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  1. The other thing here, is if you've promised to transfer him, all you need to do is offer him out a couple of times. If no one bids, no one bids. Then they (usually) get back in their box and stop whining - or at the very least give you more time to sell.
  2. I tend to go with small or medium database size - mostly cos I find a large database to bring a fairly stale transfer market. In terms of number of leagues I tend to run most of the main European leagues (England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium) and MLS
  3. On the Aguero note, the match takes place in 2021, making him 33. He's probably at the point of being on the way out at City. Is he still regularly playing for them in the Prem?
  4. Bournemouth. Pretty much guaranteed a new ground after 1st Season
  5. AFAIK, there's no way of disabling it. And it's also been like this in the game for quite a long time. By the same token, the game includes signing from after the start date of the save, so swings and roundabouts I guess. EDIT: Actually, I suppose you could disable it by removing the injury in the pre-game editor
  6. The thing is, these will be the attributes that tend to cost the most in terms of CA
  7. Only just?? He's not even 30 at the start of the game! I considered bringing him to my Toronto team - I very quickly decided against it. Jose Baxter is another one that was touted for big things.
  8. I'm assuming that's a downloaded tactic, but it looks like it's being countered against. What roles and duties have you got in there?
  9. Left click on position role and duty, then hold shift and left click on the position column
  10. The problem is with the latest Mac OS update SI have stated previously they were working on a fix - presume they still are
  11. Position is a role set for anyone who plays in that position, personalised is the role for when a specific player plays that position. For example, if you set your position instruction for your striker to be a target man, but you have Leo Messi, you could have a personalised role so he would be a False 9. You'll notice when you swap in a player to a position, if you haven't set a personalised role for him, it will revert to position.
  12. I think in real life, if a team's star striker snapped his ACL in pre-season they'd probably like the option to sign someone else...
  13. I agree with this. To be fair, I think more contextual options for player conversations in general would be handy.
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