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  1. Does this player also appear when running without custom graphics/skins etc?
  2. Will see if I can find out as you’re right, sounds a bit strange. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Back on the public beta trail - we've just released update 19.2.1, which is a small update mainly to address stability based issues. 19.2.1 Changelist - Further stability fixes - Fix for Romanian U22 Homegrown Registration Rule
  4. Neil Brock

    Better crowd sound in game

    Reviewed so locked.
  5. Neil Brock

    Crash Dumping

    Is this now working for you?
  6. Neil Brock

    inexplicable 3D graphic perfomance

    Now it's in maximum performance mode, delete your cache and preferences folders as follows: I wouldn't expect the game to run at 5 stars - should be around 3 stars given it's a 940M.
  7. That is completely different to saying: "currently there are attributes having little or no effect, like movement related or dribbling, technique or passing/vision/decision, tackling related". That is making an assumption. You see movement or a style of play not how you expect it to be, so state that the attributes are having little or no effect? That isn't the case at all, the attributes have a huge bearing on what a player does in the match engine and are most certainly having a major effect on everything you see.
  8. This simply is not true. These are exactly the types of comments we mentioned earlier via the 'House Rules' messaging which isn't helpful in any way. We mentioned "deliberate falsehoods" and "prejudiced misinterpretations" previously so please stop. If you have an example of an issue raise it in the bugs forum. Posts like this which are spreading things which have no foundation of fact will be removed.
  9. Finding the issues is a relatively easy process. The difficulty comes with being able to change the match engine code in such a way that it reflects football in a more realistic way, whilst still outputting matches which have accurate scorelines and match stats compared to real life. All within what is a very is an extremely detailed and incredibly complex system. If it was easy to fix every issue raised, the match engine would have been in perfect state for FM05, not still being improved for every version like it is now. It is a long never-ending road to perfection. What we have now is the closest simulated representation of real life football - but still one that absolutely can be improved in the future.
  10. Just to clarify the entire statement I posted is taken from our house rules. That specific rule was created in 2013 in response to what was happening on these forums at that time. I would suggest the aspect you quoted is now more out of date - the ‘climate’ now is significantly better than it was then. However the principle still applies whereby developers are having to defend themselves and the game rather than engage in conversation beneficial for progression. We do feel this version of FM is the best we’ve ever put out. We’re not claiming the game is perfect and we do always try to listen to anyone who takes the time to post here - however please bear in mind we all have areas of work which fall outside of these forums so can’t be here 24/7. We understand sometimes members of the community get upset and frustrated, but taking it out on others (either in defending or attacking them game) just isn’t helpful. Nobody from SI has said the game can’t be improved and we are always working on it. The fact we always release updates for our games shows that once a title is released we’ll always try to continue and support it. We are absolutely trying our best, but some aspects of the game aren’t quick to improve and require significant development time.
  11. Was hoping we'd get through tonight without having to post this from the 'Forum Guidelines', but just a reminder: Although we appreciate constructive criticism, when a new game is released we've often seen destructive criticism and personal insults aimed at SI staff and the forum moderating team and this simply cannot be tolerated. This form of criticism not only spreads false information about game development, but poisons the forum experience for all our users, including those employed by SI. These forums are intended to be a source of help and information to SI's consumer base, and this purpose is obscured when team members have to spend inordinate lengths of time defending themselves against snipes, insults, deliberate falsehoods, prejudiced misinterpretations and destructive attacks on their integrity and ability. We feel that certain users' posts over-step the mark in terms of the above and therefore we have procedures to address this. We understand that our community is incredibly passionate about the game and very much wants every new incarnation of Football Manager to be our best. We as a developer share that – we want FM to be the best Football Management experience our users have ever encountered. We really do value constructive feedback. The game simply wouldn’t be what it is today without the huge amount of support, feedback and suggestions we’ve received over the years. It’s just when users overstep the line, including personal attacks on SI employees and moderators and a plethora of posts which seem intended to start arguments rather than generate constructive critical debate, we have to take stronger action. We would love to become more engaged with our forums, but feel that the current climate is preventing that from being an achievable goal. Therefore if anyone posts in a manner which is continually disrespectful, either to the developers, moderators or other users they will be banned.
  12. Would be helpful if you could raise the issue here - https://community.sigames.com/topic/448263-europe-official-league-specific-issues/ Also upload your save game to our Cloud and let us know the file name. Details on how to do this here - https://community.sigames.com/topic/453524-how-to-upload-files-to-us/ Thanks.
  13. Make sure you're plugged in (assuming you're using a laptop), power settings are set to high/maximum etc, then before you launch delete your cache and preferences as shown here - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2019/180_how-to/181_pc/how-to-delete-my-preferences-andor-caches-folder-r615/ That'll reset your star rating back to what it should be.
  14. Generally for updated rules you normally would require a new save, but in this instance I'm not 100% sure I'm afraid. If you check the rules page for the competition it should state whether it's active or not.
  15. If you don't change anything you'll remain on the 'Public Beta' dropdown and when an update is released for the public beta, you'll automatically update.