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  1. I think the website no longer is active. I think some of Cleon's FM stuff can be found here now -
  2. Okay when running in full screen, what resolution is the game set to via the in-game preferences? Likewise what are the display settings for your system as set via Windows? (You can see this by right-clicking on your desktop, going to Display Settings -> Advanced Display settings. Let us know, thanks.
  3. Okay avast! has been known to cause issues in the past, especially after a Steam or FM update due to reading the changes as a false positive. We would suggest in this scenario to see for certain whether it's a conflicting issue with this program, first of all turn on Windows Defender. Once this is active, uninstall avast! entirely, then uninstall and reinstall FM. I know it's a lot to ask, but it is the best way of knowing for sure. We've had people try just disabling the program or adding exceptions but even this sometimes doesn't stop the conflict. Once you've done all the above, try the game again. If it then does work, you can go about reinstalling avast if you so wish and configure it in a way so that it no longer interferes. Let us know how you get on. Thanks.
  4. Do you have any kind of anti-virus program installed? If so, what type? Let us know, thanks.
  5. Okay try the following in the exact order listed even doing steps you may have done before: Delete CacheDelete Preferences Reverify Cache Let us know how you get on. Thanks.
  6. When you updated your DirectX files, did you also delete the recommended files as requested via this FAQ entry? - Let us know, thanks.
  7. Please let us know how you get on with the very latest update. Thanks.
  8. No worries, glad you figured it all out and it's now sorted for you.
  9. You can uninstall and reinstall (which I would suggest at this stage) and there's nothing you need to backup. All save games etc are kept separately and can only be removed manually via the user. Let us know how you get on. Thanks.
  10. Okay please upload the save game to our FTP and let us know the file name, so we can investigate. FTP details here -
  11. Okay thanks for letting us know you managed to resolve the issue.
  12. Some kind of configuration issue, something which has changed in the last few days. Your only options are to rollback to a previous state of your system, copy all your files over to a new user account and make that your 'admin' account or trial and error aspects of your user account which could be a lengthy process. Sorry about that.
  13. under review

    Okay thanks for taking the time to upload the save game, we'll look into this issue and get back to you when we have any news. Thanks.
  14. Try creating a new Windows User account. Once the account is created, log into Steam and launch the game - see if the user folders are generated in the default location of this new user account. Let us know. Thanks.
  15. Sorry I'm afraid the discount offer has finished now, however if you search online you can get it for around £20 currently.