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  1. Some of these are tactical, but some made me actually lol Is my personal favourite One to add: - Passes back to keeper from promising attacking position
  2. If you were offered the France job in the second season, I'd imagine you'd set your playing experience as International footballer with maximum badges. Which is also why your reputation hasn't improved much - because you haven't really achieved much beyond what the level of your starting rep would have been. Like @sporadicsmiles says - unrealistic inputs give unrealistic outputs
  3. I turned Ryan Sessegnon into a pretty decent Centre Forward on my Bournemouth save on 18. Had too many wingers but didn't want to sell him
  4. This. One of the components now is something like "Role familiarity" or something similar
  5. But the point is in FM terms this can still happen. But once CA matches the players PA, further improvement can only come at the cost of decreased attributes in other areas. If you focus a player on the attacking attributes, his defensive ones will wain, if you focus on the physical it affects the technical etc etc. Which kind of makes sense. The player in the OP might not have the best PA, but his spread of stats is pretty much bang on for what I would want as a player leading the line. Like others have said, might need some focuses here and there, but giving him more PA would just open up the scope to improve unnecessary attributes.
  6. From memory yes, but I haven't managed in Italy on this version though.
  7. Pretty sure, no. If they're on loan they're not classified as at your club.
  8. In my Bournemouth save I had to groundshare with Reading, and they're listed as rivals.
  9. Have I missed something or have these been removed? In my first save I could request them, and got told every time that while the board agreed in principle, they couldn't see a big enough gap in the schedule (even during the new winter break). On my current save, I no longer have the option to even request them.
  10. 1860 Munich are down there too iirc, try and topple Bayern with them...
  11. End of Brazilian. Leagues are added and removed at the end of their respective season. To be fair, early in the game, it shouldn't make too much difference as the memory requirements are lower earlier on.
  12. In terms of removing the league, it won't be removed until the end of the season, so you'd have to run at least one full season of the Brazilian league.
  13. And some of us like to start higher up cos it takes us a few weeks just to do a season nowadays
  14. I was tending to use regens that came through the youth system at Ajax. The thing is, that the ones that you get that are stars for Ajax are good enough to go and play at the big teams in Europe, and even middle prem/bundesliga teams can unsettle your players because the Eredivisie's rep is lower in comparison. I'm sure, ultimately you can do it, but I don't always have the patience to see it through, and I never seem to be able to do what others do and win it all in a couple of seasons.
  15. You also have RC Lens in France, who won the league as recently as 1998 and were runners up in 2002. Palermo are in the Serie B in Italy
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