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  1. Still worth every cent for mine. Game does get better every year, even be it at a slower rate.
  2. Unrealistic

    So I give this guy his first cap for Venezuela. He gets red carded after just 10 minutes, yet he is delighted with his first cap etc. Very unrealistic, and shows the lack of attention to detail with interactions in this game. Little disappointed. Would like to see more in this instance. Maybe the player coming out and saying he is gutted to be carded in his first cap etc. Also sent a PKM your way just incase. Hope this area of the game is improved. Venezuela v Colombia.pkm
  3. Best update. You missed a few transfers that were posted on this forum though. Bradley Dack has signed for Blackburn Rovers. Crewe has signed Bradley Walker from Hartlepool. These were completed 2-3 weeks ago. Hope you can focus on English League 1&2
  4. Nah mate, youre dreaming. Rush football or whatever you call it, is pre meditated. FM ME is far more complex. It will improve each year, and over the year, will get closer and closer to real football. But its a slow process.
  5. At the end of the day the facts are there. It is quite simple. Try and play 2 Strikers, and get them to track back and defend. They WONT. Managers in real life who play 2 strikers sometimes get one of the strikers to play as a CM when defending. In FM , you CANNOT replicate this type of movement in defensive transition. I assume this post will get deleted as it is the truth. Very disappointing
  6. Describe complex.
  7. Genuinely look forward to it mate. Have not played the previous versions, so this will be a first time experience. How many teams in total will you be adding? Will they only be English sides? So im assuming we will only select english leagues on startup. Tad confused so far about teams, league structures etc lol.
  8. I agree mate. If you are going to spend hours and hours to produce something with so much detail, a small 5 pound donation would suffice for all your hard work. I have no issues with this . Look forward to it mate. Let's hope it is worth the donation
  9. Not sure how ppl can prefer fm16. The crossing issue ruined the game.
  10. Wakaso has his contract mutually terminated by Panathinaikos. Official via Panathinaikos web site Boumal has also left, moving to China Ajagun has moved to Kojtraik in Belgium
  11. Panathinaikos have signed Luciano Neves from Corinthians on a three year deal.
  12. Pity you have the exploit the ME to come up with a good tactic.
  13. I dont agree that your starting formation should also be your defensive shape. IRL, many teams transition differently defensively, and some players move into different positions when defending. In FM you CANNOT replicate this. Simple as that. Play a flat 442, and try getting one of the strikers to get back on defence. It wont happen. You would have to play a 4411 perhaps to have the AMC in a better defensive position. I remember following a game in the English championship this season, and during the post match, the manager stated that he wanted one of his strikers (they played FLAT 442) to track back and cover the holes in the midfield and be much more active on defence, and wanted him to track back and play as a midfield when the team defended. YOU CANNOT do this on FM.

    This is coming in FM18. Not to worry
  15. my washing line...

    NUFC and Sunderland tops together. No wonder why your neighbours think you are wonky. I would too lol.