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  1. Sounds pretty Daniel Levy to me to be honest. Were you offering the full amount as up front cost? And also you can’t delay the transfer to later windows
  2. I’d like to think there would be cross play. What if people want to go full Phil Neville? (Thats a sentence I never thought I’d say)
  3. I’m all for it. People have been whining for years about no big changes to new games. Well, this is one. Good to see it’s happening, even if my engagement in it might be minimal.
  4. I’m pretty much here to be honest. Don’t love them, do do them. They are just a tool to me. Yes, they’re repetitive, but same is true IRL. I use them to build morale, build player relationships, unsettle opponents, and dig the team out after a poor performance.
  5. Same for me. I don’t really find having them there as an issue. I tried hiding them once, and got a bit confused where everything was all of a sudden.
  6. Yeah, although according to FM twitter they are/were working on a fix
  7. Looks like it's a bug, should have checked there first. Close the thread please Mods
  8. Was looking at my fixtures and noticed that for some reason I have 2 games against Tottenham in a row. Nothing wrong with that, until I noticed that I'm playing both games away. On closer inspection I noticed there were a few teams where I was playing both games either home or away. All of my games against Arsenal, Man Utd, and Man City are at home, while I face Wolves away twice. This is the season with the mid year WC in Qatar, so not sure if it's intentional or (more likely) a bug.
  9. Would imagine they'll drop at midnight. 1 hour to go
  10. I’d imagine the intent here is he’s directly in between the goalkeeper and the player playing the pass. So there potentially and argument that he’s interfering with play? I’d still recommend raising it though cos it does seem a bit off so get it checked
  11. I’m on a Mac, but I’ll play around with the settings. That’s good advice Even so, the zoom settings do seem oddly spaced...
  12. Im the same. 85% feels like everything is too big, 50% everything is too small. Feel like there’s a step missing here
  13. Like what I’ve seen so far. Certainly smoother and looks amazing. BUT Why has the ability to ‘highlight key attributes for role’ in the staff search attribute filter gone? With so much QoL going in, seems odd to take this out.
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