances according to a given club's own traits? What defines a successful (or enjoyable) gel between coach and club?...
  11. Impressive analysis of player valuation by @Beltsu! So, it's clear that value isn't related exclusively to player performance or status (age). What else is there?... - Club status. I buy cheap players from poor countries and as soon as they arrive in my world-class club, their value goes up anything from 3 to 10x! - Supply and demand - if other clubs are buying for the same positions, values will go up regardless of performance. If a generation of players is retiring, the same. If there is an inflation of upcoming players, value goes down... - Injuries, red cards... - Press interviews, Ibiza clubbing, etc.
  12. I set for a couple of players due to specific scores they may have in a key attribute. For example, I have an awesome DM with a 17 for long shot attribute. I set him to shoot more often, because his natural position was pre-set to shoot less. Negatively, if a defender got red cards due to bad tackling, I may set him to stay on his feet - at least temporarily, until he improves that element. It's a minor tweak that may help a bit...
  13. Yes, complaining players is a problem in large squads, especially if you plan on keeping your main squad fresh for the entire season... - Set as many players as possible as Rotation or Backup. This helps keep their expectations realistic. - I only rotate 1 or 2 players off the main squad in each match. I find that performance declines horribly if I place lots of backup players... (I find that quality in stars is way more important than match condition in %) - I never give in to players who whine they are not playing: every time I give in and say they will play next, they always under-perform horribly, to my regret. - During matches, you may want to give instructions to slow down the gameplay, waste time, etc...
  14. If you manage a poor club, then Large database is better, because it will give you more options (expired contracts, cheap players, etc.). If the database is Small, you may have a slightly harder time to find players and will spend more to attract better ones... Just sayin'...
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