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  1. So FM should start locking the rep to the required level then. Add an unrealistic input, get an unrealistic output. Avoid this by locking starting reps to the minimum rep required for that level.
  2. Yeah that's not even close to being true, as sales have grown each of the last 4 years Thread closed as OP is currently banned
  3. Funnily enough there has been lots of discussion. When you are able to drop the insults and awful attitude, and can post something that actually is constructive and useful, you'll be able to join in.
  4. Stepping in and closing this thread as nothing of value is going to be gained from this. We've been here far too many times with you
  5. Si have stated that's the defensive shape. Again the fact that you don't actually see it mentioned is part of the problem. That formation you see tells you nothing about either their attacking or defensive shape. They will look very different in attacking and defensive transitions. FM doesn't do well in showing you either.
  6. It has been made clear the formations are the defensive shape in FM. This is the very crux of the issue. Which is why the Wide strata's should be blended as one aera. As someone who did football match analysis, they are a mish mash, which is where the confusion comes from. But they certainly are not the attacking shapes generally. FM's use of formations is incredibly static, and until we start showing all 4 phases, the German Researcher way is one of showing it
  7. There is no real reason (any coding issues aside) why the AML/R and ML/R shouldn't have the same roles. Certainly something that needs to change
  8. As we've said, the Bundesliga was that way when the German researchers we doing it. It played some very well rounded football. AI selection in those shapes was no more an issue there than in a 4-2-3-1 etc.
  9. Scoring goals from 4-1-4-1 isn't a problem And there German researchers already had AML/R players with ML/R ratings
  10. This absolutely nails it for me. In those t iterations of the match engine, the German researchers methods was the best way of doing it, and i would have open up some of the roles attached to AML/AMR up to the ML/MR strata. Even now i still think that's the right way to approach it
  11. Before we carry on in this thread, feel it's important to draw a line between talking about clear, constructive ways things can be improved, and venting out inaccuracies that are somewhat off topic. Most of the thread is the former. Let's keep it that way.
  12. The game can certainly improve across , but so much of this simply isn't accurate.
  13. Not sure thats always true about the wide players pulling them out. Another thing to look at is central mids often being too close to each other, essentially blocking off the same lanes, and leaving areas open. I should add screenshots arent the best because you can only see specific frames, rather than the overalll build up
  14. Somewhat linked here is the fact we don't properly see all 4 phases of attack and defence in FM,
  15. It will be interesting to see what FM18 brings, plenty to do either way,