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  1. Without reading all the details of this specific example, I have to say that many conversations are not only unrealistic but also illogical. Three examples among many common situations: 1. The board decides to waste money on something huge, but then denies you something minor due to "financial problems" 2. A player under-performed terribly and accepted your fine, but then rejects your claim that he is under-performing in a conversation next day. 3. You have money to spend, but the potential transfer player refuses to negotiate with you saying that you don't have money to offer (before even listening to your offer). Thought not a top priority, SI developers could take a look on this, maybe polishing a bit the algorithms would help a lot here.... Cheers.
  2. Complacency is frustrating. I demand and fine and substitute. "Whipping must continue until morale improves..."
  3. Thanks for your input, Rashidi. I also use trial invitations a lot but I find it quite unrealistic that no costs are charged to my club. This financial issue should be addressed by SI developers. Is there a way to bring this issue to their attention? Thank you.
  4. No problem. You don't miss any important info or decisions about your club. You might skip some news/social pages about other leagues, that's all. I recommend clicking for fewer stops.
  5. I feel your pain. But even if you can't do much to turnaround your finances, to make things worse, the board may decide to slash your payroll even further next season. Yet, mysterious things happen (such as magic investments and sponsorships). Also, little improvements you can make on revenues and expenditures may kickstart a bigger process. I sold a few players, have strict payroll management, and hosted friendlies with bigger clubs. In themselves, they are not enough, but for some mysterious reason, my finances have been improving this season.
  6. Click Staff -> Job Center. Or in the Home screen (F2), you can select Available Jobs as one of your windows (if you click on Available Jobs, it will also take you to the Job Center). Enjoy.
  7. Every time I shout "Tighten Up" or "Concentrate", my squad reacts negatively, regardless of score/situation/time. It just doesn't make much sense.
  8. Other than using fewer leagues (or dodgy accelerator apps), are there any tips to make my FM19 save run faster?... (My laptop is a brand new Alienware...). Thanks.
  9. Yes, like others said, if you go under Finances -> Salary -> Salary Commitments, you'll see your committed salary breakdown for next season.
  10. Yes, it's plain cheating. Of course, there are much open information out there in scouting systems in real life business, but having lists and videos on how to cheat the game is playing god and not realistic at all.
  11. Love this idea! I wish SI could do this. Don't we have a suggestions sub-forum somewhere?...
  12. If the player being invited for a trial lives in a different continent, somebody needs to pay for the air ticket and hotel, right?...
  13. Thank you. On trial, don't you have to pay for travel and accommodation? I think it may go reflected as "Travel Costs" under Expenditure? I was wondering if there is a way to guesstimate the cost of travel vs scouting...
  14. I'm coaching a poor small club with limited scouting staff and resources. I'm scouting for players, and can invite them for trials or scout them. It seems that trial invitations are immediate (the player comes over the next day), whereas scouting my take one week (or game) or more. Is it possible to see how much a trial invitation (per week) costs to my club? And the cost of scouting one player in my country? If so, where in finance please? Which are the pros/cons of trial versus scout, at least from a financial/cost point of view? Thanks,
  15. I wonder if team cohesion improves by having the same core of players playing at both the club and the nation? (Half of India's national team play at the club I'm coaching, Churchill Brothers. They have just returned from national team matches. My club is playing fantastic, and I wonder how much of that is related to superior individual skill and collective cohesion they may be carrying over from national squad matches). Thanks for your insight.
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