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  1. Hmm. Then yeah, that’s a bug. Yes it was. It was against Bournemouth. A few of my mates are Bournemouth fans who travelled up for the game. A lot of people couldn’t make the rearranged fixture cos it was on a Tuesday in the end.
  2. Yeah, there was. There was an option where Scotland held a referendum and remained in the EU.
  3. Also, just to add to what @Viking said. It’s not about trying to make you play faster, it will allow the game to be processed faster so less waiting after clicking continue. But as above, you don’t need to use, and won’t be able to if you’re offline anyway, so it makes no odds.
  4. I have a feeling it’s until the end of when their contract with your club was due to end. But could be wrong on that
  5. Yep. But would you rather pay someone 40k a week to play for someone else or 150k to not play at all? You’re only going to be playing them twice a season after all
  6. It’s fairly common nowadays. Especially when a club wants to get a high paid player off their wage bill, particularly if they’re not playing
  7. I’m really not a fan of the whole using the salary to do anything, with this being the only exception. It doesn’t make sense that you can’t improve as a manager (by improving licenses which improves attributes) just because you’re at a club with limited resources, where in reality these are the very clubs go to to seek personal improvement. On a side note, coaches (I believe) and players (I know) can pay for their own coaching courses, can AI managers?
  8. I've seen this happen once or twice in FM19, from what I can tell, it happens when there is too many rearranged games from one team as result of going reasonably far in all the cups, and in every case I've seen, being at the Club World Championships in December. If there isn't enough time to fit in all the games within the calendar it seems to just tack the last one on at the end.
  9. Cue the outcry of "How is that a new feature", "Let me buy a house" etc etc I love a Steam achievement as much as the next guy, but this could open up a can of complaining worms
  10. 100% definitely I think so, but as @MBarbaric says there is eveidence to say this may not be the case
  11. True, but they might have a preferred date in mind, for arguments sake the 15th, but if Stadia lauches on the 8th, FM will need to launch on the 8th (or before) to be considered a launch title.
  12. Yeah, and Rockstar have never changed a release date for a game... Probably because that's the last day in November, and the official announcement is November. Based on every release for the last few years, I'd say a Saturday release is not likely. FM Store currently says the below, which would point at Mid November release, so 8th or 15th ***The above post contains speculation***
  13. It’s most probably to do with Stadia, which currently also only has a release date of ‘November’
  14. As far as excuses go, I'd say it's actually one of the better ones. Or would you rather pay £80 because they have to double the price to make up for the loss of sales they'd get from the people that now can't play it anymore?
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