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  1. Would imagine they'll drop at midnight. 1 hour to go
  2. I’d imagine the intent here is he’s directly in between the goalkeeper and the player playing the pass. So there potentially and argument that he’s interfering with play? I’d still recommend raising it though cos it does seem a bit off so get it checked
  3. My very first league goal was subject to a VAR check. Goal stood. Happy days
  4. I’m on a Mac, but I’ll play around with the settings. That’s good advice Even so, the zoom settings do seem oddly spaced...
  5. Im the same. 85% feels like everything is too big, 50% everything is too small. Feel like there’s a step missing here
  6. Like what I’ve seen so far. Certainly smoother and looks amazing. BUT Why has the ability to ‘highlight key attributes for role’ in the staff search attribute filter gone? With so much QoL going in, seems odd to take this out.
  7. Ah. Well that explains it... Heres some entertainment while you wait: https://youtu.be/pBiBhEhgNXg
  8. Remember when the whole world was basically locked down for 3 months? Yeah? Well you can wait a little longer for a game
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