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  1. Hello i have problem with monitor. When i play match and back to windows i have flashback on my monitor. And i can't back to game. I have that problem on my save now. Anyone know how can i fix that ? Another problem is my fm using too much memory how can i fix it too ?
  2. I upload on file hosting : http://www.321webs.com/download/133540.htm
  3. I try new game and game working perfect. Only my old save running slow. I try with antivirus nothing change. Can i upload my save for u ?
  4. Maybe can i upload for u my save and u check ? What do u think ? I load 50% less leagues and game working normal. But i tell again before update on my leagues and database i have normal speed game. I dont know where is problem eeh. Maybe that i not started game on update 13.0 ? i play old update ?
  5. I go check new game wait. So if old save is not compatible with new update how can i fix it ?
  6. I have FM on expections and steam too. I go turn off firewall maybe that help.
  7. Yes Avira. But i tell u before u write uninstall. Before update i dont have any problems.
  8. Nope. Hmm i dont know what is wrong. Maybe tommorow work better if yes i write here. Good night.
  9. On my save last. I have : Leagues : England - 2 leagues Spain - 2 leagues Poland - 2 leagues Chinese - 2 leagues Italy - 2 leagues Germany - 2 leagues Russia - 1 leagues Turkey - 1 leagues MLS - 1 leagues France - 2 leagues Ukraine - 1 leagues I use only Logopack. Before update game my game working perfect on my no good PC. After working too slowly i wait 2-4 minutes for 1 day in game ... Ah and Big Database on game.
  10. Any idea ? before update game working normal. After so too slowly.
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