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  1. May or may not very well be the case. My personal experience with this game#s player base is that they are absolutely terrible with judging goal chances, which they are taught by over the top football commentary on TV every week, according to which the average scoreline in Football should be 5-5, but whatever. However, I sincerely doubt you have very many of These situations when the AI again prefers to just sit Deep and soak up. In fact, I'd proprose a counter Argument. Go into the shot Analysis. Click on the shot dots in the box. Count how many of them are from open Play at all vs set piece based Affairs (on average a Header under huge pressure in a box as tightly packed as a tunafish can). Given that a set piece is basically the result of a successful defense (a shot/cross blocked, a Player fouled, the defending Team still getting a foot into Things) -- perhaps the defending part of the game may actually be overpowered in comparison to ist attacking Counterpart (in particularly if the AI/Player contributes to it tactically some). :P
  2. The reason you've at all ever dominated the shot Counts this consistently is because the opposing AI has been this much concerned with defending and defending and defending so much. They mean ****, btw. The better the game starts to finally communicating this to Players, the better off they are. On this release and on any release thereafter.
  3. And this despite Forwards on this series apparently never scoring when presented Yards of space (the Definitions of "Yards of space" between this game's playerbase and this game's devs seem to differ a whole bloody lot in General).
  4. Given that SI must have received tons of suggestions from their more tactical committed throughout the years, and given that some AI decisions have arguably regressed from older Releases -- I personally believe the "former". I wouldn't call the AI "Dumb" as such. Things it's decent at is generally match Management, making roughly decisions what Kind of result/footie to target; making Adjustments based ont he scoreline (balancing the Risk between scoring one more vs conceding another). What the AI is definitely not competitive much is at the Micro specifics. In other words, it oft may make sensible decisions with ten minutes from time, and still 0-1 behind. That's basically the broader stuff: Go more attacking when we don't want to lose. What it cannot do much is getting into the Details of HOW to do that at best against a specific Opposition. Remember that every improved AI is also a possibly improved tactical assistant Manager for any Player struggling. It's already got an Edge over any Player still arguing "shots" though. And tbh, I have no idea where anybody gets the idea from not scoring off 30-40 would feel like "cheating". This is all over Football, in particular if those shots are mostly just garbage. (FM Players also tend to be flat out terrible when judging chances, but they are taught by pundits and commentary to be such every week). What I agree on though is having a big shot Advantage is too easy to come by and happens to regularly -- it's simply a byproduct of AI playing far too defensive Football purely focused on making it harder to score. A lot of that may go away though if the AI wouldn't Play this defensively so often; plus if the game wouldn't allow Players (or AI) to basically Play no proper defense whatsoever whilst at the same time choking the attacking space to the size of a tuna can like you never ever see it in football; but let that improved assistant Manager Point out in both cases: Hey boss………..
  5. Traditional difficulty Questions are out of the Question according to SI. But as more recently argued, I think they undervalue that they have the perfect template here in the job they are simulating to make Things a tad more customizable for all Kinds of players…. Btw. that the AI isn't coded to be "too smart" naturally is a burden on These "scripted match results" beliefs. Players who argue such typically are super succesful. They just drop a couple Points. Thus, they think they have "mastered" the game. If the AI were to provide them a more robust challenge, then they may come to different conclusions…. That's the one perspective. The other Observation is that, as soon as the AI is ever able to do something the human Player isn't (and may it Winning Points by sitting Deep, soaking up crapshots and eventually scoring some of the inevitably few shots in a match) -- it must be "AI cheating. Catch 22.
  6. Like the game's AI, they are also clearly superior at finishing just when it Needs it. If (and if by luck) Barcelona had taken one of their cances in the 1st half, this may have still been a slightly different game. Football.
  7. Heh. It's not so much an "unbeatable tactic". It's that FM allows you to set up in a way that no Team in Football would (not for the 90 minutes, certainly not for a fully Season*). The reason why People thus cannot beat even after multiple reloads: - They have a hole somewhere visibly on the pitch as big that you could drive a truck through (anyn download section of any FM site tends to be full of such abominations btw -- the game is full of nonsense indeed, at least some of which user created) - The AI , as it cannot read a match, only ever exploits this by Chance. Thus, if a user isn't able to win even with multiple reloads, the AI in Question has a prefernece (formation, traits, etc) that plays completely into this gargantic holes. Tryingn over and over randomly won't fix this. Spotting the hole will. In a sense, if the AI were truly smart, the game would feel less "random". However, naturally SI won't do this, as they may alienate their modest target audience of "General Football fans" - The alternative can naturally also be a marking bug only triggered by instructions - Talking About probabilities: In both cases there's a reasonably high one then that the AI is going to score every time it wins the ball back. Far higher than the player's. * Germany at the WC to a Degree came Pretty close; every single time any of their Opposition gained the ball, they could walk into the German box tho. Was apparent likely even for the more casual Viewer, no less as Hummels hit out on Löw in public for that rather adventurous Approach. I agree with @enigmatic that if the stuff were to happen that regularly happens in real actual Football, and that despite Managers being actual managers, Players would have a brain hemorrhage. However, the AI on this game is still too defensive, and has been for a couple years. Not that "fun" probably if even decent sides continously want to Play the spoil Sport, whilst an Underdog will never ever have a go at a favorite (and this happens in Football quite a bit). Thus dropping Points is, and should be considered a reasonable statistical probability to happen. Some obviously do more (AI included), others not.
  8. Same here -- except that my youth was more About the Realms Of Arkania games, Might&Magic -- and when Baldur's Gate came around I risked my exam in favor of playing it (still worked out fine in the end, mind). Pathfinder is actually Pretty cool, as you can't just auto-attack opponents but on Occasion may have to THINK and dig into the game's mechanics a little (just like in the old days, sigh). Additionally, just like in the old days, there are supposed to be Opposition that you cannot beat yet. Level up, come later…. or just leave them be! I hate it how games These days tend to be balanced in a way to you know in Advance the only foes you'll find are there to be beaten ASAP (or auto-Level alongside to your Party). This sounds off-topic, but might all actually be hugely relevant to the thread (and the opening poster) in one way or another…
  9. Like this guy (this thread is still a Relevation, btw, no less for the additional relevation that "men fought the dinosaurs -- and won!". These guys still have a Point though, as the game's premise is that it simulates semi-professional Management. And tbf, whilst it was worse back then with all those Sliders -- the game still lets one do stuff that arguably doesn't have to do with either on any Level (which hurts the AI also on the Occasion). Tell me About it, I'm currently playing Pathfinder, and some of the Encounter design (even on normal difficulty) stacks the odds quite some in favor of opponents. I don't remember any Bioware/Obsidian/Bethsoft game for instance that as early as Level 2/3 would let you face Opposition with Damage resistance outside of particular types of Damage; or Armor Classes that high that only rolling a 20 on the simulated Dice 20 could hit (unless you knew what you are doing). Basically, that's a 5% Chance. On the odd Occasion, you may still roll those 20s in a row… so may just reload over and over until you luck out, heh. Love that stuff.
  10. Plus they distract from AI / ME issues. The counter evidence that this isn't a Thing is all over the place -- to the extent that Players stop the game like arguably being like Football at all entirelly (which 100% contradicts the Assertion that results would be "pre-determined" -- if anything, Players on this have far too big an influence over results, not seldom precisely because of such AI / ME issues threads like this are distracting from). Unfortunately, Things will Always be that way. As demonstrated by the OP, you can be top of the pile without having got much of a clue. Which arguably is an issue in itself. After all, there aren't all that many games where players can get Things this wrong, and still come out successful, Overall. But in a way it naturally is just art imitating life-------- during my management career, my brilliance kept me Winning plenty stuff. On Occasion however that ball was just too bouncy on the night. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5015725/Top-10-greatest-football-excuses.html
  11. This, Boys and Girls, is the #1 reason we will never see actually competitive AI. *le sigh* It wouldn't be so funny if These Forums weren't full of People who absolutely thrash the game, left Right and centre in a way that not even the most elite Managers in the game do, despite some RNG at Play that almost guarantees the actually better Teams not Always wins. Thanks to "super tactics", even Players who haven't got a clue -- crucially also About the inherent weakness of any tactics they download, as unless the game allows anybody to field 20 outfield Players, there will Always be some. Imagine if the AI wouldn't defend those oft defenderless one trick Ponys by Chance, but by choice…. It's already got an Edge either way, as like an actual manager may it gives a hoot About the shots on a spreadsheet piling up but is more concerned with the spaces and the only stats that Counts, which is the scoreline (in simple ways). Believe it or not, there's Players who have probably put hundreds of Hours into this game series, and yet have failed to recognize that they could sit their dog in front of their PC; whenever the AI opts to sit Deep and manly (which the game's AI really likes) -- even that dog would "outshoot" the AI on that spreadsheat by significant margins every single match. Feature Forum request: A Gary Gazhammer1000 Award. Don't Forget those set pieces. Headers under pressure in crammed boxes will rarely be a tap-in. Plus, hower accurate or inaccurate they may be in-game, one on ones are overrated.
  12. It can also be in inherent ME issue insofar as the ME inherent Pressing is concerned. This goes more so on older Releases, but in particular on deeper Areas of the pitch, the pressure on the ball carrier that WOULD make him clear the ball because of his passing encouragements was never there. I "utilized" this on some FM17ish save so much that for like Five months in-game time, I barely conceded a Goal in the 2nd half/ in particular past the 70th Minute mark. Basically, every time I took the lead, I would them just recycle it. Could naturally be considered an exploit as well. I cannot see how the AI is ever going to Combat anything, or even manage match specifics, though. From my experience it's never been much coded around what actually happens in a specific match (WHY is the Opposition so easily Holding the ball) -- but rather around it's "Preferences" plus the current scoreline in a match. I don't see how it could much, tbh. At least not without a total rework of how it operates. Actually, the more Options are in the game to consider and to Combine in hopefully holistically Sound ways, the bigger the edge of teh human Player. And given that SI have stated numerous times that their target audience isn't even the "tactical commited".... but the bang average Football fan who "wants to wins sum stuff"...
  13. In parts there seems a confusion between the mentalities and the rest…. the lower Risk spectrum of the mentality isn't wasn't actually paired with an encouragement to Keep Possession: Defenders were/are actually encouraged to clear their lines (untweaked, anyway). It's just that a lower Risk mentality paired with a direct passing instrcution basically translates to: "Play it safe, but by all means CLEAR under pressure." The "Problem" is when that pressure isn't actually on... That said, I'm not Holding my breath over significant AI improvements. SI know and realize that as soon as the AI is capable of doing something their playerbase isn't (and be it on Occasion Winning a match despite having x less shots on a spreadsheet come the final whistle blown ) -- it's suspected as cheating. As a game dev, this would bug me a lot, and be it because of my "ego" taking over. The Long-term key may be though bringing user Management and AI Management Closer and Closer to one another… (the "Presets" are arguably a step in that direction). You as well as AI can still do a load of balls on this game that doesn't have the slightest to do with top class Football Management, arguably.
  14. You can try it. May depend on how your tactical Edge usually makes you overperform quite a bit. However, FM saves with any Kind of Edge mostly tend to be upward Affairs... to me Bottom to top saves oft fees more like a test in Patience and persistance thus, like an MMO Level grind where you are "rewarded" for sticking around. Maybe the game shouldn't just introduce a DOF -- but a tactical assistant with plenty Options proper. SI actually have the perfect template here in what they are simulating… even though ironically "traditional gaming press" would likely criticize this. The aforementioned simulation vs gaming perspective all over. I've actually seen this concern in a few German traditional gaming Magazine previews of FM 2019: "If this game lets you assign this many duties to your staff and perhaps still be successful -- what's the Point in playing?" That assistant eventually would be AI, so inherently wouldn't have such a big Edge over his Peers. Unfortunately, the biggest edges you can have in the game, which is in the Micro Management of Matches, the AI will never compete in, even if SI tried. It's the same as on any game offering plenty Options to (Micro)tweak, from strategy to Action to anything: Eventually, the human will use them in far more creative and advanced ways… some of which "exploity" by nature. Hearts Of Iron Players conquering the world with Luxembourg, anyone? Indeed, the way I'd Code such an assistant was that (optinally) the actualy bigger Picture decisions would still be for the Player, er, Manager in charge to make. Like, we're one nill up, do we aim for the kill or preserve what we have? What Kind of Football do we want to broadly Play? Who is going to be our main goalscorer/s and how do we generally feed them? Etc. Not only would this still optionally allow for plenty bad decisions. It may also Benefit all Players playing this, as a) AI in General would Need improving without artificially Holding it back so that everybody can compete and b) players's who've done vice versa, which is struggling with the Micro Details, would be lifted of that burden some. It would also still be a "game" to beat Play.
  15. That's because they don't have a clue About Football. Neither the flawed one in-game, nor the real one. It's not the amount… which the AI gives a **** About. It's the Quality. And even if the devs would Code Deep defenses to collapse more easily by improving Forward movement, and Code the AI not to try to Play like Burnley did last term every week -- you'll still have Matches in which you don't win, as that's Football or Barcelona/PSg/Real Madrid would barely ever drop a Point. And unlike a lot of the tactics on offer here, these Teams actually still field a defense (gotta love the likes of TFFs 2 box 2 box midfielder 4-4-2 defenderless wonders etc), and may Change Things when stuff obviously isn't working in a specific match against specific Opposition. And despite all, they still enjoy horrible periods like Madrid first half last term, where the combined Forces of CR7, Benzema and Bale didn't hit a Barns door for 5 months in the league despite trying loads (CR7 alone 100 shots/4 Goals). If this sounds like a rant, it is. One Thing is for sure, the game Needs to absolutely hammer it out of people's heads that having moar shots was Managing or a sign of greatness or anything. Actually, against any AI focused on defending you'll have more by Default, as that's a byproduct of defensive Deep block Football, duh. I'd also take out the Nonsense you can do in-game. It's pointless arguing if Teams can be managed in a way that have no equal in actual Football -- by AI, unfortunately, too. This Thing has been going on for the past 15 years running, and it was as stupid back then as it is now. Tactics and match Management decisions are About spaces, not About shot volumes on a spreadsheet come the final whistle blown. It's also funny how every odd Point drop must be a bug, whilst somebody consistengtly storming the most unbalanced top leagues in the game with barely average sides etc never bats an eyelid, i.e. must be all fine and Dandy (which it usually isn't, both in Terms of AI intelligence and ME).
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