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  1. I agree. On this, I disagree. Basically: So, what we need in my opinion is not a second tactical screen, but a view screen. A screen that will show you how the team will dispose itself in attacking formation. You still set that up in the normal tactical screen we have, but in the other screen you see the results of your decisions. They already implemented something similar recently (the colour of the boxes of the field, depending on how well covered it is) but I think this second screen would be pretty easy to make and would give the player more infos on what his ta
  2. Ok, that puts my mind at ease. On one hand, this makes me happy because my intuition has not been proved wrong. On the other hand, this makes me a little sad because I do want for this game to work properly. It's such an amazing game, with so much depht and realism. Football manager DOES get better with each new year. It's unfortunate that the ME is ruined by this bug, which I repeat is my only concern with the game. In my mind, all it needs is some balancing: more central play, less "great" chances created but higher conversion rate for those and that's it, the rest is about little d
  3. If you've only been playing in Italy for 3 matches then all those stats might have been "simulated", as I said earlier, before your arrival . When you have the time and if you remember about it, try to see if you can view the older matches of the league before you jumped in. If you can, I stand corrected. Otherwise, you'll soon notice the trend I mentioned with most assists coming from wingbacks and fullbacks I'm really curious, so let me know!
  4. Aaah, there it is. It was too weird to be true, I'd be going insane if that wasn't the case
  5. Never mind that, I see now you're managing Roma. This is mind-boggling. So it's just my save? For three years in a row?
  6. Are you actually managing in Serie A, or is it simulated in background? You can check this easily if you try to view a match. In the latter case you won't be able to. I'm asking you this because I've noticed that in my save, the top assist-men list in the Bundesliga is realistic-looking like yours (Havertz is often at the top of the list), but it's been simulated so no real match has been actually played by the ME. Maybe when the ME is not directly involved the game returns more realistic results with more variety. P.S. In which year are you playing, dude?? They're all regens! Or d
  7. Since I've been quoted... I don't think anymore it's about width. It's about depht. Through balls are rare by default, but If the opponents are defending deep you can absolutely forget about them. The ME registers there's not enough space behind the defense - even though, visually, there is - and that's it. This has been confirmed for me by @Zemahh's gifs. Look here: And here: The opponent's defense is playing very high in both examples, that leaves space behind it to exploit. But once the opponents perceive you as a dangerous opponent they'll never defend that high again.
  8. Guys, I've created a topic in the bug/ME section of the forums to discuss the problem about the lack of central play. Made lots of test and decided to share my "findings", in the hope they could prove useful for the devs, even if a little. If anyone wants to contribute or add any other insights and/or ideas on how to solve this, that'd be great
  9. Hello, I've made various "tests" on this matter on my own, and I thought I'd share them here in the hope that they could help the devs to figure this out. I've seen another post about this subject in the forums, and I would have added all this info there but it got blocked. Let's start with saying that the "lack of central play" problem can be exacerbated by tactics, but I'm pretty sure it's code-based and it affects AI's teams as well as the player's team. All you need to do to confirm this is to consult the top assist-men of the league in your current save, and you'll notice they'r
  10. I don't know if you were talking to me specifically, but that was actually my point, I agree with you. A deep and narrow defense should defend well against through balls, it's true, but they shouldn't be able to NULLIFY that threat completely for 90 minutes. Especially if their defensive side is weaker than your offensive side. Ahah that's exactly right! How I love such a play! That's a very interesting point, Rashidi, and it really helped me to better understand how it works. I said earlier that defensive width doesn't matter, but that might not be completely tru
  11. Guys, I've made a test. I've also saved the pkm for this test, and I'll make a more comprehensive post in the bug/ME section of the forum, in the hope that it can help the devs to figure this out. For now, I'll just say I played a match while controlling both teams, one on the offensive, focusing play in the middle of the pitch, the other one defending high and wide. And voila: This is a fine example of the possession style of football, based on short passes and slow tempo. This is what some of us want our teams to do consistently. Players patiently pass the ball to each other un
  12. I've just bought the in-game editor, fiddling with it now... are you more experienced with it? Is there a way to, for example, reduce by 5 the sitting back and width stats for ALL managers in-game without doing it manually for each one of them?
  13. Anyway, I concur stars may be misleading. I want to focus on the lack of central play, though. I've got to a point I'd like to edit the preset tactics of all the AI managers so they don't always sit deep and narrow that much (can it be done?)
  14. I think the stars represent the player's abilities compared to your GOAL for the current season. If your goal is to escape relegation and your players have 5 stars, it means he's very good for THAT, not that he's among the best players in the league. So, for example, in my save I manage Empoli in Serie A, and my striker Zaza has 4 stars. He'd have at least a star less if I was managing Juve
  15. If you need proof for the lack of central play, look no further than this: Only a few games left before the end of the season, this is the list of the top assist-men of the league. They're all wingbacks and wingers, those who play on the side of the field. There's no single AMC player in that list, or even central midfielder for that matter, except for Stulac (but he's my player and I know he made those assists with set pieces). The list of the top assist-men in the current Serie A season is quite different, As shown here. Luis Alberto, Gomez, Pellegrini, Kulusevski, Bentancur,
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