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  1. @Cleon How are you finding FM19 libero role? Has there been any changes. As now we can have only libero in the same line as defenders. Do you reckon there are more changes? Or if you have covered this about FM19 can you please share link I have not being playing lot of this year. But think giving it a go again and maybe try to motivate with getting some.
  2. 25 euros from HERE, instant gaming has been good so far.
  3. Can someone corrrect me, but the game data shows live edits or not? I remember it use to do it. Currently unable to check myself.
  4. I am more into the DB changes you have made with editor. 25k is a lot.
  5. When people get the first brexic message usually?
  6. Strange, i have not seen so many where is height/weight questions in any years.
  7. Would have hope some feedback, but seems that no one cares If AI can read your actions behind the scenes. But one more cross and everyone loses their mind.
  8. Firstly I have not reported this as bug as it seems more like a way to make us player pay more for players and it would be buried deep there. I will report if necessary as I have save game for this. I got promoted to to Premier League with Leeds and wanted to get Butland for cheap. I have done some selling of my own players so i had decent wage and transfer budget. All my budget was in transfer as u can see in below SS. For testing I used quick way that my director of footy suggest offer and i suggest it to the player. So here u can see the offer i made and what agent said to me. Now there are two ways of doing it. I can push the wage budget very up and make new offer that shows their demands rising more. But for better proof i reload the save, hike the wage budget up to the limit that will show wage demanding raising from agent and do the same offer like i did before. If i put it to max wage budget the demands rise by 5% only so wont post SS of it. We have been told so many times that wages and fees are based on club statue and league. How can agent read into players budget allocation and make more improved demand based on that? It is one of the hidden edge to AI... I have not done testing for transferring but if someone has time and up for it can go ahead.
  9. Wondering if they update the VAR to CL as they are heavily thinking of it to have in the knock out stages.
  10. Really this kind of behavior happens in the game? Is it for regens or real players?
  11. I got promoted but HSV also got promoted so Arp was not that interested to move.
  12. Tried him after 1 season as Leeds, Accepted offer around 14-18mil on all clauses, but the player wanted over 80k wage and big demands. So i skipped him as it was too much for promotion side. Might be because they got promotion.
  13. Hope you understand that stars are not showing the value of CA and PA, but reflect the players ability compared to YOUR squad.
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