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  1. There is reason why it has not been revealed. Every date is speculation.
  2. Uhh there is long way to go making realistic transfer demands. These clauses some mentionede here are crazy. Some features from real life would be crazy to add in.
  3. Specs are not only about graphics. They are limiting simulation aspect of the game by specs. Dont care about also ME graphics or some editor, but inject more power to ME, the AI could differ and use their potential better, each year should stack on different outcomes and make the AI better. There seems not that big leap and seems more been hold back by this. In the latest FMs the starting year most of go the same as always, you know what guys will be bought for big clubs etc. I understand that lower PC consumers want to play also FM and i agree it is good to have this wide spread. When tablet veresion came out, i was hoping they will create this kind of lite version to PC also and thus those who have higher PC can have this more advance version of the game. (edit: seeing these new SS of interface, they tend to be more for tablet users to simplify view for them, but that is just my opinion, will see if good quality of life when it comes out) I would love to SI make option to agree into AI learning. Where there is feedback to AI how us player AI also make moves or tactics so they can use this input making the game better. Machine learning should be used when it comes to simulation that come out every year. I really hope this idea for them.
  4. God damn u gave heartattack that there is full game video for FM20...
  5. Did it not happen few years ago? Or I missed something :/
  6. Same here. Buying games based on some PC magazing or the cover. Renting VHS or DVD just from reading the description and enjoying it so much more than seeing almost main stuff from trailers. On football note I really loved what Pep said in the game and was wondering is this somehow implemented in game or should be? Not FM news, but just a thought.
  7. Hope AI uses it and with pressing wont be exploit.
  8. Even if the release date is correct, the beta would be assumption.
  9. All this positioning, movement etc might be done better by ME updates for this years FM. Just it is worrying they are not mentioning this or anything.
  10. Llike what? The biggest thing I think is that nothing has been covered about tactics. Yes there are some good quality of life features and updates, but every year i think there has been something that changes the flow of game and how we build up tactics. Currently the only thing I can see is inverted winger. Might be interesting new option but does not bring out this kind of dynamic you would expect from new release. And i dont want huge and overhauling things, I want to see some progress made on this.
  11. Have to agree a bit with him. They have not shown something that uhh makes u jump feature to game.
  12. Have never let me down. Not only about FM but other games also. Not sure how much it would be in £. Football Manager 2020
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