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  1. Anyone else given this a go? Would love to know how you're getting on!
  2. Oh please do! I knew it would appeal to Man Utd fans mostly, but I'd try it if it was another team too, I really love the idea of having historical teams in FM!
  3. I wouldn't know where to begin when it came to creating that sort of stuff, if you want to give it a go then feel free!
  4. I know Giles played at "inside right" for the youth side, but I chose to interpret that as an AMC in the modern day. The W-M formation doesn't work in today's game, so I had to make a decision about what to do with those old roles. Any mention of inside right/left I turned into an AMC as a starting point. Some were more midfielders than attackers, so I gave them the option of CM as well, while the more attacking types got ST as well. Likewise, for "Half backs", I gave the more defensively minded ones DM / MC roles, while the more attack minded ones got M / AMC. I think, in this
  5. You're right, I missed that point! That's interesting, it's a 0 in the editor which means it generates randomly. Either I missed that when I created his profile, or I just couldn't think of a number. I never noticed because on my tests it never went below 10. Will update it and re-upload now.
  6. Thanks again! I read about Ackerley and as I understand it, he became an Australian citizen through residency, so I decided not to give him the nationality based on that. BUT... I did set it so he has a preference to play in Australia, so hopefully that's something. If you want to change it on your save though, feel free!
  7. Let me know how you get on, I'm curious to know how it actually plays. I tried to bear that in mind as I made it, but obviously didn't get a chance to really play test it other than through simming seasons.
  8. Thank you! I've worked really hard on this. Been wanting to put it together for a long time (first made a version of this team on a smaller scale back in 2010), and with the pandemic right now, it seemed like the perfect time to scratch this itch, so to speak. As you can see here, Foulkes is indeed capable of playing at DC, but because he wasn't moved there until around the 60's, I thought it would be better to reflect him as a natural right back first and foremost. I think I set his capability there to 14/20, so if you trained him there or played him there, he'd likely become a DRC very
  9. Updated competition wins... Accurate (as much as poss) kits... Full compliment of staff... First Team players... Player attributes, PPM's, personality and positions all researched... Details of each player's history including debut, first goal and competition wins all included, where known... Second nationalities, place of birth, international details etc included where applicable... Previous injuries and/or injuries that may well have been suffered around July 1
  10. Hello, FM fans! I've been using my self-isolation productively and have re-created the Busby Babes. They replace 2020's Man Utd in-game and it's a fairly accurate recreation of the side at the end of 1956-57, the team's last full season before the Munich disaster. I'm really excited to share this because United's history is a big part of the myth around the club and creating this side makes me feel like I'm bringing them back to life in some small way. I've had to take some liberties along the way, but here's an idea of what I was going for... The club has a full complimen
  11. Thank you @Christopher Lewis . I've just done exactly that, the file's called "The Busby Babes.fmf"
  12. Hello, hope this is the right forum for this as it's probably an editor issue, I just can't figure out what it could be. Summary: Game is crashing between 2 specific dates in a custom database. Description of Issue: I'm creating a "Busby Babes" database editing Man Utd as if the 1957 season just ended. To that end, I've been creating a lot of new staff, editing the histories of a lot of competitions etc; it's just short of 6,000 database changes now. To cut a long story short, I've just started testing and between the dates of 30 August 2019 and 31 August 2019, the game crashes
  13. I don't suppose you managed to find the answer to this, @fraudiay79? I'm making a Busby Babes team and the idea of being able to spawn in a 15 year old newgen George Best in the fourth or fifth season is getting me hyped!
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