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  1. Neil Brock

    Board Initial Budgets

    That was an initial budget deduced from the amount of money you had. If you spend a huge chunk of that, it won't be in your future budget. But then it will be recalculated when the 'full' budget is decided. You can't 'save' transfer budget as such - it's given to you to spend. If you don't spent it, obviously it'll sit in your overall accounts which is where the budget figure is taken from. This isn't influenced by how much or little was spent last season, it's just from your overall balance. When they can take the CL money into account they will - in that scenario you are likely to get a boost to your budget at some point during the season or in January - if your overall finances are in the black. Reviewed so locked.
  2. Neil Brock


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  5. Neil Brock

    Team Selection on Holiday

    Reviewed so locked.
  6. We're just trying to rule things out at this stage so we can diagnose exactly what's causing the issue you're seeing. Please do try and let us know how you get on. Thanks.
  7. Okay avast! has been known to cause conflicting issues with FM in the past. We would very much suggest reading and following all the instructions as listed in the FAQ entry below: Let us know how you get on. Thanks.
  8. In fairness can see that being one of eleven reserves and having to forsake a holiday to keep training etc could be a pain. Especially given even if they do get called up would be extremely unlikely to get game time and would just be sat around for ages. But yeah, as above a bit toys out of pram. And could have been handled behind closed doors a bit better for both the perception of the player and national team. France have a common trend of going into national tournaments with storm clouds around so just what they needed
  9. Okay I've been able to reproduce the issue now and it's one we're looking into. It looks related in part to having a number of user managers and a national team appointment. When I have any further info I'll get back to you. Apologies you've encountered this in your save.
  10. Okay can you please post your dxdiag? Details on how to do so here - Also can you please clarify what graphics quality you're running the game on? If you lower the settings (say from High to medium for instance) do you encounter the same level of crashes? Let us know, thanks.
  11. Neil Brock

    OTF/FF World Cup 2018 Sweepstake

    I'll be in if there's still space?
  12. Can you please post your dxdiag so we can take a look? Details on how to do so here - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/134_how-to/138_pc/how-to-find-my-system-dxdiag-r400/
  13. Neil Brock

    FM 2018 Not Launching

    Okay some users have stated that since updating drivers found on their system manufacturers website post update, they no longer have this issue. Can you please check your manufacturers website (I believe this one -http://drivers.razersupport.com/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=view&parentcategoryid=350&nav=0) and see if there's anything you can update like the Intel Chipset and see if that helps? Let us know how you get on. Thanks.
  14. Do you have any settings set on your system for sleep mode or hibernation after a certain amount of time? If so, with these disabled does the same issue happen? Also do you have any kind of anti-virus program installed? If so, what type? Let us know, thanks.