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  1. Noticing this more and more. Like the changes in ME and the flow, but dont get what is going on with defenders. Too often they are brain dead, break the line for no reason or close down 1 guy together leaving huge caps (this double team happens too often in midfield also)
  2. And Liverpool also do not use team tactics just go press and be done with it. They have individual introductions what positions or who to press - this can be done in FM. It is just base tactic for your entire team. Use it as base not set in stone. Only thing for me that annoys a bit, is not the directly with the pressing, but more with tactics intensity. If this is high, because of pressing or anything else, players should be exhausted much more. It sometimes feel like having 10 James Millers running around and even he cant keep it up like most in FM can.
  3. I have found the sweet spot near 100k players. I have several big South-America countries as View only, this limits the player count to be too much from them.
  4. Just general question regarding your files. Are they save game compatible?
  5. Thnx. In both those highlights Target Man is the key guy. Really like how he gets involved and depending on situation they are really trying to give him good cross in also. Feel that now ME more listens to input that i make in tactics. Also opponents are no push over, if i leave a cap then they will try to use it. Losing feels good also. But there is still lot to try and see how ME reacts.
  6. Did the long way to upload but wanted to show some sweet passing. First one is just amazing passing between FB and TM. Other one is attacking phase to goal. https://streamable.com/pw78m
  7. Guys how do you upload videos fast? For me uploading via youtube is not working. Shows app not working.
  8. Uhh had gut feeling that today is the day but did not want o jinx it here. Glad to see it . Thanks SI and keep it up
  9. Steam workshop shows top tactics: 1. 30,686 Current Subscribers 2. 18,222 3. 12,898
  10. It is a tricky thing and I never would call out to harass etc. I believe they work on patches etc. Just please communicate somehow. We have had flashy release news and announcements - why not put some effort into transparency with us the players. You have amazing mods, community and forum built up here. Use it, make dev blogs, pics how passionate your dev and testers are doing things there(just few times a year is enough). Blog type thing or anything( I was hoping to see some dev feedback in this Byline thing, it would be perfect platform for them),. And if they truly are selling so so so well why dont we see this progress more clearly. Working in secrecy and on hype is exhausting and dangerous play. Also I feel that Miles disappears after releases and basically any info we get is FM has best sales this year, so many players are playing and for bugs go report here... By my development statement I mean that you cant shut down few months of patch releasing to keep up with the regular every year patching dates... IF needed to do, you just do it. I truly truly love SI and what they bring us in FM, but it just starts to wear off and people are exhausted by this year after year.
  11. If you dont patch up obvious bugs etc or listen to community and want to keep your traditional after winter update patch in March. I am sorry to be harsh but, then everyone are right to be angry and you should not be in software development.
  12. Oeh every time coming to discussion sub-forum, scrolling down with hope to see new update thread, but the old one still looks directly at me
  13. I know that you can add leagues more to the save game but will it be with exactly the same data as it would be like in the beginning with all leagues loaded? Not near the game but dont remember there being option to change viewable league to playable during the save, but must check.
  14. Hey So I want to start journeyman save with ton of leagues loaded etc. Additionally i have added Estonia pyramid data update so to bring realism to start from bottom of home country and go on from there. But issue is that those leagues are completely empty of real players. So if i click add players to playable leagues this will add players to other leagues also thus making the DB too huge i am afraid. So my wish is only to generate players to Esotnian leagues so I can play there. Is there option to do it?
  15. You are. How can you believe that product that is built to run on system that has Processor:Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core 2 or AMD Athlon2.2 GHz or higher as min requirement. For so long they have kept this min req and to run on this aging processor they must make some cuts. Here lies the fault also i think. It does not matter how many fancy pieces you put on a car that has rusty old engine, it wont go faster. Their aim is to make it work on so low pc specs that they must cut corners, thats why it is hard to rework on code. Year after year faults come back. Just feels they are holding back their ability to offer so much more regarding simulation and what will be shown on the pitch in the end for us. It is hard for developers. Only positive this year is that they went over to 64bit finally.
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