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  1. This looks promising, I love the new roles. 105 pt also seems superb thus far. Better than the Midsomer flat 442? Love this Route 66 setup
  2. Preveza

    New White Hart Lane graphics

    Lack of attention to detail
  3. will be using the 451 pilgrimage and 442 103 pt as my two tactics, thanks knap
  4. You mean FM19? A good suggestion would be for the regen faces to be of higher quality. HD quality. When they are enlarged even a little, they seem blurry and poor quality.
  5. Is this better than 451 Pilgrimage? What is your best 451 tactic? I want to rotate between 451 and 442. I already know flat 442 midsomer is the best 442 thus far . Legend knap. Still remember that legendary 4321 from FM08.
  6. What is your best 442 knap? Is the argus the best 451?
  7. He did say the 451 was closer to being 5 star. So 451 is a tad more 'powerful'
  8. Thanks knap. Yeah, I haven't tried the 442 Midsomer as yet. Only a couple games, but obviously need to give it a good whirl. Will stick with the 101 point 451 and swap between that and the 442 for a balanced tactical approach.
  9. Thanks knap. I meant your best 'traditional' tactic in terms of shape. 4411, 4231 and 451 are the three I want to use, so I assumed 451 Pilm, was the best one? Starting a new long term save. Want to use the best one. Out of the three mentioned
  10. So in other words, your best tactic which uses one striker is the 451 Pilgrimage? I dont like using 3 striker tactics. It obviously exploits the ME.
  11. Also some players are too casual in getting to the ball when its guaranteed to reach them. They ALWAYS wait for it to reach their feet until the last minute and pressure then arrives. Poor ME
  12. Preveza

    Every single set-piece ends the same

    Disappointing . Same goes for corners. Not simulation like
  13. Preveza

    Crash Dumps

    Thanks Neil I have emailed my Belarc file, and here is the Dxdiag file as requested crashdag.txt