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  1. Hi guys, Recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 700 14' Laptop. I am having troubles playing FM16 on it however, which is frustrating. The font is TINY and the game looks too zoomed out. Ive played around with the settings, but cant find the sweet spot. Ive tried zooming in at 125%. Have also tried changing resolution to a lower scale. When I do change resolution, and then play in full screen, the sides are both blacked out, and FM16 is in the middle of the screen. (Font looks better) but cant deal with the black sides. Even with this setting, the cursor isnt as reponsive and looks tiny. Really frustrating. Missing my PC Can anyone shed some light as to what I can do to fix this? Not sure if its even fixable or if its my laptop. It is a FHD 1920x1080 screen.
  2. Just hoping for AI improvements and transfer system overhaul really. I have a feeling we'll see large Ui changes this year. Similar to that of the change from cm0102 to cm 4. Here's hoping
  3. Disappointing to hear
  4. Smarter AI media and questions pre and post match need to be made much more specific based on pin point details
  5. Yeah. Being able to manager an under 21 squad would be fantastic. But not sure it's on the priority list. And it shouldn't, for now. Other areas to work on.
  6. For me, this is a huge issue. I do agree that irl, managers make poor decisions (transfers) all the time, but in FM, the AI simply has zero idea on how to build a team. Like zero. No identity. No culture. No ambition is shown by the AI and that, ladies and gentleman, is the bottom line Sure we can argue that irl managers do in fact make poor decisions generally, but in FM, the AI only knows of poor decisions and nothing else. Cheers
  7. Horrible idea! Numbers are there for coding purposes. You obviously dont understand the mechanics behind the Match Engine. So you expect the match engine to decode words such as fair and excellent?
  8. Yeah needs to happen. But staff are useless in FM. So their addition would be merely cosmetic
  9. Yeah suppose it does happen! Will crack open a new save tonight and post relevant feedback. Thanks
  10. Surely irl the board wouldnt allow for such idiotic contracts.
  11. Potential Ability. Restructure Look at Vardy. 3 years ago, no one on FM would sign him PA system needs to change. If, for example, a player is the top goalscorer in the division for 2 years running, he should get a PA boost. Needs to become more dynamic. If certain events occur in game, that could increase, or even decrease PA, then it needs to happen. Not saying every player in the game should have an increase/decrease based on the fact that they are performing well, however it needs to be considered by SI. PA is too concrete at the moment. It may be a tricky area to implement, but if the game is going to become more realistic and life like, then this is up there on the list. Some examples - 22 year old midfielder in the Conference, in two seasons prior was averaging 10 goals and 20 assists a season. Potential PA boost. Hidden attributes would need to be calculated here however. Ambition would be one massive one. If a player who scores 30 goals in a season has a crappy ambition and determination rating, then his chances of a PA boost would lessen or not be as high as a player with higher hidden abilities. This algorithm may be tricky however by no means is it impossible to add into the game. If such PA boost occurs, SI couls take it further and implement it in the media. Player A shows improvement and now is the target of Leeds United, for example. Im aware that hidden stats are here for these similiar reasons, but their effect in game need to play more significant a role. (PA building)
  12. This is what annoys me. After a couple seasons, success is inevitable on FM. Simply because the AI managers are sleeping in their shoes