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  1. As said it's an issue the development team are aware of and investigating. Newgens will still be coming through in game, however will be primarily based in active nations, so the leagues you've loaded at the start of the game.
  2. There are no plans to add an editor for FM Touch at this time. The request has been made and heard by us, so can be considered for future versions of the game internally, We don't tend to discuss feature requests which haven't been confirmed as being in future versions, so there isn't really much else for us to say on this matter so I'll close the thread. Thanks for raising all your thoughts here.
  3. In fairness those promises were put into the game based on conversations we'd had with a number of people within the football industry - so whilst it may seem unrealistic that a young player would make that kind of demand, it's always funny to actually hear what goes on behind closed doors! If you can remove promises then it's one less thing to keep, but sometimes they can be a great way of encouraging a player to join (or even reduce their wage demands) if they're having doubts.
  4. Foire Aux Questions Que font les chercheurs adjoints ? Les Chercheurs Adjoints sont une part importante du processus de recherche pour Football Manager, faisant notre base de données en jeu autant à jour et aussi précise que possible. Ils analysent et notent les joueurs staffs et s'assurent que de nombreuses autres informations liées au club sont correctes. Qu'est-ce qu'un Responsable Recherche (HR) et un Chercheur Adjoint (AR) et quelle est la différence ? Les HR assument la responsabilité d'une nation ou d'une région entière dans le jeu, ce qui signifie qu'ils supervisent toute
  5. Häufig gestellte Fragen Was machen Assistant Researcher? Assistant Researchers sind ein wichtiger Teil des Scouting-Prozesses für Football Manager und machen unsere In-Game-Datenbank so aktuell und genau wie möglich. Sie analysieren und bewerten Spieler, Personal und stellen sicher, dass zahlreiche andere Informationen über Fussballklubs korrekt sind. Was ist ein Head Researcher (HR) und ein Assistant Researcher (AR)? Wo liegt der Unterschied? HR übernehmen die Verantwortung für eine ganze Nation oder Region im Spiel, d.h. sie überwachen alle Daten und arbeiten direkt mit unserer
  6. Frequently Asked Questions What do Assistant Researchers do? Assistant Researchers are an important part of the scouting process for Football Manager, making our in-game database as up to date and accurate as possible. They analyse and rate players, staff and make sure numerous other pieces of information related to football clubs are accurate. What’s a Head Researcher (HR) and Assistant Researcher (AR) and what’s the difference? HR’s take responsibility for an entire nation or region in game, meaning that they oversee all the data and work directly with our in-house Research dep
  7. Current Assistant Researcher Roles Super League - FC St. Gallen Challenge League - Neuchâtel Xamax - FC Schaffhausen - FC Thun - FC Wil Promotion League - Etoile Carouge - Stade Nyonnais Swiss First League: Are looking for help for a number of clubs, so please enquire for more details Swiss Second League Interregional: Are looking for help for a number of clubs, especially in Group 3, 4, 5 and 6, so please enquire for more details Swiss Lower Divisions: Are always looking for help, for all different areas, not just specific clubs (like updating
  8. The only way the game can be changed in any way by us is via an update, so yes it includes that.
  9. Yes, was addressed in a previous update. If you're still having issues now, would be worth contacting support at help@sega.co.uk. Thanks.
  10. Yeah is a good spot, has changed and is something that should really be visible. Thanks for raising it, I'll feed it back to the design team.
  11. Thanks for this, our QA team will take a look at the saves. At this stage there are not currently any plans for any further updates for FM21, however any improvements and tweaks will be considered for any future versions.
  12. Thanks for that, wasn't aware it was the case so have since updated the post to contain more relevant information. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  13. Would need some save game examples if this issue is still occurring after the update so our team can investigate further. There have been a number of tweaks to the intake system as documented above, but given it's FMT on iOS there are limitations on how many players can be loaded within a save. Details on how to provide us with a save here - https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/540562-ios-how-to-send-us-your-save-files/ Would also be worth confirming where specifically within any uploaded save you feel players should be coming through within youth intakes which aren't (clubs,
  14. Sports Interactive is looking for avid Football Manager players to volunteer to join the ranks of our Assistant Researchers in a variety of territories and leagues across the world. Interested parties need a keen interest in football, and (preferably) strong knowledge of their local clubs and leagues. You need to regularly watch first-team games and be the sort of person that devours any snippet of information about their club or domestic league, whether it’s a team’s financial status or their competition history. You need to be prepared to watch youth and development sides (where
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