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  1. I would love to see SI prove us wrong with FM18,19 etc, but I highly doubt this will be the case. The game has stagnated severely over the past 3-4 years. The attention to detail in all areas simply isn't there. Hardly feels a polished product anymore. #monopoly
  2. Wouldn't go that far as to say never. Games have come so far in the last decade
  3. I think the interactions in general need to be improved. They don't feel polished at all and become very repetitive, and after even a few months, the same answers are given again and again. So so boring. Either add thousands more lines, or scrap the idea completely, as bold as this may sound The AI in general needs to become much more smarter and more relevant. Feels like SI rushed and the attention to detail simply is not there and it shows in the game in the overall interactions which are made. Context is sometimes wrong. Example, i drew a game, which put my equal top of the table, and the media asks me if I am stoked to now be top of the table with this result. Well I drew 0-0, my team played terribly, yet I am asked if I am happy to go top (equal top) after a dull draw? This question is asked whether I win 10-0 or draw. Not relevant. It's the little things like this which are quite disturbing. Also, when I loan players in, the AI manager comes to me every 2-3 weeks and ask why I don't give his player more time; I give the exact same response everytime of 'He's not good enough' , and the AI ALWAYS responds with the same answer of 'I respect your decision' Yeah ok?? But every 3 weeks I get the same interaction. Very unrealistic and unpolished. The whole interaction system needs to be overhauled and improved and much more attention to detail needs to be given. I know it isn't easy, but would love to see hundreds of more code written into this area each and every year. Also, AI management is still a joke. Each time a start a new game, (I follow Panathinaikos in the social feed) they ALWAYS buy the same player called 'Nelson'. Is this hard coded into the game or something? Goes to show AI management needs to be improved considerably. This ruins immersion completely. Again, attention to detail is NOT there. Feels like the devs just said yep, lets just make up some hard coded transfers etc. There needs to be much more variety. This has been happening since CM4, and is still happening. Very disappointed to say the least. Hope these two areas are improved considerably (Interactions in general and AI squad management)
  4. I think they got everyone's drift. Expect huge changes for FM18 in this department. Let's hope a 16 year old doesn't look like my father
  5. Yeah true. I meant newgens though lol. Would love to see it happen more often with them.
  6. Love this feature. Should see it happen more often though, just in real life how players improve dramatically.
  7. You are stuck pressing the skip button. Lets hope SI improves the match day experience next year. (Including sounds)
  8. Difference between regens and newgens?
  9. Thanks Knap, makes sense. Appreciate your hard work pal.
  10. Knap, can you still have great success with this tactic with good players? Its my favorite shape? Any way you can improve it further?
  11. Since this is your best tactic.......I like to do my own training. What do you suggest? I don't like leaving it up to my AM
  12. Yep,....MINUTES are wasted overall. Not seconds, as Mr @Ben Kenney has indicated. Yes seconds are wasted initially, but when they are added up overall, too many minutes are 'wasted' in game. It happens throughout the game, not just injury time ofcourse. However, in injury time, when there is a slender lead, this is where it becomes a tad more annoying. Anyway Ill leave it there. Suppose threads get closed too often when the problem isn't addressed
  13. Hope this is looked at. Would love to see a player take a quick free kick or throw in. Never see it in the game. Wait time is always too long. Very unrealistic