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  1. @Toonrock and @Zemahh you to little but bicker with each other. I've removed your recent posts. Please either take it to PM if you really must continue or simply leave each other alone
  2. Enough of the sniping, or people will find their posting may well become restricted
  3. That pretty sums up the answers you're going to get. You can either read the feedback thread or play yourself for free Thanks
  4. Just because people agree with you doesn't make it fact (doesn't make it wrong necessarily mind) but again why would Si lower the effect of morale? For what documented reason? Im not having a go. But if they don't feel it's an issue, one has to show them a reason why.
  5. I didn't say you aren't allowed an opinion. But that doesn't mean it's true. So how could SI even begin to address it? Do we even know for sure morale is broken?
  6. You made this assumption morale is overpowered, but is this actually proven? The only properly documented time this has been true is FM12 on launch. I'm not sure they can be taken to task for something they haven't said (as far as I can't tell) is broken
  7. There's been plenty of removed abusive posts Dave. Let's leave at that and move on since you are not party to seeing said posts.
  8. The last few pages have probably summed up with communication is so difficult. Not matter what is said, Neil gets pulled apart, or his words get twisted to suit the agenda of those replying, or in some cases he gets deliberately misrepresented or abused, and a lot of it is coming from the same people who want more communication. Its a two way street, if this is going to be the reaction, why would they attempt more communication? If you're going to treat every post with cynicism to the point where they can't actually say what they're trying to say, then you can't have that communication.
  9. I very much like the idea of a locked update post, think more communication is always good where they can. Especially something on the medium to long term. Think your post will provide them some good food for thought over the summer
  10. And that's absolutely fine. Civility towards each other and SI staff is all we ask for. More communication is key, but you've got to create an environment that encourages that. I've been around here for a long time, and while it's not unique to this forum, and it's not the worst place by any means, that environment has slipped away in the last few years, and everyone has to take a bit of personal responsibility in trying to bring that back, because we're all presumably here for the same reason
  11. Everyone is passionate, that's not an excuse for some of the language and vitriol on here though. And then when the same people ask why some Devs spend less time on here, you've got to put the two together
  12. Who says nothing has been done? If you have an issue use the report button, otherwise please keep your passive aggressive digs to yourself thanks. @sporadicsmiles you raise points about the communication, and I'd definitely say more communication would be good, but it goes both ways. The state of the forum from day one has been pretty poor, and given Devs have no obligation to come to this parts, most are unlikely to want to stick their heads in here as part of the busy day when then are likely to get this flak. Neil does get in here as much as he can, that being said. The other thing would be to remember that they can't always give all the answers, but it is something they are working on It should also be noted that the 3rd ME update was essentially released early.
  13. That's bizarre. Have you been able to change them to how you like it, and if so, are they staying that way?
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