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  1. Fair enough. It's all very subjective, but I would be surprised if Gerrard was sacked from Rangers even if the trophy cabinet remains barren at the end of this season. They have improved greatly and are playing well under him. If they win nothing by the end of next season then sure. I might be interpreting 'required' wrongly, I read it as you will lose your job if you don't achieve this, but maybe (hopefully) it's more the board will be unhappy and you better have done well in other competitions.
  2. Rangers should not be required to win the league, desired at most. They are expected to finish second. Celtic should not be required to qualify for Champion's league group stage. In reality they didn't and Lennon did not loose his job. Rangers are desired to win Scottish cup, Celtic only preferred I would have thought this would be the other way around. Aberdeen should not be required to reach Europa league group stage, in reality they are pretty far off this.
  3. Try and replicate it and get them some saves to look at. Best to get this sorted ASAP.
  4. Hi, I have uploaded a file called Marseille.fm. I have managed to find a couple more players when I change interest in transfers to doubtful, but this increases the list to just Oscar, Ibrahimovic and oddly Jordan Pickford who has a lower world reputation than many players who aren't considered 'high reputation'. Thanks for having a look.
  5. OK, just having a test with Marseille and very worryingly the ONLY player I can find who is both interested and meets the objective of signing high profile players is Alexandr Golovan!?! This includes a lot of players who I would consider having a higher profile. Surely this can't be right.
  6. Thanks for pointing this out, would have never noticed otherwise. Is there currently anyway to filter players in player search to match board criteria?
  7. Give it a go. I quite like managing teams I can't stand in real life, I think it gives you some empathy to see how the other half lives. I had a fun save recently with hearts as a hibs fan, still can't stand them in real life though. This might be the only thing that puts me off. Lazio, Paulo Di Canio, Nazi scumbags.
  8. Ah, so having this club vision is pretty much game ruining at the moment. Shame. Could we have some confirmation from SI this is being looked at?
  9. Indeed, Levein lasted what? About twelve months without a home win? He was his own boss though, so admittedly different circumstances.
  10. Yeah I think Porto are not a team you can play with at the moment. How did you get on with 'sign high reputation players'?
  11. What does this mean Rob? How can we find out if a player is equal or higher reputation than the team?
  12. That's an idea, I'll try and do some experimenting with this and see what happens.
  13. So both Rangers and Celtic want the treble and whoever doesn't deliver it will get the sack? Not remotely realistic. I hope board expectations are altered for full release.
  14. I'm not convinced these ratings correspond this way. As a test I managed Varzim (I think) who have two and half stars reputation and signed the highest rated free agent I could find interested (half a star). The board said they were delighted because he counted towards high reputation player signings. This was using the world reputation tab I can't find any other way to see a players reputation. I think this needs to be much clearer regarding what players count towards being high reputation. If the star ratings have to match to be considered high reputation enough then managing as Porto the only players I can find who have an equal or higher rating are Messi and Ronaldo, who are obviously not purchasable. Bearing in mind Porto start with £7 million transfer budget I doubt there is anyone high reputation enough you could get without selling a load of players. I did sign Phil Foden on loan who has one of the highest world reputations of available players to Porto, but this was a loan and didn't seem to count towards the boards vision. I'd like to hear from SI about is there an obvious way to tell if a player will count towards being a high reputation signing for your club. Otherwise this could get tiresome and be a real put off for managing certain teams.
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