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  1. Played a dozen matches now. And in my opinion if you are some who doesn't watch the matches too much, or plugs and plays tactics, you'll see a decent improvement. However, if you're someone who loves to create systems or watches the matches on comprehensive, or loves making various tactics, you're in for an absolute treatment with this match engine. So much variety on show, and lots more tactical questions for people to answer
  2. I mean, you've already said they have literally all lost the ability be objective. Which is a little harsh and unfair in itself, IMO I would also in fairness not assume only content creators get the alpha. And that given such things are covered by NDAs, no one is going to talk about (or should be) without explicit permission.
  3. Well pressing is Stamina intensive, so the less you have to press, the more Stamina you'll have. Which leads to the next question: how do you manage that? Some might press less and defend deeper. Others might say, if you have the ball, you don't need to press as much. If I wanted to destroy a team with pressing for 90 minutes, I'd make sure I held on to the ball as long as possible once I won it back, and move the opposition around.
  4. And to add to this, teams that control the ball more, won't need to press as much and so (depending on what you're asking them to do on the ball) will as a result have the fitness to press more when asked to.
  5. The resources questions, like with most questions, are answered in the first post, but at the end of they day, they will allocate resources as they see fit, which has always been the case. A lot of this discussion seems to fall back into whether it should happen, ignoring the fact it's already happening. And ultimately they will design to be a seamless part of the game, like the rest of the game is designed
  6. SI have been making sure ethical decisions like this for years, they have done it with LGBT, they do it with the environment, they do it with suicide prevention. If people are only just noticing, they havent been paying attention
  7. Can't add much more to the reply above. No one can answer this as this stage so perhaps just wait and see.
  8. Personally I miss the days the devs would be on in a regular basis, and I think the forum is all the poorer for it not having them as much, but just looking at the last page alone, it's always been entirely understandable as to why they do it less and less. Who wants to spend their extra time talking to someone who wants them sacked?
  9. Looking forward to the data hub, wasn't a fan of last years in game step back of analysis, thankfully I step around it with @michaeltmurrayuk and @bluestillidie00 panels and skins, so anything that brings back more contextual numbers is a good for me. Not sure I'm necessarily bothered with the WCB, but if they can address some of the issues in the ME then it's going to be a winner for me because I felt it was pretty close last version
  10. Yep. One of the criticisms of the current ME is that players move too similarly. They will need to make women's football move differently. Which means they will have a module they can use to tweak men's football within the game too. Ultimately if they do it right, it's a win all across the board.
  11. Ultimately it doesn't matter. It's coming anyway, and I'm looking forward to it. The more immersive elements in the game the better.
  12. Easiest thing to do is rename it as risk, as that is what it largely controls
  13. Absolutely. This is where the assistant manager in its current guise isn't good enough. Needs to be better, and be a fantastic tool for the user.
  14. You're entitled to disagree. But CCC and xg are not the same thing.
  15. It's my go to, especially in comparison to the other teams I'm up against. If I'm playing as Man United, I know I need to be scoring on a par with City, Chelsea, Liverpool etc. If I'm not, it means I have to better defensively as a trend, otherwise I have narrower margins for success over a season.
  16. I still don't think users get enough quality in game feedback, but this is what Xg was introduced for, working out your actual shot quality.
  17. This is literally how it works. The ME can't tell the difference between AI and Human inputs
  18. There's no such code, and there's never been. The superior team doesn't always win in real life either.
  19. Haven't been playing FM for a while, but the project is essentially done. When I get some time I'll post the rest of the fixtures and some finishing stats
  20. This is the kind of somewhat disingenuous point Im talking about. What does an FMT Editor have to do with this feature?
  21. It's not a choice between these things. This is the point you have failed to grasp repeatedly. It's the same false point over and over.
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