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    I had a rough start when I opened my eyes for the first time. Struggling through life since 28 years. Finally I know the reason. FM gave me so much hold through the years. I accept my dissabilities and will always have a smile on my face:)

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    Autism makes me sometimes weak, but sometimes it's useful too:)


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    Helping people, especially with mental and neurologic difficulties

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    FC Basel

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    the editor

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  1. Alpha-Stage files on Patreon: There are currently 3 files at Alpha-Stage on Patreon. I hope they work properly to release them in a public version ASAP. - 300+ new Derbies worldwide + over 1000 fixes - 350 worldwide awards fixes - more injuries Cheers Daveincid
  2. My first "Let's play"-Series is now on youtube -221 Nations loaded - 400+ Leagues playable - Full detail Cheers Daveincid
  3. I am pretty sure that @davie77 has big plans for fm22 too But yeah, it's fascinating scrolling through all theese Nations
  4. Slow is relative^^ I simulated 4 years with all 221 Nations playable and about 400 Leagues. The point is: What you get is just amazing! IMO it feels almost like another game. If you are not too impatient it's definetly worth it
  5. Discuss about my "Increase Realism"-Megapack and @davie77 's "Around the World"-Megapack on Discord: Realism ModFM (Discord Server)
  6. It's a traditonal youth tournament which takes place in zurich (Switzerland) since 1938. Every year, some of the biggest teams worldwide fighting for the title Cheers Daveincid
  7. New Update is out You can find all changes and explanations in this video: I wish you all a good weekend! Cheers Daveincid
  8. all good! my english isn't the best, so it might be a missunderstanding too!
  9. I tried to say that this is actually happening already I was already thinking of doing a feature-request with exactly the same thing you mentioned: a low factor boost to static values of let's say 1.2 if you overperform for years. But this is already ingame
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