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    Open to make friends. Just ask. (I speak English, Portuguese and Spanish).

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  1. phd_angel

    Lightpost blocking my view

    The light post disappeared. Perhaps your team took care of it? Thanks.
  2. phd_angel

    Lightpost blocking my view

    Hi. Any updates please? @Hugo Mendes Albino
  3. A few minor issues as I play Reggina on Italy's 3rd division (C/C) in FM19: - lightpost blocking my Director camera view. (I opened a ticket but still waiting for update/fix) - Most matches in fixtures schedule take place in neutral stadiums (mostly with no names) - Playing with away jersey at home I've uploaded a game file on your FTP site. File is titled "Oct 19 test.fm" Thanks for your prompt reply.
  4. phd_angel

    Lightpost blocking my view

    Hello @Hugo Mendes Albino. Any updates? Thank you.
  5. I'd like to reduce my youth system, to save resources. I wonder what happens if I move all U18 into U20 and fire all U18 staff and deadwood players. Has anyone tried this, or can share some thoughts on why this is a good or bad idea? Thanks.
  6. phd_angel

    Lightpost blocking my view

    Hello. Any updates on my request? Thanks.
  7. When I sign a new player, I'm often posed with a new sign interview option. I usually take it and am intrigued by this: - "I don't care if he performs as long as someone else does." - What is the point of saying that?! How rude... - if I decline the interview... What do I miss? - Any tips to gain most out of this feature.
  8. My new facial avatar (generated by FM on my photo) looks a bit disgusting. Is there any way I can replace it with a real photo of myself? Thank you.
  9. phd_angel

    Strikers dont score goals

    Agreed. Everybody in my team is scoring, except the strikers (and the goalkeeper). I've been adding extra sessions of Chance Conversion, but results are yet to be seen.
  10. phd_angel

    Lightpost blocking my view

    Director camera. Fm file uploaded, titled Oct 19 test.fm OBS: I just bought a new laptop, and reinstalled FM19. The lightpost also appears in the new laptop. Also note it only show at home games, in the stadium Oreste Granillo. Please let me know if there is any tweak I can make on my end. Thanks.
  11. phd_angel

    Lightpost blocking my view

    Hi guys. Congrats on releasing FM19 on November 1st. The lightpost problem is still there. Any chance to patch that? Thank you.
  12. phd_angel

    Playing at altitude!

    Same with temperature. I don't feel my players feel that tired playing on a hot 31C Mediterranean Summer.
  13. phd_angel

    Calm vs Cautious

    Better call it Stuttering mode...
  14. There is a huge light post blocking my view. That's Reggina's Oreste Granillo stadium. See image below. Is there a setup option to remove that? Thank you.
  15. I set my new save to not mask player attribute numbers. (My rationale is that, in the world of pro football, all players are basically known already...). My question is: do I need a staff of scouts? Granted, they come up with name suggestions, but what else do I get by having scouts? How should I use or keep them? Thanks for your insights.