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  1. You can edit it in player panel to remove that. I make only one version of my skin so you have to see that
  2. This is my custom skin. I used many panels and xml files by creators and I ask them a permission to use that and share for community. Trung is Attributes and Trung Pro is Attributeless , play it your way. Credits and Thanks - Wozzie - Tato skin - TCS skin - Mod of SI forum - Sas skin - FMEnhanced - Zealand skin - SSD skin - GIMN - Mustermann Skin - BEN - Statman Skin And my skin has so many small details, panels I take them for a long time so I cant remember who made that. But I wanna sincerely thanks Creators and SI Skinning Hideout forum where I learn and inspired. I'm Vietnamese and you know that, all is love and peace, so If I have a problem please tell me we can talk. Shout out to Vietnamese FM community !!! Update v1.0 - New Player overview pop up panel. - Fix game processing panel. - Fix scouting centre report card. - Fix Team squad - Fix Transfer offer player panel Update v1.1 - New background selector - New Touchline tablet in match - New player search overview - Fix some bug Update v1.2 - New match preview lineup panel - New match touchline tablet panel - New match fulltime review panel - Fix some bug Update v1.4 - New full time match review panel - New inbox panel - New Font Update v1.5 - New version Attributeless ( Trung Pro ) My skin work perfectly in 1366x768 res with 95% scale. Higher res still okay to play Some pics of my skin. Enjoy ! link to download : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CcYuG6Ke-l-jwoYHTHGRUHdgLGL7cXpg
  3. I forgot which panel control the news screen ? Need a help
  4. which panels or xml file control the color of score in my circle ?
  5. How to change this header color of News panel ? I need help, thanks for reading
  6. How can I change the background of team selection screen ?
  7. do u have a new away kit this season ? because the colour in away kit not correct. it's red in 22/23
  8. tks u so much, by the way do you know the opponent team name colour lines ?
  9. what panels/lines or xml file control teams name(home and away) in league table,also in league table after the match ?
  10. I wanna change the colour of home team(wolves) and away team(everton) in league table on left panel . So which xml file in panels/match I have to check ? this is tato skin.
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