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  1. Guys, cut the sniping out, thanks
  2. Had two lovely split passes against Chelsea, one leading to a wrongly called offside goal for Fekir, the other from Martial playing Lukaku. It was as I was saying to Novem9, its an area that definitely needs improving, but also an area that should be tricky, and is exacerbated by tactics. Certainly not broken, because it shouldn't be full of teams tearing each other with such passes, because it doesn't happen all that often in real life. Horrendous to balance.
  3. But it's never that simple, for the same reason people talk about possession stats, passing numbers, crossing numbers etc. Ultimately one wants to see this, AI vs AI anyway, looking relatively close to real life, all caveat accounted for
  4. It actually does, because balance is the key. You can't have through balls at every opportunity either, you can't have players make the right decisions either. So how few is too few is very much part of the answer, it always is
  5. It's a statement of the situation around the AMC, where it's both an ME issue, and also absolutely exacerbated by tactics.
  6. There are definitely issues that need looking at, but equally there is hyperbole around it, and that isn't useful either. Rashidi asked the question, how many through balls you should see, and there isn't an answer. The other thing to consider is that players shouldn't be making the right passes all the time either, that doesn't happen in football, and is just as unrealistic as making the wrong decision all the time as well. That's where the difficulty truly lies
  7. That's part and parcel of doing a beta, though They cant' say they aren't able to send out a fix, until they know they can't, which given that they will work right to the end, is always going to be a late call. Doesn't mean the work isn't then valuable for the future. For example I've done some work on the False 9. Now I know what I looked at won't make it into 19.2, but I know it will help go to a fundamental change in the F9 in future And yes, nobody did force you to do. Beta testing is relentless, and actually quite frustrating, because testing is never a guarantee of a fix. There's a very good reason why it's voluntary. The one thing that's come out of the public beta testing is that it's hopefully opened some eyes into what beta testing actually is, and not what some imagine it is
  8. As with any beta, it was completely optional, and there was no guarantee of all issues being sorted, because that kind of thing is simply impossible to guarantee. That has been, and is always the case. While their help is appreciated, updates are not always immediate. You enter a beta because you want to help, not because you expect something in return. It's why I've got a lot of time and respect for those on the private beta who don't get named, but have been working incredibly hard for months, and will continue to upto and even after any final release.
  9. There's no excuse for being rude, and there was no way he was antagonised. Slightly aside, but it makes me thing of the whole reaction to Sterling getting abused, and this need to lash out when feeling the least bit slighted (even when there has been no slight). It's not up to the person to change their normal behaviour to stop someone from grossly overreacting with rudeness. At some point, people really need to think before they post. Maybe it's because its a faceless forum, but the speed at which people go from 0-100 is remarkable.
  10. I mean, that's literally not how it works. It's not even a broken product. They are actually under no obligations to update the game, at all. I get people might be frustrated, but making demands that people are held accountable, for doing nothing wrong, isn't going to achieve a thing. But we've done this whole dance before in the beta thread.
  11. It simply means they are still working on it and any updates are not ready for this release.
  12. I mean, they definitely didn't tone down shooting accuracy...
  13. You've not actually demonstrated that it is an issue. It could be, but we have no idea of context here. What are their current ages, wages, who is likely to be interested, would they even be interested on leaving, can clubs get better value for similar players in those positions, can clubs match what they would want should they have to leave... Would need a lot more information before making a judgement either way.
  14. Yeah, we shouldn't downgrade defending to fix issues in attack. Otherwise you're lowering quality for the sake of balance. I'd rather it take a little longer to get higher overall quality