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  1. Unity can do more than be part of graphics as its a game engine though so we'll have to wait and see. As I said, only SI will know exactly how they use it
  2. 8 months is a long time and they are still in FM24s cycle, not sure we will see any FM25 news yet
  3. No outside of SI has any idea what the switch to Unity will do tbh.
  4. Just to add to this, the way some of you speak to each other on here is unacceptable. If we see it happening again around the forums, we will hand out infractions. If you cant respect each other on the forum then you wont get to post
  5. Ok but that's not really linked to what I'm saying though. I'm directly talking about forameuss' point, and only that.
  6. Just to pick up on this, this is often why said threads end up getting closed.
  7. Probably as good place as any to close the thread tbh
  8. Yeah it forces you to do things i naturally do anyway, so in that sense there is no difference for me.
  9. I played with @Daveincid mod in FM23, and while i really enjoyed it immensely for loads of other elements, it didnt really impact the effectiveness of high pressing tactic, unless you dont build or look after your squad properly.
  10. Gegenpress might be the most misused term in football. Lots of teams use high pressing and counter pressing, very few use Gegenpressing. Similarly while Gegenpressing might be perhaps too easy to set up, the use of high pressing and counter pressing is widespread and also goes down football pyramids
  11. Yes they will be playing the game in feb/March. Those numbers are really easy for SI to track. There's real tendency from some on this forum to act like they don't matter, or dont matter as much. On an SI level they do, and on a personal level, i really dont like this level of gatekeeping that goes on. There's a large subset of players who will plow tonnes hours in but never touch a forum. They can and will try and cater everyone, but its not the so called casuals that need reminding of that in my opinion, its some of the posters on here.
  12. Twitter, surveys, focus groups, meta critic, steam etc, you name it This forum is a tiny subset and one of many places SI get views and experiences from.
  13. A conversation I and @RDF Tactics and i had previously, but perhaps a good time for some on here to realise the community goes beyond here and beyond "hardcore users" and start realising that so called "casuals" are also part of the game base and their views/experience matter just as much as anyone should.
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