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  1. All of which would still be useful for FM20 and beyond. Feedback doesn't have to be restricted to the current version This is a constructive feedback thread. People don't have to post here, but if they are going to it needs to be constructive. It's really that simple and anything else simply just sidetracks the thread. The amount of sidetracking is tiresome, people complain that devs don't pop in as much, but why would they at this rate? Let's keep the posts constructive and on point or they'll start getting removed. People should know better by now
  2. Yes it has, we've unfortunately had to remove posts and ban several users Appreciate it's an incredibly frustrating situation, and hopefully it can be rectified soon but the abuse needs to stop, now. This isn't aimed at you, but it is a general message to all posting on this thread.
  3. The bit about being outshot and winning is interesting because that's exactly what United did to Watford on the weekend. They were outshot by about 20 to 4 and won. But the same issues apply, if you view the game too narrowly you will end up removing factors you can influence, if not necessarily control. Which will make the game feel far more random than it is. We all play the same game: so why do others get far more from it than others?
  4. 1) You can do a lot with your 50%, your problem is that your simplistic view of the game (as Svenc puts it, and I agree with him) severely hampers your ability make the most of it, this bad management on your part 2) again these are factors you can use and influence, but if you take a simplistic view, you will struggle 3) you can influence that randomness, its essentially what the best managers (in game and in real life do) Herne has already asked you all the pertinent question (which you seem to skip past) but ultimatelu, you need to have a far less narrow view, something which has been said to you for a number of years now, and take more responsibility, otherwise you'll continue to repeat the same frustrations every version. I'd be very interested in seeing how you approach a game in detail, from build up to post match breakdown
  5. It's one game. It;'s not even a small sample size. It's basically no sample at all. And just for clarification, there no random arbitrary unseen bonuses given to teams.
  6. This thread has stopped being productive, but stuff like this absolutely needs to be called out as nonsense. Stop it.
  7. Again. It's not the only thing that affects passing decisions. This is the point you refuse to get past. You're entirely fixated on mentality, erroneously so.
  8. Not really. Mentality is but one aspect. With the number of team instructions, mentality become extremely elastic in what you can do with it. The biggest steps FM can take is getting the AI to work outside the box more.
  9. My team pass back quite happily on higher mentalities. Because it's it's not just down to mentality Again that's not a mentality issue, that's a potential AI issue, or an area AI needs developing in
  10. Affects yes, defines no. It's not overly pronounced in FM either Again, you're focusing on mentality and missing out the vast number of team instructions that combine with it You can absolutely play patient controlling football on higher mentalities.
  11. But then that's not a mentality issue with directness , that's a potential AI issue with instructions, whether it's within the TC choices or manager preferences. That's something that would need further investigation
  12. This isn't true about attacking mentalities making them too direct. It's not that black and white at all. I'm playing controlled possession football on attacking, Rashidi has got probably the closed man city emulation I've seen for a couple of years using it Mentality is just one aspect of a tactical set up
  13. To add to the above: are they mostly training or match injuries? Are they breaks or strains?
  14. That's because we've been having to remove posts due to said bickering
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