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  1. Supercup: RSC Anderlecht 1:2 KAA Gent We dominated them...but we just had bad luck..... Cheers Daveincid
  2. Transfers so far: OUT: - Davy Roef He has a great personalitiy, He have done his job well as a GK and tutor. He take the chance to play in the EPL. - Yasin Ayoub He had a good time at the club, because we have so many talents in CM and a good offer from Hertha i decided to sell him. - Nicolae Stanciu Was already on loan last season. They took the mandatory fee - Andy Najar Was already on loan last season. They took the mandatory fee - Rachid Alioui He didn't take the chances I gave him. - Eric Matoho He got strong concurrence, too strong.... - Khaled Narey I wasn't that happy with his progress so I sold him - Phakamani Mahlambi He just fitted into SKINA . Bayern took the clause of 40M. What a deal! - Aaron Leya Iseka Not a bad season, but he didn't fit with his personality.... - Ritchie De Laet his abillity is to weak for our goals. - Thabo Matlaba same for him. In: - Hocine Djahal Bad scouting, already released on a free.... - Vincent Kompany So proud on this transfer! Ihope he can keep his CA high over 2-3 years - Allan Nyom New starter on the right side! Quite expensive but definetly an upgrade to Narey - Orel Mangala He's a youngster from our academy, glad he's back! I hope he can improve his personality to fit into the squad. - Mohammed Youssef Pure talent! - Roel Bloemen Also a big talent! Next Kompany maybe? - Luvoyo Mbambo Bad scouting, well see... - Pierre Zebli Decent CM, not sure if he is good enough. Transfer Summary: We made a big plus so far! My squad is still big and good enough, so it's not necessary to buy more players. Cheers Daveincid
  3. Thank you =) Well most youngsters already have a very good personality, he will bring them close to perfection
  4. Transfer Announcement! I was able to sign a true legend for the club! Perfect personality, homegrown player with a lot of experience! Vincent Kompany!! Cheers Daveincid
  5. End of Season Player stats: We had several players with really good performances this season. I wanna highlight some of them. - Trezeguet: When he's fit, he's a beast! I don't know if his ppm "Curls the ball" helps. he tutored this ppm to Dodi Ludebakio, they will be my right wing for next season. Will be hard for Mahlambi....I consider to sold him when a good offer comes in.... - Casimir Ninga: He's not always our first choice....but if I only look to his stats....he needs to play every minute... - Yari Verschaeren: My personal favoutite! Regular starter with 17, now 18 and a absolutely beast! I pray that he won't leave us too soon.... - Jorn Vancamp: After his loan last summer he just explode! Personalities: We had many improvements in "resolute" and "professional". Determination is also really high for almost every player! Cheers Daveincid
  6. Jupiler Pro League Championship Group Game 9: RSC Anderlecht 3:2 KRC Genk A close game! but better end for us, like so often this season=) Jupiler Pro League Championship Group Game 10: KV Oostende 2:1 RSC Anderlecht This was the last game of the season! I know that we had a bad season in cup and CL, but I doesn't feel like a bad season. I am happy how things went, especially our promising youngsters! they will have a lot of more play-time next season. this also means i need to sell some of my players...later more Cheers Daveincid
  7. Jupiler Pro League Championship Group Game 4: KRC Genk 1:3 RSC Anderlecht Quite a lucky win, but anyway....3 points! Jupiler Pro League Championship Group Game 5: RSC Anderlecht 4:1 KV Oostende We are so close to the title! Jupiler Pro League Championship Group Game 6: RSC Anderlecht 1:1 KAA Gent First match point: missed! Jupiler Pro League Championship Group Game 7: Sporting Lokeren 2:1 RSC Anderlecht We lost with a stronger U19-Team today but.....WE ARE CHAMPIONS!! So proud of my team! In general a solid championship-season this year with a horrible cup and CL-Season. Looking forward for next season to make RSC Anderlecht great again! Jupiler Pro League Championship Group Game 8: Standard Lüttich 1:4 RSC Anderlecht First game after the title....my youngster will get more chances to proofe themselves....so far so good! 2 more games to go.... Cheers Daveincid
  8. Thank you! I am especially impressed from Yari Verschaeren! I wonder if he's that talented IRL
  9. Ur right! But it will be a challenge to keep the youngsters at the club, they are so young and i guess they have now already a quite high abillity and reputation....causing belgiums bad performance in the last 2 years in europe the players will be cheaper to buy for the big clubs...or they wanna move into a bigger league. So I think I have a lot of work next season!
  10. Wow! Thank you for this information! It's always nice to get deeper into the save throught people who know the league in detail
  11. Yeah! Now I will give younger players more chances, I hope they can take the opportunity
  12. Jupiler Pro League Championship Group Game 3: KAA Gent 1:3 RSC Anderlecht What a win! I am so proud of my young team! Vs. our biggest competitor...away....nice one! Cheers Daveincid
  13. Jupiler Pro League Championship Group Game 2: RSC Anderlecht 3:1 Standard Lüttich Seems like we're back! Just at the right time we deliver what we need! Cheers Daveincid
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