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  1. And I'm proud of every one of the them. You've got to disrupt the enemies game plan any way you can. I can't remember, the rage gave me temporary amnesia. I didn't need ages, only ten minutes. I would even have been delighted with a draw, but they took the ****. Thanks for your shut up shop tips, I'll implement them next chance I get.
  2. So 4141preachinblues seems to be a fairly good tactic in tough away games up until about the 85th minute. Anyone know of a really good shut up shop guarantee the bastards don't score four goals in the last five minutes tactic? Also I hate this game and I'm going to uninstall it. It's not the despair. I can take the despair. It's the hope I can't stand.
  3. Thanks for the tips buddy, I'll keep them in mind! It is a bit of an annoying league, there doesn't seem to be much money about outside of the big two (Shakhtar happily splash £100 million every transfer window) and attendances seem really low across the board. I suppose it gets a bit easier once you start qualifying for the champions league regularly. Possibly most annoying of all is the 'bug' where the league now finishes in March after the expansion to 16 teams. The fixture congestion in the first half of the season for me is awful. Well done on getting out of the CL group stage that's a massive achievement. Shame about losing Mendez, but I'm sure there's plenty more like him you can find in South America with the money you've got now.
  4. Wow this is nuts. I'm also having a save in Ukraine but with Olexandriya. In my fourth season and barely scraping fourth in the league, I can't see my team ever besting Shakhtar and Dynamo. So I find your story equal parts depressing and inspiring.
  5. It's FM20.2.4 Sicilian 4222 on page 131 No, league form is not that great, we're struggling against weaker teams and Dynamo and Shakhtar are in a league of their own. Shakhtar in particular are unplayable, they've signed Piatek from Milan for £30+ million and couple of others for similarly ridiculous amounts. I can only dream. Fortunately we're over performing in Europe though, so it's not all doom and gloom.
  6. Yes bloody beautiful! Not sure how much was the tactic (Sicillianvol2442 set to positive) and how much was Ferencvaros being awful (despite having Theo Walcott oddly enough) , they have a goal difference of -23 after 3 games LOL. The disappointing thing is, it could've easily been 20-0 with the number of chances created.
  7. I'm managing Olexandriya in Ukraine, they are one of the best of the rest teams in the league behind Dynamo Kiev and Shakhtar. While I'm not doing badly, after four seasons I'm not making any progress. In the previous patch I was challenging for the title until a post winter break calamity saw me finish fourth, and in the new patch I can beat weaker teams but it's a struggle, and Dynamo and Shakhtar are so much better than my team I feel I can never catch them. Shakhtar just spent about £130 million in the transfer window while I have a budget of £1 million. Anyway my team is built around sicilianvol2 and I've started using blackecho 442 sometimes but it has such low tempo that better teams snatch the ball of me and counter easily. Thanks knap, I'll look into that.
  8. I'm going to go back and have a read of your mentality guide. I'm finding patch 20.2.4 very very difficult and frustrating. The days of going on a ten match winning streak are long gone.
  9. In the third season, when the league expands to 16 teams, the first 25 games are played before the winter break and only 5 games are played after. This results in the league finishing at the end of March, in the previous seasons it went on until the end of May / start of June. Also now much fixture congestion in August, September, October.
  10. Is their a link for 'VenomFaith 442' or 'Lookaway 4132' can't see one on the front page?
  11. Nice one, been looking for a narrow diamond. Can I ask what was the tactic like for the first half of the season when you were concealing less but not scoring yourself? I’m looking for a defensively solid tactic to grind out a 0-0 at very tough away games.
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