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    I had a rough start when I opened my eyes for the first time. Struggling through life since 28 years. Finally I know the reason. FM gave me so much hold through the years. I accept my dissabilities and will always have a smile on my face:)

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    Autism makes me sometimes weak, but sometimes it's useful too:)


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    Helping people, especially with mental and neurologic difficulties

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  1. Might be a problem of visual presentation I always struggle to represent that much information clearly. After my next update I try to improve the guide
  2. In terms of realism/cpu-power? All Nations playable with at least the 1st + 2nd division? This is why I made a list (hidden) in my thread prioritizing Nations from 1 (most important) to 4 (least important) I would play with all Nations playable from 1-3 and 4 I would set as view-only with adding players via the advanced db. In terms of realism you actually can't load enough. But just an example. Did you know that in Iraq they pay up to 100k for their top-players? This is a reason why so many Iraq-players don't move to Europe or more known Nations, because they got decent
  3. It's mostly down to player-roles. So when I need a BBM I advice them to scout for a BBM. Depending on my average team-age I also set a age-limit
  4. I personally tried it so many times to "trust" my DoF and I've never been 100% consequent In England for example it doesn't seem "unrealistic" to have a lot of power in transfer-decisions as a manager. I usually let my scouts free hand who they are scouting, but I give them advice what I am looking for.
  5. Thank you! No, this file is a standalone right-now. There were some issues with transfer budgets with zero balances. I improved this one and it's enough to hold the financial balance in general :)
  6. I still discover new ways to mod the game all the time within the pre-game-editor. I realized that a lot of problems or suggestions can be fixed/created wit the current tools provided by SI Once you dive deep into the editor, it's just insane
  7. Thank you:) Well SI already locked some of my feature- request to improve the pre-game-editor and as a result FM as a whole, so I'm pretty happy with their philosophy Cheers Daveincid
  8. Hi Mate, As your CPU has 4C/8T and "only" 8GB RAM I personally wouldn't load too many leagues as playable. But there are still decent setups possible. The player-count itself isn't an issue. You can load 150k and your CPU and RAM can handle it, if you don't set too many leagues as playable. I would use the following setup: Playable: England (As low as you want you LLM-Save), France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany (All First two divisions and the rest view-only below) Brazil Argentina, USA, Mexico, China, South-Korea (Top Division playable, rest view-only below) Vi
  9. You are welcome! - If you have used my previous versions please remove all the files from the editor-data-folder before installing the final version!
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