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  1. Hi I am playing as Truro City and have just been promoted to the VNL. On the player search tab i am only getting 131 interested players appear with the England scouting package. - Is there a way to increase this? - Does it take a while for the list to populate or can i just select the package, scout players, then deselect it to avoid the monthly fee? Thanks J.T
  2. Derby County are in the Championship, not League 1.
  3. Derby County Thread Also could a Mod change the title of the thread to; FM12 Derby County Thread - The Second Clough Era Cheers
  4. This has happened on several of my saves lol
  5. Thats got to be one of the worst managerial records I have ever seen!
  6. I presume play them either side of the striker (rooney)
  7. Very impressive there mufc. Think the 'number of users browsing this thread' is going to increase quite a lot
  8. I think there were tests with lower league teams. One was gateshead if I remember correctly.
  9. Good test and analysis there mate, although I think you will like the new 4-1-2-3 more when it is out
  10. Hmm, tempting to give the tweak another go. however the original is working fine
  11. As soon as I switched to the tweaked version, I conceded twice to a weak Shef Wed team :s
  12. Yes tried the new tweaks however Mr Hough asked me to revert to the original. Probably will give it a few games to set in. Also I think I currently have the workload on high, so could lower that a notch.
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