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  1. Hello Strange thing happening or I am missing something obvious. Loaded latest save game and there is no option to see the grid in tactics screen. Load back one save before that and there it is. Skins are the same, so that should not be the isssue. Have i toggled off something else or staff member?
  2. Nice thanks. Will take a look. I dont mind if the stats differ. It will be interesting to see their careers to pan out differently. I am suprised that this way has not been used before when making these old DBs. Amazing work. Are there any plans to update more leagues or players? Also have u changed PA of younger players that grew into better players in future that where not assigned so well in CM 03? Also is that first post googledrive save the latest with all leagues that are possible to have correct? Planning to start a save.
  3. Wow really amazing thing. Do someone have few years save game into the game and how the current players are popping in as regens? Might bring back my interest to FM21
  4. Could someone give insight is it better to mentor even when losing for example determination for several points? Having youngster with 16-18 det, is beneficial to make mentor group for them if there is bigger drop in determination as this seems to be having the biggest effect when players with different determination are put together. How much could other mental atrb rise to be benefit losing determination. Here for example:
  5. Anyone seen this? For some reason player is joining in several years. Could it be because of brexit? Has it been reported?
  6. Really apricate the work done and hope this will bring stability to the game better. But I see the with mod transfers a bit too heavy on big players. Chelsea buying Felix, Dembele, Belotti to already stacked attacking options - without seeing anyone sold for even a decent fee. Ofcourse needs to see more transfer activity to make any assumptions why things happen exactly . Barcelona suddenly selling to PL rather than buying from here is also bit concerning(Or maybe you played around with their financial mess?)
  7. Do I understand this is strange, not something regarding league rules or something else?
  8. Playing in Italy Serie C right now. First season over and being promoted. Now suddenly it shows information that my club has made an offer to my own player. Stating that I will recieve 1.9 mil if this transfer will go through also. Dont understand who made the offer or even accepted it, because I did nothing. Save file before it happened( happened on 9th may, save is on 2th may): Italy.fm Save file when it already happened: Ittttalyyy1.fm Could it be something Italy related or something I am missing. I did not see info that the player is owned by some agent and th
  9. No, why would it say I will recieve 1.9 mil if this deal goes trough. Sounds like some Italy money laundry
  10. Okey I will continue asking strange quetsions Why the heck are we making offer to our own player?
  11. yes you are correct. Juventus u23 won group A. Thanks for the info.
  12. Another question regarding assistant manager. Playing Serie C and it shows Assistant coach not manager and I can have them several ones. Is this unique to Italy or something is wrong?
  13. Anyone played in Serie C? I won my group and now 3 group winners should be playing against each other but for some reason Juventus is one of them. Am I missing something or it should be bug?
  14. Is it somehow possible to stop shortlisting players if I ask fee from agents?
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