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  1. One of them has probably been granted one on the basis of special talent
  2. I think the game is getting smarter at separating some of this stuff out. I bought a 19 yo defender that I perhaps paid slightly over the odds for, and every month, the board review states they don't feel he offers value for money. However, the fans rate the signing at 90%. On another note, if all the fans have to complain about is you selling someone, I take that as a sign that everything else must be going well! In terms of moving legends on, I tend not to actively do it, I don't look at age the same way that I used to, if they're good enough, they stay around. If they're a legend, I tend to keep them and phase them out of game time until they gracefully retire.
  3. I've definitely had a lino with white hair, and bearing in mind managers can now have white hair, I would imagine some players having it is not beyond the realms of possibility. Wait and see what the editor holds
  4. I'm the opposite, I'm in January first season, and I've only had 2 complaints about game time so far - and thats for 2 strikers that have hardly played
  5. I noticed that too. Don't suppose anyone has seen whether the game clock stops at smaller intervals now? Could make transfer deadline day a lot more interesting (or a lot longer and tedious)
  6. Pre-set staff responsibilities for your manager profile
  7. Just gone to do my first staff search and discovered I can filter by hidden attributes Same also applies in Player Search
  8. Just the time played stat in Steam, it doesn't affect anything per say, I'm just sad enough to care about the amount of time I spend on each version
  9. I'm interested to see how it plays out across different saves actually They've clearly spent a lot of time researching several different possibilities and it will hopefully add a level of realism
  10. Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Welshace
  11. I stopped playing offline when I realised it reset your game time counter
  12. So does that mean it would be downloadable in South Africa if purchased in UK?
  13. The Steam Article isn't particularly clear, but it would appear that as long as you purchase it in the UK, and you're in a supported country you shouldn't have an issue
  14. No, last year, CD keys had 2 versions, one with and one without - or at least that was how they were advertised. Some people still didn't get the beta though.