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  1. Great work! Much appreciated. For my journeyman save, I'll wait for the full/final release. Do you have any indication when that will be?
  2. Two new players arrived at FC Rànger's before the start of the 2015/2016 season. Alexis Pérez (GK, 19 yrs) is going to fulfill the role of backup goalie. In contrast to his predecessor Amadeo Hernández, Pérez looks quite capable. Second arrival is Christopher Pousa, an attacking midfielder (23 yrs) coming from the champions FC Santa Coloma. Over there, he was first choice at the AMC position. We've catched a big fish, I'd say. He is strengthening our midfield, definitely. Has it led to better results? To be brief: no, it hasn't. At least, not statistically: But, it looks worse than it was. Throughout the season, we've missed a bit of luck. Nonetheless, we made a very close call to reach top four. Finally, the fifth spot was assured quite easily. In the Copa Constitució, the national cup, we reached the semi-finals. Sant Julià stopped us on our way to the final. A look at the stats: When taking a closer look, the skeleton of the team really is getting its shape. At the back, Serrano, Peire and Rubio are forming a reliable defense. With the arrival of Pousa, our midfield definitely got stronger. With Andreu, Ruivo and Pousa we have almost a spill-over of quality in that line. In front, Bardina had a season of mediocrity, but Pandoro has showed us his goods. Both can be genius. Summarizing: I can smell the potention over here! For next season, reaching top four, and actually obtaining an European ticket, is therefore my minimal expectation...
  3. Before the start of the third season, some new faces arrived. Two defenders were taken over on a free transfer from the relegated UE Santa Coloma, namely Jordi Rubio (DC, 26 yrs) and Cristian Orosa (DL, 24 yrs). Two reliable defenders, at first sight. Striker Pandoro (25 yrs) also signed a contract at Rànger's. Last season he did quite well, and I believe he can do even better. Last, and also least, is the arrival of Amadeo Hernández. This 18 year old goalkeeper (or is it a clown?) is going to try to catch some balls at the training pitch. Hopefully, he doesn't have to show his qualities (or actually, his lack of qualities) during a competitive match... It became a tough season, in which we barely escaped to relegation. A bit disappointing after the excellent results last season. Like usually, we had no success in the national cup also. Only a few players played a decent season, especially Rubio and Bardina have showed their potential. But we can do way, way better with this squad! Three players have to leave at the end of their contracts. Say bye bye to Amadeo Hernández, Mena Parra and Alejandro Venturi. Slowly but surely, I'm refreshing this squad and improving the quality of it. So, up to season #4!
  4. One man came, no man left. Striker Pandoro came on loan from reigning champions FC Santa Coloma. That was, in very short, the preparation on the Primera Divisió. Not a bad choice, looking at the results. As you can see, the league is split up after 14 games. We were lucky to qualify at the top four. A good string of results in the final phase has led us to a third place, with which I'm very, very pleased. We live a little beyond our means, but, hey, I don't mind. We did quite well, especially at the back. These are the seventeen heroes of the season 2013/2014: Unfortunately, our reliable backup goalie Esteve Ruíz Garcia is going to retire. Also, left back Martín Miguel is going to leave. He couldn't convince me of his qualities and therefore his contract will not be renewed. So, we'll need a couple of new faces. Up to next season!
  5. Welcome in Andorra la Vella, capital of football! Well, at least in Andorra... In this thread, I'll present you my career as a virtual football manager at Fútbol Club Rànger's. This club was crowned two times as national champions (in 2006 and 2007) and has won the Copa Constitució once (in 2006). Unfortunately, nowadays FC Rànger's is playing at the second level, in the Segona Divisió. About my ambitions? We'll see, we'll just see... I'll present the seasons in a nutshell. Let's kick off the first season, 2012/2013! After a bad start, we recovered quite well. That has resulted in a fine second place, and since B-teams can't grab a promotion spot, we got that pleasure. Let me present you the men that have achieved success: So, in the next season we'll enter the Primera Divisió. Are we up to that? Sorry for the short intro, I'll post subsequent seasons within a few days. Cheers!
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