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  1. Fm18 had the best lighting for me. Bright sunny days actually looked like a bright sunny day. Not sure how it's gone backwards. Hoping fm21 reverts back to this and better
  2. When playing 4231 with practically any side, you'll win the possession count regardless of how good opposition is.
  3. What really annoys me is playing a 4231 will nearly almost always let you win the possession battle irrespective of opponent. Im Heerenveen, away against Ajax, 61:39. Another example was when managing Lommel; first season in the top tier, I was winning possession in every single game, as relegation favorites. 4231 that is. When i switch to 41221 with a DM, im always losing possession. Makes it feel cheesy
  4. I switched to an Nvidia gpu from my radeon and set the graphics to medium, and the net animations have improved, so heres something for the devs to look into Hope this is fixed on all fronts in FM21
  5. haha fishing nets. I loved the lighting in FM17. Not sure what happened this year. Moreover, 2pm start on a bright sunny day, and if you zoom out, the sky is pink/orange.
  6. This. FM17 had better lighting aswell. Not sure how SI could actually make the game look worse 3 years later. I mean, the nets even look worse, and not to mention those dark circles on the pitch that are meant to imitate wear. Looks terrible.
  7. FM17, 18 for me. Both had me log over 2,500 hours, compared to only 250 on FM20.
  8. Why are ppl so obsessed about Covid being in the game. Bruh.
  9. Happy for you man. But Barnet winning the UCL in 9 seasons is ludicrous lol.
  10. This annoys me. If FM is meant to be a football SIM, winning the UCL with such a lowly club in just 9 seasons ruins all immersion for me. 20 seasons maybe, but 9? The UCL is one of the hardest things to win, even for skilled managers on a decent squad. But Barnet after 9? Yeah nah. I dont believe you unfortunuately mate. You either used FM genie scout or a knap tactic.
  11. None. Ive probably used the Instant result button 2-3 times in my 17 year FM career (since it was introduced recently ofcourse)
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