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  1. gunner86

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    Worst... parents... ever
  2. How good is your assistants tactical knowledge?
  3. I'm having strong (but sometimes mixed) results with a 5-2-2-1 WB Wide. Still fine some fine tuning required with some of the roles but I'm fairly happy with it.
  4. Licensing means it can't be done. Next year you should be able to when the new licences come into play.
  5. gunner86

    Fans are not happy with tactic

    Two 4-0 wins on the bounce and the tactical confidence is up to 73%... Fans are fickle
  6. Having recently checked my board confidence, I noticed a new bar for tactical confidence. I was rather concerned to see it at 13% and the major criticism is the poor run of results using the 5-2-2-1 WB. I changed to this formation after 2 defeates to Chelsea (Community Shield and league Opener). This poor run with the new formation has seen me move to top of the league, and be the highest scorers in the Premier League.
  7. So just gone through TDD, Sanchez still at the club. Looks like January might be last chance saloon or I'm losing him for nothing in the summer.
  8. Total Value of Lemar deal I agreed could reach £112m. But these are the times we live in. Still no joy getting Sanchez off the books yet though
  9. Interesting. Might be worth a shout
  10. The whole squad kicked off and I talked most of the round. 32.5 is more than losing him at the end of the season for nothing. And I have Lemar in as a replacement already.
  11. So, started my usual first save with Arsenal. Come through pre-season and approaching the start of the new season. Having managed to persuade the board to increase the wage budget (might have spent the first lot on Thomas Lemar ); I decided it was time to try and offer new deals to the soon to be out of contract Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez. Ozil asks for a new 4 year deal with a payrise, negotiated, no problem. Sanchez refuses to discuss terms as he wants to leave at the end of his contract. Ok, kind of expected it based on the situation IRL. So, lets cash in on him while we can, right? Wrong! Offer him out and he kicks off. Unhappy at me trying to force him out. We have words, and I back down, because, well, he's influential with the squad. What do I do next?
  12. Player faces on fitness tests inbox article
  13. Condition ring on squad screen and kits on squad numbers news article both don't disappear properly when scrolling
  14. What instructions have been used? Roles? Mentalities? That's not true, changes have been made to the underlying ME too.
  15. @Dagenham_Dave Oh, yeah, got it. Good shout. This is what happens when I'm trying to do work and think about FM the day after the Beta drops. Roll on 3pm.