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  1. That's a good start. Be good to see what the various other leagues look like Next step would be looking at individual cross examples (how and why they aren't being completed)
  2. We have one set of information to work with right now. And based on what has been offered from it, it is tactical in this case, with multiple proper responses given as to why if you read the thread from the start. Which makes any general conclusion from it flawed.
  3. This. I'm not sure what MBarbaric wants us to look at here, when the current hypothesis set out by the OP are based off his own flawed setup. With the absence of multiple soak tests to go along with qualitative results from a well balanced setup, there's actually precious little else to look at
  4. This really isn't how the ME works.
  5. I'm not home so it will have to wait but I'll hopefully demonstrate creating width without an overreliance on crossing this week. Failing that @Rashidi might already have something up his sleeve
  6. His entire setup predicates a bias towards crossing. If you are trying to play through the middle, it's a horrible choice of TI's.
  7. This has actually made me want to create a Christmas tree setup for the first time in years. Might do that tonight if I get time
  8. Yeah, this is absolutely not a play through the middle set up. You've removed all the space in the middle, and actually channelled much of the play wide through your TIs
  9. I don't know where you've learned that if you put a full back on support, he cannot take away an opponent. Moreover, pulling away an opponent does not mean your full back needs to cross.
  10. Deleted a couple of the more sexist responses to this. So think before you type because next time I'll just infract those posts instead
  11. Further to this: There isnt much point asking here about refunds. You will always need to speak to your retailer
  12. I wouldn't say the vast majority, and there is a lot about the ME i do like, but agree with the above. Examples in the bugs thread would be a great help
  13. That's not a way of playing. Those are areas to be tighted up or improveds (outside of pressing which need developing. None of which stop the ability to create (or re-create) top tier approaches. Hence why many human users can do it relative easily. The AI isn't as good at making said choices. So when you say its clearly an ME issue, it's in fact, less so.
  14. The ME doesnt "use" a particular style of play. Pressing is an area to be worked on, but not all sides used complicated press. You don't need to make particularly interesting tactical choices either. It's about getting the AI to make better tactical choices overall, as @Svenc points out
  15. How do you know what the developers are working on, and how much time is being dedicated to it? ME team very different to dynamics