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    "At the end of the day, all we can do as humans is create a tactic which dominates possession, creates clear cut chances and gets shots on target." -- perceived football wisdoms of an eternally to be frustrated Football Manager.

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  1. Hm..... forwards only scoring for a half a season. Le Zizou, is that you? Yeah, unfortunately I had a couple bucks on Wolfsburg. All nice and dandy, them leading 1-0 at HT and beyond. And then this crap happens.
  2. 3 or 4 goals a game isn't brilliant, it's beating the odds unless all of those four were tap-ins. Additionally, it usually means the striker has finished every other shot. That happens.... same as vice versa, but it's not the yardstick to go by. This is my experience, but from my end perceived "inconsistency" is often a lack of "understanding" how scoring streaks roughly come about in football, and as such some, in the game. It's always worth first checking that. Aside of that, hidden consistency attributes, and man management can also influence a few. Never been a hugely expert on man management myself. But then I think it's oft comparably overrated in the bigger picture. (Team talk/morale manager this has never been). If a forward consistently pops up in space, he'll score more likely than not. The game is hugely likely not accurate, but remember that under the hood it is purely Maths too. Any forward who scores consistently in fotoball (and typically in-game) has at least about 4 shots/attempts average per match (Lewandowski 4, Kane 6, Ronaldo, 7, Messi 5). This is the case because even the better chances are typically 50/50s at best. That's a number you can gauge from the forward's profile under reports-Statistics. The first thing to check here imo... always. Unless it's similar, on/off streaks will happen simply by the fact that he hasn't the opportunity to show on the score sheet every other week -- and not in every match, every shot goes in.
  3. Thirdly, this looks to heavily exploit the wide midfielder positioning and channel issue on FM17, which by FM18 is no more. Works wonders on FM17, and as documented annoyed players alike on their own team's defending end. But is not overly relevant to the topic, unfortunately.
  4. That is a rather curious pattern! Generally, the key to the away/home dynamics as such isn't so much "Here's my tactic". It's dynamic match management, which the AI engages in. At home AI is far more likely to push for a win. So identifying whether the big issue is either taking the lead away or not being able to take it to the 90 minutes mark may be a bonus. This goes for generally any version of FM. AI has simple means of trying to get back into a game. They also have simple means to protect scorelines (as an example, a simple one outlined by SI staff more recent at the end of the post). This is more of a general musing, the good detailed advice will come. But this just reminded me of a similar discussion I had with somebody.
  5. Given your stance on roles and duties, I'm not surprised. Everything you do is simply down to luck, as you can't manage matches and results. It's akin to a football manager who: A has no influence whatsoever if a) his team pushes every single player forward -- perpaps in an attempt to grab a late equalizer, if b) his team balances things out, perhaps to not risk too much or if c) a number of his players just stay back in their position rather than committing forward -- perhaps in an attempt to just see out the remainder of a game. AI does switch this all the time, as would your ass man if you let him take over. The solutions for this problem specifically are to be found in the tactics forum. Anyway, roles and duties are THE thing to focus on tactically.
  6. The formation you pick is (roughly) the team's defensive shape. How your team lines up when it attacks is largely down to the roles and duties. Once you are down to that, you shouldn't have a problem. We had that more recent in another thread where you posted to not focus on the roles. They are THE thing to focus on in terms of tactics in this game. If you're not down to that, you randomize your results all over the shop. Simplified: Defend duties mean players hold their position as outlined on the tactics screen rather than making (forward) runs in possession. Support players push up to support. Attack duty players push ahead. There's exceptions, but that's generally it. Here it's some visualized what would happen if you told everybody to "hold their position". The team would just move forward en bloc. So you would never have any kind of movement between your lines/strata in possession. Apparently not everybody is aware of that, and how "simple" this really is at the core in-game. If you can't grasp the roles/duties in basic terms, you will never get to grips with this. Or you should give it to the ass man, as he has it sussed in basic terms. It's that simple. Robben in-game btw has traits in his profile (cuts inside). No matter what role you may give him, sometimes he cuts inside even if you doN't field him as an "inside forward". There's no need to get all riled up over any kind of limitations, as they apply to AI too.
  7. Yeah so simple things. There seems an alarming trend that for some reason, even after playing years, people don't get how the roles /duties are inherently connected to (forward) movement. Either that or they don't understand that: More people behind the ball = less people caught out of their position when an attack breaks down (which happens most of the time as that's football DNA: dozens of attempts per match, hundreds of attacks, most don't lead anywhere and then the ball is with the opposition). At which point that is a bit tougher. Still maybe the UI could introduce arrows or something like that to show. There is naturally also the "problem" that the text description of the mentalities implies simply changing mentality would do any of the above. E.g. if you go defensive, everybody would just sit behind the ball.
  8. By only making that one guy holding position. There seems to be a lot of interesting confusion how movement on this is set up in general. I think the "oldtimers" understand that a little better, see also various threads in GD. Players either move from their position (forward runs, roaming, into channels) or don't. On prior releases you had instructions for that, now it's the roles/duties (some tweakable). I think it's also a good point that in FM things are far more dependant on circumstance. Perhaps, some of it is even on purpose. I don't think an AI manager could cope if it weren't... or rather, the other way around. If you had too much of a "control", you could funnel every attack into the same area currently undermanned by the AI over and over again -- without it being able to "react". Sort of like in Anco's Player Manager or something, where you could tweak things until the same undefended move was repeated over and over. That's not management. That's just loling over opponents.
  9. Then again, in a sense it's far more robotic and simplistic than football though. I mean, discounting mentality for the moment which can influence the timing of a run on a specific micro level (debatable how much a control a manager has / should have)... players occupy set positions, basically. Not sure if you've ever tried, but if you put everybody on a defend duty (or a role that lets you enable "hold position", the team moves forward in its formation en bloc. That's FM back then and it is it now (obvioiusly also influenced by PPMS). So what it mainly comes down to is those forward run instructions, really. For an overlap, all you needed was somebody holding his position and another from behind to do vice versa, voila. If you add two and two together, it's not much to go to approaching a (simple) overload anywhere. And be it a central midfielder joining in to overload the space in front of the opposition box, drawing defenders over the place. I think that he would get that quickly. He may not wipe the ass with Rashidi reloading the same match a couple hundred times until he can "game" the Maths and code inherent repeat patterns behind it all like Neo does the Matrix. But I think he would wipe the floor with the AI rather quickly.
  10. Thanks to the power of the internet, us mere mortals have access to data to check whether that holds some truth, and to which extent. Salah: 4 attempts (Shots) Per Game. Rest of the team half of that and less. :P Not to spoil completely, but whilst the game yet still hasn't a play possession football make Salah the main threat button, there's something like that in the game to check how things are going. What the game doesn't collect, unfortunately, perhaps due to it being programmed to still run on Pentium 4s from 2002ish: Where those finishes are taken from. Would be relevant in here, because of: Ribery, very obviously. Then again, all that data is already spoon feeding us players, as AI will never be able to holistically make use of them. Bloody human cheats.
  11. Yeah, this relates to the long-term weakness in that in deeper areas there's too little pressure applied on the ball carrier. Sequences like the above still needed AI managers to follow suit -- outside of preseason it is rare to face AI managers in sequence that just stick added men behind the ball themselves. In league matches, it's not sustainable. Opposition may actually aim for a win. I guess the main point is that it also depends on who's playing --- against whom. You can force a few interesting things simply by editing the database -- record breaking things. A handful goalless draws per season sounds about legit. Anything much above not seldom makes tabloid headlines.
  12. As that flaw is long-term, you could likely still spam them in sequence actually. UI is not ME. Aside of that it's an interesting example where "football logics" and "game flaw" come together. FM has it correct that deeper areas of a pitch see less pressure rather than all up in the opposition area. This is basic sports, and it translates some. However HOW much less pressure there is on players staying deep is a tad exaggerated for a couple reasons, so sitting deep and playing keepball has been traditionally too easyish.
  13. It is also typically if you go by logics detached from basic sports that you can get anomalies such as these: - terrible shot to goals ratio on semi-regularly occasions (up to 50-60 shots and no goal -- Palace fans may remember how their team failed to find the net once in the first 7 matches and ~100 attempts this season, but approaching such in a one-off match they may not) - magic shots to goals ratio against on regularly occasion Oft there is ME issues that exaggerate it all. For instance: Defensive engagement being quick enough to pressure the players pushed up en masse as such, but not quick enough to stop a few (low probability) shots from happening altogether. However, huge anomalies are usually caused by somebody hitting buttons at random, or not applying common sense. The exploity stuff you find on community sites or the Steam Workshops is oft interesting. The combination of glitch, exploit, plus possible user confusion must be pretty tough in terms of valuating player feedback.
  14. Svenc

    Woodwork - just too many

    I've never paid particularly attention to it, because at the end of the day, a woodwork is a shot that didn't go in. The shot to goals is more important, and that is fine, (depends hugely naturally on the team and tactical decisions, also by opponents it faces). What I can advice in the meantime is that in prior editions squeezing play too much into the opposition half (pushing all players up) and thus hurrying players into additional shots at the edge of the box when they are pushed, could lead to an added amount of woodwork. A benchmark to go by would be going through top AI teams having a similar amount of shots per match, and how many woodwork they have. There's not really much statistical feedback on woodwork in the game, it requires to go through every match and calculate, another reason why I've never much bothered. Internally, SI can though AFAIK (average amount of woodwork hits per match). Would of been nice naturally if they had dropped a few lines what their internal testing shows -- which is based on hundreds and hundreds of AI simulated matches.
  15. Svenc

    Tactical and Role translations

    Aye, a lot of the game's design can be pretty much summed up by this anyhow. Back to playing bits of Pillars Of Eternity now -- nothing more beautiful/transparent than shatloads of numbers.