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  1. Yeah they ****ed it in the latest patch, it was fine beforehand. For someone who watches Scottish football it is totally immersion breaking. What I did was edit Celtic to have the option to play in green shorts. It's not ideal, as when have Celtic ever played in green shorts? But at least it keeps them in their home kit. Hope this gets fixed in the next version of the game.
  2. Yes yes yes, personally I find it too hard and too frustrating without a little help. Try some downloaded tactics, allow yourself a few 'reloads' and give your manager max experience, it's helps take the edge off the RAGE a little bit.
  3. This line amuses me. I read it as being like: 'Yeah I picked up the phone to call the language school but then I realised I couldn't be arsed'.
  4. Aren't they the same/ very similar to the one's in knap's tactics? If so I've had very few goals from them and not many from corners either. I'm not playing as a big team so maybe that makes a difference. If you feel it's ruining your game it's a very easy thing to change. That is an incredible record! Do you play the same tactic every match? Change mentality for bigger teams or anything?
  5. Give this a try: WULF POACHER 41211 !!!!!19.3.4WULFPOACHER41311WM Getting some good results for my Fulham team.
  6. You mad man. I need all the help I can get with this game. However, from my experience there is nothing about those throw ins that I would call an exploit.
  7. It might not win me every game but I managed to do this, which feels like a minor miracle. Nice one!
  8. Probably not, your under 19s will play all their games fully anyway, and isn't that all that matters?
  9. Probably the most dignified thing to do would be just to resign.
  10. Are they? I'm playing with both a 4-4-2 and 4-5-1 and am currently on a ten match losing streak. I was kinda hoping they were the worst formations you could use.
  11. That would be an instant fix to this madness, but to be honest it seemed absolutely perfect before patch 19.3 why they've fiddled with it I have no idea. It's the old saying if it ain't broke break it. Come on SI stick it back the way it was before, teams do not wear away kits in all away matches you know that.
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