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  1. Simply put, it can handle more data at once. Also 32-bit can only handle a limited amount of ram, 4GB, 64bit's limit is much higher than this. Means that you can demand more of your software by not having it "watered down" cater for 32bit hardware. Things that could take advantage of this would be AI processing, transfer module etc. Basically you can make your bottom level that much higher. I'm very much guessing here, but would presume that's happened because 32-bit is enough in the minority that they can drop said users (only SI will know that for sure)
  2. When the people you are cutting off are a small enough of a number that it isn't such an impact. For example, FM20 requirements have changed, anyone noticed that 32bit support has been dropped? One of FMs unique selling points is that virtually anyone can play. Stadia if it goes well, will be another strand to that. But because of that USP it's a fine line
  3. It's been sustainable for well over a decade. The forum contains a tiny percentage. There's about 300 members here at any given time, you could all stop playing and it wouldn't even be a drop in the ocean so there's no evidence SI should consider their business model based on Joe bloggs opinion on a forum, and nor should they, that's not good business. Which is partly why they keep that to themselves.
  4. You might not accept it, but that is the place SI are in. We cant expect SI to acknowledge views and opinions if we can't acknowledge their position, otherwise whats the point in discourse? The game did attract new players. Between FM18 and FM19, sales jumped from 1.2m across all platforms to 1.9m. Again I think people keep forgetting that none of what we have said is likely to be new to SI.
  5. If those sacrifices are too big a chunk of your player base they won't happen. This conversation isn't new, to the point where Neil has spoken about the necessity of balancing pushing specs between the fact that so many FM players like to play on machines slightly more powerful than toasters (thanks to steam, SI know where their player base sits on the average gamer scale). Whatever anyone's opinions are on this, this is a point that has to be taken onboard
  6. Yeah and I'd argue these are things SI have on their radar already. Some of these are a mix of ME and also match physics.
  7. Call we all just agree that everyone has different views and opinions on the graphics, and there's not much point in trying to reinforce your particular stance, because ultimately the opinion that truly holds weight will be that of SI
  8. It's not about attacking or defending, it's about people having different opinions and people being allowed to have their various subjective but constructive opinions. For some it's the pinnacle, for others it's irrelevant and then you have people along the spectrum between.
  9. Would be good to see it just before beta release, but personally more concerned with them having the time to get things right rather than get things out quickly
  10. Yes, but my point is we don't have ANY numbers either to even start saying it. I'm not keen on people using significant without basis to push their opinion above others, it removes discourse, see it a little too much on this forum, especially when the point on debate is entirely subjective
  11. No one knows, which is why saying significant doesn’t work either way. Even on this forum. It doesn’t reinforce anyone’s opinion, especially when said word doesn’t have any basis
  12. But again you'd have to know rough numbers, which you don't have. So it's not significant no matter how loosely you try to use the definition. 1.9m bought the game, so your numbers would have to be pretty high.
  13. I'd get rid of the hot dog carts etc. But I'm more concerned with the match animations. They've improved but would be good to add more still, especially around dribbling.
  14. What significant number of people? There's actually no number for this so please stop stating this as a fact.
  15. @aj6658 and @forameuss please take this to your PMs as its not hugely relevant and is simply clogging up the thread
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