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  1. To be clear, press conferences will have nothing to do with, nor conflict with, the priority of an ME item. So people don't need to worry about that
  2. If you're familiar with the process then you'll know the ME has it's own dedicated team, and doesn't compete for priority against non ME items
  3. Everything goes into a list, and gets given a level of priority, along with how easy/hard it is to fix and the impact/balance it has elsewhere. And they work to that, and they will be best placed to know where to start
  4. Beta testers don't fix things. They break things, test things and flag it
  5. @isignedupfornorealreason all reminds me of tactical and theorems for fm10. No idea how viable it is but I loved that. Stick it in the features thread
  6. Can people try to refrain from loading multiple large images without using spoiler tags, thanks.
  7. Their goal, as in ultimate aim. Not that it does it yet, and literally no one has ever claimed it does. They've been quite open that its an approximation. It's a goal, not a promise, it might not be attainable, but it's something to aim at
  8. They put them in because people were asking for templates, even though previously they went to pains to point out that these are approximate templates, and managers evolve. don't think it's really SI making a rod here tbh, particularly if you say one thing, and people decide it's something else, you can't control that. You can make some pretty good approximations of various styles tbh.
  9. The demo gets updated to the latest version. I've mentioned this to you before.
  10. Sorry goodname, missed this amongst all the other posts. There hasn't been any info given as far as I'm aware, as soon I know I will tag you in said post
  11. Please stop clogging up the the thread with the same circular off topic discussions, particularly when half the information is opinion being portrayed as fact
  12. Enough of the digs and jibes at each other, and general off topicness, way too much of that and people stating unverifiable information as fact going on. If people have nothing constructive to offer, better to simply not post
  13. Not really the point though is it. People have asked for work on the ME and AI, they have done lots of work on both. The rest comes down whether people like it or not, which I was making no observation on
  14. If anyone actually read the blogs, they actually state they have made lots of changes to both the ME and AI, the former of which is getting its own blog
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