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  1. No one wants to pay loan fees

    I gave you an answer. All decisions are contextual. Sometimes you'll get an agreement, sometimes you won't. Just because a team doesn't want to pay your loan fee at times doesn't make something broken. You're not doing the club a favour when you loan a player to them, it's much a business transaction as a transfer. If it's not worth it for them they won't agree. My current high tier save is with Man United. I don't bother with loan fees for the most part. Why? Because my young players have some decent wages, some too high for lower league teams likings. If they have to cover what is star wages to them, they are less likely to want to pay a loan fees. You need to adjust your sights accordingly, as Tom suggested earlier
  2. No one wants to pay loan fees

    To give you the freedom to make bad decisions.
  3. Transfers are a joke

    Precisely. The term "market value" is being used without the definition being applied
  4. Transfers are a joke

    Define "unrealistic" in this scenario
  5. Got 175m for next season so Sergi Roberto is definitely my next big target. Will be my starting RB but can play the midfield roles.
  6. I had a falling out with Herrera, so I've got Strootman in. Saul would be my next target
  7. I've played him there a couple of times, but not a consistent run. Basically, regardless of whether this emulation was successful or not, I had always planned to buy Savic, as he's a top quality mid of a kind I was missing (Saul or Koke other good targets). Pogba's ability to dribble, and fight through with his feet, make him and Sanchez great alternatives to Tevez, and Sanchez is easily my best right wing so Pogba plays that AMC role
  8. Yeah PPMs will make a difference. AP support is a good alternative
  9. A constructive critique of FM18

    If you have a look at the 2007/8 United recreation thread, what I'm doing is in there. Honestly nothing special other than creating space. Have a look and see if it helps I definitely don't work to the same level of depth as Rashidi, he's much better at that kind of thing than me
  10. A constructive critique of FM18

    A lot of this ties into an overall improvement in decision making being warranted. Yes there should absolutely be bad decision making, but some of the more unrealistic stuff needs to be curbed You don't need very specific tactics at all but greater decision making would have a big impact across the board.
  11. A constructive critique of FM18

    Overaggresive closing but passive engagement, still hasn't got any better in the last couple of years. Really surprised its not talked about more. Lost track of the number of reports you and I did on this. Frustrating to say the least...
  12. A constructive critique of FM18

    Yep. I'm not saying these should he hitting the target, in fact statistically the vast majority should not be scoring (still looking into being on target). But it'd certainly be more visually pleasing if the misses were better looking
  13. A constructive critique of FM18

    If you got lots of qualitative and quantitative figures to go with your assertions, by all means share it.
  14. A constructive critique of FM18

    There's no "answer" AI tactical selection as a whole still needs improving. And I don't just mean long shots, but on just about every level
  15. A constructive critique of FM18

    That only works if the Al tactical selections and choices are always good or even decent. They are not. No one is denying anything, they are however using evidence to back up what they are seeing. It's really frustrating when people take time to dig up evidence and actual number and try to quantify and qualify issues, and it's just dismissed. It gets us nowhere.