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    I had a rough start when I opened my eyes for the first time. Struggling through life since 28 years. Finally I know the reason. FM gave me so much hold through the years. I accept my dissabilities and will always have a smile on my face:)

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    Helping people, especially with mental and neurologic difficulties

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  1. Update released! - Daveincids improved market values + Salaries + Sponsors v1.4 New - A lot of african Nations and some others have been edited (As far as I could find informations), due they are paying much more by default than IRL - Further improvements for money spent on transfers in several Nations - smaller adjustments - Daveincids Belgium sponsorship fix v1.1 New - adjusted the values according to the informations I could find. In Version 1.0 I was a bit too harsh - Daveincids other improvements v1.0 New - Adjustments of too high ticket prices for
  2. I just released my first video on youtube about to increase realism in FM21, don't judge me too harsh, greenhhorn here Cheers Daveincid
  3. In theory yes, but it's a game and not human beings. Even the most determinded player with the highest level of professionalism won't become a superstar without talent. Even if I work hard on my accelleration I will never be as quick as salah. Some stuff is just genetic, and in my opinion this is reflected pretty good with the current system.
  4. This is actually not 100% correct. Even if you have a newgen with PA 200, if his hidden attributes are so bad, he won't reach it, not even close. And if you wouldn't check his PA with a tool you wouldn't even know that he was this talented. So it's just a value to hold the balance in the gameworld. My only argument to solve this topic years for years again is that SI denies us the access to this value^^
  5. This discussion just shows me again that SI just does it right, they leave it as it is
  6. In earlier FM's Lusitanos in Andorra always had portuguese youngsters, so you were able to build a worldclass-team with portuguese youngsters due they take the national youth rating from portugal, and not from andorra It was funny somehow but also not that realistic^^ Maybe something for the bug-forum too for players who like realism (me) Cheers Daveincid
  7. I understand what you mean, but is it really that unlikely? I mean there are thousands of young players who make their debut and you just think: "wow, he will be worldclass someday!". I just thought about Federico Macheda at ManU. For me it's not always the case that a player don't fullfill his PA over the whole career, the "lost wonderkids". Sometimes they just perform well because of a high CA, good hidden attributes and some luck. I mean if every youngster who just performs well over a season would became a top-player, we would have 10k PA190-players in this game. For swiss side Basel
  8. Update 18.01.2021 I finally found my way on social media, feel free to take a look in here to get more informations about my projects for Football Manager 2021 https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/546553-daveincids-info-channels-for-the-increase-realism-megapack-and-more/ Cheers Daveincid
  9. Hi guys I finally found my way into social media. Geez it's stressful already I would be happy if some of you guys would follow me on: https://twitter.com/daveincid https://www.patreon.com/daveincid I am also planning to do a info channel on youtube to explain my megapack in detail as well as my guide, which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJhLIp082IP1n0s5XfOkf9w My main projects: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/545609-fm21-increase-realism-megapack-by-daveincid-update-140121/ https://community.sigames.com/forums/top
  10. That's what I thought There are so many factors which influences the quality of newgens. the national youth rating is only one of them. By default you will see that for example Jordania has a really high Youth Rating, but ingame you won't find much quality players. This is just an example to show you the conplexity of the whole system. I spent hundreds of hours to tweak the ratings in correlation to so many factors to ensure, that the quality of newgens are as realistic as possible to my opinion. For your two examples of China and India: Theese are Nations which I think, will improve t
  11. Is the youth rating too high just because of the number or because you get too many good newgens from china and india? because I don't see too many good players from theese nations in my tests. Cheers
  12. It's a fear which isn't justified that a save will be broken years later. This happends very rarely. If a save is stable the first year, it will be in most cases the whole save
  13. Interessting! I have checked the news, as far as I saw this was back in 2015? I don't think it's still the case. Allan Okello moved from Uganda to Algeria this season. But you are right, there are only a few foreigners in Algeria. I will check my save and if there are too many after a couple of seasons I try to implement this for the next update Cheers Daveincid
  14. Short Info-Update: Please note: For more realism it's important to disable the first transfer window. IRL the transfers already happend, so should it be in the game-setup too for a optimal balance. Cheers Daveincid
  15. I wasn't away as far as I know, sitting in my dark chamber like gollum with the aim to give you a better experience in FM You are welcome!
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