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  1. The more common "issue" Players are having oft aren't an overly aggressive mentality, or any of that sort. It's not even overcommitting. It's bad movement structures and / or not commiting enough men forward by the roles/duty combos picked when facing packed defenses. That's also why there is this perception the AI would adapt. It doesn't. It's just that more and more teams play more cautious against successful teams -- the Thing that occurs for the top sides in the league from the start. Suddenly the space gifted prior isn't available, and the weak structure / insufficient (Forward) movement is found out.
  2. Actually, going by FM's forever ill-fated CCC conversion (lon-term average) in the 60ish range, the actual probability of it occuring is 1 in roughly 4,000. :P If they're lesser /more difficult ones than the average considered by the game -- going by what real-life football analysis considers a big chance (~20% chances), it could actually be up to a 1 in 7 chance, illustrating just one of the many problems with this forever rotten stat. In either case, the frequency is suspect from the off; but none of which would be quite akin to winning the lottery. As the game doesn't display better numbers HOW big a Chance it considers a Chance, we cannot more accurately estimate. edit: Unless this were 9 all literally saved rather than saved+missed, in which case the match may actually worthy of a bug report in itself.
  3. It's an unrealistic limitation of the AI managers. If they weren't responding mainly to teams' reputations, but actually styles of Play (or actually FLAWS), you would have added struggle accross the board. Whilst there are middle grounds. FM in General Plays out a bit too much Scenario-AB-like: You face attacking AI playing expansive Football leaving lots of space, you face defensive AI keeping the space in their own third tight leaving Little space, and that's that. Your struggles appear to coincidence with the latter.
  4. This is completely circumventing the issue. Yes, AI managers reacting mainly to reputations isn't realistic. If that weren't the case, you'd had additional Problems accross the board, not merely specific Opposition, e.g. weaker one parking the bus/ playing defensive Football. Still, if a side on this game somewhat consistently loses to weaker Opposition, then there are structurally flaws in the tactic. Nought to do with mentality, or completely changing styles, and all that. But this will start Right in the selection of Player roles/duties.
  5. For as Long as you're not allowed to field 30 outfield Players covering every square Inch of the pitch from the go, every tactic you design will have strength and weakness. I repeat, if you regularly lose to weaker Teams, your tactic has structurally issues.
  6. SI would Need pkms, match files. Depending on the time period of those matches, the above may be a bug, it may well be the result of a "no defenders" download tactic of which there are legions (which the game allows and arguably shouldn't as a realistic sim).
  7. Because the AI's match Management is different. It doesn't attack 24/7 (and I don't mean the mentality of the same Name). It doesn't even care how many shots it has. It purely cares about the scoreline and adjusts to that. Additionally, if you're generally successful, it will more and more play defensive Football to begin with, which means it can't miss that many chances, hit so many Posts, since focused on defending it won't create as many shots. With fewer shots, there's less opportunity to hit posts, or miss, or disallowed Goals, you get the picture. Approx. 0.1/10 out of FM Players even toy with such ideas every single release.
  8. I know how they are, since I've reported AI tactical shenanigans in the past costing them points, evidently. Exactly the same way. The ME doesn't care who provides the Input, it just processes that. Else all the soak testing over thousands of AI Matches SI do to check their ME for average scorelines likewise were worthless also. Anyway, you're never going to work this out with your Approach and apparently stubborn stance. This ain't Champ Man Amiga no more. Your tactic can't be all that coherent if it somewhat regularly loses against weak sides. However, as the AI of this game is limited (reacting to reputations rather than any Teams tactics), it seems it mostly suffers for the lack of coherence against Teams playing defensive Football (e.g. weak ones who's AI Manager views itself as the Underdog for the match). I agree that this shouldn't come down to reputations.
  9. Er, depends. The download sections, perhaps, the discussion Forum not quite. You don't want to hear this, but it takes genuine effort to consistently lose against weak Teams. Agreed. Managers take note of what happens on the pitch with teams, not merely their standing.
  10. Unless all of those losses are from the (op) long balls, it will come down to input either way 100%, and the better folks in the tactics forum will have none of these "constant" losses to weak teams anyway. Hell, to consistently lose to weak teams it takes quite a bit. That's the problem, and why SI are catuious with their AI. It has still seen upgrades throughout the years. Not that much that it's coded to majorly challenge the tactical forum niche though.
  11. Is FM 20 the first ever release to simulate the **** occuring in Football? https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/why-cristiano-ronaldo-has-been-real-madrids-major-problem-season-he-can-also-be-their
  12. I don't, and I put the emphasis here for reason. Weak Teams constantly beat you. You. It's blatantly obvious that they don't beat everyone though. Your Sentiment is actually my biggest bugbear. You can't actually be constantly beaten if you're winning Championships.Because despite you having such a flawed understanding of the game, you still win. That is a design flaw. You should get punished. Where does that leave anybody who actually "gets it"? There has never been an artificially leveling mechanism the Kind of which you suggest, ever. Overpowered long balls, ME flaws, etc. sure. The only thing that could be argued to be an artifical difficulty leveler is SI being cautious how far they improve their AI. Maybe they should ramp it up so that their players were forced to "learn" before winning, like in most games out there. @Rashidi can likely tell a few stories of how well this goes all down during testing stages, though. But as you're generally winning, you're never forced into asking questions. Like, why doesn't everybody constantly lose to weak teams? What are they doing differently?
  13. Whilst it's too easy to amass shots that have a low chance of scoring in-game (watch those set pieces!), factually untrue. https://www.theringer.com/soccer/2018/6/27/17511596/2018-world-cup-germany-south-korea-mexico-sweden-elimination The average expectation with 2x shots was 2 Goals, by the way. There is a Goal scored roughly every 10th shot. However, in Football, ,anagers manage the spaces on a pitch, as opposed to shot counts on some spreadsheet. Conceding the "shot battle" to the opposition can on the occasion actually increase the chance of scoring.
  14. There's nothing cheating in the game though. The perception this is the case is unfortunately likely also one of the reasons SI are cautious when improving their AI. Nobody would play a game perceived as inherently unfair. Except for masochists. In fact the ME's main coder is one of the most purist poeople you can find on this. He takes this personal. See Maldini's Heir not a shadow of a doubt genuine perception he couldn't score "last Minute Goals". Just as genuine as it is that apparently he cannot beat teams down to ten men. Well, then, here's the Facts: If the AI can, it's becfause their late match switches are better, end of Story. SI have received umpteenth suggestions by their tactical community throughout the years. And the game still is not coded to challenge them exclusively. I don't even engage much there anymore, as what you get to learn there still runs rings around the AI. Get this: Players not engaging too deeply to Keep the game more challenging. Some don't even try (and still generally overperform the AI, oft without realizing…)
  15. It's still a myth mind and not coded into the game. AI managers react to teams', any team's changing reputations throughout a save. Opposition are either seen as roughly equal, underdogs to beat or favorites to tactically target more modest results against. It just happens to be primarily human ones who consistently overperform, thus…. In a "realistic" simulated world of football, AI Managers would react to teams', any teams', well tactics some. Doesn't happen in-game. Therefore the "after xx games suddenly stuff stops "working" myths". More and more opposition change their approach reflecting the user's overperformance. Curiously this randomizes the game world in a sense...
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