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  1. It's in the top right of the screen - "Improve managerial support" - Took me a while to spot too Main thing I'd do is try and build some relationships with some of the players. I praise players that play well, get PoM and train well. After a while they move up the relationship scale. It's important not to spam with praise though - that can cause additional frustration.
  2. For me I look to either draw them out by not pushing them too hard and then try and counter, or play for set pieces and try and get goals from corners. At the end of the day, you need to find a way to counter what the AI is doing, and if you're coming up against teams that park the bus and then you get hit on the break, you need to set up to defend against counters.
  3. What was your form like in the first half of the season? What tends to happen is teams with low reps get underrated by the AI, and play really openly, which can be tactically countered with a high degree of success. Then what happens is the next time you meet the same team they are more cautious against you and therefore you find it harder to counter their tactics, especially if using the same tactic. This is often assumed to be the AI cracking your tactic, but it's actually more down to the AI showing you more respect. Tactic cracking is not and never has been a thing.
  4. As far as I know, the actual poaching has happened for a couple of versions, it was just not very noticeable. I've had players that have come through (I thought) my own youth system, but when I've sold them, a % has been paid to the club we poached them from. And when I checked they had another club listed in their history. It appears this year that is just more noticeable/visible when it happens.
  5. I had Lukasz Fabianski score one from a clearance on around FM12/13, other than that, no
  6. I don't think those are set to chairmen. That's sugar daddy statuses and it's assigned to the club, not the person in charge.
  7. If you hover over the bar I believe a tooltip appears with the number too.
  8. Who are you managing? and how far into the game are you? If you'r in the first window still, you may find you get a bump to your transfer budget before January, which will allow you to sign some higher profile players then.
  9. It sounds like you're basing your opinion on other peoples opinions though. Best thing you can do is try the demo when it's out and see for yourself. Club vision and player pathways are certainly making a difference to me. It will take a while to see for sure, but personally, I'm expecting player pathways to play a part in improved AI squad building.
  10. It could be the inverse of what people normally see, start of well as teams underestimate them and get hit by playing too openly. But in this case, the team has started off badly and that's causing AI to be open against them in the second half of the season.
  11. I do love a game that's better than itself In my opinion, it is better than 19 in a number of ways, most are listed above. To me, it just feels polished. It feels much more like a complete product than 19 ever did, and it's still in beta. Is it far enough better to make you stump up the cash? I played close to 1000 hours on FM19, so that was 3.5p per hour. If I get the same amount of hours out of FM20, I'll be a happy customer (the wife, less so)
  12. If you're managing England, there should be an option to ask him to switch allegiance. I've got to say, in FM19 at least, the system seemed a little flaky and random. I did a save while waiting for the FM20 beta with the Netherlands, and was approached by a player who was considering changing to Nigeria. I told him he could be a key player, and that he wouldn't want to have to keep travelling loads for every international break, both of which he was really happy with. Still chose Nigeria. Actually, that happened twice. One of them was even ready to be playing in my team at that time and would have been called up to the next squad.
  13. You were able to do that when NYC and Orlando were added to the league. And I assume Minnesota too. It's the only way to do it if you want to be able to take part in the expansion draft. I did it with Orlando and it can be an interesting save to do, building your squad basically from scratch.
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