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  1. Some Presidents are quite stubborn. During your conversations about increasing number of coaches, you can keep clicking on persistent answers to try to change their minds, but don't give them an ultimatum ("I'm not sure I can keep doing my job") or they may fire you. Also, take a look on your own Determination rate, and your Coaching credentials, as these will help you influence the Board.
  2. I suggest starting as a head coach in a really small club in a lower league and work your way up. (Just pretend you've coached youth/B clubs before starting your coach career in a new save).
  3. I played MLS a few times, and it's sufferable. IRL, the byzantine rules were designed by a business cartel to make money. They were intended to make "soccer" a watchable TV entertainment, where good clubs can never get stellar and bad clubs are never really punished (so that investors can reduce their risk). But the league turned out to be so artificial and boring that it can barely break even...
  4. A dermatologist should be able to answer that.
  5. I meant to say, young players who exist in real life. Thanks.
  6. Thanks so much for sharing the article, but that's not what I'm talking about. Prozone FM15 was just a large database of players that is sold to scouts. What I'm talking about is *predictive* analytics, an emerging field in data science. It's the ability to predict future performance based on current data patterns. But, in fact, I'm suggesting something that's even simpler (but statistically more complex than Prozone): it's a regression analysis of, say, top 1,000 players IRL compared to how they were featured in older FM versions (five or ten years earlier). If the model works in general, th
  7. Some big club should allocate some data scientist to run a regression analysis of how many FM wonderkids become stars IRL, how many don't, and how many average regens actually become super stars IRL. If there is a correlation, then they need to identify the common variables or patterns that determine predictability. This is actually big business. A big FM aficionado could get a job with a study like this.
  8. I'm playing in year 2028 and this currently average player IRL became the best super star ever in 2028. I wonder if we go back to older versions of FM, we find that younger players of the past turned out to be mega stars IRL, according to what FM generated. (If such predictability is true, there is tremendous business potential for professional scouts to actually use FM to look for potential talent). Any studies or experience on this topic?
  9. Excellent commentary. Yes, we are all for inclusion, but check the female football demographic to see it's predominantly white middle-class college folks from very rich countries (just look at the predominant images). In the meantime, Third World leagues from poor/brown countries are not included in FM due to "low interest". Better than nothing, but this inclusiveness still is pretty selective... It becomes "the right thing to do" when business meets politics meets PR. Quite frankly, I care more about FM product quality (lack thereof). I'd rather see investments in improving/fixing the g
  10. Despite Miles' self-aggrandizing message about "the right thing to do", there may be some business opportunity in tapping the female market. HOWEVER, after all these years, FM remains incredibly flawed (glitches, graphics, stupid AI, tremendous sluggishness, etc.). I'd much rather see the extra resources allocated toward FIXING the game, rather than expanding into something that will keep delivering subpar quality, not to mention a possible higher price. I therefore can only agree with critical posts and concerns in this thread.
  11. This happens to me every save: I'm coaching a big club, and then some national association invites me to manage the nation. In your opinion, is this a good move? What's your preference (do you accept and run both teams, or not?). Why?... Thanks.
  12. Excessive missed penalties seem to have improved since April. Players still miss penalties - as IRL -, but it feels more realistic now. Also, in selecting the taker, consider not only penalty rating, but also finishing rating, and, as importantly, the emotional state.
  13. As said above, try not to delegate hiring/firing to DoF or TD - only if you are managing a really rich and complex club that can afford AI staff's stupid decisions...
  14. Wow, did you post this on the Funny Shots thread?... Unbelievable performance....
  15. Try the Russian league. You will travel a few thousand miles each way for a single match across the continent! I never checked the finances, but it must be massively expensive to travel that much!
  16. Icons. Once you spend a few thousand hours in the game...
  17. @glengarry224 - Your analysis is quite interesting, thanks! On the table above, what's the formula you used for "Actual P/L"? (I can't figure it out). The fees and incomes you use in the exercise above are of a similar order (breaking even almost). There are plenty of opportunities for highly profitable friendlies, with a massive difference between income and fee (at home, for example, a 300k income minus 10k fee), or massive fees (in away, 200k fee). Cheers.
  18. All of the above. Plus, praise his conduct to increase happiness. Increase his playing time status. If your team wins the league or does something extraordinary, this also helps. Send him to Ibiza for a weekend...
  19. I did - many months ago. Any estimate of when SI team will have this fixed?
  20. His value kept dropping down to 140,000 euro, but once he joined Inter, his value went up to 14 million euro. This still feels a bit too low, but anyhow...
  21. Agree. I only delegate secondary tasks, lest AI staff is a source of ridiculous decisions and disappointment. On the other hand, you can set a challenge (a la Loki Doki) of delegating ALL hiring and firing of all players and staff to the AI staff, and you only focus on coaching football.
  22. I attend most recruitment meetings, but only review for positions that I know are needed (and also players in the "Other" position part of the meeting - just out of curiosity). Honestly, I don't program my scouts individually for specific regional assignments. I delegate all that to my Chief Scout. I already have so many player options in the market without setting scout assignments, so I don't feel I need to spend much time programming my scouts, but I admit I might be missing out on some minor optimization.
  23. I'll do the typical journeyman save with a ton of leagues. I love starting unemployed and get a job at a small club in the lowest leagues in England, Italy, or Brazil, and then climb up.
  24. Hmm, strange... I'd take a look on your Nvidia card too. Make sure the driver is updated, and that it is made compatible with FM. Try their app GeForce Experience. Let us know if it works. Good luck! PS: I don't think it's the face/logo packs that are causing the problem though, but you should try a clean reinstall of FM without them...
  25. The larger the club, the more you need to delegate. Delegate as much as possible: junior squads contracting, staff contracting, etc. A rich club can absorb the stupid decisions your AI staff will make, a small club will suffer more. As said, delegate what you don't like and has minimal impact on your club's finances and performance. Manage all the rest you like or is important.
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