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  1. Probably best to watch the video first then ask questions?
  2. So here we are with another in-depth look at what to expect from Football Manager 2018. The latest installment from FMTV is for the Fantasy Draft:
  3. Seconds out, round three! For your next visit to the Football Manager TV studios, we have an in-depth video on Tactics.
  4. Unfortunately that would be related to the way in which the operating system saves files to disk. FM has more than one item writing to disk when the game is open. So when a system shuts down uncleanly there is a possibility than in this process files can become corrupted. Unfortunately the only way to change this would to increase the time taken when the user is saving the game considerably. It's the same with any application that's open - if it shuts down there is a possibility that any file which is open can become corrupted. When FM is open, the 'save' file is open. That's why we recommend users save fairly regular backup files, ideally as alternative files. This is why the auto save is set to rolling by default. If the game and the system is shut down cleanly, you won't have any issues with save games. Hope that clears things up a bit more.
  5. The pre-order numbers don't make a difference on how the staff at SI work. It's not like there's a giant score tally and Miles stood behind us cracking a whip It's entirely up to people whether they want to pre-order. One of the benefits is that you'll get access two weeks before the release date. Another up to the 9th was a pre-order discount. I suppose the best way of keeping us on our toes is by leaving us feedback on any areas of the game you don't like and think can be improved. Constructive feedback is incredibly invaluable to us in regards to constantly making FM a better game. You don't even have to buy the game to do this, you can do it via the demo we release every year which is 6-months of in-game time. More than enough to get a feel for the game. It goes without saying people want better AI within the game and that's something which worked on every year. Likewise improvements to the match engine we make every year. We never make a change for the sake of it, everything we try to do is for the progression of the game. And I assure you people at SI are working hard to make sure this is the best version we've ever released.
  6. I'm sure if you shop around before and after release you'll be able to find it cheaper than the current RRP.
  7. Football Manager TV: Dynamics

    The second in-depth feature video is now live. This time it's Scouting:
  8. Our second in-depth video is now available to watch, this time we're looking into Scouting.
  9. Our first in-depth video is out now. First up for the feature treatment, Dynamics.
  10. Can you please PM a link to this 'insight' so I can take a look, as it sounds absolute rot to me. Thanks.
  11. Yeah you're fine.
  12. sean

    How do you know it's not the latest update? When you launch the game, on the main menu what version number does it say it is in the top-left hand corner? Let us know, thanks.
  13. Okay please upload your save game to our FTP and let us know your file name so we can take a look. FTP details here - https://community.sigames.com/topic/381320-ftp-details/ Thanks.
  14. New Forum Software?

    You can see it here - https://community.sigames.com/leaderboard/
  15. it's fine, people can comment over both threads if they want.