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  1. In FM21, It's the most infuriating part for me. I'm all for Media and Player interaction, but its too repetitive. Same questions on a weekly basis and it becomes a nuisance after 10 in game years Yes, I'm happy to see my player score for his country Personally if there was an option to answer a question something along the lines of "I've answered this question and won't be answering it again in the future" and you didn't see that question again, it could be a decent trade off.
  2. 7 Years in, Exceptional scouts and Data Anaylists, Italian league on full detail and I play Inter Milan in the Champions League "Not enough statistical data exists for this team" I Mean, SURELY you can have a guess based on the last 4 months of the season how good they will be or who the Danger man is? I've had a scout on "Upcoming opponents" since day 1. Not major, but it seems to be happening a fair bit. Seems odd at such a high level, regardless of stats and other things, not to have a handle on such a famous club in such a important competition.
  3. This is an Unfortunate side effect of DoF's. They do what they feel is right and seemingly overrule where they see necessary.
  4. Oh, FFS. That's what you get for trying to remember off the top of your head
  5. I have in about 2/3rds speed. It can sometimes flash by, but I usually see it. I'm awary from PC at the moment, but can you change a panel inside the game to show both teams? Not the horizontal lineup, but a vertical list of players. I have it, but can't remember if it shows subs. Think it does?
  6. I'm a fan of using "Media Description" to find "Wonderkids" and "Promising" players alongside Minimum release clauses. Works well for me for a few diamonds.
  7. I see it on key highlights. How quick is your commentary between highlights?
  8. I score a fair few, but it seems to be the same players (Kessie mainly) don't seem to have to many conceded, most I conceded are defenders switching off or refusing to press or tackle adequately.
  9. Minor update, we won the league (Just) by virtue of drawing with Leicester and Leeds knicking a draw at Chelsea on the last day, and just 13 days later Waltzed past Bayern 3-0 in the Cbanpions league final. Newgen Chris Zierkis won Premier League young player of the Year, German player of the year and came second in the Golden Boot, Leno won the Golden Gloves award. A REAL mixed bag. Scored the most and conceded the least in the league but it just didn't FEEL like we were playing well, despite several 5/6 -1 wins and victories over Chelsea, Liverpool, City and a Vital 5-1 win over
  10. I'll come back to you both tonight. I'll see if I can pull the view and upload it for you.
  11. Just had a look. I can see odds in the schedule, but only for the next 2 games. Not really what you are after, but its all I can see.
  12. Is it not available on the "Schedule" screen? Mine are, but not sure if it's an optional view that came with the Skin I'm using (OPZ Elite)
  13. @stgahoy, as Requested Took a bit of time, but he finally hit form after battling for a starting place. He was Clearly good enough from the get go, but just didn't click in the team. Found some form end of last season and is now in the form of his life so far this season, all from a Central midfield Attacking playmaker (Support) role. 7 Goals and 5 Assists in 9 Premier League games. Rest of the team for anyone Interested. A lot of them prove that Star ratings rarely matter in a decent tactic.
  14. I'll post tonight for you bud, but he's come on a treat this season, arguably out of his best position
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