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  1. The marking is a bit iffy here, and at least one of your players should be attributed a mistake leading to a goal. If not I'd flag it
  2. If the insults continue, I'll simply close the thread. Keep it civil, thanks
  3. They havent removed the checkbox, its where its always been, under your personal assistant tab in staff responsibilities...
  4. Maybe they just want more out of you. What was your negotiation stance after this? Who else went in for him? How did this end?
  5. I'm going to defend my fellow geeks here, they do get our the office! But they really are very, very different roles in football, but they blend together well overall
  6. Appreciate people are frustrated with the ongoing issues, but please stay on topic, please don't clog up the thread unless you're leaving crash or stability info for Neil and co.
  7. I'll have to check, but I'm pretty sure in game they are very fierce rivals. So couple that with usual jot wanting to strengthen a team in the same league, it doesn't surprise me. You probably would have been able to sign him at a further inflated price, which is what I'd have expected.
  8. I get people might be frustrated with some things, but coming on here and telling people they need to work harder and their work is garbage isn't going to fly. We've spoken far too much about the need for common decency and it's not being taken on board so expect infractions to be handed out now without further warning.
  9. Closing this. If you can't post politely, you wont be posting at all soon Enough warnings have been given
  10. Yep, in an ideal world I'd toggle this depending on who my opposition CBs were
  11. The CF support gets doubly hurt because the moves into channels effect is over pronounced, but also because wide hold up play and dribbling isnt strong enough, they don't cut back in and attack the box through through a pass or dribble
  12. Personally I wouldn't say may, I think it actively hurts Forwards and should be a toggable instruction. For me it should would like this. Moves into channels: attack the space between CB and FB Moves into channels with roaming also on: can attack outside the full back based on decision making. If this is how it's working in game, then it feels off It also doesnt help that wide hold up play isn't anywhere near as pronounced as it shoot, and feels biased towards crossing the ball
  13. Because it was never designed that way. Firstly every year someone makes this claim, they eventually put their save up and someone wins the supposedly unwinnable game Secondly SI have repeatedly in the past actually said that's not how the game was designed, because what would be the point? More work for what purpose other than to annoy the user base? As to what degree, that's like asking how long is a piece of string. It's like any managerial change in real life. Could be little different to the result, could be the difference between winning and losing. When a manager changes something in real life he or she has no idea what the magnitude of the effect will be, it's about hoping you've read the situation right and made the best decision possible to help influence things. FM is no different And respectfully I can't see how misrepresentation is ever going to be constructive, so be mindful that it's not something we take lightly.
  14. Please don't lie about what gets blocked and why . It doesn't make you look good, this is not the first time you've done so and it's really not helpful or fair that you deliberately choose to misrepresent SI staff and moderators. If this continues we'll have to take action.
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