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  1. That's still FM summed up. There was that book published three, four years ago, "Football Manager stole my life", in them they printed some resume attached to that European Championship pitch eventually neglected by EA, plus the design documents. Literally all of it could be from current FM. You may shudder the day the guys retire, as who knows, maybe there will be artificial difficulty levels artificially bumping the AI (rotten cheats!!!) so that you would play by some special rules indeed. How about somebody getting a deal done with EA/Konami to shoehorn management into what clearly is an arcade game because pretty graphics. In a sense, this has arguably been the only case where this entire management thing has worked, somewhat and thought out through. For every weird thing and research guy handing out "runs forward no matter what" traits to players as if everybody was Lucio in his prime, if you're getting used to it you could actually attend any match and say, ah, so he's employing a play maker here or target man there (odd choice in Götze though!), and look at that insanely high line of that Guardiola bloke, w00t! For all the additionally and intentionally focus in club management on Total Club Manager etc. it wasn't until 2010ish for instance until the grounds of the other clubs were even "simulated" on Fifa Man, all the benefits would be entirely to the user's, and if he would retire from his job to return later, he'd find it was all "reset"! Would of never happen here, even right in the early ones, everything simulated on even grounds, including the press conferences stored for all eternity for all the managers. FM 2012 even had a curious bug where you on occasion got to see the private conversations between AI managers and their players -- used to follow Arnautovic as he always had a fallout no matter where he went. It's a hugely fascinating world you may optionally take a part in. No wonder why CM/FM had been such a resource hog for older machines though. What struck me as remarkable is how almost any major series of football management games has grass roots, so to speak, guys getting into the business first doing "small games for friends" or something they would program in their spare time to publish in magazines. On The Ball in Germany was no different, and prior to that Bundesliga Manager (discontinued in ca. 2000), that initially was also a 2 man job. The lead designer of On The Ball was still the lead designer behind Fifa Manager too until it had been disbanded four, three years ago. Maybe it takes a special kind of dedicated person to do that thing, maybe the days were publishers were still somewhat interested in largely text-based primarily PC games is over (plus licensing hell), though that with all text has been changing mind. That said Paul saying he couldn't play more than a couple pre-season friendlies into the thing without noticing all the warts puts me a little off of playing my next match now, so. Couldn't you have invited Miles to correct him how fantastically it all is? Pretty good quotes, overall, good job on getting them. edit: Any chance you could take a look at European Champions? I have Dosbox, an original C64, an Amiga, probably even the Amstrad someplace.
  2. Always useful to click on the dots. As stats are held as such an objective measurement, the game should ditch clear cuts altogether and include a break down of how many shots were from set pieces, or which ones actually from open play. There has been a clear pattern of horrible conversion and the players piling up set pieces up to the point where he would rely entirelly from them to convert which..... really shouldn't be all that reliably. Some of the most vocal (and most infamous) claiming they'd been cheated over and over, if you looked at the screenshots it's always the same. An average of 15 corners, lots of opposition fouls leading to kicks. That it's so easy to pile up those may be an ME weakness and/or unrealistic approaches to matches you wouldn't see in football (use key in door rather than go battle-ram), considering that top teams average no more than 7 corners a match in football. Still if the matches were uploaded, you'd click on the dots and find that all of the shots inside the box were either from throws, free kicks or corners, madness. This still continues. In FM it's perfectly doable that all or almost all of the shots come from set play, which pack the boxes by default. However if such happens, it points to that your tactics is really weak at breaking down defenses, as set pieces have their own set of instructions. Why that is the case is for you to work out, however, typically at the core it's either lack of movement or conversely piling every players into the opposing third having them sit atop of each other, etc. If opponents dropped off this would only accentuate this, and the users looking solely at the shot count+1 piling up (plus the odd unreliably ccc) to show how he supposedly "battered" the opponent despite evidently creating zilch from open play. Perhaps a rule of the thumb: If something happens once, it may be bad luck, the player having an off day, being poor because of low morale, yadda yadda. If it happens regularly, it has to be tactical, as tactics create the patterns of play that would transpire over and over. With stuff such as roles and duties governing each player's attacking movement and several more, which would repeat every time, perhaps not much of a surprise. (off a previous release, quite some shots taken inside the boxes, but marked in blue are all of them coming from set play) In old versions where corners could be exploited with backs able to score 15 goals a season, this was less of an issue. In some versions marking from attacking throws was bugged too. However set pieces even for the dead ball specialists are at best supplements to their goal tallies and can decide the additionally matches in your favor, but set pieces could never be relied upon entirely [assuming the conversion were somewhat accurate in FM]. edit: If you watch, you'd find that AI at their most defensive/Spoiling sometimes don't advance any player much in possession, at their most rigid they oft would create most of their chances from set pieces too in a bid to simply making it hard to score against them (either after taking an unlikely lead, from kick-off, to avoid a heavy beating etc). However they may know what to expect from a match, and sometimes that apparently is just not getting battered, and defying the odds (Greece's set piece plans of 2004, which may have been brilliant as their manager knew what he had to work with, but even within the special confines of short knock-out tournaments, games of some chance nonetheless). Relying on defying them every week would be pretty much a luxury though.
  3. What herne said is that the width you encourage, they try to follow that when in possession, when your team has the ball when you attack. When you lose the ball and your opponents have it, defending players play more narrow by default, there is no instruction as such for that. The wider you play, the slightly longer it takes when you lose the ball / start defending visibly for the players to get narrow again, is all. So as a short answer: No playing wider plus push up plus exploit the middle does NOT in itself cause to concede lots of goals. It may make the issues you previously had (if they are still there) to be more pronounced. For instance, exploits the middle makes central players not on defend duty to push more up when on attack, which may put more pressure on your other of the two CMs, as previously you said the two of them where often dragged all over already. Additionally push up higher may see an increase in through balls due to your central midfielders not being able to put pressure / mark everyone, as was previously also the case (they never got much help from the players in front of them). 1. Is it because playing wide or because of what was said previously in the thread? I.e. your AML/AMR/AMC not defending very much, not getting back to defend as in your screenshot? 2. You may check if your team plays the way you like. However the results/scorelines don't mean overly much, the AI Manager may not field his best eleven, and in particular in the 2nd half, make a dozen of substitutions. Plus player's motivation can be affected due to it being "just friendlies". I once won away at Bayern in early pre-season as a 2nd league club, as like almost their entire squad was still on holiday after a World Cup. Didn't cause us to smash it up in the Champions league the following season. :-) Additionally nobody knows if your CM's might be too attacking as long as you make manually slider tweaks. In particular: mentality and runs from deep. Don't touch those if you have issues! Runs from deep dictates how commited a player is to making forward runs when you attack from his position. A defend duty players has it set to "never", and thus never makes such. Mentality can be a reason on some earlier versions such as FM 2013 that all of your advanced players don't help much with defending as well, which was happening on your previous screenshots (manually tweaking it for each player). Speaking about manual tweaks made to sliders, it is important to understand that if you do such, using team instructions and shouts can become meaningless. For instance, you said you encouraged to push up, but manually set the defensive line yourself according to your shots. You encouraged to play wider, but had set the width manually yourself. If you still do, much of the effect of those instructions is moot. You would have pretty much played as wide as you played in all the matches before in terms of player's positioning. Again, don't touch these if you have issues. Additionally, if you tweak a player's sliders, his role description can become meaningless as well. In hindsight threads such as these may highlight that it was to much benefit of the game that ever since FM 2014 or 2015 there are no sliders to tweak anymore. Not only for the sake of arguments. But because you could literally make a team act like muppets without knowing why. Current versions still leave plenty of room for bad management. But perhaps realistically none of the options will cause a team to behave as if they'd never kicked a ball before.
  4. That's a huge load, what I also meant that tactics can firstly become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you go down the flanks in creative ways pretty much locking any possible play through the middle (doable) it speaks to reason that any assist is going to be of a specific type. However if you only create a very specific type of chance exclusively, for which you would need to be pretty creative, a type which might not all be a huge conversion chance overall, then that would rub off big deal in the long-term, no matter the player quality, man management, anything and could give AI mans an edge in conversion itself simply because going by their play/movement they aren't programmed around issues, but always create a multitude of chances. Of course you wouldn't need to be the most efficient team to win stuff if you simply spam stuff often enough, and have the most attempts in general. But it can still lead to the classic FM frustration, individually matches either way, not only due to the hugely unrealistic and one dimensional chance type focus, but also because if players miss, as the widget reveals they can become frustrated or nervous, which can rubs off further if several - better chance types - are out of the equation. I'd expect crosses rarely lead to much tap-ins, for instance (not sure though). The principel is that, let's cut this down purely to Maths: You could have shots spammed from your crosses all season, all of which say lead to a conversion of 1 in 5 to 1 in 10 on purely average (everything above 1 in 2 should be super rare, as the keeper outside of aforementioned tap ins or penalties is in the advantage to save usually unless he's totally caught off-guard and out of position). However anything that may be a better type is out of the window, and 1 in 5 at very best isn't that super hot. Individual match comes along: crosses are spammed, and as random chance has its way too, coupled with frustration and stuff, whilst your op may have 5 shots in total, two of which actually tap-ins, there you go. Not that I've tested personally though, it's not my style of play. The common issue naturally with those incredibly amount of shots getting missed is that, which is a constant, seen another set of pkms , that quite incredibly all of those shots of 25+ tend to be from set pieces exclusively, which isn't intentional, but oft caused by the bid to overload defenses / trying how the ME would cope by pushing everybody into the box. That principle applies here also too. As the AI visibly never plays in such crazy ways, it will never have matches were every shot of 25+ comes from set pieces. Your average set piece chance is a blocked shot or header made under pressure, which may be on target, but in the game anyway oft a comparably easy save too. I somehow doubt that spamming crosses in FM regularly leads to the best / easiest to convert types of chance you can have in the game, as it's a comparably static thing when let's say runs into the box or dribblings cutting inside from wide binning central defenders are out of the window, plus through balls causing the keeper to rush out of his goal in an attempt to worsen angles, but that's gut feeling. IN real football there is a lot of goals from crosses, but that doesn't mean they are in itself super efficient (afaik the game is tried to be modeled after football research here as close as possible). Point being, unless you would know and aim to game the ME, it's probably best be prepared to face at least individual "freak" matches and frustration. This is also from some recent experience, talking to somebody who was hell-bend on gaming perceived and actually ME issues likewise, including the defending of wide areas, which only caused him to have horrible long-term conversion stats (anything below 1 in 5 shots in target converted as outlined in the team reports is just that.) Plus heaps of [individually] frustration. Which is also like the story of many of those tactical downloads overloading too. Has been for years.
  5. I wouldn't try to game anything unless you know for sure what you're doing. Firstly, AI manager tactics aren't created to build around ME issues, they just do their stuff. Secondly, the overall cross completion has gone down this year, which might be a knock-on from someplace else. It ranges between 10 and 20 % or thereabouts whereas in real football it's quite some higher (and had been on previous releases too). That's overall cross completion rates, which might not fully compare, but it's lower than in some previous releases. As a human player you can be that creative that all of your stuff goes down the flanks. However I'd expect that you can easily create something that leads to overall quite shoddy chance conversion as a result, and as a result, a much higher likelyhood of an influx of those 30 shots no goals matches due to the one dimensionality. Like so many tactical downloads do.. at least in individual matches either way against certain types of opposition due to their sheer aggressiveness. It's not that top forwards would miss additionally stuff or become horrible, of course that isn't "tactical", it's more like that any tactics pretty much determine what kind of chances you would create in the long term which is logical as on FM the options you have determine movement (where players are at all available) and patterns of play.
  6. UI: Clear indication for the UI whether a player is told to roam or move into channels. As this is altered dynamically by roles, mentality, but also TI's, and it's related (crucially) to movement, it needs more readily visually cues. I'm personally not sure myself actually how things exactly link and which positions may be affected, tbh. A mock up symbol of a forward roaming (either by his role, mentality or team instruction): Naturally you wouldn't want to clutter things, but some kind of visual cue is needed here (possibly with a tool-tip opening up if you hover around the circle symbol) Statistics such as: Shots for / against (average) for each team SOT for / against (average) samewise There one very very crucially bit missing here, which is the shot spread off actually open play plus set pieces. For years and years and years you've had that argument made that well, I'm creating 25 shots every match, 10 of them on target, oft a couple of CCCs most inside the box but oft can't score. Maybe so, but in FM it is totally possible to compress areas and spaces this insanely much, by narrowing stuff and/or having players virtually sit on top of each others, oft by human players getting rather "creative", that virtually any of those attempts will be either made from free kicks, corners, or attacking throws, which have areas packed by default and forwards never into space, be they world class or not. You would see the matches loaded up, would need to manually click on the shot dots and see up to all of them coming from set play. As that is going to be a regularly occurance due to the movement patterns / play that would repeat in each match, this increases the likelyhood of going away with nothing from dozen attempts tenfold and then some. There's got to be a cut-off line here, such as at which number of passes is a shot not from set piece anymore. Naturally it would need an understanding that regularly virtually creating nothing from open play at all is really not that good, no matter how much set pieces you're going to pile up. For every individually freak match where you 2 direct kicks are belted into the top corner by an average guy, overall they're mostly defended, simple as that. And in FM every shot count+1 without goal from such a low conversion shot under pressure additionally can make players frustrated which can rub off on conversions of latter shots made in the match. However if an overall average league stat was available here for all teams, the human team would stick out here badly and may prompt some questions as to why things look this absurdly different to all the other guys competing against. Can't spoon feed solutions but as stats are held as such an objective measurement, it may trigger some pondering and for more advanced players can be useful to better their play too.
  7. Going by the download rubbish* posted everywhere, people think that to be the case -- and then wonder why because everyone is running forward asap and moving things forward quickly have a weak conversion becuz any of 30 attempts is from set pieces (and goals oft likewise), which will make that 30 shots no goal scenario so much more likely to happen as your average shot from set piece is a fluffed header under pressure and easy save for the keeper, misses which as the widgets reveal, can make players frustrated. I don't know if the same would happen in real football, and whether it is at all possible to create virtually nothing much from open play despite dozens attempts, because I've never seen a football team playing that way, certainly not for the 90 minutes, so it's a bit tough to compare. However since at the top arguably only Kevin Keegan is of the oldschool opinion that throwing players into the box = easy goals to score, FM's outlook may be about right. You would only need to look at the amount of corners, regularly 15+ = shot counts inflated by default which in the game is visually caused by zero back passes and every player sitting onto each other just pushing forward.. any pass to the next guy 5 feet away has him immediately under pressure again, lots of hurried shots in no space, deflected, blocked, fouls in and around the area, set piece bonanza. It's surprising how consistent that has been for years. If only they'd include a shots from play/set piece stat, it would fly in the face of everyone. Where that dig sits, this is connected to possession at hand is the tendency to move the ball out of defense quickl -- in football in possession based teams the backs have some of the most of the ball (Boateng Bayern, Pique former Barca), which doesn't happen in FM as they rarely interchange passes in between them, has been for years, and as soon as the ball is moved forward, it never to rarely goes back to rebuild, which is influenced by that opposing forwards stay upfield right at the half way line rather than tracking back to help defending. What that means is that the cbs can't push up, as they'd leave the forward/s in behind them in the opponent's half, onside. Easy ball over the top, game over. Naturally there's more, such as pressing, but as for the patterns of play, that sticks out as rather 80s UK. I can guess why the ball is played out from the back quickly, which may to have a realistic turnover of the ball, rather than teams being able to keep the ball endlessly, which would be easy to do at the back in particular with pressing issues. But it still sticks out some. Another example would be Italy at the Euros, the many passes their kind of ball playing back three would interchange from left to right and wait for space to open up to launch a quality opening. That said, wwfan used to argue this also, but I've never seen players just hoofing it because of a huge short bias (too short passing setting, as he would put it then). The bias imo becomes that big that for instance you were far more likely to see a risky short ball played out from the back when the opposition is still pushed up after an intercepted attack, which would put the DM or CM passed to put under pressure (and lead to mistakes). Maybe I interpreted his sayings then too literally also, as naturally if there wasn't a short option, eventually players would be to look for options further up the pitch, as that's "common sense". :-) *There are good guys who do this on best intent (providing for others who struggle). From looking around various about 79.65% of frustration plus 33.33 % of confusion is caused by the utter crap that's shared everywhere. It isn't merely dl'ed, but influences others too when they do their own. Firstly, downloads often don't need to be logical as they oft exploit specific ME issue plus AI tactical decision making (or lack thereof) which draws other parts of the game some redundant also (man management, transfer markets). Secondly, in doing so they create false expectations as that's a no effort unrealistic overachievement -- so whenever the player would play the game any other way, he'd get back to the dls again as overall patterns of results wouldn't be onpar and he may actually feel he's to make a decision once in twenty matches. Thirdly, as they oft aren't logical or look risky or contradictory, player gets confused and concludes that FM wouldn't aim to reward basic football logics. Fourth, 10 out of 10 of downloads are as aggressive every single minute of play in their role setup as any AI man visibly is when going overload in a match to chase a goal. Attack duties everywhere, sometimes no holding mid which no AI does (not since FM2012 , which may have been the last where you had better long term conversion than AI thus out of the box due to goals gifted).
  8. Looks pretty creative. However like many unusually formations this would have one obvious weakness, which is when AI managers would field 3 central forwards, which can happen either because they prefer that full-stop, sometimes it can also be applied when they make a switch mid-match, typically it's a prefered attacking formation of theirs. Firstly, a makeshift back three of FB-CB-FB as can be second-guessed from the tactics screen, opens channels in between them as wide as the hips of Kim Kardashian. In particular the wide central forwards can have a field day here. What's more, as central forwards don't track back much, eventually the wide guys in particular could sit and drift into space if the full backs bomb forward. If the interception would reach him, the only CB as the only central defender really would tend to engage him, and the other guys are through on goal. It's not a default loss or point drop at all, and as said many times AI isn't programmed to "crack" or respond to anything such (arguably it should...), but depending on who you play, something you may watch out for. It's not common typically, but it can be depending on who takes the jobs in the league and what their preferences are.
  9. Yeah but in the current save it is you who are seeing results like crazy, seeing crazy random runs, regularly bonkers scorelines. Your team can't defend whilst others can some. Focusing on that one why do you think that is? You state you have Vanarama players playing in the EPL too which is a bit odd? Could you please post the formation so it can be looked at, I'm curious myself? :-) You can pick any formation you like, and should be able to. But it won't change that the formation you field is - basically - the old "without ball" formation, the formation they would retreat to when you lose the ball and eventually are pushed back and defending with. Playing high lines and pressing would help somewhat not getting that thoroughly exposed, as players would try to win the ball back far up the pitch, rather than immediately retreat and inviting the opponent in your half each time when the ball is dropped. If you go crazy here, you will see crazy, as your team won't be able to defend and overload AI teams with lots of attacking players sitting in space. There's other ways of getting weak defenses, having a weak team for a start, or having a bad mix of duty, however nothing of it would lead to 2 goals scored/conceded on average. Still would love to see it though, reminds me of this guy who is doing similar... I'd probably have rage quit long ago. Importantly there's possibly a huge bug/AI weakness in here too... Van players in the EPL?! I'm a bit surprised nobody else has objected to this when speaking about the transfers ... this would totally break the game imo in many ways. It's like the guy who (via constant reloads) made his side win trophies, but never see one of his player getting called up for their national sides, as the international managers would "see the players for what they are", that is lacking in ability. Except that such overachievement against all ability is happening in your save due to your unusual formation not used by any AI manager and generally tactics apparently. Nothing is happening "statistically" though. The stats are just adding stuff up that's happening, like player has decided to take a shot: shot count for his team plus 1. If the pass completion rate is lowly, it is because of many passes visibly and actually going astray, which won't be all shown on the highlight modes, as there are 100s of passing attempts made a match. The match engine itself creates that 90 minutes of play in sequence second by second, which can be influenced by both managers. In other words, it's the play making the numbers, not the other way around. That means it's within anybody's influence what would happen, and, what kind of result could transpire. This will seem random though if for some reason one can't read what's going on or struggle with what the tactical options are doing which can be frustrating. Curiously dominating sides such as Real, Barcelona or Bayern this version packed with attacking players sometimes score far less than two goals on average, and still win trophies. It's not uncommon for AI Guardiola to win the Bundesliga with the odd 50 goals from 34 matches, which naturally means overall he can't concede much. Which is their approach/tactics, they have no different options than us, and a bit different to the Lazio guy above.
  10. Fair play to actually bugs, like when runs aren't tracked, when specific marking leads to giving players head starts and space regularly (was before the patch anyway in a certain combo), when far posts are as open as a barn's door, etc. which in dimo's case, who knows. But the other post has nought to with bugs. The team obviously can't defend for toffee due to the formation employed, which is visible from the match play. No matter what actually the guys upfront look like, a one man midfield eventually is overrun every time, and as it is also the only guy in front of the defenders, who will then be dragged everywhere hopeless to pick up everybody, they won't cope. There is no way you'd get such goal spreads else, except if you were applying specific marking orders on CBs, maybe. That's not conceding to bugs, that's conceding because defenders are visibly dragged all over the place. Even against opposition several tiers below you couldn't control the match as no midfield is no midfield. SI could lock all of this out, "crazy" or "risky" formations or risky specific marking orders. So that you would be only able to pick any formation that is available from the pull down menus where you can pick formations, rather than edit some of your own. However for short bursts you might want to go "gung-ho" or a fun save where you don't give a damn either way, plus creativity is fun. So a better way may be was to state clearly: your basic formation as outlined in tactics screen = basically your teams position when defending (old without ball sort of), and tell what specific marking does, which is chase their guy all over the pitch. Because I do find it worrying too that you can play this for years and be confused, and that's documentation too. However there is always players who refuse to accept advice, even if it were in-game or if it came from the devs and rather keep on insisting on bad theory which when spread leads to frustration, which nobody then could do anything about. Hope this is uploaded (curious too ), as this is apparentlyleading to weird things. Such formations aren't tested likely, and if Van level players compete in the EPL, this can have knock-ons... Transfers, more. That'd be poor players seen for what they are, which is guys who wouldn't perform at any other team, only doing well because of the formations and instructions. On top of the results this seems to break the game, likely due to a combination of AI tactical decisions and ME bugs. Like how you could game the AMLs/AMRs in older versions, making them not track back, which against any AI man going attack and getting his full backs forward (attack duty, previously runs from deep always), would be exploited as they would sit atop unmarked -- against defensive AI (weak teams, sides considers huge underdogs), who would keep his guys back, not so much. That's where random runs would come from for anybody who would spread that everything was arbitrary set play leading to a goal the engine "had calculated must go in". Goals are scored because players/dots did it, not some other way around. Going from that, you don't need to go into such micro-details at all, as with any "normal" formation this would be a non-issue. But here's WOT I think may be roughly going on, with Pogba being the only central midfielder here, hapless to pick up everybody. The circle is his area, and he is incapable to mark all... as he doesn't this will have everybody else getting dragged all over the pitch same. The wide attacking players (AML AMR 16 + 37) may tuck in to help some, but that also leaves space out wide for a possible attacking run by the wide back (2). If it's 3 central forwards employed they don't get behind the ball (9 17 21) making things worse. However when things are still intercepted, this can launch something on the break right there as they all stayed upfront. End to end action by definition. However depending on how defensive the AI man plays, a switch can also happen mid-match as they react to scorelines, he will have additionally cover for that or he won't. F'r instance, the left back (31) all upfield may stay back. That's not a representation, or arbitary, or "just animations", that's quite literally what would be going on all matches all season.
  11. This is the exact opposite of what happens. It doesn't arbitrarily show how a goal is going in. Apologies if this came a bit condescending, but there is many myths being spread around. You are told by mods that's not how things work, who know their stuff much better. Nobody is trying to do any bad, but help. This is not a contest of who's wrong and right or anything. Just out of interest, how does that formation look like, i.e. which positions do you field? That's a flat back four I reckon, with a sole CM in the CM slot and then? And up front? Three central forwards plus an attacking midfielder L and R? Something else? The formation you field is your defending shape, i.e. the old without ball thing kinda with more advanced players being a little more reluctant to get behind the ball, and central forwards not getting behind the ball at all staying further up the pitch. As you can guess thus, you would be the only manager in the entire game world who would employ such crazy formations, as that's how no team lines up when defending, which can cause all kinds of weird things happening, in particular as AI managers likely aren't given means to react to that marauding front five. That's not arbitrary nor a representation, that is second by second of play what's going on. In other words, goals are scored because they were able to do it. Such stats are tactical. Defenders would look clueless as they're outnumbered and overrun when pushed back simply. Your midfield would be a walk-in every time, no matter how good the players attributes are, how motivated they are, how highly their morale is or whatever pep talk you chose. On the other end of the pitch, it's numerous players immediately up for taking things forward again, oft sitting into space. No matter how weak they are, how complacent they are, how lowly their morale or whatever pep talk you chose, they would do such. End to end action follows. With such a goal spread (2 vs 2 on average), which equals to conceding some of the most plus scoring some of the most in the league at the same time, matches are a lottery, and if the unusual pick in formation looks what I think it looks like, your runs will be most affected by firstly random chance, as it's back and forth kind of stuff and you never being control of a match, and how your opponents line up, as depending on which, they will make it less effecitve or more so simply by their choice of formation and roles/duty. Depending on which, all it would need in a coming iteration was a change in how AI tactics work, and suddenly it doesn't work anymore and you're back to a different wrong theory of how it all roughly would link together which can lead to frustration. Similar to the OPs, you might have also found an actually bug along that line. In particular with your Vanarama players competing in the Prem... that's what got me even more curious. Surely something unnaturally and rather unbalanced? It can be a bit of a Matrix moment, red pill or blue pill, and you can go for the blue one for as many times as you would like, though that won't help improve enjoyment with the game, unfortunately. However you could still post that tactics/formation so this could be shown, taken a look at and verified. :-)
  12. There may be some fishy defending, but you posted you were playing a "semi-suicidal 4-1-5", so. ;-) There has NEVER been a version where talks were game changers, nor a version where an u18 was able to outplay your first team, unless you let them, like having no midfield, which, well, I'll let you do the Maths in 4 1 5. Also you can have the best morale in the world, if you midfield is a walk through, it will happen each and every time you drop the ball. Which each match, naturally happens quite a lot of times. You also posted you see virtually no difference in play even when going opposite instructions, which means stuff will appear random in any version you're going to play. Morale doesn't affect basic positioning, nor formations, nor shapes much... that's all tactics for instance. It slightly influences decision making and some mental stats (main coder), which is pretty much all it does. Which means that players may make an added mistake or bad decision here and there, but that's about it. Myself in one save I currently have 1,5 goals for a match but less than 0,5 against on a win ratio of 80% or thereabouts sitting atop the tables, so playing conservatively is doable. I also only concede 6 shots on average a match (calculated manually, would be great to have this in the game as stat) as when taking leads, I attempt to sit on them and start recycling, just a couple TIs and adjusting duty, no more, which is also visibly happening, clearly. You would learn a lot taking stuff onboard that's posted, including that the match play you see is genuine, including all the positioning of the players you encourage. I don't see what's so hard to read about it, it's not as if it would be little animated guinea pigs from space randomly chasing what looks like a little bits of cheddar cheese or anything. This is fairly linked to the OP, as for some reason, he seems to be struggling here also. If he wants help, I'm sure it's there.
  13. Visually that split-second where he gets past the CB looks glitchy, but focusing on that would be obsessing about wrong things. What may be connected to tactics [hit pause at 0:05]: That's a nice through ball that unleashes Redmond in behind your high ? line who rather than having to turn anticipates the ball before it's played facing goal side, approaching the box with top speed, which causes your CB to be on the back foot. Takes ages to turn first, the direction players face aren't "cosmetical", they were in the game with the purely 2d view and 2d dots already. However there's space behind your defense. SI have tweaked d-lines for this version to be more extreme, compared to previous versions I found that you can exploit the space left behind them in particular some top sides would always leave quite regularly, and the positioning of d-line which can be more aggressively / less so all the way into your own third is also affected. The ball carrier is deep into your half but defenders are stepped up a good deal ahead of your box rather than retreating. That'd be a trade-off to consider against players of some pace, even off-side traps can fail too. Your left back where the guy sneaked behind looks like he was trying to appeal for off-side either way and just stops. Aside of that is that your CB closing Mbokani down at the start of the vid? That looks like a back four with one CB being forced to step up giving him some time on the ball which can be tactical just as well. Usually CBs only would do that regularly if there was nobody in front of them who could deal with the player else, as obviously your CB closing down all over the shop is some of the last thing you want. However if he's forced to do so, he will do it. If nobody would engage the guy, he would have even more time to play such balls even more regularly. However for that the video is too short and should be recorded manually to show the entire transition/build up. For all we don't know, the sequence may actually have started off a set-piece, or a bad pass / goal kick into the feet of the opponent, anything. There will be mistakes though, and goals will be scored. Actually bugs too, this is just a minor visually one, where the 3d player models make it look as if players where running through each other some. It is the patterns that can be some valuably to assess. I.e. does this type of play happen regularly, through balls played in behind your defense. I know somebody who would oft post brief videos / screenshots showing bad positioning of defenders, however watching sequences right from the interception, it would oft show that they are this erroneous as they were on the back foot all along, as he was running into counter attacks for instance and all the defenders forced to retreat at pace, with lots of players pushing into the box at pace likewise overwhelming them due to the opportunity to counter attack presented. It's often that moment of transition where the ball changes hands, er feet that is the most undervalued. Brief sequences can make things look differently than they actually played out. :-) You could upload the entire pkm with the timing in the bugs forum though, as visually or not, that's stuff that should be addressed likewise.
  14. You already posted some and I personally told you it was easier to get really bad shapes defending in some earlier iterations:***FM2013***?p=10895516&viewfull=1#post10895516 You said you would leave a lot of gaps in possession/attacking though. This is your own post: This should not happen much going by your tactics which have a d-duty central midfielder. However you also manually tweak sliders so it is impossible to tell what things look like. In particular if you adjust "mentality" and "runs from deep" sliders. Don't do it as a quick workaround. Else it would more telling if you would post screenshots of: - Your team approaching the opponents goal (which would show the gap, i.e. which players are advancing and which not) - Your opponent approaching your goal (like the shot I posted in the older thread, which would show if there are players who are reluctant to track back / get behind the ball) In possession yourself/attacking you would not have a huge gaps unless you manually tweaked sliders which to this extent is impossibly ever since FM 2014 or 2015. This is a really old version so it's hard for most to tell what's going on, you'd need to post shots. As said, some things are a bit different.
  15. I'd try it as it's a good way to challenge such "myths" oftenly perpetuated by community. Spoiler: What I did do on FM 2015 back then for instance was giving every manager in the league the inherent 4-2-3-1 Denmark as attacking plus defending formation in the editor, however it's also important to level club starting reputations, as it is probably the main mechanic by which AI managers eventually gauge where their teams are standing in the game's world. They might pick that formation, but there's also mentality, TIs and roles and duties (and parking bus AI visibly always has like a wealth of defend dutys in there, players always sitting behind the ball except for set pieces). I.e. Ok, we're Darmstadt, so we try to park the bus against Bayern and try to grind out lucky draws. Won't happen that rigidly anymore, everybody is playing a reasonably open game against each others, and even the top dogs have space to break into due to players making forward runs, rather than running into that "parking bus" dropping deep upon intercepting. Default database: The edits: The problem is that the reputations will eventually adjust, naturally, so you'll have underdogs and top dogs eventually. Still repeatably every time. It's also the second by second play eventually making the numbers, not some other way round, and if you watch, even lower league standard has players getting in their default defensive position as outlined on the tactics pitch quickly, i.e. keeping defensive shape covered. FM clearly considers if a forward is actually in space or if he is mauled by defenders when he gets the ball and forced to shoot. A CCC is also clearly not a CCC, same as any shot or sot. However, currently you would need to field creative formations which you can't edit into the db for AI, such as making a single full back the "last line of defense", and then record scores are totally within reach, same as conversion ratios that are through the roof, as players are actually into space and nobody is around them when they try to shoot. For getting a db which sees some additionally goals, opening the db, filtering all managers, marking them all holding "shift" and editing all their prefered formations for both att and def to inherently top heavy attacking formations that are available, such as that 4-2-3-1 Denmark or more aggressively (which are the defensive shape players are going to adapt) should see an increase in goals. You are influencing decisions which influences play first and foremost, which then rubs off on stats and goals. There is no leveling and no articifial limiters, and this was most apparent in FM 2015 initially also for a couple of reasons, where you had multiple teams averaging 6 goals for/against a match, plus more for human teams depending on their tacs, as attack duty advanced players weren't arsed to track back and just parked at the half way line (curious change by SI quickly patched out of the game for the final patches). edit: Probably an even better one available in the editor for AI would be the 4-3-3 narrow (3 central forwards), as ever since that FM 2015 final patches, it is central forwards who don't much track. That way you would have sides that when they intercept can immediately launch something on the break, plus always have but 7 players getting behind the ball, oft resulting in totally end to end action throughout when employed by both sides any minute of play. Speaking about, if you would additionally shorten the pitches/grounds to the lowest possibly length, this can prove some additionally fun. With the distance between goals decreased drastically, and this is not for show, it has visibly influence naturally, end to end action totally guaranteed.