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  1. Diaspora Clubs

    South Melbourne HELLAS. King of diaspora clubs.
  2. Third Update

    I would prefer SI to focus on the following version of the game, aka FM19, instead of wasting resources for a third data update, when we already can get this via unofficial data packs. Pass
  3. Club Colours

    Still believe colors are unrealistic for some clubs. Chantilly in France are black and blue like Inter. Why cant they have black and blue colours like Inter? Yet in the game are black and white. Same goes for heaps of other clubs.
  4. I know the reason or excuse here is that its not easy on the eyes. Would love to see SI get club colours right in future versions. Barcelona is a weird yellow and blue? So blue background and yellow fonts. Should be red fonts and blue background. Same goes for hundreds of other clubs in the game. Crystal Palace, Melbourne City is light blue and not white, and heaps of other errors which for me, ruin immersion. Having a side who has red and blue as its primary colours, but seeing them with white fonts instead of blue fonts or red fonts with blue background is quite frustrating. It is definitely not an issue to read, so I hope that in future versions, every playable club in game has its correct colours. I mean, seeing Nantes as yellow and black? Pathetic if you ask me. They are clearly yellow and green, and its not an issue on the eyes. Would really like to see the club colours as close as possible to reality in game (Fonts and backgrounds)
  5. Crash Dumps

    Here is my latest crash dump prior to a match being loaded FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.20 05.27.48).dmp
  6. Crash Dumps

    Its always crashing when Im confirming my squad for matchday. So annoying. This never used to happen.
  7. I have had two in two days and its ruined my saves I did upgrade my graphics card too. FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.18 01.37.13).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.20 01.43.46).dmp
  8. Goalkeeper - not much point in playing one

    Yeah GK's rushing out is so bad, and they let players waltz into the goal. Hope this is fixed for FM19
  9. RIP Butch

    Talk about harsh. Someone passed. Let the guy post if he wants. Not the time to be nitpicking over new threads over something like this
  10. How about you upload some PKM's and a save game, so at least your pathetic ranting has some credibility.
  11. ME loophole

    Would it not be a better idea If people logged their save game files and relevant PKM's in the bug's forum in order to give SI the best possible chance to improve the ME in future versions?
  12. Not scoring any direct free kicks

    One word. Monopoly
  13. Timings on Ref's whistles

    lack of attention to detail.
  14. The Ask-SI-Anything Thread

    Why do defenders and players stand still at times and not chase the player immediately after losing the ball. These animations need work. Given up on FM18
  15. Pre-match Odds

    Odds have always been unrealistic in FM