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  1. Change of the project: Transfer Preferences (v.1.1) 25.11.2019 This Update is huge....almost 2'000 changes in transfer preferences. Every Nation was updated individually. According to my testing so far the impact is visible for every Nation. In the Top 5 there will be changes in transfer-targets too , but not that much as in lower leagues, because they still aim to get the best Players possible. I will post Pictures with the difference from standard-DB vs. my DB with all Files in the thread. I started to integrate the amount of Feeder-Clubs aswell. England for example are likely to have a affilation with a Belgian Team. I will update this in v.1.2, but generally the project is close to be completed. As far as there are no bigger mistakes. I highly recomend the file from @majesticeternity with some inputs of my preferences-file! Her work is absolutely amazing! It's incredible with what amount of speed, effort and view for details she creates content I never thought that it would be possible!
  2. Change of the project: Injuries increase by 20% (v.1.0) 19.11.2019 I read that SI decreased the ammount of injuries by 20% from real world statistics because people often complained. So I created a file which increases them by 20%. Injuries increase by 20% (v.1.1) 20.11.2019 small adjustments to some injuries which where autoreset to 5. I highly reccomend the injuries file from @majesticeternity! Her work is absolutely amazing! It's a pleasure to support her project to bring FM to a whole new level! Cheers Daveincid
  3. Specific Nation or year? I just wrote recently that I won't publish the values. If you wanna see them you can through the editor Cheers Daveincid
  4. It's difficult to explain it completely, My Excel has about 30 different parameters. In generall, a nations youth rating is not the only factor which leads to good newgens, not at all. A high rating also leads to a huge spread of quantity, not only quality. If you look how many brazilians play in minor leagues around the globe. The have almost a unlimited talent-fabric. A high attendance in correlation with full stadiums show that people have passion for the sport and it's part of a Nations culture. So the kids will play it in school, on weekends and so on. If you have passion, you are more determinded to put all your effort into it. You can see your idols play, you want to be like them or even better. So a high average attendance boosts the national youth rating a bit. It also influences game importance aswell of course. My experience so far showed in a example: Nation A has a YR 160 and football is popular, but they love basketball too Nation B has a YR 120 and they are absolutely fanatic for football Nation B can still be better in producing worldclass players. It's not that simple as people think. It's not changing the rating and that's all. I hope you understand it a bit better. Cheers Daveincid
  5. It's based on my understanding of what's important to reflect reality better in FM. Not everyone is checking the values in the editor, it takes fun away IMO. So please just respect it thanks.
  6. My test result varies between 9-18% more injuries compared to the original db. We are working on it
  7. Hi Streptoverti, Thanks for your feedback! I'm on your side, I'm not 100% happy yet. But it's difficult for me when there is only a feeling, facts would be helpful I'm in talks with a true specialist from Germany about this topic. It takes some time to test everything, especially if all files should work together. I will keep you updated Cheers Daveincid
  8. Thank you very much! I am happy that so many people like the files. I hope to improve the files further as soon as possible! Cheers Daveincid
  9. nice to hear! This is what it's made for. If you find something strange in the future, let me know!
  10. yeah I know, it was more of a complain for the current system. I would love to see how football in Europe would develop with a more fair distribution of the places.
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