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  1. These should become more frequent. How many wonderkids do you see who become flops. (Determination drop and ambition etc) due to off field events. The opposite also occurs and much more frequently than the game suggests
  2. Thanks. Assuming this goes into the editor data folder?
  3. So we pay full price for a prodcut that is 'faulty' and have to wait a year for it to be fixed? ok
  4. ive got an i7 8700k and I LOVE huge databses. Haven't played since November, but I had 400k plus loaded. Ran like a breeze.
  5. I love the game, and the developers. But hearing "This issue has now been logged and is under review" but the actual issue not being rectified at all is a little disappointing. I know you guys have tons of work to get through and trust me, I appreciate it so much that you transparent with the public. <3. But more needs to be done in terms of fixing, improving, and rectifying/adjusting issues that have been part of the game for a few years.
  6. Which is a pity, because it should be closer to a football simulation, and I hope SI never drift away from this concept, to cater for the casual gamer. FM has and will always be a hardcore football sim.
  7. Sooo many things have been the same for years. The interaction when you have a loan player and you give the answer "I will do everything to sign him". That same text and answer has been in the game since FM11. YES, thats right, FM11. 8 years and SI have most the game with the same interaction questions and answers. What does this say about the attention to detail ? Match sounds is another. Has been the same for over a decade. Player animations have been improved, but I jumped on FM12 today and realised the difference in 7 years of development is not that great for a studio of SI's size. The game can become far too easy aswell. I see far too many managers (users) take pride in back to back to back promotions with a conference side, and within 6 -7 seasons have won the EPL. I will not name the SI staff member who said this, but he said we strive for a real and true football simulation. I take it this means the whole game ? Then difficulty should play a role I suppose. The AI needs to become far better in adjusting, tweaking, and building their squad. I am not expecting that every new version, we have thousands of new lines of text, new questions, etc, but 8 years of the same questions and answers, and even reactions at times, shows me that SI have not shown much care about certain areas of the game. I am not saying these areas have not been improved, because they have most definitely, but nowhere near enough for a 8 year time span. Regen faces; I wont harp on about this for too long because it is a popular topic. Something needs to be done. How can SI release a game (fm19) with Asian faces looking like Caucasians? It simply beats me. Again, lack of attention to detail. Regen faces simply need to become MUCH better. Miles tweeted he is happy; well I will disagree I am afraid gaffer Stadiums: Stadiums have improved, so thank you. However, in some areas, they have also gone backwards. Small stadiums, with a capacity of 2-3,000, but in game, have 4 large grandstands, simply is not acceptable. In older versions, I remember certain stadiums with one tiny stand and fences around the sides. This simply needs to be brought back into the game. More variety of stadiums also needed and lesser stadiums with weird looking stands (missing large corners and just looking rushed by the art team) Ai squad management is something we all moan about, and SI has said they have made improvements every year. I will leave this to your hard working devs to keep seeking out improvement in this area each version, because we drastically need to notice the changes each year, because I don't really feel a change (My opinion) Tactics have improved and evolved, and will continue to do so. This is an area I am content with, but ofcourse would love to see more changes each version, to make it more and more like real life. Staff roles need work. DoF specifically. The roie, at least for me, is useless. Despite his stats, it does not help me squad or squad building agenda. He can have stats in 20 for scouting, man management etc etc, but the players he will bring to my club are 90% junk. Sports scientists. Does it really make a difference if you hire a great sports scientists ? HOW will we as managers SEE and NOTICE the differences of finding a great SC compared to a poor one. Like in real life, top clubs or average clubs even, who have great backroom stuff, can overachieve simply due to a well structured backroom staff compiled by the manager and board. Would like to see this area massively improved in future. It just doesnt feel that hiring great staff makes a difference (coaches is a little different due to direct influence in training, but then again, not enough) As mentioned, would like to see an overhaul in media reactions, to reflect real life; heaps more variety in questions, answers, reactions, relationship building and the like. I don't care if it ads an extra 2g to the game (some might, but then again most games these days are at least 10gb). As long as we have soooo much more variety and actually talking to the media becomes exciting , instead of next next next, or assign to the AM, in which most people do. AI squad managers. I see far too many top managers getting sacked, and not lasting beyond a season or two. Klopp, JM, Sarri, etc. I would love to see a manager actually stay at a club for 4-5 years. See Poch for example. I can name others. I appreciate some leagues have a higher turnover of managers, ala EPL. but I personally believe in FM, its overkill. Its a merry go round of managers getting sacked and it ruins immersion for me. Again, tie it in with AI squad building perhaps. Its as if AI manager stats are pointless in the game. You can have a manager like JM, with elite stats, fail at every job and get sacked after a season at most jobs, but then have an average gaffer (should test this as an experiment) with terrible stats, like 1 and 2's take over Man Utd, but win the league first season. Overall, the game has come a long way and I bloody love it. Or I wouldnt be here at 5am, (watching EPL) writing this up. I want the game to badly improve in these areas. So many areas I have not mentioned have been untouched for YEARS, yes years, and I find this unacceptable. From game texts, interactions, ME sounds, crowd sounds, media reactions, AI squad building and much much more. I know SI work hard to bring us a game every year, and I truly appreciate this from the bottom of my heart. You have given me over 10,000 hours and more of intense pleasure, so thank you. But I firmly believe lots of work is required, and many areas need a touch up and many more even an overhaul. I'll leave you to it, as I am itching to get back to my cold pizza.
  8. Out of the Park baseball 19 has way better faces than FM. But we need to understand that SI can surely come up with much better faces, however it will definitely take a toll on game speed. On high end PC's (i7 8700k hehe) it would be more than fine, but SI need to take into consideration the thousands of other gamers. So its a balancing act, and I am happy to wait until SI find that perfect balance. Once technology gets better, and PC's stronger, I am sure we will be seeing insane graphics, and not just regen faces . Patience, SI has got this.
  9. I think its tied down to player roles. I believe ball playing defenders have different settings
  10. "This is now logged and under review with our Dev team" With all due respect, I have heard this plenty of times but nothing has changed. I reported 3-4 bugs in FM17 and 18 regarding contracts, transfers, poor AI squad management and unrealistic sackings, and the issues are still persistent in FM19
  11. I agree the game becomes far too easy to succeed after 2-3 seasons. Comes down to poor AI.
  12. Preveza

    away fans

    This is something that has been part of the game for a while. Not a bug, just a feature that needs improving
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