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  1. Eventually, any team you manage will be a powerhouse. The AI simply cannot keep up. It is inevitable.
  2. This all goes back to very poor AI; whether it be squad building, or the AI's ability to develop players, it simply is bad at doing these things. I bought Antonio Sanabria for my Bournemouth side when he was 25; he still had some improvement left in him apparently. After 3/4 season, he bagged 13 goals in 32 games and his finishing, dribbling, first touch all went up by 2,2, and 1. If he was still with his AI squad, this never would have happened. Far too many good players with room for improvement PA wise, stagnate. Goes back to the AI not realising their ability etc. Very disappointed
  3. Yeah current system is off. Way off. Not realistic at all.
  4. This has been the same for a few versions now. #Lackofattentiontodetail
  5. FM Touch. You want a deep game, without wanting to do research you say? You want a deep game but see it as a casual activity at night? FM TOUCH. I will say it again. FM Touch. You wont get the full FM experience toned down just for you. You are not that special You want to drink tea and want the game too seem 'easier'. FM Touch. Stop sooking Again, FM Touch
  6. fm21 im afraid ps not a typo
  7. Why? There are technological limitations AND funding is maybe not there? Second reason is arguable. For example, would SI be able to spend double or triple its money on motion capture for much better and smoother animations? Or will it break their bank?
  8. Harsh but its the truth. ME is not good enough to reproduce modern football.
  9. This has been an 'issue' for years and years. Every player sprints forward after a free kick or shot is taken haha. Looks terrible.
  10. Likes to play through balls to opposition via a perfect slide tackle (smh si)
  11. Think you have missed the point of the OP haha
  12. FM09, then. Look im joking. Point is, is that the current system is flawed IMO.
  13. Its probably the same system they have been using since CM99
  14. Loves conceding goals at his near post Despises Defending and chasing the ball carrier Moves back to position instead of applying pressure to ball carrier 1 metre away Stops chasing winger just before he crosses
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