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  1. Perfect. Cheers Gents. I'll let you know if I crack the next big thing. Gegenpress 2:Electric Bugaloo 😉😁
  2. Yeah, sorry, counter attack. So in theory, a team that counter attacks tactically, but trains in wing play would improve wingers in general, but not necessarily tend to counter attack on the wings more successfully? No more then generally being better wingers anyway?
  3. Sorry if the title is a mess, tried to make it detailed. Basically, if my team main Tactical style is a Fluid Counter press and I train them regularly with, for example, wing play, will the 2 amalgamate into 1 distinct play style, or will the main style always be the played style? Or maybe the one that eventually is trained most? Does this even make sense?
  4. Maybe your scouts aren't up to scratch regarding expected wages? IIRC, its a variable and is based on stats. My league 1 scouts are usually quite some distance off what players ask for, I tend to ignore it for the most part. But regarding some players, they will accept lower wages from higher reputation clubs.
  5. This man is correct. But possibly a spurs fan. Take that for what you will
  6. Yeah, keep up the good work and teams will start taking notice. I look at it as this is your first job in football management, you will need 2-3 good seasons to put yourself "in the shop window" as it were amongst the more experienced managers. Realistically, it would be a struggle to get noticed in less time then that.
  7. I got Colchester up into league 1 first season, 7th in League 1 the following season and during a decent run in season 3 in League 1(5th or 6th around October) I was offered the Charlton job (22nd in Championship) and then around Xmas offered the Middlesbrough job (20th in Championship) so it does happen, but may take 2-3 seasons to see anything. Never got offered anything in the same league or leagues below though.
  8. I find my Assistant only ever seems to offer 2-3 bits of advice. I usually just use my own thoughts based on what the team assessment is before the match. I.e if they have made decent progress down a certain wing, I will press and tackle hard on the winger/full back that side or if they lose a lot of possession in their own central 3rd, press the central defenders.
  9. Rarely seems to work best. I do when moral is dropping and results are too, apart from that only when the assistant manager mentions it. They have a tenancy to go VERY wrong.
  10. Hi All, As per title, I can't currently change scouting package or choose Youth package. I have a 110k scouting budget, but can only select a senior package that is £32.5k a year and all the youth options are greyed out. What gives? Have I missed something obvious in the way of staff? I only want the Championship/League one and 2 youth package and that's £65k. The 2 packages combined are less then 100k
  11. God no. That tap, tap tap of the ball when dribbling is annoying as hell, as is the random periods of absolute Silence. Sound off for me or Spotify if missus and kids not in bed. If there was a sound mod, I'd probably be interested. Would probably drop a few quid on it too.
  12. Favoured personal "DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN! DAN!"
  13. Great story. Currently got the mighty U's up in the first season, second by a point to FGR and sitting 4th in league 1 after 12 games. My tactics and training are finally paying off (and some handy signings and loans if I do say so myself ) top goalscorer and 4 players in the top 5 so far in average rating and Leading possession, SOT, Goals scored. Things are coming up Milhouse
  14. I've stopped using a fair few shouts en massé, I now direct them at certain players. For example, rather than praise the team after a goal, I'll direct it only at the goal scorer/assist. Show some passion, get creative and push forward are the only ones I use these days. The others seem counter intuitive to me at the moment, need to delve in a bit deeper.
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