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  1. European matches and a couple of tweaks So here are the set of results, going as well as can be expected given we're still gelling as a team Few key results: Absolutely crushed Zenit, they matched formation with formation but found themselves outnumbered in both midfield and attack, and never got into the game. If Shortire could finish it would have been closer to 10 Pick of the goals: Man Utd 5-0 Zenit - Match Highlights.webm Leicester was a really hard game, Vardy was a handful, and their midfield combined really well. The DPS role for Fe
  2. You're taking what I said out of context, I'm not saying it suits either more. I'm saying you can achieve the same things on almost any mentality, providing you follow up with the right instructions, and you account for the varying levels of risk driven by mentalities
  3. That would entirely depend on how you've set up I've said it before and I'll say it again, mentality should be viewed as nothing more than levels of risk. I don't think he's active anymore but @Cleon used to play on defensive mentality just to prove that low risk football could still mean lots of goals, Equally @Rashidi has used attacking mentalities to create very strong defensive systems
  4. Absolutely, people will make up the most convoluted theories as to why they cant win a particular game or run. Despite the fact, that every year SI point out this is, well not true, and nonsensical. You never hear people complaining when the lucky goals go their way
  5. The idea that you cant go lower than balanced to win a game is fundamentally not true The idea that you cannot score goals and achieve something on lower than balanced is also fundamentally not true I think the biggest problem here is there's such a narrow view on things
  6. It's not really a fact that defending in a low block is easier at all. One of the greatest problems with it is that mistakes so much closer to go get punished a lot more easily. Team that defend successfully in low blocks tend to have a) extremely well drilled midfielders and defenders, because you can't afford mistakes that close a) strong outlets to relieve pressure. As for FM there's been loads written on how to execute it properly. As with anything, you're going to need the right type of players
  7. You need two summer windows really. The good thing is that a decent season means you can flog almost everyone you couldn't in the first window, and because your players have relatively high wages, you can claw back so much extra cash. And lots of the player requirements are relatively easily met. The hardest is probably a Ronaldo type, buy Rashford does well here. Dybala is a other great Rooney/Tevez option too
  8. The PIs dont really change for the alternate versions, obviously you no longer need the STCL instructions The CMA in the 4-5-1 alternates between that and a BBM (much like Anderson did) I use one OI only, and that's tight marking a lone forward, that's it
  9. I've done both. But i tend to leave them to make the decisions to move themselves
  10. If I had more options I would have put a 4-1-4-1 in. But really it varied on who was playing. If he had Scholes and Carrick available he'd tuck them deeper. I may yet drop the lopsided 4-4-2 for a 4-1-4-1
  11. Can't say I've ever had a problem tbh. Only think I can think of is if you're under extreme pressure from a high pressing side, and your players aren't good enough to pass their way out then you might want to tweak it
  12. Evra didn't always just dribble, but could pass as well. CWB puts too much of a bias on dribbling. Fernandes is a RPM or DPS depending on how deep the CMs need to play United played out the centre backs a lot, but keeper still goes long when it's on
  13. If anyone is wondering about training, I use @Rashidi training programs, firstly because I am somewhat lazy with general training, and secondly they create extremely balanced players, and United were all about balance, I then use individual training to tweak aspects
  14. There's no secret, they score goals because its what I need that position to do. Seems to get them ratings, but whether they get those ratings or not is irrelevant to me, I just want the goals. I may or may not be putting the tactic up as an article, but haven't decided and won't be posting it before then
  15. Why? I've explicitly said I don't care about ratings.
  16. There's no point buying both Martinez and Haaland, unless you plan on playing Martinez AMC and Fernandes MC.
  17. So I'm doing mine with Ronaldo playing predominantly from the left, mostly because i sold Mata among others, so I dont need that fading left side, but you could easily adapt my template to it, I'll try and post monday in the tactical thread but mine looks like: Rooney - Martial for now, will be Haaland next season Tevez - Lautaro Martinez CR7 - Ronaldo Giggs - N/A but you could use Mata Scholes - Bruno Carrick -Bentancur Fletcher - McTominay Brown - AwB Evra - Shaw or Telles Ferdinand - Gimenez (also being retrained at RB so could play th
  18. No only Martinez, but i went back to a save before and tried again just to see, because I wanted to know what it did to finances, i know in older FMs it'd screw you in the future cos they'd go mad on spending
  19. Ratings have never been a useful indicator for me and never will be. I don't need ratings to assess any of things I need. Don't even glance at them
  20. I don't spend more than 50% up front on a deal. This allows you to stretch your wage budget into your funds more. Get your must haves first. Martinez I got lucky with begging to the board, went back and tested that with Martinez having been successful, failed the next 5 times before board agreed... so its not a done deal by any means A lot, cant remember how many, but the attached file is what I load up long term save.fmf
  21. I left them on unspecified. Lindelof only happened when I'd bought Skriniar from Inter. Bailly and Fred went to Ajax after i managed to **** them both off hugely. Not sure if Ajax had done business to afford them though. I've done it before where Lindelof and Bailly have turned down contracts and left me shafted so this is not a sure fire plan by any means. Its super risky and can leave you up **** creek
  22. And for these reasons. I only just about care about my own match ratings let alone any other teams
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