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  1. Neil isn't alone, he's the lead on communication for this. If you read the opening post, it's just the start of the information that's going to be coming. Neil has actually been reinforcing what's been and you've ignored it. So I'm not at all convinced this is true you'd be reassured. Building a dialogue also means listening, and not just dismissing something as a statement because you don't see eye to eye with the person who wrote it
  2. They are communicating, if you're going to dismiss their communication as PR, then you are not engaging in good faith, so why would anyone want to speak to you? Dismissing their communication is not building a dialogue. Neil has posted several times quite specifically on resources now. If you're going dismiss that, you're not here for communication at all. There's been a lot of repeated bad faith posting in this thread and it needs to stop
  3. There are already female players of FM. Women are also not a homogenous group, and neither are men either. There's no such thing as a man's FM or woman's FM. Keep this stereotyping out of the thread.
  4. FM continues to sell more each and faster each year, while still maintaining a maturer demographic, so it's capturing and holding a lot of its old timers, while attracting new players. Which is what one wants as a company. I'm off to the pub, enjoy your FM career.
  5. You were just asked to be polite and you essentially did the same thing again, so again post removed. Please read the house rules and terms of conditions
  6. I mean, the numbers don't suggest this at all tbh. Glad you're enjoying FM17 though
  7. If they are still invested then it means they like it, so it's as valid as any other site tbh. Not everyone here plays the newest version
  8. And the opinion on here is split. Interesting you say FM13, because that's certainly not here, if anything fm12 is the most popular after FM21/FM17. But each to their own, if people are enjoying different version good on them
  9. Nope, we can say whatever we like, and we do, We get to have more direct feedback than most, and we certainly don't do it to blow smoke at them if we don't like a particular thing or think there's an issue
  10. They don't, and the public opinion also isn't uniform. Please don't make things up
  11. We're also allowed our own opinions, we also buy and play the games too.
  12. No idea why this thread has been bumped after 10 months, but moderators absolutely do not care what you play or if you even buy FM.
  13. Considering they have said they bringing extra resources, investment and partnerships, I don't really know why people continue to make this point. Secondly, the viability is irrelevant to my point. It would still be splitting my gaming experience, it's the same football universe. One sport, one game. I want to be able manage Manchester United men and women as a United fan, making that anything but seamless would be pointless, and a failure of immersion
  14. Honestly find the arguments for making it a separate game stupid. 1) it's the same gaming universe, certainly in the WSL there is crossover between the infrastructure and support for a lot of the women's teams and men's. 2) why would I want to pay twice, and not have my gaming experience carry over?
  15. I think lots of people are missing a key point as well, SI are unapologetically about inclusion (see gay pride being in the game and players coming out), and they always have been in and out of the game. They aren't asking for permission to do this, and they definitely won't be worried about losing gamers doing it
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