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  1. Eagerly awaiting the feature announcement now. End of September is fast approaching
  2. On top of this, I've had players who even my best staff have said are 2.5 for both CA and PA, yet have continued to improve for several years - one ended up being 4 star CA and PA by the time he was 29, despite being "written off" as it were at the age of 24/25
  3. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    IF I BUY this year, Arsenal will be the first save, fix the problems of the current regime and spend some ****ing money!! I had a pretty long save with them on 17, so that means it will probably only be a short one this year. So I'll either find a save abroad - maybe rebuilding Monaco after they got picked to pieces this summer, or go find a club lower down the league structure - thinking about restoring Coventry.
  4. Fm editor

    Only if you use the In Game Editor which is sold separately through the steam store
  5. "Boss, can I go somewhere where I can earn more money?" - No "Well, then, can I get a pay rise?" - No It's not surprising his morale is low. Being placed in reserves appears to be being treated as completely separate, and that, for me is where the system needs to be improved
  6. I'm sure when I signed Federico Macheda, it mentioned in the news item that he had once been expected to reach great heights but had so far failed to live up to his potential. Granted, it doesn't happen a lot, but it's there.
  7. I particularly like the idea of doing it for CMs. Creating a sort of double pivot
  8. That's not strictly true though. Potential is merely the ceiling of a players CA, and just because a player has high PA, doesn't mean he will reach it. The other point you make about players randomly starting to suck does happen in game, I've had players whose form has just died. Conversely, I've also had players play well beyond what they should have for long periods of time
  9. I've had coaches feed back that I should recall players from their loan as they standard of the league they are playing at is not good enough for them to develop at. For example they were playing at League 2 level, but come January they're good enough for League 1 or the Championship. The players that have developed the best for me have generally had at least 1 year out on loan, but will generally get 18 months - 1 full year, then they come back into the first team squad where they will play in the league cup and European games with no risk (I.E against group whipping boys or once qualification is guarenteed), plus the occasional league game or sub appearance, then once the real important games start (second half of the season) they go out on loan again.
  10. fm 18

    I will play while listening to Journey, man
  11. It's worth noting that the rules you quoted apply to appeals too, not the initial request
  12. I have most success with fairly simple tactics. Namely 4-2-3-1 and 4-5-1, I even got pretty good results with 4-4-2 this time around. Like @MrPompey said though. It's all about building around what you have and what you want to achieve.
  13. This definitely does work I've created clubs in the editor and added crests and kits by adding them to the graphics folder with config files
  14. Nobody Likes Goalkeepers

    Thinking about it, I can't remember the last time I saw a GK get MotM...
  15. Nice idea, if implemented correctly it could be a really good addition