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  1. of defensive qualities, they are all pretty grea This is funny. FM16 was known for its crossing issues, and you did not encounter ANY issues with crossing in FM16? And now youre having an issue with FM17 and its crosses? Classic.
  2. MatShit, I love your opinions mate. With a username like that, how could I not?
  3. Yeah exactly my thoughts. Improving sounds when there is a cynical foul, cutthroat penalty or the fans whistling during injury time would be another. Things like this do not require a licence. PS. After 10 years and more of FM, I still do not understand why the fans sometimes boo when a specific player receives the ball in certain matches lol
  4. Sounds like the NBA to me
  5. Absolutely! There are other facets of the game that are higher in importance, no doubt about it. And yep, people saying they don't play with the sound on will not help us get better sounds any sooner that's a certainty.
  6. That's your opinion and no one will change that. However, since this is a football simulation, improving sounds need to be improved, and for me personally, and I am sure for many others, it would improve the match day experience significantly. I do believe it is an area that needs to be looked at, eventually. Pretty sure getting LED boards was part of the 'match day experience'. Sounds wont be too far away
  7. This is my point. We have become so accustomed to the sounds being unchanged for over a decade (bar very minimal changes) that majority of people just mute the sounds in game, me included. I do believe that overhauling this area and improving the sounds in general, (adding net sounds, crossbar sounds etc) would improve the match day experience massively.
  8. That sure dampens things. Sounds would add to the match experience SI talks about improving. We are so accustomed to having average sounds, it doesn't even matter anymore, which is a pity.
  9. One thing I am a tad excited about is the new sounds feature. Im pretty sure the tester 'forgot' to turn the sound on. I have a feeling SI FINALLY have updated the sounds of our great game.
  10. HAHA gold reply. You joined in 2008
  11. Cool. I was under the impression it was a 'bug', instead of the users tactics which caused overpowered crosses.