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  1. I've managed to do the same with middle rep teams as well, but you're only going to unsettle players that are going to want to move. If you're a two and half star team, most Premier League teams are going to be higher rep The problem you're going to face, is the reason they've stated they want to leave and whether or not that's going to be something I can give them. More often than not in my recent saves they've said they want to leave for bigger wages, but when I've asked them how much they want, their demands have been within what I've been willing to pay (I had Lewis Cook ask to go to City because of this, he wanted 65k a week - he was already on 50k, so I gave him the pay rise). It's when they want to move to clubs with bigger reps, or to play in better comps - especially Champions League- that you are, rightly I would say, going to struggle to tempt them to stay.
  2. All staff (including yourself) are included in salary costs
  3. Following Saul's new 9 year contract at Atletico, and Zouma's new 6 year deal at Chelsea, I'd like to see the maximum contract length that can be offered also updated in game. Currently we are limited to 5 years, but clearly this is not reflective of real life.
  4. Is there an end date on the progress bar in the board requests screen?
  5. Yes, yes you can You can even start managing a club and country simultaneously
  6. Replace them with other loanees. There is normally enough quality youngsters available. That being said, you may be able to just extend their loans. I'm on my third season of having Patrick Roberts on loan.
  7. The one point I tend to disagree with is the Intake dates. The current system just feels more realistic to me. That being said, maybe a middle ground, where one of the hottest prospects can every so often get promoted ahead of time every so often might be a way of doing it
  8. That's cute. I have a box full of shirts that I've collected over the years...
  9. My recent Europa league final finished 2-1 on pens, and I thought that was bad. I've not had many shootouts on this version to be fair, but that struck me as odd
  10. Not all national team jobs are available. You can check it in the National Team Overview screen, there will be an option to view job advert. Also, make sure the filter in the job centre is set for all nations.
  11. You can, but depending on your starting rep you may or may not get offers
  12. I've found that just being in the Prem is normally enough to attract a better level of talent. If you can survive and stay up the first season, I find that it becomes a little easier to improve with each passing season, and then the money really starts to flow
  13. This is true, although... I'm pretty sure the club paid for the expansion...? And also, I didn't request the expansion... so that may be something different too
  14. Can't remember exactly how you do it, but ask him to sack his agent. From what I remember it's an option in conversations or might be on the contract negotiation screen.
  15. I assume it's probably to do with the wealthy new owners that Milan have... and he was on a monster of a contract after they first came in for him