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  1. I've located the file and unfortunately there's nothing obvious within the belarc to suggest what could be causing this. Have you tried the following? -
  2. Please create your own thread describing your exact issue and we'll try to help. Even though your issue may be similar to the OP, due to the vast differences in systems and reasons behind issues it's better if each user has their own individual support thread. Thanks.
  3. info provided

    Within your save game go to the 'FM' -> 'Game Status' screen. Here make sure that the 'Manageable Teams' drop-down is set to 'All' and that the checkbox next to it which reads: "Assign Random Teams To All Human Managers' is unticked. This should solve your issue. Thanks.
  4. Okay, well first of all it'd be worth playing and seeing if you do encounter the issue again. We would suggest doing that and letting us know how it goes. Thanks.
  5. Have you reinstalled Steam at any point?
  6. Not always older machines, just some machines with a certain setup. The problem is so far we've been unable to identify the common cause on these systems. Do you have any other games you run via Steam? If so, do they all run without issue?
  7. Please create or post in your own thread and we'll reply directly. Sometimes the same issue can have different causes so it's best if we address each instance individually. Thanks.
  8. Are these external or internal drives? In regards to the data folder appearing on the C drive, you would need to set the game to point at the wanted place as shown here - Let us know how you get on. Thanks.
  9. need more info

    What browser are you using Callum?
  10. need more info

    If you bought it and received an activation code, details on how to activate the game can be found here -
  11. Do you have any kind of anti-virus program installed? If so, what type?
  12. Okay if it's constantly crashing it would suggest a configuration or system related crash rather than one specifically within the save game. Try the following and let us know if it helps: Delete CacheDelete Preferences Reverify Cache
  13. Okay we have your details and we're looking into this. To confirm, do you have FM16 or any other earlier version of FM installed? If so, does this run without issue?
  14. And after reinstalling Windows 10, did you make sure all your drivers are totally up to date? If you go to your Device Manager is there anything listed that hasn't got a driver? Details here -
  15. need more info

    Okay please send us your Belarc and we'll take a look. Details on how to do this here - Thanks.