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  1. I disliked most of the" promoter" videos as showing animation was on fast match speed that was hard to follow. If it is only one thing u are showcasing dont show only key moments and on high speed. Or when talking about wonderkids, he just zoomed in and moved around the player profile, again hard to follow and strange way to present info. WorkTheSpace and the data hub guy ones where the best and most informative. Got exited for data hub.
  2. That was nice video. Only his and workthespace videos are watchable, others dont give nothing. Yes lets watch new animation on very high match speed...
  3. That smoothens in match looks goooood. Great animation update and how players move
  4. Dont want to be mean guy, but this should not be excuse used anymore. Last year would been understandable and take your time. But enough time has passed and adaption to work from home is not that huge thing to do. If there are issues then the company/management is not adaptive enough and probably we can see that these are being addressed in the news post about going over to agile method (what was surprising that was not before and for me explained the progress of FM in the years or there for lack in some aspects. ) Would be perfect time next year, considering WC is also in the winter. Headline feature and marketing would be match in heaven.
  5. I dont understand the dot thing. Is it just showing twice the info with dots and then with colour scheme of the box that we had before...?
  6. But you can, nothing stops running 32-bit program on 64-bit Windows.(If you have the newest mac, that might be different havent game on them) Older games dont get obsolete so fast.
  7. Hey Great work on this @Daveincid Wondering if you have still motivation and steam to continue this into FM22? Do you think it will be easy to convert your progress over to new game or whats the plans.
  8. FM will never be running on engines like Unity or UE(reason why these experiences are asked is because the coding might be similar to unity and might be easier to bring on board). This kind FM simulation needs its own engine and they have made good work on this. They need to rework or add better art style with graphical options for their current engines. There where mistakes made years ago when these kind of downgrade/"art style" decisions where made and we are unfortunatly stuck with these. I feel the agile way of working(+64bit) in future will bring a bit more changes quickly in as it seems the current way is pure waterfall method, with no way to make changes into next iteration of FM.Thats the reason why so many issues/gameplay ways stuck with next FMs.
  9. Might be on managment side, but for sure no issues on budget. Every year they are having better selling years + defnelty huge bonsuses from Microsoft deals to have it on gamepass previously and now from day one.
  10. Nice thanks. Will take a look. I dont mind if the stats differ. It will be interesting to see their careers to pan out differently. I am suprised that this way has not been used before when making these old DBs. Amazing work. Are there any plans to update more leagues or players? Also have u changed PA of younger players that grew into better players in future that where not assigned so well in CM 03? Also is that first post googledrive save the latest with all leagues that are possible to have correct? Planning to start a save.
  11. Wow really amazing thing. Do someone have few years save game into the game and how the current players are popping in as regens? Might bring back my interest to FM21
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