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  1. Hello, I'm using an exported team for Versus mode as part of an online league and I have a couple of questions about how it works when a team is imported. Languages spoken. I know this matters in normal FM, but there only seems to be 1 language spoken for each player on my team. Will this impact on the communication between the players? Are there other spoken languages still there? Player traits These don't seem to be anywhere in my player's information tabs. Are they still there, only hidden? Or are they just not carried over when a team is exported/imported?
  2. Hello, I think I've found a bug with Sergio Reguilón. I'm playing as Real Madrid and just received the notification below However, when I try and make a £40m offer it's rejected by Tottenham and doesn't give me the tell-tale "green triangle" to indicate that a clause has been met. Indeed, there doesn't seem to be a reference to any clauses in his contract. I am running a customised database, but have double checked in the pre-game data editor that I didn't change anything (his contract is the same with the vanilla database) and there's no clauses listed there either. Summary: - So playing as Real Madrid and on the 24th July 2021 I received an inbox notification for a buy-back clause that doesn't seem to exist. - save game is uploaded to ownCloud and is from 23rd July 2021 (called "Javier Rodríguez - Real Madrid 23Jul.fm") - You'll have to click continue a couple of times to see the inbox notification come up
  3. Type: Laptop Model: MSI GL62 7QF CPU Model: i5-7300HQ CPU Base Frequency: CPU Turbo Frequency: RAM: 16GB DDR4 RAM Clockspeed: 2128Mhz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M - 2GB Graphics Level in 3D: High Storage Type: SSD Benchmark A: 04 min 10 Sec Benchmark B: 17 min 04 Sec Benchmark C: 29 min 54 Sec Benchmark D: It took 31m to do 1 day so I quit early!
  4. Hello, I've had the same issue as listed in this thread: I was 58:01 mins (precisely) into my match when the game suddenly crashed. There was no crash dump message on-screen or .dmp file generated, the screen just went black and the .exe process ended. Have attached my DxDiag following the advice in the other thread and I have removed my extra graphics I had added and will keep playing to see if this happens again. I was actually live streaming when this happened, and curiously it also messed up the audio on my mic. Don't know if it's related, but thought it might be worth mentioning in case there's some sort of conflict there. (I was using Voicemeeter at the same time). If you want to see this for yourself, it's at 02:52:16 in this video DxDiag.txt
  5. Anyone else given this a go? Would love to know how you're getting on!
  6. Oh please do! I knew it would appeal to Man Utd fans mostly, but I'd try it if it was another team too, I really love the idea of having historical teams in FM!
  7. I wouldn't know where to begin when it came to creating that sort of stuff, if you want to give it a go then feel free!
  8. I know Giles played at "inside right" for the youth side, but I chose to interpret that as an AMC in the modern day. The W-M formation doesn't work in today's game, so I had to make a decision about what to do with those old roles. Any mention of inside right/left I turned into an AMC as a starting point. Some were more midfielders than attackers, so I gave them the option of CM as well, while the more attacking types got ST as well. Likewise, for "Half backs", I gave the more defensively minded ones DM / MC roles, while the more attack minded ones got M / AMC. I think, in this case, Giles was probably fed up of being put into that right channel away from the action when he wanted to be doing the job Edwards and Colman were doing in the middle of the pitch.
  9. You're right, I missed that point! That's interesting, it's a 0 in the editor which means it generates randomly. Either I missed that when I created his profile, or I just couldn't think of a number. I never noticed because on my tests it never went below 10. Will update it and re-upload now.
  10. Thanks again! I read about Ackerley and as I understand it, he became an Australian citizen through residency, so I decided not to give him the nationality based on that. BUT... I did set it so he has a preference to play in Australia, so hopefully that's something. If you want to change it on your save though, feel free!
  11. Let me know how you get on, I'm curious to know how it actually plays. I tried to bear that in mind as I made it, but obviously didn't get a chance to really play test it other than through simming seasons.
  12. Thank you! I've worked really hard on this. Been wanting to put it together for a long time (first made a version of this team on a smaller scale back in 2010), and with the pandemic right now, it seemed like the perfect time to scratch this itch, so to speak. As you can see here, Foulkes is indeed capable of playing at DC, but because he wasn't moved there until around the 60's, I thought it would be better to reflect him as a natural right back first and foremost. I think I set his capability there to 14/20, so if you trained him there or played him there, he'd likely become a DRC very quickly. For Scanlon, actually I think you're right in that I've probably over-done his right footedness. I went by Tony Parks's "Sons of United" where he's described as "A naturally left-footed winger who could seemingly glide past defenders with exceptional acceleration and close ball control, his attribute of being able to adapt on the right-hand side of the pitch when required came in useful at various times." From that I gave him 15/20 for his right foot, but re-reading it now, I'll tone it down, set him as an AML only (with 14/20 for AMR) and re-upload the file. Thanks for spotting that. Edit: Updated the screenshot in the OP now as well.
  13. Updated competition wins... Accurate (as much as poss) kits... Full compliment of staff... First Team players... Player attributes, PPM's, personality and positions all researched... Details of each player's history including debut, first goal and competition wins all included, where known... Second nationalities, place of birth, international details etc included where applicable... Previous injuries and/or injuries that may well have been suffered around July 1957 are also included...
  14. Hello, FM fans! I've been using my self-isolation productively and have re-created the Busby Babes. They replace 2020's Man Utd in-game and it's a fairly accurate recreation of the side at the end of 1956-57, the team's last full season before the Munich disaster. I'm really excited to share this because United's history is a big part of the myth around the club and creating this side makes me feel like I'm bringing them back to life in some small way. I've had to take some liberties along the way, but here's an idea of what I was going for... The club has a full compliment of staff, directors and players from the first team down to the U18's. There's no "W-M" in football now, so I've gone for a default 5-4-1 which sacrifices an AMC for the sake of an extra DC, but feel free to use whatever tactic you want. Some player positions don't really translate into the modern game, so for some I've opted to give them either more defensive or a more attacking set of attributes, and for others I've allowed them to have more positions on the pitch and versatility. Included some players/staff at the club who weren't strictly there on 1st July 1957 such as Harry Gregg and Jack Crompton, but it makes sense to add them in from the start for the sake of gameplay. Some staff roles are combined as clubs seemed to have been run by about 10 people back in the day, unlike now. Edited histories of competitions such as the English Premier League, Champions League, etc, in order to give the side more historical context. Players and staff have full histories as far as I know them from my research. Attributes etc are my own opinion. I'm a United fan, so I've probably romanticised a little, but when Bobby Charlton is telling you Duncan Edwards is the only player who made him feel inferior, then he's just got to be a God-tier player. Club records, affiliates, rivals and legends have been edited, although some of them don't register in the game. I'm not sure why, must be a quirk of the editor, but I'm afraid you'll have to suspend your disbelief for some of them. Download here! The Busby Babes.fmf If you don't know, put this file in your "editor data" folder located at "Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data" Potential issues: The owner of the club tends to retire in the 1st season and it's a bit of pot luck as to who takes over. If you leave the AI to run United, Busby sometimes spends like a maniac. I've reduced United's budget to combat this as well as messing with his tendencies, but just so you know! Man Utd, I mean the real one. At first, I released all of the players/staff on frees, but it didn't have the right feel. Instead, they're a fake team with no division called "Man Red" with a 90 year transfer embargo. It wasn't perfect, but it works. I've defaulted "staff responsibilities" to roughly what they would've been back then, so you will likely want to alter these if you take over, depending on how you like to play FM. This database is best paired with 2 custom "edt" files that will allow the addition of real-life youth players to come through the club's youth intakes in the following 5-6 years, as well as a more realistic board takeover (although for the takeover, it's hit and miss as to whether it works). be_a_newgen.edt future_chairmen.edt Place these files into "Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020\data\database\db\2040\edt\permanent". If it asks you to over-write the existing files there, say yes. (you might want to back them up first) Enjoy! If you have any feedback, good or bad, please let me know below. Edit 31-Mar: Added 4 players; Ivan Beswick, Bobby Allen, Bryce Fulton and Peter Jones, and amended Jackie Hennessy's position following a chat with Tony Parks, also amended Albert Scanlon in line with a comment in this thread. 1-Apr: Updated Duncan Edwards's leadership attribute, slightly altered his position and improved Jackie Blanchflower's ability as an AMR
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