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  1. This. It's perfectly possible to raise feedback while being respectful and without insults. In fact it's valuable. But we also won't tolerate people creating a hostile atmosphere by not following above.
  2. Fun fact: Israel has been shipping out loads of vaccines... to countries who have agreed to move their diplomats to Jerusalem
  3. Yeah mine allowed me to connect to my GP's database through the app and pull that information
  4. They definitely deserve plaudits for doing less than the bare minimum
  5. Sorry, you wont be able to break the markets flipping free transfers!
  6. Nothing. It's a specific data entry error with Dean Furman that will be fixed in the next update to the winter patch
  7. The problem is that he needs to get out from under Covid. Nothing is going to cut through right now, because covid is all that people care about. Breaking through in the next few months will be hard
  8. This has never been so true, we're so far out everything needs to be safe. But getting a good manifesto is key
  9. It's not just Covid though, Brexit is a much bigger wave that's hammering all business, big medium and small. Labour need to do more than win back the those areas, areas which a very left leading Leader got demolished in.
  10. Hmmm strange. All of the categories below in mine have information
  11. @Paul Bacon just so you know, my vaccination history shows up on the NHS app. Check again to see if yours does
  12. There's a real suspicion of western based vaccines in varying levels across the African continent, with a lot of historical justification. European countries were quite happy to used colonised African countries as guinea pigs for medical testing they couldn't do otherwise. When you add in misinformation, discrimination and the casual racism in medicine still floating round today (anyone remember the two french doctors on TV) it's going to be crucial the WHO intervene and provide medical confidence
  13. There's no maths to understand, some shots are wrongly being flagged as CCCs
  14. This. I think it's very difficult to make work in the UK internally. But I don't see it being any different to yellow fever internationally as you say
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