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  1. I'm coaching in Vanarama, and am having a hard time convincing any good players to come play for me. In fact, I have tons of cash in my payroll/transfer! How can I attract a super player to play in a lower league club? Also, when searching players, should I use or ignore the Interest filter (see below)? Exaggerating "a bit", what would happen to my club if Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi were playing at Alfreton VRN?...
  2. Interesting topic. I wish negotiations were more flexible and varied, with more options and perks, such as coaching courses (and a villa in Ibiza, etc.). As it's now, the negotiations are very short and limited.
  3. Agree with the complaints, FMFC has been, thus far, a loyalty platform that has not delivered on its hyper and promise yet. Such marketing flops are quite common though...
  4. I've been playing this game for 20 years and it never dawned on me doing this. My life has more meaning now. Thank you!!
  5. Yes there is. I've already set all contract decisions under my responsibility, but it seems that it is delegated if I go on vacation?... Maybe a new feature request is in order...
  6. Hi. I feel your pain. I used to live in Brazil and everything there is much more expensive and difficult relatively! Maybe wait a few months for an online discount offer? These discounts can be pretty high after a few months or so. Boa sorte! Abs!
  7. My club confirms the hiring of players I've offered contracts when I go out on 1 day vacations (to skip friendlies). Is there a way to stop automatic hiring, so I can make the final decision about confirming the hire or not? Thank you.
  8. No, they can't play. What's curious is that, in my current save (Vanarama), foreign players will refuse to join unless they get a permit.
  9. Mostly useless. I take a look. Sometimes I adjust my defense or tackling accordingly. If they attack with three, I may reinforce defense with a more static DM. If they play fast and high, I might tackle harder. But I do not follow it closely, as it's a sure way to lose the match. So, use it just as one datapoint among many.
  10. Good post. I also posted the same question in a different threat last week: first third of the season is great, the second third is horrible, and the final third is so so. Quite often I go through this same pattern over and over. Check:
  11. What are main things you do that are effective to turn things around? Thanks.
  12. Exaggerating a bit here, but most of my seasons are something like this: - 10 wins, followed by 10 defeats/draws, followed by 10 wins/draws. Depending on how it goes, you can add or subtract 5, meaning that I'll be promoted or mid-table. Yet, this three-phase drama happens nearly all of the time. It does feel that, it doesn't matter what I do, results will turn out the same, which makes the game quite frustrating... Of course, without my giving any detail, it's hard for me to ask for your suggestions, but my question is: Do you also experience such odd and mysterious fluctuations throughout your season, which tend to repeat over and over, regardless of what you do?...
  13. The real challenge is: is it possible to promote so fast by playing matches on KEY highlights mode only (and without any type of cheating)?... What are some pointers for success?...
  14. Sorry mate. I totally forgot it. Next time, I promise... :-)
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