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  1. saihtam

    FM18: Hidden Gems

    Saw United Snatching him up for 6mil. Looks amazing striker for few first seasons.
  2. saihtam

    FM18: David Brooks

    My little project. Will try to make if similar player like Brooks. He already went nuts in Cup game and scored 5 goals. Afraid I cant get his mental stats up enough .
  3. saihtam

    Inverting Transfers?

    Would love some more dynamic negotiation. Have some feed back, why the player might join other team. Is it the wage, city, league, team members, family etc. Not only suggest offers for hundred times, until it is done. And then he choose someone else for no good reason.
  4. saihtam

    Expected Attribute Improvement

    I find it is very hard to get mental attributes up. Even with high PA, they still get more dedicated to technical or physical.
  5. Hello First thing, don't have IOS so haven't had hands on testing with it. Have only read about it and some videos. My first hope is that there was different department and development for FM19 wont be affected by this. Cant see any demand or need it brings at current state. I see the appeal to quick search players during games or off hours from football manager. But I did not notice that the app would be anyhow connected to our own game. That would be the all purpose of this app for me. See a game, like the player, search from app, add to scout or shortlist. Then when i hit the game up I can see him fast. Not to remember searching him up later. Next problem is taking out all the fun of Football Manager. If using this app I find a player I am interested, why on first tab show me their CA and PA? You dont show it in the game, why show it in the app? Addition to that is the confusing CA and PA system, why to change something that is so long been in the game. If I get my hands on it, I might see it more useful, but currenlty I see it a bit of wasteful resource using from SI. It is option to make quick buck with ads and purchases. Just loaded DB to phone and show it confusingly. Buuut, if they have some plans and will improve and make it truly connected to users personal saves. Even saving somehow to shortlist that u can load up to your game, then there might be some kind of use.
  6. Small off topic, might be discussed in the forums before. (Can direct me there) Do people like, that scout reports say exactly what roles the opposite team uses? It can be helpful to get some knowledge how AI uses players etc, but might make facing them easier as you can counter their roles easier.
  7. saihtam

    FM Discords?

    Just curious, why dont you want to chat there?
  8. Also there is option for using skins with instant results?
  9. @macca7292 I can see that your Libero is not getting very many assist and goals. I might be wrong but it seems that your middle is too crowded. Two strikeres, under them is attacking midfielder and under him two CM. So it might be hard for libero to squeeze into there? He has very good vision and passing, need to utilize that more. Go into stats and see how much is he involved in build up and passes he makes. Nice work Cleon, just got back to FM18 with Leeds and my long term goal is also to dominate PL with Libero, but it is for the future. Keep it up!
  10. saihtam

    FM18: David Brooks

    How do you suggest to develop a player when he is not starting every game? I think huge impact was the amount of games Brooks received. Is it nessecary to send him out to loan where I can see how he is trained? or give him some sub games and tops 5-10 games full 90 minutes?
  11. That height on the youth intake kid. Should maybe push him up to middle?
  12. Nooo, this cant happen to this save :/
  13. saihtam

    FM18: David Brooks

    Just out of curiosity do you know his PA? Can send me PM for it. Can get even close to this good. Think he might have variable PA?
  14. Wondering who is responsible for Estonia? It is shame that only Tier 1 has all players, but tier 2 is over half empty, some clubs only 1 player and same for tier 3.
  15. Do you know how to connect with SI about scouting, maybe there is time to improve it for next year.