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  1. Yeah generally we're quite conservative about making major changes to players based on a fairly limited number of games. Dembele scored 15 goals in the Championship for a side within that league that were much weaker than Celtic obviously are in the SPL. A number of people would also suggest the Championship is a harder league than the SPL (especially for those teams that aren't Celtic!) so his goalscoring record so far needs to be taken in perspective, even if he did score against strong teams in the CL.
  2. Basically think of the Andy Carroll situation. Realistically his value at the time he was sold from Newcastle was about £10m-£15m. That was the going rate of players of his ilk. Newcastle however, desperately did not want to sell but Liverpool desperately wanted to buy, so he went for £35m. That amount was his asking price. And that would be what the scout would have returned if he'd scouted him at that point. The asking price and value are two different things. The scout reports the asking price (to the best of their knowledge).
  3. I think you've misconstrued what I meant there, it's their standing as in the sense of their ability, their current contract, their age etc. Not just say their reputation.
  4. I'm an experienced player and I don't ignore it. It always give me an indication of where the player is viewed within the football world of that save. And generally I wouldn't say that many threads are started based on the value, more so that they don't agree with the asking price of the AI team. I think the value being listed has become part and parcel of what FM has been over the years and what it represents in game. If you think it should be re-worked or removed I'd suggest creating a thread within our feature requests forum here - Thanks.
  5. As has been said, it's essentially a rough guide mainly for the user. It's a tool to enable you to at least get a rough idea of a player's value within the game (albeit not always the asking price you can sign a player for, even the AI has to keep their cards close to their chest). By all means if you want to find a skin which removes all 'values' from the game I'd be interested to hear how you find it, but there's no plans from us to remove this.
  6. Value essentially gives you an indicator of what a player in that situation is worth given the currently financial trends within the game. It takes into account a number of factors including league quality, time left on contract, player's current ability and age. It's generally a base indicator of the player's value. As said above, just because someone is valued at a certain, doesn't mean that's what their worth to the club. It's just an indicator to make the game clearer.
  7. FrazT I've sent you a message in regards to this issue.
  8. need more info

    I'm very sorry to say this is a very rare crash which we are unable to fix in this specific save. Apologies you've encountered the issue. If you start a new game you almost certainly won't encounter the issue again.
  9. Where did you get your copy of the game from? Are you running it via Steam?
  10. Yeah best asking on the skinning hideout if you want more detailed instructions. Thanks.
  11. need more info

    Are you running any custom graphics/logos/skins etc?
  12. You have no graphics card driver installed on this machine so the game won't run. You are mistaken when you say you've updated the drivers. I suggest going to the HP website and downloading the relevant VGA (display) drivers for your graphics card. Let us know how you get on. Thanks.
  13. Can you holiday past this match? If you do so, does it crash on the next match? How many leagues are you running with what sized database? Also please post your dxdiag. Details below:
  14. Okay please post your dxdiag and we'll take a look. Details on how to do so below:
  15. As said to the last user, please create your own thread and we'll try to help. Given the vast differences available in terms of system setups, there can be many potential causes of something like this so it's better if we address each example individually. Thanks.