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  1. Hi all. If you were building a team around these two, what tactic would you play and what positions and roles would you play them in? Obviously a tactic should be based around 11 players rather than 2, but as a starting point I thought it would be interesting to see what people suggest without seeing the rest of my team. They are my best two players (on paper at least..) We are title contenders by the way. Cheers.
  2. I've been playing FM since CM4 and I haven't found this version to be any easier than the rest. Like most strategy games, it's always easy once you know what you're doing (games like Civ are the exception because they let the AI "cheat" by giving them bonuses). I do think you might be right, especially with the rise in popularity of FM YouTubers who teach others to be good at the game.
  3. I am also having the exact opposite problem. I have conceded the lowest number of goals yet my starting centre backs have the lowest average ratings in my squad. What's even crazier is that one of them is my 3rd highest scorer... I play with 3 centre backs btw.
  4. I managed to sign him for Brighton at the end of the first season. Nice and realistic.
  5. We have the best defensive record in the league yet my three starting centre-backs all have poor average ratings.
  6. Firstly, towards the end of the game I got the below message about an opposition player (Bellingham). Unfortunately clicking "Do it" didn't do anything. Secondly, the game let me take the full time team talk for the opposition before my own.
  7. My players play out of defence and don't thump the ball upfield. It must be your tactics.
  8. I'm usually rather forgiving of this kind of thing but it honestly appears that fantasy draft mode wasn't even tested for bugs this year. It would be quicker to list the things that do work than those that don't. But anyway here goes (again - some of this was pointed out in the beta).... When adding AI managers none of the searches work. I search "Man" under club name for "Mandoza FC" and a few clubs come up (not the one I'm searching for though of course), some of which don't even include "Man"! Filtering for players doesn't work. It constantly resets various aspects for
  9. HAHAHA ffs Bissouma has just got a second yellow for me less than an hour after I posted this, I don't believe it. Typical. Cheers Bissouma.
  10. I'm into my 5th season in the Premier League yet I haven't seen a single player gets booked for a second time and get sent off, either playing for my team or the opposition. I play with closing down more and often with tackle harder (and have seen plenty of straight reds). I've even got Alfredo Morelos upfront - the nutter himself - playing as a pressing forward. He's always "angry" but never has never got sent off in 4+ seasons. Has anybody else noticed this? I remember reading that SI this year have made players aware that they're on a yellow cards, maybe this is causing it?
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