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  1. Enough of this. Time and and time again over the last 15 years you have slandered and insulted people while claiming conspiracy theories. Despite this, each and every time people have tried to help you or politely ask for proof or politely point out you are wrong on something, and it's constantly met with hostility. Once again you have been asked to demonstrate proof, and been given help and it's again met aggressive outbursts. So, no more, Garry, your constant misinformation and inability to a respectful member of the forum despite the many many interactions is beyond the pale. It's time we m
  2. He's tried to answer as best he can, there's absolutely no need for you to be so rude and dismissive. If you cannot post respectfully, then please refrain from posting.
  3. Football Manager is 6GB, that is tiny for a game (just looked at GTA 5 with is the game beneath it on my steam, and that is 101Gb). A critique based on (currently unknown) size feels weak
  4. It's a false argument because you have no idea how big the new framework will be, we have no idea how much is separate, or crosses from legacy. We only really know what concepts they are aiming for, and even they are evolving.
  5. We have no idea what the size is going to look like, so it's a false argument. Either way they have no intention of marketing it as anything other one footballing world, which it is. FM as a game size is relatively small and demand lite. Would say this is one of the weirder reasons for not having it
  6. But not everyone does. Still data downloaded thats never used. It's not different here.
  7. Neil has already made this point, it's also about making a growing area, grow better. You don't do that by isolating it. Again, you have no idea what size that part of the game would be. Much as there are leagues you download as part of the game and never use. The game is already hugely forgiving on computers, way less demanding spec wise than other modern games, so not sure that's a valid argument
  8. There will be leagues you never play, that you download anyway. There's absolutely no point worry about size when you wouldn't even know how big it is in relation to the game. Also it's more effort and defeats their point making it DLC
  9. Or, they will hire more developers to cover the expansion, and the game will likely be sold at the same costs as usual. Which has been the case for every single time they have expanded into a new area (like when they massively expanded motion capturing for the men's game)
  10. Looking forward to it, anything that brings more immersive football is a winner for me. Aren't many other features that I'm particularly interested in, so working toward a major project like this while doing quality of life improvements to existing feature sets is always a win in my book
  11. People will have their different views and that's fine, but regardless of how people feel about the feature, we absolutely do not tolerate sexist, or other discriminatory/derogative posts. Most people have been respectful either way, and that's great and very much appreciated, but a few of you apparently need reminding to be decent human beings. People not being able to abide by the house rules on decency will find their ability to post, or if necessary, their ability to be a member of this forum, removed.
  12. I said what I said. It was within the context of how they play and Mbarbaric's post, not an absolute comparison, if your only response is to call it nonsense rather than an actual constructive discussion I'm not particularly interested in discussing it further with you
  13. What Xaw said, because in almost 15 years, you've never once been able to back up a single word of what you've said, it's been misinformation after conspiracy, with a bit of slander thrown in. At some point you're going to have to prove it
  14. Moving on... The various reports are going to interesting. Met police said their operation didn't fail. If that's success god knows what actual failure is like
  15. It's a lazy superiority that makes the user look ignorant tbh, ironic given that's something English people are often accused off sweepingly
  16. At best it's an ignorant post, you'd think people would stay away from sweeping statements when it comes to nationalities, they usually end up saying something offensive that gets them in trouble
  17. Also from what I've heard (though I suspect it will be very difficult in reality) clubs are going to try and ban anyone identified from their respective grounds. Think the reality is that it's going to be near enough impossible to do that.
  18. This, Yuko's post is just trying to tell us stuff we already know tbh. Even if they read this thread alone they would know a) it's not hidden b) the negative strength of feeling towards people like this is much stronger than anything abroad c) people in England love nothing more than exposing said idiots. It's also not even close to what true hooliganism is ( the firms, the organised fights). Still absolutely grim and needs to go, regardless
  19. Because they never really get told no. There's never any real consequences for it and we often dismiss by saying they aren't real fans. They are, they just happen to be scumbags as well. Football has this as a problem in ways that's so much worse than any other sport and we need to deal with that too. You hear lots of fans support groups saying football fans get overpoliced, but the second we stop it's absolute carnage.
  20. This is a must watch. Good god we came so close to an absolutely massive disaster here.
  21. Has everything to be a world class box to box player if he continues to develop. Clever passer too.
  22. We've got the players to play multiple systems. It's just a case of what Southgate wants to do, really.
  23. Rice and Maguire were forced to carry the ball more because there no high runs for outballs, it's why I would have taken off Mount second half for Rashford or Sancho. The ball just kept coming back, because we couldn't pin Italy back
  24. Was disappointed with Mount offensively, but he was also being used in a forward destroyer role, which feels like such a waste of him, though it was largely effective
  25. Think it was @EnterUsernameHere who was talking about two way players. Bellingham fits that for me. Would love to see Bellingham/Phillips as a duo tested out
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