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  1. Unfortunately the game isn't supported to run on this beta Operating System. On Mac only the following are officially supported at this time: 10.11 10.12 10.13 10.14 10.15 We would suggest if you want to play Football Manager 2020 that you would need to revert back to one of these operating systems.
  2. You need to launch the game once for these folders to be generated after a fresh install.
  3. Different teams playing different styles with different setups. Imagine Feyenoord took you too lightly and played quite an open game, whilst teams like Bristol and Brentford are playing more compact defensive setups which your tactic doesn't work as well against. Always worth having multiple options for different types of matches. I generally think about it as follows: Against teams where you're the heavy favourite (more commonly at home, but sometimes away against particularly weak sides) Against teams where it's balanced (at home against stronger sides and away against evenly matched or slightly weaker sides) Against teams where you're the underdog (at home against very strong sides and away against any teams better than you) Obviously depending on how good your team is you may find you're playing a lot of matches against a particular grouping. If you're exceptionally strong then most teams will setup the same way against you - cautiously. Always worth having Plans B and C, especially when how you're viewed by other teams is changing. Also some teams in other leagues play completely different tactical setups/formations that you won't necessarily see against English sides. You may find your tactic is kryptonite against some!
  4. It was a bit tongue in cheek in fairness - just clarifying that sometimes things don't always go as you expect in football. Realistically looking at those previous results it's difficult to see too much information, to get a truly comprehensive answer would need to look at the tactical setup/pkm etc. What does appear to be the case is that the team seemed fairly used to taking the lead in matches, so it was rare they chased a game. I would hazard a guess that the extreme nature of the defeat is more down to chasing the game in a highly aggressive manner and being caught out on multiple occasions. Also having a side not used to being in that situation and quickly going from extremely high confidence to having the wind knocked out of their sails so to speak. Again though, just speculation based on the limited info.
  5. Liverpool lost at Watford 3-0 earlier this season. No logical explanation for why this happens in real life. It just does.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to raise the issue here. Given this is something a person has choice over whether they want to do in-game, much like save/reloading, using the in-game editor or taking over a second club in a save with the purpose of making unrealistic transfers, we don't see it as an issue which requires an immediate update, although we will address it for any future version. As said, appreciate you raising it through these channels.
  7. This section is for FMdB, for FM19 support please contact our support team here - https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/requests/new Thanks.
  8. This forum is for FMdB - for support with FM16 please contact our support team here - https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/requests/new Thanks.
  9. This forum is for FMdB - for support with FM19 please contact our support team here - https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/fr/requests/new Thanks. Ce forum est pour FMdB - pour une assistance avec FM19, veuillez contacter notre équipe d'assistance ici - https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/fr/requests/new Merci.
  10. Pretty much everything above is your opinion which you're absolutely entitled to have - it may go against some of the points I've tried to make but please remember where we're able to, our eventual goal is to try and be more open and transparent with our community. Whilst we're not currently able to reveal publicly our current and future plans, where we can we'll try and give answers to questions we're in a position to answer. SI staff members are active not just here, but within the bugs forums, feature forums and other parts of community. The feedback and discussions held on these forums are definitely read internally and influence the future of the game.
  11. Unfortunately the issue is caused by a specific problem with the editor data used and there's no way of fixing this once the save has been created. We would suggest if you start a new save game that you don't use this same combination of editor files. Sorry about that.
  12. For Stadia Pro that gives us access to some free games and HD quality. Once the game is bought you'll still have access to that without Pro.
  13. Was at this game a few years back which comes to mind as one quite comparable - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/24792963 Made a long post about the FM which touches upon being 'FM'd' which is probably worth a read - https://community.sigames.com/topic/523444-broken-game-engine/?do=findComment&comment=12487718
  14. Very quick online scan for goalkeepers: Sergio Asenjo - has done his ligament FOUR times missing countless matches over the last ten years. Bernd Leno - Don't want to link to the awful newspaper, but the second largest newspaper in the UK suggest he's done his ACL and will be out for a year. Bobby Olejnik - was first choice in the 18/19 season until he did his ACL for Mansfield last season, eventually came back this season but again lost his first team spot after struggling Tim Krul - Did his ACL at Newcastle, lost his first-team spot and after a series of injuries during his comeback never got his spot back. Eventually has got back to somewhere near his best at Norwich, but took a number of years after his first injury. Not to mention clubs would definitely struggle to get insurance for a player who has a severe injury and fails/wouldn't pass a medical (see Demba Ba at West Ham, Ruud when leaving PSV and Victor Valdes to Monaco).
  15. Good question. Is something I'll mention to our network team and see if we can find a solution. In the meantime, as a workaround I think they (as in the host) can take control of your manager then select 'My Profile' -> 'Go on Holiday'. As long as the game is being run on a server, there should be a checkbox at the bottom which says 'Disconnect Manager from Network Game'. Tick this and click 'Go on Holiday'. This should hopefully allow you to rejoin as this manager when you connect to the network game. Let me know if that works, but as said will check with the network team to see if there's any other solution.
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