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  1. The last comment was unnecessary, I take it back.
  2. These stats popups also need work. I get a lot of weird texts. I also got one saying that BATE have a putrid defensive record in the Champions League, conceding 2 goals from only 3 matches so far. It's a little unrealistic. The wording could be changed up a little I suppose.
  3. Well what I meant is that more text is added and more detail, however the actual feature(s) aren't improved from the ground up. It feels like the same feature but with different wording to make it seem 'prettier'. (Press conferences, interactions). There are so many interactions that have the exact same outcome each and every time.
  4. This and this. This sums up the development cycle on most features. Sad really. SI need to get more in depth, instead of putting lipstick on a pig.
  5. This thread could probably have been more effective in the suggestions to make the game better thread. But I do agree with the OP. Social feed is a great idea, but it clearly wasn't done properly. Let's hope SI overhaul this feature and improve it tremendously come FM18
  6. This obviously was not fixed in the last patch, among many other issues. Very disappointing indeed.
  7. Yeah the Steam reviews are terrible. Some are just trash though (most of them). There are lots of negative reviews however which are on point, and hopefully SI take notice of all bad reviews and make the relevant changes. Apparently 400,000 have dropped off in the last 4 years. Wow. Stagnant improvements showing?
  8. My advice is getting the demo. It's free. Will take you a while to adjust however. Support the devs, buy the game if you like it
  9. Interesting. This needs to be looked at for FM18. Chinese fanbase is large
  10. need more info

    @Nic Madden to be fair, I am using the real names fix. I think this is what is causing the issue.
  11. need more info

    No difference at all.
  12. Interesting thoughts, but I have to go with the latest data. No chance I will play on the older builds
  13. I really hope these are used to improve the game (fm18)
  14. I wont rant about the wingers staying too wide and sprinting back to their positions without caring about the ball carrier etc. Here is an example of why I don't enjoy the game this year. Check out the play around 91:52 mark. My player takes the free kick, its cleared by their defender. Its a race between their winger and my center back in the middle of the pitch. Their winger decided to GO WIDE once again instead of challenging for the ball. This is buggy and unrealistic. Their player should have contested. But instead, he drifted wide, and allowed his other player (who had NO chance of winning the ball as he was further away initially) to challenge for the ball. So annoying. These little things need huge improvements. KV Mechelen v KV Oostende.pkm
  15. Sure, just making sure. At the end of the day, I understand your frustration. However, it is not always about your tactics. Team talks, morale, motivation, individual player personalities, your manager reputation and many other factors come into play here. Maybe take a few steps back and re-asses your whole approach, from tactics to staff.