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  1. Yeah think we'll see this forum userbase is definitely more 'experienced' shall we say?
  2. Yeah that's the eventual plan. Still a fair few to come yet, so waiting until we've got the set
  3. We'll do a round-up well before release, so everyone will have the opportunity to see everything announced.
  4. We’re delighted to confirm that Football Manager 2021 Mobile launches on November 24th and it’s now available for pre-order (iOS) and pre-registration (Android). FM21 Mobile is perfect for those managers bursting on ambition but short on time, and licensing updates make this edition our best yet, with the fully licensed Canadian Premier League joining the team and Mexico and Argentina entering as playable nations. By pre-ordering on iOS devices, you’ll own the game and be able to play immediately upon release. For Android users, pre-registration means you’ll be notified on release da
  5. Think Jose must have been browsing the forums - https://www.skysports.com/football/news/12040/12111894/heung-min-son-jose-mourinho-says-tottenham-forward-has-already-proven-himself-to-be-world-class
  6. Just something I thought worth noting from what we put in all our database and research forums: As much of the data is subjective we’d ask that you respect everyone’s opinion and accept that the final decision is that of our club researchers and our heads of research. We also request you please adhere to the following three point plan when posting in the data topics: · State what you think is specifically wrong with a particular piece of data. · State what you think the data should be. · State reasons/
  7. Hi Tyler_s, allow me to explain a few things. First of all we have thousands of researchers around the world who take the time to watch, scout and research all the players you see in game. We do not attempt to discriminate against anyone at all for any reason whatsoever and strive to make our database as realistic as possible. All players are rated in relation to our Current Ability and Potential Ability (CA/PA) system as well as the attributes you see on screen in game. There is a 'weighting system' with attributes whereby players in certain positions have certain attributes weighted mo
  8. A blog looking at Covid-19 and Football Manager 2021 from Studio Director, Miles Jacobson When COVID-19 first brought the world to a virtual standstill a few months ago (although it seems like years at this point) people started to ask us via social media if we were going to update FM20 to include the virus and its effects. We decided not to. When developing Football Manager, and our games before that, we’ve always tried to make entertainment that provides the best value for money on the planet and also offers an escape from the real world. People have always used FM to create t
  9. Absolutely, we collect data in a bunch of different ways and are looking to try and expand that further to make sure no stone is left unturned. I'll always fight the fight for the core because fundamentally I certainly see myself as part of that. I want the game to be the best it can be and it's why I've worked here for as long as I have, to have that opportunity. There's countless other people in the studio who feel exactly the same way, whether they've been here 15 years or 15 days. But we have to be switched on enough to consider whether we're doing enough for everyone, old and new, co
  10. We've released four feature blogs available to read over on the Football Manager website, taking an in-depth look at the different areas highlighted in our 'Headline Features' video last week. Interaction Matchday Recruitment End of Season These are just some of the exciting changes to expect in Football Manager 2021, but keep your eyes on our social media channels and these forums for more information and videos as we build up to the start of the new FM season.
  11. Part of my job is absolutely to amplify your voice within our studio. I never want our community to feel like they're shouting into the wind and nothing gets through - that is absolutely not the case. Our feature request forums and bug forums both show plenty of examples of features which have been implemented and bugs which have been fixed. However at the same time, users on these forums have to remember they're only a part of our audience. An extremely important part (for me especially considering I interact with you almost every day ) but a part nevertheless. We don't publicly reveal
  12. We're always working on improving the AI, every single version I've ever worked on (well over 10 years) has had improvements in these areas. Adding more calculations to the AI adds more work for the game to do. If every AI manager is constantly considering all the points listed above down to the minute detail it will use more processing power and memory meaning the game would become slower and slower. So we improve it as much as we can each version whilst not affecting the overall playing experience for users. Taking into account all our users, whether they're on the very latest tech
  13. Just as a reminder, if people have any concerns or issues with moderating or anything related to how these forums are run, please use the Contact Us option at the bottom of the forum. These threads are for the discussion of Football Manager. Thanks.
  14. Yeah as part of the SEGA umbrella we're close with Creative Assembly who have done diary style videos and blogs in the past as well - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6WW1Nc537g It's definitely something we're aware there's an appetite for from the core. If we had the time and resources to do everything at least one person within the studio thought was worth doing we'd be 24/7
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