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  1. After religiously pre-purchasing FM for over 15 years in a row, I'm now wavering about purchasing FM20 now or later. It looks marginally better to me. Most YouTube reviews I've seen thus far are from highly biased fanatics spending hours praising every minor feature tweak... Any objective reviews (video or written) about FM20 that you can share the link please. TIA.
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo is now 38 playing as a striker for another club. His contract is expiring and I wish to bring him to play in my club (Sporting). However, the contract negotiation interface is set for staff, not player. (I notice that, likewise, many aging superstars with expiring contracts have their new contract negotiation also set for a staff position) Is there a way to switch the contract offer to player? I can't locate where. It seems that once an old player wants to become staff, there is no way to change his mind?...
  3. I'd consider Board Expectations. If the cup is irrelevant to them or if you already met their expectations on it, you may want to consider the need of going full force and focus instead on other still unmet expectations. I don't think it would hurt morale too bad if you lose.
  4. My friend's father was a scout at Chelsea IRL and I did also find him in FM (prior version, a few years ago). But he retired in real life, so I can't find him in FM anymore... I also know a Director at Reggina (Italy 3rd division) IRL. I can find him on FM but can't hire him as staff.
  5. Make FM process FASTER, regardless the number of leagues - that's my single major request...
  6. Good observation. I now realize I haven't been sacked in a long time...
  7. I love sortitout, but FM20 is a tiny bit cheaper directly on Steam (as of September 20, 2019).
  8. Global Warming Crisis. :-) I wonder what's the impact of rain in the game. Many years ago, I read somewhere that more direct passing and direct shots were recommended during rain. However, I never felt that this makes any difference. Bottom line is - does weather really have any impact on player performance?...
  9. I agree it would be nice to have a menu of options readily available. But be careful - asking for a new stadium just because you are to full capacity may not be a good financial decision. Check major revenue sources (probably players sold and TV revenue). New stadiums are expensive and may not justify incremental revenue with gate receipts. All that's in the Finances/Income page.
  10. Good question. Maybe open a survey for more quantitative answers? I like to start at very bottom leagues, so your first scenario (top leagues of more countries) doesn't excite me much. On the other hand, FM runs incredibly slow (regardless of computer power, mine is super new!), so I end up picking many leagues from many countries, and keep removing leagues as my save progresses. My biggest ask for FM20 (and future) would be to make the game run faster!!!
  11. My game stops processing when I toggle to a different window (browser or application), even if Timeout is set to Instant. Is there a way to keep my save processing while I temporarily peek into other applications? Thanks.
  12. I nearly sell all my deadwood and keep only 3-star players upwards. I then realize than my U23 and U18 teams are severely reduced! (I only keep high-potential players I can develop: it's up or out). Is it a problem not to have a substantial U23 or U18 teams?...
  13. I've been playing for 20 odd years. It seems that every 4 to 5 years there is some technological breakthrough that requires some sharp relearning. The last (not so) "big" one was the new training system with daily sessions in FM18 which threw me off for a while. Other than that, I learn in bouts: I just like playing FM without overthinking. Then, I may get curious about studying some manuals or videos to increase expertise. Overall, I think FM can be played at a basic level without much time investment, but maybe I've become just too involved already...
  14. I never got such a message of a "deserted stadium" (LOL), however, I do find it very strange when finals get little or no attendance. This recently happened to me while coaching Volta Redonda at the big final match of Brazilian National Division 3: the stadium was empty! Not only that was disappointing, it was just plain unrealistic.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion. Please note that my question is not about who picks players (Ass Coach or me) but *when* they should be picked: right before the match (or briefing) or always have the right XI selected in Tactics... Cheers,
  16. Does it matter the selection of players in the Tactics page formation *between* matches, or should I have the ideal squad already set days in advance of the upcoming match? Any idea on how the Tactics page interface with training before next match? I wonder if players are over or under used if they are selected in the formation map (Tactics page)...
  17. Indeed, both. I also factor age, teamplay score, and personality. As HR studies have shown, a louder networked employee gets promoted faster than the quiet one... :-)
  18. it will be a bit faster, but not much. I don't think FM run fast enough, regardless of the computer power, even with just a few leagues... I have a brand new Alienware 17 R5. I'm running 50 leagues with 109,000 players. On my Add/Remove Leagues screen, I see: Computer Performance: 5 stars, Estimated Game Speed: 0.5 star. Big difference between 5 and 0.5!
  19. The shout instructions seem pretty obvious to me. What I'm left wondering is why my team gets "overwhelmed" or "frustrated" with a sensible shout (e.g., asking them to tighten up to secure advantage, or concentrate when level of mistakes is too high...). Before blaming us gamers, it may be that this feature needs some improvement in coding...
  20. I sometimes give individual shouts, for example, if his performance when scoring a goal is clearly superior to the rest of the team... Or, if the individual is being totally lazy/complacent whereas the rest is not.
  21. I have my screen Size zoomed in to 125% (but font is a bit too large), whereas 100% (font is a tad too tiny to read). I tried changing resolution from 1920x1080, but al lower res look fuzzy. Any tips for a better visual experience? Is there an ideal combination of Size and Resolution specs? Thanks. PS: I have a 17 inch screen (Alienware 17 R5 laptop).
  22. Yes, I'm almost sure that your friend in Europe can send you a gift link via Steam. You can also try Marton at Mercado Livre, or you can buy it yourself on Steam using VPN (IP masking). Yet, there is always a risk in trying to carry out online purchases via unusual methods like these. Brazil is full of surprises... :-) Good luck!
  23. I rarely pay attention to the Social Feed page (social + news), although the game often takes me there. Maybe I'm missing out?... Any hints on how to make it a more useful tool please? Social or news? All options or just my clubs? Thanks.
  24. To be successful, games need to strike a balance between difficulty and pleasure in order to keep gamers engaged longer. EA is developing a new technology called "dynamic difficulty adjustment" which basically is coding that tweaks (cheats?) game difficulty according your performance on the go. (Check YouTube video "EA does not want you to see this"). It seems SIGA isn't as well funded as EA (strategy doesn't sell as well as action games), so some frustrating flaws in game play are bound to persist. Developers' desire to improve game coding is constrained by the budget available to fund the business...
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