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  1. Hi, I am trying to change my interface from -85% however the confirm button at the bottom right has disappeared. I have already tried reinstalling the game! Any help appreciated! Thanks
  2. Just started a new Chelsea save so i'm going to try and share how I get on here. Formation and 1st XI Only TIs are retain possession and lower tempo. I'll adjust exploit the .... TI from game to game. Courtois is out for 4 months Transfers: Not had a bad start to the season, notably beating Man U 4-1 at home but losing to Liverpool 2-0 away.
  3. Do you use the same tactic all the way through your careers Dafuge?
  4. I don't seem to be creating nearly enough clear cut chances and I would also like my main source of goals to be the striker. I am trying to get my striker to run in behind the opposing defence with crosses coming in from the left and Lamela cutting inside to support the striker.
  5. Just started a new save with LFC Marshalls update. Trying to sign a young left back, tried to get Grimaldo but he won't even negotiate a contract. Any recommendations? Also tried to sign Pogba but Juventus want a ridiculous amount of money for him. Cheers
  6. i already have the software which usually unzips files. Im not sure if this is winrar or not? I can't remember what its called.
  7. Ty Are you still using the same tactic from the first post?
  8. Have you got a link to a data update?