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  1. couple of problems im having with this tactic, first one was the amount of yellow cards you would get, i was getting 4-5 a game and ashley cole for me had 15 yellows after 18 games!! decided to get rid of 'get stuck in' and just left it blank, that seems to have done the trick and i didn't see to much of a difference in the way we played. Now conceding goals is my problem. The teams i am playing against aren't getting many shots a game, maybe 5-8 shots a game for the weaker teams then anywhere from 5-12 against bigger teams, which is fine. But they'll basically score 1 in 2 of the shots on target which is extremely frustrating! im conceding 2-3 goals a game, mainly from over the top goals or a player just losing concentration and leaving a player free to score, how can i stop this from happening?
  2. you can but i got a problem where i do everything they say, put in it the graphics folder under backgrounds, exact it, reload the skin, but the picture still doesn't show up
  3. hi just a couple of questions, wanna change the font for the fm light skin, no idea how to do it, i know you gotta go into the settings and open it in notepad, can someone show me step by step? i wanna change it to the football manager 2007 font, whatever that is, because its beautiful, would anyone know what its called?
  4. this is my problem. why are the players that have scored, in white font? why are they not in black..... they are definitely there you can scroll over them, click them and it'll take them to that player, but why is the font not black.......
  5. love the look of the light fm skin, but still, some of the fonts which should be dark, are light, which means you cannot see them
  6. i was a keeper, but when you get that massive offer and you can get a replacement for basically nothing or can replace him with a promising youngster ready to start games, its hard to reject
  7. no they havent fixed it at all, patch after patch, tactic after tactic, goals everywhere! is it that hard like i use to not care, but this **** still happens seriously its turning this game to **** how hard is it to fix, go back to the amount of goals scored in basically every football manager before this, beat aston villa 3-1 away then lose to qpr at home 5-0 yeah **** off
  8. alright was playing with accrington, found the game too easy got them to the premier league and finished 6th with ease, so thought i'd challenge myself! most games i'd download a tactic that looked good and signed players using genie scout, but this game im gonna use my own tactics and actually use my scouts for players! decided i'd use a 4-4-2 since i've always been a big fan, basically the original 4-4-2 with a few player roles changed and added some team instructions! also change the mentality depending on who i play (attack against teams in relegation zone, counter against top teams and standard against everyone else) i signed Taylor as left back mainly because of this thread, also decided to let doyle go and signed Joel campbell for the season as his replacement! so far 17 games in, won 7 drawn 2 lost 8 so fairly happy with that sitting 9th, just looking to stay up this season then see what happens! preffered team is: Speroni Ward - Kelly - Dann - Taylor Zaha - Jedinak - Mccarthur - Bolasie Chamakh - Gayle back up team: Hennessey Mariappa - Delaney - Hangeland - Fryers Puncheon - Williams - Ledley - Bannan Campbell - Campbell will update after end of season!
  9. keep getting red cards for last ditch tackles, 3 in 3 now, only happened maybe once or twice in my 6 season accrington save until now. maybe new patch maybe not. also on the new skin, the current/potential ability stars are too hard to see pls do something about this!!!!!!!
  10. the only thing i have against the update is the stars on the new skin, the ones that show player CA and PA, they're too yellow and can barely see them, honestly if you just put black around the outside of the stars, that would be perfect
  11. alright started again with western super mare. can someone help me with transfers? seriously no one half decent will join me
  12. also i know everyone knows about Balanta, but he signs for around 6m and is craaazy good and can play left back
  13. brilliant post with a lot of information! i played with palace in the beta, finished around 8th first season, but since the full game has been out i've been doing lower league management. I will ofcourse be back at palace soon enough and i hope to see a lot of activity here!
  14. started with western-super-mare as i always start with them when it comes to lower league (like the name, also got them to the championship in fm11) it's bloody hard but good fun though, expected to come last, coming mid table after 12 games (4-4-4), only got 1.8k a week to work with, got a fair few players in and managed to only be 3 pounds over my wage budget, still lose money very fast kinda annoying, nearly 15k in debt now! lots of crazy scored happening, constantly either winning 7-2 or losing 5-3! will keep you kids updated
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