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  1. @pr0Ive been super busy with family stuff and covid here is really bad and I have been to and from hospital the past few days and I am writing this from my phone, so apologies for not getting the chance to help out. When I am home again on Friday, I will do the best I can. Just wanted to give you a friendly reminder
  2. Kwesi Appiah still at Crewe Alexandra after the latest update. Should be at Crawley Town.
  3. @pr0Crewe Alexandra has a few mistakes mate. Hoban has retired, so has Shaun MacDonald. Also, Kwesi Appiah does NOT play for Crewe Alexandra, so not sure why hes in the squad...He has signed for Crawley Town, so perhaps you have got these teams confused. Hope these issues are fixed next update.
  4. You can just rename the folder yourself
  5. Hi, Not sure if this has been mentioned; The nets are just not quite right. Whenever the ball hits the back of the net, it looks as if its been rooted out of the ground; it also lifts off the ground even before the ball hits the net. Has been an issue since FM20 as I have seen bug reports from that version. Not sure what I can do to resolve this, or if its a deep rooted issue I am playing on very high settings SPECS: I9 10850k GTX 3070
  6. I mean, have you tried not using knap's tactics? Have you tried using your own and see how 'easy' it is then. Just saying. If you used your own tactic from scratch, and you're getting these results, different story. However I still do agree that using a plug and play tactic should not be this easy.
  7. Ok so I fixed the issues. I ran a sfc/scannow on CMD and windows repaired some stuff. Everything is now ok. Sorry for taking up space with the thread. Was worried Thanks guys for all the hard work <3
  8. Ive done some investigating and I dont believe it is a FM issue. Here is a screenshot of my origin page. As you can see, the bright orange font on BFV is blurry, and so is the EA PLAY symbol on the bottom left. So its affecting bright colours on certain backgrounds Can anyone please help me. Even my origin logo on my desktop is blurry, and a couple other icons with bright colours. Really sad rn If anyone can help would appreciate it
  9. Guys I am encountering blurry text for the team names and player names on teams with bright colours with dark backgrounds on certain teams. Most teams are fine, but only affects certain teams (with brighter colours) I am using default skin. Tried using other skins and problem still persists. I have attached screenshots. Two with the effected teams, and two normal teams for a comparison. Cosenza and Milan are the effected teams. Atalanta and Pisa are fine. Really strange Can anyone please assist? Thanks in advance
  10. I get this but if the SAME player was different in every save game, how would this be realistic? It would actually be unrealistic sooooo.
  11. Please use spoilers on PA Great post though bro. I do think every player has a ceiling, so yes, there is PA in the real world; in FM, it is just depicted differently that's all.
  12. @Neil BrockHow the net moves so erratically is beyond me and it has been like this since FM20. Can you please bring it up with the ME or art team as its these little things that count.
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