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  1. I remember Romano Denneboom and Jeremie Aliadiere forming quite the formidable strike partnership around 00/01/02
  2. I could be wrong, but if you have a negative debt, that means you're owed money
  3. Because it's EU legislation therefore UK clubs can't take advantage of it once they leave the EU (dependent on how hard the Brexit was). China will also presumably have their own rules regarding contracts and I'd imagine this is also having an affect
  4. It's the same as it's been for years - greyed out players Fixes/workarounds cannot be discussed on these forums
  5. I'm sure I read somewhere at the time the agent feature was added that SI'd spoken to several agents about the way that contract negotiations etc. are handled IRL and that the various scenarios (waiting to see what the offer is, being grossly over-demanding, blah blah blah) were created off the back of that. It is annoying when it pops up, but I tend to have an idea of what I'm willing to offer anyway, and it will normally pop up with an estimated wage demands bracket in the offer screen (which I assume is based off the scout reports)
  6. You can't reassign the position per say, but you can request additional coaching slots from the board
  7. I've found with FM17, the best way - in as much as, for me, it's caused the least ramifications - is to offer out, without listing, and set the asking price an unspecified. You tend to get offers at pretty much their value and I've not had any complaints other than in my monthly board review saying the fans are unhappy - despite replacing them with an upgrade
  8. I know it seems like the game has it in for you sometimes, but it does balance itself out. I thought the reward for finally winning the league would be an easier Champions League group, having had Barcelona, Bayern and Real in my group for each of the first 3 seasons. Bayern, however, had contrived to finish second, and hence ended up in my group (along with Monaco) and pipped me to top spot on the final matchday (I beat them 1-0 at home they won 3-1 at there place with a late late late goal to see them pip me on head to head). I was certain that once again, I'd get a tough 2nd round match and fail to make it past the quarters,k but lo and behold, I got one of the easiest Champions League runs I've had in any FM in recent memory - Celtic (who somehow won their group), Liverpool (I tend to do OK against teams from my country), and Ajax, leaving me on the brink of history - the clubs 2nd all time Champions League final. The fact that I have to play Bayern again leaves me with somewhat mixed emotions though. Long story short, if you play for long enough, it'll come good, you'll get your break, you just need to take advantage.
  9. I think club stature has more to do with the clubs reputation and how they compare to other clubs in that, than the quality of your squad. That being said, winning the CL should give you a bit of a boost in terms of rep more than anything else
  10. Technically, you could have up to 4, 2 from Summer to Jan, 2 from Jan to Summer - but only 2 at any one time As far as I know, yes
  11. The 93 days rule ended for clubs in the EFL (championship and below) at the end of the 2015/16 season, so that's not a thing anymore - and it hasn't been in the Premiership since the transfer system changed to summer and winter windows I believe. 7 months will take you to the January transfer window. But the issue you face is that you can only have 2 players on loan from domestic clubs at a time - it's not the amount you can sign during a set period, so even after July 1st you won't be able to add additional loans from other English clubs. All that will happen is you'll go through the process only for it to get vetoed at the last minute
  12. As long as you're offering the player out, that tends to fulfill the promise regardless of whether or not he actually leaves. He'll be hopping mad if you don't put the effort in though
  13. You can do it in 2 ways: 1. There's a home grown player status view on the squad screen 2. If you go on a players information screen and view his eligibility Both will show you the date he is due to become homegrown at club - assuming of course he will be (which, in this case, he should)
  14. Yes - it's only to the end of his current deal, you can see how long you're paying their wages for in the transfer clauses screen too In answer to the OP, can you add in an optional extension by club? Or automatic extension after player plays x league games (goes as low as 5 iirc)
  15. I think this only tends to happen when you are the club that's lodging a bid, so it's unlikely the leak came from your club. Like White Flag mentions though, there's no way to determine who actually leaked it