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  1. Might have an issue with the integrated card. Not sure if you’d be able to play on max settings
  2. That’s overkill for FM. I’ve got something pretty much the same apart that I have a 2070 super gfx. Will be able to run fm for the next decade easily with this setup
  3. I'm very disappointed with those personally. Of all the things that have been asked for on their site for the last 5 years, this is what they gave us? And have touted them as things people asked for? I've never seen a single one of these things in the request forum. Which I visit almost daily. First of all, two of these "changes" aren't even a changes at all. The first they just finally fixed how busted and lame end of season team talks were. All they did was change the wording to match the new objective system. This isn't its own feature, its part of the other and a fix. Not really something to tout as its own thing.The responsibility screen was re-arranged. Not a feature or a quality of life change. Its exactly the same, just a different way of displaying it. And they added one new option. Getting an email about jobs in your inbox isn't if you have no job isn't new. It just looks different now (graphical change). Not a feature or a quality of life change in my opinion. Who doesn't constantly look at the Job Security screen when you don't have job anyways?The advice during team meetings one, they showed the wrong screen shot. Nothing new in that screen shot at all from past games. And why would I want my staff advice for start of the season team talk anyways? I know what the board expect for the season, and that is what I'm telling the team I expect of them. I don't care what the assistant thinks about that.This is all pretty weak to me. I was expecting better, and honestly at this point more of an update.
  4. For licencing reasons, no, but generally improved match sounds would go a LONG way in improving the match day experience, along with other little improvements to the UI and graphics around the ME
  5. yEP, ruins immersion for me too. ME is stagnating way too much
  6. After watching the trailer for FM19 (delayed lol) I love the match text commentary I see in the trailer. "Can he repay the managers faith" and "What a player this boy is" etc should be included in the game aswell. If my key player or young prospect is injured long term and he comes back from injury, the game should pick it up and include it in the match commentary. Same applies for other circumstances such as a role player all of a sudden getting games due to him improving his stats and training harder. "X manager is showing faith in his fringe player X for example" Would be great to see lots of other examples and would make the match experience soooooo much more engaging and enthralling
  7. Might sound silly, but I find the game a tad too easy. Hear me out. When managing a poor club, its far too easy to sign players, whether it be on loan or transfers, and within 6-7 seasons. you can win the EPL for example with Cardiff. Yes the first 2-3 seasons can be tough, but as the years progress, the AI is simply terrible and lackluster, and its far too easy to build a super team (game gets easier and easier as the years progress). Guess this ties down to the AI being poor. A suggestion would be to have more hidden attributes for clubs in terms of their transfer philosophies ( ties in to having extra and added hidden attributes for the chairman). Having these extra attributes and traits for the clubs and chairmen would maybe improve the AI significantly. I am in the year 2029, and have won the league with Cardiff two years in a row. So unrealistic and feels too easy. (My first 2 seasons were tough) but as the money came pouring in, it gets easy to build a very strong side. Pls improve the AI
  8. Oh I hate this bug. Has been part of the game for a while and never been fixed.
  9. Expect FM20 to have fixed over 100 issue which have not been looked at for over 5 years, and sometimes longer. Pretty disappointing. When one issue is not fixed because its low priority, it gets swept under the carpet to be looked at later. But it never does. Feels like FM has become a game with lots of issues under the carpet which have been sitting there for years. Hope FM20 is a huge step forward and older smaller bugs/issues are looked at.
  10. You would need to provide EVIDENCE of this happening . I suggest uploading more than one PKM for the devs to look at and hopefully improve for future versions
  11. Surely this is enough evidence for si to improve for future versions.
  12. Very disappointing to see this still not fixed. I remember sending in a pkm about this in fm17.
  13. Can someone please tell me the benefits of Google stadia being linked with fm20? many thanks
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