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  1. @Weiry Will you be updating these to work in the new patch? I'm having particular problems with Laos and Vietnam.
  2. Do you have the Swedish league loaded? In my game all Swedish under 19s play in Sweden except for the odd one out who plays for a Mexican lower league team.
  3. Probably not. Apparently people quite often take teams worse than Wrexham to the Champions league, though how they do it is beyond me. I'm still stuck in the Vanarama with not much hope of promotion any time soon, so I'd love to be in your position
  4. Well there you go then! Yes the number of players in your game will decrease. It varies how much in league to league, some lose a lot, a few seem to gain some. There's a good experiment on page seven of this thread which shows FM21 has better player retention than FM20 (eventually), worth checking out if you didn't see it. So you can keep playing and the problem either will be fixed or not fixed or partially fixed in the next patch, or stop playing because the game's not perfect. Although if you're using the FM editor's tier 10 database, there's a far more annoying problem to do with
  5. Why would you stop your save!?! They have said any changes will be save game compatible. Are you enjoying playing FM? Would you have had any idea this problem existed if you hadn't discovered this thread?
  6. @lucade What is the last picture meant to indicate?
  7. If this does work, please don't remove it. I need all the cheaty loopholes I can get. The game is hard enough as it is.
  8. Yep, I've done a little test and Turkey seems pretty screwed. Added Turkey (super lig only) as playable league in year 2122. Players based in Turkey 9900. Went forward to year 2138 and player count is down to 3820. Turkish teams only take in 2-3 youth players and only top tier teams generate players.
  9. @BedeviledEgg This file seems to stop the Vanarama leagues reverting to an earlier start date after the first season i.e. they still start in October. Any idea how to sort this out?
  10. Wow, Shevchenko was the absolute double of a young Andy Robinson
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