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  1. Not a glitch per se, but poor user experience: can you please remove the score announcement board (marked in red below) during goal replays? I can barely see how the goal is scored! Thanks.
  2. Not a bug but something that disappeared in FM21: hyperlinks of players during matches. In FM20 and prior, I could click on player hyperlinks during matches (for example, during a goal replay), so I can review some info about the player's profile page, or to edit his training/development. Now I can't. Any chance you can re-introduce those hyperlinks during matches?... Thanks.
  3. This is a bit difficult to explain, as it combines glitches in the same click: as I move a player across squads (for example, from B to Senior, or from U23 to Senior), the player sometimes does not move (nothing happens after I right click and choose), or sometimes the player just disappears (it doesn't show in any squad - but he appears once I process the game over a day). This is really strange. Also, availability of players across squads (until fit, for example) is not working properly. Once I choose players to NOT be available to a lower squad (B or U23), a few days later, I see these
  4. Hi. I deselect my players from being available to B, U23 or U19 team matches, but then they are made available again. I looked around and can't recall how to do this for good. Can you please help, where I permanently deselect availability of top squad players? Thanks in advance.
  5. I select "always ignore" button from Dugout suggestions, but I keep getting the same instructions in the next screen as well as in next games. Please take a look, thanks.
  6. Hi, can you please fix this? Player hyperlinks as well as player positions are often invisible. Thanks.
  7. I'm coaching a Portuguese club, which grew into the First Division. It had a Main and a U19 squads in the first season. Then I accepted to create a B squad in the second season. Now, a U23 squad suddenly appeared in the third season. I'm confused as to whether the B squad is being called U23 in different pages. The problem is that U23 appears in one page, but not on the other (see below). Can someone please help explain what's the difference between U23 and B, or whether is this a bug? On the Development Center, you can see both U23 and B: But on Squad page, you don't se
  8. A moderator asked me to repost this in the bugs forum. I wasn't sure if this was a database glitch or actual twin brothers...
  9. At first I thought this was a database glitch, but then it dawned on me they could be twin brothers. One grew slightly taller but they are both good young strikers.
  10. Hyperkinks of player reports disappear oftentimes. Sometimes they are visible for less then 1 second, then disappear. I need to click on the player's names if I want to check his atributes/stats.
  11. Stats are erased for one of goalkeepers, but both have been playing for A and B teams throughout the season. Sy's stats should be visible. Also, when I move players from main team to B team, they often disappear completely from the Squad list. I have to click through filters several times, move out and back to the squad page, in order to be able to see the player listed again. That's odd. Overall, I've been having many problems with hyperlinks that don't work.
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