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  1. Have removed a couple of posts. I don't know how many times we need to ask people to be civil, but please desist before further actions are taken
  2. Exactly, this was exactly the point I was making a couple of days ago. If no one is really interested in the reply they might as well just carry on what they are doing and not get bogged down in the forum
  3. Tbf, every time Neil tries to post any kind of update in here, a bunch of users will take it upon themselves to batter him, and the happened when they started an ME updates thread, had to be locked. To get that engagement, you've to have that arena to do it. Even today, recommending people use the beta as way to engage sets people off. It's not for nothing we say the more toxic the forums get the less devs engage. It goes both ways. You need more chat coming from SI, but you also need better reception from users. Without the two, it doesn't work, as we've seen since November
  4. Nothing condescending at all. You seemed to be taking the point rather personally
  5. This beta process is part of the upcoming series of fixes. Some of the errors have been dealt with. Some aren't and still require work. Some of the issues will be affected indirectly by some of the changes and that's what makes getting user reports from the beta useful.
  6. It's not specifically aimed at you, you know that right? It's a general point.
  7. They're not different things they're part of the same process
  8. Also @Icy I'd probably report the retreating opposition midfield too. You're outnumbered. One should step in on the ball carrier before he gets that far.
  9. We're on different version with various changes to the match engine between them, hence why its good to get updates and reports from the latest version. And the more the better 👍
  10. 100%. I'd argue one of those strikers should be making a run (what roles do they have?) but he's got to go forwards, he's already entered the most dangerous zone on the pitch.
  11. No one is blaming anyone for anything. People wanted a public beta, here it is. But it can't be much of a public beta if people don't get involved. People don't have to get involved, but they can't complain much if the public beta doesn't appear next FM because no one got involved. Lots of people have been clamouring for more engagement with and from SI. This is your chance for those who asked. I'm just saying we should all be making the most of it.
  12. Haha not sure which one to reply to! Some are, plenty aren't. It's not a requirement by any means, but this is where you have the most impact and best level of input and say too. Personally think the public beta should run from the start like it did in FM19, but it only works if you're getting as many people as possible buying in. They absolutely do read all this
  13. I'm well aware, and I wouldn't be encouraging more people to be doing it if plenty were doing it already. People can take it or leave it, but I wouldn't be surprised if the late start of the public beta this year wasn't linked to the overall low level of feedback from last year's public beta. @Jack Joyce will probably hate me for this but please keep chucking more things for the team to look at.
  14. This. Otherwise, what's the point in even having a public beta if the public don't want to get involved? They might as well can it at that rate.
  15. There's 141 posts from 30 odd threads in the public beta thread. Given the number of users, that's not a lot. Also the ultimate aim of the beta is to help the final patch. If they think they need to update before to achieve that they will, if not they wont.
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