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  1. Thanks for the reply, I hear you. Got a lot going on atm, and I took it too far. Thanks for the comments though, I appreciate it guys
  2. Why would I buy the demo when I know what I will be getting. Yeah there are a few new features etc. But come on. Not as if I am trying a completely new genre, and I have no idea what to expect. Simple as that. Yeah, I'm disappointed, but these issues will most likely be rectified in upcoming patches. Gullibility is not the right word to use. Gullible for what?? I can easily afford the game, and my remark about wasting $65 was my mistake which I should have not made. Suppose it was me showing bitterness. But the core game is quite similar to previous versions; Demos are for people who have never played FM before, or at least have not picked it up for 3-4 years. Different story there. I'm gullible for spending $65 on a game which has given me thousands of hours of good time well spent; naww yeah.
  3. Its called being a loyal fan, mate. Haven't used the demo in over a decade. Its just second nature in buying each game without reading reviews etc. Its called loya....Oh
  4. Yep, having those issues exactly myself. The infamous move slowly towards the ball hasn't been fixed. Too many rushed shots/passes and one touch football by amateur sides. Not enough HUSTLE is depicted in the 3d match engine. Very very disappointed I have forked out another $65 for this.
  5. Yeah, I agree totally. Ruins immersion for me completely. CM0102 had better sounds. Does not feel like a simulation at all for me. Seeing my winger lose the ball, and instead of chase the player and ball, he just decides to revert back to his natural position on the flank. Very disappointing. Not realistic at all
  6. Crowd seems too small

    Yeah seeing this too. Hope its fixed for release.
  7. They are most definitely accurate, mate. Probably not constructive. I will provide examples.
  8. Messi haircut in 3d matches

    Since when are players hairstyles licensed? Wow We're not asking to copy and paste player's hair, but similar styles would be ideal.
  9. Just goes to show the lack of attention to detail by SI and that sooooo many areas of the game have been untouched for years. SI needs competition.
  10. Pains me to also say that the UI will hardly change in 13 days, mate.
  11. Yep, this is why I will not buy FM18 this year. First game I will miss since FM05. Bitter to be fair. SO many things have been left unchanged for many years now. Same old startup texts, interactions, media, SOUNDS, players lose the ball and instead of chasing the man, revert back to their wide positions (wingers), and so much more. Very disappointed, and that is an understatement. Poor Poor effort from SI
  12. Beta fm 2018

    Close thread. We simply dont know. Simple as that. But just a hint. It will be before the weekend.
  13. If anything, the game is dirt cheap. $65 for a game I will play at least 1,000 hours. Come on mate. I will gladly pay $75-80 for FM, if it helps the game get better. It is simply value for money.
  14. [SUGGESTION] Enhanced Sound

    Yep and yep. This needs to happen asap. FM18 will have a new graphics engine I assume, why not the sound get an overhaul also?? I would be happy with subtle improvements to sound every year, until they get it perfect. Would improve the game immensely.
  15. Still worth every cent for mine. Game does get better every year, even be it at a slower rate.