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  1. When I played three strikers I asked my goalkeeper to kick it long to the target man in the middle. Yet every single goal kick he'd aim at the short striker on the left, no exceptions.
  2. That's strange, in my game none of my U18s play for the U23s, even when the U23 team is blank (frustratingly).
  3. Since FM2007, if not before. I had Bobby Charlton's newgen son appear at Man Utd in FM2007.
  4. I would keep CA and PA but would COMPLETELY hide PA for both the player and the AI. This would mean managers would look at CA relative to age plus players' personalities to find the best youth prospects, just like in real life.
  5. No nonsense full-back are good for low-block tactics.
  6. Transfer Embargos don't work as they get removed as soon as club is taken over, unfortunately.
  7. Is this still the case because I noticed that one of my newgens has this trait!
  8. Hi all. If you were building a team around these two, what tactic would you play and what positions and roles would you play them in? Obviously a tactic should be based around 11 players rather than 2, but as a starting point I thought it would be interesting to see what people suggest without seeing the rest of my team. They are my best two players (on paper at least..) We are title contenders by the way. Cheers.
  9. I've been playing FM since CM4 and I haven't found this version to be any easier than the rest. Like most strategy games, it's always easy once you know what you're doing (games like Civ are the exception because they let the AI "cheat" by giving them bonuses). I do think you might be right, especially with the rise in popularity of FM YouTubers who teach others to be good at the game.
  10. I am also having the exact opposite problem. I have conceded the lowest number of goals yet my starting centre backs have the lowest average ratings in my squad. What's even crazier is that one of them is my 3rd highest scorer... I play with 3 centre backs btw.
  11. I managed to sign him for Brighton at the end of the first season. Nice and realistic.
  12. We have the best defensive record in the league yet my three starting centre-backs all have poor average ratings.
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