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  1. Hi, Having mixed results with the gegenpress at the moment, just wondering if anyone has had much success with it and if so, what formation did they use? I seem to be really dominant at home, beating all of the big teams but I am really inconsistent away from home.
  2. I was on it last night for about three hours, I increased virtual memory and had no problems. I reintegrated the logos pack I had but not the kits pack so does mean the kits pack caused the problems? And if so how? I don't understand!
  3. Hi Neil, Thank you for getting back to me. I am not on the game until Tuesday now however I have just been on it for about an hour or so and played with no issues, this was after I uninstalled and re-installed the game whilst also removing all custom graphics. I am also starting to wonder whether the issue wigh with the game freezing after processing was caused by my custom graphics as well? I don't recall any issues with FM20 prior to installing these graphics however I have no idea which particular graphics could be causing the problems!
  4. I have uninstalled and re-installed the game on Steam and I have also removed all the custom graphics.
  5. Hello, My game keeps freezing after it returns from processing, I believe this could be an issue with the trackpad on my computer but unfortunately I haven't got a mouse to rule this out. However my game would advance when I presssed the spacebar. To get out of this, I have to turn my laptop off by holding down the power button and then took back on and then my trackpad works again. I have followed a trackpad fix on YouTube whcih changed the trackpad from advanced to basic and so far so good. This morning I kept receiving messages saying my game is running dangerously low on memory, I deleted the preferences and cache folder and haven't seen this message since. I have removed all custom graphics. Any help is much appreciated.
  6. Thanks mate, seems like everyone is Salford though!
  7. Hello, Just wondering if anyone has managed AFC Fylde on FM19? I am looking to start a game with them soon. I have looked all over the internet but can't find any success stories!
  8. Can anyone recommend any good strikers to sign for Birmingham City? Should have a lot to spend cause plan on selling several players.
  9. Hi, I will be starting a game with AFC Wimbledon later. Just wondering if there’s any key free agents to sign or any good loans that I can pick up?
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