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  1. Here is the Torino game on my pc with adboards: I don't know why they wouldn't appear on your laptop. Very strange.
  2. The Torino and Ludogorets games have adboards. The Milan and Genoa games don't because those stadiums use video adboards which don't show up in 2d view. If you want ads every match use 3d view. Sad but that's the way it is.
  3. You can delete club visions in the pre game editor. I don't think there's any way to do so in game. The club vision negotiation screen is a waste of time.
  4. Does anyone know how to incorporate the stadium pictures into the match in between highlight mod?
  5. Can you tell me in which leagues static ads are missing? I have not noticed this problem myself.
  6. Just to reiterate, static ad boards always show, it is the video ad boards that do not show up in 2d view. The video ads did show in 2d in FM19 so I presumed they had been removed by design, admittedly to the detriment of the game. It would be good to know either way and if it is by error that they don't show it would be good to have it sorted.
  7. Well they don't. They did on FM18 & 19. I'm assuming it's by design that they don't.
  8. Pitty, there must be some file that can be edited to say which stades use video and which use static. Now if only I could find it...
  9. I rather like the look of this can you please share how to acheive it?
  10. Anyone know of a way to make the adboards show up in the 2d match? I get that the moving ads no longer show in 2d, but is there a way to force it to show static ads perhaps?
  11. And I'm proud of every one of the them. You've got to disrupt the enemies game plan any way you can. I can't remember, the rage gave me temporary amnesia. I didn't need ages, only ten minutes. I would even have been delighted with a draw, but they took the ****. Thanks for your shut up shop tips, I'll implement them next chance I get.
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