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  1. There's a set figure that the AI will accept for a player, they'll often negotiate above that (depending on certain factors) but if a club, user or AI hits that it'll be accepted. Biggest additional factors are if the manager of that club has a large dislike for the bidding manager/club, or they are a rival/competing club, which may increase that amount.. In terms of player contracts it works similarly - they'll look at each club who has an accepted offer, but will consider a number of factors including the reputation of the league, the performance of the club, competitions said club is i
  2. It absolutely 100% is not an issue and just coincidence.
  3. Feel sorry for Channel 4. First Test barely anyone knew about, next two have had sub-par pitches, albeit this one considerably worse than the last. You could have given both teams 4 innings each and we wouldn't have got to 5 days on that.
  4. I swear you lot are all savages. Think almost every one I've voted for so far is losing or has lost
  5. Not a list put out or available from us, but can confirm it will have changed for some teams.
  6. We've hacked your Steam account so it just happens to you.
  7. Yeah really can't see why they wouldn't use more than one angle. Time and time again seemingly 'obvious' grounding decisions have shown a finger underneath the ball going into the turf. That's all England were asking for, was another angle.
  8. It could be as suggested above, that it's something specific to Mac, albeit would be very unusual and quite surprising as there's almost no differences between versions. I don't have a Mac here (the studio is all working remotely currently) but will get a colleague to check.
  9. Think Root will end up bowling a fair bit if that pitch is anything to go by. But then no idea how the pink ball will react to it. Could just have Broad and Anderson bowling off-cutters.
  10. Seems a bit harsh on Burns to be dropped, but nice to see Broad and Anderson together again. Especially with the pink ball. Still not convinced by Bairstow even despite the talk of him being great against spin and the like. Would be delighted if he could prove me wrong with two substantial innings in this Test. If England can win the series with two wins overall, they'll be in the final of the Test Championship.
  11. The Main Winter Update for Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition is available now, with this first part including updated squads following the January transfer window and full keyboard and mouse support. A Final Winter Update will follow in a few weeks, covering the latest deals from transfer windows that closed in February, including the Chinese and Russian leagues, MLS, free transfers in the EFL and more. More than 3.7m database changes feature in the Main Winter Update and among them are tweaks to player data to reflect their real-world performances so far this season. Also inc
  12. We'll investigate the issue, but given it's just a display issue affecting one user's save and doesn't have a knock-on elsewhere (his rep and eveyrthing else updates correctly) it would be considered a low priority issue which we'd be unlikely to specifically address this for said save in a future update. Thanks.
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