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  1. Open the editor, click on stadiums, search for 'santiago bernabeu', click on it, change seat colour to what ever you want.
  2. Yes, the new patch is good but has thrown everything out of the window.
  3. Oh well, the new patch seems to have fixed this. Strange indeed!
  4. Sorry, I meant the game records there being a large crowd but the stadium appears empty. Here are some screenshots to demonstrate. Game played in South Africa with 38,000 crowd but stadium appears empty: Game played in Tunisia but crowd appears: I thought it may have been due to using an edited database file but I loaded up just South African league and same thing appears:
  5. There are no crowds in any African games apart from North Africa. Games played in South Africa, Ghana, Cameroon etc have no crowds (graphically there are people turning up but they are invisible). North African (Tunisia, Egypt etc )crowds do appear though. What's this all about?
  6. This looks great. Please don't remove this exploit, especially with the not being able to loan players for free anymore.
  7. I'd be more concerned with this. Sacked for one bad result and with 70% wins? Aren't AZ a mid table team? Get this logged as a bug, the sackings are too crazy in FM20!
  8. Hold on a couple of years and Scottish independence will kick in. They did put that in Fm2020 didn't they?
  9. LOL! Come on guys this is Messi's shirt simulator 2020 not Football Manager 2020.
  10. As a workaround in the meantime, you can go into the editor and remove this club vision.
  11. It will increase before the next transfer window. I think you can start making offers once the first window has closed.
  12. @Connor Winks Are you sure this was rolled out in a recent patch? I have searched high and low and never ever ever seen the rumoured to exist player who requires less than 100% of his wages.
  13. So you say, I think you’re clearly a plant by SI to try to boost sales of FM12. After being so disappointed by the removal of the old 2d classic, I’m quite surprised to think the FM20 2d looks better.
  14. How do you get the editor background to be white? Mine is very purple and I don't see where to change it.
  15. I think you should open up an exploit, this seems like a good option.
  16. No, I’ve never seen the point in using huge database. Why not use large database and add in anymore players you want manually 🙂.
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