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  1. Okay thanks for letting us know you managed to figure this out.
  2. Need More Info

    Okay try uninstalling and reinstalling your graphics card drivers as shown below: How to Uninstall and Reinstall my Graphics Card Drivers [PC] Let us know how you get on. Thanks.
  3. Sorry I don't follow. You haven't been able to test this?
  4. As I've said already in this thread, the game isn't currently available to pre-order in Brazil. That's the only thing which has been said about this and it's quite clear.
  5. I'm afraid it's extremely unlikely there will be any kind of further update for FM16. Sorry about that, but as always anything raised on here will be investigated and used for any future version. We appreciate you taking the time to raise this here.
  6. need more info

    Sorry I should have been clearer - what kind of anti-virus program? Have you all tried reading this in regards to how to set up your AV for FM and Steam? How to make sure that an Anti-Virus Program isn't interfering with Steam or FM? [PC]
  7. resolved

    Okay thanks for letting us know.
  8. And what happens if you only run through one monitor rather than multiple monitors?
  9. Okay can you please send me your Belarc so I can take a look? Details here:
  10. resolved

    Okay, I'd suggest it'd be worth removing the logos/faces etc for the time-being then uninstall and reinstall the game. Once you've done this, try the game as installed by default and see if it works. Let us know how you get on. Thanks.
  11. resolved

    Great to hear, thanks for coming back and letting me know.
  12. resolved

    Is this when you're starting a new save game, or when launching the game for the first time? Are you running any custom graphics/logos/skins or custom editor files?
  13. Need More Info

    @djchildoffate do you run any other games on your system? Have you had any issues running any of these? What sort of games have you run (if any)?
  14. Need More Info

    Have you tried running the game in Windowed or Maximised Borderless Windowed mode via the display options in the preferences? If not, please do so and see if you encounter the same issue. Thanks.