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  1. Even players with poor attributes are capable of scoring long range strikes. If ever long range strike they hit goes in then it's an issue, but as you've just said the first one was the first goal they'd scored all season. How many 'long shots' had the attempted and missed prior to that point?
  2. We're continuing to work on conversion rates, thanks for taking the time to post here.
  3. You do, as you asked this exact question in another thread and I answered you - https://community.sigames.com/topic/511766-what-kind-of-data-does-si-need/
  4. It's something we're looking to try and address in a future update. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  5. From what I can tell Benfica will be able to sign the player on a bosman, whereas Partizan won't as they're not an EU club, so Benfica have the upper hand in regards to low-balling. Plus would the player actually even want to join Partizan if they're getting interest from clubs like Benfica and Arsenal? May end up being that the Partizan bid is the most pointless of all as the player doesn't want to join them.
  6. Try running in Windowed mode as shown below: - Open Steam and access your Games Library - Right-click on Football Manager 2020 -> Properties -> General -> Set Launch Options - Type this in the box: -small_screen -windowed - Click on OK, close the window and launch FM20 through Steam
  7. It's something we're continuing to investigate and appreciate you all taking the time to raise it here. Thanks.
  8. Okay appreciate the feedback - with regards to performance this is more the fluidity when moving between screens. Would you say the game is currently slow for you?
  9. It's an issue we're aware of and will be tweaking for the next update. Thanks for taking the time to raise it here.
  10. Appreciate the feedback, the balance of goals and where they come from is something we're currently investigating. Thanks.
  11. What team are you playing as? Is it for all matches, or is it only say home matches? Also in your in-game preferences, if the graphics settings are 'Very Low' crowd won't appear - can you make sure you're not running at Very Low or have the crowd disabled via the 'Match' settings? Let us know, thanks.
  12. This is something we're aware of and will be tweaked for our next full update. Thanks.
  13. Okay thanks for the feedback, we're investigating.
  14. Players morale is always pulling towards the mid-point. This means even if it's 'Superb' or 'Very Low' it'll decrease or increase accordingly as time passes, to bring them back to a more neutral mid-period. In real life mood is rarely one extreme or the other for a significant period of time. Studies have shown that after time mood will revert back to something in-between both, so the game mimics this. If you win games in a row they'll likely be more positive, losing games or unhappiness and more likely it'll be lower. But by design as each day passes the morale will slowly be moving as said, back to that mid-range point.
  15. Just to confirm have you done as shown below? First of all, right-click on your desktop and select 'New' -> 'Folder' Create a folder and name it something to distinguish it (say SI backup) Once you've done this go to your Sports Interactive folder found within 'documents' which by default is at the following location - C:\Users\[YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020 This should contain folders like 'games', 'crash dumps' etc. Please cut every folder from here and paste them into the folder you've created on your desktop. Once you've done this and the Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020 folder is now empty, launch the game. If it works, copy back the files from the desktop folder and hopefully it should now load without any issues.
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