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  1. I treat crashes as alternate timelines and play normally when I reload the save.
  2. On one of the staff responsibilities pages you can get your assistant manager to automatically arrange friendlies every week for your youth teams.
  3. Fancy uploading your save so we can see what's going on?
  4. Has the option to stop advertising boards taking you to websites been removed since FM18, or am I being blind?
  5. Did you managed to fix this? I can't seem to. Thanks.
  6. The striker isn't allowed to touch the ball again as it hasn't touched anyone else by the time it gets back to him..
  7. Judging from how he's behaving in real life, that's pretty realistic tbh
  8. My views on the new update. Firstly, (as I've admittedly pointed out earlier in the thread), what have SI done to the teamtalk screen? Why does it now look like this? Secondly, in regards to the match engine, I'm pretty convinced that there have been changes - the way my team are playing just feels different somehow. Although I'm liking what I'm seeing, in my third game after the update both an opposition player and my goalkeeper decided to smash the ball into their own net for no reason (which I haven't seen happened once in over 4 seasons, let alone twice in one game). Notice how the first own goal even flashes GOAL FOR JUVENTUS, despite the fact that it was a Juventus player who smashed the ball into his own net. Thirdly, why haven't SI fixed some of the biggest bugs that were in the beta by the final patch?! For example, everything on the left hand side of this screen is still unclickable because I have widgets behind them during highlights, which is really annoying as I like to click on opposition players during matches to see what they're like. This has been reported multiple times and whilst I'm no expert this should surely be an easy fix. Also my manager still looks different every time I open the game, newgens still constantly change skin colour, the 3D match engine still runs badly on low settings despite having a good Nvidia graphics card, and AI managers still continue to play their first 11 regardless of the fact that their condition is around 85% or lower and / or are suffering from knocks. I've played FM since before it was even called FM, yet I have never played a version of the game that is as incomplete as this one is by the final patch. What have the team even been doing all this time? Working on the next game I'm guessing (and of course getting the game to show match times on the competition screen). One positive is that getting the team captain to resolve issues has been nerfed, which was well needed, but other than that, very disappointing. I hope SI review how they've been operating lately, because their reputation is at stake here.
  9. is the team talk screen supposed to look like this? What's with the huge space after body language?
  10. (I have posted this in this forum rather than the tactical forum as it is meant as a match engine discussion rather than a tactical discussion). I have tried to use the Libero on both support and attack duty, yet have encountered match engine problems when using both. When using a Libero on support he is supposed to step into midfield once possession is secured, however he just sits alongside the other two CBs at all times, whether on the ball or off the ball, even when possession is secured. He never once steps beyond the defensive line. When using a Libero on attack he is supposed to run higher up the pitch and offer a goalscoring threat from distance. And when I use this role, he actually does step into the midfield, which is great (although he never goes beyond the DM position). However, the other two CBs don't seem to realise that the Libero has stepped into midfield, and so they stand on either side of the pitch, leaving a huge gap where a third CB would be if he was not a Libero (see below, the Libero is number 5). Marking tight does not stop them from doing this. Has anybody else encountered similar problems?
  11. Completely agree about the AI playing knackered players, was just about to start a thread about it when I saw this.
  12. I don't see the where the fun is in downloading exploitative tactics and winning everything straight away. Still, each his own.
  13. They have finished 2nd, 6th, 5th and 6th on my save. Wenger is still in charge!
  14. I treat it as if it is a parallel timeline and just play on from my last save.
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