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  1. I'd raise this too, especially if it was a long term injury
  2. Agree with FrazT, this is certainly a bug.
  3. It's all about how it's approached. I recently squeezed almost £45m out of psg for Blind after the first season.
  4. Op has created a bug report so thus can be closed
  5. Technically you failed, but there definitely needs to be some context applied, so good that the save was uploaded. Could well be the chairman sensibility in Gold and Sullivan too, not the best of owners...
  6. The fact that you're not quite sure is why it would be good to have the save uploaded, or even check the interaction history
  7. Dave had answers given to him in several threads, the answer being that they have their own priorties, and do not have to justify every single action. the fact that he didnt like the answers doesnt mean he can keep on badgering people to answer. The same applies to you now. This is the end of it.
  8. What should be obviously clear is that devs do not have to justify every single action they take. They can and do leave feedback here and in various threads, but they definitely do not have to explain their in house priorities to people. It doesn't mean they have something to hide.
  9. Yeah you personally have been quite consistent, but overall the argument against hasn't been
  10. There was certainly a clamour each time new teams where being added anywhere. Kosovo and FIFa the latest one on here that
  11. It would, just as it was it when newer countries joined the EU
  12. It happens in your 3rd season usually, as the Co efficients are real life figures. But this can be impact by any major swings in your game Co efficient wise
  13. Then I'm confused as to whether your original point has merit. Both situations simulate Brexit as it currently stands. By the very literal definition, they are both simulations (the imitation of a situation or process)
  14. I'm using your own argument and pointing out the flaws in it. They would be in their right simulate other scenarios if they existed. The fact that it changes the way people may or may not have to play is irrelevant
  15. When you play the game, none of the fixtures have happened compared to real life. Does that mean every result happening is a poor simulation? No. Brexit might not have happened, but the game contains simulations of the reasonable scenarios that could happen. The entire game is a simulation on things that may or may not happen