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  1. There's nothing magical about it. You just pay attention to how the attacks are created and choose an point to disrupt it
  2. Interesting. I went for the cut midfield supply off route. Or if they were playing aggressive at home, hit the ball quick and direct to my pacy forwards
  3. I'll post it tomorrow. Drop me a message to remind me. It's not a flat 4-1-4-1. Its the lopsided United shape
  4. Been there done that twice in FM18. Next point? Rashidi is flying up the leagues with Gloucester. As said earlier, theres no factual basis
  5. Well, yes is the answer. You probably should have opened this in the tactics section where you'll see people playing with plenty of emulations. Last time I checked, my Bayern 4-2-3-1 deep, united lopsided 4-1-4-1 and City 4-3-3 emulations were tearing through sides. This idea that you're forced to play a certain way has no factual basis
  6. Highly Unrealistic Peaks And Crashes In Form

    This thread has been good at highlighting the misconceptions people have about morale. Team talks and other aspects of morale and motivation don't have the massive effect some think it does. Whether people want to believe it or not, it's not the key influencer people think
  7. Highly Unrealistic Peaks And Crashes In Form

    This is inherently not true. Morale doesn't have that impact after one game . Please stop spreading misinformation, it's not the first time you've said this.
  8. Highly Unrealistic Peaks And Crashes In Form

    It's also got nowhere near the instant impact you think either. One loss doesn't send you spiralling out of control. You're complaining about the way form works in this game, despite the fact it doesn't even work the way you're complaining about...
  9. As you can see in the bugs forum, they are replying to threads even now. They are obviously busily trying to get through. And they will task issues they think are priority first.
  10. It's not weirdly undervalued. It's because it doesn't have anywhere near the killer impact you keep saying it has.
  11. It doesn't matter: 1) they played different shapes within the style 2) the front trio swapped positions 3) different players played throughout out the the 3 years Anyway, really like the OPs idea. Been playing around with this for a couple of years. My current shape is within the classic lopsided 4-1-4-1. Will post it up later.
  12. There would be no strict way for activate in FM or real life. But obviously real life has far more grey area workarounds (many being cracked down on, it has to be said). What I would raise is the rejection of your high cash offers though, worth them having at look at that. without looking at the save or any more detail, seems a bit odd.
  13. The Current Match Engine Is Broken

    Yep, that was what got me into bug reporting too. Still don't understand how many people failed to see the broken defensive positioning of Centre mids back then