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  1. I can't believe people are not having fun. I have turned a 4 million dollar team into a 50+ million dollar team in 3 seasons. Yet my team beats top quality sides in the uefa cup. Yes this season is the underdog season and I love it.
  2. I was surprised to see the following stats for ronaldo a wayyyyy low Acceleration - 12 (i find this hard to believe as he posses above avg) Positioning - 6 (seriously i wonder how he scores his goals, this seriously needs to be improved) Teamwork - 7 (i'm laughing more than the above, it's the other way around. He carrys the team so did maradona and so does messi) Work rate 8 - (I am trying to stop laughing, his won european top goalscorer and world player awards so many times) C'mon guys i believe the above stats are way to low for a super play like ronaldo. You basically have the same
  3. Hi all, Just stared playing some games and noticed the AI is more intelligent than previous fm15. So far i'm loving it, when my team had the ball in the box it was like the AI read my mind and it actually happened. Don't know what SI did but so far i'm loving the intellectual side of players in game compared to fm15. It's difficult for me to say it in words though overall i'm really enjoying it. Are any of you guys seeing or feeling differences compared to fm15 ? cheers
  4. Does anyone know if when sending one of your coaches on a course pulls him out of his current duties coaching the team in fm16 ? ty
  5. They need to look at this table for the new season changes. Not sure if they have http://www.footballaustralia.com.au/article/ffa-makes-changes-to-a-league-salary-cap-regulations/isnaumwlkmhj1vyywqy5lcn3g
  6. Bug report. just started as PAOK Salonika in the Greek super league and noticed the first 4 of the 7 friendlies setup by my team have already been played.
  7. I give credit where it's due. Thanks heaps to all devs and SI game staff for the great work into the tactics section of the game. Really makes more sens now to what i was looking at in previous versions. Fantastic work and a BIG thank you. Well done you guys Rock. FM FAN
  8. Ty all for replying, there is plenty of time left. Some people are stating that the post was created to have the talks removed from the game, I never said that even though there is an option for it. I would again state that it be limited. For e.g. I don't want to see 10 sentence options, last thing i want to do is read a paragraph and choosing what i think might work. Let alone in real life there are contracts made to players where if they start to disrupt squad harmony they get penalized for it, or if they come across strict club contracts they are not to raise anything at all as that woul
  9. Really are you the developer to say you can't add a 3d graphic to the game of a player wasting time down the flanks side. Since your not part of the company itself I would rather take word from the development team itself rather than you. I hope that makes sense or are you saying that you are part of the development team.
  10. If you read my post it was stating 3d match engine. Please stop attacking me in every post. Remember other people have a right to their own opinion since they are also paying for the game from their own pocket and not yours.
  11. Just as in real life. Can we please instruct our players burning time down the flanks and also having another player assisting him in doing so in the 3d match engine. Thanks.
  12. One other area i'm not happy about is player development at the age of 19 and 20. Even those players are complaining asking for more playing time in the senior team. I bought several young players to develop them in the youth which i did. Their performance rised and as the performance stat numbers rose so did the "what about me" factor playing time and let alone them asking for improved contracts when they haven't served more than 3 seasons in my team (more inbox issues). Wait on a sec, they are youth players wanting to budge into the team and they are already taking control and if you do
  13. I used the number as an e.g. to "many". Yes i do get many not 100 ok.
  14. No the bottom line is i hate seeing 100 messages in my inbox and having to go through each one of them and look at 100 chat options for each one of them. i hope you get my point. It would have been nicer if they shifted these so called admin tasks to flags. If player gets cheesed off a pop up flag or a flag appears above his name in the squad section. Thats just an idea and not a total removal. By looking at the stats of the poll currently it looks like half the people want them and other other half don't. As you can see clearly I am not causing problems to the community am I ?
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