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  1. Then why is he "Unhappy high asking price stopped him moving to Ajax"?
  2. So I started a new game as Ajax, and have moved for Gabriel Barbosa. Over the course of pre-season and the first few games, I have been back and forth with Santos negotiating a deal to the point where they out and out rejected and this made him unhappy. On deadline day, I finally get a deal accepted and he won't discuss terms...?
  3. I always tend to take a week off around that time. It doesn't need to be bang on release, cos I'll be on it every minute I have spare around then anyway.
  4. Ok... Yes I'm OK with it. I'd have pre-ordered in March had the option been there. I have no issue with not knowing what new features, if any, are being released. All I care about is that come (at least) two weeks before November 14th, I will be playing FM17 For what it's worth, and I may be wrong, but hasn't this always been the pattern? I mean, from memory, and again I may be wrong, but doesn't pre-order always become available once the game is officially announced, and then the feature announcements follow later?
  5. Just to be clear, I agree with you, I was just stating that England being overpowered is a bone of contention for a lot of people. On topic though, I wonder if international management is almost a different game to club management. You don't have the morale to worry about to an extent, and the playing field is levelled somewhat in terms of fitness and tactical familiarity.
  6. It'll depend on whether you use the original or the transfer update database, as the managers are defined at the time of each data lock. There's normally always some clubs without managers though. If I remember right, there is a setting you can toggle in the game setup screen that you cabn set to only allow you to take control of clubs with no manager.
  7. First off, there are some that feel England are somewhat overpowered... Secondly, from my experience of international management, FM16 has been the hardest for international management in years. I've found the opposite of you, I've been able to lead Derby County to Premier League Glory, but failed to get Portugal out of the Euro 2020 group stage!
  8. Am I OK with the opportunity to pre-order and pay for something now rather than wait til closer to Christmas when I really should be thinking about spending my money on other people? Yes, yes I am
  9. Yeah, so if it get's deleted/isn't moved over or restored, it creates a new file and starts at the next time you win a trophy. This is the reason I only change computers between versions if I can help it
  10. There is a file that can be deleted, I can't remember exactly where off the top of my head. This is normally most noticeable when moving between different PC's.
  11. I've not had it in a final, but had it in plenty of league games. Disconcertingly, I often seem to have bits of either new or old stand floating in the air...
  12. Arsenal, try and fix the farce that has been our summer. Shouldn't take much effort to be fair...
  13. I'm 30 and have been playing since CM2 Italia, have maybe missed 1 iteration of the game in that time (99/00 I think) and FM 16 is close to becoming my most played yet.
  14. I think he meant the Boro situation... They'd be in the Europa League after winning the FA Cup On another note, on one of my network saves, Liverpool are constantly flirting with relegation, which seems really odd. They've been colse to the drop in all 3 seasons but keep pulling it out of the bag with 3-5 games to go.
  15. On top of this, most new stadiums built in game tend to come with expansion capacity on top. It's pretty rare to get a new stadium in game that can't be expanded.