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  1. Just wait till next year when it'll ruin your real life as well.
  2. Get the in game editor, it has an option to turn off this getting sacked nonsense 😉
  3. In the time it took you to moan about it, you could have changed it yourself in the editor.😉
  4. If you didn't know already you can change hair colour in the in game editor this year which really helps with this problem. They seem to have added a lot more hair colours this year. Many of the players have hair colour 'light brown 2' which is actually more a blonde colour. Though players like John Souttar and Michael O'Halloran actually have pretty dark hair anyway so some of it is an input issue.
  5. Show us a picture then! Also you haven't happened to come across Falkirk stadium or Starks Park have you? I thought they looked particularly unlike their real life counterparts in FM20.
  6. It's not something I've used myself, but a look here: https://www.fmrte.com/features/fmrte/changing-stadium-3d-appearance-r9/ suggests you can. This could be a game changer for me if you can do the same for FM21.
  7. Oh right, thanks. Yes I do this anyway but didn't know it was called retain players. Interesting to find out that teams that you do this for get more regens, that's cool.
  8. What is this retain players option? Is it a new thing? As someone who spends a lot of time setting games up I'm curious as to why I've not heard of it before.
  9. Why not continue to play FM20 or buy a windows laptop? I cannot imagine spending my retirement (if it ever happens) not playing FM! Don't neglect your guitar playing of course, that's important too.
  10. For any 2d lovers that don't know. Someone made alternate 2d icons for FM19 (that work in FM21) and I think they make it look even nicer.
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