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  1. Haha this is gold. Hopefully FM17 regen faces are taken a step further graphic wise.
  2. I think each and every year, we will see more and more animations in the 3D Pitch. Cant possibly add thousands and thousands at once. Frustrating I know, but the game keeps getting better. I have a feeling FM17 will be the biggest jump yet in terms of match engine quality (both animations and graphics and hoping sounds get a bit of a bump)
  3. This has definitely given me some knowledge on starting new saves for the future. Was never considering a 'balance' let alone not using a large database, so thanks for the information here @Cougar2010 I will try out this methodology in my next save and will post back.
  4. Did not mean to offend you mate. Just having a discussion here. I value your input. But Im not gathering what you are actually recommending me to do? How can I get to the 160k mark, without having that imbalance, and at the same time being mindful of speed Mate I am going through a tough personal time atm, so I dont want to come across as 'ignoring your advice'. I do appreciate your feedback.
  5. CM4 had the ME with the most fun IMO. Man I loved watching that yellow ball curve around the way it did
  6. Im loading ALL pyramids for all relevant leagues. I go all the way down to the last division in each league.
  7. Not sure what to say. I think you may be over analysing this. I do agree about the plethora of signing players though. But I want over 160k players. The only other way is too load heaps more leagues, but this will considerably slow down game speed
  8. Yep. I usually load all players from South America, Scandinavia, UK and Ireland and Southern Europe. This, along with 12 leagues or so, gets me to around 150-160k players which runs greatly for me. I never was aware of potential balancing issues however. AI Squad management for me is quite poor regardless
  9. Interesting. Ive got Lenovo yoga 700. I5 6200U, 8GB RAM. Should be able to run around 170k players with ease. Anyone else compare? How many players are you running?
  10. Thanks Mack appreciate it Yeah I agree with having a balance.
  11. Matshit? Suprised you were allowed to use that username.
  12. Wondering what would make processing speeds between days slower? If I loaded up a database with around 160,000 players, but with only England, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Holland, Russia, Portugal loaded plus a few extra players, to equal 160,000 If I loaded up the above leagues, PLUS more, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia, Serbia, Austria and Hungary, with 160,000 or so loaded. With both games run the same in terms of speed despite similar number of players being loaded? Or is it better to load less leagues, but add more players via custom database size? Opinions?
  13. This has been an issue for over a decade. Still has not been fixed
  14. I dont understand your point? Starting unemployed could be an option? Sitting a test? Not sure this is the right way forward. I have enough Uni work as it is. Sitting exams on FM is the last thing I want. I get what youre trying to say though. You want to start from the bottom, perhaps manage as a caretaker for a few games or weeks. I think this will probably mean another game mode, and dont think it is in SI's current plans. I mean, the ME needs plenty of work, so does AI squad management, along with media and AI behaviour in general. Last thing we need is a new game mode, before the key game fundamentals are improved on.