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  1. Ok, yeah I get what you're saying, I guess the challenge is how much of a certain thing has to be done for it to trigger a tendency It must track some stuff as it is as how else could it measure home-grown/domestic player bias?
  2. AFAIK, AI managers already have these sorts of things built in as tendencies I can't imagine from there it's too much of a stretch to apply them to human managers Nice idea @Deisler26
  3. That seems strange, I made the move from PC to Mac this year, and have a 2015 Macbook Pro, and have absolutely no issues whatsoever, I'm running multiple leagues no problem and the 3D is fine (sometimes the fans get loud - on the Mac, not in the stand - but that can be resolved by turning Retina display off) EDIT: You will have a graphics card, from memory mine in an Intel Iris 6100
  4. Keep your players focused. The trouble I always have with undefeated season is maintaining focus at the end of the season. Especially when the league is already won. That's when I most often slip up. The one time I managed one on recent seasons, I was much harsher in team talks than I would normally be, and constantly reminding them not to get complacent for the next match.
  5. With the removal of the emergency loan window, loans for fitness probably won't be much of a thing. I do agree that there needs to be more conversational options though
  6. The more leagues you run the slower the game will become, but as @mack4ever has said, you need enough leagues active to support those kind of numbers, as teams in non active league don't tend to fill their squad. Personally, I tend to favour leagues over players and tend not to add any extra players in
  7. He's not though, the majority of money will go to the kit supplier. That's why they're willing to pay so much money for the sponsorship deal in the first place.
  8. It may also make the whole "Available for Reserves" that little bit easier, not in squad for senior match = available for reserves And vice versa, the amount of times I've earmarked an end of season dead-rubber to blood some promising youngsters only to get to the match day and find they have already played today...
  9. On FM 13 (I think) I once sold a regen midfielder (Wesley was his name, Brazilian, pretty darn good) to Real Madrid for 76 mil, agreed the deal in early May. End of the season, Real sacked their manager for finishing 4th, come pre-season, he's transfer listed as he obviously didn't fit in to the new manager's plans. In the meantime, I'd been unable to find an adequate replacement that was first team ready (all my mids were either U20 or over 35 - I had one, Jack Wilshere), so ended up signing him back for 58mil ish. Essentially, Real loaned him for the summer and paid close to 20 mil for the privelege. Now THAT is a crazy transfer.
  10. I generally find it's simpler just to agree with the board, they've already essentially made the decision, and they seem very difficult to sway towards doing something else. I had the board of a premier league club come and say they wanted to increase the transfer budget (even though I had 120M left), I said no lets put the money into the facilities, they refused and were disappointed by my response. I didn't even get the extra transfer budget. In your case though, this is probably a good thing as the club doesn't appear to be able to afford the outlay
  11. New Staff members, vastly improved 3D match engine, more efficient use of the space in the inbox... Yep, pretty happy so far
  12. For me, it's just not worthwhile, I play console games when I want to be singularly focused on just the game. I play FM when I'm doing other stuff, like watching TV, or the missus is watching TV.
  13. 1. This has been suggested a few times now, and I'm all for it. Seems like an important step in the quest for realism - AI staff can already become caretaker managers, and have the possibilities of earning a contract, why can't we? 2 & 3. These, I believe, are in the game to an extent, but definitely something that can be built on 4. Personally, I don't know how this would work, surely if 2 scouts are at the same games, they are only going to see the same player do the same things? Unless you mean the other teams scout is watching a different player and they in essence swap reports? Can imagine this would be fairly complex to integrate 5. Nice touch of realism, but I feel this may be open to abuse a little bit as it may be gaming the morale a little 6. I'm aware of this happening in international cricket, yet to hear of an example in football, no club player is going to turn down playing a European game because they disagree with politics of a certain nation, and international friendlies can be chosen by the manager anyway. I also foresee legal issues with anything like this 7. Yes, just yes 8. Again, yes, but there needs to be a balance, for I'd imagine most players that take on international management roles, this will be alongside their club role (whether or not that's realistic is open for debate, and a whole different conversation) so considerations need to be taken not to make it too intensive that it makes the international breaks too much longer than they already are 9. I agree, but it doesn't matter how many different questions there are over the course of the year after release, in all likelihood they're going to start getting repetitive 10. Seems like an unnecessary addition for something that is very rarely (and in some cases never) be used by the player
  14. I was thinking about it last night and yeah, you're right. I suppose the other challenge is how readily that level of data is available I don't recall ever hearing a player say "I feel I'm a striker and that's where I want to play, however, I also fairly enjoy playing on the right, I dislike playing on the left"
  15. Maybe a system that sit's alongside the positional abilities so a player might be 20 (natural) for ST and AMR, but in preferred position is 20 for ST and 12 for AMR That way, coupled with professionalism etc would affect how often/likely player complaints are