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  1. I'm not convinced the number of letters match...
  2. Can get the word transfer out of the letters
  3. Funny Screenshots Thread

    And surprise surprise he's suspended. Probably for swearing
  4. If anything, the complaints that seem most common is that the AI demands higher transfer fees for their players, so what you're experiencing seems odd. Maybe it's tied to the level/rep of the clubs your managing at. I've just moved from Arsenal to PSG and Arsenal will not sell me anyone without me paying a premium for them.
  5. Ok to have small targets?

    The green bar is their role suitability, but players will have preferred roles too. But that doesn't mean that either is necessarily their best role, especially if playing them in that role has a negative effect on your system overall. The Championship is an interesting league. I had a save in FM16 with Derby, and actually found my best attacking performances were when I was playing with a "defensive" system. Even when I moved into the Prem, the overall style never changed and after a period of consolidation, I started moving up the league as I improved the quality of the players. It's the only save I've had where I felt like I'd completely managed to impose my own brand of football, something I'm yet to replicate, making it my most rewarding save to date.
  6. Ok to have small targets?

    Yeah, I'm the same as this, worst case scenario, you end up having to replace people, best case, you find actually, the players you have can actually fit the system you want - role suitability wheels are only a guide, and don't need to be taken completely as read. I've played Giroud as a false 9 and had it work
  7. Ok to have small targets?

    They're also, I'd imagine the exception rather than the rule. It took me 8 years to win the Champions League with Arsenal... As long as your progressing enough to still be enjoying the game, that's all that really matters
  8. Ok to have small targets?

    The board will present you with their expectations, and generally as long as you are doing reasonably well against them you should be pretty safe. Tactically speaking, I've never used a pre made tactic and as long as your sensible you should be able to get a pretty sound tactic together. It may be worth taking a look in the tactics forum anywhere as there is some good advice about setting up tactics in a balanced/realistic way. It's important to remember it's not always about finding the wonderkids, most clubs will get a sufficient level of quality through their acadamies anyway. And a good HOYD will help bring others in from outside too. Good luck!
  9. Any Love for Serie A

    Thanks, I'll give one of these a go
  10. Any Love for Serie A

    I’ve had mixed experience in Italy lately. I had a shocker of a Juve save on fm14, but a pretty good Samp save on 16... Must mean I’m due a save in FM18, not sure who with though
  11. I thought the apps/goals at least had already been added. Granted, it only starts tracking once the save begins, but I'm sure I've seen such a list
  12. Eagerly awaiting the feature announcement now. End of September is fast approaching
  13. On top of this, I've had players who even my best staff have said are 2.5 for both CA and PA, yet have continued to improve for several years - one ended up being 4 star CA and PA by the time he was 29, despite being "written off" as it were at the age of 24/25
  14. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    IF I BUY this year, Arsenal will be the first save, fix the problems of the current regime and spend some ****ing money!! I had a pretty long save with them on 17, so that means it will probably only be a short one this year. So I'll either find a save abroad - maybe rebuilding Monaco after they got picked to pieces this summer, or go find a club lower down the league structure - thinking about restoring Coventry.