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  1. This was my view too. It's better in the beta, but can be improved further.
  2. I'm honestly baffled as to what your point is here There are slightly too many long shot goals. The last update was to address that. There may yet be more updates. It's got little to do with wide forwards. You're conflating the two.
  3. Indeed. It's dealing with an entirely separate issue. bizarre that it's being questioned on that front (still don't think it should have been decreased slightly mind think it's been overplayed in GD, and it's more a symptom than a cause) Not every update can address every single issue. It doesn't work that way. It's a case of working through issues and balancing them.
  4. And if we're going for light-heartedness, then FM12 is the Mrs Browns Boys of football manager, popular for all the wrong reasons, and you should all be deeply ashamed of it.
  5. There was nothing condescending at all! You can't pick FM12 as a way to go if it comes third in your poll. Which is what he's been touting from the start I think you've both massively overreacted here.
  6. By your own extremely limited poll, FM19 wins by a mile, which by your own logic would make it overwhelmingly the way to go, not FM12, not that this poll will make any difference....
  7. If anyone is unaware of the impact good feedback can make, the changes to the "moves in channels" and the overall movement of the F9 came from backed up reports from myself @Rashidi and a handful of others across forums (all oddly separate but similarly) making cases for not just that it should be changed, but how, and that's helped shape some of the changes. They can't always make every change immediately, or necessarily agree with every change, but they do look at it all.
  8. This thread isn't really for arguing amongst each other, or trying to persuade each other about your own opinions of the game, so please cut that out, mostly because SI aren't for looking for feedback on who can persuade who. Everyone has different views and results of what will likely be one the final bunches of betas before 19.3. So it's your last chance to be documenting anything good or bad with your save, not anyone else's, before 19.3. There's not point debating old threads with each other,because this is ME1926, and detailed feedback on this latest release is why this public beta is here. These are your final chances to offer your feedback before a final update is dropped. I suggest you use it, given how often it's said on here how some would like closer communication and workings with SI, it feels like some aren't grasping this last opportunity
  9. If you're seeing anything you're unsure about, please do create bug thread, even if you're not sure it's a bug.
  10. A lack of update doesn't mean a lack of work. Given that it's the middle of feb, with at least a few transfer windows open till the 27th feb, a little more patience will be needed before expecting to see any updates just yet, beta or otherwise. RE: other posts after this (that have since been removed) please desist in the back and forth digging at each other EDI: @haffaz77 your prayers have been answered
  11. @Rashidi this immediately makes me think about a link between the number of issue around forwards and service, perceived or otherwise, and the number of CF roles with locked in MIC
  12. Its not scripted at all, and since you're not up for a discussion on why you're completely wrong this thread can be closed
  13. I can guarantee they won't be looking back at FM12, as that version in every way possible, has been left behind. Which was said in the old version of this vote
  14. We keep saying it. No really knows what's definitely going to be in it until close to its actual release. Today is a perfect example of it (despite the fact that this was even corrected immediately both on the original thread and by andu in the very next post)
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