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  1. I'm Roma (3rd place) playing the 19th place, and got this report before the match. This report makes no sense. Take a look, and tell me whether I should sack my analysts?!
  2. No need to worry. I work in advertising, and know no media agency or advertiser that has any interest in anyone's personal life. They just want to know your gender and age to show you products that might be more interesting to you.
  3. Yes, I always see wealthy Chinese clubs with huge transfer offers, but never to the point of undermining my game or club plans...
  4. Every season I'm given the option to choose a country for the training camp. What are the consequences of choosing a foreign country?... Any tips appreciated. Thanks.
  5. In the tactics menu, I'm a bit confused about the differences between marking, pressing, and counter-pressing. They seem very closely associated to me, so I wonder what actually happens when one is chosen but the others are not, for example, how does "extremely urgent" pressing affect "tighter marking" if the latter is *not* chosen? And, how does "counter pressing when possession is lost" interact with "low" pressing intensity or marking unchecked? Some combinations don't make much sense, or seem redundant... Can you please provide a brief difference (that is not the hovering blurb that
  6. My wingers are selfish bastards. Though they have high crossing, they refuse to cross or pass the ball, and keep dribbling into the area, and attempt silly diagonal shoots that end up in side netting. This is worse with wingers, but many other players are selfish too. BTW, this has been going for several FM versions... How can I make my wingers pass and cross the ball more often? Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. Agree. It's a mystery that top favorites' performance often declines mid season, with some dramatic last-match results. I can't recall my top favorite club winning the league over a convincing series of years.
  8. There are similar threads like this over the years, but I share Metacritic data (aggregated average of reviews) on this one. According to Metacritic, FM 2010 was the best version of the game with 87% (I'm only considering 3D versions), closely followed by FM13 and FM19 with 86%. Interestingly, FM had a rough patch between 2015 and 2018. Do you agree?... Metacritic (average of professionals reviewers ratings) for Football Manager since 2005: FM05: 89% (2D only) FM06: 89% (2D only) FM07: 87% (2D only) FM08: 86% (2D only) FM09: 83% (first time in 3D, also the most pirated versi
  9. Larger size if your team is better than the league average, but smaller size if you are fighting relegation. More specifically, if your tactics rely on wingers, then, of course, pick larger. In old FM versions, there were more versions (more narrow, longer, smaller, larger, largest, etc.), but all those options disappeared. I wonder if it reflects new rules IRL?...
  10. Instead of relying on my limited subjective bias, I went to see what FM edition got the highest review ratings in the professional reviewers community as measured in the Metacritic score. Sorry, this is the game perception overall, not just match engine since it began in 2005. But we can count since FM 2009, which was the first 3D version ever (as such, please ignore scores for FM05 until FM08 if you want). According to Metacritic, FM 2010 was the best 3D version of the game with 87%. It's closely followed by FM13 and FM19 with 86%. In my opinion, the best 3D engine is the current one FM
  11. I also see the same issue. I keep yelling "demand more" and tweet my tactics to more attacking, I do see the same decline in performance (but not in all matches like that though).
  12. All goal reviews are disallowed. I mean, 100% of times, truly. (In another forum thread, one person said it happened once...) You can imagine that this 100% pattern becomes highly predictable and quite boring. Can you please add some randomness in this match element? Thanks.
  13. I see agents have a personality and a list of client players that they manage (see example below). Is there a way to engage with agents so to hire players; any tips or rules? Thanks.
  14. Mentoring, with influential players with high determination.
  15. I was a market researcher and still occasionally design surveys. It doesn't look like the survey is purposefully misleading, however its verbiage and option structure could be significantly improved. It seems SI is developing consumer personas to inform communication and product strategies for FM. Interesting.
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