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  1. The "tactic" is still working. It just doesn't work against a particular type of AI. Whether the patch influenced much remeins debatable, as the scoreline is just too huge. The largest suspect by far in terms of patching was a possible Change how AI in General approach Matches -- or rather a possible Change made to the Valencia manager's preferences in the database in particular (his prefered Formations, tactical traits). One of my favourites of Prior Releases with a "bonkers" tactic -- the guy provided the Matches to take a look at. In the first tie of the Cup, the guy's "experimental" tactic wasn't exposed for what it was much. In the return tie, the AI switched to a couple Forwards from the off, exposing his non-existent defense, and but a couple seconds into the match, had it's first clear **** easy route en Goal... Result: A 7-0 win in the first leg wasn't quite enough to secure the final. It is of paramount importance here to repeat that this happens by "Chance", or rather Research. The AI is incapable of noting if there is any huge amount of space available. It just happens. It will happen again. 100%. This is the guy's Overall results. He wasn't actually struggling per se. Actually, he was top of the league. There's not much to say else. If you're unlucky, it will happen at the worst stage of the save -- say, the CL final. The alternative to that would be that it was one of those Matches where against all odds just every Opposition shot went flying in from everywhere -- Corners, Long shots, etc. At such scorelines, it's rather hugely unlikely though. Never seen any such match. None of my writing here is in any Kind defending the game. Rather, things really shouldn't be that way.
  2. It is the same point as in my first post. What happened? This happened: Be prepared for some bonkers results ever few and far between. It's within the whole formation/role/Duty framework of your tactic -- which is has holes from the ground up. Plus the way the AI works: hitting upon the cans of space by chance on the odd occasion. That's not what I'd prefer the game to be like both from the Player as well as the AI experience. But it is what it is.
  3. Those are Real Madrid results. What triggered you to open this thread was the result in the opening post. Go crazy, expect crazy on the Occasion. For the time being, anyway.
  4. Not much, no less as centre backs as to FM behave differently (and oft have to, in particular if the opp Forwards don't drop back into their half much). The AI on FM 19 too still does similar "idiotic" Things on Occasion,... screenshot attached. that's just not how football's being played. And it hurts both the AI's capability to defend AND attack -- this isn't just a gaping hole in between the advancing midfielders and defenders you could drive a truck through. Due to everybody pushing up, the area the Team in White Needs to defend is just too small -- whoever receives the ball next here is immediately pushed and under pressure. Not once would it be forced to step up and open space between ist lines again, as Team Purple has Zero opportunity to stretch the pitch again via a backwards pass, etc. As argued, I'd personally like to see a tactical paradigm shift away from that Long-term. 1) The game argues it's simulating a (semi)professional world of football Management. 2) Applying most basic "common sense" is also oft enough to outperform said (AI) opponents in the Long-term.
  5. Do you watch football? I'm not suggesting you don't. I'd just like to trigger a reaction/thought. Part of this game's "Problem" on the tacitcal front has been that it allows for a lot of illogicals that no Team in real Football would ever pull off (certainly not for the 90 minutes). In the above, you visibly basically have no midfield whatsoever in Possession as the box to box as the sole man in the central of the pitch moves upfield. Plus all your advanced Players in tendency are encouraged to a nice Little meet and greet in the middle of the park as if they're Holding a picnic. To top it off, your backline is basically two defenders overrun at ease as they see no protection whatsoever. That's not how football's being played anywhere. It's what the game has Always allowed though. In a sense, FM is one of the world's more popular schoolboy classes in teamsport basics 101. (Unfortunately, that also goes on the AI's end). Speaking off that AI, the other Problem is that the game's AI isn't actually "smart". If it were, it would punish this far more frequently, regardless of any patch. The most absurd stuff I've seen in recent Editions was somebody basically fielding a makeshift back three consisting of a LB-CB-RB. If you watched, this translates to two channels in between the three defenders as wide as the hips of K. Kardashian. As the AI isn't smart enough to "spot" this, Things mostly went fairly well. However, every time the AI fielded or mid-match switched to 3 narrowed Forward type of Players --- no hope of defending. Big mid-match switches to altogether different formations mostly occur if the AI is desperate to get back into a game -- so wholly depend on the run of Play, namely, the Goals. If you would take the lead, the switch may occur. If it's vice versa, it may not. Bottom line: With gibberish as the above (which the game allows), you'll Always randomise your results across the shop, no matter what release or patch. Even a simple database Change to AI Managers and their edited tacitcal preferences could cost you dearly. I'd personally prefer all of this to go; and Limit both user and AI to sensible, actual "Football decisions". The game's premise after all is that there's (semi)professional managers and players competing; plus it may allow for a tighter focus in terms of match engine development. At the Moment, not only can the game's AI on Occasion still do comparably "silly" stuff -- the devs may need to work out what reported "issue" may be "tactically" influenced first, and which not. Not my call though.
  6. Btw, you can#t promote a game to have universally fully "realistic" match Play for as Long as the game (for the AI included) allows positioning that barely happens in a match of Football. This starts with the tactical UI, translating into it all. Well, you can. But it'd be a Miracle (or a bad sign as of the ME's realism) if then the Play would transpire like you see it on a pitfch every week on telly. It also must make it way harder to balance "realistically". This goes for any release, regardless of any patch/release cycle. If the corridor of decisions was narrowed down to sensible "Football decisions" (AI included), SI could Focus on "realistic" Play entirelly, rather than wondering what may happen when Teams basically flush their midfield strata empty in Possession, encourage all attackers/midfielders to hold a picnic in the middle of the park, both making the area the defending Team has to cover smaller than your trouser's pockets, and many more… For as Long as it is, there's a logic that has Always universally "worked" (which is a good sign). However, the UI still allows there to be plenty nonsensicals, which the engine, or rather the Players, naturally follow suit without questioning. Basically, it's as if the game was meat to be a Basic School class in Team Sports Basics as opposed to a Simulation of "top class" Football Management (AI Opposition oft included).
  7. As of the AI Editor Experiment ; if you'd really want to trick the AI into not much using unrealistically stubborn defensive tactics (half a Team plus behind the ball for 90 minutes straight), you'd typically also needed to edit the team's reps in the league. In other words, leveling them. That way the AI (at the start / first Season anyway) gauges Burnley vs Man City was a match-up on roughly equal Terms. And yeah, the number of Goals can be influenced by Edits a load, also on previous Editions. YOu could actually make it so that there are much more Goals scored than in real Football -- and the "dominating" Teams consistently scoring 100+ Goals. As of the number of Goals in General -- this also goes for Forwards in Isolation: purely stats-wise, they don't tell all that much. Back on FM17ish the big AI Teams didn't even dominate the shot tables as they do in real Football. Including Celtic, who IRL average up to 8 shots on target per game (whilst the league average is half of that). Still got a screenshot saved. Now whilst SI naturally also tweak the match Play individually -- with Underlying numbers like that, the ME would be a Fantasy if These Teams consistently scored as much as in real Football. The same goes for the strike rate often with Forwards. The AI frequently doesn't even use Messi in a way that the ever has his 5+ attempts per match average (from within the box) that he has in RL. We had threads of showing the AI how to make "Messi" Messiish in the past. HOwever, as of FM anyway, that doesn't happen just by fielding the Players in a somewhat "coherent" tactic (which the AI is at least somewhat... decent at). The AI would Need to think About making a Forward the focal Point of attacks -- which it traditionally at least couldn't at all.
  8. But don't be fooled. Strikers on this series never score (especially not when put through one on one with the keeper). :P
  9. A couple Points: - It's an ongoing "Issue" and no secret whatsover that human Players are capable of outperforming AI by amounts unheard of in competitive, real football. SI Code the AI that way. I'd argue in parts this isn't wholly ME based -- AI on Occasion can do Things that doesn't even suscribe to Team Sports Basics like going "yo everybody go Forward and flush the midfield empty" or "let's make life difficult for this lone Forward by isolating him from the rest of the Team completely" or "let's not Advance a single wide defender in a narrow Formation ever" etc. (which arguably should not be possible given what the game simulates)… - in Isolation, the number of Goals tells naught! A Forward can underform at 25 Goals per sseason (Ronaldo last term), score as "expected" at 18 and score MORE than expected at 14 (Benzema given his role as primarily link up man when Ronaldo was at Real...). FM lacks superior data, but the shot Counts in each forward's profile should suffice some for the time being. You'd expect a top forward to average roughly a goal in every 4th to 6th attempt. For any Forward to consistently score he has to typically average at least About 4 attempts per match. The AI traditionally has been incapable of recreating such -- it's also "incapable" of making one Forward the focal Point of attacks, so that he BY FAR has the most finishes in a Team. If you would put columns into an AI team's Squad screen, Things would look like this, with finishes roughly evenly spread across the front line (and I doubt it has much changed all of a sudden).
  10. Has this ever been any much different? I'd suggest a Change in target audience (WTF do shot numbers on a spreadsheet matter?), but then the game may commercially implode.
  11. 100% true that. If FM though were to generally ever simulate things in a "realistic" way on any release, the injury/shot conversion streaks alone would cause these forums to explode. Trust me on that one. Football Management can be one hell of a frustrating thing -- the real one that is. SI must be aware of such, hence the significant headroom in testing in terms of injuries every season in general. The downside to this tends to be that the game tends to be a tad more predictable than real football ever much is. The probabilties for actual **** occuring despite the manager not doing greatly bonkers on FM are traditionally usually very very low. And from my viewpoint, that's not at all defending the game -- as a part of football's inherentn charm tends to be that it's quite a bonkers Sports in big parts thanks to ist quite bonkers rules (men kicking a ball About with their feet and head of all Things, think About it).
  12. Data in Football is becoming some more useful (even in itself), but FM is lacking far, far, FAR behind the curve (wasn't always the case). Real world examples of data Analysis / usage.... https://www.theringer.com/soccer/2018/6/27/17511596/2018-world-cup-germany-south-korea-mexico-sweden-elimination http://11tegen11.net/2015/01/05/the-best-predictor-for-future-performance-is-expected-goals/ https://statsbomb.com/2018/11/a-new-way-to-measure-keepers-shot-stopping-post-shot-expected-goals/ etcetc Additionally, what's in the game is oft a tad fishy and of subjective SI interpretion. Additionally, how the game uses the stats that are there… is quite woefully simplistic. F'r instance, if a Team had more shots come the end of the final whistle, it was the "deserved" winner (or unfortunate loser) according to the game's match reports. That's not how Football works -- and it's certainly not how the game's match engine works. It's not even how the game's artificial intelligence works, as the on the more defensive Ends of the tactical AI spectrum, the AI doesn't at all care About how many shots it ever has. Plus, as soon as a Forward bags a Goal/or two, he gets a great Rating. Whilst that mimics Mainstream Football media to an extent -- why should he get a great Rating for scoring Goals? Most of the time he's simply expected to do that, as it is his Job -- similar to that ball Winning midfielder Winning all those key tackles, never at all appearing in the danger Zone in front of the Opposition goal…. That said, as Football is such a low scoring Sports in particular, data in footie tends to be more useful over the longer term. Football is a Sports where even the most dominating Teams in the most unbalanced top leagues don't bag a fistful of Goals really every other week after all...
  13. BTW: A Football Management game without sacking ever may be quite fun -- as far as I'm concerned you may as well start your screensaver instead (e.g. "Play pretend I'm bloody brilliant when it's rather there's no possible fail state anymore"). It's also damn cheaper. But then "fun" lies in the eye of the beholder. Massively, massively spoiler as to FM: the AI is sacked every time at some point, like actual managers tend to do also (unless they're called Fergie etc) . :P
  14. AI Managers are kinda "blind" to what their Opposition are "doing", I've uploaded crazy stuff throughout the years myself caused by it. Including AI basically throwing their man Advantage away after a sending off with a tactical switch, etc. Therefore, I'd personally rule out it isn't at least related to tactical picks (with a possible ME issue thrown into the mix). At such a record, it is highly unlikely that Juventus weren't Pretty much "exploited" anyway every time, as else the odds of seeing such a streak are too small. If Juventus were managed by a better human Player (in particular from FM's tactical community) this wouldn'rt have happened either way, 100%. This is all assuming the CL was put on "full match Details", mind. There's a "myth" that you would need to read a tactical bible to be able to cope with FM, but in actual truth, anything more "indepth" tends to be (another) Bonus Point over the game's AI. As argued, SI have never coded the game to be for the tactical hardcore. As a side effect though, the "Tactical battles" between actual top class Managers (AI Mou vs AI Guardiola etc.) aren't quite in the game.
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